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kinktober (october 1st) steven grant x fem reader (vibration)
warnings - vibrating, sub steven, hardcore dom reader, crying, sub space, punishing
Tumblr media
was it fair for you to tie steven up to his own bed and push a vibrator to his cock? no. not at all. he cried as you pushed the button to turn up the settings and began shaking his head. "no." he muttered, lifting his hips up in the air. he cried out. "stop." he whispered. you hum. you would stop when he would say the safe word. you shook your head and turned it up slightly. "'m gonna cum," steven whined, bucking up in to the vibrator harshly. you scowl and slap his thigh harshly. "i told you not to, steven." you growl under your breath. his lip quivers. "'m so close though, lovey."
"i said no." you sigh. "do you want me to take it off?" he nods immediately and your eyes narrow. "alright. i'll take it off and force you to watch me cum without getting to touch me, yeah?" you said before grabbing the vibrator. he shook his head. "no!" he cleared his throat. "no. i didn't mean it, love." he murmured. you nod and bite your lip. "then don't cum or i'll do it." you say with a raised brow. he nods frantically and continues to clench his eyes shut. you grin and turn it up again. "good boy." you praise with a small sigh.
after a few minutes, he's moaning and whining - biting his lip so hard you can almost taste the blood yourself. he suddenly whimpers and clenches his eyes shut tightly. you sigh. "are you gonna cum, baby?" you cock your head to the side. he suddenly nods quickly. "'m trying so h... hard." he murmured, pushing his hips around on the bed as he shook his head. "i can't do it, lovey." he whined. your eyes narrow. "do you want me to do what i said i would, huh?" you questioned. he huffed before lifting his hips up slightly.
"don't!" you hiss. "that's it." you grab the vibrator and push it against your own clit instead, making him whine and shake his head. he was close obviously. "you're fucking lucky i took it off when i did." you whisper. "don't want you cumming without me..." he moans at that and shakes his head. "i'm sorry!" he shouts. he continues to struggle to stay still until you slap him across the face causing him to whine again. "fucking sit there and watch." you spit out.
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Hand Covers Mouth
Kink: sex pollen/aphrodisiac
About this: Takes place during canon events, Steven/fem!reader, Marc/fem!reader.
Let’s split up, Layla had said. She tacked on a hurried, ‘You with Steven? Be careful!’ before nearly sprinting off down a tunnel, leaving you (her scowling friend) and Steven (a mesmerized puppy) alone in a sandy tomb.
Look, you understood it was complex. Steven shared a body with her (soon to be? Possibly?) ex-husband, after all; but in your mind, that gave her even more of a reason to be the one responsible for him. Absently, your hand reaches down to lay your palm on the holster where your gun rests. You have no doubt that Harrow’s minions would kill without qualm. While you would not find it so easy to digest, you would do whatever you had to, to keep yourself safe.
To keep Steven safe. No matter what—
“What are you doing?” you ask at a frantic whisper. Steven is barely visible in the darkness where he is brushing sand and dust, centuries of time away from the hieroglyphics on the wall.
He glances back over his shoulder at you, giving you his typical expression of an adorable animal who fears they are about to be on the receiving end of a harsh kick in the rump, but who is so thrilled by their own discovery that they hardly care. He points to the wall.
“Reading these hieroglyphics,” says Steven. “Think they might be important.”
You glance toward the wall. You are not like Steven or Layla, able to read the symbols. You did not have the same practical and personal education which they had so tediously earned for themselves over the years. At the base of the wall sits a gilded table, the bottom of each leg morphing into the paw of some great cat. Some of the items around it are unrecognizable, turned to rubble, after so many years. But resting on top of it, there are a set of neat little figurines inlaid with moldavite, glittering black in the darkness.
“You don’t think—the ushabti?”
“Not likely,” Steven admits with a frown. “But some of the wall has crumbled here, can’t make out the rest, can I? It does say that this is powerful. Maybe we should take these to Layla and have her look at them.”
You fight the urge to scowl again. Layla. Steven was always trailing after Layla…
Alright, perhaps you had another reason for being so sour at Steven’s mention of your closest friend. How could you help being enamored with him, with his big brown eyes, with his undying enthusiasm, with his gentle heart and scathing wit? But Steven didn’t look at you like that. He was always too busy looking at Layla.
When you look at him, the expression of hope on his face is painful. You do your best to bite back any sarcastic or caustic replies. He truly doesn’t deserve them. It isn’t his fault he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.
“We don’t have time to hunt down Layla with every artifact we find,” you remind him gently. “And we don’t have time to search every little artifact for significance, either.”
He leans against the wall, like some suave Don Juan from a movie.
“Life’s about stopping to smell the roses, love, or stopping to find the roses if no roses immediately present—oh—oh bugger.” Steven slips, more of the wall crumbling away beneath the weight of his elbow. He stumbles into the little golden table—and off go all three of the little figurines, smashing into brittle pieces on the stone floor, the sound deafening in the silence around you.
“Oh my gods,” Steven says, both hands coming up to clutch at his curls. “Oh no, I deserve prison. Oh look what I’ve done—these were thousands of years old and I just destroyed them—”
“Steven—” Your words die in your throat. Your heart begins to race, breathing becoming fast and shallow. He looks up at you from where he has knelt on the floor in anxious guilt over the figurines, and you see something in his eyes which you can’t identify. Something sharp. Something hungry.
Then he blinks.
In the distance, you hear the sound of voices calling, none of them the familiar timber of Layla. He reaches out with the reflexes of a snake and grabs you around the waist, dragging you down to his position. One hand—warm, tasting faintly of sweat and sand—clamps over your mouth as he drags you back against his body, making both of your positions smaller as you hide behind a pillar.
Against your back, he is hard.
“Quit it,” he hisses lowly in your ear, and that’s when you realize that it isn’t Steven at all. That posh British accent has dissolved into something relaxed and loose, a Chicagoan accent that you’ve never heard before but would recognize anywhere. Marc. His words register secondarily, and you realize that you are writhing against him, literally arching your back to try to rub your aching cunt against the hard line of his cock.
A whine slips past his hand, and he lets out an angry, shaking breath against the crook of your neck. His free hand reaches around and slips right down the front of your pants. By the time he is cupping your sex with his broad palm, you are soaking wet, aching, already working towards that blissful crest even with the only stimulation being in your own mind.
“It must have been an aphrodisiac,” Marc whispers, barely audible over the raging pulse in your ears. “If I give you some fingers, can you be quiet until they’re gone?”
You nod, exaggeratedly. Truthfully, you aren’t sure. You just know that you would say anything, agree to anything to have any one of his fingers inside you.
He gives you two. You cum straight away, eyes rolling back, pussy clenching around his digits tightly. Marc gives a choked breath at the sensation of your walls squeezing and squeezing his fingers. His hips work once, twice, three times against the curve of your ass and then he stiffens himself, a breathless, nearly inaudible sound of pleasure passing through his lips.
The sweetest fucking sound you’ve ever heard.
The voices in the distance begin to fade away—the sweetest silence.
Then you have a mouthful of sand, Marc’s hand between your shoulder blades pinning you into the ground. You hear the clinking of his belt as he frantically tries to loosen it, and you wiggle your hands beneath you looking for the fasten of your own pants.
“Didn’t want it to go like this,” he says through clenched teeth. You can’t even imagine his expression: something hard and desperate. You wonder if he took over for Steven forcefully or if Steven retreated, anxious at the potent desire that the aphrodisiac evoked in him. “Didn’t want our first time to be like this—”
“Is he okay?” you whisper, working your pants and underwear down at once, arching your back for him. He still has on his boxers, but he’s grown desperate: hands gripping your hips, thighs snapping against the back of your own as he simulates sex with you. Marc makes a perplexed sound. Fuck, his cock feels good, even covered by soft cotton that you’re drenching with your own slick. You struggle for a moment to remember your question. “Steven—is he okay?”
“Steven is—fucking great,” Marc says, laughing a little derisively. “Trust me. Steven’s been wanting to fuck you since the moment he saw you. There’s a little place in my head where’s he’s beating off furiously, I’m sure—”
“You’re such a dick,” you gasp.
“I’ll show you dick, gonna give you mine,” he mutters through his teeth, finally working down his boxers. “Gonna fuck that girlish expression you give Steven all the time right off your face, gonna make it so every time you look at him, you’re thinking about how good my cock fills you.”
