#the only thing better than a totally chaotic group is a totally chaotic group with that one chill guy who goes along with it
vetinarini · 3 months
Soooo after I reblogged some of OSP's JttW content, I get the Lego Monkie Kid recommended posts and blogs thrown at me every 4 minutes on my dash. Fiiiine, I went to check out the pilot.
And ok.
Tumblr was right.
The pilot episode is hilarious and the animation ABSOLUTELY SLAPS. I keep rewinding because there are so many good gags happening in the background, or just because the animation was so pretty I wanted to see it thrice. This is like a crackfic with the production value of movie theater animated blockbusters.
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cupcakeslushie · 2 months
About that crossover thing- I am exclusively a rise fan. It’s the first iteration I’ve ever committed to actually watching because i liked the art style. I know next to nothing about 2k12 or it’s characters, and the Raph bashing still pisses me off majorly.
A lot of the time it comes off as putting the rise turtles on some sort of pedestal, which is… uncomfortable. I don’t even know this man, but I am very certain he is Not That Terrible.
I will never understand why, when fandoms have situations like this, with multiple iterations meeting, we have to shit on one version to make the other one look better. Like a little razzing is understandable, but calling 2012 Raph abusive? Hell no. As an only child (who was raised with a lot of cousins), I can say with absolute certainty, those ppl have no siblings. Get out of here with that.
Like, every version of the boys are just stupid chaotic siblings, ALL OF THEM. Rise Raph might be a gentle giant but that sweet bitch has his own anger issues. He’s definitely a Raph in his own right. And while Rise Raph is dealing with being the eldest, there’s no question every one of the Rise boys is better behaved than 2012 Mikey.
2012 Raph is dealing with having 2012 Mikey as a little brother, constantly pushing his buttons on purpose…I’d lose my temper quite a lot as well…I love Mikey, but goddamn, he’s is a little menace in 2012. He’s not an innocent little UWU who never did anything wrong, like a lot of the fandom wants to paint him as. That boy loved driving his brothers crazy. And it’s honestly a disservice to his character to make it seem like he doesn’t give back as much shit as he gets, and just lays down and takes it.
If the groups did meet, I think the 2012 boys would be a little thrown off at first, as they’re the older, more experienced ones, but it wouldn’t take long before they were having a ton of fun with the Rise boys. These are, after all the very turtles who caused total and complete havoc the first time they went to an alien planet.
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blazingstar24 · 5 months
So Ashton and Orym? Their dynamic is so very interesting.
Ashton has repeatedly referred to Orym as a person of stability in their group. Despite how true or untrue that may be, it’s clear that they see Orym that way. Ashton looks to Orym in situations of crisis, they look to him to know what to do, how to rally everyone. And Ashton could have been antagonistic to him. There could have been the dynamic of Ashton, chaos gremlin #2, seeing Orym as a stick in the mud or boring af. Yet, Ashton seemingly puts a lot of faith in Orym’s calm and steady nature. They may be rock, but Orym is their rock.
And Ashton’s life has clearly been so chaotic. Lost their parents, thrown into an orphanage, skipped town, did crime, almost died, friends left. They have never known stability or someone who sticks to their guns. It’s not the goodness of Orym that Ashton likes. Because it’s very different than their relations with FCG. FCG is the almost naive goodness that Ashton wants to protect. But with Orym, it’s that he tempers Ashton. He’s someone they can rely on to be there to pick up the pieces.
In a way, it’s also because they want someone to be watching them. Ashton said so when talking to Fearne. They only get into fights so much because they want to know someone is watching them. And in a way, Ashton pushing Orym into this leadership role. Into being a stability check for them. Is because they know Orym keeps an eye on the group. He’s highly in tune with the group’s mood and feelings. Orym is watching. And for Ashton, who has been abandoned, who has lost so much, the simple fact that Orym will be there when shit gets real, is why Ashton puts him on this pedestal.
On the flip side, I think Orym, like he does with the rest of the group, wants what’s best for Ashton. And what’s interesting is that the way he interacts with Ashton is kinda what Orym needs from others for himself. I think that Orym has picked up on the fact that Ashton sees themself as a weapon. Only good for beating the shit out of people. They are gruff and tries to distance themself from the more sentimental side of the group. But Orym’s picked up on the fact that that is totally not true. Ashton fucking gives a shit about the Bell’s Hells. They literally switched from “I would have ran too” to “Nobody gets left behind!”.
Orym knows that Ashton really just wants something they can rely on. And that the mindset of just being a weapon isn’t healthy. So he interacts with him in ways that break down all those walls. Better than FCG can by trying to get him to talk. Orym just treats him like a person. He respects their boundaries of course, but he also gets Ashton to join the group more in happy relaxed moments (like the Sun Tree touching) He grows plants to help with their nosebleed. Orym isn’t necessarily trying to get Ashton to open up, but he’s going to treat him like a person and not just a brawler. Not just the muscle. But he also knows that Ashton does like fighting too and is so willing to let them come up with combos. Which does feed into Ashton’s seeming need for connections to people.
(And Orym kinda needs that sort of thing too cuz god this halfling is throwing himself on the blade and no one has done anything about that yet.)
It’s just so interesting, their dynamic. It’s a bit heavier on Ashton’s part at the moment. But still very interesting.
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The Haikyuu Boys of Karasuno, Fukurodani.
and Inarizaki
Manager has Big Breed Dogs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Karasuno x GN reader; Fukurodani x GN reader; Inarizaki x GN reader
Warnings: none!
AN: This is an Anon request!
🌠 Please Like, Reblog and/or Share to help support my writing 🌠
Honestky they would fit in with a pack of dogs 🤚🏻
Please they are so chaotic it's unreal
Honestly that's probably what attracted them to you
The fact that it wasn't much different than tending to you pack of big dogs 😅
For example 🙌🏻
You're dogs like praise and so does Kageyama, Hinata, Tanaka and Noya
You're dogs like to run- hey so does Hinata and Kageyama!
You have to scold them- please Daichi understands!
Literally you don't even have to turn the dog owner in you off when you are managing Karasuno
So when you being one of your big babies to practice with you
Let's just say everyone loses their mind!
Hinata and your dog will totally chase volleyballs all afternoon
When Kageyama tosses and your dog actually manages to somehow send the ball over the next 🤚🏻
"Wow he better than Hinata"- Kags
"HEY!"- Hinata
Noya will probably stare at the dog because there is a chance it could be taller than him 😭
Tanaka sees how much attention your dog gets from Kiyoko and pls he's so jealous
Asahi is a bit nervous so he keeps his distance
Daichi is just happy that everyone seems go be working hard
"YN can you bring you dog tomorrow too?"- Hinata 🤩
"We'll see"- you giving g him a head pat
Please he's so excited YN
Honestly nobody is surprised you own big dogs
And coincidentally the mystery of how you are so good with Bokuto is finally solved 🤣
Bokuto is just like Hinata, a dog in human form
He has endless energy, ther eis so much jumping and he eats like he's been starved to deal
Plus he's an expert a puppy eyes and loves praise
Bokuto 👉🏻 Golden Retriever energy
So when Akaashi and Bokuto see you walking your massive dogs, Bokuto is so excited!
Please you were headed to the dog park when they spotted you
Your dogs have already taken to Bokuto 🤚🏻
They can sense his energy
"Wiuld you guys like to walk with me to the dog park?- You
"HEY HEY HEY LETS GO!"- Bokuto leading the way
Maybe Akaashi should consider a leash 🤔
At the dog park, Bokuto is so in his element
Please fetch involves him racing the dog to see whose faster
Then having a conversation with said dog
"You were a a second faster but ill get you next time"- Bokuto
Your dog 👉🏻👁👅👁
Akaashi is happy just to sit and watch
He's like a proud parent in a way
Plus he's ecstatic Bokuto is getting his energy out
"Ok it's time to go"- you say calling your dogs
"AWE YN ALREADY"- Bokuto 😫
"I'll tell you what- if Akaashi says it's ok, you can come with me tomorrow! How does that sound?"- You
"AKKKKAAAAASSSHHHIIII PLEASE CAN I???"- Bokuto on his knees begging
"Sure why not"- Akaashi
Please he's so previous I can't 😭
They are very pack like
They travel in a group, arrive in a group and leave in a group 💅🏼
They are also very strong and very devoted
Much like your dogs are
I honestly can say this is a team of all dog people
The only one that gives cat energy is Suna
But I still think he'd appreciate a dog
So when you just happen to be running late and have to bring your dogs to practice, say less
When the team goes on a run, they take your dogs with them
Kita appreciates their ability to keep pace
And also their ability to fetch things like towels and waterbottles
Atsumu is a bit jealous of how much attention you give your giant companions
Please- he'd be having a staring contest with them 😫
Atsumu 👉🏻😐😑
Dogs 👉🏻👁👅👁
The dogs won 😏
You're dogs become besties with Aran!
I'm convinced everyone likes Aran 👏🏻
They will rest their heads on Suna when he rests
Man is quickly changing to a dig person
You're dogs will sit by you when you keep score and help you round up the stray volleyballs
Michinari loves to help with receiving the balls!
Osamu loves how much glaring Atsumu is doing at the dogs 🤣
It's Kita who asks you to being them back
"Of course I will! They enjoyed it"- you 🤗
"This isn't over dog"- Atsumu
Your dog 👉🏻👁👅👁
🤦‍♀️ ignore him YN, he's just jealous 💅🏼
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Inspired by @cosmolovesfandoms
The Ghosts of Sodor aka TGOS
These 6 ghosts roam Sodor, being the first few ghosts on this mysterious island, were once prosperous, and powerful engines. Like Lady, they were once holders of the precious Gold Dust that gives this island life. They were in fact Archangels of the Gold Dust, being given this power by Lady herself. The only two ways that an engine can become an Archangel is if Lady creates you, or she gives you this power, and unfortunately for Timothy, he was neither created nor given this power, Lady didn't know him, and he didn't know her, but he did know of Alfred, Godred, and Proteus when he died, and wanting to be powerful like them, traveled to Sodor and thus began the TGOS.
🤑Alfred - The Narcissist🤑
Alfred Joseph Jordan: Rapier/ Fire/ Oct 28 1911/ Real Age: 113/ Age he plays by: 27/ Scorpio/ 6'5/ Straight??? - He/Him
🤑 - Died by inadvertently burning himself alive in a failed murder attempt in 1925. This is why he has fire powers. He later reappeared as a ghost/demon wanting revenge on Gordon and Henry, believing they were the sole cause of his downfall and death.
🤑 - Is a total asshole, loves being the center of attention, at HATES when people stand up against him.
🤑 - Sees his “friends” as slaves, and will constantly bully Timothy for not being as powerful as him.
🤑 - Is the second most powerful in the group, but denies it and thinks he’s the most powerful.
🤑 - Is 1000% a closeted gay, just think of the Devil from the Cuphead Show, that’s literally him.
🤑 - Loves making fancy suits for himself (and once every other blue moon, some for his friends)
🔯Godred - The Control Freak🔯
Goddess Swiss Barrane: Spear/ Air/ April 1, 1900/ Real Age: 123/ Age he plays by: 28/ Aries/ 6'3/ Asexual but Panromantic - He/Him
🔯 - Died from falling off of Culdee mountain due to a bad storm and him being reckless in said storm.
🔯 - He's the most arrogant twat you'll meet but somehow very formal. He’s the type of villain to be like, “I was expecting you” while petting a cat 😂 “Nothing bad ever happens to Godred!” *proceeds to fall off a mountain to his death*
🔯 - He and Alfred constantly fight for who's the leader…
🔯 - He's very much a flirt, and loves to charm everyone, men and women.
🔯 - Can't STAND being ignored, he must be recognised at all times.
🔯 - He loves his name and truly believes that he's the God of Sodor.
🔯 - Once you tick him off, he shows no mercy, and it takes everyone in the group to calm him down, this man has a temper worse than anyone you know.
��Proteus - The Backbone✨
Proteus ??? ???: Lamp/ Light/ ???/ Real Age: ???/ Age he plays by: ???/ ???/ 5'8/ Nonbinary and AroAce - They/Them
✨ - Hides from everyone cuz they’re tired of everyone asking him for wishes. They turn into a ghost and runs away from any person, engine, animal, ect. They're not dead, but will play dead so you'll leave them alone. The only people they trust is Lady and Godred.
✨ - Is the only one in the group who still has their Gold Dust powers and has tried teaching Timothy how to harness them.
✨ - They're able to create engines and give them his magic, but is too scared they'll become evil.
✨ - They're usually very calm and stoic, but sometimes when things get too chaotic, they'll run away from overstimulation (Autistic? 👀)
✨ - Although they're the leader, they’re very shy and just let's Alfred and Godred think they’re the leaders to avoid confrontation.
