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warenai · 2 days
Y/n, about to do something risky: I’m so doing this and neither you, Ghost, Price, or even the Los Vaqueros can stop me
Soap: *takes out his phone and starts typing on it*
Y/n: Soap…
Y/n, nervously: Johnny, what are you doing
Soap: *puts his phone away*
Y/n: Johnny, what the hell did you do
Ghost, suddenly appearing in the doorway: Y/N L/N!
Price, from upstairs: *incoherent screaming*
Y/n: OH SHI-
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mistydeyes · 3 days
141 and what their patient file looks like
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
summary: This is what I imagine everyone's favorite pharmacist as well as medics see when they look at 141's medical file.
Based on this pharmacist and 141 interactions
pairing: Task Force 141 x medic!Reader
warnings: medical/pharmacy terminology, medical inaccuracies, swearing, depiction of wounds, mention of substance use disorder and abuse
PMH - Past medical history - the total sum of a patient's health status prior to the presenting problem
FH - Family history - contributing family history, generally parents and siblings
SH - Social history - contributing social behavior and routine
a/n: not canon at all! this is just a reference for me
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
Height: 1.88 m (6' 2'')
Weight: 93 kg (205 lbs)
Blood type: O+
Extensive physical injuries
21+ stab wounds - 2 required antibiotics for recurrent infection
9x bullet wound - 5x in the extremities, 4x in the chest (no perforation of vital organs), healed without complication
5x abrasion collar - 1 near right eyebrow became infected following medical eval and stitches
3x diagnosed concussion
Previously evaluated for tinnitus and hearing loss
Father - deceased at 76 from liver disease - 50 pack years, mycardial infarction (x2)
Mother - deceased at 84 due to chronic heart failure (CHF) -Glaucoma, asthma, CHF
Sister - Sports induced asthma, hypothyroidism
Negative family history of diabetes, hypertension, and cancer
Smokes - 30 pack years
Drinks regularly - 4-5 hard liquor each weekend; 1 glass of whiskey occasionally
Physically active - Enjoys recreational activities such as hiking, swimming, and biking
Has 1 dog, currently under the care of pt's younger sister
History of monogynous long term relationships, currently single
Medication list + indications
Amoxicillin/Clavulanic acid 625mg - Infection
Morphine 15mg + Ketamine 3mg - IV - Pain
Paracetamol 750mg - Pain
Buproprion SR 150mg - Smoking cessation - not-taking est 2004
Aspirin allergy - Reaction: hives and asthma - ONLY PRESCRIBE PARACETAMOL
No environmental, food, or animal allergies
Patient has denied smoking cessation options
Height: 1.88 m (6' 2'')
Weight: 91 kg (200 lbs)
Blood type: O+
7x stab wound - 6 required antibiotics for recurrent infection, 2 MRSA resistant
2x bullet wound - 2x in lower extremities, healed with no complication
6x abrasion collar
2x broken collar bone - healed, with no complication
Lactose sensitivity - Recurrent IBS if ingested
Chipped first left molar following opening a beer with teeth
Father deceased at 68 due to heart failure - Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, high cholesterol
Mother - Stage I HTN (hypertension)
Sister #1 - Postpartum depression, generalized anxiety disorder
Sister #2 - Elevated cholesterol/triglycerides
Brother - No known chronic health issues
Positive family history of diabetes and hypertension, but no cancer
Drinks regularly and heavily - 8-12 beers and 2-3 glasses of hard liquor each weekend; 1 glass of scotch occasionally
Smokes socially - 5 pack years
Physically active
Close relationship with family, has 4 dogs at home under the care of pt's mothers
Avid fan of The Glasgow Football Club
Medication list + indications
Clindamycin 300mg with ciprofloxacin 400mg - Infection
Amoxicillin/Clauvanic acid 625mg - Infection
Vancomycin 18mg/kg - MRSA resistant infection
Paracetamol 500mg - Pain
Morphine 15mg IV - Pain
Doxycycline 100mg - Acne discontinued in 2004
Insect stings - Observed anaphylaxis to childhood bee sting
Patient demonstrates medication non-adherence, counsel ESPECIALLY with antibiotics
Scored 6 on Alcohol use disorders identification test for consumption (AUDIT C)
Height: 1.86 m (6' 1'')
Weight: 93 kg (205 lbs)
Blood type: B-
3x stab wound - healed, no complications
1x broken collar bone
2x broken femur
Diagnosed concussion - evaluated in Oct. '19
Father - Type 1 Diabetes, high cholesterol
Mother - Vitiligo, Stage 3 breast cancer
Positive family history of maternal cancer and diabetes, but no hypertension
Social drinker - 3-4 beers each weekend
Does not smoke
Physically active - Enjoys morning and evening runs
Enjoys spicy food and tries to introduce into diet
When on leave, enjoys attending concerts and music festivals
Medication list + indications
Piriteze 10mg - Allergic rhinitis
Fluticasone Propionate - 93 mcg/actuation - Allergic rhinitis
Paracetamol 500mg - Pain
Seasonal - Pollen and pet dander
β-Lactam allergy - Reaction: anaphylaxis evaluated in '19
Organ donor
Height: Weight: 1.93 m (6' 4'')
WeighT: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Blood type: AB-
Extensive cuts and scarring to entire body
4+ stab wounds - healed, no complications
Gun shot to lower abdomen - healed, no complications, evaluated in Nov. '22
13+ collar abrasion
2x broken nose
Childhood injury of broken tibia and large toe
Psych eval - History of depression and post traumatic stress disorder, childhood history indicates emotional and physical abuse
Father - status unknown Diagnosed alcohol use disorder
Brother - deceased, cause of death non-contributory - Substance use disorder
Mother - deceased, cause of death non-contributory - Hypertension, thrombophilia (blood clotting disorder)
Positive family history of hypertension, but no diabetes or cancer
Social drinker - 3-4 glasses of hard liquor each weekend
Smokes socially - 10 pack years
Physically active - Enjoys nightly walks
Psych eval - Other squad members act as his emotional support
Expressed interest in cats and tattoo art (FLAGGED: Further input and comments from other medical professionals would be appreciated)
Medication list + indications
Paracetamol 1000mg - Pain
Amoxicillin/Clavulanic acid 625mg - Infection
Morphine 20mg + Ketamine 4.5mg IV - Pain
Mafenide acetate 5% topical - Antimicrobial, burn wounds
Fluoxetine 20mg twice daily - Depression - not taking est 2001
NKDA - No known drug allergies
No environmental, food, or animal allergies
Psych recommends evaluation of a pet, such as cat, for pt while on leave
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
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forestshadow-wolf · 3 days
Kinda sad soap headcanon bc I'm projecting again
Soap has problems doing stuff for himself. Like if he got brought the wrong food he'd 100% just eat it. But if any of the other 141 members' food was even slightly off he'd already be out of his chair to flag someone down.
