#they are his pets now
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nelkcats · 1 month
Crow services
After Danny died he noticed that some animals had become more attached to him while others had moved away. Aggressive or death related animals seemed to react positively to his presence, although friendlier animals such as birds tended to fly away.
Of course, none of this prepared him for the number of crows that landed on his window daily. At first he was scared that they would consider him a corpse and try to eat him but after the third time they brought him a shiny object he assumed they just liked him.
Those crows became very fond of him, they let him pet them, they would perch on his head or shoulders, always present and sometimes even watching over him (A particularly intelligent crow he named Poe would drive his parents away with distractions).
So when he moved to Gotham to complete his studies he prepared for a farewell to his feathered friends; said friends simply ignored him and followed him around the city. Danny assumed he wasn't going to be able to fight them, so he let them be.
This is how the phenomenon called "The Invasion of Crows" began in Gotham, the animals were not aggressive but mostly indifferent, some of them agreed to carry letters as homing pigeons (After Danny asked them for the favor) starting "Crow services"
As long as you had the money or something shiny to pay them the birds would carry messages from one place to another, ironically they would give that payment to Danny, who only sighed and let them pass to his apartment, giving them: some food, shelter and a place to sleep, although he was worried the moment his neighbor would complain about the noise.
At first he let them stay on the streets because they were supposed to be free, but after the sixth time he caught Damian Wayne trying to adopt one he just rolled his eyes and now the little ones were living with him.
So yes, when Jason finally decided to visit his neighbor he didn't expect the red eyed crowd staring at him and judging his actions, one in particular lunged at him and he swore he was about to gouge his eyes out before a voice yelled "Poe, wait! "
Said crow looked at him for a few more seconds before perch on the head of the prettiest boy he had ever seen, who approached to offer him a hand "I'm sorry, they're very overprotective" he muttered worried.
Jason almost fell over laughing when he noticed that this was B's "weird case" about the rise in crows alongside the supposed "new rogue" in town, when all he saw was a college boy with a murder of crows living in his house, maybe creating a new messaging system.
He was going to have so much fun with this, maybe he'd even manage to go on a date with his eyes intact, who knows.
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hawberries · 3 months
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update: i got him!!!!!!!
[image is a digital drawing of Gorou holding his fish box and gesturing authoritatively as if giving orders, his expression serious. He is wearing a black t-shirt that reads “WORKING: service dog; do not pet; I’m at work!”]
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mumblesplash · 4 months
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don’t you hate it when your civilization flees deep underground to escape the wither only to find yourselves trapped down there with something even worse. anyway surprise! i can still draw
#my art#minecraft#minecraft fanart#minecraft ancient cities#they named it the warden because they were its prisoners i will die on this hill#see fellas when i said i was brainrotting about ancient cities i meant like advanced stages of decay#Bad Syndrome: instead of a brain there is sculk#i'm still pondering additional designs for like guards/soldiers and redstone specialists etc#also yeah i was like ok time to design generic ancient city residents for outfit concepts#and bc i'm me they immediately became Characters and now it's a whole thing#their names are echo and felix and they hate each other <3#echo was actually a temple kid like felix growing up but he fled to the outer city due to irreconcilable differences w the sculk worshippers#felix keeps trying to convince him to come back bc he was one of their most talented alchemists#they don't quite have echo's talent for magic but they make up for it in charisma and violent tendencies#neither of which have yet proved effective in convincing echo to come work for them#these days he mostly dedicates his potion skills to making life a bit more bearable for outer city residents#he got the nickname 'echo' due to his knack for inducing realistic auditory hallucinations of dead loved ones#...i TOLD you it turned into a whole thing#i also have a pet theory that ancient cities invented skeleton horses bc they needed horses but also leather and meat#but that's mostly bc i think the phrase 'have your horse and eat it too' is rly funny
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silvermars · 2 months
something i love about spike being a part of buffy's domestic space and her family is that, well, he does it even when she's not there. he has a chat with her mom just to talk to her (not buffy) and gets advice. he hangs out and looks after dawn behind buffy's back and when buffy is gone. in s4 the domestic place for everybody is giles' apartment, and spike is having his own interactions and familiarization with that space. HE LIVES THERE! he lives with her friend, xander. he spends time with her family and friends -- in the home -- without her. he comes over to chat and have a cuppa and eats peoples snacks and steals shit from the people around her (her non-physical home) even when he "hates her". he still comes round. NOT to be around her. just the people she loves. because i think even just laterally he values her, sees worthiness and importance and has an emotional connection to anything attached to her (because she herself is unfathomably important and correct and special). and that is something spike feels, knows, from the moment he set eyes on her. he never underestimates her. he always understood intrinsically who she was and what she was capable of. and the value of her trust and faith and love. the warmth of her home and at her side. (even indirectly.)