🕷Timothy - The Runt🕷
🕷 - Timothy: “You guys always act like you’re better than me!” Alfred, Godred and Proteus: *Looking at him with fancy suit on*
🕷 - Timothy is unfortunately the weakest of the group and is pretty much the group's emotional punching bag, except for Proteus, he always has his back.
🕷 - When Timothy finally had enough, he ran away, leaving his mangled (he tore it up) suit behind (this was made by Alfred himself) and a note saying, “I’m sick of you guys treating me like shit, even when I looked up to you all this time, I’m never coming back, don’t look for me cuz I’ll kill you again if I see any of you…” Proteus was the only one to truly miss Timothy. Timothy doesn’t talk about his time with the group to the Stesel Team. This abuse was the reason why he was scared to join the Stesel Team.
🕷 - Is triggered by Gordon calling Thomas weak and useless and will go OFF on him, often resulting in a mental breakdown. The others think it’s because he loves Thomas, but Thomas thinks otherwise.
🕷 - Alfred and Godred may have drove him a little insane 😅
🔷Darrell - The Grumpy Grandpa🔷
Darrell Charles McIntosh: Morning Star/ Plasma/ April 6 1899/ Real Age: 124/ Age he plays by: 35/ Aries/ 6'8/ Questioning - He/Him
🔷 - Darrell is the grumpy grandpa of the group, and gives very VERY tough love to the others…
🔷 - Didn’t like being in the group and ran off to find his whistle and Donald and Douglas.
🔷 - Only got along with Cadogan, some say they were more than friends! 👀
🔷 - If Cadogan asks enough, Darrell will tell stories about his time on the Caledonian Railway, and for once, he'll actually smile.
🔷 - He can make REALLY good cupcakes but no one knows this, not even Cadogan
❕Cadogan - The Eccentric One❕
Cadogan Fletcher Jennings: Bow and Arrow/ Air/ Dec 17 1854/ Real Age: 169/ Age she plays by: 25/ Sagittarius/ Pansexual - She/Her, They/Them
❕- Is batshit crazy, the others say she needs to be committed to an insane asylum, mainly by Darrell,
❕- Is a horrible singer due to her screaming for others to help and the arrow wound in her chest, but will sing anyway cuz she’s tone deaf. XD
❕- She'll only listen to Darrell or Proteus.
❕- She never sleeps, she just waits for the others to wake up. (And boarder line stalks them while they sleep)
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malphantasias · 9 months
Divorce Quartet Headcanons!
Because I might just implode if i do nothing☆
Divorce Quartet consists of Pearl, Scott, Martyn and Cleo btw!
I've never made a headcanon list before either so this is sure to be a time.
--- --- ---
Sometimes when he's in a silly goofy mood, he blows his goat horn for the specific intent of annoying Martyn; consecutively if he knows Martyn is nearby.
He's a glowy dude. His green streak seems to shimmer when it hits the light justtt right.
Though he rejected Pearl, he is still undeniably worried for her safety, and not just as "well I'll die if she dies". Genuine concern. You can't pry their LL smp dynamic even from my cold dead hands...
Living his best cottagecore life with Cleo! They have frequent meetings where they just vibe and hang out and have a great time. And if it's a bad day where they're getting a lot of damage from their soulbounds, they talk it out with each other and they help each other get through the transmitted pain.
Scott is still holding the grudge of the first session of their souldbounds going off on their own, but between him and cleo, with the right words I think he'd be willing to take them back. It would be awkward as hell when they aren't trying to survive, but better this than your soulbound suddenly dying yknow?
It's Scott's chaotic arc guys! Not that he ever left it but it's definitely obvious here this time. He either comes up with either great ideas or bad ideas that metaphorically (and sometimes literally) blow up in your face in a funny way. No in between. He deserves that after everything.
Every now and then, he feels the phantom pain of his life ending from Last Life SMP due to unnatural it was. He worries that Pearl will feel it through their link.
He bounces a lot between groups of other soulmates.
He hates Cleo. Cleo hates him. It's a match made in hell boys. Is still careful about taking damage but sometimes just out of spite he'll make her do all the healing.
He hopes emotional pain can't be felt through the soulbound link. Sure him and cleo hate each other now but... it still stings knowing you got rejected before could even happen.
Martyn feels like an unapologetic person. He only felt a smudge of hesitation before rejecting pearl and going off on his own. Unless it benefits him, i dont know if he'll even want to join up with pearl again, much less scott and cleo.
Ok but like. Totally freeloads off of the other soulmate pairs of the server. Man has become a travelling hobo.
Not sure of what yet but I really want Pearl to girlboss just a bit too close to the sun.
She got herself a small quaint home for herself and tilly.
She starts to actively feel guilty when she takes damage and does make real attempts to try and lessen it.
Holding out a tiny bit of hope for the GGG's to make a reunion, no matter how miniscule.
Ok but also... red life GGG reunion and Pearl is the reason why. I will not elaborate.
Unlike Scott she knows how to hold a grudge. Earning her trust when you've pre-emptively destroyed it is like trying to feed someone suspicious stew that definitely has poisonous properties and they know it.
Since the last life rule of red lives having to isolate themselves is gone, she'll definitely stick together with Scott if one of them goes red first. Why would she ever abandon the soulmate that SHE'S chosen?
She knows Martyn sometimes doesn't heal on purpose to piss her off and my god does it work. Scott has to keep her from going on a rampage and tearing martyn to pieces herself.
Her and scott made their own thing to represent their chosen soulmate thing; an idea she came up with. Maybe they made flower crowns and exchanged it. Maybe it's something much more meaningful because I'm not that big brain. I like the idea that they represented their soulmate thing their own way.
And that's it, I'm done! Just a bunch of food for thought huh lmao
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blind-the-winds · 4 months
NaNoWriMo 2022: Day 16
Total words written: 37557 Words written today: 3619
Thoughts: Saved most of the writing for the write-in, though I probably should've gotten started earlier. I say this because I didn't quite finish act II there, but I had written a full-on chapter. I also wrote a half a chapter after, so like. Yooooo, literally one tiny scene away from finishing act II. :') (I'm not sure if I'll finish it tonight. Kinda pooped, I admit, but I also know chapter 18 is supposed to be mostly downtime with a freak-out conversation about Mick's powers, Alistair formally inserting themselves into the group, and a lead-up to a time skip.)
BUT. The more important thing is I did go to the write-in today. Write-ins for NaNo are kinda funny, I've noticed. Sometimes, regions will have them in butt-eff nowhere, and only five people go, so it's a gamble as to whether or not it's worth it, and other times, you go to a tiny Starbucks filled wall-to-wall with people. NYC's sort of more the former, which I get because pandemic and also it's a hike to get anywhere in the city.
But would I recommend it? Absolutely. It's been nice to go out and talk to actual people about writing, especially after cooping myself up for years, even before the pandemic. In fact, that's half the reason why I'm having a lot of fun, I admit. Because I remember myself to be absolutely rubbish at talking to people, and somehow, I go to functions like these, and I'm suddenly able to talk and have fun. And the people at tonight's shindig were super nice. Like, everyone was super nice. They're all funny and interesting, and it was a delight to sit down and feel like I'm actually hanging out.
We're doing it again next week, by the way.
*claps hands* Anyway, today's writing. Alistair's a delight to write, as it turns out, because they're about as chaotic as Luka but on the good end of the spectrum, not the shady as fuck end. Pretty sure they can see the fourth wall too. And of course, more action scenes, because Lady of Technicalities happened. There were so many good parts. :')
Still, as much as I would love to give you Alistair's first spoken lines in the whole shebang, I'm gonna have to go with a little excerpt that shows off what Lady of Technicalities became, because as it turns out, my favorite thing is letting Mick enjoy playing with his form.
Because that's definitely not going to turn into a bad thing at any point, amirite? :V
Excerpt of the day: (Warning! Longer than usual at 720 words!)
Mick swirled through the hall and fell into a run behind her. It had been hours since he took on the glamour of a dog, and now that he could stretch his wings and run naturally and let his body flow the way it should, everything felt better. Every bit of energy within him sparked to life and filled his entire being, and he almost felt giddy—maybe even a little drunk on the magic he could now unleash. If only he could stretch to his usual size . . . Behind them, Mick could hear Etienne’s voice cry out Eleanor’s name, followed shortly by a barked command from Lord Ismael and the shouting of— Oh. Oh gods. Snapping back into reality, he glanced over his shoulder to find dozens of soldiers in Order uniforms. Some carried rifles that they were readying as they ran; others carried staves meant to amplify and channel magic. “Mick?” Eleanor shouted. “You did have a plan, right?!” Mick laughed nervously. “Ah . . . you know, I was just getting to that.” Eleanor groaned and pivoted to the left. “You could have just said no!” And Mick followed effortlessly, charging into another hallway and following at her heels. “Oh thank gods. That means you have one?” “Almost, which is good enough!” Eleanor picked up the pace and led Mick straight down the next hallway, straight through a set of doors and onto a balcony. A handful of chairs and tables spread out before them, with a few students set up with books and journals at some of them. One look at the dragon who charged onto the balcony, and the students cleared out, rushing back into the building with shouts and screams. Eleanor raced to the edge of the balcony and looked down. Mick wasn’t that far behind her, and for a second, they both took inventory. Fifteen stories up. Ten riflemen. Five trained wizards. Eleanor looked at Mick with a mixture of confidence and concern. “Okay, Mick. Think you can outrun bullets and magic?” she asked. Mick pulled himself onto the iron rail at the edge of the balcony. “Probably won’t need to outrun the bullets, but the magic?” “Lady Eleanor Chevalier!” Lord Ismael barked behind them. Not far behind them. Eleanor patted Mick’s flank. “I trust you. Go. I’ll stall them as long as I can while you get comfortable.” Mick smirked back and dropped off the balcony. He twisted in the air and closed his eyes. Above him, he could hear Ismael’s voice. “In the name of the Crown and the Twelve Gods, I order you to surrender yourself and the grimoire. We know you have it.” The wind cut around Mick’s body as he fell. He stretched, his limbs pushing outward further than his bones would allow. His body burned with a fire that blazed outward from his core and consumed his every muscle. And it felt great. “Myself and the grimoire?” Eleanor drawled. “Well, now I feel special. What are the charges, my lord?” “You know what they are.” “Mm. Book that details the life and times of a cleric for a supposedly minor ancient god you’ve taken great pains to contain the knowledge of,” Eleanor purred. “I’m guessing heresy is the charge at hand. Am I close, my lord?” Mick opened his eyes and stretched his wings and caught the wind beneath them. As his body jerked upright, he craned his neck back to the balcony and ignored the screams of Eldaven below. “Heresy?” he whispered. He looked up, squinting at the balcony. “Lady Chevalier, please don’t make this harder than it has to be. Think of your family’s reputation.” Eleanor burst into a shrieking laughter. “Lord Ismael, if you knew me at all, you’d understand my family’s reputation means nothing to me.” Here, Mick could hear the ring of Eleanor’s boots against the metal railing of the balcony, and a moment later, Eleanor came into view. “Though if you do talk to my father at any point in your investigation of these crimes I’m supposedly committing, I do hope you’ll clear up whether or not I’ve been disowned yet. I’ve been trying so hard since I turned eighteen, you see.” “Lady Chevalier, get down from there!” Ismael shouted. “In the name of the Twelve Gods!” “‘Get down from there’ . . . ? Well, if you insist.”
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gustingirl · 1 year
gvf headcanon | their s/o is younger
Tumblr media
request: Hello I was wondering you could do some head cannons on the guys with a younger s/o plz
Tumblr media
i think josh would find it adorable? like, i mean in general i don’t know if it would be like a big issue for any of them, but when the age difference is evident, i feel josh would find it cute. i also see him making lots of jokes, like if you don’t know a certain thing he would blame it on your age, saying you’re too young for that, despite him not being much older than you.
a cute scenario i have in mind is during a date. he was dying to take you to a records store, as it was one of his favorite types of dates that he hadn’t had the chance to do with you since you started dating. josh was evidently excited about it, you could tell every single time you two would pass by a store. his little excited face would show up and you would instantly smile. one day, you were walking down the street, hand in hand while checking out the nice day. you noticed josh moving you from one side of the road to the other, while putting himself in the middle so he was the one walking by the street. it was a simple act that he had started doing after you two began dating officially. you had no idea whether he was being chary or just a gentleman, but the intention was there and you adored it. with an arm secluded around your waist, you continued walking while pointing out the nice weather and sky, and then you saw it. the records store was empty, probably with a chill AC on during that summer day and, though josh was distracted in you, on the other hand, you were concentrated on the empty store by your side. with a sharing grin you both entered the place, josh following behind you while now holding your hand tightly. once inside, however, you let your boyfriend guide you around, as you had no idea where to look first. as josh ventured into the place, you were close behind, looking at pretty records. throughout the afternoon, josh walked near you, showing you his favorite records and explaining the reasons behind them and, if you didn’t know an artist, suddenly josh would turn into the cutest comedian.
