#sure I still don't know how good the plot will be but I'm definitely going to watch more.
vetinarini · 3 months
Soooo after I reblogged some of OSP's JttW content, I get the Lego Monkie Kid recommended posts and blogs thrown at me every 4 minutes on my dash. Fiiiine, I went to check out the pilot.
And ok.
Tumblr was right.
The pilot episode is hilarious and the animation ABSOLUTELY SLAPS. I keep rewinding because there are so many good gags happening in the background, or just because the animation was so pretty I wanted to see it thrice. This is like a crackfic with the production value of movie theater animated blockbusters.
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harryisalrightig · 2 months
Tumblr media
After being robbed on Valentines Day , Harry seeks comfort in his best friend when confessions are made
Warning ! Plot based around Harrys actual robbery he spoke about, obvs it’s awful what happened, I’ve tried to lighten to situation. Don’t read if you don’t want to :)
Word count = 3,088
Out of all days he was going to be robbed in the street. It was Valentine's Day. He'd just made his way back from your house with a chilled evening with you, both being single and best friends with no plans you spend the evening eating dinner and watching the notebook, how fitting.
Not wanting to get an uber or a taxi he made the most of London being quiet. Harry pulled his phone out of his pocket and grabbed his wired headphones untangling them quickly before plugging them into his phone. He'd lost so many pairs of AirPods that he just gave up, and went back to his good old faithful wired headphones.
The walk wasn't too long and he was only about five minutes or so from his house when he noticed a group of guys standing with their hoods up and faces covered.
Harry still had his big north face puffer jacket on with his hood up and a hat on. Not only to help disguise him but to help with the cold. Being sceptical of the group, he turned the music of Maddison Cunningham which was playing in his ears off.
Carrying on walking up the street, every so often he'd turn around to see the whereabouts of the group. Noticing how the guys cross the road towards Harry. Although trying to stay calm he continued on his path not wanting to draw attention to himself.
With his music at a halt. Harry was able to hear the shuffling of gravel trying to catch up to him in the distance. Hoping to avoid this he crossed the street.
Muttering a "fucks sake" under his breath. His heartbeat picked up as he crossed the street back to where he was originally, only for the group to do the same again. Now he was definitely thinking 'fucks sake I'm going to get robbed.'
The group matched Harry's pace shouting out "Hey can we talk to you for a minute."
Before answering, H looked around for any sort of help "erm sure"
"Do you smoke weed?"
Harry quickly responded. He didn't like it made his head fuzzy and just made him feel really low energy and sluggish. Plus he took pride in the Tom Ford aftershave that he wore on his skin, he didn't like the stickiness of the smoke lingering around for days.
"Do you want some?"
"No thank you"
"Well, what have you got on you" At this point, they all began to gather around Harry.
"I'm sorry I don't 'ave anything"
"C'mon stop fucking around"
He then thought back to the cash that was in his back pocket. He knew that you'd cook something fancy meal for the evening. Getting all fancy cheeses and wines. Harry knew your stubbornness and he appreciated the gesture of all that you did for him. So earlier that day he pulled out some notes and popped some into your bag when you weren't looking. Knowing that you'd turn the offer down straight away if he'd handed it to you.
"I've got some cash," Harry spoke pulling some of the remainders out of his pocket. The 'ringleader' snatches it out of Harry's hands.
At this moment the man who grabbed the money looked down at Harry's pocket. Harry forgot that he had his headphone jack sticking out of it. "Well, what's that plugged into."
"Fuck sake" " yeah it's ma' phone."
"Well best you pull out your fucking phone"
Wisely thinking it's best to follow orders, Harry pulls out his phone. Sure it's annoying and frustrating. But he could contact Jeff somehow to explain the situation and the phone could be whipped clean, he could easily get a new one. As Harry was about to unlock his phone the man ordered "fucking unlock your phone."
One of the other members stood behind the guy who was talking to Harry pulls his shirt up slightly to reveal a knife.
Shit yeah, it really hit Harry at this point. Thinking of all of the messages he had, voice notes of song ideas, pictures, and calendar reminders. "Mate I'm sorry I just can't."
The guy now becoming fed up with Harry reluctantly began counting down from ten.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
He began counting down. Harry thinks about just unlocking his phone and giving it to the guy. He does try just giving the phone to him but is just met with " No I need it fucking unlocked." The guy at this rate had probably clocked who H was, and what he could gain from the contents of his phone. "I can't, please I just can't"
At this point, he clocked the small pond behind the group. This is where Harry debated just chucking it and running for his life. Using the phone as a distraction to get away. But he thought better than pissing them all off.
The traffic lights changed, and there were only a couple of cars coming. Harry found an opportunity to run into the road, in an attempt to stop a car. Due to his frantic movements, the cars he attempted to get into didn't stop, and when Harry thought about it later he understood why.
Luckily this action caused a distance between the group and himself. From that moment on he just absolutely sprinted.
Legging it, he ran the rest of his way home terrified. He didn't even realise his hands were shaking until his hands were on his gate buzzer trying to type in the code. Paranoia causing him to look back over his shoulder, just in case. Luckily no one followed him and he safely made his way back inside his property.
Feeling incredibly overwhelmed Harry instantly broke down into tears by his front door. He felt invaded and his brain was running around with 'what ifs' had happened. Being alone didn't help the situation being thankful for still having his phone on him he dialled the person who could give him the quickest relief of comfort.
"Missing me already Styles?" He wasn't crying at this point he'd managed to pull himself together a little but was still sniffling and attempting to steady his breathing.
"Could yeh come over, please? Something happened I just don't wanna be - need you, pet please." Harry spoke painfully gently, scared he'd get choked up again.
"Harry, are you okay? What's wrong you're scaring me, what's happened?"
"I- I- Just, Y/N please quickly."
"Alright H just stays at home, I'm getting my keys now alright? Just ten minutes okay handsome, I'll be there."
Y/N's heart had dropped from the second she didn't hear a snarky remark back to her comment but was met with a sniffle. She had only seen him moments ago but for her to be called with tears on the other line she knew it had to be bad.
Harry had given her the combination to his gate and a key to his house around 18 months ago. Her job was in London, and with Harry on tour a lot of the time, Y/N had access to the key and an eye on everything. Open the windows so the house didn't get too musky, she'd quite often do a little bit of cleaning to keep the place nice. Sometimes she'd spend the night just for a change of scenery, which meant when she missed Harry. Harry was completely fine with it of course.
" Oh, Harry darling, what on earths happened?" He was still sitting where he had phoned her, slumped against the wall right by the front door. His eyes were big and still filled with tears, his face was red from getting himself worked up and his eyes began to look sore too.
He tried to speak but he felt so relieved that he was no longer on his own he broke down into another fit of tears. Knowing that he wasn't going to stand up you leaned down onto your knees pulling him into you for a hug. "Shhh it's okay H, I'm here now alright, just let it all out, you're okay, just take a deep breathe." He loved it when she played with his hair and rubbed his back, and he needed it now more than ever.
They stayed there for around half an hour before their bodies began to grow stiff. Harry had calmed down and had moved so he was laid down head in her lap. "Why don't we get you in the shower hey? You'll feel so much better H." Trying to convince the man to move.
He shook his head and buried it deeper into her lap muffling a "don't wanna leave yeh." Gripping onto her thigh preventing her from moving.
"Didn't say I'd leave you, ill sit outside the door how about that? I'll be right outside Harry."
He'd now moved so they sat facing each other and let out a very broken "Don't want to be on my own."
Y/N thought back to the time a good couple of months ago when she had a little too much to drink and got herself worked up over her ex, and how Harry to the rescue shared a bubble bath with her until she calmed down.
"How about a bubble bath then, and we can talk about what's happened yeah?" Y/N cupped his cheek and ran her thumb across it attempting to wipe away the dried tears. Harry nodded giving in. The two were always close, and always physically affectionate. They both were touchy people and had an understanding of each other, and a level of respect. The whole friendship group knew they both had a thing for each other and were just waiting for the announcement not of the couple really.
It was actually that night she was worked up over her ex when the convocation came up. "I just don't get it H, how can you just want to fuck someone when you're in a relationship, I just don't understand."
"Neither do I petal, he's a jerk. I might of spilt beer on your so-called 'friend' anyway totally not sorry" Harry spoke as he held you in between his arms tracing up and down your thigh innocently.
"I just feel like such an idiot, maybe it's my fault I rushed things too quickly."
"No Y/N stop it with that, do not for one second blame yourself."
"I just wanted it to be right you know Harry? I don't get how you can't be friends first with someone before moving romantically with them. It's just, I want someone to fall in love with me as a person, then for all of the rest to follow."
"I know darlin'" How Harry wanted to scream that night to her, that it was him who felt that way about her. He got to know all of the incredible things about her which made him fall head over heels.
But now here they were lying in a bubble bath with the roles reversed. For modesty, they had both kept their undergarments on. Even though Y/N was only planning to see Harry's Valentine's Day, that didn't stop her from wearing a red lace lingerie set, she wanted to feel sexy for herself! Harry would have normally tried to keep it cool in any other setting but he felt so numb and shaken up that he barely did a double look.
She ran water through his hair as he lay on her chest. "Are you ready to talk about it huh?" Gently speaking kissing his forehead. Y/N wanted to be respectful and let him speak in his own time.
"Got mugged or somethin' "
Her slumped position against the bathtub changed as she straightened her back, looking down at Harry.
"What do you mean, did you - did you get robbed, Harry?"
He tried curling into her, back into the position he once was in although, with her change in position, it was proving to be difficult.
"Harry?" She called out in hopes to get an answer. He just shrugged.
"No H please come on this is serious have you spoken to Jeff? Have you reported it to the police?"
"Me? Haz c'mon we need to talk this through."
"You were the first and only one I called, just freaked out when I processed what happened."
You didn't interrupt, in hopes of giving him a moment to continue.
"T'was walking back from yours, a group of guys followed me. Asked if I smoked and wanted any weed. I said no, they wanted my phone. Y/N I just couldn't, I -"
"Hey it's okay I'm here" Y/N began to rub Harry's back in hopes of a form of comfort.
"And- well I had some cash. Then I legged it. It all happened so quickly 'tis fuzzy at the moment."
"Well, tomorrow we'll speak to Jeff, and see what he thinks. Harry, I think you should report it to the police."
"But then it'll go public and reach the headlines"
"H don't think about that right now okay, look you're safe now, you're not physically hurt. Promise they'll have to get through me first huh."
Her comment definitely lightened the mood and they both let out a childish giggle. She knew Harry must have been feeling better because he pulled her into his arms so she was laying in between his legs "You stayin' tonight"
"Course yeah Haz, not going to leave you when all this has happened. The only issue is, I left to get here so fast. I literally have nothing with me."
"It's alright darling you know you can always borrow something of mine."
"No promise you're getting it back Styles."
They didn't stay in the water much longer. Harry felt at ease knowing she was there with him. Truth be told she was right, he'd speak to Jeff in the morning they'd file a report. Sure it would be annoying seeing in plastered everywhere, but it was still the right thing to do.
Hasty exited the bathroom first going to grab a pair of boxers and a t-shirt for Y/N, whilst she brushed her teeth. Being a 'regular' around Harry's she had a toothbrush she kept under the cupboard in the bathroom. At times felt like she got more use than her own in her house.
He left on the side a black pair of boxer briefs and a fleetwood mac t-shirt. Whilst she was doing her 'nightly routine' Harry quickly changed into a fresh pair of boxers himself and made his way into bed. Light-footed feet walked toward the bed and Harry was met with a dip in the bed laying down directly in front of him. He lifted his chin up towards her. Y/N scoffed and rolled her eyes, knowing his body language all too well. But she still moved one of her hands to the top of his head to run her fingers through it. Feeling entirely at peace for the first time since the event his eyes fluttered shut. To be completely honest Y/N had thought he'd fallen asleep after a few minutes as his breathing changed and his lips partnered slightly.
She always wondered how Harry was single. He was so amazing and so caring. He just wasn't globally known as Harry Styles with all of these crazy awards and achievements to her. He was also Harry who always kept a decent stock of beans in the cupboard. Hated that he could be so last minute.com with so many things. She could have gone on for hours lapping him up with praise. When out in
social settings. Y/N was a known cheerleader for H, she was always so proud of him.
She took this minute of closeness to look at the small details of his face. Like how his hair curled around his ear. Or the ever-so-small moles and freckles he had scattered around like stars on his body. He was just so captivating and addictive. She was hopelessly in love with every bone and fibre in his body.
"Move in wiv' me" He slung his arm around her still with his eyes closed and pulled her closer.
"What- Haz ?"
"No c'mon I'm serious here, Move in wiv' me?"
"Harry I'm your best friend what if either one of us meets someone."
"If that happens, we'll deal wiv' it then"
"H-" His captivating eyes were now shot open staring into hers.
"Y/N you are practically here all the time, look you and I both know rents are a concern you face every month. You wouldn't have to worry 'bout it. Plus sometimes m' gone for ages angel, be so much easier if you were just here to keep an eye on things. Could redecorate, honestly don't mind sweets. Plus, feel less lonely when you're 'wiv me, like having you here. Makes it feel like home."
"I don't know H what if- but-"
“C’mon Y/N please you’ve gotta feel the same. Everyone around us says it. Do you remember when you were crying over that twat of an ex in the bath, you were sobering up but you spoke 'bout wanting someone to fall for you as a person, first then all the rest to follow. Y/N?"
Your eyes had become teary and you lightly smacked him in the chest.
"Harry you idiot I was talking about you! I-, he-, I didn't feel seen by him. It's like he wanted me but didn't actually want me as everything I am. He wasn't you."
"Then move in with me .Y/N darling give me one reason, I'll never forgive -"
"What if it doesn't work Harry."
"What if it does Y/N"
"But this would mean going from nothing to everything, things are going to change Harry. You know me I've never been a fan of change."
"Just want to make you happy yeh', been fighting givin' into each other for so long. Just give us a try poppet."
Silence met the room. You knew it was a good idea moving in, it did make perfect sense. Being able to actually try you too
"Okay, we will discuss the details of everything after you phone Jeff and file a report about the incident in the morning."
"Is that a yes then?"
"You keep your end of the deal, I'll keep mine Styles."
"Mitch and Sarah are going to-"
"Harry its been a long day for you, we'll talk in the morning okay."
"Waited years for you angel, sure I can wait one more night."
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hopeluna · 3 months
I gotta send it back ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ Mc used to be a god, but even immortals can be killed. They now reincarnated as a human & racing with time to grasp the divine power once belong to them. Merry soon christmas bc my final exams will be performed during western holiday *sob*
Obey Me! + MC who used to be a god
⊹˚.⋆ A/N: so here you go, me just exploring the idea in a little headcanon?? I really don't know what to call this imao. Also merry soon christmas!! and good luck on your exams anon, i'm sure you'll do well <3
⊹˚.⋆ Characters: The brothers x gn!reader
Tumblr media
I feel like Lucifer and Diavolo, while choosing people for the exchange program, might have overlooked the fact that MC used to be god and when they arrive at Devildom, Barbatos is the first one to observe a odd air around them. But after MC telling them of their situation,
Lucifer would likely be the most doubtful out of everyone, hesitant to believe MC. But after some heavy background research, Lucifer will come around to the fact that maybe MC isn't lying about themselves.
Mammon is shocked and also very confused. You probably have to explain it to him A LOT. But he is actually impressed, like he already liked you (not that he would admit it) but the fact that you used to be a god? He thinks you're the coolest person ever.
Levi is immediately launching into theories and how he's seen this happen one too many times in anime plot lines. He will bombard you with solutions on how you could get back the power that once belonged to you and who knows maybe one of them will work?
Satan is curious. Curious to know more about your past and help you find a way to grasp the power you had. The way Satan researches about this stuff, it feels like he's more desperate than you are to get your power back. Levi and him definitely team up to bring up theories about this every week.
Asmo is also, like Satan, curious. Maybe not too that extent but he always wants to hear you talk about how your life was like when you were god, eagerly soaking up every detail from your stories.
Beel is just kinda...chill with it?? When you tell him, he just goes "okay cool" and offers you some of the pie he was eating. Truthfully, it doesn't really matter to him what you were, he thought you were cool before and he still thinks that now, nothing's changed.
Belphie is, similarly to Lucifer, doubtful of the truth and given his history with certain gods, he's also cautious. But once he realizes that you do not mean any harm, he relaxes.
Comments and reblogs are appreciated!! Do not repost or claim as yours though, its not cool.
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arahir · 10 days
Hi Jojo, on a scale of one to ten how normal are we feeling about today's Stampede? I'm rating it a 12/10 on an Insanity scale. I'm being so normal about Knives that Legato should get in line behind me for People With Normal Feelings About Knives
wolfwood's "gotta make a choice" yeah you do go fucking get your babygirl but can we have this discussion not the elevator roberto de niro's ghost is haunting
vash, unhappy mother of 300,
"he's probably a mummy by now" he's definitely a mummy of some sort
HOW do they know what mummies are
the guy still holding his bowl of ramen is my personal king and in my elaborate self insert fanfic going on inside my head, he's my husband of ten happy ramen filled years. i know he tried to kill a whole town but the pressure of his job was really getting to him
VASH AND KNIVES BICKERING!!! "you only think about eating" "well that's all im good for" "that's not what i said" "it's what you MEANT" god idk why this spoke to me so much but i truly feel like vash's slight um self esteem um issues might be partially due to nai
kenji muto said "oh you think neon genesis evangelion had a giant oedipal symbol as the world is destroyed around the hero? sure. hold my beer"
how did vash's tentacle roots get outside the bullet proof glass without breaking it
HAR MEGIDDO? knives is such a fucking nerd and i don't care if he's been working out for 150 years he's still getting locked in the second floor bathroom during recess
we're not talking about tesla
but if we do talk about tesla you should read the manga portion of that story because the most jarring part is the research team's notes on her as she's being slowly killed over the course of months and how excited they are for the progress they're making
im sorry im not receiving the meryl as anime girlfriend plot line while vash is being mindfucked by his brother and spent 10 episodes having sex with wolfwood but great attempt
GO WATCH 17:06 ONWARD!!!! the series of expressions knives goes through is his entire character arc
required reminder/disclaimer that i love and support knives in all his actions. "he's done some things wrong but" no he hasn't. he's done nothing wrong. except he should hug vash more.
we aren't talking about the shape of the portal knives goes thru
knives is literally just jealous and has been the entire time and that's the plot of trigun stampede and the ruination of that is so insane because vash DOES love him but as long as vash loves anyone else, no amount of love will be enough for knives. he wants one thing in this whole shit ass universe and it's for vash's undivided devotion and i think if he got it, it would do nothing for him because vash wouldn't be vash if he didn't love the way he loves. show me a worse tragedy.
me obsessing over this screenshot for a week only to have it be the most insane line of the whole series:
Tumblr media
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pacifymebby · 4 months
Abandonment Issues / Billy + Stu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🥧 Because you're so scared that people will leave you, you are also scared to get close to anyone
🔪 So despite Billy's best efforts to get close to you, you're shut off and you just won't let him in
🥧 Its fine when you're just friends, you're so close and you trust him, and he feels like you're all his... But then when feelings get involved... The moment you realise you maybe like him as more than just a friend...
