#they're here on pandora again for a reason whatever
mylittleredgirl · 3 months
there are many good reasons not to see avatar but if you DO see avatar definitely see the 3D version. the entire movie is effects. same movie as the first one just underwater now. also if you are wearing 3D glasses it is less obvious that you will cry like seven times.
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theinvisiblemuseum · 2 months
how about......people demanding wlw rep then never actually engaging with it because the only thing they care about is woke points☕
this really was the wrong day for me to rb this game because i'm seriously genuinely going to be a major cunt about it and i dgaf. that's your warning.
so. here's what i think. in very general terms.
if you don't want to read below the cut (valid) here's all i'll say: stop, actually. i don't want need or care about the megaviral wlw fanfictions of your dreams, because that's not how i choose to engage with fandoms. i already make and engage with the kind of content i want to see which (surprise!) includes a lot of wlw content, but i don't see the need to force moral superiority down people's throats over it. i don't give two shits if anyone other than me is making wlw content. this is fanfiction. fanart. etc. people are allowed to write or engage with whatever they want, HOWEVER if you're throwing a fit over not having enough wlw content and can't name a woman off the top of ur head, that seems like a you problem, idk. basically i choose to actively NOT engage with the type of people screaming crying and pissing themselves over content that already exists that they can't be bothered to look for because appearances and #feminism are all that matters.
if you're here, i'm going to get more cunty, not sorry, you were warned.
the demand for wlw rep is absolutely just dog whistling to seem holier than thou, and like, whatever, most of this shit originates on twitter and tiktok and i've never listened to a word a twitter or tiktok user has said and i won't start now so on the whole i can just put my metaphorical headphones on and tune it out and keep doing my thing, yk? but when it permeates my little den of horror and my brain starts scratching itself, well, i find that sometimes i need to be an asshole and sometimes is right now.
it's not actually a fandom sexism/misogyny issue it's an issue of wanting validation to enjoy certain things, because those things are only cool if the hivemind says so, right? i'm no political expert but i know enough to know that cultlike thought patterns don't lead anywhere good. i've seen zombie movies. i live in america. LOL.
i always joke about how i'd rather die than have my favorite ships become popular (i.e. pandalily, bartydora, lilycissa, etc) but the reason i say that is because a. it breeds discourse that i don't care about, and b. i don't want a bunch of people engaging with content they're not actually interested in just to seem woke or stay on top of trends. it just makes things worse for the people who actually enjoy it.
and while i have your attention, and while i'm being a bitch, wanna know one of the big reasons i think people are crying and whining about the 'lack of wlw rep'? they want other people to care so they don't have to. of course, they don't realize other people already dooooo care, because they're too terrified to sort by anything other than hits on ao3, but that's neither here nor there. no, what they want is for some big strong heavenly god to bite the bullet and characterize these women that, let's be frank, are names on a page and nothing more, so they don't have to. so they can keep on keeping on with the characters they DO care about and toss something around every once and a while about (insert megaviral wlw fic that doesn't exist) to avoid claims of sexism & lesbophobia. AND AS A DISCLAIMER! i don't think people should feel the need to care about a bunch of random characters if they don't want to. once again, this is fanfiction. do whatever the fuck you want. i promise it makes things so much more fun and chill. just because i wanna characterize the shit out of pandora fucking lovegood, i'd never demand anyone else does, and that's the crux of it, isn't it?
this is why it also bugs me when i see posts like 'omg i don't even care who the ship is, i just love sapphics!' or smth along those lines because like, yeah, i love women and i love when women fuck each other and love each other, but i'm not just gonna care about a ship because it's two women. if i did, i'd be more than happy with the pg spoonfed #girlcore sapphic representation in mass media, because half the time it's just two white girls named rachel and brookleighanna whose only defining character traits are that they're gay. nothing more. and sorry, but i'd rather have no wlw content than that. i can't enjoy a ship if i haven't rotated them to hell and back like a rotisserie chicken in my silly little head, often before i've even consumed any content about them. that's the fun of it! i sent like 12 voice messages about a ship i don't even care about that much one time just because i took a shower and had a lot of thoughts. does that mean i'm going to attempt to make them a cornerstone of the Fandom As A Whole and be treated like a celebrity over it? fuck no. i'm just here because i like to have fun and talk to people about characters we all enjoy and create so much lore in my head that only 2 people will ever know about simply because i'm passionate about it and that passion is really enjoyable to me. fandom is a community to me, not a hierarchy, like tiktok or twitter would have you believe, and i think that's what this whole conversation about wlw rep is missing right from the jump. (ta da! i circled back to the point at hand in the end. my tangent had a point!)
yeah so that's my two cents. lol.
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masterjedilenawrites · 2 months
Heyy bestie uhm I'm gonna need another part of angst especially after the cheating Ex (seriously tho what a jerk) like how would the clones and batch be like in a new relationship would they be more cautious? Skeptical of there new s/o words and assume they are lying until yhey get proof? Like would they be worried to give there heart to a new person/ s\o not sure whether to trust them or not and if there being honest
Oh boy... more angst eh? I made references to their past relationships a little more vague, so it could fit in with those cheating HCs or you could imagine different reasons as to how their hearts got broken before they put themselves out there again...
