zus-a-fungi · 3 days
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Baby BABY sphinx boys
(Sphinxes make their nesting out of cloth, rugs and anything soft they can get their hands on, the base are usually branches .)
Also a lil eclipse meme, couldnt help myself
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pangeen · 2 days
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“ The Solar System “ // astro.lust 
Music: Interworld - Metamorphosis
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maydeer · 3 days
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I was looking on Etsy for some chains for my glasses cause I keep knocking them off and this was in the recommendations. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out.
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littlebug96 · 2 days
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Sun kiss freckles are poppin 🖤🌞
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shadzytarts · 1 day
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[ID: Mer sun on a beach shore, tail dipped in the water and bent back so his head is upside down with a little smile. He’s mostly yellow with some pink and red accents. End ID]
From the magma today but I was too sleepy to post it earlier
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ps1 · 14 hours
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Babar Swaleheen
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wildwithlight · 1 day
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pixelchills · 1 day
Dolldrops adventure in MCM Comic Con London
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Finally settled my PC back up and I can post these pictures!
The Dolldrops and I had a fantastic time in London last weekend! The dolls received many compliments, head pats, hugs, and other lovely comments from people daily!
They met Marta Svetek, Kellen Goff, and Dawko! Kellen also signed the dolls for me :>
I got them a lot of lovely treats like bubble tea and new plushies - It was their first time going out to the public and they were just basking in the attention they received! Going back to the hotel and both were just sleeping in the bag or my lap like exhausted little puppies.
Now we're in our new apartment, trying to get settled. The trip was successful, even though I was pretty anxious travelling with them :D We'll be saving money to make another trip sometime in the future!
We met @kriimhild too, and she was a great help babysitting the two little gremlins so I could rest my wrists from carrying both of them all the time :'D
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su-n-s-e-t · 18 hours
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worldcraacker · 23 hours
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downfalldestiny · 2 days
Pink poppies 🌷🌹🌞🍃!.
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pangeen · 2 days
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“ Quantum Mechanics is Fascinating! “ // © Cosmic Lens
There are many quantum mechanical phenomena and in this post there are few mind boggling phenomena.
Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics governing the physics of the very small
Quantum physics is a very highly tested theory with accuracy and in fact most of our electronic gadgets are based on quantum mechanics like smart phones, computer, television etc.....
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zhench · 8 hours
I synthesized Sundrop's voice and made it a little cleaner and more realistic, because he sounded disgusting in UTAU
what am I spending my life on (2)
also yeah he sounds like a spongebob :^))
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nugsandlove · 21 hours
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Loving the warmer weekends 🧃☀️💦
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"Post nubila Phoebus" - Latin. proverb - "After clouds, the sun" (i.e. Apollo/Helios).
Whenever there are clouds, sooner or later the sun will come out again. In other words, there is always hope. :)
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