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#He carries his backpack like a dad
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#I'm serious you can't separate them or he will stop taking showers
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Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller | The Last of Us Official Podcast [x]
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reader asks (daddy) dom! Joel to be rough after she has a tough day and he gets worried he’s being too rough but she is like “pls need to feel you” and he eventually slows down and it ends fluffy and soft ugh
I love your work so much 🫶
a/n: i appreciate you so much. thank you for satisfying my daddy kink needs 💓
Tumblr media
honey | joel miller x reader
18+ MDNI
pairing: dom!joel miller x sub!f!reader
summary: joel comes home to take care of you after a long day
word count: 2.4k
warnings: porn, smut, filth, daddy kink, so many pet names, oral (f receiving), unprotected p in v, squirting, come eating, very light choking, tiny amount of angst, lots of fluff.
You’re curled up into a ball on the couch, wrapped in a soft fluffy blanket as you stare absentmindedly at the TV. You’re mostly using the sounds to drown out any of your wandering thoughts, but it doesn’t help much. The lump in your throat is almost impossible to ignore, but you know Joel will be home soon, so you do your best to push your negative feelings away.
You hear the click of the lock on the door, and Joel’s heavy boots stomping on the mat in the mudroom to shake off the dirt. You can hear him start to take them off as he usually does and then watch as he peaks his head out from the doorway. “Hi, sweetheart.” He smiles as he says it, not waiting for your response before he disappears again.
“Hey,” you say dryly when he enters the living room. Joel’s expression wavers for a moment but he recovers as he makes his way towards you on the couch. He sits and then picks up your legs to place them over his lap. He works to start massaging your feet, but you don’t acknowledge the gesture.
“Whatcha’ watching?” Joel asks curiously.
You sigh quietly, not really feeling like you have the energy to even speak. “Just a show,” you respond. “Well, how was your day?” He tries again, moving the massage from your feet up your calves. His calloused thumbs work into your sore muscles, gently kneading out the stress.
“Fine,” you say, eyes still on the TV.
“Anything good happen?” Joel reaches one of his arms up to rest on your side and begins to stroke your hair softly. You close your eyes at the goosebumps that follow down the back of your neck.
You finally look at him, now reaching to him in order to cup his cheek. “No, not really.”
“What’s wrong, baby?” Joel smiles sadly at you, holding your wrist to keep the feeling of your warm hand on his face for as long as possible.
You roll your eyes at yourself, shaking your head and flicking your eyes onto the TV that you’re not even paying attention to. “It’s stupid.”
“It’s not stupid,” he quickly shuts your negative talk down, “It’s impossible for it to be stupid.” You give in, finally moving to turn off the TV and sit up. You’re both leaning sideways so that you face each other and his attention is solely on you.
“I’m so stressed out with work. I mean, it’s like everyone looks at me for all the answers, but I don’t have the actual power to make anything happen,” you begin, starting to feel the blood rush to your face, “and whenever I push to make certain changes, I’m completely ignored by my boss… I just feel fucking useless.” Your voice breaks at the end, and you can’t help the frown that forms on your lips.
Joel listens to every word you say intently, nodding as he holds onto your hand. “Don’t say that, sweetheart. I know it’s frustratin’, but there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll achieve everything and anything you set your mind to.” You smile softly, shrugging at his words. “I mean it. You’re so damn smart, so driven, so kind and caring. You make me wonder every day how I got so lucky.”
“Joel,” you whisper, allowing the tears to flow freely. He kisses them away, holding your face tenderly in his hands.
“Please don’t cry, baby. You deserve some peace,” he reassures, holding you close to him and rubbing sweet circles into your back while you let it out. Joel lets you cry for as long as you need to while he whispers sweet things, hushing you gently. When the tears stop and you’ve regained some composure, you look up at him. His eyes are on your lips before he tilts his head down to kiss them. “You need daddy to coddle you, honey?”
You blush at the name he calls himself. It’s not often that you allow yourself to be so completely vulnerable— to just let him lead, to let him guide you through it and take care of you. Tonight, you need him. He knows it too and smiles endearingly when you nod rapidly and pout.
“Yes, please.”
Joel cocks his head towards his lap. “C’mere, hold onto me.” You move to straddle his lap, wrapping your arms around him and nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck. “Gonna take you to bed, okay?”
You hum in agreement as he stands with you still clinging onto him. He carries you to the room you both share, and sets you down onto the made bed. He flicks on the dim light of the lamp before he’s on his knees in front of you.
You watch in silence as he removes your socks and slowly pulls your sweatpants down until they’re off your legs. You help him get your shirt off and he flings it to some corner of the room. You can’t help but giggle at the action and then he’s smiling at you.
