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“I’m still in love with you but... I needed to learn how to love myself too!”
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Season 7 FANON Speculation: Buddie Multi-Chapter Fanfic - Hiatus Reading: “I’m still in love with you but... I needed to learn how to love myself too!”
Chapter 15 is now available on AO3.
Tumblr media
“I’m still in love with you but... I needed to learn how to love myself too!”
Currently 15 chapters completed: 486.5K Words; Rated: Mature
One chapter will be posted at a time.
Here's a romantically fluffy snippet from Chapter 15 from one of Buck's and Eddie's conversations.
Eddie and Buck pull back at the same time and call each other’s names.
Eddie says, “Buck?” and Buck says, “Eddie?”
Eddie thinks, ‘This is it! It’s the moment I ask Buck to spend his life with me.’ And Buck thinks, ‘I’m getting ready to ask him to spend forever with me.’
They start talking at the same time again.
Buck asks, “Eddie, will you marry me?” and Eddie asks, “Buck, will you marry me?” 
They lean their foreheads together again and chuckle because they’ve always been in sync, just like they are right now.
Breathlessly Eddie says, “We both just proposed.”
“We did!”  Buck admits, then says, “We both want the same thing… to be together forever”.
What will be Buck's and Eddie's responses to their proposals?👀
Tumblr media
Fic Summary: Months after Buck and Eddie were hit by the same lightning strike; they’re still struggling with the aftermath of it.  But before they make their love confessions, they’ll spend time getting to know themselves as individuals first. Eddie learns to enjoy the simple things in life as he participates in activities on his own and with new friends while Buck learns the rest of the 31-year-old deep dark family secret about his conception and birth. Their journey to forever is still a work in progress but once they finally admit they’re in love with each other, everything that follows their love confessions will be cataclysmic.
Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1 - Eddie makes a new friend while Buck receives devastating news regarding the sperm donation he made for Connor and Kameron.
Chapter 2 - Buck does a lot of research to learn more about the abnormalities found in his red blood cells and Eddie starts a new therapy journey that’s all about him and not the traumas he’s experienced.
Chapter 3 - After more than a month, Buck and Eddie finally spend time together outside of work but it doesn’t end well and they part with a lot of uncertainty regarding their places in each other’s lives.
Chapter 4 - Eddie has a few realizations about his life which causes him to consider moving back to El Paso, TX while Buck continues to be reminded of his past which causes him to take an impromptu road trip across America.
Chapter 5 - Both Buck and Eddie have difficult conversations with their parents and Buck finally learns the truth behind the reason why his mother despised him while Eddie finally tells his mother about the way she tries to control him.
Chapter 6 - More than two weeks after Buck pushed Eddie away after suggesting they needed a break; Eddie decides to try again. Eddie’s there for Buck when he’s at his worst just like Buck was there for him when he was at his worst and he won’t let Buck give up.
Chapter 7 - After Buck’s mental breakdown, Eddie has his back the same way Buck had his when he had his own breakdown more than a year ago.  They share several vulnerable and emotionally intimate moments with one another and they begin to realize their small, sweet and caring gestures matter just as much if not more than any grand gesture ever could because these are the foundations of a long-lasting love relationship.
Chapter 8 - Buck, Eddie and Chris all have their own therapists and during their sessions, they reflect on their pasts while they’re in the present so they can prepare for their future together as a family.
Chapter 9 - Buck and Eddie are there for each other when Buck has to testify as a witness during the trial.  But by the end of it, they’ll both realize their individual and shared traumas are going to keep resurfacing until they talk about them, deal with the fact that they’re in love with one another and face the fact that they can’t live without each other.
Chapter 10 - As Buck and Eddie finally begin to confront their past traumas, they realize how much they need each other to fill in the gaps of their memories.  Additionally, the universe screams at them for what appears to be the one hundredth time so Buck can realize he doesn’t have to ‘find it’ because he already ‘made it’ and Eddie’s reminded tomorrow isn’t promised and he doesn’t have to die alone if he doesn’t want to.
Chapter 11 - A “virga” or dry thunderstorm is in the forecast but once the rain starts, the thunderstorm happening outside won’t be able to match the storm brewing inside between Buck and Eddie.  It’s the universe’s final scream and when the tumultuous winds begin to blow, they’ll have one last chance to hold onto everything they’ve built over the last six years or they’ll lose it all forever.
Chapter 12 - Buck and Eddie have always shared a deep physical attraction and an emotional intimacy that’s unmatched but now that they’re in a relationship, they’re learning how to navigate the romantic intimacy they’ve been waiting for six years to explore. The love they have for each other is a once in a lifetime, soulmate, love of their lives type of love that transcends space and time.
Chapter 13 - While navigating the newness of their romantic relationship, Buck and Eddie take advantage of every moment they spend together. As their individual lives, people from their pasts, time constraints and the possibility of losing each other again make attempts to interrupt and interfere with their journey to forever, they love, care for, support and hold onto each other even tighter to withstand it all.
Chapter 14 - Buck and Eddie can see the lights at the end of the tunnels regarding the results of Buck’s Cancer Screening along with everything else they’re dealing with. But are the lights they see exits to the tunnels or are they headlights on different runaway trains that are speeding towards them in an effort to interrupt their forever?
Chapter 15 - Buck and Eddie have known they were exactly who the other one wanted in a partner since they met six years ago when they agreed to have each other’s backs. They’re in a romantic relationship, they’re both preparing to ask the other one to spend forever with them and by the end of the seventh week into their relationship, together they will plan their most important and greatest adventure for their future.
Chapter 16 - Will be posted soon.
Read chapters 1-15 are available on AO3.
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bronx-bomber87 · 4 months
Happy Saturday everyone. I always forget Eric’s wife had a spot on the show. Every time I get to this episode its a reminder. Also fair warning he’s gonna make me extra feral in this one. He is in a suit and yummy street clothes in this episode. Gimme gimme all day. I blame Eric for all my reactions in this ep for how he looks haha This is also a shorter review like last time but good stuff in it none the less. Off we go.
2x16 The Overnight
Tumblr media
We start off with our lovely ship at American Idol auditions. A guy is getting arrested giving out meth smoothies. Lucy has to go back for his backpack. As she does she gets roped into an audition because it has his audition sticker. I’m surprised there wasn’t a gif set of her singing. It's such a good scene. I did my quick made one above with my phone. But a really good set should be produced. We get to hear Melissa’s wonderful voice again. It's in a much better context this time. Not a soul crushing and depressing way. She chooses a song from Aretha Franklin. 'I never loved a man'. She CRUSHES it.
Tumblr media
I hope she gets another opportunity to showcase her voice in the future. The ending of this cold open cracks me up so much. The judges are impressed by her audition. Ready to give her that coveted golden ticket. Lucy hears Tim’s voice and bolts LOL Him bringing her back to reality. Their 'No no no' is so damn funny as she runs towards Tim. I love it so much. Tim having no idea what just happened. Thinking she's just running behind for no reason. Such a great cold open.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love this scene for quite a few reasons. First and most importantly we get Tim Bradford in a suit. Sweet baby James. What a visual to start off the episode with. I need more this is my life. He should go to court more often. Honestly should be illegal to be that damn fine. *fans self* Second I find it very sexy he donates blood so often. I mean of course he does. To quote Lucy. Most Tim Bradford thing I've ever heard heh Tim as a person is just so friggin attractive.
Lastly I adore Nyla giving him a hard time. Doesn't waste a second before calling him a machine LOL Tim's face in that third gif is too cute. He's commending her shot and only shakes his head. How far Tim and Nyla have come. Reached a playful joking stage I love it. You know Lucy is enjoying someone else giving Tim crap. The proud wifey smirk of hers when he gets tossed his ball. I love them.
Tumblr media
Lucy is running the front desk since Tim is off at court. She meets a reporter Valerie Castillo from the Herald asking for public arrest reports. She is looking for a scoop on recent robberies at 5 star hotels. Asking if Lucy has heard about them? Lucy says no. Valerie goes on to say she is trying to get away from Hollywood stories. Do something more impactful. So she can be taken seriously as a journalist. Lucy being her empathetic self wants to help her out. Lets her know the reports she’s looking at don’t have enough info. Tells her she wants CAD reports instead. Valerie asks what those are?
Tim comes striding in with the answer. Looking like sex on a stick in that suit. Good lord he can wear the hell out of that thing. Look at that fit on him. Thank you to his tailor. *chef's kiss* But I digress…Tim is clearly not a fan of this woman and what she is asking of Lucy. His cop gut going off and not liking this interaction at all. Tim instantly distrusts her and doesn't hide it.
Does crack me up they wrote Ros in as a character he can’t stand LOL I’m sure they had fun with this. Tim clearly doesn’t like the media especially her paper. Says her paper has a bias against cops. She bites back ‘Like the bias you have against me?’ She’s not wrong ha Tim says that's cute but isn't buying what she's selling.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tim tells Lucy to get those reports back from her ASAP. That they’re gonna hit the streets as soon as he’s changed. Ooh lord the way he unbuttons his jacket and barks out his instructions on the move. Mercy. It shouldn't be that hot and yet here I am always a puddle. Ever the model just as much walking away as he came in. My god he's attractive haha It's truly not fair. Valerie says Tim shouldn't talk to her like that. Lucy is bemused by this statement.
Says he's her T.O. and its just his style with a smile on her face. (We all know she loves his style heh) I do love how this scene finishes out. Valerie saying ‘If ass is a style...but he sure can wear a suit’. Indeed madam indeed. Then proceeds to watch him leave LOL Checking out her own husband as he exits the scene haha Cracks me up. He does look damn fine in that suit. I can not blame her.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tim instantly tries to steer Lucy away from Valerie. Telling her she’s bad news. Saying reporters always have an agenda. Lucy tries to be snarky and replies 'To get truth? Sounds Horrible.' Tim continues on despite her snark and says they aren’t to be trusted. Lucy being her sunshine self wants to see the good in Valerie. That she’s doing this to help the victims of these robberies. Tim thinks she’s being naive with this woman. Lucy battles back he just doesn’t trust anyone. Well that’s not true. He most definitely trusts you Lucy. With his life. But she has earned it ten fold out of him which is why she has it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m with Tim on this one.(No surprise there I know ) That trust is something to be earned. I am the same way. It’s not something I just hand out like candy either. You have to prove to me you are worthy of that trust. Once you're in you're gold but you have to earn it first. He knows how trusting Lucy is and he doesn't want her to get burned by this person. This is his way of watching her back and trying to protect her from a potential disaster. Lucy doesn't heed his warning and it shows in her sassy face she gives him above. Lucy is so sure she is the right one in this situation. Like she is humoring him by listening.
Tumblr media
They get a report of this idiot trying to use his snake to get out of paying for his car repairs. He pulls it out as a threat and It backfires pretty badly. As he waves the snake it bites him... (Like I said an idiot) I adore Lucy taking command of this situation. Also her heart for any living creature. I’m not a snake girl myself but I do love her taking the snake's side over this guy’s haha
This is our marriage scene of the episode. Tim says EMTs won’t step foot in here till the snake is neutralized. Tim says he’ll flush it out and kill it. Lucy is against this plan and tells Tim he can’t kill it. Their banter in this scene is primo. He is sassy right back asking what are they gonna do? Snuggle it? LOL Lucy ignores his sassy jab as she hops down and decides to do something herself. Tim isn't a fan of this plan since the snake is venomous.
Tumblr media
Tim looks very concerned as he watches her. The way he raises his gun ready to destroy this thing if it goes after her. I love his face as she talks to the snake. Calling it by it's name, telling it she isn't going to hurt it haha He is wondering what she’s going to do with this thing. Then is impressed af when she traps the snake in a tire. What a bad ass moment for her. Snake whisperer can now go on her list of skills on the job ha Lucy proudly walks back to him with the best reply ‘Not his fault his owner is an idiot.' LOL I love this.
Tumblr media
Valerie catches Lucy on the way out for the night. Claims she got her story about a Murphy scam. Rich men hiring sex workers then the sex worker has a partner. They rob and steal from them. The victim can’t report the crime without copping to their own. Says she came by to thank Lucy with a drink. (Mmhmm....)
Lucy is hesitant and says she shouldn’t…. You know that cop gut of hers is telling her it's wrong. Valerie asks 'Is it cause Tim wouldn't approve?' Lucy looks behind her like she can sense Tim’s disapproval from afar. Valarie sweetens the pot telling her she can be her inside person. Lucy concedes and decides to go. This can only end badly Lucy….
Tumblr media
They make it to the hotel and Lucy quickly realizes they’re not there for a just a drink. Valerie has tracked one of the women who’s been scamming these men. Lucy is upset and feels betrayed. Says she can’t arrest people on her own. She’s a rookie. Valerie notices the man being scammed is a big time movie producer. Says this will get her a killer story and her a high profile arrest. You can see the regret written all over Lucy’s face.
Lucy tells Valerie she is texting Tim. I love this. She knows she’s in over her head at this point. So she is going to reach for her lifeline. Tells Valerie as such letting her know she could get fired as a rookie. That she needs a senior officer on scene. Also she really needs him to rein this in TBH. This has gotten way out of hand and needs Tim to come help her.
Tumblr media
Tim arrives and Lucy thanks him for coming. (Like he wasn’t going to come and bail his girl out.) Doesn’t even have to say I told you so. This entire moment is doing it for him really. Lucy doesn’t fight or deny the hot water she is in. Not even a little. Just says ‘I’m in trouble aren’t I?’ His sexy Mm-hmm will do just fine for her. You know she’s just so relieved he's there to get her out of this. To save her from herself in this moment. The way she looks at him like he is her saving grace. Makes my heart happy. Doesn't even care she is in trouble just relieved he is there. So much said in such a small scene.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He looks sinfully handsome in that denim jacket *oh my lord.* Valerie says she’ll write a story about Tim if he punishes Lucy for this. Lucy panics and tells her not to do that. Tim isn’t phased at all by her intimidation of a story. The cocky way he walks into the room. Takes control of the situation. Says the cup against the wall trick doesn’t work. You know Lucy is rooting him on while he does this. Tim makes a joke about there being an app for that. Valerie believes him cause he walks in so confident and says that so damn smoothly. She can't help but reply 'Really?'
Tumblr media
The way he says ‘No’ to her LMAO I'm dying. He is having a little fun in this moment messing with her. I love this man so much. Why is he so damn attractive in this moment? I actually know why ha. He's protecting Lucy and trying to do damage control at the same time. Also by taking control back from Valerie, by putting this situation back in his court. Tim calls in backup to help them if the accomplice even shows up. Tells Valerie she’ll be far away from the action if it comes to that. Not gonna let her get her story after potentially endangering Lucy for it.