🔪 Thats when your doubts and paranoid thoughts tend to kick in, thats when you shut down.
🥧 So over night you seem to change, you start pushing him away, making up excuses not to spend so much time with him...
🔪 If Billy wasn't so persistent that would have been the end of things, but Billy has his own issues... He's possesive, terrified of being left, of losing you... So he will not let that happen
🥧 He'd double down and root twice as hard for you, he'd make up more reasons to be around you, he'd keep saying things like "you know you can talk to me about anything yeah..."
🔪 And then when he finally snaps, he does it quiet and calm... Climbs in through your bedroom window one evening all, "forgive me for the intrusion y/n but I couldn't sleep... See i was lying there awake thinking about you..." "Smooth Billy..." he ignores your sarcasm and just carries on, "I was trying to work out whats wrong with you...cause somethings chanhed recently and i don't understand why... We went from being best friends you know... We were building to something real good, all the trailers were released and people you know, they couldn't wait to see the full feature but then... well... The movie never came out, all those trailers got pulled from the cinemas, the production company slashed the budget and well... It feels like you don't wanna know me anymore..."
🥧 You want to be cold with him, you try to be cold with him... "you never stop to think maybe i don't..." he'd get mad if it wasn't such a terrible lie, instead he just looks at you with those sad puppy eyes and reaches out to you.
🔪 "No, no it isn't that... Cause you might not wanna know me anymore doll but i still know you... Its something else..."
🥧 And you can't ignore those puppy eyes. You can't keep lying when you can see the hurt on his face so you bite the bullet and admit how you really feel...
🔪"I'm sorry Billy I'm just... Whenever i get too close to someone i ruin them... Everything gets all fucked up and they leave or it all just..."
🥧 He'd try to cut you off when you get upset, he hates seeing you cry and usually he'd be plotting to kill whoever was responsible for those tears, but today its just you and him
🔪 So he catches your chin between his thumb and finger and tilts your face up to look at his.. "hey, hey... Don't cry y/n..."
🥧 Thing is he knows exactly how you feel, he too is terrified of being left alone by those he cares about most in the world. Right then he wants nothing more than to hold you tight but he knows he needs to talk to you... Tell you how things are, how they are going to be
🔪 Because he isn't ever going to let you go, not now he knows you definitely feel the same... And lets face it, even if he hadn't been sure you did... He wouldn't have let you go.
🥧 "I understand y/n, i know you're scared, i get scared sometimes too yeah? But you don't need to be scared with me... This.." he'd point between you and him, "nothings gonna ruin this, and i will never leave you, i promise okay, youre safe with me..."
🔪 The relationship would be intense, you'd stick to one another like glue. You'd rarely be apart, he'd always have a hand on you and if you had a class separate to him or you did have to be away from eachother, he'd make sure you were wearing his sweater or shirt so that you wouldn't really be without him and other people would know you were his.
🥧 It would be a ride or die, you and him against the world kind of love and he'd remind you of that all the time. "Nobody understands me like you do, nobody understands you like i do, its just you and me babe, youre all that matters to me in this world..."
🔪 He would be very protective of you.. He'd want to know why you have these issues, what happened to you, who didn't love you enough? He'd be bitter about it when he found out, he'd never forgive those people who had made you feel like you're easy to abandon.
🥧He'd definitely kill someone to prove his dedication to you... If he had to... So don't make him prove it...
🍒 Isn't every going to give you the chance to doubt his feelings for you... He never leaves you alone because he's one clingy clingy motherfucker. He doesn't have abandonment issues of his own, more that he has possession issues... Once youre his youre his and he doesnt want to let go of you for even a second.
🔪 If you're hanging out with your friends outside school he's got his arms around you or youre sitting in his lap... If you're walking together he's picking you up, slinging you over his shoulder, spinning you around whatever... The boys just always physically present
🍒 He doesn't always think about what he says though and so often his lack of tact can cause you upset... When he makes flirtasious jokes about other girls, when he makes stupid comments about the cheer squad... Thats all they are to him, just jokes... And he makes them because the idea of him leaving you for anyone is so unbelievable and stupid to him that he doesn't think anyone could ever believe him for a second...
🔪 But the comments play on your mind and one day he makes the joke and you don't laugh, you shrug him off and cut class to go home early... He doesn't realise what he's done but Billy and Randy are just "Its called sensitivity man, try using your brain every once in awhile..." "yeah man girls don't really like it when you joke about cheating on them..." "Moron..." "what she knows I'm joking?" "yeah she seemed real entertained fuckrag..."
🍒 So he rolls his eyes, dramatically sighing before following after you, shouting for you to slow down, you know digging himself a hole in his endearing way.
🔪 When he gets to you he wraps his arms around you tight and rests his chin on your shoulder, hugging you from behind so that you can't escape...
🍒 At first he's still joking with you, layering it on thick, begging for your fogriveness but you can tell its still all a joke to him... But it isn't a joke to you
🔪 He realises he's gone too far when you start crying and his whole demeanour changes, he would immediately stop laughing, spin you round in his arms and hold your face in his hands looking at you with all the seriousness in the world (or as much as someone like stu can muster at any given moment)
🍒 "Hey baby don't cry i was just joking around with you baby girl i was just joking you know i love you..." he'd carry on talking like that, drying your eyes and kissing your face wherever he could until you stopped crying.
🔪 You sniffling "you shouldn't fuckin joke about that shit..." "well why not baby, you know I'd never give you up for anyone or anything you're mine forever..." when you just look at him he realises... You don't know that, you don't know just how much you mean to him... So he says it again.
🍒 "baby girl you are mine forever." he'd hold you tight against his chest cradling your head with his hand, pressing you to him and kissing your forehead. He'd just keep saying it until you understood.
🔪 And from then on he doesn't make as many of those dumb jokes. Instead he acts extra possesive over you, wanting to spend every moment with you reminding you that you're his. Forever.
🍒 It would be sinister if he wasn't such a goof...
🔪 He gives you his necklace to wear and tells you never to take it off, it will remind you that you're his and it'll show everyone else that too.
🍒 Stu is always joking that he'll kill anyone who tries to come between you... But they're just jokes. Right.
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imthefemalemonster · 2 months
Hey! I don't know if you write a/b/o universe, (but I'll try my luck) so could I get an imagine/oneshot nsfw Alpha Daemon x Omega fem reader, where reader goes into heat, but Daem had to leave ( maybe solve some issues for Viserys) and he will take some time to come back, in the meantime Rhae Rhae (who is a beta) and has a sincere friendship with reader takes care of her (in the sense of caring and not in the sexual sense) so her heat passes and Daem comes back, but Reader is mad at him for leaving her alone while he's going through this (since it's her first heat she's been through alone), so he tries to talk to her, but she won't. Days pass and they finally talk, to which she cries and says how painful it was, he apologizes and makes it up to her, please? (with angst and fluff and if you can write down the moments of care that Rhae Rhae has for her, I will be extremely grateful)
Hello beautiful - I sure do! I’m not really an expert in it since I don’t read/write much of it but still hope you like it. ♡
⸻Set Me Free
Daemon Targaryen x Female!Reader (A/B/O - Angst Smut Fluff)
Tumblr media
⸻Summary: Nothing could have prepared you for your first heat, especially not the absence of your husband. Your close and loving friend Rhaenyra stays at your side, but you won't forgive Daemon so easily as you ensure he makes it up to you.
Tags: A/B/O, Fluff, Angst, Smut, With Plot, PIV, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Oral Sex, (f receiving), Kisses & Hugs, Multiple Orgasms, Aftercare, No use of Y/N, No beta I'm sleep deprived
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Notes: More Daemon x Fem!Reader, I’m very brainrot and definitely love to write it ~ The filth is at the end - I made the fic so you can read the smut or angst/fluff as a standalone since there’s a time skip! (smut after “***”)
Changed a bit the tropes of A/B/O for the sake of the fic.
Requested by anon, hope you like it. ♡
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⸻Words: 6108 (Smut part ~ 2k7)
No words could fit the feeling. Nothing would be precise enough to describe it. The bed shifted as you weight left it, but the second your toes hit the floor, you felt like it gave away under your feet. Despite all the things you were told about, everything you read, living through the very first heat was much worse than you could ever hope for it to be. As an omega, you made sure to know everything about heat, especially after you presented and married your Alpha, the well-known Prince Daemon Targaryen. Thinking about it had made you anxious more than once, but yet you were well surrounded and Daemon reassured you that he would guide you with every step.
A soft gasp left your lips as you stumbled, your hands reaching for nothing, the floor dangerously close. Your knees failed you as you sensed the cold floor against your burning skin. You couldn’t tell how many seconds or even minutes passed since you left the bed. Your skin was set ablaze the moment you moved and the only reason you weren’t already laying on the floor was because Daemon caught you in his arms. It was still very early in the morning, you had just woken up wanting to join him at his desk when it hit you. Daemon had sensed it the instant he heard the mattress shift.
“It’s alright, love.”
You breathed heavily against his chest, a hand holding your back, the other caressing your head gently. He smelled so good. You had felt it before but this time it was different, it was like the scent was everywhere around you, inside you, invading every inch of your skin. You could have ripped your clothes apart, it was hot, too hot. Your fingers dug in the leather of Daemon top as you felt his grasp tighten, his hand moving under your knees lifting you up.
“D-daemon!”, you whined, fingers hopelessly scratching the clothes. Tears left your eyes, mouth part open in a silent scream.
Daemon moved you back to the bed, thumbs brushing the skin of your legs and shoulders, his own breaths growing louder as he sensed your distress. Despite showing much more self-control, having known previous heats, Daemon’s heart still raced in his chest with anticipation. You both awaited this moment with grand impatience, you heard how important it was. It was impossible to put words on it yet, but the only feeling buried deep inside you was the need for pleasure and carnal desire for your alpha.
You sighed as you felt your body lay on the bed, Daemon at your side, holding your back as he positioned himself sitting behind you. You let your head fall on his chest, it felt like it was either going to explode or melt. The tender skin of your neck exposed, Daemon leaned it to kiss it gently, slowly, as his wet lips grazed it. Dizzy, you laughed at the sensation while he whispered honey-like words against you. His embrace felt delicious, reassuring and blissful.
“So sweet.”
“W-what now?”, you murmured.
His hands wandered on your chest and waist, gripping at your nightgown like he wanted to tear it apart. You wished his hands were everywhere at once on you, every inch of your skin covered by his. Your core burned a strange sensation you had never felt before.
“Now I’m taking care of my little omega.”, he smirked, lips meeting your flushed cheeks as his fingers ran on your collarbone, slipping under the edge of your clothes.
You nodded, whatever it meant you were ready to do it. You would do everything for him at this very instant, you needed it.
“And I’ll show you how to take care of your Alpha, hm?”, he kissed your ear, words flowing in as you drank them all.
You laid into him as he resumed the assault on your neck, his hands carefully pulling your nightgown up. At first you thought it was only your head, so intoxicated in his scent that the regular noises of knocking were coming from inside you. But as it became louder and louder, voices accompanying it, you rapidly came out of your torpor to realize people were knocking at your door.
Daemon's mouth left your skin as you whined, pulling on the leather of his top. Annoyance filled your body as the knocks weren’t stopping.
“Fuck off!”, he screamed. An answer very much like him.
The voices were inaudible, they sounded like a bunch of men calling for Daemon.
“I SAID FUCK OFF. NOT NOW.” His voice was so loud behind you it almost could shatter your entire body. His arms locked around your shoulders he held you like you could disappear at any instant.
“Urgent matters, my Prince.”
Daemon didn’t respond, wanting to focus back on you, but the knock and voices just wouldn’t stop.
“Let us in, we come bearing a messag-”
“If you FUCKING come in”, yelled Daemon, “I’ll have your fucking head rolling on the floor and those of all your family members too.”
“King’s orders.”
Daemon sighed. Digits brushing your skin gently as you held onto him, fingernails digging in the fabric, your eyes begging him not to leave.
“I’m”, he muttered, shaking his head. None of the men would be alive by the end of this very day, you could tell, but yet his words left you aback, “I’m so sorry love.”
“D-daemon don’t-”, you cried out, hands reaching for him in a desperate attempt to keep him close.
“I’ll come back soon”, he started to move, you whined at the loss when he left the bed, you almost collapsed on it, “Very soon.” His face looked as pained as yours, yet he still left, each inch separating you now breaking your heart a little more.
The door slammed open as Daemon reached for Dark Sister, ready to slice anyone coming in. But to your great surprise it wasn’t guards or maids that entered, but Rhaenyra herself. She tilted her head toward him, the fire in her eyes could have melted him whole.
“You can’t-”
“I have no choices, you should understand.”, he rasped, “If it’s Viserys-”
“Understand?!”, she raised her hands up but kept her voice low not to alarm you, “It’s her first… - You cannot be serious.”
“I’ll be back sooner than she realizes.”, he lowered his head, avoiding any other eye contact, fist clenched around the hilt of his sword.
Rhaenyra let him leave, your cries echoing in the room as the door closed. She would handle that later, but for now you were the top priority.
“Oh poor thing.”, she whispered, face leaving the wooden door as she ran to you, “Come here.”
You whined when she touched your arm, her embrace mother-ly. You rested your head on her shoulder, face reddened and wet with angry and desperate tears.
“I-I. W-why-”, you couldn’t form any coherent words. Daemon leaving felt like your entire skin had been ripped apart and you were left bleeding against the cold floor.
“I’m here”, murmured Rhaenyra, holding you close to her, “He’ll be back soon. I’ll take care of you, beautiful.”
You nodded against her chest, fingers gripping at the fabric, focusing your attention on anything else but your burning skin. Your cries were certainly heard in the entire castle, you wanted to scream so loud.
“I’ve prepared cold water for you.”, her hand brushed your head gently, “Take your dress off, we’ll change it, you'll feel better once washed.”
She waited for an answer, your consent before doing anything, but you didn’t say anything. You couldn’t because any sounds that were escaping your lips were cries for help.
You finally nodded against her, she smiled softly as she rested your body on the cushions, accepting the basin from the maids.
“Leave now, have nobody walk into this room while I take care of her.”
The maids bowed and left immediately. Back at your side Rhaenyra proceeded to take your dress off. You sighed, relieved when the fabric left your skin. Naked you didn’t feel cold, your body was still burning, inside and outside, yet you still shaked, filled with incomprehension. You melted into Rhaenyra's lovely embrace when she pressed the cool cloth on your skin, washing the sweat and tears away. Her kind words cradled you, soothing your worries. Still you felt empty, as much as her touch was reassuring, it wasn’t the one you needed. You needed the burning presence of Daemon. Your fists clenched, not from sadness but pure anger. Why wasn’t he here?
Once washed, Rhaenyra dressed you up again, the fabric soft on your relaxed skin. You couldn’t tell how much time had passed. Your eyes were closed, the sun burning them each time they would open. You felt helplessly tired, head resting on the cushion as Rhaenyra was still at your side, whispering kind words and telling stories that had you smiling through the obvious pain. She took your hand in hers as you slowly fell asleep, mind still hazy from the heat. She didn’t leave your side until Daemon came back, a killer-stare toward him when he dared entering the room, very late into the night.
He bowed his head to her, his face as tired as yours peacefully asleep. She shook her head and he said nothing, he knew nothing needed to be said. Carefully she left your side, face still turned toward you to notice any reactions, but you didn’t move, your breath regular but loud again. She joined him by the door.
“You’re irresponsible.” The words were cold, cutting him raw.
Daemon was too tired for a sermon and too angry for reproaches.
“It was-”, he paused, eyes escaping his niece murdering stare. No words, no excuses would be enough.
“Give her your best excuses. You are a lucky man if she accepts them.” Rhaenyra turned a worrying eyes toward you, but you were still asleep, “Heat is a matter of three or four more days, you better make up for it.”, she continued.
Daemon nodded, lips parted open. Air escaped him but no noises. The two Targaryen exchanged once last lilac stare before Rhaenyra left. Daemon turned his pained eyes toward you. He looked at your beautiful body asleep, wanting to hold you close, lift you up and kiss you again and again. The entire day had been hell for him, but he handled heat before. He could never forgive himself for leaving, but yet even if he thought about it all day, he couldn’t find the right words.
His mere presence was enough to wake you up. Your body felt hot again, skin stinging against any fabric brushing your skin. You whined but muffled it with a hand, turning you back to the door. Your hands gripped the sheets, eyes closed and focusing on the darkness around you. You heard sounds of boots approaching, fabric on the floor, steel against the cold walls, and the mattress shifted. Shivers ran through your body, you waited, but nothing came. No noises, no words. Your head dug into the cushion, you hoped you could disappear in them. It pained you, your body telling otherwise, but you begged to be left alone, any more touch would disgust you.
Daemon observed you, the skin of your back, your head, your irregular breaths informing him that you were awake. He wished that if he touched you, you would turn back and throw yourself in his arms, that he would kiss you and whisper a gentle but sincere ‘sorry’ and everything would be fine. But he felt your anger, he felt everything inside you. Still his hand reached for you back, but the second his digits brushed your hot skin, you squirmed away.
“I’m so sorry, love.”, he murmured. You shook your head slightly, hands on your ears. You wanted to hear none of it.
“I should have been here.”, he continued, you felt him move closer, his broad body and heat engulfing you. You whined, pained cries leaving your lips. Your distress clearly showing, breaking his heart piece by piece. He moved away from you, head still turned toward you, scared you would run away at any moment.
“But you weren’t.”
You couldn’t tell how many days had passed, two or three. You didn’t count, your heat was still going on but you avoided anyone, locked in your room or in Rhaenyra’s as she continued to look after you. You felt like losing it. You had barely since Daemon. More than once he had tried to reach you, try and talk to you but you couldn’t. His excuses felt empty, his touches were hypocritical. Yet every time he wasn’t near you, you cried his absence. You didn’t know why you just didn’t throw yourself in his arms, maybe you wanted him to be hurt as much as he hurt you.