Kix, Jesse, and Hunter are calm, cool, and collected... on the outside. Inside, they are stressed the heck out when they start going on dates again. Don't get them wrong, they do very much want to try again. They believe in soulmates and can't wait to find theirs. But there is definitely a lot of internal monologuing. They question everything, including their own feelings... Is that a red flag? Am I comparing them too much to my ex? They don't share any of their insecurities until the new relationship is stable.
Dogma, Tech, and Crosshair would be more adverse to starting a new relationship after having their heart broken. It would take a long, long time for them to be interested in someone new. For them, it's not about trust so much as investment. To commit to the time it takes to get to know someone, the energy it takes to build emotional connections, is very daunting, and they now have firsthand experience that it doesn't always work out. It would take someone truly special for them to risk giving love a second chance.
Fox, Hardcase, and Echo hide the scars on their heart very well. For the most part. By the time they meet someone new they're wanting to pursue, they'll have made peace with a lot of their past and will give the new relationship an honest chance, letting things unfold in their own way and not comparing or worrying about repeating history. But every once in a while, something will happen that'll trigger old wounds quite unexpectedly. They'll be moody and even fearful and they won't know why until someone helps them connect the dots.
Cody, Wolffe, and Tup are cautious. They go on a few dates here and there, acting polite and having an okay time. But they never commit, never take things further. They're not sure why. What are they waiting for? What do they even want in a partner now? They sort of go through the motions without feeling much. It would take someone becoming their friend first to break through whatever apathy they had, and then they'll have a real chance at creating a solid, meaningful, romantic relationship that actually makes them feel good.
Rex, Fives, and Wrecker are total messes. Someone please keep an eye on these poor boys if they choose to re-enter the dating pool again, they'll need all the support they can get so they don't a) emotionally fall apart and/or b) end up in another unhealthy arrangement. Either or both scenarios are likely. Any potential new partners need to be patient and understanding. They'll share their tragic romantic history on the first date and be open throughout the relationship in how they feel about everything, for better or worse.
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dr3amofagame · 4 months
Curious on your thoughts. What were cPunz and cDream doing in the main cell before cTommy arrived? Like what possible reason do they have to be in there, the place of cDream’s torture?
Since cPunz seemed so adamantly upset about cDream’s torture, “unspeakable things.” Do you think cDream told him details? Clearly they were open with each other about limbo, but cDream also doesn’t seem the type. Or do you think he found out some other way? Also if cPunz and cDream have truly tortured others and themselves in the name of science, then when Punz says “unspeakable things” that would be on a huge scale wouldn’t it? Which really begs the question, what the heck happened in Pandora’s box.
Also, if cPunz could always revive cDream, then why did cDream beg so much in prison for his life. Would it not be easier to do your plans secretly when everyone thinks you are dead? Was daily torture for months truly preferable to death? Which makes me wonder, what is cDream’s limbo that he would rather be tortured and would make cPunz so angry when they killed cDream. And if limbo changes then why is he trying so hard to avoid it. Clearly, Death no longer holds the same meaning, so why does cDream seem to want to avoid death so badly?
All good questions! A lot of which I'm... not sure if I have the answers to, honestly, but I'll throw some thoughts here.
I have suspicions that c!Dream's death meant more than it looked like on the surface. c!Dream fights hard against his death in the prison arc, we know that there's issues with the 'balance' as referenced by several characters atp (c!Punz, c!Dream, XD, idk abt any others) and death + revival obviously has meaning and implications that have not been fully explained. c!Dream and c!Punz going from seemingly doing nothing to gunning for the plan, encouraging c!Tommy and c!Tubbo to collect the server to their location to 'try and stop them' in an effort that they're apparently completely confident will fail? Yeah, that was sus, and c!Dream's death - as far as we can tell - seems to be the catalyst for all of it.
I think whatever was happening in the main cell could have to do with c!Punz and c!Dream's apparent planning - or it could have little meaning at all. It's hard to say, honestly. There's a lot of things that were happening all at the same time and the way that said events were carried out and the circumstances around them are rather convoluted, not to mention how we haven't gotten some of the apparent finales yet. The Incident, whatever it was that caused the white flash and (seemingly) caused the Reset, has been heavily implied as not being the nuke ooc by cc!Tubbo - and the only real thing we can point to as being able to create a server reset (at this point in time) is what c!Dream and c!Punz said about making the world reset. (Personally, I think that also adds some fun context to "it's too late" as well as being an interesting mirror to c!Tommy setting off the nuke and then having a chance for reconciliation right before it hits, but that's not really proof in of itself.)
