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gnossienne · 2 years
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archnald · 2 years
Gökotta på Høyslassfjellet i Bø, Telemark. Norge. 2019
Early morning walk in the Høyslass Mountains in Bø. 2019
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dunkinbublin · 4 days
I love your werehog sonic and tails art because no one draws them together enough also I love how it looks like that werehog sonic would definitely use his teeth to pick tails up by his scruff and I’m here for it
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AHHH thank you!
take them. an offering
they are dog bros. canid comrades if you will.
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last-in-line-for-hell · 9 months
Since WWX is able to hear the voices of resentful spirits due to his cultivation, I wonder if, when he was in Burial Mounds desperately creating his cultivation in order to survive, it just got louder and louder the further along he got...
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inky-for-a-bit · 3 months
The Bad Batch creators making Crosshair suffer more every time he appears:
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soyboysace · 3 months
clara did not go "run clever boy and remember" ONLY FOR U TO NOT REMEMBER HER
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senorscotty · 2 months
thinking about identity is so interesting with helena because yes there is that natural push and pull between helena and the huntress that many anti-heroes/vigilantes face when they put the mask on, but helena also has this quandary about who she even is in the absence of her father and his legacy. she initially creates the identity of the huntress as a version of herself that isn’t entombed in fear and grief, invents someone that goes towards the cry for help instead of needing it. there’s something about helena coming back for her younger self through the mask, hearing the cry for help no one else did, as the entity of huntress.
but i think in issue 6, when she lets one of the men who were complicit in her family’s death fall to his death, helena doesn’t have her mask on. it’s not huntress who is present in those moments where she confronts the people who killed her family, but helena herself. ESPECIALLY those moments when she sees the family photos her father locked away in his safe. she’s reconnected to her grief and role as the bertinelli daughter but she can’t retreat into her mask. she has to claw back some strength when she’s at risk of losing her agency and becoming a pawn all over again.
and then when she does get to avenge her family, she gets to start being herself not just her family’s goddaughter and her father’s daughter. but she doesn’t know who that even IS! it’s insane because she wants to create a division between helena and the bertinelli legacy, and in the process leans on the huntress more and more -> struggles to find out if it's her (with a shifting sense of self) or the huntress (resolute as helena idealizes her to be) in control. like somehow within her origin - it’s the mask that is constant in her life but not its creator.
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taiturner · 5 months
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— “Requiem,” Roe Gardner
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hergloomyrains · 28 days
So much to say,
But no one that listens.
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if-you-fan-a-fire · 10 months
“In the 43 years that I’ve spent in a small cell at San Quentin, I’ve felt grass under my feet only five times.
The first time was after I had spent seven years in the isolation unit because I refused to cut my hair. I’m Monache and Cherokee. They punished me despite the fact that it’s my tradition and spiritual belief as a Native American to grow my hair long.
But outside the isolation unit there was a row of grass that they really took care of. As the guards led me out of that building, I stepped off the concrete path so I could feel the grass and dirt under my feet. The smell and feel of grass is still part of me.
I'm sure most free people don’t even realize that they take something like that for granted, but it’s the little things that I cherish the most. I often think back to growing up at Big Sandy — the coyotes and foxes, the geese and deer and wild turkeys. There were 17 of us living together in three cabins, and it only cost about $80 a month to feed us. We ate venison, rabbit and turkey, and we had a garden. We always had homemade biscuits, tortillas, frybread and cornbread, and there were always beans cooking on the back of the potbellied stove. Those thoughts, along with the self-discipline I’ve developed in here, have helped sustain me.
I can say that conditions in the isolation unit have changed since 1980, when I was there for the first time. Back then, there was a hole in the floor for a toilet. The toilets were supposed to be flushed once every 24 hours, but they rarely were.
We were supposed to get 1,500 calories a day. But we got one meatball in the morning and one at night with half a slice of bread. Anytime people acted up, the guards would pepper spray them. Sometimes, guards would spray people just to see how they’d react.
Guards would also take our mattresses in the morning and give them back at night — presumably because they didn’t want inmates destroying them. But nine times out of 10 you wouldn’t get your mattress back. It would be someone else’s, and there might be feces on it or urine on it. After five times, I told them, “No, I don’t want a mattress anymore.” I haven’t had one since then. I just fold a blanket in half and sleep on it. I also haven’t had a pillow — I use a roll of toilet paper, and I’m comfortable with that.
In the death-row cells where I’ve spent most of my time, I’m still in isolation — it’s just not as bad. My current cell is roughly 4 1/2 feet by 10 feet. Along with my toilet, bed and sink, I’ve got a shelf, two lights and a typewriter. I have some CDs and a CD player with a radio. I also have some photos and eight posters of Harley Davidsons. My dad was a biker.
