#the batfam are going crazy
Danny sees jason as a baby ghost
There are alot of fics that go "danny sees a sick baby ghost" but what if he couldn't see jason as anything other than a baby ghost.
Literally couldn't.
So danny sees a angry little ghost in gothem and cant help but feel bad, this is in infant that looks close to a second death, hell thats probably why the ghost is still an infant.
So danny dose what anyone would do, picks up the little ghost and takes him to frost bite.
Now who wouldnt do that they see a sick and malnourished baby unsupervised so they decide to take them to a doctor.
However, jason, tim, bruse and steaph were talking in a roof when this happened
They just saw a twig meta teenager pick up jason "built like a tank and could take you out like one" todd like a baby disappear, LITERALLY, in thin air.
Their loosing their minds.
After a while, jason manages to activate a tracker, but is very confused, they talk to him like hes a child and in usual circumstances he would find that annoying, but they were being kind and gentle, mansplaining what they were doing, and acting generally nice, they didnt stop him from walking around they just kept someone with him
The freaky part, is that the medical treatment their doing on him (which he was sure was an experment or drug or SOMETHING) was calming the pit rage, he's never felt this calm in years and is just so confused
When the batfam arrives they fully expect a fight when they asked for jason
The yettie thing looked confused for a second before holding up a picture of the meta that took jason, asking if "jason" is the one that "great one"(really?) Brought
When they confirmed that, that was the case, they ushered them in and started telling that about what they are (which apparently ghosts are real???? Save the existential crisis for later)
When they arive in what looks like a childs doctor offace they see jason, and they've never seen him so relaxed
Then this "great one" comes in, introducing himself as danny and started telling them about how he couldnt just leave a sick unsupervised child alone in GOTHEM of all places and asked they understood why he took jason
Slowly they all figure out that they, literally, see jason as some kind of ghost infant and are trying to hold back their mental crisis as long as they can
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batcavescolony · 2 months
Jason: I don't think Dick and Tim have what it takes to kill someone
Damian: tt no, they could never
Dick: *literally killed the joker, one alt universe version has killed the bats* ha ha yeah
Tim: *has like 3 alt versions that are murderers, has committed attempted murder, and definitely has a body count because of RR* oh yeah we don't have what it takes
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fakakta-art · 26 days
Tumblr media
quick doodle to make up for the fact that I have vanished into the abyss
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angry-neverland · 8 months
Tumblr media
Guys I think I'm onto something
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deluluan · 1 month
me circulating through my top 3 interests
Tumblr media
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arrythmicdisaster · 1 year
jason: hey bernard, come here
bernard: yeah? what’s up
jason: i died and got resurrected, i’m actually red hood..
bernard: why would you tell me this???
jason: because no one will ever believe you :) see ya later loser
Tumblr media
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starberrysap · 2 months
i’ve suddenly been struck by the strong need for a benoit blanc batfamily crossover fic
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danny-chase · 1 year
It blows my mind that people act like Dick suggesting Tim go to therapy is a bad thing, like bruh tell me you didn't read RR without reading RR. Tim needed therapy that whole run, Dick is literally in the right here.
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draco-kasai · 13 days
A DPxDC prompt I Guess?
So, like, I'm half asleep and I have work in 40 minutes but like what if Ra's were to FINALLY die and Batsy and his family were there by coincidence to watch as Phantom took his soul. Maybe they were kidnapped or they were investigating if Ra's truly came back. Again.
Like, newly crowned King Phantom was going over all the paperwork Pariah Dark didn't bother doing. And while doing it he finds a list of people who escaped death though a Lazarus Pit and on top of that list is Ra's. So Danny looks into who Ra's is and what the fuck a Lazuras Pit is. He isn't happy with the info he finds. Claimed the pits, formed an assasination cult following yada yada.
Pits are pools of waters that had become contaminated with ectoplasm when a natural portal accsedently opened inside. Turns out that this random dude just so happened to find it and found it could heal so he claimed it for himself. Due to the greed and amount of death that was submerged into the waters it had become contaminated causing horrible side effects.
So Danny decides it was finally time to collect the dude's soul and destroy these pits and he's not escaping death this time and Pariah Dark should of done his damn job. After all, everyone who has used the Pit has a ghost core that is unable to develop properly because of the contamination of the Pits corrupted ectoplasm and that falls under his jurisdiction.
