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Snips and his dad =) so cute
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𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲 𝐟𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 - 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐜
Tumblr media
pairing - charles leclerc x fem!reader
warnings - just a tooth rotting amount of fluff, mentions of sex at the end
author’s note - giving you guys a little break from all the smutty content
charles would come along with you to a family party
pretty much all of your family was going to be present, including your niece and nephew
he’s met your niece and nephew before and he absolutely adores both of them
so before heading out to the party, he’d insist on stopping by a store so he could buy gifts for them
“charles, it’s not any of their birthdays or anything. you don’t have to get them anything,” you tell him but he doesn’t listen
“okay but what if i’m busy when it is their birthday and i can’t come to their party? this’ll be like an early birthday present from me!” he explains
and he wouldn’t just pick a simple toy for each of the kids; no he’d want to buy them at least three things each
“seriously baby, this is too much,” you sigh as he stands in the toy aisle and debates between two different stuffed animals for your niece
“too much? there’s no such thing as too much, my love. now, which is better? the pony or the cat?” charles holds up the two plushies
but before you could answer, he just tosses them both into the shopping cart
“nope. no protests. she deserves both,” he says and pushes the cart to the next aisle while you follow with a sigh
by the end of the shopping trip, he’d filled up the entire shopping cart with toys
“how are we going to fit all of this in your car?” you ask, raising an eyebrow at him as you stand by his car with the shopping cart
“we’ll find a way. come on, the happiness on their face will be worth it,” charles smiles at you and you can’t help but agree with that
you end up having to hold a few of the toys that didn’t fit in his trunk on your lap for the drive
and when the two of you walk into your parents’ home, your arms are filled with gift bags filled with goodies
as soon as you walk in, the kids run over to you guys
well, more like to charles
“uncle charles!” “uncle charlie’s here!”
“i feel so loved,” you say dryly when your niece and nephew hug onto his legs
“sorry love. i can’t help it that i’m their favorite uncle,” he grins at you
“you’re their favorite because you bribe them,” you gesture to the gift bags
“nooo, they love me because i’m the best. don’t you?” he turns to them and they both nod excitedly
“see?” charles grins
“traitors,” you tell your niece and nephew and they both giggle but give you hugs as well
“but your auntie is right. i do have gifts for you,” charles tells the kids before handing them their gift bags
“oh my gosh! i love them! i love them!” your niece exclaims as she hugs the two plushies tightly against her chest
“I knew you would,” charles smiles
“uncle charles! can we build this right now?” your nephew tugs on his arm after opening his bag to see the multiple lego sets
“no! i wanna play with uncle charlie first!” your niece exclaims, holding onto his other arm
charles would somehow get them to agree that he’d play with one of them before the other
“how about i help you with building for a little bit the your auntie will while i play with your sister? and then we’ll switch off, sound good buddy?” he asks your nephew and he agrees
the entire afternoon, you both play with your niece and nephew, switching off every now and then
charles would help your nephew with his lego set for a little bit then he’d switch with you to have a tea party with your niece and her stuffed animals
you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell at seeing how good he was with kids
and that led to you thinking about how he would be with your own kids
but you quickly shook that thought off, not wanting to think about it until you both talked about it
you had both talked about kids before and how you wanted them in the future
but you weren’t sure if now was the right time
except charles was thinking the exact same thing you were
while you were busy playing with the kids, you hadn’t noticed how he was watching you with a look of pure love on his face
after a few hours, you both say your goodbyes to your family before heading back home to your apartment
the entire ride, charles was pretty quiet but you assumed that he was just tired after the party
but really, he was just thinking about having your own kids
and how gorgeous you’d look pregnant with his baby
he finally broke the silence after driving for awhile
“i want one,” charles speaks up
“want one… what?” you turn to him, confused about what he was talking about
“a baby,” he says
“a- a what?” you ask, clearly surprised
“yeah. i want a mini you or a mini me running around,” he says
“does someone have baby fever after hanging out with the kids all day?” you tease
“you can’t blame me, love. seeing you with the kids makes me wanna have our own,” he sighs
“yeah, me too,” you agree
“really?” now he was the one who was surprised that you agreed with him
“mhm. besides, when we have kids i can finally refer to you as a dilf,” you smirk
“well in that case, why don’t i just pull over and we can get started on making a baby?” he smirks back
“absolutely not. we are not conceiving our child in a car in the middle of the road,” you shake your head
“oh please. how many kids would be able to say that they were conceived in a ferrari?” he scoffs
“not happening babe,” you say as he pulls over anyways
“charles–” you start to scold
“what? we don’t have to make the baby now. but we can still practice,” he smirks before pulling you onto his lap
and two weeks later, you take a pregnancy test and it comes out positive
and charles is probably ecstatic at the fact that you conceived your baby in his car
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Since in canon hobbits are good at hiding and finding things, and their home is generally considered a paradise to other races for its peace and prosperity, I think it would be a fun little thing if for some reason Maglor ended up just being hidden in the Shire and accepted there despite being Unfortunately Tall and allowed to heal
Like maybe, when the Shire was being settled a group of Hobbits continued westward just to scope out how safe their land would be, and happen upon the shores enjoying the sound of distant singing. They set up camp and unfortunately didn't realize the tide was coming in until it was too late and are all scrambling and crying out for help as one of their party gets washed away to sea.
Maglor, who was nearby but didn't notice these tiny sneaks until the screaming started, rushes up and in a panic and sees what he thinks are a group of children (with pointed ears, he can't see their large feet under the water and sand, and thinks they're Elven) alone and Drowning and thinks "not again" and dives in to save them
Which he does, but he's had 4 thousand years of malnutrition, lack of care for his body and mind, and has his wounded hand that is black and scarred, which he had to use to pull these young ones to shore. Once everyone is saved he collapses to the ground, exhausted and unconscious.
The Hobbits, of course, can't just let their savior stay on the beach like this where he could also drown or be swept off to sea, and they MUST thank him for the life debt, so they carry him to their pony cart and head back to the Shire where they can give him a proper thank you
Maglor is out cold for weeks though, long enough to be brought back to the Shire and situated in one of the guest rooms in the newly built Great Smial of the Took Clan. They clean him, bandage and heal his wounds, put him in some hastily made Tall Folk clothes made out of bedsheets, and wait for him to wake.
When he does, he's in a panic and then confused, for he's never seen hobbits before, and under the fear and dread he's a little amused. All throughout the First and Second ages he's managed to avoid others and has never been kidnapped, yet here he is, at the mercy of folk that look like children.
Some things get lost in translation between Hobbitish, Westeron, and Sindarin, and Maglor thinks that he's now a prisoner to these small people, and the Hobbits think that they are going to care for him and have him be a guest of theirs for as long as he likes. Maglor, who hasnt had great mental health for the past 2 ages, agrees to be their prisoner, for honestly, he believes he deserves it.
So he heals, and once he heals (minus the blackened hand which gets medicated and wrapped and secured under a leather glove which reminds him of his eldest brother and he grieves) they put him to work. Or well, they allow him to help in their gardens, to sing songs of the sun, of joy and family and all things Hobbit. They let him help in the kitchen, where he shares recipes long since lost to the sands of time, and he helps them build a forge and how to do basic metal working, for even if his craft is one of voice and song, he is still his father's son and a Prince of the Noldor- he knows how to use a forge.
And time moves on. They build him his own smial, one that suits his height, and Maglor heals, both in mind and in body, and he goes from not wanting to escape his captors because he deserves enslavement to finding a second family amongst these folk. He gets adopted into the Took Clan, and the Hobbits all affectionately call him "Old Maggie Took" or "Songbird" or if his singing is particularly a little to loud a little too early in the morning "that damned Rooster"
He helped protect the Hobbits, weaving Songs of illusion around their home, fighting Goblins and Orcs off with Bandobras Took, making daggers and leather gear for Belladonna Took as she travels the world, and trying his best to fight off the wolves during the Fell Winter. Not as many Hobbits die to fang and claw that winter, but they did to cold and starvation and sickness.
After Belladonna and her husband died that winter, her young son Bilbo often spent time with him (mostly to escape the well wishers and their looks of pity) and so Maglor taught him things to keep his mind from loss. Taught him Quenya, and Sindarin, all about the Noldor, about Elves and Men of old, what little he knew of Dwarves from Maedhros and Caranthir, and when Bilbo asks in a quite voice, how it feels to be the only one of his family members left
He, and the whole of the Shire really, also play a very fun game of Keep Away with Gandalf whenever he visits, and while he knows Something Is Up with the Shire, he never found out about Maglor (even though he has heard about Maggie Took, and all her apparent namesakes)
While Maglor wasn't there to see Bilbo off on his own adventure he was able to make sure that when he came home it was to a home at all, even if some silverware did go missing. And when he sensed something fowl lingering in Bagend after his return, Maglor just brushed it off as something tainted from a dragon horde (later he weeps for how wrong he was and all the lives lost that he could have prevented if he investigated more)
And when Bilbo goes off to Rivendell, old and grey, all those years later guided by his dwarves, he has a silent, nervous, elven companion with him.
And its not the first or last time Elrond was grateful for the nature of Hobbits, but he wept tears of joy as he hugged his father nonetheless
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National Targaryens Family Vacation: Chapter Fifteen (Jace, Aegon, Aemond x Reader)
A/N: if someone catches the (Tobey Maguire) Spiderman 1 reference in here, I will LICHERALLY love you forever
Summary: A secret is finally exposed, at least to you.
