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artist-ellen · 5 months
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It’s been a long time coming but it feels so good to finally redesign these iconic villains! Maleficent was a little bit of a challenge… and yet very little changed. And I know, I know, I didn’t keep her horns…. But I was really struggling to draw the pointy medieval headdresses so I went with this one instead. There are historically inspired costumers that have come before me for Maleficent in a houppeland so the content is out there if you're interested!
I am the artist!!! Don’t repost without permission & credit! Thank you! Come visit me over on: https://instagram.com/ellen.artistic
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disneymiceera · 1 year
Tumblr media
I have school tomorrow but I’m here drawing rev au Basil 🪑
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strangeasexuallegume · 5 months
So I’ve been redesigning the Descendants characters because my high school is doing the musical this November and I hate it all so I’m making my own stuff because screw canon, canon is bad.
And I was thinking about a scene where each of the Evils could be talking to their parents like “I don’t want to [insert parent’s motive], I want to [insert own want],” and I got to Carlos and I legitimately could not think of a single motive from Cruella. It took me a good 10 minutes to remember she wanted him to touch up her roots and get her bunions. That’s it.
And I realized. Why Cruella? Why is she one of the main villains? She didn’t have a motive in the movie, she didn’t go up against any royals which was a large aspect of the series, she has a lame ass motive. I personally think it should have been Ursula. Ursula feels way more iconic to me in the sense of classic Disney Villains than Cruella.
Can someone please tell me why it wasn’t Ursula??
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Sega would greatly benefit from making a high-quality mobile RPG app like Disney Mirrorverse where it takes place in an alternate universe in which every character has sick-ass redesigns
sega i already have notes on great ideas for it just hire me pls
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burakku-jakku · 4 months
NEWS: A new Phoenix anime, called Phoenix: Eden17, is coming sometime in 2023 by Studio 4°C. The new anime seems to be an adaption of the Phoenix Future, Space, and Nostalgia chapters. There is no solid release date at the moment, it’ll release sometime in 2023.
Unfortunately, it’ll be a Disney+ exclusive, so you have to pay for an 8$ a month subscription just to watch one anime. Unless, you have a friend that’s a pirate, if you catch my drift.
I’m going to put my opinion on the trailer under the cut here.
I’m not a fan of the Phoenix redesign. She looks more like a generic chicken than an elegant, peacock like bird that she’s supposed to be. The animation looks great, though, there are some CGI elements that do look bad.
I kind of wish they kept the art style from the original manga, but most Tezuka anime produced after his death change the art style drastically.
Disney hasn’t had a really good track record when it comes to the anime they’re produced, so my hopes aren’t high. I want it to be good, but I also have to brace myself for if it isn’t. Hopefully they’re just distributing the anime and don’t have much involvement with it.
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mauesartetc · 5 months
High Guardian Spice Redesigns: Mermaid Edition
I just couldn’t stay away. Let’s dive back in (pun very much intended) to some High Guardian seas.
Part 1 and Part 2 of this series covered the show’s general issues and the thought process behind my redesigns in depth, but as a quick recap:
I’ve styled the new art direction after 17th-century woodcuts depicting witchcraft (what with the magic in the story and all)
The master palette is reduced to six base colors, all taken from spices
Everyone’s pupils are now drawn like Snapdragon’s for the sake of consistency and making the art style look more unique
Tumblr media
Now let’s look at the results of the mermaid transformation sequence and see what needs improvement:
Tumblr media
(Screenshot from this video, and I must say the music and sound effects add some much-needed excitement to the scene, even with the sluggish pacing that holds the animation back.)
For starters, the tail colors seem a bit random. They don’t echo the girls’ hair, skin, eyes, or the clothes they wore on land - with one exception. Parsley’s tail matches her hair, giving me an idea as to how to make the tails more consistent across the board.
Also, the tailfins look pretty generic, like the first thing someone would doodle when they were bored without doing any research. What if the tails were inspired by fish that match each girl’s personality?
Plus, the weight of Parsley’s hammer would make it difficult for her to swim upward, while the water would significantly slow down Thyme’s arrows. And yet they get to keep their weapons while Caraway takes Rosemary’s sword? Yeah, it’d make more sense for them to leave all their usual weapons on land (except maybe Sage’s terrasphere-?) and take light, water-friendly knives for self defense during their mission. 
