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foreverlyjay · 2 days
Beautiful photographs moments of Roman
Credit 📸: redlight24fps
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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That time Roman stole Drew's sword. 🤣🤣
My Forever Champion
Roman Reigns 👑☝🏾
(Video credit: @wwe)
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my-roman-empiree · 1 day
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No puedo más 😩🤤
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Roman Reigns Return
8/? Days without him
Tumblr media
credit to gif owenr
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punksdoll · 4 months
Hi, I was wondering if you could do Roman Reigns x fem! Reader, where she's a wrestler who's been out of action for a while, and she surprises him during WWE's Holiday Tour by making a return during his match with Karrion Kross, to take down Scarlett when she interferes, and they share a moment with the crowd.
Kinda similar to Seth & Becky last year at WWE's Holiday Tour in Toronto when he had a match with Finn, Rhea & Priest interfered & Becky handled her. Thanks, really enjoy your writing BTW!
~~~𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝑩𝒂𝒄𝒌~~~
Tumblr media
gif not mine like, comments, & reblogs appreciated
𝑹𝒐𝒎𝒂𝒏 𝑹𝒆𝒊𝒈𝒏𝒔 𝒙 𝒇𝒆𝒎!𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓 ^owner of gif
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒚
𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒑𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒑𝒆𝒐𝒑𝒍𝒆, 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒎𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒔 𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒍
𝒂/𝒏: 𝒉𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒇𝒖𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒘𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒆𝒙𝒑𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈. 𝒉𝒐𝒑𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒆𝒏𝒋𝒐𝒚𝒆𝒅 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒎𝒐𝒓<𝟑
𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: 𝒚/𝒏 𝒖𝒔𝒆𝒅, 𝒓𝒐𝒎𝒂𝒏 𝒃𝒆𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂 𝒑𝒓𝒐𝒖𝒅 𝒉𝒖𝒔𝒃𝒂𝒏𝒅, 𝒇𝒍𝒖𝒇𝒇
not proofread
Tumblr media
“What the hell!” Michael Cole shouts in his headset as the crowd lets out a shout when Scarlet is hit in the back with a kendo stick. “Who the hell is this?!”
Scarlet lets out screams as she is repeatedly hit in the back with a kendo stick before she is grabbed by the person and thrown over their shoulders. The person walks over to the commentary table and slams Scarlet down on it, crashing the table as the crowd gasp in confusion.
Roman looks on confused, glancing over at Paul who is just as confused. Paul takes it upon himself to walk over and check who the person is. Once it’s revealed to him who it is, he starts laughing with a smile.
“Oh my god.” Paul Heymam laughs hysterically as he claps his hand.
Roman stands up and stares at the person who takes off their hood to reveal Y/N Y/L/N. The crowd goes wild almost immediately when they see who it is.
“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Michael Cole, “It’s Y/N Y/L/N, Roman Reign’s wife! She’s been out due to an arm injury!” Michael Cole explains.
Roman slowly starts smiling as him and Y/n stare at each other. Roman never knew about this, they never even talked about her returning. Now that she’s back though, he has a ton of opportunities for her to have.
“Come inside here baby doll!” Roman motions inside the ring.
Y/n slides into the ring and skips over to him, wrapping her arms around him as he leans down and gives her a kiss. Everyone around them cheering.
“Why ain’t you tell me nothing?” Roman pulls back.
“Wanted to surprise you.” Y/n shrugs, glancing back at Scarlett and Karrion, “What should we do with them?”
Roman smirks and gives her a look that Y/n immediately understands as they both step out of the ring. They watch as both Scarlett and Karrion get to their feet and both start charging at them.
“Are they going to do it?! Are they?!” Michael Cole shouts
Both y/n and Roman hit a spear on Scarlett and Karrion making the crowd go crazy with cheers.
“Spear!” Michael Cole shouts, “A couples spear!” He exclaims.
Roman gets Karrion into the ring and pins him as Y/n stands above Scarlett, making sure she doesn’t interfere.
“1! 2! 3!” The crowd chants and the bell rings as they announce Roman retaining his titles.
Y/n slides inside the ring and jumps into Roman’s arm, “My tribal chief!” Y/n says, giving him a big kiss.
“Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!”
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allmyn1ghts · 4 months
Shield's First Lady ˚₊‧꒰ა ☆ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Shield x Fem!Reader (platonically)
Synopsis: just a little hc about being the first and only lady of shield!!
Warnings: fluff and some angst
a/n: missing my boys and 2013-15 real bad yall!!
Tumblr media
you absolutely loved your boys
at first, you were really iffy about the idea Triple H presented
"I want you to be Shield's First Lady! I think you being with the guys would be a perfect fit."
you didn't really want to be in a group or associated with one. But you decided to go ahead with the idea
You barely talked to Roman before but Seth and Dean were foreign to you.
"It's so nice to meet you all, I'm sure this is gonna be super fun for all of us!" 
The three men were nothing but sweetheart to you. always polite, making sure you were good
from that moment, you knew you had made the right choice
your role was pretty simple, the fearless badass of the group 
you would stand ringside for almost every match whether it be singles, tag, or all three of them. sometimes distract the ref so they can pull an illegal move ;)
every backstage segment had all four of you in it chilling in your custom locker room, getting ready for a match, etc...
promos always had you on the mic
"Shield is taking over the WWE. We have the Tag Team titles, the United States Championship, the Divas championship, My boys and I are unstoppable"
the fans absolutely loved Shield (you were the fan favorite)
yall had become a little family!
the four of you always went out after shows, having a blast
when the boys would get into stupid little arguments, you were the mediator
"C'mon guys enough! We're family. act like it!" 
when you got loud, oh they listened for sure. They knew not to piss you off
don't be fooled though, they loved you more
What you did for them ringside, they did for you.
