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just did something
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i need this man dead. have five other men who totally also just want to kill him
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“This reminds me of playtime back home,” Diana’s smile is pearly and smudged with blood, and Bruce struggles not to stare.
He won’t point out that she just ripped an alien apart with her bare hands and way too little effort.
He wants to. Anyone would have words faced with gods, but he doesn’t trust his conversation skills.
“Boy, you’re a chatty one,” Green Lantern is positively insufferable.
He’s whip-smart, dangerously brave, selfless and tactical when needs be, but insufferable all the same, “ Also, cool boomerang.”
Defensive, Bruce grips the gadget a little closer to his hip, “It’s a batarang.” And it was my son’s idea. Of course it’s impressive. 
The brunette snorts, Diana chuckling alongside him, both entirely too bright for the gore on their clothes, “Oh yeah, that sounds so much better. But you obviously know how to handle it, I’ll tell you that much,”
inwardly, Bruce frowns. Why would he design a weapon he couldn’t use? 
“Yes, your combat skills are impressive! You must do your tribe proud,”
Involuntarily, his head lowers in embarrassment. The cowl feels ten times hotter now, and he wants to snarl at Superman for tugging at the pointy ears. His smile just blinds him too much, that’s all.
Aquaman picks body matter out of his hair, beach sand blonde, sending The Flash a smirk Bruce assumes is teasing.
He can’t quite tell. They’ve known each other for 10 hours, 20 minutes, and 32 seconds, and an odd, familiar energy had settled. “At least you’re not the only nerd in class.”
The Flash is young; Bruce notes the eagerness in his footsteps, the reckless courage, the perseverance to fight for the world and against it;
More than anything, he notices pride sparking a light in his chest.
“Not a nerd!"
"Whatever, speedy,"
"This nerd saved your well-conditioned ass! But anyway, DUDE, – I mean, can we talk about the tech? Just, – I need to know how you designed that utility belt, because holy FUCK, -,”
There’s a full minute of just animated hand gestures, plentiful explanations, queries, and Bruce of course pays attention to all of it. 
The Flash, – Barry, as he accidentally revealed five minutes in, too lost in excitable rambling to notice, – stops, frowns,
“Uh, dude? I mean, obviously, the whole,” he gestures to the entirety of Bruce, “Man Bat thing, that rocks,  but isn’t it easier to just use your powers?”
Superman’s fingers snap, “I was wondering about that! Why didn’t you?”
But there’s an underlying hint that the man already suspects it; It makes Bruce’s teeth grind anxiously, looking around expectant, curious eyes, 
“I don’t have superpowers,” the truth spills in a rush, and Bruce doesn’t take it back in time. 
They share stunned looks between them, but sky-blue eyes, peppered with a ring of brown in the left one, those stay on him. He’s uncomfortable with the appreciative gleam. 
Superman smirks, “We should do this again!”
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Covert Superbat that Bruce and Clark manage to hide from all 67 of his kids who suspect but can’t prove anything…..mhm delicious
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I like to make a list of fics i like but i'm starting to get kinda tired of scrolling through all my drafts to get to this one, so i'm posting this and starting a new one. This is mostly batman centric. Multiship ! The quotes are not the synopsis, just some parts i liked from the fic so i can remember what exactly happens in the story/what i liked about it. This list is more for myself tbh. I tried to keep things organized but probably failed
1 Wholesome and fun, but with a serious undertone/a bit of angst
Nature and Nurture, by lurkinglurkerwholurks: long fic, multi pov batfam, they meet de aged Bruce Wayne through multiple stages of his life
"Bruce could feel a slow smile begin to spread across his face, until it stretched from one cheek to the other, framed by dimples on either side."
Am I The Asshole?, by FabulaRasa: greenbat/batlantern (i have to find out the official ship name), but also hal x bruce's bathtub; mostly hal's pov, and i love their dynamic so much. I recommend you read the whole series
(...) He crossed to Garwell, confident he could find a cab headed uptown on the wider avenue. After all, a world where Hal Jordan called him baby was a world where anything was possible – even catching a cab in Gotham in a winter storm headed uptown.
What Not To Wear To A Wedding At Wayne Manor, by FabulaRasa: oh i love this fic so fucking much. I can't put it into words. It's just so so good, you wouldn't believe it. Another batlantern/greenbat. I love this pairing with my entire heart and they're so good in here, really, so amazing. Mostly Hal's pov. I love this author and this might be one of my favorite works of them. This is just beautiful.
"And now. . . stupid idea number three? (...) This is your plan now?"
"I have a good feeling about this one."
Axial Rotation, by FabulaRasa: ok, so i really have a thing for this author works. Their batlantern/greenbat (?) is so good, seriously, i can't stress this enough. I love how committed FabulaRasa is to find a way to make their relationship work while still acknowledging how fucked up they are.
