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refresh your pinterest and save the 3rd pic, 4 times. that's your aesthetic.
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tagging: @xellnikov @lucifers-horror-harem @firebird963 @hellboys @slasher-lovers-blog @brandnewhuman & anyone else wanting to join!
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WIP Wednesday Thursday
Because I couldn鈥檛 get to it yesterday and @multiversed-daydreamer was sweet enough to tag me. I am LOOKING at that vampire Joel, friend. 馃┓
Tagging whoever wants to share since it鈥檚 not Wednesday 馃槀
Please enjoy a little Catalyst 鈥榲erse under the cut (angsty porn? reader is having some feelings but it will be ok I promise)
Tumblr media
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wip wednesday 馃
hi <3 i was tagged by @giddyupbuck, @fortheloveofbuddie, @wikiangela, and @daffi-990 mwah thank you all so much!
i've been working on the heart attack fic, so have a little something sweet before it all goes sour
Eventually, Eddie and Albert return from their search. Albert sidles up next to Buck and grabs hold of the hose, offering support, while Eddie jerks hard on Buck鈥檚 turnout to spin him around. Buck notices he鈥檚 not wearing his oxygen mask or air tank and immediately starts fussing.聽 Eddie accepts Buck鈥檚 fretting with a dirty, crooked smile. 鈥淕ave my tank to one of the victims,鈥 he says. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to triage for some oxygen.鈥澛 Buck鈥檚 chest tightens and he squeezes Eddie鈥檚 shoulder. 鈥淵ou okay?鈥 he asks, a half yell. Their radios aren鈥檛 needed; they鈥檙e close enough to read one another鈥檚 lips. 聽 鈥淵eah,鈥 Eddie answers, frowning. Buck can see his tight lips and pinched forehead, a crinkle in the middle of his brow, and it鈥檚 equal parts endearing and worrisome. 鈥淛ust鈥攃an鈥檛 take a deep breath. Air鈥檚 hot.鈥澛 鈥淎re you鈥斺 鈥淛ust out of air,鈥 Eddie interrupts, smiling softly. He tugs on Buck鈥檚 turnout again, something he must鈥檝e picked up from Chris, and Buck steps impossibly closer, knees knocking into Eddie鈥檚. 鈥淚鈥檓 okay.鈥澛 Buck nods, as placated as he鈥檚 going to be. 鈥淏e careful.鈥 He squeezes Eddie鈥檚 shoulder once again before dropping his hand. 鈥淔ollow the hose.鈥澛 鈥淚 will.鈥 Eddie鈥檚 smile grows, crooked and bright. He fists Buck鈥檚 turnout and pulls him close, butting his forehead against the visor of Buck鈥檚 mask like an affectionate dog. 鈥淪ee you out there, cowboy.鈥澛 Dazed, a little mesmerized and a lot in love, Buck watches Eddie follow the hose carefully, quickly, until his figure鈥檚 concealed by smoke and he alerts over the radio he鈥檚 made it outside. He shakes his head, clears the warm fuzzy feeling Eddie always seems to cultivate when he鈥檚 sweet, and gets back to work.聽 Albert nudges his shoulder. 鈥淲hat was that about?鈥澛 Buck grins, cheeks hot. 鈥淚鈥檒l tell you when you鈥檙e older,鈥 he replies, chuckling at Albert and Hen鈥檚 twin bark of laughter.
no pressure tagging @eddiebabygirldiaz, @eddiediaztho, @callmenewbie, @wildlife4life, @watchyourbuck, @disasterbuckdiaz, @rogerzsteven, @thewolvesof1998, @folk-fae, @hippolotamus, @loserdiaz, @honestlydarkprincess, @made-ofmemories, and @mysteriouslyyounggalaxy, and anybody else!!
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thanks @rovermcfly for the tag! <3
When you get this you have to put 5 songs you actually listen to, then tag 10 people!