Every time you won, they would slide into the ring and hold you up on their shoulders.
they always made you laugh at their silly side convos 
Everything was good
until it wasn't
The day Seth betrayed you all, was the day your heart broke
"Seth what are you doing?! How could you do this to us?! We're family!"
You looked him in his eyes, slapping him across the face. He had nothing to say but a smirk on his face. 
Seth not only betrayed you but his brothers too, his family.
Shield was never the same for any of you after that day. 
Tumblr media
hope yall enjoyed this lil hc! comment and reblog pls and thank u <33
request - masterlist - about me - who I write for
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roeiswriting · 9 days
Roman Reigns has never truly let go of his past.
The pain of losing that brotherhood has never left him, no matter if there were half hearted reunions, moments of hope, or even if time saw them standing together once again. That moment in 2014 time stopped, a chair to the back, and a bond lost. To him, the Seth he knew was gone.
Tumblr media
A broken, beaten down Rollins who puts his heart and soul into every detail when he steps in that ring adorns the shield gear once again, steel chair in hand, a reminder of the moment that has stuck with Roman despite everything.
To Seth it doesn’t matter if he’s hurt, that he’s lost the championship which he has carried so dearly, because he knows that putting Roman right back into that moment has the opportunity to change history.
To give Cody that moment he needs to finally finish the story in the midst of this chaos.
For Seth and Roman their story is far from over, it’s a series of novels in a library build for three, an echo of their fellow shield brother in arms, it’s a string of fate that ties them together in ways we could never comprehend, a story of soulmates in the wrestling sense which never truly ends.
For Roman, living in his past caused the downfall of his present
Tumblr media
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finns-balor · 7 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Yesterday WE mourned. Today is day 1."
Roman Reigns via Tiktok
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stellarollins · 13 days
Tumblr media
Dean and Seth in "Gotta safe Roman" mode - so dramatic babies
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foreverlyjay · 3 days
Roman smile always brightens my day 🤭
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shes2real · 28 days
Night In ♡
Tumblr media
Featuring 🌷: dom! roman reigns + sub!female reader
Warning ☁️: dub-con, arguing, throat fucking, unprotected p in v, rough sex, sir kink, edging, cunnilingus, dirty talk, degradation, use of the word “bitch”, reassurance, 18+ Minors, please don't interact. Thanks! ୨୧
Word Count 🌷: 1.5k
Scenario ☁️: after an argument with Roman about your plans for the night, he decided to make you reconsider it.
⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂
You and Roman stood in your living room, voices escalating into a heated argument. Your eyes flashed with determination, while Roman’s face was etched with anger.
"You ain’t goin’ no motherfuckin’ where," Roman cursed, his tone tinged with disappointment.
You sighed, your hands on your hips. "I’m not doing this shit tonight Roman, I need my alone time too!”
"It's not about needing it. It's about prioritizing our relationship," Roman countered, his voice tinged with hurt. "We barely spend time together as it is, and now you want to go out?"
"You’ve prioritized work even when you’re not working! I’m always holding you down, so let me have one night to myself. Please," You pleaded, your eyes searching for understanding.
"You heard what I said." Roman’s frustration bubbled to the surface, cutting his eyes over at you.
“No, you heard what the fuck I said. I’m grown,” Before you could even grab your keys and walk out of the door, Roman blows his breath and grabs your arm, guiding you upstairs.
"Getcho’ fucking hands off me! Let me go, Roman!" You screamed, trying to yank your arm away. His grip tightened as he began to dig his fingers into your wrist bone, making you wince. "You better pipe it the fuck down," Roman says through gritted teeth, clenching his jaw, his grip tightening even more.
As you both entered the bedroom, he scooped you up, his arms firm yet tender, and deposited you onto the bed with a force that spoke of both passion and possession. His gaze met the mixture of shock and fear etched on your face, and a smirk played at the corners of his lips, revealing the faint emergence of his darker desires. His eyes trailed down to where the hem of your dress delicately lifted, exposing your pink thongs. Anger filled his eyes when he saw your panties, he hovered over you and asked you in a sinister aggressive tone, “Who did you wear these for, hmm?”
“N..nobody! Roman, can you please just let me go.” You sniffled, afraid of the man that was on top of you. You’ve never seen him this angry.
You thought that those poor crocodile tears would move him, but they did quite the opposite. They turned him on. He doesn't care that you're crying. He doesn't care that you need “alone time”. He doesn't care that you are scared. He wants to teach you a lesson.
“Shut the fuck up,”
Roman crept off of the bed and silently watched you as he began to undress, “Sit up, lemme see how much mouth you got now.” You slowly sat up as Roman fingers entangled in your hair. You slowly opened your mouth and looked up at him, growing aroused at the hardened look on his face. He began to thrust his hips up as you looked at him with teary eyes,
“Can’t take it?” Roman groaned, biting his lip as he looked down at you. He lets out a loud groan, bucking his hips as his breath shutters, he mentally curses himself for having to cum so quickly. His seed soon spilled down your throat, he groaned in satisfaction as he watched you swallow it.
Removing your head from his dick, he looked at you with a smile. His large hands reached your thighs, and he tightly gripped the thong that clothed your pussy, dragging it down.
He placed a finger across your wet slit, his voice condescending. "Need me to fuck some sense into you? ’S what you want?”
Finally speaking up, you whimper, and that was the signal to Roman that he could do anything he wanted to you. Roman bends down just enough to bring his face close to yours and whispers, “Tell me what you need, pretty.”
“Please sir, want..you…”
Roman pushes you down and begins to circle your clit, dangerously remaining silent as he watches your head fall back on the bed, and a pornographic moan leaves you. He sped up his motions as he watched your chest heave, “Wanna cum f’ me?”