The Limbo experiments feel ... interesting. I believe that they happened to some degree, for sure. We all know about Vikk and Lazar (though the months claim is something I'll admit I'm suspicious of - iirc, c!Lazar and c!Vikk were both seen right around Doomsday, and c!Dream was imprisoned by the 20th of that same month. That gives them at most 2 weeks, unless they did some more human experimentation post-prison break.) Changing Limbos in some manner also feels accurate - again, to some degree. c!Tommy's Limbo is different the two times we've seen it, for example (but then there's interesting things to consider like Ghostbur and c!Wilbur sharing a Limbo, for example.) Frankly, it's hard to make claims on Limbo imo because everything about the death mechanics in the DreamSMP is just so ,,, variable? Like we don't really have anything to go off of except for their word, and like. We're talking c!Dream and c!Punz talking to c!clingy, here. Not exactly what I'd consider the pinnacle of reliable narration
I don't think c!Dream would willingly tell c!Punz details on the torture without some rational reason to justify to himself. Whether that means what c!Punz knows comes from extrapolation or c!Dream unwillingly telling him (because he's not lucid or something, as an example) or because c!Dream tells him as a warning for some kind of post-prison Limbo experiment (like, fyi, pulling a knife on me might make me have a panic attack lol) - I don't think I have a particularly firm opinion either way. And that, of course, is assuming that c!Dream told him anything at all. c!Punz was keeping an eye on the server, after all, and he could've just. Known about c!Quackity torturing c!Dream (considering he was trailing blood literally all over the server) and filled in the gaps himself.
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sequinhaze · 4 months
ohmygod i’m going so insane over this
like evan and pandora as little kids and their parents were like hey, they are not normal huh! (they didn’t care, they were weird too, who do you think evan got the bones thing from?) like pandora would catch butterflies and beetles and freeze them for evan he could do his weird little surgeries and frame them for his bug wall
as soon as they started hogwarts the professors were like ohhhh we have our work cut out for us with these two huh and they had just started on their necromancy phase and evan was particularly fond of a séance so u can IMAGINE his joy when he saw the hogwarts ghosts, like picture little first year ev sat on the stairs talking so so happily to the ghosts and they are weirdly accommodating cause hey, the first years are normally scared of them but this kid is so happy to try and shake their hands and laugh when it goes straight through
when they started practicing spells on each other is when it got reaaaallly fun, pandora was mean with a wand and evan was all too happy to be the test subject, he thought the scars were really cool and pandora was weirdly talented with spells and potions that the professors couldn’t help but be impressed every time a student was like hey sir? the rosier twins are duelling in the courtyard again and i think evan might be dead 😃
ugh i just love them i love them being weird and kinda scary and freaking out all their friends but regulus and barty just kind of watch them with awe because they grew up all table manners and perfect behaviour and here come these two covered in dirt and experimenting on animals and literally sawing limbs off each other and they just think it’s pretty neat
pls this was so long i’m so sorry i think a new hyperfixation is beginning 😭😭
pandora killing things for evan is such a precious concept i love it so so so so so much
their parents just let them do whatever they want as long as they don't kill each other, and honestly the only reason they don't kill each other is because otherwise they would be so lonely
also they cry a lot on their first night at hogwarts because they're not allowed to dorm together and they're so used to being together all the time. evan needs pandora there to tell her all about his gruesome nightmares that make them both giggle and pandora needs evan's constant sleep talking to be able to fall asleep
i love them your honour, i love them with my whole entire soul
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hashtagdnf · 3 months
/dsmp /rp
It's one of those days. When everything is normal and usual. Like Ponk and Sam's anniversary. But George wouldn't know that naturally. For George, it's just another day of standing outside the prison far enough to let the walls tempt him. He knows Pandora, of course he does, because he knows Dream. And sometimes she feels like stepping into the middle of a forest, like the ground beneath him is breathing and trees are caressing, saying "child, my child! You're here" Like they can't wait to let him rest under their shade or share a fruit. Like a grandmother on a holiday, worrying and hovering, "George, what do you need? Is the wind too loud? Is the sun too bright?" This world sounds eerily similar to someone he's trying to forget. But in the face of such power he's nothing. So he lets the world coddle and fuss over him all it wants.
These walls feel the same as the forests but laced with such longing. Like his mere presence is hurting but his absence is way worse. So today he takes one step closer, the prison shudders in relief. George could do better than that. So he, overcome by a sudden fondness he hasn't allowed himself to feel in a long time, marches beyond the walls. He enters the portal knowing he won't end up where he needs to be. So he steps knowing full well that the white... The basalt? He's in the prison.
Now George has never seen it, yet he knows. The same way he knows where to leave little bugs so birds can find them easier or which plants are better being nipped in the bud lest they take innocent sheeps and cows as their victim. The plants don't know better, the bugs are more accepting of the cycle of life. George doesn't really do any of this because he knows but he does it and somewhere along the way the realisation is more a memory.
