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Writing Prompt #2257
"What are you going to do? Turn back time?"
"If I have to."
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kachowden · 1 day
I want you guys to humor me on a story idea. I plan to hopefully at some point turn it into a comic but I’m not sure so hear me out.
(For now this will be Y/n centered)
The story is basically about a Gardner who owns a plant shop, and who deals with a variety of exotic customers and coworkers. These individuals are a human representation of different types of plants and flowers, and the Owners interactions with them are actually instructions on how to take care of these types of plants!
Example: “I have to remind Tyler to hydrate pretty regularly, otherwise he has a bit of a meltdown..”
“Sam sure likes the sun huh. He always seems so much happier in it.”
I just kinda wanna make a cute story about how to take care of your plants and stuff? Any thoughts?
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A RWBY theory that's based on nothing and is absolutely going to be proven wrong tomorrow:
Time is obviously wonky in the Ever after, with Jaune falling last but having been there for decades by all appearances.
I think it's safe to assume that Jaune tried to get out of the Everafter at some point.
If the point of entry to the Everafter isn't limited by the normal rules of time, then whose to say exit points are as well.
We already know that there are some oddities regarding Jaune
So hear me out....Jaune hasn't just been in the Everafter this whole time, he's been moving back and forth between Remnant and the Everafter to save his friends but has never been in the right place at the right time.
Those heroes of the Arc family?....At least a few of them were Jaune himself, hell that might even be his statue at Beacon
Jaune got into Beacon with obviously fake transcripts? Ozpin knew that Jaune was coming because an older, time displaced Jaune already told him what to expect before jumping back into the Everafter for another try.
Tyrian thinking Jaune is interesting? It's because they've met, an older Jaune tried to kill a younger Tyrian before he could become a problem but failed.
There's definitely a fic idea here at the very least.
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musicsavedmylife16 · 24 hours
Dialogue prompts:
“No, sir. I am not underestimating the kidnappers. YOU are underestimating my grandmother”
“They have a bad habit of killing off the new guy”
“How the hell did she find lipstick in the apocalypse? We’re in the middle of nowhere!”
“Holy shit. You are... Wow”
“Paint me crimson for the ceremony”
“Did any of these assholes mess with you?”
“Call me the Crown Prince of collateral damage”
“How do you fail to drown a child?”
“You have tricked me, burned down my house, threatened my livelihood, and almost killed me a few times. But despite all that, you’re still my best friend”
“I’ve never had a mummy before”
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writingraven · 9 months
Writing Tips
Punctuating Dialogue
➸ “This is a sentence.”
➸ “This is a sentence with a dialogue tag at the end,” she said.
➸ “This,” he said, “is a sentence split by a dialogue tag.”
➸ “This is a sentence,” she said. “This is a new sentence. New sentences are capitalized.”
➸ “This is a sentence followed by an action.” He stood. “They are separate sentences because he did not speak by standing.”
➸ She said, “Use a comma to introduce dialogue. The quote is capitalized when the dialogue tag is at the beginning.”
➸ “Use a comma when a dialogue tag follows a quote,” he said.
“Unless there is a question mark?” she asked.
“Or an exclamation point!” he answered. “The dialogue tag still remains uncapitalized because it’s not truly the end of the sentence.”
➸ “Periods and commas should be inside closing quotations.”
➸ “Hey!” she shouted, “Sometimes exclamation points are inside quotations.”
However, if it’s not dialogue exclamation points can also be “outside”!
➸ “Does this apply to question marks too?” he asked.
If it’s not dialogue, can question marks be “outside”? (Yes, they can.)
➸ “This applies to dashes too. Inside quotations dashes typically express—“
“Interruption” — but there are situations dashes may be outside.
➸ “You’ll notice that exclamation marks, question marks, and dashes do not have a comma after them. Ellipses don’t have a comma after them either…” she said.
➸ “My teacher said, ‘Use single quotation marks when quoting within dialogue.’”
➸ “Use paragraph breaks to indicate a new speaker,” he said.
“The readers will know it’s someone else speaking.”
➸ “If it’s the same speaker but different paragraph, keep the closing quotation off.
“This shows it’s the same character continuing to speak.”