“Y..yes sir!”
He grinned before his fingers went down to your hole, and he began to quickly finger you. You curse as you grind against his palm, he starts to scissor you, “Fuckk! Please, sir…” He smirked as his fingers pounded into you. You could barely keep your eyes open as you felt your thighs shake as you approached your orgasm. Roman knew you were close but like the obedient girl you are, all you had to do was ask.
“Please what, baby girl?” You cry as he roughly jabs at your spot. "Roman, Fuck! I..I mean sir!"
"Shut up," he snaps. That little slip-up just made all of this worse for you and you knew it. Roman removes his fingers before you could cum, leaving you squirming in frustration and in fear of what’s next to come.
Before you knew it, Roman flipped you onto your stomach causing you to jolt when you felt him enter you. He was so big and he always had to go in slowly but not this time. You squirm against his hold,
"Stop fucking moving," he commands. "If y’know what’s good for you."
A hiss escapes your lips as his hips were slamming against your ass with his rough thrusts. "Why couldn’t you just listen to me, baby girl?" he growls against your ear.
“S..sorryyy,” You rasped, all you could do was moan and grip the sheets. His dick filled you up so nicely, each stroke he was digging deeper into your wetness. "Should I let you cum?"
Your lower lip trembles as you feel warm salty tears roll down your face, your lack of response seems to piss Roman off as he grips your hair, making you yelp. "Answer me."
"Yes, sir," You cry, making him groan from your submission.
His speed picks up, his thrusts causing more tears to fall from your face. You can feel your muscles tightening in anticipation of your release, letting out a scream as a particularly rough thrust hits you. “Please, please, please! ‘M cumming, oh my-“
He reached down and grabbed your neck, slowing down his strokes, rotating his hips as you rode out your high, “Thank me, bitch.”
“Th..thank you, sir!”
His deep laugh rumbled as he spoke, “You don’t think that I’ll let you just get away with that, do you? You didn’t ask for permission,”
“Fix your arch, you better not make a fucking sound,” You quickly obeyed before Roman thrusts came at full force. It felt so much more sensitive as the juices from your previous orgasm caused you to feel his length so much better. You tried to cover your mouth before he took your hand and put it behind your back.
“Yes, please don’t stop!”
“Didn’t I fuckin’ tell you to shut up?” Roman growled before shoving your face into the pillow, the discomfort turned you on even more as you took a mouth full of the pillow and bit down hard.
You felt your orgasm creeping on you again, causing you to groan against the pillow. Roman deep moans filled the room as the two of you felt your ends nearing. You began clenching tightly around him, causing him to ram into your spot. You lightly shook as he smiled,
"There we go" He grunted.
Pulling your face out of the pillow, he smiled, “Pussy feels ‘so good, pretty girl. Let me hear you,” Tears fell as you reached back scratching and pushing on his stomach. It felt so good you couldn't take it anymore. You tried desperately to crawl away but you couldn’t escape.
“P-please let me c..cum!”
With a smack to your ass, you came on command. Roman followed quickly after you, your name sounding like chants. Weakly, you turned over as he laid down to kiss you as the two of you came down from your high.
“Y’know, you did good for me baby.” He kissed you softly before moving down to your sensitive core.
“N-no, ‘s sensitive” You whimpered, trying to scoot away from him. He rubbed your thighs, comforting you.
“Shh, Daddy’s gonna clean you up,”
He slowly opened your thighs before he dragged his tongue around your clit, making you flench. He drifted his tongue from your clit to your leaking hole. Roman flicked his tongue inside of you while thumbing your clit. Your mind has gone completely blank, all you could do was say, "Fuck, fuck, fuck…" through gritted teeth. Trying your hardest to control your breathing as your legs started to close around Roman’s head.
You reached down, running your fingers through Roman’s hair causing him to groan. The vibrations caused a tingly feeling causing your high to accelerate.
"Oh, can I-" you began, your mouth becoming agape at the feeling of your juices beginning to flow out of you. "Cum for me," he groaned, feeling your juices coat his tongue. He smirked up at you, watching you come undone for the third time. Your body shook uncontrollably as Roman finally gave your sweet pussy one last kiss before pulling away from you.
Your chest heaved up and down as you watched Roman lick his lips and get the juices off his face that his tongue couldn't reach itself. He looked up at you and ran a hand through his damp beard, "You still goin’ out tonight?”
“No sir..”
“That’s my girl.”
⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂
Thanks for reading babe ☁️🌷
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Like Father 👑☝🏾
Tumblr media
Like Son 👑☝🏾
Tumblr media
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my-roman-empiree · 2 days
Tumblr media
Papi stop being tan mono or else te voy a comer
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msbigredmachine · 4 months
Santa Daddy - A Roman Reigns One-Shot
Tumblr media
All the Tribal Chief wants for Christmas is you.
PAIRING: Roman Reigns x OC
Word Count: 3.7k words
A/N: Sorry I brought this in so late, I got sick. Better late than never though! Enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was Christmas morning. Your face was a picture of utmost focus as you wiped away the hair stuck to your forehead. It was a mini madness in your open layout kitchen, but at least it was your controlled chaos. In a few hours' time, a select mix of friends, co-workers and family members would converge at your place for a Christmas sleepover for the ages, to mark your first holidays as Roman Reigns' fiancée.
What a crazy eighteen months it has been for you. If anyone told you that within that timeframe, you would escape from your abusive boyfriend, move states, find a new job and a new place to live, you would have laughed in their face.
