#they seem very aggressive
nelkcats · 5 days
Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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mokutone · 1 year
Tumblr media
in reference to @pax-thuban's tags on this post:
"#edit: also love kakashi's passive aggressive support #'i don't get it but i'll watch you flounder and fail at it'"
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edwardsdeathcabcd · 1 year
listen I understand why people dislike Jacob because he assaults Bella and is generally very unnecessarily mean throughout eclipse & BD, but you also cannot have discussions about his actions without factoring in that he’s a native american boy written by a racist white woman. it’s not as if Jacob Black is a real person with his own free will that did those things. a white woman wrote him like that to cause tension & conflict between her white primary couple.
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waitineedaname · 2 months
actually I'm not done thinking about teru and ritsu's friendship. I think teru might be one of ritsu's first real friends. ritsu isn't like,, the most social kid in the universe, and I think he has plenty of superficial friends (see: "I talk about the weather with pretty much anyone") but I think the only real close friends he has are teru and shou. and I think it's bc both of them are people he met without his Perfectly Ordinary Middle Schooler mask. he has to fill the role of honor student, perfect son, doting brother, etc. all the time while ALSO trying to blend into the background and be inconspicuous, and that's part of why he lashed out like he did during the cleanup arc, but with teru and shou, his first encounter with both of them involved him being an arrogant little shit that's willing to pick fights, which contradicts the perfect kid act AND the perfectly ordinary middle schooler act, and is in fact much more honest bc he's not hiding this kind of nasty side to himself. and that honesty works out for him with these two! teru sees himself in ritsu because he's also kind of an arrogant little prick, and aside from initially trying (and succeeding) to intimidate him, teru looks out for him and risks his life trying to save him and they genuinely get along pretty well! and with shou, he sees that ritsu is willing to fight him on his own and he's like "oh you're fucking nuts, we need to be best friends now" and immediately respects him a lot just because he's not gonna run away from a fight he's certain to lose. idk, I just think it's important that ritsu's first real friends are ones who saw him in rather ugly circumstances and wanted to be friends with him anyway
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genericpuff · 1 month
oh woooow who could have foreseen this 🙄
Tumblr media
(meme courtesy of a ULO pal)
lmao okay so for context, since the 2 week hiatus was announced, people in the main sub have been insistent that the free readers are still gonna get their update this week. Even though I've explained it to them multiple times as clearly as I can that there isn't going to be any releases this week or next - that just because Rachel didn't post the notice in the free episode doesn't mean that the free readers are absolved from the hiatus and that they're still gonna get a free episode, because that wouldn't make sense if Rachel is trying to rebuild a buffer. The fact that she didn't edit the notice into the last free episode doesn't mean "free readers still get updates!" it just means Rachel doesn't bother to go back and edit her episodes when unplanned hiatuses happen, sorry if that's upsetting but you're gonna have to be mad at Rachel about it because she never has the foresight to think of these things that would benefit her audience.
Like, if it were a season or mid-season hiatus, yes, the FP episodes would become free because typically when series return from those planned breaks, they will 1.) want everyone "caught up" to the same point in the story for when it returns, and 2.) will post 1-2 free episodes plus three FastPass episodes so the FP readers can get a headstart.
There will always be a minimum of 3 FastPass episodes ahead of everyone else. This is a basic ass concept for anyone who knows how Webtoons works. If a creator is trying to rebuild a buffer, it would not make sense to put FastPass readers on break, have the free readers catch up, then have to put the free readers on break to release 3 more FP episodes to keep that 3-episode minimum headstart. That is the complete opposite of what rebuilding a buffer is meant to achieve and if Rachel did that, she'd be even worse off than she was going into her 2 week break. It's way more productive to just put everyone on break at the same time and then resume releases like normal without having to 'reset' that 3 episode buffer lead for FP readers.
Still, I've had people insisting with me that "no, the comic will still update for free people! They'll just take a break later after the FP break!" and "Well the episode still SAYS it's gonna go up in 4 days!" and completely not believing me as if I'm just trying to be an asshole. Even though we literally go through this routine every goddamn time there's an unplanned hiatus.
At this point I'm like, aight, suit yourself. Enjoy your new episode in... 14 days, which it's now been updated to and people are confused over as if I wasn't telling them this was exactly what was gonna happen LMAO
Tumblr media Tumblr media
anyways, LO might not be updating, but Rekindled sure is so I hope y'all enjoy tonight's episode <3
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I wish the Merlin 6: kingdom come people would be more upfront about their script being fanfic and not official because I am sick and tired of seeing people bitch about the bbc "scrapping" the supposed sixth season. There was no sixth season. Merlin did not get cancelled, it just ended. Afaik the kingdom come peeps have no affiliation whatsoever with the original merlin team, other than their contacting some of them to be like "hey would you want to make our script?" and the representative being like "appreciate the offer but no thanks". The script is no more canon than any fanfic you or I might write, it just so happens that they did it in script form which seems to have confused a lot of people, and no-one seems to have corrected the massive misunderstanding for some reason
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You talk a lot about cannibalism and all but apologize first when someone bumps into you
yes but I don't see how the two are connected. one is cathartic, potentially romantic, visceral, gross, inviting, mourning, remembering, incorporating, complete...