He'd also give the others anything of his that they wanted, if they asked (or didn't). They order out and someone finished their food but was still hungry? They can take his, he was done anyway (he wasn't but they don't have to know that).
It's on the field too. An op up in the cold mountains take his jacket or blanket, he's not cold (he was but he doesn't mind... kinda). Out of amo? Share his, he can conserve. He'll do a lot of heavy lifting that he doesn't have to so that the others don't need to. Maybe he and ghost needed to get through some razor wire but ghost lost his gloves, so soap gives him his, saying he'll just be extra careful. He takes extra watch shift if everyone else is tired.
It's not like he conscious made the decision to be how he is. I mean he did make those decisions but they were second nature at this point.
He grew up in a large household, he was never the youngest or the oldest. Constant chaos made his parents' stress levels high, and everyone needing something, he was always mostly self-sufficient. He always had a bleeding heart, gave everything he had to the people he loves.
This was how he showed he cared. That's what he tells himself. Because after all he doesn't do that for people he doesn't like.
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bits-and-babs · 23 hours
Tumblr media
Soap's always getting bored during recon. Sat in the pitch blackness in a car and staring at an empty building in the vain hope that their target will arrive with Hassan in tow. He genuinely couldn't think of anything more mind-numbing— which is why he pulls a complete blank, inhaling sharply when you lean over the gearstick of the car to take his cock in your mouth.
"Steamin' Jesus, love-" Soap chokes out, eyes rolling back into his skull when you take the length of him down your throat so easily. The door to the building he's surveilling blurs, then doubles in his vision, because you're sucking on the head of his cock as he throbs against your tongue.
"Gonna cum all over yer face if you keep that up," Soap rasps, his fingers pushing through the hair at the crown of your head.
"I'd be a pretty picture, don't you think?" you muse, lips dragging against the swollen, ruddy tip of his cock. It has Soap groaning through gritted teeth, using his hold on your hair to drive himself further down your throat.
"Gotta keep up now, Hen. Can't be makin' promises ye can't keep."
Tumblr media
ᰔᩚ 18+ — minors dni — thank you! ᰔᩚ
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141 x Treats reader here with another cute thought (you have activated the dog part of my brain and now it is all I think about)
The boys all pitch in to get you a collar. Just something to wear around base, your favorite color, lined with a silky fabric that feels SO so soft against your skin. Spikes or rhinestone studded, maybe just plain leather, depending on your personality and preferences. Not a sign of ownership really, but a sign that they care and that you're under their protection (and it just looks cute on you. Seems to make you walk with added confidence, head held a little higher). In the field when you can't be wearing a collar, there is a little heart or bone-shaped stainless steel tag with all of their names on it that they strung onto your military-issue dogtags.
Therapy Dog! Reader x 141
to be gifted a collar is a dream 🥰 this is so cute
Tumblr media
cw: none, silly funny :3, therapy dog hybrid! reader, puppy time rororororeeo 🐩
they aren't secretive about buying you a collar. you even had to nervously sit through Simon measuring your neck for the right fitting
while they do take into consideration your favorite colors, your fashion sense etc, it ultimately falls on which one grabs their attention the most. they're a lot like dogs in that way.
simon and gaz insist on something practical, something that goes with everything
soap likes it more traditional. a simple red collar and gold tag
price isn't willing to go down without a complaint or 2 if they settle on anything but expensive leather.
you may end up with more than one. they're indecisive and have money to spend on a few dog collars.
embroidered name patch? oo embroidered patches w their names on them ♡
'Task Force 141' on the tag right next to your rabies vaccine LOL
"yae need an attitude vaccine."
"I'll bite you, Soap."
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task141xyn · 1 day
Sat on the sofa in the break room next to Ghost could be fun or quite, depending on the state you two were in. Especially after a battle, no one talks if it goes bad…
But lucky today was a free day, so not much to do. That’s why you and Ghost have once again sat on the break room sofa to watch some crime documentaries as per usual.
Leaning against Ghost you watched as a criminal was interviewed behind bars. The room was silent besides the tv on a comforting volume. The reason it was only the tv making noise was because Ghost would glare at the loud person who’d talk over the average person’s speaking volume.
So as you leaned into Ghost as you watched the documentary there was a comforting silence. It was nice to enjoy something and not have to be interrupted as you had literally the most feared man on your base.
Ghost broke that comforting silence by mentioning “I’ll tell you, jail isn’t fun” your scrunched your face in confusion and turned your head to look up at the masked man.
You affirmed “you’ve been to jail??” Ghost nodded and sat back a little more like it was absolutely nothing. You shook your head, unable to wrap your head around what he had just mentioned.
That’s when Ghost added “yeah, once in monopoly” you looked at him dumbfounded and said “your a wind up you know” he smirked under the mask and you could tell. You playfully shoved him and he gave you one back. You spoke “nearly gave me a heart attack then” he chuckled and said “wouldn’t wanna do that would I?”
You both chuckled and continued watching the documentary. Giggling quietly to yourself every so often thinking about what he said. Moment like these will stick to you, save moments like these in your heart and mind.
Hope you enjoyed!
Asks/requests are open, message or ask me if you want
Have a good day/night!🫶
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What kind of whump potential did you have in mind for Soap in Alone? 👀 I am intrigued.
Rubs Hands Okay anon here goes nothing
Tumblr media
>> Soap got shot, and the bullet went past his right arm, which means there are two bullet holes in his arms. Bro's bleeding from two wounds ‼️
Not that I've ever got shot, but it must've hurt like a BITCH. 🩸We could've gotten some pained grunts outta him !! Make Soap hiss, grunt, moan, whimper, ANY SOUND OUT OF HIS MOUTH. Soap controlling his breaths - I LIVE for those 😭 (Kinda like in Overwatch, if you're on low health, you'd hear the characters' pained sounds. Of course for Soap not all the time, (the Shadows could hear him) but once in a while would be GREAT)
>> He didn't make any attempt to stop the bleeding (Bro could've used his tourniquet, or heck, if not tourniquet, Soap could've ripped his shirt and tied his arms to reduce the blood loss)
An interactive cutscene of him tying his arm up 👁️👁️ mmmmmmm I would EAT that shit up.
Tumblr media
>> Blood loss is no joke, and the amount of time he uses his arm to kill the enemies, making the tools to pry open doors, cocktails, heck, the recoils he gets from shooting?? The blood would be jumpin' out of him like a damn hose ‼️‼️
I'm no medic, but you'd immediately get light headed sooner than when the one where Ghost and Soap went,
"Bit light-headed, are ya?"