“His cock,” you breathe, arching your back more, fingers curling in the sand and scratching the stone beneath. “His cock too.”
“Yeah yeah,” says Marc testily, finally resting the head of his cock at your entrance. He slips in with one devastating, life-changing thrust. “We’ll test that theory when I let him out for his turn.”
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gone too long
Pairing: Steven Grant x F!Reader
Prompt: Masturbation
Warnings: 18+ MDNI, some angst (im sorry), masturbation, pillow humping, panty sniffing, piv, unprotected sex (lmk if I forgot anything)
WC: 3.2k
A/N: probably too long and emotional for kinktober but its my first time so bear with me please
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’ve been away for almost a week now. Steven tried to be good, he tried but it’s been so hard without you. He goes to bed alone, hard, surrounded by your scent and wakes up the same way.
He spends hours in the night writhing around in bed. He can’t sleep anymore, you always used to get him off after he came home from work and again before bed to help him sleep but now he just spends his time missing you, squeezing his throbbing cock, and crying for you as he palms himself to the edge of orgasm, unallowed to get himself over the edge.
He wakes up in more pain than when he went to sleep. His dreams are all about you, some sexual, some domestic, but they all make him hard. He cries for you some more before starting a painfully cold shower and setting off for the day. 
 If you were coming home tomorrow it’d be a different story. Steven would’ve stayed good, he would’ve waited for you, but he’s had a particularly hard day today, and amid all the commotion he forgot that you wouldn’t be there to comfort him. He’s thinking about you the entire bus ride home but it never clicks. He thinks about how he’ll stop you from cooking and order takeout, he’ll ask you to ride him as you guys wait, he’ll make sure you take it slow, savoring the way you guys feel together, how your bodies mold into one another perfectly. 
He fattens up in his pants as he unlocks the front door, he swears he can hear the TV on inside. He thinks about how you’ll tell him all about whatever new show you’ve found while he undresses you. 
He’s met with the most hollow feeling when he opens his door and reality stabs straight into his heart. 
Tears well in his eyes as he takes deep breaths, trying to calm himself. He keeps breathing slowly as he takes his shoes off, and as he puts his coat up. He starts breathing out through his mouth when the hollow feeling doesn’t leave, he keeps it up as he unpacks his bag, setting everything back in its proper place for the weekend, and he starts up a pot of tea. It’s all futile though, because his tears come pouring out the moment he sits on the bed, your faint scent gets pushed out of the cushioning and the hollow feeling becomes part of his bones. 
He can’t even function for the rest of the night, he turns the stove off through his watery gaze and buries himself in the blankets. Surrounding himself in your scent as he cries himself to sleep. 
He’s soft and sensitive when he wakes up, a state you know how to handle perfectly. But you’re not home. He has his usual morning delirium as he reaches out for you, reality slapping him as he feels your cold side of the bed. 
He rolls over onto his stomach, burying his face in your pillow- the only thing on the bed that still smells like you. 
Three more days. 
His cock is already twitching against the mattress as he huffs your scent, he whines at the stimulation. He wants to be a good boy. You asked him to wait for you, you said he could touch himself but you wanted his balls full for you. But you must not have understood how hard this would be for him. His hips are already grinding into the mattress. 
She won’t find out. Can’t. She’s not here.
He reaches out blindly for your side dresser, knowing you keep spare underwear in there. He feels something a bit hard and his head raises quickly to see what it is. His cock spasms at the sight. 
His mind flashes back to two weeks ago. One night, you and Marc were a little too drunk and way too needy. He pulled your panties to the side, fucked you, and let you soak it in your juices as he came over your stomach. He was too tired to clean you up so Steven took over after Marc fell asleep. You were sleeping so in an attempt to cause less of a commotion he just threw your panties in this drawer. He must’ve forgotten to get rid of it. 
His hand is shaking as he brings it up to his face. There are dried white streaks of your arousal running all over the crotch, a small circle of it from where your pussy cried for him. He can’t help but moan at the sight and brings the fabric to his nose. It still smells like you, like her. His tongue is darting out to taste it before his brain has even finished processing your smell. His cock spurts out loads of pre-cum into his briefs as he starts to thrust against the bed again. He pushes your pillow down to his crotch with one hand as the other holds your old, dried panties to his face.
He feels so dirty as he does this, almost disgusted with himself but pleasure clouds his mind over as he feels the softness of your pillow on his pulsing dick. It’s comparable to how your pussy feels to him, not as warm and nowhere near as wet but just as soft.
He’s face first on the bed, your panties directly over his face the way your pussy would be, his tongue prodding at where your pretty little hole should be. He’s groaning out your name in half sobs, wishing you were here, wishing you were the one touching him because as good as this all feels… you still feel so much better. 
He feels the molten pleasure work its way up his spine, he feels his balls begin to throb with the load they’ve prepared. He feels it coming, he can feel how much there’ll be and a pang of guilt that he’s not saving it for you. He knows how much you love when he fills you up, how whiny you get when you’re packed full of his load, how you mutter his name on repeat, begging him to fill you up. 
But the thought just works him further to the edge, he can feel his muscles tighten as his dick starts to pulse, he feels relief just out of reach, and a small guilty smile spreads over his face at how good this is going to feel. His mind races through scenes of you, unable to choose one to cum to, your name rests on the tip of his tongue as his hips stutter into the pillow one last time before
nothing happens.
He can feel his orgasm at the tip of his cock, right there and he wants you. He forms scene after scene in his head of how many different ways you’ll touch him when you get back. He thinks about how many times you’ll make him cum, how you’ll coo over his overfilled, swollen balls, how you’ll apologize to him as you fuck him into oblivion but nothing gets close to how he feels when your hands are on him. He needs you.
The realization is accompanied by a teary whimper of your name into the pillow.
The teary whimper is followed by an angelic sound of “Steven?”
His head snaps up and he’s scrambling out of bed before he can rationalize the fact that you’re not supposed to be home for another four days. 
But you’re actually here. 
You’re smiling at him as you place your coat on the rack, your boots already off and eyebrows raised as you wait for him to make his way over to you. He’s standing in the doorway frozen. He thinks he’s lost it, that he was right, all these days without you did drive him insane. 
I told her this would happen. 
His eyes well with tears as he tries to will himself to see the truth. His fists are bunching at his sides, angry at the hope he felt when he thought he heard you calling his name, having already been riled up at his futile attempt at relief. 
You’re growing concerned under his indecipherable stare. “Steven?” He gasps and his eyes widen. You approach him slowly and cautiously, worried at this odd reaction. He takes a hesitant step toward you and gasps at the small amused smile that blooms on your lips. 
“Are you okay, Stevie? I wanted to surprise you but you seem-” You pause to look him up and down, finally taking him all in and noticing the bulge and wet patch in his pants. Your expression changes from shock to sultry disappointment. “You seem like you’ve been bad.”
His eyes are still wide and watery. “Are you really here?”
Your mask drops with a sad smile. “Of course I am, baby. Did you miss me that much?” He envelopes you in a hug, burying his face in your neck, inhaling your scent with a shaky groan. 
“I m-missed you so much. I’ve been good.” He’s already got that distant, airy, aroused tone as he speaks. “I didn’t cum. I- ” He’s started to grind against you already, his bulge pressing itself into your thigh over and over as he grips your shoulders. He’s moved to the top of your head, inhaling the scent of your conditioner. “I wanted to- I tried.” 
His voice breaks at the end and you can’t stand it anymore. You grab the hair on the back of his head and roughly work him to your lips, relishing in the loud moan that breaks from his throat as your lips meet his. He’s trying to lick into your mouth immediately and you let him, you’ve missed the way he tastes. Only, when his tongue presses into yours, he tastes different… something familiar but it’s not him. You pull away confused and Steven’s lips chase yours with a whine. You have to hold his face away from yours to get his attention. 
“Steven, what is that?” He’s too delirious to understand what you’re asking, he just tilts his head like a puppy. You try not to let your endearment show through, attempting to be stern. “What’s that taste?” You can see his recognition flash over his face as he realizes what you’re asking but he starts shaking his head slowly and pulling you back in. “It’s just you, darling.”
You let him kiss you as you process, his words paired with the vaguely familiar taste let it click. You’re moaning into his mouth and pressing your thigh back into his weeping cock, earning a grateful moan from him. 
