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adrianistrying · 2 months
this thread I posted on Twitter got a pretty good response, so I thought I'd share it here too
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I had to think about this and now you do too
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colethewolf · 1 month
This is something that I've been sitting here thinking about for the past couple weeks and I just saw a piece of fanart last night that made me think about it even more, because honestly, the idea that Eli was created by the Nemeton is such a cool idea and it fits with the canon.
So, I don't even care that Jeff Davis is an idiot and was probably too stupid to think of this idea. I feel like I'm in the mood to write some meta after years and years of not writing meta.
Let's talk about it anyways.
Tumblr media
We know that the Nemeton was functional during the 1940's before the Nogitsune came into power. And then, sometime after the Nogitsune's first run wild through Beacon Hills, somebody cut it down and essentially rendered it completely powerless.
Now, it stayed powerless for decades UNTIL that one night in the root cellar with Derek and Paige. When Derek killed Paige, he unknowingly committed a virgin sacrifice and sparked the Nemeton back to life. Albeit, the nemeton remained in a weakened state, as it was not back to full power and not working as a beacon to draw in supernatural creatures.
Tumblr media
Cut to a few years later, what happens next?
The parents of the teen wolf trio get kidnapped by Jennifer so that she can complete her "three-fold death" sacrifice by killing three guardians. However, she never gets to complete the ritual because Stiles, Allison, and Scott sacrifice themselves in their parents place as surrogates.
Now, the sacrifice that Stiles, Allison, and Scott make was the surrogate sacrifice ritual that Deaton knew how to perform. It put darkness around their hearts and gave them the ability to locate the Nemeton. But that was it, right?
It didn't also act as another virgin sacrifice, right?
Scott? Not a virgin.
Allison? Not a virgin.
Stiles? Not a vir—OH WAIT.
Tumblr media
Unintentionally committing a virgin sacrifice by sacrificing himself and giving another spark of power to the Nemeton. And this time, it bumps the nemeton back up to full power after Derek had previously sparked it back to life.
Now, you might be saying:
"But what about Jennifer? She committed virgin sacrifices, too!"
She did. But not to the Nemeton. She was a druid emissary long before the Nemeton was brought back to life. And druids have the ability to perform rituals to basically earn themselves more powers. Those virgin sacrifices that she did in the first few episodes of 3A went straight to herself, not to the Nemeton.
Which means the next virgin sacrifice in the queue was the one that Stiles made by drowning himself, not knowing that he was technically committing two different sacrifices that night.
Derek commits a virgin sacrifice. Then Stiles commits a virgin sacrifice (albeit by sacrificing himself instead of another person). Two consecutive virgin sacrifices by Derek and Stiles, separated by years, and both totally unintentional. And yet both sacrifices powered back up the dead Nemeton.
We know the Nemeton is at least somewhat sentient as it can pick and choose who to let get close to it in the woods. So, who's to say that the Nemeton doesn't hold Derek and Stiles in high regard for bringing it back to life? Who's to say that the Nemeton isn't thankful?
Perhaps, even thankful enough to give Derek and Stiles the ultimate gift in its gratitude? The gift of a son? The gift of a son, born from the Nemeton?
Even Eli seems to have some random, totally strange connection to the Nemeton without really having an explanation for it. He just randomly sleepwalks in the middle of the night and ends up at the Nemeton.
Now, you could argue that Eli has been sleepwalking out to the Nemeton because of the whole Allison situation in the movie. But what sense does that make? Eli doesn't know Allison Argent. He never did. She was dead before he was even born.
But if we're getting meta in here, Eli just so happens to be 15 years old (the same age Derek was when he sacrificed Paige in the root cellar and woke the Nemeton up). Maybe the Nemeton thinks 15 is the perfect age to start dropping hints to Eli.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In my mind, Deaton was called out to the Nemeton in the middle of the night and found little Eli as a newborn in a little wicker basket made from Nemeton branches and soft leaves, just sitting there asleep in the middle of the Nemeton stump.