The same way that his palms are his own, George knows this is the prison. The prison seems to shake - relief, anticipation, love love love, anger, right there, so close, "I'm here, George" like electrocuted he becomes alert. Yes, this is where Dream, the one he's trying to forget, who made this world that so obviously adores him enough to let the forest be his, the sky, the water, everything the light touches is his and everything between the bedrock and dirt is his too.
This world that freely belonged to a mortal and its beloved maker. This prison and her resident. There's something in all this that he can't connect. Well it doesn't matter if there is a connection really. Nothing seem to matter all that much to him. Oh Sapnap maybe. And his friends, he suppose. They matter, right? right, they do. If not he wouldn't have to break-in or however he managed to come in here and instead would be in the next cell to Dream. Although he heard whispers that nobody could cell next to Dream because he was in one of those special high-security solitary confinement cells. Whatever that means. But a few things are clear, Dream is alone and probably going crazy with it. George frowns, that is if he hadn't already been crazy considering he's done... what did he do again? Oh yes, murders and uh genocide. Well they're sort of similar since there aren't many countries here.
Either way, Dream's done bad stuff and he's here now and he's probably alone and- It doesn't matter. Nothing does.
So he walks in, careful not to touch anything with his bare skin, the walls almost begging him to do so. So damn familiar, this litany of "george, please"s. And for that very reason alone he won't touch. Abstaining isn't strange to him. His indulges tend to land him right beside Dream, ergo in deep shit that neither of them can come out of safely. His wants and needs are irrelevant because giving in to those has taught him valuable life lessons - that he shouldn't infact give in.
The walls seem to know where he's needed, of course she does. Pandora is a simpering fool in his presence. Down to desperate little shudder of pleas than the imposing and magnanimous wonder that she was supposed to be.
George grits his teeth, this was supposed to be Dream's. Why would she- he knows why. He always does. Because she is Dream's that Pandora is falling over herself trying to be in step with him. He can feel her moving, breathing, crying. He reaches past the security doors that were supposed to be closed to anyone but the warden with the keys, but today was special. George is here and Pandora will be damned if she can't welcome him in. Finally, finally, George is here, she'll be damned if anything besides his own self stops him from reaching the heart of her. Ready to move walls, shape the archways just the right size for him to breeze through with ease.
And before both of them realise, too overhelmed at thoughts of what's getting nearer, George is staring at a wall of lava.
And like he knows in sleep to shift to the otherside as the sun sets, George knows Dream is right there. And Dream knows he's here too or well someone important. If the obsidian thrumming is not clue enough, the chair Sam was sitting on falling down from the force of him getting up, surely must have been.
"Hi, Sam"
"...hi- how are you here?"
George tilts his head, "the prison let me in" and just as he says it he realises saying he broke in would have been more believable.
"The... Prison? No! how did you get past the security?"
"Like i said the prison let me in."
"George, shut up! The prison is mine and i didn't let you in. Tell me the truth, how'd you get in?"
The prison shakes, as if to physically shrug that untrue claim off of herself. The prison was not his. At this point, the prison might as well be more George's than Sam's. But both of them barely care about any of that right now. So they end up staring, george wondering how he should explain himself lest he be thrown in here and Sam, too drunk, too needy and too deep in nostalgia to be the prison guard he gave up everything to be and kick him out or issue a lockdown for breach. No, he's been steadily drinking, staring at the lava that seperates Dream from the rest of the world.
"Can I see Dream?"
At that, Sam laughs, he can't help it. Everything is so damn hilarious and he's stuck guarding something that doesn't want him. The realisation truer than any sobers him right up. He just wanted to get drunk and forget goddamnit.
"Can you visit him? Let's see, George. First, you should have messaged me so we could have fixed a time. Second, you shouldn't have just walked in there's procedures for a visit and third, why do you want to visit him? You know he's just biding his time to kill everyone and this prison is literally the only thing stopping him."
"But that's not true though, is it Sam?"
"It's pointless to kill all of them. That's stupid, why would he do that?"
This conversation is giving him more headache than he anticipated to bear this evening. Infact, he wanted to deal with the hangover tomorrow and drink himself to a blissful numbness today. But guess that's down the drain.
"George- no. No! I'm not letting you visit. You still haven't answered my question and you still need to go through all of the steps. You can't just walk in and i still don't know how you did that by the way."
Sam pauses and looks at George. He's known that face was more trouble than what it appears to be. He was here when those lips weren't fixed in a hard line, wrought with tension and brimming with unspoken words. He was here when those shoulders used to be free of this cloak, broad and capable shoulders, coaxing others to do the dirty work for them. Reliant, vast shoulders, the skin is not dark enough and- maybe! Maybe he's way too drunk than he'd admit if he's seeing people who would rather not be anywhere near him.
"George, you need to leave."
"Sam, I'm already here. Let me see him once and for all. Then I'll never come back again."
Sam bites his lips, "Not even at the gates, looking all lost and pathetic?"
George sighs, as if this ordeal is proving to be more tiring and he wants to get it over with and go back to... wherever he disappears off to nowadays "Yes not even at the gates. Happy?"