"Bit shaky, Sir, yeah."
While that bit is such a good dialogue, we could've gotten more from his blood loss narrative. -> Make him have to support himself up with one arm!! Make him fall once again!! Make Soap talk to himself in an attempt to sort himself out ‼️‼️
>> Soap went to the sewers. Idk about y'all, but going under the sewer water with exposed wounds IS NOT A GOOD IDEA Y'ALL 😭. The amount of bacterial infection is going to br crazy. If not treated properly Soap's gonna get a whole fever breakdown and more over hallucinations and shit.
P.S. @lisbetadair made a whump fic about this check it out it's hella good
>> Post-Alone. If he's not gonna treat it himself, let Ghost or Rudy patch him up for Lord's sake 😭 the fact that his wounds just magically disappear made me cry so much. Let Ghost sew him up before entering the Los Vaqueros hideout, let Rudy check his wounds out ‼️
>> During the next missions like 'Prison Break' 'Ghost Team' and 'Countdown', make his teammates like Gaz or Price ask Soap before the actions start, "You're doing okay?" "You solid, Soap?" That'd be GREAT 👍
Feel free to add more because I LOVE in game whumps I crave more of it 😫
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thepixelagora · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They went on common leave to Amsterdam, no shootouts involved this time. Soap is very proud of that joke.
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Kofi | Commissions
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blingblong55 · 1 day
Late night talking- 141
Ghost: I really do love you, r/n
R/n: why?
Ghost: You're my girl/boy
Ghost: I may not know much outside of this crazy military life I have, but, I know one thing, and I love you
R/n:.....I love you Simon...and I have learn to love Ghost too
Ghost: *holds readers hand and gives it three light squeezes*
Soap and Gaz watching from afar.
Soap: one day those two will end up having a movie named after them
Gaz: thats the first nice thing you've said about their relationship
*Ghost and r/n, kiss*
Soap: ugh...forget I even said it...disgusting
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legitchase · 2 days
New COD men idea becaus it's sad me hour B)
So the cod men with an S/O who has had a terrible day. They believe that every friend they ever have or had are or were around just because as a last resort and they don't matter much, that they need double the load to just jeep the friendships they have.
Now their COD partner hearing this goes to comfort the reader (if they are platonic or romantic in this is all up to you)
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bubuslutty · 3 days
HC: what would happen if another witch cursed John Price?
Tumblr media
part of the ‘the bear in the witch’s hut’ au
pairing: John Price x witch! fem reader
word count: 793
a/n: i wanted to write this longer but i dont have enough brain power to whip something more coherent out. oh, and i wanted to traumatise john and write his witch go ballistic. enjoy <3
Tumblr media
✩ Another witch curses John and he's now a bear and his wife has to take care of him.
✩ Price’s unit (gaz, soap and ghost) was going through a forest when Price freezes, seeing a shadowy figure staring right back at him, and it was another witch and he was mortified because she was hauntingly beautiful and he really wanted to run but he can’t scream, and she circles him like a predator, breathing in the air around him and hissing, “You’re taken. What a shame. You’d be beautiful if you were mine.” And she blows air on his face and he can’t see anything and then he changes into a bear, with his skin ripping and changing shape in real-time.
✩ When his men find his gear and ripped-apart clothes, Simon sees red and Soap starts calling his captain assuming the worst and gaz is the one who realises that there was no blood on the clothes, and they looked like they ripped apart due to sheer force, not a blade.
✩ And they keep looking for 2 days but can’t find him anywhere and they decide to rest and think of what to do, they haven’t found any blood trail, so he must be alive, somewhere (they hope)
✩ When Gaz falls asleep, he dreams of being with his brothers, hand-picking oranges and putting them in baskets and John’s witch comes to him in his dream.
✩ “I felt something. What happened?”
✩ “We lost him, and we have been looking for 2 days.”
✩ “Where are you?” And she pulls a map and Gaz points down at their location.
✩ She pulls up in 2 days on horseback and gives the men a list of plants and herbs to collect for her while she goes looking for price on her own.
✩ She takes off her cloak and all unnecessary layers of her clothes, including her boots so she can feel everything in the forest, every brush of wind, every whisper and rumble on the ground through her bare feet.
✩ She finds him hiding in the trunk of a huge tree, shielding him away from the light and he starts growling when he sees her.
✩ She eventually gets him to come out and he jumps on her, snarling and ready to bite her face but he doesn’t because he’s still human on the inside and he’s just terrified.
✩ And she sits down with his heavy head on her lap and runs her fingers through his brown fur, whispering spells until he curls in on himself and starts shaking and he turns back, screaming and sweating as his body changes.
✩ He’s shaken up and is naked, shaking and curling himself on her side, clutching to her body for dear life as she shushes him. And when he calms down a bit she manages to make him stand up, naked and all.
✩ And she reassures him it’s just her, and she takes off her dress, and is standing there as naked as the day she was born. And with their fingers interlinked, she leads him to the river to wash away any traces of magic on his skin.
✩ When they’re done, she picks up and wears her dress back on and makes her way back to the men who were sitting worried sick for their captain, they dress him up and wrap him in cloaks and blankets, starting a fire.
✩ And Simon sees her wearing her boots back on and throwing her cloak over her shoulder, “Where are you going?”
✩ As soon as Price hears this, he panics and grabs her arm, still not saying a word.
✩ And an unknown form drags the witch back to the forest at an inhuman speed, the men watching the scene, are terrified, and then a high-pitched scream was heard and complete silence.
✩ And after a while, they hear weird noises, muffled screams and branches snapping from across the river and shaking trees, and then they see another woman, crawling on her stomach, trying to get away and Price tenses, recognising the witch who cursed him.
✩ When Price’s witch reappears again, her hands, knees and lower half of her face are bloody and he panics, “It’s not mine.” She reassures him with a kind smile.
✩ “I’ll be back, my love. I promise.” She said and kisses him on the head, and after some coaxing, Price lets go and she thanks him, and promises them she’ll be back very quickly and left out to the forest. (they’re sitting near the river)
✩ Then she busies herself with making talismans for her man and the others to protect them from curses.
✩ That night she washes the blood away and sleeps curled up around John, and the next day they pack up and leave to go back to base.
Tumblr media
tag list (pls ask to be added or removed): @obiwankenobis-lap @goapgrim @smalldemonlover @silviafantin15 @reveluving @bobastayhigh
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Some random captain price hc I have!
•He loves bathing/showering with you. He adores the intimacy and enjoys being able to take care of you
•He hates sharing his cigars with you if you weren’t a smoker when you met. While he enjoys them himself, he recognises the health problems smoking can have and doesn’t want to be the reason you start. He would let you have a taste but only if you ask nicely.
