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milesgmorales · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wherever you go from here, you have to promise to take care of that little boy for me. Make sure he never forgets where he came from. And he never doubts that he’s loved. And he never lets anyone tell him that he doesn’t belong there. You gotta promise, Miles. I promise.
MILES MORALES Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) dir. Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin Thompson
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mommamothwitch-mudsy · 4 months
Hi Yes Hello! I have been dead a while due to life and sadly and I’ll probably be gone a while again but in the meantime until my return have another Soulsborne team clear! I woulda done one for Stultifera Navis but sadly it was just too annoying for me and I am but a poor Free to play who still relies on guides every now and then... Enjoy! Team explanation is below.
Mudrock as Havel the Rock Specter as Valtr Master of the League Skadi as the Good Hunter Gladiia as Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower Nearl Alt as Lord Gwyn’s Firstborn Irene as... I am not actually sure maybe you can help but I put her there cause I was just reminded of the Inquisitor build a friend did. Lappland as a Scourge Beast Scavenger the Tarnished La Pluma... I used her on the basis of Gehrman cause Scythe but its a bit farfetched hence why I didn’t use her as I intended same with Irene. Maybe yall can help figure out if she fits or not Nightingale as The Plain Doll Surtr as a Fire Demon/Fire Giant and finally Saga as a Mist Naginata or a Blue Spear Monk depends how you see her.
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mischievousmeh · 4 months
warning: the following contains spoilers for pokémon scarlet/violet
aether and i actually had some errands to run, so instead of doing our usual “let’s walk everywhere on our journey!” routine, we switched it up a bit! after finding a flying taxi, we headed to the town of cortondo, a lovely little place in the south province that we’d briefly visited. and while we were there, we thought, “hey, we can do the gym challenge here while we’re in the area!” sooo, we did!
Tumblr media
it was a big surprise to run into nemona again! she swears she isn’t following us around, but it’s getting a little… weird? uncomfortable? sorry nemona! this is a rural area that’s big on farmland, so we didn’t expect to be seeing her here. she seems so… suburban? either way, that aside, she insisted she wasn’t stalking us to beg for a battle, and then sort of let really quickly after?
Tumblr media
and so, we are introduced to a neat little tidbit of cortondo culture! the olive roll is both a gym trial and a tradition! by doing completing the challenge, not only do you receive the opportunity to battle the sugarbug of cortondo, katy, but also, you invite good luck for the upcoming olive harvest! and that’s amazingly cool, in my opinion!
Tumblr media
the olive roll itself takes place north of town, in a field specially designed for it. you have to push a giant, olive-shaped ball through an obstacle course and into the field at the end! there’s neat ramps and trainers you can battle to take shortcuts, but despite how heavy the olive ball is, i opted to take the long way!
Tumblr media
after a good bit of struggling, i managed to get the olive ball to the goal! nice!! i hope the luck between both my and my boyfriend’s challenges yields a fruitful olive harvest! next stop, battling the sugarbug! i hadn’t heard too much about katy other than she specializes in bug-type pokémon, but with a title like that, she sounded quite sweet!
Tumblr media
and sweet she is! when i met her, she was feeding one of her vivillion a nice treat. she introduced herself as katy, owner of the soapberry patisserie… but quickly realized she was giving me the wrong introduction. apparently, she’s both a gym leader and a sweets maker! i often forget that gym leaders are just powerful trainers with strong bonds with their pokémon rather than unapproachable, intimidating people known only for their prowess. with both katy and brassius, i’ve been delighted to learn otherwise!
i brought in reaper alone for this battle, confident that he was strong enough to defeat any bug type thrown his way! katy’s nymble and tarountula both fell to him before i knew it. i knew it was a good idea to teach him flamethrower! her last pokémon fit her quite well: a sweet little teddiursa! defeating the terrastilized bear was not as easy, but reaper handled it well!
Tumblr media
after the victory, she presented us not only with a sparkly gym badge, but also cupcakes! i’m not usually a big fan of cupcakes, but her sweet treats were absolutely remarkable! also bonus points because i absolutely love cherries, haha! she wished us luck on our travels before she sent us off. i hope we’ll get the chance to talk more in the future!
Tumblr media
and then i met this guy. his scary atmosphere is um… very off-putting? now, that could be because he’s part of the pokémon league… or he’s part of the elite four… or because he’s a teacher at uva??? this very intimidating guy is actually the art teacher of uva? he’s got a stern face and a way of speaking that makes me want to avoid going to his class in the future, even if i really love art.