You walk him back to the bedroom desperately. You’ve been yearning for him as much as he has for you. You spent nights rolling around in bed, clit pulsing for him, unsatisfied with your ministrations. You tried fingering yourself but your fingers were nowhere near as long or as thick as his, you couldn’t hit the same spots he could. You tried. You push him onto the bed with a grunt and notice a pair of undies where your pillow should be. Confusion flies over your face before you look back at Steven, noticing his red face.
‘I tried’ 
The memory of what Steven said earlier finally makes sense to you. It also explained his desperate, disheveled state, why he was leaking and yearning for you. 
Arousal shoots between your legs like a jolt of electricity as you picture the scene; Steven grinding against- your pillow it seems- as he sniffed and licked at your panties. 
That’s why my taste was on his tongue…
Steven’s face is still burning red, looking anywhere but at you, as his hips uncontrollably twitch up for you, it brings a fond smile to your face. You take off your pants, matching him in your bottoms, and place yourself on his clothed bulge with a moan. You meant to tease him but it was already affecting you more than you anticipated. His hips are already thrusting into yours, his hands on your hips to hold you- press you down into him. He’s moaning out for you, whining about how good you feel but still trying to hide his face in his shoulder.
You give in and swivel your hips against him, earning a whole new level of volume from Steven. His hands aren’t just resting on your hips, they’re running all over your body wildly, grabbing and groping anything he comes across. You lean down to his ear and begin your questioning.
“So what are m- shit. What are my panties d-doing over here, S-Steven?” His name accidentally comes out as a moan as he drags your clit right over the tip of his dick. He’s not even looking at you, his eyes are fixed on where he’s rubbing you against himself, the way his tip dips into your soft skin and leaves streaks of his pre all along the fabric. His jaw is dropped open and little pants make their way past his wet lips. 
You can see this feral look in his eyes that you’ve never witnessed. He’s told you drunkenly how badly he craves you but you’ve never actually seen it, you’ve never really believed him. Like this, though? You can see what he was talking about. You can tell that he’s zeroed in on how good you’re making him feel, you don’t think he even heard you, too entranced with how he’s moving you along his cock. 
Your pussy clenches at the thought and he can feel it. He falls back against the bed with a groan before propping himself up on his elbows to pull you both back against the headboard. He whimpers at the momentary loss of friction but smiles once he can collapse onto the board while still staring at you. His hands come back to grip your hips, upset that you’ve stopped moving your hips without his help but you stop him. You lean forward on him, pressing most of your weight on his tip, he gasps and grips your arms with a moan. “Please! Oh Gods-”
You silence him with a short kiss, pulling away before he’s satisfied. He starts to mumble pleas to you again but your finger is pressed into his lips, he licks them, tasting your finger in the process and moaning at the taste of your skin. “Stevie…” You pause and he sighs at the sound of his name on your lips. “Did you use my underwear to get off?”
His eyes widen and dart to where they lay, exposed on the bed. You feel his cock twitch under you and you have to bite your lip to hold in a whine at the way it rubbed over your clit. He’s embarrased but turned on at the fact that he thought you’d never find out but you still did. The way that he could never hide anything from you, the way you don’t seem upset at the fact you caught him.
“I needed you so b- bad an’ you- an’ everything smells like you. I- I’m sorry.” He drops his head onto your shoulder as his hips slowly grind into you. “ ‘M sorry, alrigh’?” His accent gets heavier as he grinds into you more deliberately. “I just- I jus’ -oh I needed you so b-bad.” He whimpers into your neck, trying to muffle himself in there. You’re lost in the feeling, in his words as he humps his cock into you. He’s kissing along your neck, sometimes just licking at your sweat and moaning at the taste. His hips were starting to twitch and stutter into yours, his moans pitched up and his hands began to bruise into your skin. “I’m-”
You lift off of him. “No- Wh-y? P-please.” You ignore his plea and pull your shirt and underwear off as he scrambles to do the same. “Are we gonna-?” You smile at him softly and prepare for your confession. 
“I couldn’t get off without you, Steven.” You shift your weight nervously as he just stares at you. “I- My fingers aren’t enough anymore.” You whine at him and his cock jumps, leaking onto the sheets as he reaches out for you. He pulls you into a kiss and fumbles to take your bra off. He lets you climb over him again and moans into your mouth as you line him up with your soaked hole. “Put it in. Put it in- shit. P- put- ” He’s cut off by both your moans as you sink onto him. 
“Fuck I can t-tell your- fuck.” He whines out as you as you squeeze around him. “Your little fingers aren’t enough t’properly stretch you f’me hm?” His eyes roll back and his eyebrows draw inward as you grind onto his cock. You try to keep a steady pace but his tip is slamming right into your G-Spot, pressing into it no matter what he does, no matter how you move. Your legs give out halfway through a thrust and your body slams down onto him. He groans your name and hugs your body close, planting his feet on the mattress and fucking into you slowly.
“S’it too much?” You moan his name into his ear and his cock jumps inside you. “Fuck I’m-mm” His words get drawn into a whine as his thrusts slowly lose rhythm. Your pussy begins to clench on him, arousal coiling in your stomach at the telltale signs that he’s gonna cum. Steven’s hand comes to cradle your head into his neck, stoking your hair softly and whispering soft assurances and begs for you to cum around him. 
“‘M right here. I’ll take care of ‘ye, keep you nice an’ safe. C’mon. Give it t-to me.” Your orgasm explodes inside you like a solar flare. It bursts in your stomach and ripples throughout your whole body, moans are shoved from your mouth, almost deafening Steven with their volume and pitch but they only push him over the edge. His cock twitches violently inside you before releasing a torrent of cum. He tries to stay semi-calm as his orgasm crashes over him, his stomach won’t stop tensing under you and his mouth can’t shut. He can’t hold any of his moans in as his balls empty themselves inside you. 
He feels like it’ll never end, he’s at his peak for what feels like years. He can hear you distantly whining about how full you feel, about how much he’s filling you up. His hips have a mind of their own as he ruts into you pathetically, doing anything he can to prolong his euphoric high. He feels tears spring to his eyes, unable to believe that you could make him feel so good. He feels your lips over his mouth that’s propped open on a silent moan. He’s panting out whines down your throat as you whisper praises to him.
“W- It won’t stop. It- f-feels so go-od” He’s gasping at you as he speaks, his entire body shaking as his cock spurts out more ropes into you. You’re leaking all over his thighs, unable to hold all the cum he’s pumping into you. He moans out your name one last time before his body goes limp, and his cock finally stops spitting into you. He’s incoherent for quite some time, fading in and out of consciousness. 
He always whines out for you when he wakes up, sniffing and huffing until some part of you comes in contact with him. Once it does he’s pulling you into a crushing hug and doesn’t let go for at least another hour.
Tumblr media
Thank you so mcuh for reading! If you enjoyed, here's the rest of my Kinktober Works and be sure to check out my Main Masterlist!!
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reallyrallyauthor · 3 days
Steven Grant random thought #2- what sex is like with the moon boys
Tumblr media
--🔥 Content: nsfw, what sex is like with Marc Jake and Steven, language, dirty deeds, Steven Grant doesn't understand what hate fucking is (~700 words)--
Steven thinks it over, then looks at you. "Like, I'm not the most experienced guy, but I love what we've done of it so far."
You and Steven are sitting in his flat eating lunch. Your legs are over his lap as you eat smoked tofu sandwiches.
You shake your head. "That's not what 'hate fucking' means, love. It's not that you don't like it. It means that you fuck someone you hate and that's what makes it so good."
His face scrunches up a little. "Doesn't sound very nice."
You smile and try to think of a way to relate it to him. Usually, Steven is the one teaching you things. And even if it’s just this ridiculous concept, it’s nice to be able to teach him something.
You brush the crumbs off your hands. “Remember that time you were mad at me?”
“What? I wasn’t mad.” Steven insists.
“Okay, remember that time when I pushed you into annoyance?”
A smile lifts the corners of his mouth and he gets a slightly dreamy look in his eyes. “You had my handprints on your ass for days. Was absolutely lovely to look at.”
“It’s kind of like that. Hate and love and passion are strong emotions. And then there’s the satisfaction of seeing someone that you’re usually at odds with become absolutely desperate for you.”
He finishes his sandwich thoughtfully. “Is it kind of like how Jake does it? I mean, he gets pretty rough.”
“No, Jake goes after it like my pussy owes him money and my throat is the ATM. Not the same thing.”
“And Marc-“
“Not the same,” you explain patiently. “Marc has sex like,” you don’t even know how to explain the feelings Marc brings out in you, “like he’s trying to pull apart my soul and claim it with his cock."
