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Characters Out of Context
➥ Include one character quote — of your choosing ⁠— from each chapter of your WIP (or as many chapters as you'd like).
➥ Give absolutely no context, save for what's between two parts of an interrupted sentence, should that occur. You may mention who said it.
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There’s currently 20+ chapters in my big WIP and I’m not going to do that to you all, but here’s 8 lines!
Neverwinter Library
Chapter 1: Customer Service Sucks
Kravitz - “Ma’am, you make a wonderful and eloquent point, these books are incredibly valuable, you’re correct. It would be remiss of me to throw them out instead of gifting them to a bibliophile like yourself!” With a vicious smile, he levitated the stack of withdrawn books onto the desk in front of her.
“Would you like a bag?”
Chapter 4: Taking a Leap
“Don’t make me regret this Agnes” Taako’s hand shook slightly as he reached for the bowl in the fridge, but he knew this was going to be okay. He’d been practising. Lup made the mix with him, he’d checked it, everything was fine. “There’s no need to make a fuss, magic boys deserve treats, and my magic boy only gets the best. No shop bought cookies here” Taako pointedly refused to make eye contact, but did curl his waist very slightly towards Angus’ head before hip checking him out of his way.
Chapter 6: Collision
Edward -  “There’s really no need darling, we’re far too busy to look at your little pictures. Maybe we can cut costs by swapping out the other staff for volunteers? I bet some older people would love a nice relaxing job like that - it must be nice to just read all day!”
Chapter 10: Accidental Encounters
Taako - “Yes, Krav. It’s a date. Now it’s a date with me, my sister, and Barry. Welcome to the Tacco-Bluejeans experience!”
Chapter 14: Kitchen Therapy
Angus - “No Mr Kravitz, Sir. We were near the door. I was just very excited because I saw Uncle Barry and Aunt Lup and my Dad so I walked fast to get a hug and giggled because I was happy. I’m just a little boy, Sir. A little boy who was happy to see his family.” Angus looked up at Kravitz, trying hard to summon a few tears.
“Am… am I in trouble, Sir?” He sniffed loudly.
Chapter 17: Double Entendre
“I think this is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.”
Taako opened his mouth, but Kravitz held up a hand before he could.
“NO! Don’t. I’m at work, Taako.”
Chapter 21: Officially on the Case
Taako - “You’re okay bubbleh, you’re fine.” Taako reached an arm round his shoulders and squeezed him. Then broke the moment.
“But if you ever scare me like that again, you won’t be.” Angus couldn’t help the fear that ran through him, but Taako was already speaking before he could react.
“That sounded awful in my mouth, I was trying to joke. It sounded like him. I’m sorry Angus, forget I said that.” Taako sounded panicked, and Angus just burrowed his way into Taako’s side - worming into his lap for a firm cuddle.
Chapter 23: (TBC)
Taako -  “Bones” Taako sounded exasperated.
“Are you legitimately telling me that you’ve had access to a free lawyer this entire time and have only now thought that maybe it would be helpful to get them involved?”
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Anyone else who fancies it then please take part, I always love to see people’s work!
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Listen I love my job but there is one (1) patron that makes it suck so bad
He's such a creep he got banned from the childrens library. He was having computer problems so ofc I had to try to help him and he kept being like "you're so pretty, youre so pretty" so his caretaker ended up saying "ya know what? We're fine, we'll figure it out ourselves"
Like thanks caretaker guy but your client sucks can you please just kick him out when he's clearly making the female-appearing librarians super uncomfortable?
We literally all cringe when he walks in the door. I didnt even see him walk in and I could tell from my coworker's face exactly whi he was :/
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things you should know about books and incarceration
I recently started working with a program that sends books to incarcerated people upon request. There are programs like this in many places throughout the US, under names like “Prison Books Project” or “Books to Prisoners.” Here’s some things you should know:
The most requested book, by far, is the English dictionary. The Spanish dictionary is also highly requested, as are GED prep materials, thesauruses, almanacs, and other reference books. If you have anything like that laying around unused, please consider donating.
Prisons are legally required to maintain libraries of legal resources (this falls under one’s right to counsel), but otherwise generally do not fund or maintain libraries, even for basic educational materials. The law libraries are also often filled with irrelevant law texts (e.g. real estate and civil procedures) instead of what prisoners actually need information about: appeals, civil rights, etc.
There are strict requirements on what books can and cannot be received, which vary from prison to prison and even depending on which staff member is processing the shipments. There are a thousand different reasons prison staff can pull a book from a shipment. Individuals, unfamiliar with the complex restrictions, are often unsuccessful at sending books to incarcerated loved ones.
Prison staff often don’t like prison book programs, despite the fact that they reduce recidivism and keep prisoners occupied and out of trouble. Why? Because it makes more work for them in the mail room. Yes, really.
Immigrants are the fastest growing prison population, so we get lots of requests for books in Spanish or English learning materials. Unfortunately, these are less frequently donated, so our selection is slim.
We also get requests for books about sign language, usually from people with Deaf cellmates who have no other way to communicate.
Books about starting businesses, trades, and reintroduction are extremely common from those planning their lives after release. It’s extremely difficult for convicted felons to find work after release.
We also get many requests about psychology or self-help books. A large percentage of our incarcerated population suffer from some mental illness or have loved ones who do.
Many prisoners were not properly supported in their education. We receive letters from low-literacy people who have severe learning disabilities, whose letters are difficult to read because they never learned to write properly. Comic books/manga are common requests from low-literacy people because they can look at the pictures.
Prison book programs are usually not well funded and must ration how often incarcerated people can write us and how often they can request certain types of high-demand books. Volunteers frequently find there are no suitable books to fill a request and buy books with their own money to make sure someone gets what they’ve asked for. Cash donations to prison book programs will go to buying high-demand books such as dictionaries, GED prep, and other basic education texts.
See if you have a program like this in your area, and consider volunteering or donating books or money. There are over 2 million people incarcerated in the US, and giving them access to books is the very least we can do.
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hi :)
i love your writing! could i request an ajax x reader fic where the reader gets hurt and ajax gets all protective over them and angry with the person who hurt them, sort of angsty
thank you!!
Tumblr media
PAIRING ‧₊˚ Ajax Petropolus x Fem!Reader
SYNOPSIS ‧₊˚ [1.7k] Ajax is bit protective of his girlfriend and wants to keep her safe. So when a recently erratic redhead catches her in the Nightshades archives, he isn't too pleased.
WARNING(S) ‧₊˚ swearing, fluff, hurt/comfort, mild violence, Rowan loosing his shit, angry!ajax, mild angst
A/N ‧₊˚ I'm not tryna villainize Rowan , I just needed a conflict. RIP ma boy. PS - To all my gif makers, we need more Ajax gifs please, I will pay you 😭 (not literally I'm broke)
Hope this is good enough for you, anon!
˗ˏˋ ajax masterlist ˎˊ˗
Tumblr media
I WAS IN THE NIGHTSHADES LIBRARY, SLUMPED AGAINST ONE OF THE SUPPORT BEAMS AS I READ THE BOOK I’D BEEN STUCK ON FOR THE PAST WEEK. A bowl of grapes on one side of me, occasionally dipping my hand in to grab a few and plop them in my mouth, eyes scanning word after word, paying no mind to my surroundings.
That was, until I heard the familiar screeching of the statue opening to the library. My face screwed in mild confusion, not expecting anyone to be coming. Especially at this hour — it was half past 11 and I should have very well been in my dorm, sleeping. But what Weems and the other staff didn’t know couldn’t hurt them, right?
The footsteps that descended the curved staircases were heavy and frantic, tattered sneakers coming into view as they practically flew down the steps. Fully lifting my head from the worn pages of the novel I was reading, I waited to see who had entered the library — seeing as only a handful of people knew it existed.
However, the face that followed was unexpected. A head of red hair and glasses — what was Rowan doing here? He got kicked out weeks ago. 
He didn’t seem to notice me as he eagerly scanned the bookshelves for…whatever it was he was looking for.
He looked stressed…erratic. Almost like a wild animal, if I’m being honest. He’d been acting strange ever since the new girl showed up but he looked worse than he did when we told him we couldn’t keep him around a couple weeks back. He had deep, red bags under his eyes and his hair looked like he either hadn’t touched it in days or couldn’t stop touching it. 
I let the grape clenched between my fingers fall into the bowl and let the book fall shut, the sudden noise causing the boy to whip around until he set his eyes on me. His shaky gaze went wide before hardening into a glare that I chose to ignore.
Setting the book on the ground, I stood slowly, dusting off my pants as I did so. “Rowan, shouldn’t be in here. You’re not a Nightshade, anymore.” I stated, keeping my distance.
“Y/n…” He muttered my name as if he was scared, putting his hands palm-side down in front of him as he inched closer. “I just need one thing. You don’t have to tell anyone I was here. I’ll be in and out, ’kay? I-I swear.”
I shook my head with regret, hugging myself close with the sleeves of my sweater pulled over my hands. “Rowan, I can’t- It’s not up to me. And even if it was, I'd tell you the same thing. You’ve been off lately…” I spoke meekly, not wanting to set him off as it has been easy to do that lately. Too easy. Dangerously easy.
His eyes squinted, his motions to come closer halting in a heartbeat. A deep scowl formed on his face. “Off? I’ve been off?” He laughed bitterly, looking up at the library ceiling. “That’s really funny coming from one of the elitist assholes who kicked me out of their little secret society the second I didn’t fit your standards anymore.” He snapped, throwing his hand out at me.
My head fell to the side as he spoke, lips parting to speak. “We kicked you out, Rowan, because you were losing your shit and we got sick of your tantrums. It seems not much has changed.” I reprimanded sternly. He started to take slow, calculated steps towards me. So, I started to walk around him, my back going from facing the support beams to me standing in front of the bookshelf, Rowan never taking his eyes off of me. We circled one another, almost taking the others place, with him now standing close to my abandoned book and bowl of grapes. “You’re dangerous. To yourself and us. And we don’t want to get caught up with whatever theory you’re chasing.”
“It's not a theory! It’s-” He took a deep breath, pinching the skin between his brows. “Damn it! Why are all of you so oblivious?! You can’t see the real danger that’s right in front of you-”
He was becoming volatile and unpredictable, in his words and movements. Grasping at his hair as his face became a deep, angry shade of red. “Rowan, you should leave.”
“NO! No, I’m not leaving until I get what I came here for-” He spoke quickly, his words jumbling together. He started towards me, in long strides and I almost didn’t see him coming. I wasn’t thinking clearly and he was starting to scare me.
“Rowan!” I shouted, the sound echoing of the walls and halting his movements. “Just go! I don’t want to hurt you but you’re making this more difficult than it needs to be.”
“I need the book…” He muttered, eyes glancing over the tiles on the floor frantically.
“Just give me the damn book!” He shouted, finally snapping.
His right hand shot out and I could feel my body leave the floor as I flew back, my head hitting the wood of the bookshelves, disorienting me for a few moments. My head was spinning and the room was split into two as I tried to regain my consciousness. 
All of a sudden, what sounded like two pairs of footsteps were trampling down the steps, two blurry figures coming into view and shouting at Rowan. Inaudible statements I couldn’t make out. 
When my senses balanced back out, I could finally see the two people who’d entered the hidden library — Ajax and Bianca, shouting worriedly at Rowan.
“What the hell?! Stop!”
“Rowan, let her go!”
Rowan was simply shaking his head and squinting his eyes so tight, it had to have hurt. It looked like he was trying to block out his own thoughts and failing miserably. 
“Mmm.. shut up!” The angry boy shouted, causing his psychic hold on me to somehow put more pressure on my chest, constricting my airflow as I gasped for air — my chest was caving in. And if he didn't let me down, I knew I might die.
“You’re gonna kill her! Put her down!” Bianca pleaded. None of us were thinking straight. I looked ahead at my best friend and boyfriend, my eyes watering in struggle as my fists clenched at nothing. 
They spared a glance at one another before Ajax was reaching up at his beanie, going to tug it off before Bianca stopped him — shaking her head ‘no’ before she was marching up to Rowan and throwing his shoulder back.
Using her siren voice to force him into capitulation. “Put her down.”
Rowan's hands fell to his side limply, my lungs filling with air as my body slid rapidly down the wood of bookshelves and Ajax sped across the room as fast as he could to catch my frame before it collided with the hard floor.
His arms went under me, holding me bridal style before sitting down and lifting my head onto his lap, rubbing my cheek with one hand as I gripped the sleeve of his hoodie with mine.
“Breathe, it’s okay. You’re okay, it's alright. I got you...” he coaxed as I caught my breath.
Once I was breathing, shakily but breathing nonetheless, his head snapped to Rowan who was arguing to Bianca. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He growled. “You could have killed her!”
“Ajax, it’s fine.” His gaze whipped back down to me, his glare harsh and angry — frightened. 
“Fine?” He said incredulously. “That wasn’t fine! He isn’t even supposed to be here. This is why we kicked him to the curb in the first place.” He ranted, turning back to Rowan who looked regretful about his actions but not necessarily sorry. “Because we knew some shit like this was bound to happen!” 
“I didn’t mean to...She was-”
“I don’t give a fuck.” Ajax said lowly, his eyes hard and dark. 
“You need to leave.” Bianca said sternly, arms crossed and eyes dead-set on him. Rowan stood in his place, stuttering like a fish out of water before she spoke again, much more conviction in her tone. “Now.”
Then the boy was dipping his head down and rushing up the stairs and out of the library. “Next time I see you, I’ll kick your ass!” Ajax shouted after him. He wasn’t the type to make threats but stoners had a type of strength like no other, so it wasn't one to be taken lightly.
Bianca rushed over to me who was now sitting up slow out of Ajax’s lap.
“Are you alright?” She asked worriedly. I nodded, coughing lightly once or twice. Ajax had a hand set on my back as I allowed my head to fall onto his chest, his free hand coming up to cradle my head.
“Thank you.” I muttered, voice still shaky. “But, why were you guys down here?”
Bianca smiled pitifully and rubbed her hand up and down my forearm. “I woke up and you weren't in the dorm, I got worried. I asked Ajax if you were with him and he said no, said he had an idea where you might be.”
“I told you to stop coming down here alone.” Ajax reminded firmly, looking down at me from where I was perched against his chest. I muttered an ‘I know’ and a ‘sorry’ before letting my arms go around his waist and hug him closer. Bianca let her hand fall from my arm, sending us both a look before bidding goodnight and leaving the library. 
Ajax and I sat like that for a while before he moved to stand, my arms falling from him as he rose. Dusting off his pajama pants, he outstretched a hand to help me stand. I wrapped both of my arms around one of his as we left the library together — my bowl of grapes and book abandoned and long forgotten.
When we got outside, I clung to him tighter as a chill swept by, my lungs thanking the breeze. “Can I sleep with you tonight?”
He didn’t stop walking as he leaned to kiss the top of my forehead. “‘Course you can.” He replied as we continued to walk together.
We made it to his room without being caught, going inside and getting comfortable under his covers. It wasn’t long before we clung to each so close, you couldn’t tell where he started and I ended.
“I’m sorry that happened to you. But I promise I won’t let it happen again.” He assured me sleepily.
“I know., but it wasn't your fault.” I mumbled, burying my face in his chest. “Love you.” 
“I love you, too.” He muttered, lifting my chin to peck my lips before allowing me to bury my face into his chest once more. His arms tugged me closer. I knew he was still fuming from what happened and I'd have to try and talk him down from potentially killing Rowan, or recruit Xavier to do it for me. In a weird way, I found it endearing to know he cared so much. But I don't like to see him upset.
And even though my chest still felt heavy and achy, and I’d have to sneak back to the girl’s dorm at the crack of dawn praying not to be spotted by Weems or the teachers — I knew it’d be okay.
Tumblr media
feedback is appreciated! thanks for reading.
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Wednesday Addams x OFC/Fem!Reader
Summary: Everything comes to settle in the aftermath. You're healing and Wednesday takes the time to consider what she's experiencing until she picks it apart in a way she can tolerate it. You are hers, though. That is for certain.
Warnings: softsoftsoftsoft. so soft. Wednesday is soft. cuddling. happy ending. healing. bantering. did i say soft? crying it's so soft. satisfying aftermath. the nickname bet comes to an end. soft in case you were unaware.
Series Masterlist | Library Blog | AO3
Reminder there's no taglist, but you can follow my library blog for notifications 💘
Note: book 1 has come to an end! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this series <3 Sequel is on it's way along with some oneshots! series masterlist has been re-edited with info.
Part Nine
Kairosclerosis: Noun. The moment you realize that you're currently happy—consciously trying to savor the feeling—which prompts your intellect to identify it, pick it apart, and put it in context, where it will slowly dissolve until it's little more than an aftertaste.
Wednesday sits beside your hospital bed, quietly reading Goody's spellbook. The only noise is the sound of your quiet breathing and the steady beeping from the machine that monitors your heart rate. 
The spellbook is coming in handy already. Wednesday has just discovered a better remedial salve—one that should actually speed up the healing process. Once Enid arrives, Wednesday would be free to go and gather the ingredients she needed. She would need some honey from Eugene's bees, and she recalled a plant in the greenhouse with the pulp she needed.
A particularly deep breath draws Wednesday's attention from her book. Her head tilts slightly over as she peers at you. Your eyes are closed, unaware of anything as you slept on. You had to be put on your stomach so that your wings could rest without anything touching them. 
The reopened wounds had to be stitched back together and then bandaged, which the doctor noted would have to be for two weeks and frequently changed. Wednesday was merely waiting for you to be discharged, and she could take your healing into her own hands. The nurse earlier had received a scathing glare when she was not delicate in changing your bandages yesterday, causing your brows to furrow as you slept on. 
Morons, Wednesday vehemently decided then. They couldn't be trusted with you. 
"You should wake up soon," Wednesday says, even though you never reply. She doesn't even know if you're listening. "It's much too sunny without you."
"Wednesday," Enid sighs as she walks into the room, a new bouquet of flowers in her hands. "Why are you up again? You're supposed to be resting too. You got stabbed in the arm!"
"This is hardly anything," Wednesday raises her brow as she closes the spellbook and puts it back into her bag. "It honestly hurts more when I punch Pugsley."
“You mean when Pugsley punches you?”
"Still," Enid frowns, looking over her roommate. Despite only having been two days since the ordeal, Wednesday threatened the hospital staff to discharge her mere hours after she got cleaned and fixed up. 
You could barely tell that Wednesday was injured by the way she continued wearing long sleeves, tidy braids, and lack of reaction. The only visible sign was the bandage she had to wear over her temple. 
"Fae will be upset if you refuse to rest and heal when she wakes up." Enid looks over to you, biting her bottom lip. A part of her wants to cry at how banged up you looked. She knew—could smell how much blood there was that night. But now you really looked broken with the machines hooked up to you and the red-stained bandages wrapped over your wings. 
It was worse than when Eugene was in the hospital last year. 
Wednesday looks at you once more as she prepares to leave. Your back rises and falls with each steady breath. "Then I suppose she'll have to wake up if she wants me to even consider listening to her grievances against me."
Walking out the door, Wednesday doesn't spare you another glance as she walks down the corridors. The nurses give her a wide berth, the lights flickering as she walks. 
A room comes up as she makes her way to the stairwell. There are two police guards posted outside. As she passes, she looks into the window and sees a lanky boy with messy hair and gauze bandages wrapped around his eyes and head. He's completely unaware. 
Wednesday smiles sinisterly. 
"Miss Addams," Weems greets as she puts down her fancy fountain pen, gesturing for Wednesday to come closer.
Wednesday wordlessly takes a seat, her face impassive. 
They stare at each other for a long moment before Weems lets out a long, tired sigh. She pinches the bridge of her nose before she looks at the macabre girl. 
"How are your classes going?" Weems asks.
Wednesday looks unimpressed as she lets out a dull "Fine."
"I hear you're taking class notes for Fae when she wakes up," Weems smiles then, and Wednesday narrows her eyes.
"Only because Enid's writing is so cacographic that it'd be more legible if it was put through a shredder."
Weem merely chuckles, rubbing her temples. "The reason I've called you to my office is that the investigation is finally coming to an end." Weems folds her hands together on the desk in front of her. "I know you've given the police your statement, but I thought I'd get the event recounted by you myself."
"I've assumed you read the report?" Wednesday asks, her chin jilted slightly. 
Weems nods.
"Then you already know what happened. I will not be changing my story," Wednesday raises her brow. "She was kidnapped. I found the clues to where she was and the fact that Henry was the culprit. When I arrived, she was unconscious and chained to the table, poisoned with a draeconium potion."
Wednesday watches as Weems's hands tighten slightly.
"Henry gave his unremarkable sob story before we engaged in combat. The noises woke her up, and she freed herself before she defended us against Henry."
"I noticed you weren't very descriptive in this area in your report," Weems points out.
"Everything she did was something only a high lord's daughter or a night faerie would be able to do, so I will keep it to myself. The police are welcome to come and try to get an answer out of me," Wednesday's eyes glint as she gives a sharp smile, "but at their own risk."
Weems gives a wry smile and waves her hand for Wednesday to continue.
"Henry's desperation to attack us and gain the upper hand led him to strain his eyes and lose consciousness. At that moment, Enid and everyone else barged in as they finally escaped his mindscape. We all made our way back here to get medical help."
Weems stares at Wednesday after the girl finishes recounting the story. "I see," the principal says evenly after a moment. "And that was what happened? Henry lost consciousness and you left him there immediately after?"
"Yes. I wasn't going to go out of my way to bring back a kidnapper and our attempted murderer," Wednesday shrugs. 
"He could have died," Weems emphasizes pointedly. "Which would've been another death here at Nevermore two years in a row."
"His failure to kill us both is his own fault. He should deal with the consequences of it himself. The authorities were able to get them, were they not? I hear he's resting in his own guarded room." There was a telling smirk on Wednesday's face.
"Yes," Weems's voice is hard. "Though I'm sure you know the guards are useless, considering he no longer has eyes and can't use his gift anymore."
"I heard rumors around the hospital," Wednesday's face was indifferent again. 
"Wednesday," Weems sighs. "This was a disaster. Henry Morrison Sr wants to further investigate the disappearance of his son's eyes. He's convinced that they were surgically removed and considering there was only you in this situation that was conscious, he wants to press charges against you."
"Is he an absolute moron?" Wednesday raises her brow. "Is he not aware of what his son attempted to do?"
"Yes, well—"
"I encourage him to try to press charges against me with the lack of evidence he has. This case would be so laughable, I wouldn't even need to hire legal help with how guaranteed my victory is."
"Yes," Weems cuts in before Wednesday can say anything else. "And I told him as such."
Wednesday sharply looks at the principal, her eyes full of suspicion. She has no doubts that Weems knew she had gouged out Henry's eyes. After all, she had timed it perfectly for the authorities to arrive on time before he could die. 
The optic nerve was completely severed to ensure his psychic abilities could never manifest again, and then she fed his eyeballs to the fish in the river as she rowed her way back. 
"I have informed Mr. Morrison Sr that back in 1956, there was a similar incident where a psychic had over-exerted himself, resulting in his eyes bursting and it seemed that may be the case here." Weems's eyes seem to search for something in Wednesday, but it doesn't seem like she's looking for the truth. "There's no proof indicating otherwise. With that, Henry Jr is expelled, obviously."
"Will he be going to jail like Tyler?" Wednesday's quick to ask.
"Well, considering only one student attacked—no, I'm not counting you as you foolishly went after Fae alone—it's not enough to warrant having the academy file charges—"
"Of course," Wednesday hisses disdainfully. "We wouldn't want to potentially harm the school's impeccable reputation—"
"—That being said," Weems cut in forcefully, giving Wednesday a stern look. "As Fae's guardian, I am personally filing charges. I'm quite confident Morrison Sr will want to accept the plea bargain when we meet next week, lest he wants a long, grueling court battle where I will drag his family name through the mud."
Wednesday went quiet. She doesn't apologize, but there's a mild look of respect in Wednesday’s eyes. Her eyes flicker down and then back up. "Why did you want me to recount the report if the investigation has obviously concluded?"
Weems gathers the paper on her desk, shuffling them to line up. "I merely wanted to hear the events in your own words, as the police will still want Fae's matching statement when she awakens."
Wednesday stares on.
"I'm dismissing you for the day," Weems says as she puts the papers back on her desk. "I'm rather tied up with things I cannot put off, and I have a meeting in half an hour. There's a car waiting for you at the gates."
"Why—" Wednesday starts to ask, but she can feel her heart thudding against her ribcage almost painfully, and she relishes in it. 
"I have let the hospital staff know you'll be arriving to check her out on my authorization. I have already handled her discharge papers over the phone earlier. Listen to me for once and arrive before the police do," Weems says, dismissing Wednesday.
Wednesday gets up and walks out of the office briskly. She begins to walk towards the gates outside but stops. Turning towards her room, Wednesday first goes there and picks up the fuzzy black blanket, folding it neatly together, then draping it over her arm. She grabs a single grape lollipop from Enid's desk before she takes the shortest way to the front gates. 
