#they are definitely she’s barbie and he’s just ken
frecklydork · 3 months
i know nobody is online to see it rn but GOD it feels so good to be in love again!!!!!!!!! i reached the tag limit on that last reblog of la la land, there's a tag limit of 30 and i originally wrote almost 60 and then i had to keep revising it over and over until i only had 30. i just kept talking abt how much i love sebastian!!! and that's!!! how i'm supposed to be!!!! it's such a huge goddamn relief to start self shipping again even if it's not with TF, i really hope i can come back to my robots one day, but god. god it's such a fucking relief to have seb and six and ken and barbie and harley etc etc etc etc the list hopefully will just keep growing. this love in my chest, this feeling of overwhelming love that makes me actually physically sigh because there's so much love in me... that's how i am supposed to be and i am so relieved to start feeling this way again. i was numb for so long. i'm so grateful for these characters.
#woof#pretty sure i spent at least 20 minutes typing those tags#and then after i finished i was like 'oh there i am'#there's that star in my heart! she's still burning bright after all! she's just hurting. but she isn't gone. maybe she never was#and maybe one day i can finally finally finally come back to TF#but for now. for now. i am holding ryan and margot's characters' hands. all of these characters all of these pretty ppl#and they are guiding me through hell and telling me things are gonna be ok#bc lord knows i tried to throw myself at ANYTHING and NOTHING would stick#i tried watching different movies/cartoons i never saw before. didnt feel loved#tried to watch old things i used to love like SBTM or MLP. didnt feel loved#maybe the trauma was too fresh for me to be able to focus on anything else#but barbie came at the PERFECT time. the STARS ALIGNED JUST RIGHT#and out of any character that could have saved me it was KEN?#its because he makes me laugh. barbie did help MONUMENTALLY with pink#im still struggling with pink sometimes but its definitely majorly improved#like if i look back on myself 2 months ago i COULD NOT look at pink without having a panic attack. insane#but now??? im going thru pink blogs and associating EVERYTHING with margot's barbie#and any time i feel tense i can easily ground myself bc i am associating it with my self ships#im using it in my art again and its such a relief#im not fully myself without starscream but hey. a part of me is here. a part of me is breathed back to life just a little bit#its as if ive been drowning for over a year and finally someone reached out their hands to save me#pull me to the surface and maybe im not on solid ground yet but the waves arent thrashing or pulling me down as much anymore
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batfamfucker · 5 months
I'm at the cinema. For Barbie. I read my ticket as Screen 4 instead of Screen 9 (My Seat number is 4 and was listed just under it), so I walked into the wrong screening room at first.
It was also for Barbie, an hour or so earlier.
I think I just spoiled the ending or middle (Hoping not end) of my movie 💀💀💀
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foe-of-fate · 3 months
Tumblr media
This came to me in a vision and now I must share
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teenagefeeling · 5 months
just got back from barbieeeeee
(tags contain very mild spoilers but only for like 2 throwaway jokes)
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strawberry38 · 3 months
new thought spiral
Like in 00s movies adapting popular cartoons. Families were watching those movies.
The sequel movie with Obelix, he liked a girl. The bubble clone happened, she didn't reject the guy just went with him but when the clones were dissapearing she wanished too
Ment the original girl didn't go out with him (or for daydreamers: the real one confused that person for another clone 😅😂)
#i'm just remembering this#Because you can like somebody and they reject you#It can definitely affect your self esteem like you are no more interesting is Wasted is a Waste or smth#It's not about rejections perhaps but more about how it is done#You tell oh noes imma poor noes we friends never marry noes (a sassy facebooker once said -im glad you told that because#I feared to hurt your feelings [me imagining: pout face] goaths)#Instead like you could said not ready#They said don't wanna [[meaning: /w uu]]#That dude only wanted a hoickup but ugly regected where realised there's no other option to deal with them and the person is actually cool#they were also a chess master#player (pun? 😅)#So Barbie didn't hurt Ken I suppose (it'd be alright to be a savage unapologetic D Barbie too; the more characteristic's diversity for wo#women the better)#with letting down or advising to change his pace or whatever#She said his relationship is not his core status or label or characteristic which he is defyned by#And she left that sensitive topic at that as a doll and#Since she was a doll then#Not a doll later#Okie#no pressure#He took that advice well uhh not shown upset#though there was a 2 second part where he missed her#(There can be guys pretending to like you getting tight and acting as it feels like they're a child like you need to be nuturing and caring#(? talking about trust and like you have a problem and helping you shit like that)#(so idk#it's a long story whether it is worthy to consider male feelings or they can be tricky so we leave it at that#if you want female feelings consideration-or-not -theory too#she could also be after fame status and your securities etc idk) but it's a Barbie movie#We have plenty male centered movies with fictional mean manipilative fem fatals whose unaware victims are innocent men#What do you want ^_^/`
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sflow-er · 5 months
So many thoughts on the fabulous Barbie film, but especially on how anyone who thinks it’s “hateful towards men” clearly isn’t getting the message.
Tumblr media
[Credit for both gifs goes to their makers!!]
I mean... Ken’s arc is secondary to Barbie’s, and rightly so. This is her film, and her message deserves to be the main takeaway.
That being said, I just find it really sad that the people who could’ve definitely used the point of Ken’s arc just let it go right over their heads. Maybe it’s because they aren’t great at reading subtext, or because they just balk at anything presented as feminist, I don’t know.
Because to me, Ken’s arc is about as far from “hateful towards men” as you can get. It’s a multi-layered depiction of how restrictive, outdated views of masculinity can hold men back and make them susceptible to harmful ideologies that promise easy solutions for all their problems but only make those problems worse and hurt others around them.
The first layer is an allegory for real men don’t show their feelings. In the movie, this is represented by Ken’s need to look tough and cool all the time, and to keep his insecurities and sadness bottled up. Barbieland is a utopia where being happy is a social norm, and the main Barbie also starts to struggle with that. The difference is that she eventually tells her friends, and they all support her. Ken just puts pressure on himself not to look weak - in front of Barbie, or in front of the other Kens.
Which brings us to the second level: a competitive and inherently hostile view of the other Kens, aka. toxic male relationships. Some of them are friends, and all of them work together for a while to build the Patriarchy, but they don’t actually bond for real. Even their boys’ nights are mainly about getting back at the Barbies for all their girls’ nights (which really were about bonding). When push comes to shove, the Kens still see each other as competition, which is one of the reasons why the Barbies are able to play them against each other.