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artbyblastweave · 6 months
Always thought a fun horror piece would be a twilight-zone style narrated horror series where the Rod Serling figure is both diegetic and also very clearly trying to help out the protagonists without getting caught; raising his voice at an opportune moment to distract the characters from something dangerous to look at, taking plot critical documents out of a desk and putting them in plain view in the background of shots, moving around an office during the opening Serling Speil unlocking all the doors and windows, and in the climax the protagonists are able to crawl out a previously locked window. In the final episode the freak of the week notices he’s there, goes, “oh, this asshole again,” and abandons their pursuit of the nominal protagonist in order to kill the narrator who (and this is crucial) spends the whole chase sequence moving at the exact same measured pace, speaking in the exact same measured, overprepared monologue, as the antagonist blunders into carefully-prepared environmental hazard after environmental hazard. This is the narrator’s house. You’re visiting, but he lives here, and now he’s decided that he’s the story he’s narrating is Home Alone.
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Dp x Dc Crossover
Danny and Ellie somehow get tangled with Cadmus and frozen for study later. Obviously it comes to the JL’s attention and they all go ‘oh no another clone’. Anyone’s choice of who they think it is or if it’s a collection of people they took DNA from and meshed together to make these two sassy children.
Would be funnier if they came to DC universe by accident and didn’t have time to really learn about it before capture. The result being they have no idea superheroes are a thing and the heroes just thinking ‘these kids were traumatized and held captive, they don’t even know who Superman is!’ and cue another layer of hilarious misunderstanding.
When confronted about the whole clone thing, Danny immediately defends and protects Ellie. Obviously. Then they notice he was not defending himself, to which Danny goes ‘I’m not a clone!’ The heroes look at each other in clear doubt. ‘Oh he was in denial or seriously didn’t know who he was made from. That will make this harder.’
I may have started something though…
They found a discrete laboratory hidden in plan sight, underneath an office building. When researched, they found connections to Cabmus.
Considering the last encounter they had with the organization, they wanted to be prepared. Hence why when the small team noticed Batman walking down the stairs, Superman followed behind with a tight expression.
Red Robin stepped forward.
“Two cryo-stasis containers holding two nearly identical people. The first a male, approximately 13-14 years of age. Stable. The second a female, younger, approximately 10-11 years of age. Also stable, but her stats are lower than the boy’s.”
“What do you know?”
“Virtually nothing,” Connor says casually. “There are no documents left behind, digital or physical, and there are zero labels on these things.”
They arrive toward the back of the basement where the two frozen containers were sitting upright. One unit obviously smaller than the other most likely holding the girl. Batman has to peer down into the larger unit to see the boy’s face. Frost collected on his eyelashes and black hair like a forgotten doll. No movement from either forms, not even breathing.
“So we don’t know who they are made from,” Superman pushes, clearly displeased.
Batman keeps looking at their faces. The curve of their noses, the shape of their jaws, the positioning of their cheekbones. They didn’t look like Connor. No, they reminded him of someone else.
“We suspect hybrids of some sort,” M’gann contributes. “A mixture of different heroes if I had to guess, but there is no way of knowing with our lack of information without waking them up.”
“Can’t you look into their minds?” Clark questions.
M’gann squirms at the directness and Connor steps forward to defend her. Tensions rise.
“No, sir. They are frozen so there is hardly any brain function except to keep them alive. They aren’t even dreaming.”
She looks them over sadly, obviously distraught with not being able to connect to their minds in anyway.
Batman turns to Red Robin, the younger already watching him.
“You see it too, right?”
Batman grunts. Yes, he saw it.
“Is there a way to move them?” Batman brings back the focus.
“The containers are connected to the buildings power and then a back-up generator in case of emergencies. We’d have to switch the power to something mobile and there’s no telling what kind of effect that would have on the kids,” Connor explains, against the idea of moving them.
“It’s six in the evening. Most everyone in the building above as gone home for the day,” Red Robin helpfully adds.
“Evacuate the rest. Then call a medical team.”
“Wait,” Superman interrupts as the three younger heroes jump to do as instructed. “You’re not thinking about waking them up now, are you?”
“You have a better idea?”
Batman doesn’t even look at him as he studies the stats on the old screen connected to the nearest pod. This one holding the boy. He’ll be the first one out seeing as he’s the more stable one.
“They could be dangerous. They could try to attack us.”
“That’s why we’re here,” Batman deadpans. He didn’t state the obvious that they were children who had been frozen for who knows how long. If anything they’ll need reassurance that they were safe, not weapons in their faces as soon as they wake up.
Clark was not happy with his decision, but as long as he didn’t antagonize them Bruce left him alone.