Bit of a nitpick, BUT: I get why Rosemary and Sage’s hair is loose now, since the free-flowing look jives better with the whole mermaid aesthetic. Okay, cool. But if their hair had already been held in pigtails and braids for hours that day, you’d think it’d have more waves in it rather than coming out perfectly straight in the transformation sequence.
Tumblr media
(And this is more of a continuity error on the animation side than a design thing, but holy shit I just realized how much longer Rose’s tail is in the final shot compared to seconds earlier in the transformation.)
Tumblr media
Enough yammerin’. Let’s get to the redesigns.
Tumblr media
In the end I decided to merge the mermaid tails with the skin on their upper bodies, making them the same color. The first three girls’ skin color matches their eyes, though Sage was trickier. Her reddish eye color just made her skin look sunburnt, so I went with a green similar to the one used for the leaf design on her dress. Everyone has the same hair color they did on land (keeping them recognizable despite the major appearance changes), and the transformation now includes gills. Leaning into the fish elements helped me move away from the overdone Disney princess mold.
Speaking of fish, each character’s tailfin is now inspired by specific species.
Parsley- Pufferfish Small and unassuming at first glance, but not one to be trifled with.
Thyme- Barracuda This arrow-shaped fish reminded me of Thyme’s weapon of choice.
Rosemary- Great White Shark Based more on general vibes, really. I think Rose would freak out with glee if she had a tail inspired by one of these badass chonkers.
Sage- Swordfish An allusion to the sharpness of Sage’s mind. (Alleged sharpness, anyway; apparently some of the choices she makes in the show aren’t consistent with this characterization.)
Also, each girl now sports a pair of gloves with gems on them. These are terraspheres customized specifically to make blades appear in the user’s hands (and store themselves again) when she concentrates and performs the proper motions (shown below).
Tumblr media
This way, the crew will always have access to weapons when they need them, but said weapons will be much more portable and useful for underwater fights.
As for the original accessories like decorative shells, earrings, tiaras and such... Ehh. They seemed superfluous to me, as they served no purpose other than looking pretty. The whole point of turning into mermaids was to help the undersea folk deal with a dangerous creature, not play dress-up. If a character design element is only present because “it looks cool” rather than serving the story or the character, toss it.
That’s all for now, though in the last High Guardian Spice post, I did mention possibly redesigning the dragons... Hmm.
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thewickedmerman · 7 months
Tumblr media
This was a redesign that I had a really hard time trying to figure out because his original design was already really perfect. I mean, he was a skeleton in a suit of armor all the color of old, dried blood. That's a really tough act to follow, especially when you consider that the character is basically this world's version of Satan. I tried to make parts of his armor sharper, give him glowing eyes, and a different face. I tried to do a combo of Hades from Disney's Hercules and concept art of The Horned King from The Black Cauldron.
For his Shadow Phoenix form, I kept it similar to its original look but gave him glowing eyes, made his head look similar to his helmet, and made his wings actually made of fire. I mean, the phoenix is known for having wings of fire, so why not do the same here?
A problem that Darkar has always had is that, while he's still a great villain, he's not really as interesting as The Trix, Valtor, and arguably even Selina. He's a demonic bad guy that wants power and that's pretty much it. He's theatrical, which definitely helps but that's not much. While he could be cringy in the 4Kids dub (I say this as someone who considers the 4Kids dub to be the BEST Winx Club dub), he was definitely more memorable with more personality and iconic lines. So in my version, I would like a mixture of both versions with him being a demonic deity but also have a memorable and enjoyable personality without being cringy. Basically, I'd have him be like Hades from Hercules, only without the James Woods style of humor because that wouldn't work for Darkar. Basically, being a great villain that is flamboyant and fun while also being a serious threat. I mean, he was the master of The Ancestral Witches for crying out loud. But I do like that he is a more distant threat and would keep that as part of the character because of how it led to more character focus stories, which is one of the reasons why season 2 was such an amazing season. My personal favorite episode from that season is the one about Musa and her dad.