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woffles-4-waffles · 4 months
"Creation, like Destruction, is not an element-it is an Elemental essence-an energy. When the energy of creation is used with the elements, the results can be amazing."— From a document found in the Ancient Library of Domu
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bugslap · 10 months
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The Humming Gunslinger, Brook — the West's most notorious bank robber with a trick up his sleeve if you try to disarm him
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Lucifer & MC's relationship is so fucking funny??? It gives me heavy 'Dad and the pet he said he didn't want' vibes
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dreamlings · 3 months
au in which Hob was friends with Rose and Jed’s parents so when they die it’s Hob who tracks both of them down and adopts them
#hob gadling#the sandman#rose walker#jed walker#this will be dreamling bc hob would be very protective of his niece and dreams wants to kill her so drama#rose one night appears in dreams throne room and gets told she’s a vortex so naturally dream should kill her and#the next morning she tells this to uncle hob and he’s ready to throw hands with whomever this dream character is#in this one the Corinthian comes looking for rose too but she’s at university and her uncle is home and the Corinthian is delighted to know#that dreams pet human is rose’s uncle so obviously hob and the Corinthian hook up#what a way to one up dream#he’s still looking for rose though but hob who has nothing against hooking up with some hot stranger who randomly show up at his door is a#lot more protective over his niece and recognises the Corinthian for not having good intentions blah blah#when later rose throws down the walls between dreams Hob and dream are dream dating in the white horse and it’s Spider-Man pointing meme#rose is like ‘uhm why are holding hands with my uncle’#and dream is like ‘we are on a date’ and Hob is like ‘wait we are dating Wait this is real WAIT YOU ARE DREAM WHO IS TRYING TO KILL MY NIECE#later dream is about to unmake the Corinthian and the Corinthian is like ‘you know I met your human he can do some#wonderful things with his tongue :p’ and dream is like ‘I’m gonna make this sooo painful for you’#aunt gault is there too btw she left the dreaming to go help Jed and met hob and now they’re best friends who raise their niece and nephew#together#basically if this was a fic it would be hob trying to protect his family vs dream trying to protect the dreaming and also they’re in love so#it’s messy#Jed would have a family night at his school and has to be like ‘this is my uncle hob and my uncle by marriage dream who is also my actual#uncle and them my aunt gault who is technically my by marriage but actual uncles child in a way also my uncles got together because my uncle#hob hooked up with my actual but by marriage uncles son after which my actual but by marriage uncle killed him:)’
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hoofpeet · 5 months
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Playing fetch with the least dog-like dog ever
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redrobin-detective · 5 months
I’ve been kind of brain dead for ideas lately but an old one that I was batting around the other day was, following Jack Drake’s death everyone was scrambling to figure out what to do with Tim. Bruce wanted to adopt him, Dana was going to take him when she was well enough, Dick probably threw his hat into the ring to give the kid options.
Now Tim has this grand scheme to circumvent all this by hiring an actor to portray a made-up uncle but he looks out at the city one night and is Tired. This city stole his peace, bits of his flesh, his friends and now his dad. Suddenly he doesn’t want to live there anymore. He makes a phone call and a few days later, he’s on a bus to Smallville to be fostered by Martha Kent.
Kon was a little surprised at the call but Martha didn’t hesitate to sign those papers. She’d seen the fallout of Tim when his mother died, if no one else would take care of Tim then she would. He arrives with a backpack full of clothes and a U-Haul of computer equipment which he sets up in the back guest room barely leaving room for a bed.