And Lord knows how you'd have reacted if they added that you'd be dating a professional wrestler in that same timeframe. And not just any wrestler, but the marquee name, the number one guy in WWE. But here you were. In the house you lived in together. Diamond ring on your finger. Prepping dinner and being quite giddy about it too. It had been a long time since you were giddy about anything, but that changed after you said yes to a coffee date with Roman a lifetime ago, it felt like now.
The honey-glazed chicken, roasted potatoes and gravy were ready, as were the salads and greens. Your centerpiece was undoubtedly the smoky Nigerian jollof rice you couldn't wait for everyone to taste. The chocolate was fragrant as it melted in the pot and the sweet crème caramel was setting nicely. You really wanted everything to go smoothly today. Dinner first, after which everyone would gather in the den for gift swaps, karaoke, play some raunchy adult games, then go to bed whenever they liked before leaving in the morning for their drives home. It was the perfect itinerary and you planned to make sure it was.
You were whisking the chocolate sauce on the stove when the shuffling of a familiar pair of size fifteens invaded your ears. Your heart pounded a little harder anfd your brown eyes lit up as he walked into the kitchen, drinking him in with your heart-shaped mouth curving into a smile. It was incredible how he gave off the exact same aura and energy as his grand entrances to the ring with just entering a small room. It was intimidating in the sexiest way.
"I see someone found one of their gifts." Your voice was soft and sweet - a tone you used only for him - with the gentle tinge of a tease. Your man looked so good in his red Christmas-themed pajama set that matched yours, which he complemented with a Santa hat covering the top of his head.
Roman came to stand behind you, wrapping his arms around you as he kissed your neck. "You look amazing in yours," he told you. Taking a deep breath, he welcomed your fragrance deep into his lungs. Your scent reminded him of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day and the roaring fireplace several feet away in the living room. It reminded him of home. You were home.
"Merry Christmas, my beautiful wife-to-be. I love you." His voice was a low, tender rumble in your ear, and you shivered slightly as his hands massaged your waist, his warm breath caressing the sensitive nape of your neck.
"I love you too, Daddy. Merry Christmas," you greeted back, absorbing the aura, the love and affection radiating from him like a bright light. Gosh, how did you get so lucky, winding up with this incredibly handsome, sweet, gentle giant of a man as a life partner?
"It smells so good in here, babe," Roman complimented, dipping his finger in the gravy boat for a taste. "I wish you woke me up to help out," he added sheepishly.
You shook your head immediately. "Don't worry about it. You needed your rest from all the traveling you've been doing."
"What time do the festivities start again?"
You turned off the stove to temp the chocolate down and turned to him. "Not till like, three."
"Hmm, and it's only nine-thirty now. That's a whole lotta time to ourselves," he pointed out, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively as he tugged at the waistband of your pajama pants. "I know I got a lot of presents, but Daddy wants to open this one first. Can I?" he asked with a syrupy sweet voice that promised something much more carnal.
"That depends on if you were naughty or nice this year," you replied.
The dramatic pout that came with his puppy dog eyes was so cute. "I promise I've been a good boy."
You arched a manicured brow at him. "You sure? Not even the tiniest bit bad?"
Roman puffed out his chest and grinned proudly. "I'm positive. I made my woman very happy this year. That counts as good, right?"
The glittering rock on your finger answered that question. "Definitely," you agreed.
"Exactly. By the way, look up."
You followed his pointed finger. A sprig of mistletoe dangled from the cabinet right above you. You met your fiancé's stormy stare, and your pussy purred from the mischief and lust you saw in them. You licked your lips with anticipation, knowing full well he was going to have his way with you, like he always did. Like you always wanted him to.
"C'mere." He guided your face to his own with his hand on the back of your neck. Your hands clutched his broad shoulders as your lips melded together in a soft, passionate dance. You stood in the kitchen for what felt like hours, worshiping each other's mouths, the smacking of your lips and hushed sighs mingling with the soft Christmas ballad playing through Alexa.
As you kissed, Roman couldn't help but get turned on. He let his hands slip down into the back of your pants and over your backside, molding your bare ass cheeks in his palms while you pressed yourself against him. You continued the increasingly intense makeout session, neither of you seeming to be in any hurry to stop.
"Santa Daddy thinks you've been a good girl this year," he murmured against your lips, "so good that you deserve a special present."
"Mmm, I love presents, Santa Daddy," you replied, allowing him to pick you up and place you on the countertop. He stepped into the space between your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist, while your arms curled around his shoulders as you dove into the kiss. He caressed your mouth with his luscious tongue in a way that made your knees weak. Your hands and his moved in unison, pulling off each other's clothes until you were both completely nude. The second your top was off, his fingers teased your nipples, which instantly pebbled at his touch. His broad chest was hard and warm against your palms, and you scratched your nails along his ribs just to hear him hiss in a breath right before his mouth latched onto your throat. You whimpered and gripped his hair. God, his mouth and tongue felt so good on your skin. He nibbled and sucked on you while massaging your right breast, and you felt the pit of stomach heat up with the rabid need for your pussy to be filled. The moisture pooling between your thighs could probably fill a lake.
With your eyes closed as you savored the sensations, you never quite saw him take the pot of chocolate, dip the whisk in it and wave it over your nipples. The chocolate that dripped onto your skin seared with heat, but his tongue was there to quickly lick it away before the pain registered as anything more than a turn-on.
"Mmm, that's tasty," he commented.
You watched him and his lethal mouth like a hawk. "You like that, Daddy?" you inquired, resting back on your elbows.
"Oh, I do." He drizzled more chocolate over your breasts. Your mind swam as he took his time sucking each soft flesh, activating your erogenous pressure point. He then dipped his finger in the warm chocolate then made a long trail down your lower belly. He licked that away, then used two fingers to paint your entire pussy with the hot chocolate, his face a mask of concentration as he worked on his masterpiece. Your body jerked and you sucked in a breath at the fire that raged between your legs. Then his tongue was down there, splitting your soft folds apart to delve into your sweetened essence.