And Deaton, being a druid and the old Hale family emissary, knew exactly what the Nemeton was offering and why it was offering it. So, he dropped Eli in his basket onto Derek's doorstep, knocked real loud, and watched as Derek adopted the boy—totally unaware that Eli is 50/50 both his and Stiles'.
But that conversation comes much later.
So, there you have it.
Eli Stilinski-Hale. The son of the Nemeton. The son of Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski.
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ravewulf · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're not imagining things - they had Derek's eyes transition from a blue glow to a red glow
Alpha Derek is confirmed
S4 death = evolved to full wolf shift Movie death = evolved back to an alpha
Or were the alpha eyes always there, just dimmer and hidden by the bright blue?
Regardless, he didn't stay dead in S4 so why should he now. The question is, WHERE is he? We don't actually see him when he's dead. There's no body and no ash left behind, he just vanishes in that ball of fire like he was teleported.
There were tons of hints about death not being the end and characters being able to come back so they're clearly leaving that possibility open.
Allison died and was cremated (fire) then resurrected 15 years later, appearing naked in the woods. Derek sacrificed himself to get rid of the nogitsune and went up in a ball of flames (fire), is he going to appear naked in the woods next?
Peter calling Stiles: "So my nephew went and died, again… want to help me bring him back?" Stiles: "I was wondering why he showed up naked outside my house. Did you know he's an alpha again?" Peter: "Oh, well that makes things easier"
Did I mention that Derek sacrificed himself in a spirit realm thing ON THE FUCKING NEMETON. HELLO BIG MAGIC TREE STUMP. BARDO AND JACOB'S LADDER ARE VERY MUCH PRESENT. Not to mention Jennifer used it to revive herself...
A line from before about people who are supposed to be dead not being dead (cough Allison, Peter, etc)
Sheriff Stilinski telling Eli that Derek was like the jeep, beaten up more than anyone and still surviving. Stiles had left his jeep because it died then Derek brought it back to life for sentimental reasons because STEREK. He ends the metaphor with until one day Derek couldn't or something like that but the jeep is still there and Eli should keep it running. EXCEPT by his own metaphor, Derek is like the apparently dead jeep and can still be brought back to life.
Oh, and Lydia broke up with Stiles a while back in order to stop her banshee screams from predicting Stiles's death. Also no mention of Eli's mother so both Stiles and Derek are confirmed to be single.
Did I miss anything? I'm not sure.
Derek ends up being THE big hero of the movie, easily a thousand times more of a hero than Scott could ever be, they're making it very clear that characters don't stay dead in Beacon Hills, Derek would be an alpha if he comes back, Stiles and Derek are single, and Derek is still showing his feelings for Stiles by keeping the jeep running.
It's a super easy setup for if there's another movie and if they can get Hoechlin and/or Dylan in.
Even if that doesn't happen, they've made fix-it fics super easy to write.
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luulapants · 4 months
Goncharov (1973) is a perfect example of how fandom creates a shell around a piece of media and then slowly erodes the core it was originally built upon.
I have been in two fandoms that echo chambered their way to a theory invalidating all of canon, thereby making the source material itself irrelevant. One is the “Scott is an unreliable narrator” theory from the Teen Wolf fandom, which uses an odd POV choice from the series finale (the protagonist telling the story of their final battle to a character in a flash-forward) as evidence that the entire SHOW is actually him telling a heavily edited version of the story to make himself look like the hero. The other is the “Ghostfacers Effect” from the Supernatural fandom which also uses a weird POV episode (told through camera footage from a ghost hunting crew) to argue that, because the characters swear (bleeped out) in that episode but nowhere else in the series, this is evidence that the whole series is censored and edited by the author/God Chuck.
Both fandoms had animosity between fans and show creators, especially from queer shipping bases. Both have a huge amount of fanworks for those ships, and both experienced the “fandom echochamber” effect. Reinforced by positive responses from those seeking fluffy, kinky, self-insert, or otherwise wish-fulfilling stories, popular fanon characterizations slowly drifted until many fanworks featured characters virtually unrecognizable as their canon counterpart.