Word Count: 3,121
Inspiration Credit: @tinfairies
TW: profanity, innuendo, suggestive material
Tag List (comment if you wish to be added/removed): @chevelledahuman @smileykiddie08 @ticci-isaack @zephyrinethedruid @julessworldd @bytchis-world @fallingleaves678 @svftsunflower @dearsnow @naomishief-blog @zverea @softlyshifting @tinykryptonitewerewolf @jbaby2 @babyblue-chaos @bat-revival @illuzold @regulusblackismycomfortcharacter @multiharlow @scratchietella @crownofdecit @ladystardvsts @m1ndbrand @rainbow-unicorn-pony @pockeymcmockey @princessmiaelicia @givemeeverything @justanotherkpopstanlol @momochiiiiiiii @mmmimilan @polireader @xcharlottemikaelsonx @psycheflame @haven-is-happy @wonder-harley @elle4404 @vilia8 @candypurplebutterfly @dankfarrikdin @r1dd1kulus @its-halleys-comet @linevondensternen @jamespotterismydaddy @myspotofcraziness
When you and the others get off of Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, for a minute, you think you may have imagined that kiss with Jace. But, judging by his goofy smile and inability to so much as look at you without turning bright red, it’s pretty safe to say that it actually happened. You try to go and speak to him, but he panics and runs, saying he’s going to save your spot at Goofy’s Sky School. The other four glance between the two of you in amusement. You decide not to say anything for now and head towards the next attraction.
You wonder to yourself if Jace enjoyed the kiss as much as you did. You know he was blushing and that tends to be a pretty good sign, but still… The way he just bolted confuses you. You shrug and link arms with Aegon and Aemond, deciding to give Jace a little space to figure out how he felt about it. The last thing in the world you want to do is make him uncomfortable.
He stands, whispering to Luke about something or the other, both of them looking over at you suspiciously often. You ignore it and start talking to your other friends. Helaena tells you that this ride looks fucking horrifying. You hear people screaming pretty loudly for what’s supposed to be a kid’s ride.
“Hey, little bro, look up the height requirement on this,” Aegon says, leaning against the railing and not hopping up onto it - it would appear he’s learned his lesson, “If it’s a kid’s ride, it won’t have one. Or it’ll be really low.”
Aemond pulls out his phone and seems to be doing what Aegon has requested when his face blanches, “Erm, it has the same height requirement as Matterhorn and that water ride Y/N and Luke did the other day.”
Jace’s eyes widen, “Are you serious?”
Aemond nods, showing all of you his phone. Luke rolls his eyes at the group.
“I’m the youngest and you’re all acting like a bunch of babies!”
“I’m the youngest and you’re all acting like a bunch of babies,” Aegon puts his hands on his hips and imitates the younger boy, looking suspiciously like that one SpongeBob meme.
When you finally board the attraction (as Luke reminds all of you that they’re called yet again), you sit beside Helaena, both of you somewhat dreading it. You grimace at each other as you fasten your seatbelts. Aemond sits behind you and Aegon behind Helaena, since it seems Jace is still deep in his secret conversation with Luke.
The ride is fucking terrifying with how it swerves and makes all of you nearly bounce out of the cart at every turn. This is so not a fucking kid’s ride. Helaena is nearly crying, Aemond is gripping the back of your seat for dear life, and Aegon is screaming his lungs out, and you? You’re just struggling not to fucking die. The cap with Mickey ears on it that you put on this morning to keep the sun off your face and have Disney spirit at the same time nearly flies off your head. You shriek, but Aegon grabs it before it can fly away. He laughs when you finally get off the ride and he hands it back to you.
“That’s two you owe me, junior,” he winks, quoting Han Solo as he slaps the hat back on your head.
You roll your eyes and thank him.
After you finish the rides in Cars Land, it’s time to park hop over to Disneyland. Aemond makes you all a lunch reservation at Cafe Orleans; Luke says they have the absolute best French fries according to some Disney blogger.
When you enter the park, Luke suggests you get a group photo by the “Mickey floral”. You guys agree and stand, Jace between Luke and Aegon, you in between Aegon and Aemond, and Helaena at the other end. You continue on to the restaurant, getting seated around 1PM, sitting between Aegon and Aemond. Luke informs all of you that lunch will be on him, courtesy of Daemon’s Platinum American Express card. You all look at him dubiously.
“Okay, Mr. Porn Addict, how much longer is Uncle Daemon gonna let you keep that before he realizes it was in fact you and not Jace?” you grin at him.
Aemond and Helaena turn to you in surprise, the latter speaking, “It was Luke?”
“Oh, right, you guys weren’t on the ride!” Jace realizes, “Yeah, he fucking admitted it! My name has been cleared!”
Aemond smirks at the younger boy, “Hm. Didn’t know you had it in you.”
Luke grins, “I do, I do.”
“My little man’s all grown up,” Aegon grins, slapping Luke on his back, “I could almost cry.”
“Yeah, cuz you probably introduced him to porn, you fucking perv,” Helaena rolls her eyes at her older brother.
The waitress shows up to take your order. Luke is the last to order and, oh God, does he order.
“I’ll have,” he pauses, “You know, I can’t decide between these two entrees-”
You open your phone and pull up the calculator app; when Aemond sees what you’re doing, he snickers and leans over, resting his chin on your shoulder to watch the shit show, “I need to see this.”
“So I’ll get ‘em both! I’m on vacation, why not, right?” Luke smiles up at the waitress with his big, innocent eyes, making the poor woman melt, “I want the walnut and herb crusted baked cheese to start,” okay that’s $16, “For my first entree, I’ll have the battered and fried Monte Cristo,” $22, “And for my second I’ll have the red wine braised short ribs and frites! Oh! And the beignets for dessert!”
You show your screen to Aemond. Eighty two dollars.
“Anything to drink, sweetie?”
“Oh, there we go, don’t put the calculator away, it’s not over yet, love,” Aemond whispers.
Luke nods, “I’ll have the Mint Julep, non alcoholic, in a souvenir cup.”
Oh my God, you add that on and it equals just over a hundred bucks.
You and Aemond share a look and giggle to yourselves.
After lunch, Luke says his stomach hurts. How surprising.
So, he makes you all get in line for the Mark Twain Riverboat, saying he needs a gentle ride to soothe his poor tummy. As you stand in line, you notice that it’s about 1:15PM. Rise of the Resistance boarding passes usually drop at 1…
You turn to Aegon and grin.
He looks at you and grins back, “Uh, hey? What’s up, Princess?”
You lean in and whisper loud enough for your entire group to hear, “Aemond didn’t get Rise of the Resistance boarding passes today.”
Luke shrieks, “That means you have to tell us what the fuck is in the fucking box!”
A middle-aged soccer mom with one of those Karen style asymmetrical layered haircuts turns to your group and snaps, “Young man, there are children present here, watch your language!”
As Helaena starts to apologize to the woman the rest of you flip her a middle finger, speaking all at once, “Fuck you, Karen.”
Her jaw flaps open and shut for a minute, kind of like Dory in “Finding Nemo”, before she returns to watching her screaming children. 
Helaena clicks her tongue at the rest of you, scolding you but biting back a smile, “That wasn’t very nice, you guys.”
“She was a bitch,” you shrug, “What the fuck is she doing, yelling at a teenager she doesn’t know?”
“Y/N is my protector,” Luke giggles when you ruffle his hair.
“Damn right I am, you little pervert, still love you!”
“Karen’s probably just upset that she hasn’t experienced or even so much as witnessed an orgasm since the Big Bang, considering that’s how long ago she was conceived.”
You bury your face in Aemond’s chest at his absolutely savage takedown of the woman, bursting into hysterical laughter along with your friends; even more so when you hear the woman’s scandalized gasp and her husband telling her to let it go, revealing that her name is in fact Karen.
“Okay, so the box-” Aegon begins, only to be cut off by his younger brother.
“Can you fucking stop?” Aemond snaps, “I don’t want her to know, okay? Just quit it!”
He turns on his heel and walks out of the line in an annoyed huff. Aegon and Helaena look at each other and roll their eyes at their little brother.
“He’s so stupid,” Aegon mumbles to Helaena, “So fucking stupid.”
“Don’t try to help him again,” Helaena snorts, “He doesn’t deserve it, the moron.”
You look between the two of them before saying, “You guys do this ride. I’m going to find Aem and wait with him, okay?”
They nod, telling you they’ll see you in a bit, Jace again avoiding your gaze as you leave. You exit the queue, making sure to “accidentally” step on your new best friend Karen’s foot on the way out. You find Aemond sitting on a bench, picking at his fingernails, a nervous habit he inherited from his mother that you thought he had long given up. His cuticles are red and if he keeps going, he’s going to infect himself. You stand in front of him.
“Hey, stranger. Can I sit with you?”
He looks up at you and nods reluctantly. You take a seat beside him and grab his hand, surprising him. You lay his hand flat on your leg, palm up, and move your palm to cover his.
“Your hands are one of my favorite things about you,” you admit, entwining your fingers, “I hate it when you hurt yourself like this.”
“Sorry,” he whispers, “I was immature stupid. I shouldn’t have just walked off like that.”
“It wasn’t stupid. Your feelings are valid, we were being dicks and I’m sorry,” you respond, angling your body to face him, “Talk to me, Aem. I hate it when you’re upset. Seeing you sad makes me sad. So unless you want me to start sympathy crying, you’ve gotta give me something here.”
“I do hate it when you cry. You get that ugly look on your face. Like Kim Kardashian when she was talking about that guy she married,” you can’t help but laugh at his insult, making him snicker in turn before he sighs in annoyance, “It’s that stupid fucking box! He won’t let it go!”
You raise your eyebrows at just how much this stupid box thing is annoying him, “Is whatever is in it really that bad?”
He shakes his head before pausing, “Well, I mean, some of it. There’s some stupid hentai book I bought off of that Stanley Baratheon kid back in middle school.”
“Wow, you had embarrassing porn hidden under your bed as a teenager. That’s horrible, it’s not like anyone’s ever done that in the history of horny teenage boys,” you tease him, making him nudge you with his shoulder in protest.
“It’s not just that, it was also-” he stops himself, running his free hand over his face, “Oh my God. This is so embarrassing.”
“I’ll make you a deal,” you tell him, “I’ll tell you something embarrassing about me if you tell me what else was in it.”
He thinks about it for a minute and nods, “Okay.”
You smile, “I’ll go first,” you think for a moment before deciding on, “So at a party last year, I got blackout drunk, proceeded to puke my guts out, and tried to kiss your brother.”
His good eye widens and he is silent for a moment before he bursts into laughter, “Alright. That is so much worse than mine.”