The ride feels tediously long, and Wednesday snaps at the driver to drive faster. It barely comes to a stop before Wednesday gets out and walks through the hospital doors. She doesn't make herself known to the front desk receptionists and takes the stairwell up and down the memorized pathway to room 316. 
The door is already open, but there's no noise inside. There's a moment when Wednesday's heart drops at the lack of noise. Wednesday's used to feeling miserable; it brings her comfort and joy now even to feel so. Occasionally, she'll feel a type of misery she could live without. 
Wednesday's never been aware of how un-miserable she wants to be as she approaches your door. 
The moment Wednesday steps in, her face doesn't change at all. If anything, she looks more dispassionate than usual. 
But she blinks. 
"Hi, Wednesday."
You've probably said it hundreds of times now. You've said it in the same tone over and over, but Wednesday suddenly feels like it's better than any music she's heard. It even sounds better than Pugsley's screams. 
You're smiling at her. You look tired with the bags and dark circles under your eyes, but you're alive, and you look so—Wednesday clenches her jaw—hers. You just look like hers. Franz Kafka said it best: you are the knife she turns inside herself. 
"You are so cruel, Wednesday. I wake up to make your world less sunny, and you bring me only one grape lollipop? Rest assured you'll be listening to the grievances I have against you."
"We should get up soon, I need to apply your salve."
"Can't you just apply it like this? You did yesterday."
"Need I remind you how long it took and in the end, I had to get up to get to the places I couldn't reach."
"I think I can stretch my wings further today. You might not have to get up."
Wednesday sighs at your mutterings but leaves it be. You'll probably be more agreeable to moving in an hour anyway. 
Your body is a steady weight on top of hers, and you radiate a warmth that Wednesday thought would make her uncomfortable with how cool her body normally is. But it just makes everything tepid, and Wednesday finds she has a penchant for it. 
Your head rests against her chest, and you once commented how eerie it was that it was such a slow and quiet heartbeat, like she might as well be dead. The words were entirely flattering. 
Wednesday stares at the ceiling; she knows you're slowly falling asleep again. The past two weeks, you've been rather boring as all you can do is rest, but Wednesday finds it gives her a lot of time to think.
Her story has slowly been changing—it has been ever since she's grown closer to you. Between the mysteries and the morbidity of everything, her main character seems to be experiencing something else too. 
Wednesday thinks about what it means to her and comes to an utterly disgusting conclusion. 
She's happy. 
It's so repugnant that Wednesday constantly sneers at herself. She has no desire to expand on it, but she'll catch herself thinking of useless things. It dampens the happiness into something Wednesday's also unfamiliar with, and she can't decide which is worse. 
Wednesday's fingers trail over the arches of your wings, feeling the bone just underneath the soft feathers. Your wing twitches, but you say nothing. She continues her exploration of her wings, careful over the wounds that are still slowly healing but have been much better with the salve she created using Goody's spellbook. 
Your wings start trilling when Wednesday reaches further toward the middle. The skin is thinner there, but the feathers are lush and thick.
"Tickles," you mumble, your brows furrowing but not opening your eyes.
Wednesday glances down at you before she pulls the blanket up higher. "Come with me to my manor on the next Parents' Day."
You let out a big yawn, ruffling your feathers with a small shake. "Are you sure?" You mumble, still sleepy.
"My mother invited you."
You hum. "Sure, it'd be nice to see where you live. I think I'll want to have dinner with Larissa on Friday night, but I can leave after."
"We'll go together on Saturday morning."
"'kay," you mutter sleepily. 
There's a lull in silence again, and Wednesday feels discontentment in her chest. She wonders if you can hear it as you lay over her heart.
Wednesday clears her throat. "I have thought of a moniker for you."
She can feel you smiling.
"Oh?" You say amusedly, but you continue to lay there with your eyes closed. "Let's hear it."
"I believe we should just stick with Fae. We've already gone on too long, and there'd be no point in changing it now. Even if other faeries came to this school, there's still only one Fae. You'd merely confuse everyone with a new alias."
You let out a laugh then, shifting in Wednesday's arms. "It took you six months to come to that conclusion? Did you even come up with anything else?"
"Nothing that I would allow anyone else to call you," Wednesday huffs with annoyance, still cursing her father's passed-on nicknaming abilities.
"Why not?"
Silence again. Wednesday seems to be debating her discontentment before she says, "you are mine."
It's so simple, the words and the way she says it. 
You finally open your eyes as you lift your head to look up at Wednesday, who is resting against the headboard of your bed. She looks at you as if challenging you to say otherwise. 
"So, we're dating?" You tilt your head.
"Yes," Wednesday says with finality but also looks pained at the frivolous words and then sighs. "I never thought I'd be capable of wanting someone like this. I don't do feelings but all you make me do is feel things I have to research later."
"What kind of words?"
"Ridiculous words that I'm convinced are fake," Wednesday deadpans. "Regardless, I don't do feelings, but the idea of not experiencing more with you is unbearable."
"You're mine then?" you say, and it's more of a statement than a question.
"I am," Wednesday confirms.
You let out a soft laugh, and Wednesday tilts her head. 
"I never thought I'd ever have anyone to call mine," you say with a quiet smile. "I have very few things, Wednesday. I promise to treat you very well."
Wednesday nods once, her fingers tracing over a feather. You lift yourself higher with your hands, coming face to face with the grim girl, your nose brushing against hers. She was so serious looking.
"I discovered last year that I'm capable of evolving," Wednesday says quietly, her lips brushing against yours as her hands rest on the small of your back. "It's inequitable how much you've affected me."
You smile widely then, your lips parting in a huff of laughter. They're so ridiculous. Really, you're made for her, and she's made for you. "Wednesday, you've changed me since the day I laid my eyes on you." You kiss her, and the only noise in the room is the sound of your wings gently fluttering with excitement and Wednesday's stolen breath.
"I believe I've come up with an acceptable arrangement of your epithet," Wednesday declares. "I'm owed your phone number."
You don't even look at her as you blindly reach for your phone on your desk, too comfortable to move from lying on top of Wednesday as you cuddle.
Wednesday watches you fiddle around on your device before her phone in her sweater pocket vibrates. 
She pulls her phone out and sees there's a text from you.
(xxx)-xxx-xxxx: save this number 😗
"What is the meaning of this?" Wednesday asks, her voice low and dangerous, but you seem unbothered.
"You have my number now?"
"You had my phone number this entire time?" Wednesday feels something brewing inside of her, and it's mainly murder. 
You nod, still lying on top of her with your eyes closed. "Enid gave it to me after the bet was made."
"Why?" Wednesday demanded.
"Because I asked for it?"
"Then why make the ridiculous bet? Did you enjoy listening to such brainless suggestions?" 
"I told you," you smile. "I only make bets where I'll win either way. I wanted you to come up with something and win to give you the excuse of asking for my number. If you didn't, then Enid was already giving up and about to suggest we stick to Fae the next time it got brought up. I would've texted you after the bet was over."
Wednesday stares down at you, and she bores into the side of your head and plots silently.
"You are detestable, but I respect your strategy and deception. Although, regardless of the fact you are mine will not save you from my revenge."
You finally look up at Wednesday's unimpressed stare and smile at her. 
"Threatening me with a good time again, are you?"
Hope you enjoyed the series! :)
I will be opening up a temporary taglist of 50 people to be notified when the oneshots and sequel is up! Comment or reblog on this post only to be added (pls don't send to my inbox bc i will miss it 💔) you can still always follow my library blog for notifs @missmonsters2-library
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ragsy · 2 years
controversial opinion, but donating your old books to libraries isn't usually the universally charitable deed most people think it is. most public libraries don't have the space, staff, or budget to sort through used books in the off chance that one or two out of a hundred are in good enough condition to add to their collection.
it's always a good idea to call ahead and ask what, if any, materials the library might accept as a donation. you'd be surprised what they will and won't take! my library flat-out refuses encyclopedias and textbooks, which takes a lot of people by surprise. on the other hand, the same library is always accepting donations of jigsaw puzzles and used magazines! it doesn't hurt to ask.
if you have old books you don't want and need to get rid of, i suggest finding a used bookstore, a charity that specializes in distributing used books, or a local school and/or retirement community.
if you just want to support your local library, that's great! just... ask them what they need, instead of assuming. most libraries would be much happier to receive a crisp $20 bill than a boxload of dusty paperbacks.
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dotthings · 19 days
Welp. I've talked before about how parts of the Jared stan lane have fake woke, dino, pseudoliberal tendencies while they're actually very narrow minded and anti-progressive and anti-diversity wankers. They sure are going hard openly embracing homophobic and fascist dog whistle tactics aimed against Destiel.
They're screaming and kicking and yelling against their own irrelevance. Nobody cares that you hate Destiel, Susan.
Worse, though, some from the staff of jibcon are full on embracing homophobic dog whistles, concern trolling, and fascism. They, and the Jared stans, resemble the book banning efforts targeted against LGBTQ books in libraries and schools going on in different states in the US right now. It's the same. Underlying. Mentality. It makes THEM uncomfortable. So nobody else should be able to have access. THEY don't like it so it has to go. The arguments are also relying on a vile level of demonizing the entire Destiel lane, which is extra gratuitous and gross and hilarious when you consider all the hatred that Jared stan accounts have been spewing onto the internet on multiple platforms non-stop.
The real world political climate makes it even more alarming that this is happening in a fandom space. It's a reflection of real world problems and it's leaking in. I do not want to hear your "shipping isn't activism" and that it doesn't matter how welcoming fandom spaces are. It matters.
Argue with the wall.
This is malicious and the goal is to full on ban Destiel from fandom spaces and make shippers feel unwelcome. Someone even made the slippery slope argument, and tried to blame the existence of fanart.
So let me slippery slope this--if they get their own way banning Destiel at cons, the fandom fascist anti-Destiel brigade will start a concerted effort to try to silence it online too.
If you think this is ok stay away from me.
Argue with the wall.
A jibcon staffer sought out a fan on twitter who got blocked at jibcon from having her fanart signed, despite Jensen's willingness to sign Destiel fanart (and he signed others). The fan got Misha to sign it and was comforted. Jensen never even got a chance to see it.
The jibcon staffer replied to this fan with a screed shaming them for refusing to hide their "boy love," used the "I have a gay friend" excuse, and collective accused every Destiel shipper who ever asked to have fanart signed, by two actors who have been more than willing and both have been kind and supportive towards shippers in fandom spaces, of only trying to "look cool" and using it as a "toy."
While the usual suspects from the Jared stan lane opportunistically tried to incite even more hatred aimed against the Destiel lane and used homophobic dog whistle tactics and concern trolling.
Someone calling all j2 fans "moderate, sensible" and all Destiel shippers "Gross" is classic dog whistling and is a tactic used by the far right while they attempt to paint compassion and inclusion and equity as an extremist position.
Do not even try to tell me this isn't homophobic fandom style fascism.
Argue with the wall.
It's stifling and silencing and malicious and people who think because THEY don't like a queer ship, it should not be seen and heard. They're like puritanical far right groups who wail "protect the children."
I do not care even one ounce if you don't like destiel and you're not a shipper so you think this is all ok.
Homophobic dog whistlers and concern trolls who target Destiel shippers: You're done. You are not welcome in this fandom. Leave.
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14dayswithyou · 8 months
now i’m thinking MC being rammed silly by rens pierced dick—
this lives rent free in my brain😩😩😩
✦゜ANSWERED: I wrote this with [REDACTED] in mind because it's the only time he'd leave his jacob's ladder piercings in fsdfsgd
He has you pressed against the mirror in the staff bathroom as one hand presses down on your backside to keep you in place while the other spreads your cheeks apart to expose your lower regions to his hungry stare.
You're already dripping from when he went down on you moments before, which reminded Ren about your offhanded comment about wanting to "feel his tongue piercing down there". But unbeknownst to you, that comment gave him other, far more wicked ideas while he was tongue-deep inside your needy hole.
Specifically, ideas that included your alluring voice and his pierced dick.
So now here you were, fogging up the mirror with your desperate panting while Ren guides the tip of his leaking cock towards your entrance.
"Count them," Is all he says before he slowly pushes himself into your tight heat — and it doesn't take long before you can feel the cold sensation of his Jacob's ladder piercing scrape against your velvety walls as he shallowly thrusts his hips. "Did you hear me?"
"Louder." He presses closer to you this time, until he's practically enveloping your body and leaving searing kisses behind your earlobe. You can barely form coherent thoughts once he pushes himself in deeper — but the moment his second piercing brushes against that particular spot inside you, you had to try and stop yourself from crying out and clutching the sink for support.
"Ngh- Two..."
The dark-haired hacker wanted nothing more than to just shove himself inside of your needy little hole and see just how far he could reach, but he knew you were enjoying the feeling of slowly being stuffed full with his length — if the blissed-out look on your face was anything to go by.
And so, Ren indulges your wishes, but not before cupping your flushed cheek and guiding you to kiss him over your shoulder. But he wasn't kind enough to allow you a moment's respite after it, though, because he was already going back to languidly thrusting in and out of you once more.
"P-Please— That's... That's three—"
Content with your words, Ren gives you no other warning before he slams himself the rest of the way in, causing you to bite down on your arm or risk alerting someone of your current activity.
God, you'd never be able to show your face at work again if Elanor ever found out about what you'd been up to with a library patron.
"Hah~ Good job... You did so well, Angel." His words seemed too honey-smooth for such a debauched scene, and the hand that moves to brush the hair from your face felt far more gentle and kind than it should've been. "You took me so well. 'Think you've earned your reward, yeah?"
Before you can respond, Ren grinds his hips against yours once more, making sure to angle his cock deep enough so that his piercings would rub against your soft insides. "How many was that again?"
"Ren, please! Just fuck me already—"
"How many was that?"
You can barely make out his sadistic smile in the reflection of the mirror before he's leaning close and whispering filth into your ear once more.
"Then I want you to cum three more times for me before I even consider filling you up."
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twopoppies · 1 year
My Policeman Screening - Part 1
Let me start by saying these are comments from a friend who attended tonight’s screening. I haven’t seen the film. I’m just going to give you their commentary as they gave it to me. This is their initial message to me when the came out of the theater:
The movie just finished. IT’S FUCKING GORGEOUS I’m like shaking, it was so beautiful. I’m SO PROUD!! That’s what a performance with a competent director and supportive costars looks like, holy shit!!!
And DAVID FUCKING DAWSON!! EMMA!! And they kept Julia 😭😭😭
Just know I heard people being asked by staff what they thought and EVERYONE around me said EXCELLENT.
This is LONG. So long I have to split it into at least two posts. I’ll put everything under the cut for those who don’t want to see spoilers. And when I say spoilers, I mean it. This is pretty much scene by scene.
Harry gets the first billing on his own. So it opens on a beautiful shot of the water then it his name and then the title of the movie. 🥺🥺🥺 A true leading man!! I was already so proud to see that. Then everyone else gets billing during the opening shots of Patrick arriving.
Okay, from what I can remember in order: It opens with the older Tom and Marion at their home just as Patrick is being brought in from his assisted living facility. Older Tom immediately takes their dog out for a walk while Marion adjusts everything for Patrick in his new room.
She places a picture of her and Tom from their wedding day on a dresser facing the bed so Patrick sees it when he first lies down. Cue the first scream from these girls in the audience who would not stop their constant talking and  giggling because we saw a picture of Harry and Emma posed. 🙄🙄🙄
So it does begin with the older versions of the three. The difference from the book is that Marion is not writing a letter. A box of Patrick’s old things gets delivered and his diary is included. So she actually finds the diary and that’s what initiates a lot of the flashback sequences.
Tom is off walking the dog, Marion is trying to make Patrick comfortable. And then the first flashback is the scene on the beach with where Harry was wearing the blue shorts and vest.
Tumblr media
Marion is sitting with Sylvie when Tom comes over. Sylvie’s part is drastically cut from the novel, so you don’t see her getting pregnant or married. She doesn’t tell Marion (or hint rather) that he’s gay like she does in the novel. You only see her in that opening scene to introduce the younger selves and then she teases Marion and tells Tom she doesn’t know how to swim.
Then Sylvie runs off with her boyfriend but we never see her again, she’s just referenced one other time.
They changed this bit from the novel too. Tom tells Marion he’ll teach her but he takes her to a public swimming pool full of families. So it’s a very cute and light scene with up tempo 50s music included. There’s a brief slow mo shot of Tom swimming and Marion being infatuated of course, to imply she’s already falling for him. The parents from the novel are cut too, no scenes with them. When Marion and Tom meet on the beach, he tells her there he just got back from the service and he’s already a Policeman. And she’s already a teacher.
Like the novel, they get to know each other by the swimming lessons and Tom says she must love books if she’s a teacher. He asks her if she knows about Art, she says a bit and there’s a sweet scene where she takes him to a library and they just sit in silence while he’s earnestly reading about an artist he found out about.
He asks her if he’d like to go to a museum since he knows someone that she can talk to about art. Enter younger Patrick.
And omg…when I tell you David Dawson was perfect. EVERYONE was perfect, especially the younger trio. But when I tell you the younger three has the BEST chemistry. And David instantly captivated me. What a presence!
So this is where Tom introduces Marion and Patrick for the first time.
Patrick asks if they would like to attend a play and Marion says sure. But as they’re walking out, Marion says something about attending (I didn’t catch it) but Tom says they can decline Patrick’s offer if she really doesn’t want to go. Marion says no, they should go since she doesn’t want to hurt Patrick’s feelings.
So this is when they go on their first outing as a group. And omg, they’re all so lovely together. If I didn’t know what was coming, I could’ve just watched them be silly as sing together while in a bar. David and Emma both have BEAUTIFUL voices!!
There’s a montage of the three in a bar, then driving together into the countryside for a picnic. Harry sings along with them but (and maybe this was a deliberate decision by the filmmakers) but you hear David and Emma’s voices over his. This montage of their outings is when you start to see the dynamic play out. In the theater, they sit MARION, PATRICK, TOM In the bar, Tom and Patrick grab each other to sign before Marion joins them. In the car going into the country, she’s sitting in the back while Patrick is driving and Tom is sitting up from with him 😭😭😭
Between the younger flashbacks, it did go back to the present. Older Tom stays away from older Patrick completely. Older Marion gives older Patrick his bath/meals/pills and reads his diary (unbeknownst to him).
As in the novel, older Patrick’s his mobility and speech are severely impaired. Rupert Everett gave a wonderful but heartbreaking performance.
The first entry Marion reads is the night Tom went to Patrick’s apartment to have his portrait drawn. So this differed from the novel too!
Those photos we got of Harry in costume with a bag and smoking a cigarette sitting on the beach happen right before he goes to Patrick’s apartment for the drawing session. His uniform is in the bag and, like the novel, he tells Patrick he brought it in case he wants him to wear it for the portrait. Patrick says yes, tells him to change they start.
Tumblr media
They talk briefly, Patrick asks why he wanted to be a policeman. Tom says to help people, to which Patrick replies that’s how he differs from other cops. Tom questions him and Patrick says he keeps his distance because not all are like that. Then Tom gets defensive, he sits up straighter and gets this very almost robotic look (or more militarized) and says something like “the police only seek out criminal offences and take appropriate actions when they’re committed”
Patrick offers him a drink right away to change the subject. And then it cuts to them relaxed, Patrick is wearing Tom’s jacket and hat pretending to be a cop and making Tom laugh.
Tom says Patrick will probably think he’s a drunkard for having 3 scotches but Patrick says cops deserve to have fun after they clock out.So they both relax on the couch. And start talking. And this is where my mind glitched Because Gina 🥺🥺🥺
Okay…I swear to god this happened and I KNOW it happened because Patrick has a line about it and this fan I talked to after (that I’m 100% sure was a larrie because she mentioned it too)…The fan mentioned it.
You know that clip of the boys that everyone credits with turning them into a larrie? When Louis pushes his arm back because Harry just uses two fingers or so to stroke his arm
Okay, so in the SCENE Tom and Patrick are sitting on the same couch but a little bit always from each other cause they’re manspreading but Tom has his arm outstretched towards Patrick. So Patrick is kind of talking and then Tom just delicately, WITH THOSE SAME TWO FINGERS I’VE WATCHED OVER AND OVER AGAIN just slightly strokes Patrick’s neck. And my mind immediately went blank because I’VE SEEN HARRY DO THAT BEFORE.
but when I tell you my heart rate sped up because it was so gentle like some of the touches between Louis and Harry used to be.
So of course Patrick pauses. And Tom pauses. Then Patrick just goes for it. So they don’t have multiple sittings for the drawing, they put the blowjob scene here!
Tom initially says he’s “not like that” and Patrick dismisses it and goes for the kiss. And it’s so sweet and tentative before he gets down on his knees in front. You get a shot from behind the couch/Tom’s head then you just get Harry’s beautiful acting as he falls apart.
SUCK MY DICK OLIVIA WILDE. We need more QUEER pleasure represented on our screens. But I digress. 🤣
Then it cuts to Tom getting dressed quickly after and saying they can’t do this, it’s wrong. Then Patrick says, rightfully so, “YOU TOUCHED ME FIRST!” But Tom can’t argue with that so he flees. and it cuts back to older Marion finishing up the diary entry.
Her behavior never changes towards Patrick, she even shares a cigarette with him even though he’s not supposed to have any and she keeps trying to get Tom to see him.
So from the first blow job scene, Tom returns to the apartment drunk, asking Patrick if he’d keep drawing him. Of course Patrick is totally thrown off given how they parted before. But he sees Tom is drunk and doesn’t want his neighbors to find them again (during the first visit, a neighbor does come out but Tom is introduced as a cousin)
Tom is of course struggling with everything. He yells a bit. And oh Harry was so great. I told [another friend], I actually was able to get lost and (despite the rude crowd) JUST see Tom. I was so heartbroken for him.
But of course Patrick understands and they actually have sex. And oh wow…once again, OLIVIA WILDE SUCK MY DICK. 
It wasn’t raunchy but it was EXPLICIT. You see them together a few times. In the bed and on the couch with Patrick riding him, OH MY GOD!! It was beautiful shot!! It was actual GAY sex and not some bullshit scene with Harry’s head under a skirt.
You do see Harry completely nude from behind. I would say a step further than Brokeback Mountain, no full frontal. David is gorgeous, his bf is also lucky. 😂
DWD is fucking child’s play in comparison. The gays stay winning.
I told [my friend] gay sex should always be shot this way. It was obviously well choreographed. The riding scene had beautiful vertical lines of their bodies shot from a small distanceIt wasn’t obscene, it was supposed to show them falling apart together and it was lovely.
They end up in bed together with Tom’s head on Patrick’s chest and that’s where Patrick says he had a previous partner that was killed for being gay. So they decide to obviously keep their relationship a secret.
It was so natural and Harry looked so amazing. I was so strangely proud, again just to see him be able to do that and recognize it as art and have it be a part of such an important story.
I know people are gonna ask you, so just to get it out there: Tom tops in every scene. When they’re in bed, Patrick does switch positions with him but just to kiss along his neck. And honestly, for a second I thought we were getting a rimming scene because Harry kind of arched his back 😳 But then it cut away. That DID make my eyebrows go up a bit but then no. Good form though, Styles. And congrats Louis, you lucky mfer.
OH! Before Tom goes back, there is a scene where Patrick visits the gay bar mentioned in the novel. He thinks he ruined his moment with Tom, so he goes to find someone else. They go to an alleyway and he’s about to blow the guy when two cops come. Patrick escapes but his guy is arrested.
Part 2
Part 3
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rouecentric · 9 months
Hi! Idk if the request is open can I request who made me a princess with sister atty and father claude with reader who want to go home to her world, so she used amnesia spell on them both thank you ❤
Requests will always be open unless stated otherwise on my pinned post, hope you enjoy reading this!
fem/fem aligned!reader
Tumblr media
-You were tired, angry and hurt. I mean, who wouldn't if anyone was in your place? Being a princess would be a dream to a lot of people, but becoming a princess in your next life with a possesive father and sister, no one even knew you neither the fact that the emperor had a child other than Athanasia
-Being confined in the palace without being able to go outside by your father, the emperor of the Obelian empire, can do harm to you, both physically and mentally
-You didn't even belong to this world, and somewhat neither did your "sister", too
-So, as the spoiled and beloved daughter of emperor Claude de alger Obelia who won't get married and doesn't have to go to any classes she doesn't like, you spent most of your days in the imperial library and taking magic classes, trying to find a way to be able to induce extremely strong amnesia or open up a portal to another world
-Day by day, your magic grew stronger and your knowledge on various kinds of magic increased, mastering all kinds of magic, until you found out about dark magic, a dangerous and forbidden form of magic made illegal by the Obelian law, so finding two entire bookshelves about dark magic in a hidden corner in the imperial library is shocking
-You decided to enchant a diary that had a lock and key to have more and more pages everytime you finish writing a page, but it never grows bigger, making it an infinite diary
-You wrote down everything there was in the books about black magic instead of taking the books, deciding that it was dangerous and risky if someone finds them in your bedroom, and so you studied holed up in youe room every second when you had free time from being with your family
-Claude and Athanasia were happy that you found something you loved, supporting you in every way they could, hell, Claude even offered to teach you things he knew! (you begrudingly accepted after realising he had more experience with using magic as a whole)
-When you found out it was impossible to go back to your world as your original body died in that world, you cried for twelve days and silently grieved for twenty days, hesitantly agreeing with yourself to keep yourself in this world instead of just ending your own life
-You put your anger and sadness into studying and mastering every single magic there was to get away from your current family, even being better at magic than Lucas, who was the magician of the Black Tower
-You learnt dark magic so efficiently and mastered it so well, that whenever you now used it, it never has any side effects!
