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ivyleeg · 16 days
I agree they shouldn’t do a Dimension 20 animated show - the seasons are already so tightly produced and visually engaging while still having fun spontaneous energy that a scripted show wouldn’t
But graphic novel adaptations? I would buy shit that in a heartbeat
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jekyllnahyena · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Simon may not have learned anything new here, but he didn’t need the reminder to be so public.
(courtesy of me seeing a small clip of one of the most insane arm bar take downs and going ‘that’s hot’)
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ambivartence · 15 days
Tumblr media
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el-fandom-birb · 5 months
y’all i LOST IT when puss pulled out kitty’s lil dagger to fight el lobo de muerte with bc you know what?? that’s a thrusting dagger!!! he dual wielded with a rapier and a dagger and that is something so personal to me
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yv6mpire · 1 year
emoji combos ! 𖤐
𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 ;; pink emojis
💗 🍧 🍥 🌸 🏩 🐖 💓 💒 🌷 💐 💞 🧠 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 ;; colourful emojis 📙 👼🏻 🍒 🧸 💢 🍞 🧺 🧃 🖍 🍼 🛵 🪡 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 ;; vamp emojis
🍷 ⚰️ 🦇 🧄🕯🏰 🧛 🔪 🫀 💀 🩸⛓
𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 ;; dark emojis 🍙 🎱 🔌 🗑️ ⚽️ 🏁
💀 🐜 🕷️ 🕸️ 🥋 🧷 ⠀⠀ ︶ ︶ ︶ ︶    ୨୧ ︶ ︶ ︶ ︶
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jess-emurphy · 2 months
Katniss and Peeta are abosutely great and adorable but I'm 100% here more for my mentally ill girl Annie tying down the hottest person known to mankind.
She didn't let anything stop her. Not even the headless corpse she sometimes sees in her dreams!
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drbtinglecannon · 7 months
The implications of Darius being to the Hagsquad what Willow is to the Hexsquad is making my brain spin
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Does this mean Darius was "the late bloomer that became extremely powerful"?
Or was "bullied but found a supportive peer group & eventually gained confidence"?
Or was "the muscle of the group, both with & without magic"?
"The first to realize the protagonist & love interest's feelings for each other"?
"The one that caused the slightly older dorky boy of the group (Hunter to Willow, Alador to Darius) to blush constantly"?
"SUPER passionate about their preferred magic that's naturally very talented with it"?
How about "the voice of reason but also actually Super Unhinged & always ready to kick ass"?
Or maybe they both have very similar 'end of friendship' stories with a certain A. Blight.
IT'S SO! AHHHH. Like Willow is the PERFECT choice to be the one he mirrors for the group but also ALL THE WAYS HE COULD BE HER MIRROR ARE SO INTERESTING TO THINK ABOUT. IS HE ANY OF THESE? ALL OF THEM? A MIX?
We know both are complete badasses among their peers (Willow is arguably the strongest of the group, and Darius is arguably the strongest Coven Head) but now I have so many ideas for how they could mirror each other further.
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xoxorealitygalore · 1 month
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Keke Palmer
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emsartwork · 4 months
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WInx fusions! (using my versions of the girls) A fun little design project in-between sessions of working on my thesis film. I actually super love how some of these came out so now idk what to do with a banger design I probably won’t need to use again haha
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lemongogo · 1 month
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anopuff · 5 months
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sexhaver · 7 days
one of the funnier memes in competitive Melee is the concept of "20XX". referencing the iconic Mega Man title crawl, 20XX is some unspecified year in the future wherein competitive Melee has reached the point where everyone only plays Fox (the most technical character), always chooses the optimal option in every scenario, and executes their tech skill frame-perfectly every time. in this scenario, the winner of each round is determined solely by the rock-paper-scissors match for port priority, since the player with a lower port number wins out if you both try to grab each other on the same frame.
anyways check out this insane i mean neurodivergent combo video from a Chilean player that's so old it uses Darude - Sandstorm 100% unironically:
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ministarfruit · 9 months
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by the powers of tempus combined...
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happy pride gay people
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pinklink130 · 14 days
this is THE best and funniest fit i have ever put link in. rock climbing hipster survival reality show host. he still looks gay in the straightest clothes he owns
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trashbagseaslug · 3 months
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puyo puyo GAY
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