Tumblr media
like… is this guy really one of my teachers?? yikes! he followed up promising my defeat with, “it’d be a pleasure to see you in my class” and i am so not sure how to feel about that! :/ yeesh, how scary! he’s also got this weird little cape on the back of his jacket that makes him seem a liiiiittle less serious, but i’m absolutely terrified to attend that art class!
signing off for now and sincerely hoping none of the uva staff know my blog! ^^;;
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svs-stationery · 2 months
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im-no-jedi · 3 months
was gonna post the next chapter of my Infested fic today too (cause uhhhh I keep forgetting about it 😅) but nah, there’s been too much official stuff today, I ain’t gonna clog the tags with that nonsense lolololol
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fearlessinger · 3 months
Hello, grieving Adrien stan here.
Do i need to read all the pjo and heroes novels to fully “get” trials of Apollo books? I was never that interested in greco-roman myth or those series as a kid when they were super popular. also I haven’t read a proper book in an embarrassingly long time. Nevertheless I’d like to give a chance if they’re as great as you say.
unrelated,a while back I had half a mind to watch smallville do you know if its worth it?
hey Anon, first of all, my condolences. I’ve been there too.
Second: no you absolutely do not have to read any of the previous novels to understand/appreciate TOA! I am a big proponent of the “TOA first” reading approach in fact (tho obviously you won't have to go back and read the rest of the saga afterwards either), and I’ve already written a little primer for fellow readers who may want to start directly from TOA like I did, based on my own reading experience and the knowledge gaps that I found myself having. I will add, given what’s your reason for wanting to check this out, a few caveats:
this story is not a romance. It's about abuse, emancipation and self actualization. It’s also simultaneously a redemption story because
this Adrien is older (like 4000+ years older lol) and both his personal history and the amount of character development he underwent before the story even starts reflect this. He’s had time to grow up, fuck up very badly in ways that his upbringing explains but does not excuse, and this story is also the story of him coming to terms with and figuring out what he can do about that.
He’s also an incredibly unreliable narrator, and not in the ways you’re led to expect (if you’re familiar with the Adrien The Liar meta know that it’s as much - at this point probably more lbr - about Apollo than it is about Adrien, except for Apollo you gotta multiply it for like 10000). Which means you may have a hard time recognizing him for a while (I think when it really clicked for me was between book 3 and 4). Or maybe not, bc apparently some people clocked the similarities since the very beginning
it’s all so cringe. You’re a fellow ML (ex) fan so I'm sure you can appreciate some quality cringe but I feel compelled to give a warning anyway. I love it, and I don’t think a story like this about a character like this could have been told any other way because (among other reasons that I won’t say bc I’m already spoiling enough) nobody who cares as much and earnestly as Apollo does could ever be Cool ™. But yeah. The narrative style either works for you or it doesn’t bc it’s 100% not a bug but a feature.
Last but not least, if you think it might be easier for you to digest a whole book series in audio format, I’ve been told by multiple people that the TOA audiobooks are really well done.
As for Smallville… well, the show as a whole is definitely… an acquired taste 😅 It’s so dumb in so many ways, and not self aware enough to make up for it. I have an incredible fondness for SV, and for its version of Clark & Lois especially; I’d dare say it is still my favorite modern interpretation of their dynamic on screen to date, but it took the show a while to get to the point where their relationship took center stage (S8-9-10, basically. This is after all technically a superman origin story) and it was a very bumpy ride. The show has some truly terrible writing mixed in with the brilliance lol. But yeah go for it if you feel in the mood! Fyi Lois Lane only gets introduced in season 4 which is also one of the show’s best, most enjoyable & silly seasons imho so if you’re on the fence you could try beginning from there (I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going from context clues).
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noope306 · 1 year
LH: I feel like I’m trying to compete with Sebastian when for all those years he was up here, Nico or whoever was up here with me, sitting here and it was again it was your day so we just sat there and enjoyed it, so I’m trying to exceed the length of time you were talking back then.
SV: You’re still behind.
LH: Yeah, I think I’m still behind.
Seb, Lewis and the saga of Lewis complaining about Seb's long answers 😂
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beauty-and-passion · 2 years
A (not so) brief post about my favourite Sanders Sides ships
It all started with this ask:
Tumblr media
I just wanted to write a short answer, I swear. Just a short answer with a tiny little explanation about why I like these ships in particular.
But then I got a bit carried away, my explanations became longer and so here I am, writing a full post.
One small clarification before starting: ships don’t have a place in my analyses. If I talk about connections between Sides, these connections are always in terms of friendships, cooperation or familial relationships. The romantic aspect is something different and I may joke about it sometimes, but it’s just a joke.
There is a time and space for romantic relationships - and it looks like that time has come. 
