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Birthday Girl
Pairing: William Afton x Fem!Reader
Summary: Your dad invited his best friend William Afton and his family to your house, so you could spend your birthday together. William was determined to make your wishes come true.
Genre: Smut
Warnings: minors dni +18, age gap (reader is on her 20s, William is 50), Dom!William x Sub!Reader, married William, rough sex, possessive!William, fingering, oral sex (f receaving), p in v sex (w/o protection), sex toys, masturbation, overstimulation, choking, humiliation/degrading, cursing, cum eating, daddy kink, praising, slap in the face (just one)
Word Count: 2,9k
Tumblr media
It is your birthday today and you were super excited about it. You invited your friends to have lunch with you and spend the daytime doing whatever you guys wanted to have fun. It was a very peaceful and sunny day, so you felt like nature was in your favor to make your day as special as it could be. You decided to dress your favorite outfit that you bought last week and you felt incredible in it, even your friends almost didn't recognize you in a good way. You tried to spend time with them the best you could, since you promised your parents you would have dinner with them to celebrate with your family as well. It was only fair to manage your time between your family and friends, so you gladly accepted.
Time passed and it was almost 8 pm, so you said your goodbyes to your friends who offered you a beautiful and expensive necklace. You decided to wear it immediately, since it matched perfectly with your favorite dress and skin color. You arrived home after a while and opened your doorstep, only to be greeted by your excited parents and... William's family. William was your dad's bestfriend and Vanessa, his daughter who was a little older than you, was your best friend for years now.
They all greeted you with open arms and big smiles on their faces while wishing you happy birthday. Yet you knew better... William wasn't just smiling like his family members and your parents. No... he was looking at you more intensely than the others, his intentions clear like he was eating you alive with his blue eyes behind his big, gold glasses. You never admitted to anyone, but you had the biggest crush on your dad's bestfriend. He was older, very attractive, and he was a business, smart man... just how you liked. You had masturbated several times thinking about him whenever you were feeling needy and horny, which only made your little obsession with him worse. The best part of it, or worse depending on the perspective, is that you noticed he looked at you the same way... with the same lustful eyes and the same amount of desire in them whenever he saw you.
This "situation" between you made you feel guilty and sad, since William was married to a beautiful wife and had 3 children, one of them being your best friend Vanessa. That being said, you never acted on your desires and tried to control yourself the best you could, so that you would never regret anything. And William... well, he did the same thing, since he didn't want to ruin his reputation or lose his family.
"Surpriseee, honey!" your dad shouted excitedly, being the first one to hug and give you a kiss on top of your head.
"You look so beautiful, sweetheart!" your mom felt very proud of you, because you looked like a little princess in her eyes. And you were sure it wasn't only in her eyes...
"Thank you, mom." you answered shyly and smiled at her, feeling your cheeks turning red at her compliment.
"Come sit with us, Y/N. You look amazing." Vanessa hugged you and you felt relieved that she was there too, so you wouldn't feel so alone and awkward in the presence of her family.
While you were having dinner, you noticed that William made sure to sit right in front of you. His eyes traveled down your cleavage more times than needed, and you couldn't help but feel your cheeks burning from inappropriate thoughts about your dad's bestfriend, who was also your bestfriend's dad... yet, you didn't do anything to cover them. In fact, from time to time you did it on purpose, so that your boobs were more exposed when he was the only one looking.
"So tell us sweetie, how was your day?" your dad asked and you felt all eyes on you. Especially William's eyes which expressed pure curiosity.
"It was great. Some of my friends and I decided to go to the beach, since it was very hot today. I missed having fun with them, it felt refreshing after my hard work on the exams." you replied feeling a little nervous, trying to stay focused so as not to stutter and embarrass yourself. Suddenly, you felt William's leg clearly rub against your exposed legs, making you hit your knee on the table. "Sorry, I uhm... think I felt a bug or something." you laughed awkwardly, trying to find a credible excuse.
"And what about boys, honey? Vanessa was telling us before you arrived that she met this guy named Mike a while ago. She'll bring him next time, right sweetheart?" your mom asked you before smiling towards Vanessa, who nodded and reciprocated with her shiny smile. At this particular question, you felt William's eyes burn into you, his expression more serious now.
"I uhm... met this guy named Tim. He's a sweetheart, but I guess we'll remain just good friends." you smiled awkwardly, not liking when your parents asked about your private life in front of others. You noticed William become less tense than before, a gesture that confused you. When your mother was about to make another comment about your new friend Tim, William interrupted her.
"That's a very elegant necklace. It suits you perfectly." he pointed to your new necklace that your friends offered you. You touched it instinctively, with a smile slowly increasing on your face.
"Thank you, Mr. Afton. I received it today, it was a gift from my friends." you blushed at his compliment and you could see him smirk discreetly, clearly enjoying the effect he has on you.
After that, your family and William's family started chatting with each other, while sharing funny and romantic stories from their past. You noticed how William's wife was so excited to talk about how she met William and some details about their romance through the years. You couldn't help but feel a little disappointed... maybe even jealous, since what she was sharing with all of you seemed like a fairytale, William obviously being the charming king. You also noticed how she loved having physical contact with William. He had an arm around her waist and his other hand was on top of hers. For a brief second, you stared at his attractive hands which were big, strong and veiny. You were completely lost in your thoughts... the way his thumb caressed his wife's smaller hand made you feel warm things inside you, and you couldn't stop imagining how he could touch you like that one day. In a parallel reality, where he was divorced and Vanessa accepted your relationship. Wait, what? What are you even thinking? A relationship with this man, seriously? You must have some deep and unsolved daddy issues, girl...
"Y/N, are you listening?" you heard your mom's voice calling you with a worried face. You jumped a little before noticing that everyone was staring at you once again.
"Yeah I'm sorry, I was just..." you paused for a moment, not knowing what to say. You just wanted to hide inside a hole right now or be locked in your room and wake up on the next day.
"I was asking if you wanted dessert. Are you sure you're alright?" you suddenly felt William's fingertips brush against your leg, caressing your soft skin in a teasing way. You didn't know why he decided to act on his thoughts on this particularly day, which were definitely reciprocated, but you were feeling a bit frustrated at his carefree and bold behavior. You pulled your leg back to avoid any suspicion before getting up.
"It's not necessary mom, thanks. I'm just going to my room for a bit, it's been a long day." you chuckled, hoping your parents wouldn't insist. You didn't want to be seen as rude or ungrateful, but you were feeling awkward and also, if you were honest, your panties were pretty much wet to the point of making you uncomfortable.
"You can go, but you'll have to come back within an hour, okay? We want to spend more time with you and we have your presents to give you." your dad suggested and you never felt so relieved, you thought.
"Thanks dad, I'll be right back. Excuse me." you apologized before looking at Vanessa. You made sure she understood you were alright and just wanted some time alone, so she wouldn't follow you to your bedroom. She smiled back and nodded, understanding your message.
Once you got to your room you sighed deeply, feeling like a heavy weight finally fell from your shoulders. You fell on the bed carelessly, thinking about what just happened. Was it your imagination when you felt William's touch? Was he trying to tease you? You didn't know it for sure, yet the only certainty you had was that you were feeling extremely horny. Since it doesn't hurt anyone to pleasure yourself and at least you could relieve some tension down there, you grabbed your favorite vibrator. After turning it on and set it to your preferred potency, you started to masturbate with your eyes closed, enjoying the pleasurable stimulation. It felt amazing, and since you were becoming overstimulated, you covered your mouth so nobody could hear your desesperate moans. You came twice within 20 minutes, trying to catch your breath, when you suddenly heard someone coughing purposely inside your room. You almost screamed and stood up in shame, immediately covering yourself. The vibrations of your sex toy were the only sound heard inside your room while you watched William's eyes staring intimidatingly at you, his pupils so dilated that you could barely see its light blue color. You clumsily tried to turn off the now wet advice, making it difficult to grip properly.
"How long have you been watching me?" it was almost a whisper, but William heard it perfectly.
"A few minutes now. I watched you cum at least once." his arms were crossed over his chest and his expressionless face intimidated you, making you feel like you would die from embarrassment. You were almost crying from shame, when William discreetly locked your bedroom door.
"Shh come on, babygirl. Why are you crying? You look so beautiful when you cum..." he caressed your bare thigh, dangerously close to were you needed him the most. His other hand cleaned a single tear that escaped your eye, before he licked it while staring at you like it was his favorite flavor.
"What are you doing here, Mr. Afton?" you asked softly as your voice trembled, trying to understand his real intentions with you.
"I wanted to see my birthday girl, obviously. But I came to realize that it was my fault you felt so horny that you had to make an excuse to touch yourself, isn't that right? How desperate can you be? Bad girl... my little whore is not as innocent as I thought..." he was now touching your lower lip with the same finger which he had licked your tear.
He then forcibly pushed it inside, forcing you to take it into your mouth. You began to suck his large thumb while maintaining eye contact with him, pretending it was his cock instead which seemed to satisfy him a lot. After a minute of teasing, he took off his thumb and kissed you hungrily, a little bit rough but you didn't seem to care at all. You felt his wet tongue desperately trying to enter your mouth and win dominance over yours, making you moan into the sloppy kiss. He started to undress you, so you were completely naked in front of him while he was fully dressed, and you got immediately the message that he was in total control of you. He pinned your wrists above your head with one strong hand, before eagerly starting to suck and lick your hard nipples while pinching the other expertly. You were being too loud for his liking, so he quickly grabbed your drenched panties and put them in your mouth.
"You have to stay quiet and behave if you want me to fuck you, do you fucking understand me?" he grabbed your cheeks hard enough to make you wince in pain, his eyes staring into your soul like he was gonna kill you if someone discovered you both. You just nodded, the adrenaline of fearing him and of being caught making you feel dizzy with excitement and pleasure. "Now... be a good girl for your daddy and take what I have for you. It's your birthday anyway, so I'm gonna make sure my girl feels pleased in every way possible." he smirked, before attaching his lips around your erected nipples while rubbing your sensitive clit. Your moans where muffled by your panties and a few tears slowly escaped your eyes when you felt two long fingers inside you. He started picking up the pace and finger you hard, not having any mercy on your overstimulated pussy. His assaults in your drenched cunt made you cum in less than a minute, your most impressive record. When you tried to recover your breath and from the first orgasm William gave you, you suddenly heard your vibrator being turned on.
"No, please no!" your voice was barely perceptible, yet William could read your face like a book.
"Who do you think is in charge here, huh? Don't make this worse for you Y/N, take it like a good girl. Stop being a brat or else I'm gonna punish you... and believe me baby, you don't wanna see me get mad." William threatened you before grabbing your hair roughly and turning on your vibrator almost at the highest potency, only to place it on top of your overstimulated clit while fingering you again. He watched you squirm around and begging for mercy, and that only made his cock get harder, his smirk grow bigger and his ego go wider. When you were almost cumming, he turned off your vibrator and replaced it with his own tongue, sucking your clit hard until you came in his mouth.
"Please Mr. Afton, have mercy please..." you cried from pleasure when you felt him overstimulating you, yet you loved every second of it. You then felt a harsh slap on your face.
"What did you just call me?" he was clearly mad by your wrong choice of words.
"I'm sorry, daddy... please I can't take it anymore." you were almost sobbing from pleasure. You never felt this good in your life now that your biggest desire was finally accomplished: having William Afton making you cum.
"But baby, I haven't even fucked you yet. Don't you think I deserve some pleasure too, huh? Do you think you're the only one who needs to cum? Don't be selfish, bunny. Say daddy deserves to cum inside you. Say it." he demanded between clenched teeth, making you obey him immediately.
"Yes daddy, you d-deserve to cum inside of me!" you stared deeply into his now dark blue eyes, watching him breathing heavily from desire. "Please fuck me daddy, I need you to fill my empty and needy pussy with your cum."
"Oh bunny, you have no idea how much cum I have to fill your pretty little pussy. You're gonna be so full..." he promised before he licked and kissed your neck hard while taking his belt and tie off. He then grabbed you by your hair and put his tie around your neck, before tighten it so he could choke you while he fucked you. He positioned you on your knees and started fucking you from behind while gripping your hips hard, surely leaving bruises on your soft flesh. He fucked you fast and roughly, just like you imagined it would be every time you masturbated while thinking about him, and you absolutely fucking loved every second. He then pushed his tie around your neck, making you stood up and have your bare back against his clothed chest. The lack of air didn't allow you to breathe properly, yet it only increased the intensity of your last orgasm of the night. He kissed your neck once again and pinched your nipples hard, while his heavy balls slapped your ass and his big cock was buried inside your warm cunt. This made you feel completely dumb for his dick and his possessive touches on your body.
"Say you're mine and no other man will touch you. Say that you belong to me." William demanded sternly in a deep voice, since he needed to hear it from you so he could reach his own orgasm.
"I belong to you daddy, only you... No other man will touch me like you do, I-I promise!" you said impulsively, not caring about how possessive he sounded over you. And that was enough to make William cum inside you, his sperm painting your wet walls until it came out and dribbled some of it down your thighs. You both stood there breathless, before you felt William kiss your forehead in a tender way while caressing softly your hot cheek, his thumb rubbing your face like he did previously to his wife's hand. However, in this moment it felt more genuine.
"You were so good to me, baby. I'm so proud of you." he said with a satisfied smile printed on his face, before putting his now soft penis inside his pants and fix his tie, like he was casually getting ready for work and nothing just happened. He slowly approached you, his eyes roaming over your naked and destroyed body like a predator, enjoying the vulnerable state he had put you in. After a moment of contemplation, he softly put a single finger in your pussy to colect his cum before putting it on your lips, waiting for you to suck it clean. You obeyed him eagerly while looking into his eyes through your eyelashes and started sucking his middle finger which was covered in his cum. Your soft tongue caressed his digit seductively, which made him breathe deeply since he was feeling himself getting hard again.
"That's my babygirl..." he whispered in a low, raspy tone that made your pussy clench again, but this time around nothing as you felt extremely empty. After you finished getting dress and grabbed some tissues to clean the rest of his cum out of you, you heard him suddenly stop you, which made you jump slightly.
"Ah ah, you're not doing that. You're gonna wear your pretty panties with my cum still inside you. Don't try to get daddy mad." his tone was of someone who couldn't be defied so you just obeyed him, fearing the consequences of desobeying him. He then smiled at your right decision and approached you, before giving a long, soft kiss on your forehead.
"This is our little secret now. Happy birthday, sweetie."
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theycallmemarcy · 4 months
Steve Raglan x Reader
Warnings: Age gap, reader is in their 20’s, steve is in his late 40’s.
Wordcount: 1,5k
This is my first ever fic! This is my first time writing anything ever. I hope you like it <3, also english is not my first language bear with me.
Tumblr media
You’ve been crushing on Steve ever since you started working at the counseling center. How couldn’t you ? He was tall, attractive and he really took a liking to you, treating you delicately and always complimenting you, which made you incredibly flustered.
“Someone’s nervous today” Your co-worker Mia said teasingly. Last night Mia called you over the phone. You guys gossiped for a while and then she asked something that made you get all embarrassed and awkward.
“What's going on between you and Mr. Raglan? He seems to be really interested in you” you hear her say over the phone.
“There’s nothing going on Mia!” you were as red as tomato “Why would there be anything going on?”
“Oh come on y/n, the guy is always talking to you and honestly, i think he checks you out quite a lot” You heard Mia giggle over her phone.
“That's not true! He’s just polite Mia. I don't think he likes me that way” You say trying to dismiss her thoughts, even though what Mia just said has definitely piqued your interest.
“Why do you sound so defensive babes? You like him too or what” she said it in a teasing tone, but you stayed silent, you didn’t know what to reply. 
“Oh my god you like him don’t you?” You stayed silent once again.
“Y/n ! When were you gonna tell me, I thought we were work besties, we’re supposed to tell each other everything!” you can almost hear her pout through the phone. 
“I’m sorry Mia, it's just weird isn’t it? He’s my boss, and he’s probably 30 years older than me” You said embarrassed.
“It would be weird if he didn’t like you back but let me assure you sweets, the man likes you back” she said giggling “You should ask him out”
“No way, imagine how embarrassing it would be if he didn’t like me back, we work for him Mia, he’ll sack me!” you were trying to laugh it off but you were thinking about it, honestly, you really liked him.
“Come on y/n, give it a shot, I promise you he likes you back, the man is literally obsessed with you”
“You really think I should do it? it's really risky Mia, shouldn’t he be the one asking me out if he’s so ‘obsessed with me’?”
“Just try y/n ! what's the worst thing that could happen”
“He could fire me for starters”
“Okay that’s really bad, but it's just a question, he cannot fire you for that! Please y/n, you’ve been way too long without going on dates, you need it! and honestly? He’s kinda hot” You just giggled, you couldn't believe that this conversation was happening. Were you really going to ask Steve out? It could make things weird and he was so nice to you, it could screw things up right?