Anyway, I hope you guys like it and think that I did justice to the character.
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supermary64 · 1 month
Seeing as Mickey is about to enter the public domain very soon, what would you personally do with him? Obviously peeps like Donald and Goofy aren't joining him yet, but if Disney ain't gonna do anything substantial with him beyond using him as a mascot, we might as well take matters into our own hands. I've seen your redesign for Mickey, and I think that's a great example of making him recognizable as the Mickey we all know and love while still looking different enough from the Disney version!
His old design is going to be public domain but nothing else I think. Also thanks! I like Mickey as a character a lot but his design has really awful origins and intentions, which is why I think a change is neccesary when drawing him. I really hope disney will one day completely change his design as well but knowing them that will probably not happen in a long time if ever
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doeblossom · 5 months
well, now that my mlp question has been answered, what was the episode of mlpfim that stuck with you the most? for me it was most of the season openings/finales and then the want it need it have to have it episode or whatever that one was
bestie you know it's definitely not just one. i get why those stuck with you though! those were definitely bonkers episodes
Obviously, the first two episodes. they're the pilot!
look before you sleep, because for some reason i hyperfixated on the sleep song they made for rarity. it was hilarious and i think about it every time i rewatch the episode
sonic rainboom. i think about the guitar riff when rainbow was close to performing the boom quite a lot. i'll rewatch the episode just to hear it again! it's so awesome and good
season 2 openings, because discord is fun. why didn't he just forcefully discord them all. forever. silly discord
luna eclipsed. i wish we saw more of the bat ponies! also luna's redesign was pretty cool, no matter how much i loved the beta design. just assuming that luna's return left her completely powerless, hence the non-flowy hair and small stature. also holiday interpretations are fun!
sweet and elite, just for the iconic rarity song
hurricane fluttershy, because shes relatable! i was always a little self conscious about my own physical abilities but this episode (and joking around about it) made me feel a lot better
canterlot wedding. cadence my beloved. changelings are so very interesting. i also remember waking up on the couch in my mom's office since they put it on the tv, and my mom joked about mlp being the thing that got me to wake up
crystal empire kinda came out of nowhere but i LOOOOVE the magic implications. i wish they did more with sombra because he seems so interesting as a villain. also i remember being very proud of remembering that the square root of 546 is 23.36664289109
too many pinkie pies; i remember watching this episode the day it aired (it was a reupload on youtube) and my sister and i watched it on our old dinosaur computer, loaded up with good ol' windows 7 and internet explorer
magical mystery cure. i also remember watching this one specifically, sitting in my old bunk bed watching it on my pink disney princess tiara tv and crying at twilight becoming an alicorn because i was so very proud of her (and thought the show was ending)
the season 4 opening, very obviously a huge upgrade in animation. i remember watching leaks of luna's transformation into nightmare moon from a convention and being so excited to see it! im just a big fan of history in shows like this. it gives the world such depth
bats. bats. bats. freaked me the heck out
pinkie's pride because i knew weird al before he showed up on mlp (and always flexed it to my friends in elementary school lol) ALSO i really liked pinkie's lament in it
from whom the sweetie belle toils. ah, siblings. my sister and i never had THESE kinds of issues but i always relate to their sisterly dynamic the most
testing testing 123. probably one of my favorite episodes to rewatch. dash is just neurodivergent!!! it also helped me when i was transitioning from elementary school to junior high (i went to that 6 year college prep school) and the learning curve of "not being as gifted anymore." i still struggle with studying and have not found any great learning methods! well, aside from pretending to be interested, for some reason.
twilight's kingdom. first luna song, AND a laser battle, AND super powerful twilight??? it was pretty awesome. i still want the library back tho pl0x thanks
the cutie map. communism, ok thx byeee. also one of the first villains to be a where's waldo! its fun to look back and spot her and know it WASNT a lazy animators choice
do princesses dream of magic sheep becaues it discusses self harm???? to a target audience of young girls entering a period in their lives where self harm is pretty prominent? man.