“what do you mean you don’t know aphrodite’s child?” josh was in awe but with a big smile, showing he was mostly messing with you
“i don’t know, babe” you shrugged giggling shyly, not sure of what else to say “i just guess i’m not into that music”
“no, it’s because you’re baby” you rolled your eyes at the lame joke as your boyfriend used his empty arm to embrace you and pull you close to him, his lips catching your cheek in time to give it a million kisses.
he continued pampering you with little cute kisses, biting from time to time and continuing showing you all his favorite artists.
my headcanons always include sam being a total joker and i just have to say i truly believe this man is able to find fun even where there isn’t. not in a disrespectful way, though. like even going to the grocery store or to a doctor appointment would be a whole ass adventure by his side. in the case of dating a younger partner, i just feel sam would make jokes about it all the time. not like cute jokes like josh, i mean more obvious jokes, you know?
i’ll explain it with a scenario. during summer vacations, you were glad the boys took a break from touring. it was the only moment of the year where you and sam were very free, so you could spend more time together. in this occasion, however, sam had invited you over to his hometown, with the intention of formally introducing you to his family and childhood friends. you had heard millions of stories about his childhood and his town, and you felt like visiting a legend or something. the place was even better than sam had described it, and you truly felt like being in a movie you had seen the trailer of. the boys had planned a family gathering, mostly so you could meet the entire group of relatives. the weekend spent together was amazing, as you discovered the roots of your boyfriend’s chaotic yet loving self. at points during the night, always by sam’s side, you were joking around with some aunts, cousins and his mom. they had a really easy-going personality that could allow even the shyest person to talk freely around them. in your case, you felt like you had always belonged to the family, and sam was of a lot of help. his personality was just so addictive, and he could instantly be the center of attention.
“sam never said you were this funny!” one of his cousins cried as he removed some tears of joy from his face
“that happens when you date me” sam kept on joking, gaining killing elbows from you, directly aimed to his ribs
“shut up, you’re now only funny because you’re dating me” you commented back, rolling your eyes with a smile
“we should have dated sooner, though” sam spoke towards you though loudly enough for everybody to hear
“sooner when?” you raised your eyebrows, laughing in confusion
“like in high school” he was fighting the urge to laugh, knowing exactly what your answer was gonna be
“high school? bitch i was in middle school when you were in high school!”
now the whole circle of people were laughing, along with you, as you and sam stared at each other in agreement. jokes about the age gap were always the best well received, as your different yet similar energies matched perfectly.
i got the idea danny would try to be like more mature and adult than he is. even if the age gap is short, i just imagine danny working his way to seem much older, like that way he would be the perfect match for you. it would be a dumb thing to believe, really, but he wouldn’t think much about it until you point it out.
what you loved the most was dinner with danny. it was the perfect opportunity for both of you to sit down and talk calmly, with nobody interrupting you. talking with danny was always the greatest activity; this man had a sweet way with words and was the best at listening to others with patience and interest, and so you never once felt ignored. however, with time you began noticing something when you were able to be alone with danny. you could always hang out with him and the band, as you could also be alone with him, and you started realizing how different his attitude was in those two different moments. when alone with you, he was a really mature, adult person. and that persona would vanish the second the kiszkas were around. you thought that it could be the guys’ fault at first, as you knew how chaotic they could be. but then you noticed it was not on josh, jake or sam; it was always about you. there wasn’t anything bad with it, but you did make your eyebrows rise at the idea of danny being out of a sudden so grown up by your side. one night you went to have dinner with your boyfriend after spending a whole day with his bandmates.
“and the wine?” the waiter asked with an elegant tone
you proceeded to watch danny talk in the most mature, serious tone you have ever heard him talk in. you were trying to hold in your laughter, as you thought danny was just pretending to be fancy at a fancy restaurant. however, that mature attitude stuck around after the waiter abandoned the table.
“what was that?” you questioned, pointing in the direction in which the waiter left
“what do you mean?” danny truly was clueless
“you talked like my father” you giggled before continuing “what? the daddy thing affected you?”
you witnessed your boyfriend blushing hard, trying to hide his face and looking around to see if anybody caught on that.
“i’m just talking, babe”
“like an old man” you rolled your eyes, slapping his hand before taking it “you were talking about fart jokes with the guys just ten minutes ago, don’t act all mature with me”
and thing was, danny did not listen at all. it was a force stronger than him, like he needed to be older for you. however, with time you got used to it, and finally found the way to turn this against him. let’s just say all this maturity would go down the toilet the second clothes were taken off, and he was no longer the dominating one.
laugh with me but i feel jake would try to pretend he is younger too, like of your same age. i don’t know, i can imagine him trying to learn about “today’s stuff” to feel young, like there’s no age gap, but it would be awfully evident and you would laugh at his attempts of being younger. i imagine him trying to dress like “kids these days” or listening to new music and stuff. i mean he’s not that old but his soul seems to be so i imagine him trying to balance his soul with his real age.
this one day you were bored at home, with jake walking around the house as boredom consumed his soul. unlike you, your boyfriend seemed full of energy, like he wanted to do something but had no idea what exactly to do. you could tell he was desperate for an activity as you watched him rearrange your shelves for the fifth time in the afternoon. with a smile, you got up and offered him to go out, with the idea of maybe reaching the mall and find a store in which to get bored. jake seemed to have different plans and you followed him around, in direction towards this area of second hand stores he adored so much. you walked into one of the thrift shops around, finding all sorts of clothes here and there. the place was insanely huge, the type of maze stores in which even an adult can get lost. with that in mind, you stayed close to jake as you dug into all the clothes you could, finding as many styles as possible. picking all sorts of clothes, you pulled away from jake to complete your outfits, knowing your boyfriend was doing the same. you had always loved how determined he always was with his own style, never once betraying it as he felt comfortable in those clothes. however, you couldn’t help but laugh loudly when you caught him leaving the changing room with the shiniest clothes; a crop top combined with colorful skinny jeans and, for some reason, a fedora in his head. though he seemed proud of his choices, his smile vanished when he heard your unrecognizable laughter.
“what is it?” he was pouting strongly, with his hands on his hips as he stared at you, waiting for you to finish laughing
“you are a mess!” you managed to say once you caught some air
“i wanna look like you! like boys your age” you had no idea why he was being so serious about it, but you could not stop from laughing
“you don’t look like boys my age, you look like a justin bieber drag queen!” now both of you were laughing hard, losing balance as laughter took over your bodies.
“i still look cute, though, right?” he had caught you in his arms before you fell to the floor due to uncontrollable laughter
“yeah but please take these off and go back to your lesbian style”
“fine, if yo- did you call me a lesbian!?”
jake was full on his fake offended look as you once more could not control your laughter. it was impossible to have a boring day by this man’s side.
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holdingforgeneralhugs · 5 months
heheheee i am excited now, can i please get a BoB ship please
i am also totally that person that copy and pastes my description of myself because i can only think about what i do for so long before my brain feels like it's going to explode, for someone who has a big ego, i cannot for the life of me remember what makes me me sometimes
anywayyy I'm 5'4 with long dark brown hair and brown/hazelish eyes. I'm extremely extroverted and love socialising and talking to people and flirting hehe. I can come off as a little cocky sometimes but i am just highly confident in myself and what i do (even if sometimes i am bluffing for the sake of bluffing it till i make it hehe). I'm currently studying psychology and am going to be an officer in the army one day (i'm already an infantry reservist so already starting a little). I spend a lot of time at the gym and focusing on eating well as i strongly believe in keeping fit and treating myself right so naturally, i am on the muscular and not super skinny side. I am the mum/dad of my friend group cause for some reason i give those vibes off, maybe it's just cause i'm good at herding all of my mates together and telling them to sit down and shut up. Probably also because i'm extremely empathetic, like to the point where i kinda unconsciously take on other peoples emotions. In past relationships i've been pretty chill and independent but most of them haven't worked out because i need a man who shows me he want to be with me and if i don't get that then i kinda lose interest. I am also extremely chaotic, like just 24/7 even when i feel like shit you will catch me being spontaneous as hell or laughing my ass off at my own jokes and just always gotta be using my brain for something. I have been described by a lot of people as intimidating or a 'spitfire' cause i'm small but very outspoken and prepared to fight a bitch if they try me or especially my friends. I've also been told i'm scary by a lot of my guy mates cause if you try talk shit i'll put you in your place pretty quickly. Just generally like first glance and chat i'm an angel but later on you realise i'm the devils spawn idk
hello dearest I am soooo sorry this has taken me so long to get to, life's been chaos for the last while but I'm enjoying writing today and I'm on a roll! Anyway enough rambling
I ship you with Ron Speirs
Somehow the two of you trademarked sarcastic flirting and made it your thing. Like you actively search each other out just to do it
He loves getting into psychology talk with you because he finds it so fascinating and loves debating things and ideas with you.
Literal parents of the company. When everyone's acting the idiot there's no duo better than the two of you to gather the troops and whip them into shape.
His favourite thing about you is how kind and understanding you are. Like he'll see you having a deep conversation with someone who's clearly upset and it melts his heart.
He doesn't mind that you're a bit chaotic and always have to be doing something, in fact he thinks it's great cause you usually drag him off to do something fun.
But he somehow always knows if you're putting on a brave front and are actually having a down day.
Everyone knows that if they piss off one of you, they've actually inadvertently pissed off both of you and they're in big trouble cause nobody does a double death glare like you and Ron Speirs. Luz swears he saw someone actually collapse from the weight of those glares.
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authorleaandres · 6 months
May I humbley ask for Kid!Bean AU headcannons? It interests me and I would like to hear more about it! Say yes or I’ll throw a Vavok idea at you
Okay, fuck it, I'm mad at Tumblr now, so you're getting the abridged version. *Flips a table*
TL;DR: Bean's been bumped down to Charmy/Cream/Marine's age group in this AU. Bark found him abandoned as a baby and adopted him. Fang's the drunk, irresponsible uncle. Bean got separated from Bark and Fang during a robot fight once, and was found by Tangle and Jewel. They worked hard to reunite Bean with his dad and uncle. Instant sparks between Bark and Jewel, which everyone including Bean notices, and he bullies the two into a relationship by pretty much adopting Jewel as his mom on the spot. 😂😂😂
So, you're caught up now, here's the headcanons:
-This was a suggestion from someone else (I've sadly forgotten who. 😭 If you guys remember who, please remind me!), But Bean has a teddy bear Fang's convinced is possessed. If it gets destroyed or lost, it'll turn back up a couple hours later unscathed. No one else thinks this is a big deal, but the thing creeps Fang the fuck out.
-Jewel is pretty much the only person Bark trusts 100% to watch Bean. Fang and Tangle let him get up to chaotic shit he shouldn't and Whisper will let him shoot her Wispon if he behaves himself, which also makes Bark quite nervous. The only time he will relax 100% with Bean out of his sight is when he's in Jewel's care.
-For being thrust into the 'Mom' role completely out of nowhere, Jewel takes it in stride. She's always got a room prepared for Bean in case he needs to stay the night at her place, and she reassures Bark constantly that she can watch him anytime a sitter's needed. Once she and Bark actually get together, she insists he and Bean should move in with her, saying a stable home life in a safe small town would be better for the kid than being on the move constantly.
-Fang pretends he's totally not invested in the BugBear romance, but guess who pulled Jewel aside to make sure she heard the (definitely embellished lol) sob story of how Bark found baby Bean abandoned in the snow of cold and harsh North Island? He DOES find Bean's blunt matchmaking attempts absolutely hilarious though, and usually doesn't do much more than just kick back with a drink and watch the awkwardness that ensues.
-This is less of a headcanon, and more of a fun fact: This AU is the debut of Patience the BugBear. After a few years of officially being together, Bark and Jewel start bouncing around the idea of having a second kid. They keep putting it off though out of fear they'd make Bean feel like he's being replaced or that he'd fear they'd love their biological child more than him (neither being true, of course, they both love Bean to pieces!). Once they do work up the courage to run the idea by Bean to see how he reacts, he just hears that he'd get to be a big brother and has NO OTHER THOUGHTS EVER. 😂 But anyway, Patience debuted here, and we all just loved her so much she spread to... *checks notes* ...All of my other AUs except the movie verse one. 😂😂😂 (And she's NOT going in the movie verse AU, guys! I'm not interested in exploring that AU to the point where next gen would start popping up... Although Grandma Brenda is a hilarious idea... No one tempt me, I've already tried and failed to ban Bark and Whisper from my movie verse AU. 😭😭😭)
-Bean gets playdates with Charmy (HEAVILY SUPERVISED) and Cream (not AS supervised, but still VERY supervised). They also get roped into the matchmaking scheme, and focus on their efforts on getting Jewel to crack.
