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yanderesotherhalf · 5 months
Could I possibly get the “you’re shivering take my jacket.” With sunny day jack please? Thank you 💕
Hell yeah first request~! Thank you so much for requesting hun this was a blast to make - hope you enjoy some good ol Jack fluff~
That’s it, you’re never doing anything for anyone ever again.
…okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration - but given your current predicament you feel as though you’re allowed to be a bit dramatic right now. 
Hands scrub at your face as you swipe away at the water still clinging to your skin; it doesn’t do anything to help, if anything you’ve probably made it worse as you feel droplets dripping down your jaw, and after a moment you give up with a sigh and try to press yourself up against the far end of the shelter hoping to avoid the splash of rainfall that pounds against your temporary cover. You wouldn’t have even been here if you hadn’t agreed to help a friend out with moving - well, friend of a coworker, technically speaking. 
Not getting involved in other people’s business was a motto you tried holding strong to especially while you were at work, but it was all your coworker could talk about. The ‘oh woe is me my friend needs help but I’ll be working the whole day oh no!’’ spiel got old real fast, and if you didn’t have a certain technicolor clown hanging around you, you probably wouldn’t have made it through that damn shift in one piece before you’d caved. When you offered to help, it was an offer just to cover their shift; but when they’d practically skipped into the staff room saying that they’d call their friend and text you the address, all the while thanking you for helping them you realized just exactly what you’d agreed to.
And it’s not like you could’ve said no after you’d already agreed…a smarter person would have but you couldn’t find it in your heart to say no once they’d assumed that you were on board. And it’s that exact unwillingness to rock the boat that led you to spending the better part of your weekend hefting around other people’s stuff and getting it moved from one place to another.
It was a healthy reminder about how much you hated moving. It reminded you all too much of the last time you moved; all the boxes full of stuff that was either strong enough to break a foot if dropped or fragile enough to shatter if it so much as touched something else. Not to mention all the stubbed toes trying to look over said boxes to see where you were going - the sooner this was finished the better had been your only thought.  At least you weren’t exactly alone; Jack rarely left your side in the day to day and this time was no different. He couldn’t exactly help you outright without it raising more than a few questioning looks, but he was more than eager to jump in every time the other movers stepped out to get something else, shuffling around the heavier stuff into the proper place without even breaking a sweat (could he even get tired? You’d have to ask him later.) It made the job easier, and the words of encouragement cheering you on for the things he couldn’t help with made it go by faster than it would have alone, but you were more than ready to go home once it was finished. 
By the time the last of the stuff had been dumped into the house you were exhausted, out of breath, and more than certain that the crocking in your knees meant you were in for a world of pain tomorrow. The sky had already started to grow dark by that point, and even though the new owners were kind enough to give you a well deserved drink after all the labor it was clear that that was as much thanks you were going to get as they none too subtly guided you out of their front door with well wishes for a safe journey home.
Yeah, as though you’d be that lucky. There was already the light splatter of raindrops hitting the pavement and the top of your head as you’d begun to walk, but you were naive enough to think that maybe, just maybe, you could make it back to your apartment before the weather got any worse.
Yeah, you were wrong.
No sooner had you set out, that light drizzle had turned into a full on downpour and even if you had decided to bring a coat there’s no doubt it would have been just as soaked as the rest of you by the time you’d ducked into the nearest bus shelter for cover. Jack, bless his big heart, had at least tried to shield you from the rainfall when it got too bad, but that did little to save you as you could already feel the small puddles in your shoes by the time you’d slid into the tiny cramped space. It offers little in way of protection from the rain and the occasional gust of wind in the wrong direction sends a faint spray of water up into your face, but considering the fact the rain’s too heavy to see down the street going back out isn’t high on your list of options right now and so you’re obligated to stay put. 