rarity investigate is a very fun episode. man i like rarity a lot
scare master validating my fears and acknowledging fluttershy's anxiety around the holiday!! it did a decent job at communicating that what may seem trivial to some is a very real issue for others. i love love love how fluttershy is treated in this episode; her boundaries are validated and accommodated for. (i dont like that sometimes they portrayed her as a party pooper. however! this is a very real feeling some people have! and i think it would be worse not to include a little bit of tension surrounding it)
a hearth's warming tale stuck with me well and good since im a huge christmas buff. also, more luna songs. luna songs were always huge in the fandom
all bottled up! starlight glimmer, my beloved. bottling up feelings is a pretty real thing for me, and instead of disregarding my emotions, it taught me that its healthy to vent in a consensual environment and tell people they're bugging you if they are.
parental glideance. actually, any episode introducing parents. omg, theyre (mostly) not orphans!
a royal problem. daybreaker is cool and awesome, and the lroe behind what she COULDVE been is amazing, but i miss the days of nightmare star
once upon a zepplin was so real for me. confounded people pleasing leading to you having an awful time and missing out on everything.
sounds of silence, because kirins are so cool and they were a very cool thought but i would like to see them speak more than in one episode please thanks
the beginning of the end p2 with twilight's super awesome speech while fighting sombra. man shes so cool. the hair flip animation was cool. twilight is so cool.
she talks to angel, because ive always very badly wanted to know what the heck is going on in that little bunny's mind. and it was hilarious
Hurricane Fluttershy, S2
A Canterlot Wedding Part 2, S2
The Crystal Empire Part 2, S3
Sleepless in Ponyville, S3
Magical Mystery Cure, S3
Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2, S4
Pinkie's Pride, S4
Filli Vanilli, S4
From Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, S4
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3, S4
Twilight's Kingdom Part 1, S4
Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, S4
Amending Fences, S5
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, S5
The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2, S5
Celestial Advice, S7
The Perfect Pear, S7
Once Upon a Zepplin, S7
The Beginning of the End Part 2, S9
Sparkle's Seven, S9
The Last Laugh, S9
The Last Crusade, S9
The Big Mac Question, S9
The Ending of the End Part 1, S9
The Ending of the End Part 2, S9
The Last Problem, S9
if i gave a tally of how many times certain episodes made me cry we would be here all day
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centeris2 · 1 year
(belated) impressions, thoughts, ideas, etc about the Dark Riders + their redesigns. Under the cut because I'm sure it'll be long af. Now I wanna talk about how I’d redesign the soul riders but that’ll be another post
tl;dr - Basically I have an icky vibe, not because of any single design but because collectively, compared to the soul riders, they are more diverse. Which gets into vaguely icky "gender non conforming/not being Pretty Obvious Ladies is a Villain Trait." I doubt it was intentional but it is a shame that the soul riders are all basically, well, gender conforming and traditionally pretty. Their body type differences are extremely minute to me, I could only see the differences when looking at their nude models. But the dark riders are all radically different in body shape and color. Hell even Katja, the 'white' one of the group, falls more into the albino category, which is isn't great given albino characters are generally villains. It's a shame that the Soul Riders didn't get the variety in body type and gender presentation, at least they get points for making Lisa visibly hispanic (even though her mother had a canon appearance and I miss her spiky bright red hair rip). It seems like it accidentally reinforces the terfy "(traditional and proper) Girls Only Power!" feeling that SSO is developing. Only girls can be the heroes, if you are gender non conforming or don't fit into the acceptable Pretty Girl mold you're a villain.
First impression: Wait why does she look like XCX Charli, whose music gives me Sabine vibes (especially Vroom Vroom. I can not explain it). I imagined she could straighten her hair or leave it super curly. This has to be a look that she'd pick after pretending to be a high school student, not before, especially with the face scars. Why any scars when you can choose your physical appearance? When you literally imagine and shape the body you are walking around in (and it isn't your true physical one) would you have any true scars? So it's just cosmetic to look scary then. Aight. Why is she giving me Native American vibes. Skin + cheek bones + super straight black hair in a braid(?) or impressively held together ponytail I guess? Can she ride a motorcycle may as well go all out. She should absolutely have a motorcycle. I appreciate the muscles and height, just wish one of the soul riders had a similar build. Why not Alex? Alex could be tall and buff.