Hours passed and they felt like a living nightmare. You cried, stumbled upon your feet, begged for anyone who heard to take the pain away. Everytime you closed your eyes you saw yourself again, alone as Daemon crossed the door and never turned to look at you, as minutes and hours passed and he wasn’t back at your side. Sadness became anger and anger turned into insatiable wrath. You wanted to scream at him and hope he would shatter. Tears run down your face at all hours, hoping it would dry your body so hard you would simply die from it. Guilt and anger filled your body. You wanted Daemon at your side as much as you despised him, it tore you apart, bleeding you open. When will the pain end?
The last day of your heat, you stayed in your chambers. You hoped that maybe your anger and sadness would calm down soon. You felt dizzy all morning, Daemon had left early as he did the previous day. His scent was everywhere in the room and for once you allowed yourself to rest alongside it, focusing on your body and your breaths. You could have cried all day again, the pain you both endured the first day was nothing compared to what you were inflicting to one another. But you wanted Daemon to understand, you wanted him to look you in the eyes, promise he’ll never leave again. You wanted the words to flow so naturally out of him it would be carved in your heart forever. You didn’t know if it would be enough, but still you craved to hear it.
The door opened, nonchalant boots hitting the floor in irregular rhythm. Your peripheral sight let you observe Daemon, you sensed his anger and impatience as he turned to you, face flushed and sweat running down, probably from training.
“Time to talk.”
You stared at each other in silence. The hunger and anger were indivisible in you both.
“I have nothing to say, husband.”, the last word left your mouth like a reproach.
“This can’t keep going.”, he husked.
A laugh escaped your lips as you turned your body to him, sitting at the edge of the bed as he was standing there, a meter away from you.
“I wonder because of who.” Your eyes defied him, and as much as his ego stood tall in the room, towering you, you wouldn’t let go.
He approached, but this time you didn’t move. His steps were heavy, threatening as his scent. You shook, your body heating up, but still you wouldn’t let yourself be tamed this easily. You wouldn’t hold long against your alpha, he was made to have you yield. But you hoped he could read the thousand pleas in your eyes. His hand reached for your arm, gentle to your greatest surprise, but you escaped his grip, his fist clenching around nothing.
“I’m sorry”, his voice was so low, from sadness, shame, anger. He refused to let your first heat pass without showing you all its wonders. But no words seemed
“You don’t understand”, you simply spoke. His eyes widened, fingernails digging in his palms. What more can I say? he thought.
“I said I was sorry!”, Daemon yelled, belt unbuckled, he threw his sword away, it hit the floor with a loud noise that had you jumping.
“You didn’t mean it!”, you screamed, “A-and, even if you did-”. You violently clapped your hands on your ears, the shock echoing in your head as you cried loudly.
You heard him move closer, eyes part open, you observed him kneel down before you. His face
“You know I’m sincere.”, he whispered, he brushed your legs with his palm. You wanted to give up to his heat, to his touch, “I am sorry.”, he paused, letting you process every word, “I had no choice but to leave and I regret that I had to do so. I should have prepared you better and it’s my whole responsibility as your alpha”, his thumb brushed your overheated skin, you looked at him as your hand met the back of his, he smirked, “I should have protected you better.”
You tilted your head, it was more than you ever hoped for, the words enveloping you in a loving embrace.
“I’ll not beg you, I’ll not cry, I know what you want from me and I’ll give it to you if you let me.”
You broke when the last sentence left his mouth. You leaned in, arms around his shoulders to meet his broad figure. You rested in his arms as he held you close, hands gently brushing your back, your head lost in his neck as you cried, all the pain left in your body rolling down your cheeks. He met your embrace, a hand placed on your head, lowering to your neck. Tender words escaped his lips as your tears washed away your last sorrow.
Daemon stood up, carefully lifting you up by the knees, just like he did the first time. You still sensed it as your body met the mattress, the heat, the need; but now it felt so peaceful, so loving. Your breaths were irregular yet calm. Everything that needed to happen would eventually, and you knew this time you would let yourself be interrupted. You rested against the cushions as Daemon moved an arm under your head, holding you as your mouths finally met, one hand cupping your wet cheeks. Daemon traced the outline of your lips with the tip of his tongue, smiling into the kiss. You happily let him in, your tongues meeting, moaning against him. The taste was even better than the scent. Leaving your cheek, his hand moved to your chin, finger lowering to your neck where it rested a few seconds, squeezing it lightly. Your lips still hadn’t parted away, teeth clicking as you felt his hot palm brush your arm, digits playfully pulling at your dress. Those weren’t teasing touches, they were sincere and tender.
Once separated, you whined at the loss, breathing each other’s air, your lips brushing one another. Daemon moved his arm from under your head, resting above you as he steadied himself on his hand, his hips against yours, spreading your legs open. You watched him as he studied your body, you felt bare under his gaze, his eyes filled with newfound hunger. You observed him, the scars showing on his neck, his broad figure, his weight digging you in the mattress, the way his chest moved above you, his blonde locks falling over his face and shoulders. Not even the Gods could have sculpted such a beautiful creature.
“I love you.”
You spoke the word with confidence, you knew them to be true.
“I love you too.”
Your hands reached behind his neck, pulling him into a hot kiss as he met your enthusiasm.
“Let’s do it properly this time”, he murmured against your lips, noses brushing, “Right, love?”
“Show me”, you whispered against his lips, your hands shaking around him, your core wet, burning from the need of feeling whole, from the lust and desire to satiate your alpha.
Daemon smirked at the invitation, more than happy to oblige. It wasn’t really your first time. Pleasure wasn’t unknown to you both, especially him. He had gone down on you more than once, and so you had returned the favor. But with the heat, this all felt different. The need was eating you both alive. You wanted to helplessly rub against him, the friction of your bodies relieving any kind of hunger you had. Daemon’s hot palms on your ankles sent a shiver down your spine, he had moved further on the bed, legs spread open by his grasp. You looked down as he teasingly, slowly pulled your dress up, his digits brushing your skin painfully. You wanted his mouth to meet with your body with such fervor you were ready to grab his face and force him to, but all strength had left your body. You only laid there submissively, at the mercy of Daemon’s hands.
“Don’t you dare”, you laughed as he raised his eyes to meet yours, vile smirk on his lips.
“I can make it good but I can make it funny too.”, he mewled, body leaning in closer to your center dripping wet from the teasing through your small clothes. His hands met your thighs and you gasped loudly.
“F-focus on the good part!”
Daemon licked his lips as his fingers reached for your inner thighs. You felt like you were going to explode, you tried to work the best you could to undo your top but your digits were shaking in anticipation, unable to focus on the simple task. You felt his fingernails dig in the skin, scratching the clothes hiding your virtue. Lifting your legs up, moving his hips against yours, he laid closer, his weight above yours, pressing you on the mattress as he met your lips again. This time with renewed lust, sinful noises escaping you both, you whined when he rubbed his leathered erection between your legs. The clothes couldn’t hide how hard he was and you could already feel him whole. It only had your mouth watering at the thought of having it inside you, tearing you apart with all the strength you wished him to use.
Your hand reached between your bodies, palming his shaft as he met your touch, groaning into the kiss. His hands worked your top faster than you did, undoing it and pushing the fabric down, exposing your breast to the hot air, bouncing with your irregular breath and jumping at any of his touches. Daemon stood up again, hungrily pushing the clothes down to your waist, his thumb resting on your lower belly as he leaned in again, mouth feasting on the burning and sweaty skin of your chest. Your hands moved to grab a fistful of his hair, pushing him down further on your body.
“Patience…”, he cooed.
“I-I don’t have that”, you breathed, smiling through the heat, “R-right now.”
Daemon laughed at the comment, pressing kisses on your lower belly as you raised your legs the best you could, your dress slipping off your body alongside your small clothes, leaving you finally naked. You sighed in relief at the sensation, you had felt trapped inside the fabric all day. Being bare felt so good, you only wished to rip Daemon’s clothes apart so you could feel his sensitive skin against yours. But for now, the man was focused on something else. His hands moved to your thighs again, wetting his lips
“Have to get you ready.”, he rasped, “Don’t think that tight cunt can take a dragon cock yet.”
You breathed heavily at the comment, the sole idea of his imposing cock had your mouth water, your hips moving up, and shivers sent down your whole body.
“D-do it then.”, you whispered, finger inside your mouth, playing with the saliva on your tongue, a sinful view he could almost come for.
“As my lady commands”, he purred, biting the skin of your inner thigh as you cried his name, hips moving up hoping to meet his mouth.
“How should I do that…”, he murmured against your dripping folds, his low voice echoing against your sensitive skin. He raised his eyes to meet yours again, half closed as you hungrily sucked on your finger. You understood he awaited an answer as he didn’t move.
“With your m-mouth”, you begged, pausing a second, “And your f-fingers.”
He tilted his head, so, so close to your core you wanted to scream to him to eat you out already, the rough skin of his cheek meeting your inner thigh.
“P-please”, you whined, knowing he liked to hear you beg for it.
“Good girl”, he grunted.
You couldn’t quite tell if you cried, moaned or screamed when his lips finally met your cunt. Maybe a mix of all three, maybe none as you muffled yourself. You were too dizzy to tell, his licks hungry and harsh against your throbbing core. Two fingers parted your lips as his tongue lapped at your core, noises wet from your juices against his rough jaw. He moved his mouth up, flicking his tongue around your clit. You gasped at the sensation, lower belly burning from the inside as you let your hips meet the rhythm of his fingers and tongue. Kiss it harshly he let his mouth move down again, digits playing with your entrance as he let his tongue delve in first. You screamed this time, you were so close if he put a single finger inside you, you would come undone around it. Daemon could sense it as he moved backward, catching his breath and observing the messy masterpiece you were. One finger brushed your folds and you nearly passed out when Daemon pushed it in, slowly, painfully.
“M-more”, you whined, any words coming out of your mouth now almost against your will. You wanted every filthy thought to stay inside your mind but you couldn’t keep them locked in as they came out of you with no restrain, “Deeper!” You knew Daemon would love to hear them.
Your walls tightened around him, he moved slowly at first, meeting your hips in a joyful and obscene rhythm. When it got settled inside you, Daemon added another, you whined, throwing your head back against the pillows.
“I know you can take them”, he husked against your cunt, mouth resuming its assault on your oversensitive core, accompanying the harsh pace of his fingers.
His fingers scissored inside, hitting all these spots that had you seeing stars. The heat was unbearable, the ceiling was a beautiful night full of stars and you couldn’t tell what was real anymore, screaming your husband's name as waves of pleasure crashed onto you, stomach flipping when you came around his fingers and mouth. He rode you to your orgasm, almost to coma as his digits wouldn’t stop their aggressive dance inside you. You tried to catch your breath, moaning and crying at the same time.
“I love when you moan my name”, he kissed both your thighs, fingers sliding out of you, “Want to hear you scream it for me.”
Your breast bounced slightly as you finally caught your breath, nipples and skin sensitive as it burned under Daemon’s insatiable stare. His fingers met your mouth, tasting yourself on them as he lowered his head so his tongue could circle your nipples, playing with the soft skin of your breast.
“Bite m-me”, you mumbled, unsure why you asked, you simply wanted to be marked forever.
“If you insist”, he laughed, air hot against your body.
He lowered his head, teeth nibbling at the soft skin of your breast.
“Mark will be for later love”, he whispered, leaving your nipples, moving up again to rest his head against your neck. Your scent was so strong here he almost lost any restrain he thought he didn’t have anymore, “Can’t believe I’m finally going to sink into this sweet cunt, pound it until you come crawling to my feet, begging for it each minutes of your next heat, belly swelling with-”
“O-oh my god shut up and fuck me already!”
Daemon raised his head, face mixed with laughter and confusion. Your impatience certainly aroused and amused him.
“Oh well…”, he commented, lips curling in a teasing smile, “I was just planning what I would do to you…”
“G-get inside!”, you whined, legs around his waist, pulling him closer, the leather grazing your wet and sensitive core.
“Oh because my Lady knows how it’s… done now?”, he laughed, “Where did your innocence go.”, he raised an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips as he undid his top in haste, throwing the fabric somewhere on the floor.
“Took your cock enough in my mouth to know it’s supposed to go in holes.”
Daemon's mouth parted open and closed immediately. Instead a silent laugh was stuck in his throat, definitely amused by your filthy words.
“So my sweet girl knows what it does to take her Alpha’s cock during heat, hm?”, he teased, towering you, his dark eyes scanning your body, already imagining himself buried so deep inside your cunt would take the form of his cock, and his only.
Your eyes wandered in the room as you heard him undoing his pants, sliding out of them with ease. You knew… some things. You had heard things, from how big and pleasurable an Alpha’s cock was supposed to be, from how you were made to take it as an Omega.
“If my baby girl doesn’t know, I might just show her.”
You observed him, finally naked under your hungry gaze, his length in hand, fierce and angry. His fingers at the base, slowly stroking it. Instinctively you parted your legs open, you had left his waist so he could undress, but now you were more than ready for him, naturally wet enough so he could get seated in easily. A hand came to rest on your elevated knee while the other left his erection to push your other knee down on the bed, giving him a perfect sight and angle.
“Ready when you are”, he grunted, head of his cock lustfully brushing your dripping folds.
You nodded frantically, gasping at the friction. You were burning, melting, your body had just been tossed in a fire pit at the sight of his shaft and the only thing you had in mind was to take it like you were told to be. Your mouth watered, you wanted more, more and more. You wanted him, all of him.
“I want you inside me”, you finally spoke.
“Don’t worry”, he grunted against your ear as you felt the head pressing in, “I’ll take all of you.”
Your lips parted away perfectly for him. Like you were told, you were meant for your Alpha’s cock. And he did not lie, he was here, and so he did take all of you. Breath left your lungs as he pushed in, you felt every inch, it was never ending. When his hips met yours, his balls gently brushing your skin, you let out a loud gasp. For a few seconds you both didn’t move, savoring the very moment you had awaited for so long. So this was the feeling you craved for so much time, the one he told you so much about. All the nights whispered the filthiest things in your ears for you to finally have him buried so deep, for him to be so huge inside you wondered how he even got in at first.
“Fuck”, he groaned, “Tight, fucking tight just like I told you you would be, right love?”
You couldn’t speak, you just nodded, whining against his scars as you pressed your leg on his waist. When he moved backward slightly, you felt every veins, his size stretching you open again. He groaned and you whined, crying for your Alpha. He buried his hand in your scent, moving his cock in and out in a steady and controlled pace at first, delighted. It wasn’t painful, it felt just right. His rhythm grew erratic and harsh as his hips pounded against yours, his shaft hitting deeper and deeper at each motions.
Your lips met his in a wet kiss, saliva mixed with sweat. His hands found yours, fingers intertwined against the bed as he fucked your rough but lovingly, noises of skin against skin echoing in the room, filling your ears until you could only hear it and nothing else.
“I love you”.
The words felt right too, between a slow motion backward and a harsh push following, both your fingernails digging in each other’s hands. You fucked both your hips against one another at a hungry, unstoppable pace. You felt him grow larger and larger inside, cock pulsing, throbbing against your tight walls, clenching around his length.
“I’ll n-never”, he panted, breathing heavily with each thrust, getting closer to climax and feeling his knot grow bigger inside, “Ever leave you.”
You whined, cried his name, his status, any words that fitted his ego. He felt delicious inside, you felt delirious outside. Your skin burned against his, stinging at every place, your core dripping around his shaft, welcoming him again and again each time he pounded in. Your second orgasm approached fast as he worked you to it relentlessly. Shivers coursed through your entire body as it threatened to give up under his weight.
“D-daemon!”, you yelled, legs crossed around his waist, pressing him harder against you, hoping he would still hit deeper with each time he slammed in. You cried out as you reached your climax, body melting under his touch like his hands were everywhere on you at once. Your legs shook around him, his pace growing irregular.
His breaths were erratic, words leaving his mouths, sounds that made no sense to you as your eyes closed, feeding yourself off his groans and his cock growing so much you thought it could never leave your aching cunt. He pushed a few more times, hitting these sweet spots inside, knot buried so deep to places you both thought weren’t attainable. Head buried in your neck, his teeth met your soft skin as he dug in, marking you until it drew blood. You whined at the sensation, overwhelming your already sensitive body. Daemon groaned, mouth leaving your neck, vision fading to black when with one last thrust he spilled deep in you, your walls clenching around him, hot seed settled inside as you milked every last drop from him.
The atmosphere was heavy, loud breaths cradling you both as you stayed here, melted against one another, embraced forever.
“Oh”, you whispered, your breath taken away, “I-It feels…”
He laughed, kissing your cheeks gently, resting inside you, keeping the seed buried deep down, his knot still pulsing.
“Huge.”, you finished. You feared that any motions would tear you apart as you welcomed him in your arms.
“You’ll have to be a bit patient, sweet girl”, he cooed against your temple, “Keep your husband warm, would you?”
You nodded, lips meeting his in a tired but loving kiss. You rested a few minutes there, until you felt him move slightly, his cock not as huge as before.
“Daemon?”, you seeked out happily, his eyes closed as he breathed peacefully.
“I am going to be carrying your children?”, you tilted your head innocently, meeting his lilac eyes.
“Oh Gods”, he whispered, fake worry on his face, “I fear you might.”
You laughed as you pushed his shoulders away, his face brushing your own, a teasing kiss on your flushed cheeks. You breathed each other’s air for a few minutes, until he safely moved out of you. You whined at the loss, but still happily hummed as he planted a kiss on your temple.
“You did great”, he reassured, hand meeting your head, brushing it gently.
“I think you did too.”
He smirked, straightening up on the bed.
“Think?”, he frowned his eyebrow, “I did amazing.”, he pouted.
You laughed loudly, arms raised toward him as an invitation. He smiled as he pushed the sheets resting under you, covering your overwhelmed body with the soft fabric as he laid next to you again. Daemon opened his arms, you came to rest on his chest, his breaths rocking you to sleep, his lips meeting your forehead, an arm around your shoulders to shield you from the outside cold of the room.
“Let’s do that again, no interruption. Never again”, he whispered against your skin as you let yourself be taken by exhaustion into a delightful and dreamful night into your loving husband’s arms.
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slashingdisneypasta · 2 months
Bo Sinclair x Reader || Oneshot
Tumblr media
I finally re-watched HOW without someone talking at me the whole time!! and I don't feel like Bo gets enough fluff in this fandom- so- I wrote something...
Plot: Lester has made a new 'friend' recently, a drifter who doesn't mind the smell of rotting flesh and doesn't get attached, and the rate at which the two are going at each other lately is making you and Bo look like an old married couple that haven't so much as slept in the same bed for 15 years.
