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shorukarts 2 days
Quick question, do you ship papara in other aus? If so could you please do classic papara?
There ya go !! 鉂わ笍馃А
last Tumblr request!
Tumblr media
An honest answer
I ship characters depending on the au ( if that's what the creator likes and it's morally acceptable by my beliefs I'm all for it ) and imo it works cuz it's not that far from Frans
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scaberix 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Spy 脳 Family phone wallpapers (requested by anonymous)
At least do NOT聽forget to credit me if you鈥檙e reposting these, please.
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splinterbean 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥渢he storm鈥檚 end scene when aemond removes his eye patch. this is the first time lucerys is actually seeing the damage he caused. you can see the horror on his face.鈥
- @closed-third-eye
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holdinbacksecrets 4 months
okay but how would seventeen react to their s/o asking them to take their shirt off while cuddling, like they meant nothing sexual but it's just an innocent thought of feeling closer to them :(
cuddling + some sleeping too
seungcheol: he finds you asleep with your shirt off. met by a rush of endearment, he decides to take his off too before joining you. the skin to skin contact helps his insomnia
jeonghan: he asks you to take his shirt off for him. then, he sighs deeply because his love for you is all consuming. 鈥渁ll you did was move buttons through little fabric slits, and i鈥檓 melting.鈥
joshua: it鈥檚 his heartbeat even closer that you鈥檙e hoping for. he hisses at the feeling of your cold fingertips on his chest before wrapping his arm around you and guiding you on top of him. the action makes you giggle, but the comfort is impeccable聽
jun: he asks you to wear the shirt he takes off, and his reaction is so dramatic. the man sinks, melts, collapses on the bed before coaxing you to him
soonyoung: he fell asleep and woke up in a rush, (nearly) forgetting his shirt altogether. he flashed his abs to your next door neighbor on accident, and she brings them up during every elevator ride you share afterward. 鈥渄oes that young man have any brothers? my niece isn鈥檛 having any luck on those dating apps.鈥 imagine her shock when you reply, "he actually has twelve."
wonwoo: it鈥檚 the warmth you鈥檙e craving and telling him so made you nervous, but he smiled and kissed your forehead before obliging
jihoon: the whole idea of this already being a routine...聽 like he comes home and you鈥檙e about to take a nap, laying in bed, fluffing your pillow. you look over, and he鈥檚 taking off his shirt... ugh the comfort
seokmin: with his shirt off and his arms holding you, you can鈥檛 keep yourself from thanking him for making you feel so safe, protected, and loved
mingyu: you lay sideways with a pillow over his stomach. it only lasts a few minutes before he鈥檚 guiding you closer. 鈥渨e cannot cuddle like that.鈥 all you do is giggle and pepper his chest with kisses before moving your pillow back to the head of the bed and tucking your leg between his
minghao: he takes his shirt off but gets back up to retrieve his tea. the sight of him walking back to your room, stopping for a moment to test the temperature, and realizing he only has one mug is adorable. 鈥渄o you want a big or small mug? honey? i know you go back and forth with sweetening green tea.鈥
seungkwan: he blushes blushes blushes and hides his face behind the bedroom door. he鈥檚 suddenly feeling so vulnerable, but he looks at you and sees comfort and security, so serenity washes over him. he rubs your back and answers all your random questions聽
hansol: he was just about to put a sweatshirt on because he鈥檚 so cold鈥 next time? 鈥渁nd please don鈥檛 think i don鈥檛 want to because i do, but i鈥檓 freezing. where are those fuzzy socks with ghosts on them? they鈥檙e your warmest pair鈥
chan: he asks if you鈥檇 be willing to take your shirt off too because it鈥檚 only fair, and he loves to trace the tattoo across your rib cage
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jngwonnie 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Red Haired Jungwon for @animeepedia 鈫 request an enha gif set here
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the-backspaces 2 months
if spooky month requests are still open, maybe roy and ross or ross and skid hanging out? if not it's all good! :>
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I couldn鈥檛 decide which one to do, so I just drew out both lol
Also hey! We鈥檙e finally un-blurry :D -Kaybee
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kithtaehyung 8 months
Yoongi watches the delivery driver flirt with OC when they drop off food at her house and her brother is there too
Tumblr media
series: three tangerines聽 3tanslices: mini-scenarios!聽
"Oh, hey! Thanks."
Yoongi checks his phone as he emerges from the hallway bathroom, looking up just in time to see you grabbing the food from the delivery driver.