“You know what, screw it I’m gonna ask him tomorrow” The call ended with you and Mia giggling like teen girls. You were gonna ask Mr. Raglan out! you couldn’t believe it.
Back to today you were feeling so nervous you felt ill.
“Shut up Mia, I feel so sick right now” You woke up feeling so nervous you almost threw up on your way to the counseling center, overthinking what you said yesterday on the phone, was this really a good idea?
“It's okay y/n, I’m sure it’ll work out, I think he really likes you” she was trying to comfort you by softly rubbing your arm, “and if it doesn’t work out we could always go for a pizza tonight and you could maybe stay over?” All this talk made you even more nervous.
“That sounds good Mia, thanks, I don’t know what I would do without you” She got up from her desk and hugged you tightly.
“You would probably die, now go get him tiger” She whispered to you as she pulled away from the hug so no one would hear, after all she was the only friend close enough to know this, you didn’t want a rumor going around about your crush on Mr. Raglan.
You decided to just get over with it and walked directly to Mr. Raglan’s office, which was very near your work station, and thank god for that  so that you couldn’t overthink everything on the way there.
You paused in front of his door, you were getting really nervous. “It's okay, everything will be okay, just take a deep breath” you said to yourself in your head. Before you could think about it more you knocked on the door. You heard a faint “come in” before you opened the door.
“Oh, hi y/n, I wasn’t expecting you. We didn’t have a meeting arranged did we?” He sounded worried, that made you soften up a bit.
“No Mr. Raglan don't worry” you said softly with a smile on your face, he just loved that about you, always cheery. “I just wanted to see if you had a minute. I wanna ask you something” you were starting to get a bit nervous, but you brushed it off to seem more calm.
“Sure sweetheart, sit down, what is it? everything at work okay?” he asked you, he seemed, worried? you chuckled before answering, finally sitting in front of him.
“Everything’s okay Mr. Raglan, it's not work related” to this, he tilted his head sideways, what were you going to ask him? He was starting to get nervous himself.
“Oh, shoot then” he coughed and bent his arms over his desk, trying to get more comfortable.
“Um, I was just wondering if you would wanttogoouttodinnersometime” your voice became quieter with each word you said.
“Sorry sweetheart I didn’t understand that well, could you repeat it for me?” He was talking to you with that sweet voice that drove you insane, he was being so attentive gosh.
“I was wondering” you took a deep breath, Steve chuckled at this. “If you wanted to go out to dinner sometime” you said clearly this time. He must've choked on his own air because he immediately started coughing and stared at you with wide eyes.
You stood up, immediately heading to the door “Oh my god Mr. Raglan I’m sorry I shouldn't have as-” you were cut off by Steve.
“Sweetheart, I was just surprised, don't leave, sit down again please” he said while chuckling a bit. You sat down again in front of him, looking down, you couldn’t look him in the eyes, this was so embarrassing, why did you do that?
Your train of thought got cut off by Steve, who got up and sat at his desk in front of you. “Are you asking me out, bunny?”
“Well yeah, didn't you hear me?” this was so embarrassing he was going to reject you and now you were going to lose your job.
“You really want that y/n? This isn’t a dare or anything right?” Why wasn’t he screaming at you? he should've been mad, why was he being so soft?.
“It isn't a dare Mr. Rag-”
“Just call me steve sweetheart” He interrupted you politely.
“It isn’t a dare, Steve.” you repeated yourself, this time using his name. You were quiet, but he wanted you to continue so he stayed silent as well. “I really like you, and I know it's inappropriate and you’re my boss and every-'' with that, he kissed you, interrupting you once again, he made your mind go blank. He cupped your face softly and you held his hand over your face. You couldn’t believe this was happening, after a brief moment he pulled away.
“I’m sorry that was very impulsive of me. I shouldn't have done that, I shoul’v-” You were the one to cut him off this time, you stood up and kissed him while putting your arms against his chest. He groaned softly at this and brought his hands down to your waist, holding it tightly. After a few seconds you pulled away from the kiss, but you stayed in place.
“I take that as ‘you like me back’” you whispered close to his face, smiling a bit too much, and not being able to look him in the eye..
“That I do sweetheart, that I do” he chuckled against your neck as he nuzzled into it slowly, planting a few kisses along his way, making you sigh in bliss.
“I should probably get back to work” you said, trying to pull away.
“Right now? after all that effort you put into asking me out you have to leave now?” This made you giggle, he was like a child, not wanting to let go off of you.
“Steve you’re supposed to make me work, not skip it” to which he laughed against you. He didn’t want to let go of you anytime soon.
“Alright bunny, go back to work” He patted your hip on your way out. Before opening the door you turned back to steve and said,
“Does tonight sound good? You can pick the place if you want!” you said enthusiastically, this was all very exciting, you haven't been on a date for forever.
“I’ll pick you up at 7 sweetheart, dress pretty”.
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justsomerandomfanfic · 6 months
Pancakes For Brunch - William Afton/Steve Raglan X Female Reader
Tumblr media
Title: Pancakes For Brunch
William Afton/Steve Raglan X Female Reader
Additional Characters: N/A
WC: 1,715
Warnings: Slightly suggestive, nicknames, slight mention of William's past, Post Five Night's At Freddy's movie, very brief mention of death, teasing, banter, and overall huge fluff
You awoke as a pair of lips pressed against the back of your neck, soft facial hair tickling your skin, making you smile sleepily. The bed squeaked a bit as William moved behind you, lifting himself slightly to peer over at you, his gaze roaming lazily up your bare shoulder, and neck, before finally settling on your face. Propped up onto his arm, he raised his hand to brush your hair away from your face, eyes trailing along your beautiful features before he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the space behind your ear. Your heart fluttered as he did so. 
"Morning," You muttered, slowly turning to lay on your back, staring up at William as he stared right down at you. A gentle hand rested on your hip, his thumb rubbing circles into your warm skin, which was just barely covered by your pajama shirt - that may or may not have been one of his button-ups. 
William continued to stare, admiring you in the early morning light that sprinkled between the curtains, eyes taking in every feature of your face. You smiled sweetly at him, running your fingers lightly through his thick, graying locks; nails scratching at his scalp deliciously. He leaned in for another long, lingering kiss, and after a moment, he pulled back; his lips brushing against yours. His body heat washed over you as his breath mixed with yours. He let out a deep sigh as he finally spoke, "Morning, sweetheart." His voice was gravelly, rough with sleep; it sent shivers down your spine. 
Rolling back on his side, William tugged you into him, his arms wrapping around you and bringing your body close to his. You snuggled up under his chin as he laid back against the pillows and tucked his nose in the crook of your neck; inhaling deeply. He breathed in the scent of your shampoo, his fingers idly playing with the ends of your hair as you looped your leg over his waist, laying your head on top of his chest.
The two of you were quiet for a while, listening to the sounds of birdsong outside your window. You shifted slightly, raising your hand to allow your fingers to gently brush across William's bare chest, lightly caressing the scars along his midsection. You still couldn't get over how lucky you were, not only to have William in your life but to have found him alive, withering in pain in that corroding suit. But you didn't want to think or dwell on those thoughts and memories. Instead, you focused on the present, focusing on him, the warmth of his body against yours, the feel of his heartbeat beneath your palm.
"We're not going to get up for a while, are we?" You muttered, pressing your lips to his shoulder. Your voice was muffled from having your face buried in his chest; you were sure he could hear you, but he did not indicate it, simply pulling you closer into his embrace.
"Probably not," William replied, resting his cheek atop your head as he stroked your arm.
You smiled softly, shutting your eyes briefly, "Good." You sighed out, "I don't wanna get up."
You heard William chuckle, his breath ruffling the baby hairs on your forehead and temple. He tightened his grip on you as you relaxed further, "Well then, I'll keep you here all day if that's what you'd like."
"We will have to get up sooner or later," You reminded him, opening your eyes slightly to meet his gaze, "It's almost noon. And we need groceries."
Letting out a sigh through his nose, William spoke, "What do we need?"
Brushing the tips of your fingers through his short beard, you answered, "Milk, ground meat, bacon, carrots - preferably those baby ones, oh- and eggs..." You paused, thinking of other essentials, "... And maybe cereal." You finished.
"Alright," He murmured quietly, "When do you want to go?"
"Not right now, that's for sure," You let your eyes flutter shut, covering your mouth with your hand as you let out a small yawn. "I wanna cuddle some more. It's Saturday, after all." William chuckled, kissing your temple before burying his nose in your hair again. You smiled into his chest, relaxing into his embrace.
Soft music played through the radio as you stood at the stove, occasionally flipping some pancakes on a pan, humming along; softly swaying your hips to the beat. It was well past noon once you and William got out of bed, where the both of you had spent the remainder of the morning. You had been going back and forth on what to eat for breakfast before you and William both settled on pancakes, strawberries, and orange juice. Well orange juice for you, William took this time to make his coffee. 
Flipping the finished pancake on the empty plate, you grabbed the batter and poured the remaining thick liquid into the pan, your smile widening as you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Pressing your back into William's chest, you poked the cooking pancake with your spatula. You hummed happily as he kissed your shoulder before resting his chin on the top of your head. 
"How many pancakes do you want, honey?" You asked, flipping the pancake over. 
William couldn't get over you. Every time he saw you he felt the same way he did the first time he laid eyes on you - warm, fuzzy inside, and filled with so many feelings, yet completely overwhelmed by them. He couldn't explain it, but he felt drawn to you; there was something about you that drew him to you; call it love, or an obsession, or both. Whatever it was, he could never resist you; every ounce of his being wanted nothing more than to keep you close to him.
"Just one," He replied softly as you turned off the stove and gave William a quick peck on the lips before - reluctantly - moving out of his arms. 
You grabbed the two plates, bringing them to the table as William brought your orange juice and his coffee. Eating quietly together, William slid his knife into the pancake, picking it up a piece on his fork before dipping it in the syrup on the side of his plate. Looking up at you, he grinned lightly, raising his fork out towards you. Looking from him to the piece of pancake, and back, you raised an eyebrow. "Say 'ah,'" He said, his eyes glinting as you bit back a teasing smile.
"I have my own pancakes, Will." You said, gesturing to the pile in front of you. As expected, William just tilted his head slightly, gesturing to the slice of pancake on his fork with a short bob of his raised hand.
"Hmm, but I think mine tastes better." He said simply, making you scoot your plate to the side, allowing you to rest your forearms on the table as you leaned forward slightly.
Gazing over at the man you loved, you grinned right back, "Did I add too much love into it?" You asked playfully, only for William's grin to widen a fraction.
"See for yourself." His tone was laced with charm as he held out his fork, the piece of pancake on it coated in maple syrup. You leaned forward slowly, William lifting the piece of food to your mouth, letting it slip past your lips as you took a bite. His eyes watched as you chewed, your eyes closed - a hum escaping you - before you swallowed, opening your eyes and meeting his. Dropping his fork upon his plate, William reached out with his hand, his thumb brushing the sticky syrup from your bottom lip. You watched with bated breath as he brought his thumb to his lips, sucking off the remnants of the syrup; his eyes remaining on you. You licked your bottom lip unconsciously, tasting the syrup and hints of strawberry, watching as his eyes followed. A small smile curled up on his lips before he dropped his hand, leaning back against the chair. 
This man was killing you.
Letting out a shaky breath, you sat back in your own chair, chewing on your bottom lip for a second, before speaking, "Yeah, I definitely added a lot more love into yours." You couldn't help but crack a tiny grin at the end before a small silence fell between you. Clasping your hands together, you tilted your head to the side before resting your clasped hands under your chin, "I know what you're doing."
"Oh, really?" William mused as he glanced around the dining room, "And what am I doing, sweetheart?"
"You, Will," You sighed out, unable to stop the smile from growing on your face, "Are trying to get out of grocery shopping."
Feigning innocence, he asked, "And why would I do such a thing?"
You rolled your eyes, shaking your head as you continued to eat, swallowing your food before continuing, "You hate grocery shopping. And you think buttering me up will get you out of it. You're trying to distract me."
"Am I?" William questioned with a smirk, his blue eyes dancing as they met yours; he was greatly amused.
Rolling your eyes again, you pushed away from the table, "Yeah. Yeah, you are. And it’s not going to work this time. I’m craving Fruity Pebbles. Come on, let's finish eating and get going."
Huffing, William stood, picking up his plate. He hated grocery shopping but when it came to spending the day with you, he always went - unless he was able to distract you long enough that you forgot about it all together or just gave up. He just wanted you all to himself, to be perfectly honest. 
“But Clara, the baby isn’t mine!”
Cuddled up into William’s side, you ate your Fruity Pebbles thoughtfully as you watched one of your favorite shows that was playing on the television. 
“Do you think the baby’s his?” You asked William, sarcastic, obviously, as you watched the vampire’s baby flying around as a bat. 
William tugged you closer into his side, an arm wrapped securely around your waist, as the other was holding your hand in his lap. “Nah…” He grinned, looking down at you briefly with a small, toothy grin. “I doubt it.”
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frost-queen · 7 months
To his liking (Reader x Steve Raglan /W. Afton)
Forever tag:@missmelodramatic, @merlin-dahlia, @alex--awesome--22, @elllie-does-the-posts, @floatlosers, @merlieve, @queen-of-books, @glimmering-darling-dolly@denkisclown, @wildieflower, @meyocoko, @bubblybrianna, @justanothercoco@subjecta13-thefangirl, @m-rae23, @harleyquinnswifeyfrfr, @swampthing07, @melsunshine, @panhoeofmanyfandoms, @venomsvl, @the-uncoordinated-house-cat, @rosecentury,  @imagines-by-her,  @evilcr0ne, @vviolynn
A/n: This is my first time doing something for this fandom. I hope it is any good as I didn't have much time for my regular request so I whipped something up. Summary: In need of a new job you find yourself at Steve Raglan's office hoping he would find a job for you. [part 2 & part 3 & part 4]
Tumblr media
Your knee trembled nervously. Sweaty palms rubbing against your legs. You had read the posters in the little waiting room numerous times. All silly adds with cheesy lines. Your gaze drifted to the left where an elderly lady was typing loudly in her computer. Her face hidden behind the big box of a screen. The smell of her coffee adding a new scent to the already muffy smelling room.
You seated yourself better, feeling that your bottom had been hurting from sitting on that darn wooden stool for what seemed ages. Four wooden stools lined up against the walls in order to wait. Beside the stool on your right was a small table with old magazines. At least dated from five years back. Looking back around you started to wonder why you were even her. Yet the answer was very clear.
This was your last chance. Your last chance at making a change. Rubbing your sweaty palms over your legs again, you let yourself slouch down in the chair. Just a few more minutes and you might call it off. Simply get up and walk out as you weren’t getting anywhere. Waiting for ages. Waiting for that wooden door to finally open and allow you to meet your future.
The clock ticking almost tauntingly by the minute. It was agonizing to wait this long. It was almost as if they were testing your duration. See how long you would stand with it before throwing in the towel. Sighing again you moved your bottom to the back of the stool, leaning forwards. Palms in your hair. The lady behind her desk kept typing loudly without a care or notice of you.
This was it. You had enough. Leg shaking nervously. You jumped up with a deep breath. At the same time you got up, opened the wooden door. No one standing in the door opening. It made you stare at the door wondering if anyone else before you would head out.
A slim figure wearing glasses opened the door more standing in the opening. – “Y/n Y/l/n just who I was expecting.” – he said moving a bit back to create an opening. Somehow you kept staring at him. He chuckled waving you over. – “Come, come don’t be shy. I don’t bite.” – he teased with half a smirk.
Walking up to him you saw the lady behind the compute follow your movement with her head. Her expression dull and neutral. Pausing briefly in the door opening you looked up to the man. He smiled invitingly at you. With one soft breath you entered more as the door got shut behind you. – “Please, sit.” – he offered gesturing at another one of those uncomfy chairs. You sat down looking around his office. He walked behind you across towards the coffeemaker. You kept your gaze in front of you, pressing your hands between your legs.
A name clip standing on his desk. Raglan it read. Steve Raglan. – “Coffee?” – you heard him call out. Humming loud you snapped out of your little thought bubble. – “Oh uhm no thank you.” – you answered moving your hands away. Raglan went to his desk, sitting down across from you. He set his coffee mug aside. He leaned a bit back taking a file from his desk. He opened it leaning fully back.
Taking a deep breath, he rubbed his finger over his beard and mouth. You kept a close eye on his expression. His seriousness when his eyes trailed over the words. The way you felt a bit shy around him. He took a soft gasp of breath leaning forwards to the desk, laying your file down. – “I’m going to be honest with you Y/n… may I call you Y/n?” – he asked looking over at you.
You nodded hesitantly with a flush in your cheeks. – “With your record of work, it won’t be easy to find someone that would like to hire you.” – he said making you swallow nervously. – “Yelling and cursing at a parent.” – he read out loud with a slight shake of his head. – “Calling them a pervert and kicking them in the…” – he stopped as his gaze went up to you. – “Delicate area’s.” – he added waving his hand down his stomach to show you.
