#the way he takes accountability for things and doesn't push away other people's pain
shadeswift99 · 1 year
"Redemption arcs are an overdone and badly executed trope" factoid is actually just statistical error. Redemption Arcs Mythicalsausage, who spent episodes after his Xornoth possession systematically apologizing to the people he hurt and working to regain their trust while also giving them ample space to forgive him or not forgive him in their own time, as well as setting up an accountability network to keep himself from falling into evil again, is an outlier adn SHOULD be counted because oh my god it is so refreshing to see someone actually make their redemption a real arc instead of just a tacked-on excuse and a guilt trip -
#Mythicalsausage#empires smp#the next time someone asks me why i watch series like this instead of mainstream shows and movies anymore I'm just going to show them this#because you have NO IDEA how good this feels#it's a redemption arc that doesn't make me feel bad!! it doesn't give me an inexplicable sinking feeling!!#it's not focused on guilt! it's not about Sausage feeling guilty and down on himself for the things he did#and it's not about guilting other people for not immediately accepting that he's cool now either!#and there's REALISTIC ON SCREEN HEALING TIME?? Both physically and emotionally? For everyone??#it's too good to be true#it's so so so good in so many ways#how the things he did have lasting repercussions that don't disappear when he decides to turn over a new leaf#but also the consequences don't isolate or punish him in a way that makes the viewer wonder why he bothered trying at all#the way he takes accountability for things and doesn't push away other people's pain#while ALSO having a clear boundary in terms of how much accusation he'll take before reminding people that he was in fact possessed#and he gave his tools to Gem#it's a tiny detail but i swear I'm going to cry about it#he gave his corrupted tools to Gem...for safekeeping...#and he can ask her for them back and use them for a bit if he needs to if she asks him a few questions to know why and that he's safe#but he gave them to her to keep because he didn't trust himself with them at that point and that's just... that's good. that's very good.#that's genuine very good coping right there#....yeah it's been a Day apparently I am in fact tearing up over this#but the arc is good okay! it's very good!!#sausage <3#this man can WRITE
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brionysea · 25 days
Combining both @madwheelerz ‘s manifestation theory and possession gate because I think both are very likely,
I think that the possession could possible be a manifestation (pun intended) of how Mike feels his trauma is taking over him and how he feels like he can’t be traumatized because he doesn’t have it as bad
Like I barely woke up and am very bad at articulating things, but like mike feels like he can’t feel as bad as the other -> making himself have it as bad as the others so he has an excuse to feel his trauma
Or to get even worse, mikes suicidal tendencies are manifesting into him making himself be possessed
I could be wrong but I really like both theories and wanted to connect them <3
honestly, yeah. they could SO easily co-exist
i couldn't agree more on how it reflects on mike's mental health. that ironic trauma response of wishing for more trauma because you think yours is too invisible or abstract to count fits him so well
but i'm also thinking about it in terms of all his subconscious knowledge turning tactical
like, he doesn't KNOW what's going on. he isn't consciously aware of what he's doing. but on that deeper level, he knows that the monsters can't kill him for some reason. he knows he has plot armour. he knows the monsters can't touch him because killing him would be killing themselves
without the dungeon master, there's no game. there are no monsters. they go right back to being harmless concepts from a fantasy game
but if mike ceased to exist? (not died, because the monsters can't kill him and he doesn't have enough solid reasoning to go that far himself without subconscious interference)
so mike doesn't die, instead he gets possessed, and there's an inevitable end point there where mike wheeler disappears
that's just creative enough to match up with the end results of his death, in that it triggers game over and stops the monsters that keep trying to kill his friends from (re)spawning. that's exactly the kind of roundabout, logical plan that mike would come up with. he does stuff like this instinctively. he doesn't NEED to be able to explain how he knows the things he does to think of highly effective plans against them
i'm not sure how much is mike and how much is henry corrupting the game, but either way, if mike ceases to exist and what LOOKS like mike is just vecna, then killing his body kills both big bads for good. the source and the hijacker. they can both be taken out in one move
it's tactically perfect. it wraps up all the loose ends. it keeps everyone safe EXCEPT for mike, because he thinks he's the thing they need to be kept safe FROM
mike, in all his binary moral glory, thinks that because his unintentional actions caused pain and death and suffering, he's undeniably evil. but to everyone else he's just mike. he's their best friend, their family, who never received guidance on how to control his latent abilities and who's been trying to protect them from himself all along
vecna remembers to account for that. mike doesn't. mike is underestimating how hard everyone would fight for him. how much they wouldn't want to kill him if there's even the slightest chance that he's still in there. whether he's the source or not is completely irrelevant to them, which mike can't even begin to understand because of the way he views himself and the world
that's why possessed mike pushes people away. that's why real mike, the part of him that wants to live, takes back control and surrounds himself with the party and endlessly attempts to communicate what's going on to them
and when they finally figure it out, they're not going to play by his rules. they're not going to let him sacrifice himself for them. they're going to find another way. because they know that mike wheeler is worth the mental gymnastics. mike wheeler is worth saving, whether he likes it or not
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purgetrooperfox · 2 months
got any wip snippets (wippets?) you'd like to share?
just for you. a Quin + Nocte character study thing about survivor's guilt that I'll probably never finish :) unedited, obviously. yw
cw for brief reference to character death I guess
Tumblr media
Vos sticks a cigarette in his mouth and sparks a lighter then pauses, raising a questioning brow. Only once Nocte shrugs and pushes a window open does he light up. The smell of burning tobacco used to turn Nocte's stomach, now it's something familiar. Something that signals the end of the day. Something that makes his chest clench for reasons more related to addiction than disgust.
Neatly, he plucks the cigarette from Vos' fingers and takes a long drag that does little to thaw him out. If Vos takes it as a challenge, he doesn't show it, simply lighting another and watching Nocte like he's a puzzle to be solved. His expression is hard to read.
"Are you on your own out here?" Vos eventually asks.
"For the most part. I'll have someone stick around from time to time, after recovery, but not often."
It's usually kids with nowhere else to go, and they typically go their own way after a few weeks. Staying mobile is for safety. Staying alone is dangerous, but it protects the soft side of him. Less about blasters and laser swords than loss and heartache.
Vos hesitates to spit out whatever's weighing on him. His free hand drums quietly on the windowsill. "None of the others?"
"What, the other clones?" Nocte swallows a scornful laugh. "No. I haven't run into any survivors since I got away." From the control chip. From the Empire. From the past. "I reckon we're about as spread out as the rest of the Jedi."
Grief has dulled into something manageable over the years, no longer the crushing, bleeding wound it was when he first woke up. "Fox was…" he tries to continue, to answer the unspoken question. Stops. Pulls more smoke into his lungs. "No one was lucky that day, but Fox didn't have to suffer it for long. It was quick. Painless."
The scene makes regular appearances in Nocte's nightmares – the wave of cold in the air, the sound of Fox's breath catching in his chest, the resounding snap and unnatural angle of his neck, his body unmoving on the ground. No one could have saved him.
Someone should have.
"Rumor has it that Skywalker's captain got himself and Ahsoka free," Vos offers in turn. "Rex, I think."
Rumor also has it that an experimental batch is running loose in the Mid Rim with Echo in tow. He doesn't put much stock in rumors, but a smile tugs at the corner of Nocte's mouth. "Of course Rex would be the one to manage that. He's a good kid. Stubborn as a damn mule."
Vos huffs a laugh. "Between him and Ahsoka, the galaxy better watch its back."
It goes without saying that the galaxy has bigger issues to worry about than a pair of outcasts.
Nocte nods instead. "You run into any Jedi?"
The suspicion that shadows Vos' face is only fair, and it only lasts a moment. "A couple. I doubt you ever knew them."
By virtue of being part of the Guard's medical corps, Nocte and his crew rarely got face time with the Jedi. He mostly knew Vos by proximity to Fox. Kit and Dara were exceptions, and he's not about to probe whether Vos ever knew about any of that.
He probably did. The Shadows had their noses in everyone’s business, for better and for worse.
Besides, Nocte is well aware that Kit was one of the first Jedi to go down. He used to talk about Force bonds, these intangible threads that tie people together, strengthened as relationships grow. By all accounts, there are probably rocks with more Force sensitivity than Nocte. Those bonds were so far beyond his awareness that he forgot they existed until Kit mentioned them.
He felt it though, when they broke.
The instant it happened, despite the distance between them, he felt it when Kit died. A razor sharp pain through his chest. He thought it was a heart attack at first. Then he didn't think much of anything about it.
Or about anything else.
Sometimes, he wonders how much of that – the memory lapses and dissociation and loss of control – was the chip, and how much was a subconscious attempt at coping.
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rodivi · 7 months
Forgotten Curse: Sukuna x Curse! Reader:
Tumblr media
Art by me (RosaliavonVaugh is my other account, but I mainly use Rodivi)
I scroll through my phone seeing speech bubbles fly past like there's no tomorrow.
Wow. I can't believe how good this series is! I wish I could meet some of my favorite characters... Does that make me a simp? Meh.
With the dirt brushing against my sneakers, I take in a deep breath enjoying the fresh air. Avoiding the prickly shrubs and ferns I make my way down the powdery path.
"Come here y/n."
I stopped, sweating at how close that voice sounded. Nothing appeared to be out of place, just trees, ivy, and ferns. Regaining some semblance of strength, I take one step forward and then another. Until I'm in a full-on sprint. Thinking that I am far away from whatever the hell that was, I push myself up against a tree. Black dots spot my vision.
"Don't run from me."
Is that? No, it couldn't be. He isn't in this realm. That's impossible.
I glance around myself once more to check if he is here. Sweat is soaking my shirt and my heart drops at the disaster waiting to happen. I eased out of my hiding spot and stepped back onto the pathway.
Something shoved me forward and as I stretched my arms to brace myself there was nothing underneath me. A bright light engulfs my body as I begin to tumble down into the unknown.
I huddle into myself and spin wishing I could grab onto a branch or even a twig to keep me grounded. Yet there is nothing. Blue lights swirl around me when I dare to peek at my fate. It kind of reminds me of a raspberry slushy. A brush of air vaults me upward, slowing my descent and I shiver. Holding my breath, I wish to forget the flipping my stomach is doing.
Am I going to die?
Nausea bubbles up within me and I clasp a hand over my mouth. Which does little to help. 
Should I say my final farewells? Eh...too late for that.
The ocean of blues fades away and all I hear is ringing.  Everything hurts.
The world spins as I open my eyes. When I attempt to move, my legs shock me with pain. I give up on moving, I try to figure out how to stop the world from swirling first.
My eyesight whooshes like a merry-go-round. In an attempt of desperation, I stare at one spot for what feels like forever until my vision stills.
One problem is fixed and then another starts. 
My legs appear as a mangled mess of noodles. And the pain comes back with a vengeance.
God fucking dammit.
I don't recognize where I am. What I can only assume to be my phone is covered in cracks like a shattered mirror. When I turn it on the screen glitches and different colors fill in the spots between the shards.
First, I wake up in a place I don't know. Then, the vertigo and of course my phone doesn't work. Even BETTER. And the pain, oh god the pain. 
Then my legs start healing. 
What    the    fuck.
The pain begins to subside and I shove my phone back into my pocket. 
I'm starting to question my humanity at this rate.
I rest my face in my hands before checking my other pockets.
A wallet?
Popping open the clip on the leather wallet I find my ID. 
At least I know some things about myself now. 
I inhale before taking in the environment. The city. I glance up at the writing on the signs and recognize that it's Japanese. One more look at my ID confirms this is not home. I make an attempt to push myself off the ground. And somehow my legs hold albeit shaking. 
At least they aren't bent in the wrong direction anymore. Heh. 
Grinding my teeth together from the pain, I mosey onward searching for anything familiar but I come up blank. 
It would be great if I knew how I ended up in a tiny side street in the middle of Japan. Ah! I need to look for a main road. Find people, find help. LOGIC.
I nod my head and gestured my hands forward toward the road in front of me. But when I ask a passerby for directions but they ignore me. On the second try, I talk a bit louder this time and go to another person. That's when I see my reflection in a store window. I have two small horns poking out of my head and black markings all over my arms. 
"Hey! Watch where you're..." Startled, I freeze awestruck that a person just strolled right through me no problem. Stumbling back, I grasp my shoulders, chills creeping all over my body. I catch myself still mystified by what just happened.
I'm not human anymore. 
"You know what, I'll just roam far, far away from people. That did not just happen." I pull my hands down my face and cover my nose and mouth for a moment to regain even a little bit of my sanity.
Meanwhile at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School at the same time...
"I'mmmmmm back!!" Gojo waves with a huge grin on his face.
"Where were you?" Megumi shoves his hands into his coat pockets.
"I was getting mochi from Hokkaido! It's this new flavor called Strawberry Banana!" Gojo says with a glint in his eye.
"Not more souvenirs..." Megumi sighs.
"They are not souvenirs they are delicious, mouthwatering, savory goodness!!"
"..." Megumi shakes his head in disapproval.
"Itadori, how is your training going?" 
"I've been practicing on a new technique with Kugisaki." Yuji punches straight into the air and brings it back down with a smile.
Gojo stops smiling and stares off into the distance.
"Is something wrong Satoru?" Yuji asks.
It's nothing~." Gojo takes out his phone and calls Nanami.
"What do you want Gojo? I'm busy."
"Hey don't be like that."
"Actually...Did anything strange happen recently?"
"Unless you mean you calling me then no."
"You wound me Nanami."
"Hey! I wasn't done--Ah, he hung up. Maybe it really was nothing." Gojo mumbles. "Anyway...It's time for another mission!" Gojo flashes a toothy grin and finishes off the mochi.
Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara arrive at an alleyway that is fenced off with "no trespassing" signs.
"Where is Satoru?" Itadori asks.