It wasn’t long before they were ready to begin. Three medical personnel stood several yards back behind the heroes. Red Robin begins the defrosting procedure and they have to wait maybe an hour before the door slides open. There is a breath among them as they wait for his eyes to open. Instead they hear a cracking of thin ice and the boy falls forward without the door holding him in place. Connor is the one to catch him before he hits the floor face first.
Superboy turns him to lay him flat on the floor, the boy’s body still stiff with cold. Frost makes his hair and eyelashes brittle. His lips are a faint shade of blue.
“He isn’t breathing,” Connor informs quickly.
One of the medics push forward first, oxygen mask in hand.
“Bring the thermal blankets. We need to get his core temperature up,” the woman urgently instructs.
They get to work quickly in warming up the boy who is too small and fragile. After several minutes of the medics squeezing air into his mouth and rubbing his limbs and chest to get the blood flowing, the boy takes a breath. Then another. He coughs roughly, his throat scratchy, and starts to shiver.
“There we go.”
He whimpers and tries to move his hand, but the action is jerky and unpracticed.
“His eyes,” M’gann informs them, finally able to get some brain activity. “He can’t open his eyes. The ice-“
Connor takes a water bottle the medics brought and poured the room temperature water over his eyes to melt the ice holding them together. The boy jumps in surprise and tries to turn his head away but Connor continues until he can manually wipe away the ice and water from his eyelids.
Blue eyes. The boy has bright sky blue eyes. They aren’t the Krytonian blue, but they were still familiar.
He blinks and squints and looks around, breathing picking up at the people surrounding him and the unfamiliar environment. M’gann, sensing his distress, kneels down and sets a warm hand on his leg.
“It’s okay. No one here will hurt you. You’re safe now.”
He doesn’t relax, but he seems to at least understand her. He studies their uniforms and then her face before his eyes flick to something behind her and they widen. His breath stutters in his chest, making him wheeze out on the exhale.
They look behind the green skinned girl to see the smaller pod still holding the little girl, no change in her status.
The boy reaches out a shaky hand toward it, scraping against the cold concrete in his lack of energy to lift it.
“She’s okay too.”
He opens his mouth to speak, licks his lips, tries again.
“-ou-,” he rasps. His breath hitches and he’s coughing again. They help him onto his side.
“You want us to get her out?” Red Robin interprets.
The boy squints through the tears from the lack of oxygen at the hero. His expression is scrunched in discomfort and worry. As enthusiastic as he can manage, the boy nods.
“Okay, we can do that. You just have to wait, she needs to thaw out, just like what we did with you,” Red Robin explains to the boy.
He nods again in understanding, his eyes glued back to the girl in the pod. He still shivers harshly and his breathing isn’t regular but he’s not panicking and in no shape to attack them, so it seems like they were in the clear with that one.
While the girl is thawing, they get him more comfortable with warm blankets and get him to drink some water for his throat. He still wasn’t moving much except to curl up on his side and breathe on his colorless fingers. Every time he swallowed he cringed like he was drinking acid, so talking was off the table for now.
The boy was fighting sleep by the time the container door slide open. Connor was there and holding her before she could fall like the boy had.
Superboy lays the girl down close to the boy, seeing the pale hand reaching for her. As soon as he backed away the medics were on her to get air in her lungs and warm her body same as they did for the boy.
The boy watches, quietly holding her hand. Siblings it looks like it. Seeing them side by side was startling. They seemed to be clones of each other, one just younger and the opposite gender, but they were the same.
It was concerning as the number of minutes increased and there was no change. She didn’t breathe or move. She looked dead.
“Get the defibrillator,” the medic ordered, urgent.
The boy surprisingly wasn’t panicking, instead he held a hard determination that made some of the heroes curious.
Pushing himself up onto his elbow, he leaned over the girl and started weakly pushing the blankets out of the way. Thinking he was just helping to make the medic’s job easier, M’gann helped until her torso was exposed.
“You need to back away so they-“
She stops when she sees him tug at the girl’s white shirt to get into direct contact with her skin, hand pressed to her chest.
“What are you-?”
He narrows his eyes in concentration.
Red Robin unconsciously takes a step back when the boy’s blue eyes change into a glowing toxic green, illuminating the girl’s face, frost shining in the light. The hand pressed to her chest also starts to glow the same green until it seeps into her skin like she’s absorbing this weird energy. It reminded them of Starfire actually.
The green in his eyes fades as soon as the unknown green energy is lighting up her entire torso just under the skin. He pulls away and looks expectantly at the medic holding the defibrillator. She flinches into moving, setting the machine down and charging it. She’s hesitant to touch the green energy but the boy nods in encouragement, not looking concerned for anything but the girl’s health.
