#the ending didn't happen though
smile-2-be-happy 2 months
Just watched the teen wolf movie:
The beginning: this is corny as hell 馃槀
The middle 80%: am loving it, feels like returning to an old friend. Exactly what I wanted from this movie
The end twist: I recognise that the creators have made a decision, but given it's a shitty decision, I have elected to ignore it.
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supjello 4 months
Tumblr media
"Your son?" "My apprentice, but I think of him like a son."
#pentiment#andreas maler#casper ziegler#my art#it took me about two seconds to go full 'if anything happens to my beloved casper i'm killing everyone in this town and then myself'#'and then no one will be around to solve this murder mystery because we'll ALL be dead'#(some spoilers to at least where im at in the game>)#my andreas loved his son but found no love with his wife#(though he wanted to. he really wanted to.)#drifting off alone and finding this kind of 'what if' when he took casper on and began travelling#and it wasn't fair to anyone involved. not his wife who had to face loss alone#not andreas who was trying to cover up the hole august left with another family's son#not casper (though he wouldn't know this- since he didn't realize the extent andreas really cared about him like a father)#but most things went unspoken and most consequences unseen#so there was just this deep undercurrent of silent fatherly love and worry beneath every interaction#between the two#and it KILLS me even though i know 99% of this was me reading between the lines they let me choose#i wonder if my andreas kind of secretly wished casper's family didn't make it through the turmoil#it's a fucked up thought and i think he'd feel extremely guilty if he ever caught himself thinking it#but there's got to be some extreme dread there about the idea of the apprenticeship ending and this boy he considers a son cutting ties#and really having to face going back to his wife who he (rightfully) feels guilty about leaving.#even if she never loved him#and even if only pain was there to return to#ANYWAY#I FEEL TOTALLY NORMAL ABOUT ANDREAS MALER#edit: guess who just completed the game. guess who鈥檚 own art is now making herself SAD
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decarbry 3 months
yabureme, having his brain being called dark and empty (like a cat!): wow i have such good friends!
the league: lmfao look at this stupid zombie it has no feelings.... probably.... i'm sure this is fine
Tumblr media
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rotisseries 4 months
what if they do the "came back wrong" trope with max in s5
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counterspelling 16 days
day 2 of non-stop thinking about the return of vax. i'm rotating the orb in my mind. i'm trying not to let more than 1% of me hope that this is matt's way of bringing him back and finally giving vax and keyleth the happy ending they deserve bc i simply cannot!!! live through that heartbreak again!! if it doesn't happen!!!
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handonhaven 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
alternate ending where Landon escapes limbo and comes back to life as a phoenix (with his soul/emotions restored) and he and Hope leave the school to go live their lives together
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aquietgirlsmess 2 months
I鈥檓 not upset about Scott and Malia breaking up because tbh I didn鈥檛 really care about them as a couple. I didn鈥檛 mind them but I wasn鈥檛 really into them.
But I am upset about what this means for Malia鈥檚 character. I mean it annoys me that they鈥檙e sacrificing one of her relationships again for the sake of fanservice because yes bringing Allison and making Scallison a couple again is fanservice and not fanservice that I mind, mind you, because I actually love both Allison and Scallison.
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mundifinis 2 months
i pray the day never comes when tiktok discovers gregg araki's films (specifically the teenage apocalypse trilogy ones) because the amount of discourse i can already picture.... oh my god
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lucalicatteart 1 month
Tumblr media
Poll adventure (paventure? lol) Day 8: !!NOTE: this is different from the past polls - rather than choosing a story action, you're picking supplies to craft a little makeshift boat (EX: wood will be the main platform, so there should likely be the most of it, however, if there were 100% votes for branches and 0% votes for rope, then it'd just be a pile of wood held together by nothing - keep them balanced reasonably, etc.))
(鉁 see past poll results + further information HERE (link) 鉁)
The winning option of yesterday's poll was that the adventurer should get around the barrier by crafting a little boat to take a river detour鈥.