Another reason is the third layer: the idea that Ken only has value if Barbie loves and admires him. It starts out as unrequited love that makes you feel sorry for him...until he turns bitter. He basically starts on the path that could lead him down the incel/mra rabbit hole and into a mindset where Barbie owes him love and admiration and the relationship he wants in exchange for his devotion to her. He decides that everything would be better if Barbies were subservient to Kens, but of course that’s not true. None of the Barbies’ newfound admiration for their Kens is real, and his own Barbie still rejects him.
Tumblr media
All this is of course underpinned by the final layer, which is Ken’s lack of self-respect and sense of purpose. He’s got a pointless job, he’s not particularly qualified for anything, and he just feels kind of lost in Barbieland - a society run by successful Barbies who are living up to their full potential. That’s why he gets so caught up in the idea of the Patriarchy, which is supposed to make him successful, get others to respect him, and give him a sense of purpose. (This can be generalised to all kinds of harmful ideologies in the real world, e.g. the alt-right movement.)
However, the success he achieves is superficial and not based on any real passion; he even admits that he wasn’t happy in his new position and already lost interest in the ideology. The (forced) respect of others does feel good for a while, but it only goes so far. At heart, the whole thing is still mostly about his feelings of inferiority and unrequited love for Barbie, and instituting this harmful new system did not resolve those for him.
So what does? In essence, breaking out of all these harmful patterns and internalising the idea that he is enough.
He ends up reflecting on his feelings, finally puts them to words (or rather, song and dance), and manages to connect with the other Kens through those feelings. He even cries in relief and acknowledges that it doesn’t make him weak. He and Barbie finally have a proper talk, he lets go of their (non-)relationship, and he listens when she says he needs to figure out his real self. He starts to see himself not through his job, his girlfriend, or even his competition with the other Kens, but as just Ken, who is enough.
I honestly can’t think of a less hateful message to send men and boys.
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starkwlkr · 4 months
Hi I just found your blog as well as your Barbenheimer imagine and I absolutely loved it! Can you do more Barbenheimer and Cillian Murphy imagines like that soon. Like maybe it's after Cillian sees the Barbie movie and is talking about the movie to y/n?
she’s everything, he’s just ken | cillian murphy
here’s some more barbenheimer fics for you <33333
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y/n.l/n she’s everything, he’s just ken (and also the father of my child❤️) hope everyone loves Barbie as much as my husband does!
loservibes imagine calling cillian your husband and the father of your child
lanadelslay y/n wins at life
phoebexgenuis I’m jealous of cillian he gets to call y/n his wife and the mother of his child 😭
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“Can you ask Greta if I can have a kenough shirt?”
It was a nice sunny day out and the Murphy family wanted to take advantage of it by spending it at the beach. Alex Murphy had been asking his mom for a ken shirt ever since he saw his mother’s film.
“I can ask her, sure. What color would you like?” Y/n asked, cuddling into her husband side on the beach chair they were laying on.
“Mum, you have to be joking! Pink. I think it will look great on me.” Alex nodded.
“Definitely. You look great in anything.” Cillian added.
“Can dad get one too?!”
“He’s for sure getting one and I’m taking a thousand pictures of my two boys.” Y/n chuckled.
After a while, Alex decided to build a sand castle while his parents relaxed. Cillian then broke the silence.
“I really did enjoy your film, love. I think I even teared up a bit at the end.” He admitted.
“I love you so much.“ Y/n kissed Cillian’s lips.
“On the topic of films, what about mine?” He teased.
“Okay, before I say anything about Oppenheimer, just know that I love you so so so much and you’re my best friend and the only love of my life apart from Alex of course.”
“Y/n. . . ”
“I haven’t seen Oppenheimer.”
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luzsadventures · 5 months
coming straight from my three page long notes app essay I wrote at 4am after seeing the barbie movie, some thoughts on why barbie is definitely aroace, and why that means the world to me tbh:
barbie not wanting to be with ken is so important. she never has to explain herself. she’s just not interested. and that’s okay. she’s never shamed or ostracized because she’s not interested in ken. it's not played for jokes. there’s never even a moment of “well, maybe barbie will have a realization that ken's been there all along and they'll end up together”. nope, there’s never any expectation. and it’s not even in a girlboss feminism, “she doesn’t need a man” kind of way. she just doesn’t want that, and the movie respects that. the movie respects what she wants, which is something we don't see much when it comes to aroace rep (or like most rep when it comes to women tbh).
barbie also turns down ken in a way that makes it clear that she's just not interested. there's no hesitation or sugar coating to it. we see this in the "girls night" scene in front of the dreamhouse, when barbie says simply, she doesn't want ken there. even later on when she turns him down in ways that are a little nicer, she's still very firm in her decision. time and time again we see barbie knowing what she wants and asserting it. we live in a world where when turning down men women always feel the need to be nice about it and "let them down easy" either out of being polite or sometimes as a safety precaution. regardless, to see barbie be able to be firm in her decisions is so empowering.
I love how this subverts expectations, bc we know ken is (supposed to be) barbie’s boyfriend. she’s everything and he’s just ken (although we can get into the nuances of that statement some other time). that is the role ken has always played. so to have that subverted, to make it clear to begin with that barbie is not really all that into ken is such a nice change.
this is also SO important because barbie is a beacon of “stereotypical” femininity, and has also been historically sexualized. so the fact that the movie lets her be feminine and girly but she can still not be interested in ken is amazing. she is still allowed to be herself, and her femininity is neither tied to, nor does it detract from her want to not be with ken. the movie said girls can be feminine without being tied to male attention !! girls can be feminine just bc its fun !!
I can talk about this for hours it’s so genuinely healing for me. I doubt many others picked up on it, hell idk that this all was intentional, but I loved it <3
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writersblg · 2 months
how the cod characters would react to their partner having a hyper-feminine bedroom
It was late at night when you brought your boyfriend/girlfriend back to your place for the first time. Still having a few lights on in your apartment you went around to turn them all off and check if you have closed all the curtains while you told your new partner to make themselves comfortable. So they looked around the rooms - all painted in white with some greenery with timeless emerald green furniture - until they got to your bedroom. Pink. Everything was covered in pink or white. White walls, pink bed sheets, white wardrobe, pink lamps and carpet. Tons of fluffy and big pillows laying across your bed in pink and you expected them to be normal about this?