You gasp, pretending to be offended, and slap his chest, “Okay, you big jerk! It’s your turn.”
He lets out a sharp exhale, looking anywhere but at you as he speaks, “Every year, on the last day of school, I would write you a love letter. I never had the guts to give them to you, so I would just put them in the box under my bed and think that, one day, if I ever gathered the nerve, I would give them all to you and tell you how I feel about you.”
You look at him, confused, “Love letters? But that would mean-”
“It means exactly what you think it does,” Aemond mumbles, still refusing to look at you, instead, staring straight ahead, “Do you remember that school play? When you were Cinderella?”
You think for a second, “Uh kind of? Why?”
“I think it started then,” he says quietly, “What I feel for you. And it just never stopped. This past year while I was away, all I ever thought about was you. My heart would, quite literally I’m sure, skip a beat when I saw your name on my screen. And when I saw you at the airport the other day, waiting for me like you were my girlfriend,” he pauses, “It just all came rushing back, Y/N, I’m sorry.”
“No, why the fuck are you sorry? You shouldn’t be. But, Aemond,” you look at him, “That play was in, like, first grade. That was years ago. Why didn’t you just tell me? Why would you just hold onto this and torture yourself?”
“Because I’d rather have you in my life and be your friend than have you be freaked out by your stupid best friend having a fucking crush on you and drift away from me.”
You shoot him an unimpressed look, “So you just, what, made the decision for me?”
He shrugs, “It was better than the alternative.”
“Even if I didn’t like you, I never would’ve drifted away from you. You mean everything to me, Aemond. I’ve missed you so fucking much this past year. I actually cried when I found out you weren’t coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” he turns to look at you in surprise, causing you take his face in your hands gently and ask him, “Last night, when we were watching the show,” you stare at him more seriously than you ever have, “Were you going to kiss me?”
“I wanted to,” he whispers shakily, “So badly.”
“Then why didn’t you?”
He rests his hands over yours, lowering his gaze, “Because every time I look at you, especially while that song played, I turn into that same scared little boy on the last day of school with a love letter burning a hole in his jacket pocket all day and going home with it, never giving it to you. Because I’m fucking terrified, Y/N.”
“I wanted to kiss you too,” you say quietly, informing him, wanting to be completely honest, “Jace kissed me on that last ride.”
“I know,” he says, “We all saw. You two aren’t quite as slick as you think you are,” he snickers slightly, “The best part was when he ran out blushing and couldn’t look at you after. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought you’d given him a handjob while on the ride.”
At least that was out in the open. You can’t help but laugh at his description of what happened.
“Is he the one you like?” Aemond asks, his voice gentle and kind, and more than anything, understanding, “From when you pushed the planchette yesterday?”
You give him a fake glare, “I didn’t move shit, you can prove nothing. That ghost was a lying punk bitch.”
He scoffs, nudging you, “Sure, you didn’t. You can tell me, you know.”
“I don’t know what I feel. Or who I feel it for,” you confess, “I feel something. I just need a little time to figure out what it is. Just till the end of the trip so I can get my head on straight. I told Hel this, but I honestly thought I was just platonic friends with all of you until this trip, and everything so different now. So, I don’t know, this is kind of a big adjustment for me.”
Aemond nods, wrapping his arm around you, “Under the circumstances, I think that’s more than fair,” he pauses, “Do you think I could be the one you like?”
You nod, “It’s a fairly high possibility.”
He smiles softly, taking your chin in his hand, “Any one of us would be very lucky to have you return our feelings. Take your time and choose what feels right to you.”
“What if I can’t choose? What if I care about you all too much to hurt anyone?”
He shrugs, “Mother always says sharing is caring. We’re all adults here. We all care about you, and about each other. They’re my brother, sister, and cousin, obviously I wish for their happiness almost as much as I wish for my own. I’m sure we would be able to figure something out.”
You’re surprised by the revelation that being with more than one of them is something Aemond seems to be okay with. You see his gaze flicker to your lips before going back to your eyes, then your lips again. He moves closer to you.
“Is it strange if I really want to kiss you right now?”
You shake your head, “I want you to.”
Aemond leans in and presses his soft lips to yours. He tastes like Burt’s Bees chapstick and mint, a very nice combination. He cups your face in his hands as he kisses you gently, his tongue darting out to lick at your lower lip, asking if you want to take this further. Unfortunately, it would seem Karen has come to ruin your day, yet again.
She clears her throat, completely ruining the mood and making the two of you reluctantly break your first kiss, “You do not deserve to be here. This is a children’s theme park.”
Aemond looks up at her wearily, “I just kissed the girl I’ve been in love with since first grade, ma’am, kindly do us both a favor and go fuck yourself.”
She gasps at what she perceives to be his audacity and runs off to grab a cast member. When the cast member comes to ask for your side of the story, you tell him that she yelled at your underage friend in line and then came and harassed the two of you for just kissing. She is let off with a warning, but the blame is put squarely on her.
You and Aemond grin at each other, quickly kissing again while you wait for the rest of your friends to get off of their ride.
Making a choice is going to be really hard. But apparently there's a chance you won't have to...
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flutterberrypie · 6 months
You should talk about the cutie mark crusaders and what you like about each of them!!!
oh I'd love to!! 🍎🌸🎀💛💗🔔🎶🛴🧡⚡
Tumblr media
I love how applejack gave them her old clubhouse to use and that it's located in sweet apple acres, I like the idea of applejack coming to check on them sometimes or maybe bringing them freshly baked cookies from time to time 🍪🧡 and how fun wouldn't it be to play together amongst all the apple trees (when they aren't busy crusading ofcourse! 😄)
the cmc in general: they turned something they were teased for and that used to weigh them down into something they could bond over and in turn made a life long friendship stronger than the toughest of diamonds 💎👑 later inspiring and helping others who are unsure of their destinies just as they were and I think that is so powerful! the episode call of the cutie is a great introduction that really leaves you wanting to see what they're going to do next and how they will achieve their goal 🧡💛💜
they're the sisters of rarity, rainbow dash and applejack! which makes for some great episodes featuring them all together. sleepless in ponyville, the cart before the ponies & campfire tales for example! spending so much time together would not only bring them closer with their sisters but it probably brought applejack, rarity and rainbow dash closer too, and I love that!
all of their songs are great! their voices blend together very nicely in my opinion. Amanda Renberg as Scootaloo, Linn Johnsson as Apple Bloom and Annelie Heed as Sweetie Belle all did a wonderful job voicing their characters in the iconic trio! (ofcourse this is from my perspective, and those are the swedish voices but the same can be said for the original english ones!😊) my personal favourites of the cmc songs are babs seed, hearts as strong as horses, find the purpose in your life and all of the songs in the crusaders of the lost mark (& they are all so fun to sing!) 🎵
favourite cmc episode: crusaders of the lost mark! all of their searching finally paying off, helping their bully to see her purpose and the fact that their special talent turns out to be helping others find/rediscover their own special talent is just PERFECT, we were all wondering how it would turn out right? and this was just better than every other potential outcome, they all belong together to help others find themselves, just as they did! 🥺😌🧡💜💛
Tumblr media
Apple bloom 🍎🌸: has my favourite colour scheme, she reminds me of apple flavoured candy, I'm also biased towards anything fruit themed! and I adore her bow!! 🍎💛🎀 I can relate to her fear of being alone the episode on your marks and also to how she's scared at one point that her family won't like her if she turns out to be different to them (when she's scared her cutie mark won't be apple related). and I love her relationship with her family, the end of family appreciation day and brotherhooves social just warms my heart! 💛🍎💚🥧 also I love the cupcake song scene where she's baking with pinkie and that she got interested in potions and magic after meeting zecora! (also the fact that she as a foal was the first to befriend zecora and not be so judgmental!!)
favourite apple bloom episode: (oh glitter all of these are so hard to pick!! 🤣 but I think cutie pox, somepony to watch over me or call of the cutie 🍎🌸💛🎀
Tumblr media
scootaloo⚡🛴🧡: I actually have only watched flight to the finish once because while it has been dubbed I somehow missed it (and can't find the whole episode in swedish, only the songs) but I have watched it on my latest rewatch (where I watched it in english :) and I love it so much, I'm not physically disabled myself, I am mentally disabled (though I feel really weird saying that for some reason) but I think scootaloo is a really great disabled character because being disabled is not her whole character, far from, and I think there should be more characters like her! I also think she's really funny, her scooter tricks are awesome and I adore her idolizing rainbow dash and wishing for her to be her sister and then in sleepless in ponyville when she's scared of rainbow dash not thinking she's cool enough then rainbow admits that she's scared sometimes too and that it doesn't make her weak and then she like adopts her as her sister and aaaaaaaahhh!!! I love found family story lines so much, also the episodes parental glideance in season 7 and the washouts in season 8 broke my heart and then put it back together! 😂🌈🧡⚡and I love how she stood up for herself and what she wants to her parents in the last crusade in season 9, people often disregard kids feelings because they're "just kids" and I think scootaloo is a really strong pony for doing what she did in that episode 🧡🛴
sweetie belle 🎶💗🔔: she's just precious! her singing voice is so beautiful and I like how she has a hard time speaking up and putting together words sometimes because I can relate and it's really funny! I love sisterhooves social and I laugh every time I watch that scene where she argues with rarity and comes to the conclusion that applejack should be rarity's sister so she can teach her how to be a good one 😂 oh or when apple bloom allows her to "borrow" applejack as a sister for "ONE DAY"-🍎🌸 to me she is a very caring pony and maybe the most relatable of the 3 to me personally (all though saying that I feel like I find all of them relatable but in different ways)
favourite scootaloo episode: flight to the finish, I think! 🏁🧡
Tumblr media
favourite sweetie belle episode: I want to say sisterhooves social but I also love for whom the sweetie belle toils 🔔💗🎶
so those are some of my thoughts on the cmc! thank you so much anon for making me write this and inspire me to draw the cutie mark crusaders, I love these little foals so much! 🥺😄💗🧡💛
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queen-of-hellfire666 · 11 months
Pairing: Darry X female reader The Outsiders
Warnings: Fluff & my first smut
Tumblr media
It was morning and Darry was in the kitchen making breakfast. I smile running to him, he picks me up and twirls me around kissing me softly. Soda and pony were still asleep. “Wanna help?” I nod cracking open some eggs.
