#they always make me 🥺
sin-condiciones · 8 months
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Photos that always make me smile when I'm feeling down ♡
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rosicheeks · 7 months
Him: “how’s my favorite girl?”
Me: …….🥺😳🫣😍🥰😍🥰🥰😍🥰😘🥰🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍🥰😍😘🥰🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘😍🥰😍😍😘
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thecampfirescene · 16 days
Keanu talking about River on reddit
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Tumblr media
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miggiisdumb · 7 months
Miggi, I just read all the puppy bakugou in your masterlists.. and I remembered dogs have knots 😳 does puppy bakugou eventually knot us??
cw: dubcon, breeding, puppy hybrids, good ol’ knotting
Uh huh uh huh, he definitely does :((( after he’s done pretending to hate you the first few months of living with you and when he can no longer pretend it’s your pussy he’s fucking when he humps his pillow :(( it doesn’t squeeze around his knot like you would, doesn’t keep him locked in like you would.
Puppy Bakugou gets all grouchy and puffy and you think it’s just one of his (fake) bad moods, but you actually don’t know how exasperated he is. You’re at the peak of your ovulation, your body calling him and he has to keep face and be a “good boy” that doesn’t bite or snarl or tugs at you, when all he really wants to do is breed breed breed.
On a particularly lazy day you lay with Bakugou on the living room couch, book in your hand and his big body slotted by your side, head using your chest as a pillow (it’s cute, you think, how cuddly he gets when he’s comfortable), and the day would’ve ended like that with him using your scent to chase his lackluster high later at night- but you had to go and run your hair through his hair, scratch the itch right at the base of his point ears, and he flips like a switch.
It’s entirely your fault when you end up with your knees to your chest on the couch, squealing and whining at Bakugou’s thrust. He drops his hips hard and buries his dick deep in you like he’s making up for all the time he hasn’t fucked you. With vigor. Almost vindictive. Panting all heavy by your ear with his flushed cheeks and lidded crossed eyes cuz he can already feel the rim of your pussy struggle to fit his bulging base.
You scratch at his back, shriveling, gasping, telling him between moans that he won’t fit- you weren’t meant to take a knot!- and it what drives sex crazed puppy Bakugou to really shove you into the cushions, rut and hump and grind himself until he does fit, and both of you are a mess when his knot catches, too snug and squeezed in to even budge from your pussy, your eyes are knocked to the back of your head cuz Bakugou cums a lot in your poor lil womb, hot and thick and bloating.
You probably pass out for a few seconds, but when you come to and your body doesn’t feel like it’s melting anymore, you groan breathlessly at him, hands tangled in his even messier blond hair, “you’re in so much trouble for this.”
But puppy Bakugou does not care at all by the way his tail is wagging so eagerly compared to the rest of his exhausted self. He will knot you again.
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terrorterror · 9 months
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scenes w/ eddie’s song 
I wouldn’t remember me either.      ➥ Stranger Things 4 (Original Score from the Netflix Series)
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cwazytvthings · 4 months
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Here's some fanart of my fav astrophysicist <3
This took me an uncomfortably long time to finish TvT
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gunsatthaphan · 5 months
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they’re so important to me 🥺 
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borderline-sanity · 11 months
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Get in loser. In the back. Because Piplup has eternal shotgun.
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wits-half · 1 year
OBSESSED with these dudes
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alfred: i'm not putting a stuntman out of work:) i don't want to do any stunts, do Not ask me to.
willem: i will Literally Not Play if you don't let me do my own stunts
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killemwithkawaii · 2 months
Vent to your f/os.
Whine. Complain. Lament. Cry. Rage. Trauma dump. Be petty and shallow and dramatic and selfish. Repeat the same tragic biographical monolog you recited to them yesterday and the day before that. Throw a tantrum like a toddler in a grocery store because you're too upset to keep it together any longer. Tell them the things you would never say out loud. Tell them exactly why, in excruciating and graphic detail, that 'little, insignificant' thing triggered you and how it's making you feel and how you feel about feeling that way. Don't shut up until it's all out in the open.
They'll be there. They'll listen. They'll never judge you or get tired of hearing it. You'll feel a little better, and they might give you some much-needed insight in the process. Vent to your f/os.
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sunnytastic · 27 days
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i need you to know i think about this look ALL the time
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satans-knitwear · 15 days
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Treat me ~ Tip me
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vicea · 1 year
the evolution of tinakitten's and dream's friendship !
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share-the-damn-bed · 8 days
It makes me so sad to think about the Byers house in California sitting there, shot up, with all of their possessions dumped about and/or smashed.
…I hope they get it all back.
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itoshi-s · 4 months
helloooo zari 🫶🏽 i am stopping by to chat !! hm hm, tell my a random/ your favorite rin hc! i’m very curious hehe
aaaa joonie bby !! >_< hi lovely it’s so gud to see u !!! 🫂 you chose the best moment for this question cuz rin has been on my mind HEAVY for the past few days n today was just ,, a breaking point 🥲
there are a few hc’s that have been sitting in my head a lot lately but !! current faves are :
rin with his s/o on his mind 24/7. it doesn’t matter how busy he is or if he has to rush home to make his hectic schedule work. you’re a part of his routine now, soaked into his flesh and psyche and so, it comes natural to him to park right by the nearest flower shop. rin, make sure you wake up to freshly cut flowers each and every morning - whether it’s right on your nightstand, the vintage vase in the hallway or sitting on the kitchen table neatly, rin always makes sure to grab a nice arrangement for u on his way back home from morning practice <3 he leaves while the sun still hasn’t risen and comes back two or three hours later when the sun rays just start to seep through and tingle at your closed eyes, pulling you from the deep slumber. one look to your side is all it takes to know that he’s back, though, as the different flowers seep their aroma into the room and tangle your vision with their bright colors. sometimes, when you need to get up slightly earlier or when his practice runs late, you open your eyes to him swapping the bunch out, the rustling waking you - and he gives a small hum when you reach over to tug at his shirt, warm from the dryer but already smelling so much like him and his cologne. “morning, love,” he glances your way the second he’s done and plops down next to you, leans over to press a chaste kiss to your lips. you can feel him smile against your mouth when your arms wrap around his neck - and it all settles into place, no matter what kind of day you have ahead of you <3
rin, who’s not too big on any sorts of pda - the only times someone ever sees you two together in any kind of intimate position is at an awards gala or when a paparazzi manages to get a shot or two. (they always seem to catch the moments when he just cannot wait to have u any longer - some would think they’re seldom, but his patience runs short, and there’s more pictures of you two in a heated kiss than he’d like to admit.) the only exception to this comes unexpected most of the time, and is more subconscious than not. it’s when you’re sitting or standing anywhere in close proximity and his fingers twitch against yours - hand aches to feel all of your own. he gently wraps his fingers around yours, brings your hand up and without breaking eye contact or interest in his convo, he starts to mindlessly play with your hand. it’s sweet and languid, just a meantime activity as he talks - doesn't matter if it's with one of his friends, his manager or maybe some sponsor. proper big, yet soft hands keep playing with your smaller ones, fingertips running up and down your knuckles - tapping on your ring finger, as if in wonder and surprise that the spot’s empty. he’ll take care of it , though - rather sooner than later. <3
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lotus-pear · 8 months
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i hope the hype for this outfit hasn't died yet lmao
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