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yeehaww-sims · 11 days
Also if you're still doing flag requests an InterNon flag would also be awesome!! deviantart[.]com/softglitch/art/Intersex-and-Non-binary-InterNon-Flag-919334588
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We meet again Anon! Finished your requests, you can find them Here:
[SFS] | [MF] | [MTS]
I also added some flags I did as personal recolours, and some my partner wanted, as I've been sitting on them for a while sdfjkldfskjl
Also if the otherkin anon sees this, I added a couple nonhuman/alterhuman flags to the mix as well! You can find the newly added flags below.
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Arin wanted a bimbo-gendered flag so. Who am I to tell him no. The rest that aren't recent requests are the ones I've had for a while. Also I know Furries aren't alterhuman/otherkin etc but I saw it while looking and threw it in there.
[Plaintext: Bimbogender x2, Term Collector x2, Demiaesthetic, Femme, Femme Lesbian, Enbian [alt flag] Polyamorous x5!, Otter, Nonhuman Unity, Alterhuman x2, Furry, InterNon, Androgynos, Ay'lonit, Saris, Tumtum]
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xenohcs · 2 years
Tumblr media
Gon Freecss from real life is a solirabettic cinthean avendinoboy arcadecoric saturngender aromantic geheimnispilzic transmasc brokendollix polyamorous candygender term collector agender deathcute moldgender clerskyetic dragongender beauphoric who experiences platonic attraction and uses gore/gores, it/its, xe/xem, thon/thons, rot/rots cor/corpse, mew/mews, fuzz/fuzzes, paw/paws, gold/golds, scale/scales, yip/yips, fur/furrets, angel/angels, lo/love, di/dice, che/chews!
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flowersofviscera · 23 days
hello! i go by rev, vis, or seraph, and im 19 and transneutral!
despite the scary-ish name i stg this blog is for gender euphoria and positivity!! primarily started as a place for me to dump my own gender envy/euphoria rbs or rambles but this is especially a safe space for anyone with a "cringe" form of gender expression, so hoard your terms, neo your pronouns and xeno your gender(s) no but please feel free to infodump in my inbox about that kind of stuff i think its neat
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jessicalprice · 2 months
not every story is a fable
(reposted from Twitter)
Tumblr media
So in reading Christian commentary on NT parables, and its wild and ugly claims about first-century Jews and Judaism, I often find myself wondering how they got there. And I think I've discerned the process. 
It goes a little something like this: 
Christians receive traditional interpretations of what the parables “mean." E.g. the prodigal son means you should forgive people, the good Samaritan means you should help people in need. These meanings are, generally, banal.
Rather than reading the parables as stories, Christians read them as fables with a moral. They read them through the lens of that moral instead of approaching them without a predetermined interpretation.
Christians also believe that the parables must contain revolutionary, radical truths.
So now, they somehow have to resolve the idea that the stories are radical with the fact that their received interpretations are obvious/banal/the same thing plenty of other people have said.
And that goes a little something like this: 
Since (what they believe are) the morals of these stories don't sound radical to contemporary Westerners, they project that radicalness backward onto the parable's original context and audience. That is, it must have been radical/shocking at the time, to the people who first heard it.
Now they have to resolve the dilemma of how something that sounds so banal and obvious to us could have been radical and shocking and scandalous(!) to the original listeners.
Most of them aren't going to say "Jesus's Jewish listeners were incredibly malicious and/or incredibly stupid," at least out loud. So they move to: Projecting that onto Jewish culture, Jewish law, "religious law," etc. 
So then they need to make up norms/customs/attitudes that would make the parable "shocking." If they can find a source that maybe seems to say something that hints in that direction, they'll claim it says a lot more than it does and that it was normative. (E.g. Ben Sira saying you can tell things about a man from how he walks ends up meaning "the villagers would have stoned the father for running to greet his long-lost son" and of course that running to greet your long-lost son would be S H O C K I N G to the listeners.)
It's why they love throwing "ritual purity" in there so much. 
The father in the Prodigal Son story wouldn't embrace his son because he was ritually impure! (If the father was out doing farm stuff and wasn't going to the Temple any time soon, most likely, so was he.)
The kohen and the Levite in the Good Samaritan story passed by the dying man on the side of the road because they were afraid he would make them ritually impure! (The story is very clear they were headed AWAY from Jerusalem, and thus the Temple, so no.)
The Pharisee in the Temple has contempt for the tax collector and doesn't want to stand next to him because he's ritually impure! (No, if the tax collector is in the Temple, he is in a state of ritual purity.)
An anthropologist friend of mine told me that when anthropologists/archaeologists are confronted with an object from an ancient culture and they don't know what it's for, the default category is "ritual object."
Did you dig up a weird-shaped ax that doesn't seem well-designed for either being a weapon OR chopping things? Ritual object. 