“There’s my happy girl.” He starts placing kisses from your calves all the way up to your inner thigh, making you close your eyes at the feeling. “Been waiting to hear that pretty laugh all day.”
“I love you, Joel,” you tell him, and he leans up to kiss your lips again. “I love you, honey,” Joel says between kisses.
He parts your thighs with his hand, sucking in a breath at the wet spot already increasing on the front of your light blue panties. “You’re already making a mess, baby girl,” he teases, the pet name making you whimper. Joel reaches his fingers for your panties and pulls them to the side, allowing your hot cunt to be met with the cold air of the bedroom. “Fuck, look at this pretty pussy.”
You screw your eyes shut in desperation and without meaning to, begin to rock your hips. “Needy, huh?” Joel asks and watches you nod dumbly under his trance. “I’m gonna take real good care of you.” Then he’s using his fingers to spread apart your pussy lips. You whine at the exposed feeling and he leans forward to blow air into your clit. You’re already gasping and you nearly lose it when you feel the first lick of his warm, wet tongue.
“Fuck, Joel,” you cry out as he flatten his tongue and licks a wide stripe all the way up your pussy.
He pulls away to say, “You gonna call me daddy, baby?” Then immediately continues to work his tongue on you. “Yes, daddy,” you sigh, allowing yourself to give in to him. He groans into you at that, hearing your precious voice breathlessly worship him.
“More.” you beg, throwing your head back in pleasure as he sucks your clit into his mouth. He doesn’t stop sucking and pulling on it when you feel his index finger tease your dripping hole. He gathers all your arousal and his spit that drips down from your clit and pushes it inside your cunt. “Fuck, daddy, that feels so good.”
“It does, huh?” He pulls away from your clit for a few moments and watches your face while he pushes another finger into you. He focuses to feel exactly where he curls his fingers that’ll get you whining for him. Joel finds that soft spot, pressing his fingers into it over and over again until your back is against the mattress. “Right there, is that the spot, baby?” You’re a babbling mess, unable to even respond but it’s enough of an answer for him to press into it even deeper. “I know, honey, you’re okay. I’ve got you, I’m here.”
He leans forward again, sucking on your clit while
his fingers pound into your cunt. You’re almost embarrassed by how fast you feel your orgasm building in your tummy. Joel knows you're close when your tight cunt starts to grip and pulse around his fingers.
“Are you gonna cum, sweet girl?” Joel skillfully flicks your clit with his tongue and waits for your answer.
“Fuck, yes, you’re gonna make me cum.” You’re crying out, shamelessly writhing and panting, unable to hold still while he pleases you like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do.
Joel hums, sending vibrations through your cunt. “Go ahead. Daddy’s got you. Cum for me.” You can’t deny him any longer and allow yourself to do as he says. You’re gripping the sheets, sweet little whimpers escaping your lips as you cum around his fingers. He watches your chest rise and fall rapidly, licking on your clit gently to not overstimulate you as he works you through your orgasm.
“So good, it’s so good,” you’re whispering, coming back down to earth as the orgasm subsides. He looks at you while he carefully pulls his fingers out and sucks all of your cum off of them. Joel rubs his fingers over your slit, collecting more of your slick and pushing that into his mouth as well. He closes his eyes, humming at the taste and then leans forward to lick all the rest of it off you.
“You want daddy to fuck you, baby?” He teases, kissing your clit once more before beginning to trail up your tummy, over your breasts, to your collarbones and neck. Every nerve ending you have is on fire where he touches, leaving the feeling of him burned into your skin.
“Please, I need it,” you beg. “Want you to be so rough with me, please.”
“Want me to fuck you dumb, huh?” He starts to whisper filthy things to you, rubbing up and down your sides, getting you even more worked up. “Want me to fuck until there’s no thoughts in that pretty head of yours, right?” All you can do is bite your lip and nod. He wraps a hand around your throat squeezing just enough so that you feel the pressure of it. “Answer me.”
“Yes…” he trails off, waiting for you to complete your sentence.
You can barely hold eye contact with him as you mutter a small, “Yes, daddy.”
“My good girl,” Joel praises, hand still around your throat as he kisses your lips. He’s quick to deepen the kiss, sliding his tongue in your mouth and taking his time to enjoy the feeling of you. “Lift your legs, baby, wanna see your face while I fuck you.”
You pull your legs into your chest and he helps you put them over both of his shoulders. Joel’s cock is so big, and this position just makes it feel that much stronger. You’re holding your breath as he slides the tip of his cock through your slippery folds, humming at the sweet feeling.