Janus and Patton
I've always liked the canonical ship, in (almost) every fandom. So of course I like the canonical ship of this fandom as well :P
Jokes aside, this ship is incredibly mature, very interesting and terribly hard to talk about. The nature of these two characters, their roles and the episodes that had them involved proved how these two speak the same language, work in the same field and, ultimately, need each other.
* More similar that we think
If we look at them on a superficial level, Janus and Patton are completely opposites: one is cynical and cold, the other is a ball of sunshine. One is dark and suave, the other is goofy and bright. Janus' moral is "step on others and only care about yourself", Patton's moral is "help others because they are more important than you".
These differences became clearer over time, the more we learned about Janus and compared him with Patton. However, along these differences, some similarities started to emerge. Some qualities.
Janus and Patton want what's good for Thomas. They are humble enough to recognize their mistakes (the latest example was POF). They have a strong empathy. They’re kind. They’re mature adults (even if Patton doesn’t show it too often). And they both love and use puns.
But that’s not all. Along with these qualities, we found out that these two have similar flaws: they are both liars. They are incredibly persuasive to the point of manipulation. They have a huge influence over the mind (and the other Sides). They both deal with denial.
And this isn't just important, but it's a fundamental point for their character growth. Why? Because if they have similar flaws, if they are both liars and manipulators, then they cannot deceive each other.
And this is HUGE, especially for Patton! By his own admission, Patton lied multiple times, especially about his feelings (the Nostalgia episodes) and his thoughts (the most recent wedding/callback saga).
He always got away with it, because he was lying to other Sides and Thomas. But what would the point be, to lie to the literal embodiment of lies? Janus already knows what of his words are lies and what not, so it would be absolutely useless to do it.
Therefore, if Patton cannot lie to Janus, he cannot pretend everything is alright when it's not or hide his thoughts on a certain topic. He cannot shift the attention somewhere else or let a conversation drop. That means Patton cannot avoid confrontation about his thoughts/feelings and oh boy if he really needs to talk about them - especially with someone mature like Janus.
And yes, having someone who is able to see past your lies means being a lot vulnerable... but also a lot freerer. With Janus, Patton won’t have to pretend to be the strongest one: he can allow himself to be weak and confused, because if he doesn’t have an answer or if the weight of decisions is too much to carry, he has Janus with whom he can share it.
* A foundation of mutual respect
This point has never been fully addressed, but it was very well implied by their words/behaviours since Janus’ first appearance.
The first proof we have is CLBG: after Deceit revealed himself and disappeared, all the Sides and Thomas went through various degrees of shock, frustration and anger. Patton, on the other hand, was the only one who showed a pretty calm demeanor.
He should've been the angriest, considering that Janus took HIS place and pretended to be HIM the whole time. And yet, not only Patton didn't show any resentment, but he didn't talk bad about Janus (even if he had all the reasons to) and he even justified the other Side’s actions to Thomas:
[Patton]: Kiddo, simply put, Deceit is an inner coach that acts with the one intention of self-preservation.
Patton could’ve said anything, to make Janus appear as the worst. And his words could've had a lot of influence on Thomas, considering they were coming from his heart.
However, Patton didn't say anything too bad about Janus - not even in the following episodes.
Then we reach POF: Patton's monologue about his morals went so dramatically bad, he turned into a giant frog with abs and Janus had to sweep in to save Thomas.
In that moment, he could've said ANYTHING to make Patton appear as the worst Side ever. He had his chance on a silver plate: Patton was wrong, he had been wrong the whole time, he was literally ready to fight Thomas.
And yet, Janus took Patton's defense:
[Deceit]: He didn't mislead you on purpose, Thomas. I don't think the little guy... or... the big frog is capable of that sort of thing.
In addition to that, let’s consider Janus' whole attitude towards Patton in SvS: he basically spent an entire episode trying to make Patton understand his point.
[Deceit]: You can defend him all you like... But you can't change the facts. Is Thomas an innocent little lamb? Let's let them be the judge of that.
Why did he insist so much on this? Why not tricking Patton like he did with Roman or ignoring him like he did with Logan?
Because Janus knows how important Patton's role is and his whole behaviour shows respect towards the other Side. Unlike the others, who tend to diminish/forget Patton’s importance, Janus never did and always tried to reach him in the most honest, difficult way: through dialogue and confrontation.
And when he failed, instead of disregarding Patton’s importance, he just kept trying again, until his message finally reached the other Side.
* The perfect working partner
POF proved Patton can't bear the weight of the decision-making process all by himself. He needs another Side who can help him and Janus perfectly fills this role.
But why Janus? Why not Logan? Logan is a very mature Side, he can deal with a lot of stress, he's extremely organized and knows a lot. Surely he can help Patton with the decision-making process, right?