-With your plan of mastering dark magic was completed and you casted magic to permanently change your appearance/eyes, it was now time to take your things and then cast magic on everyone in the palace which consisted of Claude, Athanasia, Lily, Lucas, Felix, Jeanette, Ijekiel, and the staff that worked there
-Although it took up some of your energy and mana, you had enough to run to a place outside that didn't have strong defense magic and made a portal to a village just meters away from the capital so you could sell your stuff
-As promised, your magic worked really well, and everyone forgot who you were and that you even existed! But it had one minor side effect, you appeared in their dreams. Well- your physical appearance wasn't shown, instead, it was a mass of black fog forming a teenage girl's body and whenever you talked, your voice was staticy and glitchy, but not too much as they were able to understand what you were saying, but not being able to describe your voice and match it to a human's
The dream, or, well, memory, Athanasia had right now was weird.
She looked at the door infront of her, two knights standing outside and guarding it, ignoring the person(?) that was loudly hitting it and desperately screaming to let them out while footsteps were nearing her in the hallway.
"Don't worry, Athanasia, your sister is just acting bratty because she broke a rule I enforced for her, just give her time." her father, Claude, calmly announced, holding the younger person's shoulder.
"But [censored] is going to be hurt if she'll continue banging the door so harshly.." she pouted, looking back at the door.
'Why is the person's name censored? and sister? I don't have a sister. Unless this is an alternate universe of this world or dark magic was used on me..' she thought with a inwardly confused expression.
-after that, she had magic voluntarily used on her to stop those kinds of dreams as they were ruining her sleep
-While claude sometimes also had dreams like those, most of them were nicer, more.. docile, if you will
-In his dreams you were always quiet and were almost doll-like in his dreams, always shaking or nodding your head instead of vocally answering his questions
-Was it because of how he wanted you to act? More like a doll than a human being that he could nurture, care for and dress up? He and neither did you know, only the deepest and most twisted parts of his brain knew
-When you sold all of your belongings and bought commoners clothing with sanitary products and a bag for travelling that you enchanted that had infinite space, you headed to a small and quaint medium-sized village near the borders of the Obelian empire, with multiple forests, lakes and rivers, it definitely was the best place to reside in for the rest of your life, and if for some reason your magic wore off, you could always run away to another stronger empire
-The villagers welcomed you warmly and even pitied you for your made-up backstory, being a runaway servant from an abusive low-titled noble family
-The house you bought was nice and big enough for you, a two story building with a big backyard for farming and gardening, your bedroom being on the second floor with a balcony and bathroom, and in the first floor a small living room and kitchen
-Your job was fairly simple, a humble seamstress that sold clothing for cheap
-But with your rising paranoia that your family will find you and forcefully take you back, you casted multiple defensive barriers from different kinds of magic
-Although you're not able to go back to your world, this is most likely the best case scenario for you, the true happy ending for someone who deserves it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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naughtyneganjdm · 13 days
Mine - Chapter 7
Tumblr media
Summary: During her birthday, Y/N goes through some highs and lows when it comes to Joel and Negan. 
Characters: Joel Miller (TLOU), Negan (TWD), the reader (OC, third person), Ellie Williams (TLOU), etc.
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/45115177/chapters/114872032
Warnings: Swearing, angst, etc.
Notes: This isn’t severe angst, but it does get a bit sappy. Thank you to anyone that continues to read this story. Your support means a lot. Gif Credits: @a7estrellas & @jdmorganz
The cool chill of the Jackson morning air surrounded Y/N causing her to shudder and pull her jacket in closer to her body. Making her way over to the library, Y/N knew that it was her day to work with Negan and her days at the library were actually something she looked forward to. When Maria put Negan in charge of fixing the place up, Y/N was certain that Maria didn’t think Negan would go all out in setting it up the way it was meant to be like an old-fashioned library, but he was. Which meant the two of them were going through all the books that the town had and they were making sure to set it up by section and author. Negan was putting in a lot of work cleaning up this place and he was very proud of it. Negan was a big reader and she could see that he took care of literature and appreciated it more than the average person here probably did. Since they were working only two days a week, they didn’t get to work on it as much as they wanted to, but it wouldn’t be too long in the future where they would finally have this place opened again for the rest of the town to enjoy.
Reaching for the door, Y/N felt that it was loose upon grabbing which told her that Negan was there since her and Negan were the only ones with keys to the place. Opening the door, she let out a surprised sound to see that it was dark inside. Only the exit sign in the way back of the building was shining which made her anxious.
“Negan?” Y/N called out feeling her heartrate quicken when the door slammed shut behind her making her jump. There was a silence that followed and she reached for the light that was beside her to try to turn it on. Flipping it on, the lights remained off making her let out a nervous groan. Pulling her jacket off, she set it on top of the front desk that was there before making her way through the library. The only reason that the lights wouldn’t work meant that someone had turned them off by the fuse box. “Negan?”
Taking her time walking through the building, she knew that there wasn’t a lot of light that was leading her way and the last thing she needed was her hurting herself again or her getting jumped by someone. There was a sound of something knocking over and she swiftly turned on her heel to look in the direction of the sound making a chill run down her spine.
“I swear to God Negan…” she growled out, balling her hands at her sides into fists. Pushing open the back door, she took a look at the storage room that it led to still finding herself to be the only person that was in there. A small light caught the corner of her eye making her turn her head toward the staff lounge that was there. Narrowing her eyes, she wondered if she should approach the room or not, but curiosity got the best of her and she knew that the fuse box was inside there. “If you’re not Negan…I can promise you aren’t going to be happy because I will knock you on your ass.”
Taking slow steps toward the room, she let out a surprised breath when she to see a small cake sitting on the table that was there. It had a single candle lit making her smirk when she saw it. Heading toward the table, she could feel goosebumps running up and down her arms when she took a look at the design of the cake. It was rather detailed and she couldn’t believe that someone actually made this tiny cake into something so impressive.
“Happy birthday to you,” a familiar, deep, raspy voice made her jump again when she looked over her shoulder to see from the small amount of light that Negan was standing in the doorway, resting against the doorframe staring out at her with a small smirk. It was his best attempts at singing and she couldn’t help but smile seeing what her friend had clearly planned out for her. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Y/N. Happy birthday to you.”
“You scared the shit out of me,” she informed Negan with a grumble hearing him chuckle when he stepped into the room and shoved his hands into his pockets. Nodding toward the cake, his eyebrow arched and he sighed.
“Well, we’ll clean you up after, but right now how about you blow out your candle so we don’t set fire to the place. Make sure to make a wish,” Negan urged her with a wink, stepping in beside her when she gave him a weak smile and nodded. Placing her hands on the table to brace her weight, she lowered down and blew out the flame. It felt good to have someone plan something special out like this for her. With his clapping and cheers she felt pampered and it was all very sweet. After it went dark, Negan headed for the fuse box to turn the lights back on and it gave her the opportunity to finally look at the cake he had made for her. “Did you wish for something good?”
“If I told you, it wouldn’t come true,” she reminded him making Negan smirk and nod his head.
“Touché,” Negan leaned back against the wall watching her while she gazed over the cake that Negan made.
She found herself in awe of the details. It had a unicorn theme to it and she was absolutely amazed with what he had done, “You really made this?”
“No, I went to the local market and bought it. Of course I made it,” Negan gave a sarcastic response and it led to her giving him the middle finger. An amused, deep rumble fell from his throat when he folded his arms out in front of his chest. It seemed like Y/N viewed the cake more like a work of art than she did as something she was about to eat. “It’s not the first princess or unicorn themed cake I’ve made in my life.”
“How did you do this?” she inquired blown away that he could put something like this together in the world they lived in. Negan was proud. It was showing clearly in his eyes. It was a small cake covered in white frosting. The details of the cake were incredibly well done with the way he had piped them. It was meant to resemble the hair of the unicorn and it was done in pink and blue frosting. There was also a horn on the cake along with eyes. It was probably made more so for someone that was a child, but shit, she felt like a child in this moment and she loved it.
“Well, I made the buttercream. Then I added beets to naturally dye it pink and blueberries for the blue,” Negan explained moving forward and pointing toward the certain areas on the cake. “The horn I actually made a sugar waffle cone and then I circled the frosting around it and voila. Not the best thing I could put together, but I thought it looked cute.”
“Negan, considering the tools that you had, this is beautiful,” she exclaimed looking up to him with so much delight in her eyes. “I don’t even think I want to eat it.”
“Well now, that’s the best part,” Negan grumbled shaking his head and moving around her for the plates that he brought as well as the silverware.
“Is there anything you can’t do?” she breathed out making Negan shrug his shoulders before cutting into the cake. Even though he didn’t give her a response, she knew that he didn’t think that highly of himself. Yet, she did. It seemed like Negan was very skilled in so many areas and he never gave himself enough credit. “We’re having cake for breakfast, huh?”
“Well, I imagine that you are going to be spending the night with your boy, so I gotta get the cake in somehow. Plus, cake is a great way to start the day,” Negan winked, sliding her over a piece of the cake that he made seeing her eagerly take a seat at the table. Sitting down closer to her after he got a piece for himself, he watched her take a bite and he could tell by the look on her face that she enjoyed it which made his ego go up a bit. “Good?”
“Fantastic,” she insisted making his dimples sink in and she knew that he was proud. “The days that they have you working at the dining hall, I bet it’s busier than it normally is because you actually put your heart into this stuff.”
“I try my best,” Negan gave her a wink and took a bite of the cake himself. “I had a lot of time when I was younger to focus on cooking and baking. I liked to learn new things. I’m glad I haven’t lost all of the knowledge when it comes to doing this.”
“You are by far the best baker and cook I know,” she maintained taking another bite of her cake. Truth was? This cake was better than some of those she remembered having before the world fell to shit. Negan brought back her youth with every bite of his cake she took. It felt like the old world again and not something that someone pulled together in this small town. “The unicorn was a really nice touch. I give you credit for doing this.”
“Yeah, well, I’m never letting go of the whole unicorn confession,” Negan joked with her, giving her a wink when he reached for the horn that he made to put it on her plate. “That will make things magical for you today if you eat it.”
“Here, you take a bite first,” she playfully pushed it into his mouth making Negan choke when he wasn’t expecting her to do that. It covered his lips and his beard in the frosting making Negan give her a glare before biting down into the waffle cone he made for it. Negan grumbled something under his breath and it amused her to irritate him sometimes in the silliest of ways. Dragging his thumb out over his bottom lip, Negan collected what he could from the frosting and took his finger between his parted lips to suck off the remainder of the frosting. “Was it good?”
“Everything I make is good, but now the magic is not going to be there because you gave it to me,” Negan spoke with a mouthful seeing her take a bite of the cone that was covered in icing. After she finished off the cone that he had made, she grabbed something to wipe off the remainder of the frosting that he had missed that was still in his facial hair. It brought them closer together and she could feel the warmth of Negan’s breath over hers. Clearing his throat, Negan looked down and away making her arch her eyebrow. “What did your boyfriend do this morning?”
“Nothing,” she was honest noticing the surprise in Negan’s features grow. “I’m guessing that maybe he’s planning something special later because he didn’t even say a word. It was just a normal morning for the two of us. So maybe he’s playing it off like he doesn’t know so he can do something big later?”
“That sounds like something Joel would do,” Negan responded knowing that he had talked to Joel multiple times about Y/N’s birthday so there was no way that he didn’t know it was her birthday. Plus Joel had stressed many, many times with Negan that he was planning something big for her and he wouldn’t tell Negan so she was likely right. “You’ll have to tell me what the big surprise is tomorrow. I’m interested to see what the guy does now that he’s become Mr. Romantic.”
“That’s right, we’re here again tomorrow,” she knew that their days switched up a bit here and there to work with Negan’s schedule on things between the school and the dining hall. “I don’t expect much from him to be honest with you. Last year, we just kind of sat around and watched movies with Ellie. That was toward the beginning of our relationship though. Something like that would be nice again. I like spending time with just the two of them.”
“Something tells me that it’s going to be bigger than that,” Negan declared knowing that Joel had been very proud of what he was preparing to do. So proud in fact that he wouldn’t even tell Negan which was big for Joel since Joel was coming to him for help in just about everything else. “So I probably won’t be able to top whatever he has planned.”
“This was pretty nice,” she pointed to the cake and hummed when she took another bite. “I’m going to be on a sugar high, but I should take some of this back for Joel and Ellie to try. I think they will enjoy it too.”
“You’re so sweet sharing your cake with others when it’s your birthday,” Negan teased her, reaching out to squeeze over her shoulder before letting out a long sigh. “Pun intended I suppose.”
Finishing off her cake, Y/N made sure Negan was finished before grabbing the plates wanting to make sure that she cleaned things up since Negan was kind enough to do this whole thing for her, “So I guess since you liked the cake so much, I shouldn’t go to the presents then, huh?”
“Presents?” she looked back at him, her eyebrows bouncing up in amusement knowing that she had definitely not expected anything more than the cake. “You mean the cake wasn’t my present?”
“I could stop there if you want,” Negan watched her excitedly turn off the water and moved in beside him before placing her hands over his shoulders to give them a gentle squeeze. “I mean, I don’t want to pamper you too much or anything.”
“I like gifts,” she insisted knowing that she probably came off lame, but it was a long time since someone made a big deal out of her birthday. After the world fell to shit, she hadn’t had something like this in a very long time.
“They are probably cheesy, but they made me think of you,” Negan began reaching for the bag he had in the corner. Standing up, he placed the bag on the table and stared out at her with his big hazel eyes. “Now this first one, while I was locked up for a few years I started carving things. I had a lot of time on my hands which meant I was either carving things or reading.”
“That’s an interesting opening,” she was curious when he pulled out something from the bag and handed her over an item that was wrapped in old newspaper. It made her smile when she grabbed a careful hold of it and she was surprised that it had a bit of weight to it.
“Sorry for the bad wrap job, but there isn’t a whole lot of options when it comes to wrapping paper. So I used some old newspapers they had sitting around back here,” Negan swirled his finger around in the air watching her take her time to pull the newspaper apart.
“I like it,” she hushed him, lifting her gaze to see that he was actually nervous and it made her smile. Going back to carefully pulling off the newspaper, she let out a sound of awe when a wood carving was revealed to her. Lifting it up to her sight, she observed it carefully and let out an impressed sound seeing the unicorn statue that Negan had carved for her. It was on its back feet and the front two hooves were in the air and she was highly impressed he was able to pull this off in the amount of time that he did considering she didn’t tell him long ago the story about the unicorns. “Negan, this is beautiful.”
“I told you I was kind of sticking to the unicorn theme,” Negan shrugged his shoulders, watching her closely while her fingers stroked over the details. “I found a book around here and sculpted it based off of the picture. I know it’s not the coolest thing ever, but…”
“I love it Negan,” she silenced him, setting the sculpture down. Making sure it was safe, she tipped up on her toes and wrapped her arms around his shoulders to hug him closer. Negan lowered down, wrapping his arms around her waist to squeeze her tightly in his arms. “Thank you for always listening to me. You see me when no one else does.”
“Of course,” Negan whispered, nuzzling his nose in against the side of her neck while her fingers stroked at the back of his neck. “You are the one person here I want to see.”
Hearing things like that impressed Y/N. If there was one thing Negan was good at, it was making her feel seen. He knew the right things to say and it came so naturally for him. Tipping back her head, Y/N looked up at Negan with big eyes and shrugged, “You know Joel loves to do wooden sculptures too. You two are so much alike it hurts. I guess I can see why the two of you are so close now.”
“I knew he made guitars, but I didn’t know that he sculpted other things,” Negan’s nose wrinkled when he released her from the hug and moved back toward the bag.
“Yeah. I think the last thing I saw him sculpting was a rodeo cowboy on a horses back. He has this studio in our house where he has two work benches. One for making the acoustic guitars and the other for his wooden carvings. He’s done a bear that is like insanely good. Painted it and everything. Along with a few other animals. It blows my mind how much the two of you are alike.”
“I sense a bit of tension in there,” Negan circled his finger out at her making her frown and lean back against the counter that was behind her. When she folded her arms out in front of her chest, Negan smirked and tipped his head. “What?”
“I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t jealous of how quickly you and Joel became best friends,” she confessed making Negan snort and his eyes narrowed out at her. “I’m serious Negan. He’s going over your house all the time. I haven’t even been to your house like he has. I’ve just spent a few minutes in your living room and kitchen.”
“You could come to my house any time that you wanted to,” Negan pointed out making her sigh loudly. “I’m serious. You are always welcome in my house. You should know that.”
“I just don’t want to interrupt on your guy time together,” she frowned and a small rumble of an amused laugh fell from Negan making her cheeks flush over. “I think Joel likes having his alone time with you.”
“Well, let me tell you something,” Negan moved around the table back to her. Holding his hands out, he saw her eyeing them over before lowering her arms to give him her hands. Stroking his thumbs over the back of her hands, Negan’s hazel eyes were hooked on hers and he gave her a tiny smile. “While I care about the both of you, you’re still my favorite. I promise you that.”
“Negan,” she felt her face get hot and she leaned forward to rest her forehead against the center of his chest. “It’s okay if you like Joel. You don’t have to tell me that in order to make me feel better.”
“I’m not. I like the both of you, but you’re the one that is most special to me,” Negan assured her, curling his fingers against the side of her neck. His thumb caressed over her jawline getting her to raise her head up to look at him. Stroking his fingers at the side of her face, he exhaled loudly and nodded back toward the bag. “There is one more thing, but it’s kind of cheesy.”
“I’m sure it’s wonderful,” she stepped in closer to the table when Negan pulled out another gift for her. “How many more are there?”
“This is the last one, I promise,” Negan grunted when he held it out for her. “This one you’re going to want to grab with two hands.”
“Okay,” she smirked letting out a shocked sound with the weight to it. “You’re not kidding.”
“I never kid,” Negan joked making her laugh knowing that he was one of the silliest, smartass people she knew. Y/N set it down on the table and started pulling at the newspaper. When it was revealed, she lowered down to eye it over closely. Before her was an incredibly detailed snow globe that had a carousel on the inside of it with unicorns. Negan’s eyes were locked on her while she tried taking in every single detail of the present he had given her. “It plays music too…”
Negan reached for the heavy snow globe to turn the key to it allowing it to spin for her with the music playing and the snow fell inside of it. The colors inside of it were beautiful and it brought back memories of her childhood. It was a feeling that she didn’t even know that she had needed, but she did, “I didn’t make this one.”
“Where did you get this Negan? It’s beautiful,” she whispered, taking a seat at the table so she could eye over the spinning carousel on the inside of it.
“So Tommy and I usually help this older woman in town. Clean things up, do chores, what not…” Negan waved his hand about in the air when he was listing the things that he did. “She has a bunch of knick-knacks in her home, but there was this one and it caught my eye. I saw it and it made me think of you and I offered her a trade. The old woman really had a thing for whiskey, so I managed to trade one of the bottles that someone gifted me for it.”
“Negan, I don’t know what to say,” she heard him take a seat in beside her while she gazed at her present like a child that had never seen something like this before. “I love it. So much. I feel bad that you had to trade something for me…”
“Don’t, you’re worth it,” Negan interrupted her with a shake of his head happy to see that she seemed to like her gifts. “I thought it might be a little lame with me focusing on the whole unicorn thing, but you’re my unicorn. You’re beautiful and incredibly rare. Someone so incredibly special that you don’t think someone like you exists.”
“I’m not that special,” she cracked a smile and he could see that her eyes were getting damp after hearing him say such kind things to her. “I’m really not Negan.”
“You are,” Negan outstretched his hand and placed it in over hers in a comforting grasp. “You know, unicorns in folklore were said to heal the wounded. In a way, you have healed me from so much in my life. I was afraid of being close to people again, but with you…you made my heart into something that I never thought it would be again.”
“Negan,” she whispered feeling her heart aching knowing that everything he said was so entirely perfect and it brought back the memories of the past with him. There was a silence that filled the air between them. It hurt because if she didn’t have Joel in her life, she knew that things would be entirely different for her with Negan. With a shuddering breath, she swallowed down hard and looked down at their hands. “You do know that I love you too, right?”
A single tear slid down the side of her face when she lifted her eyes back up to him making Negan let out a sharp exhale, “It’s okay…”
“If things were different,” she began making Negan hush her. Tipping forward, Negan brought her hand to his mouth so he could deposit a kiss over the back of her hand. When he looked back to her, she could see that he was getting emotional from her getting that way. “I didn’t say it, but…”
“You don’t have to,” Negan whispered feeling her reach out with her free hand to palm in over the side of his face in a tender sweep. “You don’t have to tell me these things to keep me here because I’m not going anywhere. You have to know that.”
“It’s not fair,” Y/N announced making Negan’s jaw flex when she looked down toward the table. “Some people are put on this world and they are never lucky enough to find someone that they love. Hell, I thought I was one of those people. And then I come here and I fall in love with two men. Two crazy good-looking men,” she exclaimed behind a whimper making Negan smile before biting down on his bottom lip and nod. “One of them I fell for first and it took him forever to even try, but now he is. And the other says everything right and makes me feel better than anyone ever has.”
“We’re meant to be best friends Y/N,” Negan commented with a trembling breath himself, giving her a wink. “I love you, but with me…you’d just end up hurt. I’m a jinx Y/N. Every woman I’ve ever loved has died. I can’t have the same thing happen to you. So I’m okay with loving you this way…”
“You’re not a jinx Negan, you’ve just had so much happen to you in your life,” she slid closer to him, stroking her fingers over the side of his face making him close his eyes tightly. “I’m sorry I didn’t fall for you first. I didn’t think there was even a possibility…”
“I know,” Negan sniffled through his emotions, his eyes lifting back to her when he shrugged his shoulders. “But you’re meant to be with Joel. He’s better than me. You’re safe with Joel. Joel is a better man than I could ever be and with Joel, you’re happy. That’s all I want for you. I want you to be happy and I’ll be okay. I promise. I’m lucky just getting to be your friend.”
Sliding in closer, Negan pressed forward and deposited a loving kiss against her cheek, “Don’t you worry about me. I promise you I will be fine.”
“I’ll always worry about you,” she replied when she pulled back enough to stare into his hazel eyes. Pressing her forehead against his, she closed her eyes at the warmth of him close to her and sighed. “Thank you, for everything.”
“Happy birthday beautiful,” Negan hummed, nuzzling his nose in against hers before reaching out to pull her into a hug again. It was nice to hear the things she said, but he genuinely believed what he said to her. He was meant to be alone and if he got to see her happy with Joel, then that was all that mattered to him. He loved her enough to keep her far away from him so she couldn’t get hurt.
“Dude! I can’t believe how many explosions were in that movie!” Ellie boasted as her and Joel made their way back up the stairs to the house. Ellie’s excitement made Joel laugh and shake his head when he took his time walking up the steps to the door. Looking over his shoulder, Joel could see that the sun was going down and he sighed loudly. “How did they do all that in the past? Were they real?”
“Sometimes,” Joel grumbled pushing open the door to motion Ellie into the house. “At times they would have real explosions that took place, but a lot of the time they were CGI.”
“What does that mean?” Ellie looked back at Joel who thought it out for a moment.
“Computer generated images…I think,” Joel was visibly unsure of himself when he cracked a smile. “They would create all that on a computer. It was actually really cool what they were able to accomplish through green screens and computers that weren’t actually real.”
“That’s absolutely incredible,” Ellie jumped when they moved into the living room to see that Y/N was sitting on the couch. Y/N had a cover over her lap and she was resting against the arm of the couch watching something on the television. “Hey! I didn’t think you’d be here. Joel told me that you were going to be on patrol tonight.”
“Oh,” Y/N swallowed down hard and nodded her head, “That’s…that’s next week.”
“Well shit, we just went and saw one of the movies they play in town. If I would have known, I would have told this dope to come pick you up so you could have seen it with us,” Ellie reached back to hit Joel in the center of the chest making him grunt. “I walked up to meet him after work and it was his idea to go see the movie. I guess it was one of his favorites when he was younger. Lots of action and explosions. Total dude movie, but I think you would have liked it!”
“It sounds like it kiddo, I’m glad you like it,” Y/N gave Ellie a wink and pulled her blanket in closer to her body. “I hope the two of you had a good night.”
“Totally, but it’s cold out there. Joel was about to make us some hot chocolate, you want some?” Ellie offered pointing toward the kitchen.