“Great, just great.” you grumble under your breath and there’s no hiding the distaste in your voice as you wring out your hair as best as you can, grimacing as water seeps from between your fingers and splatters on your feet - not that you care at this point, it’s not like your shoes can get any wetter anyways. At least there’s seats for you to sit down, and you waste no time in hopping onto the nearest raised bench to kick off said shoes and flip them over, watching as, sure enough, a handful of water trickles out. For a moment you watch the water run through the cracks in the concrete, scowl falling into a resigned acceptance as you slip your shoes back on and bring your legs up to your chest hoping to keep yourself warm as you wrap your arms around your sides. It’s not the most comfortable position, but you at least feel a little warmer, and as your head comes to rest on your knees you feel a bit of relief wash over you at the familiar weight in your pocket.
At least you’d remembered to bring your wallet this time - unless this downpour magically clears up you aren’t risking another mad dash through the street, and if that means sacrificing a few bucks for a dry bus ride back to your apartment you’ll gladly take it.
Speaking of dry…
From your perch you find yourself sneaking a glance over towards your ever present companion, watching him peer out of the shelter with hands cupped around his head as though that will help him see any better through the dense sheet of rainfall thundering as far as the eye can see. He doesn’t look any worse for wear as before; sure, despite being a not-quite-ghost you’ve seen that the world around you still seems to have an effect on Jack - the wind musses up his hair like a real person and the lamppost towering over the bus shelter casts a dull artificial light across his tall figure. Hell, even he’s not safe from the rain, a slight sheen of water clinging to his gloves and dripping down his face as he leans back under the bus stop - but all he has to do is shake it off and just like that it’s like the water hasn’t even touched him. It’s almost comical how fast he’s dried up while you’re still trying in vain to work the water out of your shirt, and you can’t help but feel a bit jealous that you don’t have half of the cartoonishly easy little powers that he seems to have. 
And as though the weather itself is mocking you for your daydreaming another gust of wind tears through the bus shelter, and you bite back a curse with a sharp hiss and curl further in on yourself, trying and failing to keep out the cold. You dig your fingers into your clothes gritting your teeth, shooting a glare up at the darkened sky like that will stop your suffering. Damn, what you wouldn’t give to have something to dry off - too bad everything you’ve got with you right now is either useless or soaked.
Your misery doesn’t go unnoticed for much longer, and you realize that your grumbling has gained an audience once you notice that Jack’s turned his full attention to you. You’ve been around him long enough to know what that look he gives you means ‘everything okay?’. The thumbs up you give in response is supposed to be to reassure him - and to not give away that your teeth are chattering - but all it does is show off just how shaky your hands are from the cold, goosebumps and all.
Jack gives you a sympathetic smile and closes in to stand by your side, taking up the seat next to you. He brings a hand up your face, pressing gently up against your cheek, and almost immediately you watch that sympathy twist into concern as his brows furrow. 
“Oh sunshine, you’re freezing!” he gasps, and you have to wonder that if he can feel that through those thick yellow gloves then it must be worse than you thought.
“I’ll be fine.” yeah, once you’re home, your brain bitterly adds; right now there’s no hiding how miserable you’ve got to look right now. Lying usually earns you a gentle chastising, but Jack seems more focused on the current situation, bringing his hands away from your face and instead taking hold of your own, pulling them close to his chest.
“Here, let’s get you warmed up.” 
Compared to you he’s extremely warm to the touch. Jack’s hands cover yours completely, thumbs rubbing the backs of your hands as he tries working the heat back into them and the fabric of his gloves is nowhere near as rough as you thought they’d be; they're actually ridiculously soft and you can feel your shoulders relax a bit at how comforting this actually is. You’re starting to feel your fingers again by the time Jack turns his attention elsewhere, sliding his hands up over your wrists to rub up your arms. The action is smooth, and everywhere he touches feels just a bit warmer than it was before, but from his position at your side Jack has to lean closer, brushing right up against your side. It’s a surprisingly intimate closeness, but Jack doesn’t seem to notice and that only heightens the ting of embarrassment creeping in for overthinking. No - nope - you’re absolutely not going to entertain that line of thought; instead you settle for just watching him work, gradually freeing yourself from your curled up position
While your eyes are focused on watching him work you fail to notice that his attention’s wavered, and it isn’t until you glance up at him that you realize Jack’s looking at you. The look he’s squaring you with is as bright as always, mouth quirking upwards watching you flush, shrinking a little under his gaze.