“That is unacceptable behaviour Y/n.”  - he went on picking up your file again. – “He had it coming.” – you mumbled. Raglan curling up a smile. – “I’m sure he did.” – he responded as it startled you that he had heard you. – “I’m not hear to judge you Y/n but that wasn’t your first fall-out.” – he looked down at your file, flipping a page.
And another one. – “You have a history of being violent.” – his gaze flashed up to you. Was there a hint of a smile on him? Did your violent history amuse him? He placed the file down again leaning forwards as he folded his hands before him. – “It’s not going to be easy for you Y/n.” – his words echoing like doomsday in your mind. Were you done for it?
“So you got nothing for me?” – you asked trying to hide your fear of having nothing. Raglan licked his lips leaning back in his chair. – “I’m afraid so.” – he replied watching you closely. You broke. Leaning back to look up at the ceiling with the deepest sigh. You were ready to get up and walk out. What use was staying here if he had nothing to offer you.
Raglan picked up on your urge to get up and walk out. He got up making you freeze half way from getting up. You watched him go around the desk to come lean against the edge on your side. It made you sit back down eager to know what he wanted to say.
He stroked his beard thoughtfully. – “I might have something for you.” – he started sparking up your interest. – “The hours are brutal and the pay-check even worse.” – he went on. – “I don’t care.” – you said eagerly grabbing onto the railing of the chair. Raglan smiled. – “Ever heard of Freddy fazzbear’s pizzeria?” – he asked. You shook your head. – “It was a big thing in the eighties.” – he added. – “Before it got shut down.” – he finished looking down at you.
He looked briefly over his shoulder to your file on his desk. – “I read in your file you played dress-up for kid’s parties a few years ago.” – you hummed loud to acknowledge him. Raglan chuckled softly removing himself slightly from the desk. His hand grabbed for your chin, tilting your head back. His eyes locking with yours.
Somehow you didn’t push his hands away. Actually finding it mesmerizing how they held you. – “How do you stand against masks?” – he asked. – “Although it would be a shame to hide that pretty face of yours behind one.” -  You felt your cheeks burn up from his words. – “What do I have to do?” – you asked as he let go of your chin. – “Dress up.” – he spoke plainly. – “I…I thought the place got shut down?” – you asked to be sure you had heard him correctly.
 “You’d make a fine addition to the… family.” – he answered deflecting your question. – “The kids will love you.” – he muttered to himself. He took you by your hands making you stand up. – “What do you say Y/n do you plan on staying?” – he asked holding your hands dearly.
Having no other option you accepted. It didn’t sound that bad. Dressing up for some kids. As long as there weren’t any rude or perverse parents to test your temper. Raglan curled up a sinister smile.
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happy74827 · 5 months
Tumblr media
[Steve Raglan/William Afton x Assistant!Reader]
Synopsis: With an important request caused by the disappearance of your boss, you find yourself roaming the unknown halls of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. But what you find wasn’t the thing you were looking for.
WC: 5860
Category: Angst, Hurt/No Comfort {TW — major character death, gore, mentions of murder, pocket phones in 2000}
I was slightly inspired by another fic that I’ve read a long time ago (credits to them) and it caused me to produce this pile of angsty heartfelt lore that takes place after the events of the movie. So, grab some snacks and your playlist, because it’s about to get… real.
Death was always around the corner, whether it was from a deadly disease, a horrible accident, or even murder. Death was always… lurking. But you weren't one to let it get the best of you, not with your life, your dreams, and ambitions to live up to.
Job applications were the thing that got the best of you—the draining feeling of being rejected over and over again. And when you finally received a phone call, it only ended in a disaster. So much so that it was enough to break down the hope of the rest of your dreams and the hope of the man trying to help you.
You started to see Mr. Raglan after your 5th rejection. You were tired of feeling so hopeless, and you needed that extra push to make yourself try again and again. Mr. Raglan was a job counselor, which you didn’t expect to exist in the first place but were very grateful for. He was a middle-aged man, a father of 1, and had an unquenchable desire for coffee and all things sweet.
The day your life changed for the better, you were sitting in the waiting room, reading a book, while the smell of coffee and cookies filled the air. The room was quiet, with only the sound of pages being turned and the humming of the fan. At that time, you knew he’d be disappointed to see your face again, but you didn't want to keep the appointment off any longer. The door opened, and Mr. Raglan looked down at you.
His smile faltered when he saw you, the ever-growing folder stack of yours weighing him down. You remembered thinking that he was probably so pissed, the same expression you gave when your friends didn’t call you back. You felt terrible.
But you couldn't help it. It was hard to go on when the world seemed to be against you. It wasn’t your fault. Every time you would apply for a job, the company would shut down days later or already had someone for the job or didn’t want your resume because you didn’t have experience.
It was frustrating.
When you told him this the first time, his expression went blank. Not a frown, not a smile. It was a look of disbelief, but at the same time, it was understanding. You were sure that he was going to turn you away. But the look never lasted long and was replaced with a smile, as if your problem was just a fly.
He reassured you that there was a job out there for you and that your resume was just what a lot of the places were looking for. He believed in you, even when you couldn’t believe in yourself. He told you to be optimistic and, if all else failed, to call him again, and he would help you as best he could.
His words, his smile, and the way he looked at you with such genuine belief kept you going. And when you finally were able to land a job a few weeks later, you were overjoyed. You wanted to thank him, and you were determined to do so.
But then you got let go. Again, it's not your fault, but it's still frustrating. You didn’t want to see his smile disappear. You didn't want him to turn you away. And it was selfish to think, but you didn’t want to have to call him up again.
So you went on without a job for a while. You didn’t want to bother him when the last job ended with failure. He wouldn't know, right?
But your attempts at doing it yourself, like you had decades ago, were fruitless. You couldn’t find a single job. Your parents were getting worried, your friends were asking why you hadn’t contacted them lately, and you didn’t want to confess that you were broke to where you couldn’t even buy a nice meal out.
After the 11th rejection, you caved.
You were expecting Mr. Raglan to be annoyed. You were expecting him to give you a stern talking-to, telling you that you needed to keep trying or else you were going to lose everything. He was a firm believer in hard work and dedication, and you figured he'd be the type of person who would scold you.
But, instead, when you entered the room, you were surprised to see him sitting behind his desk with his head down, his hand holding his forehead. He was in deep thought, and at the time, you thought it was a personal matter.
Turns out it was contemplation about you.
Your folder, as tall as his desk, was spread out with red markings covering it. A few of them were crossed out, and a lot of them had scribbles and notes on them. And as he continued to tell you about each past rejection, it was evident he was just as frustrated as you.
His voice was steady and calm as he read off the many reasons for the rejections, his eyes moving quickly over the paperwork and his brows furrowing in concentration. All the reasons, from not having good enough experience, not having enough time in school, not being the right fit for the company… were all reasonable. They were all valid, and there was no denying that.
He had been calling the companies for days, trying to see if there were any other open spots or any jobs that he had overlooked, but he had gotten no answer. Every call would go straight to the voicemail, and every time the door opened, he had a hopeful glint in his eyes, but it would fall flat when he realized that the person wasn't the employer.
You figured that was the end of Mr. Raglan helping you. You thought that you were the first client that was difficult and that he had given up hope for you, too.
But then, Mr. Raglan took out a paper, the only clean one, and put it down, taking out a pen and scribbling down an address.
And, as if he had heard your thoughts, he smiled and said, "I didn't give up, and I won't. There's one more job opening, and I think this is the one. It's not an interview, so don't worry about making an impression. All you need is a resume."
As he slid the paper across the desk to you, he winked and said, "Don't disappoint me."
When you looked down at the paper, a name was printed at the top, and the address was listed. It's the very same building you were in.
The employer listed was him.
Immediately, you were hesitant. How could you not be? Since he was a job counselor, and it was his job to find people a job, it was only fair to assume that because you had stumped him, and caused so much stress, that this was only a solution. A way to let you go.
You voiced these thoughts to him, but he just smiled, leaning back in his chair, and replied, "No. It's not my job. It's my pleasure. And, if you ask me, this is a win-win situation. I need a secretary, and from what I’ve seen, you’re more than qualified for it."
It was hard to argue with him. And, honestly, you were tired. You didn't want to argue or say no. If anything, this was a relief. You had a job and, most importantly, someone who’d take a chance on you.
That day was the best day of your life. You were hired, and the pay was better than the minimum wage jobs you had applied for in the past. The job itself wasn't bad either, and Mr. Raglan was a delight to work with.
It wasn’t until a couple of months later that it all came crashing down.
When you went to work that day, you noticed it was a little colder than usual, and the light was flickering. You figured it was just the building not working properly, so you just went about your business and waited for Mr. Raglan to show up.
And he never did.
At first, you assumed he was just late. But, after hours of waiting, you were starting to get worried. You had tried calling him, but his phone would go straight to voicemail. You were tempted to call the police but decided against it. You didn’t want to overreact.
Your manager, a kind, old lady named Ms. Keller, was very helpful, even though she didn’t have a clue of what happened either. She reassured you, saying that maybe Mr. Raglan had taken the day off and forgotten to tell you.
But something felt off.
The next day, a few people arrived at the office. You watched, confused, as a few of the employees, the ones who had worked the longest, were carrying on their daily business as if nothing was wrong. Raglan wasn’t among them.
Later, Ms. Keller, along with one of the men, came into the break room, her face full of concern. She came to you with a problem and asked if you could help them with it.
"Last I spoke with Steve, he said he was going to grab a document from what I assumed was the filing cabinet. When I went to retrieve it because I had a feeling he didn’t, I couldn't find it, and no one seemed to recall there ever being one," Ms. Keller said, her eyes darting back and forth, her expression showing worry. “Turns out it’s a lease to this old pizzeria, and, well, I can't find Steve. He isn't answering his phone, and I'm really starting to worry. I'm sure it's nothing, but he said this document was important, and since he’s off… dealing with things, he can't really handle this right now. I was wondering if you could maybe go get it and bring it back. It could be at that pizzeria, or it could be at his home. I'll leave that up to you."
The man standing next to her spoke, his face stoic. "I’d check that pizzeria before you head to his house. His daughter, Vanessa, lives there, and she’s a little bit of a wild card.”
“Erikson,” Ms. Keller said in warning. She was usually a sweet woman, but there were times she could be very scary, especially with her sharp tone. She was the type of person who could easily intimidate you, just with a glare.
But Erikson didn't seem to care. He shrugged off her warning like a dog shaking off water and handed you the addresses. "The pizzeria's a little further, so it's gonna be a hassle, but trust me, it's worth it. Just go inside, check around the office, and bring the document back. Easy."
When you nodded, Ms. Keller and Erikson both gave a nod back, their expressions turning relieved. It made you wonder how bad this was, that they were both worried, but the two didn't seem to want to say any more on the matter, and left the break room soon after.
You decided that going to the pizzeria was the best choice. Erikson’s warnings did nothing to deter you; in fact, they fueled your curiosity. Old pizzeria? Hell, yeah, you were going there.
A couple of hours later, and a quick stop at your house to change into something a bit more comfortable, you arrived at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.
It was a run-down, abandoned restaurant. The outside was dirty, with graffiti covering the windows, and the inside looked just as bad. The sign above the place was cute, though. It was the star character, Freddy, with his arm in the air and his top hat tilted a little to the side.
You were almost sad that this place was gone. You never went to this place, but you heard it was very popular, especially among kids. You remembered hearing rumors that a bunch of missing children were reported there, but you didn’t dig too deep into that.
When you got inside, you were expecting a bunch of cobwebs and spiders. Instead, you were met with the smell of old pizza and a bunch of dust. The place was empty; not a single person was around. Obviously, not surprising.
You were sure you could find the document and be done in no time, but, boy, were you wrong.
Everything caught your eye. From the dusty animatronics on stage to the tables and chairs scattered across the floor, it was a treasure trove of stuff. The longer you stayed there, the more intrigued you became.
You didn't know how long you were there, but it was a while.
There was so much stuff you weren't even sure where to begin. The second you started looking for rooms, you found this big red button on the wall. There was a sign above it, newly written, and it said,
Obviously, you pressed it. If someone was going to try and tell you not to, then you definitely were going to.
And, to no surprise, nothing happened. There were a few noises of mechanical whirring, but the only thing you noticed was a vent in the floor that shut off.
You pressed the button again, expecting nothing to happen, and then a third time, just for the heck of it, and a fourth, fifth, and sixth time. And, like the first time, nothing happened.
So, in a slight huff, you turned away with the flashlight you had brought, only to be met with eyes staring back at you. You were so startled that you jumped, almost tripping over the vent and landing on the ground.
"What the shi… ?!" You exclaimed, staring wide-eyed at the animatronic fox.
Its mouth was wide open, its jaw unhinged, and its eyes were a glowing, neon blue. The rest of its body was covered in shadows, so it looked like a giant silhouette. It was a bit creepy, especially when its jaw moved up and down like it was talking.
It didn’t make a noise, though. It just kept staring at you. You didn’t know what to do, so as you sat there, stunned, you flashed the flashlight in its eyes.
The fox didn’t react, so you did it again. And again, and again. And, after what seemed like a million times, the fox suddenly moved its head back, and its jaw closed.
That was enough for you.
You got up, your hands on the flashlight, and you slowly backed away. As you were backing up, the animatronic just continued to stare at you, its head tilting a little to the side, and when you turned, it turned its head to follow you.
Walking backward wasn’t the best idea either since you backed right into another one, the bunny animatronic. You jumped and quickly spun around, only to find the bowtie-wearing rabbit standing still, its hand held out as if it was reaching for you.
And, just like the fox, its mouth was unhinged, and its jaw was moving up and down. You had the same reaction and flashed the light in its eyes, but it didn’t seem to bother the bunny either.
“Uhm,” Your voice came out high-pitched, and you cleared your throat, trying again. You weren’t expecting these things to move or, worse, come to life. You figured they were out of juice, out of batteries, or were just a bunch of rusted parts.
Obviously, you were wrong.
As you stared up at the bunny, who was looking down at you like it held curiosity, you decided the best idea was to be kind even though they were scaring the hell out of you.
The only thing you could think to say was, "H-Hello?"
The bunny didn't respond, not like you were expecting it to, but its head tilted more. Did it… Did it understand you?
"Do you… happen to have a document? A lease? Maybe a paper? I'm looking for a lease," You said.
Again, no response.
You were starting to feel not only awkward but stupid. These were animatronics, and even if they could talk, you were pretty sure they didn't have the ability to understand the word, 'lease'
You were going to ask a different question, something simpler, but a crash in the distance made you jump. The animatronics didn't seem to mind it, and when the sounds of a bunch of footsteps came after, they turned and looked behind you.
You took this opportunity and quickly fled.
You were not going to stick around and find out what the hell that was, so you ran towards the entrance, passing a lot of weird rooms and some doors that were wide open. You were tempted to look, but you were too freaked out.
Until you run into a sign, which knocks you right on your butt.
Rubbing your head, you looked up and saw the sign that had fallen over. You could barely make out the words, but there was one word that stuck out to you.
You looked down, spotting a door behind the sign, and you immediately jumped up, ignoring the slight pain in your tailbone. The relief you felt was immediate.
“Oh, thank god…” You whispered. You had been running around this place, lost, for what seemed like forever, and now, finally, there was the manager's room. The lease HAD to be in there.
You grabbed the knob, and without a second thought, you opened the door. Well, you tried to, but the door was locked.
You were beyond pissed now. You found yourself sporadically turning the knob, thinking that if you turned it fast enough, the door would open, but when that didn't work, you began banging on the door only to kick it and yell, "God-damnit!"
You were not having a good day.
Your tantrum was short-lived, though, when the idea of a last resort came to your mind.
You were never one to give up. In fact, giving up wasn't even in your vocabulary. That’s probably why Raglan hired you and why he had you stick around this long. So, with a huff, you pulled out your pocket phone.
You were not proud to admit that this was your last resort, but you didn’t know what else to do. There was no one else around, and you didn’t have the tools or the strength to knock the door down. Maybe he’d pick up.
You dialed his number, your hand on the knob and the other holding the phone up, and you prayed as you hit the call button.
It only took a couple of rings of silence and a few minutes later for a new sound to appear in the building—the unforgettable tone of the phone ringing.
And it wasn’t your phone ringing.
Your head shot up, your hand dropped the phone, and before you could think, you were running again. This time, you didn’t care about the rooms or the open doors. You followed the sound because he was there. He had to be.
If there was a phone ringing, then that meant Mr. Raglan was there, and even though he wasn’t answering his phone, you knew he was close by.
You had the feeling that he was in trouble.
But, after a while, the phone stopped ringing. You were so caught up in finding the source that when the noise abruptly cut off, you were stunned. You were able to call again, as you remembered to grab your phone on the way over, but after the second ring, the phone was once again cut off.