"I’m fine,” Y/N shook her head and waved her hand in the air dismissively. “You two enjoy yourselves.”
“You sure babe? I don’t mind,” Joel slowly followed Ellie toward the kitchen and he saw her barely even look at him. Coming to a halt, he could tell that something was wrong and he tipped his head to the side. “What’s going on? You look upset.”
“Nothing,” she shot him a quick glance and felt an ache at her chest. It wasn’t worth being upset over though considering Joel and Ellie were able to have a good day together. Negan had let her go home early thinking that Joel would be doing something special for her birthday, but it was clear that Joel had absolutely no idea that it was her birthday. It was stupid of her to even think that he would have known anyways, so she didn’t want to get upset with him. “Just go enjoy your drinks…”
“What the hell are these?” Ellie called out from the kitchen when she likely came to see the cake that she had left on the counter along with the two gifts that Negan had given her. “This cake looks crazy!”
“Oh, the leftovers were meant to be for you and Joel,” Y/N bit at her bottom lip when she pulled herself up from the couch moving around Joel to go into the kitchen to grab some plates for the two of them. “Negan made me this incredible cake and I wanted to save some for the two of you so you could have some.”
“Why?” Ellie’s nose wrinkled letting out a tight laugh. “Was he making a practice cake for the real one next Saturday?”
“Uhm, no,” Y/N felt her throat tightening when she watched Ellie eyeing over the snow globe that Negan had given her. Stopping for a moment to show Ellie how it worked, she heard the awe that Ellie had while she watched it. Part of her wished that she would have put the cake and the presents away so she didn’t have to explain this awkward encounter. “Today…today was my birthday.”
“No, it’s next Saturday,” Ellie looked back over her shoulder seeing the way that Joel’s eyebrows furrowed and it looked like all the color had drained from his features. “Joel told me the other day that it was next Saturday.”
“It’s okay kiddo,” she blew it off and waved her hand about in the air while she cut the two of them some cake. “Birthdays really aren’t a big deal and it sounds like the two of you had a good day together. That’s a good enough gift for me.”
“I marked your birthday on the calendar and I…” Joel went over to the calendar to look at it realizing that he had mixed her birthday with the day she was supposed to go on patrol. Feeling his heart drop, Joel looked back at Y/N with panic in his eyes and suddenly he knew what was wrong when they had walked into the house.
“You idiot,” Ellie scolded Joel after seeing on the calendar he had made that he marked clearly that it was her birthday today.
“I am so sorry,” Joel immediately apologized, his Adam’s apple bouncing in his throat seeing that she was clearly trying to hold back her emotions and not act upset, but she was. There was visible disappointment and sadness over her face and he felt guilty as shit. “I mixed your patrol and your birthday up. I looked the other day and I should have looked again. I swear to God…”
“Joel, please. It’s okay,” she responded with a simple shrug of her shoulders. “Don’t worry about it. It’s just another day. It’s no big deal. Trust me, it’s okay.”
“It’s a big deal Y/N,” Ellie moved around the counter, reaching out to hug her arms tightly around Y/N’s lower half to give her a big hug. “I swear if I would have known I would have made sure you came with us tonight. I just didn’t know.”
“Sweetheart, it’s okay,” Y/N vowed, reaching down to brush her fingers over the side of Ellie’s face. There were mixed emotions in Ellie’s eyes. Ellie was sad when she learned it was Y/N’s birthday and that was the last thing Y/N wanted for her. “I’m not upset.”
“Just wait here, I have your gifts,” Ellie pulled away from Y/N in a haste and ran out the back door leaving Joel and Y/N alone together.
“I…I’m so sorry,” Joel stood at the middle of the kitchen looking visibly miserable that he had mixed up the dates on his calendar. The color was drained from his face and his lips were parted. One of his hands were resting on his hip while the other stroked down over the side of his face. “I swear, I thought next Saturday was your birthday and I have so much planned for that day. I mixed up the two days. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” she repeated what she had been saying, shaking her head when he fed her promises. “I know you’re busy. You’ve been spending a lot of time working at the powerplant. You’ve had a lot on your mind and it’s no big deal, Joel. It’s just another day.”
“You should be furious with me,” Joel stammered seeing her shake her head and finish putting together the plates of cake for him and Ellie. “Please get mad at me. Yell at me. Do something.”
“I don’t want to be mad at you,” she whispered looking up from where she was at the other side of the kitchen. Her eyes were damp, but she simply just shook her head. “I’m being childish anyways. Birthdays don’t mean anything anymore Joel. We’re lucky to even know what day it actually is. Plus, it’s just another year closer to death. Who wants to celebrate that shit?”
“No, it’s a year celebrating another year of being on the planet and being…you,” Joel stepped forward, knowing that he was so angry at himself for what he had done. Knowing that if he would have just came home instead of assuring Ellie that they would be okay to go to the movie, he would have known that Y/N was home. “You’re not being childish.”
“Joel,” she watched him brace his hands out over the counter to stare out at her. “Stop looking at me like that. You’re going to make me emotional and I don’t want to be.”
“It’s not bad being emotional when someone you love fucks up,” Joel reasoned with her hearing her let out a tremoring breath and she lowered her head down toward the counter. “You went above and beyond for my birthday to try and keep me distracted since you knew what happened with Sarah. I swear to you, I had so much planned, I didn’t forget your birthday, I just got the days mixed up. I am so fucking stupid…”
“You’re fine,” she held her hand up and he saw a single tear sliding down over the side of her face. “Please stop.”
“I swear, I can prove it,” Joel heard the sound of Ellie returning and he watched Y/N reach up to wipe at her face to try to hide from Ellie that she was crying when Ellie came hurrying back into the house with her gifts in her hands.
“I know these aren’t great and I’m sorry I don’t have them wrapped or anything,” Ellie waved Y/N over to the table setting down three drawings that she had done for Y/N’s birthday. Joel stood back, wishing like hell that he would be able to start the day over. “I’m still working on the whole drawing thing. I know I still suck but I did one of you, one of you and Joel and then one of all three of us together.”
“You don’t suck sweetheart, these are beautiful,” Y/N reached out to hook her arm around Ellie to pull her close to her while she looked over the drawings. “I can visibly see that this is me, you and Joel. I’m going to make sure we put these up. They are stunning.”
“Okay, now I know you are being too nice to me. They aren’t that good,” Ellie leaned her head in against Y/N when Y/N picked up the drawing that was supposed to be of her and Joel together. It was obviously something Ellie had drawn on one of the movie nights they did. They were cuddled up on the couch so it had to be one of their more recent nights they shared as a family since Joel only just started to pick that up. “One day, I’ll redo them when I actually get good.”
“These are fantastic,” Y/N reassured her, leaning down to press a quick kiss at Ellie’s temple. “I love them.”
“Oh! And there is one more thing,” Ellie held her finger up and stepped back to shove into her pocket to dig out the bracelet that she had made by hand for Y/N. “Maria was teaching me how to make these and I made this one specifically for you. It has some kind of beads on it that are meant to bring you good luck.”
“I love it,” Y/N smiled, holding out her wrist for Ellie to put it on for her and she shook her head. “I won’t take it off. I promise you.”
“You don’t have to promise that,” Ellie chuckled, her eyebrows furrowing when she looked up at Y/N’s face after she finished putting the bracelet on for her. Y/N gave her a big smile, but it was obvious that Y/N was still sad but doing her hardest to hide it from Ellie. Moving forward, Ellie gave Y/N another big bear hug before stepping back. “That’s it, I’m going to make sure all three of us get hot chocolate and we’re going to cut you a piece of Negan’s incredibly beautiful cake. Then we’re going to go into that living room and watch movies together until at least midnight because it’s still your birthday. We have about three or four hours left and we’re going to make the best of it.”
“You don’t have to do that honey. I know you’re probably tired,” Y/N watched Ellie push Joel toward the counter in attempts to get him to make the hot chocolate. “I’m serious, I’m tired too and I have to work at the library again tomorrow.”
“No. Absolutely not. We’re making the hot chocolate, we’re eating cake and watching movies,” Ellie pulled out another plate for Y/N and headed over to cut another piece of cake doing her best to try to make up for the error that they had made today. After she cut the cake, she took all of the plates of the cake to the living room to set them on the coffee table. Joel was working to put together the hot chocolate when Ellie came into the kitchen to reach for Y/N’s hands to pull her toward the living room. “We need you to pick a movie.”
“Why don’t you pick one?” Y/N suggested feeling Ellie pulling her over toward the DVDs that were there.
“Nope, uh-uh, it’s your birthday,” Ellie got on her knees and made Y/N do the same. They focused on a few of them before picking one out that Y/N knew that both Ellie and Joel would end up liking. Joel carefully brought two mugs into the living room to set them down on coasters before going back to grab his own.
When he returned Ellie was already sitting in the middle of the couch and they ended up watching two movies together. Toward the middle of the second one, Ellie had slid onto the ground and she was resting her head against Y/N’s knee visibly wanting to be close to her to show her the affection she needed. Y/N’s hand was pressed against the middle of the couch and Joel reached out to place his hand over hers. It hurt to see that she didn’t react much, she just allowed him to hook his fingers with hers while they finished the movie.
At the end of the film, Ellie was out cold and had fallen asleep on Y/N who had been stroking her fingers through her hair, “You should just pick her up and put her in the room you have here for her.”
“Good idea,” Joel got up from the couch with a groan, taking his time to pick up Ellie in his arms before moving for the stairs. Y/N took time cleaning things up downstairs while Joel laid Ellie down in the spare bedroom that was meant for her. The sound of footsteps were heard and when Joel went to the bedroom he could see that Y/N was getting ready for bed. “Please, let me show you something.”
“Joel,” she felt his arms hooking around her waist to pull her back toward him. Pressing kisses in over the side of her neck, Joel stroked his fingers over the part of her shoulder that was exposed before depositing another wet kiss there. “I’m tired.”
“Please,” Joel begged, sliding his fingers between hers to grasp tightly to them. Leading her toward his studio where he worked, Joel motioned her to sit down before he headed over toward the guitar that he had been working on finishing. “This was meant to be your gift. I know that you wanted to learn and you wanted to hear me sing. So I was working on this for you.”
Joel moved across the room and held out the unfinished guitar allowing her to look over it, “If you look, I put your initials on it and there were butterflies that I put into the design. I didn’t forget your birthday Y/N. I just mixed the days up. I just have to finish with the strings and then your guitar is completely finished. I swear to you.”
“It’s really beautiful Joel,” she acknowledged, stroking her fingers over the guitar. For so long she had been begging to hear him sing. Occasionally she heard him strumming on his guitar, but he had never really sang for her. Ellie told her about a time that Joel actually sang for her before giving her the guitar that he gifted her with. It was just something he avoided at all costs. After being together a year, she figured it was never going to happen. “When it’s finished, I’ll be very proud to have one of your beautiful guitars.”
“I’ll teach you how to play,” he insisted, lowering down so that he was knelt before her while she held onto the acoustic guitar he was making her. “We’ll have you playing in no time. Just like Ellie. The two of you can work together on it.”
“Sounds amazing,” she gave him a weak smile and he reached out to caress his hand in over her knee in a supportive caress. “Thank you for making that for me. It’s very sweet of you.”
“I was planning on singing something for you for your birthday, do you want to hear it?” Joel stood up to his feet hearing her standing and going over to set her guitar where he had had it originally. Wrapping his fingers around his personal guitar, he pulled it into his arms and was surprised to see her standing by the doorway. “I had a song picked out and everything. I was going to do it differently, but I don’t mind doing it for you.”
“Ellie is asleep,” she whispered, shrugging her shoulders when Joel gave her a saddened expression. “You don’t have to keep trying so hard Joel. I told you it was okay and I meant it. It’s okay. I’m going to just get ready for bed.”
“Y/N,” Joel frowned setting his guitar back where he normally had it. Following her into the bedroom, he sat on the edge of the bed and watched her getting ready. The silence was actually killing him. He wanted her to be upset with him. He was upset with himself for getting the days mixed up. It was his own mistake and fault. It was something that he should have double checked, yet he fucked up and he did it bad. When she laid down in bed, Joel got up and pulled his shirt from his body tossing it onto the ground. Pulling apart his belt, he didn’t know what he could do in order to make things better or at least make her feel special. It was obvious her feelings were hurt. After everything he had done to make her happy and to win her over the way he should have been the whole time, this was just a huge step backwards for him. Kicking out of his boots, Joel got his jeans from his body and then carefully got onto his knees on the bed in only his boxers. Falling forward onto his hands, Joel took his time crawling in over her and pinning her beneath him. With a smirk, he lowered down onto one arm and used the other to stroke his fingers against the side of her face. “Since it was your birthday, how about I pleasure you and then we make love?”
“I’m really tired Joel,” she felt his lips hovering in over hers making a chill flood her body at the warmth of his breath radiating over her flesh. “I’m really okay. I don’t need you to go down on me. I don’t need you to make love to me. I’m okay Joel.”
“You’re not,” Joel frowned, tracing over her lips with his thumb and he swallowed down hard. “I feel really bad Y/N because I had a full day planned out. I took off work on that day. I had so many things planned for the whole day. I fucked up. I got the days mixed up and it was…it was supposed to be a special day.”
“Shit happens,” she whispered feeling worse the more he talked about it while he laid over her. His fingers were stroking over the side of her face and she didn’t want to get emotional, but the more they talked about it the more emotional she actually found herself being. “Some people don’t get to spend their birthdays with the people they love. I got to spend my morning with my best friend and then ended the night with the man I love and my…Ellie. I had a better day than most people these days do. I shouldn’t be greedy and childish. This is on me Joel. Please…okay? Just…stop.”
“It’s okay to be upset,” Joel hushed her when he saw that tears were burning at her eyes again. Caressing his thumb in over her cheek, Joel shook his head and felt an incredible amount of guilt eating away at him. “I tell you what? Saturday, we’re going to make it completely your day. Do everything like I had planned from the start. I took the day off, we’re going to celebrate like it is really your birthday and I promise you I’m going to make up for it.”
“That’s the day I have patrol Joel,” she reminded him with a saddened breath while Joel stroked his fingers into her hair. “I can’t.”
“You know who I am. You know I can get you to do whatever I want and the people in town here will just agree with it. So Saturday, you are going to have the day off. And I’m going to do everything I planned to do with you, okay?” Joel confirmed with her making her nod and swallow down hard. “I promise you on Saturday, you’re going to love what I had planned, okay?”
“Okay,” she simply shrugged her shoulders not knowing what to say at this point. Joel wanted her to agree to it, so that’s what she did. Swiping away at her tears, Joel leaned down and kissed over her face trying to comfort her knowing that she was sad. “Joel, I’m feeling ridiculous.”
“Please don’t, I know that I fucked up,” Joel tried to kiss her seeing her turn away from him so she could wipe at her tears and he sighed. “I’m sorry. I’ve been doing so good and then I fuck up like this. I didn’t mean to, I swear. I just have been working so hard and I looked at the dates and obviously…”
“Joel, I told you don’t worry about it,” she pressed her hand in over the center of his chest to try to get him to back up. “Please let it go. I agreed to Saturday. We’ll do what you want and it’s fine. I’m fine. Really.”
Nodding his head, Joel felt her moving under him to get him to get off of her. Sliding in behind her when she turned onto her side, Joel rest his head in against hers while holding her in his arms. It wasn’t just an arm around her waist, it was him full on cuddling right now. It was obvious he was trying to make up for the mistake that he made, but she just wished he would be him. This wasn’t him being him, this was Joel feeling guilty for making the error that he had.
Doing her best, she pretended to fall asleep. She didn’t want to have to talk more about things right now. She felt ridiculous and childish. To want something big for her birthday and to feel special just felt ignorant on her end. Joel shouldn’t have felt bad. Making him feel guilty over something as small as that felt ridiculous to her. But the more he talked about it, the more her feelings hurt and she felt bad. It was strange and she just didn’t want to focus on it anymore.
Toward the middle of the night, she felt Joel get up from where he was laying behind her. Not allowing him to see that she was awake, she noticed the way he sat at the edge of the bed. It looked like he was contemplating something before finally getting up. When he looked back at her, she hoped he hadn’t noticed that she was awake. The sound of him pulling his pants on was heard making her swallow down hard. Joel was quick to get dressed and when she heard him heading downstairs, curiosity got the best of her. Pulling herself out of the bed, the front door opening was heard and she looked out the window to see that he was walking out of the house.
It was wrong since she had done something similar in the past, but she was eager to know where he was going. Heading quickly down the stairs, she grabbed a jacket and threw it on before sliding into her shoes. When she moved out onto the front porch, she waited watching Joel in the distance. In the darkness with the streetlights, she could see Joel stop at Negan’s house making her let out a long exhale. Joel seemed to wait a few before Negan finally came to the door. Joel and Negan spoke for a second before Negan came outside after grabbing a jacket. They walked around Negan’s house and maybe it was wrong, but she wanted to know what they were talking about.
Moving swiftly down the street, she started to slow down when she got to Negan’s house. Following the same path they did earlier, she paused at the side of the house when she heard the sound of them talking getting louder, “Slow down, what happened?”
“I got her birthday mixed up,” Joel’s southern drawl filled the yard and Y/N stole a quick gaze seeing that Negan was rubbing at his tired eyes. “I thought next Saturday was her birthday and she was going on patrol today. It was the opposite. Instead of doing anything special, I went to a movie with Ellie and she was alone to herself all day long.”
“Shit,” Negan grumbled out loud, brushing his fingers through his messy hair from where he was seated on one of the chairs that were in his backyard. “That’s a big fuck up. How did you do that? I’ve been mentioning her birthday relentlessly to you.”
“I don’t know! I thought I had everything planned out and I fucked up,” Joel threw his hands up in the air before resting them at his hips. “You have to tell me what to do. What can I do to fix this Negan? There has to be something, right? I told her I would do everything I had planned for her this upcoming Saturday because I already had everything planned out then anyways. I was stressed with work and I just, it was my own fault. I should have double checked.”
“Jesus Joel, I don’t know,” Negan reasoned with his friend making Joel groan out and huff loudly. When Joel paced, Y/N stepped back so he wouldn’t be able to see her. Pressing her back against the wall of the house, she made sure that she was hidden while she eavesdropped on their conversation. “Someone’s birthday only comes once a year.”
“But what would you do?” Joel begged for an answer from Negan, throwing him a pleading look. “You’ve fixed everything so far.”
“I didn’t fix anything Joel. I just gave you the ideas and you implemented them. That was all you,” Negan reminded Joel making Y/N step closer to the edge of the house again watching the two men that she cared the most for interacting together. “I was in the doghouse a lot when I was married to Lucille. I fucked up and I fucked up a lot. This is just one of those moments where you need to step the fuck up. You made a mistake, you prove to her now more than ever that you care about her. Don’t slip up again.”
“But what would you do to get her to feel better? You’re the one that came up with the notes all over the house and the flowers. Both those things I think were the things that made her the happiest,” Joel mentioned making Y/N’s heart sink hearing Joel say that. At this point, she thought it was Joel finally coming to with things. All the sweet romantic gestures that had impressed her weren’t coming from Joel, but they were actually coming from Negan and Joel was just doing what Negan said to. “Everything that has made her happy came from you. So what do I do Negan?”
“Keep your promise,” Negan stood up from the chair that he was in reaching out to grab a hold of Joel’s shoulders to get him to stop pacing back and forth. Negan caressed over Joel’s shoulders and simply shrugged his shoulders. “Take everything I’ve told you to do and just keep implementing it, Joel. Y/N loves you. Was she mad?”
“No. She was sad, but she wouldn’t act on it,” Joel recalled informing Negan of what had happened. “She kept wanting to cry, but she feels ridiculous for being upset, but right now I feel like the biggest asshole. There has to be some kind of idea that you have. Something I can do between now and then that will make her feel good. Something that will make up for what I did.”
“Joel,” Negan tipped his head back and grunted to himself. While Y/N appreciated that Joel was desperate to make her happy, it actually broke her heart to see that everything that had awed her and made her swoon was coming directly from Negan. It wasn’t something that Joel did on his own and wanted to do. He was coached by her best friend. The man that had obviously known her better than anyone. “Okay. So, try this. One night, if you’re comfortable. Take her down by the water when it’s just before sunset. Grab one of the horses. Sit by the water and just as the sun starts going down, fireflies start to come out. I know that sounds cheesy as hell after everything with the fireflies, but one of her fondest memories as a child was going to the lake with her family and chasing fireflies. It will remind her of her childhood. There shouldn’t be any infected or people around. If it’s warm enough, tell her how beautiful she is. How you can’t imagine not having her in your life. How she makes you feel alive and how much you care about her. Say to her everything I’ve told you in the past. Then maybe make love to her under the night sky. Out here, it’s beautiful. There aren’t a lot of lights to pollute the night sky. It will make her feel special. And she’ll be with you. Maybe that would be the best time to tell her that you love her.”
“I can’t tell her that yet,” Joel frowned making her chest hurt hearing all of this. What Negan said sounded beautiful. How romantic Negan genuinely was made her heart ache. Things were spiraling in her mind making each thing all the more complicated for her. Knowing that all the things that had made her fall even more in love with Joel were Negan’s ideas hurt because she knew that it wasn’t Joel and because it was more obvious than ever Negan really did love her. Knowing that he was giving Joel all of these ideas in order to make her happy just brought a whole new perspective on Negan for her. “But that’s a good idea. I’ll do that.”
“I think it will help ease the pain of today,” Negan dragged his hands down over Joel’s arms, giving Joel’s wrists a firm squeeze. Now it all made sense why Joel didn’t want her to come over when he was spending time with Negan. Joel didn’t want her to know that the Joel he was becoming now was made by Negan. “You should be home with her instead of being here with me right now Joel.”
“I know, I just…I feel terrible Negan,” Joel confessed dropping down into one of the seats and Negan sat down beside him.
Instead of listening to them continue to talk, Y/N had heard enough. Heading back home, she went into the kitchen to look at the gifts that Negan had gotten for her. When it came to her overall, Negan knew her better than anyone. That should have been Joel. Joel lived with her. Yet, Negan knew about her love for unicorns, stories about her past…Negan knew what to do in order to make her happy. Joel had no clue. He just wanted to do whatever it took to make her happy.
Twisting the key on the snow globe after shaking it, Y/N watched the carousel spinning and she truthfully never felt more confused in her life than she did right now.
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gimmethatagustd · 10 months
nectar | pjm
Tumblr media
Humans have this annoying habit of being drawn to danger, and you’re having a hard time stopping yourself from sinking your teeth into your new roommate. You’re not sure what’s more tantalizing: his impossibly good looks or his seemingly innocent way of flirting with the darkest part of you.
» pairing: human!jimin x vampire!reader 
» date & wc: May 2022 | 16k
» genre: BTS | 18+ | roommates to lovers | supernatural au | (why do i keep writing college aus??) | smut | angst | fluff (maybe?)
» warnings: alcohol | biting (it’s a vampire fic, duh) | blood | blood play | choking | degradation kink | discrimination (humans vs. vampires) | fingering | hypnosis | lots of swearing | masturbation | pain kink | reader is kinda mean to jimin for most of the fic | scratching | slapping | unprotected sex | vampire venom gets jimin high
» notes: *tiktok sound* this shit rated porn !!!! pls pay attention to the warnings. i don’t wanna freak anyone out unexpectedly!! but anyway this was really fun to write. i looooooove supernatural aus and i wanted to make a member the human for once. so i hope you freaks enjoy! 🧛🏽🩸💦
» masterlist | ao3 | send me ur thots 👅
» what was jai listening to? nectar - wayv // boy meets evil - bts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ambrogio University had the bright idea to open its doors to humans. Having been a private university for vampires for five centuries, the controversial decision to end the admissions practice of denying humans was the university president’s final declaration before retiring. She had been known for operating from a far more inclusive mindset compared to previous presidents. But despite her charitable mindset, most current students, alumni, and staff were up in arms about the whole thing. Even a few trustees were ready to pull out of supporting the university (and many of them actually did). Not only was there a social shift on campus, but there was a sudden concern about the financial impact of opening the university’s doors to humans. 
Still, the efforts were underway with full force. A flood of humans were applying as first years, and even more were transferring from human-only universities. 
Which was how you ended up with a new human transfer student, Park Jimin, standing at the front door of your dorm with a backpack slung over his shoulder, a large cardboard box in his arms, and a suitcase at his feet. You’re sure he’d given you a proper greeting, but all you could focus on was his prominent Adam's apple and his muscular neck. 
This shit was stupid. 
The university was running out of human-only dorms, the administration said. They had nowhere to put the influx of new students - aside from filling up vacant rooms. And it just so happened that you had a vacant room. Your old roommate’s parents pulled her out of the university once they learned that humans would be allowed in. You’d barely been in class for a week and she was gone. 
