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animunee-ee 1 month
A comic about an imposter amongst the holy
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urdinosaurs 27 days
for anybody wondering, when referencing the fanart of hobie concept art (mostly in rockstar!hobie fics with his band) this is what i mean:
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(art credits: stillindigo on twitter)
these are the visuals i use and i know there are other writers who reference this too!!!
cuz the way this has a chokehold over me-- 馃い馃挦
actually foaming at the mouth and clawing at the walls
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bluegiragi 11 months
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waiting for extraction.
[nsfw art on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/stillindigo]
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hobiebrownbrowser 3 months
helloo!! i hope you're having a great day!
can you make a smut fic of multiple hobie's...? like... based on this fanart? (//蠅//) https://twitter.com/stillindigo/status/1672007806889734145?t=v7XpZ3HlvrcldUc-iglo8Q&s=19
I'll see what I can do 馃but it'll probably take some time bc I have to study the details of the other concept arts to get a clear picture in my head but I promise you it's on the way!
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OFMD Fan Art Prints
OFMD fan artists, please can you link me your Redbubble (or other!) shops if you have one? Redbubble is such a minefield of stolen art. I only ever buy anything I鈥檓 certain has been posted by the actual creator, but it鈥檚 so tedious to weed through it all.
I was thinking it might be nice to start a little collection of artists鈥 shops - This should also help with recognising stolen works in other people鈥檚 RB shops.聽 Please link me to shops you know are genuine or your own, so I can add them! 鈾 (and obviously let me know if you don鈥檛 want your link to be on this list)
Lyd Sirabella
Tara Rose
Haley Jade Hanson
Lydia Joy Palmer
Drawings by Nicole
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steddiewritingnerd 9 months
Ignore the volume thing.
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Fuck I want his hair. I want his gender. :[
Actually. Correction.
I want Simon's gender and Johnny's face and hair.
That makes more sense.
Because I'd look ugly as fuck with a shaved head hairstyle of any kind.
But fuck I want his hair.
Not the regular mohawk no, this masterpiece, the long mohawk.
Fucking beautiful.
Also the art is by @/stillindigo I believe?
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airctrl 10 months
Been reading webcomics on Webtoon and tapas! Here are some thoughts :
- Tripp by KotaBlickie
Tumblr media
I found this comic through the Parasomnia OCT! When I figured out that one of the judges has an original comic of their own I had to check it out.. and it does not disappoint HOHOO I love me some space adventures. The characters are so fresh and lively! With a non-binary mc!!! :D
- The Weekly Roll by CME-T
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 trying to get into DND at some point and this comic really brings into perspective how being in a campaign is! Its humor is so snarky and the helmet Beckett guy is hilarious. the comments had people referencing Monty Python. It feels at home鈥
- Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell by unfins
Tumblr media
I remember reading this years ago and I just finished it鈥 the serious plot that鈥檚 right there with the overpowering comedy is something I fall for because the expressions/jokes in it made me audibly laugh so many times. Plus I love demons and the designs are sick.
- Don鈥檛 Worry Teri Blokhin by Bioatomic
Tumblr media
I gotta say this is that one webcomic that made me motivated to create my own. I鈥檝e been following this comic for a long time and seeing new updates come in makes my day! The object heads are S-tier. I love EVERYONE in this comic wtf, especially Sputnik. Also Gram. he鈥檚 a scummy asshole but I can鈥檛 not love a believable character. The depth put in the characters is so cool to see because learning how things are connected is the most satisfying part of stories for me. I can tell there鈥檚 so much in store for this world and it鈥檚 inspiring.
- Sparks by Revel
Tumblr media
This is such a cute comic I just started to read! (despite its mature themes lol) the banquet scene near the beginning is so warm and the dynamic between the humans and satyrs is so interesting. The world-building is so easy to follow and the little chibi pages explaining how magic worked are so cute and informative!! Plus the royalty and fruitiness going on is 10/10. When I realized that the comic was only starting after reading deep into it made me so excited!
- TRINITY by stillindigo
Tumblr media
Characters are SOO cool鈥. dystopian class conflict stories are the best because you can have that Sleek and seemingly Perfect but controlling government setting and that more chaotic and rough underground setting that creates that SCRUMPTIOUS contrast between characters. So awesome鈥. & I love Frannie and her dad they are so adorable!
I think from all the inspiration here I鈥檝e gathered I鈥檓 going to finally write out a structure of what my webcomic is going to be like since I recently changed up a plot point. It's called plantverse!
I鈥檒l probably never find a stable upload schedule in the next few years but the leisure in it is the best part :) doing something of my own will鈥 crazy.. My art below!
Tumblr media
I might follow up on this with other webcomics I've read!
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a-lonely-tatertot 5 months
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itsalittleaud 6 months
Another WEBTOON review. I feel like putting a bit more summary into these so people (idk who鈥檚 reading these but I鈥檓 pretending people are) can get a sense of which comics they鈥檇 be interested in.
1. TRINITY by stillindigo : BEAUTIFUL AMAZING SHOWSTOPPING!!! Immediately intriguing, and the art is just 鉁. I鈥檓 in love and I can鈥檛 wait to figure out how to keep reading. The comic takes place in a divided world that is governed by three AI, or the Trinity. The MC is on their way to becoming part of the Trinity鈥檚 maintenance team when shenanigans ensue. 100/10 recommend
2. Echo by Nian_qu: super cute! Love love the art style, it鈥檚 really simple and sweet. This one鈥檚 a cute lil childhood friends -> seperated for a while -> crushes
3. A mobsters soul by Swaejin: A GL!!!! I find it pretty hard to find good GL on WEBTOON, so this comic is exciting to me because it is indeed a Good GL. World of monsters and humans, monster bonds with human, shenanigans鈥
4. Nexus Point by Trevor Mueller and Sebastian von Buchwald: great art! Super cool plot! World based in the future when technology is everywhere, even in our bodies. Hackers are disappearing after being brought in by bounty hunters. One such bounty hunter goes after a hacker who was in a pretty peculiar situation. Next thing ya know, dream team solving world problems??
5. The Doctors are Out by Blau: OMFG maybe it鈥檚 because I just finished it 2 minutes before writing this, but this is one of those that you can鈥檛 get off your mind. 2 seasons out on WEBTOON already, and ig one more to go? I am ITCHING to keep reading. There is so much emotion, communication, and INTENSITY to this comic. Though it starts with a meet 鈥渃ute鈥 between a vet and a doctor that work next door, it quickly becomes much much more as their complicated pasts and futures intertwine鈥
(Disclaimer: ya girl is not a pro comic writer or artists, these are all my opinions, read what you want) BUT ALSO I RECOMMEND ALL OF THESE SO HARD
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stil-lindigo 4 months
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hobie motherfuckin' brown!!!!!!
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ashyth-art 2 years
Chemist Se谩n someone?
(Last twt request for now <3)
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nerdreamer 4 months
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Art by stillindigo on twitter
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stil-lindigo 2 months
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bite of winter.
a comic about a princess who died in the snow.
creative notes:
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all my other comics
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stil-lindigo 4 months
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mumbattan's one and only pavitr prabhakar!!
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stil-lindigo 5 months
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the calamity.
a comic about being seen.
creative notes:
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all my other comics
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stil-lindigo 2 months
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scorched earth.
a comic about a princess who died in a fire.
(this is a sequel to bite of winter, a comic about Snow and what became of her after her death.)
creative notes:
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all my other comics
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