"He probably has more important things to do." Megumi mentions.
"Should we split up? Stay together?" Nobara says.
"Let's just stay in a group for now." Megumi suggests.
Darkness creeps in as they wander the abandoned alleyway.
"Have we been here long?" Nobara says.
"Why?" Megumi says.
"It's dark already." Nobara stops walking forward.
"But we just got here?"
"You might want to look up." Nobara nods her head toward the sky.
"I'm pretty sure the sun isn't red." Megumi almost loses his footing when glancing up at the red sun.
"Do you think it's a domain?"
"Yes, and we're in the middle of it."
"Help me!" 
"Did you guys hear that?" Itadori says taking a few steps toward the noise.
"Help me!"
"Hear what?" Megumi says swinging his head to assess his surroundings. Then Yuji breaks off from the group further into the maze of streets.
"Itadori, come back!"
Running after Yuji they both get consumed by the darkness.
"Fushiguro! Itadori!" Nobara says.
Darkness closes in around her like ink spilling and blackening every object in the vicinity. When she goes to follow, she gets caught in something.
"What? I can't move my legs." Nobara finds her feet stuck to the ground and struggles to move. Cold breath is on her face. It's a curse. It was an amalgamation of eyes, arms, hands, and teeth. She aims with hammer in hand and hits a few nails at the enemy. But there is no wail of pain, only a wide smile. The curse lands on top of her back and takes a bite out of her shoulder.
"Bastard! Think you can get me while I'm down." Reaching for more nails she realizes one of her hands is stuck in the sticky substance. Her ribcage strains to hold together some breaking from the weight. Frantically she grabs the straw doll, whilst her back is being torn to pieces. 
"Aaah...Can't breathe." With her one free hand she throws the straw doll in front of her. Then she searches her wound for a part of the curse. A tooth. She screams the claws getting closer to her spine. Straining her body to its limits she breaks her other hand free of the slime. 
"It's over." She hits tooth to nail on the straw doll. It gets off her back letting out another wail and slumps over. The slime begins to dissipate and Nobara crawls pushing herself against the wall for support.
The liquid blackness recedes into the shadows of the alley. Blood soaks her wounds and she leans against the wall for support. She hobbles into the dark abyss as she searches for her friends.
  The desperate cry turns to a whisper as Yuji discerns where it came from. The alleyway becomes an endless stretch of road. It splits off into two paths, left and right. Darting his eyes back and forth he decides left. But a person stops him in his tracks. An outstretched hand seeks his.
"You're safe now." Itadori says reaching out.
His once hand is now a stub. Then, he's thrown into a concrete wall. Air is ripped from his lungs as he pushes himself to his feet. That's when he notices a string attached to the human's head. The curse flings the person around like a rag doll. Tearing part of his hood off he stops the bleeding with hand and mouth. He huffs and attempts to keep a calm mind. But when he goes to punch the curse, the human lure is put in front of him again. Not falling for the same trick twice he charges forward getting in a few good punches.
"AAAAAaaaaa...Friend?" The human lure is flung above and big droopy eyes look down at the two. Its mouth is thin yet tall and the teeth appear long. On top it has four red flower petals that sway and a puff of yellow is released from the head.
"Cover your mouth!" Megumi shouts as he makes a wing symbol with his hands. "Rue, go for the source!" The owl shikigami flies to the center of the flower and dives. 
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa..." The curse groans as the flower wilts. Yet the owl shikigami is nowhere to be seen. Yuji runs in covering his head with his hood and pummels the curse to a pulp with Divergent Fists. Spores of yellow land and the hood's fabric sizzles. 
"Acid?" Before Yuji can figure out what's happening, the human lure makes a return like a wrecking ball and Yuji smashes through one wall after another. 
While he recovers from the pain Megumi summons his Demon dogs and they leap forward ripping at the curse's body. And Rue rolls out twitching from the burns. 
"You did well."Megumi unsummons the owl shikigami and rushes to the holes where Yuji smashed into.
"Itadori, Itadori! Are you..." Megumi kneels and Yuji gives him a thumbs up. He offers an arm and they walk back to the alleyway.
"You're lucky you're still alive." Megumi sighs.
On the way back something lurks in the shadows eyeing them.
"What is that?!" Megumi startled goes back on guard.
The demon dogs begin their assault leaping into the darkness.
"Wait, wait please don't hurt--ah!" The curse grabs the shikigami's mouth to stop it from biting her but the other comes around and goes in for the kill.
   The curse shoves the shikigami back. The dog skids back claws scratching the concrete and circles their prey. Yuji shoves Megumi away, putting himself between the two and holds the demon dogs back.
"Fushiguro stop, can't you see she isn't doing any harm?" Yuji pleads.
"She is clearly trying to trick us." Megumi doesn't let up and Yuji has no choice but to defend the curse.
"She's not attacking us."
"A curse is a curse."
"Then where does that put me Fushiguro?"
   Yuji maintains his resolve arms spread and holding his ground. Yuji turns his head to get a better look at the "enemy". She appears human except for the horns and eyes like a snake.
"Exorcise them Itadori or I'll do it myself."
*Ring, ring*
Megumi's eyes dart to Yuji's pocket.
"Are you going to pick that up?" He's tempting him to take the call, waiting to get back on the offensive. Yuji gulps as he slowly reaches for his phone taking glimpses at Megumi when he finally answers.
"Hey~. Did you guys finish the mission?"
"We um...encountered a curse that asked for help."
"Never heard of that happening before. I'll be right over." Gojo suddenly appears between Megumi and Yuji.
"Sensei, seriously how do you do that?!" Yuji says in shock.
"I'll explain another time. So, where's this curse?" Gojo puts his hand to his forward like a salute and spins around until his eyes land on the curse cowering behind Yuji.
"What do you think?" Megumi asks.
"Asking for help...huh. What do you think you are human?"
Gojo laughs wiping a tear from his eye.
"Wow, I did not expect that. Well, I'll be taking them back to Jujutsu High for further investigation."
"Let's go." Gojo grabs the curse and teleports back.
"He's already gone. Have any idea what he's going to do with her?" Megumi says.
"Nope, I just hope she's still alive by the time we get back." Yuji says.
"Haaaa..haaa..." Nobara shuffles over barely keeping her footing.
"Did you guys exorcise all the curses in the area?"
"Never mind that. What happened to your back?"
"Nobara we need to get you back you've lost too much blood."
"So did you finish?" 
"One left."
"Where's the last one?"
"Gojo took her for interrogation."
"Shit, I don't think I can stand for much longer." Nobara trips and almost loses her balance.
"Nobara!" Both Yuji and Megumi say at the same time rushing over to their friend. 
"Yuji your hand...! Damn, we really need to go back." Megumi sighs.
"I'm alright...it kinda' just happened."
"Just happened? Who the hell says that!" Nobara smacks him upside the head, "Be more careful next time."
"Jeez no need to hit me so hard..."
"You should really get your hand checked...out." Nobara says as she loses consciousness.
"Nobara!" Megumi and Yuji rush over and see her back. The claw marks that stretched across her torso made her back more similar to chopped meat instead of human flesh. Megumi picks Nobara up carrying her on his back.
"Megumi I can help if you want--"
"You're already hurt enough as is. Just focus on getting back."
A large explosion goes off in the distance and debris rains down. Yuji glances at Megumi with a knowing look.
"Go Yuji, I need to take Nobara back to get treatment."
Yuji nods and runs off toward the explosion. When he reaches the place all he can see is a large open area with rubble everywhere. Small fires linger but not enough to cause major damage. The blast blew through some of the concrete walls piling the rubble together like a rockfall. Metal rods stick out from the floors of buildings and pieces hang where the floor caved in. 
Yuji goes in wandering around looking for the curse that could of done this and he sees something walking around the rubble. Sneaking around Yuji ambushes it and lands a few good hits but has to dodge. Although it doesn't appear to have done much damage. The curse runs forward smiling and tries tearing into Yuji's flesh. Yuji steps back just barely avoiding it. He jumps on the rubble getting a bit further away to assess a plan. But he wasn't fast enough and is punched into the air hacking up blood. The curse leaps and punches Yuji into the ground. Yuji is surrounded by a circle of cracked concrete around him. The curse is laughing at him and thinks the fight is finished and goes to leave.
"Where do you think you're going with my finger?" Sukuna pushes himself off the ground and takes a quick step to do a combination of punches. He ends up healing Yuji's arm in the process. 
"I really need to stop doing that."
The curse is left crushing into wall after wall after wall unable to stop until Sukuna comes up and slices it to pieces. 
"You're not even putting up a fight."
The special grade curse regenerates rapidly and fights Sukuna head on.
"That's more like it." Sukuna says wide eyed enjoying the thrill of the battle. His bloodlust is like a bottomless pit that needs to be filled. He yanks the curse's arms off and opens his domain.
"You were just like the other one, weak." Sukuna shakes his hand to take off the blood from retrieving his finger.
"Another finger." He smirks as he eats it. 
"Megumi~, Where are you?" He strolls along searching for Megumi when he gets an idea and he snickers to himself.
****A/N: Updates every Friday. This is my first fanfiction and I plan on making this a really slow burn. I hope you enjoy! This story will also be available on Tumblr and AO3. (^w^) Don't forget to make comments and save it to your library!
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norcula · 2 years
never enough (to give it up) (daryl dixon x fem!reader)
Tumblr media
I don't own these images. I made the collage.
Warnings: canon typical language, violence and sexual references
A/N: a friend of mine took a picture of me with his film camera and this fic was born. I love photos you can hold in your hands. It's like holding a memory. - En
Idea: "if you wanna know what someone loves, look at what they photograph." was listening to Champagne Saturday by the Chaingang of 1974
Tagging (please let me know if you wanna be tagged in future fics): @chasingdreamer @fuseburner @lilythemadqueen
The noise of the flash startles him.
Daryl cocks his crossbow in your direction, before yanking it downwards immediately. His startle response has always been high - he jumps at loud noises, sleeps with his back against walls, always keeps his eye on an exit. But this was different. It wasn't just the sound that startled him - it was the action too.
"Why'd you.....do that?"
He asks, looking at the photo sliding out from the camera. You took it in your hands and shook it. It's a myth, of course. Shaking it does nothing. But it's habit. You've been doing it since a child. So, why let the apocalypse stop you?
You play dumb and Daryl grumbles.
"Cause I wanted to, man. Here."
You hand it over to him. He looks at it intently, as if it's some alien creature. You bite down on your bottom lip, watching his hair fall over his face as he brushes his thumb over the photograph.
"Daryl....didn't you have pictures....when you were a kid?"
He doesn't look at you. But you can feel him stiffen. Daryl straightens out, holds the picture out to you.
Your heart breaks at that. You push his hand away towards him and he grabs onto the photograph even tighter.
"Keep it then. It's yours."
Daryl is smoking a cigarette when you take a photo. He scowls at you, grumbling about having everything recorded.
"Do you want me to stop?"
There's a beat of silence. Then another. Till it's syncopating with the sounds of crickets and other bugs of the night.
"Give me that fucking thing."
He closes an eye, looking through the lens and clicks. The camera spits out a photograph. The light darkens until your smiling face comes to life. Without thinking, he slips it into his jacket pocket.
And you don't notice.
Another dinner.
Daryl is dressed in formal wear. You've never seen him in anything even remotely close. You watch him approach you, his exposed forearms catching the light of a nearby lamp post. You swallow, taking out your camera and taking a picture of him.
He rolls his eyes when he reaches you.
"You gonna be like this the whole time?"
"Probably, yeah."
He bumps his shoulder with yours and you go into the house. It's loud. There's so many people, you naturally drift off into a quiet corner. But even there, people find you - congratulating Daryl on a good run or telling you what a good shot you are. It makes you uncomfortable. But it makes Daryl really uncomfortable.
You disappear to find food. But when you come back, you find him staring off in the direction you left. He doesn't blink, scanning the crowd. He looks lost. Out of place. You take a picture of him immediately. The sound startles him and his neck cranes in your direction.
"Of course."
He mutters, taking the plate of food from your hands.
"It's not my fault you're so goddamn photogenic."
You try to squeeze his cheeks and he covers his face with his arm. When you persist, he props his plate on his lap and tries to grab your hands. But you're a flightly little thing - twisting and bending until Daryl finally traps you. He holds your hands in his, pressed against the silk of his vest. The heat from your skin seeps into his chest, igniting his heart. It beats onwards under your touch. You can feel your own heart matching it, and your breathing stops when your eyes meet his.
Daryl's eyes are so blue, they look almost black. His tongue darts out to lick his lips before he lets go, focusing on the plate of food on his lap. You pull back, folding your hands in your own. But a few moments later, you get up quickly and leave, camera in hand.
When he wakes up, Daryl's mind goes to you. He thinks about how quickly you left a week ago from that dinner party. How your face looked. He knows you need your space sometimes. And this seemed as good a time as any to give it to you. But it made Daryl ache - not being able to see you.
He got to his feet, brushed his teeth and finished up in the bathroom before bounding downstairs. There was a semi circular group of people in the living room. He watches. He listens. And immediately runs to your room.
You're gone.
Most of your things are gone too. He rummages through your things, trying to find a clue as to where you went with the others on the run. But there's nothing there. Well nothing but a seemingly empty cardboard box.
He tears it open and finds them - the photos you took over the last few months. When Rick reaches him, Daryl barks out,
"Where's the rest of her fucking stuff?"
"This is it."
"No. She kept taking pictures all the fucking time....this can't be....this can't be it."
He squeezes Daryl's shoulder gently - just once. And then he leaves. Daryl falls to the floor, incapable of holding on any longer. He breaks. Tears well up in his eyes and the grip on the box of your things loosen till it clatters to the floor. The pictures burst forth, splashing across the worn, wooden floor.
