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cornsnoot · 13 days
the ghostbusters community is dying!
rb if you love busting and sucking <3
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crash-oak · 4 months
I want a stobotnik fic where Stone is a goodie two shoes when he starts working for Ivo and is kinda afraid of him and hates everything about it, but slowly the evil grows into him and he finds himself agreeing more and more with the man and finding himself enticed by the mean comments, even yearning to be belittled by him. Eventually falling madling in love.
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hillerska-official · 5 months
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hotgirlcastiel · 10 months
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GREAT new ‘the boys’ episode
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sapphicelliestan · 1 year
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literal-katastrophe · 2 years
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Parent Trap AU anyone?
I mean, British parent and vineyard parent? Twins? That screams FACE family to me lmao
(Here’s the combined comic version below ⬇️)
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hanadoesstuffwrong · 2 years
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castiellesbian · 2 years
Supernatural characters as jellycat stuffed animals
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consider the wrestle
pseudo-setting: new gen, 1993-1995, numbers are shit, working conditions are deadly, the 80s mindset still lingers and none has effectively replaced it, get paid 25 dollars to perform on national tv
robbie robertson: play-by-play commentator, face commentator john jonah jameson: colour commentator, does not consider himself a heel but simply someone who cares about the business
owner of the promotion: norman osborn shane mcmahon: harry osborn
every single gimmicky villain: still a gimmicky villain, d-listers as jobbers (just there to get beat up)
peter parker: high flier, like, lucha libre style, fantastic seller, feels he got his uncle killed over resenting a shitty promoter and doesn't even have superpowers to make up for it and/or work it off so like watch out, babyface fire
peter parker's friends: faces, tweeners, horribly booked women's division but at least bra and panties matches aren't a thing yet
eddie brock: haha
???: cool gimmick
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sailforvalinor · 2 years
Aqua: *making grabby hands* “I want to see my little boy!”
Terra: *carrying Ven under the arms* “Here he comes”
Aqua: “I want to see my little boy!”
Ven: “Mooooooom”
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littlehen · 2 years
it was then that we realised Disney’s first openly gay character was inside us all along
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aldamiriel-necrococo · 9 months
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Like to charge RB to cast
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ofalltheginjoints · 9 months
i love you ciabatta i love you brioche i love you focaccia i love you challah i love you sourdough i love you rye i love you multigrain i love you bagel i love you pita i love you pretzel bun i love you baguette i love you english muffin i love you naan
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taylorswifff · 9 months
me trying to convince myself that two straight white men in their 30s are going to write the best (slowburn) queer love story ever made
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snowflakeeel · 4 months
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itistolaugh · 10 months
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