“Please, please—” Before you can repeat the word a third time, Joel cock is splitting your cunt open. You both let our moans as you soak each other up, enjoying the feeling of being so close, so connected. Joel bottoms out and then holds you there for a moment, savoring the feeling. Then he’s pulling out and slamming so hard into you, his cock kisses your cervix.
“Like that? Need daddy to give it to you rough like that, I know.” Joel’s deep voice is in your ear and you’re seeing stars. He gets the angle of his hips just right, pushing into your g-spot as fast as he can. You’re gripping onto his shoulders tightly, the volume of your moans nearly at a scream.
“Ooh, yes, so fuckin’ good,” you’re rambling. “Fuck, love how that big cock stretches my pussy.”
“Such a dirty little girl.” Joel moans, loving hearing such filthy words escape your pretty lips. “With a needy little cunt.”
Joel holds you tightly to him, keeping you in place with his big palms around either of your thighs. He’s grunting in ecstasy, turning his head to bite and suck on the soft flesh of your thigh.
“Fuck, it’s so deep—”
“Too rough, honey?” Joel asks, slowing down his thrusts and reaching one of his hands between your legs to lazily rub your clit with his thumb.
“No, no, I need more. Please, I can take it.” That’s all the confirmation he needs.
“Take it. Oh, fuck, that’s it. Take it, baby. Such a good girl for daddy.” Every time he thrusts, he pulls all the way out before ramming back into you, pushing your body further into the mattress. You’re at the point where you can’t see, can’t even think, it’s all just Joel and his cock fucking you. He knows you’ve reached that point and he admires you. The way your mouth is agape but you can’t even make noise at this point, your eyes shut tightly, and your nails digging into his skin.
“You look so beautiful like this, sweetheart.” The movements of his thumb gets quicker as he feels your pussy start to grip him tightly. “Yeah, just like that. Cum, baby. Cum for daddy.”
And then you’re gushing. All your cum is squirting out of you, soaking the mattress, soaking his cock, and very quickly pulling his orgasm to the surface. Joel’s eyes roll back as he fucks you slowly but hard, his balls tightening and then finally allowing himself to release. “So fuckin’ good,” he whispers against your lips, leaning forward to kiss you again while his movements come to a stop.
“Holy shit.” You laugh breathlessly, the stress of your day or any other worries you had completely gone from your body.
He pulls out, cleaning you up and grabbing one of his t-shirts for you to be comfy in. “You hungry, sweetheart?” Joel asks, grabbing your hand and kissing it.
Your eyes widen and you almost feel your stomach grumble. “Oh, yes.”
Joel smiles sweetly at you. “How about you pick something to watch and I’ll make us some dinner. That sound good?”
You smirk, jumping on top of him and pushing him back down onto the mattress. You’re straddling him, kissing him all over the face and ticking his sides. “Baby, stop!” He cries out. You’re both laughing as he breathlessly grabs both of your wrists and holds them together to keep you still.
“Thank you for taking such good care of me,” you say again, planting another playful kiss on his forehead.
“Always gonna take care of you,” Joel promises. “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my girl happy.”
@chloeangelic 🫶🏼
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Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller - The Last Of Us 1.02 (Part 2)
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Okay but Modern!Ellie dating vlogger!reader whom she swears by all means your cat hates her
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She would definitely create a throwaway Reddit acc just to make a post on r/AITA because what’s better than asking strangers on the internet if she’s an asshole because she hates your cat as much as he “hates” her
Half of the comments would sympathise with her
“Cats are just assholes dude” 1637 upvotes
“This is why I’m a dog person” 2737 upvotes
The other would definitely come for her
“Yeah your gf should def break up with you” 3612 upvotes
“oh yeah and why don’t you go break your face” -1843 downvotes
“Cat can sense bad vibes homie” 1622 upvotes
“bro im the nicest person ever” -1472 downvotes
She’d be so defensive spending the whole day replying to rude comments while being downvoted to oblivion lmao (not that she cares about karma she doesn’t even know how Reddit works 💀)
even coming to your defence to those that dare bad mouth you when they don’t know the context of your relationship cause you know ppl like to reach on there
I mean ffs all she wanted was cat advice
Probably would delete the acc after one day when she was satisfied with the answers lol
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Tumblr media
summary: bits of love, domestic shit, sex and angst💗
warnings: vulgar language, smut, breeding kink, lil angst, fluff
a/n: i have been super busy with exams DD;
Tumblr media
It had taken a lot getting used to, not constantly having to look over one's shoulder. Months had passed and you had found yourself quite enjoying the life you had made here.
It was safe to say you had made the adjustment quicker than Joel had. He was... Well, he was trying. At least, that's what you had convinced yourself.