Then he pushes a few buttons and guides George to stand at the platform.
The walls reach their apex and George is convinced they'll shatter from the sheer force of the vibrations. Is he the only one feeling it? They keep rising and it almost sounds like a song, an inevitable and george almost rolls his eyes, probably timed to drop when dream sees him.
The lava rises and he's moving before he can breathe his next.
The cell, george is seething because cells might look luxurious in the face of this, is a box of obsidian. Nothing more nothing less. It suprisingly looks cooler on the inside if dream's ease and not sweating self is anything to go by. Dream's back is tensed, shoulders hunched and there's... Blood. little specks of them all over the walls, the floor, his god awful prison uniform. The red almost blends in with the orange or maybe there's too much red for the orange to even be seen.
The platform, if possible, picks up speed. Drunk as the day he got dumped, Sam is never the wiser for it.
Dream knows and George knows and as the barrier goes down the lava fills back in. George hastily steps into the room. Maybe it wasn't that the room was cold but Dream was too dehydrated and malnourished for his body to react to heat the same way as a normal human's does. And isn't that a slap to his face. Murders or not, while he's been gallivanting into the forest, playing with Dreamxd, sleeping away in comfort. Dream has been brought close to death's door multiple times it seems like. Death seems to hang right above his curtain of hair and George for the first time realises he's seeing Dream. He's walked right in and now he's with Dream.
In his defense, he barely feels reality at all these days. Everything is hazy and blurry at the edges. But this right here, is so clear as if the light from the lava was all it took to get his vision back.
They both say nothing and Dream is still showing his back to him, he seems shorter or well more hunched down.
"Hi, George" it feels like a whip, matching the cadence of the bubbling lava and the cell walls are silent no, waiting, George realises, they're waiting for George. They've been waiting for so long.
"Hi, Dream." It's redundant. George feels an inappropriate laugh trying to escape. How hilarious is this. How funny is that Dream looks like he's died more times than he ate a full meal and George looks like he owns this place. That somehow Pandora is his and he failed her by not taking care of her only resident.
"Did you eat?" And that's the wrong thing to say probably because Dream is suddenly reminded of his own hunger and that's not good. He's long trained himself to resolutely not think about them. There are more things that he's forbidden himself to think about. One such thing is standing before him so maybe the list is seeming more ridiculous by the second.
George sees Dream frowning and immediately wants to say he understands. That it's fine. He doesn't have to talk. But he says none of that because he wants and he indulges because it's Dream and it's pointless to fight.
"I did. I think. I don't remember well, you know me."
"Do i?" And that's also the wrong thing to say. Looks like dream can't help but fuck up things every step of the way.
He still hasn't turned and it's getting on George's nerves. "Dream turn around."
"My... Mask"
"I've seen you without it plenty times, idiot. We-" George stops. He almost said that they were past seeing each other without glasses and mask. But george knows not to say the wrong things or maybe things that makes him look weak. Because Dream is the villain now isn't he? And he should be careful. Maybe. He doesn't have all the details down but he's trying. It's hard to hide from someone who grew up trying to find you and knows all your secret hideaways and is also a great hunter who can clearly tell the difference in leaves scrunching between feet and hooves. From prey to predator.
"Okay" the next thing he knows he has a Dream, filling his view much like he always does. There's some scars and dried blood and if he could see colours he'd see dream's paler-than-healthy neck thrumming with a weak pulse. Thankfully it has been long since Quackity visited. Or maybe it's unfortunate. It's hard to guess what George would do if he saw dream like that. If he saw how Pandora sees him.
There's a heavy pause and the almost instantly a voice straight from his deepest memories says "there you are" so fondly that it was more instinctual than deliberate. And one look at George's dazed expression confirms that he didn't even realise that he said anything at all.
"There you are, Dream" now with more conviction and a hard stare. He doesn't look away from Dream's face lest he do things he will be mildly inconvenienced by, like maybe kill Sam. So he takes a deep breath and says, more softly, this time like a prayer, like a whispered secret inbetween his collarbones, straight from one of dream's desperately held memories "there you are, Dream" and relief and pain and love love love pours into this god forsaken box dispelling any rotten corner.
The three - Pandora, Dream and George, breath in such tandem that they all might as well be one heart keeping three alive.
And together they all seem to say "there you are."
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Saved Doesn’t Mean Safe
Written, Produced and Directed By Black Bunny Mask, Co Written by @bookoffandoms
Sponsored By Me!
Episode 1- The Escape
Episode 2- Recaptured and new roommate?
Yandere Ponk x Yandere Sam x Reader (Yandere Dream x Reader)
Warnings- Abuse, Cursing, manipulation.
Author’s note- I know it took awhile don't remind me-
Y/N kept running, Ponk's limp body kept appearing in their head. They wanted to stop, they wanted to cry and scream and just break down, but they knew better than to let that man get near them. Sooner than later, the air got knocked out of them as they fell to they floor.