“Okay,” he said. And he put his hands on Bruce’s face, in the mirror of Bruce’s gesture. Last night’s stubble had become a definite shadow by this morning, and his face was like sandpaper. And also indescribably beautiful. “You are so fucking beautiful, you know that, right?”
Bruce’s small wince told him that he did not, in fact, know that, but that was okay, Hal had a lot of time to teach him that.
It drowns him as if rocks had been tied around his ankles before throwing him into the sea.
It is suffocating.
Furthermore, it's refreshing
How Batman Made The Housemaid Cry, by FabulaRasa: technically batlantern, but the focus is on Bruce and Alfred, and they are amazing in this. I love them with my whole heart
He pulled his cell out of his inner pocket and texted. Remind me to tell you about my conversation with Alfred, he said. And then please use your ring to erase my functional memory. Do whatever you have to do.
a soul that's born in cold and rain (knows sunlight), by bat_butch: ghostbat; bruce visits his parents grave and talks about Khoa
He thinks about the light in Minhkhoa’s eyes when he smiles. The glint that they gain when he teases, and the excitement that sparks when they spar. He thinks about the careful way that Minhkhoa cleans his swords. The line that forms between Minhkhoa’s brows when he’s sewing a mask or a cape or a wound.
Like a cactus on frayed wires, by Maeruh: ghostbat fic! It's just Khoa thinking about batman, but it's so sweet
"Khoa wondered then if, as the cactus fell, anyone would dare try to catch the cactus?
With its thorns, sinking into your flesh and with the dirt soiling you. With the possibility that it would be useless.
He supposed that there is always someone."
Kerosene in my hands, by Maeruh: oh this one. Maeruh is definitely one of the best ghostbat writers we have, and their minhkhoa narration is absolutely perfect.
Because Bruce is like that, he wants to be the sun in the lands where winter never ends.
And Khoa is a selfish snowman.
Relax, Clark, you're only getting married, by truc: oneshot, clarks pov, super fun to read. Honestly, I recommend the entire series
When, on the eve of his marriage to Lois Lane, Clark gets serious pre-wedding jitters, he calls his best- worst- man to help him deal with it. Bruce, in all of his pink and gray Barbie sleepwear glory, offers knockout drugs, unsolicited wedding rants/advices and a video gaming opportunity. Despite everything, the wedding isn't a total disaster.
Manor - Dad lets me drive the Batmobile: batfamily at it's best, seriously, also incredibly funny, wholesome, with great family dynamics! Multi pov's
“Bruce!” Dick shouted when he finally spotted him. “Look! This has to be the Batcave!”
The what Cave?
“Can you believe it? Did you know it was right here under the manor all this time? This must have taken years to set up and look at all that cool tech! Of course, Batman has the best. Have you seen him…”
Dick trailed off and studied Bruce cautiously. His gaze lingered on Bruce’s neck, where this night’s fights had resulted in a small bruise, and the coffee mug in Bruce’s hands.
“Look, Dick, I know this is a lot to take in—” Bruce began to speak, but Dick interrupted him.
“You’re dating Batman!”
Brilliant Analytical Minds, by stuckoncloud9: some really fun Riddlerbat! Bruce's pov. Edward loses some of his memories and leaves his life as a supervillain to become a private detective. Somehow, Bruce ends up being his Watson
He was silent for a moment, then looked up at me. “Riddle me this,” he said. “I solve nothing, I build nothing, but I can destroy anything. What am I?”
I thought about it. “I’m not angry at you, Edward,” I eventually replied
love, nevertheless : superbat. Funny, wholesome, beautiful, poetic, Bruce's soulmate is Gotham, with Gotham city being kind of sentient. Soulmate au, mostly Clark's pov
"He needed to go back inside, to slip back through the service door and into the ballroom before too many people noticed him missing, but for just another second he wanted to hold out. He wanted to be loved and feared and owned by someone he could never hold or touch in its entirety any other way."
2 Pure comedy and/or fluffy
and he looks at me, and i look at him, by Shleapord: THIS IS WHAT PEAK TEENAGER BRUCE LOOKS LIKE, I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Honestly, comedy gold
“You are a fantastically strange child,” said Diana. She said it with perhaps too much interest and not enough wariness for comfort.