Ellie screamed in rage, slamming the door to her room shut, undoubtedly right in Joel's face.
You moved in the couch so that you could watch him as he came down the stairs, his footsteps heavy on the wood.
When he noticed he had your attention, the small sympathetic smile on your lips, he threw up his hands in surrender.
You waited for him to sit down and only when he had done so, he let out a deep sigh of exasperation.
"Baby," hummed you, schooching closer to him, starting twirling som of his hair. "Don't you think you're being a little too harsh on her?"
"I don't want her running around this late," was all he responded his eyes fastened on the ceiling as he leaned into your touch.
"This is normal, right? She's a teenager."
"Nothin' 'bout this is normal."
A sigh escaped you, but instead of retreating, you moved sit straddle his lap, a sad look glistening in your eyes.
"Joel, babe, do you feel safe?"
He gave you a dumbfounded look, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.
"Here, I mean. In Jackson."
He shrugged, "sure." His large hands cupped your ass cheeks and he inhaled deeply, shifting slightly beneath you.
You couldn't help but chuckle at him, knowing even in stressed situations he was completely under your spell.
"Joel, baby, this is the only chance Ellie's ever had to be normal. And I know you've been through a lot, but you can let your guard down here, you know that? There's no need to keep looking over your shoulder."
All Joel did was sigh, his rough hands still on your ass.
"We could be one big family here--"
"Hon, we've talked about this..."
"I know, I know... it's just... I feel like a lot has changed now. Ellie's in school, she's got a lot of friends, with Tommy and Maria's little girl... I just--it feels right."
A defeated look grazed his features, teeth sucking on his bottom lip. You were right. It was something he had gone over many times in his head, never stumbling upon a "let's do it" himself, although never finding a definite "no" either. It made sense.
For the first time in decades he did not constantly look over his shoulder (although every now and then he got these panicky flashes of what would happen when he let his guard down) and Ellie seemed to have a good time in here Jackson. He was getting older by the day and knowing from day one you had always wanted kids, he felt in no position to deny you that. He had once let you know how he thought you could do much better, and although you had told him he needed to feel more comfortable about who he was, he was still certain guys would line up to father your babies.
Also, it was something he really did want. Joel had always been a family-oriented man and the thought of creating one with you made his heart flutter. To begin with he blamed it on his own poor health, but it was no longer something he could deny. He loved you too damn much.
"If we're doin' this we're startin' right now," he finally hummed, his large hands squeezing your ass.
Your brows bounced in surprise, not having expected him to make a decision straight away. You suddenly felt a wave of guilt, worried you had rushed his decision. Knowing where he came from the last thing you wanted was to pressure him.
As if reading your thoughts, Joel cupped your face. "I'm sure, baby. Let's do this."
Giving you no time to protest Joel captured your lips in a hot kiss as he cradled you in his arms. Wanting to make him feel good, you reached down to unbuckle his belt, but he made a movement to stand up, holding you even tighter before he slammed you back down on the couch.
"Lemme take care of you, doll."
You were surprised by how quickly his mien turned into lustful, but you could not help but indulge in this feeling of being desperately wanted.
His heavy scent enveloping you in a bubble of need, his harsh touch ensuring your safety. It was all too much for you to not lay back at his command and let him do whatever he pleased.
Joel lifted up you shirt, so that he could place soft kisses that becoming open-mouthed and more testing they further down he got. With your eyes closed, you arched your back into the old cushions, releasing a soft hum when you suddenly shut up with your eyes open.
"Ellie, Joel!"
Peeking up at you, his brows heaved questioningly as his eyes shifted between you and the stairs. He knew what you were getting at, but he was not worried. Confident Ellie would either go to sleep or at least take some time to cool down, he proceeded to pull at your shorts.
"You'll jus' 'ave to be quiet for me then, won't ya?"
The stubble on his cheeks tickled your thighs but when you squirmed in protest, his hands held you in your place.
Even if Ellie did come out from her room, the wooden home and creaky floors would give her away, leaving a minimum of 7 seconds to get decent before she could find you. Joel had already gone over it in his head, many times before this, too, always making sure to never be caught from an awkward angle.
"Can you do tha' for me, baby girl?"
And all it took was that soft inquiry to convince you he had it all under control. When he hooked a finger through your panties, pulling them down, you shuddered as the cool air grazed your pussy. It seemed you were never not wet around Joel.
Suddenly, when you had only nodded and leaned back to get comfortable, Joel placed a slap on your cheek before bringing his hand to your jaw.
"Words, baby."
