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Nam June Paik: Magnet TV (1965)
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theartofthecover · 3 days
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Glen Murakami's 2003 Teen Titans vs. DCAU's 2001 Justice League 2004 Paradise Toronto Comicon program book cover (2004)
[the artist Tim Levins made a humorous comment about the people criticized his artwork over giving the characters smiling on their facial expressions:
"Although lots of people have complained about how everyone in the picture is smiling. Guess I should've added some blood in there somewhere..." ~ Tim Levins ]
Art by: Tim Levins and xl99
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gameraboy2 · 2 days
Tumblr media
The All-New Super Friends Hour (1977)
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st-just · 3 days
Okay MAWS got through an entire season without even hinting at the existence of Lex Luthor. Excellent work. Gold star. Let this be a lesson for all the batman and F4 adaptations that seem physically incapable of going 2 hours with namedropping the joker or doctor doom (respectively)
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humbug-demartino · 2 days
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"Legends of the Mall" [S4 Ep10]
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lisamarie-vee · 2 days
Tumblr media
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incorrect118buddie · 17 hours
Eddie : Hey, about that love letter you sent me-
Buck: *blushes* What are your thoughts?
Eddie : The fourth sentence-
Buck: Yeah, that’s where I got really emotional and I-
Eddie : It’s “you’re” not “your”.
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scotianostra · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy 90th Birthday Scottish actor David McCallum.
Born as David Keith McCallum, Jr on this day 19933 in Maryhill, Glasgow, the second of two sons of Dorothy Dorman, a cellist, and orchestral violinist David McCallum Sr. When he was three, his family moved to London for his father to play as concertmaster in the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Early in the Second World War, he was evacuated back to Scotland, where he lived with his mother at Gartocharn by Loch Lomond.
McCallum won a scholarship to University College School, a boys' independent school in Hampstead, London, where, encouraged by his parents to prepare for a career in music, he played the oboe.In 1946 he began doing boy voices for the BBC radio repertory company. Also involved in local amateur drama, at age 17, he appeared as Oberon in an open-air production of A Midsummer Night's Dream with the Play and Pageant Union. He left school at age 18 and was conscripted, joining the 3rd Battalion the Middlesex Regiment, which was seconded to the Royal West African Frontier Force.In March 1954 he was promoted to Lieutenant. After leaving the army he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (also in London), where Joan Collins was a classmate.
David McCallum’s acting career has spanned six decades; however, these days he is best known for his starring role on the police procedural NCIS as medical examiner as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard. I first really remember McCallum for his role in another US show, The Invisible Man which ran for 13 episodes in the 70's. McCallum by then was a veteran of many TV and Film roles, starting in the 50's including Our Mutual Friend and The Eustace Diamonds, in the 60's he was in several ITV Playhouse shows before moving across the Atlantic to take roles in The Outer Limits and his big break as Illya Kuryakin in several incantations of The Man from Uncle.
His most notable films were The Greatest Story Ever Told as
Judas Iscariot and of course Ashley-Pitt 'Dispersal' in The Great Escape.
As well as the aforementioned Invisible Man in the 70's he took time to pop back over to our shores to star in two quality series, as Flt. Lt. Simon Carter in Colditz and Alan Breck Stewart in an adaption of Robert Louis Stevenson's, Kidnapped.
The 80's saw him team up with the lovely Joanna Lumley in Sapphire & Steel and several guest roles in the likes of The A Team, Hart to Hart and Murder, She Wrote as well as a one off reprise of Illya in the TV movie The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair.
The 90's saw David in Cluedo and Trainer on our TV screens over here and American science-fiction series VR-5 in the states..
During the last 20 years or so he has been in the kids TV show, Ben 10: Omniverse as the voice of Professor Paradox and of course Donald Horatio "Ducky" Mallard in over 350 episodes of the popular NCIS.
David has been married twice. He married his first wife Jill Ireland in 1957. They met on the set of the movie Hell Drivers. Together, they had two sons and a daughter, Paul, Jason and Valentine, with Jason being the only one who was adopted. In 1963, David introduced Jill to his co-star on The Great Escape, Charles Bronson, and she left David and married Charles in 1968. In 1967, David married Katherine Carpenter and they have two children together, a son Peter and a daughter, Sophie. He and Katherine currently live in New York.
In NCIS since 2018, Ducky, played by McCallum, has appeared in fewer episodes. avid McCallum explained that appearing in fewer episodes will allow him to see more of his family, which includes his wife, children, six grandsons, and their cat, Nickie. According to IMDB he has chalked up an amazing 457 appearances in the show, morethan anyother character in the series.
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Tumblr media
Young musicians perform on public television
(Yale Joel. 1952)
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demifiendrsa · 2 days
Percy Jackson and The Olympians | Official Teaser Trailer
Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series will premiere on Disney+ on December 20, 2023 with two episodes.
Tumblr media
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rainydayz-nstuff · 3 days
Hiya! Are you taking requests? If so Can I ask for a Finn fic where his s/o is Bubblegum's younger sister? Like Neddy she was hidden from the world until him and Jake accidentally met her. I would love how it blossom.