And going to close the door before you're stopped by a quick, borderline rushed,
"Whoa, I love your nails."
While you politely reply, he makes his way down the hall, knowing you can鈥檛 see him nor know that he鈥檚 paying attention.聽
"Really? Thank you, I just got them done."
"Yeah? Where at? The one I just went to fucked my shit up."
"Damn, that sucks! Well, I go to this one in the city..."
He's no expert, but doesn't that chick have her car running? Shouldn't she not be staring at you like that while you launch into full-on instructions on how to get to wherever you get your shit done?
Well. Not that he blames her.聽
Besides, maybe she is just complimenting your nails - they're not hard to notice. Good color. Shape, too, he guesses. Goes great with your sk-
Fuck! He should not be thinking about any of this right now.
As his vision snaps back into a focus that it should've never gotten out of, he sees you standing in front of him with two bags that smell fucking delicious. "Sup?"
"You can order and hope we get her again if you want."
Your look of amusement catches him way off-guard, as do your words,
"You were staring pretty hard. Could give statues a run for their money."
鈥淲ell. I guess statues can鈥檛 really run, huh...鈥澛
Fuck, you thought he was staring at her? How the hell is he supposed to-
"Fucking finally! I'm starving."
As his friend closes the back door with a quick bang, Yoongi gives you a look before taking the bags.
"Your nails."
Don't say it. Don't fucking say it.
"They'd look nicer in my back."
His conceited as fuck whisper drops as he turns to bring the food to the kitchen, and it takes everything in him to not laugh at the absolute heat he feels right where he wants your hands to be.
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blushweddinggowns 2 months
#12, ugly Christmas sweaters, please.
Eddie, unsurprisingly, was not a huge fan of Christmas. He didn鈥檛 really hate it per say, at least not anymore. Sure, from ages one to twelve they were pretty hellish, but ever since he came to live with Wayne, Christmas was kinda nice.
They were broke as fuck, so it鈥檚 not like Eddie ever had much under the tree, but Wayne would always scrounge up enough to get him a few things. He鈥檇 also make the best chocolate chip pancakes ever, their own version of Christmas dinner, which was secretly Eddie鈥檚 favorite part.
Twelve years of bad holidays and nine of good equated to Eddie being relatively neutral about the whole thing. His ambivalence on the holiday had never been much of an issue.聽
Until now.
Because Eddie decided to fall for a man who had a Christmas-obsessive best friend. A Christmas-obsessed best friend that had his boyfriend wrapped around her finger.
Technically, Steve had warned him about this. But he didn鈥檛 expect her antics to start in November. Because apparently, the planning for a holiday ugly sweater party with homemade ugly sweaters was extensive. At first, Eddie was certain it was an idea she randomly had while high as a kite, but no, it was a Buckley family tradition. And this year, Robin decided that their little group of weirdos were officially part of the family.
And that sentiment was too adorable for even Eddie to make fun of. But that didn鈥檛 mean he had to like it. Because the making of twelve ugly sweaters included the enlistment of Steve鈥檚 help, and the enlistment of Steve's help meant that Eddie wasn't allowed to completely hog his weekends anymore.
The guy was learning how to knit for this fucking thing, and that took time. Hell, even when he got to see him, Steve brought the knitting needles with him, and Eddie had to fight with freaking yarn to get his attention. And it was a losing battle. Steve always shut down any complaining, with some variation of the speech, "Babe, I got her kidnapped by Russians and almost eaten by demons. All in less than two years. The least I can do for her is knit a damn sweater."
Not to mention how he was so weirdly secretive about the whole thing. Anytime Eddie tried to get a look at what he was doing he was rebuffed, and Steve had had the audacity to kick him out of his own living room more than once.
But the day before the party finally arrived, and it marked the end of Steve's obsessive knitting tear. Eddie thought he'd be relieved the whole thing was over, but he'd been fidgety and anxious all night.
Eddie was just on the edge of teasing him over being such a nervous wreck over sweaters when Steve stood from the couch, nervously announcing that he had something for him.
He dug behind a couch cushion, pulling out a cheap little green gift bag with bright red tissue paper. He dropped it into Eddie's lap with a nervous smile, "Open it."
Eddie felt the bag up with a smile, immediately guessing what it was.
鈥淚 thought the Buckley tradition was to open them in a group?鈥 Eddie asked, tearing away at the tissue paper, "Did you get Robin's permission for a holiday transgression?"