These drifts are addressed differently throughout fandom: Most people look at it and say, “No, that’s not canon, but it’s fun to read sometimes anyway,” or “This is just my headcanon.” Fanfic readers who never watched the source material are oblivious and perpetuate fanon characterizations as canon. Canon lovers decry the OOC-ness and complain that they can’t find fics about the actual characters they want to read about.
And some start arguing that fanon is actually more correct than canon.
Thus, the erosion of canon begins. “These episodes don’t count because the head writer was garbage.” “They made the character act like that to advance the plot - they wouldn’t have actually done that.” “Everything after this season is basically a different show.” “This happened off-screen but the network was too cowardly to show us.” And, finally, “Canon isn’t real.”
There is no canon. It’s a fanon shell wrapped around a desiccated center.
It’s Goncharov (1973).
Why do we need a source material? Canon isn’t real!
No shit canon isn’t real. It’s a fictional show.
You can’t argue the objective reality of a fictional story.
“But what’s the truth?”
None of it. None of it is the truth. It’s about werewolves. It’s about a gay angel. It’s not real.
You can argue objective reality in real-life historical accounts, analyzing sources and biases and excluded viewpoints. In a fictional story with an unreliable narrator, you can argue about what the text of the narration reveals about them. But there is no argument to be had about the objective reality of a fictional character. They are the text. Everything else is interpretation.
Why can’t your interpretation be what it is: an interpretation? Why can’t your headcanon be a headcanon? Why do you feel the need to saw the ladder off from underneath you? Why does fanon need to be more “true” than canon? Why would you rather have a fandom built on nothing than a fandom built on a text that disagrees with it?
Goncharov (1973) is the perfect canon because it will never disagree with fanon. It has no voice to do so. It is the perfect void that people have been trying to carve into their respective canons for years.
As Andrey said before his final betrayal, “You once told me you built your empire from nothing. You can’t get something from nothing, Goncharov. And so I fear we are nothing.”
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nephilimeq · 2 months
Teen Wolf and Lack of Character Development - Scott McCall
Incoming Rant: Re-watching the first season of TW I have realised why I never felt that Scott was The Hero of the story even if the writers did not stop hammering the idea that he was pure and perfect and always right. He never sacrifices himself. This is a classic of fiction, the hero will always be the one who makes the greatest sacrifices for the common good and for those they love, renouncing happiness, normality and even their own life. 
But Scott never does that. Even in the first season this is very clear. The first few episodes emphasise that playing lacrosse and dating Allison are things he wants, but are dangerous to himself and those around him. The narratively logical thing would be that, after a period of selfish refusal, he would realise that the right thing to do is to give up what he loves until he has better control of himself and his new powers, sacrificing his temporary happiness for the good of others.
Instead, the narrative rewards Scott with control gained through Deux Ex Machina and not hard work, he gets to date Allison and becomes a Lacrosse star without sacrifices and therefore doesn't grow or evolve at all. This keeps up for all 6 seasons. Meanwhile, everyone else around him is constantly sacrificing their safety, sanity and even life for the common good.  And ten years later in the movie nothing has changed. Scott’s still not the one performing the sacrifice, he's still not the hero yet. He gives nothing, but the narrative rewards him with true love. Meanwhile Derek gives his own life to save those he loves he is The Hero.
So. Yes. To all of this.
I have made a countless number of posts about Scott’s development. Specifically, his lack of development. The writers had every opportunity to make him a decent character -- and Posey could have performed it and done everything at least moderately well -- but instead, they caved into Jeff Davis’ whims.
There were other writers in the room who should have held Jeff accountable and written Scott as a proper hero: a hero who sacrifices his own selfish wants for the greater good.
They do not have the right to tell us not to like characters such as Stiles or Derek more because they were the ones who wrote those characters using the hero’s journey narrative that they very easily could have written for Scott...but they didn’t. When the creator of Teen Wolf speaks up against those fans, he has no one to blame but himself and the other writers, and to say anything to the contrary just makes him look like a hypocrite.