THANK YOU! I’m always taking requests! (until like… the end of October due to school reasons)
Here is Finn meeting his future s/o, who is also the secret sister to Princess Bubblegum.
Tumblr media
Finn and Jake had always done odd tasks for not only for Princess Bubblegum, but many other royals and people of the Land of Ooo.
But this quest was one of the oddest ones yet.
Bubblegum had given Finn one of her holo-pendants which held a map. That map would guide the two heroes through the unkept cavern underneath the Candy Kingdom, ones that they never knew existed.
But the problem was, she never specified what she wanted them to retrieve.
With a single push on a brick, a secret passage opened up and Bubblegum ushered the two boys inside.
“Follow the map exactly the way it says to go. No shortcuts, no breaking down walls. We can’t have anything happen to these caverns.”
She tried to explain shortly and efficiently before leaving quickly.
“D’you remember what PB wanted us to get? I mean, we know where to go but what is this for?” Jake broke the silence while glancing up at Finn.
Finn hummed while holding up the glowing pendant. It’s bright pink hologram showed their two dots walking down a dotted path. At the end was a large room with an X over it.
“I… I can’t remember. I think it was something… pink? Or was it red? Whatever it is, she really needed us for it.” His enthusiasm made Jake crack a small smile.
While staring at the map, a sudden dot flickered in the corner. Finn stopped and just stared at the flickering mark.
Finn’s dot was a blue, Jake’s was a green, and this odd one was a bright yellow. It flickered before slowly moving around. It was way off track where the boys were supposed to go, but whatever it was it seemed like no good.
“What is that? Maybe…” Finn gasped. “Maybe it’s someone doing shady biz down here! I mean, nobody else knows about this place so something must be up”
Jake nodded eagerly. “Yeah! Let’s go find this thing!”
The two started to sprint down the long hall before they took a sharp right, which was way off from where they were supposed to go.
They found themselves standing in front of a door. But unlike the rest of the place, this area seemed cleaned and taken care of. No moss growing, no cracked stone, and no signs of damage anywhere.
The two boys looked at the hologram and they saw that whatever was inside had stopped completely.
They gave each other a knowing look before nodding. They then kicked down the door. Their battle cries echoed in the room while they posed, ready to fight. Finn had his sword unsheathed while Jake’s fists grew to be giant.
Time seemed to freeze when the door was kicked open.
Finn’s eyes were wide as he stared at the Candy girl who had a stack of papers in her arms. Her soft eyes were wide and her gummy hair bounced around when her head whipped around.
His lips trembled and his face grew warm. Whoever this girl was pretty and seemed to be no threat to him, to anyone in that matter. She wore a long dress which opened up fuller at the bottom, the skirt spread around on the floor.
It was a baby pink color with see-through sleeves which made her style seem airy and innocent.
Her lips pressed thinly while she stared at the two in horror. Her pink brows furrowed while she shakily opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.
Jake glanced at the two, sensing a weird connection between the two. He backed away slowly while Finn suddenly dropped his sword.
It clanged against the ground and his stance softened. The girl flinched at the sound and her legs shook while she took a step back.
Finn stepped forward while he gave the girl a crooked smile.
“H…. Hi-“
Her sudden outburst made Finn freeze while her papers fell to the ground. She had her right hand raised to point right at him in an accusing way.
“Who are you?!”
Every time Finn tried to speak, the girl kept repeating the same question. She kept going till she backed up and slipped on a piece of paper.
Finn rushed over and was about to help her, but he too slipped on the papers.
They both groaned in pain while Finn propped himself up on his arms. He stared at her face which was even more pretty up close.
The blush appeared in his face again before he started to stutter. “Hi… I’m Finn. And you are?”
The girl sat up slowly while leaning back on her hands. She licked her lips and tried to soothe her dry throat. “I am Princess Y/n, second in line to the Candy Kingdom.”
Her voice was filled with authority, but her body language showed that she was nervous and frightened.
“Wow… you’re really pretty…” Finn melted at her voice. Her face also heated up and he snapped back to reality realizing what he said. “I didn’t mean that! I-well you are pretty! But we just met, and this is… I’m sorry”
Y/n stared at him while he rambled before she tried to cover a giggle. “Pfff!” She failed, and then her laugh echoed in the room.
Now getting a better look, the room was spacious and filled with instruments, art, and books. In the corner was a neatly made bed with a crown sitting on the pillow.
Finn slowly blink before he stood and offered a hand to the girl. “Second in line?” Her raised a brow while giving her a charming grin.
Y/n slowly grabbed his hand, her pink hand darkening under his tanned skin. She allowed him to help herself up.
“Yes, my sister is Princess Bubblegum. You must know who she is, right?”
Jake strolled back in, his hand going around to show his shocked nature. “Woah! Woah, woah, woah! Sister?! PB has another sibling?!” He yelled, his mind exploding from shock.
Y/n smiled. “Yes! And that means you know about Neddy!” Her hands pressed together while she grinned widely.
She then let out a gasp. “Oh, I do know you both. You’re Finn the human , and you’re Jake his magic dog! My sister talks about you all the time.”