No too long afterwards the gang piles in. Steve and Two-Bit finally Dally and Johnny.
I have been with Darrel Curtis for a little over 6 years. He has been tough with Pony in the past and I always tried to stop it. He just didn’t want pony to turn out bad.
I smile kissing his cheek before pulling out a water. “Pass me a beer would ya?” Two-But smiles. “Oh a water? Okay!” I throw him a water ignoring the beer part. “Hey!” He groans. “Sober up Matthews or I’m gonna Beat you.” He smirks and drinks the water.
“I’m gonna go wake pony and Soda up.” I smile before waking to their room. “Ponyboy..” I whisper softly shaking him. “Mmmmm.” He groans. “Food is almost done kiddo.”
“You two Soda. Come on.” I smirk. “Okay have it your way. Oh Steve!” Steve runs in before toppling on soda and rough housing him.
Ponyboy jumps up quickly. I walk back to Darry. “So, Mr. Curtis.” He holds me in his arms. “What are we doing today?” I ask as he takes a swig of milk. “Well. I was hoping we could get some quick shopping in and spend the day together doing whatever you want.” He smirks.
“Whatever I want?” I watch his smirk fade. “Now-Now hold on.” I laugh softly. “It’s fine. I just wanna spend time, whether it be cuddling, a movie, or even a date. I don’t care.” I kiss his lips. They’re not soft but not rough. He’s always gentle no matter what.
“Alright mrs. Curtis. Have it your way.” I smile but pause and turn back to him. “What did you just say?” He looks at me. “Have it your way?”
“No.. No before that.” He takes a bite of bacon: “Mrs. Curtis?” I kiss him so hard he almost tips back in his chair. “What was that for?” He smirks. “Thank you.” I go to sit down but Darry grabs me back on his lap.
“I was gonna get a chair.” I laugh. “Too bad. I’m your chair now.” I scoff biting the bacon from his hand. “Hey.” He playfully grins.
“Darry, is it okay if me and Pony go get some icecream and hangout downtown for a bit?” Soda softly asks. “Steve is going too.” Darry nods. “Be back for lunch you hear?” They all nod and quickly leave. “I love you.”
He whispers in my ear putting his chin on my shoulder. “I love you too.” I kiss his nose and Finnish my food. “Okay, I’m grabbing the list, get the truck going.” He sighs getting up after I do.
The whole ride there was filled with horrible Karaoke. I can’t Believe I have such an amazing boyfriend.
Shopping was easy with Darry. I pushed the cart and got smaller things, he would grab stuff off of high shelves. To be honest if Darry’s hair wasn’t a little greased we wouldn’t have been counted as greasers.
I never grease my hair or nothing, it’s always fluffy and put up or put back with a pin. I dress nice when we go out for the most part. Darry wears a black shirt and jeans most the time anyway.
After shopping we went ahead and went home to prepare lunch for the hungry boys.
Johnny could eat 2 sandwiches, Two-Bit a whole chocolate cake and a beer, Steve a half of pack a’ meat, Soda always loved sweet treats and could eat a whole brownie cake by himself, Dallas never really ate here but when he did he chowed down and pony boy never eats much.
Pony always never did eat much. It’s just a plain form of habit I guess. He sure is smart though.
I feel a pair of hands break my thoughts and sway through the small kitchen with me. “Can you get the plates from the top cabinet?” I ask softly as I put chicken in the oven. As I bend over Darry reaches up and man on man the friction.
He softly groans. I smirk. “Later not right now.” I read his mind. He shot me a wicked grin and placed out the plates. I continue cooking food for another 10 minutes or so before I hear Ponyboy and Johnny.
“I’m telling you the comic book was all like ‘death death! Dead!!” Ponyboy exclaims walking in the kitchen. “Hungry boys?” I ask softly. “Yes, ma’am. “ Ponyboy groans. “I’m starving.”
I give him a plate of food. “Johnny?” He nods. Johnny didn’t talk much to me. I hand him a plate too, a bigger serving because I know Johnny isn’t fed at home.
Before I can say anything Darry is grabbing my hand and dragging me off to the bathroom. “The rest of the gang will be here soon now and I can’t walk around like this.” He smirks.
He places me up on the counter top before taking his pants down just enough.
He pushes up my dress and slides down my panties. “Darrel Curtis, your suppose to be the responsible one..” I click my tongue.
He rolls his eyes before grabbing a condom and sliding it on. “We ain’t never used one of those before?” I look at him. “Yeah but, I’m also not planning on being dumb and not pulling out.” He smirks making me bite my lip.
Darry is always gentle. Today he isn’t. The first thrust is hard and quick. My head falls back hitting the wall. “Oh, Darry please faster.” I whisper grabbing his neck. His pace picks up fast enough for the counter to hit the wall.
“Darry.. Ponyboy and Johnny, and the gang!” He shrugs. “They’re down the hall talking they won’t.. hear.” He thrusts harder. He kisses me quickly hiding my loud moan. “Do you trust me?” He looks at me.
I nod softly. “Don’t judge me, I read about this alright.” He picks me up. “Hold on to me.” I wrap my arms and legs around him. He thrusts up even harder and faster. “Darry!!” I whimper. “Come on, cum for me darling.”
Just like that, I clench hard around him holding onto him tight. Him hitting his climax when so as well. He smirks before sitting me on the counter and throwing away the condom. He Hands me a clean pair of jeans and shirt to wear. “Let me..” he pulls his pants up.
He spreads my legs again and licks me clean. I groan softly. He continues to eat me out. “I’m gonna cum again.” I whisper grabbing his hair.
Just like that, I’m at another climax. He licks me completely clean and grins. “Get dressed darlin.” He fixes his hair and walks out to the kitchen.
As I walk back out to the kitchen I hear Two-Bits laugh. Darry shoots me his million dollar grin. I smile sitting on his lap. I take a bite of my food before Soda looks at Darry then at me. He starts smirking before whispering something to Steve making Steve grin at us.
I lay back my head on Darry’s shoulder. “I love you, Darrel Curtis.” I kiss him softly. “I love you too y/n Curtis.” I had the perfect life no matter what
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pumpkin69spice · 4 months
Here Cums Santa Clause
Tumblr media
Merry Kinkmas!! 
Starring: Dark BuckyxYOU
Warning Tags: non-con, daddy kink, blowjob (non-con, m receiving, spanking, stalking), 
Tumblr media
"Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane He'll come around when chimes ring out that it's Christmas morn' again "
You hummed along to the song playing overhead while scrolling through your phone with your free hand. The other hand was occupied holding the hand of your nephew, Dash. Who was practically jumping up and down in excitement for his turn with "Santa". Bless his little four-year-old heart who thought this underpaid, unfortunate soul in a sweaty red suit and itchy beard was the overlord of the North Pole. But were you going to break that illusion that your sibling carefully crafted? It wasn't your place. You're just here to make his day.
"Alright kiddo," the mall employee dressed as an elf exclaimed with gusto, then pointed with grand hand gestures to the podium hosting Santa, "You're up next."
"I'm next! I'm next!" Dash shook your hand as if it was a bell he was ringing for war. "C'mon let's go!"
Without waiting for you to say anything, he was tugging and leading the way. You could only follow in amusement and a smile. Kids were something else.
As he let go of your hand to get situated with the help of an elf for the picture, you set up your own camera phone to record this moment. You were sure that your siblings and parents would want to see this moment live. Your focus was completely on Dash that you didn't realize someone was watching you a little too closely.
"Say Christmas on the count of three!" One of the other elves behind the professional camera said in a tone that sounded like caffeine was their drug of choice. "In one...two...."
Before you knew it Dash climbed down and pointed at you.
"Your turn!" He shouted with the biggest smile that displayed is missing front tooth for the world.
Your mouth hung open. It took you a few blinks before replying, "O-oh, no Dash." You waved your hand at the idea. "I'm too old for that. This is only for kids like you."
"No one is too old for Santa." 
It took you a moment to register who that voice came from. It sounded jolly as you would expect a Santa to be. But it also sounded way too young - and too baritone - for what you were used to from Hallmark movies and your own childhood memories.
Dash maneuvered his hand for you to trek over to them. He was bubbling with excitement. But this also felt so dumb to do. And you were sure that the employees and people standing in line would be annoyed you were taking precious time away from the other kids waiting patiently in line.
You turned around to the crowd of people behind you, expecting to see angry glares, but they were all smiling. Some were even nodding for you to head on over.
"Just go!" Someone from the back yelled out.
Somehow this triggered like a domino effect the kids in line cheering you on with Dash. Great. What choice did you have now? With a sigh, you decided not to be a party pooper - or rather Scrooge - and dragged your feet to get your picture taken with Mall Santa. And oh god -were the kids cheering you on now? You felt your cheeks suddenly become very warm.
"Just sit there like I did," Dash instructed with a nod as an elf looked at him humorously.
"Do I have to?" You looked at Santa as a plea for help, thinking this must be ridiculous to him as well. "I might break you."
Mall Santa chuckled. It sounded like his real laugh. Not the jolly ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas charade he must be carting around for the kids.
"Oh, don't worry Rudolph sits in my lap all the time," he replied back in his cheery voice while patting his thigh.
Swallowing the internal scream, you just said "fuck it" in your mind and went through this pony show. You situated yourself on Santa's lap with a forced smile. This close to his face, you noticed how brilliantly blue his eyes were.
"Oh!" You said with a smile, "You have beautiful eyes".
For a moment, all Mall Santa could do was stare back at you. Meanwhile, all you could do was hope you didn't offend him somehow.
"Why thank you very much, that's kind of you," he finally replied back in his sanguine tone as he shifted in his chair. "Now, why don't you tell Santa what you want for Christmas?"
Really? This? Can't they just take your damn picture? Your mind was fucking blank. You just spat out the first thing that came to mind so you can stop sputtering in front of Mall Santa, the elves, and Dash.