•Sugar daddy price! He loves buying things for you! It’s his love language. When he’s away from home, he will buy gifts and get them delivered to your home, making sure that you know that’s he’s thinking of you
•Civilian!reader - He would definitely teach you to protect yourself. One of his bigger fears is you getting hurt because of his job. He would definitely own a dog like a Doberman or German shepherd that is trained to protect you
•Soilder!reader - He definitely gives you extra attention during training and when your out on mission. 141 has been separated? The first thing anyone would hear through the radio is Price making sure that you are okay.
•This man adores eye contact. Sat in meeting or just watching tv. He eyes would just focused on you, waiting for you to look at him and when you do, he has the most cheesy grin on his face
•When’s he’s serious he’s serious, when he’s not he adores a good dad joke!
•He’s super into taking care of his mutton chops. Your bathroom vanity is covered in beard care products, as well hair care. He likes taking care of his significant others hair. Afro! Reader - he has 100% spent hours of his free time leaning how to help take care of your hair and what products to buy and he will buy them for you!
•He does NOT like being called daddy. Everyone this man is British! Have you ever heard any British accent were daddy sounds sexy? I haven’t either!
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mistydeyes · 16 hours
Hi! I don't think your rules link on your master list is working? (It might just be the Tumblr app being silly) but I've like to request a COD fic with a reader who has a moderate to severe penicillin allergy is accidentally given it while out in the field. Cut to the 141 ripping the medic who didn't check the medical tag a new one and being all protective and shit.
omg nooo thank you for bringing this to my attention, I'll get it fixed bc I love it when y'all request things! I absolutely love this idea too!
Just a little PSA but penicillin allergies are SERIOUS. If you have one, you are automatically not allowed to get anything related to penicillin (including amoxicillin, ampicillin, etc). You also are limited in your drug selection as people with severe allergies can't get any similar antibiotic drugs such as cephalosporins. You may experience hives, rashes, and even anaphylaxis if administered. So it’s always important to have a note in your medical file and notify any medical professionals about the nature of your allergy.
Okay, my little pharmacy soapbox is over, let’s move on to the blurb.
warnings: depiction of wounds and violence, swearing
pairings: 141 x g/n!reader
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
You were the newest member to join the 141. Excelling through your training, you were eventually handpicked by Captain Price to join his team. You were known for your sniper skills, rivaling that of Ghost. You were even more known for your call sign. In your years of being in the army and part of SAS, you became affectionately known as 'Plaster'. Your buddy came up with it as you had been the only one in the squadron to never need to go to the infirmary (avoiding cuts and bandages aka plasters) and also were notorious for outdrinking any recruit that tried to challenge you.
That's why when you ended up in the medical tent with an infected cut, the 141 boys were surprised. Before your intake, you had been providing overwatch on a building as Gaz, Price, and Soap infiltrated. Ghost was in the building across from you, also providing support. As you checked your sights, you immediately heard Ghost over the coms yell, "Behind you!" It was too late as the enemy had taken the opportunity to pull you by the legs and begun to swing his knife. You tried to react quickly but ended up with a slice to your arm before Ghost could take the man out. You knew once you recovered Price would be teaching you a thing or two about hand-to-hand combat.
However, he would have to wait as you had woken up that morning with a high fever. The cut was shallow, only requiring some soap and water and a simple bandage. Somehow, it had become infected. You groggily went to the field hospital. Once there, they removed the bandage and saw the area was red, extending past the initial wound. The field medic brushed it off, saying they would prescribe you some oral antibiotics for a little more than a week. As he cleaned and redressed the wound, he handed you a small pill bottle with ‘Augmentin’ written on it. Before you left, you popped the small, oval pill into your mouth and were sent on your way.
As soon as you exited the tent, you made your way back to your own to get some rest. Your tongue felt puffy in your mouth as you navigated through the maze of tents. Maybe you had bit it in your sleep?
You walked in and sat on your cot, noting Soap sitting across from you in his. You then felt slightly out of breath but assumed it was due to the humidity and sand debris in the air. You lay down, listening to Soap recount the successful mission before you began to hyperventilate. You felt like you were drowning as you tried your best to breathe.
"Oi, are you okay, Plaster?" was all you heard before the world went dark.
When you woke up, you were surrounded by your concerned squadron. You looked around and realized you were in the medical tent. As you tried to sit up, Price put a hand on your shoulder and lightly pushed you back down.
"God, Plaster you gave us a heart attack. You went into anaphylaxis," he began and you were shocked. It wasn't like you were allergic to peanuts or anything but then you realized you were allergic to ampicillin. Something you had learned after a childhood run-in with meningitis.
Price confirmed your suspicions as he added, "that fucking muppet of a medic gave you amoxicillin/clavulanate. Apparently he hadn't realized you were severely allergic to all penicillins," he said through gritted teeth.
You realized that must have been what that white pill was and mentally slapped yourself for the mistake.
"I'm sorry, guys," you began to say as you looked around at their faces. They looked so worried for you and you felt stupid for the simple mistake.
"Ah, it wasn't your fault, Love" Gaz spoke up. "Plus, the 141 got to show the medic what happens when you almost kill our best sniper."
You laughed as Soap described how once the field medic rushed in with an Epi-Pen and they carted you off to the tent, the boys confronted the medic. Apparently in his haste, he had overlooked the very important note that you were not to be given anything related to penicillin, including the prescribed Augmentin.
"You should've seen his face when Price lifted that poor fucker," Soap laughed loudly. "Better yet, I'm sure he pissed his pants when Ghost walked over and held him by his collar. Ghost is one scary motherfucker." To this comment, Soap received a slight slap on the back of his head.
You were appreciative of their efforts but couldn't imagine the lashing they would be getting from their superiors.
The ever-quiet Ghost ended the story by saying, "It was just a little taste for all of what you went through. I'm glad you're doing alright despite that idiot."
You cracked a smile as you lay in bed, appreciating your teammates who defended you like brothers.
As they left you to rest, you could hear Gaz whisper, "You don't think the laxatives in his tea were a little much?" You realized that this medic's life would be made a living hell for the remainder of your tour.
Years later it became a running joke. As you sat in the bar recounting stories of your service, Soap loudly joked, "And to think, Plaster almost got taken out by a little cut and some medicine." That earned him a hard slap to the back of the head.
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
a/n Did anyone else watch NCIS? every time someone mentions getting a slap to the head, I think of Gibbs.
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ghosty-writes-23 · 2 days
Safe And Sound Part. 2: Vet Appointments & The Tea Thief.