You cannot expect your audience to believe your main character is a hero when you do not give them faults to overcome and make them a better person.
They wrote Scott as never taking consequences for his own actions -- instead, they had everyone else suffer the consequences of his actions and had them clean up his mess and deal with the repercussions. (not going into detail here because I have already done so on many other posts)
But when you show characters such as Stiles and Derek dealing with complex emotional and physical traumas and then doing things to try and improve themselves, while also dealing with their own mistakes and growing from them...but then don’t hold your main character to the same standard, how can you be surprised when no one relates to them? The accountability for Scott’s lack of accountability can be traced right back to the writers’ room.
I genuinely could have liked Scott. In fact, when he was being sweet and helping his mom, I loved him! He had the potential to be a fantastic main character...but the writer’s neglected their responsibility as writers.
To put it simply: the writers suck.
The only reason the show lasted was because they had good cinematography, and they brought on some experienced older actors into the cast, and they had two natural talents on screen: Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin.
That’s it.
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redmoonfever · 1 month
Two of my favourite Teen Wolf scenes are ones that highlight how the characters acted before the bite.
For example, season one, in the scene where Scott and Stiles are stuck in the school and they can see the alpha outside. It’s Stiles that runs out to get the bolt cutters despite Scott being a werewolf. I think it highlights how their relationship was before Scott changed, how Stiles felt the need to take care of Scott (the same way he needs to take care of his dad and people he cares about). For that moment, Scott being a werewolf was forgotten and it went back to Stiles and his asthmatic friend who can’t run.
Then again in season two when Scott, Isaac and Melissa are looking at Jackson in his weird little cocoon thing. Scott asks his mom to zip the body bag because he’s scared. He’s a scared teenager, someone who still relies on his mother and wants to feel protected. And Melissa, despite being terrified and knowing there is two werewolves in the room, does it. Because her motherly instincts override her survival instincts and she wants to take care of her kid. I think that scene especially highlights how close their mother/son relationship is but also highlights how young Scott and Isaac are.
Moral of the story, I like scenes that showcase that the main characters are kids, they’re children who shouldn’t be dealing with half the things they deal with. Yet despite that, their instincts are always to care for and protect each other despite the risk.
Scenes where people protect Scott the same way he’s protecting them >>>
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stilinskihalefamily · 2 months
I think Stiles was meant to be the one to lead the characters into Nogitsune's world, not Parrish. His name means "a step or set of steps for passing over a fence or wall". He canonically can break mountain ash lines without needing to even touch them. Plus he already has the connection to that world because he was possessed by the demon 15 years ago. But then Dylan said no and Jeff decided to go with Parrish cause there is still at least some precedent there for him being able to go through mountain ash too.
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unspokenstydia · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
making a gifset based on this but first i need to take a moment to appreciate the parallels between these compositions i’m never fully able to shake the scott/theo phone call out of my mind, or the way it makes me feel. theo’s emotions are almost palpable, and the scene is heavy with all the intimations hanging unspoken in the air. i like to think this includes the fact that theo has been here before—the car, the rain, the lives on the line, scott and the understanding between them of the pull and power of love. it’s different now, though, it’s entirely different, and they both know it. because this time, it’s the person theo loves who’s in danger. it’s theo in liam’s place. theo tried to relate to scott in 5x10, but (as far as we know) he had never experienced love for himself at that time, and had certainly never known it as this: something entirely selfless. before, theo viewed the all-consuming intensity of a first love as something that could be weaponized, used to his advantage, mined to serve his malice. he counted on liam’s love for hayden to be powerful enough to kill for. but this time, scott’s request is entirely contingent upon theo risking his life, knowing now that love is something worth dying for, even if the other person won’t let you.
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Part 2: Derek was Stiles's anchor at one point
Now, let's talk about the scenes which could possibly suggest that Derek was indeed (maybe subconsciously) Stiles's anchor.