Not exactly. For his own admission, morals and ethics are not Logan's area of expertise (as it should be: logic can’t be influenced by what’s considered “good” or “bad”: logic is neutral). Secondly, Logic isn't an emotional-driven Side: logic is way less affected by emotions than other Sides - especially compared to Patton, who is the embodiment of emotions.
What Patton needs is a mature Side with a grey mentality, humble enough to respect him/not diminish his role, from his same area of expertise and enough emotional-driven to connect with him on an emotional/empathetic level.
And Janus is the only one who fills all those points. Even the latter, as we saw in the last part of POF:
[Patton]: Janus... Do you think there's a limit... on how many times someone can say sorry... before you have to admit... that they're just bad for you? [Janus]: Oh, definitely not. I'd love for someone to ruin Thomas' entire life one apology at a time. [Patton]: Okay. [Janus]: (After seeing Patton's reaction)The reality is that... it depends.
Janus' answer changed, the moment he realized Patton didn't get his sarcasm, by switching from ironic to honest. This is the kind of emotional connection Patton needs, something that doesn’t require words, but a small gesture that says more than a thousand words (yes, I’m also talking about that gaze and the small nod in the end card).
If we add to all of that the detail that Janus can nullify Patton's excuses and see past his lies, we have the perfect partner to help him grow up.
But this cooperation isn’t just one-sided: Janus needs Patton just as much as Patton needs him.
Why? First of all, to have a seat at the table. After years hiding, Janus can finally talk to Thomas, introduce his cynical mentality, make Thomas a little more selfish and help him grow up.
Secondly, by cooperating with Patton, Janus will become a better Side: he will learn to compromise, to work together and, most importantly, to trust Patton. And this is a particularly important point because, as I said in my analysis of POF, Janus isn’t used to trust others and he doesn’t want them to see past his barriers. Working with Patton might be exactly what he needs to trust the other Sides and lower these barriers, even a tiny bit.
* The romantic possibility
Considering all of the above points, the idea that their cooperation could evolve into something romantic-driven isn't so strange. The elements are all here, there's nothing weird to add nor need to bend canon, in order to make the ship happen. Their mutual acceptance can easily become need, learning more about each other can easily evolve into desiring each other and friendship could grow into passion.
And, of course, let's not forget marriage. These two can only end up in marriage. I mean, one is a dad, the other is a mom witch, so they are a perfect match XD
My point is: this ship isn't just a “cute couple being cute”. It's about dialogues. Conversations about themselves, their different points of view, their morals, their cooperation, how to help Thomas and the other Sides. It's based on listening to each other, on knowing each other a little more every day. On being silly together, working and failing together, going down and getting up, because there is someone by your side to lend a helping hand.
This is what makes Janus and Patton the most realistic, mature couple. And that's probably why it's so hard to perfectly nail it.
Logan and Remus
Here it is, the couple that blew up after one episode and was confirmed in the most recent Aside.
But seriously, these two have a huge potential - first as friends/working partners, then as romantic partners. Logan and Remus need each other and the reasons are pretty clear:
- Having an interlocutor
Remus is Unleashed Creativity, a volcano of ideas in constant need of new stimuli, no matter if they are considered good or bad. After all "good and bad are all made up nonsense", as he said.
Logan is a walking encyclopedia in search of someone who wants to listen to him. He's pure, undiluted knowledge because that's what logic should be. No morals about what's good and what's bad, no emotions, nothing but neutral knowledge.
Considering that, it’s pretty clear these two have to come into contact. But what would they gain?
Well, Remus would have the stimuli he desperately craves. And Logan?
Logan would gain an incredibly smart interlocutor. And I’m not saying it because I am biased towards Remus, but because the canonical episodes showed us how smart he is. In both DWIT and WTIT Remus proved to be a quick thinker, with a sharp intellect and an even sharper eye. He's silly and over the top, but he's not an idiot and he uses everything he has for his own creative needs, no matter how small it is.
Just imagine this cleverness applied to everything Logan might say to him. Remus wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from it, but the whole creative process and, ultimately, Thomas himself, who will have better, richer ideas.
- Gaining a place
At this moment in time (just after WTIT) Remus has not been fully accepted yet. He is tolerated and his presence is a nuisance, but he’s neither wanted, nor banished. He’s just here and he has no voice on any matter.
Also because no one wants to give him a chance to prove how useful and worthy he can be. Thomas barely tolerates him, Patton does his best to ignore him, Roman doesn’t even want to see him and Virgil would rather not have any of the Others present.
The only Core Side who accepts Remus’ presence and is willing to give him a chance is Logan. He spent the entire DWIT to explain why Remus is useful for Thomas and shouldn’t be ignored, while in WTIT, he said: "There will be a time and place for you" - thus implying that, one day, Remus will finally be able to show how worthy he can be.