Closest he’ll ever be to experience a stroke
Never slept worse in his life
Starts acting like he’s in a haunted house at first
Literally hyper aware suddenly
Genuinely has a hard time adjusting since he feels so out of place
Has to smoke before coming to your place to calm himself down just because of your bedroom
He’s going to end up as your phone background when he snored on your pink bed
Will slowly start to enjoy how soft and sweet the room actually is and how he maybe doesn’t need a gun on the bedside table
TeenLoose Ends!Simon (shameless self promo)
Best place on earth for him 💕
One of the pink pillows is his designated one
Thought it was just because you never cared to rearrange your room since early childhood
Would see if something is positioned differently right away
Would definitely make sure all photos will be deleted with him wrapped up in pink bed sheets
Throws himself on the bed in an instant and is off - you can’t get him to wake up again
Definitely takes up the entire bed
Falls asleep with a plushie in his arms
Will buy a few pink items to drop at his home for you to feel more comfortable at his place
Weirded out a little? But never slept better
Will address you with “Hi Barbie” from now on (Hi Ken 💕)
Mentally gets ready for weekly skincare routines together the second he sets foot in the bedroom
He almost once choked on a blanket in your bed in his sleep
He’s so unproblematic I’m gonna die 🫠
Feels like he’s in Disney Land
The age gap just hit him in the face and is now convinced all of gen z has a room like that
Once had to answer a zoom call while being surrounded by pink plushies and he got bullied BADLY by his superiors
Will actually start to find your pink sleeping mask for him really useful and bring it with him when he’s travelling
“Awh that’s cute”
Doesn’t want to touch anything because it looks so nice to him
Also gets very giddy
Will show up with one of these pink cowboy hats with feathers on your door step
Stroke; call the ambulance
But will get used to it after some time and will kinda have the chance to rediscover girlhood in a way
Will trigger a Pavlovian reflex after some time and gets super sleepy at the sight of pink
Starts to get cuteness aggressions with you
Will tell you that you’re too soft but secretly loves the bedroom; definitely her favourite room in your place
Steals little pink items she thinks you won’t be missing and places them in her place
Will choke someone if something she stole went missing or someone looks at it for too long
Will take a picture and send it to a group chat. Sorry
Will ask so many questions as to why this room looks like that. Not in a judgy way - more genuine curiosity
Will sleep on the edge of the bed because he feels so uncomfortable at first
I hc him regularly drooling on the bed sheets 😭
Will actually act normal about it?
You’re waiting for a comment but there’s none
Will casually slip into his PJs and get under the pink covers and fall asleep
I think he has a thing for hyperfeminine partners in general so maybe that’s why 🎀
“What the fuck?”
BUT he’ll literally fit in so well 🥹 and get used to it
Absolutely will start calling you “Princess”
Will start buying pink stuff because it reminds him of you; but don’t force him to wear anything pink - he won’t 🥲
I’m going insane over the picture in my head about his Siberian husky eyes and black hair in pink bed sheets
Really don’t want to bother you guys but if you have a few minutes maybe consider signing the petition for inquisitor ❤️ the link should be at the top of my blog
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caputvulpinum · 4 months
Have you talked at all about your feelings about Barbie? Cause what little I've seen seems to like up with my feelings on it and it feels weird to be surrounded by unbridled praise or MRAs hating on it because it's Girly™️
At the end of the day Barbie was only ever going to be able to be just a Barbie movie. At the end of the day Mattel paid Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling more than $10,000,000 to be Stereotypical Barbie and Ken. At the end of the day Mattel's stock price has risen to more than 20 dollars per share, more than double in the past two years. At the end of the day Mattel wanted Greta Gerwig to make them a movie that would make the most people possible want to buy more Barbie-branded things. At the end of the day Mattel would only have released a "new breakup movie" if that press was considered more profitable. At the end of the day, Barbie is a story that wants to sell you Barbie, and therefore it cannot have a message which would distract from selling you Barbie. At the end of the day the Mattel CEO and board go back to the real world having learned no valuable life lessons beyond "Listening to a Mexican woman can make you major profit margins". At the end of the day the mother and her daughter have learned the valuable life lesson that the only way the world will pay any attention to the banality of your suffering is if you can sell it to a lot of young girls. At the end of the day Ken's friend Allen is never allowed to be a Ken (man) and therefore is constantly associated with, but never as, the Barbies (women), and no one seems to question this nor care. At the end of the day, all of the Barbies learn that in order to defeat the patriarchy you must be emotionally manipulative and flirty-but-in-an-evil-way. At the end of the day Barbie tells a story about biological essentialism and battle-of-the-sexes in a bright pink #Empowering way and Margot Robbie cries several times. Kens are told that they are "not 'just' Kens" but also that the reason that they sought out the comfort of patriarchy--the idea that their masculinity and manhood was something to be cherished and respected just as much as a Barbie's femininity is, and that they were not lesser or greater than each other--will not be addressed as anything more than a hilarious Gotcha meta-laugh about how at the end of the day women still don't have rights in any meaningful way no matter how empowered they are under the current system. The conflict built around having no vocabulary to describe the complex and difficult emotions that these dolls have been going through has been resolved by ending the movie before resolving or questioning this. At the end of the day the Kens are villains and jokes, and as the credits roll, we can be safe in knowing that absolutely nothing has changed and all of this will happen again in the exact same ways.
In the movie Barbie, at the end of the day, Ken asks to sleep over at Barbie's Dream House for the night, and she tells him no, because it is Girl's Night, every night, forever. We see the Barbies go to sleep with Stereotypical Barbie saying, "Good night, Barbies! I'm definitely not thinking about death anymore!" This is very funny, and she goes to sleep and then wakes up feeling probably about how I do every morning, which is supposed to be relatable.
At the end of the day, in the movie Barbie, we see Ken walking away from Stereotypical Barbie's deathless and eternal slumber party dejected and alone. He is walking to the exit of the Barbie Dreamhouse Neighborhood. We do not see if he gets to go to sleep in his own house. We, in fact, see quite a lot which implies he is homeless and goes to sleep on the beach, which I was forced to do when I was 18 in Santa Cruz in one of my first attempts to escape a toxic and abusive household. I still remember the way that the sea can rot when trapped by wooden pier foundations, covered in mildew-wet seafoam, old kelp from the high tide, and the way that when I got up the next morning you could see exactly how I'd fallen asleep like an old-school chalk outline of where a corpse was.
At the end of the day, in the movie Barbie, what the Kens wanted revolved around having their own homes that they could go to sleep in and fill with things that made them happy just like how the Barbies did. This is supposed to be a symbol of patriarchy, because they corrupted the femininity of the Dream Houses, and that is bad. When the Barbies win, at the end of the day, the Dream Houses go back to being Dream Houses, and we still have never once seen any sign that the Kens had houses, and the movie assures us that if they don't, then "maybe someday" they might have enough societal power to be able to try and fight for a house that they're allowed to own and have be theirs, something that women in Western society have only quite relatively recently gained the permission and possibility to do, and Barbieland is basically the same as the real world but with the "two" genders switched.