Find a statue with some odd characteristics? Ritual object.
"Ritual purity" appears to be to Christian understanding of Jewish customs what "ritual object" is to anthropologists. Anything that doesn't make sense to you, put down to "ritual purity."
So, anyway, the process goes like this: 
parables must be shocking > 
they're not shocking to me > 
they must have been shocking to Jews > 
make up supposed Jewish customs/laws/attitudes that would have made normal behavior "shocking"
It’s exhausting. 
(Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio)
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jess-the-vampire · 2 months
Y’know i see a lot of fans talking about how much of a dick Philip was for betraying the collector, and while yeah, not keeping his promise and disposing of him was a dick move....i don’t think people have considered how much releasing the collector actually screws Philip over? That it’s even more reasonable why he would not let him out?
and not in the whole “you might teach others this dangerous magic too” thing that philip mentions in KT, no i mean like this-
Philip clearly has made it a point he wanted to go home to earth, that going home was always part of the plan, and that he had no interest in staying on the isles once he did.
The Collector on the other hand, made it a large point that he wanted Philip to stay with him as his playmate and best friend, on several occasions. Asking about their next game together, referring to him as his second player, and so on and so forth.
Tumblr media
Yeahhhhhh these two interests kinda very much conflict with one another.
Unless philip promised to bring him to earth, which doesn’t seem to be the case since he never mentions it, it’s very obvious that philip wants to leave and collector would rather he stay.
If philip had let the collector out, and had genuinely kept his promise, does anyone think the collector would of let philip just.....walk away? 
It wasn’t part of their deal and he’s way more powerful then philip, and philip clearly knows that, and we’ve seen with king how collector can be when his “friends” are at risk of leaving him behind.
Tumblr media
Now maybe philip told him he’d come back often to visit but we don’t know that.
What we do know is philip wants to go home and he knows the collector, if let out, could overpower him easily and force him to stay if he really wanted to.
Cruel or not, there was no benefit for philip in keeping his promise when you really think about it.
For him it was either drop the kid, or let him out and risk ruining everything and be completely unable to stop him. King let him out because it was either that or everyone dies, but had the circumstances not been so dire, I'm not sure anyone in the owl house cast would of let him out either given the amount of power he has to do whatever he wants regardless of what others might want.
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mogai-vexillology · 6 months
Tumblr media
A gender related to trinkets and/or collecting trinkets.
E.g.): cogs, keys, buttons, jewelry, small figurines, charms, jewels, bones, sea glass, pebbles, marbles, etc. etc.
May bear relation to): Crowcore, Eclectic maximalism
💜💙💚 there is no wrong or right way to identify with this label 💛🧡❤️ -Jes
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sunnnymornings · 18 days
imagine being belos. imagine having been hunting witches for centuries, plotting and scheming to bring about the destruction of an entire species, and an ipad kid is more intimidating than you.
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restlessreveries · 3 months
Alright. Disconnect the Array path without meeting Sym.
I’m never doing this again.
Because when you do meet him, it’s so damn heartwrenching.
Lots of screenshots from the second fight with Noctilucent in the swamp, spoilers for this path obviously.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
After this point the path continues much like it usually does. There might be a slight variation in the dialogue options with Sym at the very end but it’s been s long since I did my first run of this path that I couldn’t tell.
Gonna have to treat myself to a particularly wholesome Peace on Vertumna path after this...
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strawberrus0da · 8 months
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This is by far the dumbest edit I’ve ever made, have fun
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frog-in-a-jumper · 9 months
The difference between the Collector and Belos is really just Horrid Little Guy (affectionate) and Horrid Little Guy (derogatory) respectively
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noxwithoutstars · 4 months
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✧。:*▹ Transbasket/Transcollectin
Tumblr media
✧ Transbasket/Transcollectin is a term for when one collects trans subtypes, such as transmasc, transneutral, transxenine, etc.
✧ Requested by anon
Tumblr media
[ ID: A digital watercolor wash of reds, oranges, purples, and peaches on a dark indigo background. Words are in turquiose: “DNI: Racist, Prolife/anti-abortion, transmed, anti-BLM, homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic, exclusionist, anti-MOGAI/xenos/neos, anti-anti, anti-decolonization, anti-lesboy/turigirl, anti-otherkin, TERF/radfem, believes ‘narc uhbuse’ is real.” End ID. ]
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akumaii · 9 months
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Divine Relationship hoarder
(Divine Relationship collector)
a form of relationship hoarder where one has a intense desire to have more relationships, due to being a divine being. This can refer to any form of relationships (sexual, romantic, platonic, queerplatonic/alterous, amical, etc.)
Etymology: Divine + Relationship + hoarder/collector
Tumblr media
requested by: anon
↩︎ request info
(If any terms I’ve posted are already a thing please tell me.)
