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I knew you'd be alive.
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i am but a humble blood bag 馃槍
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if you鈥檙e real then explain THIS
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chanoeys 5 months
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WWE MONEY IN THE BANK This false finish almost had me ready to riot
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Do I......... Order fuzzy lined crocs even tho I just bought regular crocs
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projectbatman193 6 months
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Damn it! My cover鈥檚 blown!!f
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milfmas 18 days
@deenafier and i talking about how ana茂s trusts bobbie because she鈥檚 the only one, besides finn, who鈥檚 actually shown to care about her and her feelings, in contrast to her friends who often dismiss her and don鈥檛 care about her thoughts and feelings. plus, it must feel great for ana茂s to rebel after all the shit her parents have put her through. to just feel liberated. to not have all that pressure on her. to do new exciting and dangerous things. as kas said, it鈥檚 usually the kids with strict parents who end up rebelling. i can鈥檛 blame her for that. i just hope she鈥檚 able to find a balance between caring about her studies and morals and not getting caught up on it and feeling trapped and stressed
as for bobbie, obviously she鈥檚 had a lot of issues that esteem from her dad dying and her poor relationship with her mom. she said she uses weed to cope. i don鈥檛 think weed is bad when you do it in moderation, but this isn鈥檛 the case for her. when something bad happens she tends to shut down and lash out instead of talking about her feelings. since ana茂s started acting up since they got together ana茂s friends will definitely blame her for that, and even though bobbie may have had a bit of influence, ana茂s choose to do these things, for her own reasons that have nothing to do with. it鈥檚 not fair to put all the blame on bobbie. i hope bobbie receives therapy so she can learn to find better coping mechanisms and learns to communicate her feelings and thoughts better
hanne鈥 well i understand where she鈥檚 coming from. her cousin had an addiction problem and that鈥檚 why she doesn鈥檛 like weed. she鈥檚 weirded out by the way ana茂s completely changed seemingly overnight, and since she hasn鈥檛 really been paying attention to ana茂s struggles she may think it鈥檚 all because of bobbie. but as i鈥檝e said previously she can鈥檛 judge because she鈥檚 usually the one making weird jokes and making them uncomfortable, she suggested they all drink ana茂s dad鈥檚 alcohol even though ana茂s explicitly said they can鈥檛 do it. as @calliettes-posts put in in her posts, this will be a cause of tension between hanne and ana茂s, and it won鈥檛 end pretty. ana茂s may through hanne鈥檚 words to her face and accuse her of being hypocritical, and their relationship will get strained, until hanne (and the rest of the group) apologize for dismissing her and make amends with her
i鈥檓 excited to see what comes next. wtfock has something good here and i pray they don鈥檛 fuck it up. after everything they鈥檝e put us through before i don鈥檛 trust them, but maybe i鈥檒l be proven wrong
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emeraldslight 3 months
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dancetyd 3 months
In honor of Imogen Monsterfucker Temult being absolutely unhinged with that "Next time suck my soul" I have officially taken things into my own hands and written my first Imodna fic.
Ao3 has the goods
"Tell me, darling..."
"What honey?" Imogen looks up from her bag. The usual ritual of checking her supplies when on watch is always interrupted when Laudna is up too.
"Why would," Laudna chews over her thoughts for a few seconds. "Why would you offer to let me suck out a piece of your soul?"
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kyoruchi 1 year
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sunlaire 4 months
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:o! a rare bit of kitsuragi info? ooooh (he collected figures thats so. cute)
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meeceisme 4 months
I fucking KNEW it
Also, you鈥檙e amazing I love your work :)))
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