Warnings: Sexual references, shenanigans, etc
Finally there's silence, no more banging from upstairs, and you relax; The book in your hand starting to make sense as you read and are no longer having to hear what is definitely- the sound of Lester having a damn good time upstairs.
Huffing out an awkward chuckle, you shake your head and lean back in the old couch. Were you and Bo ever that bad? Damn, you hope not...
Vincent comes up for air, then, and you give him a little smile and a waive as he goes into the kitchen. Just before he's able to breach the doorframe, though, the sound of a bed frame hitting and grinding loosely against a wall starts up all over again upstairs.
He gives a startled jolt, before turning and heading right back down to the basement; Shaking his head.
You, on the other hand, give an exhausted groan- smacking your book up onto your face. No, no you were never this bad. Surely. Bo's little brother has definitely got more stamina than he does, you think. It’s best not to say that to him, though.
"Wh- they're still at it!?"
You're startled by the front door suddenly clicking out of the lock and a box falling with a loud clatter to the ground- and Bo's 'annoyed voice'. Lifting your head out of your book, you look over to him and give a helpless shrug.
"They took a fiver for refreshments a moment ago... but... it looks like they, uh... reconvened… yeah."
"Reconvened." Bo looks disgusted and horrified at you, and you just give a quick shrug. Promptly he turns to the stairs and goes for it. "I am gonna- "
What? What, he's going to what!? No- Discarding your book you hop up after him, and grab his arm just as his foot lands on the first step up. "No you will not! Lester's finally made a friend- aren't you happy for him?? Let’s just go for a walk!"
"A 'friend', huh? Right... Look I've been workin' all day and I'm not gonna be run out of my own damn house- let go." He tries to pull his arm out of your grip, but you stubbornly tighten your grip on it.
"You were hanging out at the gas station all day playing with wrenches, don't bullshit me Bo Sinclair. What do you have to do?? No one’s around. Just come on- I'll grab you a beer and we can hang out in the basement with Vince, he can’t hear a damn thing down there." You're begging him, here. Because sure, hearing all this is not pleasant, but you're looking at it from Lester's point of view, too, and- having your big brother storm in on you doing the do sure wouldn't be pleasant either.
Especially your older brother who has a continuous sex life already- he would be so mad, and you would rather not be around for another Sinclair Brother blow out. You've never seen Lester get mad at Bo (Bo at Vincent, Vincent at Bo, Bo at Lester, and even Vincent at Lester- but sweet Lester's blood does not run as hot as his older brothers), and you would like to keep it that way.
Bo slowly looks from the upstairs landing to you, a grimace on his face. You look pleadingly at him, tugging gently at his arm, and after a moment - miraculously- your mean, stubborn boyfriend cedes his position. Releasing a relieved sigh, you carefully guide him into the kitchen, grab some drinks and you both head down to the basement.
"I mean goddamn, though. How can they go for so fricken long?? Don't they needta eat? Sleep? Fucken breath??- "
Sighing, you nod as you follow him downstairs and give his back a pat. "I know, sweetheart, I know... "
After a night hanging out with Vincent, you all go back upstairs ready to go right to bed- and to everyone’s relief, the sound has finally subsided. “Fucken finally.” Bo mutters under his breath through grit teeth, shaking his head.
His twin nods in agreement, as you all head for the kitchen.
Immediately the nice, calm, reasonable disposition you managed to force onto Bo this evening disappears, when you all catch Lester and his ‘mate’ making out against the fridge. “Oh! Come on, now!!” Wincing, you step back with Vincent who gives your shoulder a comforting pat- Lester is on his own, now. “Not on the fridge! Our food comes outta there, I- “
Awkwardly, Lester itches the back of his head as he tries to lighten the atmosphere in here. “Come on, Bo, we weren’t doin’ nothing… just kissin’… “
“Not doing nothing! S’that what you’ve been up to all damn day in your room, then?? Nothing? Sure didn’t sound like it.”
Rolling his eyes and huffing, the closest you’ve ever seen Lester to getting really angry, he shakes his head. “What, are you jealous big bro? Got used to bein’ the head honcho ‘round here and now I’m gettin’ more action than you are?? Sounds like a you problem, ta me… “
Oh no no- you try to step forward and intervene, because this is going to get nasty, but Vincent pulls you gently back. Nope, he signs. Stay here.
Bo’s nostrils flair, and you quickly give Vincent a nod. He was right, you don’t want him looking at you with nostrils like that. Thanks, you sign back. “I am the big man around here, you hear me?? I’m the one keepin’ y’all from starving to death or endin’ up on the goddamn streets- “
“Still soundin’ jealous, buddy… “This time it’s not Lester to rib on Bo, and you’re horrified to find that it’s the other guy. Lester’s friend. His under-the-covers pal. Both yours and Vincent’s eyes go wide as hell- does this kid have a death wish??? You both look to Bo with bated breath, waiting for the impending explosion. This is going to be bad-
Bo stands ahead of you, and you take notice of all the tension in his shoulders. Is he going to punch this guy?? Beat him to death?? Should you and Vincent take your leave now???
… Then, surprising everyone in the room, Bo turns to you. Your eyes go wide, mouth falling slightly open to ask him what going on- what have you done in all this- when he just grabs your hand and storms up the stairs with you. “Bo! What- Alright,” You guess you’re going to bed now, you sigh, then turn just in time to give the other guys a waive. “Goodnight Vincent! Lester! New Guy!”
When you get to your shared room and you close the door gently behind him, Bo lets go of you and sits down at the end of the bed you made this morning. He holds his head in his hands, fingers digging into soft hickory coloured hair.
Slowly you sit down next to him, a hand gently falling on his shoulder. “… are you okay- Oh!”
“I blame you.” He suddenly snaps, straightening up again and putting his hand son his knees, instead. Your jaw drops, outraged, and pull back your own hand away from him entirely.
“Me!??” Excuse him???
“Yeah- if it weren’t for you, trynna make me a better person or whatever bullshit you’re spinnin’ here- I woulda just killed that guy down there and I’d feel all better, now. Instead I feel like a trained fucken mutt.”
… Oh. Setting aside Bo’s harsh language, you… you’re alright, with the contents of what he’s saying- what he’s ‘blaming’ you, for. Alright… so… he thinks you’re making him better?? He didn’t kill Lester’s friend because of you??? That’s okay.
A little smile slips across your face, you can’t help it, as you let your hand land right back on his shoulder once again. He’s so cute- in a hot way. “… I’m sorry.”
“Good. Doesn’t help me none, though.” He’s still full of tension, and you get it. He’s used to just killing someone if he wants to, so the strength of will he’s showing now is impressive. You don’t blame him for being frustrated, especially if all he’s using is words.
Rubbing a hand up and down his back, you give an understanding nod. “Yeah, well… how about you take up a new hobby?? Maybe gardening could help?”
At this he gives you the most terrible look you’ve ever seen, and it actually make you giggle. “… Gardening?”
“It’ll tire you out- and you already gotten the wardrobe for it.”
“Shut up.”
… After a moment of companionable silence between the two of you, Bo makings a ‘thinking’ sound. “Hmm… “A low, drawn-out hum that makes you feel concerned. If he’s thinking right now then it cannot be good. You can only hope that you aren’t apart of whatever the mean Sinclair is thinking. No such luck, though, as he turns and smirks at you in that devastatingly handsome way only can. For god’s sake… “I got an idea.”
… You deadpan. “What is it.”
“This is ridiculous, Bo.” You whine, giving the bed a little experimental bounce as you sit back on it- dead in the middle, for maximum bed squeaks.
Bo stands at the door, peering down the hall and waives his hand at you to be quiet. “Shush, now, I see ‘em comin’ up.”
“I want it put on record that I didn’t wanna do this.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. There they are… little dipshit and my brother… they’re goin’ into Lester’s room. Okay good.” The sound of a door closing signals that they are, in fact, in the room now and your humiliation can begin. Rolling you eyes, you wait for Bo to give you to okay. He closes your own door and gives you a thumbs up and lowering his voice now. “Go ahead.”
“Why don’t you start?” You whisper back, extremely reluctant as Bo sits down on the edge of the bed.
“Come on now, darlin’… everyone knows you’re the louder one between us.” He grins, like this all-too-funny, and you scowl back at him.
“I hate you.”
“Naw, you don’t… “
Rolling your eyes and looking straight into his eyes, you give another bounce so the bedsprings creak loudly under you- like, there? Happy? He makes a gesture that means ‘go on’, and you roll your eyes again; Starting a steady rhythm. Up and down, up and down. It would be fun, if it weren’t embarrassing.
Bo leans in close so you can feel his breath on your skin, and you’re tempted to waive him off. “And don’t you forget to make a little noise with your mouth, Y/N, we gotta make it believable here. We’re going for full authenticity.”
Glaring at him, which is definitely not as intimidating as you would like it to be- what, with the bouncing on the bed and all. “There is not a damn thing that’s authentic about this shenanigan, Bo Sinclair.” 
“Well, we aint gonna actually have loud sex right now- sorry, but listenin’ to my brother fuck today has ruined my appetite.”
“You and me both.” That, you can definitely agree with him on.
“Glad we’re in agreement- just keep bouncin’, I’ll do the bed frame.”
You facepalm, hiding your face as you bounce up and down, the squeaks from you and the bed frame knocking noise that Bo is making sounding just like when you and Bo actually ‘rock the bed’, as they say... You feel ridiculous. “What position are we even supposed to be in, right now??” You ask after a minute of this, calling quietly over your shoulder.
“Ehhh… I was thinkin’ cowgirl.” He shrugs, giving it a think.
“Checks out,” You sigh, thinking back to the noises that particular position tends to create. It is… something like this. Plus moaning, but you refuse to-
“Now moan, sweetheart. No ones gonna believe I’m fucken you if you don’t moan for me. Beg a little, too- be a good little fuck bunny.”
Gasping, you smack the covers and turn to him; Jaw dropped at his mischievous expression. “I am not going to fake moan for you, Bo! And who says no one will believe it?? You sure think a lotta yourself, don’t you??”
“Y/N, you and I both know I aint wrong.”
“No no no- hear me out, maybe we’re trying to be quiet? You have your hand over my mouth… that’s hot, right?”
“Not the goal here, doll. We want ‘em to hear us and be as uncomfortable as they’ve made us today.” ‘We’? What is this ‘we’? “Maybe another time, though… write it down, huh? We’ll get to it sometime.” When you narrow your eyes at him and squint, because as far as you’re concerned right this moment you will never be having sex again, Bo gives a chuckle at you. It’s a good sound, usually. The closest thing he has to genuine and sincere.
Right now though, letting his stupid handsome face and dumb nice smile get to you is the last thing you want- it’s quite hard to stay irritated at a person when you’re bouncing on the bed, though. Especially when they’re, admittedly, your favourite person. Even if they’re an asshole.
So you just give him the finger, then cross your arms and turn away; A half-hearted smile on your lips. “Ohhhhhh, you owe me so big, for this craziness.”
“Heh, I’m good for it.”
After an hour and a bit of that nonsense, you and Bo went to bed in the peaceful silence of no one having sex in the house, and woke up to the same thing. As you both get up and get showered and dressed, it stays that way. Bo’s in a particularly good mood because of it, giving you temple kisses here and there and making light hearted jokes, and it’s just… a nice, morning. Really nice. Did Bo’s ridiculous plan work?? Did your humiliation pay off??
Or… maybe it Vincent tying the two males in the other room up to chairs in the kitchen? you think, eyes blowing wide as you and Bo walk in on the jarring scene. Lester and his friend napping in chairs, ropes tied tightly around their chests and the back of their seats and an exhausted-looking Vincent at the sink- pointing a knife at the two of you.
Bo opens his mouth to ask what the hell is going on, but Vincent makes a ‘shut up’ gesture with the knife, and signs for the two of you to sit the hell down in two more seats.
You do as he says obediently, Bo taking the chair next to you, surprised at Vincent snapping like this. Do you blame him, though?? No not really, no-
Now, Vincent signs at you all; The knife still in his hand. I’m going to sleep for 7-12 hours. Can you people not fuck eachother for that time?? THANKS! Then he storms up to his room, to sleep unhindered by any sounds~
Bo gives but a chuckle, at the meltdown, and Vincent stamps hard on the floor above you all.
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drewexe · 8 months
Like The Stars Pt. 4
Tumblr media
pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.4
Pairing: jaemin x fem!reader
Genre: smut, fluff, sex lessons au, friends to lovers
Word Count: ~8,3k
Includes: high school seniors (everyone is legal of age); canon bisexual mc; side characters donghyuck, renjun, and karina; profanities; obviously, sex lessons; kind of a slow burn?; idiots in love/miscommunication sort of (you decide which one fits better); does this count as semi-public sex? they’re on a balcony; protected sex! ft. thigh riding; my precious little nonsense epilogue
Summary: you’d had a crush on renjun for as long as you could remember, but your lack of experience always stopped you from taking the first step; it’s a good thing you have your trusted friend jaemin to help you out
Author’s note: the day is upon us, i present to you the finale of this short story ! thank you so much to everyone who stuck by and loved it until the end, you’re the best <33 disclaimer: do i hate miscommunication as a trope? yes; could they have resolved things easily and cutely? definitely; did writing it this way take ten years off my life? absolutely; do i have any regrets whatsoever? nope. plz don’t hate me, ehe~ you can shout at me about it tho, if you want! second disclaimer: the movie mentioned in this is included only to serve as a plot device, also the title of the story finally makes sense yayy
When you got to school the next morning, you were early enough to assume that none of your friends, or classmates for that matter, would be there. Yet as you made your way past the window that gave free peeks into your classroom to anyone passing by, you noticed a familiar figure already inside.
“Jaem!” you beamed as soon as you entered the classroom, rushing over to cling onto his arm.
“Morning, princess,” he greeted you, ruffling your hair gently and very possibly ruining the hairstyle you had carefully worked on. You swatted his hand away playfully and glared at him. “You seem way too excited for such an early hour, what’s going on? By the way, how are you feeling, still good?”
“Better than ever,” you chuckled, pulling away to look at him with a grin. “My parents are away for the weekend, do you maybe wanna come over and keep me company for a while?”
The boy raised his eyebrows, a sound between a scoff and a chuckle leaving his lips.
“Since when do you invite me over for sleepovers and not Karina?” he asked, as if doubtful. “Or why not ask Renjun instead?” he teased after a second. “You know, I'm pretty sure he'd be happy to come, and you could spend some quality time together.”
If you hadn't spent so much time with him and his smirks for the past couple of months, you would have bought that the one on his lips right now was nothing more than teasing. But you had learned to notice the small twitch giving out that he was faking it. You couldn't help but question it in your mind, the implication that little forced smirk held, yet decided to not mention it. Instead, you rolled your eyes at him and poked his chest.
“I'm inviting you, Nana, not them,” you shook your head a little. “Of course, if you say no I’ll have no choice but to ask someone else, but I just wanted to spend time with you, y’know.”
His eyebrows shot up and he chuckled slightly, crossing his arms. And you were almost sure that whatever he was preparing to say, he would be faking that too. 
“Princess, don't get me wrong, but don’t you think that it’s maybe time to focus on Renjun now?” he questioned and your smile fell a little. He wasn't wrong, really, but you couldn't push yourself to say that Renjun wasn’t the one you wanted anymore. Not yet, not first thing this early in the morning and not in the middle of a random classroom. 
“Well, I… I know you said we’ve covered everything but… I thought that I might need a little bit more time to get used to it…” The excuse sounded dumb even to you, so you decided to use part of the truth instead. “I enjoy spending time with you, Nana. Not just when you’re teaching me about sex, I like the cuddles and the jokes and your presence around me,” you sighed and something in his posture shifted. “I know we didn't spend that much time together before but that doesn't mean we have to stop after we’ve,” you couldn't help but pause for a second to recollect your thoughts, “finished with the lessons”.
“I didn't mean it in that way, Y/N,” he said quietly, cupping your cheek gently. “I've had so much fun with you, I'd actually hate it if we stopped hanging out,” he added as a little smile curved his lips and that made you feel a bit better again. 
“We don't have to have sex tonight, or ever again, if you don't want to,” you assured him, although the thought still stung a little - you didn’t want all of it to end. “Just come over, we can watch a movie or something like that.”
“Count me in on that,” Jaemin nodded and ruffled your hair again, grinning happily and bringing back the smile on your own face. 
“In on what?” a voice suddenly joined in and you turned to see Donghyuck had just walked into the classroom. “Are you planning a party without me? I will end you both if you are. Unless it's a surprise party for me.”
“Not really a party, Hyuck,” you laughed and shook your head. “Just Jaem and me, cause I'll be home alone for a few days.”
“Ew, please keep me uninvited then,” Hyuck scrunched his nose in disgust. “The idea that you two are fuck buddies is making me question this friend group so much.”
“Bold words for someone who spent the last three years trying to get in Karina’s bed,” Jaemin retorted, laughing at the way Hyuck's face fired up.
The knock on your door came a few minutes earlier than the hour you two had agreed on, yet you still rushed to open the front door. 
“God, we haven't seen each other in ages!” Jaemin teased as he entered, fully aware of how excited you were and apparently that thought amused him. 
“Shut up, loser, I'm just being polite enough to not leave you hanging at the door,” you rolled your eyes.
“Of course you are, princess,” he smiled as he leaned over to peck your forehead surprisingly. It was such a domestic little gesture that it caught you off guard. He seemed to be just as startled with his own action as you were as he cleared his throat awkwardly after pulling away again. “So, what's the plan for tonight?” 
You shook away your surprise and smiled at him again as you led him further inside and let him set his stuff down in the living room.
“So, we are going to watch my favorite movie tonight and you cannot say no,” you said, nodding your head in the direction of the TV where the movie was already loaded. “I have also ordered us pizza,” you added and he glanced at the table where the two boxes were waiting for you.
Jaemin didn’t really even try to disagree with that plan and so the two of you settled on the couch, your legs thrown over his lap, and you played the movie. The opening scene of Stardust started playing and you couldn't help but smile as you watched the main character's father running away from the village he lived in to visit the magical market.
The movie went on and as much as you tried to focus on it, you started wondering if Jaeming was enjoying it. You couldn't help but glance at him every so often, just to check for any reaction. 
“Y/N, the last time I checked, the movie wasn't playing on my cheek,” he chuckled and you looked away from him immediately, embarrassed. 
“I’m just not sure whether you're enjoying it,” you pouted. Jaemin shook his head slightly in your peripheral vision.
Instead of replying, he pulled you closer to himself and made you lean your head on his shoulder. 
“There, you can't look at me now,” he said. “Watch the movie, not me.” 