Finally crawling out of his hiding spot in the brambles, he meticulously brushes the leaves from his clothes and composes himself, now fully focused on his generic traveler's map of the area... After checking it about 500 times just to make sure he isn't confused, he determines that going down the nearby river would likely still get him where he's trying to go, and hopefully be much less treacherous than wandering through haunted forests or confronting the stern gaze of the barrier guards..
It only takes about 10 minutes of following a narrower rocky path off the main road to reach a nice shaded spot of land next to a small river. He kneels in the grass, eagerly rummaging through his backpack for supplies, in addition to whatever he can scavenge from the edge of the woods. The rush of excitement slowly dissipates however, once he realizes that he.. actually.. might not know how to make a raft as well as he thought... Surely it's quite straightforward, no? Just.. make it look like it does in picture books?? There are no rules, as long as it floats, it works! Probably anyone could build one on intuition alone! ... maybe...???
.. Once again sinking into a cloud of anxiety, he slumps over, staring at the pile of materials with teary eyes, doubtful what to even do next.... How should he build the raft? Help him by using the poll to choose the appropriate amounts of materials (determined by final % of votes in that category)!
#paventure posting#polls#choose your own adventure#Hopefulyl this isnt confusing or anything?? I know it's different than the other ones. and I wont do them this way#very often or maybe not ever again. I just wanted something that was really short and easy since the last two has#*had such long explanation text and more effort going into like what different paths there could be and etc.#Since before I add a poll option I make sure that it's something that could actually be followed to it's logical conclusion and like#actually happen (like I didn't include 'fight the guards' in the last poll because obviously just realistically he would lose#and be sent to whatever this worlds version of jail is and then probably the story would end lol. It could then become about#strategizing a way to break him out like.. obviously you can still do something with that and it can still be interesting lol. but I just#mean it kind of derails things a little too heavily. if that makes sense. etc. etc.). But becaue I've been busier lately and since#the last ones were more detailed I just wanted to think of like.. a really quick goofy one with simple choices#So instead of dictating new story paths - for this time it's just .. help him build his raft that he needs to complete the last story#path that was chosen. By picking an option you're kind of adding to the amount of that option being done#if that makes sense. so for example if at the end of the poll it was 100% votes for flowers - he would just have a pile of flowers#with no raft or anything. If it was 100% wood - he would just have a pile of tree branches held together with nothing#etc. etc. Ideal measurements are probably at least over 50% wooden branches. and whatever of anything else.#As long as there's also rope lol. 50% branches and 50% flowers still wouldn't be anything really jhhj#ANYWAY..#Though it could go wrong I'm actually not expecting some sort of weird result. most people have voted very reasonably so far#and are not like trying to sabotage him or anything or choose the weirder choices. Like last time there werent that many#votes for sneaking around the barrier or trying to bribe the guards. I think people chose stuff they thought he could reasonably do#Maybe they want to see him and the little cat succeed in their endeavors#Though there was one person who reblogged a poll once saying something like 'everyone lets make him EVIL!'#which is also valid lol
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wally-franks 20 hours
Tumblr media
So, this is gonna be a bit corny but.. Thank you. Just thank you.
I wish to thank everyone who has left a kind comment and shown their love for my character designs and just my art in general... I wish to thank everyone that engages with my stuff. I with to thank everyone for just everything. It means so much to me that people take the time of their day to appreciate and share my work. And it even means more to me whenever people want to know more about my designs and interpretations of the characters. (I'm unfortunately too shy and too ashamed to share much but.. Maybe someday..) I'm so grateful whenever people talk to me and stuffs..
You are all are such kind souls and all your sweet and loving words have touched me deeply. I truly appreciate the support and I am extremely grateful for everything that has happend the past months. (time flies by so fast.)
Not just that, but I also appreciate the people I met during that time. I want to take a quick moment to express my gratitude for the amazing friends and mutuals I've made over the past few months. You all have made such a positive impact on my time being here and I truly appreciate your presence and support.
Thank you for being there for me and for sticking around. I feel lucky to have you all in my life and I'm excited to see where our friendships go from here!
Thank you.