“Feeling better?” he asks, and you find yourself nodding. You have to admit that you do feel a little better - you’re still well aware that your clothes feel like more water than fabric but you at least feel a little less frustrated than you did before.
“Good; that’s good.”
Satisfied that you aren’t going to turn into an ice cube on his watch anymore, Jack relinquishes his hold and shifts back more onto his side. As soon as he does so you’re already missing the closeness; he’d been a great help at keeping away the cold, and with him gone you’re reminded of it full force, unconsciously twisting towards him with a grimace when the wind picks up again, sending a fresh spray of rainfall into the shelter. It barely misses the pair of you, but just like that your sour mood is back and you rest fully against Jack’s side, 
“Sorry, guess you’re still feeling cold huh”
Not taking your eyes off of the rain you respond. “Mhm. Would kill for a towel right now.” sparing a look throughout the bus shelter and finding nothing or interest you give a shrug and lean back.  “Or maybe a fire - you wouldn’t happen to have a lighter on hand would you?”
That last bit was a joke, but you don’t miss the nervous chuckle Jack lets out as a hand comes to rest on your shoulder none too subtly gearing your attention back towards him before you can humor that thought any longer. “Ookay, let’s not start any bonfires sunspot; I’m sure there’s something we can do.”
He lets out that exaggerated hum he always does when he’s thinking and you leave him to it, instead turning your attention towards your pockets and the stuff that’s thankfully mostly untouched by the damp. Your phone’s been flat for a while now, but you’ve got your charger; maybe if you were lucky the bus would have some free charging ports and you could let Shaun know that you were still alive-
An abrupt snap of fingers catches your attention, as does the way Jack suddenly straightens up and rises from his chair leaving you almost folding against the bench rail trying not to slip from your spot. There’s no hiding your confusion but your unspoken question is quickly answered when you watch him shuck off his jacket, the plush bright blue fabric sliding off of his shoulders as he twists it around in his hands and holds it out open towards you.
“Oh-uh-Jack you don’t need to-”
“It’s okay! We don’t want you catching a cold now, do we?”
You want to retort, not wanting to take it and leave him with one less layer against the weather; but his words are convincing when you’re still cold and damn if it doesn’t look like it would be comfortable as hell-
“You’re shivering. Here, take my jacket.” 
Honestly that’s all the convincing you need, though you don’t get to answer before you feel the thick garment being draped across your shoulders. It’s heavier than you thought, but the warmth that you’re immediately swaddled in more than makes up for it and just like that you’ve already forgotten why you didn’t just ask to borrow his stuff sooner. The warmth is all too inviting and wards off the cold like a champ to the point where if it was longer it probably could have protected completely from the cold. Letting out a blissful sigh you press your face into the collar of his jacket, greeted by a smell that vaguely reminds you of cotton candy and something sweet - fitting considering who it belongs to. Even without the sleeves it's an immediate improvement from before, and you’re so distracted that you fail to notice that you’ve still got an audience till you hear a poorly muffled snort of laughter. Peeking over the plush blue fabric you don’t miss the smile Jack’s trying to nonchalantly hide behind a gloved hand.
“There we go, don’t you look comfier already~”
Flashing a smirk of your own up at him you make a show of snuggling further into the jacket. “Hope you know you’re not getting this back now.”
“Oh, is that right?”
Pulling the garment a little closer you give a sage nod. “Yup, sorry buddy it’s mine now - sorry them’s the rules.”
Unsurprisingly he doesn’t look at all bothered, if anything that smirk breaks into a grin and you find yourself reciprocating the expression as you both break into giggles, equally tickled by the little moment. The cold still nips at your legs but doesn’t stop you from sliding onto your feet once the chuckling’s died down, and this time it’s Jack’s turn to look confused as you shift to stand in front of him - you don’t match him in height, but you don’t need to for this as you slide your arms through the sleeves of his jacket, stuffing your hands into the pockets and holding it open just enough to still protect yourself from the cold. 
