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Papyrus shouldn't in therapy
Because he should be okay!
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Shrinking - 1x10 - 鈥淐losure鈥
鈥 DF
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shiningmystic 2 days
What I learned from my therapist is that there are 2 steps to fully letting go of emotions:
expression and action.
Expression can be like speaking or journaling your true thoughts and not letting any judgment cloud what you should and shouldn鈥檛 write; just do it even if it鈥檚 shameful and not you (also take note of your reactions to those thoughts you want to write bad or good). You are only expressing what doesn鈥檛 deserve to be trapped within! This is the time to also show compassion to yourself even if what your feeling is 鈥渨rong鈥 that does not matter because those feelings are still VALID.
Then action is the second step to letting your body let go of these intense/traumatic emotions, physical activity is letting your body know you are moving out of the stress or intense emotion and releasing chemicals that will help you feel better if not just give you an activity to focus on. For me I exercise (mainly running) and think of the things that have left me feeling like crap and just go for it!
Other ways of expression are: any vent art form like painting, writing, speaking/talking to a friend; you can incorporate action within expression such as dance and singing.
Other ways of taking action: running, hiking, get outside in nature, breaking inanimate objects (please make sure you are safe and do not hurt yourself or others while doing this, I ripped apart a mattress with friends and it was awesome!) again you can incorporate expression into action like the examples above singing and dancing.
Letting go is one of the things I don鈥檛 see many spiritualist explain how to do and this is not a one and done deal if you need multiple sessions for yourself to express please go for it!! Healing is an up and down journey and I want to keep sharing what I have learned so you may transform into the butterflies I know you all are 馃槉
(I鈥檓 not claiming this will work right away or for everyone, it does take time and patience for self, it also depends on how deep the pain is and how long your body may have held onto the stress, be gentle my friends)
-ShiningMystic 馃挄
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Instead of posting all my angry anons, I will just write a post.
[writes] [deletes]
Actually, no, I won鈥檛 write a post. Because I don鈥檛 have to explain myself. Every therapist-client relationship is unique. Nobody except T and me knows exactly what our relationship was or is now. And we鈥檙e the only two that matter. I feel a sense of peace about where and how things have ended up. I never want to minimise what she meant to me or how much she helped me, but I know that version of our relationship is fixed in the past now and it can鈥檛 be that again. I will always be appreciative of it though and I鈥檓 not ashamed to acknowledge what it was and what it meant. I believe that T has similar feelings about it. She has always been genuine and authentic about her feelings and so I trust what she says as a true reflection of what she feels. I love that. And I love her.
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hershey-the-person 2 days
falling from a 2000ft cliff and a 1000ft cliff , u both die . both need therapy and deserve a good life .
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It hurt, but I don鈥檛 regret it.聽
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And I didn鈥檛 talk to him ever again
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lavenderr-juniperr 2 months
One thing that bothers the fuck out of me when I tell people I鈥檓 autistic, and they say the old 鈥渞eally? I couldn鈥檛 tell! You don鈥檛 seem autistic,鈥 is that they COULD tell. They could tell that I鈥檓 intense and have no volume control because they鈥檝e pointed it out. They could tell that I dont have a great understanding of social cues because they laugh when I miss them. They could tell that I stim because they鈥檝e told me to stop fidgeting. So they COULD tell, because I DO 鈥渟eem鈥 autistic, but to them, they just saw my autistic traits as personal failures and never as things that I simply couldn鈥檛 help.
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Lori Gottlieb, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
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kiindr 2 months
friendly reminders:
you don't have to be productive every day
you are worthy even if all you did today was get out of bed
there are people out there who care about you
your existence makes a difference
if something bothers you, then it bothers you. no one has the right to tell you otherwise
you are allowed to take up space
there is no 'right way' to grieve
you cannot put a time limit on emotions
your likes and interests are valid and they matter
it's okay to take your time in doing things. not everyone can do everything at the same pace
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healing-is-cool 2 months
Pay attention to your triggers, they are showing you where you need to heal.
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defleftist 11 months
May you live an existence that doesn鈥檛 require constant resilience.
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Buy a Print of This
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