There's a picture of him smoking in the snow. Another of half his face, the tilt of his awkward smile just visible. He's wearing a waistcoat and a dark shirt. There's a picture of him on his bike. Another of him talking to a few of the settlers.
"Fuck....." He laments, propping himself against a wall. Then the tears fall down his cheeks. And he doesn't even try to keep it together. Carol was right all those years ago - he's not like her. He needs to feel it.
And he does.
He feels every ounce of his grief.
You wish you were dead.
Every inch of your body aches. Your right arm screams with every swing of your knife wielding hand - from shoulder blade to thumb.
But you're alive.
And surrounded by walkers. When you got separated from the rest of your run group, you tried to get back to Alexandria. But by week 37, you'd run out of food in the area and ventured off to find more. And that's when you came face to face with this horde. It was large. It was nasty. And you were completely alone.
I wish Daryl was here.
The thought bothers you a little. You've never depended on anyone before - not your parents, not your sisters, not your friends. You kept to yourself and you carried on with your school work and your work, earning enough to move away where no one knew you and no one cared. It was just unfortunate this joyous occasion coincided with the apocalypse.
So here you were, on top of an RV, stabbing and kicking and flinging the undead to their imminent end. They groaned and pawed for you, shaking the vehicle. And you almost slipped a few times. But thank God for all that gymnastics training.
One of them grabbed your leg and you kicked it back, head snapping back with a sickening sound before plopping to the gut soaked ground.
"Fuck's sake....."
It's been 37 weeks since you've been gone.
The rest of your party trickled back within a week. When you weren't among the survivors, Daryl's sixth sense went off. You would never leave the group. Even when you were hurt, you'd make sure they were safe.
But you never came back.
And Daryl couldn't let you go. He followed the group's tracks and their accounts, retracing every step, every stride, every sprint. And every time, he'd come back without you.
Most people thought he was crazy. They questioned why he'd waste fuel and time and energy on a dead end. But he didn't care. He wouldn't give up. Not on you. Not now. Not ever.
He wouldn't ever say it out loud.
But he knew you were still out there.
He just knew it.
You lay on your back.
The groans and moans of the undead echo off in the distance. Somehow, you'd managed to manuveour your way out of your sticky situation. Granted, now you had a massive gash across your right leg but you were alive. You were still breathing.
A twig snaps suddenly.
You can't see what's approaching but you feel it. The presence feels familiar. You close your eyes, try to concentrate on your surroundings. There's wind. And water close by. You hear the chirping of something. But you also hear the dull thud of footsteps - human footsteps.
When you open your eyes, there's a crossbow pointed at your face.
"I'm unarmed."
You plead. But the silence that follows makes you sit up as far as your mangled limbs will let you. And then you see him. His hair, shaggy and long, dark at the roots but turning nearly golden in the dying sunlight. His eyes, framed by dark circles and strong brows. There's a few new scars on his face - a particularly nasty knick near his collarbone. But he's there. He's right in front of you.
He slides down from the ridge above you and takes you into his arms. He smells like gasoline and soap, day old sweat and shampoo. And you breathe it all in, cocooned between his sturdy arms and solid chest.
"You're alive."
He mutters into your filthy hair. You chuckle slightly, wincing when the action hurts your ribs. Daryl lets go immediately, checking to see your injuries. His hands hover over your bloody leg and your tattered hem. He splays his palm out flat against your side, trying to locate the exact location of your pain. When you wince at a particularly tender spot just under your breast, he recoils.
Daryl brushes his thumb across your forehead at the very end, edging past the laceration by your temple. He cups your face in his hand and you lean in, close your eyes.
"Let's go home."
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maletfsstories · 2 years
The International ("Soju 🇰🇷")
Requested By linxiaopei
-"You are here" Said Matt’s boss in a drunken tone as Matt walked towards the table his boss and some coworkers were seated in.
-"Jesus Christ how much have you guys drunk already" Said Matt as he sat down and observed a mountain of empty shots and beer mugs.
-"Not enough and you haven’t had any yet" One of Matt’s coworkers said as he continued drinking from his mug.
-"If you guys forgot I'm the one driving all of you home so I can't drink" Said Matt rather tired as he wanted to be at home instead of in a bar filled with drunk and obnoxious people.
-"Just buy yourself one and bring us another round of beers" Said Matt's boss as he passed him a coupon for a free drink.
Matt begrudgingly got up from his seat and walked towards a small area where a female bartender was passing a few drinks to a waiter.
-"Hello Sir how may I help you?" Asked the bartender as she pushed a menu in front of Matt.
Matt turned around and counted the number of people that were seated around his boss.
-"Could you give me four pints of beer please?" Said Matt as he looked back towards the bartender.
-"Sure" Said the bartender as she rapidly started to fill four large glass mugs with beer.
-"You seem a little stressed sir, are you alright?" Said the bartender once she noticed Matt's blatantly obvious impatient demeanor.
-"Sorry, the thing is that I shouldn't be here at all" Said Matt with a little bit of anger in his voice.
-"Same here, today is my first day on the job and I already want to call it quits" Said the bartender as she placed the first mug of beer in front of Matt.
-"Why haven't you?" Asked Matt
-“Even though I don't like large crowds and this bar is the worst I at least get more than the minimum wage” Said the bartender as she placed the second mug of beer in front of Matt.
-"So are you going to continue working here for the rest of your life?" Asked Matt
-"Not at all, I'm working here to pay for my studies, unlike the rest of my family I prefer to work for my stuff” said the bartender as she placed the third mug of beer in front of Matt.
-"Your family is rich?" asked Matt with little intrigue in his voice.
-"Yup, they are a bunch of snobbish idiots, my father doesn't work because he inherited a lot of money from our estate and my brother is an influencer who wins a lot of money by posting revealing images of his gym routines on his Instagram" Said the bartender as she stopped filling the last mug of beer and turned back to face Matt directly.
-“Wow, I can't imagine you see your family very often" Said Matt
-“No I don’t, my father lives in our family estate which I don’t normally visit and my brother is currently traveling around the world with his group of roided meatheads”. Said the bartender as she rolled her eyes.
-"It must be a fun life, kind of wish mine was like that" Said Matt with a little bit of melancholy in his voice
-"It does seem desirable but I frankly believe in working hard for one’s stuff" Said the bartender with a smile on her face.
-"What are you studying?" Asked Matt as he made himself comfortable in a small seat placed in front of the bartender's workstation.
-'' I'm studying accounting at Newcastle University" Said the bartender.
-"Well I'm an accountant ..." Said Matt with a small amount of surprise in his voice.
-"Really? How is the job? I mean I love the classes I'm seeing but I don't know anything about how to apply them in a real-life scenario" Said the bartender with a glee in her eyes.
-"Well I've been an accountant for the last five years and believe me when I say that the scenarios in class are way easier than the ones I've experienced in the job, it's hard and complicated but I still kind of like what I do" Said Matt in an attempt to reassure the bartender's career choice.
-"Why are you taking so much!"
Matt turned around and saw his drunk boss moving slowly towards him.
-"Sorry I was just speaking to the bartender," Said Matt as his boss leaned on the bar, meanwhile the bartender immediately completed filling the last mug of beer and placed it in front of Matt.
Matt's boss looked at the four beers and immediately frowned -"Where the hell is yours?" He asked.
-"Sir I can't drink I'm driving you and everyone else home" said Matt in an attempt to stop his boss's insistence.
-"Nonsense, just drink a small bit, that's all I'm asking from you" Matt's boss said as he moved closer towards him.
Matt momentarily looked at the bartender as she grabbed the smallest glass size possible, while she was doing that Matt looked at the menu that had been placed earlier in front of him.
In the meantime, Matt's boss rapidly drank his beer and walked away toward his table with the other three that were left.
-"Is this good?" Asked the Bartender as she showed Matt the small glass, Matt immediately looked up and nodded.
-"Do you have something that is similar to vodka but isn't that powerful?" Asked Matt as his boss approached him again.
-"Well, we do have Soju, it's from South Korea and it's in a way an exact match to Vodka, the only difference is that it's mildly less alcoholic, will that do?" Asked the bartender.
-"Please give me one in the small glass you showed me earlier" Said Matt as his boss was now standing next to him.
-"What did you order?" Asked Matt's boss.
-"I ordered some vodka" Lied Matt.
-"Wow Matt, I thought you didn't want to get drunk tonight" Said Matt's boss as he laughed like a clown.
In the meantime, the Bartender had poured Matt's drink from a small green bottle with Korean lettering onto a small transparent glass.
Tumblr media
-"I hope you enjoy it sir" Said the Bartender as she placed the drink in front of Matt.
-"Here goes nothing" Though Matt as he swallowed every drop of Soju in an instant, because of this he immediately felt a burning sensation in his throat, luckily it wasn't as bad as the one produced by drinking vodka.
Matt then gave the empty glass to the Bartender and looked at his boss. -"Are you happy now?" Asked Matt with a little sarcasm in his voice.
-"Where is the fun in only one?" Asked Matt's boss.
-"You can't be serious, do you want me to get arrested" Said Matt in a raised tone of voice as he was tired of being pushed around by his middle age child of a boss.
-"Don't you dare to speak to me that way, I'm your boss, if you don't drink another shot I'll fucking fire you" Said Matt's boss in an aggressive tone.
Matt momentarily looked at the bartender who had a sad expression on her face while still having the green bottle of soju between her hands.
-"Another one please," said Matt as he finally relented to his boss's order.
The bartender immediately grabbed the empty glass and filled it with the crystalline liquid -"Here you are sir" said the bartender as she passed the drink to Matt.
As Matt grabbed the glass and drank its contents he wished he could end it all, to have a new life where he didn't have a boss or any type of responsibilities.
Once Matt placed the empty glass in front of him the bar where he was in seemed to disappear and was rapidly replaced by the interior of a luxury hotel room.
Tumblr media
-"What the hell" Said Matt in a worried tone as he was about to get up from the bed he had suddenly materialized in, before Matt could completely get out of the bed a strange pain made his stop.
This pain was due to Matt's five feet nine stature increasing to six feet three, while that was happening Matt's slim build changed into a more muscular one. His flat chest developed a pair of juicy and muscled pecs, down below in Matt's stomach a few small tires of fat were rapidly removed out of existed which left him with a flat surface that was rapidly replaced by the growth of a six-pack.
Meanwhile, in Matt's skinny arms his biceps, triceps, and forearms grew as new muscle mass filled them, a few veins also appeared here and there, as that was happening Matt's back also became incredibly shredded.
While all the changes to Matt's upper body were occurring all the healthy patches of hair that covered the majority of his body disappeared leaving him completely waxed.
As the majority of Matt's upper body had gone through a certain amount of changes the next area to change was his lower body.
At first in Matt's pelvic area his equipment grew larger and larger. This made him immediately aroused as a moan escaped from his mouth, this moan however was very masculine and in a way, it sounded like that of a huge beast.
When Matt's dick reached the ten-inch mark his ass became the next target of the changes, it grew until what was left was a perfect round and bouncy bubble, then Matt's thighs and calves grew larger leaving him with a pair of powerful legs.
Because of the new growth in muscles around Matt's body, his clothes became extremely strained, as Matt suddenly moved his clothes finally gave in, they broke into small pieces which immediately disappeared, the larger pieces which were still attached to his body also disappeared leaving him completely naked.
A few seconds after Matt's clothes had disappeared a pair of black underwear and black swimming shorts now covered his private area while still leaving his upper body completely exposed.
-"Shit" Said Matt out loud as he noticed his new body and the weird clothing that had replaced his shirt and dress pants.
While Matt continued looking he felt a weird sensation as his face lots its Caucasian features which were replaced by more Eastern Asian ones
Matt's lips inflated only a small bit, his nose became fair and straight, his eyes became slightly slanted and his pupils became dark in coloration, the last thing to change was Matt's hair, it became coal black and his previously office neutral haircut was replaced by a more trendy one.
Tumblr media
With the changes now complete Matt got up from the bed he was laying in and grabbed an ultra-modern Samsung phone that was placed on a sleeping table next to the bed.
Matt unlocked the phone with his new face and immediately opened the camera, he was obviously shocked and amazed at the beautiful young Asian face that was looking back at him.
-"너무 이상해" (This is so weird) Said Matt in fluent Korean with his new deep voice, the Adonis looking back at him through the camera shared nothing in common with his old nerdy self, the only thing that was the same was the pair of black glasses he was still wearing.
After exploring his new face with the camera for a little more Matt finally decided to look at Instagram for any info about his new self, Matt opened the personal profile which had the name "Gan Sangwook" displayed next to a picture of Matt's new self flexing with a dumb grin plastered on his face.
Matt after looking at the name and picture also noticed that the new him had a following of almost a million people and that his account was verified meaning that he was relatively famous and well known.
Matt then proceeded to scroll down, as he did he saw dozens of images of the new him working out in gyms surrounded by similarly muscled men, there were also some pictures of him in different locations from around the world and a few pictures were modeling and sponsor type posts.
As Matt continued looking at the pictures a new personality and identity became more dominant in his head, during the process of Matt's old life and memories being eliminated the door of his hotel room opened with a loud bang.
With the door now wide open a group of five heavily muscled Korean men entered the room, Matt remembered seeing some of these men in the Instagram profile but now he somehow recognized all of them and felt a deep personal connection with them.
-"이봐, 여기서 뭐해? 늦었 어. 해변에 가야 해" (Hey dude what are you doing here, it's late. We should be on the beach) Said the bigger of them as the others around him cheered with their deep dumb sounding voices.
-"해변 친구들을 위해 준비된 것 외에 제 인스 타 그램을보고 있었어요" (I was looking at my Instagram, other than that I'm ready for the beach dudes) Said Matt as he started flexing his muscles, the men he now recognized as his gym crew also started flexing their muscles.