Although you had nothing against humans, you’d put up a fight before eventually giving in to having one live with you. It sounded like such a bad idea to bring non-vampires into what was supposed to be a safe haven. Were they just going to ignore the centuries of violence humans had inflicted on vampires? Or the controversial but true reality that some vampires simply had very little self control around other species? What was the university going to do if some human student got found sucked dry in the library? Vampires were still living on the outskirts of human society; any tragedy at the university would only push everyone’s efforts back decades. Maybe even centuries. 
None of your protests mattered, and the administration ultimately swayed you with the promise that they’d heavily discount your housing fees if you roomed with a human. 
You had to sign a rather lengthy contract before being paired with the human. No harassment or discriminatory behavior against the human. No biting the human. No drinking the human’s blood, regardless of source or method. No hypnotizing or using any other form of supernatural powers against the human. No turning the human into a vampire. The list of rules went on and on. You presumed the humans had their own version of the contract to sign, but you had yet to ask anyone about it. And because you were a born vampire rather than a turned vampire, you had to undergo a short training to learn the basic functions of a human, though most of the training was merely a reiteration of the contract rules and didn’t really provide any useful information. 
What seemed like the most important thing to remember was that humans were fragile, unbelievably so. And they were stupid, so they didn’t understand just how fragile they really were. 
Your new roommate looked like he was probably the stupid kind of human. You watched him with your arms crossed against your chest, your dark maroon hawk eyes cataloging his features as he stood in the doorway. He was pretty, much prettier than the humans you’d ever interacted with, which admittedly wasn’t many. Aside from the allure of his neck, he had suggestively plump lips and sharp eyes that were overpowered by his puffy cheeks when he smiled. Despite his lean, muscular body, there was a softness to him that only added to your belief that he was stupid. Softness in humans was dangerous, and this kid clearly didn’t realize how vulnerable he was. 
“Hi, I’m Jimin,” he said, raising his shoulders in a greeting since his hands were too full to wave. There were the puffy cheeks coming out. You hated how cute he was. 
“You smell like sweat,” you replied, dropping your arms to your side. There were a few other things the training had insisted you do with your new human. One of which was to attempt to make yourself as humanlike as possible, as to make your human more comfortable in his new environment. Which was, again, stupid, but you supposed it wouldn’t kill you to force yourself to walk at a humanlike speed and not drink bottled blood while you lounged in the living room where he could see.
By the way the human’s eyes grew wide you figured your comment probably wasn’t a very human thing to say. 
Oh well. 
“I’ve been carrying heavy things and it’s really hot outside…” the human mumbled, but you were already heading down the hallway. He quickly followed you, awkwardly dragging his suitcase behind him as he went. 
“Unfortunately, we have to share a bathroom, but there should be enough room for you to put your stuff in the cabinets.” You gestured toward the bathroom door and continued down the hall, briefly stopping at a closed door. “That’s my room. Don’t go in there.” 
You tossed a look over your shoulder to narrow your eyes at Jimin. He audibly gulped and nodded his head. 
“Good. And this is your bedroom.” You stopped in front of the door, standing to the side so Jimin could enter. You watched him take in his surroundings, trying not to stare too much at the way his Adam’s apple bobbed every time he swallowed. He brushed his blonde bangs away from his forehead and you could see the sweat that had accumulated from the late-summer humidity outside. 
“Do you need water?” you asked tentatively, eyes narrowed as you waited for his response. When humans sweat, they need water, right?  
“Oh yes, please!” Jimin sat his luggage down and followed you like a little puppy back to the front of your dorm where the living room and kitchen were. 
“I don’t really have a lot of dishes,” you admitted, handing him a glass. “I don’t need them, so…” You weren���t sure if it was against best practices to talk about your diet with your human, but it was bound to come up eventually. 
If Jimin was put off, he didn’t give any reaction. He simply guzzled down his water and leaned against the kitchen counter, watching you expectantly. It was annoying. 
“They told me they built a dining hall for… humans.” The word fell from Jimin’s lips awkwardly, as if he’d never said the word human before. “Do you think the food is good or should I probably just make my own food? The college I transferred from had really shitty food.” 
You stood there for a moment, staring at him blankly. He was joking, right? 
“I’ve never had it, so I don’t know.” 
His eyes grew wide for a moment, but he quickly let them fall back to normal again and simply nodded his head. 
The two of you stared at each other for much longer than you were comfortable with. Jimin leaned against the kitchen counter and shamelessly watched you, never looking away when you caught his gaze. 
“You never told me your name,” he said with a small smile, as though he thought you were being forgetful and cute. 
“They didn’t tell you who you were rooming with?” 
The human shook his head.
“I’m Y/N.” It seemed pretty dumb of him to agree to live with someone you didn’t have any information on, but you reminded yourself that you’d done the same thing… 
“How old are you?” 
Your eyebrows shot up at his sudden question and you blinked a few times in surprise. “What, do you think I’m from the 1800s or some shit? Some ancient freak?” 
“No! I just, I was just wondering,” he stuttered, lips sticking out in a nervous pout. You could hear his heartbeat increase slightly. 
“I’m twenty-two. Shocking, huh?” You took a step towards Jimin and his heart picked up again. With narrowed eyes, you leaned into his personal space, close enough to see your own reflection in his eyes. How funny. 
“You humans watch Twilight and suddenly think you’re experts.” As you spoke you watched Jimin’s eyes land on your mouth, likely noticing your elongated canines for the first time. “Don’t believe everything you see on TV, kid. It might get you into trouble.” 
You took a step back and allowed Jimin some space to breathe because you noticed he’d stopped at some point in your little interrogation. Definitely didn’t want your human passing out on his first day. You were sure the university administration would hate that. 
“Gimme your phone.” 
“What?” Jimin eyed you curiously. 
“Gimme your phone.” You held out your hand impatiently. “Roommates need to have each other’s numbers. Didn’t you have a roommate at your old college?” 
“Yeah, but he…” 
You didn’t need Jimin to finish his sentence. You knew what he was going to say. But he wasn’t a vampire. 
With a huff you snatched his phone out of his hand, quickly inputting your number before handing it back. “Don’t call me unless it’s an emergency. I hate talking on the phone.” 
Jimin nodded quickly, hopefully learning that he would be better off keeping his mouth shut. 
“Good. I gotta go to class, but uh, make yourself at home.” 
You were going to regret this. 
Tumblr media
As it turned out, surprisingly, Jimin was a pretty chill roommate. After everything you’d heard about humans growing up, you’d thought he would require a lot more work. Thankfully, he was rather self-sufficient. He spent most of his time in the library, not that you knew that; all you were going off of was what he’d told you. And when he was at your dorm, he didn’t require much out of you. The main thing that you could really live without was his incessant questions. 
“Do you care if I use garlic? Garlic powder?” 
You lifted your head from where you laid sprawled out on the living room couch, pillow tucked under your arm and a Nat Geo special about King Tut on the TV. You could see Jimin standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open. 
“Excuse me?” 
Jimin turned to look at you, a soft pout forming on his face that could only be explained by his desire to be accommodating for you, despite having no idea what he was fucking talking about. 
“Well, is it true that vampires don’t like garlic?” He brushed his bangs out of the way and looked into your eyes from across the room. Unlike the other humans scurrying around the university, intimidated by their vampire peers, Jimin met your gaze with no hesitation or timidness. It was odd. 
“No. That’s a myth,” you said with a sigh, plopping down on your pillow. Jimin had thrown these types of stereotypical questions your way at least three times a day. Initially it had pissed you off, but he was slowly starting to wear you down. It was hard to get mad when he looked at you with such soft eyes, lips slightly parted, a look of earnestness on his face as though you were going to give him forbidden knowledge.  
If anything, the worst part was him simply existing. You’d never spent so much time with a human in such close proximity before. You’d assumed after the first few days you’d get used to the sound of his heart, the smell of his skin, the way you could see his pulse in his neck when he was hunched over his textbooks at the kitchen table. 
Yet here you were, weeks later, subconsciously licking your lips as you watched him watch you. 
Jimin let out a small hmm and turned back to the grocery list he was making. Assuming the conversation was over, you turned back to your show and settled deeper into the blanket you had wrapped around you. 
“Is it true that vampire bites feel good?” 
Jimin migrated to the living room and dared to sit down on the other end of the couch you were lying on. The close proximity genuinely startled you, although you refused to let it show. You’d never been so close to him, and for good reason. Everything about his smell and the pumping of his veins inside his body was enhanced the closer he got to you. You could feel your own breathing hitch, and you quickly sat up.  
“Who told you that?” you asked him slowly, tongue heavy in your mouth. 
Jimin shrugged, leaning his head back slightly to run his fingers through his blonde locks. The action exposed his neck slightly, making his Adam’s apple more prominent. “I’ve just heard people say that.” 
You stared at him for a long time, unsure of how you should approach the question. The training your university had provided hadn’t addressed anything like this. 
“It can… depending on the situation.” 
“Like what?” 
You narrowed your eyes at him. “Why do you want to know this shit all of a sudden?” 
“It’s not all of a sudden.” Jimin gave you a smile that reached his eyes. He brought up his legs to cross them on the couch. “I’m just curious. I’ve never had a vampire friend before.” 
Friend. He thought you were friends. Cute. Unrealistic, but cute.
“Getting bitten hurts like hell, obviously. It’s pointy bones stabbing into your flesh,” you said with an exasperated sigh. You drew your knees against your chest and wrapped your arms around them. “But the… venom in our… fangs… makes the experience feel pleasurable after the initial pain. I think scientists say it’s like being high or something.” 
You didn’t like the panicky feeling in your chest as you shared what felt like deep, dark secrets with an outsider. The thing was that a simple Google search could tell him everything he wanted to know.
You could practically see the gears turning in Jimin’s head as he reflected on what you’d explained. It made the anxiety in you heighten, and you felt the need to add a disclaimer to your words, “But some vampires are really sadistic. They like to make it hurt.” 
Why you thought you needed to protect him was beyond you. Maybe because you thought he was dumb. And you didn’t like the way your peers eyed him in the halls like he was something to eat. 
“Some humans don’t mind a little pain.” 
Your eyes nearly popped out of your head. What the fuck? Was Jimin alluding to something or was he merely playing devil’s advocate? 
He bit his bottom lip and you saw his eyes roam your face, which you quickly tried to make neutral and expressionless. It was too late, though. The tiniest of smirks lifted up the corner of Jimin’s mouth. 
“Well, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been bitten by another vampire,” you said with a glare, but you were lying through your teeth. Your last ex-boyfriend had been… weird, to say the least. Not that Jimin needed to know that. 
You quickly stood up, gathering your blanket and phone. “End of discussion. Some things are better not knowing,” you said with a sharp look at Jimin, but his smirk had disappeared. In its place was a soft pout and his puppy eyes gazed up at you with a look of innocence your mind could hardly comprehend. 
“Thank you, Y/N,” he said gently, standing up. He reached out to run his fingers along your forearm. “I like talking to you. You make me feel less different.” 
His hand was warm against your deathly cold skin and if you still had a working heart you knew it would be hammering to get out of your chest. A human had never touched you before. 
“Uh… I’m happy I could be of service,” you spoke barely above a whisper, looking away from Jimin’s gaze. Now you were the one sounding stupid. 
“I’m going to the store, but if you need anything, let me know!” And with that Jimin headed back to the kitchen to retrieve his grocery list and jacket. Even after the front door was shut and locked, you couldn’t look away from where Jimin had been. What the fuck had just happened? 
Tumblr media
“Sooooooo, are you really gonna make me ask?” 
You let out a long sigh and leaned back into your friend’s couch. Although you knew she hated when you did it, you propped your feet on the coffee table in front of you, ankles crossed. At least you weren’t wearing shoes, right? 
“I have nothing to report.” 
“Y/N, shut the fuck up and tell me how things are going. It’s been weeks and you still haven’t told me anything.” 
“Well, Nikki, if I shut the fuck up, then I won’t be able to tell you anything, will I?”
Nikki gave a loud huff and pretended like she was going to throw her beer bottle at you. Being doused in blood-based beer wasn’t pleasant, and you knew from experience. One too many vampire-only music festivals over the summer and it’d do it to you. 
You brought your own bottle to your lips, grimacing as you swallowed. You couldn’t understand why you drank this shit. 
“It’s been weird, that’s how it’s been. He won’t stop following me around, asking me stupid questions.” 
“You might be being too hard on him. Ever thought about that?” Nikki cocked her head to the side and gave you a scolding look. “He’s new! To a new school and a totally different environment than he’s used to. Maybe he has never even met a vampire before.” 
“Oh, trust me, he hasn’t. I can just tell.” Your nose scrunched up at your recollection of a few choice questions he’d thrown at you in the few weeks you’d known him. 
“Well, let’s see. He asked me how old I was the first day. Yesterday he asked me if it hurt when I got turned, and then when I explained that I was born, he barely disguised his look of disgust.”
“Are you sure it was disgust? Maybe it was just shock? Most humans don’t know vampires can have children.” 
You narrowed your eyes at Nikki. “You asked me to tell you what’s been going on and I’m telling you.”
“Okay, okay.” Nikki raised her hands up in surrender and nestled into the armchair she was sitting in, beer clasped between her slender hands. 
There were a lot of reasons why Nikki was your best friend, but one major reason was because the two of you were the only born vampires in your friend group. The rest had been turned at various stages of their lives, but you and Nikki had been born with the curse, only becoming immortal once you turned twenty and had your first taste of human blood. If humans thought getting a period for the first time was a major life milestone, a born vampire’s first meal was akin to a spiritual awakening. You and Nikki had attended each other’s ceremonies, and you were sworn with blood magic to never speak of it to anyone but the people who were there. 
Shit like that bonded people a lot more than explaining how to put in a tampon. 
“I guess it could be worse. He’s nice, at least. And he listens to me when I tell him what to do.” 
Nikki snorted. “Of course. Obedience. Your favorite quality in a man.”
“And so few have it in them,” you matched your friend’s snort. “Y’know, maybe I should keep this little human around. He could be useful.” 
“Oh, for what, pray tell?” 
“Pray tell? You need to stop hanging out with Jin’s 400-year-old ass. He’s got you talking like a weirdo.” 
“Leave me alone! You’re the one wanting a henchman to do your evil bidding.” 
“Do you think I could convince him to do my homework?”
Nikki rolled her eyes and tilted her head to knock back the rest of her beer. That would mark bottle number four, at least. She was in her “off” part of her on-and-off relationship, which meant lots of shitty beer and gossiping and crying and doing other emotional things you weren’t a fan of. 
“I think that sounds very high school, but maybe? If he’s smart.” 
You gave Nikki a nod, but let the conversation fall flat. Your roommate wasn’t smart at all, at least not when it came to street smarts. He definitely seemed like an academic genius, though. He’d gotten a massive scholarship and he was studying to become a doctor of some sort… not your thing as a History major. There was one night you’d gotten home rather late, and you’d found him asleep in the living room, the coffee table stacked with large textbooks and notes with science-y things you didn’t understand. How was he not even a month into school and already up to his ears in work? 
You also weren’t ready to admit how you’d gotten used to having his little pouty face around. It was the way he sung to himself as he cooked, using the spatula as a microphone and gliding his feet along the tile in a cute little dance. Or how you’d woken up to him tucking you in with your favorite blanket when you’d fallen asleep on the couch, never scared to approach you despite the horrible things you’d heard humans say about vampires. 
“When are you going to introduce us?” Nikki’s absurd question pulled you from your thoughts. 
“Excuse me? Why would you need to meet him?” 
Nikki leaned towards you from her seat, her dark eyes shining red in the dim lighting of her living room. “Am I just never going to go to your dorm ever again? Obviously I have to meet him at some point!” 
You frowned and Nikki let out a laugh of victory, knowing that you had no comeback to fight her sound logic. 
“What does he look like? Show me a pic.” She made grabby hands at your phone, which you held tightly against your chest. 
“I don’t have any pictures of him, what the fuck.” 
Nikki eyed you for the hopeless case that you were and settled for pulling out her own phone. “Park… Jimin…” she muttered to herself as she typed. You saw her long index finger swipe up the phone and you fought your urge to get up to see what she was doing. 
“Is this him?” Nikki held her phone out to you, revealing an Instagram account. She’d brought up the most recent photo posted. 
Tumblr media
“Uhhh… yeah. He must have just dyed his hair ‘cause he definitely didn’t look like that this morning.” 
“Ooh, he’s cute, Y/N. You failed to mention that in all your complaining,” Nikki giggled, bringing her phone back to her face to continue scrolling. “An account called oppa_pics liked this? He got over a thousand likes in two hours? And holy fuck, his neck… Y/N, his neck is… gorgeous. Like, he literally put it on display.” 
“Let me see,” you reached for Nikki’s phone, but she swatted at your hand. 
“Use your own phone. I’m looking to see if he has any thirst traps.” 
You didn’t want to use your phone because then that would mean that you went out of your way to learn more about the man living with you. No matter how thick his neck was and how soft his lips looked, you wanted to avoid crossing the line into friendship. It would be easier to ignore your growing interest in him if you blocked him out of your mind. 
“I wonder who Imani Harris is… maybe his girlfriend? She comments on, like, all his photos,” Nikki spoke mostly to herself as she scrolled through the rest of Jimin’s Instagram. You opted to scroll through TikTok instead, trying to fight your sudden curiosity in whatever girl was thirsting after your roommate on his socials.  
A sudden squeal from Nikki had you covering your sensitive ears. “What the fuck, Nik?” 
“Y/N, he has so many shirtless pics if you scroll down to last summer. Look at his abs. Look at them.” Nikki was back to shoving her phone in your face. 
It was hard to deny the fact that your new roommate was hiding a killer body beneath his loose-fitting hoodies and joggers. If the hills and valleys of his abdomen weren’t enough, he had a tattoo across his ribs as well. 
“I thought humans weren’t supposed to look like that…” Nikki bit her thumb, her fangs gleaming. “He’s so fit… God, his neck, Y/N. Does he really look like that in real life? How the fuck are you living with that?” 
“Don’t you think it’s kinda stupid? He goes to a vampire university, Nikki. And he’s showing himself off like a fucking snack. Literally.” You pressed your lips tight against each other and gave Nikki a hard look. She slowly released her thumb and tucked her phone away, giving you a weak smile. 
“Sorry. I just don’t think I’ve ever seen a human I’ve wanted to both fuck and murder so strongly.” 
“Wow, not the “M” word,” you groaned with a roll of your eyes. “This is exactly why they shouldn’t have even let humans in here in the first place. And why I didn’t want you to meet him.” 
“I’m not going to do anything to him!” Nikki protested. “I mean, nothing he wouldn’t want me to do…” The mischievous grin flashed for a moment, but it died on her lips when she watched you swing your feet off the coffee table and stand up. 
You grabbed your half-empty beer bottle to pour out and toss in the trash. “I gotta go. I’m exhausted.” 
“Okay… If you need anything, let me know? All jokes aside, I know this is a hard transition for you.” Nikki stood to wrap her arms around your shoulders, pulling you into a firm but caring embrace. 
“Don’t worry about me, Nik. You know I’m chill.” You flashed her a peace sign and slipped through her front door. The moon was full and centered in the sky as you walked home, casting an eerie light that wavered in the humid air. You were, in fact, chill. But this human might possibly be what made you snap. 
And you were going to snap a lot sooner than you’d initially thought. 
You swung the front door to your dorm open, kicked off your sneakers, and rounded the corner to the living room. Despite only having a beer and a half compared to Nikki’s four, you’d been drinking on an empty stomach and the alcohol really hit you harder than expected. So at first you thought you were going crazy when you heard not one, but two pounding heartbeats echoing through the apartment in a symphony of chaos. 
That is, until you laid your eyes on your living room couch. 
You’d certainly have enough to report back to Nikki, now. Jimin was sitting on the couch, shirtless and wearing a pair of joggers. He had his head leaned against the back of the couch to expose the smooth, milky skin of his neck. 
You swallowed thickly, mouth hanging open slightly as your hungry eyes followed the length of his neck to find a pair of lips sucking one of many hickeys on his throat. 
The girl straddling Jimin’s lap was someone you’d never seen before, which wasn’t surprising since she was human. Both straps of her sundress were pushed down her shoulders and the hem of the dress was hiked up her thighs. Jimin’s hands were hidden beneath the girl’s dress, but you could tell that he was gripping her ass to guide her as she started grinding into his crotch. 
You watched Jimin’s plump lips part and you heard the softest of whines come from his mouth. You couldn’t breathe. Not that you even needed to, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. 
So, maybe it was your fault because you didn’t have the talk with Jimin yet, but you’d also assumed he wouldn’t be bringing anyone over to your dorm after being at school for less than a month. Not with that baby face. Who was wanting to fuck Park Jimin? Puffy cheeks and pouty lips? Maybe if they liked looking at bambi eyes during sex, you scoffed to yourself. 
The girl pulled away from Jimin’s neck, likely to kiss him instead, and that was enough to break the spell you’d fallen under. Now you were bubbling hot with frustration at your new little roommate getting his freak on in the fucking living room when he had a whole ass bedroom he could’ve locked himself in. 
“Having fun?” You snickered, arms crossed against your chest. You enjoyed the way the girl’s eyes grew wide as she looked up at you, scrambling to fix her dress. You gave her a sickeningly sweet smile as she fumbled with a pathetic attempt at an apology. You were finding that there was nothing more entertaining than watching the fear spike through humans’ eyes when their gaze landed on your fangs. 
You ignored Jimin, not interested in dealing with him quite yet. 
“I’m, I’m, I’m so sorry,” the girl stuttered, avoiding your gaze as she reached for her shoes. 
“I, I, I don’t care,” you mocked her, the smile still maintained. “Get out of my dorm. And if you’re gonna let him rail you in the future, do it in your own fucking house or at least in his bedroom, aight? Not on my couch where I fucking watch Disney+.” 
Your straightforwardness clearly shocked the girl because she rushed past you immediately without so much as a glance in Jimin’s direction. You didn’t give a fuck if she was some random hookup or his girlfriend, as Nikki had suggested Jimin might have one. You were tired and grumpy and fed up with talking about Jimin all day long. 
Once you heard the front door slam shut, you turned your attention to your little human who still sat with his legs spread on the couch, torso still exposed. 
You did your best to ignore the bright red spots on his neck where the blood vessels had been ruptured. Hickeys were like the X on a treasure map. Little splotches calling out to you, a reminder of just how easy it would be to sink your teeth- 
“Y/N.” Jimin gazed up at you with hooded eyes, his lips pink and even more swollen from kissing. His typically sweet voice dropped an octave or two, and the unfamiliar gruffness with which he spoke your name shot heat straight to your thighs. “I’m sorry. I got carried away.” 
A loud snort was the response you gave him as you attempted to calm yourself down. Where was the timid, baby-faced roommate of yours? Who followed you around like a bumbling idiot, both terrified of you and clinging to your every word? The man you saw before you was more of a stranger than regular Jimin, with an air of cockiness that radiated from his body in heatwaves. And if you thought his hickeys and fuck-me eyes were too much to deal with, you were in for an even bigger surprise when your eyes fell to catch sight of the outline of his erection in his pants. 
Fucking hell. 
You turned quickly, marching straight for your bedroom. It didn’t matter that you were still hungry, and all your bottled blood was in the kitchen. There was no fucking way you were going to walk past your roommate a second time. 
“Y/N, wait,” Jimin called after you hoarsely. 
You heard him start to follow you, but you reached your bedroom first. You closed the door quickly and locked it behind you. With your back against the door, you slowly slid down until you were sitting on the floor, a hand slapped over your mouth as you struggled to stop yourself from panting. Your mind was reeling with the sound of Jimin’s heart pounding in his chest. You listened to him walk away from your room, heard his own bedroom door open and shut. You focused on inhaling through your mouth and exhaling through your nose as silently as you could to regulate your breathing. 
Why was Jimin’s heart beating even faster? He was in his own room now; you’d hoped the distance between the two of you and the entire situation would help him calm down. Yet somehow it was getting worse. 
This is exactly why living with humans was a bad fucking idea. 
Frantically looking around the room, your eyes locked on your headphones. You stood to grab them off your desk when another sound mixed with Jimin’s heartbeat stopped you in your tracks. 
You heard a soft moan, followed by a wet squelching sound that repeated in a slow but steady rhythm. He was fucking masturbating, and your hypersensitive hearing was forcing you to indulge in every little detail. On top of that, you could hear his breathing pick up, heavy sighs that flowed from his mouth to the back and forth rhythm you knew his hand was making along his cock. 
Which, based on what you’d seen, was massive. 
For a moment you stood there, eyes fluttering closed as you listened to the symphony of filth coming from Jimin’s bedroom. It was impossible for your body and mind to know what to latch onto: the way you could practically feel his blood coursing through his veins or the sound of him messily pumping away at himself. Or maybe the fight was between the hollow feeling in your stomach from not eating since lunch and the heat that was climbing up your neck and down your thighs the longer you stood there.
Shaking your head furiously, you rushed to put the headphones in your ears and choose literally any song on your phone that was loud enough to drown out what you were experiencing. With your headphones secured, you laid down in your bed with your eyes shut, putting all your mental energy into the loud song you had on repeat, thankful that you could no longer hear Jimin. 