He even decides on hunting down everyone who used the pit, so Danny being himself looks into everyone who's used the pit and goddamn there's so many people, and many of them have used it more than once. So to spare himself a headache, he decides to just get everyone who's used it more than twice and fuck, it's still a long list but it'll have to do.
So now Danny is left cleaning up all the shit Pariah Dark didn't do, starting with destroying the pits and oh look, half his targets, including Ra's is nearby, might as well get em too while he's at it.
So now Danny is just floating around the league base collecting souls like fucking pokemon cards.
Batfam is baffled and disturbed by the trail of dead bodies. Those who are alive are terrified, curled into a ball, begging for forgiveness and thanking Death for sparing them.
The group decides to continue with caution. As they near the Pit they hear people talking, well, more like arguing really. They lean against the walls of the cave and listen in.
Ra's is arguing with Danny, trying to strike up a deal with him so he can continue to live. He's obviously desperate but the Ghost King won't budge and it's making him angrier.
Meanwhile Danny is just over it already, the dude can't offer him anything he'd actually want anyway, but is humering him cause he's pretty bored. He thought this would be more interesting considering they are all assassins.
Eventually Ra's gets fed up and tries attacking Danny but his attacks just go through him nd Danny just rolls his eyes.
"Listen dude, you've escaped death for way too long and I'm just doin my job taking your souls." He just swoops in, taking the soul, the body falling over like a puppet with it's strings cut.
That's when the Batfam decide to make themselves known, cause this unknown has just killed Ra's and apparently killed everyone else they saw too.
Danny is surprised to see Batman and his group here. He's doing his best to control the fanboying, but he doesn't really succeed as he's floating around them with a huge grin complementing them with how cool they are.
This is when the group takes in the unknowns appearance. White hair that flowed as if it were under water and sparked off at the ends like fire. Brilliant green eyes. A black and white hazmat suit. Pointed ears and teeth. He looked young, maybe 17 or 18. Pale, sickly pale skin.
Batman cuts in on the boys speaking, asking why he killed all those people and who he was. Danny sobers up and floats a few inches away, back straight.
"They have used the pits for too long, so I'm collecting what's not meant to be alive." He pretends to not notice as the family crowds slightly closer to Jason. He knows who he is. He did his research on everyone who was dunked into the pit, plus he can feel the Ecto contamination on him and his corrupted, unfinished sickly core.
Batman is mad, saying stuff like "you have no right to kill all those people, who made you the judge? They should be put through the justice system where they will receive their punishment fairly" Or something like that.
Danny gets upset cause Batman is basically walking all over the laws of his people by basically telling him 'your laws are stupid, do it like this' which is the equivalent of 'Gotham doesn't need Batman, we have cops' so he bares his teeth and lets out a small growl in warning.
"You have no right to meddle in business that doesn't pertain to you."
"You are killing people, how does that not pertain to me?"
"These people were already half dead to begin with. They had no right to escape death nor to use these pits that belong to my people, of which they have contaminated with their greed. I have simply come to gather them back up and bring them back to where they belong."
"Your people?"
"The pits are contaminated?"
"Your pits?"
"Where do they belong?"
"Who even are you?"
Danny allows for the invisibility on his accessories to fall. The crown of fire is the first to appear, the green flames form the shape of the crown, sparks flying about in a calm rhythm. His white cape, clasped around his neck by a button in the shape of an hourglass, flowed down his back. The inside was a pitch black that held slowly moveing stars and galaxies. The ring on his left hand flowed a brilliant green.
"I am the king of the Ghost Zone, or as you may know it, the infinite realms. I am known as Phantom. Those who have fallen into these corrupted pits have corrupted,sickly cores of which make them part ghost, of which are my people. I am simply taking them back to where they belong and getting rid of these pits. Something my predecessor should have done. This has nothing to do with the living. Now if you'll excuse me"
Danny holds up a cupped hand. The waters of the pit begin to splash and whirl before the ectoplasm seperates itself and comes flying up into his hand, condensing and shapeing into a sphere. He creates his own ecto ball in his free hand, the color a softer green than that of the toxic green of the pits.
Slowly he mixes the two together causing the toxic green to slowly turn the same color and murge with his ecto ball before eating it. did he have to eat it? No, absolutely not, but he just wanted to freak out the bats more, and the look of horror that fell upon most of their faces was totally worth it. Even Batman's lips parted slightly in shock.
With that, Phantom bids them a ferwell and disappears before their eyes. He can't wait to tell Sam and Tucker that he met and scared the Batman.
