#that said if HDB doesn't win i WILL blow up the building <3 /j
handwrittenhello · 2 months
There's a weird pattern with vriska votes surging whenever she's behind. I know there's really nothing you can do about people abusing the system this way, however they're doing it, but I would like it noted that we see it.
i definitely noticed this yesterday. which is why the tags on her poll today are fucked up, actually: i had the post ready for izzy's clear win made before i went to bed, but by the time i woke up vriska had gained thousands more notes somehow. the same thing happened today where zuko was clearly winning, and yet now it's 60/40 for her.
i'm not making accusations or anything lol but i do know for a fact that the tumblrwoman poll was rigged by cheaters who sent bots to spam vote. please, nobody cheat on these polls, it takes away the fun for everyone else. this is supposed to be a silly lighthearted honest competition! your meow meow is still valid even if they don't win.
but maybe vriska voters just gather at night, idk!
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