Tumblr media
The accomplice ends up arriving and Valerie has a ‘See’ look on her face. Thinking she is validated in all she's done to this point. Getting to watch Tim in action and in street clothes? Don’t mind if I do. They’re about to go after the guy when they notice Valerie is missing. She’s gone out on the balcony to get a photo. Clearly back tracking on her 'Killer Story' that'll get her taken seriously for a paparazzi shot instead.
She ends up getting her shot on the balcony but slips and Tim has to rescue her. She is refusing to let go of her phone as she hangs on to the railing. Lucy tells her to let the damn thing go. The guy sees them rescue her and takes off. Tim gets her up and takes off after the guy. Leaving Lucy with Valerie while he does so. This is the last we see of our handsome hero him in this ep sadly. The accomplice ends up getting arrested by a grumpy and tired Lopez in the lobby of the hotel LOL
Tumblr media
Lucy’s SL wraps up with Valerie signing her statement. I love Lucy telling her like it is. Letting her know how wrong it was to take advantage like she did. Lucy is inclined to trust people and it bit her in the ass this time. (What he was trying to protect her from.) Unfortunately for her Tim was right on this one. She did have an agenda. Tim didn’t rub it in her face but also didn’t say she wasn’t in trouble for it haha Lucy has a mic drop moment with her. Telling her instead of going for the serious story she sold her on she went for the cheap shot. Gets up and walks away from her. Boom. Once again not a ton to content but still enough goodies ❤️
That wraps up 2x16 for our ship. Thanks as always to you all for your likes/comments and reblogs. Forever appreciate them. Can't believe we're almost done with S2. 6 left to review in this one.
Side notes- Non Chenford
Always enjoy Nyla’s SL’s. When I first watched this ep wanted her to her back with Donovan. But glad she didn't much better fit with James but we’ll meet him later down the road.
Wopez engagement ❤️ They so cute. I love them. Happy for Angela and Wes.
See you all in 2x17 :)
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yutahoes · 9 months
Tumblr media
Teaser -Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six
characters: mafia boss! Yuta Nakamoto x innocent! florist! reader
summary: While running away, you seemed to be moving closer to the man you were avoiding. Are you even heading to the right direction?
chapter word count: 3.6k words
chapter genre: suggestive, fluff(?), angst(?)
chapter warning: mentions of death, mentioned character death, car accident, trauma, hospital, kissing, language, alcohol, Jung fucking Jaehyun
a/n: I am so excited to post this chapter, you have no idea. So without further ado, as requested by many, here is the next chapter. I'm going to dip for a while for suspense. Let me know what you think. 😉
There are a lot of triggers that don't sit well with minors so please keep in mind that some scenes are disturbing and purely fictional. Inspired by Koi to Dangan.
taglist: @sourirensoleille @kyuprincess @nuoyipeach @anonjyxd @a-bts-world @a-place-filled-with-random @smolbeanieee @yumilovesavocado @imnotsureokay @dhaly-g @spicyryujin @doodoodove @blueeyedlove-blog1 @kosmoreads @joepomonerof @calipsou @yutadae @juungvely @hangyeomcult @cherrphoenix @itsyntt @winterwritesblog @yutazen27 @ytzvivi @brightestmark @yujaesstuff
Everything was black.
Momo’s voice was heard from a distance, crying for your name. There was a sudden faint light then a male voice calling for you and Momo. Those were the things you remembered when your body gave up on you. 
Now, when you opened your eyes everything was white. A total contrast. You must be in heaven already. 
But a person like you, who can’t even protect a young girl, doesn’t deserve to be in this place. Where are you exactly? 
“You’re awake,” If this is heaven, why is Jaehyun here? “How are you feeling, baby?” Again with that pet name. 
You groaned as you turned to your side, assessing the surroundings. It was a huge room with a huge window, different machines were beside the bed where you were lying in. And Jaehyun is smiling over you, wearing a white lab gown. “You’re a doctor?” That idea surprised you more than the fact that you’re in a hospital room. 
He chuckled then nodded, “I cleaned your wound when you were shot, don’t you remember?” He did. But you never imagined that he was really a doctor. “And I have to take care of you now that you were stabbed.” You groaned at the reminder. The side of your stomach hurts so much. “And you were poisoned. You just hit the trifecta, sweetheart.” 
Shot. Stabbed. Poisoned. Your guardian angel might be shaking her head at you now. But why are you in the hospital? What about Momo? “How about Momo? What happened to Momo? Is she hurt?” 
Jaehyun shook his head, smiling that his dimple popped from his cheek. “She’s already so talkative. I missed it when she’s quiet.” So what happened isn’t a hallucination? Momo really did say your name. She did talk. But how? “She’s always here asking when you’re going to wake up.” How long were you even out? Jaehyun sat on your bedside and then held your hand, different tubes were attached to the back of your palm. “Honestly Y/N, I wasn’t sure if you’ll live. You lost a lot of blood and there’s so much phosgene in your lungs.” Phosgene? Is it that harmful? “It’s a miracle that you are awake now.” 
So it really is your death? And in front of a young child? “Yuta was frantic when he brought you here. He even warned the doctors that if you die, he’ll kill everyone in this hospital.” The side of Jaehyun’s lips curled up. Wait, what? Yuta brought you to the hospital? The voice you heard was his? “Luckily, he had the same blood type as you so we didn’t have any trouble looking for compatible blood donors and if you needed a new lung, he’ll surely donate his.”
Your head is starting to ache at the information Jaehyun is telling you. Are you that severely injured? “Please don’t tell me Yuta donated his lungs.” The guy beside you laughed then shook his head. There are lots of machines beeping next to you, cords and tubes connected to your body. “How long was I here?” 
“Two days.” If you were here for a long time, your dad might already be worried. “We already asked Sophie to talk to your dad so you don’t need to worry about it. She reasoned out a flower convention so take your time and heal.”  
Jaehyun held your cheek, his eyes warm as he stare at you. “Y/N, you cannot run away from this mafia business anymore. You need to learn to protect yourself first.” He sighed, “I don’t want to see you in this hospital, in that state, ever again. Promise me that.” You nodded. It’s not like you wanted to do but what can you really do when faced with danger?    
Maybe Jaehyun is right. You really cannot run away from this anymore. You’re already associated with the mafia. Your life will always be in danger. But what is the worst thing that can happen anymore? You’ve been shot, stabbed, and even poisoned. You’ll probably just have to wait for your death.  
The doctors were extra careful with you, checking you from time to time. It’s also a wonder why your room is huge, with a single king-sized bed and an air conditioner. Normal hospital rooms aren’t even like this. What are you going to use to pay for this? Maybe you can just ask Jaehyun to move you to a different, less expensive room since you’re already healing. 
You have been sleeping a lot that you were up even before the sunlight can be seen seeping in your window. You missed the flower shop and the bustling sound of the people from the city. Being in a hospital room is so confining. When are you going to heal?
To your surprise, the door of your room opened and a huge array of brightly-colored hydrangeas and tulips was seen. What is with all the flowers? But the person holding the basket, stopped when he spotted you awake. “I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” You shook your head, watching how he put the basket of flowers on the table. “How are you feeling?”     
“In pain.” You said and he smiled, nodding. “Bored.”
“Young lady promises to come by later,” Mark claimed then took a yellow tulip from the bunch, handing it to you. “She has a lot of stories to tell you.” 
So Momo is really talking. You can now speak the language as her. But somehow, you don’t want to get closer to her anymore. You put her in danger and you can’t even protect her. “I must have scared her.” 
Mark shook his head, pushing his eyeglasses up the bridge of his nose. “The young lady suffered much more traumatic things than that.” Your eyes widened at that. It must really be hard for her to be part of the mafia group. Then it occurred to you, her mother. “Momo used to be really talkative when she was just a toddler,” You could see Mark’s serious face turn into a brighter one at the memory. You also realized that this is the first time you heard Mark say the young girl’s name. “She stopped talking when she saw her parents die.” 
Wait, Mark said parents. “She was seated in the backseat when their car hit an upcoming truck.” What? They died in front of her? No wonder she had been traumatized. “We brought her to a lot of doctors to help her talk again but they cannot do anything.” He smiled warmly, “We didn’t expect that she’ll talk again.” 
It was the only good thing that came up from this horrible incident. You’re happy that Momo can talk again. And honestly, you can’t wait to see her and hear her voice again. 
“Wait,” You claimed upon realizing something, “Momo is not Yuta’s child?” 
The younger guy shook his head and then chuckled. “Momo is his niece. The daughter of his older brother, the former mafia boss.” Wait, so Yuta isn’t the real mafia boss? And when his brother died, he took over the mafia group? “Yuta hyung was forced to take on the job so the responsibility wouldn’t fall on the young lady.” That’s why they call Momo young lady. You didn’t know mafia groups work like that. And if Yuta didn’t take on the job, a young child would be the Nakamoto group’s leader. Now, it all makes sense.    
It isn’t just difficult for the young child. It also is difficult for Yuta. But if he isn’t a mafia boss, what would he be doing right now? Will you even cross paths with him? That was the thought running through your mind watching Yuta seated on the couch in your hospital room. “...And then I can call you on the phone now,” Momo claimed and you turned to her, returning to your senses. They were right when they said that Momo is now so talkative. She had been talking non-stop.    
You smiled then held the back of her head, patting her hair. “I’ll wait for your call and maybe you can tell me the story of the pet rabbit you used to have.” 
She grinned, nodding before hugging you. A light groan escaped your lips as she almost hit your wound. “I love it when you pat my head.” She whispered and you gave her a confused look, patting her head. “Mommy used to do it to me when I was young.” She lost her parents yet she’s still this cheerful. She had seen them die yet Momo is just like any kid, bubbly and sweet. 
You smiled, gently patting her head. It was as if there were only the two of you in the room, the only two of you in the world. You love seeing her smile. 
If it’s possible, you want to stay next to Momo all the time.
But you knew that is only wishful thinking. 
You can’t. And it is because of the man watching the two of you. You sighed. Yuta is a dangerous man. He makes you crazy. He makes your heart beat tenfold in your chest. But he is the man that will bring you to danger. He might probably be the reason for your death.     
Yuta asked for Mrs. Han, Momo’s nanny, to take her since you needed to take some rest. Pouting, you said goodbye to the younger girl who promised that she’ll come to visit you the next day and even bring you more flowers. You were ready to settle in for the day when Yuta stayed inside the room and just casually sat on the couch, reading his book. “Aren’t you leaving?” 
“Do you want me to leave?” Do you want him to? But what is he going to do here? You don’t even know for yourself. Your mind is too messed up to even think about him. From your peripheral vision, you saw him put down his book. “Y/N, why did you do that?” You turned to him in confusion. Do what? “You should have run away."
What? Is he even hearing himself? “I can’t leave Momo alone.” He stood up and you lost all the words you wanted to say. Why is he still having this effect on you? You should be in the hospital psychiatric ward instead.
He sat on your bedside, picking up the petals of the hydrangeas that you and Momo had been playing with earlier. “You shouldn’t have come to the house in the first place.” What? “When I told your father about his debt, you should have run away.” Is that what he meant?   
“I’m sorry.” You whispered, “My dad did say not to be involved but I can’t. He’s the only one I had left, I can’t run away and let him suffer alone.” 
He brushed his hair up, his face serious. “Then is this your plan all along?” He asked, obviously frustrated. “First, to save my life then Momo’s life? You think we’ll be in debt because of what you did." 
Is he serious? You only stared at him, not believing what you just heard. You didn’t know Yuta can be this shallow. “Do you think I want to be shot?” You chuckled, “That I want to be stabbed and get killed?” 
“I'm not a masochist like you, Yuta. I don’t…"
Your words were cut off by his lips on yours. It was so fast that you weren’t sure if it was another dream. His hand was on the back of your head, holding you roughly. A complete contrast to the softness of his lips. His musky scent filled your senses, making your stomach churn as if butterflies decided to lounge inside. The beating of your heart, drumming in your ears. Your face heated up when he slipped his tongue between your parted lips. 
A loud beeping can be heard and he hastily let go of his hold on you as if you’re on fire. This must be a dream. Must be a hallucination. Are you close to death that your mind is conjuring up these thoughts? Why did he kiss you? 
The door opened and in came Jaehyun looking really worried. “What happened?” He asked then held your cheeks, urging you to look at him. “Are you hurt somewhere?” You wanted him to pinch you, to hurt you, and confirm if this was a dream or not. 
The bed feels light when Yuta stood up. His dark eyes, piercing and deadly, stared at you. “Your debts are now paid. You don’t have to be associated with the mafia anymore.” Then he left, closing the door shut. 
You blinked at what was happening. He set you free. The chance to run away. To return to your normal life. But why do you suddenly feel hurt? And if you’re feeling pain like this, then does that mean that the kiss was real?  
"You and him,” Jaehyun whispered. “There's definitely something going on between the two of you." 
But you only stared at Jaehyun, dumbfounded. This is confusing you. 
It didn’t take too long for you to heal or maybe because you just don't want to stay that long in the hospital. Instead of going home to your dad, you decided to stay at Sophie’s place for a while. She even updates you about your dad whenever she would bring food to your home. You didn’t want to go home in this state just yet. And you still have some matters to take care of. 
Now that the debt is paid, you will be returning to the life you once had. The life before you knew the existence of Yuta Nakamoto. You can now focus on working in the flower shop and quit the job as a waitress in the nightclub. 
An idea that Mama had a hard time accepting. “And here I am, waiting for you to be a hostess.” You smiled timidly, apologizing to her. "Is this about Yuta?" 
It is. But you didn't even tell her why you needed the job in the first place. "Y/N, the world is a dangerous place. No one knows what will happen to us. But do you know what is the most important thing about living?" You shook your head and she smiled, a motherly smile that you always associate with Mama. She placed her hand on your chest, "Follow what your heart wants." 
You didn't know why she suddenly said those words to you. And honestly, you still don't know what your heart actually wants. You just wanted to get back to your life. To not be confused by these feelings at all. 
"You're leaving?" You nodded at Lexi who was leaning by the door. She still looks majestic in her glittery purple dress. "And I thought I could have some serious competition when you become a hostess." You stared at her in surprise. 
"You think of me as competition?" 
A smirk appeared on her lips, "Well, you did manage to attract Yuta Nakamoto in a short period of time." She flexed her fingers, staring at her pink nails. "It took me years to finally get his attention and that was when Kyoko left." 
"Yuta's first love." His first love used to be a hostess in the nightclub? "Gold digging bitch." She hissed under her breath. "Yuta even proposed to her but she rejected him." Proposal? Then it must be really serious. "The bitch married another leader from a rival mafia gang." What? Lexi rubbed her three fingers together, "Money." 
Woah. Someone rejected Yuta over money? Isn't Yuta rich as well? How rich even is that other guy? "You like him." She claimed which made you look at her, wide-eyed. "You like Yuta Nakamoto." You do. But are you really going to confess it to her? 