Steve shrugged, chewing his nails while he watched Eddie pull it out, 鈥淲ell, she helped me make it so she's vaguely aware. But鈥 want you to see it now. Uh, without an audience.鈥
It was every Christmas color jammed into one ugly sweater. Red, green, white, and blue, all in horizontal stripes. It was impressively bad and Eddie was more than ready to start laughing at it.
But then he turned it around.
The bright red words were knitted in sloppily, but they were clear enough to make Eddie's jaw drop.
I Love You Eddie Munson
Eddie stared at it, mind coming to a complete halt. They...hadn't said that to each other yet. Eddie had thought it sure, probably a million times by now, but he had been too chicken shit to say it out loud himself, always worried about scaring Steve away.
But here it was, staring him in the face.
Steve was gnawing on his lower lip as watched him stare at it, getting more and more anxious by the second, 鈥淚-I thought it would be鈥ndearing? But you don鈥檛 have to say anything back! It was a stupid- idea.鈥
"This is the ugliest thing I鈥檝e ever seen,鈥 Eddie interrupted, embarrassingly close to tears, 鈥淚 have never wanted to hate something more.鈥
He clutched it to his chest, looking up at Steve with a wet laugh, 鈥淚 love it.聽I love you, you fucking dork.鈥
Steve grinned back at him, obviously relieved.
"It took me like a month to make. You better like it!" He laughed, pulling Eddie into a hug, "And I promise, you only have to wear it once."
Eddie shook his head against Steve's shoulder, still holding onto his new favorite piece of clothing for dear life.
That little shake was the only warning Steve was going to get, because if he thought that Eddie was going to only wear it for Christmas parties, then he had another thing coming.
The I love you sweater became a winter wardrobe regular for years to come, clashing colors be damned. Eddie ignored all offers Steve made to make one that wasn't hideous and never missed a chance to explain what it meant to anyone who asked.
But despite how much Eddie loved it, Robin was the real winner of the gift. Because Eddie never complained about her kidnapping Steve during the holidays again.
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yibo-wang 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉁.鈰唌ilestone celebration requests鈰.鉁
聽聽 鉃 @sevencoloredstar鈥 asked聽 wang yibo modeling/in photoshoots or wang yibo dancing
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kykyonthemoon 3 months
Diluc x reader and this one
"I'm never letting go off you. I missed you so fucking much."
Pleaseeeeee <3 He has just lost so much
Very sorry for the delay~ Here's your request now ~ I did change the line you requested because I felt like Diluc was much gentle ^^
Hope you like the story~
Tumblr media
A few months had passed since you last trailed the winds of Mondstadt. When you returned this time, like you had so many times before, you were greeted with laughter, loving hugs, and a slew of inquiries from friends and acquaintances.
It was just in time for the Weinlesefest in Mondstadt, which Dawn Winery was of course a part of. Even if he was not a big drinker, he would undoubtedly serve wine to the Anemo Archon. With that in mind, you set out for the winery, expecting to get a few other things done as well.
It was late afternoon when you noticed the vineyard on the horizon. You had been thinking about your last goodbye, and your upcoming reunion the entire time. You did not know what he would think; would it surprise him to see your return unexpectedly? You chose to stroll down the hill after a long delay.
Adelinde, the Head Housemaid, greeted you warmly. She was taken aback, but also enthusiastically friendly.
"Y/N, it's you! Since you didn't send a letter to tell us about your arrival ahead of time, I didn't have time to prepare anything... My apologies!"
"It's fine." You responded. "I just wanted to say hello to everyone..."
Adelinde flashed a smile, as if she knew "everyone" would include that one particular person. "If so, would you want to eat supper here?" she asked.
You were ready to say 鈥渘o鈥 when Adelinde interrupted, saying, "Master Diluc will be home late."
Upon hearing that, you become disheartened. You intended to pay him a visit, but you chose the wrong time when he was not at home.
"But if you stay for supper, maybe he'll be back in time." Adelinde suggested cheerfully.
"Then I'll have to bother you this time, Adelinde." You smiled, a little self-conscious because you were not used to being alone in Dawn Winery without Diluc.
Adelinde refused to let you help her make supper, claiming that you were exhausted after a long travel. Therefore, you strolled the grounds by yourself. The vineyard appeared to have been enlarged slightly, and there were now additional flowers planted in wine barrels in the backyard... You started wondering if Diluc had changed too after all these months.