"You... YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Sam yelled, pulling his hair as he couldn't control his anger.
Y/N flinched at his sudden outburst. Sam roughly picked them up and walked back to the prison, them yelling and kicking him, but nothing seemed to work. When they passed a passed out Ponk, Sam stared for a few moments before walking past, not even sparing a glace.
As he took you back to the prison you lost all of your energy, your legs weak from kicking and your thoughts made you exhausted. When you two entered the prison again, San pushed you into a cell and locked it tight, his hands shaking as he tried to hold back his anger.
You sat there in silence, turning away as you heard Sam mumble before walking off, the sound of hissing getting further and further away. "Ponk, Ponk are you ok?" You messaged to Ponk, but no reply came.
You knew he was still alive, his chest was going up and down last time you saw him, so he couldn't be dead, right? But then you remembered the book, this seemed to be all too familiar, but, right now that didn't matter, you had to focus on escaping.
____________________________________________________ "Sam, who made you so mad~"
"Shut. Up Dream." "Did you get your little darling back, did they make you mad, did they-"
Dream went silent as his now long dirt blonde hair covered his face. Sam was surprised on how quiet he got, but he wasn't complaining.
"Sam, I've been quite lonely here, no one has ever came to visit me, and that doll of yours seems to be getting on your last nerve..."
"You want something Dream, and whatever you want you aren't gonna get, so drop it."
"I know you Sam, you love them too much to teach them a proper lesson, I could do that, if you let the m be my roommate~"
"I'm not doing that to them Dream! You're in prison for a reason, I'm letting you hurt another person again, especially my darling..."
"But Sam! You're letting them walk all over you! They're ungrateful for everything, and hell, they even escaped! I swear I'll make sure they never do it again... You just need to trust me..."
Sam stood there in thought, Dream was a manipulator, he can't fall for his tricks, but the offer, his darling never leaving him again, it was, something he couldn't give up..
"Fine." ____________________________________________________"Y/N?! Sam?!" Ponk said as he woke up.
Ponk got up with an extreme pain in his head. He looked around and saw nothing.
"No..." He whispered, his mind racing with is many thoughts.
He lost you once, he didn't want to lose you again! He finally had you back in his arms, he finally had a chance, and he just had to fuck it up!
"I'm sorry Y/N... I'm sorry..."
You flinched when you heard the cell door swing open. Looking up from the floor, Sam was their, with a face you couldn't quite read.
"Come on."
"Where are you taking me..."
"If you don't ask questions it'll be quicker," Sam said, yanking you up by your arm.
As Sam dragged you towards Pandora's box, you thought about what he was going to do to you. Was he going to throw you into lava? Was he going to kill you? You didn't know, but the truth was worse than that.
"Stand on the block."
"Stand on the block Y/N. I'm not telling you again."
You stood on the block as lava began to poor down, reveling Dream who was writing in a book.
"Move with the block."
You didn't want to, you knew better than to go anywhere knew Dream, but you also didn't want to fall into lava or make Sam pissed, so against your better judgement, you walked. Once you got to the box, the cube went back as the lava went back down. Dream looked up from his book and smiled as he clapped his hands with glee.
"Sam! How long will I be here?"
No response. Now that, that shook you down to the core. As the barrier between you and Dream went down , you walked in, keeping your eyes on Dream.
"You look so much better last time I saw you~" Dream said, walking towards you.
"And you got uglier..."
"Now that's harsh! But you're my new roommate, isn't that exciting!?" Dream asked, picking you up and spinning you around.
"Oh we're gonna have so much fun... So much...."
It's been, days, weeks, you lost count long ago. Dre wasn't the best... Best roommate. He forced you to stay naked and be near the hot lava, it heating and burning you skin.
Your nether regions burned a lot, he didn't care if you liked it or not, you were his bitch, and he kept you quiet, knowing Sam would shut things down.
"Stay the fuck away from me you hobo!"
Dream looked up from his writing and stared at you, your body being dangerously close to the blazing lava. He just smirked as he stopped what h was doing and sat in front of you.
"You don't have a say in what I do, remember? You're in my cell, and in here, I make the rules! Yes it's pretty lonely here... But you can't leave if you don't want the big and scary Sam to punish you~"
You hated to admit it, but Dream was right. You couldn't really leave, and if you could they'll only be more dangers once you leave.
"You have 10 minutes, make it count."
You and Dream looked behind the lava in confusion, well, Dream looked over with more of excitement, having someone visit him would probably lead to him leaving you alone and not touching you. As the lava slowly went down, you both saw a very familiar face.
"Did you miss me~"
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trailmixtime · 10 months
gallifrey or benny for 001
i choose gallifrey since i've listened to all of that and only smatterings of benny :)
001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:
Favorite character: k9, closely followed by leela
Least Favorite character: darkel
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): leela/romana (romantic), leelabrax (platonic), leela/narvin (r/p), leela/veega (r), romana/brax (??)