First impression: tf. what does SSO have against highly feminine characters? first Anne now Jessica? Also hold on Jessica looks like one of Garnok's human forms what. That's. SSO how do you keep reading my mind and using it in strange ways???
For real though, first Anne is rewritten so she doesn't like being a model or her appearance and she's super smart, and now Dark Princess Jessica is switched into nonbinary(?)/androgynous(?) territory? Sabine feels like a better option for going androgynous/masculine. Or Chiyo! They literally have a blank slate for a fourth dark rider! Instead it just seems like SSO is just another "Girl Power! But not that type of girl power!" as if enjoying make up or being highly feminine or focusing on your appearance automatically makes you a bad woman. Like I get them not wanting Anne to be a snobby bitch (though she wasn't one by the end of the Starshine Legacy games anyway since she made friends. growth!) but they could have left her wanting to be a model and make a career out of fashion/her appearance. I'm getting off topic. Kinda. Feel like it's the same deal with Jessica, can't have a female character that is a princess (think of how many movies, including recent disney movies, scoffing at princesses, with the female protagonists insisting no of course they aren't some weak, useless princess!). Literally just let Jessica still be super feminine, she was the only one established to be super feminine with the Princess thing. Like yeah sure I can come up with stuff in my fics for why Jessica has a Jay phase but that's not gonna be a thing in SSO. Let's experiment with gender, but only when it's a villain >.< (I'm not counting Concorde because as soon as characters find out Concorde was born a filly it's all She/Her pronouns. Shame Concorde can't talk yet and tell everyone hell nah I'm a Stallion.)
I didn't expect Regicide to be her official horse's name but I'm still sad about it. But that's what fanfiction is for! He'll always be Regicide in my heart.
First impression: we've been seeing this exact same teaser art for years there are no surprises here. Guess she's not pretending to be a model anymore, or she's a somehow younger looking model. Idk how she looked older in the Starshine Legacy games but she did. Wish all the dark riders had musical instruments with them, be funny if my Dark Chord headcanons were accurate, at least in them all having some musical skill. I guess Stalker wasn't a Kid Friendly enough name, what a shame.
First impression: what happened to Elise? We literally only had her name? Okay whatever SSO guess we have Madison's evil twin now. Of course the Asian coded character has purple hair, but the others all have natural hair colors. Give Jessica a streak of green so Chiyo isn't the only one with unnaturally colored hair won't ya? And why is she presenting as a child is she trying to not get taken seriously? Adults are just gonna try to put her into school. Whatever as far as my fics and headcanons are concerned EliseChiyo doesn't exist. Or at least not as a general. Is her causing discord in the group just because she's a literal child that 3 immortal generals have to work with for some ungodly reason? I'd be pissed too if one of my coworkers was a 10 year old with a hobby horse pretending to be a leader. Is that how generals and advisors felt when a child would take the throne in a country?
The real question is will SSO change "Elise" to "Chiyo" in quests, or will they forget.
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It would have been cool if Disney emphasized in the Hercules animated series Apollo and Artemis's twin status. Seriously, both in the series but no episode where they get something together that would have been great to see.
You are absolutely right, anon! I’ve been meaning to talk about this but never got the chance to type it up lol, but I will never forgive Disney for changing Artemis’ design in the series 😖 
I’m just not a fan. She looks too roughneck and more like a Amazonian warrior like Tempest than a goddess of the wild and moon. I mean it sorta fits for the wild part I guess, but not the moon part lol. The movie design is much more appealing and she looks more like a gentle and caring goddess of the wild and moon that protects the animals of Earth and watches over the moon.
But yeah, another reason why I’m not big on the series redesign is because she and Apollo look and sound NOTHING alike. Artemis is voiced by Reba McEntire in the series and Apollo is voiced by Keith David Williams (who is also the voice for Dr. Facilier which I find hilarious) so both have entirely different accents (sorta, I mean Apollo does have a hint of a southern Louisiana drawl, but maybe that’s me hearing the Dr. Facilier in him lmao, but Artemis has a thick southern Texas drawl which isn’t really the same) as well as designs to where they don’t even look related lol (I mean most god siblings don’t look alike in general like Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades or Athena and Ares, but they aren’t supposed to be triplets/twins they’re all just siblings. Also I know I haven’t uploaded my designs for Despoina and Plutus yet, really need to do that lol, but they don’t look similar either. I mean, Despoina has just a tad bit of similarity to her mother and sister and Persephone takes a lot after her mother, but Plutus doesn’t really look like his mother or sisters lol).