Now, when it comes to Stiles and Derek, a lot of things are hidden in subtlety as the development of their relationship does not happen at the forefront of the show but rather in the dimly lit background where we fans grow the seeds of our headcanons. But! What is explicitly shown in the series is that Stiles cares about Derek. That's canon. It is obvious from the way he went back for Derek in the elevator and made sure that the werewolf was still alive, or from how you could see the fear in his eyes when Derek's name turned out to be the last cypher key - a prediction that Derek was going to die in the near future. This all proves that Stiles has a connection with Derek (of whatever nature that might be).
Tumblr media
Now... are there any scenes where Stiles relies specifically on Derek to anchor him? Not explicitly but consider this: When Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune he created a chess board with Derek's name on the king piece to help the others defeat the evil spirit controlling him. We know it was Stiles who did it because Peter himself pointed it out to none other than Derek.
Tumblr media
The chess board was meant to send a message, to warn Derek of the upcoming danger and to do what they had always done: work as a team. (As explained by this wonderful meta.)
To be able to set the board up, Stiles had to regain control of his body, at least long enough to put the pieces in place. (And the Nogitsune didn't change it later, probably because it drew Derek and the others to the loft, anyway. Plus, the Sheriff made a comment about how the Nogitsune's aim is mainly to play a joke because it wanted irony. What could be more ironic than using Stiles's attempt at protecting Derek to cause harm and chaos?). This means that Stiles, driven by worry for Derek and a need to reach out to him, succeeded in momentarily overpowering an ancient evil fox spirit. For a moment, he resisted the Nogitsune - the one thing he couldn't do in his dream with Lydia.
Tumblr media
It is also worth mentioning that when Derek was dying at the end of Season 4, Stiles was the one whom the werewolf addressed in his last moments (and there were a lot of other people there). He told Stiles to go and save Scott because he had faith that Stiles would be able to do that - that he could once again be the hero that Derek had seen him be before. And maybe the knowledge that Derek believed in him gave Stiles the strength to fight.
And lastly, let's talk about Season 5. That was the season when Stiles hit rock bottom while also being the first season when Derek was away for a longer period of time. Obviously, Derek's departure was not the (only) reason why Stiles fell apart, but Derek - an almost constant presence since Season 1 - not being there certainly had an impact on him. There's a reason why Derek only got mentioned (or hinted at) while Stiles was around: because Derek being absent had the greatest effect on him out of everyone. With no Derek, Stiles had no anchor, making him more vulnerable and resulting in a breakdown as early as Episode 2 (even before shit hit the fan).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
There's this one scene that I never understood. This moment of Stiles gazing at the initials that remind him of Derek had no purpose plot-wise. Or so it seems. (And no, we're not gonna discuss queer-bating now. This scene was shot and then kept when the episode was being edited, therefore, it has significance and I refuse to boil it down to queer-bating, even though there's plenty of that to go around.)
Tumblr media
So, if this scene is in the episode, it has a reason to exist. Stiles being the only one shown to miss Derek has a reason. And my guess is: this scene gives us the explanation behind why Stiles even started to trust Theo. My personal belief is that the reason why Stiles eventually confided in him was that Theo reminded Stiles a lot of Derek: A mysterious good-looking guy with a strict black-only fashion code whom Stiles hadn't seen in years appears out of nowhere and claims that he only wants to help but is also super shady and kinda creepy and likes pushing Stiles's buttons (and his body up against hard surfaces) and it is revealed to him that the guy (seemingly) feels guilty about failing to save a family member and then the same guy proceeds to save his life from certain death. There are too many similarities for Stiles to ignore. It's no wonder he started to let Theo in. Derek was someone Stiles could trust, after all, someone he could rely on - why couldn't Theo be the same? Understandably, Theo later betraying him was especially critical damage to Stiles because he destroyed the one thing Stiles could still rely on: the memory of Derek.
Basically, the whole scene with the initials would only make sense if it served the purpose of reminding the viewer that Stiles had not only lost a friend - he'd lost his anchor.
But why would Stiles choose Derek?
Part 3
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adrianfridge · 4 months
Teen Wolf is a werewolf soap opera horror that gradually changes into a gritty horror thriller. And I’d like to explore that in terms of its campiness.