It takes one shock for the green energy to disperse through her body and cause her to gasp. The girl starts coughing harshly and the boy pulls her to lay on her side facing him. Connor quickly helps the boy to cover her in blankets. The boy goes as far as tucking them around her and taking one of his own blankets to pile on top. He was moving more easily now even if it was sluggish.
M’gann gasps quietly just as the girl starts sobbing, whining when the act of crying hurt her throat. The boy pulls her close, wrapping his arms around her and tucking her under his chin so they could barely see her. They watch as he calmly comforts her until they are both eased into unconsciousness.
Batman give Superman a pointed look as he passes him. Clark doesn’t respond.
“Get them to the Watchtower med bay,” he orders.
It’s Superman who picks up the pile of two children tangled together and wrapped in layers of fabric, nearly throwing them at how light they both weighted. The three younger heroes follow behind, Tim mumbling about “Lazarus pits” and “Jason”, M’gann twisting her fingers in anxiety, and Connor keeping a close eye on the two kids being carried by his original.
It’s unsurprising that it’s Connor who volunteers to say with them when they are settled down in the med bay, still clinging to each other in sleep.
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some-rotten-nest · 2 months
Danyal Al Ghul had died long ago. Not even the Pits could ressurect the fallen heir, and therefore Damian Al Ghul inherited the title.
Damian had never seemed to effected by his beloved brothers death, and Ra's had seen that as an advantage, seen Damian as stronger, as unemotional. Damian became the perfect child, and Danyal was left to be forgotten.
Except for the fact Danyal's ghost floated behind Damian all the time, like intangible and invisible, but unable to turn human.
The reason Damian was never effected was because his brother stuck by his side constantly, even after death, helping him, comforting him, as a ghost.
Damain never told anyone, he didn't have any evidence beside his word, which would be taken as the words of a mad man and not a becoming heir to the Demon Head.
So, Bruce never learned. He never knew about his second son, one who had died long ago, and one who had stuck by Damian's side through all of his adventures.
Soon enough, Danyal starts to manifest his usual gallery of powers, and it stars to alert the family.
"Why is there a hole in the wall?" Bruce would ask.
Damian would scramble for an excuse as quick as he humanly can, knowing his brother's powers as Danyal sulked next to him, "I was painting."
"Your window was left open, Todd."
"What the-- why is my skateboard stuck in the wall?!" Tim.
Danyal buried his head in his hands.
"an art project."
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lyralit · 11 months
ingrid sundberg's colour dictionary - writing help
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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promptful · 9 months
70 Taunting Enemies Prompts
Remember, requests are open.
Tumblr media
1) “Is that really all you got?” 
2) “Come on, you can do better than that.” 
3) “I’m not even sweating yet.” 
4) “Think I broke more of a sweat petting my cat than I did fighting you.” 
5) “I’m sure you can hit me if you try hard enough. I believe in you.” 
6) “So close.” 
7) “You’re… boring me.”
8) “I expected more.”
9) “Why couldn’t the cops deal with you?” 
10) “Oh, no.” (said really sarcastically) 
11) “I’m sooo scared.” 
12) “Honestly, if you weren’t threatening actual lives, you’d be more of a nuisance, really.” 
13) “This is what I was called for? You?” 
14) “What… is this?” 
15) “Do you want me to slow down for you?” 
16) “If it makes you feel better, I’ll let you get a hit in.” 
17) “This is stupid. Goodnight.” 
18) “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be good enough to beat me one day.” 
19) “Come and get it.” 
20) “That actually hurt. Wow.” 
21)  “Compared to my usual crowd, you’re nothing.” 
22) “Get out of my way.” 
23) “Move.” 
24) “Having fun?” 
25) “Aw, you’re not hurt already, are you?” 
26) “I was just playing. Surely you can take more.” 
27) “Oh my, is that blood? Just from that?”
28) “You have to get through me!”
29) “Shut up!” 
30) “I can keep going.” 
31) “This— this is nothing.” 
32) “I’ll make you regret saying that!”
33) “Then let me make this a little more challenging!” 
34) “Of course it hurts, dipshit.” 
35) “You should be scared.” 
36) “Stop— stop taunting me!” 
37) “Fun? Fun? Don’t insult me.” 
38) “I’ll show you better!” 
39) “I can’t stand you.” 
40) “Get out of my way!” 
41) “Over my dead body!” 
42) “I won’t let you get to them.” 
43) “I’ll make sure you can’t hurt anybody else.” 