Steven finishes his sandwich. After a bit he says, almost shyly, “and how would you describe my… skills?”
You blow out a breath. “You’re hypnotizing. You get me to do things and feel things, whatever you want, and you make it feel like it was my idea. Like I’d felt that way all along and you just opened the door and walked me through it. It’s like an out of body experience.”
Steven blushes. “That’s quite a generous description, love.”
You lean forward and kiss him on the lips. Then, you collect the plates and take them to the kitchen to wash up.
He follows you, rubbing circles on your back with his hand. “Since we’ll never get to experience this ‘hate fucking’ thing, maybe we can stick to the next best scenario.”
You rest your hip on the kitchen counter. “What’s that?”
“Just that, well, if I’m so convincing and all, maybe I can go over to my desk. Do a little reading. Really study, you know?”
“And I suppose, I shouldn’t disturb you?” You rinse off the plates and dry your hands.
“No. Definitely not. Nothing on offer for you m’afraid.” He backs away toward his desk, slides his readers out of his pocket and puts them on.
You wait patiently for him to sit down at his desk. “So, nothing like last time, where I sat in your lap and tried to get into your pants until you got so annoyed that you snapped and got into mine?”
“None of that.” Steven says seriously.
You start to cross the room toward him. “Maybe this time, I really need to push it. Really piss you off.”
“I don’t think you could. I love you too much.”
You smile. “Yeah, I don’t think you’re a hate fucking kind of guy, Steven Grant. And I love that about you.” You fold your arms. “But you have to take it easy on me this time. I have to be in meetings all day tomorrow.”
Steven smiles, a look somewhere between absolute glee and intense purpose. “Oh love, you’re going to be thinking of me all day, sitting on that sore little bottom I’m going to give you. That’s a gift from me to you. But, Jake has some thoughts on the hate fucking thing that he’d like to show you later. That one’s your fault for bringing up the silly thing in the first place.”
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Moon Boys Thoughts
Do you ever see those photos of girls' stories and snaps where their boyfriends are just completely out cold asleep not too long after having laid their heads on their chest?
That is the moon boys. All three of them.
Don't ever let them lay their head on your chest or lap if you have something to do later. You will not be able to get up because they are just dead asleep.
Steven always "just wants to cuddle"
Marc is "just resting his eyes"
And Jake is always "just taking a five minute cat nap"
Do not fall for their trick. You will be used like a teddy bear.
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gogogodzilla · 18 hours
day 2, choking
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
steven grant x reader warnings: slight dom!reader, unprotected sex, creampie, afab reader, no pronouns used, soft rainy day sex <3 kinktober main masterlist
He was always so pliant beneath you. Steven was good for you like that. 
You were perched above him, admiring his soft form as he gazed up at you like you’d hung each and every star in the sky. You ran your hands down slowly over his ribs, feeling his muscles jump against your touch. It was a soft thing; the both of you soaking in each other’s presence as rain pounded against the windows of Steven’s apartment. He was your solace in the storm and you were his. 
But you needed more, and Steven was ever willing to give you as much as you desired. You ground yourself against him, the soft cotton of your underwear rubbing deliciously against the silky fabric of his pajama pants. Steven’s breath caught in his throat as his hands flitted up your thighs. That was one thing you could count on; he could never keep his hands in one place. 
“I want you,” you whispered, your breath mingling with his as you rested a hand on his throat. You felt his pulse pick up under your fingertips. 
“Have me, my love,” came his reply. 
Your lips crashed against his. He carded his hands through the hair at the nape of your neck and pushed your lips against his. There was a hunger within him as he kissed you that nearly mirrored your own. 
You traced the curve of his jaw and the column of his neck, committing every pore to memory and savoring the way he swallowed hard under your touch. He bunched your loose t-shirt in his hands and pulled it swiftly over your head. The cool air of the bedroom engulfed your now-exposed flesh, causing your nipples to harden. 
He leaned up slightly, placing sloppy kisses on the soft skin of your chest. You let your head fall back, exposing yourself more to his eager mouth. He let his tongue wander over your nipple while one hand pinched the other one. 
You were losing yourself in the sensation of him, and you ground your hips against his growing length, attempting to gain any type of release for the ache in your core. He groaned against your chest, his grip tightening. 
You wrapped your hand around his throat, pushing him back onto the plush mattress. With your free hand, you leaned down and palmed his covered length. Steven whined against your touch, grinding against the palm of your hand. 
“Please, love, let me fuck you,” he whimpered, and you grinned. 
The tips of your fingers slid under the waistband of his pants. “Since you asked so nicely.” 
You reached his length from his pants, eliciting a breathy sigh from Steven. You pumped your hand, spreading the precum that had already formed. 
Steven was a wreck now, pleas for anything you could give him effortlessly falling from his lips. He was pussydrunk, and he wasn’t even inside you yet. The thought filled you with satisfaction as you lined him up with your entrance. 
You both let out groans as you lowered yourself onto his length. He always stretched you just right. Steven’s hands moved to cup your ass, helping you set a pace that had your toes curling.
You leaned down to kiss him, your grip tightening on his throat once he hit that sweet spot inside you. Steven’s eyes rolled back and that perfect hue of red dusted his cheeks from the lack of oxygen. 
You released your hold on him as you rocked your hips against his. Steven let out a raspy groan as he caught his breath. You pressed open-mouthed kisses to the column of his throat, sucking love bites as you journeyed upward. 
“You like my hands ‘round your neck?” you purred against the shell of his ear, and he twitched inside you in response. Your slick had begun to coat his cock, and the noises the two of you were making were borderline obscene.
He nodded fervently and bucked his upwards, hitting your cervix just right. Quiet pleas and small whimpers filled the air. 
One hand splayed across his neck while the other ventured down to where you were joined and drew tight circles around your clit. Steven took the opportunity to pound into you below, and you let yourself press down slightly onto his throat. 
Steven groaned and looked at you through lidded eyes. “Give it to me, love. ‘wanna feel you cum around me.” 
Your release washed over without a moment’s hesitation, Steven’s velvety vibrato causing you to clench around him. He came with your name gracing his lips along with a few desperate pleas. You slowed above him and released your hold on him as he filled you. Steven panted as he attempted to catch his breath, and you placed gentle kisses on his cheeks as he came down from his high. 
“You okay?” 
Your eyes wandered over his features, searching for any sign of discomfort. 
Steven laughed a little, “Don’t think I could be anything but okay.”
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You Know I Love It When You Beg
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steven x fem reader
Summary: kinktober day 2, Public Play
Rating: 18+
Warnings/content: public play, vibrating toys (cock massager and insertable vibrator), Dom!Reader, Sub!Steven, teasing, cum in pants, cumming easily, who ever cums first gets fucked, mention of pegging, light mocking, name calling (just mild British insults), lmk if there's anything else i should add :).
Word count: 1,071
Credit: @automnepoet for proofreading ily.
"Love, can we try something?"
"Love, can we try something?" 
Steven's voice echoes from the hallway as he approaches the kitchen where you're sat, phone in one hand and tea in the other.
"Mmmm depends... if it's anything like those cardboard tasting crisps, then absolutely not." You chuckle, but as you see Steven's nervous face your laughter is cut short, "Sure darling, what's up?" You put your mug down.
Steven chews the inside of his cheek (a habit you'd tried to get him out of months ago but to no avail) as he places the boxes on the table, sheepishly occupying the seat opposite you. 
You examine one of them before holding it up next to your face. "Vibrators? Why are you so nervous about this? Not like we haven't used them before—" 
"I wanna go out with them on, maybe to like, a posh restaurant or something," he quickly interjects. "I think it'll be... fun, if that's the right way to describe it. I'm sure I'll regret calling it that later." He chuckles a little uneasily.
The idea fills you with excitement, and that's evident by the grin that creeps across your face. "You sure you can handle that, sweetheart?" You batter your eyelashes at him and reach out to take his hands "You know how fast you cum." 
Steven huffs in response. "All the more reason to do it! You're just as easy to work up, dear." He raises a brow at you before leaning closer "What's wrong, you scared?" The evil grin now plastered on his face instead.
"No! No... of course not— take that goofy look off your face—" you shove his head gently which results in a giggle from the man. "So you'll do it then?" He asks eagerly, and it's hard to say no to his stupid happy face.
You'd both agreed not to turn them on until you've actually reached the restaurant, otherwise it'd kind of ruin the whole fun of it… given how easy you both get worked up, despite how you argue that you don't.