The look on his face is priceless, and you snicker watching him trying to guess what you’re doing.  “Just because it’s mine now doesn’t mean we can’t share - didn’t someone once mention that sharing is caring~?”
You can see the moment the proverbial lightbulb goes off, and his expression goes from confusion, to surprise, before eventually settling on a soft bashfulness that turns the marks on his cheeks just a bit redder. He has to lean down a bit, but with some skillful maneuvering his arms move around you, coming to rest around your back and you shuffle the coat around to cover the two of you. Even with its size it’s not big enough to encompass two people, but Jack doesn’t seem to care. Instead he’s still giving you that soft expression and looking at you as though you’re the sweet one when he’s the one who gave you the literal clothes off of his back to keep you warm and-
Oh. Oh okay so like this he’s a lot closer.
Looking up at him you’re practically nose to nose, and suddenly the roaring wind and ceaseless downpour are barely audible at the sound of your own pulse pounding in your ears. The hands on your back don’t help your heart either, rubbing absentminded circles that make you shiver like you’re cold all over again - only this time you’re burning hot, face almost certainly blushing. Wow you really didn’t think this through; all he has to do is lean down and you’d be close enough to-
The screech of tires knocks you out of your reverie - and just like that whatever moment was there is broken. Pulling yourself away, you almost trip over yourself creating some distance between the two of you; there’s a momentary flash of something across his face, but you barely have time to dwell on it or apologize. A shadow casts over the shelter and sure enough there’s the bus right before your eyes, the bus driver looking too tired and too bored to bother to do anything other than grumble a “ya getting on?” to announce their presence. If they saw that little display they thankfully don’t say anything but that doesn’t stop your face from feeling like it’s burning up as you stumble over to the door fumbling for your wallet. 
You definitely sacrifice more change than the bus fare but you’re not about to argue as you scramble over to the nearest empty seat at the far back and press yourself up against the window. You’ve got no idea if other people can see the bright blue jacket you’re still clinging to as you sit down - after all it is technically a part of him - but that doesn’t stop you from fiddling with the strings as you wait for the garments owner to get on with you, having significantly less trouble getting past the driver and finding his own seat. Jack slides right in beside you, expression now carefully calm compared to before; you suppose that it’s a lot less embarrassing when you don’t stand the risk of actually being caught by people. 
You lock eyes for a moment and he gives you that same bright smile as always, bringing a hand to rest atop your own in an attempt to ease your jitters. It works, and while you can’t verbally thank him without getting a few weird stares you give his hand a firm squeeze in return, finally tearing your eyes away to watch the rain splattered window as the vehicle pulls away from the station. 
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aceflori · 7 months
Oh look spooky season is just around the corner.
So pumpkin sides 🎃
Tumblr media
Close ups
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please ask if you want to use them, thanks!
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One thing I noticed with Hannibal’s shirt in “Mizumono” is how the collar changes throughout his confrontations.
Tumblr media
With Jack, the collar is completely covering the skin of his neck. Upright, undone, and unfurled. Protecting the flesh of his neck. He never really opened up to Jack. He befriended Bella, saved her life, and became close with Jack. But only friendly enough to keep Jack from knowing the truth. 
Tumblr media
When Alana shows up, it has started to fold back into place, but not perfectly. She’s seen too much. He tried to keep her blind, but he couldn’t do that forever. He’s comfortable with her, cares about her. A little more exposure. He felt safe enough with her, but not to the point of wanting her to see all of him. Never to the point of being fully open.
Tumblr media
By the time Will is there, his collar is completely down, as it should be. At his most exposed. He’s vulnerable. And as his shirt goes back, his expressions soften, too. Will sees Hannibal’s true self, a rare gift. And he places his hand on the nape of Will’s neck. Destruction tenderly cupping Will’s trust. They are both now exposed. He uses that exposure to his advantage, letting Will feel safe as Hannibal closes in. 
