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wearesociety · 27 days
Tumblr media
An Oath: A Klonnie Short
She woke, as he drew her closer to him. She burrowed into him, her nose pressed against his neck, inhaling deeply, the familiar sweet scent of spice rum hitting her. Her favorite soap.
He kisses her forehead. “Good night?”
Bonnie chuckled.
Even though his tone was conversational,as though they were talking about the weather —which they had more than once usually when he wanted to take her for a getaway—she knew it was forced just by connecting to the bond.
“It went well. Elena and Stefan seem… better. Caroline came back toned legs that could rival Wonder Womans.” She said.
At his silence she looked up, meeting his gaze.
A confused look marring his face.
“I’m sorry, Wonder Woman?”
“From the comics. She’s an amazon warrior. Super toned and badass.”
He nodded, slowly as if trying to make sure he was understanding the words coming out of her mouth.
“Love. I gather you know I’m not well versed in… comics.”
Bonnie rolled her eyes, a smile stretching on her lips and deposits her head in the rook of his neck. Lips brushing his skin, she said, “you’re lucky, I find you cute.”
“That I am.” Pressing her deeper into him. And like always, they’re able to rid the tension just by being near each other. In the beginning, she couldn’t possibly picture Klaus being a person she could count on, let alone someone who could understand her.
Yet, it’s the safety of his arms that she craved for all night, to completely surround and let him take care of her, protect her.
“They’ll hate me.” She whispers, her throat tightening.
Klaus rubbed her back, feeling the tremors that ran through her. “It doesn’t have to be now. We’ll wait.”
She shook her head. “That’s just it. I don’t want to.”
“What do you want?” He asked.
“You.” Through the bond, she felt a warmth surrounding her. It left her speechless the first time she felt it.
(“What is that?” She gasped, rubbing her chest, the warmth migrating there before spreading throughout her body.
He licked his lips. “Us.” Bringing his finger to her face he tucked a curl behind her ear. “It’s our bond activating, it’ll happen when we tap into it.”
Bonnie searched his face, it was inches away from her own. He was completely open to her, It was terrifying. How badly she liked him like this, close and unbidden. Heart beating a tattoo against her ribcage, she closed the distance, and pressed her lips against his. It started sweet— albeit hesitant — just lips connecting, before changing into something more passionate. He sighed into her, cupping her face, his thumbs tracing her skin, setting a shiver down her spice. She felt her entire body melt into his.
Bonnie gripped onto his shirt, a dizziness clouding her, she allowed herself to surrender to him.)
“And what else?” He said, his voice slashing through the memory.
She whispered. “To hold your hand in public.” She slipped her fingers into his. “To kiss you anywhere, everywhere.” She kissed his neck, a small breath escaping him. “To not hide our love.” She kissed his throat.
She pulled back and met his gaze, her breathing stopping short as she took him in. Completely bare, his eyes met hers and saw the greatest look of love she had ever seen. It swam through the bond, her heart beating against his chest.
He leaned down until their foreheads met. “We’ll have that. For the rest of our life.” It was a promise, an oath.
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oriigirii · 3 years
Streamer MC headcannons with the brothers 💞
"You were quite a known face on social media back in the human realm, playing games, doing unboxings, just vibin in general, fans around the globe looked forward to your streams a lot! However, considering the sudden (unannounced) invitation to the exchange program, you had to leave all of that behind out of the blue. It wasn't as bad at first, but you have to admit you do miss the feeling of being able to do goofy shit online. Luckily for you, with the advance technology of Devildom and some spicy magic, the internet had synced with the human realm, and thats when you decided to finally re-enter the streaming scene. How will the brothers react upon seeing your peculiar past time?"
Head empty, No thoughts aside from the brothers just bothering the MC while they stream so here you go haha
Warnings: None, just crackhead energy and a lotta mispellings
Gender: Neutral!
Hotel: Trivago
* [ ಠ╭╮ಠ ] Lucifer *
{How did he know about your career?}
I honestly don't see him as someone who goes on the internet a lot
(He screams boomer to me, change my mind)
He doesn't have the time either, he's too focused on work!
So him finding out is gonna take a while
But! He did find out the hard way when shrilled screaming was heard from your room when he was passing by with some paper stacks in his arms (courtesy of Diavolo)
This man felt his instincts kick in, he ran as fast as he could, papers forgotten, and he immediately slammed your door open. Splinters scattering around, your door definitely damaged, as his eyes held a glare and his demon form was out, wings spread in a threatening display.
He was ready to beat someone's ass as he had thought someone had hurt you in here.
But all hes met with is you, infront of your chair and PC, and a game over on the screen...
To say he was unamused was an understatement cause you just lost your internet priviliges for giving him a heart attack (He said it was because you were being rowdy and noisy but with what you saw you knew that wasn't the case)
Good luck tryna puppy-eye your way to his heart to let you continue streaming lol.
If by some miracle you managed to wriggle your rights back from his hands, he'd warn you not to be so loud next time.