Tumblr media
!TAGS!: Domestic Fluff, Slight Angst, Comfort, Cute Kitty Ghost.
Pairing: TattooArtist!V + HybridKitty!Ghost + TattooArtist!Soap.
Rating: Mature.
Summary: After a late night at work all V wanted to do is go home and relax, but suddenly she meets a small stray cat that appears in her life strangely behind a set of rubbish bins outside her tattoo studio on a cold winter's night. 
Word Count: 3.7k
Ghosty's Notes: Sorry this took so long to get out, I ended up getting distracted and wrote another one-shot instead haha, I do hope you enjoy this update, I will try to get the next one out as soon as possible, so then we are up to date.
!REMINDER!: V is written with an OC in mind (Her Profile - Coming Soon)
Thank you for all your support. It means alot❤️ 
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Part. 2: Vet Appointments & The Tea Thief.
After showering and changing into some clean more comfy clothing, V walked into her living room and saw a fresh cup of her fruit tea, a plate with some lightly buttered toast waiting for her on the coffee table. Smiling to herself she reached over to grab a piece of toast and took a bite out of it, before hearing Soap on the phone in the kitchen. Walking over to the kitchen, she leaned against the door frame before taking another bite, the ex-sergeant had his phone to his ear as he stirred a cup of coffee, their furry little friend drinking some water from a small bowl beside him. “Perfect, we will see you then.” Soap said before hanging up and sliding his phone into his back pocket.
“Good shower.” the ex-sergeant asked as he picked up his mug, not even looking at her. Swallowing her mouthful of toast the young tattoo artist nodded. “Much needed, thank you for the fruit tea and toast.” She thanked as she finished the last bite of her toast, nodding Soap turned around and leaned against the counter. “You're very much welcome, now I have made an appointment for this little lad for 12pm today, the front desk lady said it was good I called when I did because I got the last appointment for today.” Soap grinned before he took a mouthful of his drink.
“How did you do all of this while I was in the shower?” V asked as she gestured to the toast and tea on the coffee table, to his phone in his back pocket. “Easy, you spend a lot of time in the shower.” he teased with a chuckle before V rolled her eyes and pushed herself off the door frame, walking back over to the coffee table where she grabbed her other piece of toast. “I don’t take forever thank you very much.” she stated as she took a sip of the warm fruit tea, it smelt of strawberries and oranges with the aftertaste of green tea. “Yes you do.” Soap playfully argued as he came into the living, with the fury black void close behind him.
Rolling her eyes V grabbed her other piece of toast and took a bite out of it, before sitting on the couch. “How is your arm?” she asked as Soap came and sat on the end, placing his coffee mug on the table. “It's not as painful as it looks, he did get me a few times but it was worth it.” he said with a proud grin before the dark feline jumped up on his lap before curling up and going to sleep. “You know you're like the perfect cat dad.” V pointed out with a laugh as nibbled on her toast, finishing his mouthful of drink Soap looked at her with an eyebrow raised. “How so?” he questioned as she finished her toast. 
“You seem to have really warmed up to the little guy, you fed him, bathed him, brushed out his fur, clipped his nails.” she listened and the ex-sergeant looked at her with a smile as he began gently petting the sleeping kitty. “I guess it's a form of habit, I like taking care of things.” he said genuinely as he looked at both the small cat purring in his lap and the younger tattoo artist.
“But doesn't it get tiring taking care of everybody.” she asked as she rested her head on her arm, which was hanging off the side of the couch. “Not when it's things or people you care about.” he simply said and V couldn’t help but feel her cheeks heat up slightly. As he looked at her, his jewel-like blue eyes were bright and vibrant almost as if they were sparkling. Just as V was going to say something Soap’s phone began to ring, coughing slightly she reached over and grabbed her cup to take a mouthful of her drink as he answered the call. 
“Hi honey, how is your visit to your parents?” Soap asked as carefully moved the sleeping kitty off his lap into V’s, before getting off the couch and grabbing his coffee mug, he shot V a slightly sorry look, to which she just smiled and started petting the sleeping kitty. “Take your time.” she mouthed to Soap as he left to go into her apartment hallway. Hearing the door close behind him, V looked at the kitty in her lap that was starting to stir, before he slowly opened his black and yellow eyes. They didn’t hold the same harsh glare as before, just a guarded look hidden behind a slight glare. Picking him he softly growled at her before he was placed on the ground, heading to the kitchen she decided to get the little fur ball some breakfast. 
Grabbing out a small bowl of her cupboard V opened up one of the wet food packets and squeezed it out into the bowl, the texture nearly made V gag as it was soft and squishy and just made her uncomfortable, once the packet was empty V decided to give it a sniff and almost automatically regretted it as it made her gag and feel like vomiting, turning the packet over she looked at the expiry and best before dates which where dates about a month away. 
“This is nasty.” she groaned before she grabbed the small bowl and squeezed the contents out onto a plate as the bundle of fluff jumped up onto the counter. 
Placing the now empty packet in the bin, she saw the fluff ball big into his food, purring softly. Smiling softly left him to eat on his own as she grabbed her drink, finishing the last of its contents she headed back into the kitchen, to place her cup into the sink. Leaving the fur ball in the kitchen to eat in peace the young tattoo artist walked over to her bag that was on the hanger by the door, grabbing out her pencil case and sketchpad. She decided to work on a client commission while she waited for Soap to be finished with his phone call.
Humming a soft tune, she grabbed her fine tip ball pen, clicking the cap off she started doing the outlines of her design. The client was wanting a black and grey realistic vampire lady with red blood dripping from her fangs on his upper forearm, V had warned the client that the design could take months, as she was running the tattoo studio and working on other clients commissions as well. The client was happy to wait and even offered to pay twice her drawing fee, since he knew all her designs are original and take some time to draw up. 
Going around one of the fangs, V felt a small weight beside her head and a set of yellow and black eyes watching her movements. Smiling softly she leaned her head slightly against him as she outlined the vampire’s bloody lips, slowly and quietly she could hear the dark feline start to purr. “You know, you're a sweetheart.” V mumbled as she started to outline Vampire's face, the furry black hole softy hissed at her, but she knew he didn’t mean it in a harsh or angry manner. Giggling softly the young tattoo artist continued her outline, while her furry soft purred watching her work on the clients commission. 
“You're with her again, aren't you?” his partner's voice came through the phone, he could hear the snare in her voice as if she was rolling her eyes, leaning against the wall, while placing his hand in his other pocket, the ex-sergeant let out a soft sigh. “Honey you know it's not like that, we have been over this already.” he started trying to hide the slightly annoyed tone in his voice. Before she left to go to her parents for the weekend, the couple had a pretty heated argument, due to the fact Soap seemed to always put a certain tattoo artist before his partner. Which Soap thought was crazy, The whole argument started because he had stayed late at the studio one night, he even texted his partner to tell her he was going to be late home. 