tagging (but also no pressure !!): @corvinho @tomaturtles @froggieknight @medusasresfriadas @ohheyitsyouagain @thattiredsock @pirateoftheclouds @aoi-herondale @witchkittypersonal
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wip wednesday
thank you for the tag @welcometololaland (yes, i have some food fic for you!) @inflarescent @strandnreyes @rmd-writes @alrightbuckaroo @birdclowns @tellmegoodbye @orchidscript @liminalmemories21 @carlos-in-glasses <333
He glances off into the distance, for a moment, eyes catching on the clouds hovering on the horizon before he meets Carlos鈥 gaze. He鈥檚 watching him, waiting for him to speak.聽
TK pictures the midtown apartment they鈥檇 all lived in before the towers came down; he remembers the sweet smoothies his dad would make and buttery pancakes with smiley faces made out of sliced bananas and his mom winking conspiratorially when she brought home the bright red box of Fruit Loops along with the bag of steel-cut oats his dad liked to eat for breakfast. TK thinks of the home his mom moved them into after the divorce, and how TK loved sliding into rooms in his socks because the floors were slippery, and the way the smell of her stress-baking would waft through the whole apartment.聽
Sometimes, he thinks of that time in-between. He thinks of when baking didn't come along with an impending project over his mom's head or the stress that came with divorce proceedings. He thinks of the way brown sugar would linger in the air, strong enough he could almost taste it. He thinks of the low thrum of music and the open windows and the way his dad would make a point of sticking out his hand and ducking his head as he asked his mom to dance, the two of them laughing into the microscopic space between them, only to be pulled apart when the timer went off. There would be flour dusted over their clothes and even still they'd be grinning, their mirrored smiles growing wider when they called TK in and gave him first dibs on whatever had just been pulled from the oven, resting him on his dad's hip and letting him join in the gentle sway to Barbara Lewis and Etta James.
It was something sacred, those kitchen dances, and even as his parents drifted apart it was always something he secretly wanted for himself. He sets his gaze across the table again, at Carlos' warm eyes and his small smile, looking like he'd wait for TK to speak for the rest of the afternoon if time was what he needed. There's patience in love, he hears in a mix of his mother's and his bubbe's voices, and TK wants to run at the mere passing thought of associating love with Carlos.
It's a choice, though, to stay put. It's a choice to take a breath, and rest his elbows on the table, and crumble a bit of the pastry in front of him before he finally speaks, watching Carlos' eyes light up as he does.
no pressure tagging @paperstorm @tailoredshirt @safeashousespdf @theghostofashton @freneticfloetry @never-blooms @chaotictarlos @thebumblecee @mooshkat @louis-ii-reyes-strand @redshirt2 and open-tagging whoever would like to participate!!!! <33
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get to know me 馃
tagged by @disasterbuckdiaz @monsterrae1 @eddiebabygirldiaz thank you loves 馃グ
last song:
favorite color: green
currently watching: babe, i've spent the last 2 weeks trying to feel human. it's been one big nap between obligations. might make myself sad with ALOTO again soon.
last movie: Step Up 2 with @eddiebabygirldiaz
sweet/spicy/savory: savory with sweet as a close 2nd
relationship status: married-ish
current obsession: my pink hair, 馃崄FALL馃崄, hoodie season (which I naturally bought a new hoodie for and it's comfy AF), buddie, working on loving myself, moving into a French mansion with @blackandwhiteandrose and @stereopticons
last thing you googled: popular US travel destinations in the 1900s
no pressure tagging @stereopticons @blackandwhiteandrose @welcometololaland @rmd-writes @apothecarose my love @lizzie-bennetdarcy @buddierights @wikiangela @forthewolves @shortsighted-owl @giddyupbuck @jesuisici33 @elvensorceress @spotsandsocks @honestlydarkprincess @thewolvesof1998 @wildlife4life @mysteriouslyyounggalaxy @heartshapedvows @loserdiaz @watchyourbuck @your-catfish-friend @ladydorian05 @statueinthestone @911onabc @pirrusstuff @barbiediaz @cowboy-buddie @ramonaflow @smblmn @vanillahigh00
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Tumblr media
tagged by @kuromikiss to do the little guy piccrew :3 th ank u馃┓馃┓馃┓ link here
tagging @mochixkisses @nocreat and @fruitmagazine 鈽猴笍
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Tagged by @leothil @rewritetheending and @daffi-990 for fuck it Friday! Here's a bit of Buck sees death that is surprisingly lacking angst
Eddie and his sisters teach Buck to square dance after dinner, spinning him around across the linoleum floor of the kitchen. Eddie laughs, head thrown back, loud and silly, and Buck knows this sort of joy from him but hadn't thought he'd bring it along to Texas. His family who don't know him as he is in California are certainly surprised, Adriana and Sophia sharing delighted and slightly disbelieving glances as Eddie practically giggles whenever Buck steps on his toes.聽 鈥淚 think you鈥檝e got three or four left feet,鈥 he muses as Buck bangs his hip into the counter, again. 鈥淛ust two isn鈥檛 enough to make you this clumsy.鈥 "Glad I'm practicing now, then," Buck smiles, trying to twirl Eddie and only sort of succeeding at it. "I want to be graceful for you at the wedding."聽 Eddie's eyebrows flicker up, and he looks at Buck with such a glowing look of love that it makes his toes curl up in his socked feet.