Maybe in the series they weren’t supposed to be twins, but I highly doubt that because I mean she has the moon symbol for a reason on both designs and she’s supposed to be goddess of the moon as well as the wild while her brother is god of the sun, so it would make sense for them to be twins. Personally, I think the movie design makes her look much more like Apollo’s twin than the series design, so that’s all I’ll say about that lmaoooo
But yes I totally agree! I think it would’ve been great to have an episode with Apollo and Artemis! I would’ve liked to see that!
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artist-ellen · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lady Tremaine
Raise your hand if this was one of the scariest villains of your childhood. That shadow-fade scene? Haunting. Of course my redesign for Cinderella was based on 1887 fashion (a bustle era for a certain pair of sisters) so Lady Tremaine’s redesign is re-setting her generally accurate 1890s fashions to that of the late 1880s, mostly by way of giving her a bit of a bustle, a little extra drapery, and softening the shoulders away from the 1890s shape.
I am the artist! Do not repost without permission and credit. Find me over on instagram at ellen.artistic
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marine-indie-gal · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have decided to do some redesigns around Poseidon and Salacia's children since I ended up dislking the original designs that I came up with them anyway, which is why I decided to put up a quick redesign on the Kids.
In the Original Mythology, Poseidon and Amphitrite have Four Children (1 Son and 3 Daughters). However, given on how that Nickoldeon has done their own version of Triton, I figure why not make Two of the Daughters (Benthesikyme and Rhode) as Poseidon and Salacia's Daughters since Kymopoleia in my AU is one of the Daughters of Neptune and Amphitrite. With Proteus and Theseus (one of the illegitimate children of Poseidon from the Original Mythology) as the Brothers of Poseidon and Salacia’s Daughters. Since Poseidon is a Cheating Bastard like his Brother, Zeus, according to most of the Mythos, I've decided to make some of Triton's Half-Siblings the Children of the Two Royal Sea Gods in this Universe (quite similar to how Disney changed their own version of the Mythology in "Disney's Hercules").
Benthesikyme is The Eldest Daughter, who is Nice, Very Mature, and Well-Meaning. She happens to be on her Mother's Side more than her Father's but she's not really that comedic like her own Dad as she does at least learn on how to take responsibilities in her own matters. Benthesikyme also happens to have a slight interest in the Mortal World and as far as she gets it from her own Mother's Side, she is very kind and good-hearted in nature. Rhode is the Youngest Daughter, who happens to be very Joyful, Optimistic, and Imaginative. She loves Marine Animals as she has a deep sympathy for Animals and Humans rather than her own kind (much like how her Mother is towards Animals). She does tend to ask Questions sometimes for her own curiosity but she also happens to have fun and find the good heart in almost everyone that she sees because she enjoys peace very much instead rather than cruelity and war.
Proteus is the Eldest Son who happenes to be a lot like his Father. Very Vain and Prideful who is also a Wisecracker. Unlike his Father, he doesn't believe that having Handsome Looks is what would make him a Great Prince, but rather have his own looks just to flirt any Girl that he sees as he happens to also be on his Mother's Side as he's often level-headed and kind to all of the sea creatures. Despite his own sarcastic nature, he sometimes likes to cause some mischief upon the Seas, especially in the Mortal Realm. Needless to say, he likes to take his own prideful ways in his own vainful way as he refuses to use Snail Slime because he doesn't care if he grows old, he'll still have his own Handsome Looks no matter what. Theseus is The Youngest Son. Unlike his Brother, he happens to appear more on his Mother's Side rather than having a Cruel Side like both his Father and Brother. He is gratefully named after the Hero who slayed the Minotaur. He's not really much of a brute but sometimes whenever he gets serious, he can get aggressive depending on his own Mood. Usually his Brother annoys him a lot with his own selfishness but Theseus on the other hand usually has a kindness towards Animals much like his Younger Sister and his own Mother. I was originally going to make Theseus a Bigger Brute but then I decided to change that up by making Theseus a rather calm guy who still does have a Bad Temper sometimes like both of his own parents including his Father. Though he still would grow up to become a Warrior eventually throughout his Adulthood.