He was staying back to help V pack away supplies they had ordered, thinking it would be packed away quicker if the pair did it together, not leaving it until the morning like V had suggested since she knew the pair of them were tired. Once everything was packed away, the studio was locked up Soap had offered V a ride home, since it was cold and raining. After dropping her home, they had said goodnight and the ex-sergeant headed home only to get an earful from his partner claiming she hadn’t heard from him for hours and was about to call the police to report him missing.
He had said she was overreacting and that he texted her saying he was working late at the studio and it just snowballed from there. Did Soap care for V? Yes he did, he thought she was a good friend and good company but that was it, it's not like he was ‘in love’ with her as his partner claimed he was. 
“Friends don’t look at each other the way you two do Johnny, I’ve seen you two when you talk together alone, it's almost as if you're in our own little world and nothing else matters. You seem to prefer her company over mine.” she pointed before he could hear a soft sniffle, before he let out another sigh as he ran his hair through his messy couch hair. “Honey how many times do I have to tell you, I love you and only you not her, I don’t understand why you don’t believe me.” he almost pleaded, he hated hearing her cry and knowing he was the cause of it, but right now he needed her to believe him. 
“I’ll believe you if you put some distance in between you two, when you don’t look at her like your world revolves around her.” she stated and Soap could feel his head start to pound slightly, this was always what she wanted, for him to put some distance in between the pair, but it kind of hard when you own half a tattoo studio with said person. Rubbing his temple the ex sergeant tried to reason with her. 
“I can’t do that and you know I can’t, I own half of that tattoo studio. If I start pulling back when I work there I lose money.” he started but she interrupted him, she was now crying. “You could find a part time job, I think one of my friends' boyfriend's is hiring, You could apply there. I just don’t want you around her anymore.” she rambled over her and that is when Soap snapped. Usually he could take all this partner's ridiculous requests with a nod and a smile, always wanting to make her partner happy because he cared for her, but right now he’s had enough. 
“Enough, I’m going to make this very clear, I don’t care what you interfere with in my life, but my work is something that I will not let you interfere with, I like working their, the artists their are kind and are like family, I’m not going to leave just because you don’t like somebody. My work is none of your business from now on, if you keep interfering then I think it is best that we don’t see each other anymore. I love you and you should know that but this is a boundary of mine and I need you to respect that.” he calmly said as he let out a soft breath, his head not pounding so much anymore. 
“So you're choosing her over me.” she cried, sniffing loudly. Feeling as if he wanted to rip his hair out, he pushed himself off the wall. “If that means choosing my job, something I am passionate about, then yes I am.” he stated before he could hear her curse at him then the line went dead, looking at his phone he sighed softly before placing it into his back pocket and took a few deep breaths, but a smile on his face he opened V’s front door and is meet but the most cutest sight that made him stop dead in his tracks. 
V is sitting back on her couch, a sketchpad and pencil in hand, a soft smile on her face, her head resting against the dark feline's body, as she explains what she was drawing. The furry fluff ball was purring softly as if agreeing with her and leaned up and rubbed his head against her cheek, causing the young tattoo artist to giggle softly at his tickling fur. Not wanting to disturb them, he quietly closed the door, then rested his back on the door as he watched the two. Feeling as if he could finally breathe, the ex sergeant pushed himself off the door then headed over to the cosy pair, sitting on the end of the couch, he picked up V’s legs and placed them on his lap, then started to trace the small black heart tattoo on her ankle. 
Feeling Soap’s thumb on her ankle, V didn’t look up from her drawing, as she was shading one of the vampire girls' eyes. “How was your phone call?” she asked as she felt the dark feline move his head now resting on her shoulder, his soft black fur tickling her neck. “It was ok.” the ex sergeant mumbled as he stopped his thumb on the younger tattoo artist's ankle, feeling his thumb stop V looked up at him, a small look of concern washed over her face. “Are you ok?” she asked as she closed her sketchpad, giving him her full attention.
“Yeah, just a little frustrated.” he admits as he ran his fingers through his hair, placing her sketchpad on the coffee table and the sleeping kitty still sleeping on her shoulder as she moved slightly closer to him. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked with a genuine look, in the whole 6 years she had known the Scotsman, she hadn’t seen him this frustrated before, not even when he loses things at the studio. “It's just the partner, she is acting all jealous and stuff.” he said, as she laid his head back on the couch, closing his eyes for a second as he took a deep breath. 
“Do you want a hug or something?” V asked as she noticed his head laying back on the couch, his eyes closed as he let out a stressed sigh. Opening his eyes the ex-sergeant nodded before he moved carefully, making sure not to crush her to disturb the sleeping cat on her shoulder. laying on her chest, he could hear her heart beating in his ear softly as he wrapped his arms around her waist, laying his chin on his head, she hummed softly as she began running her fingers through his hair, it was a lot after then she thought it would be. 
“Do you know what she is jealous about?” the young tattoo artist asked, feeling him nod his head, V decided to just let him talk if he wanted to, or if not hopefully bring him some sort of comfort. “She thinks there's something going on between us.” he said causing the pair of them to laugh after he said it, but then slowly the atmosphere in the room changed slightly, she saw the look in the ex-sergeants eyes change, they went slightly darker, his pupils getting wider as he gulped slightly. Feeling her heart rate pick up slightly, V could feel a light heat on her cheeks. Before the pair knew they were leaning in, only to be stopped by a small furry body. 
“We should probably start heading to the vets.” Soap said as he cleared his throat, nodding the pair moved off the couch, V went and grabbed her jacket and shoes, before grabbing the scarf she knew the kitty loved and wrapped it around him, to which he just laid his head on her chest purring softly. Grabbing her bag, the pair headed to the front door, once they were both out, Soap locked the door behind them as they headed downstairs to his car.
*At City Center Vets*
Sitting in the waiting room, V was reading a brochure about their adoption programme, while Soap was looking at all the different collars and tags you can get for your pets. “Are you still dead set on putting the little lad up for adoption.” Soap asked as he looked at a bone shaped pet tag, looking down at the dark feline who was currently purring as she starched behind his ears, the young tattoo artist would have to admit the small fur ball is starting to grow on her, but she knew putting in the adoption programme is what is best for him. “I think it's the most sensible decision, I just don’t have the time or space for him.” she said as she flipped the brochure over. 
Soon her name was called by one of the vet doctors, closing the brochure she placed it in her bag before getting up, holding the fur ball close to her, the pair followed the vet doctor into his examination room, the door closing softly behind them. 
