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gayofthefae · 2 hours
Throwback to when Tim and Lucy were like “what if we HAVE to kiss in front of the criminals” and then the criminals were actually so visibly uncomfortable and irritated by how handsy they were with each other.
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superintendent-b · 5 hours
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chenfordsource · 5 hours
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#nyla harper: the chenford guru requested by anonymous
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changethetides-blog · 5 hours
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ameliagiovanna0 · 6 hours
I've been busy all day and haven't had a chance to get my Chenford fix, so now I'm binging
Don't mind me 😅
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maurawrites · 6 hours
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Eric Winter as Tim Bradford THE ROOKIE S2
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detectivechen · 8 hours
the writers vs. lucy chen
Tumblr media
i wasn’t looking for her to get promoted at a random moment in the season, so that’s not the issue. she’ll get promoted eventually. she has to be. otherwise, these writers will never beat the allegations, and tbh, they’re running out of time.
it’s definitely a collective decision, too, bc the writers have changed hands multiple times since that girl, ep 513. not even my fave writer could save the five-player trade storyline from the trenches. such a shame bc this ep was vintage rookie: very cohesive and exciting!
what are these allegations?
it’s 100% misogynistic for them to falsely equate lucy’s influence with manipulation to create obstacles in her life. it was annoying for them to do it personally, but now it’s downright infuriating for them to do it professionally.
because if anyone deserves a stress-free path and a fast-track to a promotion on this show, it’s lucy chen. mid-wilshire’s shooting champ endured traumatic hazing to prove her chops for UC as a rookie. as a newly minted P2, she singlehandedly dismantled two drug cartels on her first deep cover op, after meticulous preparation.
yet, she has none of the commendations that would normally go along with accomplishments of that magnitude. they moved on way too quickly from that to make chenford ride together again and assert nolan’s position as the rookie. so even though lucy has nothing left to prove, she’s been stuck fighting for leadership positions to get more points in favor of a promotion.
why does this matter?
lucy chen is a unicorn. finding a highly capable, girl-next-door asian-american female lead with an equally strong moral compass like her, esp in her field, is very difficult.
it’s painful to watch the writers ruin what they’ve built by making something out of nothing, given the way they’ve upgraded the careers of their two white male officers in the last two seasons without issue. it’s sending the message that women of color really do have to work twice as hard to get the same accolades, even in a fictional world, and not in the social commentary way.
in s4, nolan’s promotion to P2 was so ugly. the team was concerned with finding the killer of lucy’s best friend, a black man, and her situationship’s former TO’s best friend, a latina woman. somehow, though, the white man who undermined the justice system egregiously in the name of self-righteousness got an on-cam pat on the back from his black watch commander for taking his punishment well. the audacity. even tim’s deserved promotion happened off-cam.
in s5, her peer, nolan, leaves her in the dust by getting awarded a golden ticket for being a white savior at the border. detective is seemingly open for him again, even after being told that his self-righteousness cost him that privilege, but he opts for TO. what a slap in the face for lucy, who always navigated policy and procedure well.
make it make sense.
to make matters worse, the writers have now proceeded to willfully interpret her goodwill to help her bf get a more prestigious lateral transfer as malicious to make everyone turn on her.
after everything you have been through, how often you have proven yourself, there is not a cop in here who would not have your back if you asked. –harper in 505
so suddenly, every accomplishment lucy’s ever had is thrown out the window bc she did a lil networking to get her superior sergeants referrals for placements more suited to their current values? this punishment of making her worried about getting her score tanked doesn’t fit the crime of her secret involvement in tim’s career at all.
regardless, she’ll take the detective's exam in two weeks their time (ep 521). let’s see what bs comes up to make the ‘grand plan’ of delaying her promotion for the 100th ep happen (ep 602). 🙃
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timsnova · 9 hours
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randomlittleimp · 10 hours
New Fic Alert
Coming soon to an AO3 near you. I just have to figure out exactly where I want the story to go, (other than the bedroom, because really it’s just an excuse for smut) Takes place before the start of the show, when Lucy is still in college and Tim is still a TO and reeling from Isobel disappearing on him. It is not canon compliant, but only off a little. Here’s the first paragraph, let me know what you think..