Tumblr media
You liked to think that you were a responsible person. Although you weren’t always a rule-follower, you knew when to take shit seriously and had little patience for stupidity. Which was why when you finally opened your eyes the next morning, you felt a spike of fear stab into the middle of your chest. 
You shot out of bed, chest heaving and shuddering with every gasp of air, head swiveling around the room like it was barely screwed onto your neck. The headphones you’d worn throughout the night were tossed onto the floor beside your bed, along with your t-shirt and shorts. You vaguely remembered peeling off your clothes in the middle of the night after sweating so profusely they’d become uncomfortable plastered onto your skin. 
There was that sound again… the sound you’d almost gotten used to before Jimin had fucked it all up again. Jimin’s heartbeat, pitter pattering away in the kitchen as though it wasn’t the bane of your existence. You ground your teeth together, one fang nicking your bottom lip hard enough to draw a tiny bit of blood, and tried to pull yourself together. 
Jimin sat at the kitchen table with one knee pulled up against his chest in his chair, munching on pancakes he’d made for himself. Saliva gathered along your tongue, and it wasn’t because of the heavenly smell of warm butter and maple syrup. 
“Good morning!” Jimin’s smile was pushing his cheeks into his eyes, but his cheerfulness quickly disappeared as he met the gaze of your bright red eyes. You couldn’t look into a mirror to see yourself even if you wanted to, but it didn’t take a mirror to know that you looked fucking deranged. Bedhead a mess, eyeliner from the day before smeared, a deep grimace etched into your face. This was the first time Jimin was seeing you with hungry eyes unnaturally red, pupils dark pinpoints in the middle of your irises. It wasn’t a pretty sight, that was for sure. And it wasn’t meant to be. It was a warning, to yourself and anyone who crossed your path: it had been too long since you’d fed. 
“Don’t fucking talk to me,” you growled, fingers wrapping around the refrigerator handle. You were being harsh, but you felt you couldn’t be responsible for what you did in a state like this. It was hard enough to ignore the violent urge to attack Jimin in the middle of the kitchen, bright and early on a fine Saturday morning. 
“Y/N…” Jimin called out to your back. “Are you okay?” 
You spun around to face Jimin. “Do I fucking look okay?” you hissed.
If Jimin was scared of you, he certainly was doing an amazing job at hiding it. He was looking at you with an odd mix of fascination and… something you couldn’t quite put your finger on. His bright eyes were wide and he watched you with his lips slightly parted. His tongue darted out to run along his bottom lip, and you saw his eyes sweep over your body for a moment. 
“You don’t have any more… blood left.” 
You almost didn’t hear what he said, your eyes locked on the way his lips parted and his tongue touched his teeth as he spoke that word and the way he swallowed hard once he finished speaking. 
The burning in your chest pulled you out of your hungry stupor and you turned from Jimin to fling the refrigerator open. No bottles of your favorite prepackaged blood drinks, humanely sourced from human donors sympathetic for the vampires’ curse (or desperate for some easy cash). Not a single one. Not even an animal-based blood beer. 
“Motherfucker.” How had you forgotten to stock up? 
If Jimin was smart, he’d have left already. You weren’t erratic, but you certainly weren’t in the best of moods. The idea of having to haul your ass all the way to the dining hall to retrieve your blood rations across campus was less than ideal. Maybe you could have Nikki or Jin bring you some; they only lived a few resident halls down.
You were ripped out of your thoughts by Jimin’s sudden presence. He leaned against the kitchen counter, carding his fingers through his fluffy pink hair. Reaching the back of his head, he let his hand run along his neck, over his collarbones, and then fall to his side once more. 
“What?” You glared. You didn’t like how Jimin had a habit of just looking at you. For someone who loved running his mouth with questions, he certainly sat with his mouth hanging open and nothing coming out at the most inconvenient of times. 
“You can drink my blood.” 
“What?!” you repeated, coughing out of shock. “Jimin, what the fuck?” 
He looked at you through hooded eyes like he had the night before, and you remembered the whole reason why you hadn’t eaten in nearly twenty-four hours. 
“I give you permission to drink my blood.” He took a step towards you. The syrup on his breath was sugary and domestic, something you knew to be comforting in human culture, but that you had never gotten to experience before.  
“You have no fucking idea what you’re saying,” you hissed, backing up. But Jimin only pressed on. 
“Let me help you.” His voice was soft and gentle, alluring even.   
The temptation was so strong you felt as though your body and your soul were pulling each other in opposite directions, ripping at the seams. Fuck, he would taste so good. You knew it. 
“Stop it.” You pressed your hands against his chest, holding him at arm’s length. “It’s against the rules. And I will hurt you.” Let’s not pay attention to how firm he felt under your fingers. Let’s not focus on the fact that you knew firsthand what was underneath that baggy t-shirt. 
There was too fucking much going on. 
“I don’t care,” Jimin encouraged, lips falling into a pout, though his eyes still burned into yours with an intensity that made you shiver. You, the monster. 
Your eyes fell to his throat and you wondered if he purposefully swallowed. 
“I…” you breathed heavily, eyes finding Jimin’s once again. You could feel your resolve weaken, and somehow Jimin could sense it. He leaned into your hands, causing your elbows to bend and allowing him to get even closer. 
“I know you want to,” he whispered, your chests now almost touching. “I saw the way you looked at me last night.” 
You shook your head, but you didn’t make any effort to push Jimin away. You could, if you wanted to. You were naturally twice as strong as him, if not more than that. And yet you just watched as he tilted his head for you, his breathing becoming airy and shallow. 
At that moment there was a loud knock at the door. You’d been so distracted by Jimin that you hadn’t noticed the sound of anyone approaching your dorm. 
“Shit, shit, shit,” you muttered, finally shoving Jimin away from you. He had the audacity to look upset, but you were already trying to block the entire interaction out of your brain. 
You stood on your toes to look into the peephole and let out a low groan once you saw who was standing outside your door. 
“Nikki, what the fuck?” You pried the door open enough to poke your head out. “What do you want?” 
“I texted you multiple times - wait, oh my god, Y/N, did you get breakfast yet?” Her eyes lit up with fear, and her hands reached out to touch your cheek, finally noticing your red eyes. You shook away the physical affection. 
“I’m about to leave now. Can you go with me?” You didn’t want to make the trek alone and you needed someone to make sure you didn’t get left with Jimin any longer. 
“Of course,” Nikki nodded, concern still warping her features. “Can I come inside?” 
“If you came over to get a look at Jimin…” 
“No! I swear, I was coming to see if you wanted to go to the dining hall. I swear.” You didn’t believe her, but you had no choice but to let her in. You were still wearing your sweaty pajamas. 
“Don’t do anything stupid. I got issues with him today.” You knew Nikki would want more information than just that, but you weren’t ready to admit anything fully. 
Jimin was still leaning against the kitchen counter, though he meandered into the living room when Nikki plopped onto the couch. 
“Good morning,” he said politely, that classic smile turning his eyes into half moons. “I’m Jimin.” How the fuck had he turned back into the sweet boy with puffy cheeks and a toothy grin in a matter of seconds? 
“Nice to meet you, Jimin.” 
You watched Nikki’s eyes investigate Jimin from head to toe and back again, before matching his sweet demeanor by introducing herself, as well. There was no denying the interest she was taking in him; you’d have to remind her later that she technically had a boyfriend. The less time the two of them spent alone together, the better. 
Speeding through a shower, you didn’t bother to do anything with your hair or makeup, just opting to slip into jeans and a clean t-shirt. You weren’t the type to care much about your appearance, unless you were doing something important. And even then, you dressed for yourself more than for anyone else. 
Right now, you were concerned about not starving to death or attacking your psychopathic roommate. The way you looked mattered very little. 
“Oooh, I would love for you to teach me sometime,” Nikki cooed. 
“Let me know when you’re free and we can meet up.” 
You could just tell from Nikki’s voice that she had that dreamy look on her face that she got when she was trying to lure in someone she thought was cute. You came around the corner to see Jimin and Nikki sitting a bit too close together for your liking. The twinge in your gut wasn’t a feeling you were very pleased to experience, and you didn’t want to unpack the jealousy causing your chest to heat up. What the fuck was there to be jealous about? You’d gladly let Jimin be someone else’s problem. 
“Teach you what?” You shot Nikki a suspicious look and she gave you an awkward smile. 
“Did you know that Jimin dances? No wonder he’s got killer-” 
“Great! Let’s go before the dining hall closes for the morning, aight?” You snatched Nikki’s forearm and pulled her from the couch. 
“Bye Jimin!” Nikki waved at the boy, practically swooning over the grin he sent her way as you slammed the front door closed between them. 
“Y/N, he’s so precious, why do you act like he’s the devil?” Nikki clasped her hands together, the dreamy look still clouding her vision. You ignored her question and draped an arm over her shoulder to guide her towards food. 
“He’s not as innocent as he pretends to be,” you said with a tight frown. You thought you were good at reading people, but Jimin was throwing you for a loop. 
“Did something happen?” 
You shook your head, stepping into the warm air outside. Another great myth debunked; vampires could be in the sun for short spurts of time without any issue. You loved the mornings when the sun’s rays weren’t overbearing and you could absorb the rays with no fear of your energy being drained. 
“Y/N, you can tell me.” 
You sighed, knowing you shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place. “He brought some girl over and they were all over each other in the living room. It was just annoying.” 
“Boys are gross.” Nikki sniffed the late-summer air, sensing the impending arrival of autumn. 
You felt a pinch of guilt mix with all the other fucked up emotions swirling around in your stomach, but you couldn’t bring yourself to spill it all to Nikki. Though you weren’t sure why. Ever since the two of you had met freshman year, you’d been inseparable. You knew Nikki told you everything. You were the one being a bitch. 
“Yeah… they are.” 
Tumblr media
Living with Jimin for almost a month was enough time for you to figure out his schedule. That meant that it was easier for you to avoid him after your little situation in the kitchen. It had been a few days and you still hadn’t seen or spoken to him, purposefully waking up before he did and coming home after you knew he would be in bed. You were still attempting to process what had happened. Was Jimin attempting to reach the high that came with a vampire bite, like some kind of drug? Did he want to become a vampire? 
You’d heard of humans who were into that kind of shit, like fetishes or being a genuine junkie for the twisted pleasure vampires could sometimes provide. The possibilities made you shiver, and you couldn’t help but think back to the way he’d immediately gone into his room to finish off what he’d started with the girl he’d brought over. Or the way he clearly enjoyed her sucking on his neck. 
You nearly ran into the glass door of the library from being lost in your spiraling thoughts. Luckly, some kind soul opened the door for you before you could react. Although most of the research you needed to do for your history midterm paper could be done online, there was one book in particular that you needed to get your hands on.
With midterm finals around the corner, the library was unsurprisingly packed. Your desire to stay away from people pushed you to peruse the stacks and leave once you found your book, not wanting to find a place in the library to work. 
Assuming you’d actually find the book. 
You arrived at the bookshelf you knew the book was supposed to be, but you couldn’t find it. Someone had misplaced books, authors with the last name of “A” showing up in the “G” section of the stacks. 
“Why are people so fucking stupid,” you muttered under your breath, though there was no one in the aisle to hear you. That is, until you saw a familiar face round the corner. You thought about dashing out of the aisle, but he’d already caught sight of you, his gaze boring into yours. 
“Hi,” Jimin said quietly, being mindful of the fact that you were in a library. The airy sound of his voice made your stomach flutter. He was wearing tight jeans with the knees ripped out, the material hugging his thighs in a way that pissed you off. On top of that, the cut of his t-shirt accentuated his chest and the swell of his biceps filling tightly in his sleeves. 
You did your best to look him in the face rather than allow your eyes to travel to his smooth throat or lower. 
“Have you been hiding from me in the library this whole time?” He gave you a sad pout, head cocked to the side. Why were you starting to feel guilty? 
“No,” you said flatly, turning to look at the spine of one of the books on the shelf. It was nothing interesting to you, except for in this very specific moment. 
Jimin took another step forward. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” His voice came out low and deeper than usual. You felt its vibrations ripple through your body to your toes. 
“I think you’re playing with something that’s not meant to be played with,” you spoke through your teeth, not saying what you meant, but saying enough that you knew Jimin knew what you were talking about. Whatever his interest was in vampires, it was dangerous. 
“Hmm… but there’s something else I want to play with, that I haven’t been able to.” He gave you an innocent smile as if his words weren’t laced with innuendo. 
“Jimin,” you hissed him a warning, baring your fangs in an effort to get him to back off. Although he was ever the obedient boy and did finally step out of your personal space, he held that innocent smile and never once faltered during your attempt to be intimidating. If anything, it made those adorable cheeks become even fuller, as though he were enjoying it. 
“Hey, no need for that,” he put his hands up, pointing at your teeth. “I just wanted to ask you a question.” 
When did Jimin not have questions for you? With a sigh, you nodded your head. The boyish smile he often wore came back and you were convinced you’d never grow tired of seeing the expression on him, even as annoying as he was. 
“I was going to tell you earlier but I could never find you…” he started off slowly, and you ignored the frown he gave you. He could have texted you if it was that important… “Tomorrow night my dance group is having a performance and I wanted to invite you.” 
You blinked, clearly taken by surprise that the question wasn’t some inappropriate inquiry about vampires’ lives. Jimin looked at you with hope sparkling in his eyes. 
“Oh,” you exhaled, feeling your body relax a bit. “Umm, I need to get ahead on one of my papers, but if I feel like I’m in a good spot I can go? Just text me the details?” It wasn’t a yes, but it also wasn’t a no. 
That seemed to be enough for Jimin because he was back to beaming at you again. He bounced on the balls of his feet for a moment. “Sure! And Nikki is invited, too!” 
You didn’t like that. Not that you weren’t planning on bringing her with you anyway, but you didn’t like that he’d offered the idea first. “Yeah, for sure. Thanks.” The two of you stared at each other while you tried to figure out how to walk away. “I’ve gotta go…” 
“Right. Good luck with your paper!” 
You nodded a thanks and left, completely forgetting that you still hadn’t gotten the book you needed.
Tumblr media
It came as no surprise that Nikki forced you to go to Jimin’s performance. She was always forcing you to be social, though you were convinced there was an ulterior motive this time. She just wanted to see Jimin grab his dick as he thrusted and do some body rolls to sexually explicit music. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to see those things, too (although you’d never admit it out loud). You just didn’t feel like doing shit with other people. 
Which was why, weeks later, she was harassing you about your Halloween plans. She figured now that you were starting to become friends with Jimin (her words, not yours), it was now time for the rest of your friends to meet him. 
Or maybe she just wanted to go to a party with Jimin and see if she could be on the receiving end of his thrusting. 
“Y/N, you have to host the Halloween party. Your dorm is the only one big enough for everyone to pregame in before we go to the frat houses.” It was the same plea Nikki had made the year before. How were you the unlucky one to always end up with the better apartment? 
It was impossible to say no to someone like Nikki. She was determined, knew how to give a good pout, and pulled the whole “we’ve been bonded for life through blood magic, you can’t say no to me” excuse. All three were a deadly combination that made you cave every single time. 
So it was no surprise that the two of you were examining each other’s outfits in your bedroom. Despite the fact that the party was in your own dorm, you were fashionably late. The speakers were blaring in the living room, and the living room and kitchen were already packed with your closest friends - and plenty of plus ones you didn’t know.   
“Okay, what do you think? I think you look hot.” Nikki handed her phone to you so you could see a photo of yourself. Though you couldn’t use mirrors, you could show up in digital photos. How lovely was modern technology? 
You examined your slutty Princess Tiana outfit, zooming in on a few details before handing the phone back to Nikki. 
“You look hotter,” you said with a grin and a wiggle of your eyebrows, admiring her thrilling interpretation of Cinderella. Both of your outfits were complete with skirts that just barely covered your ass and the cutest garters you’d ever seen. Provocative clothing wasn’t really your thing, but Halloween was all about being something you weren’t. Plus, you were already kind of drunk and alcohol was perfect for loosening you up. 
Some people even said that alcohol made you nice. What an idea! 
“NIKKI! Y/N! COME OUT HERE!” Jin’s voice carried over the pop music. 
You and Nikki struggled to suppress giggles as you stared at each other, tightly clutching your drinks in your hands. Jin was 400 years old; he certainly knew how to throw a party. That was why you trusted him to take over while you finished getting ready. 
Finally satisfied with your looks, you slipped out of your bedroom with Nikki at your heels and immediately collided with Jin. No surprise, he was dressed like a 1600s pirate. You had yet to find evidence that Jin really had been a pirate in his early days, but you also didn’t have a reason to think he was lying, either. 
“We’re doing shots and then once Hobi texts me, we’re heading over to Sig Nu,” Jin hollered over the music and you were too drunk to question if you should maybe turn it down before you all got in trouble. 
“You know I never turn down shots,” Nikki grinned with a shimmy of her shoulders. “But someone has to make sure Y/N doesn’t take her fucking clothes off this time.” 
“Hey!” You jabbed Nikki in the arm with your index finger. “That happened one time and I blame whatever the fuck ATO put in their juice.” 
Nikki threw her head back in a cackle, grabbing onto Jin’s waist to hold herself up as she fell backwards. He struggled to get a good grip on her without her spilling her drink all over his flowy ruffled shirt. 
“Can you please at least attempt to stand on your own? You look like-” 
Jin’s mouth hung open and his eyes grew wide as he looked at you. You matched his shocked face, wondering what you might have done to make him look like he’d seen a ghost. But before you could question him, you heard a sweet voice speak behind you. 
“Y/N, you take your clothes off when you get drunk?” 
You turned around a bit too quickly and felt your brain slosh inside your skull. You almost thought you were imagining things when your eyes landed on your roommate in a firefighter costume. Jimin was shirtless, and his abs somehow looked even more toned than they had those many weeks ago on that disaster of a night. He wore black shorts that accentuated his muscular thighs, with red suspenders that were strapped tightly against his pec muscles. He looked like he’d walked straight out of a porno. 
“Holy shit, Jimin, you look hot,” Nikki blurted out, finally standing on her own two feet without the help of Jin. She would pull herself together if it meant being able to check out a cute guy. 
You and Jin both struggled to snap your mouths shut once more, eyes following Jimin as he stepped closer. 
“Thanks,” he grinned, and you felt like your legs were going to give out. The feeling only intensified when you felt Jimin’s warm, strong hands hold your bare waist for a second as he moved past you in the tight hallway. “Excuse me, princess.” You sucked in your breath at the pet name and locked eyes with Jimin. He gave you the most innocent smile when he saw the look on your face. “Nice costume.” 
Right. Because you were dressed like Princess Tiana . A princess. 
“I need to get caught up on all the drinking. I’m too sober right now.” And with that Jimin was on his way. 
“Look at his back muscles. Look at his back muscles,” Nikki hissed, barely waiting until Jimin was out of earshot. She pressed a hand against her forehead and sighed. “I’m burning up. Maybe I need Jimin to put out my fire.” 
“Your boyfriend is quite literally in the other room,” Jin pointed out, making Nikki dramatically roll her eyes. 
“It was a joke, Jin.” 
“Sure it was.” 
The two began to drunkenly bicker, carrying their silly argument out into the living room where the other guests were drinking and dancing in preparation for the fraternity houses. You didn’t realize how long you stood in the hallway with your cup raised to your lips, eyes trained on the threshold Jimin had walked through to get to the kitchen. You should have never agreed to let him invite his friends over to pregame as well. You should have told him there would be too many vampires, that he should go find a different room to pregame in. 
Giving your body a little shake, you tried to walk a straight line to the kitchen to find Jimin standing a bit too close to another guy, someone you vaguely recognized as one of his dance team members. The guy was much taller than him, with sandy blonde hair and dimples set so deeply in his cheeks when he smiled that you almost swooned. He was dressed in fitting scrubs that accentuated his muscles, a stethoscope around his neck. Your stomach churned when you watched the guy loop his finger around Jimin’s suspenders, pulling him close to whisper something in his ear. Whatever he said made Jimin bite his bottom lip. 
“Jimin,” you called out, determined to break up whatever the fuck that was, though you weren’t sure why you felt that way. 
Eyes wide like he’d been caught, Jimin took a step back from the other man and turned to you. “Yeah?” 
“Are you going to Sig Nu with us?” 
He nodded slowly. “Namjoon’s in Sigma Nu.” He jutted a thumb at his friend and the man gave you a large grin.
Ignoring Namjoon, you kept your eyes on Jimin. “Just… Please be careful, okay? Crazy shit always happens at that house.” 
“Thank you,” he smiled. “But I think I’ll be fine.” You hated the way Namjoon smirked at your concerns, catching Jimin’s eye. 
You couldn’t question Jimin any further because Jin started rounding up everyone in your dorm to smash themselves like sardines into the kitchen, screaming his rendition of Shots, Lil Jon’s part, of course. You couldn’t help but laugh; Jin really loved his early 2000’s bangers. 
After having one too many shots of your own, you vaguely remembered getting to the frat house. It was all a blur of you and Nikki holding each other up, singing along to some other terrible pop music as you skipped down the road, your army of friends following around you. In your drunkenness you’d lost track of Jimin, but you decided that you didn’t care. He could have his dance team friend with the muscles and the stethoscope. You did not care. 
“Nikki, I need to have sex,” you declared into your friend’s ear. The two of you stood in the corner of the kitchen, filling up on drinks. 
“With me?” 
“What? No!” you gasped. “Wait… Do you want to have sex with me?” 
“No! I was just making sure I knew what you were talking about!” 
The two of you bursted into a fit of giggles, catching the attention of a few frat guys passing through. 
“You look fucking hot and you’re in a house full of horny college boys. Just go out there and shake a lil ass. Someone will swoop you up.” 
“I guess…” Random hookups weren’t your thing at all, but maybe this was what you needed. You hadn’t had sex in a really long time; perhaps an orgasm could reset your brain. 
“Go! Please let me live vicariously through you since Jin won’t let me be a freak.” Nikki gave you a hearty slap on the ass and pushed you into the main room where everyone was dancing. 
With alcohol flowing through you, it was easy to get lost in the feeling of the music and the heavy air inside the house, sticky with the scent of sweat and beer. Nikki hadn’t been wrong; it didn’t take long for you to feel hands slide along your sides, fingers brushing your exposed midriff before each hand settled on grabbing your hips. Whoever the man was used his grip on your hips to pull you backwards against his chest. With your eyes closed, you leaned your head against the man’s chest and girated with him to the music, grinding your ass on his crotch to feel it already semi-hard as his hands tickled the smooth skin of your hips. Dancing with strangers was a normal part of frat parties. Although you were always careful about your surroundings, being intoxicated definitely loosened you up a bit, and you were more willing to agree to things that were a bit less logical. 
You felt lips brush against your earlobe and the man’s breath against your neck sent a tingling sensation down to your core. He was human. You could feel his pulse pressed against your shoulder blades. 
“Y/N,” the man spoke into your ear just loud enough for you to hear over the loud music and your eyes shot open. 
“Jimin…” you inhaled shakily, pausing your dancing. 
“I’ve missed you,” he said with a sigh, dipping his head down to press his lips against the soft spot of your jaw below your ear. 
You shivered, his mouth searing your skin with a heat that made your senses go feral. Where was all this coming from? You knew Jimin had been confident with you in the past, but this was a whole different level of boldness. You’d never been so close to him before, let alone have him kissing you. 
“No you haven’t. We were literally pregaming in our dorm an hour ago. You’re just drunk.” 
“Yeah, but we never spend time together,” he protested against your skin. You felt his right hand glide to your front to play with the hem of your skirt. You finally turned around to look at him, his hand now resting on your ass. You could feel his growing erection against your thigh.  
“Park Jimin.” Whatever threat you had for him had dissolved on your tongue the moment you met his dark eyes. You were pressed against his bare chest, the skin of your stomach meeting his. His cheeks were puffy with a smile and bright red from being flushed due to the alcohol pumping through his system. A bit of perspiration was making his face shiny and his pink bangs were brushed up, exposing more of his forehead. 
“Yes?” He grinned with his teeth, the lights of the party dancing in his bloodshot eyes.  
Out of the corner of your eye you saw Nikki watching the two of you with raised eyebrows. “I can’t…” You turned back to Jimin. “We can’t.” You couldn’t bring yourself to finish your sentence, but it didn’t matter. 
You quickly detached yourself from Jimin’s hold and rushed towards Nikki, refusing to look back. You needed to get away from the sound of his heart, the sweet smell of his skin, the tantalizing memory of the sounds beating from his bedroom those many weeks ago. He was too dangerous; you couldn’t trust yourself around him anymore. 
“Umm, what was that?” Nikki grabbed your arm and pulled you off to the side of the room, away from the sea of horny, grinding college students. 
“He’s been flirting with me for months,” you blurted out, the alcohol making you finally fess up. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?!” You could hear the hurt in Nikki’s voice, but you couldn’t worry about that right now. 
“You don’t get it,” you pleaded with her. “I can’t do this anymore, Nikki. He’s… he’s too much.” 