Fortunately, you get seated in a somewhat closed off booth, and you notice how steven seems a little relieved at that.
"Yes, dear?"
"You look very handsome this evening." You compliment, and he's about to thank you for your kind words, but he's cut off by his hand slapping over his mouth.
"You bugger..." He manages to groan as he feels the vibrations already buzzing through his slacks.
You give him a smug look. "Oi, that's not a very nice way to talk me after i compliment you! Maybe I should turn it u—"
"No!" Steven's hand flies over your phone to protect his dignity. "Not yet... please." He breathes, giving those big puppy dog eyes that you always fall for. 
"Oh baby, you know I love it when you beg."
That warrants a quiet whimper from Steven, and honestly you're surprised how he's already getting worked up over this; he must've been fantasizing about it for a long time. 
Steven is patient though, always is, and that's one of the things you both love and absolutely hate about him, because he can edge you for hours sometimes, bring you to that cliff just to rip you away from it for the 6th time. He waits till you've relaxed before striking, waiting till you ask the waiter to take your orders to pounce on you.
A shiver runs up your back as you feel the buzzing perfectly stimulate your clit, the sudden feeling making you bite down on your lip hard. You briefly give Steven a death stare before continuing your order… only to feel him turn it up further. The vibrator is pressed against that sweet spot inside you, and you find it difficult to not rock back on it with the waiter breathing down your damn neck. You hide your moan with a cough and thankfully get through the order, and once the waiter is out of sight you turn Steven's all the way up.
His sly smirk is quickly wiped from his face as his hips buck forward instinctively and he hides his face in his hand.
"You prick," you mumble to him, now slightly rocking against the buzzing like you wanted to a couple of moments ago, "you handsome prick." 
Steven looks at you, and you can see how fast his chest is rising and falling now, but the look he's giving you is one of complete submission; was it really that easy?
"Oh c'mon, you're not gonna cum yet are you, sweetheart?" You mock lightly while your hand rubs his shoulder. You lean in towards his neck and take in the smell of his cologne (your favourite one) before nipping the skin. "Don't cum Steven, I wanna get fucked tonight."
That, of course, only makes his situation worse, his face now beet red. "God, I can't help it, shit it feels so good." He moans softly and reaches for your phone to turn it down.
You let him, since you don't want it to be over too early… and you at least want your starter.
You're still rolling your hips towards the pleasure vibrating through your underwear when the waiter brings over your desserts, the starter and main having gone surprisingly easy despite both of you now huffing and arousal seeping through your underwear. 
"Thank—yOU—" another moan hidden by a cough when Steven tries to embarrass you again.
You look at him darkly before running your hand over his thigh, resorting to the one thing that you know works on him; fuck cares if it's cheating.
"Please baby, I want you to cum for me..." you whisper in his ear with your best desperate tone, "Just want you to make a mess in your underwear, can you do that for me, sweetheart?" 
And boom, that's all he needed as he shrinks in on himself and hunches over, his body shaking a little while his hips wildly buck against thin air. He can't moan, but there's pants reminiscent of whimpers that leave his lips, until eventually he calms down.
"Good boy." You praise and pepper kisses over his neck and cheek, hand running up and down his back comfortingly.
"I want you bent over the bed when we get home, yeah?"
All Steven can do is nod enthusiastically, his cock already growing hard again at the thought of you fucking him just the way he loves.
Tumblr media
Prompts by: @/flightlessangelwings
Tagging people: @cowboymarcs @sad1st1c-wh0re @poopoobuttsy @boredzillenial @mllover260 @simpforbritgents @saevenswelt @partssoldseparately @keira-kaz2y5 @theincredibleinkspitter @l-lune @red-hydra
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Price You Gotta Pay
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Steven Grant X F!Reader • Rating: 18+ pals Masterlist• ao3• want to be tagged? | request info • Kinktober 2023 Masterlist • Day 1: Love Bites
Summary: Steven has his own plans for the evening.
Warnings: edging, p in v sex, oral sex (f receiving), kinda a little dom!Steven?, typos, please let me know if I've missed a warning!
Word Count: 1293
Tumblr media
Originally, there had been a plan to the evening. Tasks that need to be completed. Chores you were going to get done. 
But that had pretty much been thrown out of the window. 
When you’d come back in from work you’d given Steven a quick kiss before you showered, itching to get the dirt of the tube and train from your skin, and changed. 
You’d been in the middle of talking to him, explaining about some paperwork you should crack on with while you also asked him about what he fancied for dinner. And sent a last-minute email on your work phone. 
Steven had crept up behind you, pressing close and kissing your neck. Whispering thinly veiled promises while he took your mobile out of your hands and coaxed you to bed. 
In all honesty, you hadn’t taken that much convincing. 
He muttered how much he had missed you during the day between pressing soft kisses to your skin and enticing you out of your comfy clothes. 
“What’s got you so worked up?” You had whispered as he gently pulled off your top, pretending you weren’t as eager as he was. 
“What do you mean?” He had asked innocently, but there was a devilish look in his eyes that told you differently. 
“Did you see another photo of a particularly voluptuous statue?” You tease playfully, calling back to an incident that happened a few weeks prior. 
Steven shoots you a dark warning look before continuing to kiss your skin. “No.” He mumbles but a slight flush dusts his cheeks and the tips of his ears.
“Are you sure?” You tease again. 
Steven glares but smiles. “You’ll pay for that love.” 
And pay you did. 
You weren’t quite sure how many times you’d nearly cum. But you knew you’d definitely lost track around the fourth time. 
“Steven,” you sob as you wiggle under him. “Please!”
He glances up at you from his spot between your thighs, still softly sucking your clit as you writhed. “Hmm?” He answers, purposefully sending still vibrations along you. 
You mewl, tears on your cheeks as you try to grind up against his mouth. His forearm presses firmly against your stomach, pushing you back down into the mattress. 
“Steven,” your breath catches as he swipes a board, flat lick slowly through your sopping folds. Your empty pussy clenches around nothing as he groans, his eyes rolling back in his head ever so slightly. 
From this angle you can just see how his own hips move, steadily moving in languid circles as he rubs his aching cock against the bed. 
The fact that as much as he was edging you, he was edging himself does little to comfort you in this state. 
Your wetness saturates his skin, running down his chin to pool at his collarbone. The sheets beneath you are soaked, drenched with the physical evidence of your desperate need. 
He runs another long lick through your folds, paying special attention to your clit as he laps at you. 
Pleasure coils tightly in your stomach. Just a little more, just a little more and you would cum. Could taste it. 
You bite your lips together, clenching your jaw hard to try to hide the wanton sounds that crave to escape. 
Just a little more and-
You cry out in frustration as Steven pulls back and away from you, his dark eyes watching you as you try to follow his mouth. 
“Steven, no, how did you-” you sob. 
He chuckles and kisses your inner thigh, gently sucking another love bite into your soft skin before nuzzling you. 
He lightly touches each bite mark, bruises looking so pretty in the neat little rows in which he had made them. Six in total. Six times you had been so, so close. 
“Did you know love,” he swallows, almost managing to hide out wrecked it sounds. “That the number seven in ancient Egypt was considered a lucky number?”
“Steven,” no matter how much you love him and usually are enamoured with his fountain of knowledge, now just isn’t the time. “I-”
“Shh, love,” he teases, tracing your folds with the very tip of his finger and you moan. 
He nips lightly at the most recent love bite he made before he continues. “As I was saying, seven is quite an important number. Seven scorpions guarded Isis, seven little stings. He gently pokes each love bite on your thighs, counting softly to six until he lightly circles your clit. “Seven. It represents perfection, completeness.” He laughs to himself. “It even sounds a bit like Steven, doesn’t it? Only one letter out.”
You bite your lip as you look at him desperately.
He leans up ever so slightly on his elbows and cocks his head to the side. “Do you want to cum, love?” 
With a whine you nod, anguish leaking out of your every pour. It hurt. That deep, low need. Sparked along your nerves with every heartbeat. 
“All you had to do is ask.” He grins and slides up your body, pressing his warm skin against yours. He places kisses along your ribs, scraping his teeth over your nipples and neck before he gets to your mouth and settles his hips between your legs. His cock aches as it presses against your core, the tip smearing precum along your lower stomach. 
He groans softly, his eyebrows pinched together in bliss for a moment as his carefully mandated facade cracks just a little.