"A bicycle," you said as if it was the surest thing you've ever wanted in your life. "With bells."
You could see Mall Santa's eyebrow shot up. He was looking at you through those bespectacled mini glasses with more examination. You had word vomit. There was a need to fix the lull. So you filled in the awkward space with even more awkwardness.
"I like to ride," you continued with a straight face, while Santa just blinked at you.
"Can we get the picture taken now?"
You turned to the elf who was looking at you curiously. They nodded back to you as they did the countdown as they did with Dash.
As you forced a smile that would make Mia Goth proud, you felt the hot breath of Santa behind your neck. It sent a chill down your spine for some reason. You ignored it though. The plan was to forget this entire scenario and shred up your picture.
Too bad Santa didn't want to forget you.
Tumblr media
It was ironic that the same song, Here Comes Santa Clause, was playing on your Holiday playlist right now. You weren't sure how he found you. But here he was. Sans the Santa suit. Dressed in regular jeans, a sweater, and black leather jacket. Sitting on your couch. As you were laying on your belly. Ass over his thick thighs. Fully on display for this demented creature from a Twilight Zone version of the North Pole.
Another hard slap landed on your ass cheeks. Marking them a deeper shade of maroon.
"What was that little girl?" he asked playfully as his other hand's fingers danced along your folds. "What did you say you wanted for Christmas?"
"You," you breathed out as a digit began to pay more attention to your clit. "To go fuck yourself."
Satan from the North Pole's smile dropped.
His fingers left the valley of your thighs. They skirted up the curve of your ass - where he landed a sharp pinch.
"Ah, fuck!"
You gritted your teeth. With a huff, you turned your head to look at his displeased face.
"Just fucking get it over with."
His eyebrow shot up.
"You want this don't you?" You raised up your ass a bit more to his face, allowing him to see more of your pussy. "This is what you followed me for? Fucking creep."
You spat that last part out. You didn't care if you riled him up, in fact you wanted to. You weren't going to let him total control - and you always channeled fear into anger anyway.
"Watch what you're saying," he replied darkly.
Ah, but you loved to flirt with danger.
"Don't like hearing the truth?" you cooed (mentally applauding yourself for covering any shakiness of your tone). More bite came into your voice with these next words. "That you're a pathetic man working as a mall Santa that probably can't even afford proper beer and - OW! What the fuck!?"
At the pain building up on your folds and clit, you closed your eyes a bit.
"I warned you."
Then you felt him hold you down with one hand, as you heard the clink of his belt. Your eyes widened.
"I wanted to be somewhat gentle," he tsked. "But you're a naughty girl that needs to be punished."
With a wild beating heart, you closed your eyes and put your head down toward the couch cushion.
You hardly let out a whimper.
A bit of a yelp.
A louder yelp with a whimper followed.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
You screamed.
He grinned.
This continued on for about a minute. Basically, until you were in tears and the couch cushion was wet with your saliva from putting down on it. You felt him caress your ass. Proud of his handiwork. He really painted you as red as his Santa suit.
But now, he wanted you in your birthday suit completely. With one final smack with his hand, making you yelp and send more fresh tears, he commanded, "Santa wants to open his present and eat his cookies."
Your trembling hands clenched the dampened fabric of the couch. You knew it would come to this. It's what you goaded him about. But there was still some part of you that hoped for a random savior. Like in the movies. But your life isn't some cheesy Hallmark movie where every wrong is gifted a right.
"Come on, get up." He tapped your ass. "Undress in front of me. Slowly."
Swallowing down a sob, you sniffled and slowly got up. Perhaps you could make a run for it? Grab your phone?
But as you got up, you saw that he was looking at the time on your phone. He met your eyes with a smirk.
"Don't think about running." He nodded toward the front door. "My friends are out there. And they're more demented than me."
Your heart sank with the chill that ran down your spine. Was he telling the truth?
"They'll want to join in for sure for going through more trouble." He gave you a knowing smile. "Don't think you want that, Doll. Or are you kinkier than I thought?"
No words could spill out from you. You had no idea if it was fact or fiction, but you didn't dare gamble. And he knew you weren't going to, not with your shaking legs. Trembling lips. And voice that didn't sound as brave as you thought it did.
So he leaned further back into the couch and motioned for you to begin.
And so you did.
You began with your cardigan. Slowly, you began unbuttoning each from the top. It was harder with your shaking hands, but you didn't mind indirectly buying yourself more time. As you made your way down the valley of your breasts, he began to shift on the couch. You were a delicious sight to see.
Throwing the cardigan down onto the floor as if it wasn't once your favorite (you planned to burn everything from this night) you began with your jeans. Taking your time, and avoiding his gaze, you slid down your denim to reveal a pair of lacy red underwear.
"Oh, Doll, it's like you were preparing for me," he said and winked at you.
You missed it though as you kept your focus on the Christmas tree and music. Silent night was playing right now.
With a deep breath, you pulled down your underwear as well. Then stepped out of them and kicked them to the cardigan.
He whistled.
"What a sight to see, fuck, what a sight to see."
You began to rub your arms but then started to tsk.
"No, put your arms down," he whined. "I want to see you, Doll."
Biting the inside of your mouth, you listened to his command. The facade was leaving you more and more as you got closer to... well, the demented things he would do to you. If only you had listened and gone out of town.
"I knew you were worth it all." He sounded proud of himself. "Knew it the moment I saw you." Then in a softer voice laced with lust, he said, "Look at me."
Your eyes moved on their own accord. And then they widened. He had his cock out of his pants. Your reaction just made his grin grow wider.
"I have a present for you too." His hand began to stroke his cock. "Crawl over to me naughty girl."
You shook your head.
He glared at you.
"Do you want me to call my friends? It's just more cock for you to swallow. Not just in your mouth."
He chuckled at his own poor humor.
The tears wouldn't stop falling. You wanted to tell him to fuck off. You wanted to call him out on his potential bluff, but you were utterly scared. And utterly alone.
"G-go to hell," the words sputtered out.
Sighing and rolling his eyes, "Maybe we can get you off that naughty list?" He pointed at his cock. "Just behave. Suck my cock off like a candy cane and maybe I'll stop there?"
False hope. Yet, a part of you grabbed on it and hoped it was true. So without any additional words, you kneeled down to get on all fours. Then began to crawl obediently toward him. The sight of you doing that made him feel all sorts of things. Lust. Happiness. Pride. Hope. Mainly lust. 'Cause fuck, you looked so hot on your hands and knees like that with those jiggling tits.
Once you were in front of his knees, you stopped. But he only patted his thighs to make you come closer.
"C'mon Doll," he spoke with a sugar-spun voice as he ran a hand through your hair. "You know what to do next."
A part of you wanted to bite his cock off. But you knew from the initial fight, you were no match for his strength.
Suddenly, you felt a slap on your face.
"No teeth," he warned. "Be a good girl and I'll be more gentle."
A nod was all you could give him.
Another slap.
"Say 'yes daddy'," he commanded.
With clenched teeth, you managed to voice out a low, "Yes daddy..."
"Good, now suck your way off the naughty list," he said and gave your hair a harsh tug.
You pushed down a sob. Then you opened your mouth, brought it closer to his cock. Your tongue give his head a kitten lick. The taste of precum mixed in with the hot chocolate lingering on your tongue. Then you dragged your tongue around his shaft. He seemed to like that with the low grunt he let out.
"Use your hands, Doll," he caressed the top of your hand through his iron-grip.
Spurred on by his softer voice and action, you hoped to use this edge to put him off guard for later. So you grabbed one your hands and ran it up and down the lower section of his cock. Then you brought your mouth over as much as his front cock that you could take comfortably, sucking away at him like it was a peppermint candy cane as he wanted. You glided your tongue over him with sucking action as if you loved him. He seemed to enjoy that by the moans that were being coaxed out of him and relaxed hold on your hair.
This went on and on in many variations, until you heard him grunt.
"Fuuuuck," he groaned out. "I need to cum in that pretty little whore mouth."
His grip on your hair become even tighter. You felt his cock enter your mouth deeper. Hitting the back of your throat. You felt yourself almost gag. But he didn't care. His hips started to jut into your mouth.  
"Daddy's about to cum," he said in a dark tone. "Keep going."
But you couldn't. You felt ropes of saliva start to dribble down and your eyes tear up. You started coughing and pulling away.
He slapped your face.
"Cum on now. We're just beginning Doll."
Then he slipped his cock back into your face. This time with a faster pace. He felt himself on a high at the pathetic look of your face. And oh - those delicious noises coming from your throat that was enveloping his cock.
It wasn't long before he felt himself snow ropes of cum into your obedient little mouth. Where he kept you at the base of his cock, despite you tapping his thighs to let you go. You needed to swallow every cumdrop.
Finally, he let you go with enough force that left you on the floor. Gasping for air. He admired you as lay there. Practically in a fetal position. Mouth wide open this time to swallow air. Hand on your stomach as sobs racked your body between gasps for air.
Fuck. He really needed to be inside of you.
Santa Clause was cumming tonight alright.
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mlpoutofcontext · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Partners in Crime | Bucky Barnes x Reader
Hi, friends! This idea came from the increasingly ridiculous and lovely discord I'm a part of, and the silly banter between @sgt-seabass and I :)
If you like what you read, throw a reblog my way! 🥰
Tag list: @beefybuckrrito @shadytalementality @everything-burns-down @rainbow-unicorn-pony @mandersshow @breakablebarnes @glxwingrxse @psychoticmason @deepsketchsupernaturalcowboy @dreamerglassesgirl @lonewolf471 @jamesbarnesjr @lipstickandbarbedwxre @the-gods-gloted-but-they-burned @mrsdrysdale18 💘
Bucky regretted this already.
You and Sam were in Sam’s car, scream-singing along to some song by a band Bucky had never heard of. The car shook as the two of you danced in your seats and the loud thumping of the bass vibrated in Bucky’s chest. Part of him wished he hadn’t told Sam that he had plans to go shopping with you. Before he’d even told Sam the plan for the day, Sam texted you to see if he could tag along- and of course you said yes. Sam was Bucky’s best friend, and you were undoubtedly the love of Bucky’s life, but you and Sam were something else.