Taken by surprise, your mouth was slightly agape, to which he could not resist but pull at your bottom lip with his thumb. The look in his eyes made you writhe under him, wanting him to take that animalistic hunger out on you right then and there.
"Yes, Joel," whined you, biting out for his thumb when he chuckled. He absolutely loved it when he could feel, see, smell how eager you were for him.
Joel wasted no time going down on you, his tongue skillfully locating your clit, his hands lifting your thighs over his shoulders when he got comfortable, wearing you like earmuffs.
Your favorite look. His favorite place.
. . .
You had accidentally torn your underwear on the washboard, trying to get the blood out of the material. You knew to be more careful with old pieces as they were prone to shred when handled without care, but you couldn't help but take the frustration out on them when you got your period. You were well aware it was indeed possibly to menstruate when pregnant, however a concoction of sadness and anger simply took over you when you noticed the blood in your panties, having gotten your hopes up a little too much when your period had been late a week ago.
Upon throwing them out, you returned to bed. As it was early morning, Joel was still asleep so you got under the covers and spooned him up, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck.
The same minute he moaned and pulled your arm over his body, forcing you to hug him even tighter. It was things like this that made you absolutely melt. His bodily love language was beyond anything you had ever experienced.
"C'mere," moaned Joel as he snuggled deeper into your embrace.
Very subtly he guided your hand down to his hard cock, making you chuckle despite having just been on the verge of breaking down because you feared you were unable to get pregnant.
. . .
The Tipsy Bison was a truly magical place. Regardless of people's alcohol consumption it seemed everyone forgot their worries, their fears and the hardship they had endured to get here, and were enjoying themselves same way they used to before the apocalypse.
Ellie was sat in one end of the bar, playing a game of Battleship with Maria and the baby, and Joel were throwing darts with Tommy and some of his friends, a big grin on his face and an even bigger beer in his hand.
You adored the way his eyes would shine when he smiled, really smiled. The glimpse was like a little shooting star in his hazelnut galaxy, striking and breathtaking even from across the room. When he came to look at you, even more so. You gave him a little wave and blew him a kiss.
Then Joel looked back and decided no one would miss him, not when he noticed that love-drunk look in your eyes.
It was incredible how salient the beer smelled on him, knowing he had not been drinking that much. Perhaps it was simply because you were staying away from it all, hopes of bearing his child still laying dormant in the back of your mind. Instead you got drunk off of his lips, his tongue and his skin.
He had held out his hand for you, saying "let's go home" with a sly smirk on his lips. You chuckled and nodded towards Ellie, reminding him that they shouldn't go without her and if they did drag her back home with them, they would have to wait for her to be asleep to do whatever it was Joel's lewd eyes suggested.
Grabbing on to your waist, Joel closed the gap between you, murmuring seductively, "oh hon, I could take you right 'ere over this table if you let me."
The mix of alcohol and desire gave his voice a double coating of accent, that Texan drawl spelling nothing but trouble.
"Ten minutes, no longer." You latched onto his broad arm and pulled him with you.
Hissing, his eyes watched your ass swaying while following closely, "shit, woman, no less I hope."
. . .
Joel wasted no time showering you in beer-stained kisses and declarations of love, working his way down till he moaned into your pussy, drinking himself completely gone in your juices.
Shifting between suckling on your clit and lapping at your hole like a thirsty dog, Joel brought you to a body quaking orgasm before he replaced his fingers with his cock.
Clawing at his ass, you pushed him as deep as possible, crying at the sensation of feeling so filled. It started out as a joke, slapping his ass the same way he would do to you, but you found that during sex, he emitted filthy groans whenever you would grope as his cheeks, especially when it was to feel him to the fullest.
"Gonna fill ya up so good, baby. Make you scream till I know you're full with my kids," moaned he between kisses, feeling your pussy squeeze him once before he set a steady pace, moving inside you to feel each crevice and hear each he elicited, only the pornographic sound of your cunt accompanying the heavy moans and groans in the room.
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Joel and Ellie on the road in 1x04 Please Hold to My Hand
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THE LAST OF US | 1.01 “When You're Lost in the Darkness” THE LAST OF US | 1.09 “Look for the Light”
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obiwan · 3 months
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THE LAST OF US - #It’s just deer meat
Tumblr media
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tomshiddles · 3 months
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#making silly faces is reserved only for his daughters
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azertyrobaz · 3 months
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Parents lie
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billy-crudup · 3 months
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THE LAST OF US TV show 1.06 “Kin” | video game
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pedgito · 3 months
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trashcora · 3 months
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THE LAST OF US (2023) — 1.08 “When We Are In Need”
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obiwan · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
THE LAST OF US + the collective emotional trauma it causes <3
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