This is exactly what Remus needs: a Core Side who doesn’t see him as a nuisance or a villain, but as a fundamental part of Thomas that can be helpful, in his own way. Someone willing to give him a seat at the table (at least in the future). And, most importantly, someone who is powerful enough to control him.
Remus is and will always be a force of nature. He will never rest or stop being chaotic. This is why he needs someone strong by his side, someone who can’t be overcomed by his dark thoughts and that can put him back on track if necessary. And Logan proved to be perfect for this role not once, but twice.
- Understanding on a deeper level
However this cooperation won’t be beneficial just for Remus. As I said before, Remus could be a clever interlocutor for Logan. And this cleverness isn’t just related to creativity, but also to emotional understanding.
The Core Sides have known Logan for almost thirty years and yet, they have no idea of the inner turmoil raging inside him. They keep ignoring and dismissing him, clearly thinking everything is fine.
It took Remus one single day to realize what Logan’s problem is, how deeply frustrated he is and how much he’s actually angry at Thomas. Less than 24 hours and Remus knows Logan better than his long time friends.
That’s exactly what Logan needs. Someone sharp enough to notice his behaviour, find out the root of the problem and make Logan face it, instead of dismissing it because who cares (yes, Roman, I am talking about you and your “You'll be fine, Rome didn't fall in a day.”)
- The romantic possibility
I think almost all the fandom agrees that these two would have a great sex life. After all, Remus is the embodiment of Thomas' sexual urges, so he would definitely go for a very physical relationship.
But having a good sex life implies a lot of other great things: good chemistry, no comunication issues, great stability and greater trust. And, even more important, the desire to try new things together. Logan and Remus are both very curious Sides, they both want to know new things and experience them: so their relationship would probably be based on discussing new ideas, testing them and finding out together if they are good or not.
And this doesn't apply to just the sexual aspect: even just the romantic aspect or the working aspect of their relationship could have these characteristics. Logan and Remus can motivate each other, learn from one another and find new things together. They are clever enough to stimulate each other's mind, curious enough to do stuff together to learn something new and honest enough to not withdraw their opinions on any matter.
Roman and Virgil
I am just recently starting to warm up to this couple, so I will keep this part short.
Just as it was for the previous two couples, these two can work together because canon made them work. The first part of their whole relationship is already all canonically established: at first Roman saw Virgil as a villain, then he slowly realized he could be a friend. Now moving from friends to lovers isn’t so difficult.
^ No need to demonstrate
Roman needs someone like Virgil, because Virgil is on his same level. Sure, Virgil’s mentality is way more gray-ish, but he still has a lot to learn, just like Roman.
Having someone on his side, who is on his same level is a huge relief: with Virgil, Roman doesn't have to pretend, nor to show off, nor to be dashing and perfect all the time. He knows Virgil won't care less, so he can relax. And for someone who is used to working all the time, having a moment of quiet with someone who has zero espectations is exactly what Roman needs.
Same goes for Virgil: he knows Roman won't care if he's gloomy and dark, because Roman already saw that side of him and appreciates him anyway. So no need to pretend to be different. He can relax too. And, because of his anxious nature, relaxing is exactly what he also needs.
So if they both need to relax, that implies they also need time to do it. And without expectations, without feeling like the other “is better than me and I’m slowing him down”, they can really take all the time they need, to grow at their own pace.
^ Growing together
Virgil and Roman’s is not a one-sided relationship, in which one knows more than the other and helps the other reach his level: since they are on the same level, if one of them learns something new, then it’s a victory for them both, because the other will be motivated to do more/learn more as well.
This isn’t just something I think, but something we saw in canon. During AA-part 2, Roman clearly stated that Virgil “make us... better”, thus implying that Virgil acted as a motivator for him.
Then we had FWSA and here we saw this sentence applied the other way around: Roman was the motivator and, thanks to him, Virgil overcame his own anxiety to push Thomas towards Nico. The final result was a victory for them both: Roman got the romance he’s desperately craving, Virgil found out a new aspect of himself: his bravery.
^ The romantic possibility
These two are a walking “enemies to friends to lovers” trope, so I don’t think there’s anything else to add XD
Only that they would both be quite passionate. One is Thomas’ romantic side, the other is heavily influenced by emotions: if the good one takes Virgil, he would probably be a very passionate partner.
Two couples I understand
Janus and Remus -> I understand the appeal of this one and it would kinda make sense, especially from Remus’ point of view. Remus has (probably) sexual fantasies about anything, so I wouldn't be too surprised if he has a whole collection of sexual fantasies about the Side who is closest to him.