Steven tries to kiss you softly, but you’re too hungry for him. He moans happily as you slide your tongue into his mouth, tasting yourself on his lips. You urge him closer, not wanting even a fraction of space between your bodies. 
Without breaking the kiss, Steven reaches down and guides himself to your aching pussy. For a moment he goes to rub his head through your folds to spread your slick and ease inside, but you buck up against him as he notches his fat tip at your entrance. And he just sliiiides in. 
You cry out into his mouth, you’re so worked up and wet that he sinks deeper. Your walls gripping him tightly and pulling him into you. 
Steven groans against you, his resolve breaking completely. “Hmm, love, fuck,” he can’t help himself and thrusts harshly completely sheathing himself inside. His right-hand grabs hold of your thigh, his fingers pressing against the love bites as he pushes your legs apart wider, gazing down as he spits you open. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he punctuates each word with a powerful buck, hitting dizzily deep and making your head spin. “Love,” he whines, his voice low, his eyes closed in concentration as sweat beads in his hair. “I’m- I’m not gonna last, I-”
You arch up against him, meeting every thrust of his hips with your own. His pubic bone brushed against your clit with every grind, the stretch of him electrified every cell and pushed you to the very edge.
“Gonna cum!” You manage to stammer out, your voice rising to what would have been an embarrassing pitch if you cared as pleasure takes over every thought. Stars explode behind your eyes, run down your veins and all you can do is bask in it and let it overwhelm you. 
Steven moans, following you close behind as his hips stutter when you clench down on him and milk his cock for everything he’s worth. He cums deep, fucking his spend further inside before he collapses on top of you. 
Softly he nuzzles into your neck, moving to make sure you’re not taking his full body weight. But you moan out a grumble and pull him back, wanting to feel him on top of you. 
With a smile he kisses your cheek. 
Thank you for reading! I'm not doing my normal tag list for kinktober as to not overwhelm anyone, please let me know if you'd like to be added/taken off.
@flightlessangelwings @steven-grants-world @lonelyisamyw-0love @eyelessfaces @angel-of-the-moons
If you'd like to be taken off the tag list please let me know here
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wild side, starring steven grant 🎥
Tumblr media
what to know
this installment of mcontober is focused around steven grant and a black afab costar. mcon brought out his breeding kink for this film. working with mcon, steven thought it best to include extremely desperate dialogue, creampies, and an excessive amount of cum. the script is 1.1k words.
a word from your director 🎬
let me be transparent; i struggle both with writing breeding kinks and steven's voice. also the breeding kink in question is. . not quite a breeding kink but i think it's hot. i kinda hate that this is what's opening mcontober but if you guys enjoy it then it's okay! pls send feedback if you like it ❤️
enjoy installment one of mcontober.
Tumblr media
steven’s got a thing for you. he’s obsessed.
he worships the ground you walk on, his eyes always fixed in your face. he thinks you’re more beautiful than any egyptian relic he’s ever seen.
he’s got a thing for fucking you, too— he just can’t help it. not when you’re so fucking beautiful underneath him, or on top of him, or curled into the front of him— it doesn’t matter. you’ve ruined him.
he doesn’t even really have to say it to you. you know. but when he can put jumbles of words to the way you make him feel, it’s desperate.
fucking into you, face to face, chest to chest, it hits him again, while he’s so close.
“don’ wanna pull out this time, dove, can i-”
“mhm.” you answer before he even finishes his sentence, and you grab his face and pull him into a kiss so sweet he almost loses his pace. but he doesn’t, and he keeps fucking into you, swallowing your moans as you swallow his, feeling it take over him, feeling his thrusts get sloppy and his mind get foggy.
he pulls away and he can’t stop his thoughts from becoming words. “i wanna- god, i wanna fill you up. wanna feel it.” 
you squeeze around him and he shivers, shakes his head cause he’s trying to focus on you. “i know,” you nod as you find his eyes, body rocking with his desperate thrusts.
“feels so good, can’ help it,” he confesses against your lips, and you shiver, feeling yourself get closer and closer with him. he tucks his head into your neck and his arms wrapped under you get just a little tighter, and his hips press against you just a little harder, brash moans spilling from his slick lips. 
he shifts his hips and now, with his leaking tip pressed pretty against that spot, you’re close too. “f-fuck,” he groans when you clench around him, “i’m so close,’ he whispers into your neck. you get tight around him again, drunk off the thought of him using you as his pretty cumdump, filling you up so nice you both get to watch him leak out of you, and you whine “please”, and that’s all it takes before he’s cumming, keeping his body as close to yours as he can while he shivers and jolts against you, moaning all pretty and pathetic.
his world is spinning, the almost primordial urge to breed you grabbing hold of him as he comes down, and he casts his eyes down to where he leaks out of you, pushing against you just to see his cum run down your pretty brown thighs and onto the bed, pooling on the poor comforter. 
with heavy breath he moves a little, and then he moves a little more, tearing his eyes away from the sight he can never get enough of to find your face again, and the look on his face tells you without words that we’re not done.
and you knew, one round isn’t enough. steven wants to fill you up until he can’t anymore. you can see it in his eyes.
with his eyes fixed on you he fucks into your leaking hole, running on new energy. he’s gotten his first taste of his guilty fucking pleasure, and he’s chasing that again. shedding his shyness, he takes hold of his own desires and lets them spill from his lips. 
“you gonna take it for me, love? gonna let me fill you up?” he knows you will, knows that you’ll let him bust as many times as he needs to, and you grit “yeah”, throwing your head back into the pillows when he balances himself on one hand and lifts your leg up with the other.
deeper, is what he needs. entranced in the way you look beneath in, he’s going fucking crazy. steven’s a romantic, there’s no doubt about that— but what he feels right now, fucking you with the thought of cumming deep, is nasty. it’s fucking disgusting. and that’s the shit that has his mind running as feels himself getting close again, big hand gripping the back of your thigh so tight the soft skin curves around his fingers.
and you’re close too, pitched moans and brash groans flying freely from the pit of your stomach, where you feel steven’s overwhelming desire stirring your pleasure up and around inside you. he nods when he catches the glint in your eyes, his animalistic gaze following your hand down to your clit, and he nods, open-mouthed and approving when you start to rub those hyptonic circles.
his curls fall pretty against his forehead, his thick eyebrows furrowed and eyes wild. slow strokes and purposeful movements he gives you, putting all his reserved shit in the back of his mind. “gonna make me cum,” you whine, loud and desperate, and he nods his head. 
“i know, dove,” he responds, “cum so i can fill you up, wan’ you to cum for me.” steven’s mouth gets filthy when he’s like this, when he’s so turned on he can’t think, and that’s all it takes for you to cum.
“s-shit, fuck,” you moan, throwing your head back, your hair fanning out on the pillows, body coasting up the bed from steven’s moves intended to drag out your climax, to make you cum so hard you see stars. 
“oh, love” you hear him say through the fog in your mind, pussy clenching around him at his awe-filled tone, skin burning with the thought of him watching you cum. you feel him pulse inside you and then he’s coming too, and he’s pushing your leg back and pressing his weight into you, letting your leg drape over his shoulder, opening you up so he can fulfill his need.
again, he presses deep, skin flush with yours. this time, he doesn’t even stop to look, cause you can fucking feel it. he ruts into you once, twice, and then he’s finding a slow pace, one where each mind-numbing thrust into your sloppy pussy is audible, the sound of skin meeting skin mixing with steven’s and your sounds of pure ecstasy.
his mind is gone, corrupted with the thought of making you dirty, of putting his needs first and you letting him make you his, of you letting him breed you. steven’s a mess on a normal day, something he’s learning to accept, and something as filthy as this? cumming inside you with the end goal of playing in it, watching it leak out of you and onto the bed, is him at his neediest, at his worst.
and you just take it, lay there and let him fuck you full, reaching down to spread yourself for him so he can watch.
by the time steven has enough, you’ve cum so many times you can’t even count, your eyes barely open when he finally pulls out to his tip, fucking you shallow so he can watch his cum drip out of you, his dark eyes wide and wild.
even after all this time, he still can't quite figure out what makes him so fucking feral about this— watching his dick swirl his cum around, the white a stark contrast to your brown skin, slick with the aftermath, watching you breathe slow and blissed, fucked full.
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winniethewife · 2 days
Quiet moments and Silent Questions (Moon Knight System x reader)
Inspired By @guruan art linked below
Warnings: Fluff, Angst and Flirting. In that order.