Meanwhile the bat family is freaking out because, "What the absolute fuck just happened?!"
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nerd-in-gotham · 6 months
Sorry I've been inactive, Gotham U got attacked (again) by Joker and I was taken hostage for the Bat!! Luckily I'm mostly fine now but it's been a little bit while I recovered. I got a high five from Red Robin though so like. Worth it
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Inspired by this
What is instead if making the deal while pharia is in charge, they attempt to make it while dannys already been kings for centuries
So ra al ghul wanted better standing in the infinite realms and get access to better Lazarus pit water
So what dose he do?
He offers his grandson as a bride... and if the king dosent want a bride it'll be an offering none the less
So the LOA kidnap damian and prepare to travel to the infinite realms to try and make a deal with the ghost king
Talia, finding this out, runs to bruce (who has spent the last 3 days without sleep trying to find out where damian is) and explains everything
They call a meeting and explain that Ra is trying to gain standing in the infinite realms by offering damian as a bride, every member looses it, dick tim and jason are all foaming at the mouth and loading up weapons left and right because that is their 12 YEAR OLD BABY BROTHER FUCKERS
So talia is driving with the batfam to get her son back while re-evaluateing her opinion of the batfam because they've gone fucking nuts
1 day later they arrived in the infinite realms and immediately decided to break into phantom keep
Thats where damian is being held and they have no time to loose
When the wall they crashed into cleared, they are met with the sight of damian playing with a glowing green puppy, A white haired being with a flaming crown talking to a tied up Ra al ghul and a living armor stand with a flaming sword watching over damian
Dick, still foaming at the mouth, walks up and punches Ra in the face, turns to the guy with the crown and says
:look i know they offered you a bride but-
: if you think im accepting this your more crazy then him
The white haired guy points to damian who is still playing with a dog, looks dick in the eyes and said
: that is a child! He. Is. A. Child. And im not a pedo
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Tumblr media
Legion of Super-Heroes (1990) #99
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final-boy · 1 year
Reminder that fan ocs are actually really cool and fun and sexy actually
#a fan oc i think is one of the greatest ways to show your love for a piece of media#its you loving something enough to contribute a piece of you to something you care for#and its dumb and fun and can be filled with so much care and passion and i jist really think thats great#its sad that it become or whateve fuck that man jave fun!! show your love! make your oc or self insert or whatever it is#that makes you happy!!#you can share it with everyone or maybe not share it at all if you dont wanna!#make up sceanrios and mess around with interactions#the worlds your oyster or whatever slurp that shit up or however it is that people eat oysters idk i never have maybe one day#i have a batfam oc! i have a superfam oc! i have a green lantern oc! i have a flashfam oc!#yes theyre self indulgent yes they fuck around with canon a bit#some more than others to let them fit how i want or need them too#and you know what! its the most fun ive had in so long i love them so much#i have aus for them i know how they fit with one another and how thyed fit with canon characters#i held myself back for years in making fan characters and then i relaized that everythings an oc!#if that comic writer can just decide to do whatever stupid bs they want then i sure as hell can too!#why should they be the only ones allowed to have some fun with adding to the mythos#go crazy go stupid#show your love for your favorite media in any way you want#lifes short might as well spend it making a Robin#yall are simply going to have to ignore my typos lol#im in bed kayin down my glasses are off and i cant move one of my arms rn bwaha#got booster shot today and augh its sore as HELL
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dc-himbo · 7 months
I am once again hopping on my soap box to remind y'all that if you don't like a pairing or trope or dark content or headcanon that it costs absolutely nothing to keep scrolling and/or block tags and/or mind ya business.
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planetariumandacid · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, they look so proud of themselves.
Like, "leave this shit to poor people — we have a good taste and bazillion dollars, but we can't afford to set the bar too low". Bruce is one of these aristocratic thots that kinda order pizza anyway, not detaching from the world of local fastfood by too much, but they still just have to do it in a style "I eat at McDonald's with a silver fork and knife and you can't stop me".
Alfred raised a man who came this 👌 close to turning into this rich aunt with a glass of whine and an open nightdress. Several disastrous marriages, starting from 1939, loves his family, has ridiculously gigantic problems at work, my fucking God, he's like literally something between the Scrooge McDuck and the Darkwing Duck, and maybe-probably a dilf, but it's getting worse.
Give this man a rest, Jesus.
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