At the end of the day, if I try to actually analyze the Barbie movie as a bioessentialist antifeminist and anti-intersectional regressive film which glorifies the thinnest possible shred of pro-capitalism feminism possible, I'll sound like a fucking lunatic, because it's just a stupid movie about dolls made to sell you Barbies, and of course it would never be anything but bioessentialist pro-capitalist toothless brand bullshit which wants you to think that Margot Robbie and wearing pink are the peaks of antipatriarchal activism. At the end of the day, Celluloid Barbie can only exist because Mattel thinks Celluloid Barbie would make its brand a lot of money, and not because it actually cares about the anti-ageing fatphobic standards of Western womanhood, because Mattel is a brand which can care about nothing except being a machine which you put money into and in exchange pink plastic bullshit comes out.
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joeybsversion · 4 months
Joe Burrow x Reader
Joe finds out about your past relationship with a famous NFL tight end
Tumblr media
“Usually we talk about football, sometimes about life, and I’m always making fun of Jason.” Travis laughed. “But this week, we’re talking about a little something different on New Heights.” He raised his eyebrows. “Jason, you wanna let them know what’s going on?” He asked his brother.
“With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s definitely lots of love in the air.” He winked at the camera. “Every week of February we are going to bring on an NFL player and his significant other and talk all thing L-O-V-E.” He spelled it out, causing a laugh from Travis. “Not our usual topic but I think we’ll still have some fun.”
“Damn right!” Travis joined in. “This week we have none other than the Ken and Barbie of the NFL world!” He began patting his hands on his knees, motioning for Jason to join in. “Drum roll please.” The pace got faster. “Please welcome Mr and Mrs. Burrow!” He cheered, causing applause from himself and Jason.
“Hey guys! Thanks for having us.” Joe laughed and took over the microphone.
“Bro, thanks for coming on! We’ve been looking forward to sitting down with you both!” Jason said. “You guys ready to just get straight into it?” He asked.
“For sure.” Joe smiled.
“Let’s do it!” You chimed in.
“First things first, give us a little rundown on your relationship.” Travis said.
“I’ll let you take this one away.” You motioned to Joe.
“Oh putting him on the spot!” Jason and Travis laughed.
“I wish I was being funny.” Joe laughed as he started “but we met at a Marvel movie brew fest.” You hid your face in embarrassment. “Super nerdy. Basically it was just a couple of hours of Marvel movie trivia and tasting different beers. But we ended up being on the same trivia team and thankfully I had some liquid courage and asked for her number.” Joe laughed.
“It’s true!” You chimed in. “It’s so embarrassing to tell the story.” You laughed. Travis gave Joe a hard time about it, causing a laugh from the whole group.
“We’ve basically been together ever since though.” Joe smiled at you.
“And let’s clear the air, Travis called you Mr and Mrs but you guys aren’t married yet, right?”
“That’s right. 6 years and still no ring.” You teased.
“You gotta get on that, Man!” Travis teased Joe. “I know a lot of people want to know how you manage a relationship with such busy schedules.” Travis changed the topic.
“It’s not easy.” You gave Joe a sheepish smile. “We FaceTime a lot when he’s on the road and try to spend as much time together as possible when he’s home.”
“Same with Kylie and I.” Jason chimed in. “Lots of phone calls and finding time, even if it’s 5 minutes to sit down and have a cup of coffee together.”
“Phone calls that get a little spicy?” Travis winked.
“I can’t help myself.” Joe answered and let out a shy laugh.
Your hand flew over your mouth, your face turning bright red.
“Hey you gotta find time when you can! Even if that means over the phone!” Jason defended, fist bumping Joe.
“NEXT QUESTION!” You interrupted, hoping to change the subject.
“How did you know she was the one?” Travis asked.
“I like being with her.”
“No shit.” Travis laughed. “Be more specific.”
Joe laughed, “It’s easy being with her. She understands me in a way no one else does. when I’m not with her, I wish she was there. When I am with her I want that time to last forever.”
“Awww, Joey.” You leaned over and rested your head on his shoulder.
“Get a room!” Travis joked.
“Hey bro, no need to be jealous! You’ll feel that way about someone one day.” Jason teased his little brother. “And just to think, it could’ve been her at one point.” Jason pointed towards you.
“That’s true.” Travis nodded. “We were a hot item back in the day.”
You started to laugh but we’re quickly interrupted by Joe, “What?” He asked and furrowed his eye brows at you.
“Yeah, Trav and I know each other.” You laughed.
“Before she was a Bengal fan she was a Chiefs fan!” Travis gave Joe a hard time.
Joes mood instantly changed. The rest of the interview was awkward, his answers were short, he was done joking around, and he barely looked at you or Travis.
Things wrapped up and you said your goodbyes and followed an angry Joe out to the car.
“What’s wrong?” You questioned as he backed out of the driveway and sped down the street.
“Why didn’t you tell me about you and Travis?” He asked, his knuckles turning white from his tight grip on the steering wheel.
“It was a three month fling that I barely remember.” You laughed.
“Bull shit.” He countered.
“No, not bull shit.” You answered and then rode in silence for a few minutes. “Why are you so mad?” You questioned.
“I’m not mad.” He paused. “I’m jealous.”
“Anytime anyone looks at you or speaks to you, I’m jealous. I want all of your minutes and all of your words. I want all of you, all of the time.” He answered.
You laughed, unable to catch your breath for a moment. “Joey, you have me. I promise. There is no reason to be jealous.” You assured him. “In case my reaction to your idiocy, I love you. And only you.”
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oopwoop · 4 months
Barbie Movie W/ The Spider-verse Kids
pairings: e!42! & e!1610! Miles Morales, Hobie Brown, Pavitr Prabhakar, Gwen Stacy
warnings: none that i can think of??
