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mylifeingotham · 2 days
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batmanlovesnirvana · 2 days
Nah, because everyone says that Damian speaks Arabic. LIKE, OF COURSE, BUT WHICH DIALECT THOUGH? Lebanese? Palestinian? Yemeni? Saudi? Or perhaps the league has its own accent and dialect? Does he understand the different North African dialects???
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angerydj · 1 day
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Starting a mr freeze design 🥶
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gender-luster · 3 days
what kind of adverse effects do you think batman and his so-called batcave have had on gotham's actual, local bat populations? disrupting their natural habitats like that? do you think all the lights and technology in the batcave have disrupted the local bats' sleep habits and other lifestyle necessities? he definitely doesn't use bat friendly lighting in the batcave. not to mention the very construction of the cave and alterations he's made throughout even more of gotham's cave systems. outright destroying or otherwise altering the bats' habitat.
i bet gotham's bat population has significantly decreased in the time since the batman donned his mask and cape.
and with a great decrease in the bat population, what kinds of effects do you think that's had on the rest of the gotham/gotham area ecosystem?? bats are hugely essential parts of their ecosystems, functioning as polinators, and also predators to different kinds of insects, etc. like. do you think batman is even aware of this carnage he may or may not be wreaking on the environment?
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acapelladitty · 2 days
Dano!Riddler/Reader - Bidding
Tumblr media
Summary: Kidnapped and restrained by the serial killer known as the Riddler, you find that he has a much more terrible plan in place for you to entertain his followers. (TW: non-con, voyeurism, implied abuse, kidnapping)
Tumblr media
"Bidding won't start for another ten minutes." Your captors voice rang out unseen, his heavy footsteps clattering noisily behind you as thick, leather boots paced the wooden flooring. "So, get your ideas in. Remember who her father is. Remember the damage he’s wreaked on this city. Revenge will never be so sweet."
Vision blurring due to the fat tears that refused to cease rolling down your cheeks, the red, blinking light of the video camera which sat atop the tripod sparked fresh terror and shame in your chest as you imagine the droves of perverted freaks who were watching the livestream.
Muffled cries, the words blocked by the thick fabric gag of your own panties, were the only sounds you could manage between the shuddering sobs that made breathing difficult. Stripped and bound against the wooden chair, the cold air of the filthy, cluttered room licked at your skin and your nipples puckered despite themselves.
"Look," the voice of the Riddler rang out again but this time against your ear, the close proximity making you startle in place, "she's excited at the thought. Look at how peaked they are at the thought of all the things you're going to pay to have done to them."
Thick, gloved hands pluck at your nipples, gripping and roughly pulling at the sensitive nubs until your back is arching from the chair as your gag swallows down your pained screams. No one had ever touched you like this before. It wasn't right. It wasn't-
"Smile for the camera, whore. Show them all how excited you are."
Sobbing behind the gag, you're too frozen in place to follow his instructions and you can tell he's unhappy as his hands release your chest. "Hmm, a disobedient little bitch? Too stuck up to listen to someone who knows better? You and people like you are what’s wrong with his city. A disease."
His hand presses down harshly on your stomach as his masked face swims into view before you, anger radiating from his manic eyes. Despite that, a visible gleam of satisfaction sparks in his gaze as he takes in the fear that must be shining from your own tear-stained face and he maintains eye-contact as his hand drops to your spread cunt - the restrains pinning your calves to the chair legs making any attempt to close your thighs impossible.
Shifting off to the side, he uses his fingers to spread your slit, exposing your entire sex to the camera like he were showcasing cattle.
"10% discount for any bids that involve this most sensitive little bit of flesh here. I think this bitch needs some encouragement to accept that she needs to pay for her sins. What do we think?"
Fighting past the gag, you manage to unleash a short cry as his fingers fumble messily to pinch your clit, viciously tugging at the small bundle of nerves and hood until they were reddened and sore - every rough brush of his leather feeling like hell as you writhe in place.
(I'm split on whether or not to continue this further but I'll leave it up to y'all since I'm truly indecisive about it.)