Luckily, it didn’t take a genius to find out where it was.
You were walking down a long hallway when you heard a faint click and the sound of a door closing. When you rounded the corner, there was a metal door that was slightly ajar.
The sound was definitely coming from in there.
You were quick to run in, and when you did, your breath caught in your throat. The room was pitch black, and a chill ran down your spine. Something felt off.
Your eyes wandered the room until they spotted something. Or, rather, someone.
There, lying on the floor, was a shadowy figure. It looked as if it were Bonnie — the animatronic that had you scared out of your mind just a few minutes ago, but when you walked closer, you were quick to realize this wasn’t Bonnie. This was a golden rabbit.
Its body was mangled, with wires and mechanical pieces sticking out of the endoskeleton, but its head, for the most part, was intact. And its head was the worst part.
The bunny's head was facing you, but the eyes were empty, and the face was twisted into a permanent smile. It was terrifying. And that curiosity was back, making you wonder why you were extending a hand.
Before you could touch the rabbit, its eyes snapped to life, its body twitching, and its smile stretching wider. You stumbled back, and it was at that moment when you realized the bunny was making noises. Agonizing, pain-filled noises.
You were quick to back away, your hand clutching your chest and your heart racing. It sounded dreadful as if it were crying, and it didn't stop.
It only got louder and louder until its jaw opened. It was a horrifying sight. You were expecting something else to fall out, a piece of the animatronic, maybe. Instead, what came out was a voice.
You couldn’t make out the words; they were too distorted, and the pitch was too low. But you didn't need to hear the words to know who it was. You'd recognize his voice anywhere.
When your mind made the connection, you were frozen. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes, but you forced them down, not wanting to believe it.
There was no way. It wasn’t him. There was no way it was him. This was an animatronic; it wasn’t supposed to talk or even be alive, yet here it was. Making sounds. Speaking. Talking.
And then you saw its body. It had rips and tears in it, the endoskeleton was exposed, and a lot of the parts were missing. There was dried blood on it, and, with the light you had, you could see that its suit was dirty. But, in those holes, in the ripped and torn sections, there was a familiar shirt, a familiar tie, and a familiar pair of pants.
The longer you stood there, the more your vision blurred and the more your body shook.
It was him. It was him inside that little suit, inside that animatronic. It was him, wearing the same clothes you had seen earlier when you last spoke to him. It was him.
You took a step back, a choked sob escaping your lips, and your knees buckled. You fell to the ground in a panic, a scream bubbling in your throat. Your hand flew up, and you held yourself as your eyes widened.
This wasn’t real. It couldn't be.
There was no way. No. Fucking. Way.
The animatronic didn’t respond. Its head fell, and its body slumped, but the noises stopped. The only sound that was heard was a deep, deep groan. It sounded like something from a horror movie, and you were scared.
Then, as if an energy had taken over, the rabbit's body started to jerk, and its head flew up, and its eyes snapped back to life. You yelped and crawled backwards, trying to get away.
When you got to the wall, and it was apparent that you couldn't go any further, the rabbit moved. It was a slow process, its body moving in a janky, unnatural way, but it lifted its head, and its eyes fell onto you.
It stared. He stared.
You didn't dare breathe, too terrified to make a noise. Your heart was pounding in your ears, and your body was shaking.
Then, its mouth opened, and a garbled sound came out. It sounded like a growl, and, after a few moments, you realized it was saying something. He was saying something.
"W-What?" Your voice cracked, and you couldn't help but let a tear slip.
When you talked, its eyes narrowed, and the growling stopped. The only sound it made was the clicking of its jaw. Then, its hand raised and, in the slowest, creepiest, movement, its finger pointed at you.
And, when it did, its mouth opened, and the only word that came out was, “Why…?”
You let out a shaken breath. Why? You didn’t know.
"I-I don't k-know, sir."
He tilted its head, its eyes never leaving you. And, after a minute of silence, he coughed out your name.
It was said so quietly, but it still echoed in the room, and in your ears. Underneath all the painful noises, it sounded so soft and genuine. Like the last time you heard him say your name.
And, before you knew it, the tears were falling, and your breathing became unsteady. You didn’t know what to do. He looked like a second away from dying, and if that were the case, you were powerless. The pizzeria was out in the middle of nowhere, and there wasn't a single person around. There was no way you'd be able to call for help.
If you did, you’d be left with an explanation of why your dead boss is on the ground in a rabbit suit. How the hell were you supposed to explain that?
You could barely understand what happened yourself.
The fear you had wasn’t helping either. It refused to leave. You couldn’t do anything, not when the fear was holding you hostage.
All you did was stare. Your never left him, and his eyes never left you. You didn't know how long you spent staring, but at one point, his mouth opened, and he spoke again.
This time, it was much, much clearer. "Why are you here?"
You held back a sob and, shakily, you answered, "Kessler… Kessler told me to look f-for the document that you were… searching for."
He was quiet for a moment. You couldn’t tell if he was processing what you said or if he had even heard you.
Then, his hand went up, and, with it, his arm. And, before you could process it, his hand was pointing toward a shelf.
"The lease," He breathed, the sound of his voice causing a shiver to run down your spine. It was a voice you never wanted to hear again.
"It's in a box… under the spare heads."
His arm slowly lowered, his hand dropping to the ground. His eyes faded off, and his body went limp, but not for long. Within seconds, his body jerked, and the colored eyes came back.
“I should… I should call the police. I can’t believe I’m just.. sitting here. I should-I should be getting help! I need to do something!" You babbled.
He snapped up at that, his body moving and his hand shooting up, "NO."
It was a demand, a shout. It made you freeze, and your mouth immediately closed.
He coughed and, after a few moments, his eyes fell on you, again, "Do not… call the police. Do not... get anyone. Just, get the lease."
He was struggling to talk, his breathing coming out in rasps, and his jaw would clench every few seconds. He was obviously in a lot of pain, and he was doing his best to hold it in.
Your mind still couldn’t process the situation, but the fear had lessened. It was still there, of course, but it wasn't as intense. The longer you stared, the more the fear was replaced with concern.
You didn't want him to die. I mean, goddamn it, this was your boss. Your hero, if you were going to be honest. He helped you. He gave you that job when no one else would, and you owed him a lot.
And, the longer you stared, the more your mind screamed at you. This was your boss, and he was dying. He needed help, and the least you could do was get off your ass and call an ambulance.
But, as soon as you stood, and as soon as your foot stepped forward, a loud bang made you jump. He banged his fist against the ground, and his jaw clicked.
"The lease!" He growled, "Get the… lease."
It was like he knew what you were thinking. Like he knew that you were about to go against his orders and call the police, and he wasn’t having it.
You swallowed, your eyes glancing between the shelf and him, before you finally caved. You slowed walked passed him, no matter how much you wanted to help, and headed towards the shelf.
The whole time, your mind was racing. Were you seriously about to obey him? You had every right to disobey him. You could, at any moment, turn around and go for the phone. You could call the police. You could call an ambulance.
Why were you so hesitant? And why was he so against on wanting help?
He was dying, for god's sake. And, not to mention, the fact that he was stuck inside an animatronic. Did he seriously want to just die and rot in the suit?
As you were walking, your legs felt like they were lead. It was getting harder to walk, and the anxiety was back. Your breathing picked up, and the fear was returning.
Was it even real? Were you going crazy? This couldn’t possibly be happening. It just couldn't.
"What happened to you?" You asked.
You couldn’t stop yourself. The words just flew out of your mouth. You didn't expect an answer, so, when he responded, it was a shock.
You were confused, and, once again, you couldn’t help but ask. "What does that mean?"
You made it to the table. Your hands shook as you moved the box from its place, and your breathing picked up, but the fear had returned. It was holding you in its grip.
He didn’t answer right away, his eyes were glazed, and his jaw was clenched, and you thought that was going to be the end of the conversation.
Then, his body jerked, and, within seconds, his eyes were staring right at you, and, this time, they weren't glazed. They were wide, and full of emotion.
"Please… just, leave.”
Your breath hitched, and your eyes widened. You froze. Your mind was blank, and all the thoughts stopped.
All that was left was him. Him and his voice.
You swallowed and, slowly, your eyes glanced back. You stared at him, and he stared back. You couldn't do anything but stare.
And, in that moment, his face was soft, and his eyes were filled with pain. He was hurt, and he was pleading, and all you wanted to do was run to him and hold him.
It was like your mind switched. The fear was replaced with determination, and the need to comfort was strong.
He needed help. He needed help. You couldn’t leave him like this. Not when he was dying, and not when he was suffering.
You couldn’t let him die. Not when you had the chance. So, you nodded, and, without a word, you turned.
You’d do as he said, for now.
You grabbed the box and, without a second glance, you turned and left the room. Your mind was set, and your plan was set. You knew what you were going to do.
You were going to call the police. And then, you were going to come back and save him. You were going to save him, no matter what.
It was what he deserved. It was the least you could—
Your name was called upon, and it was so loud that your body jerked, and your feet tripped over themselves. You were able to catch yourself, but you fell against the wall, and the box slipped from your hands.
You didn’t care though, only focusing back on the room you just left. He had moved, his head was twisted, and his arm was stretched out, his fingers wiggling.
He was struggling to get up, his other hand pushing him up, and, after a few failed attempts, you decided to help.
You were quick to rush into the room, ignoring the warnings, and, carefully, you put his arm over your shoulders, and you helped him stand.
His body was heavy, and the weight was hard to support, but, the minute his body was off the ground, his free hand wrapped around your waist, and he used you as his support.
He was leaning against you, his chest was on your shoulder, and his head was resting next to yours.
And, for a minute, you thought he had passed out. He was still, and his body was unmoving, and you were convinced he had died.
Then, the rabbit's eyes opened, and his hand squeezed your side. He lifted his head and, before you knew it, his eyes were locked onto you.
And then,
You couldn’t describe the pain. It was sharp, and it felt like something was piercing through your stomach. You looked down, and your breath hitched.
In the blink of an eye, he had turned, and his other hand had shot up. His hand was buried inside you, blood coating his fingers.
You couldn’t make out the expression he was wearing, not with the pain taking over. But, you were sure he wasn’t smiling.
His hand had stabbed into your side, the suit had ripped, and, when he pulled his hand out, blood came spilling out.
And, with that, the fear returned, and the pain grew. Your knees buckled, and your body slumped, his body going with you.
You landed on the floor with a thud, your eyes staring up at the ceiling. Your vision was blurred, and it was getting hard to keep your eyes open.
But, even through the pain, and the blood loss, your eyes were focused on him. He was on top of you, his eyes watching, and his face unmoving.
"I… told you,” He paused, and his breath hitched, his body jerking, "no police."
Then, he stood up straighter, and his body turned. His head tilted a bit, following the sounds of metal bending and limbs cracking, before his eyes looked back at you.
You couldn’t tell the emotion in his eyes, not with your vision fading and the head covering his face, but, his voice gave it away.
He was apologizing.
You were unable to speak. The blood had filled your throat, and the pain was too much. So, the only thing you could do was stare and listen.
He took a step closer, his hand raising, and, slowly, he brought it down. He pressed his finger against your forehead, his claw-like fingers poking into your skin.
And, then, his voice sounded, his voice ringing in your ears, and his last words were,
"Naivety. That was always your flaw."
Tumblr media
Thank you guys for showing interest in this little fic 🥹🫶
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gh0stsp1d3r · 8 months
𝒲𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓂 𝓌 𝒷𝓇ℯℯ𝒹𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓀𝒾𝓃𝓀
It won the poll, you guys are horny as shit, so here you go :3
18+, MDNI, breeding kink, will being will (:
Tumblr media
gotta lotta thoughts about this.
You bring up the topic randomly, talking about how you saw a cute kid in public or something. And your baby fever was bad (mines is, at least)
Anyways, because William isn’t very fond of kids (and kills them to stuff them in animatronics) he is hesitant at first
But then the thought pops up that everyone will know you’re his. He’s making his mark, claiming you. And then he thinks about how much he wants to cum inside of you, and he fucking loves the idea all of the sudden. Besides, a mix of you and him would be cute.
So, as soon as hes done processing that, he automatically gets to work, which you weren’t exactly expecting. But now you brought it up, and now he won’t let it go.
He thinks of how gorgeous you’ll be, all round, how swollen your tits will be, and his seed growing inside of you. Knowing he’ll have to take care of you for 9 whole months, you’ll have to rely on him for those months. It made his sinister heart happy.
And if it does happen, I think that as long as your around, he can love his kid. (May not be very canon but we’ll say he’s very in love w you)
“Mm.. wanna fuckin’ baby in you, huh? I’ll give you a baby.”
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charlottecutepie · 4 months
𐙚 How was your date, doll? (William Afton x fem!reader)
In honor of reaching >200 followers, this is a little gift from me <3 thanks for your feedback, comments and reblogs, it means a lot to me!!
After a bad date, your boss William Affon is more than glad to help you.
tags: nsfw, smut, fingering, squirting, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, public sex, pet names, doggy style, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, degrading and praising, dirty talk, dumbification, sir kink, manipulations, secret filming
Tumblr media
You have been working for William not so long ago, but you have already become his most beloved employee. He treats you in a special way, even forgiving you for being late. He likes to hand you a cup of coffee in the morning when he sees his beloved girl yawning adorably, still sleepy on the morning shift. He likes to stroke your hair gently at the end of the day, thanking you for your work. He truly appreciates you.
He has been watching you for a long time, noting your habits, your communication style, your gestures. You're so friendly, even already found friends in the team. William saw that many people liked you, visitors and colleagues, of course, such a good and smiling doll. He often wondered if his lovely girl had a boyfriend. Most likely, yes? You're so pretty and sweet, your eyes, lips, nose, everything is so beautiful about you, of course you have a boyfriend. William must be an idiot if he even allowed the idea that his girl was single.
But there was still hope, so he decided to test the water.
“You look so tired, doll. How about I give you a ride to your house?” he killed two birds with one stone. A pet name and ride offer. How will his baby react? William is holding himself together, nothing superfluous, right? It's just goodwill. You're so tired, barely standing on your feet.
“That's so sweet of you, Mr. Afton,” you look at him in surprise and the corners of your lips rise. “yeah, please, I'm so exhausted and my feet hurt.” It's the first time you've got in his car. Doubts crept into William's mind, if you had a boyfriend, you'd turn him down, right?
It's so interesting to talk to you, you're a good listener, and William has a lot to tell you, and at the same time ask you a couple of questions while you're sleepy. Just to make sure that his girl isn't in a relationship.
As he drops you off at your house, William tries his best to look casual. “Goodnight, doll,” he whispers softly, gently stroking a lock of your hair behind your ear. And here's another action that you didn't reject. If you had a boyfriend, you wouldn't let other man touch you like that, would you?
More time has passed, and with it more names have been added to you, more touches, more glances from Mr. Afton. You got along pretty well, William always found an approach to people. However his affection for you only grows stronger, but your personal life is changing too, just yesterday one person invited you on a date. If only William knew.
He's suspicious; something about your demeanor today isn't quite right. You're obviously acting more cheerful than usual, wearing makeup for the first time he's seen you which somehow makes you even more beautiful. You whisper to your friends, giggle softly, covering your mouth with your hand, a slight blush on your cheeks. Who are you talking about? William's gut tells him there's something different about his beloved girl today. What are you hiding?
“Mr. Afton?” his thoughts and assumptions are interrupted by your voice, he adjusts his glasses, slightly lost, he clearly wasn't listening to what you asked him a minute ago. He politely asks you to repeat it. “Uhm. . . I was wondering if I could leave early today?”
William raises an eyebrow thoughtfully. “Why exactly? Work isn't over yet.” a small smile tugs at his lips. “Unless there's some emergency. . .”
“It's just that I have an important meeting today.” your palms sweating slightly and your voice doesn't sound as confident as you want.
He raises his eyebrows, an amused gleam in his eyes. “A meeting, huh? Sounds interesting. Who is it with?”
And that's when you can no longer fight the feeling that you're lying to a person who trusts you a lot. Your excitement is becoming more noticeable and William already understands that this isn't an ordinary meeting. He's not stupid, but his jealous nature didn't want to believe to the last that you'd sooner or later find someone. And that's when he hears from his sweet girl, “I'm going on a date, sir,” fuck, the way you say it in such happy and naive tone, as if yourself can't fully realize it yet.
He doesn't want to let you go, he hates the idea of someone touching his beloved girl, kissing your lips, having. . . sex with you?
But everything changes the very next day, when you appear at work with your head down, your sweet face is tinged with sadness. You're distracted, silent, thoughtful.
“How was your date, doll?” a question when you don't expect it at all. The shift was already coming to an end, and you, all confused in your thoughts, didn't even notice. You give him a sad look, hoping that he'll read the answer in your eyes. But William still looks worried, even though he knows what happened, he needs his girl to admit it.