A sigh left your lips but you obliged, focusing on the two main characters. One of your favorite scenes was coming soon and you smiled to yourself. The main characters were going to get caught by pirates and that meant that they would soon be realizing that they’re in love. A smile curved your lips again and you signed quietly. You felt Jaemin shift a little next to you, as if to adjust himself so you could cuddle more comfortably.
The film went on and soon you ended up tucked into his side, one of your arms wrapped around his abdomen and one of his hands playing with your hair. With your eyes on the screen and the lack of ability to check every three seconds whether he was enjoying it, the movie went by pretty quickly and before you knew it, the ending credits were playing. Reluctantly, you pulled away from Jaemin and looked at him again, waiting for his commentary as anxious tension filled you up. 
“I can see why you like the movie,” he said pensively. You blinked, unsure how to take that until he turned to you and smiled. “It’s a really beautiful story. And also, there were witches and pirates. So, you know, obviously, I love it.” You felt relief wash over you at the confirmation. 
“Glad to hear that!” you smiled. “I mean, not that you had to like it, but it’s good that you did.” 
He laughed at your comment. So to stop yourself from rambling, you refocused on cleaning up the empty plates from the table and taking them to the kitchen. When you returned to the living room, you found Jaemin looking through the window. 
“The stars are visible tonight,” he said as he turned to you and smiled. “The movie made me think about that. I’ve never actually paid them much attention,” he added. “Do you think they might be actual people living their life up there?”
“Oh, I love watching the stars!” you exclaimed excitedly. The stars had been one of your first friends, unchanged no matter where your parents took you, and always there. You had grown up looking at them whenever you felt lonely and so they held a special spot in your heart. “And, well, I haven’t had the chance to meet a fallen star myself so I don’t know what they are really,” you chuckled. “We can take some blankets to the balcony and I can show you some things though,” you offered, hopeful eyes looking at Jaemin.
He raised his eyebrows slightly as if surprised by your enthusiasm, but as he slowly approached you, a smile curved his lip.
“I’d love that, yes,” he said, ruffling your hair affectionately. You didn’t need much more of a confirmation to rush over to your room and pull out your favorite blanket. 
In no time, you two had set up a comfortable place to lay on your balcony, surrounded by a nest of fluffy blankets and a few pillows, and you were on your backs, looking at the sky. The visibility wasn’t ideal, of course, yet small sparkling dots were noticeable here and there. 
“That over there is Cassiopeia,” you pointed excitedly and Jaemin followed the direction of your finger, trying to spot the constellation. “You see? It’s those five stars that look a bit like a stretched out and messy W?” He hummed in confirmation and you could see him smile in the dim light of your bedroom over your heads as he recognized the constellation.
“Show me something else?” he asked. You could see the stars in his eyes, reflecting the ones in the sky and his excitement made warmth bubble up in your chest. You had been scared he'd find your affection for the stars dumb or ridiculous, yet here he was next to you, looking at you like you were showing him the secrets of the universe. 
Forcing yourself to look away from him before you could dwell on the growing feeling inside you, you tried to find something else that would be easy to spot. The city lights limited the options even though your family's house was kind of on the outskirts, yet your eyes did see a recognizable shape. 
“Well, can you see the five stars, like, kinda to the left above Cassiopeia, that look like a tilted kid’s drawing of a house? That’s Cepheus, Cassiopeia’s husband. They actually come from Greek mythology. They tried to sacrifice their daughter Andromeda to a sea monster because her mom thought that it’d be a great idea to boast that she’s more beautiful than the sea nymphs. It’s okay though, cause Perseus saved her and then made her his queen,” you explained. You moved your eyes again to look at him and found him already turned to you. 
“That’s kinda dark,” he grimaced, but then a smile curved his lips and he added, “but they're beautiful". You knew he was talking about the night sky and its little gems. Yet a part of you felt like the compliment was for you more than for them. 
Gently he reached over to take your hand, bringing it to his lips and pressing a kiss against the back of it. The action left you flustered, warmth once again filling you up and you couldn't bring yourself to suppress your feelings anymore as much as you wanted to.
“Jaemin…” you started, unsure what you were going to say exactly. He looked at you expectantly, a soft smile on his lips.
You couldn't make words process in your brain. The shift in your own feelings was still too overwhelming to talk about. Jaemin was one of your closest friends, and even if your sex lessons hadn’t managed to ruin your friendship, who was to say that your feelings wouldn’t. And even though you had decided to tell him, a part of you was terrified by it. In the end, you just shook your head slightly and looked up at the night sky again. 
“Look, you see that very very bright star over there?” you pointed. “That's Vega. It's the brightest star currently visible, as Sirius is below the horizon right now.”
When a response didn't come for a while, you looked at him again. He was still looking at you, some sort of inner conflict visible on his face. Suddenly, he rolled over on the blanket and before you even realized what he was doing, his body was on top of yours, his arms on both sides of your head. 
“God, you are gonna drive me crazy,” he whispered softly. 
You couldn't help but look at him wide-eyed. Never before had he done something like this, even with all of the times you had had your lessons. Yes, he had never been shy to show he finds you attractive and enjoys what you two were doing… but this was different, this felt like it was coming from something deeper than just sexual tension. Your heart skipped a beat, the feeling of hope blooming in your chest again.
“You're just sitting here, talking about some big balls of hot gas billions of kilometers away from us with this sweet smile as if they are the most amazing thing in the whole world,” he went on, shaking his head slightly. “And all I can think about is how beautiful you look in their light and how much I want to pull you on top of me and make you feel so good that you'd look at me the same way.”
A gasp escaped you and you opened your mouth to say something back, to tell him that whenever you looked at him, it felt like looking at a star, that as beautiful the stars were, they couldn't compare to the way his light and warmth made you feel. But he didn't let you speak, instead leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. Thoughts left your mind as you kissed back, reaching up with one hand to bury it in his hair, tugging slightly on it. Neither of you really took control, neither deepened the kiss, instead, it was filled with unspoken feelings.
“Jaem?” you asked quietly once he pulled away. You didn't dare voice out the hope that all of this had ignited in you, scared that you'd find out that you had imagined everything. 
“Tell me no, Y/N,” he responded, the corner of his mouth curving upside. “Please tell me no, tell me that I can’t have you right here and now, on your balcony. Because there's only this much I can handle.” 
You were trying to figure out what he meant. You had invited him over, you'd even hinted that you could “use some more practice”, you had technically left the decision to him. But then again, true to his word, never before had he been the first one to go for it, he had always waited for you to ask or make the first step. Until now. Now, he was already on top of you, and if you said yes, you knew it would not be because of the lessons. 
“What makes you think I don't want that? Sex with you under the stars sounds amazing honestly,” you said softly instead. His eyebrows shot up for a second, yet he didn't say anything. 
Instead, his lips crashed against yours once again, this time much more desperately, as if he was trying to take all of you at once. He pulled away again, only to drag his lips down your neck, biting down at the base of it. Your hand was still buried in his hair so you tugged on it harder, whimpering out and leaning your head to the side. 
“You can… leave hickeys if you want…” you mumbled, closing your eyes. “I’d like that.”
Jaemin started sucking on your skin harder, nibbling every now and then. You were lost in the feeling, his kisses felt like a blessing you had no idea whether you deserved. Your eyes opened up again only when you felt him pull away. You found him looking down at your neck as if contemplating his work. You didn't dare imagine what you looked like, because the idea of your neck covered in marks by him only fueled your arousal. 
“You are so beautiful, have I told you that before?” he asked and you chuckled, rolling your eyes a little. 
“Just now, I think,” you retorted. “And a few other times before that.” Yet you couldn’t deny the way your heart soared at his compliments. 
“I’m gonna keep saying it,” he smiled before lifting himself up and off of you. Before you could even question it, he pulled his shirt off and threw it to the side. “Help me out a little, there’s too many clothes on you at the moment.” 
Your top was the first one to go as soon as you sat up, Jaemin’s impatient fingers taking it off almost right away. Frantic hands traveling up and down his body, you were kissing him again, his hands around your waist and pressing you impossibly close to his body. 
You only pulled away to take a breath, meeting his eyes. There was a question in your eyes but he either didn’t see it or decided to ignore it. Instead, he pushed a strand of hair away from your face and pecked your lips.
“Are you sure that this is okay?” he asked reluctantly.
“Jaemin, I could not be more sure about it,” you replied, reaching up to cup his face in your hands. “It’s not just okay, you know? I want it. I want you.” 
His eyes widened a little at your words and he bit his lips. Did he understand what you meant? There was conflict on his face for a moment. Was he thinking about how to reject you? Or would he maybe, just maybe, reciprocate your feelings?
“If only you really did,” he muttered with a sigh, so quietly you barely heard it. 
But you did. And you froze. And what had been a tiny sense of hope before was now so clearly obvious you didn’t understand how you only realized it now. Your heart started thumping loudly in your chest. 
“No, I mean it,” you said quickly, but his eyes refused to meet yours. “Jaem, listen to me, I’m serious.” 
“I know, princess,” he finally looked at you again with a forced smile. “Ignore that, okay? Where were we?”
You tried to speak up again, but he didn’t give you a chance, kissing you again to stop you from speaking. Your resolve started to crumble. You could talk about it after, you told yourself. So you moved your hands down his body, reaching into his untied sweatpants to stroke him. You were not surprised to find him already hard, but it did make you smile in the kiss.
Jaemin groaned quietly at your touch and quickly helped you out of your shorts, then your underwear followed them. And suddenly you found yourself on Jaemin’s thigh, your bare pussy rubbing against the fabric of his sweatpants, and it made you let out a whimper. He chuckled quietly, leaning back on one of his arms, the other wrapping around your waist to support you.
“You said you want me, no?” he asked teasingly and you nodded quickly. “Come on then, show me how much.”
You didn’t need convincing, not with his commanding tone that sent shivers down your spine. You started rolling your hips, at first slowly, but the friction clouded your mind and holding back seemed impossible. Your head fell on his shoulder as moans escaped your mouth, and you were sure the way your nails were digging in his chest would leave marks. The fabric under you was sticky but you couldn’t bring yourself to care and he didn’t seem to mind either. 
“Such a good girl,” he hummed next to your ear and you shivered slightly. “Look at me, princess,” he asked and you forced yourself to lift your head. 
A finger tapped against your lips. It took you less than a moment of hesitation to open your mouth. Smirking a little to himself, Jaemin pushed two of his fingers in and you wrapped your lips around them, sucking gently and bringing your tongue around them. 
Maybe he didn’t expect you’d actually do it, or maybe he was surprised at how easily you obliged, but his jaw fell open with a soft smitten expression. 
“You never fail to amaze me,” he chuckled as he pulled his fingers out and you shrugged slightly with a small smile. 
“I do know a thing or two, y’know,” you said, yet as you’d stopped moving, the heat between your legs painfully reminded you of itself. “Jaem, please, can you fuck me already?” you pleased softly. 
“Your wish is my command,” he smiled, yet his smile dropped a little the next moment. “I don’t have lube in me though, it’s in my bag inside…” 
“It’s fine, I’ll be fine,” you reassured him. You could feel how wet you were already and you didn’t have the patience to wait. 
He hesitated for another long moment, before making you lift yourself so he could take off his sweatpants and underwear. He did pull a condom packet out of his pocket though before ditching the clothing items to the side. 
His fingers reached between your legs, two of his fingers teasing at your entrance for a second before he pushed them inside with ease. A hint of surprise passed on his face but he didn’t ponder on it, instead focused on spreading you out as much as he could before either of you lost your patience.
Then he put on the condom and flipped you two around so you could lay on your back as he finally pushed himself inside you carefully. You were genuinely amazed at his self-control to go slow on you. 
“You feel so good around me, princess,” he mumbled, pecking your lips. 
“And you feel good inside me,” you offered in return, smiling softly through tears pricking at your eyes. 
You could admit that it wasn’t as easy to get used to this time. He seemed to notice it too so he stroked your cheek gently, murmuring little praises to distract you as he waited for you to adjust.
When you finally felt comfortable enough, he started moving slowly. You expected him to speed up gradually like he did last time. But instead the rolls of his hips were slow and deep. His body was pressed flush against yours at almost all times and the heat was making your head spin in pleasure. 
You knew this wasn’t about physical pleasure only anymore. Not for you, and not for him either. It was so much more in many ways. 
You were close and he was too, you could feel it. So you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down in a kiss, as sweet and intimate as the way your bodies were moving together. When you finally slipped over the edge, your moan was swallowed in the kiss. He thrust inside you a few more times, reaching his own high not long after. 
For a short moment, you were in a daze as Jaemin slipped out of you and discarded the condom, then helped you put on your underwear and his own, taking a spare blanket and wrapping it around both of you as he pulled you in his arms. 
The warmth of his body next to yours, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he held you close. It felt like home. How had you been so blind all this time… 
“You’re amazing, you know that, right?” he whispered and you looked up to his face. He had never seemed so open and genuine before. 
Or maybe he had always been and you’d just never noticed. Whichever it was, your heart skipped a beat. Your eyes returned to the sky above you as you smiled. 
“There’s something special about this,” you started gently, hoping he’d understand you this time, “about this moment, about the stars tonight. And that something is you, Jaem.” 
He didn’t reply. But his lips pressed against your forehead softly, almost the ghost of a kiss. You waited for a few loud heartbeats more for him to speak up. And then you reached the conclusion that he wouldn’t. 
Stealing a glance, you found him looking at the stars with sadness in his eyes. And you realized he didn’t understand. 
“Nana, I need to talk to you,” you sighed, lifting yourself on one arm to look at him better. “About the deal and-”
“Let’s talk about it tomorrow,” he looked at you, smiling. A pained smile. And you could guess what he was thinking. 
“No, please, I need you to listen to me,” you almost pleaded but he shook his head and pulled you gently back in his arms. 
“Tomorrow, I promise,” he mumbled and pecked your lips. “For now, let’s get some rest, okay?” 
And you had a bad feeling about it. You knew that you shouldn’t postpone the conversation anymore. But sleep was already catching up to you, and he was warm and comfortable, and you felt safe in his arms…
And you were drifting away before you even knew it.
You woke up in your bed the next morning. Jaemin’s hand was wrapped around your waist loosely, breathing light and you guessed he was still asleep. He must have brought you in after you’d fallen asleep. You smiled to yourself, stroking his hair softly and he hummed in his sleep, nuzzling into the pillow. You held back a chuckle so as to not wake him up and carefully slipped out of the bed. 
You were still only in your underwear so you looked around to find something to wear and your eyes fell on his tshirt. You considered it for a moment and then slipped it on, heading downstairs. 
Bare feet tapping on the floor, you made your way to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine. A side effect of all the time spent with Jaemin was that you knew how to prepare coffee the way he liked it so you decided to prepare it before he woke up. And you also started working on one for yourself. 
Just as the coffee smell filled the air, another person walked into the kitchen and you looked up at Jaemin, smiling. He’d put on some clothes. He took a moment just looking at you, probably taking in the sight of you in his shirt. 
“Morning, sleepy head,” you greeted, nodding towards the coffee machine. “You’re right on time, it’s almost ready.” 
Chuckling, he made his way over to you. 
“This is literally the hottest thing you’ve ever done, I could literally kiss you right now,” he said and you grinned. 
“I don’t see anything stopping you.” 
He took the invitation, leaning closer, his arms holding onto the counter on both sides of your body, trapping you in as he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. 
When he pulled away, his eyes were ever so soft and you reached up to ruffle his hair, before turning around to turn off the machine and pour the coffee into two cups, then turning back to him and handing him his. He took a sip and signed happily. 
“This is what heaven must be like and you’re a literal angel,” he joked, eyes twinkling with happiness.
“Well I’m amazing, you know, or so I was been told last night at least,” you teased. 
You regretted it the second that his smile fell and he pulled away from you. You opened your mouth to ask what was wrong, but words caught in your throat as he walked to the other side of the kitchen and leaned back on the opposite counter, focusing on the cup in his hand with a guarded expression on his face.
“Nana, what’s wrong?” you finally voiced out. He didn’t reply, taking slow sips of his coffee. “Come on, tell me,” you pushed, “did I do something wrong or-”
“I think it’s time we drop the deal,” he said suddenly. You flinched. “You wanted to talk so let’s talk. There’s nothing else that you need to learn from me and I can’t keep doing this anymore.”
“Why?” you asked quietly. But you knew why - it was the same reason why you had considered calling it off yourself. 
“What do you mean why?” he scoffed, forcing himself to laugh. “We’re done with the course, it’s time that we stop… it’s time that you stop doing with me things you should be doing with the person you’re in love with.” 
You swallowed heavily and put your cup down on the counter walking over to him. Was it not obvious already? It had been obvious about Renjun, so why wasn’t he seeing it now? 
“But why should I stop, Jaem?” you asked and reached over to take his hand but he pulled it away. A sting of pain flashed through you. “You promised that you’d listen, you haven’t even heard yet what I want to say.”
“I don’t think I need to hear it,” he chuckled and you flinched. “I’ve made up my mind. It was fun while it lasted but it’s time it ends.” 
And to emphasize his words, he downed his coffee and walked over to the other room. His bag was already ready and you realized he had already decided to leave even before this conversation. You rushed after him but he was already at the door, putting on his shoes. 
“Will you just let me speak?” you asked, frustration evident in your voice. “Jaemin, I’m not gonna force you to keep giving me sex lessons, this is something completely different!” 
“It is,” he agreed as if you were on the same page. “The lessons have gone too far. Everything that happened last night proved it.” 
“So what, you’re afraid I’ll find out that you’re in love with me so you’ll run away before I can tell you my side?” Your frustration took the best of you. You hadn’t intended to say that. You should have just told him you loved him instead. But th words had already left your mouth and you couldn’t take them back now. 
His eyes widened in surprise for a second, then a sad smile curved his lips again. 
“Smart girl,” he praised, but it felt like a slap instead. “Give me some time, okay? A day or something, I can’t do this right now.” 
He hesitated for a second, then leaned down to peck your lips. And then he was out the door. 
You wanted to go after him, but you were stuck. He hadn’t even let you confess but you felt like he’d already rejected you. Tears pricked at your eyes and by the time you managed to make yourself open the door, he was gone. 
You’d texted him over 50 times already. You’d called almost as much. He was not responding in any way. 
You went to his house but his mother told you he hadn’t come back - she thought he was still with you. You dismissed her concern when she asked about your puffy eyes. 
You went to his favorite coffee shop but he wasn’t there. You went to the school campus even though it was Saturday and you knew he wouldn’t be there. You went to every other place you could think of. 
If he was avoiding you, you decided that you needed help finding him. You pulled out your phone, vaguely hopeful that he might have replied to your texts. He hadn’t. So you called Hyuck. Frustratingly enough, he also didn’t pick up. But you were desperate so you kept trying.