“So what can I help you with today?” the Vet asked as he was putting on a pair of gloves, placing the dark feline on the table, V could hear him start to growl and hiss as he dug his claws into her jacket. “We found this little guy last night outside our work and I was hoping to get him vaccinated and see if your adoption program has any space.” V explained as she carefully tried to pull the kitties claws out of her jacket so the vet could examine him. 
“Well we would need to check his current health and health history and vaccination records, then from their we can determine if he he able to be placed in the programme, but I will warn we are pretty full at the moment with it coming into the winter season and people dropping off strays or their own animals, so space is limited but I will see what I can do.” The vet explained as V got the dark feline's claws out of her jacket, the small kitty looked around and then almost instant moved in between V and Soap and growled at anybody that went near him. 
“It seems he likes the pair of you.” The Vet said as he typed away on his computer, she could hear Soap chuckle in the corner as he came over and pet the slightly shaking kitty, who was trying to bury himself back into V’s jacket. Looking down at the small kitty, V starched him under his chin which caused him to purr softly as the pet both petted him, there was an almost smile hidden in his dark fur. 
*A Little Later*
“And done.” the vet said as he gave the kitty his last shot, to which he was growling but still had his little face hidden in V’s jacket. After cleaning up everything the vet started writing things down in the kitties little pet book, to which Soap found adorable with how small it was. “He seems to be in good health, other than slightly skinny and a few cuts but I have treated them and they should start healing in the next coming days, I would keep an eye on him as well.” the vet said and V nodded as she carefully wrapped the dark feline up in her scarf he loved and picked him up, to which right now he was currently glaring at her. 
“Did you talk to your boss about the adoption programme?.” V asked hopefully that there was a space for the little guy, but judging the look on the vet’s face she already knew the answer. “I’m sorry, there just isn’t enough space at the moment.” he said and V nodded as he grabbed her things as Soap opened the door for her.
“It's alright I will try and make other arrangements, thank you for seeing him so soon.” she said and the Vet nodded and gave the kitty a wave, to which he just hissed at him. After saying goodbye the pair went to the front desk and paid and said thank you to the front desk lady, before heading out to the carpark to get the angry feline home safe and sound. 
©️2023-GhostyWrites23 All Rights Reserved. ❌Please don't repost, translate or copy any of my work without permission.❌
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darklordofthesimp · 6 months
Wrath (Simon 'Ghost' Riley x Reader)
Summary: After you risk your life protecting Ghost, the Lieutenant is furious. Angry enough, in fact, to pay you a late-night visit.
Requested by @chippyroh :
#69 Shut up or I'll shut you up.
#71 You’re driving me out of my fucking mind
A/N: Listen here you little shits, I will not be making a part 2 to this and you cannot convince me this time.
Category: Sexual Tension || Angst || Enemies to ? || Hurt/ Comfort
Warnings: Graphic language, Manhandling/Rough-handling, Sexually suggestive themes.
Tumblr media
It was meant to be an easy mission but, really, what were you expecting?
You were experienced enough to know that when it was meant to be a breeze, you had to prepare for a fucking hurricane. And as Ghost stormed towards you, his fists clenched and his gaze furious, you knew this was gonna be one hell of a storm.
“What the fuck were you thinking?” He didn’t stop until his chest bumped into yours, heaving and hard. His wide shoulders swayed from side to side as the officer sized you up. “Are you fucking stupid?”
You grit your teeth and glared. “I just saved your fucking life, Sir.”
You weren’t much in comparison to the towering figure that Ghost presented, you knew that. Still, you stood as tall as you could manage and set your jaw. You were right to provide him with backup. You were right to have taken out the people on his tail.
You’d done everything right.
So, why was he so fucking angry?
“Don’t start this shit with me, Sunshine,” Ghost hissed, fingers wrapping around your bicep. He pulled you in flush against his body, your armoured plates knocking against his. “That was out of line.”
“Saving your life?” You questioned, bewildered. “Saving your life was out of line, Ghost?”
His eyes narrowed and a deep rumble reverberated in his chest.
“No,” he snapped, leaning back. “Pretending you were anything but a fucking sniper was, though.”
Your breath left your lungs as though you’d been sucker-punched. You searched what little features you could see for an ounce of regret, any softness in his features to show he didn’t mean it- but the kohl on his eyes only highlighted the sharpness of his gaze.  
“This isn’t over, Sunshine,” Ghost warned, snatching his hand from your arm. He imparted a glare that had your throat tightening, before he brushed past you roughly.  For once, you wished you had never made it home.
You were angry at yourself for crying.
It was in your own shower and hidden from the rest of your unit, but you were still upset.
Your life was insane and full of enough sorrow to destroy most, and there were more than enough reasons to justify an emotional break. However, crying over a man? You were ashamed. Embarrassment seared red hot across your chest, it made your blood boil- it made you angry.
Who the fuck did he think he was?
You had done everything right. Price had clapped you on your back upon your return, commending your quick thinking. Ghost had scoffed at that, watching the interaction from the darkest corner of the room.
“Leaving your post is not ‘quick-thinking.’” The words had been a snarl from beneath his bloodied mask.
Price raised a brow as you shifted on your feet furiously. “I saved you on the evac, Sir. There was no fucking post.”
Ghost took a step toward you, his finger pointing at your chest as though he were marking you for death. You were thankful Price stepped in, you were angry but you weren’t stupid. You didn’t want to go toe-to-toe with the grim reaper himself but you would to defend your actions.
“How about you both hit the showers and cool off. Good job on today,” he gave the two of you a pointed look, “the both of you.”
You said nothing, only returning Ghost’s glare vehemently before storming off.
Your clothes felt too soft on your freshly scrubbed skin. It always felt like that after a mission; everything smelt too good, felt too good and sounded too quiet. It would take you a couple of hours to adjust, but your blood burned at your surroundings.
You were already overstimulated and now you were uncomfortable.
Fuck you, Simon Riley, you ingrateful twat.
You wanted to find him and shake some sense into him. You wanted a fucking thank you. You wanted his recognition, his approval and you seethed at your desire to feel accepted by him.
You dried your hair roughly with the towel, your frustrations translating into your menial tasks. Angrily shower, angrily dry off, angrily get dressed- you were fucking furious and you couldn’t get past it.
Bang, bang, bang.
You gasped, dropping the towel as someone battered against your door. It shook on the hinges under the pressure, and you stood frozen for a long moment. It was late, there was no reason for anyone to be visiting.
Everybody from the 141 was out and about, you and Ghost had returned a day earlier than expected.
You frowned as they knocked again with the flat part of their fist, the dull thuds picking up in volume. You scooped the towel from the floor, throwing it over the chair in the corner.