You look around. “I don't really want to talk about it.” you mumble.
You're just shy because you don't want anyone else to hear, William knows. That's why he leans towards you, too close. “Let's go to my office.” he offers, his voice tempting.
When you find yourself in his office, he closes the door behind you and sits down on a small couch in the corner, beckoning you to join him. You feel a little stiff and insecure, but as soon as you sit down next to Mr. Afton, your anxiety evaporates, and you feel a bit better. You trust him very much, you really need to hear a second opinion, especially from such a mature and experienced person as William Afton, who, although divorced, was married anyway. It's hard to hide your emotions, especially when you're new to this experience and relationships overall, when it's your first kisses, touches, hugs.
That's when he looks so sympathetic, interested in helping you and says, “Tell me what happened.” you obediently blurt out everything. You explain to him, your voice quiet and sometimes you're silent, as if afraid to say too much. You tell William everything, how your date started out sweet, romantic, how good it was in the beginning, and then when he started touching you, kissing not only your lips, but also your neck and collarbone, you stopped liking it. It became unbearable, uncomfortable, you didn't want this person, you felt no desire. It's an inexplicable feeling that you've experienced. And in some way, you even blame yourself for rejecting your so called boyfriend.
“I was lost, so I let him touch me. I knew that sooner or later we would go further, but for some reason I didn't want to do this with. . .” you pause thoughtfully. “him.”
“Did he touch you here?” William puts his hand on your thigh. You shudder, such a strange question that you definitely never expected. But trusting William, you think that's the way it should be and nod. “Was it unpleasant or uncomfortable?”
“I didn't feel anything,” you shrug helplessly. “and then it felt like he didn't understand my signal and started kissing me more aggressively, it was too much for me.”
“It's completely normal to feel this way,” William explains, stroking your thigh. “Some people just can't be physically attracted to certain partners. It's not a reflection on you. The important thing is that you listen to your own body and emotions, if something doesn't feel right, trust yourself enough to speak up.” he's trying to ease your discomfort, as he talks, his fingers move slowly higher on your leg, gradually reaching closer to a forbidden zone.
You get goosebumps, immediately there's a feeling of warmth that spreads nicely through your body, such an acute reaction to William's touch, something that you never experienced with your boyfriend.
You're his naive little bunny, so trusting, sweet, blinded, yet curious about his opinion, craving his advice and help, support. “Your body knows what it wants, princess. You felt weird because your gut told you he wasn't the right one to satisfy you. On a subconscious level, you realized that he's not the person you would like to give yourself to. You need someone who understands your body. Someone capable enough to pleasure you, doll.”
William notices something much more than just guilt in your eyes, something sparking in them. That's when he catches your gaze on his lips, your eyes dreamy, as if you're not listening to him at all.
“I can give you that, darling. You deserve to be satisfied fully, someone who knows what they're doing and won't disappoint you.” you contemplating his words, comparing him to your boyfriend; William seems more understanding, experienced and dominant than any man you knew. “because I'm well aware of how to pleasure a girl like you.”
You don't pull away and let William kiss you, his hand squeezes your thigh, causing you to moan softly into his mouth. This is the first time you've felt so sensitive, you gasp when finally his hand slides to your clothed pussy. Your brows furrow and you let out a sudden “ahhh” as you pull away, lips parted. William continues moving his palm all over your core, his fingers rubbing you through panties, your skirt hiking up.
“You're wet just because I kissed you, doll. Was it different with him?”
“Much different,” you breathe out. “this. . . feels better.” your pussy throbbing in anticipation as his fingers push the fabric of your panties to the side, exposing you to his hungry eyes. “Sir, i don't know if—"
“I want to help you figure this out. We're already halfway there, we've already found out that your body doesn't want him, honey. I don't want you to get upset about yourself or men, I don't want you to think that sex is something unpleasant.” he understands that his little girl still in doubt, that you're shy, your face is confused, your lips are pursed, you're afraid to make a moan, but your eyes speak for you. So pleading, so needy, begging.
His thumb caresses your sensitive bundle and you whimper, grinding subtly against his finger, wanting more of those new sensations. Your curious gaze drops lower, noticing a distinct bulge in William's pants. “He had one too when we kissed. . .”  you mutter. William gently guides your hand towards the outline of his erection through his pants.
“Of course he did,” he husks out. “It's impossible not to get hard around someone as beautiful as you.” William feels like his dick is about to explode right in his pants as your hand hesitantly starts stroking his bulge. You've never felt anything so hard before; he notices his little girl's eyes widen at the size of him, making you even wetter. “That's right, babygirl. Let your hands explore, feel just how much you affect me.”
“Has he ever made you cum, doll?”
“No, i couldn't. . .”
“Then let me take care of that.” William doesn't stop rubbing your little clit with his fingers, moving in smooth circle movements, what makes your head spin. You spread your legs wider due to overwhelming bliss, breathing heavily, your hand no longer on his bulge as you hold onto his wrist instead, as if trying to stop him or control, but not really, yourself don't know what your doing.
“Ahh— Nn, that feels weird!. . .” your body writhing beneath his touch. “S-sir, wait, wait!” you moan, he never stops stroking your wet folds.
“Just let go, babygirl, it's okay, you're supposed to feel that way.” he purrs in your ear. The sounds you're making are too loud, but beautiful for a man like William, so he doesn't give a fuck, rubbing your clit just a little bit faster to bring you to orgasm. As you cum, your body shudder uncontrollably, your hole clenching around nothing. “Such a good girl.” you bury your face in his shoulder to muffle the gasps escaping your lips, because you've never felt anything as this before.
His erection aches painfully in his pants at the sight of his girl coming in his arms. You just realize what happened. “S-sir. . . That—”
“Didn't expect you to cum that fast.” he smirks and continues stroking your sensitive clit even after your orgasm subsides, making you jolt. You feel embarrassed at this comment now. “Now that's what happens when you're in hands of experienced man, princess.”
His words and especially calm yet dominating tone of voice have your pussy throbbing with need again, your mind hazy. You blink couple of times, still trying to come to your senses, but it's so fucking hard when his hands never leave your body, caressing you, even groping you. You bat your eyelashes at him as his fingers teases your wet entrance.
“Your body didn't react that way to him, did it?”
“No. . . ” you whisper.
“That's what I thought," he hums, finally slipping one finger inside your warm, wet cunt. You immediately gasp, feeling sudden stretch, William takes a deep breath as you squeeze his finger. “such a tight little pussy. No wonder your boyfriend couldn't get you even wet.” he pumps his finger in and out of you, watching your face contorted with pleasure.
“Sir, ohh. . .”
“That's it, keep calling me that and I'll make sure to train this pussy cumming only on my cock and fingers,” he growls, adding another finger inside your already wet slit while kissing a trail along your neck. He pinches and rolls your clit between his fingers. “If it wasn’t for me, you’d be out there as a dried up little bitch who never got any satisfaction.”
“No, oh!. . .” you babble and glance at him in surprise, not expecting such degrading words, but as soon as your messy pussy clenches on his fingers, he can't help, but laugh. “Too much—”
“It's okay, bunny,” William curls his fingers up inside you, pressing on that sweet and sensitive spot that have you choking on your moans. “I'm just giving you what that prick of yours supposed to, making you squirt over my fingers, feels good, hm?” that's when he picks up a speed, finger-fucking you in fast rhythm, a small puddle forms on the couch under you.
“Waittt!. . . Ohh god, i can't! It feels so weird, sir,” there's panic in your voice as now this feeling is definitely not comparable to the previous orgasm, you sob and maintain eye contact with William, too shy to look down. He's pumping his fingers in your tight pussy, reaching deeper. “Please, wait!”
Your mouth hangs open and eyes roll back as you coat coach under you and drip on his fingers. William enjoys that cute scared and confused look on his little girl's face, he can feel the hotness of your cunt as you squirt, wet sloppy fucking filthy sounds it makes. You look absolutely hot and there's no way he's that lucky to finally have you in his hands.
“Damn it, doll, you should be grateful that I'm here teaching you how to properly fuck.” William pulls his fingers out, a satisfied smirk as he looks at the mess he created. “I bet you don't even know what an orgasm feels like until I gave it to you.”
Your eyes full with tears, body weak as you watch how William sucks his fingers clean, groaning at your heavenly taste. He manhandles you, putting you on all fours, slipping your panties off and unbuttoning your shirt to have access to your bare breasts. You don't even get what's going on, it's like your brain has leaked out through your pussy, but you love the way he behaves. That's what you needed. You press back into him and then hear the sound of his belt unbuckling, you nervous, but still glance over your shoulder with puppy eyes, lips pouty and cheeks burning. William pulls down his pants and reveals his cock.
“Tell me, princess, did the thought of his dick turn you on?“ you shake your head, he sighs. “You made a mistake, admit it, you stumbled, but you know, you're still a good girl because you came to your senses in time. You came to me, as a good girl should, that's because you know you need something better than him.” William's words make you almost cry at how true they are. In fact, you didn't like your boyfriend, you just didn't want to admit it, just was happy someone noticed you and liked you, but having a man like William around, it was hard not to succumb.
“It didn't feel right with him, as if there should have been someone other. . . Not him.” William teases his tip against your slit, rubbing sensually, you grip the couch, too desperate to finally feel him inside.
“You made the right decision, doll, you know that I'll always help you.” he tells you, while his hands carefully and gently fix your hair, all this time you feel his swollen cock runs through your folds. “It's good that you came to me, because someone else could just take advantage of you. But not me, sweetie, I'm here for you.”
“Please, sir, put it in, please—”
“You didn't beg him like that, did you?” his hands grabs your hips, squeezing the flesh hard enough to leave marks.
You shook your head, feeling a real fire igniting inside as your body doesn't obey, but begs for what it didn't receive on yesterday's date. A real good fuck.
“That's right,” he smacks your ass, pushing only tip inside of you, but that already enough to make your eyes widen and choked cry escape from your mouth. “you should feel lucky that I've taken notice of you and offered my help. Imagine if some other filthy jerk had gotten ahold of such clueless doll like you?”
“No, mr. Afton,” you're not yet able to realize what that feeling is, because you simply don't know, you're mindless, but every nerve is on edge, you're trembling with desperation. “i don't want anyone else, just you!”
“Fuck, you're so fucking hot inside, bunny,” William groans huskily as he pushes his length fully, your walls welcoming him with warmness and crazy tightness. Your knees weak, but William's hands wraps around you, not letting his precious girl fall. He leans towards you, almost pressing you into the couch, his breath on your skin. “sh, sh, babygirl, don't cry, don't cry,” he mutters in your ear while slowly starting to move. He frowns, trying not to moan loudly himself, but how can he hold back when your little pussy is so perfectly wrapped around his dick? So wet, warm and— “oh fuuuck, bunny!. . .”
You're shaking under him, mewling loudly and drooling as you cum, just from having his cock inside. Your eyes filled with sweet tears and nonstop “ohmygoood” slipping from your lips.
“You're full of surprises, dear.” William smiles and presses your head into the couch to shut you up. You can't make noise in the workplace, the most important rule. And that's when he fucks all the air and the last remnants of the brain out of you, starting to slam into your throbbing cunt. “Your taking me so well.”
William's dick presses deeper into you, your back arches. He knows what he does to you, but you don't, not yet. You swear you can feel his cock already penetrating where it's impossible, so deep in you that it begins to cause discomfort and pain. But you can't stop the madness that's going on, completely forgotten even your boyfriend's name, and what happened yesterday, as if no date ever happened. As if everything is as it should be, William Afton balls deep inside you, fucking your brains out, as it should be. All you can do is feel his cock filling you up, as it should.
“Nnggh— that feels, ohh— please!” you say through watery eyes, trying to wiggle your ass to draw him deeper into your pussy, but his grip on you is firm, so you have no choice but to just let yourself be used as a fleshlight.
Oh, poor little helpless and needy doll, William thinks. He sees how you grip the couch tighter, your glassy eyes, vision blurry, head empty, but cunt filled.
“You shouldn't have ignored your desires before.” he groans. “You're such a good girl, you deserve my dick, every fucking inch of it. I'll make you my little slut, who'll come to me at the end of the shift to have her pussy well fucked and filled with my cum. Every weekend at my place, where you can scream as loud as you want as I ruin your pussy.”
“That, nnngh— sounds so beautiful, sir.” you turn your head slightly towards William and give him the perfect view of how messy you are, dumbfounded, with silly smile on your peachy face, brows furrowed, drooling, your gaze isn't focused on him.
He thrusts roughly into you and you cry loudly when his tip reaches your cervix. He fucks you into oblivion. You're nearing your orgasm, your pussy preparing to cum one more time. William ruts deep into you, having no mercy on his girl as he lets his cock slide along your walls. The beautiful sounds your pussy squelching, your muffled cries and begs, of skin slapping filling his office.
“Yeahhh, I'll take care of you, don't you worry.” he grunts, you're breathless and limp in his arms, but when his hand travels down, his fingers finding your clit and starting to circle it, your closing your legs, shaking. “Spread them.” he commands you, but you can't really obey as your clit is way too sensitive and overstimulated. “I said spread your damn legs, doll.”
“No, no, sir, please— too sensitive, i can't!” you whine, your throat dry, but that only annoy him so he forces your legs open. His pace getting faster and his fingers rubbing on your bundle, what makes your mouth open in silent scream.
Soon his thrusts become sloppier, his dick twitching from how tight your clenching on him as if trying to milk him dry. William buries his cock deep inside you, low quiet moan leaves him as he spills his seed against your cervix, claiming you as his. Your orgasm hits you in next seconds, right after William's, what makes him laugh almost mockingly when he sees how his little doll becoming shaking mess, your hips moving in smooth circles as you cum, feeling warmth of his sperm inside you.
“Th. . . Thank you, mr. Afton.” William pulls out and his cum starts leaking of your used hole little by little.
You close your eyes and weaken, falling onto the couch fully now. Your panties on the floor, which is already stained with your juices mixed with his sperm, you don't even want to look there. No, right now you're not ashamed, not embarrassed, you just don't give a fuck, you felt so good that you won't be able to come to your senses for a long time. Even the glass of water that William handed you with big care won't bring you to reality. You're so tired that you don't even notice William turning off the camera in the corner of his office.
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ruh--roh-raggy · 7 months
Home Sweet Home (William Afton x Wife! Reader) - Pt. 1
Tumblr media
Hello hello! So, I'm fully insane about this man rn. I can't help it. The brain rot has taken over my life and here we are lol. I wanted to write something that really focuses on the domestic fluff side of Reader's life with William, of course there will be some smut thrown in there too because I simply can't help myself 😂😂 Reader and William have just bought their first house together. This story follows their week long escapade of unpacking, making their home perfect, and going down memory lane. Lots of super cute stuff, chapters containing smut will be updated with proper warnings. If you enjoy this story and would like to be added to the tag list, please let me know!
WARNINGS: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, MDNI, 18+ CONTENT AHEAD, smut marked with divider, age gap (reader in 30's William in 40's/50's), some swearing, face sitting, cockwarming, size kink, a singular (1) spank to readers ass, slightly dom! William, praise, Will just wants to give his wife some tender TLC after a long day of lugging boxes around (if I missed any please let me know!
You can find my Masterlist here!
Word Count: 3,538
Part 2
“I want to paint the living room green, I think it would look nice with our couch.” William drove down the road, a soft smile on his face as he listened to you ramble on about all of your plans for their new house. Business at the pizzeria had skyrocketed, which meant that he could finally give his pretty little wife the front porch, white picket fence house of her dreams. You should be pulling in about a half hour before the moving truck is scheduled to arrive, allowing the two of you time to empty out his trunk. You stood at his side with a giddy smile on your face, William thumbing through his key ring to find the new shiny gold addition to his collection. He slides the key into the lock, chuckling at your excited squeals as he pushes the door open. He grabs you by the wrist, stopping you from running inside ahead of him.
“Isn’t there some old wives tale about carrying your wife over the threshold of a house?” He mumbles out the vague details he could remember. You nod, wrapping your arms around his neck with a giggle.
“It’s for good luck. Why? Do you want to carry me inside?” You smile coyly up at him.
“Well I’m not going to be the one bringing bad luck into our house.” He proclaims proudly, jabbing a finger into his chest. You let out a shriek as he scoops you up in his strong arms. You press a kiss to his scruffy cheek as you pass through the door. “Well, Mrs. Afton, welcome home.” He smiles down at you.
You spun around the empty living room floor, broom in hand as you did a quick sweep before the furniture got brought in. “Oh, Will, I'm so happy. Our own house.” You beam up at him. Your husband breathes out a chuckle, sweeping you up in his arms as he places a kiss to your forehead. Both of your attention was drawn to the windows as the moving truck rumbled into the driveway.
“Don't lift anything too heavy.” He orders with a firm point of his finger. “I hired movers so you don't have to struggle, if I see you doing too much you're going to be in big trouble later bunny.” You roll your eyes, wrapping your arms around him as you place a kiss to his chest.