Tumblr media
Tim knew he should have busted the brothel and hauled everyone into booking, but he just didn’t have the energy. Shutting the place down was his original plan when he found it while chasing down a suspect, but then there was a foot chase and tackling the man to the ground. He was even spit on. All while his current rookie fell over his own feet trying to go around the block. This boot was not going to make it through training.  By the time he had finished all the paperwork and changed out at the end of shift all he wanted was to relax. Somehow that had landed him back here, but for a very different reason.
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my-shields-are-down · 10 hours
How did you find the last episode? There was barely any angst for chenford despite them supposedly struggling with their hours etc.?
I loved it. I love Celina - and while I was surprised that she got to step up and just DO things - I am so glad they caught the guy and both she and her mom got closure. Yes it sucks, but they can now just miss her and have far less ick and guilt around her disappearance.
No angst? What episode did you watch? I thought there was tons of angst. But I dislike anything that causes problems. I just want my babies, happy, healthy and together.
I addressed the angst in a similar post last week. Here you go: https://www.tumblr.com/my-shields-are-down/713182637242613760/my-one-complaint-about-the-episode-last-night-is
I try not to have any expectations when watching - that way, the show always exceeds them. ❤️🔥🏆♥️
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Simple The Rookie 5x08/5x09 rewrite to separate the end of Chris/Lucy and start of Chenford and get to see a little bit more into Tim and Lucy’s thought processes and feelings.
Everything is the same except the end scene of 5x08 is essentially moved to the end of 5x09, combined with that end scene and expanded, and instead at the end of 5x08 there’s a heart-to-heart between Lucy and Angela.
Of course the office scene where Tim gives Lucy break-up advise is also changed, but only slightly.
5x08 end scene:
“Hey, can I get your opinion on something?” Lucy asks as she approaches Angela’s desk.
“Of course.” Angela replies closing the file in front of her as Lucy pulls an empty chair over, “What’s up?”
“Uh,” Lucy stutters, “I’m actually not even sure where to start.”
“Is this about you buying a house with Chris?”
“How’d you know about that?”  Lucy asks, surprised.
“I have my sources,” Angela smirks, “So big step. How are you feeling?”
“That’s just it,” Lucy begins, “I don’t know what to feel. I mean I should be happy, excited. This is what I’ve always wanted. To meet a guy and fall in love, move in together and start a family, but…” Lucy trails off.
“…you didn’t fall in love,” Angela prods gently.
“No,” Lucy breathes, “I didn’t. I mean I wanted to. I tried really hard to convince myself that one day I would, but now, I just don’t think I’ll ever get there. When Chris started showing me houses I realized I just can’t picture that future. Not with him.”
Angela nods. “So did you come to me for break-up advice?”
“I- I guess I just wanted someone to tell me that it was okay to want to end it. I mean he’s a good guy, we get along well, have similar interests, want the same things in life. Am I crazy for not wanting to try and make it work anymore?” 
“You’re not crazy and you did try, but you can’t force yourself feel something you don’t and pretending otherwise just hurts everyone involved.”
Lucy nods, “It all sounds so simple when you say it.”
“Oh, love’s never simple,” Angela laughs, “in fact that’s how I know you and Chris never had it.”
Lucy raises her eyebrows, “Care to enlighten me?”
“The perfect partner doesn’t just fit into your life, they change it, and you, for the better. They challenge you and push you and make you a better person and they grow and change because of you. They are the person whose simple presence brings you happiness, comfort and excitement. The person who knows you better than you know yourself. The person you’d move heaven and earth for without a second thought. The person who can hurt you more deeply than anyone else. It’s not some formula where if somebody checks off enough boxes they become that person. They just are that person. Your person, wether you like it or not.” Angela stops then, noticing Lucy’s eyes glisten as they avoid hers.