It was like the two of you shared one mind- or one braincell.
You finished each other’s sentences, quoted the same movies over and over, and laughed maniacally when you were together, driving everyone in your general vicinity crazy. It had gotten so bad that you and Sam were officially barred from going on missions as a team. Rhodey said you and Sam engaged in “too many shenanigans” to be allowed to work together. Bucky loved that the two of you got along so well. His two favorite people being so close only strengthened his support system, but going shopping as a group of three was always a mess.
You and Sam could make anything into a ridiculous game or a silly inside joke, finding uproarious laughter in every moment. Every shopping trip consisted of you and Sam filling the cart with increasingly ridiculous shit until Bucky nearly lost his mind. There was an incident with a bulk box of extra-large condoms that almost got the three of you permanently kicked out of Costco. You and Sam would hide from one another, only to pop out and scare the shit out of each other. Bucky would often lose the two of you as you got distracted by feeling soft blankets and smelling every candle you could find. He’d sometimes find the two of you testing out every set of patio furniture that was for sale and ranking how comfy they were. He’d always sigh like an overworked parent, but he secretly loved the nonsense.
Sam rolled his window down and unleashed the sounds of TLC’s No Scrubs into the air. “Come on, Buck! Let’s go!” This was it- Bucky’s last chance to escape. He was faster than Sam and definitely faster than you. He could make a run for it and miss out on the chaos that was sure to ensue-but he really needed to go to Target. With a deep breath, he cracked his neck and prepared himself for the shenanigans
The car ride was loud and absurd, just as things always were when you and Sam were together. Bucky sat in the back, arms crossed over his chest while you and Sam named your top five Tom Hanks movies and your least favorite cooking shows. “Wilson! How could you SAY such a thing?” you turned to Bucky with an aghast expression, looking for back up. “Buck, did you hear this bird-brain? He said that Master Chef is better than Chopped…like a heathen”. Sam’s laugh boomed over the music, and he threatened to “turn this car around” if you didn’t agree with his wrong opinion.
When the three of you finally arrived at Target, Bucky grabbed a small basket, but Sam stopped him. “We’re gonna need a cart, Barnes”, Sam stated as though he were on a recon mission, “I need a lot of stuff”. He threw you a wink and motioned for you to follow him, but you hung back. Bucky already looked exasperated and the chaos hadn’t even begun. You took his hand in yours and kissed his knuckles, “I know Sam and I can be kind of a lot, Buck. I’m sorry, I-“
“Don’t apologize. I love that you’re close. As long as neither of you get kicked out of the store, I’m perfectly happy”. He pressed a kiss to your nose and a slap to your ass as he told you to go catch up with Sam, your partner in crime. With a giggle, you landed a kiss on his cheek and skipped away to find Sam.
After raiding the snack aisles and filling the cart with other “necessities”, the three of you ended up in the coffee aisle. A quiet snicker caught Bucky’s attention and pulled his focus from coffee beans in his hand. He examined the contents of the cart and flicked his eyes up to meet yours.
“Um, doll…why is there a seventy dollar bird statue in the cart?” Sam struggled to contain his laughter and felt his chest tighten as his lungs burned for oxygen. With obnoxious confidence, you scoffed at Bucky. Your gaze landed on the bird, and you stroked its head a few times as though it were your pet, “we need it, Buck. I can’t live without this bird statue”. Bucky gave a small chuckle before landing his hands on his hips. He challenged you with the quirk of his brow, but you didn’t back down.
“Do you want me to die, Buck?” a feigned, hurt gasp left your lips as you clutched your chest like an actress from the golden age of Broadway. Bucky watched Sam’s shoulders shake with restrained laughter and rolled his eyes. He took your chin between his fingers and angled it upward, letting his lips almost brush yours. “Baby, I don’t think you need the bird statue. I think someone,” his eyes flicked to Sam, “likes messing with me”.
An incredulous scoff left your lips and you pushed Bucky’s hand away with dramatic flair, “I see how it is, you don’t love me any more…” Sam finally chimed in, elbowing Bucky in the ribs and giving him a sad head shake, “tough break man- a bird statue? Guess she likes me better than you”. Bucky couldn’t keep it together anymore. He returned Sam’s elbow with a playful shove, sending him into a shelf full of Folger’s.
“I’m just saying, Buck, I see where her true allegiance lies…”
“Wilson, she’s my wife-”
“But is there a wolf statue in the cart? Don’t think so, Barnes…”
You forced your body in between theirs with another dramatic flourish, “Boys, Boys! Don’t fight over little, ol’ me…although, Buck, Sam would probably let me get two bird statues, cause this one needs a friend…” Bucky gave up, declaring Sam the default winner. He narrowed his eyes at you and tried to force his amused smile away. He gave a deadpan response, sending both you and Sam into a howling fit of laughter, “I’m divorcing both of you.”
Without warning, your lips met his in a kiss full of giggles and love. He smiled into the kiss and shook his head at your antics, secretly adoring every second. “Fine”, you whispered as you pulled away, “more bird statues for us”.
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notyour-valentine · 5 months
I remember you answering an ask about if Mrs Hale (from TBIW if that’s not obvious) would ride a horse or not and you said she would. I was wondering if you could do a HC or a blurb (whatever suits you best) about her first time on a horse and how she was convinced to get on one
🍷Join me for a Drink 🍷 - TBITW: Horse Riding
Tumblr media
[Celebration] [Celebration Masterlist] [Masterlist]
This was written as part of my Series The Boy in the Window and contains spoilers
Warning: Pregnancy, childbirth (18/21+). I do not consent to my work being translated, copied or posted elsewhere on this platform or any other.
This may come as a surprise, but she is not half bad around horses, at least in time. Emma’s father worked on a farm and so she was around animals already and knew the basic rules (approach from the front, don’t startle them) and then of course Emma and Charlie spent a great deal of time in the stables at Charlie’s yard and then later at Arrow House. So she has become quite familiar to them and picked up on things
The children enjoy their rides with Tommy but they keep asking why she doesn’t join them (or while she would be driven in a cart to a point on the estate and would set up a picnic before they would join her during their riding session)
Tommy would also tease her about it, slipping in suggestions about wanting to teach her, buying her a horse (or a pony if it were more to her preference). While he is joking, the children don’t pick up on that and get all giddy
In the end, she is worn down, but she is a bit scared of making a fool of herself (and of being a disappointment so she originally plans to ask one of the riding instructors behind Tommy’s back, not directly, but to get a feel if he would be open to teaching her. 
Of course, Tommy finds out immediately and gets excited (in his mind he is already planning family horse riding excursions, while thinking of which horse to buy her, oh and he would have to order a new set of saddles, reins or at least saddlecloths and he’d have to get her measured out for riding boots), which backs her into a corner and so she abandons her plan of avoiding him until she knew if she was going to be any good. But she also severely cuts down his grand plans. (“We have horses, we have boots and we have saddles”)
She finally agrees but only under the conditions that the children shouldn’t know and would have to be away. She doesn’t want them to get their hopes up if it doesn’t work out. Choosing him as her teacher also meant that she would have to learn to ride ‘like a man’ after all, he knew much about horses but nothing about riding side saddle. 
Tommy is trying to keep his excitement hidden. But he is a good teacher and she’s not half bad when it comes to all the theoretical groundwork as of course, she had watched more than her share of riding lessons, and heard them being explained back again and again but Tommy is very strict and insists on walking her through all the basics at least once. “For safety, Love”
He had first thought of choosing the horse he had gotten for Emma to teach her, knowing she had already been around the animal but in this he was an optimist and so he produced a different animal from somewhere, a docile, calm and steady horse, who wasn’t fazed by much. 
It is a bit bumpy at first, and she is as stiff as a board when sitting on a horse’s back. It’s the height, the unusual movement and just the overall feeling of such a large animal moving against her legs. He teaches her much like he taught Emma, first by leading her in circles until she grew accustomed to what it felt like. All this guiding a horse with your legs doesn’t feel very right to her
But Tommy is so encouraging and eager for her to learn, it makes her look past this little (societal imposed) discomfort. And he is always so proud of her very minor accomplishments
Unlike the children, she doesn’t have to tend to the horse afterwards, probably because she let slip she felt a bit sore. Instead, he makes her take a warm bath and rubs her legs. 
It takes her far longer to learn than it did the children (obviously). She’s older, more cautious and not really a natural, but Tommy surprises her with his patience and constant encouragement, but she does learn, even if she will never ever attempt a full gallop. 
Tumblr media
I want to thank you for participating in my celebration and for expanding on this. I hope you like this little headcanon.
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skybrushus · 3 days
Tumblr media
Skyfall took a deep breath, and then sighed. Again. She'd been peering through the iron sights of .55 bolt action anti-armor rifle for what felt like hours now. In reality she'd sitting here for only about 40 minutes, but tell that to her now sore, slowly going numb butt.
    Fortunately some palace staffer had graciously brought out a thick blanket which helped...but not that much. Through the iron sights the unicorn could see her target. A male unicorn who was pacing back and forth while gesticulating his arms as he made further demands to his already outlandish list.
   Keeping her cheek firmly welded to the cheek pad of the rifle Skyfall said. "Your Highness. I have the target in my sights. Can I take the shot? Please."
   Standing behind her Princess Luna lowered the binoculars she was peering through. "No Skyfall. We'll let negotiations continue. We've received no order to neutralize the suspect, and they've taken no other actions to escalate the scenario."
   Skyfall squirmed in a effort to find some form of comfort for protesting posterior. The mare had conveniently planted the broad, spade-like foot of the monopod into a concrete planter box located about 75yds from the broad bay windows of the Palace Library. It was through these windows Skyfall and Luna could observe the intruder.
   Either the intruder hadn't observed, or didn't care, that Skyfall, Luna, along with numerous Palace Guards who were either there to secure the perimeter could see him. He hadn't drawn the curtains or stayed away from the windows.