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rrrick · 2 days
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stone-cold-groove · 3 days
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A Batman.
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thevoidstaredback · 7 hours
Because I'm thinking about it, and because I should be asleep, here's a list of every (not all) "Holy --- Batman!" I've found. (Pulled straight from the internet because I can only remember 1 off the top of my head)
Taken from Batman (1966-1968)
"Holy Oleo!"
"Holy Graf Zeppelin!"
"Holy IT&T!"
"Holy Pianola!"
"Holy Rheostat!"
"Holy Tintinnabulation!"
"Holy Bunions!"
"Holy Nightmare!"
"Holy Uncanny Photographic Mental Process!"
"Holy Contributing to the Deliquescy of Minors!"
"Holy Knit One, Purl Two!"
"Holy Cinderella!"
"Holy Bouncy Boiler Plate!"
"Holy Reshevsky!"
"Holy Paderewski!"
"Holy Luther Burbank!"
"Holy d'Artagnan!"
"Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods!"
"Holy Hole in a Doughnut!"
"Holy Astringent Plum-Like Fruit!"
Now, the only one I can ever remember, taken from Batman Meets Scooby Doo
"Holy jumping jacks!"
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mylifeingotham · 3 days
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psychokatrixxxy · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gotham shrouded with fog, the only light a beacon. A beacon of light, of hope, of justice: The Bat Signal.
(Two versions, only different is one is darker.)
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browsethestacks · 3 days
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Comic - The Bat-Man: First Knight #01 (2024) (Pulp Novel Variant)
Art by Marc Aspinall
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I WILL be cringe on main. idc 💯
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spookydestinycat · 2 days
Poll: You're favourite of these Jokers?
Tumblr media
Just sticking to the eight most well known ones... as there's only 12 choices allowed.
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jon-mcbrine-author · 3 days
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Live action Batman is not here to play 😜
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remy45 · 22 hours
Okay, hear me out, stephanie brown as battinson side kick in the batman 2.
and before you say Im crazy, please listen:
At the start of the batman 2, Bruce fights the latest in a series of riddler copycat that appeared following the events of the first movie. This one calling themselves “cluemaster”. Batman tracks him to his home after receiving an anonymous tip and fights him. He knocks him out and handcuffs him for the cops, but before he can leave he discovers Stephanie in the home. Stephanie thanks Batman and tells him she knew he’d stop her father. Batman quickly realises that it was Stephanie who gave him the tip. Steph explains that her father became mentally unwell after her mothers death and became inspired by riddler. Fearing him she tipped batman off to his location. Batman thanks her and goes to leave but Steph asks him to stay, fearing her father waking up. He reluctantly agrees and they talk until Gordon arrives. Bruce later decides to take her in temporarily until the new orphanage he’s funding is completed. Steph is incredibly intelligent, has met batman and is in close proximity with Bruce. All this eventually leads her to discover that he is batman and she insists on helping him. Of course he says no but that’s not gonna stop her…
After this little ramble about how the story could go, here are my reasons on why I think stephanie would be amazing in battinson universe:
Hope - Steph is a character who deeply values hope—holding on to hope for herself, and also bringing hope to others. More than for any other Robin, Stephanie grew up idolizing Batman as a symbol of hope and resistance, not fear and vengeance.
 Connection to the lower class and crime-vulnerable population of Gotham- Rather than allowing a child into the crimefighting world, Batman meets a kid who already lives there. Rather than just swooping in from above to save the masses down below, Batman empowers someone to save her own people.
Giving Steph the spotlight - Lately, DC has been cashing in on Stephanie representing a Girl Wonder (Robin 80th Anniversary Spectacular, Robins, Wayne Family Adventures, etc) among a herd of weirdly identical teen boys. While it's nice to see Steph getting recognized, her actual 10-week stint as Robin was basically a mean-spirited stunt instead of a proper run. It'd be nice for Steph to legitimately get a major spotlight as Robin.
 Balance - Frankly, a girl could be a good next addition to Team Batman. A girl Robin could balance out Batman, Alfred, and Gordon being an all-male team.
If you got to this point, Thanks for reading!!
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