"Yuta cares about you." The statement shocked you. He doesn't. It's not possible. He's a mafia boss and you're just you. "At some point, you're the reason why he's coming here. You're losing a huge opportunity, Y/N." Then she started walking away, her heels creating a distant sound. 
No. It really is impossible. 
Yuta cannot like you. He always looks at you like he wants to kill you. His eyes are always cold. Deadly. 
Your dad owes money from him. You saved him from a gunshot once. And that's the only connection you had with him. Nothing more, nothing less. 
Those thoughts were running through your mind as you down another glass of beer. You were never the drinking kind but your mind is so clouded that you just wanted to be drunk. Jaehyun will definitely kill you. You have just undergone surgery and here you are killing yourself with alcohol. Well, he wouldn't get mad if he didn't know. 
You realized how hard it is to drink alone on the fifth bottle you finished. You're at your limit, you cannot drink anymore. So you dialed Sophie's number, hoping she isn't too busy to pick up. It was the fifth ring when you stopped hearing the dial tone. “Sophie,” You slurred in your words. “Are you busy?”  
“Were you drunk?” Why does her voice sound so low? Must be the effect of alcohol in your system. You hummed in response then asked her if she can pick you up, even stating the name of the bar where you are. She didn’t say anything after and just hang up the call which made you pout. Is she picking you up or not? 
You were being a handful, you have to admit that. But there’s a lot running in your mind that this is the only solution you could come up with. You rested your head on the table when someone lightly tapped your cheek, asking you to wake up. Your eyes opened a little and a silhouette of a human was all you can see. “Let’s you go home, Y/N.” The person knows who you are so you just let him or her take you. It must be Sophie, you thought, she’s the only one who knows where you are. 
You can just feel the moving of the car as you sleep. Your mind was blank and you were glad that you had a drink tonight. A little quiet time for your thoughts. Maybe you should do this more often. The car stopped and you were brought inside, your feet feeling like jelly as you take staggering steps. “Why did you drink so much?” 
You smiled then stood erect to face Sophie. “Do you remember what you told me?” You pointed at her in your drunken state then smirked, “Do not let someone take away my innocence.” You pat her shoulder before laughing, “Yuta Nakamoto did.” Then you stopped, “I’m sorry Sophie, Yuta and I kissed…” 
You leaned your head on her shoulder feeling the weight of your words. There’s really no denying that Yuta has this huge impact on you. And now that everything is done, can you even bear not seeing him again? You like him. You’re crazy for him. But it’s all obviously one-sided. “...And I want it to happen again.” 
Everything was hazy but you felt as if you were swept by your feet, your back leaning onto something hard. Something soft can be felt dampening on your lips and the smell of musky cologne. It must be a hallucination. Why are you thinking of the kiss so much that your thoughts are once again imagining the images and the feelings? It must be the alcohol. 
This is a sign that you wouldn’t drink too much again. 
The lights were too bright when you opened your eyes, your lips groaning at the throbbing of your head. There’s nothing good in drinking alcohol and you have to remind yourself that this will be the last time you will drink that much. “You’re finally awake,” Sophie greeted as you approach the living room of her apartment. Why is her voice so loud in the morning? “You look bad.” 
“I feel terrible.” You sat down beside her, leaning your head on her shoulder. “I’m sorry I bothered you last night.” 
A giggle escaped her lips, “You didn’t.” Then she smiled, a wide smile that made your head hurt more. “I was a little entertained last night.” Wait, what did you do? “I guess you’re really not that innocent anymore.” Is this because you confessed to her that you and Yuta kissed? Or is there something more? “I didn’t know he’ll be that into you.” 
“He? What are you talking about?” 
“The man who brought you home.” 
“You brought me home.” Right? 
Sophie raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?” You nodded, even telling her that you called her. “You didn’t.” 
You did. Immediately, you reached for your phone that was on the table. You knew you were drunk but you’re not that hammered. You were sure that…
A gasp escaped your lips at the name written on your recently dialed number. He was the one who brought you home? “And it must be a hot, steamy kiss if your lipstick’s smudge like that.” You looked up to see your reflection from the closed television screen, a lipstick stain on the side of your lips. 
The kiss wasn’t a hallucination? Your eyes widened in realization. You really were kissed last night. The soft lips and musky cologne is real. But why? 
Why would Jung Jaehyun kiss you?
Chapter Seven
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youngpettyqueen · 2 months
hi <3 if you're still taking fic prompt requests, can i please ask for:
75. “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” of the charleshawk variety, please and many thank yous
hello!! this one hit me with an idea IMMEDIATELY when I saw it last night, but I was too tired to write it when I saw it. luckily, I was awake enough to jot down the idea, so I didnt lose it!
I am adjusting the line slightly but it is still essentially the same line, I just adjusted a bit for character voice purposes. hope you enjoy!!
Hawkeye isn't quite sure what happens. One second he's talking to Charles, the next his vision's slowly coming back to him and he's got a face full of something soft and warm. He blinks a few times, leaning back to find what looks like an olive drab shirt in front of him, and he looks up to follow that shirt and find that Charles is the wearer. Except there's... two of him.
He blinks again. The two Charles' merge together to make one Charles, who's frowning down at him.
"There you are," He says, brow furrowing, "I had a feeling that might happen."
Hawkeye's got this feeling like his head's full of cotton. He can't really... think. It's all fuzzy and distorted. "Had a feeling about... what?" He manages to get out. He feels like he swallowed glue.
"You fainted," Charles supplies, "Straight into my arms, in fact. You know, Pierce, if you really wanted my attention so badly, you could've just asked. You didn't need to go to such extremes."
Hawkeye feels himself being helped to his feet, and suddenly becomes aware of Charles' hands locked around his arms. He gets his feet under him, manages to properly stand, though his knees feel like the jelly-like gravy that got served with last night's dinner. He sways a bit, and instinctively grabs hold of Charles to keep steady.
"Steady, Pierce," Charles murmurs, keeping a firm grip on him, "I've got you," He gives Hawkeye a moment to get his bearings, watches him carefully before he adds, "Maybe next time you'll listen to me. I told you it wasn't a good idea to give blood when it hasn't even been a week since your last donation."
Ah. Right. That would explain it. He remembers the conversation, had as he was climbing into the post-OP bed to be tapped and drained, Charles none too pleased about it. He knew, then, that Charles was right, but, well... a kid with a ruined belly needed blood, and he had the right flavour.
"You would've done the same thing." He points out.
"I have done the same thing," Charles reminds him, "That's how I knew it was a bad idea."
"You'd do it again." Hawkeye counters.
Charles gives him a thoroughly unimpressed look, before sighing. "Yes, I suppose I would," He concedes, "Still. That doesn't mean it's a good idea. It just means we're both fools." He adds.
"I know I'm a fool," Hawkeye grins, cheeky, "I'm a fool for you."
Charles looks, if possible, even more unimpressed. "You're delirious," He deadpans, "Come on, jester. Time for bed." He maneuvers one arm around Hawkeye, gets his shoulder under his so he can easily pull his arm up around his neck.
Hawkeye lets him take the lead, slotting nicely against his side and leaning most of his weight into him. "You're gonna take me to bed?" He asks, just to needle him, "Charles, how forward."
"Can it," Charles mutters, even as he adjusts the arm he's got around his waist to hold him tight, "I'm taking you to your own bloody bed, and perhaps you'll wake up civilized." He starts them towards the door, moving slowly, considerately, so that Hawkeye can keep up.
Hawkeye, of course, thanks him for it by continuing to poke the bear, "Promise to wake me with a kiss?"
"A kiss from a frog, maybe." Charles grouses, holding the door open and guiding Hawkeye through.
"Aw, Charles, that's no way to talk about yourself," Hawkeye continues, undeterred and all smiles, even as he can barely get one foot in front of the other, "I think you're a real prince."
Charles won't even look at him. "I hate you."
"The pink in your cheeks says otherwise."
"I really, really hate you."
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waynes-multiverse · 1 year
Bad Reputation – Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soldier Boy x Reader
Series Summary: In a world full of careless supes, powerful people, and corruption on all levels, Y/N’s the typical millennial, trying to make the world a better place one good deed at a time. As a civil rights lawyer in New York City, justice, kindness, and selflessness are her motto. Her patience is tested, however, when none other than America’s ass himself shows up on her doorstep and needs help.
Warnings: +18, strong language (please mind the fandom), angst + crack = crangst, violence & a few death threats, a budding forceful friendship?
Word Count: 3.7k
A/N: I, uh... words... Okay. How to describe this? Maybe “opposites attract” meets “gun-point friendship to lovers”? This is still in the early days of writing, but I wanted to share this first chapter with you guys as a thank you since I’ve reached 500 followers yesterday and y’all know I can’t do one-shots or keep things short 😂 I appreciate every single one of you so much and I hope you enjoy this little series. It was a lot of fun to write and to play around with a new character (even one we don’t know much about & I wrote this after 3x04). Enjoy, loves! And no, for once this wasn’t inspired by T. Swift but by the Joan Jett song 🤘
Say a big thank you to my sweet @eevvvaa​ for encouraging me to post this months sooner than I normally would have 😉🖤
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Tumblr media
“And we’re done,” the EMT smiles kindly as she removes the needle from Y/N’s arm and carefully places a band-aid over the small puncture wound.
Y/N rolls down the sleeve of her hoodie and rises from the metal examination table, gathering the rest of her belongings. “Thanks, Amy. Have a good night.”
“Don’t forget: plenty of fluids and eat something. I don’t want you to faint again,” Amy reminds her with her infamous concerned brow as Y/N hops out of the back of the ambulance.
“Don’t worry. I have a box of macaroni and cheese waiting for me,” she grins in response, but honestly, it’s nothing to get jealous over. It tastes like the most generic shit ever and nothing like her grandma used to make it.
It’s Wednesday and almost midnight when she strolls home below 14th street into the Village. Street lamps and neon signs guide her way home, tourists and locals crossing paths on sidewalks. New York City is never quiet, especially after midnight, and especially with Vought HQ and all its superheroes nestled right in the heart of the city.
Every Wednesday, she donates blood after work. Hospitals are in dire need of it, not surprising with all the destruction around caused by reckless and careless supes – not that legal action could ever be pursued. She knows. Every second client of hers has been damaged or violated by a so-called hero, but barely a handful of them ever get any compensation for it.
Y/N’s not a superhero and never wanted to be one, even if Mother Theresa paid her a million bucks. Maybe that sort of power would only corrupt her like it seems to do with everybody else, you know?
In other words, Y/N’s simply a woman with a kind heart and a giving spirit. She grew up in suburban Connecticut with two warm-hearted parents and an admirable older brother. She doesn’t live lavishly, only buying what’s necessary and donating the rest. She’s still occupying the same apartment she’s lived in since she attended NYU. It’s a crappy place, hasn’t been renovated since the 80s, but she all too happily still calls it home. The world has become a sinister place ever since greed and corruption took over, but she’s far from willing to give up. If she can better the lives of a handful of people, that’s enough for her. So, she spends every ounce of her free time helping others. She helps organize protests, tutors kids for free at the local youth center, volunteers at homeless and animal shelters, and stops by the retirement home as often as she can to play bingo with old vets.
Y/N doesn’t care that there aren’t any days left for herself anymore. Her self-care is giving time to others. It makes her happy to make them happy, believing kindness is still the greatest superpower of all and time the most valuable gift.
With almost scientific accuracy, she pushes her various keys into all four locks before kicking the badly oiled door to her apartment open and closing it behind her, the rustling of a chain and four locks following. She’s already been mugged five times since her move to the city. No superhero ever came to help, which was probably for the best, considering the building would’ve most likely been leveled.
You’d think she’s kidding, but she’s not. Just during her lunch break, a building in Midtown was demolished to the ground with nineteen people left dead by some airhead supe. Honestly, she’d move, but these idiots have been scattered all over the country by fucking Vought. It’s like an alien race has ceased the planet and declared itself the new rulers of Earth. Everyone else is presented with two options: obey or die, and even if you play along, the chances of being blown into oblivion are still high.
Y/N grabs the pack of Queen Maeve’s Macaroni and Cheese from the pantry and turns on the stove, carelessly dropping the gross contents into a pot. Everything’s branded these days, and it’s even hard to purchase something that’s not decorated with one of those fuckers’ faces. Honestly, they might as well go ahead and burn that shit into her skin. It really doesn’t matter anymore.
While the yellow paste is cooking itself to completion, her mom calls like she usually does when Y/N gets home from work, even stays up late to check in, and always whispers through the speaker so as not to wake her snoring father next to her in the bed. Her mother constantly worries about her, wishes she’d only move back where it’s “safer,” but Y/N knows safe places don’t really exist anymore. Have they truly ever? To her, it seems like they’re a mere illusion people hold onto to sleep better at night.
Suddenly, some continuous thundering pounds on the front door rattle her, and she jolts up, almost dropping the phone in her hands into the pot. The pounding is so goddamn loud and heavy that the whole wall shakes and the thin wooden door comes close to giving in and crashing down.
A few seconds pass before she’s unlocked the door again, phone neatly tucked between her ear and shoulder as she pries the door open, the chain still providing her some necessary safety.
Her brow furrows, head tilting to the side, and her eyes wander up the tall, bulky frame of the stranger on her doorstep. He breathes heavily, stares angrily, and looks…
“Uh, Mom, I gotta hang up. There’s a homeless guy at my door,” Y/N says and mindlessly ends the call, her mother’s “call the cops, honey,” only a faint sound in the distance.
She’s not gonna lie: the dude in front of her looks rough. Long, untamed hair and an even more untamed beard almost entirely hide his green eyes and the freckles on his skin, dirty and ripped clothes (sweats no less) clad his muscular body, and his smell direly suggests a need for a shower. Either way, he seems to be in his thirties and definitely gives off serial killer vibes.
“Can I-, can I help you, sir?”
Look, if the guy needs a shower, some food, and fresh clothes, she’s not gonna turn him away. Everybody needs a little help sometimes or the kindness of a stranger. She’s still got some old attire from her brother lying around that she was going to donate anyway. She probably should call her upstairs neighbor Eddie, though, before she lets the man inside. Although, by the looks of it, the guy seems like he could probably take out both her and Eddie easily at once. Nevertheless, some extra protection never hurts, right?
However, before she can lift her phone to her ear again, the guy’s fingers curl firmly around the rusty metal chain. He yanks it off its hinges, screws propelling to the floor, and violently pushes the door open. The sudden force makes her stumble backward, and before she can utter a single word or catch her balance, he bursts into her apartment.
Her breath hitches as she watches his chest furiously heave and his nostrils flare. “Wait… what are you doing? You can’t just-,” she splutters, the rest of her sentence cut off by his hand around her throat.