For me, the campiness is determined by the personality of the villain. I’m going to focus on their theoretical willingness to put on the most flamboyant outfits, but that’s merely an illustration of their vibes.
Season 1 has Peter and Kate, who, if we’re being honest, would both go on stage wearing just the most glitter, feathers, and wig to have an epic lip syncing battle. There would be surprise outfit reveals and at least one would do a split. It would go down in history. 10/10 perfection
Season 2 has Matt and Gerard. Matt would only reluctantly put on an outfit, and it’d be something spandex to emulate the superhero comics he reads. Meanwhile Gerard would be eating up the frenzy that Kate and Peter left behind. His outfit would be more grand than both of them combined. He only pretends he’s retired while being the Final Boss of Drag Race. 9/10 some hesitation to cheer for an incel but grandpa can work those high heels
Season 3A has Jennifer and Deucalion. Jennifer is gothic rock opera chic. She’ll flip her hair while singing soprano in an obsidian gown. And Deucalion? He’s gone mad from losing to Gerard at Drag Race, and now he’s back for a rematch, this time with a BDSM-kink themed outfit to display he’s gone darkside. 8/10 trying a little hard but I can get behind it
Season 3B is the Nogitsune. It’s here when the show begins to get more serious, which I think is the wrong lesson the writing room took from its popularity. The Nogitsune has multiple outfit changes. It is kabuki theater. It is a troll dressed as Stiles while wearing the most bombastic display of practical special effects. There’s a smoke machine running underneath the robe that lights up with each step while a soundtrack plays. 100/10 Megamind would be proud
Season 4 is a mixed bag. It promises a rematch of Peter and Kate, but it doesn’t do either of them justice. Instead they’re pushed to the sideline in favor of a more traditional thriller Benefactor arc. The one highlight is the episode 4x07, Weaponized, which has The Chemist bringing back the pizazz (highly recommended; the episode is practically a one shot with everything you love from the early seasons). 5/10 averages to meh
Seasons 5-6 are entirely dedicated to seriousness.
Season 5A is Theo and the Dread Doctors. Theo is like if you took Matt and then squeezed out any joy. He’d refuse to dress up because he’d feel it’s beneath him. Meanwhile the Dread Doctors, who are already in full Steampunk attire, are doing nothing with it. As stiff as mannequins. All business, no play. They’re just here to get the job done and leave. 3/10 but has the potential
In season 5B we get Valack and the Beast, aka Sebastien. Valack, whose power is to disguise himself as other people, is the type to hate costumes. He’s going to wear an accurate reproduction of a medical professional, and he’s going to be annoying about it. Sebastien tries to be camp but it comes off like a parent incorrectly using lingo to try to be hip around their child. No one wants to see it. 1/10 please stop
Season 6A has… a literal Nazi. And the Ghost Riders, who only know how to walk a cat walk. They’d make great supermodels if their job wasn’t to make people forget they exist. 0/10 I want my money back
Season 6B is just straight up trying to be an allegory for modern day political discourse. There’s also the Anuk-Ite, a creepy-pasta knock-off of the greatest hits. You can’t even look at it without being turned to stone. -100/10 I’d rather fight a muskrat on twatter
Ultimately, my point is you lose much of the dramatic flair after season 3B. For many people, such as myself, it’s a disservice to why I started the show. But for other people it’s a good turn since they prefer the gritty realness. It ends up being one of the many reasons for the split in fandom over the direction of the show. And I can bet money that the movie is going to suck all the glamor out of the Nogitsune in favor of the same sort of straight-laced horror the later seasons embodied. Which is to say some people will love it, and it’s not going to be me or Megamind.