“Hey, it’s ok, one day you’ll find that,” Angela says patting Lucy’s shoulder.
“What if I already have,” Lucy sniffs, “and I don’t know what to do about.”
Angela follows Lucy’s gaze then and unsurprisingly finds herself looking at Tim across the bull pen.
She can’t help but smile as she turns back to Lucy. “Then you’ll figure it out. Just give yourself some time.”
Lucy just nods as she steals another glance at Tim.
“But first things first,” Angela smirks, “you need to break up with Chris.”
Lucy sighs throwing her head back, “I know. I just don’t want to hurt him anymore than I have to. It would be so much easier if I could just be the type of asshole who breaks up with people over text.”
Office scene:
“So have you decided to move in with Chris after all,” Tim asks Lucy as soon as Chris leaves the room.
“No, I’m trying to break-up with him,” Lucy whines.
“And how’s that going?” Tim teases.
“I’m in the planning stages. I’m just reviewing the literature.”
“Literature? Lucy a psychology journal is not going to tell you how to break up with Chris. I mean, uh, just ask him to your office and ask for his playbook. Quick and easy,” Tim offers.
“His playbill?” Lucy asks, confused.
“His playbook. When you get kicked off a team you have to turn in your playbook. It’s a metaphor.”
“No, it’s cruel. I’m… I’m gonna handle it my way.”
“If... If you're having second thoughts-” Tim asks tentatively, hoping he isn’t pressuring her into ending it with Chris when she doesn’t want to.
“No, I... I'm not,” Lucy replies.
“Good,” Tim smiles and Lucy’s more confident in her decision than ever.
5x09 end scene:
How's it going? Lucy asks, surprising Tim as he exits Mid-Wilshire’s front doors into the streetlight lit courtyard.
Tim sighs, “Survived my shift as watch commander, glad Grey will be returning tomorrow and I won’t have to do it again. What are you doing back?”
“Uh- Can we talk?” Lucy asks guiding Tim over to sit down in front of one of the flower beds.
When Tim just nods Lucy continues.
“I talked to Chris.” 
“How did it go?” 
“Uh, awful. Yeah. But it's done.”
“Honestly, I still don’t understand what took you so long. It clearly wasn’t working out. I don’t know why you wouldn’t just admit it. Was it guilt? Because of what Rosalind did to him?”
“Oh, like I’m the only one that stayed too long when things weren’t working. You dated a lifeguard. You don’t even like going to the beach.”
“This isn’t about me,” Tim interrupts, fuelled by the frustration that comes from unrequited feelings. Lucy tries to cut him off but he persists, “It’s not.”
“If it’s not about you then why do you care so much?” She spits back. He’s temporarily stunned into silence as he pulls back a bit and blinks to clear his head.
“You know why,” he finally offers and his tone has softened.
“I don’t actually,” Lucy rebuts “You continue to chastise me about staying in a dead-end relationship when you would still be in one too, if Ashley hadn’t pulled the plug for you.”
“You’re right,” Tim admits and Lucy’s fire starts to dissipate, “I stayed with Ashley far past when I knew it wasn’t going to work out, because it was easy and safe. But I wasn’t happy and when she ended it, instead of sadness I felt relief. And in that relief I found clarity. I didn’t want you to make my same mistakes. I wanted you to be braver than I was.” He pauses, waiting for Lucy to jump in but when she just continues to stare at him with big open eyes he continues.
“You asked me why I care. I care because I care about you. I want you to be happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I thought you were happy with him, but then it became obvious you weren’t and you deserve to be happy, Lucy.” He knows he should stop before he says too much but every emotion he’s grappled with since that undercover kiss is now coursing through his veins, pushing him forward. “You deserve to find someone who truly makes you happy.”
“Are you saying that could be you?” Lucy asks tentatively.
“Is that crazy?” Tim asks, more vulnerable than she’d ever seen him.