Benthesikyme, Rhode, Proteus, and Theseus (c) Greek Mythology
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ducklooney · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Admittedly, I forgot the link, since I downloaded it from a Twitter blog, but I was stunned by this and I will post this. Sorry about this. Admittedly, these are sketches from the great animator Dan Haskett, who designed numerous cartoon characters like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Tiny Toons Adventures, Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, numerous Disney movies and more.
These are sketches featuring Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck that were supposed to be featured in a Disney Afternoon series called Duck Daze.
Duck Daze was actually supposed to be a sequel to the original Ducktales, where Donald Duck returns from the Navy and takes his nephews as his concern, and from Scrooge he has to keep his word that he will take very good care of Scrooge’s business and Scrooge’s wealth. Although I doubt that Scrooge would entrust it to his nephew, since he barely gives him 30 cents an hour (as evidenced by older comics). All in all, Donald Duck would have a lot of work to do about it, as well as about his teenage boys. Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck would be the main characters after Donald Duck and their focus would be mainly on school. Also, characters from Duck comics would appear, those characters who did not appear in the original Ducktales. Certainly, these children would start to differ even more, not only in the color of their clothes, but also in everything, but they would still behave like brothers. One triplet is jerk and very debauched and behaves like a cool guy, the other triplet is a smart triplet, and the third triplet would wear a cap and be naughty, but a bit silly. This sounds familiar, only it's a little more improved and redesigned. ;) 
All these ideas were by Jymm Magon, a genius director and creator of numerous Disney Afternoon series and even for Ducktales Movie and Goofy Movie.
However, there were disagreements among Disney producers so they could not decide and in the end it was decided that the new series will be tied to modern times modeled on Donald's classic shorts in which Donald Duck will certainly have the lead and have nothing to do with Ducktales . Yes, what we were shown was actually Quack Pack, another name for Duck Daze, which was actually the original name.
Let’s face it, this isn’t directed against the Quack Pack, given that I love that series and that I’m a fan of that series and find it extremely underrated. Still, I'd rather have characters from Duck comics like Donald's cousins ​​(Fethry, Gus) or Daisy's nieces (April, May and June) and other characters (Gyro, Newton, Magica, Minima, Brigitta, Dickie, Rockerduck) appear in that series. As for Scrooge, if he had appeared in Quack Pack, he would have been like Scrooge in the comics, meaning a bastard man. If anyone has watched Scrooge in Mickey Mouse Works and in House of Mouse, you know what I’m talking about. Although I prefer the designs of Donald's nephews as shown in the Quack Pack, whose models (by Toby Shelton) are more redesigned than the model by Dan Haskett, but I certainly also like the Dan Haskett’s model. These models were released in April 1993, when the series was planned to be shown, but for some reason it was moved to 1996.
I certainly didn’t know about this until I found it on one Twitter blog, but I definitely felt I had to post this. And one more thing. These original models of Donald's nephews are just proof that even Duck Daze was focused first on Donald, then on nephews, and that Huey, Dewey and Louie in both these models and the official Quack Pack version are not to blame for the series' failure, but there are other reasons for that, and I beg haters who hate this series and these triplets to shut up because they have no idea. It's okay if you don't like this, but please don't hate something for stupid reasons. You're hurting yourself. Sorry about this.
Of course, I have to admit that Dan Haskett is a great animator, and if you like these designs, feel free to download them, as I don't know if this will ever be adopted in some future Duck series.
P.S. I love these models by Dan Haskett, but I definitely love and prefer the official Quack Pack models. That's just my opinion.
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disaster-by-chance · 2 years
So...I've started to watch ROTTMNT
When I was a kid we didn't have cable. We had a few Korean TV shows on VHS, some Disney movies, and a 1987 TMNT disc that my cousin gave us because her son didn't want it anymore.