Yanking the Santa hat off his head, your fingers threaded through his messy ponytail, pulling his face flush against you, writhing against him and begging for more. "Unnnh, babe, that feels so good," you groaned, your brain growing fuzzy as he French-kissed your pussy, pleasure licking at you with the same devastating impact as his tongue. "Fuck, baby, I love you!"
"I know," Roman moaned back, pushing your thighs further apart. "Spread your legs, baby...wider," he instructed you, his burly arms winding around your thighs and yanking you closer to him. "Mmm, perfect. Imma eat you off this counter, girl."
And he was. With gusto. Desperate for release, you tried to squirm but he had you pinned down to the kitchen island, keeping you still. You were panting hard as the tension coiled tighter in your belly. You were almost there, just a step away from that cliff, when he nuzzled his face against your wet pussy and flicked your hard little clit with his thumb. The pressure sent you over the edge and you moaned through the orgasm, your back arching against the cool surface of the counter. Your string of moans was an aphrodisiac to Roman, and he kept up his tender licking and sucking until your legs fell from his shoulders and you gave a shuddering sigh.
"Jesus," you whispered.
Roman resembled a kid in a candy store with his beard stained with cum and chocolate, eyes bright and lust-filled. He looked up, licked his lips with a smug smile and said, "Nothing tastes as good as you, baby," he praised, and your ego swelled. He always knew the right things to say to make you feel good. Twining your fingers in his, he pulled you upright and kissed your lips, sharing your tangy sweetness with you.
"Your turn," you announced, and slid carefully off the counter, pushing him to sit on one of the stools. You moved to take the pot of chocolate, but the three mason jars filled with homemade caramel sauce caught your eye. A devious little idea popped up in your head. Grabbing one, you unscrewed the cover, licking the sauce around the rim before grabbing Roman's dick with one hand, bringing the jar up to his plum-shaped tip.
"Fuck, girl," Roman shivered, his eyes wide when you dunked his dick right inside the jar. Your eyes shone excitedly as you pulled him back out, the thick, succulent syrup dripping down his pipe and around the rim of your hand.
"Mmm, look at all this sweetness on your dick, Daddy," you moaned, bending at the waist to capture his cock between your lips, your husky sigh vibrating against his sensitive skin. Roman moaned softly as you angled your bobbing head, sliding his dick further down your throat with the same rhythm as your hand stroking him, the sensations leaving him boneless.
"Shiiiit, just like that, baby, eat up my dick like a good girl, how's it taste, huh?" he managed to ask.
"Good," you hummed, working your tongue from the tip of his dick down to the veiny underside of his shaft, causing his breathing to grow labored as his cock throbbed in your hand.
"Oh my god, your tongue, dem juicy lips," Roman clutched your hair, watching you intensely. "Keep suckin' my dick, baby, show me what that mouth do."
Wordlessly, you drew his cock deeper into your mouth with a deep breath and started sucking him with only your jaw doing all of the work. His dick was more than sizable, but was no match for your mouth. Daddy had trained you well to handle all of that fat dick with your mouth and pussy. You paused to scoop more caramel sauce with his dick like a spoon, licking off every drop off his shaft with lavish swipes of your tongue.
"Put some on my balls," Roman instructed.
He held his dick up and out of the way while you rubbed a mix of chocolate and caramel all over his balls. As you sucked on them, Roman slowly massaged his dick, occasionally slapping your face with it. The visual of your arched back mesmerized him, the deliberate twerking of your plump ass cheeks as you pleasured him short-circuited his brain. Even hotter was the sight of his balls hidden in your mouth and the sauce mixture smeared on your chin. The contrast of the dark substance on your brown skin was so fucking sexy.
"That's it, baby, that's it...shit!" The Tribal Chief's deep voice was a strangled gasp, his breaths becoming even shallower as you popped his balls out to recapture his dick. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, lost in toe-curling pleasure as you lodged him in the back of your throat, your warm mouth swallowing around the base of his shaft like a suction. It was his turn to fidget in place, his fingers digging into your scalp as ecstasy loomed ever closer. "Baby I'm gon' come," he whined.
You moaned at his warning, the vibrations shuddering around his length. Your eyes locked with his as he started to fall apart. With a loud groan, he held your head still and gasped helplessly with each spurt of his cum gushing down your throat, his hips bucking from the force of his release. His eyes squeezed shut as he felt you swallow, drinking your fill, your tongue lapping up whatever you spilled. You pulled him out and gulped air back into your lungs, then glanced back up at him with those mischievous pretty eyes, pursing your pouty lips against his blunt head and making his cock twitch in your grasp.
"How the fuck am I still hard?" he half-laughed, half-choked, earning a proud grin from you.
"I got that magic mouth, baby," you declared haughtily, twisting your hand around him in gentle soothing strokes, "And you got this magic dick. You gonna put it on me, Santa Daddy? I know you want to."
"Damn right." He got off the chair and spun you around, bending you over the kitchen table. The tabletop remained cold against your bare, chocolate-streaked skin, and you shivered in response. It was only seconds before he guided your hands to grip the edges of the table in front of you. You moaned softly as he nudged your legs wider apart, hiking your ass slightly higher to press himself up against you.
"Ay, Alexa, turn that shit off, I wanna hear my girl scream for me," he growled at the air, and you burst out laughing when the kitchen fell into an abrupt silence.