Lucy shakes her head, “Not crazy,” she clarifies “but kind of terrifying, because if we do this and it doesn’t work I’ll have ruined the most important relationship in my life.”
Tim freezes then not quite believing what he is hearing. That she feels the same way. Yet, here she is not only confirming that he is the most important person in her life but also that them being together is a real option. They could choose that. Choose each other. Choose happiness.
Lucy must read his silence as hesitation because she starts to backtrack.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have,”
“You’re right,” he quickly interrupts.
“So we should just keep going the way we have been, right?,” Lucy proposes coyly, “It’s not worth the risk.”
“Unless it is?” Tim quickly offers. 
Lucy looks back at him questioning. He hesitates before clarifying. 
“I know it’s complicated, it could have ramifications not only on us personally but also professionally and we could come to regret it,” Tim explains, “but over the last few weeks I’ve realized that if we don’t at least try I’ll always wonder ‘what if?’”
“Are you trying to ask me something, Tim,” Lucy asks, voice laced with anticipation.
“I can’t remember,” Tim teases.
“Don’t make me hurt you,” Lucy replies quietly.
Tim pauses then, taking a couple deep breaths and allowing himself to really take her in, as he summons all his courage.
“Do you want to get dinner sometime,” he finally asks.
“Yes” she replies immediately and he can’t help but beam.
“Yeah?” He confirms. It stills seems too good to be true.
“Yeah,” she confirms. “I do.”
And they can’t help but stare at each other, broad smiles plastered to their faces as their hearts beat out of their chests.
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ohjaimelannister · 11 hours
‘Wesleys a lawyer, we like Wesley!’
‘Ehhh, we accept Wesley because we fear Lopez’
….smart man.
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alexihawleys · 11 hours
How did you find the last episode? There was barely any angst for chenford despite them supposedly struggling with their hours etc.?
i liked it! definitely had more chenford than i anticipated and i really enjoyed the way they handled the celina storyline. it, like most episodes of the rookie, required a little bit of suspense of disbelief but i think the story worked well and i thought it was paced really well.
and re: chenford angst – honestly, i didn't expect there to be much angst yet. the description, to me, made it sound like they were planting seeds to start a storyline, which is exactly what happened. they reinforced the facts: lucy's studying for the detective's exam, chenford are going to have less time to spend together once she makes detective (a hurdle they've brought up more than once before this), tim and lucy aren't communicating effectively (another thing they've brought up several times since they got together), and the 5-player trade lucy pushed everyone into doing is probably going to bite her in the ass. the audience has now been reminded of all this stuff they've been weaving through the season, which is smart. they're laying the groundwork for something bigger, imo, and likely more angsty than what we've seen with them thus far.
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chenfordsource · 9 hours
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#no thoughts just lucy having coffee ready for her sleepy boyfriend requested by anonymous
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chenford24-7 · 12 hours
How did you find the last episode? There was barely any angst for chenford despite them supposedly struggling with their hours etc.?
I loved it. I honestly don’t want much angst tbh. I mean yeah there will be challenges and we need to see them work through it and I’m sure this will come back up. I feel they are just planting seeds to be brought back up and worked through later on in future episodes which I’m good with. I just don’t want anything crazy to happen with the writers causing unnecessary drama between them. Like the hours issue is a natural challenge, even Isabel coming back is fine because I’m sure it’s going to be awkward. I mean she and Tim were married for 10+ yrs she was a big part of his life Lucy’s going to feel some kind of way about it at first but what is the reason Isabel is back. As long as it’s not her wanting to try again with Tim or god forbid an unexpected kid (I will honestly NEVER watch another episode of this show if they bring her back springing a kid on Tim the timeline is way off for that but The Rookie timeline has never made sense anyway so… ) as long as it’s not either of these things I’ll be good with whatever reason she’s back in town for. Hopefully it leads to a feelings convo with Tim and Lucy (that we actually get to see) haha
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chenfordsbee · 13 hours
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