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amatesura · 2 years
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Headdresses and crowns for 'The Sleeping Beauty', The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden, 1968
costume design by Lila De Nobili
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houppellande · 2 months
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Muscadins costumes from “Harlequinade” - by Robert Perdziola
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heaveninawildflower · 1 month
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Kimono for kabuki made of red silk, with flowering cherry boughs and pattern embroidered in gold and colours.
© The Trustees of the British Museum.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.
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arlenianchronicles · 1 year
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Húrin and eldritch Morgoth on Thangorodrim!
This is my first time designing the Valar for my eldritch AU, and the first to go was Morgoth loll I just couldn’t get this composition out of my head!
In my AU, the Valar have humanoid-based bodies, but with six arms and, er, wild masks. I’ve had Morgoth’s mask in my head for quite some time, but I wasn’t able to get close to my vision until now. It’s mostly based on the shadow beasts from LoZ: Twilight Princess. I initially imagined something like several face masks set together in a circle, but I think it’s cooler to have his be faceless, and maybe have vines/twisting thingies come out of the centre circle like tongues, all grabby-grabby XDD
While I’m at it, my idea for Grond was that it’d be made of this black rock with red veins travelling through it, so it gives it a bloody lava feel XDD  Also, Morgoth’s hands were burnt black by the Silmarils in the book, but I changed it to white so it’d be easier to see them.
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Cover Girl, 1944, Costumes designed by Travis Banton, Muriel King and Gwen Wakeling
Rita Hayworth wears Velvet Jacket and Skirt with Mother of Pearl button detailing, dancers wear Wool suits with Ivory button detailing.
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yugiri315 · 1 year
Woohoo, first cosplay pattern for sale!!  
Just in time for spooky season, I’m making my Vampire Cape Pattern available.  Vampire Cape features the pattern for my magnificent flappy capes + pimped out popped collar (i.e. my Alucard cosplay),  comes in floor length & officer length ;-) 
Modeled by Death Himself (all the Zukabeth fans will get it XD).
P.S. I was going to digitize some of my more complicated patterns like the Rococo jacket, the theatre bullfighter bolero, or maybe the three layer hanfu set but the people hath spoken.  You all wanted the cape??  Well, here she is~
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Figured I’d post my costume sketches from my Directing final:
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Costumes for The Phantom and Christine in The Point of No Return
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labmem002 · 10 months
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Three part costume designed by Natalia Goncharova and worn by Lubov Tchernicheva as the Sea Princess in Adolf Bolm's ballet Sadko created for Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes 1916.
source: V&A
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searincosplay · 1 year
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#FallforCostume Day 12: Hats and hair
Bonnets and caps and crowns, oh my! These are hat projects I made while working in millinery at the Santa Fe Opera a few years ago. They are all made using traditional millinery techniques using buckram, millinery wire, wool hat felt, etc. I learned so much that summer and I really need to make a big hat project for myself or a cosplay sometime!
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riddarkatto · 21 days
It took having to wash one (1) poop stained boxer short from a grown man for me to start googling alternative career paths
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byebyeiwannadie · 4 months
The making of Falstaff costumes
• Nanetta cloack
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• Mrs. Quickly dress
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amatesura · 2 months
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Peter Pan, 1987
Nationalteatern, Gothenburg, Sweden
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dazzling-dalliance · 1 year
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Vera Fokina, Scheherezade, 1914
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brianna-nicole-smith · 4 months
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another pic of this patchwork pierrot by @/maxmckerlie_art on instagram
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arlenianchronicles · 2 years
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What’s this? Another AU?? This time, y’all get an eldritch/tree/fae/theatre-costume take on Maedros, Elrond, and Elros!
I was initially inspired by the idea of a Silmarillion play and what kind of costumes designs one could utilize. I ended up going for wooden masks; the look of them are inspired by a few things: an old performance at the Michael J. Fox theatre that I vaguely remember from elementary school; the Kin Fables short film trilogy, which you can find on Youtube; and, somewhat less so, the sages from LoZ: Twilight Princess.
And then it turned into a whole other thing of eldritch-tree-fae in the Silmarillion -- essentially turning all the Elves into fae. But really, it can be any or all of these if you want! XDD (I just haven’t figured out what to do about the Edain and Dwarves yet ... siiigh)
As for the painting, Maedros is protecting Elrond and Elros from ... something or other. I imagine that the eldritch Elves have the ability to grow tree branches like Groot (since their bodies are kinda like trees? I think?? I haven’t developed everything yet loll). So Maedros uses his branches to shield/carry the twins, and hide them inside his layers of clothing.
Below are the design sketches I did for them (I’m not good at character sheets loll)
Maedros’ wooden mask has scratches and cracks from his time in Thangorodrim (and I haven’t figured out what type of wood it’s made out of yet ^^;;). His “hair” is made up of red fur, and he wears layers of robes from Valinor (that are now worn and tattered).
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The branches on his head (and all the other Elves’) are supposed to represent Elf ears XDD His are barren of leaves due to Thangorodrim / all the other battles.
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Elrond and Elros have near-identical ivory masks; their “hair” and clothes are just lengths of black silk that glitter/shimmer under starlight. Since they’re still young, they don’t have the branch-ears, but instead have baby flowers and leaves (which can also double as crowns referring to their Maiar heritage).
(ps. don’t mind Elros, he’s just bending side to side for fun loll)
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I think that, during their time with Maedros and Maglor, the twins end up wearing those golden necklace/thread ornaments (since I’d imagine that to be a Noldorin tradition ^^)
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Here’s a bonus Maglor to cap off the kidnap fam! His “hair” is made up of black cloth, and his robes from Valinor are worn down from his journeys. His branch-ears are also barren.
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vincentbriggs · 5 months
If you've got some old historical costumes you made years ago and never wear anymore, there's probably a small local theatre company that would be happy to have them!
I just gave a bunch of pre-transition things that don't fit me anymore and are not up to my current sewing standards to one of the theatres in town, and I'm glad to have freed up some closet space, and they're glad to have some more useful stuff! (Especially since they do rentals to other companies and need a large stock of things.) The not-so-good finishing on some of the things I made 8 or 9 years ago isn't going to show from up on stage, is no worse than the stuff they make on such limited budgets and hard deadlines, and they'll most likely end up being altered to fit various actors anyways. They even took a skirt that didn't have a waistband or closures, because if they need it it's less work than making an entirely new one. (I can't speak for all theatre companies of course, and maybe some would say no, but if you have some unwanted costume stuff it's definitely worth asking.)
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