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elytrafemme 4 months
also btw. just wanted to point out how Boundless Sands and the Las Nevadas Finale (no matter HOW u feel about them) both made attempts and imo did a GOOD JOB at handling the conversation about recovery. neither c!Wilbur nor c!Quackity were perfect and clearly in the beginning or in the midst of a messy road to healing but w the letters and w Friend being in limbo + c!Wilbur going home we see like. the characters were WORKING on healing and being better as people. and that to me was not only a testament to how much cc!Wilbur and cc!Quackity loved their damn characters, but was also something that really reassured me. you know as someone who has had their own mental health issues too (clearly) and has been in the throes of the recovery process for a while. shits messy and shits unclear and you relapse but you TRY and cc!Wilbur and cc!Quackity did a good job being both gentle & real about the trying part.
versus the fucking聽鈥淒SMP vol 1 finale鈥, aka a stream that was clearly coordinated (bold word choice of mine, implying anything here was really planned) by Dream and only included some of the biggest streamers (For all the DSMP season 3 / prison break stream had faults, at least more than 5 fucking people were on the server doing things !!!), had HORRIBLE messaging about the process of healing. Ppl have gone back and forth about how bad the whole Tommy Dream聽鈥渞econcilation鈥 thing was, and I didn鈥檛 watch the stream so I only know bits and therefore can only be taken w a grain of salt here. BUT i think that the fact that (1) Tommy was even entertaining the thought of making amends, or if you think that he was making amends at the time, with Dream NOT APOLOGIZING and no follow up to show that forgiving abusers doesnt absolve their guilt and also u dont have to forgive abusers and also Tommy wasnt at fault聽 . and also (2) that the finale involved THE ENTIRE SERVER BLOWING UP which not only signifies that these characters NEVER got a chance to heal but also ensured everyone excluding like c!Q and c!Wil NEVER COULD. Is fucking horrific and disgusting to me.聽
and not to even talk about Dream as a person bc I have so many fucking thoughts about how all that makes the messaging surrounding power dynamics in the finale So much worse (and is the reason I have yet to watch the stream bc I will just trigger myself thinking about that).聽
So fucking disgusting to see how the dsmp finale happened, with NO regards to the majority of other streamers, just Dream and whoever could mindlessly tag on that happened to have pretty big viewer counts (shocker), and completely throwing out the characters and the story that have been built for YEARS. Versus how streamers like Quackity and Wilbur handled things, INCLUSIVELY and COMPASSIONATELY and fucking EXCELLENTLY, in my opinion.
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kikuism 2 months
i lived
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itspileofgoodthings 8 months
A Jonathan Byers Meta
I鈥檝e been thinking so much about Jonathan Byers and I have some thoughts (again). (Feel free to reblog if you want but please be nice if you do so!) Jonathan is a person whose core trait, one of them at least, is that he responds so strongly to context and specifically to the kind of context he understands and wants, a trait of many oldest siblings I think. And in that context he can be so many things he is not necessarily in every area of his life. So much of that forward moving momentum he has in the first couple episodes of the show where he鈥檚 doing so much so powerfully is caused by it being a context he understands and has chosen to embrace and live out to the fullest- the context of him being the most responsible/capable member of the family. He loves Joyce and Will; he hates Lonny and is going to keep him away from his family at all costs; he considers himself the one in charge. And there is a softness and strength to that that feels absolutely luminous, that feels like nothing can shake it. And so as the show goes on and the lens widens to include more characters and perspectives it feels like Jonathan loses power/feels a little lost/drifts out of the center of the story. And for a long time I considered that a failure of the writers. They paid attention to him at the beginning, I thought, but then dropped him and that wasn鈥檛 his fault. But I rewatched Stranger things (seasons 1 and 2) this past spring and actually the thing I saw that surprised me is it makes sense on a character level that he loses that central ground and power so to speak because he is put into a context he no longer really understands or just as importantly doesn鈥檛 really want to be in. And yeah I鈥檓 talking about his dynamic with Nancy. His dynamic with Nancy in those first few seasons confused me the most and for the longest time because it began so powerfully and then felt like it veered off course. I loved it so much, shipped it so completely, and then lost interest as the show goes. And again I blamed that on the writers (in a way I still kind of do because they鈥檙e clumsy but more on that in a minute.) But I think there鈥檚 more going on on a character level.