You already learnt your lesson though~ (Hopefully)
{How does he feel about your streams?}
Not everyone's the same, so if you were the shy soft streamer who does more art streams or something akin to a podcast, you can bet that Lucifer will be putting you on while he works, he kinda knows your streaming schedule at this point and if you were running late, he'd force one of his brothers to take over your dish washing duties or any chores you were stuck with
If you were the loud obnoxious meme type, hed still try to watch out of curiosity, and as much as he appreciates that you were getting comfortable here in Devildom with how you laugh and joke around, he still can't approve of it. Its too loud, its much like his brothers energy and he has enough of that already, so he probably doesn't watch as much.
He has countlessly came to your room to shush you and at this point your fans had made a compilation of each time Lucifer had barged in to tell you off
Look he likes it when you scream, but not when hes in the middle of work okay--
At this point, chat has deemed Lucifer as dad and you as their mom/dad.
If he ever catches wind of this he'd definitely be teasing you in private for centuries to come.
Overall fine with it, as long as don't do something stupid on stream.
* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Mammon*
{How did he know about your career?}
I would say he found out by him crashing into your streams midway but that's too predictable, hence why you've Mammon-proofed your bedroom during streaming hours!
Thanks to our wizard daddy, you have managed to cast a simple lock spell on your door and as well as a sound proofing
You love your broke idiot, but you did wanna keep the tone of your stream today a bit more chill, you wanted to have a proper Q&A with your fans to hopefully clear any bad vibes around your 3 month disappearance.
When Mammon has learnt your door was locked he definitely was a bit pissy, he knocked on your door loudly even and was calling out for you to let him in, but to no avail.
Bro he's scared.
He usually was allowed to enter, and you usually answered if you did need to be left alone for a bit, so just leaving him hanging got his mind racing and he had to press up his ear on the wooden door to try and hear if you were okay
When this continues on he finally resorts to getting help, but the only one in the house ws Levi, so he kicks down HIS door.
Levi boutta summon Lotan for interrupting him honestly
But as Mammon exclaim you weren't answering and he worried for your wellbeing, Levi rolls his eyes and scoffs,
"Idiot Mammon, they're streaming don't bother them…"
Streaming? why didn't you tell him???
Rude much.
He did huff and now was forcing his way to use Levi's PC for a moment
Can Levi stop him?
He was busy on his console, and if he stood up now hed be breaking his world record so he was at a terrible state so he just resorts to threats of him drowning the Avatar of Greed if he does anything stupid on his PC.
He immediately logs in to your streaming platform and he watches for a bit,
You were more dolled up now just to look decent on stream, and he felt this jealousy rise as you interact with your chat, especially to those saying I love you's and stuff, and you even said it back? the audacity! You were his werent you? Were you replacing him with these nobodies?
He huffs as he realized that those who paid got their message highlighted, and thus, he starts donating. (Mind you this was Levi's account...)
"Mcccccc Open the dooorrr"
"Ill behave i promiseeeee"
"Cmon pleaseeee?"
Chat is c o n f u s i o n
NGL, they thought Mammon was a creepy stalker and red flags were being waved everywhere
but as chat was pondering who the hell he was, you can only sigh and look at the camera with that unamused expression, but ugh! you just KNOW hes doing that kicked puppy expression of his, and maybe it really wont be so bad
So you snap your fingers and say, "Okay MonMon, its open, Im giving you 3 seconds"
Mammon wasnt deemed to be the fastest out of his brothers for nothing
As soon as you got to '2', you were already tackled by the white haired male and chat went wild.
Now that you've shown your life in Devildom, maybe its time to introduce chat to your boyfriend no?
{How does he feel about your streams?}
You get paid to sit infront of a camera, do I have to say anything else?
But really though, as much as he enjoys the thought of getting so much cash from something so simple, he prefers the joy of being able to proudly exclaim that he was your first man!
ohhhh he thrives on the salt of your overly attached stans
but for those who fully support you, he always feels so mushy and shy when they say the ship you guys so hard
The fanarts has him WEAK (he may or may not have saved a few)
You usually do streams alone, but now you've allowed the door to be left open to let Mammon join whenever
Chat pogs when he enters with so much confidence, only for it to crumble when you kiss his cheek on stream.
Overall finds it fun to spend time with you, but just dont play scary games cause Lucifer might hang him upside down on stream.
* ▘▂▝ Leviathan*
{How did he know about your career?}
He is honestly the most attached to his D.D.D and he catches wind of almost anything going down in the internet, so your 'revival' being hyped up was something he definitely saw and he was just s wo o o ned
His Henry 2.0? a famous streamer?
Were you truly a blessing gifted upon him or was he dreaming?
He definitely didn't bring it up at first as he didn't wanna make it a big deal, but you notice hes been more in his head lately, and you have tried asking him what it was but to no avail.