-Marine and Bean have not met yet. Bark and Jewel want to keep it that way, from what they've heard about the raccoon. (No, they don't hate Marine, they just clearly see how that combo can go badly.)
-I believe it was @stillafanofsonic who headed the idea that kid!Bean is an absolute TYRANT to Shadow. He drives the poor guy into fits of rage constantly. Rouge and Omega miss all the torture and mind games, and are convinced Bean's the sweetest baby boy ever, infuriating Shadow further. Sadly, Shadow and Fang COULD join forces on the possessed teddy bear front... If Fang didn't get into 'prove your the alpha dog' moods and pick fights with Shadow constantly. 🙄😂 (Which is a constant in ALL my AUs. Fang takes Shadow being the 'Ultimate Lifeform' as a personal challenge, and will try to pick fights with him. This usually ends with someone, usually Bark, having to scrape Fang's stupid carcass off the pavement.)
-This is the only AU where we have an explanation for Bean's "enjoyment" of Hallmark movies. Rouge got him hooked on them to fuck with poor Bark and Jewel. It's unclear if she did this because she wants to see them get together or if it's just to watch the world burn. 😈
-kid!Bean is 1000% this kind of energy always:
This is immediately followed by Bark and Jewel jumping in to coddle the little guy and check him for injuries. (Meanwhile Fang's floating around in the background going "Guys, he's fine! He'd be screaming if he wasn't." 😂) They're both a little helicoptery (Bark's worse than Jewel, but she's also pretty bad), but it's fine. 😂
Okay, that still got long even with it being the abridged version because SOMEONE (Tumblr) DELETED THE ORIGINAL VERSION!
Now hit me with a Vavok idea anyway. 😂😈
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skiitter · 2 years
Also in my roundabout way I would like to request a Lann ficlet, start with angst but make it happy? or just happy. Or just anything because you are a great writer!!
okay so uh this got away from me but here's 3.8k words of lann pining after the commander and being an idiot in love.
He is not staring. He is restringing his longbow after their latest run in with the remaining demons still lingering in the area, that's it. He is absolutely not staring at his two companions huddled together across the fire. He is not watching with rapt, singular focus at their every interaction, seeking answers in her soft words, his sardonic remarks. The Aasimar gestures rudely with his hands, and she laughs loud, the chorus of it echoing through the empty ramparts. When Daeran dips his head low to whisper in her ear, the skin of her neck flushes and Lann forces himself to look away.
He's pretty sure they're sleeping together. It's hard to know for sure, thanks to his complete lack of experience in interpersonal relationships, not to mention his one and only lover having been someone he'd known since birth. Wenduag was a blunt edge of expectation, and Lann always knew exactly what was happening between them. When it comes to the Commander and Daeran, however, he isn't totally sure.
That unknowing, that gray area of wretched hope, is killing him. Falling for her was not on the agenda, seeing as she'll live for hundreds of years and he's lucky if he's got a decade left. Not to mention that she's (probably) gonna save the world and he's just some Mongrel who's legacy won't extend beyond the small role he's played in the crusade. He's never been a glutton for punishment, what with life underground being horrid enough already, but there is a sweet sting in accepting his unrequited love for her that he can't shake. It drives him, despite it's doomed end, to do whatever he can for her fight. If he cannot give her his heart, he will give her his life.
"You're staring," Seelah whispers, her hulking form crouched next to him as she sharpens her longsword.
"Can you blame me? Looking forlornly into the campfire is just one of my many talents."
Seelah chuckles and jerks her head slightly towards the Commander and Daeran. "Oh you're looking forlornly alright, but it's not at the flames. You should talk to her."
"I do talk to her. I talk to her everyday. Are you saying you don't? Honestly Seelah, she's your commander, you--"
"Fine fine, play coy. I'm just saying Lann, we could die at any minute. Do you really not want her to know how you feel?"
Lann swallows, the ugly reminder of mortality and how the sword strung above him dangles far lower than the Commander's tightening the sinew around his heart. "Sh--she doesn't need any more burdens. The Commander's got enough going on, what with that pesky Worldwound thing." He spares one last glance before turning his body away, enduring the biting cold as the heat of the fire leaves his scaled skin. "She doesn't want to deal with a lovesick Mongrel and really, who could blame her?"
"How could you possibly know what she wants if you don't talk to her?"
"Because it's not her wants I'm concerned with, it's her needs. And she needs me to be good ol' reliable Lann. She needs me to shoot my arrows and kill the baddies. She needs--she needs something she can count on and that something is me."
The Abyss happens all at once and it's a miserable experience for them all. Their time in Drezen made him soft, he thinks, because the camp at the Nexus is horrifically uncomfortable. The ground is somehow colder and harder than any other he's slept on and no amount of fire really chases away the shadows.
They spend a significant amount of time in Alushinyrra, and a significant amount of money staying at the Bad Luck Tavern just to avoid the discomforts of the Nexus. It's on one such expensive stay that a group of frankly moronic thugs try and rob the Commander while she sleeps. Her ever-present and ruthlessly protective Velociraptor dispenses them in quick measure, ripping the throat out of the final victim before Lann even has his bow drawn.
Up until that point they'd opted for three rooms, in groups of two, but they downsize to one after the attack. The Commander's life was hardly in danger but playing with fate isn't something she likes to do, chaotic nature be damned. The tavern owner grumbles but, with a golden incentive, allows them to drag one of the other beds into the room so the sleeping arrangements aren't quite so cramped.
Ember curls up into the Commander's side, her sisterly affection having transformed them from companions to near family. Woljif takes the other bed, offering half of it to Regill. The severe gnome answers him with a severe look and Woljif extends the offer to Lann instead. He glances at Daeran but the Aasimar is already tucking himself into the space between the Commander and the wall. With not a small amount of jealousy, Lann resigns himself to his fate and joins Woljif.
A soft rustling pulls him from a restless slumber some time later and Lann wakes just in time to see the Commander whisper something to Regill, who is stationed at the door, before slipping into the hallway with Daeran in tow. He watches them until they vanish and, as he looks away, makes uncomfortable eye-contact with the gnome. Regill's face is as impassive as always, but Lann feels guilty for some reason, like a kid caught with his hand in the rat cage.
"Is this going to be a problem?" Regill asks him as they head out the next morning. Well, not morning since there is no sun or sky or joy in Alushinyrra.
"Hard to say, this city does tend to be a bit on the rough side," Lann responds.
"The Commander has assured me any physical relationships she has with the party aren't going to be a problem." It's not a question but it's not not a question and Lann looks around to make sure the others aren't paying attention.
"We uh, we aren't in a physical relationship?"
"I know."
"But you want to be, which is arguably worse. So I'll ask you again, is this going to be a problem?"
It occurs to Lann that he should probably do a slightly better job of keeping his apparently obvious feelings on the Commander to himself. "Uh, no. No, it's not." Regill doesn't seem satisfied but then again, when does he ever? "Is uh, I mean, are the Commander and Daeran--"
"I do not gossip," Regill snarls. "Bother the thief with nonsense like that."
Lann does not, in fact, bother the thief with nonsense like that. Instead, he pushes down the swelling of affection he feels at every interaction with the Commander and focuses on the mission. It goes well enough, all things considered, until Savamelekh shows up and nearly kills him.
The demon's revelations are a bit too much for his overtaxed heart to bear and the subsequent bender doesn't help at all. When the Commander finds him, though, he just babbles on about wanting to prove to her he can be what she wants, what she needs, and that she can trust him. "I want to be somebody you can count on. I don't have anything to offer apart from my bow and my dumb jokes....and my life. And they're all yours, if you want them." He glances away, shame and discomfort crushing him from the inside out. "But I doubt you do, not now that I've let you down."
"....I could never turn my back on someone I care about just like that." She's been talking this whole time but it's these words that register hard and fast. Lann stares at her, and she stares back, and the weight of things unsaid on her face is a blessed curse. He forces a smile, bashful but steady, and pulls away from the conversation. It's too much to think about, especially because hope is not his friend, despite its insistence on hanging around.
Later, back at camp, away from everyone but her sharp-eyed Velociraptor, the Commander comes for him. He's not avoiding her, not that he really could thanks to the nature of their new normal in the Abyss, but he's not not avoiding her either. He's sitting at the edge of the cliff, staring out over the sea of fire and the city of demons. She sits beside him, shoulder to shoulder, and they are quiet for a long time.
"Next time I get drunk and come to pour my heart out to you, I'll jot down notes first," he says lightly, glancing at her. Her face is hard to read, not the open expression she'd given him back at the tavern, but he knows her well enough to know she's bothered by something. "I'm kidding of course. I'd never do that -- I don't do notes, I improvise."
"Why do you do that?"
"Improvisation is just one of my many skills, honed from my illustrious life as a Mongrel hunter. Sometimes, you got out to hunt for some rats and end up fighting a--"
"Lann, stop." He does, if only because her tone is firm. "Why do you always demean what you say with humor?"
"I'm....funny like that?"
She scowls at him and her raptor lets out a soft hiss. He's pretty sure they're connected, somehow, because otherwise that would be just plain freaky. "I love that you're funny, Desna knows we need something lighthearted with Regill around, but sometimes I--" She falters, his rocksteady monument of a Commander, and it scares him. "Sometimes I just want you to tell me how you feel."
His heart races, and hope is such a dangerous, cruel thing. "I did tell you how I felt...I meant what I said, back at the tavern. I...I'd do anything for you." The confession settles between them, demanding to be addressed.
"For me, or for the crusade, for the cause?" She's asking him a different question, he thinks.
"Because Lann, I--you are--"
"What about Daeran?" He says it in a rush, because he can't handle whatever it is she's trying to confess.
"What about Daeran?"
"Aren't you--ya know--"
"Lann, would you do anything for me or for the crusade? To whom are you pledging your life too? Is it me? I need to know because I cannot carry on like this."
More shame, some more guilt, all for Lann. Of course his unwanted affections made her uncomfortable, of course he took her caring treatment of him to mean more than it was supposed to. He wants to leave, because he also kind of wants to cry. "Commander..."
"Not commander. Lann, please for this moment can I just be a person to you?"
She's crying, for some reason, and he doesn't know what to do. "You're always a person to me. I--you know that."
"To whom do you pledge your life?"
In the end, he knows what's more important. "The--the crusade." Lann knows that she needs to be able to rely on him without thinking he's reading into her every action, her every word. His wants are second to her needs, just as it should be.
Her face crumples, though, and the twist of her mouth breaks his heart. "Right. Okay. Of course." She stands, dusting her robes off and refuses to look him in the eye. Lann realizes immediately that he's said the wrong thing, despite his efforts to do the exact opposite.
"Have a good night, Lann. Thank you for….thank you for clearing that up."
Her raptor snarls at him when he stands up to stop her and she is gone.
The next day, she announces they are heading deep into the heart of the Abyss. And, for the first time since he followed her out of the dark and into the sun, she leaves him behind.
Six months. Six long, bloody, dangerous months. He runs point with Greybor, struggling to keep the Commander's hoard of refugees safe, and spends each watch with Solsiel, pointedly not talking about their missing leader.
Several times the idea of her death comes up and he stops fighting against it. He's pretty sure they'd leave but there is no where to go. Groups of demons hunt them for sport and it's a miracle he's able to keep himself in one piece. Nenio is insufferable. Seelah is too positive. He misses Ember, and Wolfji. He misses Regill and his cold practicality. He misses the Commander and the smile she used to shoot him when he'd struck down an enemy in their path.
Eventually, it's just the five of them left. Every other life she'd saved has been systematically eradicated by the horrors of the Abyss. Still, they wait because what else are they supposed to do?
She returns, of course, because she's more myth than woman these days. What was six horrific months in hell for those left behind, was less than two weeks for them. Two weeks. The Commander doesn't cry when she sees the devastation that's been wrought in the wake of her absence. Her left hand trembles, but she stays strong. Just as quickly as they'd come, she shows them the way home.
Drezen is in shambles and it takes another week just to kill the demon forces that have taken their city. In that week, she treats him as warmly as she does Greybor. That is to say, her polite indifference is breaking him.
As things return to normal, and he contends with the loss of his tribe, Lann considers what to do. He's messed up, somehow, and he's spent six months worrying over it. He's pretty sure she wanted him to admit that it was to her he swore his life. He's pretty sure he knows why. A (admittedly short) life spent hunting for things unseen and he completely missed the things she'd tried to say.
He misses her feverishly. She's busy, daily, managing the shambles left of her crusade armies after the Queen had her way with them. The party has yet to leave Drezen since returning and Daeran has yet to leave the Commander's side. Lann feels replaced, usurped, and he cannot take it anymore.
Her door is shut, but there is candlelight spilling out underneath. Before the courage leaves him, he knocks and calls out her name.
"Lann?" She opens the door and he's half expecting to see Daeran, arrogant and naked, sprawled across her bed. Instead it's just her, exhausted and anxious, looking at him with a guarded expression. "What's wrong?"