-"그럼 가자!" (Then let's go!) Said another one of the muscled men as Matt got up from the bed and walked with the men through the large hallways of the most luxurious resort in Jeju Island.
After a short elevator ride, Matt or Gan Sangwook walked with his friends toward the private beach owned by the resort.
-"수영하러 가기 전에 여러분 사진을 제 인스 타 그램에 올려도 될까요?" (Dudes before we go swimming can I post a picture of all of you to my Instagram?) Asked Gan as he and his crew were a few feet away from the sea.
All of the men said yes and Gan got into position, once he took a few hundred pictures he posted the one he thought looked the best with the caption "해변 준비 😎💪🏻" (Ready for the beach)
Tumblr media
After Gan took the picture he continued walking toward the sea, as he did the last vestiges of his old identity of a thirty-year-old British accountant were eliminated what was left was in its place was Gan Sangwook, a young and muscled South Korean jock whose only worry in the world was to keep his body in shape and his one million Instagram followers happy.
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bakugohoex · 2 years
sweet Akashi going to your wealthy husband's funeral, and spending a bit too much time fawning over you, ghosting his eyes over your baby bump and wondering how such an old fuck could even produce sperm instead of just puffing dust after a viagra. You aren't crying, but for show you had your makeup done as if you had been, and Akashi can tell, gently taking the bottom of the veil attached to your pillbox hat and leaning forward, brushing his lips on your cheek while he whispers to you. "Sweetheart, we both know you could do so much better."
"Oh? Better? As in living, or as in..."
"As in me." He smiles, fixing your pearl and diamond beaded veil before he touches the chiffon of your dress, ghosting the floor and covering your red bottom shoes. "I'm sure you're dying to sit." He hummed, then hooked his arm with yours, not really giving you a choice while he walks you to another room and helps you settle onto the fainting couch, then lays you back before he sits at your feet and carefully removes your shoes, grinning a bit at the groan and sigh you let out.
"Thank you."
"Of course." He stares, and it would make you uncomfortable if he weren't so pretty, and you would move away from the warm hands that slowly ghost up your legs, leaving trails of fire on your skin, but you stayed still, almost desperate after spending the last year devoted to a man with a bank account as big as his... well.... the number was as high as his blood pressure, but that was fine. You never wanted it to last. "So," Akashi purrs, pushing the skirt of your dress up until it passed the bend of your knee, and gravity took it the rest of the way down until it laid bunched in the bend of your hip, "I'm assuming you're craving a new touch... I know I would be if I was in your shoes."
"Well, thanks to you, neither of us are in my shoes."
"Would you have preferred I kept them on you?"
"Fuck you, never. I'm 8 months pregnant, and heels? My feet are killing me." He thinks its adorable, watching as you whine and meekly reach for your toes before giving up, and rest your hands on your stomach, rubbing it just a bit. ".....at least the kid is well behaved... she doesn't kick too much, and I bet she'll be cute."
"I hope she looks like you."
"Oh, do you?"
"I do."
"And why would that be?"
"So in a year or so when my ring is on your finger we can lie and say she's mine. They won't be able to tell the difference if she's as lovely as her mother." He smiles, and chuckles at the shock on your face.
"That's bold."
"You like bold."
"I do like bold."
"Is it too bold or not bold enough to fuck you in the room beside where your ex husband's funeral is being held?"
You wait, trying to see some kind of punchline, but he just stares with those intense eyes that bore into you, and all you find it seriousness.
"I never liked that he had you." Akashi shifts so he's on his hands and knees, crawling over you until he's directly above you, and your round tummy brushes against the buttons of his starch white dress shirt. You wonder for a moment when he abandoned the deep red jacket and vest of his 3-piece, but don't get long to ponder until he's unpinning your little hat from your hair, and setting it on a nearby table. "I wanted you, but I suppose it was a first come, first serve kind of thing, and he despised it when other men even glanced your way..."
"I like possessive and jealous."
"I like getting what I want."
"So tell me you're mine and let's get this pitiful little game over with." Akashi blances on his knees and one hand, the other moving to undo his belt. He raises an eyebrow, and a nod is all he needs before your breath is taken away along with any residing worries.
Red was never a traditional color to wear to a funeral, nor that Akashi cared, nore did he care that it was disrespectful to the dead to fuck the widow in the next room, with his fingers stuffed in your mouth to keep you quiet and his teeth in your shoulder to muffle himself. He doesn't wonder how much of a pain it will be to clean your cum out of the cushions, and instead focuses on drawing it out of you, moving his fingers just to hear your hushed cries declaring yourself as his while he lifts his head and pulls the neckline of your dress down to suck at your tits. You were struggling, trying to figure out if you were just needy, or if Akashi was just that good, drawing out desperate little sobs with each push and pull of his hips, and the feeling of his mouth in your achy chest was even better, making your legs shake and a new round of honey drip around his cock. You're away too long, and you can vaguely hear people beyond the door looking for you when Akashi pulls out and hurriedly uses nearby tissues to clean you both. He takes extra care to fix your clothes, and pin your hat back into place before he places a teasing kiss to your lips.
"Awe, my pretty darling... I just know that you'll be a splendid little wife for me."
"Mm... people will wonder..." You're exhausted, wanting nothing more than to sleep despite needing to read a shitty speech someone else wrote for you.
"Say it's the woe of a new widow trying to save herself the sadness, or," he leans down, and gives you gentle kisses that lull your eyes shut, "I can just get rid of anyone who dares say an ill word against my pretty wife and darling daughter."
"Mhm... your darling daughter." You mutter, letting sleep take you, at least for a short bit, and Akashi smiles.
He always gets what he wants.
BABES please ya gonna make me become a whole ass simp for akashi like firstly fuck the old dead husband i just wanted money and now i have sexy af akashi
i’m in love with this like the fact that we fucked in the funeral like yeah i loved it and the baby will look like me and we can be a happy family where the old man is forgotten and akashi is the father and we have money and i get fucked and bred by the sexy boy
i just love it all sm 🥺
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justin-hammers · 5 months
October/Early November Story Prompt 3: Crying and Grief with Minor Revenge
Warning: This story contains Death and Sadness
Words: 786
Ship: Rick Flag/F!OC
Before reading this story, I just wanna say that this story introduces a certain character that I've been wanting to do for a while now, and I'm glad to announce that this character is in this story. 😍
And here's the actual story down below 👇🏽
They'd come in late while staying in the back under the shadows of the trees like a vampire during the daylight as the service progressed.
It was a beautiful funeral after all.
All the chatter and praises among families and military officials are very well deserved.
She, on the other hand, wouldn't like it regardless of how much attention she received, and how deeply protected she was with the country. She wouldn't feel it was worth it after getting murder by another traitor in Task Force X. She had to protect her boss/secret admirer from that back-stabber who was planning on assassinating him, especially after Waller found out that he miraculously survived his fatal stabbing in Jotunheim. Nobody knew how he came back to life with only him knowing what happened.
Now, it was time for him to mourn for her.
His vision is still blurry from his tears as he wanders into her apartment. The place looked pretty clean with the expectation of gifts and "We Will Miss You" cards scattered in the living room.
He enters her bedroom as he begins to sob uncontrollably. He sinks down to her bed as he weeps his heart out.
"Why do you continue to mourn her?"
The Enchanter questions from the reflection in the bedroom mirror. He still had that sexy charming "sweetheart" vibe on as he still dons that white loincloth that shows off his thick body.
"Why bring us here? Making our hurt worse.You don't even know the girl."
The warlock prods are more curious than truly annoyed.
"Fuck off," Rick snapped as he takes out his handkerchief to wipe his eyes and nose.
He then goes to her closet to find that uniform she always wear. He needed to smell that Lavender scent she had. Or was it Japanese Cherry Blossom? Either way he needed that scent of hers for remembrance. The scent was smelling faint as he tried his hardest to catch that faint aroma.
Maybe he was right. He doesn't know her.
I mean, there are some things he remembers about her like her favorite coffee being White Chocolate, her love of dark colors, her habit of holding people's hands while walking, her loving the smell of cologne, or her nice little hugs she gives to him in any mood. He remembers how she gives him food that looks so unhealthy for him yet it was his secret weakness, and personally appreciates it. She was the nicest girl he has ever met, and now she's gone.
He needed to remember her, even if it's the littlest things he could remember like her natural smell.
He could feel the Enchanter growing restless in the back of his mind, but he pushed his 'other half' away for now as he once more buried his face in his dead admirer's uniform to hide his tears. He recalled that last hug being so warm and necessary that he knew that she loved him without needing to say it.
"She took her from us."
It was the first time the Enchanter had shown anything other than disgust, anger, and feared curiosity when it came to Rick Flag's secret admirer. Was he really caring about Rick's own love for her?
"She had wanted to help me, and I can't believe I took the bait again," he recalls with a broken sob. "I'm so fucking stupid."
Enchanter sighs at him.
"So what? We take our revenge on them," the warlock insisted. "They took what was ours. They deserve to feel our pain."
Rick looks up, catching the reflection of his other half in the mirror. Enchanter put his muscular arms around his chest which is an odd yet surprising show of attempted comfort from a Warlock.
"She wouldn't want that," Rick admitted.
"She'd want those responsible to be held accountable for what they did," Enchanter growled as he reminded him.
His reflected hand smoothing down Rick's dirty blonde hair as they held eye contact through the help of the mirror's reflection.
He nods once in quiet agreement as the comforting scent he'd thought he'd lost tickled his nose once more. It was Japanese Cherry Blossom.
"You know you're making me jealous with your good looks," Enchanter admitted.
"Oh please," Rick responded. "I wish I had your body and looks. You look more shredded than me."
Enchanter giggled as he replied, "Well, maybe I could eat a bunch of bodies, and souls to make me fat and sloppy, and you look more stunning."
"Maybe we could bond some more soon?"
Enchanter nodded as he promised, "Yes, we should. It'll be fun."
Rick smiled as he nodded.
"You should rest now, Colonel," Enchanter coaxes. "Tomorrow we take our revenge."
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minninugget · 2 years
The Bracelet
Newt Scamander x reader
Word count: 2002
Summary: Credence used to be your best friend before everything in New York happened. With his birthday coming up, the ache in your heart grows until it’s unbearable.
Warnings: mentions of abuse, homelessness, crying
A/N: I wrote this ages ago and posted it on Ao3 before ditching that account and making a new one. So if you see it on there, I didn’t steal it I promise.
Written 12/5/16
Tumblr media
You and Newt are down in the case doing some routine care for the magical creatures that resided inside it. Newt observes you as you go around and feeding and conversing with each creature and notices something is off. It isn't anything major really, but he notices it. He notices you don't smile so bright today. As if there was something to be sad about. You look almost fragile as you giggle when the mooncalves hop up to eat their hovering food, as though it was all you could do to keep yourself pulled together. He watches as you move onto the ocomies and care for them as well. The same thing happens. You aren't interacting with them the way you usually do. Newt notices and so do the creatures. After a minute or two of debating with himself, Newt decides to inquire about your apparent mood.
"Are you alright, (Y/N)?" he asks from where he was at his little table, looking back over his shoulder at you .
You glance up at him with a smile, "Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"
There's that empty smile again. Still bright, but not quite reaching your eyes that held that broken look you always try to hide and that he's all too familiar with by now.
Newt shrugs and turns his head back to his work, "Dunno. You just don't seem yourself today."
You return your attention to Dougal the demiguise, who had climbed onto your shoulder and was playing with your hair. "I'm fine."
He notices your voice crack and walks over to you, taking Dougal off your shoulder and placing him on his own, "If you're alright, why are you getting upset?"
"I-I'm not."
Picket peeks around the edge of the pocket of Newt's vest and chitters a bit.
"I agree." Newt says to the bowtruckle in a soft voice. "(Y/N), if you're upset you don't need to hide it. I'm not like the others."
You know what he meant by 'others'. He meant the others in your life that had high-tailed it as soon as you felt you had gotten to the point in a relationship where you show them your feelings no matter what they were. The others who had finally heard what your life was like in the past told you to suck it up and move on and then promptly left. The others that left as soon as the going got tough. The others who had eventually stopped caring and left for one reason or another. The ones who eventually found out about your real worth and decided it wasn't actually worth much. The ones who did everything they could to tear you down taking advantage of your innocent and naive nature to achieve their own ends while you had no idea what they were doing to you or what you were doing for them and to others.
You feel tears prick your eyes, "I know. I'm fine, honest."
He wipes away a tear that had fallen without your notice, "Then why are you crying?"
You finally break, turning to him and burying your face in his chest as you start to sob. "I don't know!"
Newt carefully puts Dougal down and wraps his arms tightly around you, having had to do this on one or two other occasions. He lets you cry into him for as long as you need to, pulling out a handkerchief for you to wipe your nose with and then cleaning it with a quick spell so you could use it again when you need to. You cry for a good long while before you pull away and wipe your face and nose again, taking in a shuddering breath.
"What's the matter?" Newt asks gently.
"I miss him." you say with a simple shrug, though the situation was anything but simple. "It's his birthday tomorrow and I miss him."
"Oh," Newt suddenly realizes why your upset. "Credence."
You nod and sniff, "Credence."
You used to live on the streets before one of Newt's friends found you looking for food in a dumpster and brought her back to her apartment to help you out. At first you were wary, but eventually they all gained your trust and you had stayed with Newt in his case when he went to go back to England.
