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beeend and snap!
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Tried something
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Best wingmen
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Nailed it
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Fellas, is it gay to want your partner to chew you out the same way they would chew out The Batman?
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angelofthenight · 2 days
Dano!Riddler: I’m spending the night tonight
You: No, you’re absolutely not
Dano!Riddler: Yup, and we’re gonna be spooning all night long
You: No we’re not-
Dano!Riddler: No covers, one pillow, and we share that one pillow
You: And what movie will we watch?
Dano!Riddler: We will be watching Titanic, 3 hours long
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Robert Pattinson as The Drifter in The Batman (2022, dir. Matt Reeves)
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some fem!riddler because i love the thought that she would not differ from her male version except for the length of her hair. and i have an explanation! in my view, dano!riddler is the type of person who tries not to stand out in society as much as possible. i would even say that she is tries to mask her illness. hair is part of her "normality". only by becoming a villian, she was able to reveal herself to the maximum. i love her so much
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jeongpuppy · 2 days
So the whole "I have a thing about strays" scene is basically Zoe's idea? Wow she is my catwoman.
(source: GQ)
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A little list of Zoe's input for Selina Kyle:
The long nails
Selina's first scene with a natural wig so that when she took it off the viewers are left with the question "who is she?"
"I have a thing about strays"
They could not have chosen a better actress for this role. Zoe understood the assignment and put in quality input.
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danosrosegarden · 2 days
Tomorrow - Edward Nashton x Autistic!Reader
Contains: descriptions of sensory overload.
Note: inspired by @little-silly-fucker's fic with the same pairing. For everybody in the lovely Discord server. Talking with you all takes my mind off the rough stuff.
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What's it like to feel nothing at all? You had no idea. Though it was difficult to express, you had only ever felt the world in hot flashes of searing scarlet, heat waves of caustic crimson. On days where the world was too loud and your voice rung out not nearly powerful enough to combat it, there was at least one constant: Edward.
You had been roommates for four months now. He was quiet and a bit unorganized, usually keeping to himself each day. But you knew he was a sparkling star: always there in the darkness. It wasn't unusual for you to find yourself in his room late at night, speaking in hushed tones about the weight of the world.
The day had gutted you. Tired. You could search for any string of words and bead them together however you liked, but nothing described it all quite like tired did. Every screaming color, all the screeching sounds, the burning textures...you were tired.
You hung your jacket up in the closet and threw yourself on the couch. Only the lamps were on. Edward had probably gone to bed already.
You sat and soaked yourself in the silence for a minute before hearing the groaning creak of Edward's door.
Edward stepped from the hallway into the living room. The glow of the lamps made his round face shine a sunshine yellow. He yawned and rubbed his eyes behind his thick glasses.
"How was work?" he asked, gravely exhaustion coating his voice.
You frowned. "Oh, Eddie. Today was a day."
He blinked and watched you for a moment before sitting beside you.
"I'm sorry."
The quiet air of the room tingled on your arms and legs. Edward knew that when you had an overwhelming day, you didn't need a motivational speech. Sometimes you just needed a quiet room, warm silence to bathe in.
"I hope tomorrow is better," he said simply and softly.
You nodded. "I do too."
Your heart began to breathe. He was always going to be there for you, that you knew. The world was vast and terrifying, had sharp, blood-stained teeth and hungry, penetrating eyes. It hunted for ways to tear you apart. But you were strong, weren't you? Yeah. And you had Edward to sit beside you through every storm that tried to erode you, didn't you? Yes.
Edward slowly peeled himself from the couch. "I'm going to bed. Come in if you need anything?"
You nodded once more. "Yeah."
You sat up and switched the lamps off, the inky darkness painting over your vision. A subtle smile carved itself across your face as you laid back down on the couch.
Tomorrow would be better.
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100 Followers! [open]
It’s the small victories, right? I’d like to think so!
Thanks to everyone who has supported my writing to get me here! I appreciate all of you to the moon and back!
To celebrate, I’ll be accepting requests for some drabbles! I’ve never really done something like this and am excited to have fun with it! I’ll do my best to get these out in a timely fashion!
I’ll be throwing in some new characters I haven’t written for yet! This event will be open until midnight (CST) on March 29th!
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- drabbles will be less than 500 words - this is an 18+ blog so minors do not interact - this is open to anyone who sees this, but I am NOT accepting anon requests for this - these will all be ‘x reader’ or ‘x F!reader’ - keep a 1:1:1 ratio when selecting the character and prompts - some will be NSFW and might have depictions/implications of smut and/or graphic violence/horror - please be patient with me! - have fun!
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Choose Your Character:
Vergil Dante Ajax Swan Black Mask/Roman Sionis Harvey Dent/Two-Face Battinson Alfred Pennyworth Bloodhound Boba Fett Din Djarin
Choose A Vibe:
Character Canon 1920′s Medieval/Fantasy Cyberpunk Regency Mafia/Gang Post-Apocalyptic
Choose A Line:
- “I think we’re alone now.” - “Is this what you wanted?” - “I feel things for you that I shouldn’t.” - “Don’t move.” - “I’ve been thinking about you again.” - “Tell me their name.” - “Close your eyes for me.” - “I like having you around.” - “Do I make you nervous?”
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Super anxious to see what you guys pick!! 💕
some tags, np!: @tarabyte3 @somniari-94 @eupheme @celestianstars @sunflowersteves @fluffyprettykitty @the-eyes-of-andyserkis @hiddlebatchedloki @moonlight-prose​ @communism-bitches​ @csboz​
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I made Riddler couture last week, now I give you Riddler's henchgirls couture (they're not really Query and Echo, but they can be with some adjustmenst) a.k.a how I want to dress but I don't have the mental fortitude
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again from my(old) riddler brainrot
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So RWBYXDC Comics did get The Joker right!
I am loving Clown Nuckalavee
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I need everyone to see this
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