Nikki crossed her arms against her chest and gave you a hard look. It was usually you who was the one to be shooting daggers with your eyes, but this time Nikki was taking control. 
“You literally just said you wanted to go find someone to have sex with,” she challenged you. 
“He’s a human,” you spoke in a strained, exasperated tone. 
Nikki shot her angry glare off to the side to discourage some gross frat boy from walking in your direction. “Fuck off, we’re talking, okay?” 
She turned back to you, “Yeah, no shit. Who cares? He wants you, you obviously want him. I know you, Y/N. You think you’re a bitch, but you’re a genuinely good person. You won’t hurt him.” 
You scoffed, but it was half-hearted. Nikki’s eyes softened a bit as she watched you, reaching out to take your hand. “If you would just stop being such a hardass and accept him for what he is, you might find that you actually like him…” 
“Oh shut up, you’re drunk.” 
“So?? You know my best advice and wisdom comes out when I’m drunk!” Nikki punched you in the arm and threw her head back in an eruption of laughter. You could practically feel Jin pushing through the crowd to find her, as if her laugh was his alert that Nikki was probably going to fall over at any moment. 
You chewed on your bottom lip, twisting your hands together. Maybe Nikki was right. Maybe you’d been freaking out too much. Sure, Jimin had some weird fascination with vampires, but a lot of humans did. And sure, he was quite literally mouthwatering, but Nikki knew you better than anyone else in the world, and she knew you would never harm another person (if they didn’t deserve it). Jimin was gentle and trustworthy. 
“Fuck it,” you hissed, dropping your hands and spinning around to where Jimin had stood. But, of course, he was nowhere to be found. You waved down Jin who’d passed through the sea of people. 
“Can you watch Nikki?” you asked him. 
Nikki punched you again. “Hey, I don’t need a babysitter!” 
Jin rolled his eyes and wrapped a firm arm around his friend. You gave him a small smile in thanks and began to walk away. But you paused, turning for a second. 
“Do you know where Jimin is?” 
Jin cocked his head to one side and gave you a long stare. “I saw him go upstairs with Celeste.” Jin barely got the fellow vampire’s name out of his mouth before you were pushing your way through the living room of the frat house, finding the front stairs and hurrying up them, not caring who might try to look up your skirt as you went. 
Celeste was a psychopath. You were absolutely sure of it. Ever since humans were allowed into the university, she had been seen luring human men into her clutches more than once. And they always walked away completely ruined or absolutely obsessed with her. She was playing them like Barbie dolls, putting them under her spell. And it wasn’t just sex. You knew she was drinking from them. Everyone knew. 
The music was muted upstairs which made it a bit easier to listen for voices as you crept down the hallway. You stopped at each bedroom door, leaning close to listen for, well, anything. So far, every room you peeked into was unoccupied - which was surprising for a frat party. The longer it took, the more anxiety built up inside of your chest. You tried not to think about what might be happening between Jimin and Celeste because the deeper your brain got sucked into those thoughts, the more you wanted to throw up. 
Pull yourself together, you scolded yourself. Maybe you should have left Jimin alone. He was an adult; he could take care of himself. What he did was none of your business. 
You’d almost convinced yourself that all of that was true until you heard a familiar giggle from the bedroom to your left. You lunged for the doorknob and felt like crying when you found it locked. You could technically rip the thing off, but that wouldn’t be very polite to whoever’s bedroom it was. 
“Sorry, this room is taken!” you heard Celeste’s sing-songy voice attempt to push you away. 
“Open the fucking door, Celeste,” you hissed, rattling the doorknob. “Don’t make me have to rip it the fuck off. I bet Suyoon wouldn’t be very happy with you.” Suyoon, her boyfriend and president of Sigma Nu. Celeste really was trash. 
You heard a loud sigh and suddenly the door was being flung open. The other vampire was donning a slutty maid outfit, her boobs pushed up so far they were practically in her face. You looked around her to see Jimin sitting on the edge of the bed, and for once he actually looked mad at you. 
“What do you want, Y/N?” Celeste snapped her fingers in your face to get your attention. You wanted to fucking bite them off. 
“Jimin, we’re leaving,” you commanded, ignoring Celeste. 
“So now you want me around?” Jimin sneered. It was the expression he gave you, and less the words, that stung. You shot him the dirtiest look you could muster and bared your fangs with a low hiss.
“We. Are. Fucking. Leaving.” 
“Jimin, you don’t have to listen to her,” Celeste cooed, walking back to stand beside Jimin. She lifted his chin to have him look into her eyes, stretching his neck all the way out. “You want to stay here with me, don’t you?” 
The air in the room grew cold and you felt a heavy weight press down on your chest. It was then that you realized what she was doing. She was hypnotizing him. 
“Celeste, stop it!” You pushed the other vampire, causing her to stumble backwards and break her connection with Jimin. “You’re not allowed to manipulate the humans’ minds.” 
Giving Jimin an apologetic look, you slapped him in the face as hard as you could without severely injuring him. “Ow, what the fuck?” he cursed, holding his hand to his cheek. 
Shaking your head, you grabbed his arm and hauled him to his feet, ignoring the way steam was practically shooting from Celeste’s ears. She couldn’t do or say anything; she knew she was in the wrong, and there was too much she could fuck up if she kept pushing her luck. So she watched you drag Jimin out of the room in silence, her arms crossed against her chest. 
“Why did you slap me?” he pouted, still rubbing his cheek. You led him down the stairs and pushed him through the front door. The cool October air was a welcomed reprieve from the stuffiness of the frat house. You maneuvered through groups of people loitering in the front yard until you reached the sidewalk. It was then that you finally let go of your death drip on Jimin’s arm. 
“Celeste was fucking with your brain,” you said simply. You clenched your jaw, working your molars into each other, and tried to focus on the walk to your dorm instead of the man who followed you. 
“Maybe I wanted her to.” 
You stopped in your tracks and grabbed onto one of Jimin’s suspenders, pulling him close to your face. “She was going to drain you until you’re barely clinging to life and then blame someone else for it, just like she did that kid who went to the hospital last month. You know that kid?” Jimin nodded his head, eyes wide as he stared at your mouth. “Everyone said he got alcohol poisoning but you can’t believe shit that comes out her mouth. She’s evil, Jimin. And you’re stupid.” 
You let him go, the suspender snapping against his bare skin and causing him to yelp. “So next time I have to save your ass from a psychopath, you better fucking listen to me.” 
The two of you spent the rest of the walk in silence. You sent a text to Nikki to let her know that you’d made it to your dorm safely, and then you shoved Jimin through the door, slamming it shut a bit too aggressively. 
“Drink some water,” you commanded gruffly. You held onto the wall to steady yourself as you took off your heels, eyes still glaring at Jimin when he met your gaze. This was exactly why Nikki’s encouragement was stupid. Vampires and humans were just incompatible. 
You could not believe you’d really thought about fucking him. 
You gingerly tiptoed down the hall to your bedroom, feet sore from the uncomfortable shoes. They were the least of your worries. You felt like you’d just hopped off an emotional rollercoaster, head still spinning and your legs trying to remember how to walk. Despite feeling absolutely disgusting, you couldn’t bring yourself to take a shower. It felt like too much effort, so you opted for stripping your costume off and pulling a baggy t-shirt on. Figuring you’d at least brush your teeth, you stepped back into the hallway. 
Before you could enter the bathroom, you felt Jimin’s arm snake around your waist, pulling you against him. “Thank you,” he said slowly, drawing his bottom lip into his teeth for a moment. “Thank you for looking out for me.” 
“It’s what friends are for, right?” Your body tensed in his embrace, and you couldn’t meet his gaze. The more time you spent with Jimin, the harder it was to understand him. 
“I don’t want you to be my friend,” Jimin breathed, his voice barely above a whisper. “I want you to touch me.” 
“What?” You swallowed thickly, eyes shooting up to look at him. 
“I want you to touch me… here.” He took your hand and placed it against his neck, pressing your fingertips into the skin above his pulse. You let out a shaky breath as you felt his heart beat against your fingers. 
“And here...” He dragged your hand from his neck down the length of his naked chest. “...and here…” He pressed your hand against the hard bulge in his pants. Curling his fingers, he wrapped your hand around his cock over his pants. Tightening your fingers beneath his, Jimin bucked into your palm slightly. His eyes never once left yours, and you watched his mouth slowly part. A light whine left his lips when he squeezed your hand around himself even harder. Holding his stare as he jacked himself off with your hand was proving to be too much for you. You could feel your pussy begin to throb, your arousal a burning heat between your thighs. It was the only time you really felt warm, felt alive. 
“I brought Imani over on purpose,” he said in a low voice, hand still moving yours back and forth. “I thought it might make you jealous.” 
“Ohh…” Your fingers reached a damp spot in the front of Jimin’s pants and his heartbeat quickened. 
“Sometimes I think you think I’m more oblivious than I really am,” he said with a small laugh, a twinkle in his eye that wasn’t there before; however, it quickly diffused into something much darker. “I know you heard me.” 
You halted the movements of your hand and willed yourself to get a grip on the situation. How had you so easily fallen into Jimin’s trap? 
“What are you talking about…” you questioned slowly, pulling your hand away from him. 
Jimin leaned into you further, closing the space you’d created between the two of you. “I know you heard me in my room when Imani left,” he whispered, licking his lips. “Touching myself. Do you know what I was thinking about?” 
You stayed silent and the realization that you weren’t going to speak made Jimin laugh again. 
“You,” he finally spoke once more. “I was thinking about you. Imagining you were the one biting my neck.” 
It felt like your legs were going to give out beneath you, but you stiffened your body to hold yourself together. There was no way you were going to give in that easily, no matter what Nikki said. 
“Need I remind you that you were about to fuck Celeste not even half an hour ago?” you snapped. You’d never been interested in anyone who considered you disposable. Replaceable. 
Jimin shrugged, his face going soft for a split second. “Celeste isn’t you, though.” 
You were at a loss for words. Jimin ran his nose up the length of your neck, stopping to nibble on your earlobe. It was insane how his gestures weren’t anything big; he hadn’t even attempted to kiss you or touch your body more than what he’d done at the party. So how were these small actions already unraveling you? 
“Bite me, Y/N. Please.” Jimin was practically begging. He slotted one of his legs between yours and ground his erection up into your thighs, your t-shirt pushed up to reveal your underwear.  
Despite what people may have thought about your tough demeanor, you’d never drank a person’s blood aside from during your coming of age ceremony. You were scared. Scared of becoming the monster society wanted so badly to make you out to be. 
“You’re drunk.” The argument was feeble and you both knew it. Jimin was probably more sober than you were at this point. 
“I want this,” he pushed on. “I want you.” He grabbed the back of your head and finally crashed his lips into yours. They were so fucking silky it made your chest ache for how many months you’d gone not knowing their caress. He forced you to swallow the softest of moans you’d ever heard in your life. Jimin’s moans sounded like the sigh of an angel, but the high pitched edge of lust that made the moan draw out against your mouth was what reminded you that this was anything but innocent. No matter how sweet Jimin looked. 
You felt his tongue slip inside of your mouth and the tip of it ran along the sharp point of one of your fangs. Jimin pressed his tongue just hard enough to prick it, causing the tiniest bit of blood to leak into your mouth.
Your eyes flew open and you shoved Jimin away from you. 
“Jimin, what the fuck…” You swallowed, but the taste of his blood was like thick nectar coating the inside of your mouth. “You did that on purpose.” 
“I did,” he grinned, grabbing a fistfull of your t-shirt to pull you close again. You wanted to slap the smirk off Jimin’s face, but your body took over and you found yourself latched onto him again. You wrapped your lips around his tongue and sucked on it. 
“Do it,” Jimin pulled away, pupils blown out and face flushed pink. “You want it. I see it in your eyes.” 
Your brain screamed for you to stop, but your body backed Jimin up until his legs hit your bed. You pushed his shoulders down so he was sitting on the edge of the bed, giving you better access to his upper body since he was so much taller than you standing. 
“If it hurts too much… push me away, okay? You have to push me away.” Your hands trembled as you tilted his head back and to the side, red eyes zeroing in on his pulse under his skin. And with that you plunged your fangs into the soft skin of Jimin’s neck. 
You weren’t sure which one of you moaned, but it was carnal, feral. It was a cry that came from pure animalistic instinct. For a moment you forgot all about Jimin. Your mind was completely blank aside from the taste of him in your mouth. You lapped up his blood with so much fervor you were making obscene sounds echo through the bedroom. 
“Fuck Jimin,” you moaned into his skin. “You taste so good.” 
Nothing could have prepared you for the whimper that fell from his plump lips or the way he began to pant with need. You pulled away to see his eyes flutter and roll back in his head, lost in an ecstasy only you could bring him. Oddly, there was something empowering in that. You felt yourself swell with a smug pride in knowing you had this man weakly trembling under your touch. 
“More,” he asked hoarsely. 
Pushing Jimin onto his back, you climbed on top of him to straddle his legs. You leaned down and pressed a hot kiss against his chest before dragging your fangs along the ripples of his abdomen, leaving small scratch marks barely deep enough to draw the smallest amount of blood. You swiftly dipped your head to run your tongue along the muscles, licking up any blood that rose to the surface. The pinprick of pain made Jimin whimper again and he squirmed beneath your touch. 
He grabbed one of your hands and pressed it against his neck, closing your fingers like he did when he made you grab his cock. “Choke me.”
“You’re a disgusting slut,” you said in response to his request, but Jimin only smiled. He stared down at you, eyes clouded with lust and the euphoria of your venom. 
“Tell me how you really feel.” 
You did as he wanted and tried to ignore the way the action was causing heat to pool in your core. Your fingers turned red as you squeezed him, testing out pressure until you found a force that had him groaning. He reached to unclasp the firefighter suspenders and raised his hips to help you pull off his shorts. You knew his cock was massive; you’d seen the outline that fateful night with Imani and you’d felt some of it in your hands with Jimin’s guidance. But to feel it brush against your thigh, smearing precum on your skin as you moved down the length of Jimin’s body was something else. 
“More, Y/N.” 
You bit the inside of his thigh and Jimin cried out in pain, though his cries quickly turned into a symphony of moans as you swirled your tongue along his sensitive skin to soothe it. 
“Fuck yes,” he shuddered, panting heavily. He reached down to wrap your hair around his hands so he could watch your lips suck on his skin. You were finally realizing what was going on. Sure, Jimin clearly liked riding the high that came with a vampire bite, but there was more to it. He liked the pain. 
“Oh my god, you are a disgusting slut,” you exhaled, lifting your head to look at him. “And I thought this whole time you were…” 
“Innocent? Curious? Stupid?” Jimin grinned and you felt crushed by the weight of your own stupidity for reading him so wrong. 
Ignoring his smug attitude, you returned your focus to his body. Taking one of his nipples between your fingers, you pinched it hard. Jimin jerked but let out a loud moan. Then you scraped your nails down his sides, scratching hot red stripes into his skin. Sweet sounds fell from Jimin’s lips the harder you scratched him, eventually digging your nails into his hips as you pressed kisses everywhere except where you knew he wanted you to. 
There was no way you were sucking his dick, no matter how kinky he was. Fangs and blowjobs weren’t a good combination. 
Breathing hard, you sat back on your knees and stared at the man beneath you. Jimin’s eyes were dark and blown out, and his body was coated in a mist of sweat. Red splotches were smeared along his torso and thigh. You lifted the back of your hand to run it across your lips, noting the red on your skin, too. 
“Are you okay?” you asked slowly, leaning forward to touch his neck. The venom had healed the wounds already, so Jimin looked a lot worse off than he actually was. Your main concern was how much blood you’d taken from him. 
Rather than answer your question, Jimin grabbed your hips and bucked himself into you. You cried out when you felt his cock rub against your clothed pussy. 
“Please, Y/N,” Jimin rasped. “Please let me fuck you. I need to feel you around my cock.” 
“Where the fuck did this dirty mouth come from?” you teased. So maybe having him beg was even better than hearing him moan. You couldn’t act like you were immune to him, though. Your underwear was so soaked through it was becoming uncomfortable. You sat back again to rip off your remaining clothes, your ego swelling up even more as you watched Jimin prop himself up so he could take in your naked form. 
“I can hear your heart starting to beat faster,” you taunted him. You rolled your hips against his, rubbing your dripping cunt along his cock. Jimin threw his head back and let out a low cry, doing his best to lie still for you. 
“You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted this.” He reached between your bodies to cup your pussy, coating his fingers with your arousal. “I wanted to fuck the shit out of you the moment I met you.” Jimin plunged two fingers inside of you, the force knocking you forward. You bit back a moan as he roughly pumped his fingers into you, all the while watching your face twist and contort as you struggled to hold off the climax that was threatening to push you over the edge. How were you about to come just from his fingers? 
Sensing your tension, Jimin wrapped his other arm around your waist to press your body against him as he continued fingerfucking you. “I want you to scream my name,” he whispered into your ear. “I want you to scream and cry until you can’t fucking talk.” 
How was this the same timid boy who’d shown up at your door a few short months ago? 
Jimin’s open palm came down so hard on your ass you felt your body jolt forward in pain. When he slapped you a second time, he did so at the same moment your resolve finally broke. You felt your walls gush around his fingers and you did everything he’d wanted - you screamed his name into the crook of his neck so loudly you were sure your neighbors could hear you. 
“Does someone else have a pain kink?” Jimin mused, and you shot him a glare once you could trust yourself to lift up from where you’d collapsed on his chest. 
“No. I’m not a freak like you.” 
“Seems like you could be.” 
“You’re impossible. I can’t believe-” You were unable to finish your sentence when Jimin lifted you off of him. He tossed you back onto the bed, hooking his arm around your stomach to lift your hips up so you were on your knees. 
“Why are you always so mean to me?” Jimin purred in your ear, his chest pressed into your back. His fingers returned to your dripping folds, teasing your clit simply because he liked the way it made your thighs shake. 
“Because you’re an annoying asshole,” you stuttered, attempting to lift your head to look back at him. But he gently pushed your head back down so your cheek was pressed into the mattress. Then he ran his hands along your back, holding you in place as you felt the tip of his cock prod your entrance. 
“I’m nothing but sweet.” You could practically hear the smile he was giving you. “But I’m also tired of waiting for you.” And with that he pushed into you. The squelch your soaking pussy made when he eased in reminded you of the sounds you’d heard from your bedroom. The memory, paired with the knowledge that now it was you pleasuring him, made you choke out a moan. 
“Ohh my god,” you squealed, absolutely appalled by the girly sounds coming from you, but you couldn’t help it. 
“You like that?” Another hard slap, this time on your thigh. 
“F-fuck you, Park Jimin.” 
“That’s always been the end goal.” 
You wanted to knock the cockiness out of his voice, but Jimin had brought your wrists around to hold them against your lower back to steady himself. This meant you didn’t have any way to keep yourself up, your body swaying back and forth against the mattress. 
Jimin’s hips snapped against your ass in a steady rhythm, his moans harmonizing with the lewd sounds of skin on skin. Your head was reeling from how vocal he was. It was probably the hottest part of the whole thing; you’d never been with a guy who was so willing to express himself, to beg. The fact that Jimin could switch between being so submissive and then taking control to blow your back out was heavenly. 
It didn’t take long for you to feel another climax coming on, especially once Jimin began rubbing circles against your clit as he pounded into you. You clenched around him, hard, and Jimin jolted slightly. 
“Goddam, Y/N,” he whimpered, attempting to find his pace once again. “You better fucking hurry up and come ‘cause I’m about to lose it.” 
“Wow, you’re so considerate,” you hissed, but a slap to your thigh shut you up. It only took a few more thrusts into your g-spot before you were falling apart again, relying on his hand pressed into your stomach to hold you up as your legs shook when he kept slamming into you. 
“Fuck, you feel that?” Jimin released your wrists to grab one of your hands. He pushed your hand against your abdomen and you felt it bulge every time his cock rammed into your body. “Fuckkkk…” His pace picked up, slamming into you even harder than before. “Y/N, where should I…” Jimin whined the unfinished question. 
“Inside,” you breathed. Though your words were simply an answer to his question, it was as though they were a command. Jimin immediately let himself go, painting your walls with his release. He fell onto you and the both of you sunk into the mattress. 
“I feel like I’m floating on a cloud,” Jimin grinned, puffy cheeks and all. 
You slapped his chest and hated the knowledge that he probably liked it. “You’re just high.” 
“I know. It’s great.” 
The two of you laid there, waiting for your breathing to calm down. You could not believe you fucked a human. Let him nut inside of you, even. What kind of a slut were you? At least you didn’t kill him like you thought you would. 
“I guess you have your answer now.” You stared up at the ceiling, not wanting to look at him any longer. You were just an experiment, an opportunity to taste fruit that had been forbidden his entire life. 
“What do you mean?” Jimin turned onto his side to watch you. 
“If vampire bites feel good. Now you know. I’m sure you’ll want to stick to fucking vampires from now on.” You’d imagine humans couldn’t have quite the same effect, though you couldn’t deny how Jimin had just rocked your fucking world. You had a feeling it was a Jimin thing, rather than a human thing. 
“I guess I will.” 
Your mind flashed to Celeste, but you attempted to stomp the thought out of existence. “Yeah.” 
Jimin brushed his fingers along your stomach, gliding lower until he was stroking the inside of your thigh. You tensed, feeling your body become aroused once more despite the ache from being pummeled after not having sex for so long. 
“Next time I want to eat you out,” he murmured in your ear. “I bet you taste good.” 
You held your breath as Jimin’s fingers inched closer to your core. There was going to be a next time? 
“And then I want to feel those lips wrapped around my cock. I’ll even let you nibble a little,” he said with a breathy laugh that made you shiver.
“You sure you don’t want to try out something new? I heard Celeste’s bite is pleasurable enough to get people hooked,” you said spitefully, your eyes still on the ceiling. There was no denying your possessiveness over him. It had been there from the very beginning, even when Nikki made her jokes. You’d thought it was a strange desire to protect him due to his naivety, but now you were wondering if there was more to it. 
“I already told you.” Jimin moved so he was hovering on top of you, his hands on either side of your head. You felt his semi-hard cock rub against your wetness. “I want you. Nobody else.” 
When you still avoided his gaze he pressed on. “This was never only about chasing some high, Y/N. You’ve made me feel good since the beginning. You just have this thing about you… I don’t know. Maybe ‘cause you’re so mean and I like it.” He gave you a small smile and you knew from living with him for many months that he was teasing, but still genuine. 
“So now what? If I’m meant to believe you.” Forever the skeptic. 
“And you should believe me,” he pointed out. He watched your face for a moment before rolling his hips into yours, making you gasp at how hard he was again. “But for now, maybe I want to ask you to be my girlfriend, and if you say yes maybe I’ll fuck you again until you can’t walk to class in the morning.” 
Well, how could you say no to that?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pin-acolada · 5 months
Tumblr media
Aemond Targaryen X Targaryen OC
Summary: Her warmth and love caress his soul making him hum with bliss. Having her presence near makes all of the dark thoughts perish, as she was the flowers that grew in the darkest part of him. She is the keeper of his soul. Holder of his heart. Without her, he is nothing.
Word Count: 2776
Note: I finished earlier than expected, also I thought through it and decided that if you would like to be apart of TOHH taglist let me know. Disclaimer: every chapter I post you will be tagged in and if you don’t want to be tagged for a next chapter, let me know beforehand and I will remove you from the list. Thank you for the support for the series, your messages drive me to do my best for you all to experience the life of Eudora and Aemond, xo
The Queen of His Heart Series
Over the course of five years, Eudora Targaryen had fully captured the Kingdoms heart. She was given the name: The Jewel of The Realm not because of her eccentric beauty, but for the reason that she is altruistic. It is said that she is a conspicuous one of the House of Targaryen, if she was not in the royal library where septa Moris educates the princesses of etiquette and activities such as sewing, she occupies her time in the kitchen where she speaks with the servants as if they were ordinary people.
This became an ongoing matter since she was eight years old, and at first the servants were speculated with how kind they were being treated by the princess, especially how respectful she was which was even more jarring. Eudora knew each of the servants names, and will always call or ask for them by their names only. Her presence brings such comfortability that those who were assign to do their daily chores for the princess always felt alleviated, while those were in dismay and only hope that they are chosen the next time.
The royal family knew the whereabouts of the sweet princess caregiving towards the staff, Rhaenyra always wore a smile on her tea rose lips whenever she would hear the fondness the maids say regarding her daughter, and she would reflect how proud of a mother she is to have a daughter that has a heart of gold. Rhaenyra made sure that her sons: Jacaerys, Lucerys, and now Joffery learn from Eudora. "She is shows a perfect example on how a royal should treat the working staff: acknowledgement."
As for the Targaryen-Hightower sons, they found it odd especially Aegon. Aegon who drinks his emotions away till he's plastered, does not care for the servants nor the maids. To him, they are objects that can be use for pleasure and can be thrown away as dolls. Aegon knew the high status that is imprinted to his name, he knew that they could nothing but obey their prince and that is what he finds empowering.