the other is me not wanting to be rude :(
Anon me facts about me that you think are probably true
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caffeinatedopossum · 5 months
That sad realization that not only did the undiagnosed autism lead to me not realizing my "friends" were actually bullying me the whole time I knew them but I was also unintentionally doing something similar to neurotypical friends because I didn't understand how we thought differently
#i just want yall to know that when i first wrote undiagnosed my phone autocortected that to undigested so. yeah#you heard it hear folks. autism is undigestable. thats why we all got tummy problems#anyway this is why is struggling with communication and maintaining relationships is a symptom#although my relationships always seem fine to *me* because im oblivious as fuck#and this is why autism questionnaires need to be phrased differently#alsp yeah. thinking about that one time i went to a summer camp and i joked about a girl in mine and my friends dorm#who was sleep talking that night. and one of the counselors immediately shamed me for bullying#like we were all there and awake. everyone already knew and laughed so i assumrd it was funny#but then suddenly *I* was being mean...? i understand more now but i wish someone explained it to me more gently#why did everyone laugh it was mean? i thought they laughed because it was funny#still dont understand why people laugh if something is hurtful. i didnt want to insult the girl either#i considered us friends and i was just trying to include her in the conversation#it was still not ok though...#theres another time that comes to mind when i said matter of factly that my sister was a liar#in front of her boyfriend who then very aggressively silenced me#i didnt understand why you would lie if you cant accept being a liar#it wasnt meant as an insult it was meant as the truth#but maybe if it was insulting she should stop lying#idk it was really weird#maybe this is why i didnt realize people where insulting me#because to them they were picking on me#but to me they were either stating a fact or falsely accusing me#i get embarrassed too of course but only because its whats expected of me#that makes me feel scared and inferior and alone. and thats what embarrassment feels like for me#it feels like everyone is unforgivingly looking at me with a magnifying glass
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bonesif · 6 months
Tumblr media
A bad dog. That's all you'll ever be to them— the collar and muzzle bite into your skin. Trapped, trapped, trapped, trapped...
You were never given a choice.
Enter commander Atlas Akrosa, the white wolf.
[ from @exilethegame ]
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moonsidesong · 1 month
wanted 2 say a quick thank you for enjoying my new little guy....... i don't think i'm ever gonna go as in depth for them as i did Crush's agents but designing the others might be fun if i get around to it
Tumblr media
this may sound a little silly but a part of me was very worried about posting Agent-headcanon content that wasn't related to Crush at all. i thought. idk maybe people would think i was just abandoning its characters or something by doing something else ??????? i don't know????? anyway ummm. it was kind of a relief to see the positive response i think. i'm happy to see i was kinda worried over nothing lololol
so!!! thank you again. for enjoying the guy. maybe you will see their friends soon. maybe you will not. idk. who knows
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darkwood-sleddog · 2 months
Bro I did NOT just see a dog trainer compare using an e-collar to correct a dog for dog aggression behaviors to fucking Veterinary care. The “balanced” people are off their mf rockers.
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pandoa · 5 months
I bet roro (that's now his name) is loud like sebek. Also very punchable
"UNHAND ME YOU THING" "bro all I was trying to do was swat a bug?"
"HOW DARE YOU LIKE THOSE FAE!?" ARE YOU NOT A HUMAN!?" "What?? Bro Malleus is like the best fae if you just get to know him-"
"YOU THERE WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME AND-" [water gun noises] "shut it."
Naw💀💀💀 do you think he would not like water💀 I think he wouldn't it's just a hunch (in notre dame🤭)
he probably does have a booming voice like sebek's (although sebek still takes the cake, no one will ever out-do this man <3) AND YES HIS FACE LOOKS SO PUNCHABLE I WANT TO RESPECTFULLY DECK HIM IN THE FACE FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON
"ALL FAE ARE WRETCHED CREATURES" "dude you're literally blushing at the sight of malleus wtf" "LIES."
NOT THE WATER GUN LMAO- honestly though i think he'd generally be fine with water lol yk with the holy water and baptismal things in Catholicism. but if someone pulled up with a spray bottle and splashed him with it, he'd probably just stand in shock and confusion lol
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gaminegay · 4 months
Tumblr media
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honkceasar · 4 months
So I am a man that very much overthinks his designs when it comes to fanart, and I often second guess specifically Hunter’s design, mostly his build. After much thought about this, I’ve decided that he is the single most averagely built person alive. He is just guy shaped. Like if you took the mean number of literally every man ever, he is the end product. Is his skinny? No not really. Chubby? Also no. Muscular?? Maybe, but not a lot. He is the single most average height. Does he have interesting proportions like lanky limbs or a long torso? Also no. He is just default. Simply built like a guy. The man emoji.
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Hey, I think John might have unblocked you! :)
I noticed.
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snail-speed · 2 months
People freaking out over the Landlady from straycatj using Japanese when replying to their shit-flinging kind of showcase a big issue English-speaking spaces have with non-native speakers.
If you get into an argument and your grasp on a language isn't the best what the hell are you supposed to do? Continue to attempt to express your points in broken English which the other side is going to use as ammunition against you? Obviously not. It's extremely degrading.
God forbid, though, that you decide to solve this problem by reverting to your native language (or another language you speak better), because then monolingual English speakers are going to cry and moan that you're "hiding behind a language they don't understand," (this is, I shit you not, something I saw someone say to the Landlady) as if that's not something they're doing themselves if you don't have a good enough grasp on English to hold your own in an argument, and as if Google Translate didn't fucking exist.
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