BIRTHDAY POST! I saw the Barbie movie for my bday today and had to post something.. it’s been a bit since I have so sorry about that.. enjoy!
e!1610 Miles Morales
Tumblr media
more than willing to go see it with you. was downright excited when you asked him to see it with you. when he was younger he definitely played with Barbies with his mom. and in the comics he eventually has a little sister so he totally plays with her too.
pays for everything. uses the money he’s saved up to take you on dates. he wants you to have a good time
definitely cries. doesn’t have to go through the struggles the movie represents but still sympathizes. we love him 🫶
wears pink without you even asking. it’s a movie about Barbie, of course you need to wear pink!
fav song from the movie is Journey To The Real World by Tame Impala
e!42! Miles Morales
Tumblr media
very reluctant to see it. claims it’ll just be a movie for little kids. little did he know…
now that you convinced him to go, don’t expect him to wear pink for it. you must be pulling his leg if you think he’s going to wear any sort of pink. yeah.. you got him to wear pink.
you bet your ass he paid for every single thing though. the theatre had cute Barbie cups? he’s getting you one. omg, they have cookies? getting you as many as you want. all of it. you want it, it’s yours.
definitely teared up but refused to admit it. you ask and he’s making up a lie on the spot. yet you know he did
Barbie World by Nicki & Ice Spice ft. Aqua is his song (no one is telling me otherwise)
Pavitr Prabhakar
Tumblr media
more excited than you fr. he’s been waiting for this moment since the movie was announced. literally bouncing off walls just waiting
came all decked on in a Barbie themed outfit, it’s not even funny. he’s totally rocking it though
making this the best date of your life fr. you both are super excited, him even more so, so he’s gonna do whatever he can to have a good time.
cried like a baby fs. not ashamed of it either. tears were streaming down his face when the movie ended, face puffy and red. no lie about it.
vibes with Speed Drive by Charli XCX (fav song from the movie)
Gwen Stacy
Tumblr media
wanted to see Oppenheimer over Barbie. but she’s willing to see Barbie and then go see Oppenheimer. she’s excited for it, yeah, but not jumping out of her seat for it or anything.
definitely making it a barbieheimer date. she’s gonna wear a pink shirt with a leather jacket, no doubt.
i feel like she’d tear up a bit but no tears would fall. if you ask she wouldn’t deny it but would be very nonchalant about it.
idk why but i just see her much more excited and wanting to see Oppenheimer
i feel like she like Billie Eilish so probably enjoyed What Was I Made For? she teared up when it came on (honestly me too)
Hobie Brown
Tumblr media
surprisingly but not surprisingly is the one who said y’all should go. was definitely more excited for Barbie than Oppenheimer. refuses to step foot into a showing of that.
will definitely wear pink. it may not match his whole punk ‘aesthetic’ but he doesn’t believe in consistency. “but pink is a girl color”, nope! he doesn’t listen to that load of bull. colors are just colors, plus he’s always changing colors so what’s it matter to him. he himself turns pink sometimes.
begrudgingly pays for tickets but will not pay for snacks. sneaks them in fs.
doesn’t really cry but does sympathize with what the movie portrays.
doesn’t really have a favorite, though he enjoys most of the songs. he finds I’m Just Ken by Ryan Gosling funny though.
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sunburstl0v3 · 4 months
Tumblr media
✿ Ken x Fem. Reader x Barbie ✿
˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗
𝘐'𝘮 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘩𝘺, 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘩𝘺 𝘉𝘶𝘵 𝘸𝘢𝘪𝘵 𝘢 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘵𝘦 𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘐 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘦, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘦 떨리는 지금도, 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘰𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘥 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘭 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘐'𝘮 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘩𝘺, 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘩𝘺
───────────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────────────────
The two chatted with each other while they walked to Barbie's Dream House, and quickly reached their destination. The whole house was packed with all kinds of Barbies and Kens. Music pumping and dancing could be seen from the entrance, "Aw! Don't tell me were late!" Ken suffered, letting go of [Y/n] and running towards the house, making sure he got to Barbie.
Which left [Y/n] all alone.
[Y/n] glanced down at her heels, how they somehow hurt her toes on the inside. And was this dress even flattering for her? [Y/n] pulled on the dress slightly, feeling tight in the wrong places, "Even though we had the same body...it didn't make a difference." She mumbled, walking towards the party.
Ken was right, there were flashing lights, Barbies cheering and dancing while Kens stood and watched. [Y/n] was mesmerized, by the way Barbies moved their bodies and danced all in sync, a smile graced her lips, as she bobbed her head lightly to the music.
"Hi, Barbie!" [Y/n] spotted Ken, the Ken she had just met, trying desperately to grab her attention, "Hi! Barbie!" he waved over again, either being ignored or she literally couldn't see him in her dance. But while [Y/n] watched Ken being ignored another person came up to her, "Hi I'm Allan."
The [e/c] eyed woman looked over and found a man with brown hair, and suspenders, which she couldn't help but eye at, "Allan? Oh, you're Ken's best friend." Allan nodded, simply proud of that fact. "Oh yeah. Oh, but anyways welcome to Barbie Land." Allan grinned, and [Y/n] hummed.
"Thank you, it's been great so far." [Y/n] had no clue if that statement was even true or not, but oh well. Allan looked back to the dance floor, "You'll get used to it, all the dancing I mean."
"No, like I get it. How could you not if you're not Barbie." [Y/n] replied, nodding along, the music starting to get a bit annoying... Allan sighed, "I get it like, not being a Barbie or Ken." Allan ruffled his brown hair, but it just fell back down to his normal natural look. [Y/n] couldn't help but eye that as well.
"But you have a title, I suppose." [Y/n] pointed out, "Ken's Best Friend." She used her fingers to use quotation marks. Allan huffed, "Yeah but not just Allan,"
At least you're somebody, right?
Allan was technically right, but how would [Y/n] know, "I guess you're right. But I would be really happy with that title." [Y/n] frowned, unnoticed by Allan. "I'm just...[Y/n]."
Did I just make it awkward? [Y/n] pondered, biting her lip, glancing back at Allan it seemed he didn't care, he was unphased, "So what do you do at parties, like this?" [Y/n] finally asked, Allan grinned, "We dance, sometimes Barbie sings, and then afterward the Barbies have a sleepover, and we all leave."
That was exactly what Ken said, [Y/n] raised an eyebrow looking back at the dance circle. "Are they just playing the same song again?"
"I know right, it's so good!" Right. This was all a bit overwhelming for [Y/n], what happens after? If they were right and [Y/n] wasn't a Barbie and definitely didn't have a Dream House, where would she go now.
Not used to this feeling of dread, [Y/n] excused herself and made her way to the punch table. [Y/n] carefully moved through the crowds, quietly saying "Excuse me." which went unheard. [Y/n]'s eyebrows furrowed, and she pushed harder through the crowd, earning some bizarre looks in the process.
Finally, she made it to the table and grabbed a pink champagne glass, filling it up with punch, (which was invisible). [Y/n] gulped down the drink and slammed it down. The [s/c] woman looked back into the crowd, seeing some Kens dancing with some Barbies now.
Turning to the right, [Y/n] faced back with Ken, the Ken. He was leaning against the house, a pink glass in his head. Swallowing a few nerves, [Y/n] strutted over to him, he was the only one she was familiar with.
"Hi, Ken." [Y/n] spoke softly, surprising Ken slightly, "Hi [Y/n]. Enjoying the party?" Ken smiled back, standing up straight now.