"Oh, ya know, just everything." He tries for humorous but it comes out pathetic and they both frown. "Can I--can I come in?"
She steps aside, allowing him entrance. He's never been here, in all his time in Drezen, and while he's not totally sure what he expected, it's still a surprise. Her quarters are small, smaller than the house she'd given him upon their initial taking of the city. The desk is covered in maps and missives, and her gear is in a pile by the door. The raptor has a bed, set up beside her own, and Lann is pretty sure it looks far more comfortable than the Commander's. There is nowhere to sit so they both just stand there, awkward and uncomfortable, as she closes the door.
"What's going on? Have you heard from the clan?"
That particular sting of worry rolls over him and Lann shakes his head to push it away. "No, not yet. All quiet on the Mongrel front."
"I'm sorry, Lann." She reaches out for a moment, as if to comfort him, but stops herself short. "We'll find them, I promise."
"I didn't come here to talk about the clan."
"Boy, is this awkward. Uhm," he clears his throat to buy time. "Do you remember that last conversation we had?"
Her expression becomes an echo of the one she wore that night. "I do."
"I uh, I would like to do it over again."
The Commander narrows her eyes. "Why?"
Lann runs a hand through his hair, and stares at the wall beside her because if he looks at her, he'll fall apart. "I think I messed it up."
"Lann, you don't have to do this."
"Yeah, I kinda do."
She shakes her head. "It's okay I know that--what you said it's--we're fine."
"You were gone for six months, ya know. Six shitty, ugly months. You've never left me behind before." It's not an accusation but she flinches anyway. "I had a lot of time to think. Not a lot else to do, really. Well, aside from entertaining Nenio and rejecting Camellia's frankly terrifying propositions."
"She asked to sleep with you?" The Commander is suddenly furious and Lann is shameless in how warm her indignation makes him feel.
"Well, not in so many words and really, I'm kind of dense, but sneaking into my bed at night was--"
"Did she hurt you?"
"Did she hurt you?"
"I--I don't know what you think sex with a Mongrel is like--"
"You slept together?" Her fury simmers down and turns her face cold.
"No! This isn't about that. I don't want to talk about Camellia. It was only once and--no. She didn't--we--nothing happened."
"You could--"
"Commander, excuse the insubordination here, but please shut up. This isn't easy and I'm losing my nerve." She frowns, but stays silent. "I want to change my answer."
"To what question?"
"To the one you asked me that night. I lied."
"What?" The inflection is too hopeful and Lann forces himself to look at her.
"It's not for the crusade or the cause or the world. It's--it's for you. My life, I mean. I'm pledging it to you. I misread things, I didn't understand what you meant. I--my life, my bow, my dumb jokes, it's yours." He struggles not to fidget, or downplay what he's saying with humor. She's staring at him, and she's crying but this time he knows why. "And my heart. If--if you want it. It's yours."
"Lann," she whispers and closes the gap between them. Her hands come up to cup the sides of his face, and they are trembling. It's a perfect match to his own shaking nerves. "Are you sure?"
He laughs, and it's watery. "It's hardly something precious to me. It's just all I have to give you and--and well really, it's already yours."
"How long?"
"Ugh no, the last thing you need to know is how long I've been pining over you."
"It was the Gargoyle attack for me, the one at the camp." She confesses it so easily, and he's rendered speechless. "When it was you that came to find me and tell me everyone was taken, my very first thought was relief; relief because they didn't take you." She presses her forehead to his own, their noses brushing. "From the moment we left for Colyphyr, I regretted leaving you behind. I could barely focus for the first few days because I was so worried about you. Every day I woke up, expecting to see you, to talk to you, and you weren't there and it was my fault. I was so mad at myself for letting my stupid feelings get in the way but the thought of having you near and knowing you'd never want me that way it--" her voice breaks and he wraps his arms around her, holding her tight.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I should have realized what you were asking, I--"
"No, I'm sorry," She pulls back to look at him. "I'm so sorry I didn't just come right out and ask you how you felt. I was just scared, scared of rejection and what I would do if you said no."
"I would never--I love you." He reddens from ear to tail and he immediately wants to take it back.
Her eyes widened. "You do?"
"Well, I didn't really want to just come out and say it. I was hoping for a little more romance. Some candles, maybe a rat shaped pastry or two. We could probably get someone to play--"
"I love you, too." She captures his mouth with her own before he can stumble over anymore words and Lann relents happily to her efforts. She kisses him like he's always wanted to kiss her, all passion and tenderness, and disgustingly sincere affection. Their arms wind around one another and she pulls him to her bed.
Lann stops her. "We don't have too, really. I know I'm not exactly easy to look at--"
"Lann. I’m only going to say this once, so pay attention.” She sets him down beside her and once more takes his face in her hands. “Don’t you ever, ever talk about yourself that way again, okay? I love you, all of you, every bit and I want you, in any and every way you’ll let me.” She kissed him again, softly. “We don’t have to rush into anything, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Just--just please know that, regardless of what you’ve been told, you’re beautiful and--and I will happily take you to bed every night.”
“Just to bed?” He aims for suggestive and, every bit the archer, he strikes true. “But there are so many other places I wish to be taken.”
“We’ll have a veritable world tour of it, but for now, can I have you here? Because this is all I’ve thought about for months and if I don’t fulfill that fantasy, I may die.”
“Regill would have my head for that.”
“He is possibly the least sexy person you could bring up at this point in time.”
Lann crowds into her, forcing her backwards until he has her pinned beneath him. “Imagine the report I’d have to write: Knight-Commander of the Fifth Crusade dies because local Mongrel fails to fulfill her sexual fantasies.” He kisses her once before moving his attention down the breadth of her jawline, and onto her neck. Her breath hitches, pressing her body up into his. “Good thing that’ll never happen because I’m a terrible writer.”
“Lann,” it’s nearly a whine, only just, but it’s enough to make him shudder, “please.” He’s always been excellent at following orders and there is no reason to stop now. Whatever she needs, he thinks, whatever she asks, he’ll give. It’s a scary thought, but it’s the only one he’s had for it feels like his whole life. Her hands snake across the skin of his chest, pulling at his armor with frantic hands. “Let me see you. Let me touch you.”
He relents, and soon they are but a tangled mess of limbs. It’s nothing like he’s known, but he’s ruined forever now. He’s hers, like he has been since that serendipitous moment beneath the ruins of Kenabres, and to his unbelievable shock and surprise, she is his.
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thatgoblin · 1 year
Chris x Leon with a Baby Girl Headcannons
Tumblr media
Anonymous asked:
Chris is unsure of how it really came to be, but he and Leon had a baby. A baby girl to be exact.
He's enamored with her the first time he meets her and can't stop staring at this tiny person that was his. She couldn't stop staring back either.
Leon thinks it's the funniest thing ever. This big man and tiny child just look at one another as if they were trying to figure out what the other truly was.
There had been a lead up to her arrival, Chris taking the lead to make sure they had everything they would need. He read all the books and all the mommy blogs, even found with restaurants and such had a diaper changing station in the men's room in their area.
He had felt prepared and ready.
Leon knew it was all going to go down the drain once the baby got there, so he just read stuff, made sure to have bottles, clothes, a crib, and diapers. After all, until she got older all she was going to do was sleep and eat and cry. Why waste money and over crowd the nursery?
As much as he hated to admit it, Leon was on the money.
Chris thought everything was full proof and then they brought her home and she did not follow any of the books or blogs he read.
She was crying non-stop then would sleep for longer than was said or didn't want to eat when he held her, but only in a small, tilted chair, but the next day she only wanted to be held.
Chris was confused and frightened, but would never give up.
Leon thought he was a goof and just played it by ear. It really wasn't complicated. Change her when she needed to, feed her when she needed to, let her sleep when she needed to.
That didn't mean it wasn't hard.
Claire lots count of how many times Chris accidentally called her while trying to call Leon because of sleep deprivation.
Jill of course came over to lend a hand and watch the baby so the couple could get some sleep.
Carlos was too loud at first and was banned till he could control himself.
Chris was sure that if it wasn't for the others, he and Leon would have gone mad.
Leon calls him dramatic because he has so many pictures of Chris asleep on the couch with Baby Girl on his chest sleeping as well. That wasn't madness, that was bonding time.
Leon was just as guilting at letting her sleep with them. Chris was so sure they'd squish her in their sleep, but then Leon reminded them how light they slept to begin with.
Thus them taking turns with her sleeping on them started and helped everyone sleep better.
Neither men were much for dressing the baby up, but Leon couldn't resist some of the animal get ups he saw.
The hats with panda or raccoon or fox ears, the onesies that had animal prints, the ones that had tails.
'Baby Fox loves her tail.'
'Yeah, loves to chew on it.'
'You leave her alone. She's happy and not crying and looks hella cute.'
Leon takes all the pictures he can and sends them to a group chat. Some can't figure out if they're actually different pictures or the same one over and over.
You bet your sweet ass Chris works out with her. He straps on a baby Björn, puts a big sun hat on her, and goes for a run. The moms of the area swoon regularly when they see Baby Fox and Chris trot by.
Leon has totally put some of the extra thirsty ones in their place without Chris knowing.
The first holidays are chaotic in the best way.
Baby Fox doesn't care what she gets because she wants that box and wrapping paper before NOISE.
Thankfully everyone knows to go for diapers or clothes because holy shit is she growing fast.
Soon enough she's babbling as loud as possible because she can and refuses to stop even when Daddy's on an important call to the President.
'Sorry Sir, that's my daughter.'
'Don't be sorry, Son. She has things to say. Let her say them.'
Papa doesn't mind so much only when he's holding her and she starts shrieking like a pterodactyl in his ear. Chris is sure he's had gun fire that wasn't as loud as her.
Her first words aren't quite what they expect either.
'Come on, say Daddy. Say Daddy.'
'Papa. It's easy, Papa.'
'Baba! Baba!'
' . . . She wants a bottle.'
'Of course she does.'
When she starts walking, look out!
Chris has lost count of how many times Baby Fox swiped Leon's phone and facetimed him while he was at work (Both he and Leon had taken desk jobs just before Baby Fox's arrival) . Usually she's squeal with delight when she saw Chris and babble to him as she waved and tried to touch him. Chris would laugh as the others came to see what was so funny.
Cue the Benny Hill music as Leon chases her down to her shrieking laughter, all while Chris is watching this unfold. He always screen records it to save for later.
They're absolute favorite time is in the evening. After dinner and bath time, when everyone is winding down, Chris or Leon will rock their baby girl till she's sound asleep. Once she's down, they have some tv time while curled up on the couch before heading to bed.
There's no more night terrors or worries about BOWs. They don't worry about the next mission because there's only one. Raising Baby Fox and being there for her.
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gryffindors-weasley · 2 years
It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You
Young!Sirius Black x Reader
Summary: After several moments having gone by of the two of you skirting around your feelings, the right time finally arises.
Word Count: 5.9k oops
Warnings: mild angst, smoking, mutual pining, fluff, kissing
Tumblr media
It had been no secret that Sirius Black had a penchant for walking on the wild side, for being braver than most in nearly everything he’s done and will do. There were times where he had been perhaps too adventurous for his own good, but that would never stop him from continuing on with his habits. There was never a dull moment so long as he was around for it, but, over the years he’s come to realize those moments aren’t complete unless one person in particular is there to share them with. You.
October 19, 1977
You stood at the base of the carpeted stairs with your arms crossed over your chest, lips parted as you tried your hardest to mull over the words just spoken to you. The offer just given to you that required an answer of approval; anything other than yes simply wouldn’t be accepted. That would be downright ridiculous.
“On a what?” You ask once you’d thought about it for a few seconds, unsure if you’d even heard him correctly and immediately hushed for your nearly too loud tone of surprise.
Sirius stood before you with a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth as he tucked his hair behind his ear, a chunk falling back in his face. His smile was far more than telling that he was up to no good at all, but you were beginning to realize that he hardly ever was. He lifted his hand and swirled the lone set of glimmering metallic keys around his finger, his smile only widening at the thought running through his mind.
“A drive,” he said, speaking as if it were completely and utterly normal to be taking his best friends’ fathers car without permission. As if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
A laugh fell past his lips upon seeing your mouth open and close a few times in confusion, in contemplation, head tilted and brows furrowed as you looked up at him curiously. “You are planning on taking Mr. Potter’s beloved car?”
He nods, “yes, Y/n/n, that’s the one.”
“And you’re planning on dragging me along to get in the inevitable trouble you’ll be getting into once he sees it’s missing?”
“That’s the idea, yes,” he smiles.