The first beats of Nancy and Jonathan鈥檚 story feel so powerful because it鈥檚 actually part of that same context of compelling power in which we first meet Jonathan (and if you鈥檙e me fall in love with him fast). Will is missing and Nancy steps in to not exactly his place in Jonathan鈥檚 family but the position he occupied--and that鈥檚 because a) she is trying to solve a problem that is connected with Will鈥檚 disappearance, b) she needs help while doing so. Jonathan responds to that context effortlessly and powerfully. He joins forces with her and without any question or hesitation takes care of her physically when she鈥檚 in danger. It鈥檚 surprising and it鈥檚 moving and it feels at first like just an extension of that quiet competence and force of personality we witnessed in the first couple episodes but this time in a romantic context. But actually, it still isn鈥檛 romantic with him. It isn鈥檛 for him for a long time. Basically until the writers force his hand. And that鈥檚 because ---and this SHOCKED me when I rewatched the first two seasons a month ago, almost to the point of anger and quitting the show forever--the show never actually succeeds in establishing that he likes Nancy as a person! It鈥檚 clear that the writers intend the audience to pick up on that subtext (or I think it鈥檚 clear that that鈥檚 what they want) but they bungle it badly if so. The actual basic cues that would tell us Jonathan has a crush on Nancy and have us buy it as a believable emotional experience are missing. There isn鈥檛 a scene or even a moment where in any way Jonathan expresses any kind of romantic interest in Nancy at the beginning of the show. It鈥檚 not part of the establishing his character. His reasons for taking pictures at the party are muddled from the perspective the show is trying to force and it doesn鈥檛 work because all Jonathan has done is be vaguely polite to Nancy at school, caught her eye (quite frankly ACCIDENTALLY that one time), and disappeared down the hallway at the speed of light every time she turns around. She was far more intrigued than he was. The show gives us that moment with tears in his eyes where we鈥檙e supposed to believe (I think?????) that he鈥檚 so upset she鈥檚 with Steve but it鈥檚 incongruous and feels so weird and jarring you kind of have to throw it out. Because the show hasn鈥檛 done any work of telling us why that would be the case at all. No pining gaze! No mention! No conversation! The conversation they have in the hallway doesn鈥檛 communicate longing on his part, only a desire to be away from the cool kids. There isn鈥檛 even a time where someone else teases him about his crush on Nancy, the easiest way to introduce the fact of one character liking another. It鈥檚 not much of a stretch to believe that he hasn鈥檛 really thought about Nancy romantically at all. In fact it鈥檚 honestly a stretch to think he does. And there other reasons for his being there that make more sense--though I do think it鈥檚 bungled from a writing perspective. He misses Will, he鈥檚 out looking for Will, photography is his passion (lol), he doesn鈥檛 like the cool kids, he stumbles on their party聽鈥渆h might as well take a picture and be the cool outside observer that he is.鈥
And because the writers didn鈥檛 give us a clear and unambiguous liking of Nancy from Jonathan as a starting point everything that comes after between them, even romantically or romantically-adjacent in that first season, hits differently once you watch it patiently and closely. It becomes clear that all of Jonathan鈥檚 care-taking of her is response not to her as a person he is romantically interested in, but response to context, to being the responsible one, the helper. He gets out her sleeping bag and puts it on the floor because he鈥檚 really not thinking with any part of his brain about how he鈥檚 in the room of the girl he likes. Because he鈥檚 not! He鈥檚 there as a larger part of the context the show established for him in the first couple episodes--his family, his role as caretaker. And of course that doesn鈥檛 mean that Jonathan couldn鈥檛 fall in love with her later just because the story never actually established that he liked her romantically when it thinks it does. Of course that could come later, come OUT of their interactions. but .... it doesn鈥檛. It never really comes through. The most powerful part of their story together is the first part because it鈥檚 the only time in their relationship where Jonathan is moving with that characteristic firm decision making and competence. He鈥檚 very powerful when he鈥檚 saving her life. But everything else feels flat. And part of that is because he鈥檚 not a person who changes easily or very much at all. There are things about him that feel powerful and real and RIGHT and then there are things that