“That’s what Alfred says. Also my old science teacher when I dissected everyone’s squirrels for them because everyone who goes to Gotham Academy is a coward, except for Roman who’s a bitch. I’m not allowed in Biology classes anymore, all I can do it take higher-level Chemistry classes for my science credits.”
welcome to the playground, by Shleapord: once again teenager Bruce being my reason to live
"Like, I get kidnapped all the time and Alfred says its good for me as a growing young man to learn how to navigate stressful environments"
here as i am, by TheResurrectionist: this is sladebru/deathbat and okay, i find if pretty hilarious but a more accurate description would be pwp? The important thing is that i love it, i'm lowkey such a sucker for sladebru >...<
Slade briefly debated making the sign of the cross, but thought better of it, running a hand down the man’s sweaty back instead.
Begone, foul demon, he intoned in the safety of his mind, still thinking of that flash of white teeth in near-darkness. Of burning blue eyes and plush, kiss-reddened lips.
Send to All, by kerosceene: peak comedy batfam.
I, ___________________________, hereby acknowledge that this form represents my wishes should I contract phytoaphrodisiac-induced delirium (hereafter referred to as “PAID”) during engagements with or while apprehending Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley (“Poison Ivy”).
Bruce knows how to swim, and he is will swim up the entire Nile if he has to. Too bad Jason has other plans, by arrowupmysleeve: this is a batlantern one, but what i'm actually highlighting here is clark. Perfect, absolutely stunning. Tecnically he doesn't even show up but he still steals the show. Clark eavesdropping on other people's conversations and sending them messages with his opinion is a top tier concept and needs to be used more times <3
Text from Clark K at 10.45:
I know you're awake, B😡
Text from Clark K at 10. 46:
I can hear you chewing😒 Pick up.😠😠
The last text makes Bruce pause. He knows Clark can't see him, but he turns to glare in the direction of Metropolis anyway and takes a large bite of his toast. And if he is chewing a little louder than usual, well, no one is here to call him out on it.
I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am, by Mardiaz173: good old identity porn superbat, clark is being messed with by bruce but he loves him so he gets away with it
Until behind them, Arthur yelled, “Cheer up, Bats! At least we already know Kal’s into brunettes!”一he broke off into a yelp一“ow, Diana!” 
Arthur’s heckle seemed to piss B off一well, even further than his anger at Clark forcing him to go to the medbay. He didn’t speak their entire way there. When reached the medbay, B sat on the examination table with petulant air around him. 
Clark really did adore him. 
Lugubrious Alarmism: baby Clark being the most adorable person in the universe, superbat friendship with dolls, justice league shenanigans, very wholesome and super fun
Clark beamed and tugged the mask back into place. “Yep. Boose okay.” With that, he clasped his irritable stuffed friend to his chest and planted a kiss atop it’s cowled head. “Missed you.”
Space cellmates, by BoredomBeckons: superbat, a short but hilarious oneshot
“Mr Wayne. Please take this seriously.”
“I take everything seriously Superman. I’m Batman.”
“Look, it’s obvious you don’t believe me…”
“I do believe you.”
“…but I really am Superman, and I want you to know that whatever happens I will do my best to protect you.”
“Since your powers are being hindered it seems to me that I’ll be the one protecting you.”
“Right,” Clark sighed, not bothering to argue.
“Because I’m Batman.”
3 Not sure if it's the same as the first, but here we go: comedy with some angst
Getting It Right, by FabulaRasa: batlantern/greenbat (?), Hal's pov, some really good slow burn but like, not too slow, and seriously, don't get too caught up on the sinopses, it's not nearly as dark as it seems, it's actually quite lighthearted and with some family feels too
Jordan wasn’t just laughing, he was doubled over with it, his grin wide. “You’re so mad,” he managed, through gusts of laughter. “You are—you are genuinely so mad, look at you. I was just kidding, your score was higher, but I just wanted to see you lose your shit, and you did, oh my God are you in fourth grade or what?” And he threw his head back and laughed even louder. Bruce gave him a shove off the railing, and he just laughed harder.
Article 120, by FabulaRasa: I wasn't expecting this one to be one of my favorite batlantern fics i've ever read, not given the dark subject, but god, they are so good in here.
“Don’t mind him, grief hits everybody different. He just found out Batman broke up with him, but he’s gonna be okay.”
4 angst with some lightness
Sanctuary, by FabulaRasa: batlantern/greenbat (and yes, at this point i know it's batlantern but i got attached to greenbat so i will keep using both, sue me), angst with some comedy, great family feels and Hal and Damian relationship is really precious. Hal has a chronical illness but is not dying. I recommend strongly that you read the whole series
(...) He wasn’t someone whose absence would be felt along a thousand fault lines and ripples, like a hole blown in the universe – not like people who had families and huge networks of friends. He wasn’t one of those people.