You squint up at him and meet his gray gaze, his own stare holding something akin to mischief as he was rapidly growing more antsy and impatient by the second with your hesitancy. You turn and look over your shoulder, peering into the living room just mere paces away from where the two of you had stood in the Potter household. Mr. Potter had been reclined in his favorite chair as a miscellaneous television show had been playing, fast asleep with that morning’s paper in his lap and his glasses halfway down his nose. The setting sun had been spilling through the open blinds, casting stripes of orange on the walls as a lamp on an end table illuminated the room.
Mrs. Potter had taken her knitting elsewhere to avoid her husband’s very obvious snoring, presumably tucked away comfortably in their bedroom and would likely remain there except to wake her husband should he not be in bed by ten o’clock. James hadn’t come home yet, having been out in the town with Lily. Time never seemed to exist when he was with her, always finding himself returning home far past curfew to be teased by Sirius for being too lovestruck for his own good. Though, it was something James had readily fired back because he too was just as in love even though he’d denied it.
So, needless to say, Sirius was bored and itching to get out of the house.
You turned back to him with pursed lips, his brow raised in anticipation as he rocked back and forth from his heels to his toes.
“Why do I feel like this isn’t the first time you’ve done this?” You ask, voice just above a whisper.
“Oh, come on.” His eye roll is immediate as he grabs your hand, tugging you out of the door with a smile on his lips. You tried not to let your cheeks burn at the feel of his hand in yours, the hand that had yet to let go as he looked back and smiled at you. “And no, it’s not the first time.”
It was your turn to roll your eyes now as he let go of your hand in favor of opening your door with a dramatic wave of his hand to gesture towards your seat, nearly walking into the hood of the pristine car from being far too busy sending you a smile. He makes up for it as he hops over the door and into the driver’s seat with ease, flashing you a smile as he puts the keys in the ignition.
He pauses for a few seconds seemingly not of his own accord, momentarily taken by the way the setting sun glimmers on your skin and sparkles in your eyes. By the way you’re smiling at him even when he’s being a complete idiot who trips over his own two feet because he’s too busy doing exactly what he is doing in the current moment. Staring.
He often wonders how he manages to stay so collected around you, exchanging his fond feelings for charm and witty comebacks to your even wittier quips. But clearly, so clearly his attempts to appear so collected were rapidly crumbling around him with each passing second he spends staring at you. Though even so, he finds he doesn’t have it in him to cut it out.
“Well, are we going to drive or wait for Mr. Potter to catch us?” You tease, pinching his chin gently in your hand to further your taunting. “If you take a picture it just might last longer.”
He rolls his eyes and puts the car in gear, setting off down the road. You pretend your stomach isn’t a mess of butterflies at the way he’d been gazing, you try to keep your mind from playing into the flurry of possibilities of what it might mean. But absolutely nothing could stop the way your cheeks burned as a result, but the wind in your hair was easy to focus on, the wind pressing on your palms as you stuck your hands above you.
Sirius let out a holler as he sped off down the countryside, the breeze sifting through his hair as your brief moment of shared smiles only added to the exhilaration you felt having taken the car without permission. As he turned the radio up to an ever familiar classic rock song.
Yeah, it was totally worth it.
March 7, 1978
The common room was filled with giddy gryffindors and colored team flags that night, half of them still cheery over the outstanding victory of the quidditch team earlier that evening. Still dressed in their jerseys, their faces still painted red and yellow. The other half were having just as much fun as an endless amount of laughter filters through the room and bounces off its stone walls.
James, of course, had been amongst the happiest—it was his team that had won after all. And Lily had fallen close behind him, her fond gaze set on her lover as much as she would beg to differ. Remus was just happy to be there in the moment with his best friends, his smile near constant much like everyone else in the room.
Everything was a haze of gryffindor colors; red pillows scattered on the floor from those who’d stood on the couches, ruffled tapestries along the walls. The latest hits from Queen and ABBA had been playing on repeat as everyone in the room had been having the night of their lives in the name of victory, good natured fun filling boisterously in the cozy space. It was a good night really, but everyone you’d hoped to be there wasn’t in attendance, the one person you found yourself wanting to see most wasn’t there.
He’d disappeared shortly after the match, one he’d sat through with merely half as much enthusiasm as he’d usually had in support of one of his best friends. Of course he’d made it a priority to congratulate him on his winning, he always had and he always will, but you were quick to realize even amongst the bustling crowd of cheerful teens that he hadn’t made it back to the common room with the rest of the group.
It was entirely too easy to tell when he wasn’t around, it always was. Things had lacked a certain light, a certain energy only his charisma could bring forth in anywhere he’d gone. It wasn’t far off to say that he’d been important to your tight knit group of friends; he was chaotic, he was rebellious, he was Sirius.
You had barely gone ten minutes in that party before you found yourself slipping from the common room in search of your best friend. You knew just where to find him as you navigated the dimly moonlit corridors with purpose in your stride, the music still ringing in your ears despite your otherwise quiet surroundings. He was rather predictable to the select few who knew him almost better than he knew himself, but you still held hope in your heart that he’d be just where you’d felt he’d run off to as you climbed the spiral staircase.
You were right.
A soft smile tugged at the corner of your mouth when your gaze fell upon the raven haired boy, his dimpled chin in his palm as he sat alone. His gaze was set on the stars above, glimmering bright and high in the sky in the perfect view given from the astronomy tower. You sighed softly at the sight of him before you, shoulders slumping a bit as you approach him.
“The party is downstairs, you know,” you spoke lightheartedly, moving to sit down with him and nudging him with your elbow when you did so. “It happens to be one of our last here.”
“I’m not really in the partying mood, Y/n/n,” he grumbles with a soft huff, his gaze focused ahead of him and his jaw clenching. Though he finds himself nudging you knee with his moments later in hopes that it’d soften the accidental harshness of his tone. He hadn’t meant to sound so irritated, especially not with you.
You sigh softly, your eyes dropping to where he’d been continuously picking at a hole in the knee of his jeans before lifting to him once more. You were certain you knew just what was plaguing his mind for the entirety of the day, at least that long and possibly more. It wasn’t uncommon for him to linger on the past and rightfully so, but you decided against speaking further on the subject as a smile pulls at the corners of your mouth.
“Are you ever?” You jest, making light of the brooding expression on his face.
He finally looks at you then, his eyes narrowed in a gray stare at your words as he tries his very hardest to stifle his smile. “Have you come to bother me, Y/n?”
You shoved at his shoulder lightly as your mouth fell agape in only half surprise at his words, laughter leaving your lips nonetheless as you squinted up at him. “Sirius Orion Black, I wholeheartedly believe it is my job to bother you.”
He rolls his eyes then, a scoff sounding and soon to be followed by the laugh leaving his lips as he shook his head. “Well I’m wholeheartedly convinced that you’re doing a wonderful job.”
His quip is as lighthearted as your own as you share a look of scrunched noses and faux frowns, ones that fade into soft smiles as you bring yourself to look away before your cheeks burn redder than the crimson shirt you’d been wearing. Unbeknownst to you, and something that he doesn’t plan to shed any light on, he was grateful for the lack of proper lighting otherwise you just might see the matching shade of red on his face. Something only ever achievable by you even if you hadn’t known it.
Your mingled laughter had quieted as you sat with him, and you couldn’t help but to steal another glance in his direction. His lingering smile was evident even as strands of black hair splayed across his cheek from where they’d once been tucked behind his ear. One that just minutes before was far from making its appearance when he’d sat there by himself and drowned in the gravity of his past leading up to this point.
His closest friends had never failed to bring out the absolute best in him, something he found himself immensely grateful to have. To be able to be loyal to people he knows will always want what is best for him. But as he sits there, no longer alone as he had been in that tower for a short while, he’s with the one person he had hoped would come looking for him. The one person always stuck on his mind and he knows you always will be.
You found it in yourself to look away from your best friend just a little too late as you bit the inside of your cheek, having known he’d caught your stare but too prideful to check and make sure he really had. Instead, you drop your head to rest on his shoulder and grab his hand with a squeeze, the softest of reminders that you were there. It was an action that made his heart flutter and race all the same.
“Eager to hold my hand, Y/n?” He teases, his charm making its reappearance.
You lift your head and release his hand with a poorly attempted glare, holding his gaze only briefly before you fell back into your previous position. “You really do make it terribly hard to tolerate, do you know that, Sirius?”
His smile widens as your words, his laughter sounding once more.
“Well, I wholeheartedly believe it is my job to do so,” he states, repeating your earlier choice of words as he rests his head atop yours.
“And I’m wholeheartedly convinced you’re doing a wonderful job.”
He nudges your foot with his converse in response, cheek still pressed to the top of your head as he laughs when you do the same. You really were something else entirely and he knew that, you were witty and fierce and entirely too extraordinary for him to begin to fathom. He’s quiet for a moment as he thinks things over, as he enjoys your company and the way you chose to leave the fun of the party in favor of finding him. Yeah, he still can never believe it. He’s quiet for a few more moments as he mulls over his next words.
“I didn’t say you had to let go of my hand,” he mumbles, tossing it out as a suggestion he hopes you understood the point of.
He didn’t have to wonder too long as your hand soon slips in his once more, thumbs crossing over and fingertips curling over the backs of your clasped hands. A softer smile is shared but unseen, and he’s quickly reminded that a moment like this is much better than being by himself, than being at a celebratory party.
June 19, 1979
The lake. It was a meeting spot to rival all others the very moment your group of friends had first laid eyes on it. The discovery was entirely accidental, something stumbled upon in an attempt to find the absolute perfect spot to camp. In fact, it was so perfect that James had tied one of his old shirts around a tree branch for future visits, to unofficially claim it as your own. It was absolutely incredible and seemingly unknown to most anyone else which you found next to impossible—it was too amazing not to be. But, whenever the trip was made, which was more often than not, no one else had ever been there to spoil the fun.
Clusters of wildflowers and dozens upon dozens of trees lined the perimeter of the open water, each one a different height than the last but all extraordinarily beautiful in their own way. Those very trees were also perfect for tucking yourself against with your favorite book at the moment, the right amount of shade to combat the summer sun so long as you’ve got a blanket to sit on.
“Do you think they’ll ever get tired of throwing each other in the water?” Lily asks, a smile on her lips as she shakes her head.
You follow her gaze to the sight ahead of you, Sirius over James’ shoulder having had his fate set in stone as he’s thrown into the lake with an unceremonious landing. You watched as he rose to the surface, mouth agape in shock at the completely expected action as he’s quick to cast an aguamenti spell in his best friend’s direction. It wasn’t until his gaze fell upon you that you found it the right time to look away, his smile too distracting for your own good as your cheeks burned at the brief moment. One that most certainly did not go unnoticed by a very intelligent Lily Evans.
You were fairly positive that there wasn’t a single thing that could get past her, especially not the very obliviously in love friends she’s got. It wasn’t exactly hard to tell either, she’s sure that a complete stranger could even see it if they’d spent merely five minutes in the same room with the top of you. Your rosy cheeks and unbreakable smile were telling enough of that very fact, a reaction most always elicited by the dark haired goofball not far away.
“No, I don’t think they will,” you finally manage once you realize you hadn’t answered her yet. Your gaze darts to her once more and her eyes are already cast on you, her brow raised and the corner of her mouth quirked up. “What?”
She rolls her eyes, a laugh falling from her lips as she shakes her head once more. “You really are terrible at hiding your feelings, you know.”
Your mouth falls open slightly as your brows furrow, a scoff sounding as if she’d been entirely absurd. “Feelings? Don’t be ridiculous, Lily.”
“Then I suppose you’re blushing just for the fun of it, you’re smiling over absolutely nothing?” She says, getting up from her checkered blanket and walking backwards away from you.
“And where are you going?”
“Seems like someone can’t stay away from you!” She jests rushing off towards James after tossing a wink your way, leaving you to frown and scoff once more.
It wasn’t until you pulled your gaze from her that you understood what she was getting at, the very one in question making his way undoubtedly towards you. Your eyes rolled as you bit the inside of your cheek to contain your grin, your grip on your book clutching tighter as he approached you.
“You better not be looking to throw me in the lake,” you state, brow raised as you cross one ankle over the other.
“Are you going to read all day, Y/n?” He asks, snatching the sunglasses from the top of your head just to see your frown. His grin only became more teasing at the very audible huff leaving your lips at the action.
“Perhaps I just might be able to if you stop distracting me,” you quip, frowning as you watch the smile on his lips widen.
“Then I guess that’s just too bad,” he counters, fully realizing what you had just said in that moment as a smirk appears. “Wait a minute, I’m distracting?”
You shake your head and bite back your smile again as he sits the red framed sunglasses on his nose and roots around in his shoe, pulling out a cigarette and a lighter he kept tucked in there when he wasn’t wearing them much to your obvious dismay. And as if it weren’t already terribly obvious that he’d known of said feelings, his laughter before even seeing your expression was telling enough of that very fact.
“Sirius,” you start, frowning as his mischievous grey stare meets yours. “I told you not to smoke near my books. One wrong move and you’ll burn the pages.”