just feel like him doing what the writers want him to do and those aren鈥檛 the same. Everything having to do with Nancy romantically feels like the second thing, like something the writers are making them do. The show even has to use Murray to get their romance actually jump-started because these aren鈥檛 really characters electrically drawn together. And so some of the stuff he says, the romantic stuff--it鈥檚 easy to handwave. And/or to find other reasons. And no this doesn鈥檛 have anything to do with shipping bias, though my shipping has been influenced by paying close attention to his behavior and actions. Because despite the power of Charlie Heaton in a gray sweater backlit by the red light of the darkroom with his hair falling over his face, nothing about it hits the way a Jonathan emotion should hit. And it should hit! The right stuff does! He鈥檚 brilliantly and truthfully acted and he鈥檚 layered and the right Jonathan moments SING. He鈥檚 not really a talker, not fundamentally, he doesn鈥檛 show his heart that way but in actions and only some of his actions with Nancy, the ones that really are just part of the context he鈥檚 comfortable with, really ring true. The point that I鈥檓 trying to get at is that when you look at those first few episodes really closely, emotionally there are only really three things that are actually--in character and in truth-- established about Jonathan鈥檚 heart.聽
They are. One- he loves Will. Will is his person, his world, the center. The one he鈥檚 always going to protect first, think about first. Will tells us he doesn鈥檛 have friends and Jonathan protests it but that probably came from somewhere. His favorite person in the WORLD is Will. The context of Will鈥檚 disappearance highlights that so clearly of course but I think we鈥檇 see it even without that. The second thing is that he loves Joyce but he doesn鈥檛 particularly trust her judgment, considering himself more of an authority on what this family needs than she does. This establishes a distinguishing quality in him, a pickiness and choosiness and prickliness that is essential. He won鈥檛 love blindly and he certainly won鈥檛 let just anyone in. (When he says he doesn鈥檛 like people we should maybe perhaps believe him and not pass him off as a secret softie.) Joyce is part of his inner circle (I love their relationship a lot actually) but he is not uncritical even of her. This is someone who likes to keep people out because this is someone who doesn鈥檛 have endless patience for people and the way they do things. He wants things HIS WAY. His way is domestic and so is the context- he鈥檚 frying an egg and it feels so homey and good you want to say he鈥檚 a softie and a cinnamon roll- but it comes out of a character who knows what he wants. And the third thing, hilariously enough, is that he hates Steve! Somehow the Duffer brothers DO establish this in a far more convincing way than they establish him liking Nancy. He tells Nancy聽鈥渉e doesn鈥檛 like most people鈥 and this is true but Steve is a little bit of an exception in a worse way, as the leader of the popular kids. He鈥檚 the figurehead for all that Jonathan dislikes and despises and wants to keep out of his inner circle. The fight that Jonathan and Nancy have in the woods feels far more about his disdain for the cool kids than it does about him really liking her and wanting to rescue her from that. The nerd lecturing the girl who wants to be cool and telling her she鈥檚 better than that is a stupid trope and one far less romantic than it thinks it is but because the show has established, intentionally or not, that Jonathan doesn鈥檛 really care about Nancy romantically all that comes through in a truthful way is that he doesn鈥檛 like popular kids. That emotion, that dislike and almost disdain that lives at Jonathan鈥檚 core, is expressed far more authentically than any warmth towards Nancy and it鈥檚 so telling that it鈥檚 that dislike that collides with the other strongest feeling of his life, loving Will, and leads him to half-killing Steve in the street. The warmest Jonathan ever acts towards Nancy is the warmth of context and the warmth of Will (in his absence) and when those reasons fall away you鈥檙e left with something curiously cold. And Jonathan, when he loves, is not a cold person. He鈥檚 not a chill person. And so watching him do things like give Will Nancy鈥檚 gift to him (a hilarious moment), make Nancy leave out the window (actually very dark and strange considering that Joyce knows they鈥檙e sleeping together), literally forget Nancy exists when Will comes back and it鈥檚 him and Joyce and Will again, ---you can try to tell yourself that that鈥檚 just how he loves. But it isn鈥檛. Because we know his warmth in his hatred and in his loves. And for Nancy it really is just kind of聽鈥渆hhh.鈥 It鈥檚 indifference.聽