"Yeah, it's going good?" She answered, "If standing around watching the Barbies dance the whole time is good then I'm having a fantastic time." Ken giggled, her [e/c] eyes snapped to Ken's face, "Isn't is awesome!" Ken replied.
Ken glanced back over at Barbie, as did [Y/n], "I just wished she would pay more attention to me." [Y/n] hesitantly nodded, peeping back to Ken's face. Ken's blue eyes sparkled against the moonlight; his eyes held so much devotion.
"Does every Ken feel like this?" [Y/n] asked, rolling her head slightly over. The blond paused, taking in a breath, "Of course, all Kens love Barbie." Ken faced the [h/c] surprising her in the moment.
"Maybe you'll find a Ken!" He gasped, making [Y/n] snicker lightly, "Maybe. And maybe Barbie will actually pay attention to you." Ken laughed at her joke(?). [Y/n] gazed up into the sky, the stars shined brightly as did the moon, "Can I say something?" she muttered, but Ken nodded, only half listening as he ruffled his hair in hopes Barbie looks at him.
"Even though this party is for me...it doesn't feel like it." [Y/n] uttered, dumbfounding Ken. "What do you mean it doesn't feel like it's for you?" Ken responded, "Cause you haven't danced, like at all!" [Y/n] frowned, as he was partly right, she didn't even do anything but drink and talk.
"Oh but...I can't dance." [Y/n] explained but Ken was not buying it, "Oh come on! I'll help you." the [s/c] cheeks warmed, "It's... It's alright! You don't have to; I was just being stupid. Of course, this party is for me!" [Y/n] cleared up but without warning, Ken grasped on to her arm and pulled her out to the dance floor.
[Y/n] mouth was left agape, and her eyes blew open in surprise as Ken lead the two of them to the dance floor, "Ken what are you doing!?" She whispered shouted, pushing past Kens and Barbies.
In a second the two of them jumped on the dance floor, startling the Barbies and Ken's Barbie who looked at them with confusion, "Don't mind us!" Ken laughed, pulling [Y/n] closed to him, "Just follow my lead." He grinned, grasping her hand.
[Y/n] gasped as Ken began to dance, she began to learn some of the moves and started to dance the same way Ken as did the other Barbies. [Y/n] moved her hips to the rhythm and jumped, it was so much fun.
As the song ended, [Y/n] couldn't stop herself from laughing, clutching her stomach, "That was so much fun!" [Y/n] chuckled, turning around to face Ken.
"Hi, Barbie!" Ken waved ecstatically at Barbie who was giggling with the other Barbies, but then she looked behind her. A giant smile graced her pink lips, "Hi Ken!" she waved back.
"Um, Hey Ken!" [Y/n] tapped him on the shoulder, but Ken didn't turn, instead, he walked over to Barbie and started talking to her, something about being boyfriend/girlfriend.
Oh um.
[Y/n] turned around, her cheeks warmed with embarrassment. She bit the side of her cheek and walked away from the dance floor back to her original spot.
Her hands curled around the ends of her dress, and she held on tightly for whatever reason, she felt insecure.
───────────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────────────────
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two-white-butterflies · 4 months
tolerate it | c16
Description: After a month of breaking up with Charles. You release a song that finally speaks about your experience.
Pairing: charles leclerc/singer!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
waitingroomcouple2: according to insiders, y/n and longtime boyfriend charles leclerc are headed towards breakupville.
liked by ynupdates and 12,129 others
asianbutnotjapanese: EXCUSE ME? First Sofia and Joe, Taylor and Joe and now Charles and Y/N?
yakisobaramens2: give me time. i need to process things.
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Tumblr media
"Hey, Charles." you cleared your throat - pretending that you didn't just spend the past hours crying about him.
"I know that I told you that we needed space to think things through, but I don't think that we're happening anymore. I-I somehow, the breakup got leaked and I don't really know how we'll build up from that. I hope that you understand."
Charles finished listening to the voicemail that you sent him 30 minutes ago. He couldn't believe that it finally happened. Sure, you spent half a month fighting with him - but he thought that things would get better after that.
"Are you alright?" Pierre sits beside him with a bowl of ramen. "Ah, yeah." Charles replied - completely out of his zone. He always believed that his life was cut up in two sections: before you, and during you - but he never assumed that there would be an after you.
Jesus, when you've reached heaven - there's only one way left to go: down, and he descended awfully.
"You've been very hush hush about your 'break' with Y/N. Are you back together?" Pierre inquired, concerned about his childhood friend. "That's impossible," Charles mumbled while his friend stuffed his face with more noodles.
"Shit, I'm so sorry." Pierre patted his back.
"- It'll get better." he adds.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Charles_Leclerc: Feeling pretty good in Suzuka.
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maybeletslovern2: Y/N and Charles aren't over. She's still in the likes guys 🙈 - charlosworld55: and Joe Alwyn still follows Taylor? Ur point is?
lovingthiseasy8: pole for leclerc?
pierreGASLY: Forza! 🇲🇨
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Tumblr media
yourusername: You're so much older and wiser and I. Announcing my newest single "Tolerate It" for the newest 'Barbie' movie that comes in three versions: She Version and He Version and They Version. Basically just diff pronouns. Hope u guys like it. 💙
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Charles_Leclerc: Another amazing song! 🔥
ynandcharles: he commented, checkmate guys.
taylorswift: Tears in my eyes, Y/N. 💧
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yourusername: there's many different ways that you can kill the one you love. the slowest way is never loving them enough. (wise words from my friend @taylorswift)
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lucindaleong2: Lando is stirring the pot by liking this post HAHA
Charles_Leclerc: Reply to my messages please.
taylorswift: You deserve someone who will love you enough. I'm proud of you sister. - yourusername: thank u sm taylor 💙
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Tumblr media
Charles_Leclerc: And if I ever did something wrong, let me make it right. P3 in Spa, but left the circuit feeling like something was missing.
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yourusername: Congratulations Charles! You definitely deserved this podium, I've seen you work soo hard to get this spot. 💙 - Charles_Leclerc: 💙
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yourusername: an hour of mansplaining with this dude...still, i luv u.
tagged: maxverstappen1
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maxverstappen1: Is there another pic more blurry that this? 🤣 - yourusername: doesn't matter cuz my love for u is clear 😉
landonorris: The hand 💀 chill mate, she isn't going anywhere.
greeaat99: Charles was Ken (Barbie 2023) but Max is Ken (Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse.)
gigihadid: Rocking that black hair mother ❤️ - yourusername: No, YOU are mother. 😜😍
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yourusername posted to her story!