Words: 1030
Tumblr media
She and Steven were sitting across from each other in at the café, trying to squeeze in some time together, before she leaves for an inconveniently timed business trip. Things were just really starting to make sense, they had just started to get serious in this relationship, Steven had finally found the courage to tell her he was a system, and what that meant, it was bumpy at first, but she felt like she was handling it well.
So of course the minute the four of them were just starting to get into the flow of things, is when her boss decided this would be the best time to send her to help with the start up with a new branch of the company, in Switzerland, for a month. She had tried to argue she had personal things to attend to at home, but without having a real reason, not wanting to divulge anything about her boyfriend(s?) she was forced to go or say good bye to any chance of a promotion in the next year. So here she was, sitting with Stevens hands in hers their tea cups cold and long forgotten as they opted to just sit together. Enjoying each other’s quiet company.
She could tell Steven wanted to say something, the way his brow slightly furrows, he searches her eyes looking for an answer to the question in his mind. Wets his lips with his tongue, before he looks directly at her, the concerned lines in his fore head as his eyebrows push together, and his dark eyes meeting hers with desperation.
“Can I kiss you? Please?”  He silently begs.
She gave him the smallest smile, before leaning in to kiss him, her soft lips on his, gently moving together. At first she looks into his eyes as they kiss before softly closing them as she puts her hand on his cheek.
Tumblr media
When she got back from Switzerland it was really hard for them to fall back into any sort of pattern. But Marc took the absence the hardest. Which led to him retreating to the headspace more often than not. She tried to be patient but this was starting to become a problem. She would come back to Steven’s flat at the end of the day and there would be signs that Marc had been fronting, things of his left out, or a suddenly fronting Steven or Jake standing in the middle of the room, often confused as to why they were suddenly pushed out. Bothering everyone else involved, Including the cat. He was avoiding her and that hurt. It hurt a lot.
Eventually one day, Steven and Jake convinced him to talk to her. he sat at the end of the bed, hair pushed back brow furrowed, his usual serious expression on his  face. She came in after a long day of work and saw him waiting looking down at the ground as she came in. the silence was tense, but familiar. She got on her knees in front of him and he looked up at her. His face softened, eyes first then his brow rests as his lip gently part. He doesn’t know how to put it into words. He doesn’t know how to ask. But as so often the case his face spoke to her.
“Do you still love me?”  His fear and regret silently calls out to her
She takes his hands in hers and runs her thumbs over his knuckles. Her eyes meeting his as she gives him a gentle smile.
“I’ll always love you, no matter what. I’m not going anywhere. I promise.” She says quietly. He rests his forehead on hers, their eyes close, sighs of relief leave their lips.
Tumblr media
Date nights with Jake we’re always interesting, but nothing short of romantic. But it was actually the unplanned short moments where she isn’t expecting to see him that are the best to her. She was just walking home after having to stay late at work, her office wasn’t far from the flat, but it had gotten dark. She had waved goodbye to a coworker when she turns and under the streetlamp stood Jake, Bundled up for the chilly weather, hat pulled down over his forehead, gloved hands in his pockets. She smiled at him as she approached him he looks up at her with his own slight smile on his face. Offering her his arm, which she gratefully takes her fingers inter woven with his and pushed deep in his plush lined pocket.
They walked together in silence the moonlight guiding their path as she leans into him, shoulders touching, her head resting on his shoulder, her messenger bag over his shoulder as they walked. There wasn’t a need for talking or an explanation of his presence, just the sounds of the city around them was enough. As the wind starts to pick up he pulls her in closer, he wanted to protect her from everything, he probably had the hardest time while she was away for all the different business trips she went on for her job, He’s the one that fronts at the least convenient times to have a relationship, especially one with any distance, but on top of that he can’t protect her when she’s half way around the world or in the middle of fucking nowhere, why did they have an office in Wichita Kansas anyway? But right now, he can walk her home, in the dark and keep her safe.
As they approached the flat she half expected him to give her a kiss on the cheek and head out, either to work some driving hours or do something for the stupid pigeon, but he turns to her, his slight smile widens to a smirk and he cocks an eyebrow flirtatiously as her gives her a good once over. This look definitely needed no translation.
“You…me…Bedroom?” His silent confidence in her answer leaves her laughing.
Hands still intertwined as they get in the elevator, past the front door, under the covers, and even as they fall asleep bodies intertwined with each other, A small dark hairless cat curling up beside them.
A/N: Had to Squeeze Pequeña Viejita in there at the end <3
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neteyamsluvts · 2 days
kinktober 2023
note - will be skipping a day each as i'm on vacation currently and am very distracted. will be able to do each of these though. please request a character for october 25th, i can't decide for the life of me
Tumblr media
october 1st - steven grant x fem reader (vibration)
october 3rd - erik killmonger x fem reader (degrading)
october 5th - patrick bateman x fem reader (choking)
october 7th - marc spector x fem reader (praising)
october 9th - steven grant x fem reader (somnophilia)
october 11th - miguel o'hara x fem reader (breeding)
october 13th - jake lockley x fem reader (gagging)
october 15th - natasha romanoff x fem reader (sex pollen)
october 17th - frank castle x fem reader (hate fucking)
october 19th - marc spector x fem reader (cock warming)
october 21st - jake lockley x fem reader (orgasm denial)
october 23rd - jake sully x fem reader (face sitting)
october 25th - haven't decided (overstimulation)
october 27th - steven grant x fem reader (pegging)
october 29th - miguel o'hara x fem reader (public sex)
october 31st - jake lockley x fem reader (masturbation)
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cosmicblogs · 14 hours
POOKIE I'm so fucking sick lately I have the worst cold rn 🤧 could I request the moon boys looking after a sick reader pls x
Yesss Ofc.
"Y/N," She groaned and sniffled, her body curled up in a ball. "What's the matter, dove?" he asked, leaning closer to the bed with concern.
"Sick," she replied weakly.
"How about I make you some tea, yeah?" Steven suggested, sitting down on the bed next to her curled-up body and gently stroking her back. "I can set up a hot bath for you, and then we can watch a movie. I can get biscuits for you, and afterwards, I'll make you dinner. How does that sound?" He moved the hair out of her face as he spoke.
"Lovey," she said, now facing him.
"Good, I'll get the kettle running now," he responded sweetly.
She, wrapped in blankets, sat next to Steven with a bowl of iced sugar cookies on her lap. Two mugs sat in front of her on the small table facing the TV screen; one was full of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and the other had tea. "Steven," she said cheerily, "can we watch Howl's Moving Castle?" She asked, looking up at him. "We can watch whatever you like, my love," he responded, kissing her gently on the forehead. As the movie began to play, Steven heard small snores next to him halfway through the film. He carefully took the bowl from her lap and set it on the table. He then unraveled her from the blankets and lifted her in a bridal style, walking to their shared bed. Gently, he laid her on the bed and tucked her in.
The room began to darken. The light from the moon began to seep in. Y/N woke up, finding herself in the shared bed alone. She heard a loud creek from the worn-out floor boards. “Steven?” She called out croakily, "Marc.” The figure answered in a low voice, “Hi Marc.” She said to him croakily once more, “Are you okay, sweetheart?” "I'm sick,” she said, pouting at him. "Let's take care of you, sweet girl," he said in a honeyed voice. He went to the kitchen, turning on the kettle. You could hear the loud bubbling of the kettle. She sat in her bed waiting for him. Marc entered back into the bedroom room area, holding a hot water bottle and a mug of tea. “I’m not really good with tea stuff, so I made vanilla tea. I hope that’s okay,” he said. "Oh, and I got a hot water bottle so that you can keep with you to stay a little warmer,” he said, looking now slightly nervous. “Thank you, Marc." She beamed up at him. “It’s okay, no need to thank me,” he says, smiling down at her. “Drink up and try to sleep, okay?” "It's one in the morning,” he whispers in her ear, kissing her cheek, and she did just that.
As the sun began to rise, she woke up, her nose filled with the smell of scrambled eggs and beef sausage. Y/N stood up and walked over to the dining table. The scents she sensed were seen on the table paired with toast, orange juice, and a rose next to the dish. There was a note that read, "I heard you were sick. I'm sorry I can't be there with you, mamas, but I made you breakfast and left medicine for your head and nasal spray for your blocked nose. All yours, Jake." She smiled at the note.
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madlittlecriminal · 2 days
Smuttober Has Begun!