tl,dr; the show thinks that it鈥檚 telling a convincing love triangle for sure. But because they don鈥檛 establish liking Nancy as a person as part of his character early enough and because he isn鈥檛 a character whose fundamental traits change or change easily they don鈥檛 actually build a convincing enough romance. It鈥檚 because Jonathan is a person who responds to context, even the wrong one, and because Nancy has her own journey and insecurities to work through (a different meta) they stay together for a long time. But it isn鈥檛 satisfying and it doesn鈥檛 work because it doesn鈥檛 actually strike deep enough in Jonathan鈥檚 heart. It鈥檚 not a context he really wants at his core. If he falls in love it鈥檒l have to be with someone he wants to allow right into the very center of his life and heart and right now he鈥檚 not interested in anyone being in that place except his family. And so because he鈥檚 kind of stuck in this situation (of his own choosing, I鈥檓 not absolving him of that) because Jonathan likes routine and to keep doing the same things and is not self-motivated in the most powerful way to be able to get out of this romance鈥-he drifts to the edges and stops really doing anything interesting at all. He starts doing pot, won鈥檛 go visit Nancy on her spring break etc. He鈥檚 not really the boyfriend he could be in any way because I think fundamentally he doesn鈥檛 want to be. And the show may put other words in his mouth about this, I kNOW that the show doesn鈥檛 completely agree with everything I鈥檝e written here. But it seems to me the only true way to read him in light of what he actually does and how different it is when he鈥檚 acting with his whole heart and when he鈥檚 not.聽
#jonathan byers#stranger things#thanks for coming to my ted talk#don't know if i should tag this as j/ncy? don't want to clutter the tag#anyway i think charlie heaton knows this and is playing it that way#for reasons unknown#though i always kind of think one of the actors in a love triangle always knows when it isn't really them and withdraws their character#jonathan through charlie heaton's portrayal is not fighting for nancy#as emma said once he simply won't finish the emotional beats that would sell it#he could have had a pining gaze in the car at the end of season 1 but he didn't want to#he could have watched nancy and steve make out with jealous longing but actually he leaves at the speed of light#and it's not HURT that makes him do so. he's just gone#jonathan hates high school and also steve. is indifferent to nancy but will use her for his purposes. and loves will#i'm telling you it is the absolute a) funniest b) tRUEST reading of his character#anyway love triangle stuff always works like this. you simply can't keep three people in a romantic space and expect them all#to be equally invested#it's not going to happen. the magic of storytelling won't actually let it. there is no 'both sides' in love triangles#because romance is a two-way street#one of the three doesn't want to be there!#actually steve is the only one who genuinely loves here. nancy is on a girlboss journey and needs to UNCOVER her love for steve#which right now is just a liking that is very right but hasn't examined#anyway very funny that jonathan would hate steve#very right that steve actually has romance at his center and core#he has no family!!! no context!!!! not even really any friends!!!!!!!!#romance is the lifeline back to goodness for steve. family is that for jonathan but because it's his first context#it's easy to lose and take for granted which is what he HAS done which is why he hasn't really grown.#i love jonathan he needs to get his shit together in season 5. come save will idiot!!!! he needs you#ANYWAY THANKS FOR READING
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serotoninarts 10 months
Tumblr media
I do not fear our tumblr overlords anymore (but I still cropped and darkened the drawing lmao)
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rotisseries 8 months
i love that every time I see the general audience hating on mike, it's always because of will? like they'll be like ''oh mike's a shitty friend, he's awful to will, he only pays attention to his girlfriend'' there will be the occasional "he's not a great boyfriend" but it's like, an add-on, like an afterthought? which is so funny, because even at his WORST mike treats will way better than el actually. like I'm a mike apologist obviously but if I was going to be listing reasons to be a mike hater, I would START WITH "his girlfriend got humiliated by an ENTIRE roller rink, and he only gave a shit about his friend not paying attention to him, AND THEN freaked out on his girlfriend for retaliating towards her bully"