Her eyes widened before she bent down and started to go through the fallen pieces of paper. She sat up tall once she found the one she was looking for.
On a single page was a very detailed drawing of what Finn and Jake might have looked like, just based off of her sisters tales. Finn’s picture made him look a little older than he looked while Jake’s made him look more like an ordinary dog than a magic one.
“Sorry if they’re bad, I’ve never really seen other people before…” She blushed while scratching the back of her neck.
Finn’s eyes lit up and he grabbed the picture. “Are you kidding?! This is mathmatical!” He cheered before hugging it close. “I love it!!”
Almost a year had passed since Y/n was introduced to the real world. The one she was meant to live in.
Being locked underground for years wasn’t good for her, mentally and physically.
The one thing she couldn’t take her eyes off every single day was the stars.
She never saw them in person until months after returning to the surface. Her eyes reflected all of the small and big lights in the sky.
Finn remembers the look on her face because he was the one to surprise her with them.
Now every night, no matter the weather, inside or outside, she stares at the stars that tell her different stories.
Her back laid on a cold grass, her candy hair sprawled out while she smiled contently. “Look at that one! Next to the Little Dipper.” She pointed up eagerly.
Finn followed her finger and he grinned. “I don’t think I’ve seen such a bright star.” He smiled before looking at her.
Her eyes stayed on the stars while he stared at her. Of course Finn had fallen for the sister of his original crush. But things were different.
He was older now and realized that this girl was meant for him, and he hoped she felt the same.
“It’s so pretty…” She whispered to herself, but Finn always heard her voice.
He stared at her awe-struck face while a blush softened his cheeks. “Yeah…. Really pretty…”
Y/n didn’t notice his gaze, but she intentionally scooted closer and laid her head near his chest while continuing to stare at the sky.
A faint smile ghosting her lips while she felt comfortable against the young hero.
I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!! Thank you for requesting!!!
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cardassiangoodreads · 2 months
Some of you might remember a couple of years ago when Scarlett Johansson sued Disney because she was making significantly less money for Black Widow than was guaranteed in her contract because so many more people watched it on streaming than in theaters, how there was a massive misinformation campaign from Disney that a ton of people on this website (and Twitter and other social media) bought into: That she was a greedy bitch who didn't respect people who needed to stay at home during the pandemic (I believe the word "ableist" was thrown around with aplomb) as opposed to someone who just wanted to be paid what she was owed. What was literally in her contract!!! And where everyone who took more than a couple minutes to actually look into and think about the situation could figure out that her issue wasn't with streaming itself, but with how little streaming was allowed to get away with paying her and other actors. But of course, a lot of people just saw the chance to dunk on a rich woman, and didn't think about it beyond readying some snarky tags and hit reblog. And in doing so, threw their support behind a much wealthier, greedier studio head who is already using similar language to describe the current strike.
Anyway we're going to see a lot of that from studios now, especially now that actors have joined with the WGA and it's easier to sell them as rich and greedy than writers, because of this cultural stereotype we have of all Hollywood actors as celebrities. Don't fall for it. SAG-AFTRA represents people like Tom Cruise and ScarJo but it also represents the kind of people who played a Borg in two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager in 1997 or who had one line in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as an enthusiastic audience member. Most actors are not crazy wealthy, and in fact, if you're a big TV fan (especially older TV and genre TV) that likely includes some actor names that you know, who played supporting roles in your fav shows, or who were even a star in something but haven't done anything major since. The AFTRA side also represents people like radio broadcasters. But even beside that, all workers deserve to be fairly compensated for the work they do, and the threat of replacing them with AI, or real actors being required to sign contracts to allow their likenesses to be used by AI forever without paying them, is an existential threat to acting as a profession in general. The actors are in the right. The writers are in the right. The studios are in the wrong. The studios have exploited new technology to get away with horrifying labor practices for years and their feet need to be put to the fire. Circulate the articles about how poorly the Orange is the New Black cast was compensated for making one of the defining shows of the early streaming boom, and of the studios saying they want to force writers to starve and lose their homes. Don't get distracted by propaganda aping progressive-sounding language about “wealthy celebrities.” Focus on the real enemy, the truly greedy fat cats who care more about money than people and art: the studios.
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gameraboy2 · 2 days
Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman (1975), "Flight to Oblivion"
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st-just · 3 days
Tumblr media
Not that you could pay me to watch this but - thank you google for the unwelcome reminder of how tragically rare having a sense of taste is.
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humbug-demartino · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Jake of Hearts" [S3 Ep09]
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lizardsfromspace · 1 year
In the early 70s Sesame Street was created with an eye towards educating poor, inner-city children for free, and became a massive hit with all children. In 2016, faced with going off the air forever after facing conservative efforts to destroy public broadcasting since basically its beginning, new episodes became a timed exclusive for premium cable network HBO. In 2022 HBO Max, newly merged with and taken over by reality TV channel Discovery, removed Sesame Street episodes and spin-offs from streaming as a tax write-off and scheme to avoid paying residuals.
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