But also, I see them too much like father and son/bestest friends to imagine them having a romantic relationship.
So my take is more like that: Remus has sexual fantasies about Janus, just like he has sexual fantasies about anyone. They are his way to show his affection, how much he cares about Janus and wants to protect him.
But Remus is Remus and he's prone to lose control. That's why, since he reached adolescence and started to develop the sexual aspect, Janus put clear limits that give Remus enough space to express his fantasies, but never past a certain point.
So Remus can be very touchy (because, well, he's Remus) and extremely physical in showing his affections, but never go below a certain point. He can talk in full details about all his sexual fantasies to Janus, but never try to sexually force him. He can try to seduce him or propose sexual things, but never pretend he will accept.
And so, over time, it became a sort of internal joke between them: Remus tells his fantasies at the breakfast table, while Janus rolls his eyes with a "very interesting", they have a laugh, they keep going with their day. Remus wants to cuddle, Janus will cuddle. Remus proposes sex, Janus will just laugh and give him a forehead kiss.
In other words, they are the kind of friends who you can find sprawled on a couch, one on top of the other and imagine they're a couple, while that's just how they read a book together.
Logan and Roman -> This couple isn’t bad at all and I really like the idea of these two having a sorta-romantic crush on each other. It can lead to a lot of poetic/romantic possibilities.
The only problem is: Logan is logic, therefore he would destroy all the romance with one sentence XD and the romantic, poetic scene evoked would turn into these two arguing like madmen.
So, well, maybe the hate-sex would be great, but they would definitely spend too much time arguing. Still, I am very curious about it, so I will keep searching for stuff about them.
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Which of your ocs is the most like your profile photo, and why?
Hirra! Aka Villain Sidekick from @the-sidekick-club!
That's because @/just-a-space-rabbit designed her specifically based off of my profile pic (knife cat meme).
Personality-wise it's also Hirra, but also Knife Cat from @/just-a-space-rabbit and @/tratieisdabest and I's Saga of Sad Boi SV where the character is a literal cat, a Maine Coon, with a knife.
They're both just always ready to throw hands knives and just love the thrill of the fight!
Thank you for the ask! 💞
Don't be a stranger and come again! 🌟
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thekaijudude · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Regulus' suit actually looks better here than as seen in the trailer
Like the dude is noticeably thiccer
Also I might as well take this opportunity to cover the recent Ultraman Connection event
Apparently Dyna isn't getting a new form and the rumor which it was stated was actually said to be false long before, which means the whole Mebius Catalog rumor is false, didn't really give an update here since sources that stated so didn't really provided any backings for their claim (but then again, said sources are usually accurate anyways)
All of this essentially means that a Saga appearance at an all time high
And other than Agul SV, there really wasn't anything new that was revealed anyways
Tho, the point that TDC would be a momentous event for the Multiverse was stressed throughout the event. So either The Kingdom narrative ends with UGF3 and the Ultra species make peace with the Absolutians or the narrative heats up with more of the The Kingdom taking more aggressive measures.
Considering that UGF4 was basically hinted at a continuation of The Kingdom narrative (iirc AD's VA said that he'll be working with the team for the next few years or sth), I suppose the narrative would likely be heating up which would make perfect sense to truly capture the sheer scale of this Multiversal event
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milesgmorales · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE (2023) dir. Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin Thompson
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mischievousmeh · 4 months
warning: the following contains spoilers for pokémon scarlet/violet
wheeeew! okay, so after a good rest, i’m able to talk about what went on with the titan from yesterday!
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this big guy is the lurking steel titan, orthworm! i’m sure plenty of you have seen a normal sized orthworm, but this was my first encounter with this pokémon! as absolutely astounding as it was in size, it was sort of cute! orthworm was not the fighting sort - when he saw aether and i, he hurried to burrow under the ground. with our legs still aching, we opted to chase him down on miraidon! orthworm would peek his head out occasionally, and we essentially were playing a large scale version of whack-a-diglet. this would’ve been fun if we weren’t so tired, i think. after we ended up cornering the behemoth, we sent out reaper and blank, who defeated it easily! after that, it tunneled through solid stone… and the chase began again.
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after we chased it down again, it opened a passage - another cave, just like the one the titan klawf had. and orthworm reaches inside and pulls out one of the herba mystica! a fight would be rough on us and our pokémon, especially from our lack of rest, but luckily, arven appears to help out! he’s brought a toedscool with him this time, who i still don’t know the name of.
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reaper was noticeably worn out, so i gave him a rest and switched him out with gwaine instead! between our three pokémon, this giant worm was no match for us, and actually was defeated pretty easily, despite the herba mystica that it ate! when it was tired of fighting, it quickly burrowed underground to retreat. we took that as our chance, with arven’s direction, to take the herb before it came back. so, into the cave we went.