But I’m still locked up all the time, and I don’t come out unless I’m handcuffed. I go to the shower, I’m handcuffed. I go to medical or the yard, I’m handcuffed. A guard is always watching. It’s like I’m in a zoo.
We do have Native worship services at San Quentin, but our religious adviser doesn’t do it right. He has a sacred pipe that he allows everybody to touch, and that’s bad medicine. You’re not supposed to touch the pipe or anything sacred like that if you have blood on your hands. If you’ve killed someone in self-defense or to protect your family or your property, that’s one thing. But if you kill somebody just to kill, it’s called having blood on your hands. That’s why I go to other worship services, so I can absorb other teachings and learn about different religions.
We used to have four powwows a year. Tribes from the Bay Area and all the way up north would offer buffalo, elk, venison and fish. Now we’re lucky if we have one powwow per year. The reason is that the religious adviser would tell the tribes we were going to have a powwow on a certain date and after the tribes caught fish and deer for it, he’d say, “Well, now we’re going to have it next month.” You can’t do that.
When we did have a powwow, we’d get a two-ounce serving of salmon and everything else would be prison food. The prison wouldn’t allow people to bring in buffalo meat because they said bones were a security risk. They could just take the meat off the bone and then bring it in, but they won’t do that. You’ve got these brothers and sisters in the free world going out and getting it for us, and we can’t have it.
Meanwhile, my daily routine is the same as it has been for decades. I wash up, make sure my cell is clean, then I say my prayers and I meditate for 20 minutes to an hour. After that, I turn on the radio, exercise, maybe type a letter and get my breakfast. I work on my case for about three hours a day. We have a law library, but you have to get on a list, so you might go once a month. Every week, we can put in requests for a law book we need. You may be placed on a waiting list for the book, but it's better than nothing.
I go to the yard with other people twice a week for a total of six hours — unless it’s foggy or there’s been an incident and we’re in lockdown. I get to shower for 15 minutes every other day with a guard standing by. Otherwise, I’m in my cell.
Since my sentence was reduced to life without possibility of parole in 2019, I have the option of transferring to a cell in the general population. But I’d have to go to a Level 4 maximum security unit where there’s a lot of violence. Other inmates would want to test me because I’ve been on death row.
I also have the option of moving to a different prison, but my legal team is in this area. I might end up 500 miles away; that would make it harder for them to come and see me when they have to. 
And so, I await a court date. It could be in a month, it could be in six months. We don’t know. Meanwhile, I just try to be the best person I can be so that I’m content with myself and can go to sleep at night and say, “Well, I did a good day. I didn’t do anybody wrong, I didn’t lie to anybody.”
People have asked me, “How did you make it through 43 years in prison?” And I say, “By being Native.” Being Native gives me the strength to overcome all of this — not just for me, but for all our brothers and sisters. Society cannot break our spirit.”
- DOUGLAS RAY STANKEWITZ as told to RICHARD ARLIN WALKER, “California’s Longest Serving Death-Row Prisoner On Pain, Survival and Native Identity.” The Marshall Project. March 18, 2022.
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carryonmydearest · 1 year
Manhwas that I would recommend a newcomer to the genre of otome isekai
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gnossienne · 6 days
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worstloki · 2 years
Loki: literally tries to kill himself
Odin: son how could u betray me like this
Loki: literally back from the dead after trying to kill himself
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If anyone ever wants to talk about how absolutely batshit wild the Little House on the Prairie tv show was I’m always down for that.
Just an absolutely unhinged 1970s fever dream.
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comradekatara · 1 year
suki literally has everything figured out. she’s got one (1) scary goth gf who is secretly sensitive & writes poetry, one cute femme gf who is secretly witty & sarcastic, and one weird funny genius bf who cherishes her entirely & would do anything for her. she lives on a beautiful island that values community equality & compassion. she is constantly surrounded by women & girls. she has abs of steel & a cool sword. she’s friends with appa. she’s spit sisters with the moon. she’s the hottest girl on kyoshi island. I wish I was her so bad
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rainberrydrops · 1 year
My Favorite Manhwa Anti-Heroine
Anti Heroine - a female central character who lacks conventional heroic attributes
1. Hilise Inoaden - Solitary Lady
Tumblr media
2. Charlize Ronan - The Taming of The Tyrant
Tumblr media
3. Viper/Rosica - The Heiress's Double Life
Tumblr media
4. Terryl Rihan - I Wasn't the Cinderella
Tumblr media
5. Rosenne Walker - Your Eternal Lies
Tumblr media
6. Latrasil Tarium - Men of the Harem
Tumblr media
7. Marianne Paedin/ Yurisina - The Demonic Contract
Tumblr media
8. Keira Parvis - I Am The Real One
Tumblr media
9. Lucifela Aydin - From Knight to A Lady
Tumblr media
10. Lithera Termaine - Another Typical Fantasy Romance
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