“For Christ’s sake, this better be an emergency,” he picked up finally, annoyance clear as day in his tone. In the background, you heard Karina’s concerned voice ask what was going on.
“Donghyuck, I’m sorry, it’s important,” you started, almost tripping over your words at the speed they were coming out of your mouth. “Jaemin has not been answering my texts, he’s not picking up my calls and I looked everywhere I could think of but I have no idea where he is and I need to talk to him.” 
There was a short silence. 
“The dumbass outed himself and he’s now scared of your reaction, isn’t he?” It could have been a lucky guess. But you knew better. 
“You knew about it?” you asked, a hint of betrayal in your voice. 
“Of course I did,” Hyuck sighed. “He’s been in love with you for a year and he’s almost as obvious about it as you.” You froze. 
“And you didn’t think to tell me about it from the beginning?” you nearly shouted at him. 
“Because it was not my business to meddle in his love life if he had decided to go through with this!” the boy defended himself. In the background, Karina seemed to have more questions now. He shushed her softly, before speaking up again. “Plus, first of all, I knew you’d come around and fall in love with him too, sooner or later! And I did warn you and try to hint it to you, okay? Do you think I did it because I enjoy watching one of my best friends suffer because of this dumb deal of yours? Just because he didn’t show it in front of you, doesn’t mean it was ever really okay. And I love you both, but I am tired of being your relationship therapist, okay? I don’t know where he is, but you’ll have to figure this out yourself.” 
The line was silent for a while.  A sense of guilt was choking you up. You’d barely gasped out an apology when the line went dead. You looked at the phone screen and Jaemin’s smile on the wallpaper made tears well in your eyes again. There had been a part of you in denial about the way you’d been hurting him but Hyuck’s words had forced you to realize it. For a year. You’d assumed he had fallen for you the same way you had. But you had been so wrong. 
As you scrolled through your contacts, you couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of what you were about to do. 
“Y/N?” Renjun asked with a hint of confusion. You’d always called him so rarely. “What’s up?” 
“Hey, uh…” you hesitated. “Do you happen to know where Jaemin is?” 
“Jaemin? No, I haven’t spoken to him today,” he replied, but his tone shifted to concern immediately. “Is everything alright? You don’t sound too good.” 
“Yeah, I’m…” you started, but what was the use in lying? “I did something really dumb and I need to talk to him but he’s avoiding me and I don’t know where to find him but I need to tell him that…” you took a short breath. You were still scared of the words. But if you could say it in front of Renjun, you could say it to Jaemin too. “That I love him.” 
“You need to tell him that?” Renjun asked, confused. “Doesn’t he know it already? I thought you two were dating and just didn’t want to tell us yet.” 
You couldn’t help but laugh. The whole situation was ridiculous. Of course, Jaemin wouldn’t tell him what was going on, not when he knew how important it was to you. But Renjun wasn’t dumb, of course he would see through the two of you. And from the pieces he had, of course he’d reach the most reasonable conclusion. 
“It’s… a bit more complicated than that,” you said. “And that’s exactly why I need to clear things with him. Please, I just need to find out where he is, can you help me?” 
“I’ll do my best,” he replied. You thanked him about four times before he finally convinced you that he’d need to hang up so he can call Jaemin. 
You waited anxiously to hear back from him. When you finally did, it was in the form of a text. ‘He’s at the city park near your place, but he might be heading home soon’.
The park. You hadn’t thought of the park. How could you not have thought of the park? 
Typing back a quick ‘thank you’, you immediately rushed out of your house. The walk was a daze, your mind only cleared once you saw a familiar cotton candy stall. And on a bench next to it was Jaemin. Taking a deep breath, you almost ran over. 
He looked up and flinched back in surprise as soon as he realized it was you in front of him. His lips formed a small o as he glanced down at his phone and realization hit him. He scoffed quietly and then looked up at you again.
“You look like a mess,” were his first words to you.
“Why would you agree to the stupid deal if you already had feelings for me, you idiot?” was your reply, equal parts desperation and relief washing over you. 
He sighed and nodded to the free spot next to him. You sat down, relieved that at least he didn’t try to run away again. 
“Donghyuck can’t keep his mouth shut, can he?” he chuckled, turning to look at you.
“No, Donghyuck kept it shut for too long,” you scowled. “But that doesn’t answer my question.”
“I did it because I was in love with you,” came his response. “I’d been in love with you for so long and you never even noticed. And you liked Renjun, so I didn’t say anything. But then you came to me, you wanted me. I knew it wasn’t the same, I knew your end goal was Renjun. But you were asking me for help, how can I say no when you need my help? So I said yes because I thought it would be fine. Because I was selfish and happy that I’d get a chance to be with you even if it had to be like this. And because I hoped that you might change your mind. But it became so hard to hold back, you know? To tell what was real and what I wanted to be real.” 
You fought back your tears. This wasn’t your place to cry. You had been the one to hurt him. 
“Jaem, I am so sorry that I made you go through that,” you said softly. “If I had known, I would have asked. I never meant to…”
“I know,” he shrugged. “You don’t need to apologize. I knew what I was agreeing to, I just thought I’d handle it better.” 
“No, listen,” you started again. “And I need you to actually listen this time. I never meant to hurt you, but I know that I did. So I do owe you an apology. But that’s not everything that I have to say. Yes, when we agreed on the lessons, I thought I wanted to be with Renjun. But the truth is that I really don’t. You say you hoped I’d change my mind, yet you are so oblivious to the fact that I actually did. The past months have been some of the happiest in my life, you know? I spent them with someone who laughed with me when I was happy, who held me tight when I was lonely. I spent them with a person who would always make me feel safe. A person that would smile at me bright enough to lighten up the worst of days, and look at me as if I am the most precious thing in his world. A person that would stick up little stars on my wall for hours even though nothing of it makes sense to him. Someone who sat through my favorite movie and loved it because it was my favorite movie. Someone that didn’t care about the stars but let me talk about them for an hour just because they made me happy. Someone that apparently cared more about me than about his own happiness.” 
You made a pause to recollect your spiraling thoughts. Jaemin was looking at you, wide eyes and mouth half open in surprise. And you knew the hope in his eyes and the way the corner of his lips was shyly trying to curve into a smile. 
“And yet when I told that someone that it’s him that I want, he thought I was lying. When I told him that he’s special, he refused to listen. And when I tried to tell him that I’m in love with him, he ran away. What I was trying to tell you since yesterday, Jaemin, is that I am in love with you. Have been for a while. It took me too long to realize but I mean it. You were jealous of the stars when there’s no need for you to be. I loved them because they made me feel at home. But you make me feel at home too. Na Jaemin, you make me feel like the stars do.” 
At first, he didn’t say anything. He was still staring at you with a smitten expression, yet the smile was back on his face. That beautiful smile that you loved more than anything else. Carefully, as if still in disbelief, he reached over to take your hand and you didn’t hesitate for a second to intertwine your fingers with his. 
“Like the stars?” He repeated. “Really?” 
“Yes,” you giggled, “like the stars. Like those big balls of hot gas billions of kilometers away.” 
“Oh, that makes it sound awful,” he cringed and you couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sorry I ever called them that way. Let’s stick with stars”. 
“Okay, we’ll stick with stars,” you agreed. Your body was still buzzing from the emotional chaos it had been through, yet maybe it would all be okay in the end. “As long as you agree to stick with me. And I mean that as in, I want you to be my boyfriend, Nana.” 
He looked down at your intertwined fingers instead of replying. His eyes lit up when he noticed something. 
“You’re wearing the ring?” he asked, thumb rubbing over the piece of metal. 
“Haven’t taken it off since we got them,” you nodded. “It was that date that made me realize that I love you so I didn’t wanna risk losing it. Back then I didn’t know you liked me too so I had to cling onto the memory.” 
“How fitting that I chose to come here then,” he smiled as he lifted your hand to press a kiss on the back of your palm. “I didn’t think you’d agree to the date. I almost wanted to tell you back then, but you didn’t see it as a real date and I figured it wasn’t a good time.” 
“I did see it as a real date,” you admitted. “But you would have saved us all this trouble if you’d told me back then.” 
“And miss that pretty speech of yours?” he raised his eyebrows. “No way, I’d rather run away again so you’d have to come up with an even better one.” 
“Don’t you dare,” you rolled your eyes, yet a grin spread your lips as you squeezed his hand.
“Fine, fine,” he chuckled.
“You still haven’t answered my question,” you pointed out, nibbling your lip a little anxiously.
“What question?” he looked at you and he was either generally confused or pretending really well. You sighed and shook your head. 
“I literally asked if you’d be my boyfriend and you said nothing,” you pouted, reaching down with your free hand to play with his fingers. 
“Oh, that,” he laughed and you glared at him. “I didn’t realize it was a question. I thought it’s pretty clear that I want that.” 
You shook your head and sighed in disappointment - not in his answer, just his approach to the topic. Yet you couldn’t fight the smile spreading your lips once again. You’d made some dumb decisions along the way, yes, and you’d been too oblivious to see. But Jaemin loved you and wanted to be with you. And you loved him. And the sun was shining softly, and Jaemin’s smile was shining too and he was next to you, holding your hand. 
“Like the stars, right?” he asked suddenly and you looked at him confused. He chuckled and leaned down to peck your nose before repeating his words. “Like the stars, you said.” 
“Why are you so stuck on that?” you giggled. 
“Because I saw the way you look at the stars, you know? You say they make you feel at home, but you look like they make you feel so much more than that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look as happy as you were when talking about them. And you kinda look the same way right now, so if I am the reason…” 
“You really didn’t see it before?” you tilted your head in amusement. “That I am the happiest when I’m with you?” 
“So… like the stars?” 
“Yes, Jaemin. Like the stars.” 
You were sitting with your friends in the school cafeteria during lunch break as usual. Taking a sip of your drink, you only now realized that by mistake you had taken a strawberry milk bottle instead of orange juice like you had intended to. A small pout curved your lips as you set the small bottle on the table.
“What's wrong, princess?” Jaemin asked, concerned as he noticed your displeasure. You shook your head slightly. 
“Nothing, I just picked up the wrong drink by mistake, I wanted orange juice,” you answered, sad eyes fixed on the now very obvious mistake. Really, how had you even managed to mix the two up? 
“Oh,” was his reaction at first. Then after a moment, he smiled and swapped your drink with his own - a bottle of orange juice. “Here, have mine.”
“Jaem- you hate strawberry milk,” you argued, trying to switch them back but he stopped you, grabbing your wrist with one hand as his other one pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. 
“It's okay, as long as you’re happy I will be fine,” he smiled, loving eyes looking at you. You pouted even more now, torn between not wanting to let him ‘sacrifice’ himself for you and the warmth in your chest. 
“You guys are disgusting,” Donghyuck crashed the moment with a roll of his eyes. “I swear, ever since you got together, it's like I'm a side character in a cringy rom-com.”
“I think they're cute,” Renjun joined in, hitting Hyuck's arm. “Let them have their honeymoon phase, no one questioned you when you made, like, three different playlists just about how whipped you are for Karina.”
“You did what?” your best friend asked, scoffing. She burst out laughing at the way Hyuck's ears turned red as he tried to deny everything. “Loser,” she rolled her eyes, yet none of you were fooled to miss the loving tone in her voice. “Anyways, speaking of, you two never really told us how you got together. I didn’t even know something was going on between you until I overheard a very strange half of a phone call. Obviously, I want the details,” she said, now turning to you and Jaemin with raised eyebrows. 
“Oh, yes please, give us the details, we’re burning to know,” Hyuck grinned menacingly, clearly glad to not be the topic anymore. 
“Uh…” You looked at Jaemin and found him already looking at you as if letting you tell the story however you want to. You could lie, of course. But you didn't really want to. “It was kind of dumb, like… remember those English lessons? Well, they never happened… actually, I… asked him to teach me how to have, uh, sex…”
“May I, perchance, ask why the hell you would do that?” Karina asked, apparently Donghyuck had really not been whipped enough to break his promise to you. Then realization lit up her eyes and she shook her head slightly. “That’s why you were asking about…”
You were burning with embarrassment just thinking about the whole thing now, but you figured if not the people on this table, who would you even share this with.
“Well, I was scared because I had no experience with boys before this, and I had this crush on, well,” you looked at Renjun awkwardly, realizing he was the only one you hadn’t mentioned your crush to before, “you, and I was just afraid that I'd disappoint you. So I asked him to teach me so that I could feel more confident to confess. But, uh, yeah, things didn’t go according to that plan.” 
“Touching story for the grandkids,” Hyuck said sarcastically, while Karina tried to holding back from laughing, not very successfully whatsoever.
Renjun had not said anything yet and you looked at him, kind of scared of how he'd react. But whatever you had imagined, you hadn't expected his answer. 
“Oh, darling, I do appreciate the effort and I’m glad I could help you two, but,” he started, chuckling a little. “Did the guys not tell you that I'm gay?” 
(Turns out that Jaemin didn't have the heart to tell you, plus he hoped to really win you over, not just have you because your other option was gay. Hyuck simply found it hilarious. You proceed to murder Donghyuck for his crimes against humanity (you). You end up drawing a lot of attention but the immediate death of Lee Donghyuk is more important.) 
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love-toxin · 8 months
don't leave me be, be with me - yandere fruity four
plot: regardless of how much you love your partners, their love for you grows stifling now and again. and the best way to remedy that is to be a little rebellious, which is what leads you to sneak out with Robin and go for a little joyride and on a quest for breakfast in the middle of the night.
cws: gn!angelface, yandere fruity four, st 4 spoilers, polycule, post s4, eddie lives arc, PTSD-related coping mechanisms (alcohol abuse, isolation, reckless behavior), drinking, robin and angelface are drunk, drunk driving, scars, hurt/comfort, implied sexual dynamics, softcore, very mild jealousy, mentions of violence, fluff.
word count: 3.6k
spice level: 0.5/5
Tumblr media
"Where the fuck are they?"
Steve's pacing again, shoes heavy on the carpet as he tries not to lose his temper. There's music blasting in Eddie's room, but the door is shut, and Nancy doesn't even want to try and knock right now. She doesn't have any answers for him, and it would just stress him out more. While it's been months since he's gotten out of the hospital, he's still healing in…other ways.
"I don't know, Steve."
"Yeah, well, they have to be somewhere, Nancy! They can't just disappear, not unless-"
"Steve, don't go there. They took the van, they're probably off getting ice cream or something–you know how those two are. The only danger they're in is Robin driving without a license." Nancy bites her lip. She doesn't know if that's the truth, she just wants it to be.
"Oh, God, what if they got into an accident?" But Steve's practically inconsolable–he always gets like this, his brain is hardwired to sense danger even when there is none. Probably. But there's a chance, so he's sniffed it out and won't stop fussing until he has you in his arms again, she's sure.
"Steve-" That look on his face is definitely not a good one, that sudden realization that means he can't stay still any longer–even though he hasn't been, it's shocking that there isn't an indent in the floor from where he's been pacing back and forth for the last hour. He marches over to the couch and grabs his jacket, throwing it on one arm at a time as he slides past Nancy and heads towards the front door. "Where in the world are you going?"
"Gonna drive around town and look for the van." Typical. His solutions are largely straight to the point, if not a little over the top. The second she opens her mouth for a rebuttal, he holds up a hand to stop her. "I'm going, Nance! Don't try to stop me."
She knows how stubborn he is, it's a good if not occasionally frustrating quality. And in all honesty, he has every right to be as fretful as he is.
All four of them nearly didn't survive the horrors that Vecna brought to Hawkins, but Steve and Eddie definitely experienced a new level of physical torment that she knows she won't ever fully be able to sympathize with. You're the only one Steve's ever really told the full story to, the one he's cried to and held so close for fear that if he didn't, you'd be taken away yourself. They've all seen each other's scars, but you've taken care of each and every one of them–you know them intimately, know the pain and the story and the way they've healed but never gone away, and never will. You're what Eddie calls their "cleric", but he always refers to you as an angel. And you are one.
Speaking of Eddie, he hasn't been the same either. None of them have, but he's different–quieter. The hospital seemed to numb him after the demobat attack, barely alive and clinging to life for so long that even Nancy didn't believe he would really make it. But you did, you never gave up on him, and eventually he opened his eyes and smiled that sweet smile at the sight of you, and she'll never forget the wails you let out as you hugged him so tight the nurse tried to pry you off–the memory usually brings a smile to her face. Steve got kicked out of the visiting room for a week after locking her out of the room, just so the four of you could hold Eddie as long as you wanted and kiss him, stroke his hair, tell him you love him…they were hard days, but good ones. But now everyone is just trying to survive normal life, and that's mostly to your credit. You make life just a little more bearable…and when you're gone, like you have been for the last couple hours, they're all on edge.
Nancy hurries after him out the door to the trailer, knowing good and well that she can't let him run off on a rescue mission by himself. He's too reckless with himself and too tunnel visioned when it comes to you, and it's certain not to turn out well if he really freaks out without someone there to calm him down. And that's when the familiar sound of crunching gravel hits her ears and she stops to watch the sight before her, Steve having only gotten to the bottom step before he freezes too.
That familiar van pulls up slowly, slow like the driver is trying not to draw attention, and comes to a stop just about a foot off of the mark that carves out the driveway from the rest of the grass. The pause between the vehicle stopping and the passengers getting out is suspiciously long, but when the doors crack open and the two of them get a glance at you, they're sure they know why.
"Naaaaaancy!" You giggle, your footsteps so wobbly as you move around the hood that you have to use it for support, while Robin hops out from the driver's seat and throws it closed before stumbling towards you. The two of you have to cling to each other, your hands clutching Robin's arm, to even hope to make it up the driveway and towards the front door–and when you get close enough, Nancy's nose crinkles as the smell of liquor wafts over and hits her like a train. So does the realization–you two have been drinking, and drinking hard.
"Can I have a kiss, Nancy?" You cackle, tripping over your own feet and nearly hitting the ground, if not for Robin's surge of strength as she pulls you back up with a goofy smirk on her lips. One glance at Steve, and she can see it clearly–he is absolutely pissed, his scowl mean enough to burn a hole through concrete.
"Where the hell were you two?!" He didn't mean to yell, Nancy knows that, but you two don't even flinch. You're not even all there, too caught up in your own world and in each other's mouths as you capture Robin in a kiss instead.
"Pancakes! Errrr, and other stuff.." You giggle around a mouthful of Robin's tongue, your playful wink just earning you a furious huff from your big, strong protector.
"Oh nooooooo, I think we're in trouble!" The two of you can't contain your laughter as you break off and nuzzle against each other, Robin's arm clutched in your soft hands as she whisper-yells that into your ear. She even cups her hand to make it seem like she's trying to be subtle, and she probably is, she just doesn't realize how loud she's being and how late it is.