He’s quick to laugh as he lights it, nearly choking on the smoke as he’d done so and you laughed in response to it. “Y/n, that’s most definitely impossible and you know it. Besides, when have I ever followed the rules?”
He laid his head in your lap, his raven hair splaying across your legs and dampening the corners of your book pages and you’re absolutely convinced he’d done it on purpose. They’d warped almost in an instant and you huffed, knowing immediately that getting any form of quality reading done would be next to impossible beyond that point. Not with the smoke billowing away from you or your best friend making little effort to take your mind elsewhere.
“Those shades aren’t hiding the fact that you’re staring, you know,” you say, peering down at him over the wrinkled pages of your book.
He scoffed at your accusation, though a smile still tugged at his lips as he swiped the book from your hand and took another puff from his cigarette. “Was not,” he defends, though the way the very corners of his mouth quirk up and the softest of blushes stain his cheeks, you know you’d hit the nail on the head. He lifts the cherry red glasses and looks at you, no longer attempting to fight his smile before lowering them and letting his head fall back in your lap. “I definitely was not.”
“Yeah, whatever you say,” you sigh, grinning up at the sky as you toss your book to the side. “Whatever you say.”
September 30, 1979
The wedding of James and Lily was perhaps the most special event that was shared amongst your group of friends, the most celebratory. It had been a small one; you were quite sure there weren’t more people there than you could count in both your hands, just close friends and family.
The location was nothing short of perfect and familiar; the beloved clearing by that lake you all had treasured so fondly. The trees had begun to fade from rich greens to even richer reds and oranges, the wild flowers still in full bloom regardless of the cooling temperatures as fall began to become noticeable.
This was perhaps one of the few and rare occasions everyone had dressed up, and even then you’d have to say it was rather casual compared to most weddings you could think of. But Lily and James weren’t ones to follow the norm, though Sirius had most certainly been pushing the envelope. He’d showed up in a suit of James’, his grass stained converse not failing to make their appearance to top off the otherwise perfect outfit. Lily hadn’t been exactly thrilled at the best man’s choice in shoes, but she quickly focused her attention on more pressing matters. Marrying the love of her life.
It couldn’t have been more perfect than it was, having been surrounded by the people that mattered most to everyone. Not a dry eye was left, especially not from Sirius and Remus, even more so Sirius. He’d tried his hardest to deny the fact that he was absolutely most certainly emotional over the union of two of his best friends, having cleared his throat more often than nod to rid himself of the lump within it. But no matter how hard he’d tried to play tough, it was far more obvious that he wasn’t as he read his speech.
Now, as the sun had nearly completely set and the night had begun, it was then that you found yourself reunited with the one person you always seemed to think about. The one person that had joined James and Remus in being the life of the party. Not a dull moment would ever exist so long as they were in attendance.
“Might I have this dance with you, Y/n?” He asks, a goofy smile on his lips and his hand outstretched towards you.
You rolled your eyes at his rather disheveled appearance, his once pristine suit now looking worse for wear as he’d discarded his blazer somewhere that would probably take some searching to find. The top buttons of his dress shirt had been undone, the very collar ruffled and his sleeves rolled up and wrinkled. Not to mention it was half untucked ever since he’d gotten his start on karaoke; all else had become unimportant the moment Queen had come on.
Perhaps your most favorite part of his newfound look was the black tie that disappeared from around his neck in favor of being tied around his head. Either he had no clue it was there or he simply didn’t mind the fact that it was, and your bets were on a little bit of both. His hair was a bit of a mess as it fell over the fabric on his forehead, but one thing had remained constant the entirety of that day. His smile.
“A dance?” You repeat, unable to fight your own grin as you look from his hand to his gaze.
The corners of his mouth quirk up higher than they’d been in that moment as his eyes roll. “I’ve only been waiting the whole night.”
“Is that so?” You inquire, slipping your hand in his and you’re quick to be pulled closer. Your giddy squeal of surprise had sounded amongst the boastful chatter and cheer all around you. Not to mention the same ABBA song that’d been playing for what had to be the fifth time now as per James’ request. “I had no idea you were so eager to dance with me.”
He lifts your hand to twirl you, hands clasped and arms extending as he spins himself for the fun of it. He nearly tripped over his own two feet but if it meant he’d see you smile then it made the slight embarrassment all the more worth it to him.
“There happens to be a lot you don’t know about me,” he says, brow raised as he falls as seriously as he could muster which hadn’t been very much. “A lot.”
You paused in your tracks as his hands settled on your waist, a mild look of concern flashing across his face until he saw the expression he knew so well in yours. “That is entirely untrue and you know it. In fact, I know more about you than I ever cared to.”
His eyes roll once more at your teasing as he lifts you off your feet in a lighthearted retaliation, spinning you once and twice and even a third time as the breeze washes over you and your laughter mingles amongst everyone else’s. He finds himself staring again as he sets you back on your feet, busying himself with reciting the lyrics to Waterloo as long as it means you hadn’t noticed his admiration. You seem to be far too taken by the off key singing, though you couldn’t bring yourself to ever be annoyed.
His singing dwindled and his voice lowered after a short while, his arm remained hooked around your waist save for when he’d twirled you a few more times. You tried your hardest not to play into the fact that your heart had been racing for reasons other than the dance you’d been sharing. To not dwell on the fact that his hand was in yours and his absentminded hums of music had filled the space between you. Should another Led Zeppelin song come on, everyone will simply have to be subject to more singing. Or the fading scent of his cologne that wafted your way with every movement and every gust of wind.
A laugh fell past your lips in that moment, catching his attention immediately.
“What?” He asks, amused and curious. He knows the meaning behind that laugh and he knows surely you’ve got something on your mind.
“I thought you hated ABBA,” you jest, raising your brows. He tips his head back at your comment, his hair flopping backward briefly as a groan fell from his lips. “I’m starting to believe otherwise with the way you know just about every word to every one of their songs that’s come on.”
“Must you be so observant?” He huffs.
“How could I not be?”
He scrunches his nose and mocks your words, your laughter immediate as you return the gesture.
Things fell quiet between you after that for a while then, leaving you both to bask in the music that’d since been turned down, the conversations that since lessened the more the night continued on. Leaving Sirius to think for more than a few moments about just how many hours and minutes he’d waited to dance with you. Or how you rested your head on his chest and he hoped you hadn’t heard just how heavily his heart had been beating. If you had, he’d simply just blame it on the way he’d carried on that night. The adrenaline.
He knew in the coming days and weeks and months and years, ever since the day he met you, that you’d take up the forefront of his mind and he’s yet to be proved otherwise. You’ve made yourself be the calm to his chaos, the one he will always seek out even when he doesn’t realize it. He knows as he dances with you to a song he always swore he hated that he wouldn’t trade it for the world. Not even when you tease him for knowing every lyric. Not even when you tell him he smokes too much and he knows it to be true. Not even when you put those bloody flowers in his hair. Not even when you push his buttons and argue with him for being so foolishly reckless at times. You were just as stubborn as him and he knows he’s met his match.
He doesn’t know quite when he’s known himself to be in love with you, it’s all kind of faded and muddled together. But in the current moment as minutes collect and time passes with the laughter of his friends and newfound family, with you, he knows he’s got what he needs.
“Sirius?” You ask softly, curiously after a while, your gaze falling upon him.
He finds himself tucking your hair behind your ear, the tips of his fingers tracing over your flushed cheek. He was very much aware of the heat rising in your face at the action, very aware without the need to see it in the glow of the moon. Because there’s this thing you do each and every time you’re flustered, he’s noticed, and each time you look away and smile. You smile and purse your lips and it’s become painfully obvious to him that you were always trying to fight the crimson in your cheeks.
“Have you really wanted to dance with me all night?” You finally say, your smile soft as your eyes nearly sparkled in the moonlit glow you stood under.
A soft laugh leaves his lips as he himself looked away, knowing that habit of yours he knew so very well had rubbed off on him. But he turns back to you, eyes gray and full of something you couldn’t quite put your finger on. “Yes, Y/n. It’s always you that I want to dance with.”
You try your hardest to ignore the flutter in your heart at his words, to contain the butterflies in your stomach. The way he’d looked at you, a certain sincerity in his words and a certain something in his gaze making it near impossible to think straight. The way he looked, goofy and the embodiment of utter chaos—it had you unable to look at just anything else. Though you will admit, as of late it’s always seemed to be rather hard to look anywhere else for more than a few moments so long as Sirius had been close by.
So, as you stood there half-dancing to the melody of a song you hadn’t fully been paying attention to, you find yourself focused on him. Without second thought you lift your hand, grasping the tie around his head softly to you with the fabric between your fingers. He looked absolutely ridiculous and that was for certain, ruffles of black hair dusting his shoulders as that very tie tickled over his nose with every gust of wind. His cheeks were a bit rosy from the energy he put forth that evening you presumed, unaware that a good bit of it had been caused by you.
You tuck the charcoal colored fabric behind his ear, a laugh falling from your lips and mischief dancing in your eyes that told him surely you’d had something on your mind.
“Then I believe it is my duty to tell you that you really are the worst dancer.” There it is.
He pulls you closer, his laughter puffing against your skin as your own continues giddily. “And who’s to say I wasn’t just trying to give you a chance?”
You bite the inside of your cheek to stifle another bout of giggles, you refuse to give him that satisfaction. But the closeness between the two of you had proven to be far more effective in shutting you up as his nose nudged against your own. He couldn’t bring himself to refrain from resting his forehead on yours in a matter of moments, his lashes fluttering and mingling with yours. Your heart hammered in your chest yet felt calm all the same, as if this was exactly where you were meant to be. You knew it was.
“Well,” you start, voice soft as he smiles softly, more so when you accidentally step on the toes of his grass stained converse. “Then I’d say that was awfully nice of you.”
The scrunched noses and soft laughter you share only lingers for mere fleeting moments before his lips brush over yours, featherlight and hesitant. But it was then that you lean on your toes and kiss him fully, his hand squeezing yours as his smile presses against your lips as you continue to sway together. Never mind the three friends of yours watching that very moment with the largest of grins and maybe some teary eyes from James. Never mind Lily high-fiving Remus before extending their hands to James to collect their bet money. You were kissing your best friend, the raven haired wizard that never failed to get on your nerves in the best of ways. The one that could bring life into any room he’d walked into.
“Does this mean you love me too?” He asks, eyes crinkling from his grin and laughter immediate, “Because that would really be awfully embarrassing if—”
“Yes, I love you,” you laugh against his lips to shut him up, closing the space between you once more. “I love you.”
In that moment as he kissed you, as the tips of his fingers brushed across your cheek and the light of the moon washed over you, he knew. It has been you that ignites every moment into the light that it is, the one he finds he can’t ever stop thinking of.
It’s not living if it’s not with you.
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itsmymeaningoflife · 2 years
Wanna hear your bullshit hehe
Hehe you asked for it. I’m gonna drop bullshit from the first half of s3 here:
- They really chose a 12 yo boy over grown women to raid the house wtf
- Carl’s crush on Beth is fucking adorable
- “While the others wash their panties let’s go hunt” Daryl darling you need to scrub your ass too
- Rick might have been a bit of a control freak in this era but at least he’s putting himself on the line over the others
- Carol almost shooting Rick bit being totally unbothered by it is hilarious
- Noticed that Daryl always keeps his distance but is always following Carol
- BACK RUB SCENE. Daryl providing physical contact and low-key also surprising himself with it is so adorable. The flirting, the innuendos *chef kiss*
- Daryl and Carol have a healthier relationship than Rick and Lori at this point. And they DEFFO sleep next to each other around the fire every night they were in the road
- The prisoners were wasted tbf. I wish they kept Oscar around as part of the main group for a few seasons. He could’ve shown the audience that not all people in prison are evil.
- Daryls obsession with not sleeping in a cage is deffo routed in trauma. He probs got locked in places as a kid
- Beths unflinching optimism / naive outlook is so pure and I love her. Damn 14 year old me for hating her
- “Not for one second do I think you have malice in your heart” YES LORI IF THAT DOESNT SUM UP RICK GRIMES IDDK WHAT DOES
- Twd really said “wow maybe we need more POC in our cast” and while they had the right sentiment they probably shouldn’t have made them all prisoners either :///
- Also Daryl taking the lead with the prisoners and being the main one to talk to them / reason with them despite Rick being a police officer is great. Give me a fic where Daryl is a youth worker
- Beth putting Carl in his place when he goes off at Lori is strong woman supporting strong woman energy
- Loris death scene makes me sob. Maggie is a real trooper in this scene too.
- Omg Daryl when he finds Carols bloody scarf and think she’s dead after they see T dogs body. He’s heartbroken that he thinks he’s lost one of his only genuine friends.
- Rick finding out Lori is dead is heartbreaking but I’ve seen too many memes of that scene to not laugh.
