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art-of-vox-machina · 2 days
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THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA | Orthax and Percy Design
By Bertrand Todesco
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micelangelooo · 2 days
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A tribute to the Legend of Vox Machina!
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The Legend of Vox Machina, Season 2: Episodes 7-9 Watch Party
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maxximatics · 1 day
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Vox machina, a bunch of idiots made heroes
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jeffersonbarnes · 10 hours
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Happy Thursday ! Have a totally not suspicious Vax drawing! (I’m not okay)
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eyecandyeoz · 11 hours
"My resting bitch face is magnificent. I trained for so long."
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I just love a man with a traumatic backstory. Enjoy a flat colored digital screen redraw of my new blorbo. 🥴
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Today's fuckable dragon of the day is...
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fire-of-the-sun · 2 days
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I really love this image and how it - more than any other promotional image for The Legend of Vox Machina Season 1 - represents and offers insight into each of the characters.
Percy is sitting among them but is disengaged from the revelry and looks self-serious as he cleans his glasses instead. He feels separate and colder.
Scanlan is playing his lute, indicating his talents as a bard, of course, but he's also upside down, which portrays him as fun-loving and goofy. He's also looking at Pike, who will be a future love interest.
Pike and Grog are best friends and that connection is clear here as they're specifically interacting with each other and doing so with mugs of ale - which is a fitting addition given their love of drinking. Violence-loving Grog also seems especially pleased at their kill.
Keyleth and Vax are connected as they look at each from a distance - another excellent decision to connect them given their romantic feelings. Vax's affections, like in the show, look more clear here and his pose is more open and casual while Keyleth's body language and facial expression indicate she's more shy and closed off.
Lastly, Vex is playfully interacting with her bear, Trinket, showcasing their bond and her affinity for animals as a Beast Master. She's also sitting next to her brother, Vax.
And, of course, the monster they're sitting on/next to is an obvious indication that they were successful hunters, which speaks to their role as mercenaries.
All in all, a wonderfully thought-out and executed piece of promotional art.
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dragontopaz · 2 days
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Percy + 2x06
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harusuki · 2 days
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the legend of vox machina gifset per episodeseason 1 episode 2: the terror of tal'dorei part 2
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aloseirart · 1 day
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I'm pretty proud of my first Critical Role fanart 🤔
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art-of-vox-machina · 2 days
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THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA | 1x08 Storyboard Layout
By Phil Bourassa
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vaxlethtrash · 2 days
Vax and Vex are an expert inversion of gender roles without having to stereotype and act like the opposite gender in this essay I will—
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demigoddessqueens · 2 days
#7 Kissing Meme Vax'ildan
I hear “Vax” and “kiss” 👀💕
A/n: Also I combined this writing prompt with number seven from Here
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The morning sun woke you as it peeked through the curtained-windows. Squinting your eyes as you awoke, you stretched across the bed before wiping way the sleep.
Feeling a weight draped across your waist, you peered down to see a toned armed trying to hold your waist in place. The soft snores from Vax were too dear to you as the rest of your body awoke.
As much as it was tempting to stay in bed, you had to rise soon before the others wandered. That was the idea until you heard a small groan and felt soft lips brush against your free hand.
“Don’t move.”
One eye peeled open, hair mussed out of his braids, and a hoarse sleep-laced voice. Who were you to resist?
With a small laugh, you leaned only slightly further into the bed as he softly plastered kisses along the inner side of your wrist and hand before facing you entirely.
“Good morning, my love.”
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moonfruito · 13 hours
bro i finally caught up with the legend of vox machine series and i went "wow vax and keyleth are so cute together!!! i'm going to watch this six hour long supercut of all their moments :))" and i have been in a state of depression since i did. i was fucking bawling. what the fuck.
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arcadialedger · 2 days
My favorite fictional twins <3
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Shoutout to Aja and Krel as well, who… might be twins? It’s not clear.
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