He’s quick, too quick to even see him move when he pushes her harshly against the door, his fingers squeezing into her flesh and tightening her airway as her feet lift off the creaking floorboards.
“Can’t do what?” he growls through clenched teeth, a certain cockiness gleaming in his eyes. She’s scared shitless and can tell that little detail only amuses him.
His strength is unnatural and the arrogance on point, so she doesn’t have to think long and hard about who she’s up against. “You’re one of them... Supe…What do you want from me?” Each word pushes out with an exhaustive breath, making her wonder how many she’s got left, the harsh grip on her throat seemingly unwavering.
Quietly and mostly reserved, he stares at her, studies her, as eternal seconds tick away on the clock. She squeezes her eyes shut, a part of her already accepting her fate and repeating the death statistics in her mind. Dying by supe is almost as likely as a heart attack nowadays. She guesses for her it’ll be the former.
But then, absolutely nothing happens. In fact, his grasp even loosens slightly, and as she dares to open one eyelid again, she finds him gazing at her display of family photos on the little side table next to the door. Then he abruptly drops her, her ass rather painfully hitting the ground. She rubs the sore skin on her throat and coughs until her lungs finally refill with enough oxygen at her first deep inhale.
Her eyes then find the supe as he paces curiously through her living room. He stops in front of the window and gazes through the yellowing blinds, pushing them apart with two digits. “You know, this used to be my place. Got it back in the late 70s… off the books. Warhol recommended it to me. He brought the sluts from Studio54 here and fucked ‘em upstairs,” he chuckles over his shoulder and throws her an expectant look like she’s supposed to be impressed by his little history lesson.
Who the fuck is this guy?
“What a… sweet story,” she clears her throat and smiles at him, but she’s sure it looks awkwardly uncomfortable as she slowly gets back onto her feet, her back pressing against the door. Man, she wishes she could disappear right through it. “Look, I get being sentimental, but I don’t care that you’re a supe. I’ll call the cops if you don’t fuck off.”
What follows next can only be described as a death stare before the creases around his eyes soften and his whole body starts to erupt into shakes.
Oh shit… he’s fucking laughing at her. That’s not a good sign.
His laugh is loud and booming as it bounces off the walls. He rubs the tears out of his eyes, still chuckling when he strolls her way. “Gotta admit, I haven’t laughed like that in… well, hell, probably forty years.”
“Gnarly,” she grits sarcastically, and yet her heart is wildly hammering against her ribcage, the sound ringing in her ears like a shrill alarm bell. Maybe it’s the coronary that gets her, after all.
His mouth opens, ready to retort something or swerve into another story, but then he closes it, his eyes flickering to the TV screen as the late-night news report rolls footage of today’s explosion.
And then, she’s certain the heart attack wins because she surely can’t feel hers beating anymore.
Holy fucking shit Christ… She’s fucked, isn’t she?
“That was you, wasn’t it?” Same sweats, Y/N. Why are you even asking? “You killed nineteen people,” she whispers, and it comes out almost incredulously, like the number can’t be real and representatively standing in her living room right now. It’s too fucking surreal.
His head snaps to her, each heavy step towards her pushing his full weight onto the old, wooden floorboards. His eyes are dark, empty, and nefarious, his body threateningly towering over her small frame like the Berlin Wall. She’d love to cower in front of him, but she’s even too frozen for that. “You want to be number twenty, darling?” His hand reaches out, knuckles lifting her chin to meet his gaze. She shivers in fear and flinches away. He smirks and drops his hand to his side. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I have no intention of hurting a pretty girl like yourself, okay? Now, all you need to do to make me keep that promise is to shut that fucking mouth and stay outta my way. If you don’t, I might have to crush your skull. Understood?”
She nods with a thick swallow, her mind racing a mile a minute before her brain flatlines altogether.
“Good,” he smiles and ambles to the couch, planting himself in front of the TV. She’s frozen in place, can’t move a limb or a goddamn pinky. She’s not sure she’s even allowed to breathe at this point. All she hears and feels are her thudding heartbeat in her ears and the fear coursing through her veins.
He glances at her from his periphery, rather annoyed, and sighs, “Look, after a goodnight’s sleep to clear my fucking head, I’m gone again and you can return to your pathetic, little life, alright? I just need… a safe place, okay?” He shifts a bit on the couch and looks at her fully now.
“O-Okay,” is her response, not quite believing that word left her mouth. But for a blink of a literal eye, there was a softness flashing across his pupils. “You-, uh, are you hungry? I can order pizza.”
Jesus fucking Christ, is she losing her mind?
He seems to be as baffled by her question as she is. “Aren’t you cooking dinner right now?” He gestures to the pot on the stove.
She grimaces and shakes her head, “Trust me, you don’t wanna eat that.”
“You just found out I killed nineteen people. Do you really care what I eat?”
Well, he’s got her there. She really just wants him to leave her apartment again, but she supposes that won’t happen anytime soon, judging how his ass is firmly planted on her fucking couch. But now, she’s stirred her own appetite for pizza and craves some comfort food on top of it all. The last fifteen minutes have been incredibly stressful, and she’s donated a lot of blood tonight and feels dizzy under the circumstances.
“Okay, let me ask you this,” he interrupts her train of thought when several seconds pass without a response from her, “Are you just offering pizza so you can leave and get help?”
She shakes her head, lips slightly pursed. “No, uh, I was gonna DoorDash it.”
His brow knits, and when she pulls out her phone to show him what she intends to do, he suddenly jumps up from the couch and snatches the device from her hands, almost crushing it in his fist. “Whoa! What weapon is that?”
Confused, she arches an eyebrow at him, “Weapon?” Seriously, who the hell is this guy? He looks way too young to have partied here in the 70s and everything about him seems a little odd and out of place. “That’s a phone,” she points out.
He scoffs, the angry wrinkles on his brow reappearing, “How stupid do you think I am?”
“You want me to answer that honestly?” she snorts and then chokes the laugh when his glare only intensifies. “Look, I promise it’s just a phone, okay? Everyone’s got ‘em. Nothing special about it,” she assures him, and to her surprise, he seems to believe her, his shoulders slumping a little.
“It doesn’t have any buttons,” he grunts and squints his eyes at the device in his large hands.
“Yeah, it’s a touch screen,” she shrugs and observes his lips curl into a pout. God, he almost resembles her grandpa when she gave him a tablet for Christmas. “Can I have it back to order, or do you wanna do it?”
A moment passes between them as he seems to contemplate his options before shooting her a reluctant glance and handing her the phone back. “Nah, I’m sure you can handle it, sweetheart,” he smacks her ass with a smirk and coolly proceeds to saunter to the TV as if he hadn’t just touched her inappropriately.
“Sure,” she replies somewhat bitterly. Any other guy would have already received a lecture and a sprained wrist from her, but she figures an ass grab is not really worth dying over.
While she opens the app and places an order, she watches him as he inspects her TV, his head poking behind the flatscreen. The app announces the pizzas will be delivered in twenty minutes, and as she glances up at the superhero in her living room again, he has moved on to her laptop now. He picks it up, weighs it in his hands before opening it up sideways like a book. All in all, he seems lost and, frankly, slightly panicked.
Yeah… she should ask questions, right?
“Uh, just-…” Upon her utterance, he puts the computer back down on her desk and blinks at her expectantly. “Are you… alright? Like, in the head?”
His eyebrows draw tightly together, and then he rolls his eyes and licks his lips. “What do you mean?”
She twitches her shoulders, hoping she won’t say something stupid that’s going to get her killed. “I, uh, I just mean… maybe you have amnesia or something. Maybe a concussion? Did something happen to you? You remember anyone hitting you over the head?”
“Why are you asking?” he snaps a little impatiently.
“It’s just… the phone, the TV, the computer-”
His eyes widen almost comically as he thumbs back over his shoulder to her desk, “That’s a computer?”
“Yeah, see, kinda the point I was trying to make,” she nods. “No offense, but you seem like someone who’s stuck in another decade. And honestly, you look way too young to have already been alive and partying here in the 70s. Are you one of those supes that doesn’t age? Did you take on someone else’s identity, like a, uh, a mind switch? Or is your superpower time traveling and a wormhole scrambled your brain?”
“Look, I-…,” he scratches the nape of his neck and purses his lips. “Something like that. You don’t need to know the exact details, okay?”
The doorbell interrupts their talk, and she quickly rushes to accept the food. For a second, she thinks about dashing out that door and calling for help, but she doesn’t want to get the delivery guy killed with her. She puts the two boxes on the coffee table, the supe instantly plopping down on the couch and grabbing himself a slice. The way he hums in delight around the melted cheese and crust makes her think it’s been a while since he had a decent meal.
“Uhm, if you want, you can use the shower. I have some fresh clothes that should fit you, too,” she offers him and softly clears her throat to catch his attention. “Nothing fancy. Just some old ones from my brother.”
“Thanks,” he states gruffly and then continues to eat and watch TV.
She cleans up the kitchen a little, removes the vomit-looking food from the pot, and mostly stays out of the superhero’s way. After he’s done with his pizza, he wordlessly locks himself in the bathroom while she tells him a fresh set of clothes is already lying on the hamper. He showers for approximately fourteen minutes before she hears him cursing when the water finally runs cold. She’s turned the TV off in the meantime and prepared the pull-out couch for the night, only the dim and flickering kitchen light remaining to illuminate the apartment. The door to the bathroom then opens, steam flowing through the crack as her eyes slowly wander up his frame.
Admittedly, he looks a lot better once he’s cleaned himself up, her brother’s old Giants jersey and sweats fitting him like a glove. The hair and beard still remain a wild mess, and even the supe seems to think so as he rubs his chin rather uncomfortably and then looks up at her.
“Oh, uh, I can get you a razor tomorrow,” she tells him. He nods silently, and yet, she can detect a little gratefulness gleaming in his green orbs. Still, she reminds herself he murdered nineteen people and only threatened her an hour ago. As she dries the last plate over the sink, however, he walks to the fridge and grabs himself a beer, examining the label closely before popping the bottle open and gulping it down.
“I’m Ben,” he suddenly says, and her eyes almost spring wide open because she’s so surprised by the information he decides to share. A small part of her already bet on that he’d likely kill her in her sleep tonight.
“Wow, uhm, no stupid superhero name?” she questions, bites her bottom lip instantly, and honestly doesn’t understand why she keeps engaging him. She should count her blessings that she’s still breathing at all.
“I think it’s best if you don’t know that either, darling,” he replies and then stares at her intensely before she realizes he’s waiting to hear her name.
“Oh, uh, Y/N,” she swallows and then abruptly backs out of the kitchen. She doesn’t exactly know why, but his presence is making her feel fairly uncomfortable – and not just because of the killer look in his pine green eyes. “Uhm, I’m gonna go to sleep. I left a pillow and blanket on the couch for you. I’ll take the bed since I pay rent and you better not crawl into mine while I’m asleep. Got it?” she tells him in a sharp tone, wondering where the fuck that courage is coming from and immediately feeling like she’s going to pass out.
He bobs his head, tongue licking over his plump lips as he guides the beer bottle away from them. There’s slight amusement detectable in the corners of his mouth. “Alright… But you’re aware I could easily kill you and just take the bed, yeah?”
To his bewilderment, though, she plainly shrugs her shoulders and bravely meets his gaze, “Honestly? At this point you’d be doing me a favor.”
When he only nods and nurses his beer in silence, she finally escapes into her bedroom and closes the door firmly behind her, locking it for good measure, although she knows that won’t do shit to keep out a supe if he ever changes his mind about her living status during the night.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. How is she supposed to get outta this one alive?
Tumblr media
Chapter 2
Please do let me know if you want more of this! I’m a little goofing around with this series and having fun. It’s got a bit of everything in it and if you know my writing and my humor by now, you probably can guess what this series will be like 😝 Don’t worry, tho – there’s no excessive slow burn, but as you can tell reader needs a little time to adjust to her hostage situation 🙈
Real Heroes (Dean/Jensen Tag): @deanwanddamons​​ @flamencodiva​​ @panicking-outside-the-disco​​ @deandreamernp​​ @avanatural​​ @eevvvaa​​ @writercole​​ @gshade22​​ @poptart06294​​ @supraveng​​ @sexyvixen7​​ @that-one-gay-girl​​ @lyarr24​​ @msmarvelouswinchester​​ @akshi8278​​ @spnbaby-67​​ @xlynnbbyx​​ @mimaria420​​ @thoughts-and-funnies​​ @dark-night-sky-99​​ @wittyboldsoul​​ @awkward-and-indecisive​​ @dean-winchester-is-a-warrior​​ @imherefordeanandbones​​ @mrsjenniferwinchester​​ @snowlovespie​​ @leigh70​​ @maggiegirl17​​
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painsandconfusion · 2 years
Vaguely threatening lines completely out of context:
Look it's some whumpy dialogue prompts! Have fun!
Can you run in those shoes?
Remind me, are you right or left handed?
Does closing your eyes help? I'm sure that's extremely effective.
Hmm...white floors....You don't happen to have any bleach, do you?
You should sit down.
I'd love to hang out. Why don't you get in the car?
When was the last time you cried?
Don’t waste your energy.
You shouldn't be out here all alone. You never know who you might run into.
Don't. You won't like what happens next.
Do you need a reminder?
Why do you look so scared? Nothing is going to happen if you just behave.
You're so small compared to me.
I hope you're not thinking about running right now. That wouldn't turn out well for you.
Is that door locked?
Are you sure you want to talk to me like that?
Such a busy party. I don't think anyone would notice if someone just...disappeared.
That wasn't a request.
You shouldn't wear your hair up like that. It makes it so easy for someone to grab.
Hmmm...I'm getting bored.
Oh right, that little friend of yours. What was their name again? 'Caretaker'? They still live in that little house on the east side, don't they.
Is that really what you want?
Again? You know that didn't turn out well for you last time.
Hold still.
Another dead end? Shucks. Looks like you're stuck.
How are you at running?
Have you ever donated blood before? There's this muffled, cold feeling when you give a little too much. It's quite the experience.
Count for me.
What you want doesn't really matter, does it?
What a pretty little neck.
Hmm. Looks like we're alone.
You wouldn't lie to me, would you? You're smarter than that.
Are you lost?
What is a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?
Let me make things easier for you.
You have such a handsome face, but...it's missing something.
I think red's your color.
Are you one of those people who bruises easily?
Who else knows you're here? (...) Well...How convenient.
You'd better start running, then. I'll give you a ten second head start.
It's fascinating how many places there are on the human body that wont bruise.
Careful with that. We wouldn't want you to get hurt.
Shh...just be good and you won't have to find out how sharp this is.
You look like a screamer.
I hope you don't have anywhere to be -- this might take a while.
As per always, please tag me if you use any of these cuz I wanna seeeeeeeeeee...