And let me tell you, we watched the HELL out of that 1987 disc. It had probably no more than ten episodes but my siblings and I all thought it was great.
Fast forward (aha, get it?) and after watching some 2012 clips in my dad's office and I instantly get hooked onto the 2012 versions.
I loved the little extra bits of animation they'd put in it and I loved how each turtle looked different from each other, contrary to the other versions of the TMNT from the past.
We still didn't have cable, so I bought DVDs containing the episodes or watched episodes on YT because I couldn't get enough.
And of course, with most of my fixations, it came and went. I don't remember how long it lasted, but it was one of the few where it was very intense for a long time.
Anywho, that sort of phase never came back but I kept the posters on my wall and then a few weeks ago I was doing a youtube spiral. I was mindlessly clicking onto whatever videos and the algorithm suggested some 2012 clips.
Needless to say, I just kept watching 2012 clips until I was like, "Hey, I really miss the Ninja Turtles."
And of course, with them came video suggestions of ROTTMNT and I decided, "Ah, why the hell not?"
I remember hearing about a reboot of the TMNT in 2018 and being like, "Huh, that's cool? I guess?" and didn't really give it much of a second thought. Then I saw their designs and was like, "??? what did they DO to them???" and then I never had a third thought.
Oh, naiive little me.
Let me just say, I fucking LOVE this show.
I'm devastated about it being cancelled, but jumping jack flash, this show is just,,, I love it.
The idea of taking the basic idea of TMNT and then making it totally original save for a few things?? Love it.
The bright, flashy animation that reminds me of anime and Into the Spiderverse? Love it.
The voice acting that I didn't think fit the first time I heard them speak but now I can't hear anything else? Love it.
The redesigns and the fact that each turtle is based on an ACTUAL turtle from nature??? FUCKING AAAAAAA
God, this show is so good. It's got everything I love for a TV show.
The animation, the dynamics, the voice acting, the plot, the family dynamics, the gender envy the turtles give me??
And now I kin not one, but TWO Leonardos??
I love the 2012 TMNT with all my heart, it had its moments, I love the VAs, the animation was iffy, but MAN. Something about the 2018 one.
But if I'm being honest? 2012 theme song > 2018 theme song.
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nibeul · 2 years
I just have a question in regards of the redesign of the main characters, and I just want to be able to wrap my head around it. I don't understand why taking these white characters and making them POC gives more representation. The reason I ask is because, in the end of the day, they're still white. I feel like it would make more sense to redesign already existing POC characters and fixing them to look like their actual race, for example: The martez sisters, the guerera siblings, characters from rebels and resistance. I feel like it would be more better to see existing POC designed to how they're actually supposed to look. And this is a genuine question, no "Oh you're a reverse racist" or "You're doing this to get clout." I genuinely want to know how making existing white characters into POCs is better? Or the benefits of seeing them as POCs
Yeah, no problem! I’m a little bit tired right now so my answer might be confusing, but here is how I view it:
So, for your point about redesigning already existing POC characters, I have done that too! I did it with the Bad Batch, Kanan, the clones in general, Quinlan to an extent, and I have been planning on doing it with Saw as well though don’t have much muse to draw him atm. The problem is we do not get many characters to begin with (and the ones we do are ridiculously whitewashed).
The thing with TCW is it has very. Very few BIPOC characters, the only time I have really seen any of my features in the show, the entire village was slaughtered (then with the Bad Batch, the Asian imperial and I guess Fennec but she looks really white) so uhh.. not really great rep. The reason I do a lot of these redesigns is because I personally want to see myself and other BIPOC in the media I enjoy, since we have little to no representation. With TCW, I don’t want us to just be side characters or OCs that pop up every now and then, we deserve to have stories about us that other people can see and will recognize.
Ultimately, if Disney were to come out with more shows, I wouldn’t want them to repurpose the same stories with BIPOC characters. I want to see new stories with new characters who are BIPOC and who get their own fleshed out arcs, backstories, personalities, etc. Since we do not get that, however, I redesign existing characters. Hope that makes sense :)
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