You recalled saying farewell to him and departing for Sumeru. Even though you knew he would not stop you from going somewhere essential, you would never forget his saddened gaze every time you had to say goodbye. Letters were only fleeting. You missed Diluc every time the breeze carried the scent of flowers, every time the wine glasses were filled, every time you raised your head to gaze at the sky... You might occasionally see Diluc's face waiting for you to return. But as the day turned into months, your letters faded. Diluc would most likely be upset with you; he had every right to be, given that you were always the first one to leave.
Adelinde appeared in the hall, calling you for dinner. She said that Diluc was away often, since he was working on something unique for the Weinlesefest.聽
After finishing your dinner but Diluc had yet to return, you sat down on the sofa and began to wonder about the Weinlesefest and what he was up to. Adelinde revealed that this celebration was meant to commemorate wine and the labor of those who made wine as an offering to the Anemo Archon. Master Diluc disliked wine, so instead of producing wine and burying it in the ground until the next year like everyone else, he only searched for the sweetest grapes and fruits to make juice. He must have found another special ingredient to brew this time.
You nodded as you listened to Adelinde's comments. You fell asleep without realizing it since you were exhausted after a long travel and it was late at night. Adelinde did not want to wake you up, so she went inside to get a warm blanket. When she returned to the living area, she noticed Diluc had returned.
Diluc motioned to Adelinde to be quiet so as not to wake you, then took the warm blanket from the maid's grasp. Adelinde understood, she nodded and smiled as she turned on her heel to walk away.
Diluc moved gently over to the sofa where you were resting, one knee on the floor. He stayed there staring at you for a long time, his fingers softly caressing the hair that dropped down to your forehead. Then he covered you with the blanket. At that moment, you awoke dreamily.
鈥淒i鈥 Diluc?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 here.鈥
That deep voice remained. His hand came over your moving hand. All your problems vanished just by touching his hand.
You struggled to keep your eyes open, but your lashes continued to furrow. Diluc's other hand caressed your face tenderly.
"I鈥檓 sorry... Diluc..." You spoke in a hushed tone. "I've been gone for far too long... Sorry that I only returned just now..."
"It's fine."
Diluc shortly responded. You could feel his warmth radiating over your face.
"But... But Diluc must be mad at me... Right?"
There was no response. You opened your eyes. In the soft yellow light of the room, Diluc was still kneeling on one knee by the sofa.聽 His eyes were the color of fire, as gentle as the fire in the stove. It also held the anguish and loneliness that you had left him for months.
You raised up. The blanket dropped to your side.
鈥淚鈥檓 truly sorry鈥撯
Before you could finish your sentence, Diluc raised up, pulling you into a tight hug. His hair smelled of grapes, ripe fruit as well. It was sweet and intoxicating even when you had not taken any sip of wine.
鈥淚t鈥檚 good that you鈥檙e here now鈥︹
Diluc whispered softly. Your ears were suddenly heated. He placed directly a kiss on it. Before you could respond, his lips slid down your cheekbones, then found their way to your slightly trembling lips.
"I missed you like I was going crazy. This time, I鈥檓 not letting you go again, ever鈥︹
Masterlist: 鉁
Ao3: 鉁
Hoyolab: 鉁
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lixhues 8 months
Can I request a Chan smut?? Like he catches her masturbating and then does a little teasing, degrading?? Thanks
Sure! I guess you want a fem!reader, so I'll do that!
warnings: smut, dom!chan, themes of punishment, teasing, degradation and name-calling
Chan knows he's good at sex.
The way you moan loudly when he thrusts, wrap your legs around his waist to bring him closer, dig your nails into his back out of pleasure and choke out small sobs when he hits your spot tells him more than he needs to know.
He's all you need to satisfy your every carnal desire.
So imagine his surprise when he finds you splayed out on the bed, fingers in your cunt, face buried in his sheets and head too far gone to notice his arrival.
"Well, well," Chan lets out after a moment of watching you relentlessly thrust your fingers into yourself.
You get startled, immediately closing your legs and sitting up, looking at Chan, eyes wide. His face is stern, sharp eyes raking over your face and his expression doesn't falter a bit.
"Hey, don't stop on my account," He says, slowly walking towards you and standing near the edge of the bed. "You clearly weren't thinking before, so why did you stop now?"
Before you can spill out a string of excuses, he beats you to it. "Does your disobedience come with a dumb, slutty brain? I said, don't stop."