(tags: @prisonerwhump @whumpawink @mabledonut @jadeocean46910 @paleassprince @distinctlywhumpthing @tropes-for-my-md-daydreams @batfacedliar-yetagain @suspicious-whumping-egg @lav-whumps )
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thegodovereverything · 2 months
TMNTober prompt: Try Again?
Ao3 link
Cw: death, but he gets better, Time loop, blood, injury
(Please let me know if I need to add anything else)
The Utrom stalked the rocky plains of what used to be New York, their metallic whirring the only sound in the desolate wasteland they created. Underneath them was a city in fear, just waiting for the moment they were found out. Splinter and his boys were determined that they never would be.
All five of them were above the surface. They had heard rumors of a human working for the Krang, assisting with luring refugees into a “safe place”, only to bring the might of the Krang upon them.
They needed to find this human and get as much information out of them as possible.
They walked as a group, keeping to the shadows to evade notice.
Leo gave the hand motion for everyone to stop. The Technodrome towered above them. With one quick portal, they were inside. The walls reminded Splinter of flesh, pulsing in time to some unknown heart beat. His mouth pulled up in disgust and he motioned for his sons to quicken. He didn’t want to spend any more time here than he needed to.
They explored the Technodrome for what felt like hours, but according to Purple’s gauntlet (somehow still at full battery), they had only been in there for twenty minutes. The ship was filled with strange rooms, pink flesh arranged into consoles and machine shapes with unknown purposes.
About forty minutes into their exploration they find more clues of human inhabitance.
There were the shells of utroms laying on the ground in various states of disassembly. A coffee machine sat proudly upon a flesh desk, hooked up to a portable battery. Purple was able to somehow fit it into his battle shell.
They continued onwards. They passed what looked like a kitchen, stocked with strange foods, and another lab before they found their target.
Baxter Stockboy was laid back onto a fleshy consoles, pink tentacles wrapping around and into his body.
“He must be the human everyone was talking about,” whispered Raph, motioning for everyone to start the investigation.
The sound of wet, moving flesh stopped them in their tracks. Splinter and his sons readied themselves to fight whatever would come to be.
Stockboy was slowly raised up, until he was nearly standing. The tentacles still trailed both over and under his skin and his eyes shone an unsettling white.
“Hello, turtles,” Baxter wrinkled his nose, “and rat. So nice of you to join us. Please. Have a seat.”
Tentacles shot up from the floor, forcing Splinter to sit.
His sons struggled against their confines, but were ultimately powerless, their weapons knocked to the ground from the tentacles. Stockboy laughed. It wasn’t the laugh of a human. It was dry and layered, like multiple people were speaking at once, just out of sync.
Orange’s hands crackled with his ninpo, slowly reaching out to his brothers. Splinter’s had long dried out, from constant use without proper technique.
Stockboys feet touched the floor, the tentacles loosening so they trailed behind him like wires and tubes as he paced.
“You five have caused quite a lot of trouble for us here, you know. You’ve destroyed our camps, evaded capture. Haven’t even had the decency to subscribe and donate to ‘Baxter Stockboys Tips for Living in the Apocalypse’. Maybe if you had, you would’ve done what I did. Joining them was really the only choice.”
He chucked again. Splinter’s heart raced inside his chest, frantically trying to get out.
His sons ninpo connected, their markings glowing in response. He winced. Their family heritage was many things, but subtle it was not. Baxter Stockboy immediately noticed. With one flick of the teenagers wrist, his sons had tentacles racing towards them. Thankfully, they had had countless training dealing with tentacles trying to stab them through. And now that they had a better grasp of the situation, his sons were ready to attack.
Blue summoned a new sword from the pen he always keeps on him. Slashing at the tentacles that raced towards him, he took quick work of his confines. Purple summoned a bazooka, blasting through the approaching threats. Blue freed the rest of his brothers, each of them facing Stockboy in turn. Their ninpo made weapons nearly glowed.
The Krang infected teenager caught on quickly. When Blue raised his sword to free Splinter, Stockboy raised his hand.
Out of the ground came a sharpened tentacle. Its aim was focused, exact.
His son stopped, sword raised, face contorted in horror. Splinter had a piercing pain in his head and one of his eyes had lost sight, leaving a black spot on his left side.
Splinter knew he wouldn’t live through this. He tried to lift his hand, but it refused. Instead he opened his mouth to speak, to assure his sons. He needed to let them know he loved them, that he was proud of them. All that came out was a strangled croak. He settled with a crooked smile. He hoped it was assuring.
The tentacle pulled out with a tug. His head leaned down without his control, his son now out of his now blood filled sight.
Goodbye, my sons.
And his life faded to black.
Splinter came to in a stadium. He was standing on top of a dead yokai. A loud roar surrounded him, shaking the ground underneath his feet.
He was completely surrounded with yokai, cheering louder than anyone’s been in nearly five years.
He brought his hands to his face, feeling for the gaping hole that was just put through it. There was nothing there. His face was completely different, smooth and furless.
He was taller than he’s been in years. His feet were kept in shoes that fit, with no claws in sight.
As he stood upon the corpse of his past victory and stared at the crowd that roared his name, he came to a dawning realization.
He was back again.
He’ll have to fight to kill. He’ll have to live as a human just to have it snatched back from him. He’ll get to raise his boys again, but this time learning from his mistakes. He gets to do better.
With legs that were way too long he stumbled off the corpse. He was going to survive for his boys
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sappy-witch · 8 months
do you know of any weight loss / metabolism boosting spell/spell jars? i've been trying to lose weight for a year now, and i really need a boost. i don't need a miracle worker, just something to put out into the universe that is something i desire and have been working towards. blessed be! :)
Hello darling 🥰
Thank you for reaching out to me, and I hope you’re proud of all the wonderful work you’ve already put in!
While, of course, there is no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, I understand that sometimes we need a little extra help from the universe to reach our goals.
Before I start yammering on, I hope you don’t need reminding that our worth is never determined by our physical embodiment, but what this beautiful temple holds within it. Of course, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat our bodies with the respect and kindness they deserve, so here we go ✨
Here is a simple spell jar recipe that you can try to help boost your metabolism and aid in your weight loss journey:
✨🫙 Metabolism Boosting Spell Jar 🫙✨
1. A small jar with a lid
2. Dried ginger - increases energy, strength, and confidence. It is also commonly used in herbal medicine to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system.
3. Dried red pepper flakes - for motivation, courage, and passion, red pepper flakes are believed to bring fiery energy and vitality to a spell. They are also known to have numerous health benefits, including boosting.
4. Dried dandelion root - wish fulfillment and manifestation. Also a powerful diuretic that can aid in weight loss by helping the body eliminate excess fluids. It is also commonly used in herbal medicine to support liver health and digestion.
5. Dried cinnamon - for love, success, and prosperity. It is also believed to have numerous health benefits, including regulating blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and boosting brain function.
(Feel free to alter as you see fits - based on your preferences or accessibility)
1. Begin by cleansing your jar by rinsing it with saltwater or leaving it in the light of the full moon for a night.
2. Add a tablespoon of each herb into the jar, visualizing yourself reaching your weight loss goals as you add each ingredient.
3. Close the jar and seal it with the wax of a green candle - a symbol of health. You can also use any other color that resonates with you.
4. Hold the jar in both hands and visualize the energy of the herbs filling the jar and flowing into your body, boosting your metabolism and aiding in weight loss.
5. Place the jar on your altar or another safe space in your home.
I would also recommend focusing on positive affirmations and visualization during your weight loss journey. Try visualizing yourself at your ideal weight, feeling confident and healthy. Repeat affirmations to yourself such as "I am strong and capable of achieving my weight loss goals" or "I release excess weight with ease and joy."
Remember to approach this spell with a positive mindset and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. A spell can be a great tool, but it is not a substitute for hard work and dedication.
And once again, remember to always treat yourself and your body with kindness on your journey towards your health goals. Your worth is not determined by your weight or size, and your body deserves love and care no matter what. Incorporating positive affirmations and self-love rituals into your routine can help shift your mindset towards a more positive and empowering perspective. Focus on nourishing your body with healthy and balanced meals, practicing movement that feels good for you, and celebrating your progress no matter how small.
I hope this helps you on your weight loss journey 💕 Best of luck to you!
🌞 If you enjoy my posts, please consider donating to my energies 🌞
✨🔮 Request a Tarot Reading Here 🔮✨
With love, from a Sappy Witch 🔮💕
Blessed be. 🕊️✨
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heyitssashag · 2 months
It’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.
[This is the same post I’m writing on all of my social media’s in hopes to spread a little more education and awareness around metastatic breast cancer.]
Honestly, I didn’t really want to write anything about it. It feels heavy and depressing and I’m often left not even knowing what to say anymore.
2.5 years later, and I’m still wishing this was all a bad dream.
I’m trying very hard to keep my mind off of MBC. To “stay positive”, to be productive and do enjoyable activities like volunteering, walking and writing. Unfortunately, when you’re constantly reminded every single day that you have this disease whether it be the long list of appointments, treatments or just the ongoing pain, nausea and other symptoms endured, it’s hard to forget.
In 10 days, I’ll be going in for radiation on my SI joints and hip. This is to help pain that has been bothering me for almost a year. As my last experience with radiation was so f***ing gross, I’ve been really putting it off. I live with pain all over, though. With a broken neck it affects everything from migraines, to my vision, to frozen shoulder to major jaw disfunction. It hurts to even yawn. With cancer taking over my spine and other bones, every day feels like a mountain to climb.
I’ve had people tell me that having “bone-only” metastatic disease isn’t really a terminal illness because, “a friend of an uncle of a cousin said so”. I’m so fed up over the fact that so much health misinformation circles this world. Many do die from “bone-only” disease whether it’s because they have toxic levels of calcium that is released in your blood stream or the pain is so unbearable that no amount of drugs can control it, or that you end up from other complications like paralysis or infections. Feeling like your bones slowly turning to dust is brutal, scary and messed up.
It’s exhausting to always feel misunderstood with this disease. For example, I was talking with my handyDART driver last week. Through our conversation, I mentioned that I have stage 4 breast cancer that spread to my spine and broke my neck. Now, it’s hard to be mobile. His response was, “Well, once you’re done your treatments and you heal, you’ll be able to get back out there and start living life again!” I told him unfortunately my cancer isn’t curable and this is just my life now. He says, “Oh. I’m so sorry. Wow, and you’re so young!” (I’m 47.) *sigh*
Being young or younger doesn’t exclude anyone from this cancer. I was originally diagnosed at 41 with stage 2b and at 44, I was metastatic. There are many who are so much younger than me who are hit with this disease.
While we all may be sick of the sea of pink to represent Breast Cancer Awareness month and feel like we have enough “awareness”, Metastatic Breast Cancer is still a very misunderstood disease. Awareness is still needed so there are donors and funding. Continued research that helps with treatment and prolonging life is incredibly important. If you want to consider donating, there are charities such as Rethink Breast Cancer & Metavivor that support secondary breast cancers. 💕
Here I am, out on my walk, today. I did well over 10,000 steps and 7km’s. When I got home, I ate chocolate covered gummy bears and they were awesome.
Tumblr media
I talked to an older lady today who lives in a very rural area on one of the Gulf Islands. She was telling me how she has kidney failure. She has a donor and everything but will likely die or be too weak before she gets her surgery. I thought it was completely crazy for her not to live close to a “real” hospital. I can’t imagine not being within 30 minutes of a real medical facility with real ER doctors and real scanning machines and real labs. That’s a real risk. I also know the ferries suck too and they hit all the islands and take forever. But she seemed perfectly content, happy and fine with it.
I told her about my cancer. She asked me if I was “with” anyone. I said I haven’t been for a while. Since before being diagnosed the first time. As we were chatting, she reminded me to go have fun. Which I try to do but she tried to clarify and told me to go have some “real” fun. Then suggested I should go to a bar or a social club or something. I realized she was encouraging me to go “hook-up”. lol.
Anyway, I’m not planning to go out and get laid like that lady hinted I should do but I’m making a list (because I’m a Virgo and we love lists). It’s called the “Things that I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t because of the restrictions I’ve been putting on myself” List. I will have fun, dammit… and the fun won’t require me to go to a loud cave with sticky floors nor to swipe right.
Right now, my idea of fun is having tea and reading my book on my heating pad. …and if you’ve read this far, I hope you have a fun weekend. Whatever that fun looks like for you.
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pigeonwhumps · 5 months
Gemma rescues Phoenix AU: Part 3
Immortal Cannon Fodder masterlist
Everything: @extrabitterbrain @wolfeyedwitch
Phoenix struggles, and Gemma helps.
CWs: hospital setting, panic attack, past crucifixion, flashback to said crucifixion, aftermath of crucifixion and resurrection, partial nudity, talk of impaling, use of 'kiddo' for an adult, immortal whumpee, long-term injury/chronic pain, traumatised whumpee, low self-worth, past abandonment, past death/resurrection
Gemma stays there on the floor, arms wrapped around a sobbing Phoenix. They're alive. She still can't believe it, but here they are, warm and breathing and traumatised to all hell but alive.
"Sorry. Sorry."
Gemma tightens her arms. "Shh. It's okay, god, don't apologise."
Phoenix buries their head in her and sobs harder.
Gemma's so busy trying to keep herself and Phoenix calm, reminding herself that they're alive, here, god they're alive, they're not dead, that she barely notices the presence appear beside them. She only realises when Phoenix tenses, and they both look up.
A nurse in a blue polo shirt is standing there, arms folded. She smiles tightly when she sees them looking.
"Are you the woman who came in with the crucified girl?"
Phoenix flinches, and Gemma tightens her arm around them, suddenly angry. It's not entirely the nurse's fault, she doesn't know who Phoenix is, but still. Phoenix has a morgue sheet on, it should be obvious something's wrong.
"Yes. And I think you'll find your morgue is missing a body."
The nurse blinks. Blinks again. Looks hard at Phoenix.
"You came back to life?" They nod. "Do you have any injuries?" They shake their head. "Okay. You'll still need to be checked out, and the police are here. They'll want to speak to both of you."
"Can we have a chance to breathe and get Phoenix some clothes first?" Gemma snaps. Inexplicably, the nurse's face softens at this.
"The police are interviewing the staff, so yes, we have plenty of time. There's a donation box at the end of the corridor, or the hospital shop."
Gemma shakes her head. "No money. Didn't think about that."
"In that case, we'll go to the donation box. Follow me."
Phoenix stumbles as they rise, clinging onto Gemma to stop themself falling.
"Shh." Gemma helps them to their feet, supporting them as they lean against her, seemingly about to collapse. "Just focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Doesn't matter how fast we go."
Phoenix nods but still continues to walk faster than they probably should, stumbling every few steps. It's only a couple of minutes before they reach the donation box.
"What size are you, kid?"