- Rick goes insane and Daryl immediately steps up. “Nope we’re not losing another one. Not her.” Organising a run. Pulling Beth aside to tell her to watch over Carl. We really see his leadership jump out real early.
- If Maggie wasn’t in a relationship with Glenn from the get go people would’ve shipped her with both Rick and Daryl
- Daryl seeing the “sofie” hand hurts. He really thought he was going to be the one to bring Sophia back. He believed she was alive
- DARYL WITH BABY JUDITh calling her ass kicker and sweetheart… bro my heart can’t take it. Also interesting when Carl suggests names he chooses Sofia and Carol first and the camera is focused on Daryls face.
- Daryl visiting carols grave at sunset and gently placing a Cherokee rose down and tenderly touching the cross is enough to make a grown man cry. He is deffo confused with what his feelings are and why he’s so upset that she’s gone here
- Daryl telling Carl how he was allowed to play out with other neighbourhood kids when Merle was gone and they chased a fire engine on their bikes and it ended up going to his house and his mom was dead / burnt down. Heart breaking. Trauma bonding over dead moms
- Give Daryl a child 2020 (jokes in s10 HES a chaotic sigle dad of 3)
- Daryl finding Carol knife HURTS. His voice is so wobbly and he’s so angry and he keeps the knife and he sits stabbing at the floor working himslef up to put her down. THEN HE FINDS HER ALIVE AND HOLDS HER CHIN AND CARRIED HER BACK HES A HERO
- Michonne and Rick locking eyes murderouly through the fences like damn what a way to kick start a romance
- Carl was the first to help Michonne my heart. And the way Rick hauls her over his shoulder with ease BRO… then he pours water over her boobs? Not sure why but hey I don’t question true love
- Daryl is so dramatic “hey Rick, come in here” “everything alright??” “You’re gonna want to see this” *leads everyone to carol*. He couldn’t just tell them he found her alive. I love his dramatic ass
- RICK AND CAROLS FRIENDSHIP IS everything. Also I’ll forever be salty about how we never got more of carols reaction to loris death
- Daryl calling Carol a POOR THING when he explains to everyone. Sir you are tender
- Michonne calling Maggie “the pretty girl” then one breath later calls the govener “pretty boy” is massive bi wife energy
- Rick and Daryl threatening Michonne like they won’t be tripping over themselves to lay down their life for her come season 9
- I fucking hate Merle so much. But he can’t comprehend that the group will be there to save them. He just doesn’t understand how to care for other people
- Daryl and Oscar could’ve been great friends
- Rick leaving 12 year old Carl in charge of the prison A* parenting
- Milton is the token chaotic gay scientist of twd change my mind
- The governor can rot in hell for what he did to Maggie I hate him
- Daryl sees a dead dog and makes a lassie joke? I’m sorry but this man is so funny
- Maggie said “men always have been and always will be trash”
- Axel being sleazy around Beth after Beth tells him she’s 17 and Carol immediately swooping in to protect her is PEAK MOMMA BEAR ENERGY.
- Okay but their heist to get glenn and Maggie back was elite
- The conflict on Daryls face when he realises Merle is around and his deperate voice when he’s asking Rick if he can go find him hurts my HEART
- RICK TELLING DARYL “I need you. Are you with me?” And Daryls soft “yeah” voice THAT IS THE MOMENT DARYL REALISED HE WAS APPRECIATED.
- Carl and beths friendship is underrated.
- Gov really thinks penny is still in there huh
- Everyone referring to Carl as “the man” is hilarious but also so concerning
- I forget how on odds Rick and Michonne were at the beginning. The original enemies to lovers
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strawwritesfic · 1 year
Sam Wilson x Reader: Mistletoe
Summary: Okay, so this Christmas party wasn’t a total bust, but you’re still going to strangle Steve and Bucky later.
Rating/Warnings: T (bad language; Steve/Bucky; Steve & Bucky & Reader friendship; Steve, Bucky, Natasha, and Tony ship Sam/Reader; Avenger!reader)
Challenge:  "25 days of Christmas" Challenge by Sweet-n-Chaotic on Lunaescence Archives.
Tag List: @imaginesfire
Notes: My advent calendar didn’t give me enough figures to cover twenty-five prompts, so I picked Sam myself because he is an angel and deserves more love.
“I might not know much about romance, but I think telling Sam how you feel would come off a lot better than staring at him from across the room all night.”
You started so hard at the interruption that you nearly spilled your hot chocolate down your front. The withering look you shot the man who had spoken to you—none other than your close friend, Steve, with his boyfriend, Bucky, at his side—earned you a smile. They both sat at your table, but you didn’t pay them attention much longer than that. Soon you had returned to your previous occupation.
Steve prodded your feet with his own. “Seriously, [Name]. Just tell Sam that you like him. I’m sure he’d be thrilled.”
“That’s easy for you to say!” you answered. “Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have Steve Rogers confess they’re madly in love with them?”
“He’s taken,” Bucky said around the opening of his beer bottle.
“I wasn’t about to suggest you start up a threesome. You can’t keep all the hot guys for yourself, Barnes.”
“You’re not going to have to worry about Buck stealing Sam if you can’t work up the nerve to talk to him yourself.”
“Oh, shut it, Steve. Like you know the first thing about telling people how you feel. I know how you and Bucky got together, and it sure as hell wasn’t you making the first move,” you grumbled.
He was right, though. They both were. And maybe you’d have been a lot more willing to go along with their ribbing if Natasha wasn’t currently engaged in conversation with the object of your affections. Sure, she never indicated that she had a thing for Sam, but she was easily the most attractive member of the team, and seeing those two laughing it up at the Christmas party made your blood boil.
“You know Natasha isn’t flirting with him,” Bucky said.
“You know neither of you are very much fun to hang out with right now,” you shot back.
“No, you.”
“No, you.”
Before you and Bucky could get into one of your infamous brawls, however, a voice cut through the crowd to interrupt you: “Oi, [Name]! Get over here. I need you for something!”
Tony stood by his holographic fire place, waving to further get your attention. You looked around trying to find out who he was talking to, but it appeared it really was you.
“What?” you asked.
“Just get your ass over here, would you?”
“See you guys later.” Your drink had gone almost completely cold by then anyway. Leaving it behind on the table, you got up and made your way slowly through the group until you reached Tony. “What’s the matter?”
“Nothing’s the matter. Why would anything be the matter?” he asked.
“You called me over here.”
“Only because the fireplace isn’t working anymore. I was hoping you could take a look at it for me, you being a tech-based hero and all.”
“Aren’t you a tech-based hero?”
“Sure. But it’s my day off. You’re supposed to be on call.”
He swaggered off without bothering to listen to your half-formed protests. Many bad words slipped out of your mouth as you ducked to take a look at the holo-emitter. Sure, you’d built your stuff by hand, but that didn’t mean you understood any of Tony’s stuff. That guy was a cut above. But looking for a problem beat watching Sam from across the room, you supposed.
“Hey,” said a voice behind you, causing you to jump so quickly that you whacked your head on the mantle.
“I’m work—Oh. Hi, Sam.”
Of course. Of course it was Sam. You’d hardly spoken one word to him the entire night, and he had come up behind you just in time to hear you swearing and to see you do something as graceful as hit your head because he’d startled you. He seemed completely unaware of the direction of your thoughts, however, and simply smiled sympathetically as you rubbed the rising egg on your noggin.
“Hey, [Name]. You okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, fine,” you said as easily as you could. “What are you doing over here?”
“Heck if I know. Nat just kind of shoved me in this direction.”
Sure enough, you saw the woman slide into your vacated spot at the table that still held Steve and Bucky…and Tony, too.
Sam had his back turned toward them and so couldn’t see this suspicious gathering. “That’s okay, though. I’ve been hoping to talk to you all evening.”
That got you looking straight at him. “You have?”
“Yeah. I’ve been wanting to catch up. How are things? Besides the imminent concussion, I mean.”
“I’ve been good. And…yourself?”
“Hey, Wilson!” Again, Tony interrupted your conversation.
Both you and Sam looked over at him. The entire group at the table lifted their arms as one to point to a spot just above your heads. You and Sam glanced at each other, then looked slowly upward to where your friends had indicated. Hanging there in the air from a nearly invisible line was little bundle of holly leaves and red berries: mistletoe.
You leaped backwards. Steve and Bucky booed in unison.
“That’s not how the game works,” Tony said disapprovingly.
Sam hadn’t moved. You felt heat climb swiftly from your neck to your hair. Every eye in the room was trained on you, meaning there was no escape, no place to hide.
“Kiss!” Natasha shouted. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”
The whole room chanted with her. You could think of no way out—not before Sam stepped up to you again, took you by the hips, and kissed you in front of God and everybody. There wasn’t a lack of kissing back on your part either. He only broke away from you when the rest of them stopped clapping—and that was when you decided to take Steve’s advice and pull Sam back for a longer kiss than that.
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anzynai · 1 year
to celebrate the new year and to say goodbye to 2021, i want to talk to those who i met this year who mean the world to me. i love you guys.
(i don’t ever do appreciation posts like i want to but i really want to for you guys. i hope you all have an amazing new year)
Angie - @angivariety
HEYYY ANGIE I HAVE A FEW WORDS TO SAY TO YOU.. well, maybe more than just a few. idk how to say this without sounding stupidly corny but i mean it when i say i’m so happy to have met you. i can tell you i didn’t expect to meet my best friend here and i’m so grateful i did. i love how we can turn a perfectly normal and random stupid conversation into a suddenly serious conversation where we throw compliments back and forth to each other. i love how we always recommend games and animes to the other but we RARELY ever get into them. (you’re lucky you got me into pj sekai hehe). i love teasing you LOVINGLY and saying funny things when you’re high (all the things i said i said were true btw). i love how close we are. i adore your voice, your beauty, kindness, and creativity. AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON HOW TALENTED YOU ARE AT WRITING???? either way, can i just say i love you so much and i’m so so happy i can call you my best friend. you always can make my day better and you’re definitely one of the notifications i always look forward too. i love you so much angie, have a happy new year, you deserve it. <3
Riv - @satans-beloved-riv
RIV CAN I JUST SAY I ADORE YOU?? you were one of the first people i met on tumblr and even then, i feel like i liked you a lot then. there was even a time before we became wives where i knew i love being your friend already. i love your personality, it’s always so funny and amusing. i always smile back on the times where we tried to get #1 on the score thing for discord or when we tried getting rico to stop talking in her OWN server for 48 hours but we ended up missing her too much so we were the ones who forfeit. i’m glad you are one of my wives hehe and we shall be wives forever. i love you so so much rivera. i hope you have a happy new year!
Evie - @vanillawrites
HII EVIE i don’t think we talk as much as we should but ilysm <33 im glad to have you as a wife too because it might’ve been just some stupid kinda thing we did at the time but it’s really important to me. i love how funny you are and how sweet you are. i love how you can match the group chats energy, no matter how chaotic it may be. i love how amazing you are and i’m so so glad i met you. thank you for being apart of the wife cult hehe ily and happy new year <3
Ami - @fluffy-ami
AMIII HEYYY i love you!! did you know that?? well, you should because im here to say some things in light of the new year. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND. you’re so nice and even though we don’t talk as often, you always brighten my day. you’re so unique and funny and i always look back on those mutual post things you make. ami i love you so much and im so grateful you’re apart of our wife cult as well hehe have a good year <3
Patty - @rattypattyy
hiii patty!! we don’t talk that often but you have a special place in my heart. you’re so fun and entertaining and i’m always laughing when we get into those weird conversations even when they’re totally random. we haven’t known each other long, but i think it would be pretty cool if we stayed friends for a long time hehe i’m happy i met you, if only it were sooner. thank you for kissing my forehead when i had a headache the other day even when it didn’t work. happy new year patty <3
Dani, Rico, Leo, Rex - @danibby @tickly-trashcan @eulafan420 @bashfulpinata
YALL ARE SO SWEET AND FUNNY. you always make the server to exciting and entertaining. dani, you’re so nice and you’re always there for someone when they need it. you reply to people when no one else isn’t and you always try to stay engaged. i think that’s really nice and i love you for that. rico you’re so fun and i’m always comfortable when i’m speaking to you. when i talk to you, it feels like i’m talking to someone i can trust and i always enjoy our conversations. and leo, you’re so unique and funny and sweet. i can tell you care a lot about your friends and are always looking after them. and rex lapis, YOURE SO FUN AND YOURE SO SWEET. you always make me laugh and you have an amazing personality. i’m totally jealous of your awesome drawing skills hehe. you guys are awesome and i’m so happy you guys are in the server (well, rico’s a given but i’m happy either way) I LOVE U GUYS HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR <3
AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, i wanted to add a couple more people here but some of their urls have been deleted or i didn’t know their @ or some other reason.
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