My DNI list↩︎ — (last updated: 05/21/2022)
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senselessalchemist · 6 months
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it was my birthday yesterday and so i took a substance and decided to draw whatever my heart desired
apparently that was dead cells at the beach
i have very little memory of drawing any of this
collector below readmore because i don't want to subject anyone to unwanted rather tiny swimsuit
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i-am-megalodonna · 8 months
Okay this random thought came to me and I want to share because I am an angst gremlin.
Okay, so, the Collector understandably came to the conclusion that if Luz were to die, so would he. Belos has way more then often been shown willing to kill a kid to get what he wants. Figuring out Collector's Mirror was found and he's now bound to the sole other human in the Boiling Isles, thus "corrupting" her, well, he would definitely take the chance to hopefully get rid of the Collector for good, and said being of the stars has been around him for years and probably knows that. And currently due to their incompatibility Belos greatly out powers those two.
Basically what I'm saying is that this can very well lead up to Collector having at least a little bit of legit fear towards Belos, since he can easily kill him and Luz if given the chance.
Yeah, Collector does have a certain level of fear surrounding Belos, though it does take a little while for it to set in. Which is to say, the Collector is used to being nigh-untouchable one way or another, and for the first time they're really, really not. It takes a while for them to process that fact. Belos can now do much worse than just toss them aside, and would in a second if given the opportunity.
That exact fear is the main motivation for the Collector wanting Luz to keep her mouth shut about all of it. Although they were kept fairly isolated, they still had a good seat to see all of the Isles fall under Belos' complete control; they know better than most just how loyal most of its citizens are to him. It goes without saying they don't trust much of anyone.
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sir-eldritch · 2 months
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With Symbol (left) || Without Symbol (right)
A collector/hoarder based term for when one collects/hoards various types of terms. (Can also be called ID-Collector) This can include:
Being multi types of an ID-hoarder, such as genderhoarder, orientationhoarder, pluralhoarder, etc.
Collecting identity terms in general, whether it be a couple genders, a couple orientations, a couple pronouns, etc. Not being necessarily any other collector-related term, however feeling one still collects terms in general.
Any combination of the two examples above.
Below are some related terms that'd be good to know.
Genderhoarder: also known as gendercollector and hoardgender, is an identity in which one's gender is fluid or fluctuating, but one can’t find just a few terms to describe what their fluctuating gender is, so they collect gender terms that fit them. Anyone who collects genders may identify as a gendercollector.
Orientationhoarder: Generally defined as the orientation version of Genderhoarder.
Pluralhoarder: Similar to Genderhoarder, covering plural -genic and -based terms.
This term was originally coined August 23rd, 2022.
Crowcollector’s also supposed to be different than Ravencollector (Termcollector) due to the fact Crowcollector also includes those who may hoard in certain aspects of their identity, while maybe only having one or two terms for another part of their identity. Ravencollector more-so referring to someone who collects terms for majority or all of their identity.
It’s supposed to be a term for folks to use that feel like their “hoards” are a mixed bag of terms, whether that be due to being a hoarder over-all, or having a handful of terms from certain aspects of one’s identity that still forms a small hoard of terms.
Tumblr media
[ID] Two flags with 13 diagonal stripes. The the pattern goes from thick stripe to thin stripe, and repeats. The colors from top left to bottom right are: sapphire, black, pale bluish purple-gray, black, sapphire, black, stratos blue, black, sapphire, black, pale bluish purple-gray, black, sapphire. The flag with the symbol shows a white crow silhouette, that appears to be landing. [/End ID]
[ID] A DNI (do not interact) banner with a very faded galaxy background. On the left of the banner there’s a flag as with a rounded side, the circle inside it showing an image of a cone tornado at the end of a road, the flag being the (General) Neurodivergent flag. The rest of the image is filled with white text that reads: “DNI (Do Not Interact). Against Good Faith Self Identification Or “Contradictory” Identities, Transmed, Sysmed, Group Arospec under Acespec, Anti-Educated Self-Dx, Call Mspec identities “Bispec”, Anti-Alterhuman, Anti-Otherkin, Anti-Chronosian, Against the term Transandromisia (or similar terms), Anti Aldernic, Anti-Altersex, Pro-Contact harmful paras, TransID,  Anti-Anti, Proship, “Consang”, Anti-SFW Agere, Demonize Cluster B disorders, Anti-BLM, Anti-ACAB” [/End ID]
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neurofluo-rescent · 11 months
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a xenogender thats related to Monsters, Cryptids, scary legends, horror mysterious, a gender that can only be contextualized as nature thats eerie, unnerving or "icky" to the majority
the name is derivative of Horr- (the prefix for horror) Grimm- (derivative of the book Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm) and -ium (the root word to coin element names in chemistry, in this case its being used to coin a gender!!)
Tumblr media
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