Character I find most attractive: leela (specifically interrogator general!leela she is v sexy)
Character I would marry: laughs in aro
Character I would be best friends with: either k9 or leela. probably k9 bc leela would probably think i am a bit strange but k9 would just vibe with me slfkjkf
a random thought: the actors obviously speak in english, but i wonder what the canon reason for that is. are they all speaking gallifreyan and leela and the aliens who learn at the academy just fluent in it? or do the tardis translation circuits extend all the way up through the capitol or panoptican or whatever you call it? if it's the latter, how do time lords learn other languages? are languages even taught at the academy? i have so many questions!!!
An unpopular opinion: not sure how unpopular it is, but i think the gallifrey: time war stuff shouldn't have been branded as only gallifrey. this is is a complicated opinion so here me out. what i think the gallifrey: time war stuff (particularly boxset 2 and 3) should have been branded as is more allong the lines of gallifrey time war: romana, gallifrey time war: narvin, gallifrey time war: leela, etc. and given each a boxset each of them to explore their individual reactions to the time war, which would have given more allowance for plot things without taking away from the dynamics which is ultimately what disappointed so many of us i think. and then time war 4 should have been those plots converging and sort of zooming out on the close focus of those characters to see the core team and how their stories and individual characters fit so well with each other. idk if all that would even be doable or if it's more of a fanfic writer task, but i do think it would have been so much more emotionally satisfying than what we got.
(but also if it is a fanfic writer ask, any fanfic writers are more than welcome to steal the idea and write a beautiful multichap ksldfjsf)
My Canon OTP: leela/veega. they were So Good
My Non-canon OTP: leela/romana. screams.
Most Badass Character: again, leela. can you see a pattern here? :p
Most Epic Villain: torn between pandora and interrogator general leela, so i am going to choose both
Pairing I am not a fan of: romantic romana/narvin. i mean. it's okay, but out of all the romantic pairings you can make, that's definitely my last/least favourite option. i think the devotion narvin has toward romana remaining platonic and/or undefined makes it mean that much more meaningful u know?
Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): ik the common answer is probably brax, and they're right, but you know what? i'm going to go with leela again. particularly time 4 war leela because they DIDN'T DO HER GOOD!! they didn't give us any indication that her heart broke over the death of one of her only friends beyond a quiet "oh", AND THEN THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE HER ATTEMPT TO FIGHT BACK WHEN RASSILON SHOVED ROMANA INTO THE POCKET UNIVERSE JUST MINUTES AFTER SHE'S LOST NARVIN???? LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES. i didn't expect her to break down wailing there in the tardis, obviously, but this is leela we're talking about, she's not just going to be like "lol ok guess i'll not be sad and just let my other best friend be taken away from me too". she's at least going to give some indication that she'll cry later, and then she would at least try to stop romana from being taken away, or, at the very least argue with romana when romana told her not to do anything. she would be angry and hurt and the fact that we didn't get that-
i'll be fine. i just need to go do some breathing exercises sldkfjsf
Favourite Friendship: LEELABRAX
Character I most identify with: take a wild guess :p
(in case you can't guess, it's leela)
Character I wish I could be: none, honestly. being one of the characters would mean being put through hell by the writers and i choose no <3
ask game
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stellocchia · 2 years
protege anon (i guess that's my name now)
here's... some of the many endings. many of them could/would end happily because i am more of the 'angst is more worth it when it leads to a happy ending' type of writer. also i am not going to be putting c! in front of the names for the rest of the asks i might send for this dkfjdks i'm getting tired of doing that every time.
one thing in the endings that's always the same is that tommy/blank stops taking care of himself very well or entirely after dream is jailed because he isn't sure how to anymore. this also includes him not dying his hair so his roots start showing.
i also couldn't pick one ending because they're all so good?? i dunno hopefully this will inspire people for even non protege related fics. plus i just realized that i never mentioned the detail that blank doesn't speak much to those who he barely knew before and not at all to those he knew as tommy.
end variation: Callahan. aka an end where they go to get callahan who is just vibing on the world border of the server because he is NOT getting involved in the wars thanks. he's one of the only people who has permission to use the player locating feature on the server, so they get him to find blank. cue callahan figuring out blank is tommy, restores his original IGN tag and then says he'll only point them in the direction of where blank is if they DON'T want to kill him.
sam and puffy are almost always part of that group. partially because they're some Favs of mine but also because i feel like they're the most likely to just. not want blank dead.
end variation: compass. this one is where tubbo's compass isn't destroyed. he hides it away after finding the tower in logstedshire and also one where the compass Actually points to tommy and not just the lodestone in logstedshire. tubbo pulls it out for comfort after dream is jailed and finds 'oh hey its pointing somewhere' which he thinks is ghost tommy. phantommy. you know. and tubbo wants to hold whatever is left of tommy close, even if it hurts.