He goes to Smallville High with Conner, eats an early, homemade dinner by Ma who kisses his forehead before he Zetas back to Gotham for patrol. He’s still Robin, still fights and bleeds for Gotham. But he can’t live there, not right now. Bruce is doing his pouty hurt dad routine, Dick thinks he’s trying to make a move on Kon but really Tim is tired of the brutality of the city and wants some peace for once in his life. He Zetas back early in the morning, quietly knocks on Ma’s door so she knows he’s back and heads to bed.
His allergies give him hell in the country but he still insists on helping Kon with chores. Conner laughs at how badly he fumbles through livestock feeding and crop tending and starts working on ways to make it more efficient. He sleeps through class and spars out in the open fields and, when he’s feeling homesick, Kon will fly him real high and drop him and he can pretend like he’s just dived off a skyscraper. Martha reminds him to eat, to sleep, to wash behind his ears and stop looking at gruesome crime scene photos at the dinner table. Tim’s never had a happy, normal family situation. It unnerves him but it soothes him too as he works, really works, on some of his more self-destructive habits. For Ma’s sake. Martha knows this is only temporary, that Tim can’t, won’t, stay away from Gotham forever. But she drapes a blanket over his shoulder where he’s fallen asleep 5 minutes into a movie on the couch and brushes his hair out of his sleep deprived eyes. She loves Bruce like a second son but Tim is her baby now too and she’ll tear B to shreds if he doesn’t properly care for Tim when he returns.
Kon and Tim, who’d been kind of dancing around their feelings for years, are now in an equally strange dynamic of ‘are we brothers now? are you just a bud crashing indefinitely at my house? we come and go from Titans Tower together what does everyone THINK is happening???’ and settle for just doing nothing. They do stay up late on nights Tim isn’t in Gotham talking about bad tv shows and how lame school is and rocket ships and the latest supervillain scandal. As weird as the situation is, Tim looks happier and healthier than he has in ages. Plus it’s kinda rad to have a sleepover with your best friend every night. As far as he is concerned, Tim never has to step foot in Gotham again.
Clark comes back to the farm from a long space mission to find Batman’s latest sidekick typing up a storm typing on a computer with one hand and stirring soup with the other. “Sup,” Tim mumbles as he remains focused on both his tasks. “Sorry, guest room is mine now. I’d offer it up but it’s a pretty tight fit in there with all my gear.” And that’s how he found out his Mom may or may not have legally kidnapped Batman’s sorta maybe I guess not kid from under his nose and he’s Clark’s unofficial little brother. All he knows is Bruce is going to be a nightmare at the next League meeting.
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titsgraham · 27 days
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they had to muzzle your catgirl boyfriend. yeah, he kept leaving dead people on the front doorstep. sorry :/
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sorrelpawss · 1 month
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proper refs for my new r&m ocs :-) more info BELOW
morty v-37 - basically gets used as a human shield and then promptly left for dead by his previous rick(which is why hes got the scar and prosthetics), y-4441 finds him and fixes him up + erases his memories of the whole nearly dying thing. he’s pretty chillaxed and a bit more cynical than an average morty, more “rickish” i guess idk. tends to be skeptical, likes poking holes in rick’s arguments/inventions etc etc but like in a teasing way
rick y-4441 - very peppy, upbeat and emotional. he kind of reeaalllyyy dislikes the cfc and stays away from it as much as possible, especially after finding and unofficially adopting v-37. he’s not as tech savvy as most rick’s, his abilities are more akin to s1 rick’s skill level? as in, he lives off of scraps of materials and creative solutions, less god-like and more “old man in garage who happens to know physics and chemistry”. loves to ramble about basically anything and happily indulges in morty’s hypotheticals/questions whatever. EXCEPT! for why morty doesnt have his fingers he shuts that topic down immediately just does not want to deal with that can of worms at allll
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pizzaqueen · 2 months
Steve and Eddie truly do feel like that “dude, but like romantically” post to me
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solace-seekers · 7 months
percy’s defintiely given the instinctual heavy *pat pat* treatment to Mrs. O Leary only for her to respond by automatically flopping down on the ground and absolutely crushing percy in the process
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