“I promise I won't work too hard.” You fidget with the hem of his shirt. “I just want everything to be perfect.” You sigh with a slight shrug of your shoulders.
“I promise it will be, we have the whole week to get everything exactly how you want it.” He smiles, his thumb rubbing languidly across your waist. You excitedly threw open the front door, directing the movers inside before clamoring out to the truck yourself. William trailed after you, keeping a close eye on your excited figure. Your husband loved how passionate you were about everything you did, but you also had a tendency to overwork yourself. He sighs as he sees you struggling with a box, gently taking it from your hands and propping it against his hip. He glances around the trailer. “Here.” He nudges a box with his foot, one he had made a subtle marking on to signify it was one he packed light enough for you to easily carry. “Take that one, we’ll go put these in the bedroom.” He hops down from the back of the truck, taking your box from you and wrapping his hands around your waist to lower you safely to the ground. You practically skipped up the porch steps, scooting past the movers as you raced up to the master bedroom. Your mattress sat in the middle of the room. The white, sheetless bed was a stark contrast to the nearly black hardwood.
“We’ll need to go get a bed frame.” You sigh, setting down the box before collapsing on the mattress. William groans as he lays down by your side.
“I’m sure we’re going to have to get a lot of things.” He chuckles, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you to him. “We’ll take care of everything, doll, don’t worry.” You spent the rest of the afternoon sliding furniture around downstairs while the movers brought in the rest of the boxes. The sun had already set by the time everything was brought in. You collapsed onto the couch with a tired groan, finally kicking your shoes off as you sank into the worn leather of the cushions. William sits beside you, lifting your feet only to drop them back in his lap. You let out a pleased hum as you feel his strong hands knead into your aching muscles. “Day one is officially over.” The two of you exchange a sleepy high five. A soft smile spreads across your lips as you take a moment to look at your husband. His gold, wire framed aviators sitting low on his nose, his large calloused hands massaging your feet with the utmost care and delicacy. You were William’s entire world.
“Honey,” he perks up at your soft voice, calling out to him, “how about I throw something together for dinner so we can get to bed.”
“I don’t think we have any groceries bunny.” He rebuttals with a chuckle. “Are you up for a drive? We could go pick up some pizza.”
“But it’s so cold.” You pout.
“I’ll go grab you one of my coats, sweet girl.” He cups your cheek, pressing a kiss to the top of your head as he passes by you. You let out a soft hum as you buried your face into the soft fabric of your husband's coat, the comforting smell of his spicy, musky cologne, machine oil, and cigarettes filling your nose. He had an arm wrapped around your shoulder, allowing you to cuddle into his side as he drove up twisting back roads. The radio crackled softly, whatever song was playing was barely audible over the car's loud blower. You rested your hand on his thigh, William glancing down quickly, the sight of your wedding ring glinting in the soft light bringing a smile to his lips. He loved the fact that you were all his, his pretty wife, his little bunny. He loved how sweet and delicate you were. He had been hardened by years of working in his workshop and other strenuous jobs he had throughout his life, he barely registered this evening was brisk let alone cold. But he definitely wouldn't complain about you cuddling into his side for warmth, how your cheeks and the tip of your nose dusted pink from the chilly night air, how your fingers trembled as you tucked them under his thigh. He shuddered softly as you pressed your lips to his neck, the buzzing, yellow light from the pizza shop's sign illuminating the cab as you and your husband exchanged a look filled with need.
“Hurry back.” You shoot him a coy smile as he stumbles from the car.
The smell of warm crust and greasy pepperoni filled the car, the pizza nicely heating your lap. William’s arm draped over your shoulder, you allowed the rumbling car ride to rock you into his side. Your eyelids grow heavy as you try to keep yourself awake, a sleepy smile crawling across your features as you pull into the driveway. You sighed as you looked around at the mess of moving boxes, your dining table tucked away into a corner that would be too much work to get to. “Why don’t you go sit on the couch doll, I’ll be right back.” William’s hand quickly slips into yours, giving it a gentle squeeze as he passes by. You flop back into the cushions, letting the pizza box rest next to you. Even with the short amount of time you’ve spent in the house you could tell how different it was from your old apartment. You and William had moved to the middle of the woods in Hurricane, your nearest neighbor at least ten minutes down the road. There were no sounds of your neighbors talking quietly through the walls, no footsteps of the dog that lived upstairs. The house was completely silent, outside completely pitch black. You jumped as William’s feet started to thud down the stairs. He pushes into the living room with a groan, dragging your mattress behind him. He drops the bed in the middle of the floor with a dull thump, twisting side to side in order to stretch out his back. “I’ll go grab some pillows and blankets.” He smiles at you.
“It’s just like our honeymoon.” You laugh as he pulls you up from the couch. He tilts your chin up with his finger, capturing your lips with his.
“Oh, trust me,” he starts in a sultry tone, “I wish I could spend this entire week in bed with you.” You dropped down onto the mattress, a soft sigh falling from your lips as he massages your shoulders. You smile at him as you watch him disappear upstairs, returning a few minutes later with a box full of your bedding and some pillows. Deciding you weren’t up for the challenge you left the sheets in the box. You piled your comforter and a few throw blankets onto the bed, you crawled in before your husband joined you with the pizza. You two sit side by side, your head falling to rest against his shoulder.
“It’s no Freddy’s.” You grumble at your lackluster pizza. William chuckles in response to your pouting.
“How about we swing by and see Henry tomorrow, I’m sure I can sneak you a piece.” He winks with a lopsided grin.
“That sounds perfect.” The two of you chat quietly as you eat your dinner. Your new house feels too big for just the two of you. You laid on your back, staring at the exposed wood ceiling, you blinked a few times to adjust to the all consuming darkness after William had turned off the light. You felt the blankets shift as he crawled into bed next to you. His silhouette outlined by the soft, pale light of the moon that streamed through the window.
“We should get a dog.” He suddenly whispers, making you giggle. “I don’t want you to get scared all by yourself.” He teases.
“Maybe that’ll get you out of that workshop earlier.” He playfully rolls his eyes as he wraps an arm around your waist.
“You know, there’s nothing stopping you from coming to visit me.” He argues with a slight shrug.
“Except that everytime I do I end up sprawled naked on your workbench.” You smirk at him, your fingers absentmindedly playing with the soft material of his tshirt.
“Occupational hazard.” He responds quickly. You both laugh as you cuddle into his chest. He cards his fingers through your hair, his lingering gaze studying your features. “You’re so beautiful, bunny.” Your eyes flutter shut as his lips brush over yours.
Tumblr media
His hand paws at your thigh, dragging your leg over his waist as he crushes you against him. You cup his face, deepening the kiss, his beard tickling your palm as you melt into him. Your legs lock around his waist as he rolls on top of you. His large, calloused hands wrap around your sides, pushing your hoodie up and over your head in one swift motion before his lips connect with yours again. You shivered slightly as the cold night air hit your naked body. He practically purrs at the sight of you, his lips hovering over your neck. Your fingers slid into his hair, a small squeal escaping your lips as he bit down hard on your sensitive skin. You bite your lip, letting out a soft hum as he pushes his hips into you, his already growing bulge noticeable through your thin shorts. “You couldn’t keep your eyes off me today, could you rabbit?” He smirks against your skin. You practically drooled over the sight earlier. William had a box resting on each shoulder, his skin glowing with a thin sheen of sweat. He paused as he caught sight of you leaning in the doorway, arms crossed over your chest as your eyes raked over him. He smirked, knowing that playful glint in your eye. He smiled as he noticed your cheeks reddening from your position laying below him. He hooks his fingers into the band of your shorts, placing featherlike kisses down your stomach as he eases them down your legs. You moan softly as you feel him nip at the skin of the inside of your thighs. Your back arches off the bed as he brushes his thumb over your sensitive clit, a broken moan leaving your lips. With how busy you had both been due to the move it had been a while since the two of you had been intimate. Your skin was already on fire from the small touch alone, William smirked as he watched your reaction closely. Your hands fisted in the blankets as he tossed your legs over his shoulders, his hot breath bouncing off your already soaked core. His arms slip around your hips, holding you firmly in place as he dove into hungrily lap at your folds. You moan out his name, already attempting to squirm away from his assault. He growls, dragging you closer to him. His fingers dig into your thighs with a bruising force, sure to leave marks behind. Your fingers tangle in his hair as his tongue swirls around your clit through your lace panties. He ate you out like a man starved, your soft gasps and quiet moans echoing in the empty room. You whined, tugging on his hair. “What’s the matter bunny?” He pushes your panties out of the way with his fingers, his skin growing slick with your arousal.
“I need you.” You whined, looking down at him with pleading, teary eyes. William gives in immediately with a soft chuckle, never one to deny you what you wanted. He tugs down your panties, placing soft kisses to your legs as he removes your final article of clothing at an agonizingly slow pace. He slides an arm under your back, pulling you on top of him as he collapses into the mattress. Your hands landed on either side of his head as you lost your balance, you blushed as you realized you were sitting on his broad, strong chest. He brushes your hair behind your ear before both of his hands wrap around your thighs.
“Come sit, bunny.” He coos, your face burning at his casual command. William absolutely loved whenever you sat on his face. However, he was well aware he would have to warm you up to the idea whenever he suggested it. You were always worried you were too heavy, you hadn't shaved, or you hadn't showered, and your husband always reassured you that none of those things were going to pose any problems for him. His beard tickled the inside of your thighs as you hovered over his eager mouth. His hands squeezed at your hips, groaning as your soft skin squished between his fingers. You cry out as he pushes you down onto him, his tongue lapping at your clit before he shoves his way in between your folds.
“Oh, fuck! Will!” You moan, your hips moving on their own. You let out a soft sob everytime his nose bumps against your clit. He growls, pressing hard into your hips as you try to wiggle away, his assault on your already sensitive cunt threatening to push you over the edge mere minutes after he starts. “Baby, it's too much.” Your voice shook as you tried to plead with him, years slipping from your damp eyes onto your cheeks as the coil of pleasure in your core wound tighter. William’s eyes were hazy as they met yours, his face smothered in your thighs as he greedily sucked your clit into his mouth. You tug his hair, making you groan against him. “I'm gonna cum.” It was all too much for you to handle, your body losing its rhythm as your climax threatened to rip through you. William let out an affirmative hum below you, knowing you were close by the slowing of your movements. He decides it's time for him to take over, determined to make you cum on his tongue. His fingers dig into the curve of your ass as he gradually increases the pace of your hips. You yelped as one of his hands suddenly connects with your skin, the mixture of pleasure and slight pain causing your soaked cunt to throb. Broken moans and whines rumbled effortlessly from your mouth, the fine tuned roaming of his hands paired with his expert tongue knowing just how you wanted to be touched to fall apart in his hands. William never got tired of making you finish. The way you would fall absolutely silent and still for a moment, mouth hanging open as no sound dared escape, your body taking time to catch up to the immense pleasure you were feeling. Now was no different. William felt his cock twitch at the sight of your eyes rolling back in your head, that brief moment of absolute silence making his ears ring before you screamed his name. He forced your hips to keep moving, never allowing your pace to slow as he felt your thighs shaking against his cheeks. You practically collapsed as he finally pulled his mouth off of you, a firm hand on your lower back keeping you upright as you shakily moved yourself back onto his chest. William reaches up to caress your cheek, wiping away tears that streaked down your skin. Your eyes felt heavy, you struggled to keep them open and on your husband as you came down from your high.
“Do you want to lay down?” He asks in a soft tone. You nod, collapsing into the mattress with a happy sigh. You hear the soft shuffling of William getting undressed before he gets under the blankets with a groan. You could feel the heat radiating off of him as he moved closer, his fingers ghosting over your waist before your pulled back against him. You can't help but giggle slightly as you feel his erection pressed firmly against your back.
“You want some help with that?” You press yourself into him, his breath catching in his throat at the contact as he tries to stifle a growl.
“You can't even keep your eyes open bunny.” He chuckles, you smile as you feel it rumble in his chest. You let out a dismissive sound, giving him a slight shrug. “How about we compromise?” You glance over your shoulder at him, curiously raising an eyebrow. Your eyes slide shut, letting out a soft hum as you feel his rough hands roaming over your skin. His fingers dip in between your thighs, gently coaxing them apart. You gasp as you feel his member prod at your entrance. “I could always fill you up before we go to bed.” He offers with a smirk, your face instantly flushing at the thought of cuddling up with your husband, trying not to squirm too much as he impaled you on his thick cock. You give him a nervous yet excited nod, the sight of you looking at him so sweetly as you chewed on your lip making it hard for him to not flip you over and pound you into the mattress. William assisted you holding your legs open, one massive paw wrapped around your thigh to allow him room to attempt to fit inside of you. You gripped tightly onto the sheets as he slowly began to push inside, the stretch from making it barely past his tip intense due to the lack of prep. “That's it sweetheart, just relax.” He purrs in your ear, pressing his lips to your shoulder. Another roll of his hips makes you whimper, feeling him slip slightly deeper into your fluttering cunt.
“Fuck, ‘s too big, ‘s not going to fit.” Your words slut as you tried to focus enough to speak. His pace was agonizing, you could feel every inch of him and every thick vein sliding over your velvety walls. You let out a shuddering breath as he finally bottoms out in you, the tip of his cock pressed snugly against your cervix. You felt like you would break in half at the smallest wrong move, even your slight shifting as you cuddled up with William had the edges of your vision going fuzzy.
“Such a good bunny, taking all of me so well.” His lips trail over your neck, you feel him smirk as you clench around him, repeatedly kissing and teasing what he knew was a rather sensitive spot of skin.
Tumblr media
Your fingers intertwined with his, his strong arms wrapped protectively around as you're held flush to his chest.
“I love you.” You say quietly, feeling sleep trying it's hardest to pull you under. He gives your hand a soft squeeze.
“And I love you, sweet girl.”
Tag List: @yellowbunnydreams @zoey5252 @redflowery @loudchaosking (I think that's everyone, if I missed you or you would like to be added please let me know!)
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scaredofbrits · 7 months
Once again here to ask for more nsfw William audios like an orphan asking for more porridge. 🍽
Tumblr media
Nsfw Audios ; William
william afton x listener
Tumblr media Tumblr media
• xtra info ⬇️
× ˚ ₊ m a s t e r l i s t
⊹ ₊ ✦× ˚ ₊ warnings; nsfw audios
⊹ ₊ ✦× ˚ ₊ !! fyi !! this is a part 3! check out 2 & 1 after this one if you havent already! ⊹ ₊ ✦
you and william had bad days
teasing comes with consequences
early morning activities
you go get you car fixed with a strange fee
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choerypetal · 8 months
Having a relationship between Mike Schmidt and Steve Raglan
Having to share a relationship between Mike Schmidt and Steve Raglan would be interesting (SFW & NSFW) hihi Enjoy!
Tumblr media
If a romantic entanglement involving Mike, Steve, and yourself were ever to materialize, it's worth noting that they aren't particularly keen on sharing. Especially if one of them feels that they  monopolizing their time with you a little too much. You see, to them, you serve as both entertainment and a source of distraction to maintain their sanity.
Steve had a distinctive approach to relationships. He relished role-playing scenarios and enjoyed seeing you play the role of a devoted partner. Upon returning from work, he had an expectation that you would have dinner prepared for him upon his arrival. That meant, dressing like a wife and being meticulously responsible with your duty. 
Steve had a deep appreciation for your culinary skills. Every Friday, as a gesture of gratitude for your kindness and domestic attentiveness, he would order takeout on his way home. This package usually included a thoughtful card, a bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of wine. And each evening would often culminate in a relaxed yet passionate encounter.
In contrast to Steve, Mike had a completely different perspective. Having faced numerous challenges in his life, he viewed you as the love of his life. This sentiment often translated into him tenderly embracing you, wrapping his arms around your waist when he returned home from work, eagerly anticipating dinner. His guilt for not assisting with meal preparations weighed on him, but you, understanding how exhausted he was, firmly insisted that he relax and even allowed him to rest his head on your shoulder.
While you appreciated his efforts to assist you, you also took pleasure in witnessing his relaxation. It was a rare sight, the way he would occasionally sneak a kiss from you, even when you pretended to be asleep before he headed off to work. It was these small gestures that brought him great joy. Sometimes, they led to extended cuddling sessions that seemed to stretch for hours, only to be interrupted by the reminder that he had to return to work.
Dry Humping : 
This was a favorite experience for both of them. Mike, in particular, preferred a gentle and unhurried approach. He took pleasure in watching the gradual blush deepen on your cheeks with each tender moment. The subtle friction between your lingerie and the warmth of his clothing held a special allure for Mike. Let's just say that Mike reveled in intimate moments that were passionate and unhurried. In fact, there were times when he was so exhausted that he willingly relinquished control to you. When he returned home from work, he'd head straight to his room, a subtle invitation for you to join him. You'd often find him already asleep, lying on his back, his face turned towards you with closed eyes. Sometimes, the sensations of your movements would stir him, leaving you in suspense, unable to discern whether he was truly asleep or not. This ambiguity added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience for both of you.