"Um, eight. Or six. Mostly."
Gemma nods and lets them go gently before diving in. She doesn't know what style Phoenix usually wears, but she finds a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms in their size, as well as an unopened packet of pants and a pair of flipflops. The latter are rather large, but they'll do.
She's about to hand the whole pile to Phoenix when she notices a small stuffed monkey. The kind that has magnetic hands and feet, designed to attach to something. It's a bit worn on the top of the head, but not much.
"Here you go. I hope they fit. And it might be a bit childish, but there's this, too."
Phoenix takes the monkey and holds it tenderly over the pile of clothes, lip trembling as they mouth something. They don't seem to be able to speak but Gemma gets the message, smiling.
"That's alright."
The nurse clears her throat. "You might want to get something for yourself as well. You're covered in blood."
Gemma looks down at herself. Oh, god, Phoenix's blood, she'd forgotten about that. It didn't seem to matter once Phoenix was alive again. But now it does, of course it does, it's unhygienic and it's Phoenix's blood. She digs herself out a t-shirt and shorts, stealing glances at Phoenix every few seconds to make sure they're still there, that Gemma didn't imagine them coming back to life, they didn't die on the operating table and they're right here.
"Right. Right, ready."
Phoenix stumbles as they start walking again and Gemma takes their arm to stop them from falling. She doesn't really notice where she's going, too busy holding up the exhausted kid, until the nurse ushers them into a room with one bed and an en-suite.
"Lucky for you there's a side room free. The police will be here soon, let them in when you're ready."
"We will."
The nurse nods and exits. Gemma turns to Phoenix.
"You take the shower first. Can you manage it on your own, do you think?" Phoenix nods. "Anyone you want me to call while you're in there?"
They shake their head. "No, I, um... no."
"Okay. Go on, I'll be here when you finish."
Phoenix nods and heads into the bathroom, setting the monkey down carefully on the bed first.
Now Gemma just needs to wait. She hates waiting, especially alone with her thoughts when they're like this. But Phoenix is alive. Alive, alive, alive, and as long as she keeps repeating that to herself she'll be fine.
Phoenix drops the bundle of clothes on the bumpy vinyl floor and sits down on the floor of the shower. The head goes drip... drip... drip... but it's different from the warehouse, it is, the pattern is monotonous, there's a pattern, and anyway they can see here. If they just focus on what they can see they'll be okay.
They rub their wrists, feeling the new rough scars there. Scars, not nails, not open wounds.
They need to get up and turn the shower on. They need to wash, they know they're filthy, even if it's barely noticeable anymore. But they can't move. Can't get themself to, can barely remember how to, how long is it since they could, anyway?
Aside from the walk here. That was... weird. The woman's weirdly nice. They're not sure if she's told them her name, their memory's shot, but either way they don't understand why she's acting this way. It's not like Phoenix is important, and she didn't know them before this. So why does she seem to care so much?
Why would anyone?
How long were they in the warehouse for? Why did nobody come? Surely Abbie wouldn't assume they could rescue themself for so long. Maybe it wasn't as long as it felt. Maybe something happened that meant no-one could.
Maybe they sent that woman. Maybe they did send help, and that's why she's here.
Stop. They need to stop thinking about not being rescued and take a shower. They can figure out the rest later.
It's just... the drip... drip... drip... is relentless. Phoenix's vision swims in and out, seeing the warehouse, the dark, the metal and concrete, back to the bright white of the hospital, round and round, hearing the dripping and their own ringing screams and barely able to breathe. They dig their thumbs into their thighs, trying to concentrate. If they can see more than shadowed metal and concrete, it's okay. If they can move, it's okay.
They twitch their toes, wiggle their legs. If they can see and move, it's okay.
Their skin looks unblemished. They know it's a lie, they've automatically camouflaged, but they can see it, unblurred by pain and oxygen starvation, and if they can see and move, it's okay.
There's a pop. One quiet pop, and the bathroom is plunged into terrifying, looming, crawling darkness.
One quiet pop, and Phoenix is thrown back there entirely.
The warehouse is quiet and still aside from the drip... drip... drip..., all they can see is metal and concrete, light slanting in at an angle. Everything aches, they can't move, can't even catch their breath.
Their wrist spasms, pain bursting through it like the nail's being hammered in for the first time. They can't move it voluntarily without their whole arm screaming in pain as shocks reverberate up it. It's all far, far too much, and it's going to be forever.
Phoenix screams.
They scream. And they scream. The pain and the dark and the fear is too much, and they scream, scream until their throat's raw.
"Phoenix! Phoenix, you need to breathe, can you do that for me? Can you hear me?"
Phoenix gasps, unsure whose the voice is but it sounds warm and familiar, and they flinch as warm hands touch them.
"That's it. Hold onto my forearms, tight as you like, and breathe. Take a deep breath, just like that, and another."
Phoenix clutches the woman's forearms like a lifeline, fingers digging in, keeping themself here, and breathes like she says, one after the other.
"That's it. Now, tell me five things you can see."
"You. And, um, and I don't know your name, and light, and tiles, and, um, I don't, concrete? I don't know, I can't concentrate."
"Hey. It's okay, you did well, just breathe. You got three. No concrete here though, we're in the hospital, remember? No warehouse. My name's Gemma."
"Gemma," whispers Phoenix, voice rough from screaming.
"Yeah. Can you tell me four things you can feel?"
"Your arm. Um, the tiles under my feet, and, um, the air, and, and, um, my hair?"
Hair they realise, with a start, is coated at the ends with dried blood. From their wrists which are still bleeding and– and–
No. No, they're not.
Gemma smiles. "You're doing well. Three things you can hear?"
"Your voice. My heartbeat. And, um, murmuring."
"Two things you can smell?"
"Blood. Blood, I– I– um–" Oh, god, there's so much blood. They tighten their hold.
"Easy, Phoenix. You're not in the warehouse, you're safe. Can you give me one thing you can taste?"
"That's it. Come on, breathe, easy now. Do you know where you are?"
Phoenix closes their eyes, bows their head, digs their fingers into Gemma's arms.
"Hospital. With you. Gemma. No– no more crucifixion. No warehouse. Safe."
"Yeah. That's right. Safe."
Phoenix nods. Safe, safe, safe.
The block starts to recede from their mind as they repeat it, the hospital coming into sharper focus. They release a deep, shuddering breath.
"Thank you." They pull their hands back, tucking them into themself, and that's when they notice the red marks on Gemma's arm. They don't have enough left in them to feel any more scared, now, but it doesn't stop them remembering what Abbie's punishment for that would be. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to– I mean, I didn't know, I, um, I didn't mean to hurt you, I–"
"Hey, shh, it's okay. I know you didn't. I knew the risks. It'll just be a couple of bruises, it's fine, kiddo. Okay?"
Phoenix nods. "I'm sorry."
"Stop apologising for everything. None of this is anything you need to apologise for."
"Okay. I'm– right." They let out a weak chuckle. They're not used to this. No-one's ever told them *not* to apologise before.
"Shall we get cleaned up? Both of us. I'd like to get your blood off me at some point." Phoenix nods. "Great. Can I wash your hair?"
Gemma sounds hopeful and Phoenix doesn't know what they've done to deserve this.
Please, let someone else take care of them for once. Gemma's so soft and warm and they need that, they crave it, and they find themself for once not caring too much about what she might want them for afterwards.
She must want them for something, right? To be doing all this?
"Right. You might want to take off your dirty underwear. And I guess I should undress too. If you're comfortable with that. Let me sort the shower head."
"It's, um, it's fine." Phoenix pulls off their stiff and dirty underpants, only vaguely aware they were still wearing them. Didn't... didn't they have a t-shirt on before? At some point? When did they lose that?
They nod, and Gemma turns on the water.
Phoenix gasps as the spray hits them. Oh, it feels so good. Cool then warm and clean and pounding, pounding, pounding on their sore shoulders, their itchy scalp, turning light brown as it swirls down the drain.
And now they're thirsty. So thirsty, suddenly, and they tip their head back, mouth open, desperate to catch some. Water streams into their mouth, warm and not very nice to taste but water.
"The police will be here soon," Gemma murmurs, rubbing the roots of their hair. "They'll want to talk to both of us. Do you want me to stay with you or would you prefer to answer the questions on your own?"
Phoenix swallows hard. Given the choice, they'd rather not talk about their experience at all. But they don't have that choice.
"I– I can do it on my own. I need to do it alone."
They're determined not to be a burden any more than they already have been. They're not entirely useless, and they need to prove it both to themself and Gemma. Even if they're still barely present half the time and their memory's an incoherent jumble, their body even worse. They're not sure they can even walk properly, and the wrist spasm catapulted them back to the warehouse. It all makes them want to scream. They don't know how to make any of this better, but they know they need to do this alone.
"Okay. Let me know if you change your mind. However you do this, it's okay."
Phoenix knows that's a lie. It has to be. There's no way Gemma would be happy with them being even more dependent on her. But when she briefly places a hand on their shoulder, they rest their own on top anyway.
It's not enough. None of what they do is, and they know Gemma knows it too, but as long as she doesn't say anything they can pretend it is. Pretend they're enough.
They don't know what they're going to do if Gemma admits that they're not.
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“I’m still in love with you but... I needed to learn how to love myself too!”
Fanonwriter2023 on AO3
Where CANON and FANON collide!
Season 7 FANON Speculation
Buddie Multi-Chapter Fanfic - Hiatus Reading
Chapter 8 is now available on AO3 - “I’m still in love with you but... I needed to learn how to love myself too!”
Tumblr media
“I’m still in love with you but... I needed to learn how to love myself too!”
Tumblr media
Currently 8 chapters completed: 188.6K Words Rated: Mature
One chapter will be posted at a time.
Here’s a snippet from one of Buck’s and Eddie's conversations included in chapter 8. ___________
Eddie smiles and nods.
Buck waits for him to look up and when he does, he decides now’s the time to tell him he’s going back to the loft.
“I—I think it’s time… no I know it’s time for me to move back into the loft.”
Eddie’s facial expression morphs into one of concern.  He stops eating, dries his hands on the napkin because his palms instantly start sweating and he doesn’t know why.  That’s a lie because he does know.  He doesn’t want Buck to leave.
He tries to keep a neutral expression on his face but he thinks he misses it by a mile.  He gently says, “You know you can stay here as long as you like.”
Buck nods and after a few seconds he admits, “I know and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me… I just think you and Chris need time to talk without me being here.”
Eddie gives him a confused look.
Buck meets his eyes and says, “Last night, he asked me if I thought you would be sad if he asked you questions about Shannon and… I—I think you two need your privacy so you can talk about it.  If I stay here then I may…”  He trails off.
Eddie doesn’t rush him; he just keeps patiently waiting.
They get quiet and it’s not an awkward silence but it is one filled with a bit of tension since neither of them are ready to admit they don’t want him to go.
When Buck doesn’t continue, Eddie asks, “What did he say he wants to ask me?”
“The main question he wants to ask is why she left when you guys were still in El Paso.”
Eddie nods and asks, “And what did you say?”
How will Buck respond to Eddie's question?
Tumblr media
Fic Summary: Months after Buck and Eddie were hit by the same lightning strike; they’re still struggling with the aftermath of it.  But before they make their love confessions, they’ll spend time getting to know themselves as individuals first. Eddie learns to enjoy the simple things in life as he participates in activities on his own and with new friends while Buck learns the rest of the 31-year-old deep dark family secret about his conception and birth. Their journey to forever is still a work in progress but once they finally admit they’re in love with each other, everything that follows their love confessions will be cataclysmic.
Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1 - Eddie makes a new friend while Buck receives devastating news regarding the sperm donation he made for Connor and Kameron.
Chapter 2 - Buck does a lot of research to learn more about the abnormalities found in his red blood cells and Eddie starts a new therapy journey that’s all about him and not the traumas he’s experienced.
Chapter 3 - After more than a month, Buck and Eddie finally spend time together outside of work but it doesn’t end well and they part with a lot of uncertainty regarding their places in each other’s lives.
Chapter 4 - Eddie has a few realizations about his life which causes him to consider moving back to El Paso, TX while Buck continues to be reminded of his past which causes him to take an impromptu road trip across America.
Chapter 5 - Both Buck and Eddie have difficult conversations with their parents and Buck finally learns the truth behind the reason why his mother despised him while Eddie finally tells his mother about the way she tries to control him.
Chapter 6 - More than two weeks after Buck pushed Eddie away after suggesting they needed a break; Eddie decides to try again. Eddie’s there for Buck when he’s at his worst just like Buck was there for him when he was at his worst and he won’t let Buck give up.
Chapter 7 - After Buck’s mental breakdown, Eddie has his back the same way Buck had his when he had his own breakdown more than a year ago.  They share several vulnerable and emotionally intimate moments with one another and they begin to realize their small, sweet and caring gestures matter just as much if not more than any grand gesture ever could because these are the foundations of a long-lasting love relationship.
Chapter 8 - Buck, Eddie and Chris all have their own therapists and during their sessions, they reflect on their pasts while they’re in the present so they can prepare for their future together as a family.
Chapter 9 - Will be posted soon.
Read chapters 1-8 are available on AO3.
Continue reading on AO3
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insane-control-room · 4 months
ink demonth day 4
WARNINGS: Threats, Body Horror, Horror, loss of limb, Forced Decision, Doppelganger, blood mention, decapitation mention, death mention
ao3 link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/49167892
Henry gets a choice cut. Heh. Heh heh. It'll cost him an arm and a leg. Haha.
The blood dripping in his rapidly twitching eyes was not the only reason for the tears that tracked down his ink smeared face. 
His eyes darted like flies between the two brothers, who were bound back to back and were gagged together, their own wild eyes staring at Henry as they screamed behind rags. He knew that he could save neither, he was already well aware of that, but that monster wearing Joey’s Essence was giggling behind him, his hands firmly on Henry’s shoulders as he leaned over him.
“Come on, Stein, it’s not that hard of a choice,” the Doppelgänger beamed at him, teeth so white they hurt to look at. “You just have to pick whose arm and whose leg. You promised me when we got ‘em that they were worth that, so now they’ve got to pay up.”
“Joey, come on, this is- this is disgusting,” Henry choked out, trying not to think of Norman’s gurgling as he had been beheaded. Guillotined. Guillo-fricken-tined. It sickened him, and his stomach turned violently. “They’re- they’re so young, you don’t need to do this-”
“But I do, Henry!” Joey boomed, waving his arms like a prophet, a lunatic. “We need their donations, you see. We really do. Their flesh and blood in the machine- now, stop crying. It really is silly, Henry.” 