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momentofmemory · 2 months
thinking about how both Scott and Deaton knew the nogitsune couldn't resist finishing a "riddle"
deaton lures nogi into revealing himself in chris bc the nogitsune just Has to answer Deaton's questions, and Scott convinces the nogitsune to do a logistically foolish thing (agree to let everyone go) because it can't resist its perfect ending/joke (the scallison death reversal)
like. even if the nogitsune could kill everyone else, it wasn't enough for it bc it wanted the symmetry sooooo bad. since scott and lydia convinced allison the pack isn't a threat by giving her her memories back, she’s never going to try to kill scott, which is why scott's able to say “you lose” even as nogi objectively holds all the cards.
it reminds me of how scott often defeats his villains by knowing exactly what they want—gerard with the bite, theo with Belasko's claws, gerard pt2 with the cane, etc—and i enjoyed seeing him do it again 🥰
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princeescaluswords · 4 months
One thing I love about the sciles dynamic is that Stiles is never afraid of Scott. Maybe in s1, when the werewolf thing was new, but not after. Stiles is 100% sure Scott won't hurt him and he's RIGHT
Tumblr media
I once made a post here talking about Stiles's relationship with Peter Hale, only to realize, after I received your question, that I can make a similar statement about Stiles when it comes to Scott: Stiles's need for Scott is only exceeded by Stile's love for Scott and this fact remains unchanged throughout the seasons.
The most important person in Stile's life during the series, the one he would do anything for, is without question, his father. But the relationship between fathers and sons, particularly this one, has certain land mines, even at the start of the series, that Stiles and his dad have to navigate carefully around, mostly arising from the traumatic circumstances of Claudia. There are things they don't talk about and badly healed wounds, as the audience can tell by the scene in Co-Captain (1x10), Party Guessed (2x09), and The Girl Who Knew Too Much (3x09).
At the beginning of the show, that complexity didn't exist between Stiles and Scott. Stiles had no boundaries with Scott. He doesn't think twice about showing up in the middle of the night with an impulsive decision to go looking for a dead body in the woods, calling Scott a dumbass, mocking his dreams of being first line, all with perfect confidence that Scott not only wouldn't reject him but there is a very good chance, he'll follow right along.
For a person who endured the violent rejection of his own mother and her tragic death, a friendship seemingly without limitations is something to be treasured. It's something to be fought for. Please, as if something like the threat of bodily harm could deter Stiles from keeping the person he needs and loves safe. Derek scares him because he doesn't care about Derek; the danger Jackson finds himself in is "his own fault."
I know I've talked in negative terms about Stiles's demands on Scott in Heart Monitor (1x06) and going behind Scott's back in Formality (1x11) but those don't contradict this thesis. These actions may not be ethical -- in fact I'm absolutely sure they're not -- but they're designed to protect Scott, both physically and in terms of their relationship. Stiles wants and needs Scott whole but also unchanged, still the only person that Stiles can tease unmercifully or mess up badly with and yet still will ditch his girlfriend to come pick him up. That's why Stiles will insist that Scott do the right thing, no matter what, because that's part of who Scott is. Stiles will throw firebombs at serial killers and endure beatings from a geriatric sociopath in silence so Scott can remain Scott.
Every major relationship crisis between Scott and Stiles comes not from Scott disappointing Stiles but from the idea that Scott's new life and responsibilities will force Scott to stop valuing Stiles the way Stiles values Scott. That's the message behind "You still got me" in Master Plan (2x12): Stiles is stating that no matter how much this werewolf crap changes Scott, he doesn't have to worry about this -- about them. The fear and loss in Stiles's eyes during The Overlooked (3x10) isn't about Scott betraying him but about the realization that the forces of darkness may have finally changed Scott into someone who doesn't need him the way Stiles needs him. The nogitsune torments Stiles in Letharia Vulpina (3x19) by presenting a perverted image of their friendship -- the fox in Stiles's body manipulates Scott into doing the right thing (taking pain) torments Scott (with the ninja-to) and then takes what he needs from the relationship. Stiles puts himself in Eichen House rather than allow himself to hurt Scott that way again in Echo House (3x20) and hides his own pain in The Divine Move (3x21). He'd rather die than let the nogitsune get between them.
Season 5A, of course, is Stiles's greatest fear made real -- that he will go too far, that his own nature will end up destroying this love he values so much and that this friendship that he needs to cope with his life will be gone. There's a reason for that scene with the Jeep in the rain. Stiles could never possibly fear Scott's claws and fangs; the only thing that could make Stiles break down is Scott's indifference.