   Skyfall grumbled mentally. If the guards at the palace entrance had been doing their job right she wouldn't be sitting here now. Instead her and Luna would be heading into Canterlot for an early dinner. Skyfall had been for weeks working up the courage to ask the princess. Finally she'd asked, and much to her relief Luna had said yes.
   But nooooo. The guards at the gate had decided to pose and have their pictures taken with a visiting all mares volleyball team. The team was at the palace because they'd won some kingdom-wide competition.  
   So while the guards had been doing their impromptu photo shoot this chucklehead had waltzed in. Actually he'd driven. His light plumbing van right into the palace grounds. At another checkpoint he should've been spotted and questioned about his business, but another group of guards had let him into the palace without checking for credentials or pass because he looked  like a plumber.  
   Luna had muttered darkly that this issue would be addressed promptly after this crisis.
   It was only when the suspect attempted to enter the Throne Room with a large maintenance cart he was pushing was his motives and reasons questioned by the Palace Guards outside the Throne Room. Apparently the suspect became agitated but left the Throne Room area. However the suspect did not leave the palace. Instead they'd rolled the cart right into the Palace Library. Then they'd triggered a large, powerful force field ward on the cart. Enveloping the cart and himself. With that accomplished they began yelling at the top of their lungs the deranged manifesto they'd written. Oh, and they claimed there was large bomb in the cart, and it was armed.
   It was this force field and events before its activation that had resulted in the Skyfall now sitting with her butt on the cobblestone walkway. The guard had assessed that ward would defeat most small arms fire. So, here she was sitting and aiming a .55 anti-armor rifle.
   "What's got this fellow all worked up anyways?" Muttered Skyfall as she kept the sights on the suspect. "Does he have a beef with the Crown or something?"
    Luna took a deep breath. "Apparently he believes that pegasus ponies are not real. That ponies with wings are some odd, alien constructs created by some alien power to spy on real ponies and he was here to protect the myself and my sister from them.
   Skyfall raised her head from the rifle and slowly turned her head and gazed at the great Prussian Blue wings of the alicorn behind her. "What?! Um. Your Highness. Uh, um, well, you've got wings. Damn fine ones if I may say. So does your sister, Princess Twilight, and Cadence as well. So he thinks ponies with wings aren't real, but you are a real pony and worth protecting....How does that even work?"
  Luna was peering again through her binoculars. "Have no idea Skyfall."
  The unicorn nodded her head and went back to peering through the sights. This job could get weird sometimes.
  This is a patron reward for Spypone. The story above is what popped into my head as I was drawing it. The rifle Skyfall is using is a WWII Boys .55 caliber MKI anti-tank rifle. Our friend Ian at Forgotten weapons as done a few video on it. Link, Link
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summervale · 11 months
Tumblr media
「The Hound and The Vulture 」
Part 2
Third person reader-insert! Not sure where they're going or why they're going there or what they're doing at all, the Hound and his almost reluctant companion continue on their journey...if you can call it that. All the time spent in the rain and on the road must be making her crazy; surely no woman in her right mind would ever fall for the Hound.
Contains: Reluctant pining, mildly sexual fantasies, “oh no he’s hot”
For one full day they rode with not a sign of human life. The only company they found (besides one another’s occasional begrudging comments) was the horses and the crows and the occasional rabbit. A deer ran across their path once, and that was the height of the excitement for their day. On the second day they passed a farmer and his wife dragging a cart through the mud. The rain had stopped, but the mud remained and made traveling a miserable affair. The vulture threw the farmer and his wife a pitying look, but no one spoke and no one stopped.
Around midway they glimpsed a river through the trees; it was narrow and murky, likely a tributary of one of the larger rivers. Which river it could have been flowing to, neither could have said. How far have I traveled? She wondered. Where in the seven hells even are we?
“There, ahead.” The Hound pointed up the winding trail they’d been calling a road. “What’s that?”
It was too close to the road to be a barn, and too large to be a cottage. “An inn, I’d wager.” She reined up next to him as they slowed their horses to a walk. “Should we stop or press on?”
The big man chewed his lip. Most likely he needed rest; his wound still hadn't fully healed and left him prone to the occasional fever. “I could go for some ale,” he admitted. 
“Then we should press on,” she told him, grinning.
“I ought to push you off your fuckin’ pony.”
There was no ale to be found at the inn, nor people nor bread nor hot rabbit stew, as the vulture had been hoping for. The inn was long abandoned. The previous tenants seemed to have packed up and left, just as everyone else had when the war touched their land. Around back grew a garden, and in that garden she found a fistful of carrots and six misshapen potatoes.
When she spread them out on counter, the best she could come up with was, “Better than nothing, I suppose.”
“No ale,” the Hound grunted. He sat at a bench, his elbows resting on the table. He looked terribly weary.
She chose to ignore his comment. “If we stay a while, I can make a broth. Might be nice to have something hot to eat.”
“Aye,” he said, surprisingly agreeable. “Hot food would be good.”
The inn was a pretty enough place. It backed up to the river and was flanked by the forest on one side and a meadow of clover on the other. A small boat waited at an unused dock in the back, and though the stables reeked of soiled straw, it was serviceable enough. When she suggested they stayed there a few nights until the Hound found his strength again, he spat at the thought. “We’re staying here long enough to eat. Any longer and someone’s like to find us.”
“Someone’s like to find us anywhere we go. These lands are crawling with hedge knights and outlaws alike.” There was no arguing with the Hound, however, and it was decided they’d leave before sundown.
He was a hard man, the Hound, but she watched him when he didn’t know she was looking. She watched him out in the meadow with the horses, letting each one nip at the clovers and pull at the grass. He was particularly fond of that courser of his, too, and when he spoke to the horse it seemed to be the nicest he’d spoken to anyone or anything ever. She watched him investigate the boat, though she knew he’d never take it; leaving by boat meant leaving behind his horse. She watched the way he scratched at his healing wound, then she watched the way he flinched when the raw skin hurt to be touched.
She realized she was smiling. Stop that at once, she told herself. He’s no man for you.
Or at least she tried to convince herself of that. She misliked him and mistrusted him most of the time, but underneath the shitshow that was the Hound, there was something she liked, too. He was a big, scarred, ugly beast of a man who towered over her, who was gnarled with burns and scars and could kill her one-handed if so he desired. Why she was so wildly attracted to that, she could not say.
Maybe she liked the way his mouth twitched up when he was fighting a smile—did he even remember how to smile? She liked the rasp of his voice, and she liked his broad shoulders, and she liked the way he chewed his lip when he thought. The night before last she had been watching him when they sat by their fire, and when he craned his neck to look at the sky, she’d glimpsed the skin of his throat and imagined herself kissing it. Stop that! she’d chided herself then, too, and told herself she was forbade to think of him like that ever again. Of course, she thought of it not ten minutes later when she was laying in the dark listening to him snore. She hadn’t pushed it down that time, instead she’d let her mind wander. She liked where it wandered to, but come morning she repressed it once more.
Despite having true shelter for the first time in days—possibly weeks for either of them—they ate their stew (if it could even be called stew) outside. It was warmer in the sun than beneath the roof of the inn, and after gray skies and rain the sun was a welcome feeling on their skin. The stew didn’t last very long between them, though the woman let the Hound have the lion’s share of the food. He was bigger and stronger and healing, and no doubt needed a hot meal more than she did.
“Was good,” he told her curtly when they finished.
The small compliment made her smile, which she tried to hide. “Thank you. Lucky for us they’d left salt behind.”
“Anything else worth taking?” Though they’d gone through the entire inn room by room and then a second time for good measure, it was always possible they’d missed something. Whoever stayed here last had left little behind. Salt was about the most extravagant thing to be found.
“I’m thinking about taking the furs off one of the beds.” She scratched at the piebald gelding’s nose absently.
The Hound tsked at her. “You’re going to ride with a bundle of furs?”
“I was going to let the mare carry them, ‘long with the kettle.” It had been nice to cook in a kettle instead of an upturned helmet, she had to admit. The soup kettle was coming with them.
“I don’t want to hear you bitching the first time your furs get rained on.”
She shrugged. “You will. And the second and third time, no doubt.”
“And when you sell the horse? You gonna fuckin’ sit on them?” He was giving her an inordinately hard time about bringing furs with them.
“You’re very concerned with these furs, ser,” she said, though he was no ser at all. “Careful. One might think you’ll miss sharing your cloak with me.”
The big man huffed. “Piss on your cloak,” he told her, “and piss on you, too.”
“You’ll have to pay me if that’s what you want.” She failed at stifling a laugh.
Wide eyed and at a loss for words, the Hound cursed at her and sauntered off towards the inn. “Get your shit and let’s go.”
She missed the inn that night when they made camp. The inn was no palace, but she would have taken a lumpy, moldy mattress of straw over the damp ground beneath the rock overhang the Hound chose. As per usual, she could do little more than huddle close to the fire. She pulled her new furs around her, thankful for the warmth. If she’d not had the extra warmth, her mood would have been utterly black.
The Hound wasn’t one for conversation—Most dogs don’t talk—so there was little to do other than roll up her cloak for a pillow and hope sleep would find her. Wolves howled, thunder rumbled somewhere to the east, and the horses whickered. As she laid there gazing at the fire, she thought of the talk of the red priests she’d once heard. It was said they could see visions in the flames. Try as she might, no visions came to her. All she saw was the Hound sitting on the other side.
“What are you staring at?” He was frowning at her. Then again, he was almost always frowning.
She adjusted her furs and simply said, “The fire.”
“Expecting a bloody vision, are you?”
It wasn’t just the accuracy that stunned her, but the fact he’d bothered to say anything at all. “No,” she said. “I’m not one for visions, I don’t think.” When no response came from the big man, she asked him, “Have you ever met a red priest?”
“Aye, I have.” He was staring into the flames, too. He was no fan of fire, and for a good reason, but at night they would sit and watch the flames and she would wonder what he was thinking. Maybe he saw something in them that she couldn’t. “Thoros of Myr and his flaming sword.”
