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The Making of a Viscountess
When Marina confesses her predicament to Colin ahead of Lady Whistledown's column, Anthony sees an opportunity to save a brother and do his own bidding.  
[Bridgerton Series 1 AU]
By thefudge
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mypissedoffsandwich · 2 years
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anghraine · 3 years
Happy birthday! Always here for your austen/star wars/tolkien takes!
Oh, thank you very much! On both counts :)
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baelishv · 3 years
thefudge ha risposto al tuo post “Can’t wait to write down all of my modern au Christmas with Family...”
i saw ur tags and my first thought was: rest of the family unpacking gifts and celebrating downstairs, while "uncle" petyr is upstairs with sansa, teaching her the real meaning of christmas ;) #trashmas
he’s totally gonna go to her door with a santa’s hat on, a reindeer headband in his hand for her, being like ‘are you familiar with the sled position’
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goodtogovibes · 3 years
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October is here and have a lot of dope things on the horizon!! First, I am included on a dope lineup for my 1st Official Cypher. Thank you @theefudge And @thefudgecypher for having me on the bill. This is a network of true #hiphopheads and #lyricists getting together building something real and collectice. 10/12 with links and videos coming. Come thru and network and build with us! 2nd, Got a new song dropping next week: THEME MUSIC which I'm super stoked on. Will be sharing info and links on that And 3rd, got a BIG SHOW at the Peppermintclub on the 17th with lots of surprises. Who know what else is dropping along the way as well. Let's 'keep it up' and 'getget to where we're going!' #goodtogovibes #thefudge #cypher #LAHIPHOP #storytelling #realhiphoponly #undergroundhiphop #ughhblog #comethru #lyricalflow (at Los Angeles, California) https://www.instagram.com/p/B3FheZ0nsgC/?igshid=w57w6gcctlr4
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thefudge replied to your post: 7 and 11 for the salty asks!
petyr haters are dyed-in-the-wool libertarians, it is known
They also have no taste. 
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captain-noir · 4 years
thefudge replied to your post: so i guess none of these "incest is wrong! even in...
@captain-noir​" when are we as a species getting blown out of this galaxy.“ yaz, i need u to win a pulitzer for this lmao
this will be my epitaph.
for real
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thelegendofclarke · 4 years
grl, what's this mention of a gift??? ilyy???? (also yay u liked my trashy jonsa/robbsa! was thinking of u while writing it!)
i don’t want to hype you up about it because it’s really not anything super special lol. and i have been working on it literally since you finished your Ph.D. which, like, what even is time!? but maybe it will be worth like half the wait!
and omg yaaassss bitch YAS i loved the fic so much! it’s some GOOD SHIT!! some VERY EXCELLENT SHIT!!!
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exile, vilify
She looks like a child surrounded by carnage. 
The soil has been ravaged red around her body.  His fingers twitch against his lightsaber.  He’s come upon her by accident, but he feels it might be fate. 
She has heard stories of him and seen pictures of his mask.  But this is startling.  
He is young, too young.  His skin is rudely marked by jagged scars that give him a coltish, unfinished look.  Disparate emotions crowd on his face.  His eyes glint madly, as if a fire burns ceaselessly within.  
Rose shudders.  She was expecting someone older, more composed.
“I am sorry to disappoint,” he speaks coolly, raising a hand and pulling her forward easily.
(Canon Divergence after The Last Jedi)      
by thefudge
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bonkaisecretsanta · 4 years
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Happy holidays @themist-underground​ from @thefudge​! I’m only a fool for you
Bonkai Angst AU: consists of bonnie and kai trying to make it work despite supernatural obstacles and their own conflicting personalities.
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willorcs · 5 years
thefudge replied to your post “IF YOU SHIP LUNARRY COME HERE TO TALK TO ME”
i am HERE and they belong together, they truly understood and supported each other in this effortless way
EXACTLY! their dynamic was so perfect from the first moment they met. harry liked her because she was quirky and special just like him and luna liked him not because he was the chosen one or whatever but because he supported and understood her from the first moment and they should have ended up together, they were too cute and perfect...damn jk why ;;___;;  
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xholy-shit-snacksx · 5 years
Klonnie- Bitch better have my money
Tumblr media
This is dedicated to @thefudge they write the most amazing klonnie and bonkai fics.
Link to thefudge's fics below
Klonnie- Bitch better have my money.
A bit of klonnie inspiration when listening to Rihanna’s song
Another criminal underworld AU for the most powerful ship to exist in the tvdverse
Bonnie is a lawyer who wants to set up her own law firm however when her business partner with benefits, Kai Parker empties the funds from the firm's business account and leaves town....
There is only thing Bonnie can do when the Mayor’s son steals your money... call the guy you saved from going to jail, Niklaus Mikaelson.
Niklaus or Hybrid as he is known in the criminal underworld (freelance artist by day and high end thief at night) is more than happy to help Bonnie.. the ‘little witch’ with her powers of legal persuasion who managed to have the jury deliver a non guilty verdict and get him off the robbery charges.
They go on the road to find the bitch who stole her money and get it back.
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jazzywazzy89 · 5 years
Tumblr media
Title: The Witches of Mystic Falls
Pairing(s):  Bonnie/Stefan, Emily/Damon, Tyler/Elena, Matt/Katherine, Caroline/Jeremy, Bonnie/Klaus (Minor), Emily/Elijah (Minor), etc.
Summary:  When Stefan and Damon Salvatore return to Mystic Falls to find the two witches that they fell in love with in 1864, Sheila Bennett must reveal to her granddaughters, Bonnie and Emily Bennett that they are immortal witches with untapped powers, a revelation that turns their small-town life upside down. AU Series Rewrite inspired by Witches of East End.
Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Infidelity, Sexual Content, Non-Canon, etc..
Requested by @thefudge 
Story Links: Wattpad || Fanfic.net
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lucacangettathisass · 5 years
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“You came here to do what exactly? To ease the guilt in your soul? To prove you’re better than what people say you are? To run away from the past?”
“Why do you care?”
“I make it a point to keep an eye on all who set foot in my home.”
Bucharest, February 1992.
Months after the dissolution of the USSR, UNICEF worker James Lancaster (Jordan), is sent on a humanitarian mission to the capital of Romania. For the Chicago native, it’s an opportunity to see more of the world, and possibly, can provide ways to make him forget every little thing that has ever weighed down on him.
But shortly after arriving, he meets Ylenia (Patton), a woman who is as unsettling as she is enticing. With each other encounter, James is left wondering just what the beautiful woman is hiding, along with the strange city she calls home.
(Want a fake film or tv show? Send in a request!)
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7 and 11 for the salty asks!
Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?
Oh God. Most of what I like I just avoid the Tumblr side of it (hi Star Wars!). GOT is the obvious answer; I never want to see that shit again. 
Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?
Does Petyr count? Because Petyr Baelish is the best character in ASOIAF and that’s a fact (if you hate him you’re classist, sorry).
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clarkcant · 5 years
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#MySundayFeelsLike fudge fudge and a lot of #thefudge (at Mrs.Fields Greenhills)
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