44) “Over my grave, you bastard.” 
45) “Dammit, all right, here we go!”
46) “I’ll take you down if it’s the last thing I do.” 
47) “If I can’t take you down, I will never forgive myself.” 
48) “Try and move me, I dare you!” 
49) “You’re gonna regret that!” 
50) “You want to see what I can do?” 
51)  “You’re nothing.”
52) “Keep taunting me and see what happens.” 
53) “I’ll give you one chance, walk away.” 
54) “Fine, I guess we’re doing this.” 
55) “Y’know, talking during fighting isn’t very professional!” 
56) You have a stupid smirk on your face, and I’m just trying to be serious. Why are you like this? Can we fight already? 
57) Why are you taunting me? Stop— stop dancing. We’re in the middle of a fight. 
58) When the cops/superhero/my friend told me what you were doing, I wanted to stay in bed. And now that I’m here, I’m thinking that maybe I should have. 
59) Is that bomb fake or real. I can never tell with you.
60) I’m bleeding from your knife/kicks/punches, but I’m not gonna stop fighting until you’re finally taken down. 
61) Every time you taunt me, I see red, and you know this. I should be stronger, but I’m not. 
62) I won’t let you hurt the people I love. Not while I’m still breathing. 
63) You notice that I’m breathing heavy, and you just keep smirking. I— I can keep going. I can. 
64) We used to be friends, what happened to us? Why do we always have to fight? 
65) If you’d just put that gun/remote/knife, we could go home, y’know? We don’t have to keep fighting. 
66) You’re not fighting like you used to, what happened? 
67) This is pathetic and a waste of my time, you’re in my way. 
68) You’ve gotten weaker, I can’t help but let a smirk cross my lips, this is almost… funny. 
You stumble against the wall with half-lidded eyes. It’d be so easy to just stroll by you, but for some reason, I can’t help but keep taunting you. 
69) You hate me. I hate you. Yet, taunting you is one of my favorite things to do. 
Tumblr media
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Writing Prompt #2256
"Have you ever considered doing things differently?"
"What? My plan is foolproof!"
"And that's why it's failed three times already."
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foone · 4 months
Don't get me wrong, I'm as much of a slut for period costuming as the next girl, but you know what'd be a fun twist on the immortal/vampire movie?
Don't start it NOW and flash back to show their life over the centuries... Start it now and then flash forward to show their life over the coming centuries.
There's just as much future as there is past. Why do we need to know what a vampire was doing back in the 1700s? What about what they will be doing in 2300 during the Mars Wars?
Like, a couple of Future Guys with cybernetic implants in silver jumpsuits fly their hovercar to go to visit The Count to find out if the rumors he's really 400 years old is true, and they gossip about how he supposedly dresses in ancient clothing. They open the door and he's standing there, dressed in flannel and jeans with holes in the knees. He's holding a skateboard. He got turned into a vampire at the age of 15 in 1993, and grunge never died. Not for him.
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days
Scene Prompt
"A, you look wonderful." B caught sight of A's startled face in the mirror before they whirled around to face them. At the sight of B, A's expression smoothed down into a smile.
"You look wonderful yourself," A said with a laugh that rung hollow in B's ears. "We should get going. We don't want to be late."
"Of course." B offered their elbow and A looped their arm through it. As they walked, B noticed the way A's pocket hung, like there was a long object of some sort hidden away in the folds of fabric. Probably a dagger, B reasoned. They let out a sigh. A wasn't nearly as clever as they thought they were; B could read their murderous intentions clearly, no matter how hard A tried to conceal it. It was a shame, really. B had just started to like A.
Still, if A was expecting that betraying B would be easy, they were sorely mistaken. B had no intention of going out without a fight.
One way or another, this would all end tonight.
-Mod Minita
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juicywritinghoard · 8 months
prompts to shake things up
I didn't know you wore glasses and I'm thinking normal and platonic thoughts about you right now I swear
I'm going to take over the world and no one can stop me not even y- okay well if you ask nicely I guess
you say childish like it's a bad thing but I see you eyeing that life size Pokémon plush don't kid yourself 
be honest are you crying about the commercial with the kitten in it
this marriage was supposed to be a scam but, but listen,
soooo *twirling hair and fluttering eyelashes* why does everyone think you're a freak
I know I'm your doctor and the horns growing in overnight was kind of a surprise but why do you want them removed those are sick as hell
babe. my love. song in my heart. are you purring 
okay so if you want me to rescue you from up there you have to try to come with me--okay I guess I'm picking you up
I have never been this sick before I'm sorry did I, haha this is so weird, but did I confess my love for you? f- four times? yeah? haha oh
every time you taste my cooking you just say it's amazing does it need more salt or not I swan to John
oh it's nothing it's just. you sing when you're happy and the place has been so quiet for so long, and I heard you- nevermind,
you frost cookies like you're neither left or right handed but a third other hand that you don't actually possess and I can't stand it (affectionate)
I don't think you understand how much your good morning texts legitimately keep me from rotting in bed all day 
you must be pretty down if me juggling your oranges doesn't even get a laugh out of you :( should I light them on fire? 