Characters that will be participating in this event will be the following:
Dick Grayson/Nightwing (NOT FROM TITANS)
Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle
Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
Hobie Brown/Spider-Punk (IN MY HEAD, HE IS 18-19)
Peter B. Parker/Spider-Man
Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099
Marc Spector
Steven Grant
Jake Lockley
Poe Dameron
here are my rules. please follow them & we will have an amazing smuttober! this is the first time im doing anything like this for a whole month. this month is strictly smut, but it doesn’t have to be kink-based! :) feel free to send in your requests!
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l0caltiredgirl · 4 months
me @ y/n when they do something i’d never do:
Tumblr media
like babe this isn’t us ?? get it together
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aphrcdites · 5 months
“not all men”
you’re right, my favorite fictional character would never.
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lockleysfav · 2 months
My Little Flower
Miguel O’Hara x AFAB virgin!Reader
summary: You had just met the spider society and Miguel a few days ago, You and Miguel had been quite chatty with eachother for a while before be was called out to a mission. A few hours later when you’re asleep in the lab, a high Miguel stumbles in.
warnings: NSFW, sex pollen, drugged Miguel, loss of virginity, rough sex, non con, somnophilia, creampie, reader soon loves it.
A/N: From the last post, the poll, i will be doing the top 3 voted smut ideas. If you want to be in a taglist just comment on this post ❤️. Enjoy!!
Tumblr media
To say you were tired was an understatement, you had been working on your new costume a few minutes after Miguel was called out to a mission. It was lonely sometimes without him despite the hundreds of spider people around. You knew that you and Miguel were a little closer than others, and his company had always lightened your mood.
You begged him to let you come with him on this mission but he immediately shut you down, rushing off after telling you it’s too dangerous, plus, your suit isnt finished. It was whatever, you scoffed and sat back down to carry on with the designs. “Asshole” you muttered to yourself, mimicking his facial expressions only to make yourself laugh but once you calmed down and looked to the clock and saw it was 10:34pm, you decided to work a little on your laptop in miguels chair (he had the comfiest chair of course).
The door and slammed wide open and yet you didnt flinch for a second, Miguel stumbled in onto his knees, panting and clawing at his neck “fuck what is this” he heaved as he continued to squirm. His fangs had retracted and he felt his body growing warmer and warmer at a certain smell, he didnt realise that smell was you until he forced himself up onto his feet and saw you asleep in his chair, your body hunched over on the desk with your laptop still open, the white light lighting up your face. Miguel almost purred at the sight of you drooling on his desk.
“te necesito” he muttered breathlessly before scrunching up his face in frustration. He couldnt do that to you? right? You were new, still young. You’d hate him but god he couldnt stop his legs from moving towards you. He growled and so desperately tried to hold himself back, his cock straining against his suit.
You were whining ever so slightly in your sleep, Miguel wasnt aware if you were having a nightmare but its what he assumed and it only drove him even crazier “poor bebita” he whispered as he ran his long fingers through your hair before letting the bottom half of his suit fade away, his cock resting against your cheek. His tip was almost gushing with precum, he gripped the back of your hair and growled before pushing the tip into your drooling mouth “oh fuck, thats it good girl” he whimpered as his body grew hotter, his hips suddenly bucking harder into your mouth. Your head twitched and pulled back a little but Miguel gripped your hair tighter holding you in place “im sorry bebita im so sorr- f-fuck” his dick hit the back of your throat and he doubled over emptying his cum on your tongue.
He pulled out panting, he stared down at you expecting you to jolt awake but you were still fast asleep. You were more of a deep sleeper than he thought. Initially he thought he was okay, but the sight of his warm cum dribbling out of your mouth only hardened his cock again. He didnt waste another second, he lifted you up from the desk, the cum from his mouth smearing onto his shoulder causing him to groan. He carried you to his bed and layed you on your stomach, your feet dangling off the edge of the bed. He pulled down your leggings along with your socks and shirt, you stirred for a moment and Miguel stopped, looking at your face until it relaxed again “so good for me, you love it dont you? you want me just as much as i want you” his eyes had turned a deep red, he felt feral.
He straddled your thighs and ran his fingers down your spine before gripping your ass cheeks tight, putting his weight down and spreading you wide open, your puffy pussy exposed to him. He heaved again, saliva spitting from his mouth before spitting directly onto your pussy. This time, you jolted.
“M-Miguel?” you lifted your head realising it was planted down on soft sheets. You feel a pair of large hands on your ass and you quickly realised the situation, the head of his cock pressed against your hole and you immediately thrashed against him to get away “no no! stay!” Miguel had tears in his eyes he was so desperate. He grabbed your arms and pinned them behind your back. “Miguel stop! Im a virgin please please dont do this” you were almost sobbing and Miguel let go of your hands.
“Virgin?” he asked as he looked down again, spreading your pussy lips before looking at the back of your head. “I wont…i wont hurt you okay? please bebita” he leaned down, his body weight completely pinning you down as he kissed behind your ear. “need you so bad, just don’t fight it and it wont hurt i promise” you were panting and whining, you were so scared but also full of adrenaline. You were crushing on Miguel the minute you laid eyes on him. But you were just scared.
Miguel nipped your earlobe making you yelp, he growled and sat back up on his knees, he let you have control over your arms as he started rubbing his thick tip along your slit. He used his thighs to pin your legs together, making sure you wouldnt be able to squirm so much. He pushed in a little and sighed in relief at your loud whining “it hurts! miguel w-wait” but he didnt, he forced himself deeper and deeper, he knew it wouldve been easier for you if his dick was any smaller. He felt guilty in his gut as he continued and struggled to force his cock all the way inside you “shh relax, take me all in baby come on” he pulled back before pushing in again and this time your pussy opened up for him, letting him slide right in making you cry out loudly “miguel!” you were frantic, trying to get away from the pain but Miguel only held you in place, hushing you and kissing your shoulder as he refused to stop his movements.
“Shh it’s alright, dont be scared it’s over j…just stay still and oh- everything will be fine!” he stuttered as sweat dripped from his face. His gut was burning with desire and he couldnt stop, he so desperately wanted to pull out and hold you, tell you hes sorry but he couldn’t.
Miguel had shown a little mercy by flipping you onto your back and spreading your legs before slipping his hands behind your knees and pinning your legs to your chest, folding you together. He saw the fear in your face when you looked down at the size of him “no dont look mi amor, look at me thats it…you’re okay this is gonna feel so good trust me” you shook your head but he only nodded his before sliding his dick back into your pussy. You gasped and pressed your palm’s against his chest a poor attempt to keep him from going any further, he moaned and only slid deeper, hitting your cervix. “too deep” you told him shakily and he ignored you, lifting your legs higher onto his shoulders and pounding into you “fuck you’re so tight, leaking everywhere you little slut you love it, stop being so fucking dramatic and take it” the moment he said this, he slammed against your g-spot and your eyes rolled back “o-oh my god” you bucked your hips up and he smiled against your neck “good girl there we go…” he pulled away to look at you, taking in your beautiful features while pounding you.
You were moaning at each thrust, it was music to Miguels ears and as soon as you started panicking, unknown to what was coming he almost exploded. “mmm fuck dont fight it, let it happen bebita come on let it all out” his encouragement had you crying, your pussy squeezing his cock as you came, making it difficult for him to keep thrusting but it didnt matter, he grabbed your throat tightly and kissed you, pushing his tongue deep in your mouth as he rammed his warm sticky cum into your womb.
Miguel laid his head on your chest, he felt a weight lift off him and he came back to his senses when he heard you crying. He immediately shot up and looked down at you with a frown “oh no…oh im so sorry i..i didnt..i dont know what to say” he cupped your cheeks desperate to hear you say something.
You shook your head in his hands “please dont leave” Miguel was stunned for a moment at your plea, your body was shaking and his heart broke “hey..hey look at me im not going anywhere” he looked into your reddening eyes “im not going anywhere…im so sorry this wasnt how i wanted this to go” he sighed and laid his head back onto your chest “i was hit with some powder i dont know what came over me when i saw you, please babygirl believe me when i say i didnt wanna hurt you i-i never want to hurt you” you were looking up at him, smiling weakly “it’s okay Miguel..i understand” you nuzzle into him and he clung to you tightly “i wont let anyone hurt you..you’re mine” he was gentle with words, it almost felt normal.
You really had no idea what you were getting yourself into.
A/N: Thank you for reading! 💕
likes and reposts are so appreciated <3
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