Your walls contract a little around your fingers at his words, as you hesitantly spread your legs again and move your fingers again.
"So you can listen," he remarks, now sitting on the bed and unbuttoning his shirt, eyes stuck at your moving fingers. "I thought you think of nothing but pleasure all the time. Just want something, anything in that hole of yours, don't you?"
You let out a whimper, moving your fingers a little faster, but your hand is stopped by Chan's grip on your wrist. "Not that fast, baby."
His hand sets a slow pace, thrusting your own fingers in you. The movement feels good but not enough. You whine and writhe, but Chan doesn't relent, still going at the slow pace.
It must've been 30 minutes or so since Chan found you on the bed in the compromising position, but it feels like hours. Hours of slow torture, and you cannot register anything except Chan and his member pushing in you again and again, slow and deep. But it's not enough. You want to come.
You're begged for the last 10 minutes or so, but nothing convinces him. He's dead set on the same pace.
"What happened baby? Is this not enough?" He taunts you. He knows it's not enough, he knows what you want but refuses to give it to you.
"P-please, Channie, please, won't d-do it again, I promise," you choke out, overwhelmed by everything.
"Won't do what? Behave like a slut? Touch yourself behind my back?"
And he finally relents.
Thrusts hard and fast, he takes it all out on you. The sudden surge in pleasure leaves your head black, as you moan loudly and arch your back.
"Fuck- I'm gonna ruin you for everyone, even yourself."
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scaberix 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Given phone wallpapers (requested by @rooftopstars)
At least do NOT聽forget to credit me if you鈥檙e reposting these, please.
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shorukarts 8 days
Could I ask for Fran鈥檚 of my AU 鈥淭he Wolrd After the War鈥 馃?
Tumblr media
There ya go !!
I hope ya like it 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉁
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holdinbacksecrets 5 months
who in seventeen would come back to your apartment after they left/said goodbye like they forgot something bc they forgot to kiss you longer馃ズ
seungcheol鈥檚 is suggestive, 18+
you already slipped your headphones on after mingyu left, becoming blanketed by the comforting melodies of seventeen's music to start his time away as positively as you could. so the sound of your front door opening goes unnoticed, and his hand on your shoulder jolts your being. he smiles softly, lowering himself to your height, brushing his thumb across your cheek. the music is paused. "is everything ok?" "i forgot something." "are you sure? you checked your things three times and鈥" "i have to kiss you again." you feel your heart swell, and sweet laughter falls past your lips as he takes your face between his warm palms. he'd smile as your lips met before passion, yearning, and love took over. it's intense and divine and does more than a melody ever could. he holds your gaze after pulling away, whispering a soft bye before leaving you alone, for real this time. "i love you! wait!" you get off the couch and rush down the hall, embracing him with tears in your eyes. "i love you." you say it again and again until the words have enveloped you both. before he leaves and once he鈥檚 wiped your tears, he says one final thing:聽鈥渃ome with me next time鈥澛
jun knocks in intervals of three, three times, so you know it鈥檚 him on the other side of your door. you were standing in the kitchen, watching the sleeves of his sweatshirt cover your hands as you waited for the kettle to warm up. your eyes are puffy from that morning's emotional goodbye, and you're worried about seeing him again. you finally stopped crying and calmed your breathing, and now he's smirking on the other side of your door before observing all your lingering emotions. "you're back, and i finally pulled myself together." he'd wrap you up, so tightly, with his arms around your neck, pressing your nose to his chest: this proximity is your favorite feeling. he'd kiss you a million times. a million tiny kisses with words of love shared between each one聽
after you said goodbye, you got started on the dishes in your sink when seungcheol slipped back inside your apartment. you hadn't locked the door yet, and he's sharing those words with you through lighthearted disappointment as he inserts himself between you and the sink. your hands are damp and covered in soap suds. his kiss leaves your lips red and swollen, and your heartbeat racing. "are there bubbles in my hair?" "hmm? oh, no. you're... beautiful." "i'm what?" "what did you say?" "are you ok?" "no, now i'm turned on, and you're leaving... unfair." "i have ten minutes."
jeonghan and seokmin would either come back all giggly and adorable before kissing you again, or with a sexy kind of seriousness, fully prepared to make your knees weak. will mumble already miss you against your lips, and his voice is so deep and smooth and quiet because you鈥檙e so close there鈥檚 no reason to be loud. *evaporate*
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rikkaly 8 months
if you decide to make requests; Zib finding 2im after years and hugging him because missed him so much
Tumblr media
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cutedice 7 months
Hey.. can I request Sanji and Marco the phoenix reacting to their s/o asking them for a kiss.