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I think the hardest thing in writing for me sometimes is the like聽鈥渟how don鈥檛 tell/let people communicate through subtext/Normal People don鈥檛 just walk around openly explaining their motivations for everything That鈥檚 Unnatural鈥 thing because like.. I literally DO walk around openly explaining my motivations for everything, that is how I talk, I am an analytical detail oriented over-communicator who explains everything as thoroughly as possible and and will give a fully detailed 2 minute long answer to something simple like聽鈥渉ow are you doing today?鈥 .. like it鈥檚 hard to make things sound Natural and Normal when you yourself are inherently unnatural and abnormal in your methods of communication to an extent lol
#''hey. whats up? you look kind of sad.. is something wrong?''聽 聽normal answer (apparently how people are supposed to talk): *looks away#remosefully and stares into the distance* ''n-no.. I'm fine. don't worry about it.''聽 聽abnormal answer (how I would respond): ''Yeah I#'m mostly fine. I was just thinking about what the future is going to be like 30 years from now and if I'll ever actually accomplish anythin#g that I want to. which makes me feel X way for XYZ reason. you see because I had a dream last night that made me think of *continues to exp#lain my exact emotional state and inner thought process completely matter of factly in exact detail for 5 more minutes*#tfw you would be a badly written character if you existed in a story lol#This is also why I struggle making conflict because most conflicts can be resolved through conversation and I personally love to have long#detailed conversations about everything. Like literally I don't have hardly any conflicts interpersonally because if something happens it's#immediately followed up with like ''hey sorry if my tone of voice sounded a bit pointed or harsh. when you were talking to me I was trying#to balance all the stuff I was taking up the stairs and also my leg hurts so I think all my mental energy was being used there and I just#didn't feel like talking. I should have just said 'wait a minute and we can discuss it inside' instead of trying to end the conversation qui#ckly in a short rude way.' ''oh yeah thats fine. I thought it was something like that. sorry for hounding you about the topic as well. i#havent eaten in a while so I think I'm just a bit prickly at the moment. we should both rest for a while and destress from the store#trip and then talk about it later. maybe after lunch?' 'sure. sounds good.' like LITERALLY. lol#it is so hard for me to write characters who are bad communicators or don't understand their own internal states or arent constantly#analyzing their own actions to understand what they do/don't feel and why and what the cause of it is and etc. etc. etc.#I just naturally want everyone to perfectly undertsand everything and communicate amazingly and have complete self awareness and#logical presence of mind gjhbj.. which like.. of course comes across as unnatyural and also those type of people rarely ever get involved in#conflict and conflict is APPARENTLY what drives stories (even though I don't like most conflicts and just want to resolve them lol) so ...aa#I mean you can get around this to some degree by the fact that (at least in my opinion) no rule for dialogue is 100%. dialogue is good if it#sounds naturally like it comes from the character who said it. It can be meandering and pointless and rambly IF that matches the character.#it can be dry and overly self aware IF your character is that way and it suits them. So like throwing in a few detached scholar types or lik#e '5000 year old cave dwelling hermit' type people is good for me and works BUT the thing is an ENTIRE cast of characters can't be that way.#at some point - even in a setting where everyone is reserved and academic (like a research camp in the wilderness full of scholars and stuff#) still SOMEBODY has to be the one who's conflict prone and doesn't pristinely understand all of their emotions and etc. etc. Because statis#tically that is still literally the majority. Kind of like my tendency to make everyone 100% aromantic and asexul when it's like.. YES.. may#be 2 or 3 or even 4 out of 10 of them could be that way. but like.. an entire group? a diverse group of 10 people from all walks of life and#EVERY single one is like that??? hgjh . you have to add realistic variety#As much as I'm pro 'have more stories where sex or romance are literally NOT involved at all in any capacity since it's already oversaturate#d in media' I'm also dedicated to realism. alas. (at least as realistic as you can get in a fantasy setting lol)
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