For Steve, it was the complete opposite. Whenever he was engrossed in work or engaged in a call with a client, you would stealthily enter his office, taking extra care to make no noise that might raise suspicion. This clandestine rendezvous was something Steve found quite enjoyable. As you approached him, it was you who would assert control before he had a chance to resist. Only once the calls and other tasks were completed would he finally wrap his arms around your petite waist. The sensation of your clothes rubbing against each other would gradually intensify, transitioning from a slow pace to something more urgent. Your voice would fill the room, calling out his name, as he leaned in to explore the curve of your neck, his full lips eagerly exploring every inch they could reach. 
Peaking : 
Mike typically wasn't one to sneak a peek, but when he was truly captivated, you couldn't underestimate his curiosity. His fascination often went a bit overboard whenever you entered the same room as him. You began to notice this when you returned late from your job at the local canteen, still wearing the uniform that your boss required all waitresses to wear. Exhausted from your long day, you inadvertently forgot to lock the door while changing, and this presented an unexpected opportunity for Mike. Although he had seen a naked body before, it was his way of expressing his deep admiration for you. While it may have seemed a bit strange at the beginning of your relationship, you eventually grew to appreciate how his eyes would light up as each piece of clothing was removed. Even the subtle moments, like when you knelt down to retrieve something you had dropped, only to find Mike discreetly stealing a glance, became endearing in their own way.
Steve had a more uninhibited approach to peeking. While Mike would either request it in advance or on specific occasions, Steve didn't bother with such formalities. In fact, he often indulged in discreet glances in your direction whenever you made any kind of movement. Whether you were bending down to pick something up from the floor or leaning forward to him, providing him with an enticing view of your cleavage, Steve didn't hold back. Sometimes, when Steve visited the Pizzeria where you worked, your role as his employee also meant being at his beck and call for whatever he desired that evening. As the boss, he expected you to accommodate his requests, and if that involved being a source of temptation for him, he was sure to make it abundantly clear. 
Intercourse : 
Mike had a preference for unhurried and passionate encounters. He wasn't inclined to opt for quickies, and if the thought ever crossed his mind, it was likely during a moment of urgency. In general, he favored languid and intimate sessions, whether it was in the morning, sometimes in the shower, or at night – especially if you managed to steal away to the Pizzeria to entice him. He was the kind of lover who left you in a state of lingering desire, a reminder of who you belonged to, without being overly rough and leaving you sometimes when he dared to with a hint of looping tease. However, if he did go a bit too far, which you didn't mind at all. In fact, you found his earnest apologies endearing, and it even added an extra layer of intimacy to your relationship. To this, Mike didn't raise any objections.
Steve, on the other hand, had a fondness for the intensity of quick and passionate encounters. He took pleasure in witnessing your eyes roll back in ecstasy as your bodies ignited with desire, feeling your fingernails dig into his skin, leaving their mark all over you. Steve delighted in the idea of demonstrating that you were unequivocally his, regardless of the setting, even if it meant a hasty encounter in a department store's changing room. While he wasn't particularly keen on public spaces, your fascination with them was one of your fantasies that deeply aroused him, pushing him to explore more daring encounters, including in his office. Steve wasn't hesitant to leave tender red marks on your buttocks, eliciting your passionate pleas and cries for his name, often rendering you unable to move the next day. This, in turn, led to teasing and left you blushing intensely, with a pout that invited a mischievous grin to dance across his face.
After care : 
Mike was incredibly nurturing and affectionate when it came to post-intimacy care. After both of you had reached the peak of pleasure, and with exhaustion from your busy days taking over, you often found yourselves napping for extended periods. His lips would tenderly pepper your warm skin, repeating declarations of love for you. Sometimes, he'd suggest taking a soothing shower together, and on other occasions, he'd wrap his arms around you to cuddle for hours, all the while engaging in lighthearted conversations about life and sharing silly dad jokes. This would often result in Mike monopolizing the conversation, but he would always pause to place a gentle kiss on your lips, his fingers tracing gentle circles on your body, conveying a desire to hold onto that intimate moment for as long as possible.
Despite Steve's dominant and somewhat sadistic tendencies, he possessed a unique and caring side, which may have seemed peculiar to some but was endearing to you. After an intimate session, he would tenderly scoop you up in a bridal style if you happened to be at home. Steve would then prepare a soothing, warm bath for both of you, complete with a glass of wine, all in an effort to pamper and clean you. He'd wash away any traces of the session and proceed to plant more kisses on your skin, as though the ones he had left earlier weren't sufficient. You couldn't help but chuckle at the sensation of his plump lips caressing your soft skin, especially as the warm bathwater enveloped both of you. Steve had a penchant for the simpler pleasures in life, and if a bath and some extra cuddling brought happiness to your world, it was all that truly mattered to him.
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ahsxual · 2 months
William Afton x Fem!Reader who is his stepdaughter, Y/N being a person that dresses very feminine and a lot of short skirts and dresses. Y/N would have a boyfriend that she learns had cheated on her with her best friend and she goes to her mom and stepdad house for comfort from her mom before quickly, realizing her mom was not home and it’s instead gets cheered up by her stepdaddy 😏
Daddy's Comfort
Genre: Smut & Angst
Warnings: minors dni +18, sad reader, Soft!Dom!William x Sub!Reader, cunnilingus, fingering, Perv!William, married!William, nipple play, praising, William calls reader a slut twice, cheating, age gap (reader is +18), daddy kink, almost getting caught
Word Count: 2,2k
Tagging: @aliceblxck @wolfman-moony
Tumblr media
Warm tears streamed down your face the moment you discovered that your boyfriend was cheating on you. And to make things worse, it was with your own bestfriend, the girl you were supposed to trust the most. But oh, how wrong were you. You never saw the bad side of people, because you didn't believe that people could be so cruel and untrustworthy. Whenever you felt down, you would go to your best friend's house to cry on her shoulder, but now that wasn't an available option, leaving you alone with your broken heart and no one to talk to about your pain.
You never liked to vent to your mother about your heartbreaks, feeling embarrassed to be vulnerable in front of her. Your stepfather William Afton, on the other hand, always gave you advice about how boys your age only wanted to play with naive girls and take advantage of their fragile hearts, which was why he was so strict about you having affairs or boyfriends. Right now, as you were heading home to get some comfort from your parents, since there was no one else who would listen to you, you realized how William was absolutely right.
You were hoping that your parents would be home at that moment, comforting you with the right words and the reassuring physical touch that you so desperately needed. However, when you opened the door, you noticed that only your new parental figure was home.
"Hi sweetie! How was your day?" William immediately noticed you weren't well the moment he looked at you. Your red face and puffy eyes weren't fooling anyone, especially your stepfather who was such a intelligent and perceptive man, and who apparently knew you too well.
He was sitting on the couch watching a criminal documentary to which you didn't pay much attention, as your mind was occupied with other thoughts. He was already in his pajamas, so he must have gotten home some time ago. He got up quickly the moment you didn't answer him and instead you just cried on the spot, as his tall figure approached you carefully so as not to elicit any negative reaction from you.
"Hey hey come here, honey. It's alright, daddy's got you now, baby." he reassured you in a soft tone, as he hugged you against his strong frame. You instinctively returned his gesture, the feeling of hugging your stepdad being much better and needed than you expected.
"Do you want to talk about it?" you nodded, allowing him to carry you over the couch and sit you on his lap, while he rubbed your back and grabbed your exposed thigh to hold you closer. You hadn't realized the effect you had on him because you were wearing a short, pink dress with a bow that hung just below your cleavage.
"You were right, William... guys are all the same. M-my boyf-, I mean, ex-boyfriend cheated on me... with my bestfriend! How could they do this to me??" you started crying harder now that you had verbalize what had been haunting you since that morning, but you still felt much better for being able to talk about it with your stepfather. Suddenly, you felt William's hand squeeze your thigh harder, but you ignored that feeling for the moment. He remained silent for a moment before he spoke again.
"Sweetheart, boys your age don't know how to value a woman... Daddy tried to warn you, but you didn't listen. You need to find a real man who can take care of you and who won't break that soft heart of yours. You're too beautiful and young to cry over some idiot, and that's why I don't want you dating anyone. Do you understand me now, honey?" his voice was slightly deeper than before, but once again you let it pass. After listening to his "dad speech" about boys, you just nodded and leaned your head on his neck as you hugged him, looking for some kind of safety and warm physical touch.
"I'm sorry, daddy... I didn't mean to upset you. You were absolutely right... boys my age are real assholes." you stayed on his lap for a while, as he softly stroked your back and legs and kissed your head several times. As time passed, you noticed that his breathing changed its rhythm to a faster one.
"And there's one more thing..."
"What is it, daddy?" you asked innocently, having no idea what he was going to say next.
"You shouldn't... dress like that around men. You know how pretty girls are an easy target for men to take advantage of. You can... drive them crazy and make them do things that they can't... control. Do you understand what I'm trying to say, sweetie?" it was only then that you felt something getting hard under your ass, his thin pajama pants making it obvious that he was getting turned on by your outfit and vulnerable state. You blushed heavily at this and began to tremble a bit from embarrassment and nervousness.
"I'm sorry daddy, I didn't mean to..." you were left speechless, as you had no idea what to say or how to face this awkward situation.
"Do you want daddy to make you feel good?" he asked bluntly, his tone indicating that his intentions were far from innocent.
You didn't know how to react, but what you did know was that you desperately needed him inside you. You stared deeply into his eyes, trying to figure out if his intentions were the same as yours, and as soon as you realized this was confirmed, you simply nodded and spread your legs wide. His pupils were extremely dilated and his stare at your lips was becoming unbearable, while a small smirk appeared on his face.
"My babygirl is so good to me... I promise that daddy will take care of his sweet girl and make her forget about everything that upset her. Do you want that, bunny?" his hand was now dangerously close to where you needed him the most, as you felt your white cotton panties already soaked by his simple touch and voice.
"Yes daddy, please... I need you." you moaned softly, and that was enough to drive him crazy.
"Can I kiss you?" he asked cautiously, yet you could see he was getting desperate and impatient to touch you in such an intimate way. The moment you said yes, his thin lips glued to yours in a hungry, passionate kiss, a kiss you'd never experienced before. You could have sworn it was the best feeling you'd ever felt, until he rubbed his long, skilled finger against your clothed pussy and smeared your cum juices all over your already ruined panties.
"Oh fuck... is this all for me, baby? You're so, so wet... it'll make everything so much easier, you'll see." and that's when you felt him pull your panties aside to insert his middle finger inside your cunt.
You immediately moaned loudly as he curled his finger inside you, hitting your g-stop over and over again, so sweetly. He went from fingering you to drawing circles around your clit as you he kissed you slowly, his tongue dominating its territory inside your mouth. After a couple of minutes, you felt yourself getting closer and closer to your first orgasm, before he added a second finger inside you. Just as you were about to cum, he started fucking you faster and harder with his fingers, before bitting your neck and sucking on a purple hickey, making you reach your limit much more intensely. While you recovered, he never stopped kissing your neck and face, making you feel like the most special girl in the world.
"My sweet girl is so beautiful when she cums... What a beautiful sight to behold every day, every second... if only it was possible..." he whispered lovingly as he played with your lower lip. You wanted to please him too, so you took his thumb into your mouth and started sucking on it the best you could while gazing into his eyes.
"Can I suck your cock, daddy? Please, I want to pleasure you too." you were too eager to see what was under those pajamas, the hardness of it already promising that he could destroy you if he wanted to. He chuckled softly at you while shaking his head.
"Not now, sweetie. Daddy needs to taste his favorite girl first. You're the one who's had a bad day, right? So I'm going to pleasure you until you can't take it anymore... You can suck daddy's cock later, ok? I promise you'll see, feel and taste every bit of my cock sooner or later... I'll make sure of that. But right now, it's all about you, bunny." you smiled at his gentleness, and only wished you could have more time alone with him, since your mother would be home soon. Now you understood why your mother married this man after saying several times that she would never marry again.
William grabbed you in bridal style and took you to your room, where you would feel more comfortable and remember it every time you went there or slept. You were giggling in joy in his arms, his pecks on your lips made you feel hysterical butterflies flying around in your stomach. When you reached your bedroom, he gently placed you on your bed before undressing you. Your nipples hardened not only because of how cold it was in the room, but also with desire.
"Would you look at this... my bunny has such a perfect pussy. I can't wait to fuck you so good, princess. You're gonna love daddy's cock inside you. But for now... I'm gonna show you how a real man eats his pretty girl's pussy." his tongue trailed slowly through your wet folds, before leaving soft kisses on your clit. It was driving you insane and you desperately needed to beg him for more.
"Daddy, please... I need more please!" on another occasion William would continue to tease you, but your time was limited and he needed to make you cum again. He began to eat you out more eagerly, until you screamed his name over and over again. His skilled tongue never stopped pleasuring you, his beard and chin all covered in your juices, before you came again on his mouth.
"Just one more time and I'll let you go, baby... Come one, make daddy proud and cum all over my face." he demanded, before pinching your nipples harder.
His tongue didn't stop sucking on your clit, before it entered your empty hole until it reached the sweet spot inside of you. His beard scratched your tights and the slight pain only increased the pleasure you were feeling. A few minutes later, he grabbed your trembling legs and forced them over your chest with one of his strong arms, while his free hand fingered your pussy at a fast pace as he sucked on your clit. That was enough to make you moan loudly from pleasure as you came in his mouth and fingers, your cum dripping from your stepdad's chin as he stood up and looked at you.
It was only then that you heard some keys trying to open the front door of your house and you both immediately exchanged a knowing look. William wiped his chin with his sleeve, before leaning down to kiss your lips. However, you couldn't let him go just yet.
You knew that your mom's routine was to go to the bathroom before greeting her family, so when William was ready to leave your bedroom, you grabbed his arm to turn him towards you. He frowned at you, not believing that you were willing to risk getting caught, before you pulled his pants down and freed his cock.
"Honey, what are you do-" you didn't let him finish his sentence, as you put his long, thick dick inside your mouth and started sucking him off as if your life depended on it. "Oh fuck, you needy little slut... you just can't resist daddy's cock, can you? You're so desperate that you're willing to get caught sucking off your own mother's husband. Bad, bad girl..."
And that's all he said, before forcefully grabbing your hair and fucking your throat harder than you thought, which made you choke around him as spit dribbled down your chin onto your exposed nipples. Your mother had already left the bathroom by then, so you had to be quick. You held William's hips firmly and helped him fuck deeper into your mouth, which helped him finish faster inside you. You swallowed every drop of his cum, before showing your tongue to prove that you were a good girl for him by swallowing everything he gave you.
"I had to thank you for making me feel better, daddy. I wanted you to feel good and proud of me too..." you smiled shyly, while blushing and bitting your lip seductively.
"Oh, you little whore... my baby is always surprising me for the better. Next time, I won't be so gentle with you. And this is not a warning... it's a goddam promise." he said with a satisfied grin, before leaving your room with a wink in your way that held a million promises.
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theycallmemarcy · 2 months
i really want to write a part 2 to sweetheart because i enjoyed writing it so much, but i don’t have any time (exam season is coming) i’ll try writing some headcanons in the mean time tho !!
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justsomerandomfanfic · 4 months
Birthday Surprise - Steve Raglan/William Afton X GN Reader
Tumblr media
Title: Birthday Surprise
Steve Raglan/William Afton X GN Reader
Additional Characters: William's ex-wife (Mentioned), Vanessa (Mentioned), and Reader's friends/family/father (Mentioned)
WC: 1,988
Warnings: Mentions of the Reader having a rough/bad day at work, it's the Reader's birthday, friends to lovers?, small reference, very brief mentions of Reader's father's death, banter, cursing, slight/brief suggestiveness, mini angst, and fluff
Turning off the engine, you sighed, immediately shutting your eyes, the back of your head softly hitting the headrest behind you; the only thing keeping you awake was the sound of that one new pop song that was overplayed and that you couldn’t seem to get out of your head.
Today had been a stressful day. Though it was a pretty normal day at work, with what seemed to be an overabundance of customers, none of your coworkers remembered that it was your birthday. But then again, even though you had known them all for a long while at this point, none of them remembered. But you should've known. They didn't remember the previous birthday either. No matter how many times they gave you awkward grins and equally fake apologies, they never seemed to remember the birthdays to come. Along with that, none of your actual real-life friends had called you or messaged you at all, either. 
You sighed once more, feeling completely drained, you opened your eyes before grabbing your bag and jacket from the passenger seat. Heading to your front door, you jiggled your key into the lock, twisting the handle, and pushing the door open. You followed your usual routine, tossing your keys in the small clay dish on the door-side table. Toeing off your boots and hanging your jacket, you hung your bag on the hook on the wall. You yawned, covering your mouth with your hand and squinting your eyes as you slid out of the entranceway and into the living room where you stopped dead in your tracks.