"You're drunk." Steve states bluntly. It's not a first for Robin since the Vecna incident, unfortunately, but it's surprising for you.
"Just a liiiiiittle," Robin pouts, her fingers pinched together to show just how 'little' you and her have been drinking. From the smell of you two alone, it has to have been at least a full bottle of straight liquor between you two, maybe more.
"Don't get mad, Stevie! We were havin' fun."
"You were being stupid. You were driving drunk! Without a license!" He's almost vibrating with anger and frustration. Robin's blasé tone pisses him off on a good day, and after putting your life and hers in danger, it does even more so.
"Bite. Me!" You share an even more girlish laugh at Robin's outburst, each word punctuated by a middle finger, like it's the funniest thing in the whole world. "You guys suck ass, you're suffocating us–you guys hate fun!"
Nancy would probably be grabbing Robin's tongue for that foul comment, but she's so out of it she knows that there's no use. She'd probably just laugh it off, or cry, and she doesn't want either of those two extremes to deal with right now. But there is something she has up her sleeve that always works.
"You two made Eddie very upset, you know." Nancy lays her hand on Steve's shoulder as she speaks, silently relaying to him that she's got it under control. A soft "Eddie?" passes your lips. It's incredible how quickly you both snap to attention when she mentions his name, sharing a look between you two before both turning back to listen intently.
"Mhm. He's been up all night worrying about you two. He doesn't like it when you're gone, it makes him scared. You know that." Her voice is stern, but still gentle enough for you two to take in. The 'mom voice' as you, Robin, and Eddie like to call it, which is largely reserved for when she really needs to get firm with one of you. Or all of you.
"Eddie? Where's Eddie?" Your tone wavers, giddiness turning to concern in a matter of syllables.
"Tell us, Nance!" Robin tugs at her sleeve, eyes big and wide with worry.
"He's in his room." Both of you rush past them, hurrying up the steps in a frantic bid to find your beloved boyfriend. You love them all equally, of course–but Eddie is sensitive. Sweet. He's always been that way, but it's increased tenfold since Vecna and caused you to be even more protective over him than you were before. You just want to protect that precious smile no matter what.
"Eddie! We're home, baby!"
It's when you both stumble through the front door that you see him at once. Frazzled, his curly hair mussed, dark circles under his eyes from worry. His nails are bitten down almost completely, bad habit he struggles to kick when he's anxious. He's standing in the living room like he heard the ruckus and had come to see what was happening, but his eyes are clear and set on one of you at a time, switching between like he's assessing that you're both here and both safe.
The two of you rush forward and knock him right off his feet, a startled shriek pulled from his lips followed by a grunt as his back thuds against the carpet, and the two of you collapse on top of him with your full respective weight in a hug so tight he couldn't squirm away if he tried. Even being taken off guard, Eddie squeezes both of you tight in a hug as best he can, a relieved smile flickering across his face as you press desperate kisses to his cheek.
Nancy and Steve step inside, and the sight at their feet just raises a sigh. They might not be happy, but they are glad you're unharmed and in relatively good spirits.
"We're sooooorry, Eddie! Soooo sorry!" You babble, pawing at his neck and his face to plant even more kisses on his lips. He turns only to ruffle Robin's hair and peck her on the forehead, but otherwise his mouth is occupied by yours, and gladly so, if his muffled little gasps and mumbles of "missed you" are any indication.
"What about us? You have an apology for scaring the crap out of us?" Steve asks, irritation still lacing his voice. Part of it is definitely a spark of jealousy, Nancy can tell better than most. It takes you some work and the aid of Eddie's hand, but you get up and stumble over wobbly feet, and throw one arm around Nancy's shoulder and one around Steve's to loosely hug them both.
"M' sorry, Nancy…sorry Stevie….I love you guys soooooooo much.." You maw on each of their cheeks as well, leaving wet kisses by their ears and down their necks as if each one is to make up for one of the many minutes you spent away from them.
"We love you too." Nancy squeezes you back, eyes screwed shut, a breath caught in her lungs as she tries to keep it all in, to keep it together. Breaking down and crying because she was so worried about you would only hurt you.
"I've been bad…"
"Yeah, you have been bad." Steve's hand is in your hair, and despite reaffirming your realization, he's still so gentle with you like you're made of porcelain. As frustrating as he can be, and as much of a dad as he acts like sometimes, he's still so softhearted when it comes to you that it's honestly comical.
"Sooooooo….you gonna punish me?" You pull away to look at both of their faces, and giggle when their eyes widen, and they share a look like they can't believe what you just said. They haven't really seen you drunk very often, so they're not used to the…mood you sometimes get in.
"Not now, baby. But you are gonna make it up to us, later." Nancy tenderly takes your arm off of her and rubs it, trying to be strict but it just comes out soft.
"Aww, Nancy…" Your eyes draw towards Steve, who still has some frustration lingering on his features. He'll never realize how sexy it is–how sexy he is when he's mad. You slide that free arm around his other shoulder, and lean into him for your lips to just barely brush his.
"C'mon, Stevie, wanna feel you inside me…" His shoulders stiffen up and his chest tightens, his lungs at a standstill at the sight of you rubbing your body up against his. And then you lean up, and your lips ghost over his ear, and you whisper that dreaded pet name that sends a shiver up his spine and has him tilting his head up that he wasn't ready for–not in front of the others, at least. "..Wanna be good for you. Promise."
Your little attempt to get him all worked up, and your teeth nibbling at his adam's apple, is interrupted by a soft groan, one that turns all three of your heads towards the two lumps on the floor. When Eddie sits up, he moves to clutch Robin's limp body as she lays against him, who is very clearly asleep and sighing quietly into his neck at the movement.
"Okay, bedtime! C'mon!" With a face still flushed and hot, Steve hups and squats down to wrap his arms around your thighs, before he lifts you up to throw you over his shoulder and starts walking towards Eddie's room. Every step is another bounce and your grin is still loopy and enthused as he does so, while Eddie hauls Robin up to her feet and Nancy supports her by her other arm to lead her the same way. Thankfully it's a short ride, and when Steve flips you back on to the bed and kneels to take your shoes off for you, Robin hangs off your other friends before collapsing into bed beside you. She's so pretty with that red flush to her face, warm and dizzy from the alcohol and laid out on her back, her breasts heaving as she breathes quietly before opening her eyes and turning them towards you.
Once Steve's hands are occupied with carrying off your shoes and no longer ghosting against your ankle, you find yourself moving up on your knees and throwing one over Robin's waist, her fingers lifting up to brace your thigh as you sit gently enough on top of her for it not to hurt. The words have left her vocabulary, but the pleased sigh that she emits at the feeling of you pressed up against her is enough for you to understand.
"Robbie," You lean down to kiss her, and moan the nickname into her mouth. "Wanna do what we did in the backseat…"
"Uh huh…" She whimpers, hands laid out by her head in total submission. Her hips are already rolling against you, mind clearly muddled by need that you apparently haven't satisfied quite yet. Your hands move to unbutton her jeans, your gaze set and tongue flicking out to lick your lips–when Steve grabs you by the wrist and your head tilts to look up at him.
"Prude," You stick your tongue out at him, annoyed at his familiar interruption. Robin wasn't totally wrong, sometimes Steve is such a stick in the mud. He looks genuinely hurt, though, and his eyes fall from yours like he's trying not to show you what he's really feeling.
"Noooo, not the puppy dog eyes…m' sorry for pissin' you off, baby.." His grip loosens on your wrist, but you just grab his instead to pull him close enough for your foreheads to touch. He can't look away now, not even if he wanted to.
"I wasn't really mad, I..I was just…scared." His voice is so rarely this shaky, unsure, that it almost doesn't sound like Steve. Not your confident, headstrong Steve.
"Why?" You smile so innocently, it's nigh impossible to still be mad at you. He knows that, and yet he can never, ever resist it. "I'll always come back, Stevie. Not going anywhere."
A tired smile tweaks at his lips, and he moves to turn away–but you don't let him, and you grab his face to hold it in place.
"I'm not going anywhere, Steve." You sound more sober in that one breath than you have since you got home. More than you ever have, maybe. And he has nothing he can say that can encompass his feelings in that moment, so he just simply nods, and shares a kiss with you that's so damn sweet even with the taste of liquor on your teeth.
Having been relatively quiet until now, Eddie crawls into bed beside you two, his sneakers kicked off but his clothes from the day still on. Nancy's busying herself with pulling up a blanket off the floor to throw over you three, nudging your arm for you to slide off of Robin and cuddle up between the two of them so she can do so. Eddie's breath hitches when your fingertips brush the scars beneath his shirt, the flesh of his belly torn up and only now having healed into what he thinks are ugly scars.
"Eddie's so pretty…" You mumble as you turn to face him, already nodding off with the warmth of both their bodies cushioning you like big, heated pillows. Robin snuggles up to your back and drapes her arm over your waist, and Eddie wedges his arm beneath you two so you can both use it as a pillow, his fingers laced in Robin's hair to help her fall asleep like it always does.
"You're prettier, angelface." His warm breath on your face draws a chuckle from you, and with your eyes closed he kisses your brow before finally settling in to drift off with you. And when Nancy's finished tucking you all in and Steve shuts off the lights, each of you sharing your "I love you"s and "good night"s, the two of them shut the door quietly behind them to leave the three of you in relative peace as you slumber.
It feels like the day has dragged on so long, and in some sense it has–the time is nearing three am if the clock in the hallway is any indication. She and Steve have been awake for far too long, but it doesn't look like he's in any mood to rest by the expression on his face.
"You think we were a little too-"
"Harsh? No." Steve cuts her off abruptly. He knows exactly what she's thinking, he usually does–but this time, for once, Nancy really has no clue what's running through his mind.
"I'm gonna make them regret that tomorrow. I'll slash the tires on that stupid van if it keeps them here." The sudden surge of emotion in his voice takes her by surprise. Almost always, your touch and a few gentle words in that beautiful voice of yours are enough to calm him from whatever is bothering him. He's infamous for falling for your reassurances, giving in to you so often that it's like you're a siren to him, his certainty so often falling to the wayside when you sway him into believing whatever it is you're telling him.
"They might just steal your car, Steve. You know Eddie's got those magic fingers." She waggles her fingers teasingly, she's trying to lighten the mood, and he does chuckle a little at the joke. But the way his face sets immediately after is…intense.
"Not if I break their legs first."
"Steve," Her hand reaches for his arm, but his eyes and his mind are somewhere else.
"Don't." He warns. There's not enough conviction in his voice for her to really be worried about that–at least not now, when not enough has happened for him to really think that's at all a good plan. You haven't scared him enough, but…it does frighten her to think that it's still a possibility, albeit a very small one. Even though it would work, she hates to see you in pain, to see you scared. "Wasn't even my idea. Eddie talks in his sleep."
He steps away with those words lingering on his lips, heading towards the front door to drop your shoes by the others–but not before he reaches over and grabs the bat he's kept since that first night he realized that the world wasn't as safe as he thought it was. He throws the door open, and leans back to call to her before he takes a seat on the step and waits to see if anyone–or anything–followed you two home. Like always.
"...So do you, Nance."
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michelleleewise · 9 months
Smut! Request coming:
I love the idea of both Loki and female reader being very dominant and fighting for that dominance in all the ways. Who will win out? Such a fun thought for me to think about. Maybe enemies to lovers? All that good cliche stuff. 💚
Did someone say smut?? Yes......yes I think so.....😏😏🔥🔥
Give in
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Warning: sparring, enemies to lovers, name calling, dom/switch Loki, soft Dom reader, swearing, mild restraining, praise kink, unprotected sex, smut, just smut with plot.....NSFW
Summary: In the battle for dominance, who will be victorious.......
Tumblr media
You walked into the training room, seeing that luckily it was empty. You hadn't been able to sleep due to your explicit dreams as of lately, so you thought a bit of excersion would help tire you out. With your ear buds firmly in place you began your routine, not hearing when a certain God came in. Usually he was the only one to come here this time of night, but he definitely wasn't disappointed.
He stalked the room, watching as you pummeled the punching bag, you weren't a super soldier, but you could definitely hold your own. He leaned against the wall, crossing his arms as he watched your hands slam into the bag. His thoughts wandered as he watched the way your muscles flexed, the sweat dripping off you, the way your thigh muscles flexed in your leggings, how they would feel wrapped around his head.
He adjusted himself in his shorts as you turned, pulling your ear buds out "holy shit, Loki what are you doing here?" You demanded walking over to the bench. "Resless night love? You know I could help with that." He smirked walking towards you. You huffed a laugh taking a drink "i was actually going to go see what Thor was up to." You smirked seeing his face drop. You couldn't let your mask slip, the smug arse would never let it go if he saw what he did to you.
"Darling you wound me, I can tell you I have never disappointed." He winked as he circled you like prey. "Well it seems the only thing that silver tongue is good for is running your mouth." You said setting water down. "You have no idea what I can do." He smirked coming to stand in front of you. "Are you sure it still works, I mean you are, what 1000?" You smiled as his face dropped again "care for a demonstration, darling?" He asked stepping closer. "I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, old man." You said turning around.
He grabbed your shoulder, spinning you around as your fist when to connect with his chest, grabbing it before it landed. "Ooo feisty are we? Care to spar with me? Might get some of that pent up energy out." He smiled still holding your hand. "You couldn't handle me laufeyson." You said pulling your hand back. "Oh, I beg to differ." He smirked walking to the mats. "Let's see what your made of, mortal." He smirked.
You set your earbuds down, coming to stand in front of him "don't break a hip old man." You said taking your stance "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this." He smiled as you lunged at him. He went to grab you, dodging him you slid behind him, jumping on his back, wrapping an arm around his throat as your legs wrapped around his middle. He grabbed your thigh, prying your arm away from his throat, pulling you towards his front before throwing you to the mat. "Is that the best you've got y/n?" He asked as you smirked, as you jumped up walking around him. "I'm just getting started." You smiled.
You both lunged at the same time, when be grabbed your arm, spinning you around, your back slammed into his chest as his arm went around your front, holding one arm in front of you, the other pinned between you. "Oh dear, what will you do now?" He asked pulling you further into him. You could feel his heartbeat against you back, you felt his breath on your neck as he hovered by your ear "Are you well y/n? You seem a bit flushed?" He asked with a laugh, feeling the vibration in your back.
You tilted your head, coming face to face with him. If you moved forward an inch your lips would touch. You felt his thumb slightly graze your skin under your sports bra, and his other tighten on your hip, was he excited? You smirked, deciding now or never as you surged forward, locking your lips onto his, forcing his mouth open with your tongue. You slipped your arm from him, digging your fingers into his hair, tugging at it as he moaned into your mouth. He pulled your hips closer to his, feeling his erection firmly against your back as his other hand grabbed your breast, massaging it firmly.
You turned, to face him, slamming him into the wall as your tongue dove back into his mouth, nipping and sucking as he grabbed the back of your head, tugging on your hair, your mouths fighting for dominance. Your hand dove down, palming his bulge through his shorts as he moaned into the kiss "Mm darling, I'm the one in charge." He said pulling your head back "I don't think so laufeyson." You smirked, reaching up ripping his shirt down the middle as it fell to the ground. You kissed his chest as you went for his pants, before he grabbed your wrists "Are you going to be a good girl and give in, or do I have to punish you?" He growled stepping away from the wall.
"Your the one who needs to be punished." You smirked as you saw his cheeks flush. "You want to be my good boy, don't you?" You smiled, kissing his chest "y/n.." he growled stepping back. "Good boys don't disobey, Loooki." You sighed closing the distance grabbing the top of his pants. "I am not.." he started when you hooked his foot with yours, slamming his back onto the mat, you staddled him, pinning his arms down with your legs. "Good boys get to come, you want to come don't you....Looooki?" you purred in his ear as he watched you with wide eyes. "Give in to me Loki, I can make you feel good." You smiled as his cheeks turned red.
You shifted, pulling your leggings and underwear off, pinning his arms down under your knees. "Are you going to be a good boy?" You asked again, palming his erection "y...yes, I'll be good." He sighed shakely as you slipped his shorts down freeing his erection. "That's what I thought." You smiled. You pumped him a few times before lining him up with your entrance. "Are you ready, my prince?" You asked watching him. "Y..yes." He said watching you "Yes what?" You asked sternly "yes m..ma'am." He sighed. "Good boy" You smiled, lowering yourself down on him, you both moaning as he bottomed out.
You threw your head back, slowly moving up and down on his cock, hearing him moan as he closed his eyes. "L....let me touch you, please." You heard him as you bounced up and down "as pretty as you are when you beg, you were a bad boy, and bad boys don't get to touch." You panted, sliding him all the way out before slamming back down, hearing him groan. "Please, I'll be good." You heard him beg as you sped up. "Whose in charge Loki?" You asked moaning. "You are ma'am." He moaned again as you slammed back down on him. "Who does this cock belong to?" You panted pulling up, with only his tip inside you "y..you ma'am. It belongs to you." He stuttered as you came back down again. "Who do you belong to my prince?" You asked repeating your movement "You, I belong only to you!" He yelled out as you bounced up and down at an unforgiving pace.
"That's right. Your mine, all of you aren't you?" You braced yourself above him, feeling him twitch inside you. "Yes! Yes I'm all yours!" He yelled out "i...I'm aaahh.....going to.." he panted "come my prince, give in and let me feel you." You panted, bouncing a few more times feeling his release coat your walls, him yelling your name as your walls clenched around him, milking him of everything.
You stilled with him inside you, coming down from your highs as you leaned down, kissing him gently. "Norns darling, you are magnificent." He smiled catching his breath. "If your a good boy next time, we can do more." You smiled feeling him twitch inside you. "Will you be my good boy Loki?" You asked cupping his cheek. "Yes ma'am, I will" He breathed closing is eyes. You hummed kissing him again as you slowly eased off of him, pulling his pants back up.
You pulled your pants back on as he stood, you watched as his chest muscles flexed as he adjusted himself, how his bicep moved as he pushed his hair back. You walked over to him, lifting up on your toes, grabbing his nape dragging his lips to yours as you slid your tongue in his mouth. You pulled back looking at him, God he was beautiful when he was spent. "My room, thirty minutes, I'm not done with you laufeyson." You growled as you walked away. "Yes ma'am." You heard him say as you walked out. It was going to be a good night.
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june-k · 3 months
jenna with a freader(or gn if you don't do F)that comforts her after she has a breakdown due to stress from filming and the paparazzi
I love the way you write
have a good one
and thank you for your time ☺️
thank you, it's very sweet, I hope you like it!