no I see the super powers yeah I just, I'm not sure you got them from your medication, yeah, and would you say that's a negative side effect or
ooh what's this potion do? coffee? that's a funny name. what happens if I press this button? humans are so fascinating this is the best I hope I never go home
you've been blinking SOS in Morse code at me for ten minutes honey this award ceremony is supposed to be honoring you 
when we kiss I feel like I'm floating, like literally gravity stopped working on me please don't let go?? also another kiss wouldn't hurt just saying 
so it was YOU who took a full bite out of that stick of butter!! please. please. why??
let's go on vacation somewhere cheesy and act like we're a couple wouldn't that be sooooo funny haha
okay so sleeping it off didn't work. let me consult my list. hypnotism, no. meditation, certainly not. well something has to work because I simply cannot be in love with them
I'm a spy. i can do unspeakable crimes under the morally bankrupt cover of night but I'm not sure I can pretend to look at real estate as a couple with you 
my love is your arm stuck in the claw machine. you were going to steal that prize for me?? oh my gosh. let me rescue you and also show you how to actually do this
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The 'married' couple that is just friends
"You're coming over? bring me coffee I ran out,"
"ah, my friend looks like he's about to kill you, you best leave,"
"I'm going to have to beat people off with a stick aren't I?"
"Man, thanks, I haven't been able to get to the dishes, you're a life saver,"
"do you have my sad hoody? I need my sad hoody,"
"Can you come over? I need your cooking,"
"We have plans! why do we have plans?"
"you're like my child, call me daddy.... nevermind, that sounds wrong,"
"we're going to your parent's for Mom's birthday tomorrow?"
"I left you lunch,"
"who's apartment are we in?"
"I have a key, it's not breaking an entering,"
"I don't care if it's 2am, I'm lonely, come watch a movie,"
"you remembered my snacks right?"
"Did you just get slapped? oh man, I need to high-five them, where are they?"
"Nooo let me sleep,"
"do you remember where I put my purse?"
"Buy me food, I'm broke,"
"Of course, you're my ATM, who else is going to give me money and not expect it back?"
"I forgot my wallet, hey! I need your bank card,"
"This is why I love you,"
" I can't believe you're making me do yoga,"
"What are we married?"
"yeah sure take it,"
"we're out of brain cells,"
"no milk? aw man she hates black coffee,"
"Is it safe yet? I brought Icecream?"
"I got us tickets to the concert, you owe me,"
"if you're going to cry I'm going to punch someone,"
"Hey, hey, It's okay, I'm here,"
"we won!? man, I'm good at this,"
"he did it,"
"excuse me? I was innocent, you corrupted me,"
"you fixed my sink! thanks!"
"I gave a dude your number, he wouldn't stop bothering me, give em' hell,"
"What's for dinner?"
"you have plans that don't involve me? since when?"
"Happy Birthday hoe,"
"isn't this illegal?"
"who's body are we hiding?"
Join us on Discord! with fellow writers and readers. Ask for writing advice, Join game nights, reading sessions, voice parties, and just hang out!
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writingraven · 9 months
Writing Tips
Descriptions in Between Dialogue
⤠ how characters interact with the environment
⇝ moving something, picking something up, looking somewhere
⤠ how the environment interacts with the characters
⇝ weather, other character’s actions or movements
⤠ gestures
⇝ facial expressions, body language
⤠ shifts in position
⇝ standing, sitting, leaning, shifting weight, crossing arms/legs
⤠ physical reactions
⇝ body temperature, fidgeting, heart rate, character quirks
⤠ environmental descriptions
⇝ descriptions using the five senses, setting, character’s appearances
⤠ internal dialogue
⇝ emotional reaction to what was said, reflection of past experiences, connections to other characters/settings/actions
➵ I want to reiterate… descriptions using the five senses ; when in doubt, think of the five senses your character is experiencing and pick what best moves the story forward
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