Aemond does not give a care, nor does he acknowledges them. He is demanding which is typical for an inherit royal, but Eudora always make sure to educate her dear cousin of the importance of being philanthropic. If it was anyone else who dared teach the prince how to be nice, it would be her and could only be her – nobody else since Aemond found everyone to be irrelevant.
No one can beat Eudora from Aemond since the boy is literally wrapped around her finger. The royal family acknowledged how close the relationship between the two cousins; they are practically inseparable. If you can't find one, you can be assured that you'll find them with the other. For the family, it was quite a mystery for them how the relationship even happened because the two are the complete opposite.
Eudora the light, Aemond the dark – the irony of it is amusing.
But that is just it, Eudora who display such light brings Aemond from the dark. It is she who brings out the good in him, which Aemond found it to be ambivalent. Aemond didn't think he had any good in him at all, but who can blame the ole child when he'd experience nothing but ache and embarrassment.
When Aemond sees the love Eudora receives from Rhaenyra and his King-father, the boy can't help but get jealous at the sight. Before, he always wanted to know the feeling to be loved from his parents, and when he tried in order to gain that experience, he receive nothing in return and for that he gave up. Moving forth Aemond got used to just being there for himself. He believed no one had the heart of empathy, not even his own sister as she didn't like to display such emotion.
Eudora observed all of that, however. She saw Aemond and because of how sensitive her heart is, she thought it to be right to be there for him. Aemond, for once in his life found someone who saw so much of him, that he practically felt naked. Nevertheless, he was grateful to have her and everyday when she displays her smile and share her laughs with him, he thanks the old and new Gods who brought her here to him. She is his best friend.
On the contrary, he won't lie to himself nor would he admit it out loud that his feelings for his dear cousin began to shift as the years went on. He couldn't pinpoint what he was feeling, but what Aemond did know was that he grew protective of her, and did not like how much Aegon would linger around her. Nor did he like how she just let him, and before Aemond didn't pay much mind to it till now. When Aegon leaves and is just the two of them, he questions whether she knew his intentions whenever he surrounds himself around her.
"I may have a heart of gold sweet cousin, but that doesn't mean I am empty headed. Of course I know Aegon's repugnancy, and I don't dare let him cross the line. If we were to speak hypothetically, if it did come to that point not only will his honor be destroyed, but as well the precious anatomy that sticks between his legs." Aemond didn't pay attention to the way his heart began hammering inside his chest, as he watches that sly smirk that began to form on her rosy lips.
To test her further, Aemond began to ask her: "and how will you do that princess? By calling Ser Harwin Strong and you allowing him to throw my brother's cock for Jyrot to devour?"
The two halted their steps and Aemond watch his princess turn herself around where she gives him all of her attention. Aemond took two steps back as he no longer witness the gentleness of her face, instead she gave off a phlegmatic look. What made her more intimidating was how the fire in her eyes darken, and no longer did he see the familiar light that he so much admires.
"I don't need a man to do my deed. Just because I have a vagina and breast doesn't mean that I am incapable of welding a sword. In fact, I can manipulate men by just... being. Not saying I am a whore of course, but more like my body is literally a weapon in disguise. With one push where  my breast is pressed on a mans chest, I easily have him on his knees and that is an opening I won't hesitate to take." Women at this time are always perceived to be weak and fragile according to the eyes of men. It is because of men that made these standard that a woman should and will always be under control by a man. They are breeders, nothing else. They are not meant to hold purposeful ventures, as that is not their nature. Women being leaders is sight of a catastrophe; men theorize that their emotions is what will lead to war as they have no common sense.
That is what Eudora hated, she's livid of such patriarchy. Which is why every night, when everyone is in their chambers asleep the princess secretly sneak through the secret hallways that are within the castle. There she meets her knightly dragon and her uncle Daemon who await for their nightly training. For a girl so young with a mind so extensive, she continues to impress. It's been a year since and she hasn't been caught, but now that she semi told her secret to Aemond she didn't paid any mind to it. She knew Aemond won't tell on her, unless he wants to meet the consequences by breaking her trust and he of course did not want that.
Since that day which had happened four months ago, Aemond Targaryen saw Eudora Targaryen more than a cousin. His heart beats for her, his soul yearns for her and without her he realize he is nothing.
Tumblr media
It's another morning in the royal library, both Eudora and Helaena are working on the art craft of sewing. Their new assignment was to create something that they would want to gift to someone they cared for. Helaena was sewing a spider atop a pink peony, she wanted to gift this to her eight leg friend who always listen her 'mad nonsense'. As for Eudora, she was making a satchel for Aemond. Though the second son has not claim a dragon yet, she thought that this will be perfect piece of accessory to attach to his saddle.
She knew that when he does claim a dragon, the two will fly together constantly and from there they will rest by the small island they found two years ago. It was wonderment to them how no one has ever come across the place, nor was it placed on the maps, nevertheless, it was now theirs and they made sure to keep it that way.
Eudora was so deep in her thoughts, that she didn't hear the slam doors that shook the bookshelves. Nor did she notice Helaena jumping from her seat, having her sewing to fall as she covered her ears. It was only until she head Queen Alicent voice from a distance did she woke up. Placing her incomplete satchel on the table in front of her, Eudora turn herself around to see an angry Aemond walking up to her.
"I need you," was all he said as he grabbed her hand pulling her up from where she sat.
"Aemond do not walk away from this matter, you must understand that they were just fooling around. Don't let your obsession for those beast–" Aemond snatched his mothers hand away causing the three women to gasp at his disrespectful behavior.
"Don't you understand mother? They gave me a pig! This is the third time Rhaenyra's sons torment me, and Aegon plays along! " Eudora shoulders slump as she is familiar of this rude occurrence. She empathize for Aemond, and is always disappointed at her nephews. Aegon, not so much since that describes who he is.
Her nephews, who are like brothers to her are the more wonderful children she knows. Similar as their mother, they take part half of characteristic but finding out how much they mistreat Aemond for not having a dragon is tiresome. It sometimes make her think whether if they would've done the same now if Jyrot never appeared in front of her.
With another tug from their intwine hands, Aemond pulls Eudora with him not before she takes her unmade satchel. As the two walk away from the Queen and her daughter who went back to sewing, Eudora gave a small smile and knowing look implying that she will take care of him, which the Queen Alicent return with grateful eyes.
The two Targaryens walk and Eudora just lets herself be pulled to wherever Aemond wants them to go. When she sees the familiar door which enters to the drawing room, did she knew that he needed to clear his mind with her presence being there. It was their place whenever the either needed to vent, and it's the only place they know where they can have privacy since their chambers isn't an option as it will grow suspicion without a chaperone in attendance.
When they enter inside, Aemond let go her hand making his way to his chair that sat next to the lit fire. Eudora made her way to her designated chair which was across to him where she sees his right profile. She place her unmade satchel on the small rounded the table that separates them. As they sat in silence, Eudora watches Aemond gaze at the fire giving him the time when it was right for him to speak.
"It's tiresome," he finally spoke out. "Aegon and those... bastards keep on making fun of me. It just makes me question myself if I'm really meant to even claim a dragon, or if I even have dragon blood running in my veins." When he said bastards, at the corner of eyes he saw the way his Eudora closed her eyes as way to ground herself. He knew that she hated whenever the Velaryon boys blood was questioned. He saw how she will always come to their defense, trying to convince they are the sons of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon, and to respect them as they are the grandchildren of the crown. But he also knew that she knew they were bastards, that they were not Laenor's children but Harwin Strong.
Eudora knew not to waste her energy on correcting him, nor was it the right time since them being here was for Aemond. Aemond was grateful that she set that aside, and was feeling a sense of comfort when she sat up from her chair where she made her way to him. She kneeled down in front of him, taking his hands to hers where he watches how well they interlock with each other. Aemond felt Eudora's hand on his cheek and he allowed her to move his attention to her where he meets her fiery eyes; those eyes that resemble the color of a dragons breath brought nothing, but warmth inside of him. His soul humming with bliss.
"My dear Aemond, the amount of times I apologize on behalf of my nephews behavior will be endless, but I will never get tired of telling you your worth. And I don't mind reminding you so." She told him.
"Why apologize on their behalf, when it is them themselves that must apologize," he snapped with irritation, but Eudora was not effected by Aemond snark. He was Aemond, and she grew to accept him as he was.
"Well you know me, can't help but to say I'm sorry. But I know it won't do you any better, so this time I won't even try. But what I will say is that to never question your blood Aemond. You are the son of Viserys Targaryen, the first of his name and the King of the Iron Throne. Your Targaryen blood overtrumps the Hightower's, hence you have dragon blood traveling in your veins. If you didn't then Jyrot's fire would've burn you, which it hasn't."
"Then if that concludes it, then how come my egg never hatched?" His violet eyes downcast at their hands, and he watched the way the pad of her thumb runs against his knuckle.
"It is normal for eggs to not hatch by the time a dragon rider is born. You are not the only person whose egg never hatched, mine never nor did Leanora's or my fathers. Now look at them, both had claimed Vhagar, the second biggest dragon in the world. As for I, I was fortunate to meet Jyrot in my path. When the time is right you will have your dragon, I guarantee it cousin. And you will know it too, it's natural really. Your heart will start pumping as if it will come out your chest, your blood will begin to warm up in result of having this tingle feeling signifying your dragon is near."
"Is that what you felt with Jyrot? You felt his spirit close to yours," he questioned.
"I mean I did explain that didn't I?" she said stating the obvious making the two cousins laugh at Aemond daftness.
Aemond looked back to meet her eyes, and saw the familiar gentleness to them. Those eyes, how he adored looking at them – he will never get tired of looking at them. His eyes then travel to her hair, her dark raven hair and the silver streak that peaks out. Beautiful, what he thought. Beautiful and precious. Aemond got up from his chair, helping Eudora to stand up from her feet, but their hands still interlaced. "Thank you my princess, like always you made me feel better again with your words." The prince said causing the princess to smile.
"No need to thank me my prince, as I will always be here to remind you of your worth because you are worth it Aemond. Maybe not to others, but to me you are." With a shaky breath coming from the boy, he didn't know any other way to express himself but by pulling her into a hug which Eudora was happy to wrap her arms around.
Her head lay against his chest and Aemonds press his cheek atop her head with eyes closed familiarizing again the fire that she spews inside of him, fire that he continues to crave.
TQOHH taglist:
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kitkatscabinet · 3 months
big get fucked to J.K Rowling and any transphobes I in no way support her. I do not read the books/watch the movies/buy the merch. Her opinions and lots of what she wrote is trash
Harry Potter Au but it's during the timeline of the books.
This ended up being way fucking longer than I thought so:
Aegon is in Harry's year. Aemond is a first year when they're in 4th year and Jace joins Hogwarts a year after Aemond.
Contains hcs for Aemond's and Jace's first year and Aegon's 4th.
(Helaena is a ravenclaw and a year younger than Aegon)
We all saw it coming but he's a Slytherin. Pureblood, comes from one of the most prestigious magical families in history.
He longs to uphold the family line/tradition and is both incredibly cunning and ambitious. While yes he's very intelligent, he learns to further his own goals and standing so it's a no brainer really
Aemond is a true loner. he has no friends even within his own house. the children his age are hardly representative of what their house should be and he thinks many of them to be sheep.
The Targaryen's did not fight for voldemort, Viserys' first wife was a halfblood after all. The Hightower's however, while not openly, did support his regime from the shadows.
It's during the first task of the Triwizard tournament that he bumps into an overly friendly fourth-year Hufflepuff.
she thinks he's just the cutest little thing and when she notices how much he brightens when he sees the dragons she asks if he likes them
Aemond ends up ranting at her for three hours before he realises what he's done. but she doesn't seem mad. In fact she thanks him and leans down to kiss his cheek.
from there he starts to see her everywhere, and everytime she sees him she'll talk to him.
he spends hours discussing everything from magical regulation laws to how he's adjusting to hogwarts.
she's the kindest, prettiest, smartest and funniest woman in the entire world he quickly decides.
one of the older boys confronts him about spending so much time with a puff, and even worse, a mudblood.
Aemond is a little distraught and confused. He didn't buy into the same prejudices as most of his housemates but still, muggleborns weren't as strong or wise as purebloods.
But... you were. You were quick-witted, and fierce and hardworking.
He thinks you're more of a dragon than his father
he pulls away a little and you give him space, but not before letting him know you'll always be available
Aemond's forgotten what it's like to be lonely and decides he cares little for it.
sits next to you for breakfast one morning and you are over the moon, introducing him to all your other friends who all fawn over him.
he sees you cry for the first time when Diggory dies. You try to hide your sorrow from him but he refuses to leave your side.
This is when he vows to get strong enough to be your protector, to be worthy enough for you.
Voldemort is back and you're one of his causes targets, he wont let anything happen to you.
Gryffindor. The picture of chivalry.
He's a year younger than Aemond and quickly becomes one of Mcgonnagall (I forgot how to spell her name) favourites because he's so polite and well mannered.
he is still a lion though and has earned himself plenty of detentions for punching bigoted slytherins.
his mother has tried to claim him as a pureblood but everyone knows he's a halfblood.
While jace doesn't care about blood status so much, he does care about the implications it has on his mother.
he's popular with both students and teachers
gets lost in the first week of school and runs into a very pretty Ravenclaw first year who's also late because they spent too long in the library
it's love at first sight, especially when she tells Flitwick that she had gotten lost and Jace had helped her.
he's James potter if James wasn't a fuckin twat.
some of the staff refer to the two of you as the next James and lily but truthfully Mcgonnagall knows you're closer to being the second coming of a polite James and a studious Sirius
he's far more courteous though, and while he's the farthest thing from smooth when he actually does have feelings it's kind of endearing.
study dates (he can't wait until you can both go to hogsmeade).
it only takes him half a year before he writes his mother to beg her to let you stay during the holidays.
The two of you are attached at the hip and many of the staff are genuinely dismayed when your houses have classes apart. Not as dismayed as you and Jace though.
You've already planned out your future electives so you can have as many classes as possible together.
his mother likes you very much, but you and Daemon and seem to hate each other.
you are always competing with his step father, throwing snarky comments and trying to outdo the other.
Anyone that thinks its ridiculous Daemon had picked a nemesis in an 11 year old very wisely keeps that thought to themselves.
Well that is, after some pureblood on the lower end of the social hierarchy had said so at the latest ball and you had hexed him beyond recognition.
Screaming that only you could say such things about Daemon.
"I thought you hated Daemon???" "Why would you think that? I love Daemon more than I love you"
Jace becomes insanely studious after that harsh blow. he also begins training to join the quidditch team. Something that Daemon hadn't been on.
Genuinely the hardest to choose a house for. but he's a Gryffindor as well. If just for the fact he is none of the other three.
Aegon wants to distance himself from his family
But he has the potential to be brave and chivalrous, the hat has placed him exactly where he needs to be. Alicent (ravenclaw) is less than pleased but Viserys is delighted he's taking after Rhaenyra
he in 4th year with Harry and is only the second biggest pariah at the school because of the triwizard situation.
he has no friends. He's known as the biggest twat in the school
the twins are the only ones that like him, they're oddly perceptive to how Aegin really feels and it freaks him out.
Oh and that one girl that's somehow in all his classes, is always in the common room when he's there and almost always eats with him, even though she's super popular and has lots of friends.
she's a chaser on the quidditch team, gets along well with the so called 'golden trio' and is the perfect mix of daring, precocious and charming that all the teachers seem to love her.
she's so perfect it pisses him off, and it seems that no matter what he says or does she's sticking around.
she's a half blood, not that Aegon cares. but he knows grandfather will, and for that he tolerates her presence
(it's not because he's lonely and she actually pays attention to him, sees him for him)
his house members sneer that he doesn't belong.
Aegon knows this, but he also knows he belongs even less in all the other houses. A complete outsider everywhere he goes.
he's used to hearing such sentiments.
so when you stand and start to screech in fury in the middle of the great hall, throwing food, insults and hexes at every person that had every badmouthed him before the teachers could intervene
you lost an insane amount of house points as well as 'friends' and social standing as well as gained detention for the rest of the year
but you had officially gained one positive thing that nearly nobody else had. Aegon's love
and even if you hadn't you would still do it again.
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batwynn · 2 months
Listen. I had teachers who treated me very badly, I mean openly and proudly mistreated me just because they could. I had teachers who outright abused me/physically hurt me. I’ve had these types of teachers through all of my childhood, and well into college. The American education system, itself, is a fucking mess and it needs a major overhaul. If anyone has a right to be angry about teachers, it’s me. But look. Not all teachers are the same, and we need to emphasize that rather than blame teachers like some kind of monolith.
We need to be more careful with these sweeping proclamations of ‘all teachers bad’, because there’s a distinct alt-right pipeline happening right there in front of us that not only relies on people turning their backs on education/educators but is literally packed with people spreading violent hatred for teachers and school. People are quite literally calling for teachers to be killed. This is a real thing that’s really happening, and people need to be careful about falling into these movements.
Teachers are important. Teachers are struggling to educate our kids in the worst systems, worst timelines, worst period of mass pandemic, just worst timing ever. Teachers are severely underpaid, mistreated, abused by staff and students alike, and have a very high chance of being shot and murdered. Are there bad teachers out there? Yes. But please, please, please try to avoid making statements that feed into the alt-right’s fight against eduction and teachers. They want people uneducated and angry. They prey on angry kids and teens who were let down by their parents, the education system, etc. That’s been in their game plan since their first rise to power, and they’re not changing it up all that much. It’s right there in our history.
So let’s try to remember the good teachers, people out there trying to keep education truthful and helpful. Teachers crying as they pack up their libraries in Florida because of the massive book bans. Teachers who want us to learn about our histories, even the bad parts, because it teaches us how to grow and be better. Teachers who use the right pronouns for their kids, who support their queer and questioning kids, who protect them the best they can. Teachers who support their Black students, and stand up for them in a system built against them. Teachers who want these kids to thrive, even in the face of literal life-threatening dangers from every side. Please remember them, and please try to avoid sweeping statements that feed into alt-right programming.
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skrunklyshrimp · 26 days
Time can’t heal all wounds
It’s been a while.  I haven’t worked on anything for such a long time and felt bad so in a 3 hour timespan I made this.  I also tried out a new writing style, let me know if you enjoyed it!  More notes at the end.
In this fic you have Parkinson's disease, I did research partially and used knowledge I had beforehand to try and write this.  I do take criticism, please just be kind about it.
Malleus Draconia x GN!reader
Warnings: Implied Suicide, Parkinson’s Disease, Unstable Mental Health
Tumblr media
You, a human, so fragile and delicate.  Malleus can’t help spending time around you, learning lots about the human culture and things from your world, in return he loves telling you stories about Briar Valley.  
He started going on a walk by the ramshackled dorm almost everyday, taking a hike deeper into the forest alongside you.  He noticed how you sometimes struggled to walk straight and offered to hold your hand as you walked.  
He invited you everywhere not wanting to leave you out of any event, expecting you to do the same.
One day when Ace and Grim were fighting they accidentally trashed the dorm.  Malleus, seeing an opportunity, invited you to stay at Diasomnia, to his delight you said yes.  That night you had the most fun in a while, pranking Sebek with Lilia, trying to wake Silver from his naps, and having a nice cup of tea with Malleus.  Malleus was thrilled that you enjoyed it so much, he started to invite you once a week, to which you said no, but it didn’t hurt for him to ask.
Time was flying and Malleus enjoyed every minute with you.  He only hoped for one thing, he wanted to take you to a rose garden within Briar Valley, he was quite proud of it and wanted to show it off. 
Malleus was always looking forward to doing big things with you, not that he didn’t appreciate the small things.  The day you asked if he’d like to sit on the couch and just talk instead of going on a walk, he was a little saddened.  He wanted to give you a necklace with an emerald hanging from it, he wanted to do it under the moonlight in order for it to shine the most.  He held onto it until you agreed to walk with him.
Malleus Draconia, when you had first met him you were a little scared, but soon you figured out that he just wanted a friend.  You liked going on hikes with him, and regularly invited him to eat lunch one-on-one together in one of the school's gardens.  He refused most of the time saying he wanted you to spend time with your friends.  You had grown close with him, and the entirety of Diasomnia. 
Most people didn't realize you had an illness that was incurable.  They thought you were just weird with how your body shakes a lot, and how you struggle to do simple things.  You did talk to Crowley about it before but he had said he’d never heard about it before.  
You had Parkinson's disease.  You had lost most control over your left arm, and part of your legs.  Sometimes when your body tremors it hurts a lot.  It always was a struggle for you while walking, and a struggle while writing notes. 
You couldn’t sleep most nights, being forced to stay up you always signed out books from the library to read before spending time with Malleus.  You loved his smile, but couldn’t bare to tell him about your disease, nor anyone in the school.
Over time though you started to lose feelings in both your legs, until you couldn’t walk anywhere without the support of someone else, pushing your body was not the brightest idea to do.
You talked with Crowley and the rest of the staff, they told you that you could work from the ramshackled dorm.  The staff members would send Grim with some papers to give to you at the end of every day in order for your grades to stay up.  
You couldn’t be bothered, your grades were already horrible to begin with which caused you to break down crying, yet you couldn’t handle the stress of keeping grades up.
The only thing you looked forward to from now on was spending time with Malleus, and you couldn’t even go on a walk into the forest with him anymore.  You tried convincing him to stay at the ramshackled dorm, just telling stories about each other and being near one another.  Yet you could tell, he didn’t want that.  It looked like he was looking forward to doing something other than sitting with you.
One day Malleus was walking down a hallway going to his next class when he overheard a few students saying how you didn’t attend classes anymore.  He was confused, he hadn’t known that, and there was no possibility for him to know that.  He only wondered why you hadn’t told him.  These thoughts ran through his mind the rest of the day.
Was it just that you didn’t trust him, or were you trying to hide it from him?  He was wondering why you were so unenthusiastic lately.
He went to Lilia to express his doubts.  It was then Lilia realized that Malleus had fallen for you.  Lilia had also noticed how weak your body was getting and explained that to Malleus.
Malleus then told Sebek, Silver, and Lilia that the four of them were going to greet you tomorrow and bring you get-well gifts.
You spent another day alone, hoping for someone to find a cure for your disease.  In all honesty if they couldn’t find a cure, you just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.  You kept waiting, reading to pass the time.  It didn’t help, until you heard a knock.
You struggled to walk down the stairs, gripping tightly with the one arm you could partially control.  Your efforts failed though as you fell down the stairs.  
When you did though the door busted open and five worried expressions looked at you, it was Grim, Sebek, Lilia, Silver, and Malleus.
Most of that night was everyone checking in on you seeing if you were alright, it wasn’t the greatest feeling.
After everyone left, and when Grim fell asleep, you couldn’t help but question why you still tried.  You wondered if you only were sent here just to suffer, what if they had found a cure while you were gone.  You couldn’t help but cry yourself to sleep that night.
Eventually after months without progress you had enough.
All your friends, and Malleus, wanted to surprise you with a large gift, since you couldn’t go to school anymore and had to stay bedridden.  Malleus just was heading in the direction and wanted to see you.
Opening the door to the ramshackled dorm they saw your lifeless unmoving body.  Beside you a note, the note basically said how you were sick and tired of your disease and how it wasn’t anyone's fault, it was just fate.
Everyone was heartbroken, they all had cared deeply about you, the skies had started raining, thunder striking down around them as well.  The person affected the most by your death was Malleus, he didn’t understand why he felt this way.  There were so many things he wished for the two of you to do together.
Standing there he reached into his pocket to grab a necklace.  It was the necklace he had originally wanted to give to you under moonlight, today was the day he decided to just give it to you on the couch.  
He was shattered, tears streaming down his face alongside everyone else.  Grim handed him the note you had left, at the end it said ‘give this to Malleus Draconia’ , wiping away his tears, he decided to read it.
Malleus Draconia,
Oh how I wished I could’ve held on in order for me to see the rose garden you were so proud of.  You’re also not that sly, I saw that necklace in your pocket whenever you came over.  I enjoyed my time with you, and for what I’m about to do, it’s not your fault. 
Please give that necklace to someone you love, someone more important to you then just me.
Love.  That’s when he couldn’t take it anymore.  He gave the note back to Grim before walking away.
He realized that he was also in love with you, he realized why he enjoyed spending time with you so much.  The necklace he’s holding on to shatters from his grip.  He can’t move on from you, you were meant to be with him. 
He ran right to the library to find a way to revive you from the dead, just so you could tell him you loved him in person, so you both could go on those midnight walks again, so he could show you the rose garden he was so proud of.
Tumblr media
Hi.  Life hasn’t been so swag lately and I can’t believe that I’m writing fanfiction in the basement hiding from my family right now.  I’ve been working slightly on each upcoming fic I have and it’s not the greatest. (check my masterlist to see who is upcoming) 
I literally have been reading fanfiction non-stop for the past two-ish weeks when I decided to re-read in another life and I came up with this idea.  I honestly started to cry while writing this even though I personally don’t think it’s that sad. 
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