Pairing: Jenna Ortega x fem!Reader
Requested: Yes/No
Word Count: 666
A/N: I think now it’s definitely the last post in this year, the next request I will do tomorrow, have a great 2023
Warnings: Probably mistakes, english is not my native language. Mention of breakdown. Mention of paparazzi surveillance. Fluffy. Kiss. Hugs. Let me know if there is anything else.
Tumblr media
Filming for "Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall" has been completed, which means that Jenna will finally be coming home for Christmas. Immediately after the flight, you and her planned a trip to a cafe, and later dinner at home with your parents. But something didn't seem right.
On the way to the cafe, she hardly uttered a word, limiting herself to short “Everything is fine”, “Yes, it was fun”, “I don’t know”, “I haven’t written to him yet.”
An unnatural queue formed right at the cafe, as it turned out, the paparazzi found out which flight Jenna was on and followed your taxi. Entering the cafe in reverse, you thanked the staff who left people with cameras outside the door so as not to disturb the peace of visitors. It seems that the appearance of the paparazzi began to unnerve the girl even more than before.
- "Jenna, are you sure you're okay? You're too silent.” - You reached across the table, intertwining your fingers. - "Yes, everything is fine." - again this nothing giving the answer.
- “Baby, please talk to me.” - You squeezed her hand even tighter.
Even without paying any attention to you, Jenna now and then looked sideways at the window, in the direction of the people who were poking their cameras into the windows and trying to catch at least some plot of the rising star's personal life.
- “Do you want to go home? Let's sit in a cafe another time" - Still rubbing her hand, you extended it. - "No, I'm fine" - it was clear that she wants to hide her feelings.
Not listening anymore, you grabbed your things, canceling your order along the way.
- "What are you doing?" - muttered Jenna, when you sat in a taxi and went home.
- “I thought I saved you from the ubiquitous paparazzi. No?"
- "I told you, I'm. fine." - the girl said through her teeth. Usually you would be offended, but there was obviously something wrong here, so when you got home, you decided to write to Percy and find out if something happened on the set, so the girl has not been herself all day.
To: Peach <3
Hi Percy! Hope you have a good flight home! Say hi to Katie. Wanted to know how Jenna was doing on the set? Maybe something happened? She came back on her own.
From: Peach <3
Oh, hi Y/N! I'm fine! She also says hello to you, and is looking forward to meeting you!
As for Jenna, on the last day of filming, she was very nervous and wanted to return home as soon as possible, so after the end she burst into tears, I think she just had a nervous breakdown, let her rest and gain strength, write if anything!
Convinced that something did happen, you were determined to find out what it was.
- “Jenn, how are you?” - You sat down next to her on the couch, gently putting your hand on her shoulder so as not to annoy her any more.
- “I don’t know, I wanted to go home so much, I cried almost every day, and then when I arrived all these paparazzi appeared, they haunted me even on the plane, so upon arrival I was squeezed like a lemon”- the girl said, moving closer to you.
- “Baby, why didn’t you immediately say that they bothered you even during the flight? Let's just stay at home and cancel today's meeting, parents will understand" - you pull her towards you, laying her head on your chest.
- "Well, I think when I said everything, it became easier for me"
- "I'm glad to hear it, my love" - ​​you stroked her head. After sitting in comfortable silence for about an hour, you lifted her head by the jaw, but did not move further, looking at her, waiting for her reaction. Without hesitation, Jenna clung to your lips.
An hour later, dinner was forgotten, the phones were thrown away, and you, lying in an embrace on the couch, sniffed softly, rejoice at the upcoming holidays.
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comicaurora · 4 months
Not comic related, but have you watched or considered watching the new Dragon Age: absolution on Netflix? As someone who knows next to nothing about Dragon age, I thought it was really good and felt a lot like a D&D campaign. The plot felt a bit lacking at first, but I got invested in the characters really quickly. Also, lots of great representation and real-world themes that translated well into fantasy.
Just finished it! I'm absolutely thriving on this trend of animated high-fantasy adventure series and I hope it lasts forever.
Plot's definitely basic, but I love a good ensemble-cast heist team, and it absolutely felt like a D&D campaign, which is just how I like it. It's clear from the get-go that the strength of this story was going to be in its characters. Hira's twist was well-disguised without feeling like it was cheating, and in Miriam's defense I would absolutely also fall for a pretty girl laying down the "let's retire to a cheese farm" gambit.
It definitely still works if you don't know anything about the game franchise, because I had no context and I never found myself confused by anything except eventually realizing that "nug" was a kind of animal.
Favorite running gag in both Legend of Vox Machina and this is that every character Matt Mercer voices dies almost immediately, and on the voice acting note, casting Josh Keaton as Rezaren was brilliant, because Keaton is pretty much the platonic ideal of the Hero Voice and that's exactly what prettyboy thinks-he's-always-right Rezaren needed. I love a rock-solid bad guy who has all the aesthetics of heroism, so the story makes you judge them from their actions and not their vibes.
Design-wise I liked that the city setting didn't look generically medieval! Everything had a very clear-cut aesthetic, and it was all so colorful!
The story with Miriam and Rezaren made me literally double-check my backstory for Erin and Tess to make sure I didn't accidentally do a slavery apologism by letting them develop a good relationship 😳
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blackkatmagic · 3 months
Hi, Kat! I saw your post earlier about the New Mandalorians, and wondered if you have the time or energy to expand on that at all? If not, or you don't feel like it, feel free to ignore this. I've been interested in writing a fic where Mandalorians play a major role, but have been avoiding it given how much contention there is around so much of it, and just how challenging it is to keep straight what's Disney canon, Legends, and fanon. I'm also mostly not a comics reader, so I know I'm missing a big chunk of info there. So any chance you could point me to where to look for some of this information? Like, Death Watch being deported to an "overcrowded and undersupplied" moon. Is that extrapolation from what we see of Concordia in TCW, or are there additional sources that get into more detail? I'm also curious where we see Death Watch/warrior Mandalorians being POC? Jango is, of course, but I've heard other people claim that, other than Jango and the KOTOR materials set several thousand years in the past, we don't really see onscreen Mando POC until Rebels, after TCW creators got backlash for making all the New Mandalorians and Death Watch white Vikings. Are there other sources that show the exiled warrior Mandos being POC? Any help you can give me figuring this out would be greatly appreciated! I know fanworks can go in whatever directions their creators want to, but I want to at least make sure I'm working from a clear understanding of what I'm starting from! Thanks you.
It's very definitely an extrapolation, but based on what we see pretty much solely in TCW, specifically "The Mandalore Plot" episodes.
First, if you look at shots of Sundari, the Mandalorian capital, everyone is white and blond and Human. Maybe it was the animators being lazy, maybe it was a conscious choice, but it's still jarring, especially in contrast to most background shots elsewhere in the galaxy. Take a screencap of anywhere else and it's pretty mixed as far as Humans and aliens go. Not in Sundari.
Second, re: Death Watch being deported. I'm not talking about Death Watch. I'm talking about the warriors, who Satine specifically says were "exiled" to Concordia. And she and Obi-Wan have a conversation about how, even though Concordia was once an agricultural settlement, it was strip-mined to the point that forests were just starting to grow back. Extrapolating, that means Concordia probably has to import everything. I can't remember if it's Satine specifically who says it, or one of the other NMs, but they also say they presume all the warriors have all died out. And like. yikes. There's a pretty big implication there.
As for the warrior Mandalorians being POC, at the very least there are more POC characters among them than among the NMs. Clan Wren, I'm thinking of, and then. Jango and his disavowal by the NMs is a whole other can of worms that has a lot of racist overtones, imo. This post has a good breakdown of the issues regarding the Fetts, if you'd like to read it. It dips into Legends, but it's mostly based on TCW and the movies in those sections, so. There are your sources.
Edit: To clarify on why I find the "we presume the warriors all died out" so yikes. It's been about 20 years since Satine took power at most. A lot of the people exiled were probably young, to say nothing of how long people live in the gffa. How exactly are that many people supposed to have died in 20 years max without some outside factor? Add that to the fact that Concordia is mostly barren and like. Hella yikes, imo.
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kiankiwi · 2 months
Red Carpet:
Summary: Austin had to go to yet another red carpet but with morning sickness making you miserable, you couldn't tag along but thinking about you all night, he talks about you in an interview with a reporter wishing he was definitely at home rn
Austin would very much rather be at home with you than on this red carpet getting pulled every which way, getting blinded by flashing lights and answering the same unoriginal questions over and over again.
But tonight he was on this red carpet as a promotion for Elvis and just wanted to get this over with so he was rushing himself. You had wanted to go with him but all day today, your morning sickness kept you laid up on the bathroom floor so even if you had wanted to go, you were too sick to and Austin didn't mind he wanted you to just get some rest.
"Austin, hello!" A perky young reporter says as he approaches her, just in the long line in order to get out of here. He smiled. "Hello! How're you?" She smiled. "I'm good, where's your fiance tonight? Congratulations by the way on your pregnancy announcement." He shrugged, getting sad at the thought of you probably still huddled on the bathroom floor desperately wanting his cuddles but quickly put his smile back on his face.
"Thank you. Y/N is still in the first trimester so unfortunately poor thing's been feeling quite sick. I don't mind that I had to brave this red carpet alone, she wouldn't have any fun..."
The reporter frowned sadly. "Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. What is she doing at home tonight do you think?"
Austin smiled, his eyes looking up at the ceiling as he thinks of what you and him would be doing right now if he hadn't come. "She's most definitely digging into a pint of ice cream and watching Supernatural... without me." He eyes the camera with a playful edge to his voice. "Now I'll have to catch up again, Y/N."
The reporter and him meet eyes and laugh. "Okay well, I'll let you go after one more question, Austin." He nods. "Sure."
This question brings a smile to his face. "What is your fiance's favorite Supernatural character?"
He smiles, immediately knowing the answer. "Dean all the way. She loves that man. Sam's my guy and she's in love with Dean. So Jensen Ackles if you're watching..." He trails off pointing to the camera.
The reporter laughs, letting Austin turn away. "Thanks for the talk Austin, good luck with the rewards." He waves and is off, looking for a dark corner he can escape to, to pull his phone out and text you how you're doing.
I don't know if this had any plot but it was silly and fun <3
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firefly-bites · 7 months
theme park adventures (jojo’s x GN!reader)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: the JoJos take you to the theme park. Warnings: nothing? I'm not sure but your typical theme park stuff<3
Jonathan: • Buys you anything you look at, toys, games, ride tickets, food, if you want it, it's yours. • Wins almost every carnival game, he's just bad at the darts. • Will cheer you on while you try to win a big stuffed animal. • If you win the toy you want he's so proud of you and will bring you to another game stand, wanting to see you win more. •If you don't, this man will immediately ask to play again, encouraging you to try again, if you don't want to, he'll win the toy for you to see the look on your face<3. • He isn't a big fan of the intense rides but will suck it up if you ask him nice enough to go on the big rollercoasters.
"Please, dear, don't be sad. I have plenty more tickets if you want to try again! No? Just wait here, I'll get you the teddy bear."
"Well, I'm not a fan of rides...but who can deny such a cute face?"
Joseph: • LOVES the rides. This man will drag you on every twister, coaster, and merry-go-round he sees. • Hates the games. The minute he can't win a game he thinks it's rigged. Almost cries when you win the game immediately after. • Still, if you want a plush from a game you can't win he will spend every penny to get it for you. • Complains about the lines non-stop then takes forever to order food. • Will not hesitate to body slam anyone who looks at you, especially if you're wearing a more revealing outfit. If someone catcalls you? They're receiving a HAMON punch to the face. • Be prepared with a good pair of shoes, you two are going to be there until it closes.
"Come on! The line for the dropper is super short right now! We gotta get there before other people get there first."
"Oh my god, these games are rigged! There's no way anyone can win."
Jotaro: • Isn't a fan of these types of things but deals with it if it makes you happy. • Is scary good at the games...every. single. one. There is nothing this man cannot do. • If you lose a game and are sad about it, he will randomly come up to you and give you the toy you wanted when you least expect it. • Hates being in the crowd, will be one of those clingy boyfriends you see in the lines. The whole hugs you/holds you from the back to the point where you have to walk with him attached to you. •Carries your things even if you didn't ask. He notices your arms are getting tired and lord knows that man could carry fifty-pound weights for hours, your bags are nothing to him. • Will buy some popcorn so the two of you can watch fireworks at the end of the night.
"Good grief, here's that stupid teddy you tried to win."
"Hey, fireworks are soon so I grabbed some food, let's go find a spot."
Josuke: • Opposite to his nephew, this man lives for fun, rowdy hangouts. • He dislikes going on fast rides only because they mess up his hair. Nothing will get him to go on those zero-gravity rides from the way they flatten his hairdo. • LOVES taking photos. Will give you endless compliments while you pose for a picture. • He's so sweet this man will share a cotton candy cloud while he has stars in his eyes as he watched them make it. • You two will get lost in the endless colours. He is awful at navigating a map but doesn't want you to know so he tries super hard not to get lost. Plot twist: you guys have been going in circles but he looks too confident for you to tell him. • Definitely tells his mom and friends all about how cute you were and how much he loved taking you to the park<3
"You look amazing! Raise your left arm a little more- perfect!"
"They were so cute when they won the game! I wish I took a photo of them."
Giorno: • He is very busy being an Italian mafia boss but will spend every minute doing whatever you want on his off days. • He will give you the sweetest smile when you point out stuff you see, whether it's a really big ride or a man balancing on stilts, he wants to see you happy more than anything. • Please win something cute and give it to him. He will literally put it in his super security work safe so nothing happens to it or will keep it on his bed to cuddle when you aren't there. • Although it's tough to go out and not be recognized, he will rent the entire park for you if it's going to be a problem. If not, he might have a few people from his squad on the lookout. • Will hold your hand or let you hold his arm the entire time. This man will frown if you let go, he's a little clingy and doesn't want to lose you. • You two will mostly just walk around looking at the attractions, maybe playing a few games and going on smaller rides but just spending time together and talking for the most part.
"Please, lead the way. I am glad to be spending the day with you."
"Don't leave my side, cara. I'm worried you might get lost."
Jolyne: • My girl loves rides her goal is to ride as many as she can. No matter how extreme they look. • Will laugh at you when you lose a game, then she would lose it herself after claiming it was easy. (It wasn't) • She gives you the biggest smile from beside you as the ride harnesses get clipped in. The smile never leaves as she goes along the coaster, gripping your hand and laughing loudly. • You two will stumble around, dizzy from the spinning, zero-gravity ride while getting weird looks. • She loves junk food and carnival-type drinks. You two will go from food stand to food stand trying everything in sight. • At the end of the night you and her are snuggled up against each other, sharing fries and a cup of soda while stargazing. The subtle noise from the park far away offering as white noise.
"Babe look! They have the zipper here! Hurry before the lines get long!"
"Isn't that the Big Dipper? No? Oh...well where is it then if you're so smart?"
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dopp-likes-yanderes · 8 months
Grimwalker!Reader in the days of Philip's Crusades. Just a drabble I came up with to show some of his relationship with his obsession and how "revival" works.
Tumblr media
TWs: Yandere, Platonic Yandere, death, murder, gaslighting, manipulation, gruesome details, general Philip things, claustrophobic situation.
It's agony. The glass around you is as cramped as it always is. No matter how many times this happens, your enclosure never feels any less discomforting. The sludge of your body is out of your control, yet the aches are still very much there. Even worse still...is that you can hear everything. The lab is nearly empty, save for the two of you.
Philip. Your...father? Creator? You don't know what to call him. He insists on you calling him your 'uncle', but it never feels right. Nor does the idea of him seeing himself as your caretaker. After all...what sort of caretaker does this? This. This isn't the first time you've found yourself like this. It won't be the last. The both of you know this. So, why? Why does he insist on keeping you? He could just make another one! There's no need to keep regenerating an unruly Grimwalker, and yet he persists.
No, rather than allow you the respite of death, he refuses to let you leave under any circumstances. That's why, despite the fact that he's the very one who "murdered" you in cold blood with such force to immediately turn your Witch-like form into its base goopy form, he's still so insistent on keeping you alive. He coos over you in your jar, and you know it's manipulation. It doesn't stop you from feeling adored, though. Have you really stooped so low? To feel a child's affection towards the same man who's "killed" you many times?
...more importantly, how are you going to explain this to him? The reason you're here in the first place. The other Grimwalker. This one...he's lasted longer than a lot of the others. And you'd caught him, and found out why. Therefore- therefore... you'd covered for him when Belos came in, pushed him into the shadows where Philip couldn't see him. The papers strewn on his desk, which should not be there, and you hunched over it- Philip had been pushed into a fury, calling you a traitor (not unusual) and asking you, "How many times must we do this until you learn that what I'm doing is for the best?!", again and again as he used his magic to slam your body into the walls of the lab.
Yeah, sure. Like you had any part in him killing you. Maybe some instances you'd been angry and lashed out, but it's not like you didn't have good reason to. The worst part is, getting "revived" resets your age...to seventeen. It's agony. Sometimes you think he looks for an excuse to "kill" you if he thinks you're getting "too old". Like he wants you to stay a kid forever. Unfortunately for him...your body may be that of a child's, but your mind is not. You remember everything. He says it's to "remind you of what he's willing to do". And what's worse...
The other...he saw all of it, and Belos was too focused on you to notice him sneaking away. When he sees you alive and well, you're going to be expected to keep your mouth shut. However, this one...he's definitely going to ask questions. He'd seen too much in the Grimwalker lab previously. He's been planning something, perhaps to run away, obviously for a while. No way he's letting this go. How are you going to get around it? Without getting him caught, more importantly...this is a delicate situation. With luck, Philip hasn't caught on to the other Grimwalker's plot. You just have to play along and give him a chance. It doesn't matter if you get an opening to flee with him, and perhaps it's better if you dont- you just want your "little brother" to have a better life.
But right now, you're stuck with Philip. Something he says catches your attention, though. You'd blocked out his voice in favor of trying to figure out how you're going to deal with the situation at hand...but now he's mumbling about the other one. His attention is off of you. Yet, you're still inside this jar. It'll be another few hours before he can remake you. Why has he paused?
...you get something of an answer in the form of an aggravated grumble.
"That boy is taking an awful long time to check those traps." Stroking the lid to your jar, he mulls something over before opening it and pouring "you" into the container you've been placed inside of many times. The dirt feels nice and cool. "Be good while I go see what he's up to."
He leaves you to your thoughts, and they're racing with possibilities.
'Did you flee? Did you put enough distance between yourself and him?' You mull something over in your head. 'Are you going to be okay...Valor?'
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