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according to arven, this is the salty herba mystica! it has amazing properties that help promote healing, just like the sweet variety, though i can’t remember exactly what he’d listed off, as i was very, very tired. he made some more of those awesome sandwiches for us! once again, miraidon intended to beg for our sandwiches. arven actually had made an extra one just for miraidon this time, even though he swears it wasn’t for the dragon at all! i don’t think aether or i believe him, haha.
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great sandwiches again! he’s definitely some sort of sandwich chef, right? a normal person couldn’t do the magic he does! he also gave us this neat badge, which i think is pretty cool considering he makes the badges himself! miraidon also loves his sandwiches, which is both a blessing and a curse. actually, despite getting its own sandwich… miraidon actually was going to take a bite from arven’s, and he snapped at it.
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his shouting was very startling! i remember almost jumping up from my seat. even miraidon scurried away, which must’ve made him feel bad, because he apologized right after. apparently, he’s been hiding something from us… and he’s decided to come clean. arven introduced us to the reason he’s hunting the herba mystica: his partner pokémon, mabosstif.
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the poor thing is terribly sick. no potion or pokémon center can heal him, and arven’s only option has fallen to a myth he read about in his father’s books. apparently, if a pokémon eats from all five of the herba mystica, any ailment they have will be healed. i feel like i understand him a lot more now. he said the only thing he really cares about is his mabosstif, which brings up a few questions, like how he feels about professor turo or his other pokémon, or even any of his friends… but that aside, i think i really, genuinely understand that sentiment. my partner pokémon… my boyfriend… i would do anything for them.
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the magic of the herba mystica works, too. according to arven, mabosstiff hasn’t been able to open its eyes or move for the longest time, and his paws have been cold in his paralysis. with the sandwich that arven gave him, he actually began to warm up a bit, and his eyes opened! arven is a pretty expressionate guy, and though we aren’t very close, he seems unreserved and genuine in how he feels. so, when he started jumping in celebration, followed by genuine sobbing in his joy… i knew that was real, and that was really who he is.
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with the promise to continue on our search for the remaining herba mystica, we parted ways with arven for the time being. miraidon grew stronger from the sandwich it ate, now able to jump much higher than before. and we received a call from professor turo confirming as much, once again showing how much he cares for miraidon and trusts we can care for it.
and… that’s a wrap! time to go and rest up for a couple of days! not really, but i really feel like we should, haha!
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ainomica · 1 year
Tumblr media
I would like to think this is like ironic shitposting but knowing how stupid stan twitter is , we know underneath the shitposting lingo lies a sincere sentiment there.
The end of SV isn’t about acting like the peak lords are the good guys. In fact I would say by the end of this meta change that SY self insert saga svss/s,   SV has proven is that the original bingge was right to resent and hate the mountain sect and the human realm enough to not give a shit if they remain or get wiped or merged. 
After all in the new meta they don’t become magically good people, they get exposed for being bigots and assholes to people they don’t care for.
YGY in question himself only exposes that his indifference to whether his martial brother abuses and murders a disciple under him comes from a place of extreme self loathing and guilt. That does not supposed to make him good, just sympathetic. That he is human being but he is a human being who is capable of extreme cruelty just with a flick of a finger.  What SJ and they did by turning their back on LBH more horrifying. It gives Bingge’s fall EVEN more pathos, and how Airplane was wrong to discard that backstory in the name of premature bad feedback from audience.
In fact the “character growth” which some ppl in fandom think NYY went though is not about being strong by telling him, not calling SQQ his Shizun anymore, is  but being exposed as someone who never cared for LBH beyond skin deep. All her words are just words, she like everyone else don’t care for demonic bloodline and would be happy to believe they have nefarious intentions if it suits them. Nothing is ever their problem or their fault.
In the end the story is about there is no need to met out unjust violence taken out against a child with more violence just/unjust against these people. Its because its not worth it. There is no point, There will be no happiness. This is not a story about fantasy worldbuilding social reform. We can only acknowledge that pidw universe was a cruel and unjust universe against demonic people and be happy at least lbh was able to carve out a piece of happiness out of it thanks to intervention of a kinder author than Airplane.
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I Spy With My Little Eye, Big Savings Beginning With... Super!
Unlike ever before, Australian households are dealing with the added pressure of increased living costs. As a result, every element of family life is impacted financially.
It's true, Aussiefamilies are looking to save money where we can - the 'smashed avo saga' continues. However, you and your family shouldn't have to make shortcuts on primary eye care—this is where Island Optical raises their hand—we're definitely here to help!