You had found Credence crying in an alley one night and went to see if you could help him. You had tried your best to comfort him, even though he had pushed you away multiple times and told you to leave him alone, but you were persistent until his mother called for him to come back inside. He had found you and given you a bowl of soup in thanks a few days later when he found you. That sparked a very firm friendship between the two of you. He had been your best friend, one of the only people who didn't treat you like a freak when strange things happened around you. One strange thing actually helped him. The first time he had shown you his hands when you found him crying again you felt multiple emotions all at the same time. You felt immense hatred for the woman that did this to him and you felt such love and compassion for the strange, broken boy in front of you. You had taken one hand in both of yours and brought it to your lips the way you had seen many parents do with their children when they had injured themselves, and kissed it with an "all better now" and did the same to the other hand. Credence had hissed at the stinging sensation that the contact had brought to his injuries and then stared in wonder as they healed themselves.
"(Y/N), how did you do that?" he had asked.
You merely shook your head, "I don't know."
"Thank you." he tried for a smile.
You offered one in return, his smile brightening your whole day, "Your'e welcome."
You had tried to repeat what had happened that day whenever he showed you his hands, but you only could when you weren't concentrating on it. You had comforted that boy more times than you could count and each time your love for him only grew. He was your best friend for all intents and purposes and you were practically family to him. the only proper one he had ever had, even if it wasn't exactly a proper family. He would try to give you things that you needed when he could. Food was the gift he gave most often. The occasional piece of clothing was sometimes gifted when Chastity's became too small or thread bare for his mother's taste. He would turn his back while you would change into the new dress and smile softly when he saw your grin and heard your laughter as you would spin in it.
"You look beautiful." he would say every time.
"I look like a homeless girl who stole a dress." you would always reply, giving him a hug, "Thank you, Credence."
He would hug you back, resting his cheek on the top of your head, "You're welcome."
Newt sits you on the steps leading into the little shack that lead from the real world down into the case, dropping his coat over your shoulders before going inside. You smile faintly at the memories as tears slip silently from your eyes.
"He wasn't a bad person." you state. "He was just in so much pain, he didn't know what to do with it."
"I know." Newt says behind you.
"He had such a kind heart once you got to know him." You let a short pause slide in between your sentences before continuing, "I think you would have liked him."
"I already do from the stories you keep telling me about him."
You look back at him with a sheepish smile, "Sorry."
"It's alright." Newt reassures. "I like hearing them."
"Did I tell you about the first gift he ever gave me?" You ask, playing with a small bracelet that was on your wrist.
It wasn't much, just a small little thing, no bigger than your pinkie finger, but it was your most prized possession. It was made of small little strips of leather that had been woven together beautifully, considering the one who made it. You didn't know where he'd gotten the pieces, but you never asked. You simply thanked him for it and attempted to tie it around your wrist yourself, making him laugh at you and offer to help. You had stubbornly refused on the account that you were "a big girl and could do it yourself." This of course only made his chuckles become a little louder and he let you try to tie it until you had huffed and wordlessly held out your wrist. You saw his smile as he tied it for you and had never taken it off. You knew you never would.
Newt hands you a mug of peppermint tea, your favorite of the different flavors he had exposed you to so far. "There you go."
You offer a smile, "Thanks."
"So what was the first gift he ever gave you?" he asks.
You hold out your wrist for him to see the time-worn piece of jewelry. "This."
Newt looks at it from where he's sitting beside you with a tea mug of his own. He doesn't say anything, but he doesn't have to for you to know he likes it.
"He gave this to me for my birthday a couple years ago. I'd told him the day I was born and he gave me this wrapped in a piece of old newspaper. I didn't even know what day it was." You say.
He listens to you retell the tale he had heard already, just without the bit of what the present was.
You tell him the bit about how you stubbornly refused to let Credence help you put the bracelet on and then finally gave in, making Newt smile.
"You really miss him, don't you?" Newt asks.
You nod, "Every day that ends in 'y'."
He chuckles, making you smile, which he considers a small victory in itself.
"If I could have saved him I would have." He promises.
"I know." You tell him, "But there wasn't anything you could have done. The Madame President had already given the order. I just wish she would have given him a chance."
"As do I."
You pull Newt's coat closer around your shoulders and take a long drought out of the tea mug, enjoying the warmth that filled your insides as it went down your throat and into your stomach. You lean your head against Newt's shoulder and give out a long sigh with a small sniff.
Tumblr media
A few months later Newt hands you a little red box with silver ribbon tied in a bow on the top. You take it, a little confused, and open it, giving a small smile when you see what's laying inside of it.
"It's beautiful." You say.
Newt offers a sheepish smile, "Thanks. You want help putting it on?"
You shake your head with a bigger smile, "I'm a big girl. I can do it myself."
You pick up the bracelet and try to tie it around the same wrist Credence's rests, but fail to successfully tie it. It really was beautiful. It was (F/C) strands of string woven together in a way you had only seen Newt do it. Sort of a fishtail but with a Celtic look to it, too. You knew he had made it by hand and you knew that once it was on your wrist, like Credence's, it would never come off.
You let out a frustrated sound and wordlessly hold out your wrist for Newt to tie the bracelet. He chuckles and ties it before keeping hold of your wrist in a gentle hand.
"Happy birthday, (Y/N)."
Tumblr media
Tip jar! (Obviously not required, but definitely appreciated)
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bi-bard · 2 years
Picture Perfect - Winchester Brothers Imagine (Supernatural)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Title: Picture Perfect
Pairing: Winchester Brothers X Child!Reader
Requested: by @isatkj
Word Count: 1,356 words
Warning(s): mentions of death, potential violence.
Summary: (Around Season 8 or 9-ish) The perfect town... that wasn't supposed to exist. Now, Sam and Dean have to figure out what caused this city to suddenly pop up on the map.
Author's Note: I took so much inspiration from season 14, episode 15 because of the general vibe of the whole episode.
Hey! I did a rewrite of the ending of Supernatural. It took a really long time to complete, so it would mean a lot to me if you check it out. Here’s a link! (it’s on my personal account)
--Third P.O.V--
Dean pulled the impala up to an open gas pump. While his brother got the gas, Sam opened the passenger door so he could go over the facts.
"So, there have been strange occurrences around a small town about three hours outside of Seattle, Washington," Sam relayed. "Insiders rarely come out and the outsiders that go in don't usually get back out."
"No one's making a huge deal about this," Dean asked.
"Well, it's supposed to be an old ghost town," Sam explained. "But it's not. Functioning stores and living families."
"So, something has got this town up and running but the people in it are... what performing sacrifices," Dean asked.
"I don't know," Sam shrugged.
"How far out are we," Dean asked.
"A few more hours," Sam replied.
"Hold on boys," the brothers looked over to see Death standing in front of the car. "I have some information you need about this little town."
"And that is...," Sam asked after Death had trailed off.
"You shouldn't go in," the being replied. "The person running that town is incredibly dangerous. You'll be dead in moments. The residents won't let you get close enough to harm the child."
"The child," Dean noted.
"The child is raising the dead," Death continued. "This upsets the natural balance of things. The source must be removed."
"'The source' is a child," Sam argued. "You can't just kill a child."
"I can, and I will," Death just seemed to shrug.
"Do you know why this kid wants to bring people back," Dean asked. "Before you become an asshole and murder someone who hasn't even gotten to middle school?"
"Almost a year ago, the child lost both of their parents," Death explained. "That's when their powers first spiraled. It started with only their parents. It then spread, like a virus. Soon, a whole town was standing in a spot where there should be rubble."
"You're going to kill a kid that lost their family," Sam asked.
The brothers stared at Death in shock. Death seemed annoyingly unaffected. To him, this was the only way to put things back in order. To the boys, this was a clearly scared kid that went through the same pain that they did.
"You can't do this," Dean shook his head. "We won't let you."
"You don't have a choice-"
"Give us a chance," Sam snapped. "It's a kid. A scared kid. Give us a chance to talk to them. Just a chance."
"Come on!"
"I'll give you one chance," Death replied. "If you fail, I will finish the job."
As the word "job" was spoken, Death vanished from the boys' sight.
Sam and Dean jumped back into the impala and took off. What was supposed to be another three-hour drive was done in a little over two. Neither brother knew how they didn't get pulled over but they didn't care.
Dean pulled the car over to the curb.
"Woah," Dean mumbled as they got out.
It was the picture-perfect town. There was a small dinner, a library that was actually being used, cookie-cutter houses. Sam and Dean looked at each other.
Locals were looking at them as the brothers walked by.
"So, where do we find this kid," Dean asked.
"Well, look at the signs," Sam pointed at the businesses. Most of them had (Y/l/n) on their signs. "It's the most common name. If we can find that house, we can find the kid."
Everyone's house had little signs. It was very clear this town was designed by a child.
"Well, hello," a man walked up to the brothers.
"Hi," Dean said awkwardly.
"Can I ask why you boys have decided to visit our little town," the man asked.
The boys looked at each other for a moment.
"We were admiring the lovely houses," Sam lied. "We have been considering moving for a while and this town seems lovely."
"Well, there aren't any vacancies," the man replied.
"Oh, that's a shame," Sam shrugged. "Is there someone else we can talk to? A mayor or something? I don't want to insult you but maybe you missed something."
The man's smile dropped, "You can't go near them."
"Why," Dean asked.
"You'll hurt them," the man glared.
It was like that was a signal. All of the people on the street stopped, turning to stare at the brothers. The brothers looked all around them.
"We're not going to hurt them," Sam tried to explain. "We're trying to help."
"No," the man snapped. "You're trying to take us away."
When the man stepped forward, the brothers knew it was time to run. They sprinted down the street as almost a whole town chased them.
"Sam," Dean yelled, pointing at a house. "There, look at the sign!"
"(Y/l/n)'s house!" was written on the sign.
The brothers ran through the front door, locking it. No one banged on the door.
"They don't want to hurt (Y/n)," Sam said. "We should be safe here."
"Hello there," a man and woman walked out to see the brothers.
"The parents," Sam mumbled.
They looked up to the stairs when the floor creaked. There was a young kid standing up there.
"Hi, (Y/n)," Sam said softly, trying to keep from scaring the kid. "I'm Sam, this is my brother, Dean. We're here to help."
"Why," the kid asked. "I'm happy here. Everything was fixed."
"Do you know why," Sam asked. The child seemed confused at the idea that something caused this. "You brought them back, remember?"
"Don't," the dad said in anger. "You don't get to hurt (Y/n)."
"Sam," Dean mumbled.
One more shared look and the two took off. They ran up the stairs, the undead parents on their tails.
"I'm sorry," Sam mumbled, leading (Y/n) back into their room. Dean slammed the door, locking it and being ready to hold it shut.
"What are you doing," (Y/n) went to fight Sam, but obviously didn't get far.
"(Y/n)," Sam knelt down and grabbed (Y/n)'s shoulders. "You created this town. Your parents died and your powers went out of control. No one here is supposed to be alive."
"You're... You're lying," the child yelled, shaking her head. Dean leaned into the door when (Y/n)'s parents started banging on it.
"I know it's hard," Sam continued. "It's terrifying but you aren't going to be completely alone. Right now, you're putting yourself in danger. That's not good, is it?"
(Y/n) shook their head.
"I lost both my parents too," Sam said. "It's scary but you have to let these people go. They have to move on. I promise, they'll be much happier."
"I don't wanna be alone," the kid mumbled, tears falling down their face.
"You won't be," Sam promised. "Dean and I will make sure of that."
The banging stopped. Dean stood up straight again.
The cookie-cutter house faded. Instead of falling from the second floor like they should have, they were just on the ground by an old building, already crumbled and destroyed.
Sam pulled (Y/n) into a tight hug as the kid sobbed. Dean walked over to them. He and Sam shared a sad look. Sam slowly stood up, letting the kid hold his hand as they walked to the impala.
Death was waiting for them.
The brothers froze, Sam pushing (Y/n) behind him.
"Good job boys," Death complimented. "However, there's still a problem. The child doesn't have control over their powers."
"We can teach them," Dean argued. "We have enough experience with powers that we can help."
Death took a step forward.
Both the boys moved to be more in his way.
"Fine," Death stared at (Y/n), who was still hiding behind Sam. "I'll have my eye on you."
With that, Death disappeared again. (Y/n) stepped out from behind Sam.
"He's not very nice," the kid mumbled. The brothers couldn't help but chuckle. Understatement of the century.
"Come on, kid," Dean nodded toward the car. "Let's make sure we have a comfortable place for you to sleep for the night."
The boys didn't expect to leave the town with a kid but it definitely wasn't the weirdest hunt they had been on.
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divinecosmicrose · 7 months
As you may have read my story about my past ex, I want to say just because I told a story from my recent past doesn't mean I make it apart of who I am or define me now in my current reality in anyway. It's just a story in my book. Yes it happened but it's in the past. I am a brand new person now. We are always a brand new person every moment because that's how fast we can shift by changing our minds in a second. So because I was feeling disconnected from source at the time, and I couldn't understand why it was happening at the time. But I have since forgiven him completely, and I will always be connected to him. Cord cutting isn't real, you can do the ceremony and put your boundaries up and never let them back in your energy, but you are actually never separate from anything or anyone, it's just an illusion. I learned this from the masters.
So I've since healed myself again and again these past few months, but the inner work is NEVER done, I'm still working on myself constantly. I just healed as much as possible with what I could work with, with no accountability or apologies from him. I am very understanding because I knew it had nothing to do with me. But that only made me stronger and wiser. I thanked him for the lesson and I was extremely thankful that I went through it because it taught me how to love myself, how to not let anything or anyone define me, not be a people pleaser anymore, how to see through manipulation and illusion and disconnection from Source. I see through all the smoke and mirrors now. There's So many things I learned through my triggers he constantly pushed. I took on this heartbreaking pain knowingly so I could transmute it to heal others and become a spiritual leader.
So I thank every single person in my life and I know we're connected no matter how much I wished I never met the "bad" ones. I always remember that -preparing for an attack invites an attack- so I don't prepare for attacks anymore and I need to understand to love my "stalkers" and I need to love my "enemies". Because, they already hate themselves. And I'm constantly creating my reality 100 percent. So I have so much freedom in knowing that I can change my mind at any moment and change my reality if I don't like what I'm seeing. It's a beautiful never ending self love journey and I'm just here to share what I've learned whether you take something from it or not.