“Coming,” you shouted before they could go for a third round. You worried the frame wouldn’t hold up much longer. No sooner than you had twisted the handle, the door swung open. You leapt out of the way, eyes wide as a towering figure stepped through the threshold, slamming the door shut behind them.
The lock engaging behind him sounded like a death knell.
“Sir-“ you rasped, stumbling backward as he approached you.
“Cut that shit out,” Ghost snapped, “you know my fucking name.”
You stared up at him with wide eyes, as you continued back into the room. He was furious, just as heated as he had been when he’d gotten back from the mission. The man had clearly showered and changed, standing before you in a hoodie and balaclava.
“What the fuck are you doing in here?” You glared at him, heart leaping into your throat as your back finally hit the wall. Ghost’s eyes slid to each side of you, marking how you were trapped between your own furniture.
“You know what you did today, Sunshine,” he said heatedly, “everyone can congratulate you about it as much as they want but you listen to me. Never do that again.”
You sneered, leaning forward. Ghost inclined his head, meeting you halfway as your noses nearly brushed. “I saved your life within the parameters of the mission and I’ll do it again and again if I fucking have to.”
“You were almost killed!” Ghost’s finger rose to press into your chest harshly. “Almost had a fucking bullet put between your eyes.”
“But I didn’t! Had I not stepped in you would have been a fucking pin cushion, Simon!”
You were forced back into the wall as he smacked an open palm into the plaster beside your head. You jumped at the sound by your ear, your lip trembling beneath his gaze. You could feel the heat emanating from his body in waves, he was fucking burning.
“What?” You whispered, your mouth dry all of a sudden. “You gonna fuckin’ hit me, Riley? You gonna hit me for doing my job?”
“Of course not, you idiot.” He snapped, leaning back. Ghost’s eyes narrowed as his hand slid from the wall by your head, resting at his side.
“Why are you here then? Barging into my room, locking the door behind you, putting me against the wall,” you listed, your voice low and urgent as you glared at him. Your chest heaved against his as you raced to catch your breath. “You’re either here to fuck me or fight me and we both fucking know that you hate my guts, Riley. So, get to it and get the fuck out.”
“Shut the fuck up, Sunshine,” Ghost rasped, shifting on his feet. “You deserve to get your shit rocked for the way you acted out there.”
 You searched his gaze, his eyes the colour of a stormy ocean as he glared right back at you. “You don’t even know what you’re doing here,” you snarled, leaning forward once more. This time, Ghost didn’t challenge you. “You don’t think you deserve to be saved, L.T?”
“Shut up,” he snapped.
“Your life is worth more than mine, Simon,” you growled, poking a finger into his chest. “You’re my superior, it’s my job to protect you.”
“Then fucking listen when I say shut up, or I’ll shut you up.”
“Sniper or not, if it ever came down to me or you- it’s my fucking job to die for you-“
Your back slammed against the wall, breath leaving your body at the impact. You were disoriented for a short moment, vision hazy as you tried to regain your bearings. His body was pressed against yours, his hands gripping your shoulders so tight you knew you’d be bruised.
You couldn’t think, you couldn’t anticipate his next move. Not when he gripped your jaw, half his fingers on your face and the others wrapped against your neck. He leaned down and you flinched, opening your mouth to gasp.
He wasn’t going to hit you.
Instead, Ghost kissed you.
You don’t know when he had rolled his mask upward, but his mouth was hot and urgent against yours, groaning when he swallowed your gasp before it could come to fruition. He tasted sweet on your tongue and poisonous to your mind, drowning all your inhibitions in his touch. You whimpered against him and a wicked smile curved his lips upward.
You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t think. Your hands gripped his shirt tightly as his free hand moved to tangle itself in your damp hair, your dripping strands locked tightly between his fingers.
When he pulled away you were dizzy, your head falling back to rest against the wall. Your chest heaved as your heart pounded against your ribs, demanding to be freed.
There was nothing but silence for a long moment, the space between you both filled with his ragged breathing and your shaky gasps. You were so close you could taste him, his forehead pressed against yours and his eyes squeezed shut.
“You’re driving me out of my fucking mind, Sunshine.” Ghost rasped finally, his voice throaty and strained. “You just don’t fucking listen.”
You swallowed thickly, eyes trained on the beast before you. You’d watched this man tear people apart with his bare hands. You’d seen him take bullets to the chest, seen him snap necks and tear limbs.
But those fingers that had wreaked so much havoc rested on your throat softly, now. So gentle, as though he thought you would crumble beneath him if he squeezed.
But he wanted to grip tighter, and you knew it. You could tell by the twitch of his fingers, by the clench of his jaw.
“I can be taught, Sir,” your voice was barely a whisper but Ghost’s eyes snapped open as though you’d yelled at him. He watched you, like a predator observing its prey. You wondered if he thought he’d misheard you, maybe he was praying that he hadn’t.
When he leaned in close, your body shivered against his as adrenaline spiked your system.
“I’ll fuckin’ teach you to listen, Sunshine,” he murmured finally, fingers tightening against your skin. “Don’t you worry.”
Maybe he didn’t hate you, after all.
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Random Task Force HC
cw: none :), they all live together because i said so
Tumblr media
none of them can come to an agreement on which beer to keep in the fridge so they cycle. when they run out, next person in the rotation goes to buy a new pack. whatever brand they choose, forces everyone to try new beers.
Simon eating in the dark at like 2am. looks something like a raccoon when he gets caught. sleepy dark circles, cheeks stuffed full of a late night sandwich
someone always leaves a light on, whether by accident or on purpose there is always a light on somewhere in the house.
everyone can hear Soap waking up because he stretches, yawns and starts yowling like a dog. "yaaAAAAWWWWWnnn"
surprisingly decorated?? all of them pick up trinkets when they're out on deployment and they end up around the house. gives very old library with plants and mismatched interior design.
Gaz has a green thumb and loves to grow plants when he knows he'll have the time. had admittedly asked the neighbors to tend to his plants if he's away longer than expected.
John puts a fan in every single room. installs ceiling fans. he's handy and refuses to have stagnant air anywhere
"whos cooking tonight?"
"I thought it was your turn."
"we still have leftovers."
"because whatever you cooked tastes like shite.."
there is always someone awake?? somehow?? Gaz doesn't go to bed until midnight-1am, simon is awake throughout the night 2am-??, Soap wakes up around 5/6 for extra early workouts, Price follows around 7/8
they rarely go shopping with all 4 of them, usually in pairs, sometimes threes. if it's all 4 its quite the event. 4 big guys and they can't decide on a cheese
que all 4 of them looking down at you, a poor stranger, holding various bags of cheese.
"which is best?"
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