What Is Island Optical Doing About It?
As increases in health fund costs for Tasmanian households continue to rise, many families question the value of holding onto their health fund memberships. Particularly those seeking specialised care such as behavioural or pediatric optometrist services. These can be expensive alternatives, specifically if you think they are the only options out there. We get it, you’re seeking reliable, thorough eye-testing services.
What about the merit and value of paying regularly for those optional extras, like optical, dental, and so forth? Many wonder if they are getting true-blue, Aussie value year in and year out for their needs; whether that's glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.
With Island Optical, You DEFINITELY get true-blue value from your optical benefits every year! Here's How:
2 pairs of glasses or 1 – You Have Choices
At Island Optical, you can choose between two pairs of SV (single vision) lenses or one pair of Precision HT Multifocals with your health fund.
We make SUPER the standard for everyone: We don't just offer the standard-issue, uncoated single-vision lenses either! Our SV lenses are 'better than standard lenses.' Your No&Low Gap options include such features as:
* AR multicoating
* thinner lens materials (mid-grade 1.55 & 1.56 indexes)
* photochromatic lenses with our QuickTint lens choice.
With entry-level health fund benefit amounts and as part of the No &Low Gap offering, polarised and UV-tinted lenses are available for a minimal upgrade. Moreover, if you are in a higher tier of optical coverage with your health fund, you may likely get prescription sunglass options with nothing further to pay. That's definitely worth asking about!
And if you did go for the multifocal option - you will be impressed! Island Optical Tasmania & Optical Superstore Australia-wide provides the best quality multifocal lens option in Australia amongst our competitors' "No Gap" offerings.
That's right! No 'standard multifocal' lens designs are allowed
in our health fund-based promotions.
Feel free to ask about the Precision HT multifocal lens design we proudly stand by.
Flexible pricing tiers
Do you get annoyed with the relatively poor choice on offer regarding spectacle frames in those 'no gap' promotions? We think that's very average too.
Our frame range is structured across two flexible pricing tiers. This means that even percentage-based health fund claims fit into the No&Low Gap promotions on offer. So regardless of your budget or health fund entitlement amount, you're sure to find exceptional frame styles on offer. Here's how we tick all the boxes:
Spring-hinge frames? Tick!
Colourful and contemporary styles and shapes? Tick!
Robust frame builds and variety to match? Tick!
Refrain from paying more for frames and prescription lenses purely because options are limited under your health fund benefits. We start with SUPER out of the gate!
But I wear contact lenses?
And we don't just provide eyeglasses. We offer highly competitive pricing on contact lenses across several brands and modalities. So whether you wear daily disposable lenses or fortnightly and monthly lens styles, our price points have great value around your health fund benefit allowance.
Check out our online pricing for contact lenses here.
Variations in prescription options are included.
We are keen to cater for different prescription options so you can find the perfect glasses for your needs. For example, you may be after two pairs of single-vision glasses, needing one pair for reading tasks and the second pair for distance vision. We do that!
What about two pairs of close-work glasses, one set for your natural reading position and the other for that specific PC/laptop distance or workspace? Done!
Isn't that SUPER! We're tailoring and customising single-vision or multifocal glasses to your specific lifestyle and vision needs.
Island Optical make independent optometry services available in two prime locations.
Big Savings Begins With... SUPER!
If you're looking for real value from your health fund in Tasmania, then Island Optical (and Optical Superstore on the mainland) is the place for you. We'll ensure you get SUPER value from your health fund benefits with true-blue ACTUAL lens options, flexible pricing tiers, and different prescription options.
So why not come and see us today? We'd love to see you spy your next pair of glasses, starting with SUPER. At Island Optical, we're all about price points and health fund value that works for you.
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Best Stationery Manufacturer in India
SVS Stationery is a reputable and certified stationery manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in Mumbai, India. We have been serving our clients for several years by designing a quality range based on their needs and preferences. We specialize in creating a wide range of stationery products for schools and offices, including Display Books, Document Folders, Clip Rings, Streep Files, Ring Binders, Visiting Card Albums, Polypropylene Products, Softy Clips, and more. Our expert team creates the entire range while under the strict supervision of our mentors.
Tumblr media
Gain The Ultimate Experience Of Online Stationery Shopping
Finally, offices are opened after a long time. Employees are ready to pack their bags with all the essential items and get back to work. So, when you are packing your bag, make sure it contains all the necessary stationery items, ranging from Streep files to visiting card albums.
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When you talk about stationery products, it is essential to look at their features. The branded office supplies are acclaimed for possessing amazing features like:-
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The company, apart from supplying SVS products, also exports the stationery items of a well-known Product range, SAGA.
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Proton saga flx manual book
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