From now on things will just get better and better, I'm extremely optimistic and I see the higher perspective because I've ascended so much farther than I could ever imagine. I am. I know I'm making all the right choices and everything is always going my way now because I said so. I choose to know that everything is always getting better. I know that I will continue on loving people unconditionally the way they deserve, and no person from my past can change the way I love, and my beautiful bright light that was always within me. I am clearly in my prime days now and life will change for the better every second, every moment, overnight instantly because I'm that powerful and no one can take my power away from me.
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sleepysloth99 · 2 years
A/N: Heyo everyone uhh basically my mental state got me fucked up so why don't we make headcanons for numerous Sweet Home characters. 2 parts. Part 1 is a simple them comforting you during an anxiety attack and part 2 is them reacting to you telling them that you're a burnout gifted kid (yes OP needs some fucking help😂).
Characters: Hyuk, Netflix Wook, Hyun, Jisu, Yuri
I suppose content warning? Anxiety is mentioned after all.
Part 1: Them comforting you during an anxiety attack.
•Guy is clueless as fuck lol.
•He'd try to make things better but he actually kinda made it worse.
•He feels terrible since he feels so useless in this situation. He's not exactly great with people.
•Eventually he gathers himself and gives you a blanket and makes tea.
•Puts on your favorite anime or show in general.
•He apologizes for being so crappy with all this.
•You have a favorite stuffed toy? He'll get it for you.
•Lots of cuddles. If you want he can play a video game and you can watch him.
•He's trying his best :)
•This is only the first time though.
•Around the third to fourth time this happens he'll actually know what he's doing.
•Ask what's wrong and won't panic. He'd be a lot more calm and would definitely be less hesitant to hold you.
•Again just bear with him.
Netflix Wook
•Thought Hyuk was bad? Wook's even worse.
•He doesn't know what to say so he just pats your shoulder.
•Lots of headpats.
•Right after you calm down he searches up about anxiety attacks and what to do if someone is having one.
•He'll also search up what to say to a partner during an anxiety attack.
•The only reason he kept his mouth shut the first time was because he was scared he'd upset you more.
•Want him to cuddle you and hush you? He'll do just that.
•Want him to hold him because you find holding things more comforting then being held? He's already laying down.
•Whatever makes you calm down he will do just that.
•He also buys snacks for you.
•Overall one of those "Quiet Supporter" types. He doesn't really say anything because mind you he isn't exactly great with his words so using gifts and physical affection he will try to calm you down.
•One muscular teddy bear lmao.
•Unlike Hyuk and Wook, Jisu is a lot better at handling emotions for the most part.
•She'll immediately ask what's wrong and hold you.
•She'll just listen, and give her input when she feels the time is appropriate.
•She'll order out food and watch a show with you.
•Hell for you? She'd illegally stream a movie lmao.
•Lots of soft blankets.
•If you want, she can sing for you or play the guitar.
•She keeps her composure despite secretly being freaked out since she's never dealt with someone having an anxiety attack.
•She has a bat so if you wanna go out and smash shit up she'll come with you.
•Wanna scream all your worries? She already has her bass set up.
•She'd paint your nails if you want.
•She'll let you lay in her lap (Imagine laying in Jisu's lap☺️)
•Gives headpats.
•Gives scalp massages.
•Just like Wook, provides snacks.
•Would go all the way and buy a fucking pet for you.
•See what's so special about Yuri is that she's worked as a caregiver for years, albeit with elders.
•So believe me she's seen a LOT.
•What I'm trying to say is out of everyone here, she's the best when treating you during an anxiety attack.
•She asks what's wrong.
•She never yells by any means.
•She kinda whispers but not really.
•Very calming, uses lots of lavender and chamomile based products.
•Already making some tea (or some drink you like).
•She'll run a shower for you.
•She uses aromatherapy based products in said shower.
•She would run a bath for you but that wastes water and she doesn't want you to sit in your own filth.
•Uses aromatherapy lotion on you.
•She will do some skincare for you.
•Spoils you with cuddles and snacks.
•Tries to ask further questions like "How long have you felt like this? Is there any other problems?"
•She won't push you though.
•Sleeping on her lap with fluffy blankets and forehead kisses. (Bro imagine sleeping on the goddess's lap???😳😳😳)
•Surprisingly very sweet.
•Bro not gonna lie he really wouldn't know what to do.
•He's broken as is so if he says anything that comes off as insensitive he doesn't mean it, he's trying his best.
•Another Quiet Supporter.
•Will give you a hug.
•Will let you sleep on him.
•He might start crying too. He feels so powerless in such a situation. Seeing his significant other panicking and not knowing what to do or say.
•He'll try and ask what's wrong but being in a similar position, he knows how annoying it can be when someone asks what's wrong.
•He's distant but close at the same time if that makes any sense.
•He'll read a book to you if you want.
•He'll try and whisper sweet nothings but again this is pretty foreign for him
•He'll get take-out for you and put on some anime.
•He'll even watch an anime he really hates as long as it makes you feel better.
•By the next day he'll pretend nothing happened but just expect a stuffed animal packaged up at your door. Who sent it? I dunno. (Not him that's for sure nope nope totally not him.)
Them reacting to you saying you're a burnout gifted kid.
•He kinda relates.
•He will always be there to let you know you're doing great.
•He will always be there to support.
•When he sees your homework scores lowering and grades crashing he'll be there to help you somehow.
•He actually does your homework while you sleep. By the time you wake up you have no clue because he made copies of it but he actually used your account to submit the work. Man the shit he does for you.
•One of the school staff actually almost caught him saying "You're not acting like your usual self. You never get such good score in math."
•Thankfully he looked at how you talk online especially to teachers and managed to kinda copy how you talk online.
•He still thinks you should talk to someone about this. You know someone professional.
•Again though he'll always be there for you.
•He wouldn't know what to tell you.
•"Yeah... that does suck."
•He'll support you and try to get you mental help for it but... yeah.
•He can't really relate to the whole burnout thing so he's very distant here.
•Course that doesn't mean he won't try and help you.
•Again he wants you to get mental help especially since he isn't the best with words.
•Really he's clueless. He'll try his best but honestly even Wook thinks he's the worst person for this.
•She also can't really relate since she was always just the band kid scraping by back in school.
•She's still very empathetic.
•She'll try her absolute best to help you with the long term damage that is gifted child burnout.
•She will make sure you don't go abusing substances. So no you cannot have any of her cigarettes. She will literally throw them all away.
•She'll write songs to motivate you.
•She'll make sure you never give up on something just because you didn't get it right the first time.
•Seriously this woman loves you, she'll do anything to motivate you and make you happy.
•Now Yuri can semi-relate. Being trained to take care of the elderly did do a number on her so she knows burnout when she sees it.
•She will literally smack your hand if you try and overwork yourself.
•"Don't. I'll do it."
•She really wants to do everything for you because she hates seeing you all burnt out.
•She's stubborn as hell so it's gonna take a lot to convince her to let you actually do your work.
•Seriously somebody come get her she's starting to burnout herself.
•Lmao Hyun can relate 100%
•He IS a burnout gifted kid.
•So yeah he is actually the worst person to go to for this issue since he's having the same problem.
•However! That doesn't make him all bad.
•You can be burnout gifted kids together!
•Whether it's cuddling while comparing your current selves to your past selves or playing video games together to feel a false sense of achievement, you guys are doing this together.
•Is it the best and most healthy way to deal with this problem? No!
•Is it still a pretty great thing to have your boyfriend by your side and sharing all of your pain every step of the way? Hell yeah!
•In all seriousness, you two try to support each other.
•Lean on each other when the burnout gets unbearable. He'll offer a shoulder to cry on and you'll reciprocate (at least I hope you do.)
•You both try to get mental help or at the very least join one of those support servers on Discord.
•You guys often lie in bed late at night talking about how you both feel like failures. To which Hyun says "We can be failures together." In an attempt to make you feel better.
•It actually... kinda helped.
And with that being said, today's headcanons are done! If you want you can drop some requests, although I don't do any NSFW requests. But yeah that's it. I'm pooped, bye!💝
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thewidowsghost · 2 years
Stay Strong, Alex - Part 4
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Tumblr media
Kara is looking out of National City from the DEO headquarters. Her phone rings and Kara pulls out her phone and sees Lena Luthor projected on the screen. 
"Lena," Kara's voice cracks. 
"Kara, I'm glad I caught you. Um. Can I ask your advice about something, er, someone?" Lena asks. 
"Um . . ." Kara closes her eyes as anguish washes over her. "Now's not a good time. I'm sorry. Can I call you back?"
"Oh, of course, of course," Lena replies, her voice taking on a softer note. "Is everything okay?" Lena asks. 
"I'll call you back," Kara breathes, hanging up the phone. Kara's tear-filled eyes turn back to the skyline, and she closes her eyes, her hands resting against the stone railing. 
"What are you doing?" J'oon asks, walking up to his daughter-figure. 
"Listening for her," Kara says brokenly. She takes a deep breath. "But I can't hear anything. I can do all these incredible things, but I can't punch my way out of this or fly fast enough and turn back time. And now I'm afraid to lose the person that is the most important person to me." 
"To us, Kara," J'oon says softly. 
Kara nods and tears well up in her eyes. "(Y/n) was right," Kara whispers. "I shouldn't have rushed in. I made things worse. I -" Kara pauses. 
"(Y/n) was upset. She was frustrated and she lashed out at you," J'oon tells the superhero. "You only did what you thought was best to protect your sister. No one can blame you for that."
"I'm scared," Kara murmurs. 
"Hey, come on," J'oon says softly, pulling Kara into a hug. The tears finally sliding down her face. 
. . . 
(Y/n) enters Rick's interrogation room, her eyes narrowed. She sits down in the metal chair and folds her arms slowly. 
"Under two hours," Rick says, leaning back in his chair. "The clock is ticking fast."
"I know," (Y/n) says, all emotion had left her after her last conversation with Kara. "And if it ticks down completely, we both lose," (Y/n) continues, leaning forward slightly. "And I don't think you want to lose."
Rick smirks. "And neither do you."
(Y/n)'s eyes narrow. 
"I was wrong about Kara," Rick says and (Y/n) focuses back on the man in front of her. "She's too much of a Girl Scout to do what I need her to do. I misjudged her." Rick pauses, "But I may have discounted you. You're a cop. You could just walk into that prison and break out my father if you wanted to. You care for her. I've seen that."
(Y/n) holds back the tears that had formed in her eyes, "By stalking us."
"The way you look at her," Rick continues. "The way your hand touches her's when you're walking down the street." (Y/n) bites the inside of her cheek and she shifts her gaze from Rick's for a moment. "Love can make people do things that they don't normally do. So, please, help us bring back the people we love."
. . . 
"Please tell me you have something?" Kara asks, her voice quivering. 
"I have literally tried everything, all right?" Winn says. "I've tried family holding, bank accounts, call logs from the prison . . . There's nothing."
Kara groans, looking at the timer counting down from fifty-nine minutes, and she buries her head in her hands. 
"Hey, we're gonna find her," Mon-El tells Kara. "I-I'm gonna talk to (Y/n) and see if she's got anything else out of him." 
Kara looks at the computer monitor projecting the camera looking into Rick's room, but (Y/n) isn't there. 
"Where . . . where's (Y/n)?" Kara asks, and Winn and Mon-El turn to look at the screen. 
. . . 
(Y/n) glances around the corner of the prison wall but stops when she hears the guard's keys jingling together. 
(Y/n) waits until the guard walks through a set of double doors to moves. She strides up to one of the metal pipes and places a projector in front of a camera so that the guards watching the cameras wouldn't see what she is about to do. 
(Y/n) jogs through the projection, her face set in determined lines. 
She blows the lock on Peter Thompson's door. "What the hell are you doing?" Thompson asks as (Y/n) grabs his upper arm. 
"Taking you to your son," (Y/n)'s voice cracks. 
(Y/n) lifts Alex's raygun and shoots two cameras as she makes her way through the prison. 
"Nice gun," Thompson comments. 
"It's my girlfriend's," (Y/n) says shortly, pushing Thompson forward. 
"(Y/n), you know Alex wouldn't want you to do this," Kara says in her Supergirl uniform. 
"All I care about is getting her back alive," (Y/n) says, her eyes burning. "You were right, sometimes words don't work."
"Sometimes punching doesn't either," Kara counters. "She just came from your son. She was with him all day, trying to turn him," Thompson turns to look at (Y/n), "make him understand. You know what kind of words your son's been using? Words like 'rescue' and 'love.' He says he wants to rescue you, like you rescued him," Kara steps forward, her arms crossed across her chest. But if he kills Alex Darners, he'll never be rescued. He'll have to live with that for the rest of his life. And that'll be his hell," Kara's voice softens. "Now, you've done a lot of bad things in your life, but you've done one thing you can be proud of. You were a father. A good one. You were there for your son during the toughest time of his life and that's what you need to do again now. If he kills her, you will have failed at the one good thing you've done with your life. Be a father now."
A timer beeps on (Y/n)'s phone, and fear strikes through her. "She's out of time."
"Please, is there anywhere he would have taken her?" Kara asks. 
"There's one place," Thompson says. 
. . . 
(Y/n) and Kara open the garage door of the storage facility and they run in, (Y/n) freezing with horror at the sight of her girlfriend in the glass chamber. 
Tumblr media
Kara speeds over and puts a fist through the glass and all the water - as well as Alex - flow through the hole in the glass. 
Alex coughs up water as she rolls onto her side. 
"Thank God," (Y/n) says, pulling Alex's head into her lap. "She's okay. She's alright."