((certainly!! thank you for requesting!!!))
S/O Asking For a Kiss
Characters: Sanji, Marco Warnings: None, all fluff!
Everything is GN!
- The ship had been raided earlier that day by a crew of hot-headed rookies. They left a terrible mess and ended up ransacking the kitchen.
- Sanji was obviously pissed, especially at the annoyance of the one fruit user who had some slime based powers.
- It left his entire area covered in it and he was ready to snap.
- So for the last few hours he had been locked in the kitchen cleaning.
- That means he hadn't been paying much attention to you.
- You weren't bothered, but you wanted to head to bed and it was getting increasingly harder to get his attention long enough to say goodnight.
- You were ready to just go to sleep without a word to him when you bumped into him while rounding the corner.
- "Ah, (Y/N)!" he instinctively wrapped an arm around you, resting it on your lower back. "I'm sorry! Are you alright?"
- You debated wether or not it was the best time to distract him, looking at him.
- He was working hard to get through his task list; deep cleaning the kitchen after the incident.
- Frankly you admired his will. If you had to clean up that much slime you might have just burnt down the entire Sunny.
- Yes even if that meant hiding for a few days (probably a life time) from Franky.
- He had that accomplished look though. The one anyone got after completing a hard task. He was proud.
- But, that also meant he must've been done.
- And, you felt a sense of pride for him, and you would have said something but a large yawn left you.
- "Ah, are you tired? You better get to bed," he said, pulling back to let you go.
- But, you stopped him. You gave him a look before very coolly telling him goodnight.
- "Goodnight!" he returned happily. He sat there for another moment before growing confused at the expectant look you give him. "What? Is something the matter?"
- Despite how forward and flirty he was, the chef could be oblivious as hell. So, with that in mind, you tell him. With a soft grin you let it be known that you want a kiss goodnight.
- He's absolutely stunned. Frozen in the moment.
- Then he's bright red and seeing hearts from such a direct request. "A Kiss?! You're so forward, (Y/N)!" he swooned before dipping you down and very gently kissing your forehead.
- He began to pepper your face with little kisses, laughing with you. He continued until he placed one on your lips, muffling both your giggles and laughs.
- It was soft, kind and caring. He pulled away even more dazed then you despite him initiating it.
- It was calm. He looked much more relaxed, so he grabbed your hand and placed a kiss firmly to your knuckles.
- "Goodnight my love."
- You often find yourself sitting in his office when you're bored.
- It's either here or out there where it tended to get loud, and sometimes you just needed a break from the constant shouting.
- Marco understood and he wasn't going to complain about spending time with you.
- But right now it was late and most of the crew had turned in. There was no reason to be hiding out, much less still be awake.
- Yet you were there and wide awake, messing with various things you could get your hands on or reading from magazines.
- "(Y/N)?"
- You looked over at him from your chair, tilting your head.
- He turned around from his desk, smiling back coolly. "Take a stroll with me yoi," he gestured with his thumb to the door before he stood with a small grumble.
- You both walk out of the office and begin a small stroll around the ship hand in hand.
- It's romantic. The moon is nearly full, the ocean is calm, the breeze is nice... Lovely.
- "It is lovely," Marco mumbled in agreement.
- You looked up at him. It was a picture perfect moment. He was drenched in moonlight, staring into your eyes with the most loving gaze.
- You lean up, intending to capture a book worthy kiss.
- But then Marco moved back slightly and you stumbled.
- You were confused until you heard laughter.
- "I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist! You look adorable when you're surprised yoi," he still looked loving, but he had that mischievous glint.
- You glared lightly and said what you wanted.
- "I figured. But, come on, it was a little funny, yeah?" he bent to meet your eyes, reaching out to gently cup your cheek. "Now, what did you want?"
- Suddenly quite flustered by the attention, you stammered out your request.
- Happy to oblige, Marco leaned forward and pressed a quick and sweet kiss to your lips. "There ya go yoi."
- However, he was still in that teasing mood so as he stood up he couldn't help himself. "Maybe I should make you ask everytime you want one, especially if I get that type of reaction---" he was cut off by you huffing and matching off.
- Next time he wanted one, you made him ask.
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