His hard dick throbbed between your ass cheeks. He ran the thick head up and down the slit of your pussy lips. When he pushed the first few inches in, you whined pitifully. Your velvety womanhood pulled him in, eking a groan from the Tribal Chief as his big hands roamed your back and ass. His thrusts were slow at first, savoring the feel of your tight, wet pussy tugging at him with each languid stroke. You responded by bucking up against him, luring him even deeper into your body. You moaned together in mutual pleasure.
"God, so tight, so wet...bomb ass pussy," he grunted, smacking your ass and squeezing on the soft juicy flesh, knowing it would make you that much wetter as he stretched you open with that good dick. Your keening moans were nothing but fuel for him; he knew you loved it when he fucked you deep and hard and a little rough, ticking all your little sexual boxes that no one but him knew about. His rhythm was steady yet heavy, keeping you on edge with deep strokes right up on your g-spot. Leaning over you, he swept your hair out of your face to kiss your cheek, a hushed moan slipping from his throat when you squirmed against him, pressing your ass closer to his hips every time he pushed into you.
With the table pressing into your belly and his body trapping you against it, you felt his dick swell inside you, girthier and harder with every thrust. Your body was so sensitized from your previous orgasm that you felt another one build in record time. You wanted your second nut so bad, and you rolled your ass against him, hoping to put enough pressure on your clit to bring it on.
"Unnh yeah, throw that sexy ass back at me," Roman grunted with another hard smack to your ass which jiggled from the impact of his big hand. Said hand then made its way into your hair, the other gripping your waist as he grinded against you and you against him. He loved it; loved you, loved the feel of your bodies moving together, your juices dripping all over his dick, loved the fact that you couldn't seem to control the noises you were making as the kitchen echoed with the erotic sound of them.
"Oh, baby, I'm fuckin' close," you whimpered through your moans.
"How close?" he asked, his lips brushing soft kisses between your shoulder blades and trailing them down your back. His warm breath and his soft beard tickled your skin, and too aroused to answer, you merely whimpered again and bounced your ass more impatiently on his dick. The tension was there in your belly, swirling around so close to explosion, and you needed it like you needed air.
Roman's grip on your hair strengthened, anchoring himself to you. "Don't move. Lemme get that pussy." He was like a Ferrari engine, accelerating with harder pummeling thrusts that filled you to the brim. He was now balanced on just the balls of his feet in an effort to drive deeper into you, pounding you out until you were leaking down your thighs and all over his dick and balls. It felt so good. Too good.
"Yes, Daddy, beat that shit up...unnhhh, my god, I'm coming," you moaned long and loud as you unraveled like flimsy wrapping paper. Stars sparked behind your eyelids as the orgasm tore through you, leaving you shaking uncontrollably from its intensity.
"Mmm, there you go sweetheart, soak my dick,  come all over it," he snickered proudly, his tongue tracing the shell of your ear. "Was that nut good, baby?"
"Yes, Daddy, so good," you grinded out, lightheaded, your eyes glazed over and unfocused, even more so as you felt his hand spread over the back of your neck and hold you down to the countertop, his hips winding against your ass as he stayed burying his long, girthy dick in your warm, snug depths.
"Good, cuz I'm 'bout to nut too...shit, baby girl, this pussy amazing...You gon' make me put a kid in you..."
The thought of him breeding you with his seed had your pussy clenching around his cock, the suckling sensation reducing his husky taunts into yet another helpless moan. You could tell from his breathing that he was indeed close, his frenzied thrusts becoming sloppier as white-hot pleasure surged through both of your bodies in incredible waves.
"Oh shit, Y/N," Roman grunted, squeezing your hips for dear life as something snapped inside him. Slamming his dick into you one last time, he went completely rigid with a shout as he came hard for you. The warm wet spurts of cum emptying inside you caused your body to shiver against his as you milked his dick dry. His heavy weight kept you pressed into the hard marble table, both of you so limp that it didn't seem to matter that you couldn't breathe. Somehow, you managed to stand back upright, making him do the same behind you. As he wrapped you up in a hug, he was still inside you, and you tilted your head up to gently bite his bottom lip before licking at his tongue. It made him smile, and you couldn't help but smile back as he shared a long, greedy kiss with you before finally pulling out with a groan, slapping your backside one more time as he stepped away.
"Save some of that chocolate stuff for us," he said, grinning when you shot him a questioning look. "I want you to use 'em on me again later tonight."
You picked up the two sets of pajamas off the floor. "Hmm, you won't be too tired from dinner and all that?"
"Too tired to fuck you? Never, my baby girl."
"Then I'll make sure to bring a jar of each." You laughed as his Adams apple and his cock bobbed simultaneously, his imagination running wild with all the nasty things you would do to him.
"Good idea. Nah, scratch that, great idea," he corrected himself with a chuckle, lifting you into his arms bridal-style and carrying you out of the kitchen. "Right now, we both need a shower."
"Why do I got a feeling this 'shower' is gonna keep our guests waiting?"
He laughed with you and ascended the stairs. "You know me so well."
It was two p.m. by the time he was through with you. When you determined that your legs could function properly again, you dragged yourself out of his bed, changed into another set of pajamas and made your way back downstairs to put the finishing touches on the food and the rest of the house. You had just finished cleaning up the kitchen when this man came up behind you and ran his hands all over your body. His dick was hard.
"Again?" you breathed, biting back a gasp when he started undoing the strings of your pants. The guests would be arriving anytime soon.
"Just one more," he groaned huskily in your ear, grabbing a jar of chocolate sauce, "I've missed you so much, baby, I need to taste you one more time..."
About half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Jey and his wife Larissa were your first guests. When the front door opened, they took one good look at you and Roman; disheveled clothing, hair out of place, the smear of sauce over your left breast and on the corner of Roman's lips, and put two and two together.
"Y'all nasty," Larissa giggled and entered the house, with Jey merely shaking his head behind her.