Tumblr media
replies maxverstappen1: Am I legally allowed to call you mommy now? yourusername: RIP to ur social media manager who has to look at this message 😭
Tumblr media
yourusername: i take this magnetic force of a man to be my. ✨LOVER✨ will be out midnight EST. Happy 4th month babe! tho u always tell me that it feels like we've known each other for forever. Hoping to have an album out before baby jellybean comes out. Which will be ... 7 months from now, though ya'll are nasty telling me that my stomach looks like I'm in the 5th month 😡.
liked by Charles_Leclerc, and 2,192,190 others.
maxverstappen1: Happy 4th ❤️
Charles_Leclerc: Congrats on the baby! - yourusername: thank u
loverboy9: the way that this could've been charles' baby if they just stayed together 😭
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Tumblr media
maxverstappen1: I found the love of my life this year, I hope that everyone finds theirs too! My girlfriend's new song 'Lover' will be out on midnight and it would mean the world to us if you listened to it.
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yourusername: OK we'll just adjust our heads to look at this picture - maxverstappen1: and?
yourusername: listen to me pls so max can afford some internet money in his little game
landonorris: I don't listen to underground artists, sorry. - yourusername: LISTEN TO ME. u broke his trophy this is the least that u can do? - - landonorris: ever heard of kintsugi? - - - yourusername: the lana del rey song?
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Tumblr media
yourusername: posting this version because the one on @maxverstappen1's profile is 🤮.
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taylorswift: You are GLOWING. - yourusername: I can still make the whole place shimmer.
landonorris: when is baby jellybean coming out? - maxverstappen1: ❤️
charlesandynuniverse: The real ones know that the baby is fathered by Charles. - yourusername: stop this bs, don't wait until i slap the paternity test on ur face 🤣
Tumblr media
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disillusioneddanny · 6 months
Barbie and Ken {Dead on Main}
The light flashed bright in Danny’s eyes, momentarily blinding him as he held the sign with his name up. He couldn’t believe this was happening. When Jazz had told him that she was going to set him up with a coworker of hers, Danny was expecting a nice night at dinner where they had some wine, talked about shared interests and all that jazz. 
What he got instead was a knock out drag out fight with a bastard who immediately started throwing hands as soon as Danny had walked into the restaurant! He hadn’t even gotten to meet this guy that Jazz was setting him up with! 
She had set him up with an English teacher at the school she was working at. The siblings had moved to Gotham together as soon as Danny had graduated from high school. In that time Jazz enrolled in Gotham University and got her degree in Chemistry and her teaching license. 
Danny decided to go to school for linguistics. When you already know all the dead languages and most languages come from those, the idea of studying all of the others just sounded neat. 
But none of that mattered now. 
Because Danny Fenton was in fucking jail. 
He scoffed as the police officer booking him in had him step away from the camera and put in his finger prints before escorting him to the hallway where the jackass he fought was already waiting, handcuffed and leaning against the wall, a scowl on his face. All Danny wanted to do was meet this Jason Todd guy that Jazz had been talking up for weeks and instead he got some fucking liminal prick who wanted to fight instead. 
Which usually, the halfa was all for getting into a fun ghost fight! Even with fellow halfas or liminals. But not when he’s supposed to be on a date! Not when he’s trying to make himself look good for a guy who sounds like a match made in heaven for him!
Sure, the fight was a lot of fun, and it was the first time in years that he got to fight another ectoplasmic entity, but that was beside the point! Now Jason was going to think that Danny was nothing more than a criminal. 
Oh, Danny hoped to the ancients that Jason hadn’t seen his fight with the liminal. He hoped to anyone who was listening, to Clockwork, to the Ghost Queen, anyone who was willing to listen to his pleas, they had to make it where Jason didn’t see him get arrested. 
“Todd, Fenton! Follow me,” a guard shouted, Danny glanced over at the asshole and raised an eyebrow. 
“Todd?” He said incredulously. 
“Fenton?” The man asked with a disbelieving laugh of his own. 
“Danny,” Danny said with a small smile, trying not to lose his shit. If his fucking date was the same guy with that fantastic left hook, he was going to lose his mind. 
“Jason,” he said, letting out another chuckle. “Jazz was right, we did have instant chemistry, but not for the reason she thought. I’m fuckin’ sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never just attacked someone before. Well, not like that, at least,” he said, shaking his head as the two followed behind the guard. 
The officer snapped at the two to shut up and Danny held back a sigh as he glanced over at the liminal. It was likely that Jason didn’t even know he was liminal and damn, that was a story that Danny wanted to hear as soon as possible. In the meantime, though, he looked this Jason Todd up and down and smiled to himself. 
Jazz definitely knew what Danny’s type was. That was for damn sure. 
Jason Todd was built like a goddamn tank. While Danny still managed to be taller than him by a few inches thanks to that Fenton height, the six foot man stood tall and buff compared to Danny’s own tall and lanky. He was absolutely sure that Jason could throw him around like a rag doll if Danny let him and by the ancients would Danny let him. 
The freckles that smattered across the bridge of Jason’s nose reminded Danny of some of his favorite constellations. If he looked close enough he bet he could find quite a few, just looking where he was he found ursa minor, polaris sat right at the tip of Jason’s nose. He wanted to trace each and every constellation on his skin. 
“Don’t worry about it, I have a punchable face,” Danny said with a laugh as the two got shoved into a holding cell together. He turned to the officer and called after him. “Don’t we get a phonecall!”
“Shut the fuck up,” the officer said before walking away. 
“Gotta love Gotham’s finest,” Jason said with a chuckle as he sat on a metal bed with a pitiful paper thin mattress on top of it and a threadbare blanket laid on top. Danny took a seat beside him and let out a breath of air. 
“Well, this wasn’t what I was planning for our first date,” Danny said softly. “I was thinking we’d get dinner, probably bail because I’m not big on fancy dinners and it was Jazz’s idea and then we could go walk around together and talk about books and the fact that the smog in Gotham is terrible.”
“That does sound fun,” Jason said with a chuckle. He glanced over at Danny and gave him a small smile. “You’re not what I was expecting. I mean you’re a lanky mother fucker but that punch to the jaw was no joke, I think it’s already bruising.”
Danny chuckled and took Jason’s face in his hands and turned his face to the side to look at where he had punched him to the face. “Yeah it’s bruising,” he said but smiled softly before he allowed his hand to ice over and pressed it against the bruise. “How’s that feel?”
“Better,” Jason said with a sigh as he smiled up at Danny. “You’re a meta?”
The halfa let out a soft hum. “In a way, does it count if you died in a freak lab accident and then came back wrong and with weird ghost powers?”
Jason looked at him startled before he threw back his head and let out a laugh of his own. “I’m jealous, all I got when I died and came back wrong was a white streak in my hair and an intense rage that never really goes away.”