You have to corner this little snake if you want answers and he eventually admits that he knew of your persona online and was incredibly shy to ask you to stream with him
He's a streamer himself afterall but maybe he doesnt stream as much as you do nor does he have as large of a following, so his intrusive thoughts attacked him and made him think that maybe since he wasnt as famous he didnt deserve to be in the same stream as you
Please tell him to join you and gib him kiss U3U
He'll absolutely m e l t
But now, as you make the announcement to your viewers and Levi to his, the internet explodes as a special collab stream was hapening between the expert gamer and avatar of envy of Devildom along with the beloved exchange student and streamer of the human realm
Your usual viewers reach between 10-15k, but as you start stream, that number boosts higher and beyond
Before streaming though, Levi was incredibly nervous, he'd picked the games for you to play that he knew you would enjoy with him, but his mind kept racing about whatthe fans thought, he didnt wanna disappoint them
But you had to remind him that whatever they say will not matter in the end as this was merely for fun, this was YOUR stream and you guys were gonna do what you want and nobody can have a say on it. (Maybe except Lucifer)
You usually talk for him with your bubbly personality, and to calm his nerves, he hs your pinky wraped around his where the camera can't see it.
Regardless, his thoughts subsided as you two delve into your stream that lasted a solid 7 hours, you definitely promised your chat that you and Levi will be doing more streams together from now on.
Once the cameras cut and yall are left alone, Both of you collapse on bed, and despite you being asleep already, Levi was just far too giddy as everything dwells on him.
Having a player 2 by his side now had never felt so intoxicating and he as just so lucky to have you.
{How does he feel about your streams?}
He obviously adores it, although some streams he wouldnt join just so he can play games on his own
He's still an introvert afterall, he needs his alone time
But he prefers that alone time with you, his Henry.
So when youre about to go stream, he kinda becomes a bit pouty, but with a simple promise of kisses (and maybe even more if youd like) he would let you go, but his attention would disappear from his game altogether.
He might just end up watching you instead
May or may not, at some point, just chat you and ask if its too late to join you
You do allow him to join you and play from the comforts of his room as both of you can simply play via internet, you give him the comfort to not turn on his mic or webcam either and you have no idea how he appreciates that.
Will definitely fight someone online when they start claiming you as theirs (-cough- stans) Please make sure it doesnt escalate to him summoning Lotan
Although the comments would often get to him, and as much as he can fight them online, he still does find himself pondering if they were true, so you need to give him a lotta lovin and reminder that he is your player 1 and no one else can ever fill that place.
Wow 3 brothers this time, what an improvement, anyways hope yall enjoy! I think its pretty clear who I simp for depending o nthe length of each lol, but do let me know if you guys want a part 2 for the rest of the brothers, or even the undateables!
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sunshades · 7 years
hey there bell! hmu whit palla/minerva for 8, 17, 19, 20 & the last two pleaseeee?
[send me a pairing and i’ll tell you]
OMMMMYGOD THE OG CHRISTMAS TREE LESBIANS…. thank u olau we all owe you,,, under cut to save my mobilezoned followers’ lives
8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
[cherche voice] MINER-CHAN
jus kidding but aaaaaah can’t think of anything…. i think in a post-canon setting or when they were young minerva would jokingly call her “big sister” (joke’s on her because she’s actually a little older) bc ya, takes care of everyone. after the war palla learns to drop all kinds of “commander” or “princess” and that’s really important to minerva because now she only wants to live a normal and happy life [PRAYING EMOJI]
17. Who says I love you first?
palla does. i feel like they both do have this typical fe thing of “duty comes first i HAVE PEOPLE TO PROTECT” but… ya know palla’s heroes confession is more romantic? ofc minerva confides in her and all but it’d be a “we have… things to do. i shouldnt bother her with futile matters” kind of thing! palla already let abel go, so the brrravery surge kicks in and “minerva, shall we spend the rest of our lives together?” while they’re there at the convent and all of lena’s kids are eavesdropping anD EVERYBODY WAS CLAPPING
19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?OK WE HAVE ENOUGH SIBS TO ONLY TALK ABOUT THEM
they dont really hide once it happens so uhhh? ……but actually palla has to. of course maria would listen to everything minerva has to say but she’s still young and the other option? yo michalis u wanna hear about my BRAND new girlfriend?? that’d be a terrible AND hilarious idea
20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
do we start with the bad or with the good? 
CATRIA AND MARIA! ARE! SO! HAPPY!!!! the kind of like? should’ve happened/kinda already did a while ago but ~circumstances~ so it’s natural that they’d be glad… catria does hurt a little but she’s trying to move on as well (IM NOT LETTING HER DO FAYE BS YALL) so. michalis mmm… (if hes alive) i think he wouldnt mind? no strong feelings about it. EST… she leaves before she can hear about it… thinking that if she’s not around abel and palla will be happy together…
29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart
when geyse kidnapped est the whitewings had no means of announce minerva they were leaving. during the year of their absence the servants at macedon castle would worry about the princess, left without her sister, brother, and closest friends, and that sometimes a soft weeping could be heard from her chambers
30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it
est jokingly complains that the two of them are too serious, but minerva regains her smile when she meets maria again, palla when she and her sisters can finally go back home at the end of the war. they start to laugh again when palla visits the convent, and maria says nothing because she hasn’t seen her sister that happy in a long time. after they get together, catria doesn’t say anything because she wouldn’t dream of scolding her older sister, but has to turn her eyes away because gods what’s up with them giggling like two lovebirds??
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