This is definitely my final story for the year. I'm so proud of how many I was able to churn out and EXTREMELY happy and proud of how much you all like it. Thank you all, I appreciate all your support and feedback more than you'll ever know! 🥺
Please leave feedback/comments. I appreciate them as they help me improve my writing.
Thank you all so much for reading!
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visionarymode · 8 months
✧ warnings: smut, language, 18+
✧ pairing: roman reigns x female reader
✧ word count: 2,397
Tumblr media
“Y-yes my tribal chief.” Paul fearfully stuttered as he got up in a hurry and left the room as he obeyed the tribal chief’s orders. Roman let out an annoyed and impatient sigh as he glared at Paul with those piercing evil eyes. The screen transitioned into the crowd as AJ Styles’ entrance music hit with the bell ringing to indicate the start of a new match segment. was sitting at the mini table backstage as she just finished watching Roman on TV in his backstage segment for the night. She loved watching him in character because he was so damn brilliant at what he does. There was truly no one like him. Not to mention his incredible dedication and sexy execution of his character…the tribal chief. Roman was the perfect man but my god, something about the tribal chief just made her want to jump through the screen and as he always says, acknowledge him, in many different explicit ways she could imagine. She sat there as her sexual frustration built up not being able to forget that segment or his fine self. you know what? She thought to herself. She grabbed her phone and got up to walk down the hallway. She was about to send him a text before she abruptly bumped into someone.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry-“ she stopped to notice who it was. Paul Heyman. 
“Someone’s eager to get to her destination.” he joked as he crossed his arms raising his eyebrow. Oh, he has no idea…
“I just tend to walk fast Paul that’s all!” she giggled as she crossed her arms as well. “Is he still in his locker room?” she questioned as if he’d know the answer. 
“Yes he is. he has some free time before our next segment in about half an hour.” he patted my shoulder as he continued to walk past her. 
“Thank you Wiseman!” she called out jokingly. She continued her walk until she stopped to read what was in front of the door to her right. Roman Reigns. finally. 
She left two quick little knocks on the door before opening it to see him lying up comfortably on the black leather couch scrolling through his phone. He looked up and immediately put his phone down as he flashed his pearly whites smiling in response to her presence. 
“Hey baby.” he greeted her as he got up from the couch.
She locked the door behind her and she started walking towards him to embrace him. He picked her up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. She giggled as she broke away to look at him. He looked so fucking sexy. When did he not though? His hair was slicked back in his usual bun, and his thick salt and pepper beard glistened from the oil he put on it to make it shine. He was wearing his 1000 days t-shirt with his track jacket over it zipped down.
“What?” he chucked. 
“Nothing you just look so…fucking…sexy.” she paused after each word to peck his lips. 
“Yeah?” he seductively mumbled against her lips trying to slide his tongue into her mouth. She granted access as she sucked on it. she broke the kiss for a split second to respond. 
“You’re so…fucking….beautiful.” He mimicked her actions pausing after each word to leave sloppy kisses on each side of her neck. 
“Mmm I was watching your backstage segment and I don’t know. Something about the tribal chief makes me so horny…” she whispered in his ear. 
“Ahhh I see. You wanted to pay the tribal chief a visit huh?” he asked as he moved his hands from her waist down to her ass and grabbed a handful. 
“I just wanted to stop by & acknowledge you properly…” 
He lifted his face from her neck to look at her and smirked. Before she had a chance to say anything else, he sat her down on the leather couch. He leaned in to lift her chin and kissed her slowly and passionately. He rubbed her thighs up & down without breaking eye contact as he licked his lips admiring how beautiful she was. 
She could feel her panties get more and more damp with each motion of his hands. 
“The tribal chief really appreciates you putting time aside for him.” he professed. 
His rubbing turned into massages as he slowly moved his way up to her thighs spreading them slowly apart. 
“Oh does he now?” she asked playfully, but was screaming on the inside as her breath hitched in her throat. 
He left sloppy kisses all over her inner thighs before he stopped abruptly and noticed how wet she already was.
“Mmm look at you…” he muttered under his breath as he swiftly ran two fingers down her panties. 
“I haven’t even touched you yet…” he stopped mid-sentence to run his tongue over her damp panties. 
“…and you’re already dripping wet for daddy.” His eyes remained on hers as he grabbed her panties with his teeth & slowly ripped them off of her. If she could, she could cum right this second. 
“Tell me how much…” he spread her folds apart as she felt his breath on her wet pussy.
“…you acknowledge me.” 
“I acknow-“ Before she could finish her sentence she gasped as she felt his thick tongue swirl over her clit. 
“What was that baby?” he mumbled as he lapped his tongue up and down steadily yet slowly as he stared her down. She let out a moan that couldn’t be prevented and that was his cue to cover her mouth with his hand as the other pulled her right thigh over his shoulder to pull her closer. She managed to moan louder than before despite his hand being over her mouth as he ate her out like it was his last meal on earth. She suddenly felt him pull away which caused her to drop her jaw as she panted in frustration. 
“Wh- why’d you sto-“ 
“Shhhh. Who told you you could question the tribal chief huh?” he glared at her not to the point where she felt hurt but to the point where she was heavily turned on. She shook her head as she understood what he was doing. he wasn’t gonna break character. damn, he’s so good. 
“Or are you gonna be a good girl and do what daddy says?” he asked raising his eyebrows. She nodded her head eagerly so he could just put his mouth back on her needy and aching pussy. He set her thigh back down on the couch as he pulled his shirt over his head exposing his chiseled and tanned body. His tattoos on his pec & right arm were in full view as she bit her lip yearning for him. He grabbed her hand to pull her upwards in a seated position inches away from his face. He rolled up the shirt and stuffed it in her mouth. 