“Thoros of Myr? What of Beric, the one they call the Lightning Lord? Have you met him?” She’d heard talk of Beric Dondarrion up and down every road she’d been on. Beric and his band of outlaws and his red priest with the flaming sword. Some swore them as rapers and raiders, bad as the Mountain’s men. Other hailed him a savior. The truth was likely somewhere in between.
“And the Lightning Lord, I’ve met him, too.” Then, no surprise, he added, “Fuck the whole bloody lot of them.”
That made her smile. “They call themselves The Brotherhood Without Banners, or so I’ve heard it said. That sounds like a place for you.” The Hound just shook his head. Neither spoke again.
She drifted in and out of sleep, and when she woke after a moment it him watching her this time. They stared at each other a while until at last the Hound looked away. “Is it my turn for watch yet?” she asked him.
“Not yet,” he told her. “Go back to sleep.”
Her eyes closed again. The furs kept her warmer than she’d been in a long while, but she missed the feeling of his back against hers, or the way they just barely touched on the rare occasion they laid side-by-side.
If we’d stayed at the inn we could both be warm and resting, she thought, remembering the bed big enough to sleep six. If we’d stayed at the inn our horses would have been stolen in the night. As she fell asleep, gambling their horses for a night at the Hound’s side warm and safe in a bed seemed worth it, but just for a moment.
It was the night of her wedding. She could hear the wind outside, the way it rattled the shudders and hounded the thatch roof of the farmhouse. The room was dark and drafty and too cool for comfort, and the only light came from the rusted brazier in the corner. There had been no feast at her wedding, and no guests, and no bedding ceremony, either. She was no highborn lady. The only partygoers in attendance had been the vulture, the farmer, her mother by law, and the wandering septon who had married them. When the septon held up his seven-pointed crystal and announced the farmer and the vulture man and wife, she’d wished the septon might strike her on the head with his crystal and be done with it. When her husband had draped a cloak of undyed wool over her shoulders, she’d wished he might strangle her with it so that she might never have to know herself as his wife.
She stood in front of the bed naked as the day she’d been born. She covered her breasts with her hands and gooseflesh prickled her skin.
Only when her husband came at last from the shadows, it was not the farmer, but the Hound. He was half shadowed in the darkness and twice her size. He wore nothing, but she dare not let her gaze fall from his face.
“What are you doing here?” she asked when she found her voice at last. He stood inches from her, close enough to touch.
“The farmer’s dead,” rasped the Hound. “He won’t touch you.”
She lowered her hands from her breasts. “What about you?” she asked. “Will you touch me?”
The Hound inched closer. His eyes were truly those of a hound’s, full of hunger and unrestrained want. “Aye.” One hand found the small of her back, the other the side of her face. “That, I can do.” He pushed her and she fell back to the bed, free of any fear she may have known before. When he climbed on top of her, his eyes on hers, all she knew was the want that she felt.
A horse whinnied. The world was gray and blue and purple, the air was cold and sharp and clean. Rocks were above her, hard-packed dirt beneath her.
A dream, she realized. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her face felt flushed when she sat up. It was just a dream.
“What’s wrong with you?” The Hound came around the corner lacing his breeches.
The woman shook her head and pushed the furs away. “Nothing’s wrong with me,” she said. She was warm and she ached in every sense of the word. When she stood, her legs felt weak beneath her.
The Hound scowled at her. “You look terrible,” he said.
“Thank you, that makes me feel very good,” she replied dryly.
Where her heart had been beating so wildly, it stopped entirely when he stepped in front of her. He was inches away and towering over her, just like her dream. “Come here.” When he lifted one hand to her face, she felt her hair stand on end. He stood like that for a brief moment, one massive hand cradling her face. “You’re feverish.” She noticed the way his thumb brushed against her skin when he pulled his hand back at last.
“I’m fine. It’s just from the weather.” And from you making us sleep under fucking rocks. The vulture filled her mind with spite in hopes that the spite may wash away the heat of the dream. “I didn’t mean to sleep through the night,” she said, changing the subject. “Sorry for missing my watch. Do you want to rest a while?”
The Hound spat. “I’ll rest when I’m dead. Get on your horse.” He picked his wineskin up from its resting place beside the now burnt-out fire. “Man came through not even an hour ago, ‘fore the sun was up. Said the next village is a half a day’s ride.”
She worked at bundling the furs back up atop the chestnut mare. The thought of finally coming across a sizeable village should have filled her with relief, but instead it just made her sad. “You must be excited then.” She pulled the strap tight around the bundle of fur and gave it an extra tug for good measure.
“Why in seven hells would I be excited?”
“You’re throwing me off at the next town, right? That’s the plan.” She feigned a smile.
He said nothing, reigning up on his courser instead. It was an unruly thing, as much of an ill-tempered beast as its master, but it listened well enough to the Hound. The horsed pawed at the ground and nipped at the mare. “Woah there, boy,” she said, pushing the horse’s face away with her forearm. “That’s enough of that.”
“What?” She stopped what she was doing mid-mount to look over at the Hound. She stood aside her piebald gelding with one foot in the stirrup.
“His name is Stranger.” It was the first bit of information the not-a-knight had willingly volunteered to her.
“Alright then,” she smiled. “Stranger it is.”
The sky turned from its morning shades of gray and blue and purple to just gray as they rode on beneath it. They didn’t speak much, but that was fine. She was lost in thought; thoughts of a wedding night and a dark room, thoughts of a man and a woman and a brazier burning low, thoughts of the Hound, of Sandor Clegane.
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goodmode · 9 days
random hc ask: some ppl think of some of the enemies like pets. ex., hollow getting a pet tiktik (which i happen 2 love). got any sort of bug pet hk headcanon?
my thoughts go to god tamer first! she's like the only example of anyone canonically having a pet that i can think of so i'd springboard off there and say Alright Let's Talk Sapience First
[feel free to skip to the readmore if you already have a solid idea of what's sapient and what's not. i doubt i'm saying anything other people haven't already picked up on]
we know the dream nail picks up thoughts of things like tiktiks and they display as words even if they're not obviously an upright walking talking bug, so i'm voting anything with god tamer's beast's dream nail dialogue set:
Tumblr media
is probably petworthy. as in, not Some Guy. animal tier intelligence i guess.
according to the wiki this exact dialogue set applies to:
Tiktiks, Vengeflies, Crawlids, Gruzzers, Goam, all Aspids, Mosscreeps, Mossflies, Moss Chargers, Squits, Obbles, Durandoo/Duranda, Aluba, Ambloom, Fungling, Fungoon, Pilflips, Belflies, certain Flukes, Crystal Crawlers/Hunters, Glimbacks, Dirtcarvers, Dirtcarver Hatchlings, Garpedes, Corpse Creepers, Deeplings, Deephunters, Lesser Mawleks, Mawlurks, Infected Balloons, Booflies, Primal Aspids, [...]
i can't continue this list it's going to take me all day. you get the gist. there are a Lot of enemies that share the "probably not a sapient person" dreamnail pool. will be leaning heavily on that for What Can Safely Be Written As A Pet Without It Getting Too Weird
we probably can't include Flukes even though they also share the dialogue pool, because they're implied to grow into Flukemon which have separate dialogue and an obviously-sapient NPC (Fluke Hermit) so disregard those. there are also likely other exceptions i haven't covered so please use your head and apply a liberal pinch of salt.
we CAN probably include Vengefly King, Gruz Mother, and Brooding Mawlek since while their DN dialogue is different to their children it still doesn't seem to imply any higher-functioning thought than basic instinct, just a Big Parent Of The Same Thing
ok so individual character/pet ideas behind the cut bc i think this is a rly funny and charming thing to look at
zote. sorry he's first he's the funniest
zote is not one of those guys who would get a Big Dog thinking it makes him look cool and intimidating. he is the guy who puts a collar on a fucking coyote and thinks it makes him look cool and intimidating until it bites him in the dick.
it doesn't happen often, but sometimes he drags something back to Dirtmouth that is foaming at the jaws and insists it's his new faithful pet/steed that obeys his every command and will tear his enemies to pieces. it starts with a vengefly that he boasts about while it is actively chewing on his arm. it escalates from there.
the one thing preventing these beasts from tearing him to pieces is hornet coming in to truss up/confiscate the damn things before they can do any damage to the town
myla is familiar with glimbacks! she's a miner by trade even if she didn't come from hallownest originally, and i think these things are used as pit ponies in a lot of places. they're big sturdy beasts of burden that can be made to drag carts and carry heavy tools and they're described as "docile and slow" - no sudden movements and take well to handling.
she's never owned one but a living post-infection myla could adopt one of the surviving glimbacks from crystal peak and just kind of keep it like one keeps a rescue horse. horsegirl novel starring myla
cornifer & iselda.
they're married and do not currently have any kids for whatever reason - totally valid, this says nothing about them. however i do think it would be cute they get a dog instead and that's their placeholder baby. they get a mossfly and iselda spoils it with treats and it keeps her company while cornifer is gone. cornifer sometimes takes it for LONG WALKS (doesn't come back for 3 days).
sometimes they have that awkward moment where they're walking it in dirtmouth and it pees on something and they just have to smile and wave like "what can you do haha" while elderbug looks in in supreme disapproval because he has never owned a pet in his life and can't they just stop it from peeing there :/
owner of a yappy dog type crawlid, full-on grandma style. it has a solid shell like she does isn't that cute! she babytalks it and calls it sugarplum or whatever and insists it could never do a thing wrong in its life. it will savage your hand if anyone else tries to pet it.
she does not give a shit about anything that she thinks she'll outlast. Which Is Everything. however, millibelle has a crawlid, and boasts about it, and emilitia can't have that. she gets a tiktik in retaliation and it is exactly like a handbag chihuahua. hornet may or may not have to confiscate this one for the tiktik's sake
everything still alive in the kingdom is under her protection, even if it bites. she is ambivalent to their responses to her. (they like her. when she comes back from pharloom playing silk music they like her even more)
anti-pet person. i'm so fucking sorry. you bring a single thing into his shop that could pee or chew or scratch or leave tracks and he is going to kick up such a fuss. that said: he would have liked to feed maskflies in the park like your typical old man feeds pigeons
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