There, sitting on your couch, was your longtime friend, William. He was lent back, arms crossed with the TV remote in one of his hands. Glancing up at you, he settled his eyes back on the television screen; he seemed to have been watching some vampire soap opera before he began flipping the channels. You were a bit frozen, the shock of seeing him dwindling; though you could not get over him. His presence still made your heart skip a beat. 
You had known William for a long time. Ever since high school. You had been his friend, growing up with him, seeing him get married, and have a kid, before you moved away. It was hard to see the man you had loved fall in love with another, but that was not the main reason you moved away. Three years after college, you had been offered a position in your dream job, in a different state. You accepted and went on your way. You had only moved back seven months ago. Moving into your father's house that he had left in his will after he had passed. You didn't forget about William per se, he just wasn't at the forefront of your mind as frequently anymore, until you moved back. 
And though, from the outside, William seemed to not even be bothered by your arrival, internally, he was beginning to feel his heart pound threateningly against his ribcage. Scanning his eyes across the TV screen, he let himself gaze back upon you; pausing his channel shuffling. You still stood, frozen in the entranceway of your living room. It was only fair for you to continue to stare at him with that shocked expression on your face; he hadn't even called or messaged you in any way that he would be stopping by. And though as he stared at you, with your hair all a mess and your form obviously exhausted from a hard day's work, you still looked beautiful. 
"Not that I'm not surprised to see you," You began, clearing your throat lightly as you wandered further into your living room, "Uh, but how did you get in?" You asked, giving him a small glance before grabbing the small, forest-green watering can from the top of a small shelf beside the TV stand; pouring the leftover water onto the potted philodendron that sat near the back window near your father's piano.
William only observed you, eyes unblinking and unwavering as he followed your movements as you fed your plant; his head tilting slightly as he did so. "I have the spare... Remember?" He said simply, raising the hand that wasn't holding the TV remote to press the bridge of his gold-rimmed Aviator glasses up the slope of his nose. "I would think you would remember giving me one." He said almost nonchalantly, sighing as he spoke.
"Long day." You spoke, moving to water your Pothos plant that rested sweetly on the windowsill. 
William hummed simply, dropping his gaze from you briefly to glance at the TV screen, "Tired?"
You paused briefly at the word 'tired' before blinking, unfreezing, “Tired..?” You repeated, trailing off, as you placed your watering can down on the kitchen counter beside the sink. "I’m not tired…" You cleared your throat, taking a moment before turning around to face him. You wanted to tell him that everything was fine, but you knew that you couldn’t fool him. Rubbing the back of your neck, your body began to warm, if not from how awkward the conversation had become, but possibly from how intensely William was looking - or staring - at you.
You wished that you were used to it. But that was just William. That was just kind of his thing. You had come to understand that he just overanalyzed everything, the gears in his head turning constantly. He really took the time to think before speaking. His intense staring was one of the most prominent examples of this. He only hummed in response as he continued to watch you. His dark brown eyes glimmered in the soft light of your living room and TV as his mouth remained sealed shut. It was a look that you knew well, but you didn't think too much about it.
"Of course..." He answered, though he trailed off, not saying much more. He didn’t believe you.
And before another awkward silence could wash over the both of you, you spoke, "So, uh, why are you here?" You then asked, hoping that he'd give you a straight answer, but also hoping in the back of your mind, that for some miracle, he remembered your birthday. However, that chance was slim. It had been a couple of weeks since you had last spoken to each other. 
"I wanted to stop by." He answered after a slight moment, watching as you sat down in your armchair across from him, nearest to the fireplace.
At his response, you frowned, "Well, I wish I would've known that you were stopping by... I would've called off work or at least made dinner." Breathing out deeply from out of your nose, you quickly glanced off to the side, becoming slightly irritated. "God knows that staying home today would've made my life a hell of a lot easier." You muttered out, mostly to yourself as you rubbed your temple with your pointer and middle finger. 
Leaning forward, William placed the remote down on the couch cushion beside him, his brown eyes remaining on your figure, "Why do you say that?" He asked, resting his elbows on his knees, his fingers interlacing as he placed his chin on top of them.
At that question, you froze momentarily, glancing up at him. If he wasn’t a career counselor, you bet he would’ve been a great therapist or something. And though you were holding back from speaking your true thoughts and feelings mostly, your mouth opened and the words seemed to pour out of you like a waterfall. You didn't know if it was because of your rough day and the need to vent, or if it was because of his presence that you were so desperate to speak aloud. You didn’t want to bombard William with your life’s troubles. But the waterfall began to, well,.. Fall.
"Nothing," You rose from your seat, beginning to pace the small room, "Just work. I mean, none of my coworkers remembered it was my birthday, not even any of my friends back in my old town where I moved after college remembered. I mean, I get it. But it still upsets me. I mean, I just- even just a simple ‘happy birthday’ would’ve been more than enough. I don’t need some extravagant party or gifts.” You huffed, finishing your rant as you crossed your arms. “Not even my family, Will. They didn't call, text, call, or anything. Not one damn thing."
"Today's your birthday?" William asked, making your heart plummet as your shoulders dropped.
"Yeah..." You muttered, a bit disheartened that not even William remembered your birthday. You paused your pacing, "It is... But it doesn't matter." Sighing deeply, you pressed your hands against your cheeks, shutting your eyes; overwhelmed. You didn't fully expect William to remember your birthday. You thought he would have forgotten it, honestly. But, it never hurt to think that maybe, just maybe he'd remember… Right? You shook your head, rubbing your temples once more as you tried to dispel the thoughts swirling around your head. You couldn't keep dwelling on these feelings. These feelings for William. The fact that you were still crushing on him after all these years, despite everything. It was ridiculous. And it was hopeless. Taking a deep breath, you pulled your lips into a tight frown, opening your eyes as you exhaled softly through your nose. “You were right though…” You breathed out, rubbing your cheek, frustrated. “I am tired.” 
Standing, William silently grabbed his tan overcoat from the back of your couch, unknown to you as you began muttering quietly to yourself about dinner possibilities; whether or not you would trouble yourself with making chicken or just a sandwich. Walking over to you, the words quickly died on your tongue as you felt William's calloused hands cup your cheeks softly, lifting them so you had to meet his eye. Your breath caught in your throat as you watched him, his gaze focused solely on your face. In the split second that your eyes met his, his lips came crashing down upon yours. Blinking rapidly, your brain began to register what he was doing, the feeling of his lips on yours. Your eyes fluttered shut as your hands came up to grab ahold of the lapels of his overcoat.
The kiss was deep, instantly making your skin burn and your heart race as his lips moved against yours hungrily - yet slow - passionate; his fingers digging themselves into your lower jaw, pulling you closer to him, deepening the kiss. The feeling of his lips against yours was so intoxicating. You could taste the remnants of coffee lingering between the two of you, mixed with the faint scent of his cologne that seemed to engulf you. The feeling of his strong body pressing against yours caused your stomach to lurch and your heart rate to spike; your breathing grew labored as he broke the kiss, his lips just grazing against yours before his hands left you entirely.
You blinked, dazed and confused as you wobbled slightly from where you stood. Brushing your fingertips against your warm, wet lips, you let out the deepest breath you had ever taken just as your ears picked up the front door shutting. A smile tugged at your lips, quickly overtaking your features as you collapsed in your armchair. You weren’t sure that you had ever been kissed quite like that before. And you weren’t sure if you wanted to be kissed by anyone else again. The butterflies in your stomach were already dancing wildly. Though you were unsure of what that kiss meant - what yours and William’s relationship now meant, that was future you’s issue to figure out. Overall, you were certain that there wasn't a single cell in your entire being that hadn't been affected by the experience.
This was definitely a happy birthday indeed, and quite possibly the best present you had ever received.
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frost-queen · 5 months
To his liking // part 3 (Reader x Steve Raglan /W. Afton)
Forever tag:@missmelodramatic, @merlin-dahlia, @alex--awesome--22, @elllie-does-the-posts, @floatlosers @merlieve,  @queen-of-books, @glimmering-darling-dolly,@denkisclown, @wildieflower, @meyocoko, @bubblybrianna, @justanothercoco, @subjecta13-thefangirl, @m-rae23, @harleyquinnswifeyfrfr, @swampthing07, @melsunshine, @panhoeofmanyfandoms, @venomsvl, @the-uncoordinated-house-cat, @rosecentury, @imagines-by-her,  @evilcr0ne, @vviolynn, @formenis
Summary: The animatronics are alive and ready to hunt. Will you make it out alive on your first night or be devoured? [part 1 & part 2 & part 4]
Tumblr media
You slowly turned your head to the side. Eyes widening when you looked over your shoulder. Eye to eye you stood with shiny eyes. Those of an animatronic.
The eyes darkened as you saw something sinister in them. Hearing the clicks of boults and mechanics Freddy’s face fell forwards to you. You screamed. Screamed your lungs out when his mouth opened revealing his murderous hunger for you.
Freddy’s hand grabbed for your wrist as you jumped back in time. Not lingering any moment further, you ran. Ran for your life for the animatronics had come to life. Freddy straightened his posture again, looking back at the stage. Chica and Bonnie narrowing their eyes. Chica lifted her hand up with the cupcake in it. It snapped its mouth a few times before being send off.
You had run off into another room. Coming to a stop when you suddenly heard music blasting through the old boxes. A song that send you back to the 80’s. It's down to the sound of a heartbeat. I can hear the things that you're dreamin' about. When you open up your heart and the truth comes out. The song began. Slowly backing away, it felt like they weren’t following you anymore.
Or perhaps they were just taunting with you. You kept backing away keeping your eyes on the entrance. Your eyes widened when you came to a stop, feeling a curtain behind you. The snap of a weight on your shoulder made you scream your lungs out. You slapped the weight off you, turning round.
From between the curtains came a fox pirate peeking. It raised his hook at you. Screaming again you took off again. Foxy set his foot down from the podium, coming out of his hiding spot. There is another one? You thought. How many more were hiding here? Huffing and puffing you made your way around the maze of rooms of the pizzaplex.
You ended up in a long corridor. Looking up with a gasp, the lights flickered above your head. Sucking in a breath, you turned your head. At the end of the hallway stood the pirate’s shadow. Still and stiff like a statue. His humming started to bounce off the walls. With each note it felt like he was breathing down your neck. Slapping your arms around, you started to run again. 
Making sure you didn’t trip on any rubbish littered in the corridor. Loud thumps on the ground made it aware that he was in pursuit. Adrenaline pumping in your veins as you panicked. Panted loud with the urge to outrun him. You had to get out of this corridor or he’d catch you. His thumping picked up as he was speeding up.
With a loud scream you grabbed a doorhandle on your left and jumped inside. You shut the door hard, locking it. Backing up you tripped over some video tapes stacked up on the ground. Hitting the ground hard gave you a reality check. A sudden snap back to reality out of the panic mode. Looking at your left you saw all sorts of security camera’s displayed.
One of the screens projected Bonnie slowly turning his head towards the camera. You wanted to scream but quickly covered up your mouth, knowing the pirate stood outside. Then your eyes fell upon the phone on the desk. Rushing up to your feet you grabbed frantically for the phone. In the corner of your eye you saw Foxy brush his hook down against the glass while he was peeking inside.
Your hands trembled, barely able to ring the right number. Eyes darting from the phone to the security camera’s. You thought you saw a glimpse of Chica on one of them, but where was Freddy. A loud thump against the other side made you jump and scream. So there was Freddy. He had pressed his face against the small glass space narrowing his eyes at you.
Now they were at both sides. The phone went over as you panted loud in the horn. – “Pick up, pick up, pick up.” – you whispered desperate to hear his voice. You were startled again when Freddy thumped his head gently against the glass. – “Pick up!” – you called out being scared to dead.
The phone rang. He turned his head curious at it, letting it ring a few times. Finally he picked up, holding the horn against his ear. – “Mr. Raglan!” – he heard in a panic being shouted in his ear. It made him move the horn away with an expression of almost going deaf. He brought the horn back to his ear with a smile. – “Bunny is that you?” – he responded. – “Mr. Raglan!” – you said again gripping tightly onto the horn.
“Help me! You have to help me!” – you shouted over the horn. You squealed loud when Foxy was bashing his hook against the door. – “With what bunny?” – Steve answered cluelessly. – “The puppets!” – you screamed at him. Steve cleared his throat. – “Animatronics Y/n!” – he corrected you.
“They are alive!” – you told him seeing that Bonnie had disappeared from the camera she was on before. – “They want to kill me!” – you shouted in utter panic. – “Have you been nice to them?” – Raglan asked. – “Mr. Raglan!” – you shouted back to protest against his stupid conversation. Why wasn’t he listening to you.
“I want to leave!” – you sounded desperate, getting all teary. – “I want to go home! Come and get me Mr. Raglan!” – you begged wanting it to end. You were truly regretting taking on the job. – “Now… now hold on Bunny.” – Steve said on the other end in an attempt to calm you. You spun around with a loud gasp, hearing sounds come from the vents.
The thumping sped up as it made you widen your eyes. The blockade got flung across the room, the cupcake jumping out. You screamed loud when it jumped at you. Mr. Raglan got up with a shocked expression on his face. He listened in hearing sounds he couldn’t quite place.
Then loud breathing in the horn. – “Steve! Steve!” – you cried out. Steve held the cord of the phone tight between his fingers. – “Help me!” – you screamed before the connection got broken off. Steve opened his hand letting the phone drop to the ground. He swallowed nervously for the first time not sure what to do.
You were on the floor, bleeding on your legs where the cupcake had taken a few bites off. The door opened as Freddy entered. You were too weak and worn out from fighting off the cupcake that you didn’t fight back. Freddy lowered his posture to reach down. He took a hold of your ankle pulling it up. He turned getting in motion again. Feeling lifeless you let the animatronic drag you out of the security’s room.
The pirate stomping happily after you. – “Where… where are you taking me?” – you asked breathlessly. Freddy looked briefly over his shoulder down to you. He dragged you back to the front room with the stage. Bonnie and Chica already waiting there. – “I’m… I’m sorry I shared your stage.” – you whimpered out feeling like a wreck. Freddy let go of your leg as it dropped down.
Chica went up to you before you’d get up, not that you had the strength anyways. She picked you up setting you down on a simple chair. Unsure what they would do to you. – “Are.. are you going to kill me?” – you asked already knowing the answer. Foxy raised his hook making you jump out of your skin. Freddy narrowed his eyes, giving Foxy a glare.
The pirate lowered his hook again. Bonnie lowered himself bringing his face up to yours. It scared you making you gasp loud. Your chair pulled back, standing on it’s two back legs. – “I’m sorry… I didn’t know…” – you called out thinking they might be angry at you for getting on their stage and join in. The animatronics started to close in on you, bumping against each other to lower them to you.
You ducked down feeling smothered by them. – “Stop!” – you heard making the animatronics freeze. They slowly rose again turning their posture away from you. You slowly straightened your posture once more, quickly checking yourself for any new bitemarks. – “Away!” – the voice spoke again sounding distorted. You tried to get a look but the animatronics were blocking your view.
Out of the shadows appeared a figure. The animatronics slowly departed letting you have a glimpse of what was appearing out of the shadows. First a pair of glowing eyes. You noticed the animatronics moved further away from you upon his arrival. Your eyes widened seeing a bunny… a yellow bunny appear in the light.
You quickly connected the dots. The reactions from the animatronics made it clear they obeyed him. – “No…no…no please…” – you begged when the yellow bunny animatronic came closer to you. His head tilted with a grim smile. – “Please…” – you cried out. He was going to finish you, you just knew it.
They let the big boss finish the job of killing you. He came nearer bending down to your height as his face neared yours. You looked away with fear, holding back a sob. The yellow bunny moved his face closer to your ear. – “Hello bunny.” – it spoke making you untense your clenched expression. Slowly your eyes widened for there was only one calling you bunny.
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happy74827 · 5 months
It’s the Matthew Lillard effect istg
Song: Criminal — Britney Spears
Movie: Five Nights at Freddy’s
Character: William Afton/Steve Raglan
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gh0stsp1d3r · 7 months
OMG I KEEP HAVING IDEAS IM SO SORRYY ur my fav William writer and i keep having ideas😭😭😭
but like
ur totally fine!! I love ur ideas smm!! sorry this took me so long to respond to ): this is so short but I didn’t know what else to add
Tumblr media
He found you cute. He found it cute when you would enter the abandoned pizzeria with him, looking at the animatronics with pity in your eyes.
He found it cute how you always helped an animal when it got hurt, saving a lot of them. Or how you still had stuffed animals, feeling bad when you dropped them.
It was the opposite of him, and he liked that. He liked the sweet, soft look on your face.
He adored the way that you looked at him, not knowing what he could do you to if he wanted to.
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