He sat cross-legged on the floor for hours, staring at the welter of wings and the green light that surrounded him on all sides. He had never thought of himself as one of those people, but somehow he had become one of those people, when he wasn’t looking. Somehow he had acquired a family, and the ripples of his life extended far beyond his own calculations. He had sat down on this floor one person, and when he rose – stiffly, slowly – hours later, he was another, a person whose ties to the universe around him were different than he had thought.
How To Keep A Promise To Hal Jordan, by FabulaRasa: I love everything this author writes, seriously, I can't stress this enough. This is batlantern, of course, and mostly Bruce's narration. Some parts of it ripped my heart out
(...) He let his eyes skate to Bruce’s lips. He wondered what it would feel like to kiss him. Contact with the unthinkable. The impossible. Only the impossible had held him in his arms. Had touched him, had caressed him, had said impossible things to him.
Something about us, by Maeruh: ghostbat, khoa's narration at it's finest
"I had a dream," are the first words that leave Khoa's dry lips upon awakening. He doesn't get up immediately, just stares at the immaculate white ceiling of The Haunt.
(There's something different, he feels it buzzing deep inside of his bones.)
"Oh, that's unusual for you."
Drawn to the blood, by bat_butch and bellandeano: Ghostbat in a dc vampire au! Their dynamic is really good and Icon is such a sweetheart :)
“I don’t know how much you’d enjoy that victory, Ghost-maker,” Bruce muttered. “Winning me over with a bite and a bit of blood. I think you’d be disappointed.”
"Do you think so?" He tilted his head back, arms crossed. Bruce was right, of course. And he wasn't even looking for that victory anymore. "I might just take it to be forced to cooperate with someone effective."
“No,” Bruce dismissed. “You wouldn’t.”
"Don't be so confident. You're not as relevant as you used to be," he replied easily, voice clipped.
“Neither are you.”
you're still the oxygen i breathe/i see your face when i close my eyes, by nygmamale: this one is special to me bc i'm a sucker for ghostmaker interacting with tim and bao :)
"Later, after Khoa had pushed everyone away, he sits alone in Bruce’s townhouse, in a shitty beaten-up chair that smells like him.
Thirty minutes prior, he had ingested a copious amount of psilocybin. He wanted to see him, one more time."
5 angst
every tale a tragedy, by pomeloquat: ghostbat, khoa's narration. Bruce and Khoa are soulmates; things don't go well for them.
"The strand around Khoa’s finger twists and tangles and pulls taut as he traverses the globe. Always stretching back toward Bruce, always tying them together. No matter the distance, Khoa knows Bruce is waiting for him on the other end."
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This... is the most quintessentially Bruce as well as Superbat fucking interaction ever and it's just SO FUNNY.
Tumblr media
"There will be secrets actually, we're just gonna be better at pretending we don't have any. But do not fear, Clark. It shall all be under control because you see... I have a plan."
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Tumblr media
“he never lies!” you better stan, Bruce Super Friends #20
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uhm. lil superbat wip below the cut 🫣
Tumblr media
based on a thing @superbattrash is writing so i wont divulge the details but. sex angst </3
Tumblr media
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Susiecarter | Writer
Tumblr: @susiecarter

Mark your calendars: Preorders open on April 14th at 12 pm PST
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🐕Cún con v mều con 🐈‍⬛
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Dkos #10
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My preview for the World's Finest Zine! Check out more about it in the zine account @wfzine !
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Anyway, Clark tugs on the silly little bat ears on Bruce's suit. That's it, that's the post
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Hello! Do you have any tips on how to portray characters canonically? I thought it’d be easy since I know the source material but it’s harder than it looks, at least for me. For the batfam snd superbat specifically though?
Thanks ❤️❤️
Hi anon! Pinning down canon is a nightmare on a good day.
Sometimes adherence to the particularities of canon can be our downfall. We spend too much time wondering if Jason's reaction to X event lines up with X comic run that we lose track of the emotion of a scene entirely.
For the Batfam and Superbat, there are so many competing characterizations in DC canon as it is. Ones where Bruce is a cold and distant parent, for example, and ones where he is kind and playful, etc etc.
If you're worried about your characters being, well, in-character, don't. Worry about your characters being well-rounded, being emotionally complex, and conveying your story where it needs to go.
My ultimate advice is to write your scene/story, and double back later to make sure things line up as best they can. Some details -- like whether Alfred would say "isn't" versus "is not" -- are easy, while others -- trying to make Bruce sound/feel like X comic run or Y fic -- are more complex.
Between you and me, anon, canon is a nightmare. My personal characterizations for the Batfamily and/or Superbat are an amalgamation of various characterizations I've read/absorbed, all averaged out against each other. I pull out pieces I like and discard the details I don't.
At the end of the day, your version of the characters is what matters. People might not like it, and that's their choice. What matters is if you like how you're writing your characters.
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by @Hush08863805
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