“It’s not silly that I don’t want to cut off either of their arms or legs!” Henry screamed back, and choked as a hand tightened on his throat. Wally shouted hoarsely behind the gag, and Willy whined and whimpered as he sank against his brother, the buzz saws coming dangerously close already. Henry knew that if he did not make a choice, the saws would kill them both. Brutally. He stared at the False Joey, wondering where- who- the real one was. “Okay!” he wheezed through the iron grip on his throat. “Okay-” 
The grasp on his neck tightened and then vanished, Joey leaning close with that false smile. Henry hated it, hated this man, wanting to be comforted and consoled, reminded of Norman’s execution once again, and his stomach dropped like Norman’s head had fallen into the ink. 
“Wally’s arm,” he managed to gasp out. “Willy’s leg. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry….”
“Took you long enough!” Joey remarked, pulling two levers. The twins sagged against each other as the saws changed trajectory- they knew what was coming. They heard it clear as day, without even a panel of glass separating them from Henry and the Not-Joey. Wally gave Willy’s hand a squeeze, and then decided that it would be best not to hold on during the dismemberment. God, what a horror that would be for his brother. “Well, boys! The blood loss will conk you both out real good, and then you’ll wake up feeling better than ever!”
Henry wanted to kill him. Instead he was yanked up once again by the ink.
“Now if you excuse us, we’ve got more donations to collect.” 
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zahri-melitor · 4 days
I was reminded the other night why they check my name and DOB at least half a dozen times at the blood bank every time: the person directly before me had the same full name as me, only one letter different. She was doing whole blood, I was doing plasma.
Three separate nurses popped out to clarify which of us was which and make sure there were no fuck ups.
(And they DID need to clarify, I can’t donate whole blood again for another 6 weeks)
Tumblr media
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redrobin-detective · 1 year
Tumblr media
I posted 4,746 times in 2022
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My Top Posts in 2022:
So I was donating blood and was thinking of an AU where Billy knew he was Captain Marvel, knew how to access his powers but retained nothing of Marvel’s memories. A consequence of the magic is that the human mind can’t comprehend it so Billy transforms and essentially blacks out until he changes back. I can only imagine the sheer frustration of Bill having No Idea what he was up to as Marvel. His street buds think he’s the biggest Cap fanboy because he’s constantly tracking down down info on the heroes fights and missions in a desperate bid to understand. 
Marvel himself would be Billy but maybe he too has a hard time connecting to his mortal self’s memories. He knows he’s from Fawcett City, that he struggles and barely scrapes by under difficult circumstances but he really can’t recall any details or information about Bill’s life. He may even forget that his true self is child. Pretty ironic if Cap is voting down introducing child sidekicks to the League.
Freddy is shaking Billy down for info about what the Justice League is like and Bill is red faced from frustrated tears because he knows Nothing. He knows via interviews that the JLA loves Marvel, trusts him and talks to him alot but he doesn’t remember. Superman probably told Marvel his identity but does Bill know? Nope and its incredibly annoying.
2,576 notes - Posted April 26, 2022
2,612 notes - Posted March 5, 2022
Listen, we know Bruce was traumatized by his parents’ death but I hold that even before they were killed Bruce Wayne was a little weirdo. Like his paranoia and difficulty with emotion and attachment are from that terrible night. But I imagine 8 year old Brucie was OCD as hell and painstakingly arranging and rearranging his things to his satisfaction. He was meticulous, even as a child, very detail oriented. Highly intelligent, showing a boundless curiosity and determination to understand everything from a young age. I bet he was hell to enforce bedtimes on, always to do much to do and too little hours in the day. 
Bruce was that kid who dragged bugs in the house for study, pulled down all the books on one shelf so could arrange them in height order, skittered around the house’s many passages like a little rat. He was the kid who was happy and cheerful but a bit awkward from growing up a Wayne, he would much rather squirrel away somewhere with a book considered too old for him than talk with people he didn’t know. He loved the macabre in the way weird little kids too, he wanted to see Zorro for the action and the violent fight scenes. Thomas and Martha Wayne had to listen to their precocious son ask them time and again how they thought they would die and listen to his speculations.
I want the Justice League to have to go back in time for whatever reason and they expect Bruce to be a delightful, happy, normal child. Instead, they find a kid with a lovingly worn Sherlock Holmes omnibus under one arm, an entire bag of raisins in the other, dark circles under his eyes from late nights reading and he’s covered in dust and debris from getting stuck behind the drywall again. 
“You’re not mom and dad’s friends,” he’d say in a petulant voice with a familiar set of his mouth. “I’m gonna call my butler and he’s going to kick your butt.” And the whole League loses their mind because Bruce really has always been Bruce.
4,426 notes - Posted May 7, 2022
I’m so glad ‘rotating X Favorite Character around in my mind’ came into fanon lexicon because !!! It’s so true. I love my favs but sometimes I’m not actively fic planning or character analyzing or whatever. Sometimes you don’t do anything with them but fiddle with their general vibe like one rolls a coin between their fingers. Sometimes you just, rotate them in your mind while thinking absolutely no thoughts about them
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My #1 post of 2022
After careful consideration and going over multiple options I think the best choice is stay warm and cozy in bed forever.
76,684 notes - Posted November 6, 2022
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abybweisse · 2 years
Ut keep putting ciel into dangerous situations and involving into a fight with his bizarre dolls is one of them so I think in the future chapters ut will cause a dangerous injury to ociel , just like what happened in the campania but bassy won't save him in time ,
Grave injury?
Our earl did have a twisted ankle or something, thanks to events on the Campania, but I agree that our earl is likely to have a much more severe injury later. Idk who will cause it, but I suspect that Sebastian and Undertaker might actually work together to save him. It would be brutal, though.
My theory is that Undertaker would perhaps like to take our earl's soul and place it into real Ciel's body. This parallels something in Mother3 theory (twins in tanks of green liquid) and also parallels Josef Mengele's horrid experiments with transplants in twins. He was a N@zi medical researcher who took extra pleasure in working with twins, probably because they are likely to be transplant matches. In our case, the premise is that, combined, they would be stronger and complete. But how would Undertaker go about this if the demon is there to stop him?
By making it necessary.
You see, when Sebastian and our earl made the contract, there was a part about keeping the earl safe from injuries vs illness. Our earl decided he didn't want to be physically kept inside the demon's body, to keep him from all forms of harm. They would deal with things as they happened. In the circus arc, he gets sick. In the Campania arc, he gets a relatively minor injury. The witch arc had illness/injury combined. Coming up could be a major injury that Sebastian doesn't have the ability to treat with his knowledge, and Sieglinde probably won't be immediately available.
Undertaker might use that opportunity to suggest they take the living soul from the injured body and place it into the soulless body that's stronger (particularly if Undertaker manages to fix the issue that currently requires all the blood transfusions... like if he gets real Ciel a kidney transplant that isn't rejected). In fact, our earl could donate a kidney along with his soul. I do believe this is why 1. Jane and Heathfield talk about the shapes of souls and 2. Othello says the blood transfusions are still needed because of a physical defect. If Undertaker can fix that defect, these most advanced bizarre dolls would be just like living humans. Add in a soul that fits (kind of like what Claude was doing in s2), and voilà! One presumably perfect Phantomhive (but not really...). And the contract seal would be left behind in the right eye of the "spare"....
Sebastian might go along with it only because the contract isn't quite fulfilled, and so he has to keep his contractor alive somewhat longer. Reminds me of s1, when Sebastian is fighting Ash/Angela and tells "Ciel" to stay alive just a bit longer. To hold onto the scaffolding at Tower Bridge until the count of ten is up. There is an image in Artworks 2 where it looks like death itself (boney hand) is grabbing our earl's arm as Undertaker and Sebastian are both trying to do something, but we don't know what. However, the reaper and the demon seem to be working together.
Tumblr media
I say not really a perfect Phantomhive, because it would feel extremely weird for our earl's soul to now be trapped in a body that has experienced soullessness. Stuck with real Ciel's altered cinematic records and real Ciel's mind. Mirror twins, but even so, they are not the same person. In s2, Alois and Ciel were two souls in the same body, and they fought for control. Even though we aren't talking about two souls, we are talking about soul vs mind, and they might not work as well together as hoped.
If soul is somehow the stronger of the two, then "Ciel" might still agree to giving up his soul to Sebastian once the contract is fulfilled. They might remake their pact to give him the contract seal again or whatever it takes to reinstate their contract. If Undertaker can't stop them.
Please see older posts on this topic, like #twin souls, #josef mengele, #loophole, and #soul effect. Some other tags below (on this original post) might also be useful. This post would be a great place to start, because it mentions this idea plus an older one where Undertaker really just wants to break that demon contract.
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redfoxwritesstuff · 2 years
The Keeping (Offered and Taken, part 3)
AN: And here we go again, showing off how easy I am to manipulate. Ask and you shall receive- more MerDicking!
Pairing: MerTom Hiddles x OFC rating: Explicate- there is sexual content. Warnings: Oral, male and female receiving, dub con that is really more like non con, forced fluid tasting, nudity on the beach, kidnapping, post sex soreness. Religious shame.
Part one and two can be found on my Masterlist with the rest of my works.
Funding Kit!
Kofi and Cashtag: $leeanneduyn (please never call me Leeanne- I hate my name)- To be clear, you're not paying for fanfiction and I will never demand money in exchange for my works.
All donations and Kofi purchased and sent my way will go toward paying down my student loan debt. If every follower were to donate even just 75 cents, I could make my monthly payment when it resumes. I don’t expect nor hope for every follower to donate. But as the USA government won’t follow through on student loan forgiveness, I’m not above asking for help as this is a debt I was forced to take on by my abusive ex-husband. In the meantime, I've personally just paid $200 toward high interest credit card debt.
The Keeping
Tumblr media
Selena was tired and sore. She’d spent most of the night shivering on the stones in the cave. Sleep was fleeting but did come when she had managed to gather glowing vegetation into a bit of padding. It was better than nothing but only just.
She woke with the early morning sun, at first believing the events of the night prior to have been a nightmare. Cold air on her naked flesh and the green smell of plant life and algae quickly reminded her of all that she had lost.
Eyes welled and the world shimmered. There was nothing she could think to do at first but to sit on her makeshift mat and cry, so she did just that. While she tried to wash away the sins she had committed the night prior, the sun slowly conquered the sky, beating back the evils of the night once again.
Her stomach rumbled as the morning drew longer. The tears dried on her cheeks not because she had run out of disrepair but because she had to begin somewhere.
With the morning sun illuminating the cavern, she could hardly see the shadow of the magical scene she remembered from the night before. The plants didn’t appear to glow any longer. Or, if they did it was too bright for her to see it.
Looking around, she tried to find something to cover her shameful nakedness but there was nothing. There was only the plants, dirt, rocks… and the water. She kept a watchful eye on the water, fearing any disturbance of the surface.
Standing, she pulled her messy hair forward over her shoulders. With her fingers, she brushed out the knots as much as she could, she tried to cover as much of her breasts with the locks as she could.
It didn’t do enough to preserve her modesty but it was a start. If she was going to survive, she needed to start.
With the benefit of daylight, limited though it was, she could see the disturbed vegetation where she had lost her purity. Shame burned her face as she looked at the holes in the greenery where she had pulled it free.
She was fairly sure she could identify the rocks where he had took her from behind. This beautiful cavern saw the loss of her purity at the hands of a beautiful demon her village had believed to be of the Gods.
Everything between her legs ached as she walked to where the cliffs circling the cavern did not shoot straight up. The slope was not gentle but it looked to be climbable.
She wasn’t a weak woman, though being a modest single woman she was limited in the sort of work she could do within the village. Within the home and on the small plot of land she shared with her father, she did as much as she could to make up for the support of her father.
Still, carrying in firewood and hauling groceries did little to prepare her to scale a cliff face. She made it a few feet off the ground. Failed handholds and footholds sent rocks and dirt tumbling to the ground.
“Where are you going?” Her blood ran cold at the sound.
The voice was unmistakable. The sound of it made her blood run cold. The shock and fear the sound alone triggered made her hands shake. She didn’t pick her handholds as well as she had been and paid for the mistake quickly.
She’d hardly made it another foot from the ground before she had lost both her handholds. Gravity did the rest of the work and sent her tumbling down to the ground in an undignified heap.
With no clothing to offer any protection, scrapes littered where bare skin. Rolling to her back, she searched the water for the cursed almost man. He wasn’t hard to spot, chin resting on his arms as he leaned against the rock surface.
“Away from you.” Selena willed her voice to be strong but was rewarded by wavering.
“Doesn’t look like that’s working out too well for you.” He chuckled and she hated him for it.
“Take me back?” Though she tried to voice it as a demand, it came out more pleading than anything.
“And why should I do that?”
“I can’t stay here. You can’t leave me here.” She inched closer, crawling on her knees with one hand held over her breasts and trying to curl over herself to protect her modesty.
“Why do you hide yourself from me?” he asked rather than answering her questions. “It’s not like I do not remember the look of your body, the feel of it under my hand.”
“Please, just stop and take me home.”
“You hide from me and yet I know the feeling of being inside you. Why should you hide?”
A sob slipped up, strangled by the burning in her throat. “You can’t keep me here. You can’t. I’ll starve. There’s no food, no water to drink. I- You’ll kill me slowly if you don’t take me back.”
His back rose through the water as he pulled his tail up. Water sloshed up and ran off it as the flat fin of his tail crested only to slap down onto the surface with a slap that echoed through the rocky space. “There is plenty of water, have you forgotten?”
“I can’t drink that,” She didn’t want to cry but she was thirsty and at his mercy.
“Why?” His head tilted to the side and the teasing left his face, replaced with curiosity. “Explain this to me.”
“What?” It took her a second to remember how little he seemed to know. “I- I can’t drink that water. It’s salty. Drinking it would kill me. I need fresh.”
“You’re kind are so fickle.”
“I’m not being fickle,” she didn’t know why but hearing him speak as if she was being a picky child made her cry harder.
“Fine.” He righted himself in the water. “Come here.”
“Why? Are you going to take me back?”
“Come here and find out.”
She didn’t want to go to him. She didn’t want to trust him but what choice did she have? Looking back at the rock face that surrounded her, she knew she couldn’t climb out. The idea of being touched by him sent terror up her spine. It took concerted effort to force herself to inch forward.
Hesitation bloomed anew in her as her fingers curled, dipping into the water at the edge of the pool. He was s close to her, a floating head and shoulders above the water. There was no way for her to know how deep the water was at the edge.
It didn’t take long for him to grow bored waiting for her. He took matters into his own hands rather literally. Lurching forward, his large hand wrapped around her wrist. With strength that he didn’t look like he should possess, he pulled her arm out from under her.
She lurched forward with the momentum of his pull. Her hand shot down from where she had been trying to cover her breasts in an effort to stop her fall. There was no ground under where she placed her hand in hopes of catching herself.
Her stomach scrapped painfully against the rocks as she fell forward. Gasping in to scream, she got water rather than air as her head broke the surface. Panic flared to life as she sank deeper uncontrolled into the water.