Kind of late in the day but if you haven't already been tagged @forthewolves @lover-of-mine @shitouttabuck @buckactuallys @devirnis
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WIP Wednesday
This is such a bountiful WIP Wednesday!!! I have been feasting on snippets and would LOVE to share my own! Thank you to @cha-melodius @myheartalivewrites @daisymae-12 @suseagull04 and @read-and-write- for tagging me! Here's something longer than my usual snippets!
"You seem unusually fixated on me." "I've seen you around." Alex shrugs, not quite pulling off nonchalance. "I've recently turned over a new leaf, and I'm not wasting any more time - not when I think there could be something here worth pursuing." Henry tilts his head, struck by his confidence. "You don't even know me." There's a soft pang of rejection that's gone in a flash. "Then fucking do something about it. Tell me about yourself." Henry leans back, only just realizing he was hunched over the table to get closer to Alex. "To start, we've got opposing philosophies. I've got nothing but time." Alex glances at his watch. "I don't have jack shit planned in the nine hours between now and my first meeting. Is that enough time for you?" "Relentless," Henry tuts with a twitch of a smile. "Is it working?" "Unfortunately." "Play coy all you want, sweetheart, but your pretty eyes keep giving you away." Alex takes a sip of his whiskey then drums his fingers on the table. "I'll wear you down. It's what I do for a living." "What do you do?" Henry asks, going along with Alex's obvious lead-in. "How kind of you to take an interest!" Alex's fingers slide down his forearm in an overtly flirtatious manner. "I'm a lawyer." Henry crinkles his nose. "I thought you were trying to win me over." "Well, I work for the ACLU of New York and do frequent pro bono work for some local non-profits." Alex's grin is crooked and cocky; he knows he's reeled him in.
Tagging @sherryvalli @indomitable-love @cricketnationrise @formorewishes @historicallysam @bidoofenergy @cultofsappho @heartitinthesilence
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wip wednesday
thanks for tagging me, @eddiebabygirldiaz!
here's some more from the time loop :)
At some point, Eddie excuses himself to go get another drink. When he takes a little too long to come back, Buck cranes his head to try and get a glimpse, and鈥攐h. Eddie is talking to someone. A guy. Buck can鈥檛 really make him out, except that he鈥檚 tall and broad-shouldered. And he has a hand on Eddie鈥檚 arm. He鈥檚 flirting with him. The desire to stride up to them and knock that jerk鈥檚 hand off of Eddie鈥檚 is so powerful that Buck surprises himself with it. Eddie comes back to join them just as Hen and Karen stumble off stage, to raucous applause. Chim gives a wolf-whistle. 鈥淒on鈥檛 think we didn鈥檛 notice that, Diaz,鈥 he says, and Eddie flushes. Buck feels uncomfortably hot under his collar. 鈥淲ho was that guy? Was he flirting with you?鈥 鈥淢aybe,鈥 Eddie says, evasively, and Chim makes a booing noise. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e no fun. I hope you got his number, at least, he looked hot.鈥 鈥淣eed I remind you that you鈥檙e engaged?鈥 Eddie asks, drily. Chim shrugs. 鈥淒oesn鈥檛 mean I don鈥檛 have eyes.鈥 Buck tries to tune out of the conversation, so he doesn鈥檛 say something he鈥檒l regret. What he really wants to say is, that it wouldn鈥檛 even matter if that guy gave Eddie his number, because Eddie is straight. Isn鈥檛 he?
tagging: @oneawkwardcookie @gayhoediaz @tawaifeddiediaz @glorious-spoon and anyone else who wants to do this!
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Cozy vibes pic crew
Link here
Tagged by @hippolotamus @spotsandsocks @wikiangela
You said cozy I say witchy; also full moon tonight!
Tumblr media
Tagging if they wanna do this @brokenribsdiaz @cowboy-buddie @loserdiaz @buddierights @prettyboybuckley @rogerzsteven @ronordmann @eddiebabygirldiaz @heartshapedvows @honestlydarkprincess @bigfootsmom @shortsighted-owl @housewifebuck @elvensorceress @mysteriouslyyounggalaxy @911onabc @spaceprincessem and whoever else wants to do it!