“Since you can’t control yourself this is what we gon' have to do huh?” 
Their eyes stayed locked for what felt like an eternity before he gently grabbed her by the throat and pushed her back on the couch.
“Now be a good girl and let daddy eat his pussy.” He dragged her legs towards him in the quickest motion and folded her so her knees were touching her shoulders. He kept his eyes on her as he let a long drop of spit slowly fall into her pussy. She was holding onto the back of her knees whimpering into the shirt that was stuffed into her mouth just moments ago so he could work on her. He used two of his fingers to spread the saliva along her entrance before he slowly slipped those same two fingers inside of her. They both moaned in unison as she was falling apart from pure pleasure. He started pumping his fingers in and out at a faster pace. Her muffled moans were growing louder and practically matched the same speed of his fingers. He licked her clit before he started sucking on it as she was on the verge of her climax. 
“Look at your pretty pussy soaking for me. you gon’ cum baby?” he asked licking his lips as he continued to finger fuck her. Her eyes were shut and her head fell back on the head of the couch as she struggled to form any words. He removed his shirt from her mouth and questioned her again. 
“Speak up baby. what’s my name?” 
“Ro-roman…” she was seconds away from releasing as she felt his fingers slow down the pace and tease their removal from inside her. 
“Nah…try that shit again.” he softly demanded. Then the lightbulb popped in her head. 
“my- my tribal chief…oh fuuuuuuuck…” she cried out as she came all up in his face as he sucked and licked every ounce of her juices making sure there wasn’t a drop left. That earth-shattering orgasm made her moan so loud that he had to bring his hand back up to clasp her mouth while he cleaned her up with his tongue. She was panting heavily as he lifted his face from in between her thighs licking his wet lips with the biggest smirk on his face. His beard was glistening but this time it wasn’t from the beard oil, it was from her. 
“Mmm there you go baby.” he praised as he winked at her. this majestic motherfucker. holy shit. 
“Now…” he started to say as he wiped her leftover cum off the corners of his mouth and sucked it off his thumb. He got up from the floor and took a seat next to her. He spread open his legs and rested his arms on opposite sides of the couch. 
“Your turn baby.” he winked while flashing his smug grin. 
She felt like she needed a breather after he just completely wore her out. She expected to come in here and finally pleasure him first for a change but he was never one to not pleasure his girl first. It was always his main priority whenever they got intimate. Making her cum before she could return the favor for daddy. 
She slid off the couch and got on her knees struggling to make eye contact because of how flushed and nervous she felt not only by his presence but by that insane fucking orgasm. His sweats and boxers slid off together as his long, hard, and pretty dick sprung up ready to be devoured. She felt her inner thighs getting hot once again as she prepared to take him all in & pleasure the fuck out of the tribal chief. He cupped her jaw as she was forced to meet his gaze. 
“Now be a good girl. open that pretty mouth and acknowledge me,” he ordered in a low voice. She quickly obeyed and started slowly stroking his shaft with one hand. Her tongue met his tip with a slow lick before swirling around it savoring his pre cum as he let out a low groan from her captivating eye contact. 
“Mmm say it…” 
“I acknowledge you, daddy,” she whispered before wrapping her lips around his tip and putting as much of him in her mouth as she could. She kept her eyes on him while sucking as his mouth slightly fell open with his head falling back. He was holding up her hair with his right hand in a slightly tight grip but she didn’t even care. She loved that he was in this vulnerable state as she had all the control to make him completely convulse and let go in her mouth. 
“Fuck baby just like that…take daddy’s dick like the good girl you are…” he struggled to finish his sentence as he groaned in pure satisfaction.
She studied him as he let out shaky pants while his left arm gripped the back arm of the couch so tight that his knuckles were turned white. She liked seeing him completely fall apart slipping out of character due to her mouth driving him completely fucking insane. Her mouth & tongue quickened the pace as she moaned around his length. He struggled to stay still and bucked his hips forward wanting her to take it all. His dick was so thick and big that she started gagging because of the struggle to fit it all in her mouth…but she didn’t give a fuck. She was enjoying this. She was enjoying fulfilling the tribal chief’s desires. 
“fuuuuck I’m cumming baby…” he groaned as she felt him getting close with tears prickling in her eyes from gagging on his dick. He gently pulled her hair back to take her off him and he let out a low moan as her tongue flicked on his tip once again. He quickly came down from his high to recover and immediately channeled his dominance. 
“Open that pretty mouth for me baby girl,” he ordered as he jerked himself with his left hand. 
She obeyed as she opened her mouth & stuck out her tongue keeping her eyes locked with his. He hummed and licked his lips and came all on her tongue as it dropped to the back of her throat. Droplets of his cum landed on her chest as they started swirling down to her breasts. He smirked at the sight of his mess all over his princess. 
“Swallow for daddy…” he instructed in a deep whisper. 
She obeyed swallowing every last drop of his seed. He wiped the leftovers on the corner of her mouth with his thumb and grazed it over her lips. 
“Say it,” he whispered slowly sticking his thumb in her mouth not taking his eyes off hers as she sucked it off and removed her mouth from his touch with a final slow lick.
“I acknowledge you…my tribal chief,” she responded with a raspy voice. He gestured for her to come sit on his lap with the flick of his finger. She was face to face with her man as he pressed his tongue flat on her chest licking up what was left of her neck and leaving soft kisses. He cupped her face as their lips were inches away before he praised her with the words she melted for once again. 
“Mhm. that’s my good girl.” 
---- thank you for reading! this is the first fanfic i’ve written so i hope y'all liked it :)
you can read more of my fics here ❤️‍🔥
tag list: @harmshake @cyberdejos2
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