Danny tilted his head and looked Jason over for a moment before he noticed the little ball of a blob ghost that seemed to be gnawing on his core inside of his chest. 
“Remind me when we get out of here, I can fix that rage for you,” Danny said with a smug smile. “And trust me, I bet without that messing you up, you’ll get some fun little ghost powers too.”
Jason just laughed and launched into the tale of how he had come back to life in the first place, telling Danny a wild tale of assassins and weird pits of ectoplasm called Lazarus Waters and how he decided to become a crime lord in the night while during the day he went to school and eventually became an English teacher where he found a passion for helping teenagers who wanted to go somewhere in life. 
In turn, Danny told his own story, about being a small town hero and later defeating the Ghost King, only to turn down the throne when it was offered and instead moved to Gotham with his sister to finally live a normal life and managed to somehow become a linguist despite the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. 
He didn’t know how long they spoke to one another, but by the end of it, Danny had completely forogotten he was in jail in the first place! At least until a guard came in and opened the cell. 
“Fenton, Todd, you’ve been bailed out!” he barked. The two quickly got up and followed the man out of holding and into a hallway where Jazz and a tall dark haired older man stood giving the two twin looks of disappointment. 
“Hey Bruce,” Jason said, a dopey grin on his face as he looked at his father.
“Hey Jazz, thanks for hooking us up,” Danny said with a grin as the guard uncuffed each of them and they immediately held hands. “Now, I know you want to chew me out for getting arrested. But technically this is your fault for setting me up with a liminal, of course we were going to get in a fist fight. Also, Mr. Wayne, interesting to meet you, Jason has told me so much about you it’s batty,” he said with a wink. 
“Danny don’t you dare even think about it,” Jazz growled out, pointing a finely manicured finger at him. Danny looked from his sister to his date and smiled. 
“Thanks for getting us together, Jazz, you’re a great coworker,” Jason said with a smile. “But we have a date to finish,” he said. Danny turned the couple intangible and the two shot into the air and out of the jail before either of the family members could stop them. 
Jazz sighed and turned to Bruce. “I’m so sorry for introducing them to one another, I didn’t think that would happen,” she said with a sigh. 
Bruce looked up at the ceiling before he looked back at Jazz. “Would you like a drink?”
“God yes,” she said with a sigh before following the older man out of the jail. 
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agendabymooner · 5 months
she's everything... and he's just mick ! mick s. x ofc (filipino!nanny!ofc)
summary: in the first race of the season, the vettels made their appearance as a family of three (or four) as kimi vettel debuts as the newest vettel of the grid and a mick schumacher fan. OR let me introduce barbara elisandra 'barbie' blanco - the woman that the vettel couple fostered for years who now takes care of the two year old boy alongside kimi's uncle mick.
content warning: smau + article. quality kimi vettel (oc) content, some hater getting ratio'd, lewis is a retired king (yes king get that rest), everyone loving kimi, barbie and mick = barbie and ken, three racing team admins fighting on the comment section, drivers also fighting in the comment section (ate = term of endearment)
note: i told y'all i'm gonna continue on with the kimi vettel/crazy rich wife saga 😭 and to all of the users who made my favourite f1 fics— i see you 👀 i’m here and i’m lurking and i’m enjoying
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
barblanco posted a story !!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tagged mickschumacher, belongvettel
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mercedesamgf1 to answer your question: YES, we got our new mercedes ambassador not one- but TWO mercedes cars. uncle mackie said to get him one, but uncle toto said make it double✌️
lewishamilton those are some nice whip, kimi! you don't mind if you take them for a spin with roscoe, do you? 🐶🥶 liked by mercedesamgf1
mercedesamgf1 kimi has a lot of furry friends, but the vettels said there's always room for one more!
user1 as we said: BEST VETTEL IN THE GRID
user2 mickschumacher is slowly transforming kimi vettel into a mini mick schumacher and i am here to sit and admire 🥰
mercedesamgf1 like father, like son 🤗
georgerussell63 still upset he wouldn't let go of mick 🙂 liked by mercedesamgf1
mercedesamgf1 there's always a next time george!
mickschumacher look at my boy!!! ❤️🤍 liked by mercedesamgf1
belongvettel we started seeing double when he wore that race suit 😅 thank you so much for your warm welcome! kimi definitely loved being around you all and we're looking forward to attend a couple more rounds! 😍 liked by mercedesamgf1
mercedesamgf1 anything for our newest favourite vettel!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tagged belongvettel, scuderiaferrari, mercedesamgf1
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user1 how many outfit changes did he have to go through this week what 😭😭
user2 i think some photos were taken in different days 🤔
user3 bel's nightmare is seeing him in a race suit and a powered car 😂 makes me wonder how it went for the first few days
user4 i'm looking forward to seeing the vettels' gridwalk interview!!
f1 us too! 🥰
scuderiaferrari his name is KIMI and VETTEL for a reason f1
redbullracing ur so silly 🤪
mercedesamgf1 no you two are 🤣 scuderiaferrari redbullracing
user5 why are these teams fighting in the comment section?
landonorris he'd look nice on a papaya suit tbh
mickschumacher nah uh
georgerussell63 absolutely not.
maxverstappen1 look at him! can't wait to have a rbr sebastian 2.0 in the grid
mickschumacher ❌ wrong try again ❌
carlossainzjr false news max ❌
landonorris you couldn't be any more wrong lad ❌
charles_leclerc i disagree verstappen ❌
alex_albon belongvettel which team do you think kimi would compete for?
belongvettel none of them because seb won't take him racing on such dangerous places 🙂
mickschumacher boooooo that's not mercedes 👎
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ginaschumacher i actually came to see barbie and kimi but maybe mom went to see you? 😺
mickschumacher 😑
estebanocon its getting so obvious mick 😭
user1 what is getting obvious??? estie???
landonorris s-tier simping tbh 🙃
user2 y'all telling me mick is simping for kimi's nanny? 😏
user3 seb's about to act up frfr 😉
belongvettel my two boys!!! liked by mickschumacher
barblanco you did sooooo good getting those points, mick! (i'm only learning about f1 please don't be mad) ❤️👏 liked by mickschumacher
mickschumacher thank you, liebe! i'm sure seb and i will be able to teach you more about it!
user5 no because it really is obvious 😺
user6 reading the fast lane daily article, i agree that she lives up to her name barbie bc she really can do anything 😻 i dont blame u for liking her liked by mickschumacher
user7 "liked by mickschumacher" LMAO OBVIOUS MUCH?! this man is giving "wahpsssshhh" energy fr
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