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Getting to know me
Thanks to @14carrotghoul and @celaestis1 for the initial tags on this, and then to @welcometololaland and @rmd-writes for tagging me and reminding me I still hadn't done it lol. I have just realized that these memes were very slightly different so I have combined all the questions into one.
last song/currently listening: currently listening to Wilco's new album Cousin
favourite colour: teal/turquoise/any blue-green
currently watching: I watch like 15 shows at once lmao, but here's an abbreviated list: WWITS S5, Leverage S2, Wheel of Time S2, The Americans S4, For All Mankind S2, Foundation S2, Witcher S3, Strange New Worlds S2, B99 S7, Archer S10
other stuff I watched this year: Good Omens S2, Ghosts (American version), The Lazarus Project, Poker Face, Ted Lasso, The Great S3, Parks & Rec, Perry Mason (reboot), Secret Invasion, Picard S3, Jack Ryan S4 (I went through my TV show management app to come up with this list)
shows I didn't finish: can only think of one of these, Norsemen. Watched a couple of episodes on a rec from friends, did NOT vibe with the humor at all.
last movie: a rewatch of Clue; last in theaters, The Dark Knight for Batman Day
currently reading: in between books, but about to read the last chapter of Pour Your (He)art Out
sweet/spicy/savoury: if I have to choose one, sweet
relationship status: married six years tomorrow
currently working on: a secret WIP for Halloween Huh? and my trusty YGM AU (chapter three in progress)
current obsession: RWRB, the song "Magnet" by the Punch Brothers, the song "Sicily" by Queens of the Stone Age, apple cider and pumpkins and all things fall
tagging @heytheredeann, @ikeepwatchinghelicopters, @okilokiwithpurpose, @wolfpup026, @mirilyawrites, @natendo-art, @loki-is-my-kink-awakening, @iboatedhere, @jettestar, @thesleepyskipper, @youtastelike-sunlight, @historicallysam, @three-drink-amy, @swearphil, @liminalmemories21, @petrodobreva, @pragmatic-optimist, @tintagel-or-cockleshells, @leaves-of-laurelin, @clottedcreamfudge
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i was tagged by @creepkinginc @mickeysgaymom @scurvgirl @lingy910y @francesrose3 to do this cutie little picrew
here is me! i do be in a coffee shop in my phone pretty much most of the time
Tumblr media
(me saying i like someone鈥檚 playlist is the equivalent of me kissing them on the mouth)
i鈥檒l tag some friends who have prob been tagged a billion times butttt @gallawitchxx @heymrspatel @mickeyheartian @milkovichrules @krystallouhoo @mmmichyyy @stocious if u want!
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rmd-writes 2 days
get to know me
thanks for the tags @hippolotamus @jesuisici33 馃挅
last song: Left Behind by Noah Reid
favourite colour: pink
currently watching: s3 of Ted Lasso (finally), The West Wing
last movie: The Perfect Find - a romcom with Gina Torres and Gabrielle Union?! What more could a girl want?
sweet/spicy/savoury: depends on my mood tbh cos I just love food in general, but maybe sweet if I had to choose one
relationship status: married
current obsession: other than my blorbos which I feel like goes without saying around here, my puppy, the new aerial tricks I've been learning, the way the venn diagram of my fandoms is turning into a circle (have I mentioned before how much I love seeing my mutuals fall into one of my other fandoms? It's one of my favourite things) and speaking of, @nontoxic-writes's new firstprince fic which everyone should read even if it's a wip (seriously, you can thank me later), my plans for this weekend (I'm vibrating out of my skin with excitement!)
tagging @welcometololaland @celeritas2997 @pragmatic-optimist @danieljradcliffe @rosedavid @carlos-in-glasses @lightningboltreader @cha-melodius @dumbpeachjuice @reasonandfaithinharmony @three-drink-amy @firstprince-history-huh @fitzherbertssmolder @lemonlyman-dotcom @tailoredshirt @liminalmemories21 @heartstringsduet
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tysm for the tag! @reddedmiller 馃挏
put your favorites:
movie, hobby, animal character, color, place season, song/album, food
Tumblr media
npt: @cool-iguana @nostalxgic @party-hearses @hellishjoel @chaotic-mystery @hyzer34 @morning-star-joy @amanitacowboy @farmerlarrry @thetriumphantpanda @mandoisapunk @littlegrungegirlaf @ilovepedro @bastardmandennis @catchallfangirl
or anyone else who wants to do it! 馃挆
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Tumblr media
Thank you for tagging me Harvey @mikhailoisbaby Deena @suzy-queued Nosho @creepkinginc & Lem @depressedstressedlemonzest 馃グ馃А
Tagging THIS lovely bunch of people to make one too OR to have some of this lovely bubbly drink! 馃グ馃А
@stocious @juliakayyy @skylerwinchester @bawlbrayker @sweetbee78 @energievie @vintagelacerosette @francesrose3 @look-i-love-u @sleepyfacetoughguy @gallawitchxx @auds-and-evens @sickness-health-all-that-shit @solitarycreaturesthey @jezzibelle89 @firecrxtch @crossmydna @jrooc
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