A strong arm wrapped around her waist. Panic alone drove her to reach out and cling to him. Gasping in air as her head broke the surface, she quickly beat at his chest and arms. Feeling his skin and scales against her made her stomach roll.
“Let go of me! Don’t touch me!”
The arm around her was gone in an instant. The water swallowed her scream as she realized how much of a mistake she made. With blind hope, she clawed through the water in an effort to find anything to stop her sinking.
The only thing her fingers found was open water and him. Every fiber of her being recoiled at the very idea of touching him but cried out for air more. Fingers dug into the scaly flesh of his tail and the firm expanse of his abdomen. As he wore no clothes, there was nothing for her fingers to grab a firm hold of.
When she was sure that this time she would drown, he pulled her to the surface again. Sobs shock through her as she clung to his arms. Coughing and gasping, she tried to bring herself under control.
“I thought you wanted me to let go of you?” he teased as if she were not crying in his arms, shaking from the fear of drowning. “Get yourself under control, won’t you?”
He swam leisurely after surfacing on the other side of the rocky cavern. The surroundings which had been hidden in deep blues and washed out by the pale moonlight was now illuminated by bright sunshine.
The water was crystalline. Sunlight glittered on the surface, stretching for as far as she could see. The only sign of land was the island housing the cavern she had finally been freed from,
Slowly, he swam around the island. The rocky side of the mountain shot up high and steep through the sky. It reached high, topped with white in a way that seemed impossible for the small size of the island.
As they made their way around the island, a rocky prison gave way to a small but thick forest, a small grassy field and at the small coast, a beach unlike any she had ever seen.
The water surrounding it was a deep blue, deeper in color than it should have been so close to the coast. If not for what she saw on the beach, she would have questioned if the ground had simply dropped off at the water’s edge based on the darkness of that water alone.
And what did she see on the beach? Rich, dark sand unlike any she had ever seen. Though she had not traveled much, she had heard tales of beaches as white as the winter snow. The beach she had spent her whole life next to was a soft tan. Not once had any sailor uttered a hint that a beach such as this could exist.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” She had forgotten about him in the moment and startled at the sound of his voice. “Islands such as this are scared. None will find you here.”
“Molten rock flows into the water from the mountain side. It makes the waters warm. When it cools, it is black as night. The sand is of that rock.”
He swam up the steep incline of the beach, only letting go of her when he needed his hands to pull himself through the sand. She scurried away, up the beach and out of his reach. On the land, she had no issue outrunning him.
“You can’t leave me here.”
“There is a spring, up and to the left.” He seemed to not hear or care about what she had said. “There’s no one else on this island.”
She didn’t want to believe him. The sand was warm under her feet. It coated the wet skin of her feet and legs as she ran up the beach. Legs tangled around each other in her exhaustion and sent her tumbling to the ground.
Sand gives way to grass under her feet. Small pebbles and vegetation bit into her feet. She didn’t want to believe he was telling the truth. Running through the field and through the trees, she tried to find signs of humans.
It didn’t take her long to find the spring. The water bubbled out of the rock in clear and pristine rivulets. She drank greedily from it, feeling the thirst of nearly a full day without anything to drink in sudden ferocity.
She drank until her stomach rolled with cramps and then kept drinking. With a final roll, the water was forced out of her stomach in crippling waves as her body punished her for flooding it with water so harshly.
Sitting on her hands and knees and gasping for air, the reality came crashing down around her. Perhaps for the first time, she really understood the situation. There was no one else on this island. If she wanted to survive, she needed him.
As her stomach settled, she again tried to drink. Instead of gulping down water this time, she gathered palm fulls of water and sipped at it slowly as she sat and cried. It was hard to say how long she sat but when her thirst was sated, she finally pulled herself to her feet.
It felt like she was walking through quicksand as she drug herself through the forest. The night was quickly approaching. What animals hid on this little island? Would there be something to fear in addition to the monster of the sea?
Would she survive the night?
“You came back.” There was a trail up the dark sand from where he had dragged himself from the sea. He had nearly made it to where the grass claimed the sand where he sat and waited.
She hesitated in the grass. This was the first time she had seen him without the cover of darkness and water. The not exactly a man was resting on his back, soaking in the sun on a bed of black sand.
Thanks to the sun, his hair was dried and the slight breeze off the ocean ruffled the dark stands, lit with a touch of gold. The curls danced in the air. Tan skin seemed to glow against the dark sand.
She hesitated as she took him in, crossing her own arms over her chest to try and hide what of her she could. His chest and abdomen was lean but covered in defined muscles, pulled taught as he laid with his arms up and crossed her the back of his head. As her eyes traveled lower, tan skin gave way to tail.
Where his hips transitioned and the V line of his pelvis dipped, skin transitioned to scales of the same color. As the scales traveled down and around what should have been hips and thighs, they transitioned from the warm tan to a deep blue.
Smooth tail stretched down, far beyond where legs would have ended if he had been a man. The tail narrowed as it extended before flaring out in a wide fan. The fan of his fin was thick with muscle that then gave way to a thin membrane.
In the grass, just above his head sat a large fish.
“Did you find water that fits your exacting needs?”
Cringing back, she hesitated before stepping closer. “Yes, thank you.”
“Took you long enough.” He sat up and turned to her. “I brought you a fish.”
“I-” She sighed, stepping closer still. “Thank you. How am I to cook it?”
“To what?”
“Cook it. I need fire- I can’t eat it. I can’t stay here.”
“You cannot eat this? Than why do your kind pull countless from the sea if your kind cannot eat them?”
“We can, do eat them but we have to cook them first.”
“Again with this word.”
“Fire- I need to use fire to make it so I can eat it.”
“Than make what you need.” He snapped.
The frustration in his voice brought tears to her eyes. Would be get annoyed and leave her here to starve? Would he kill her for not being thankful enough? Would he hurt her again?
“I- I can’t,” Stumbling over her own words, she rushed to try and soothe his frustration. “I never was good at it. I don’t know how.”
“It’s amazing your kind have managed to infest the land,” he signed. “Would having fire please you?”
“Yes, please. I- I need to go back to where my own people are and where I can have the things I need and-”
“Than come and please me.”
“Excuse me?”
“Come here and please me, if you want fire.”
On numb legs, she inched forward on the sand. Falling to her knees in front of him, she begged “Please don’t make me do this.”
Reaching forward, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to the ground. She spilled into what should have been his lap. His tail was strong under her, full of muscle. While it was dry in the sun, it didn’t feel dried out.
Reaching out, be cupped her breast and tweaked a nipple as she pulled away from him. Laughing, he clamped his hand around her wrist. “It’s not like I’ve not touched you before. Why do you pull away? Do no not want fire?”
“I do- I need-”
“Than please me.”
“I don’t know how.” She sobbed as she sat weakly as he reached out and caressed her breast.
“You pleased me last night.” He mused. “I wish to learn more of how your kind give and seek pleasure. To learn pleases me.”
“I don’t know-”
“I’m aware you don’t know how your kind mate. You’re useless in that. Your body knows however, you showed me as such last night.”
He pulled her to him. Timidly, she followed his urging grasp. The hand left her wrist and instead wrapped around, pressing flat against her back. She braced her hands against his firm chest. Heat radiated off of him as his fingers tangled into her hair.
He kissed her firmly on her lips. It felt somehow more shameful for him to be touching her in such a way, to be kissing her in such a way with the bright sunlight shining on them. His tongue slipped into her mouth as the hand not tangled in her caressed the skin of her sides and cupped her breast.
Against his chest, her hands balled into fists as she fought the urge to pound them against his chest. His lips left hers and worked down the line of her neck as his hand pawed at her ass.
“You’re so soft,” he mused into her neck. She was straddling his tail, holding herself up over it with her knees in the sand as she left his hands and mouth go where they would.
Pulling her back by the fist in her hair, her back arched and though she didn’t wish to, she presented her breasts to him. He was greedy in his tasting of her, long tongue swirling around the bud of her nipple. Pink and red marks littered the swell of her breasts from his attention the night prior and he found that he liked how easy it was the mark up a human.
His hand ran down the soft planes of her stomach. The pads of his fingers slipped between her folds and caressed her.
“You have no slick,” he pushed her back, guiding her to the sand with the hand still in her hair. She fought him but still he was able to pry her legs open. “I wish to see you.”
She cried as her opening was exposed in the harsh light of day. His breath washed over her exposed flesh as he examined her, fingers prodding and caressing her folds.
“You’re redder today.”
“It hurts,” She whimpered as he slipped a finger into her opening.
“You’re sore from last night. I expected as much- It was your first time and your canal was so tight. You’ll need to heal some.” He sighed, disappointment clear on his face.
Before the thought of celebration so much as crossed her mind, his long tongue lapped a long slow stroke up her folds. The pointed tip of his tongue wormed into her hole, tasting her tainted insides before he sucked her bud between his lips.
She tried to squirm and fight her way back from him as his mouth worked over her. It delighted him when he was able to work her to slick again and he moaned at her taste. First one finger invaded her only to be joined by a second.
“Oh god.” She moaned through her tears as his mouth brought her closer to the edge. His chuckle vibrated against her nub and broke the dam inside her. Her back arched as he worked her through her orgasm. She was lost in the feeling of his mouth on her and her walls fluttering around his fingers.
When her walls stilled, he allowed her to relax into the sand. He pulled his fingers from inside her. They departed with a sick wet sound that made shame burn inside her. She sat up slowly, curling around herself.
He presented his wet fingers to her and ordered, “Taste them.”
“Wha-” the question was cut off as he shoved his fingers inside her mouth. The taste of her slick covered her tongue. She gagged as his fingers worked into the back of her mouth.
“Clean them.” And so she did, trying to keep her tears and breathing under control.
He held himself up on one arm as he watched her. Storm clouds seemed to gather in his blue eyes. Every time she was sure she couldn’t feel any more fear, it seemed he proved that it was perfectly possible to fear even more.
“You taste lovely, don’t you agree?” He let his fingers slip from her mouth and she nodded in the hope that it was what he wanted.
“Please, can we go so I can cook?”
“You haven’t pleased me yet. If anything, I’ve pleased you.”
Breath caught in her throat. There was a slight bulge in the scales of his upper tail just below where man gave way to fish. A slit became noticeable her worst nightmare slipped forth.
His member looked nothing like the male human’s she had seen- not that she had ever seen the member of an adult man ready for love making. It was smooth and shaped ling a long fleshy cone, more reminiscent of a fat tentacle of a sea creature.
It was a dark pink and iridescent in the sunlight. At its tip, it was not very thick at all but it grew thick quickly. It was long and covered in a thin layer of slime- his slick, he had called it the night before.
She watched as his member pushed forth from the protective sheath of his tail, extending forward until the tip rested near his naval. He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him. She hadn’t realized that she had been scooting away until then,
“No, no- please.”
“I’m not going to put it inside your mating canal,” He sighed in a passive attempt to soothe her, “This time, at least.”
He pulled her hand forward. Though she fought to avoid it, he brought her hand against his member. “Stroke it.”
It was slimy as she ran her hand up and down his length. He sighed as he guided her hand from tip to base. At his widest, her fingers couldn’t wrap around him. He was as strong as steel under her hand.
“Taste it.” He ordered, grabbing her hair and pulling her face down toward it. She opened her mouth to protest and choked on him as he pushed himself inside. The slick that covered him was sweeter than her own had been and not at all unpleasant.
The only thing unpleasant about it was the knowledge that she was being forced to commit a sin. With a guiding hand in her hair, he coaxed her down his length until she was choking on his tip. Her saliva was running down his member as he pulled her up before guiding her down again and again.
He moaned as he worked himself into her mouth, using her mouth. Most of his length could not fit within her mouth. He used his other hand over hers to guide her hand caressing his length.
Pulling her off him, he sighed as he laid against the dark sand. “Well, Pet- who’s slick tastes better?”
“Why are you asking me?” Wiping at her mouth, she tried to control her breathing.
“Because you’ve tasted both.”
“And you haven’t?” She snapped.
“Getting feisty?” He teased as if she were a harmless pet. “I have not. Our kind do not use our mouths on one another in such a fashion.”
“Than why did you do it to me?” A sob ripped from her chest before she could strangle it.
“Because I’ve seen humans do it. You enjoyed my mouth on your mating organs. I enjoyed yours on mine.”
“Are you pleased?” The words made her want to vomit.
“I will be, when you answer my question. Which was more pleasing?”
She hoped that the sinful black sand would open up a void under her and swallow her whole. “Yours.”
“How so?”
“It was sweeter. Please, can we go? I’m so hungry and I just-”
“Come on.” He sat up. She watched as his member slipped inside, slowing sinking down into his tail. The slit in the tail closed so tightly around it that she could only see it because she knew it was there.
He turned in the sand, heavy body sinking into the rut he made in the process before beginning to drag himself down the beach and toward the water. It felt like a dream as she walked next to him.
He wasn’t fast on land but the moment the water swallowed him, he was anything by slow. Tears streamed down her face as she walked slowly into the ocean behind him. Water swallowed her ankles, knees and thighs while she questioned of she was walking to her death.
Salty tears dripped off her chin only to be claimed by the salty sea. The water stung between her legs where her opening ached from the intrusion of his fingers. When the water covered her breasts, he took her in his arms with care she wasn’t sure was genuine.
He swam with her in his arms slowly, holding her to him with one arm while the other assaulted her curves. While she cried into his neck, he palmed her breast and ran his hand over the curve of her waist.
“Here, pet.” He said after a fairly short trip to where the mountain met the forest. There was a line of glowing red. He brought her to a beach that was more black rocks than sand. “Be careful, the rocks are sharp.”
“This is the same island.” Her voice was choked with tears.
“Yes, pet. Go up to the trees and get a branch from the ground. Press it to the molten rock and you’ll have fire.”
“Okay.” Her sniffles were loud and ugly but he appeared to not care about them or her tears. “We left the fish…”
“You can walk with the fire back to the beach. Or you can come here and we can swim. Which do you prefer?”
“I’ll walk.” She didn’t want him to touch her more than he had to.
“As you wish, pet.” He disappeared under the surface.
Sharp rocks bit into her foot as she carefully walked of the beach. The wind was cold against her wet skin. It didn’t take long to find a downed branch. Heat poured off the molten rock running in a thin river from a split in the mountain. She soaked in the warmth before lighting the stick.
As she walked along the beach, she gathered dry wood. By the time she reached the smooth sand beach, she had to use the branch to light another as it came close to burning out.
By the time she built a fire roaring with warmth on the beach, he had finally returned. He watched her from where he lay with his tail partially submerged. She skewered the fish on a stick and cooked it over the fire.
He said nothing as he watched her, taking note of the feeding needs of his new pet human.
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