(Y/n) lifts Alex's head up as Alex chokes on the water, coughing it up. (Y/n) grabs Alex's hand and squeezes it. 
"You held on," Kara says, pressing her hands to her sister's pale cheeks. 
"I-I h-eld on," Alex stammers. 
(Y/n) cradles Alex's head and presses her lips to her girlfriend's forehead. 
. . . 
The three women return to the DEO, Alex remaining asleep in the MedBay while (Y/n) stares out the window, relaxed by the soft patter of the rain and her girlfriend safe. 
"Hey, you," Alex says hoarsely and (Y/n) turns, relief evident on her face. "You okay?" Alex asks. 
A look of disbelief spreads across (Y/n)'s face. "Am I okay?" (Y/n) asks softly, settling down in a chair and taking Alex's hands in her own, a look of tender affection on her face. "Are you kidding? That was really clever, with the whole Navy Seal thing with your pants. What was that?" (Y/n) smiles and Alex laughs. 
"Well, I knew I just had to buy a couple of seconds," Alex says, and a tear trails down her cheek. "I knew you were going to come." 
(Y/n)'s gaze softens. 
"You didn't let me finish before, but I, um . . ." Alex pauses. 
"What?" (Y/n) murmurs. 
"I just really have to say it now," Alex continues. 
"Alex . . ." 
"It's okay, it's okay," Alex says as she sits up, (Y/n) shooting out a hand to help. The redhead tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and turns to gaze deeply into (Y/n)'s (E/c) eyes. "Those firsts that you talked about . . ." Alex says, her voice a whisper because of how close her face is to (Y/n)'s. (Y/n) nods, a soft smile on her face. "I want to have them all with you." (Y/n)'s eyes get watery. "I never want to stop having firsts with you. I love you, (Y/n) (L/n)."
"I love you, Alex Danvers," (Y/n) murmurs, her eyes still watery. 
"Yeah?" Alex asks. 
"Yeah," (Y/n) smiles affectionately. 
At the same time, (Y/n) and Alex cup each other's faces with their hands and press their lips together, both women beaming. 
They pull apart, resting their foreheads together, wide smiles on their faces. 
. . . 
"She refused to stay in bed," (Y/n) comments with an affectionate eye roll as she supports her girlfriend as they walk into the main meeting room; Alex just laughs. 
"Are you sure you're alright?" Kara asks, her protective sister coming out. 
"I'm alright," Alex says, meeting J'oon's warm gaze. 
"I knew you'd be fine," Mon-El says and Alex grins. 
"You did good, Alex," J'oon says with a smile. "You too, (Y/n)." He pulls both women into a hug. 
"Oh," (Y/n) says, slightly surprised, but she returns the hug after a moment. 
"Just doing what you taught me to do," Alex says and (Y/n) rests her gaze on Alex again. 
"Oh. You survived," Rick says as two guards lead him away. 
"Oh," Winn says angrily, "you do not get to talk to her."
"What are you going to do to him?" Alex asks. 
"My job," J'oon says. "Protect the identity of Supergirl and teh DEO." 
"You're gonna mind-wipe him?" Alex asks. 
"Do you object?" J'oon replies. 
"No," Alex shakes her head, a grin creeping onto her face. "Just . . . Before you do . . ." Alex whips around and nails Rick in the face. 
(Y/n) exchanges a look with Kara and the two, Mon-El, and Winn all laugh as Rick groans with pain. 
"Just make sure he remembers that," Alex says firmly. 
"Will do," J'oon says, walking after Rick and the two guards. 
(Y/n) walks over and gently takes ahold of Kara's upper arm. "I need to thank you." 
"Thank me? For what?" Kara asks as the two walk out of earshot. 
"I was so afraid of losing her that I wasn't thinking," (Y/n) explains. "And I almost . . ."
"Yeah, but you did the right thing," Kara argues. "And that was all you. All I did was remind you of everything you've been telling me the whole time." Kara smiles and (Y/n) tilts her head. 
"You and me make a pretty solid team, don't we?" (Y/n) asks with a grin. 
"Well, we both love her," Kara says. 
"Yeah," (Y/n) says and Kara laughs. The two embrace warmly. 
The two walk back over and Alex beams at (Y/n). 
"You wanna go get that dog now?" (Y/n) asks Alex nods excitedly. 
Word Count: 1826 words
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the-nysh · 2 years
P1:I find it both fascinating and frustrating when it comes to Katsuki's wrong doings because I can't fully agree with the sentiment "bullying is bullying" and I feel Bakugou is a good character to explore that in examining the different severities of bullying which doesn't have to equate to invalidating victims experience (which are also variable) by doing so - discussion tends to describe it as so awful and he must apologise (which I don't disagree with) but awful can describe well more awful-
P2:-kinds of bullying, like actually going out of your way daily to harm someone and relentlessly take away their sense of safety and dignity. Maybe I care because the extent of the bullying itself (and his behaviour at UA, which I think is still bad but distinct from bullying) sets the tone to Deku introductory relationship to him and Bakugou's apology (which was wonderfully taking responsibility for his behaviour but works with his actions in part because it was not worse behaviour in his - P3: -past). Bakugou's behaviour in response to his insecurity, jealousy, fear and intolerance makes sense, his bullying was to push Deku away and coloured all his interactions with Deku, but he aimed to have those interactions be infrequent which feels like it plays a role in how Deku's (besides his own inners strengths) early feeling is that Bakugou is a conceited jerk in response to Bakugou's attitude towards him. In the story it all feels in proportion (well except Bakugou almost having to - P4: - to die, but that is more about him having a moment in Deku's shoes which in turn informs his understanding, his apology and how he goes about making things right from that apology, while also experiencing that panic of potentially not getting a chance to apologise to Deku), meanwhile it often feels like things are never aligned and in proportion on fandom and even nice takes veer towards implying bullying veered towards severe because discussion lacks the language to talk about nuisances.
So basically....what Hori’s created and written thru Kacchan’s character arc is proportional, consistent, and hyperspecific to his own fictional settings (world building) and his characters’ circumstances. But when fandom tries to discuss it objectively, Hori’s intent & nuances often get colored by people failing to separate the text from their own personal experiences & projections with bullying (ie Deku is not them, and Kacchan is not their childhood bully). Or things just get flat out misinterpreted by poor translations (ahem, including the lasting damage from Fallen Angels’ harsh mischaracterizations), including cultural differences and the like. Leading to a frustrating time trying to discuss what’s actually canon. :O Oh yeah, I can understand that.
Because the truth is that Kacchan’s past shitty actions (cause he was a shitty kid, who understands what he did was hurtful) were not nearly as severe or constant as many people were misled to believe in fanon assumed they were. He never sought Deku out in that daily, oppressive & controlling way (it was the opposite; he tried to keep away from him to avoid how Deku made him feel, except when Deku voluntarily got in his way and Kacchan lashed out to get him to stop) and what transpired between them was not the familiar case of ‘american’ bullying in media either (none of that stealing lunch money or undignified shoving into lockers kinda stuff - cause Kacchan was also trying to uphold a clean record before entering UA), because it was again, all hyperspecific to Hori’s worldbuilding with quirks & heroes.
Consisting of their hero society’s view on quirklessness & people’s worth/usefulness, Kacchan recognizing quirkless Deku still held a heroic ‘strength’ (in his heart/spirit), which threw all his understandings off balance and made him feel like shit in comparison (lesser, inadequate). And Deku recklessly never taking himself into account (without a rational reality check or adequate power/training/preparation) would only lead to Deku stupidly getting himself killed by following his ‘dream’ this way. Leading to a mix of confusion from what young Kacchan couldn’t understand, pain from his wounded pride/self-worth on what best makes a hero, including the fear of Deku’s potential surpassing his and the concern for Deku’s life exacerbating all his frustrated anger towards him. That and their miscommunication from all their avoidance - cause once Deku suddenly shows up at UA wielding OfA, now Kacchan thinks Deku’s lied to him their entire lives. D: Having felt like shit before, and now thinking Deku’s betrayed him with the perfect reason to believe Deku had truly been mocking & looking down on him the entire time...?! (Which we know was untrue.) Oh what a mess of misunderstandings! Which makes their plot riveting to see how it all unfolds though.
So basically, here we have all these complicated, different factors at work to explain (not excuse) the mix of hurtful behaviors that happened. (Kacchan kept trying to push him away, which failed both because Deku kept coming back and cause Kacchan couldn’t reject the lingering feelings of concern for him as a friend either - by keeping an eye on him at arm’s length anyway.) But it gets so easily misconstrued in bad faith, or Kacchan gets unfairly flat-out demonized (one-sidedly) to the extremes, that people simply want him to suffer in proportion to their own personal revenge fantasies, incongruent with the actual text presented. Thankfully, Hori shows healing and improvement (even from rock bottom) in a much more constructive way.   
Personally, I feel Hori making it a public apology was a little disproportionate, because this was a longtime private thing between him and Deku to finally come clean & sort out their feelings, and not really anyone else’s business to spectate or judge. (Which I also didn’t expect to happen right now either - with me prepared to wait another 50chs or so til the end for it.) However, for Kacchan to reach Deku’s heart - speaking from a place of experience he knew best, to get Deku to realize where he was currently failing and being hurtful/dismissive of others - it does the job. :’) Their classmates now have the full context behind his behaviors (now understanding where they misjudged Kacchan too), and...they double as witnesses, such that no one can claim they ‘forgot’ or missed this important moment in its entirety either. Hori lays it all down very clear (consistent with everything that attentive manga readers have already known & followed), while handholding the message so there’s no misunderstanding his intent with this. While also setting things up for Deku to return a private response from his side later. To finally complete & bring everything together full circle. :’) I’ll be waiting~ 
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echo-three-one · 2 years
Whatever It Takes
Alex relives the old days as he single-handedly embarks on a mission to help local German Militia regain their village from the hands of Augustus. But he seemed a little distracted. I wonder why.
Previous Chapter : Roach - A Walk to Remember
Chapter 7 to another story made by Ray (echo-three-one) Comments and Reviews appreciated! I hope you enjoy! Love you all ❤️
Tumblr media
"Just Like Old Times"
Task Force 141
1 km East of A Local Militia Settlement, Germany
"Guten Morgen. Hallo." Alex muttered as the plane slowly descended toward his drop off area. He was readying his accent for the negotiation. A few more walks and he'll be on potential enemy territory or ally territory, depending how well he seals the deal. For the whole duration of the flight, he cleared his head on Samantha, how she has no clue about him, and focused on his new task. He was confident he'd get this one right, as this was his playing field. The CIA days were almost nostalgic as he plopped his metal foot on the ground and signaled the chopper goodbye.
Leading small armies to help create forces to counter terrorism. That was his role in the Special Activities Division of the CIA. He was Kate Laswell's favorite when it comes to these kinds of activities and he's confident enough that he could convince them to fight.
The walk was long and quiet, no one was around, most of Alex's trails were just forest upon forest upon forest. He started heading to the sound of the water, and immediately spotted four men, armed and possibly his ticket inside the settlement. Taking a deep breath he emerged from the forest and greeted the gentlemen.
"Hello. Does anyone here know anyone named Blitz?" Alex asked in fluent german. The four of them pointed their guns directly at him and he quickly dropped his bag and raised his hands showing surrender.
"No no. I'm here to help." He kicked the bag as it started to pour out heavy grenadier weapons and bullets. One of them grabbed a radio and called the base.
"What is your name?" he asked.
"Call me Alex." he replied with a grin. The next thing he knew is that he was being tied and escorted to the village. He didn't mind, it's always normal for them to be cautious, especially when facing an unknown person.
They trod the dense forestry until they got to a small settlement buzzing with activity.
Alex found himself seated on a small wooden table, his bag of weapons in front of him while Blitz slowly stepped out of the shadows. Blitz was the leader of the said settlement. He has a pale white skin and almost bald hair, his brethren surrounded him, guns pointed at Alex.
"What brings you to this little town, Alex?" he asked. 
"Augustus." he replied confidently, all the other brothers whispered with each other.
"Shhh!" he silenced the group. "What about him?"
"I want answers from him and I need your help." 
Alex took a sip of their popular soup recipe, they were all gathered by the campfire outside but Blitz wanted to talk to him in private.
"Augustus, has done a lot of bad things in our village. He has slaughtered our animals, stolen some of our men and worst of all, he took away our village." he frowned.
"My wife and kids, they are still there… He's using them as shields so your heavy weapons have no use to win them back." he pushed the bag back to him.
"I still have friends who can help. If you're willing to lend us your strength." Blitz looked concerned at Alex's eagerness.
"Tell me, why do you want this Augustus man so bad?" he asked, his eyes reflected the little burn they had on their campfire.
"He's our only hope to save a lot of people," he replied.
"Good. Join us later for our plans. If we are able to evacuate my people, we can have time to play with your toys." he smiled and Alex nodded. Tomorrow, the 141 is going to have Augustus for interrogation.
"Don't get your hopes too high, Alex. I don't want to live waiting for uncertainty. I'm done with that." Samantha's words hit him like a brick. Alex peeked at the scope and took a general sweep of the view looking for possible hostiles. It's been months since they last met and if she's true to her word and lives a normal life, she must have someone else looking for her right now, someone else she currently loves and he just had to suck it up when his suspicions were to be true.
He had his chance to tell her everything back at the infirmary but seeing her smile like that made him hesitate. Bringing back memories of him would just cause him pain, like what Maxine felt when she heard her name. And he didn't want her hurt, he just wanted her back.
He started to crumple her letter as he fished it from his pocket. It was inside the ziploc he had to protect from the rain, but now he just wanted to forget. He had been hurt many times in the past days that he couldn't handle facing her anymore. The feeling that he isn't reciprocated the way he expected was pushing him down.