That's why, in both Motel California (3x06) and Riders of the Storm (6x10) Stiles's ultimate words are always "I need you." For Stiles, Scott could never hurt him as long as he's there.
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ravewulf · 1 month
"Your dad had complicated feelings about that Jeep."
"Derek had complicated feelings about MY SON."
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spikeface · 10 months
The nogitsune is so incredibly funny to me because his one weakness is a bite from an Alpha, meanwhile he’s charging around terrorizing an Alpha and his friends and bellowing that he’s a thousand years old, because apparently in all that time he either never realized this or idk developed a keen appreciation for irony. He’s going on and on about divine moves taking him down but you don’t even need one. Biting people is like an Alpha’s only move. It’s the first thing we see in the show. One lil chomp, and then the nogitsune is a bug again. I love Teen Wolf.
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nephilimeq · 2 months
One of the few things I liked about Teen Wolf: The Movie is that it implies that Stiles cut ties with Scott. I never really liked Sciles' canon friendship, because Scott treats Stiles (and Kira, Allison, Derek, Liam, Lydia, Malia, Isaac, Boyd, Erica, etc) like shit and no one calls him out on it in the show. After everything Scott did to Stiles in Season 1&5, I wouldn't blame Stiles for choosing to get rid of Scott's toxic presence and for not keeping in contact with him
Stiles pretty much was treating Scott like a reluctant ally at the end of the show, anyway, so it makes sense that he would cut ties with him.
I fell asleep while watching the movie (and I never fall asleep while watching movies, so that should tell you how bad it was), and have decided that it wasn't worth the money that they spent on it. Who the hell signed off on such a bad script, anyway?
I honestly don't know how Scott was being responsible at any point, and he really seemed to be the main cause for most of the problems that were going on.
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msmischief101 · 1 year
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Requested by anonymous
Stiles & his connection to the Nemeton
Stiles watches Lydia draw the Nemeton and wants to give one of the pictures to her as a present, but instead he seems to keep it for himself instead and puts it with his personal pictures.
Stiles is in the centre when they're waking up in the room. He's also the only one wearing coloured clothes - his red pants. Since it's the same room we see later and with Stiles seemingly being the centre of the shot, I wonder if they're already in Stiles' mind right here.
Stiles' subconsciousness connects to the Nemeton.
Stiles finds the Nemeton without outside help (Isaac heard one of Chris' sonic emitters. Allison cannot find the Nemeton although she should be connected to it as well.) Stiles is also able to stop everything from collapsing with just a baseball bat while a werewolf and four humans are barely holding up the "roof".
Stiles finds the Nemeton in his dream after breaking out of a locker. He can't seem to resist the urge to touch it and the Nemeton "grabs" him.
Whatever tf that picture is. It reminds me of the Nemeton when you look down on it from above... which is kinda interesting since the Nemeton is on the other side of the door.
Stiles goes through the door and towards the Nemeton after ignoring "Lydia's" (the nogitsune's?) pleas to stay with "her".
Judging by the shoes, pants, and legs... this could be Stiles. Perhaps the Nemeton got a hold of his subconsciousness and calls him again to free the Oni (which could then lead the nogitsune to escalate because in the next episode, the nogitsune's powers are kickstarted with Kira's, well, "help".
The nogitsune and Stiles play GO on top of the Nemeton. It almost feels like a little "fuck you" from the nogitsune because it has both Stiles and the Nemeton trapped.
Lastly, despite the dead bodies, Lydia cannot find the Nemeton. Stiles even mentioned a few seconds earlier that "it's almost like this thing doesn't want to be found" (5x09). However, Stiles refuses to ask Parrish for help (knowing he is able to find it) because that would mean they find Donovan's body. So, it almost seems as if the Nemeton is following Stiles' wish to keep his secret (because Lydia can sense it. Theo gets the information from her after the ritual thing with the claws to her neck. But something keeps Lydia from accessing those information).
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