Tumblr media
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chocolatecakecas · 1 year
sick and twisted that jack never laughed really hard and blew out all the lights in the bunker
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pinbitch · 8 months
society if this was sam and jack
Tumblr media
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angelsdean · 11 months
i think dean is someone who really panics when he the people he cares about aren’t in his line of sight / presence. like watching people leave (not even in the dramatic sense, like. just leaving the house / where he can see them) freaks him out. he’s gotten used to masking it really well at this point so like. no one knows but it manifests in little controlling actions and anger which obvs is annoying to other people like dean NEEDS to know where sam is going when, when he expects to be back, he NEEDS cas to check in when he’s gone for longer than a few hours and it’s yes, deeply rooted in his abandonment issues but also. extremely rooted in his fear as a child that whenever john walked out the door might be the last....like he literally was a little kid waiting anxiously and scared shitless for his dad to come back from hunts, knowing that it was very very possible he might never come back. like kid dean has bobby and pastor jim’s numbers memorized and knows that if john’s not back / doesn’t check in after three weeks (long, long after the grocery money has run out) he’s supposed to call them. anyways. yeah...so dean seeing someone walk out the door. instantly flooded with anxiety and freeze response 
#which is partly why. 'i didn't stop you i just let you go' bc like. he was frozen he was angry he was panicking !!#thinking like. oh god he's leaving oh god what if i never see him again he's leaving for good he's not gonna call he's not gonna check in !!#but yeah so like. in general tho he's really really a control freak abt knowing where ppl are#when people don't check in he gets. SO mad and most of them don't get it bc of course dean WILL NOT explain it#he doesn't even really fully understand it himself bc obvs he's never sat down and analyzed the inner workings of his mind lol#but yeah like sam especially gets so annoyed and thinks its like. a controlling older brother thing#cas doesn't get it for a long long time bc he doesn't think anyone would ever worry abt him :(#but once they get together he always always checks in!#the one time he forgets bc he got caught up chit chatting with one of the vendors at the farmers market....is catastrophic#like dean's worried out of his mind blowing up cas's phone (which died bc he was taking so many videos of jack at the petting zoo)#dean would've come to the market but he wanted to work on restoring the barn#anyways so like. yeah he's freaking out jumping to the worst case scenarios thinks something terrible's happened to cas and jack#when they finally walk thru the door at like 6pm dean starts sobbing and wraps his arms around his family like. why why didnt u call?#he's both sad relieved and a lil pissed like. obvs logically he understand once cas explains but he's still like.#channeling some of that fear into anger bc it's a hardwired habit he's still struggling to break#so there's a bit of grumping and cold shoulders while he's making dinner but then once they all sit down together he's like. i love you#got carried away w these tags whooops#dean studies#vic.txt
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fellow queer/oppressed people complaining about fat people refusing to be their punching bag, The Series, volume 59,874, chapter 45.
The worst fatphobes are the bigots who claim to be for equality and care about all other oppressed groups except for fat people. And remember, they're complaining that I said THIS fat joke villain is fatphobic:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I especially love how they fucking ADMIT to throwing fat people under the bus for the sake of other oppressed groups by saying how dare I have problems with this movie when it's "centered around minorities" and "a HUGE step in representation." If you needed any more proof that "progressive" oppressed people's dream image of equality doesn't include equality for fat people too, here you go!
But my favorite part about this is when they say that there is positive fat representation because the movie positively depicts BEARS. You know, THE FUCKING ANIMAL.
Tumblr media
#fatrepresentationicons!!!! And insult to injury is that these bears that are supposedly "positive representation of fat people" are always shown with one of the thin human characters, ie the human characters who get to be treated as actual humans and not bigoted stereotypes.
You cannot argue sense into a person who thinks positive depictions of animals alongside a villain purposefully designed to ridicule fat bodies is "positive fat representation." Especially when that person is part of groups that also get turned into villains in media and I have no doubt complains when that happens to THEIR oppressed identities. But of course to them it matters because their groups are the only ones oppressed in this world and fat people do not count as oppressed or worthy of compassion to them.
"Progressive" oppressed people who don't give a shit about fat people's oppression, your "activism" means absolutely nothing.