'Don't you dare forget about me.' he sighed. 
He wished it would be the same as last time. She rejected him at first but convinced herself to give him a chance the next day, but even with Maxine badgering her about him, it didn't seem to work.
"There they go Alex. The 6 am supply drop." Blitz whispered over comms. The plan was easy: Augustus supplies a lot of boxes to the base. They contain food and weapons stolen from farms or delivered to them from their higher leaders. This is the opening where most of their forces carry boxes, Anja, Blitz's wife, would lead all their members to a small tunnel they built in cases of invasion. Once everyone is out and accounted for, we will barge in and surround them, taking back what's rightfully theirs.
It's also important that most forces will focus on the northern ridge as that was the place where they came from before they invaded, and Blitz believes that a bigger base is situated there. Alex quickly relays this intel to the Task Force and reconnaissance has since begun.
"Ready, Alex?" Blitz asked one last time, holding their guns.
"Let's go." he said as they slowly creeped towards the entrance.
Alex's fingers gently felt the trigger through his gloves, he was alone with new found friends and he's not going to let Augustus slide past his hands. This has to end now. For Samantha.
For Samantha, who doesn't recognize him anymore, those days in Brazil were Alex's best days as a normal person. He got to experience living full of love for a while and he got into it. He liked the idea.
One huge explosion on an open area inside the settlement. They were smart, they're reclaiming the base so they didn't destroy anything in there. They just set out a warning.
"Alex! These weapons are top-notch!" One of the soldiers he's with roared, dashing across the field and started firing rounds. 
Alex quickly covered himself by an empty barrel, peeking with his sights and firing at the tangos who were defending, slowly pressing themselves inward onto the base.
"Brothers! Let's take back what's rightfully ours!" Blitz yelled in their language, followed by a collective "Ja!" from the men.
Enemies scattered, those with weapons slung on their shoulders immediately retaliated while some of them retreated far back into the village. Alex took note of this and shot runners when he could.
"Brothers, they're going to reinforce themselves with weapons!" Blitz yelled, commanding the rest of the forces to flank, putting pressure on the back exit where most of them could retreat.
"Alex, come with me. Let's get Augustus." The leader commanded and Alex nodded, fighting their way inside the central tent. It was heavily guarded and the duo cautiously made their way in shooting hostiles one barrage of bullets at a time. By the time they made it in a huge chunk of metal caught their attention, it had some sort of satellite components and it hummed dangerously.
Alex and Blitz successfully entered the base but it was Augustus-less, more bad news were reported as their weapons cache was already empty.
"Scheisse!!" Blitz cursed loudly as the village fell quiet. They had won their fight back, but at what cost? Alex consoled the leader and turned to the machine which hummed louder.
"We gotta get out of here!" he yelled, escorting Blitz to the door. But it was too late, the machine whirred and released some sort of small scale EMP blast, forcing their comms to ring in static followed by a loud side effect of ear ringing and minor dizziness.
Alex felt himself drop on the floor, trying his hardest to remove his earpiece. The feeling was mind bending, the ringing didn't stop and it felt piercing straight to the brain, unlike standard military EMP grenades, these lasted longer and rang louder. Whatever this contraption was, he needed it to be destroyed.
With the last of his strength, Alex covered his already bleeding ears and dragged Blitz outside the tent, threw a grenade and hid to safety. It was a slow and steady action but as soon as the machine blasted into pieces, the ringing stopped and everyone started to recover.
The group slowly recovered and got up. Some of Blitz's men began puking as their minds were assaulted by the big machine. If this is one of Nero's big plans, then the team must prepare. Alex still pondered how these blasts weren't familiar on his previous mission and how they could potentially tie to the missing person cases that continued to spread across America.
Alex was afraid of what this thing is capable of and he must report this immediately to the rest of the squad, who he thinks is making their way inside Augustus' base just beyond the mountains behind them.
Next Chapter : Experiment 001
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sketcheydyslexic · 2 years
ey honeycomb 💛💛 sorry to hear about ya bad week but i hope this message will cheer ya up just a little. anyways i will forever say this, the school system just sucks the life right outta ya and i am immensely proud of ya for standing up fo yaself and being so strong. kinda just wanna 🔫🔫👋🔪🔪🗡️🗡️🗡️🤛🤛 the person following ya and maybe even the school. how dare they bother ya 😤 i wanna visit yah just tah give yah a biggggg hug and reassure yah face tah face (with covid rules of course!!)
also your dream is amazing!! i rarely dream of the papyri and i just wanna show them sum love (mmaybe even gasp hold their hands °//////°) also i just saw your drawing of killer sans in a suit and when i said i didn't simp for him yet i didn't mean make me simp for him instantly!!! he looked so handsome and everytime i look at ya drawing (WHICH IS AMAZING BTW I LOVE HOW YA BLEND THE COLOR, SHADE, THE LIGHTING, AND THE DETAILS IN THE SKULL AND BONES 💘💘💘💌💌 THE BLUSH THO) i am reminded of my dream 😳😳 i also wanna try shifting but rn i really wanna experience a lucid dream, i've only had one lucid dream and i instantly lost control and it became a nightmare and the way i wake up from it was moving myself irl (i've actually been doing this since i was a kid) and personally it wakes me up
ya don't hafta stress yaself out on posting and in putting out content, ya doing enough sweetheart. i also understand the struggle in drawing the papyri, i actually recently drew some skulls of classic sans, papyrus and gaster in my sketchbook. i wanted to figure out how their skulls would be different from the other au variants. i wanted them all to have different skull shapes but still maintaining the og skull. i struggle with the sans' skulls cuz idk if i who i wanna give the more rounded skull, who to give a more softer round, ect. side profiles tho!! they really hard, both humans and skeletons are hard for me to draw side profiled. and i understand not knowing where the face proportions go with the papyri i just wing it most of the time :p
my mc is actually my self insert but they don't really look like me so i just call them mc 🤷 but they have my personality and weirdness (which i am proud of :)) the story about finding out that ya have high tolerance for alcohol is hilarious, honestly it's always the my wine aunts who want me tah drink and i'm here wanting tah be responsible (and record sum blackmail material but shhh)
i'm sure ya still look godsend even with a hairstyle ya ain't satisfied with. but i do agree, hair us hair, it'll still grow even if someone messed it up. that's kinda how life is y'know. i actually let my older sister cut my hair and she's all nervous saying it'll probably look bad and all i say is "then i have a reason to finally get a pixie cut again :D" my father's wants me tah grow out my hair again but i really don't wanna deal with long hair problems in a stressful year so hahaha pixie cut here i come. besides if it's already done hair extensions pretty pricey ;)
ya inside joke with ya younger bro is honestly adorable <3 my own baby bro (he's actually a teenager but he's still my baby brobro) is planning on growing his hair out, he's already pretty long on the front part and it's so shaggy that he has tah tie it down and i dub it as "teen bun!!" but usually when it's down i mess it up as much as possible. and i don't mind ya rambling about ya kitty cat, i encourage it honestly!!! like what's their name? and if ya show me a pic i'd 100% use baby talk tah them. am glad kitty cat saved yah life cuz we wouldn't be talking tah each other right now or telling each other our days and just ramble tah each other if it weren't for them :) tell em i said thank ya and give em a peck on the forehead if possible
i honestly wanna live alone atleast once in my life cuz it's tradition tah live in a house with atleast 3 generations (we only had 2) and taken into account that we have a small house (2 bed room and we were mostly 6) i had tah share most of my space with others so i've always wanted tah have a bedroom with my own touch tah them. i bid ya luck on having ya own house hun and live without people hurting yah. ya don't deserve it sweets
NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR RAMBLING HUN!!! i love it and even if it's considered whining i will still gladly take it cuz it cane from ya and when it comes from yah it's appreciated and treasured by me!!!! honestly i feel like i sometimes ramble a bit too much but then i remember it's ya who am talking tah and yah always are considerate with me. how za bout we make it a rule tah tell each other if we're being overwhelmed with our musings. it doesn't mean it's bad, we're both just considering each others feelings and moods and if it makes ya more comfortable we can chat each other personally (but we are in different time zones and i struggle with responding messages, i hope yah don't mind)
nothing particularly note worthy has happened tah me except i have tah take a blood test for my health (i have a specific kind of goiter, it's not lethal and i'm coping pretty well if i do say so myself :D), i was supposed tah have a monthly check up done but the city where the hospital is located is on strict lockdown and the doctor doesn't offer online check ups. but the doc did advice having a blood test by the last week of this month. i kinda get woozy when i get my blood taken, i think it's pretty cool on how they just take blood but i do have a slight fear of receiving/expecting pain gets me lightheaded and i tense up so i usually don't look when they insert the needle. i kinda just chill until it's finished.
i care fo yah and treasure ya luv. how was your day honeybee? 💛💛
love 💛🍯 anon <3
[here yah go
Thank you, one of these days I will learn not to push the big red button when I get excited x.x
howdy, dearest --anon! thank you so much, i really appreciate it. 🔫 give me affection, i crave the comfort of a nice caring hug. careful though, i'll find out your favorite food/sweets and randomly make them for you to brighten your day. my love language is to bake and give my loved ones baked good that are their favorites, i don't know when this started or why but if it happens, it means you are a dear friend to my heart.
i rarely dream, so when i had that dream i was almost convinced to start cult worshipping him so he will take me away, im stable enough to know better though ;P gasp- unprotected, premarital hand holding?! oh my. while i was drawing him, i kept having to stop and whisper 'DAMN' "oh dang he /fine/ fine'' 'lord have mercy-' he is just so fine >//^\\<
OADHOhdaljOUHOH oh my, thank you so much!! It means so much to know that the little details like that are noticed too ^clutches perls^ my little heart is so happy. i drew a horror papyrus and added a lot of detail to the nicks and cracks in his bones but i don't think anyone noticed u^u or maybe i haven't even posted it yet?? its the one of him thats part of the matchup series. im going to redo mutt, and add dust next i think. ah yes, everytime you see him, that special moment will haunt you. not that that is a bad thing 👀👀 i've never experienced either :o i really want to though! its really cool that you can, it sucks that it turned into a nightmare though, nightmares suck when they aren't a skeleton. then i succ. (that was a crude joke right so it is decided i ill try not to make horn dog jokes outside of the dms)
thank you hun, i really appreciate it ;) i've been hard at work today, to post a few chapters and finish the last raffle wins. i am about to hit the next 100 follower goal, and i'm trying to think of what to do this time. i don't know if ill do a raffle this time or not, i kind of want to do something new. i just draw them, lol, i don't know what i'm doing but i'm doing it, and it's been working! i'm doing a few gaster doodles that i might post later, but my twitter isn't gaining any traction at all so i don't bother posting on there as much as i do on here, i even started a tiktok. i love the idea of them all having their own little differences in appearance but still looking similar. i get so frustrated with side profiles, they are so difficult, and for what?! i'm just going to stick to drawing skeletons.
for me, i like using the text replacer extensions to replace y/n with my name. it hits different different. I love drawing self inserts with my mc, they make me so happy.i love the personally i'm seeing so far, andi bet your weirdness is even better ;) <3 me and my wine aunt do a lot together, we got our noses pierced together, and we are going to get matching tattoos eventually. right now we are still deciding on what we want to get. wine aunt are the ones who have all your secrets on back log LMAO half the time you're like "o.o when did i tell you THAT??"
awwww, you flatter me, love. its okay, i just kinda am a little off put of spending so much time and so much money on something that looks like i did it myself in a walmart bathroom 💀💀 i wish i could pull of a short hair cut, but i think my face is to chubby for it. maybe one day ill try it out. i bet she will do a great job and you will rock the best haircut in your area! my dad keeps telling me to go blond but i dont like the way blond looks on me at all, i'm naturally a darker haired person. Bhaha i imagine you just; "no break it, its fine. no, break it, break it, its fine :D"
i love him, he is a meanie but we bully each other affectionately. his hair is so fluffy and i cant help but ruffle it up everytime i can. he looks like ethan (crankgameplays) and it gave me flash backs to when youtubers had their floofs colored. yay! i love gushing about her, her legal name is Panda, but ive always called her 'baby' so i guess her name is baby. here is a picture of my sweet pea;
Tumblr media
Look at those cute little toe beans 🥺💕💕 she's my emotional service animal, she's very good at her job. she loves to be babied, so she loved the gifted ear scratches and forehead kisses. im really happy you dont think im pathetic for a cat saving me, it just proves how kind you are <3
i would lose my mind if i had to live with a lot of people like that 0o0 i need alone time or else it can get painful for me mentaly and even physically. i hope you get to have your own space one day, you deserve a place to call your own personal safe place.
awe, you are the best, im so happy to have you in my life now. im so used to people getting irritated at me for talking about myself i dont really know if i'm going to far when opening up now.that would make me a lot less worried, for you to be honest with me if i am going a little to far ;) that would be nice, i feel a little bad for the followers that good these long posts about my day when they dont care for that kind of content. of course love, you have your life to attend to each day and i have mine, i've never been one to think much of getting a response back 15 hours later, im happy to get one back at all.
oh my, that sounds scary- i hope you will be okay :'0 im no stranger to heath issues, im sorry you have that kind of stress. im proud of you for being strong through this. im terrified of needles, its kind of weird because i have piercings and am just fine with those... i guess its were they are that doesn't bother me as much. the idea of a needle or splinter make me choke up, i was a sobbing mess when i had to get my last shot, even if it was a pain medicine to help with my broken ankle i was saying i didn't want it. i felt bad for breaking down like that, im not a little kid, but boy do i have a fear of needles.
and i for you, dearest <3. my day was nice, i made cinnamon rolls and finished up editing the last raffle win, plus i did a lot of little house chores today, go the house looking nice and clean. over all it was a nice day, i hope you also had a nice day my dear <3
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