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fortune-maiden · 6 months
Tumblr media
I love Jack
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vicsuragi · 4 months
Tumblr media
so calico jack, the guy who izzy asked to get ed off the revenge before the navy came and did it for apparently nothing in return actually despises izzy and absolutely fought him. he put himself in harms way for izzy, and izzy trusted that jack would actually go out and get ed off the boat, but they do not like each other and they fought.
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sharpace · 5 months
Tumblr media
What if I just started drawing my OCs as though I’ve already written their story...
(Had a lot of weird dreams when I was sick involving these two. I guess I was touched by inspiration?)
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ssomepersonn · 4 months
Tumblr media
this podcast has gripped a hold of my neurons
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Starting to think that Jack has lied about pretty much everything ngl …
All the ‘rules’ of his existence haven’t really been supported by the events in the demo, like… It says that only you can see him: seems true enough. But it also says no one can touch him but ‘you’, this is followed by saying people consistently exist AROUND him. They don’t go through him, they AVOID him subconsciously. And we already know that Jack does emit some form of aura, and while it may make The Player feel Safe, Loved, and Aware of His Presence, to others it may be a deterrent- from him and from you alike.
I think that other people COULD see him- if he wanted them to. But the player’s apparent kindness makes them being the only one to see him a way to manipulate them into being closer. They are ALL he has, and if they believe him, they are all he is capable of having. Hard to leave him at home or send him off to do other things when you are the only person he can speak to. Easy to guilt. I also think other people could touch him if he wanted, he just doesn’t want to make you feel like he has someone else to spend his time and attention on.
Tbh, I don’t even believe that he is incapable of doing things you don’t want. He says that he literally CANNOT do things that you do not want him to, but nothing so far has supported this, and in fact it makes an excellent excuse should he choose to act out. “Why are you pretending to fight? I can hold you like this, so I know you must want it, why pretend??” A seemingly reasonable statement if he’s telling the truth, but if he’s lying… add that to his clear ability to project or alter your emotional state and that’s quite the combo for Mister Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss.
The clown is Incredibly Desperate to permanently keep You, Specifically. And while he may genuinely be a generally gentle, sweet guy at heart, there’s still the underlying darkness, and I just don’t think it would be too farfetched for him to see lying to you consistently like that as a justified exception to his “no lie pls” because it’s “for the sake of making your life better! ☀️”
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lonelyfreddles · 8 months
Cas tries teaching Jack to drive, but Jack is terrified that they'll eventually hit someone, so Cas offers to repeatedly walk in front of the car as a form of exposure therapy since he can heal himself
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Edward Teach, looking at the dumbest man you've ever seen in your life: I can't believe I'm going to let him inside me later
Izzy: you know you don't have to
Ed: no, I want to
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privateolives · 10 months
As someone who’s actually been in the medical system for a long time due to psychology related issues, and have experienced abuses at the hands of the so-called professionals: I hereby give you all express permission to blorbify Jack Seward. The historical context means a lot for what kind of person Seward was written to be and that context has aged poorly due to the rabid advancements inside the field.
Of course, every person with bad experiences are going to have a different experience with reminders, so my word is not the all, the done, the final for all traumatized neurodivergents ever.
Feel free to still tag medical malpractice if it comes up of course. And don’t go all “nothing he did was wrong ever”. But I’m not going to shatter like glass because you read a fictional man as the flawed but ultimately good person he was written to be.
What I AM sick of, is the amount of virtue-signalling people here on tumblr trying to wave people like me like a stick to bonk other people over the head with for enjoying things they don’t.
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uri59 · 6 months
I love how most people defend (I mean? No one is really attacking him? Just making fun, the attacks based on Renfield did were attacks) Seward based on his rationality because for me the most rational conclusion would be that Lucy is actually alive, that her supposed dead has to do with her sleepwalking and if I wanted to involve Van Helsing I'll say that Van Helsing made her worse by the blood transfusions and all those flower's garlic...
Because otherwise how do you explain she hasn't decomposed yet Jack?? Either she IS a vampire or she is still BURIED ALIVE.
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