except they find a vault with blank crying on a cow. whose roots are Very Blond and its Very Clear that blank hasn't... actually taken care of himself in the past weeks/months since dream had been jailed. awkward : ) but there is a lot of healing as they figure out blank is a heavily conditioned tommy who needs some Time with friends who aren't gonna treat him like he's a toy/tool like dream was.
end variation: this is the one where tubbo almost gets killed by dream, blank panics because tubbo was one of the reasons he'd been doing whatever dream asked him to, and blank kills dream. because he doesn't know restraint anymore. and then has a breakdown in front of everyone that includes LOTS of screaming.
because of the whole 'mute or near mute' thing, people are rightfully scared of blank atm. meanwhile the badlands crew trap dream and throw him in pandora's vault even for the moment while everyone else wrestles with blank. its decided its not safe for him to be put in the vault too (either because he'll kill dream again or because he might break dream out, they have no idea which) so custody is given to lmanburg who temporarily house him in their rinky dink prison until they realize he's, you know, tommy.
this is the end variation that largely stays the same which is the one where blank runs off, grabs henry, and hides as close to the world borders of the server he can. he lives in a little oak and cobblestone house with his pet(s because ofc he gets attached to more animals) but he's always prepared in case dream shows up and demands for his aid again.
that never happens ofc so he just lives out there. he's found eventually, with his half broken blank mask and badly cut blond hair with black dye clutched in his hands.
... another common theme with my endings is that blank gets to actually heal and be a person again. because, again, i really prefer angsty stories to have happy endings for those hurt the most.
also that's all the main variations i can think of that ahs like. a major difference from the 'punz leads them to the vault and the entire server finds blank crying on a cow' ending.
I really like them honestly!
Also Blank/Tommy should get to have just so many pets every time, he deserves them.
But yeah, I generally prefer happy endings if it's a long fic. Just because I'm soft like that I suppose...
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keepmeinthedark · 2 years
Growing Pains || A Marlene McKinnon fanfiction
Chapter Two - Hogwarts
Chapter One here
Tumblr media
Finding the confidence to ask someone if she could sit with them was proving to be a lot harder then Marlene originally thought. Especially with the thought of her fight with her sister so clear in her head.
Marlene was overreacting, she knew it but she didn't care. Steph lied and her and she hated being lied to. Steph knew this.
They had both been brought up in what Marlene thinks was the right way. To respect others, to not take the purity of others blood into account, to be kind and fair and brave. That Slytherins were anything but, that Gryffindor was the house that every member of their family was apart of and that was for a reason.
But surely she knew better then this? Maybe if her sister was in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff she would be less mad. She didn't want to be mad at Steph, for she was the only person on this train that she knew. She didn't think about making friends on the train, she had just assumed she would enjoy the ride with Steph and her friends and then start actually putting herself out there to her own year once sorted.
Luckily she was able to find a carriage of her own, at the very front of the train, next to where the prefects were. She took her seat and a deep breath.
Now what?
She hadn't really packed anything in her bag that could be used as entertainment. She expected that she would have people to talk to for the train ride.
She sighed and looked out the window, this was going to be a long journey. And the train hadn't even taken off yet.
It was about twenty minutes before the train took off and then another ten minuets for someone to join Marlene.
A small plump boy, draw coloured hair and baby face entered the carriage. "Umm I hope you don't mind but could I sit here?" he asked quietly.
Marlene had to stop herself from jumping with excitement, he was clearly someone who would be in her year and she could use the company.
"Oh yes! Of corse, please take a seat," she beamed. "My names Marlene, Marlene McKinnon."
"Peter Pettigrew," the boy replied, shaking her outstretched hand and sitting in the seat opposite her. "Are you a first year too?"
Marlene nodded, "Yes I am, I'm so excited. Aren't you? Oh I can't wait to be sorted and start classes," she rambled, slightly bouncing up and down in her seat.
Peter smiled, "So am I. What house do you think you'd be in?"
"Gryffindor probably," she replied, trying not to sound as confident as she actually was. "My whole family has been Gryffindor, only makes sense. What about you? Are you pureblood?"
Peter nodded, "My family has been mixed and matched. No real legacy for me, although I'm hoping to also make Gryffindor."
Marlene nodded and politely smiled, trying not to let it show on her face that she thought he would rather be suited in Hufflepuff in her opinion.
"Do you have any siblings?" she asked, she didn't want to sit in silence with Peter. She had to make friends somehow and this seemed as good of a time as ever.
Peter nodded, "A sister, Beth her name is. She's a year younger then me. Have you?"
Marlene hesitated. Really she should've known that Peter would ask back but it still caught her off guard. She had just told Peter that her entire family was Gryffindors, but Steph in fact wasn't a Gryffindor at all.
Still, she was her sisters. And it wasn't like she expected Peter to actually make Gryffindor, he probably would never notice.
"I have one older sister, a younger brother and two younger sisters."
"Wow, big family you've got there."
Marlene let out a little laugh, "Yeah, I guess... But I like having a big family. I love my siblings as I know you must love your sister."
Peter nodded, "Yeah, definitely."
Marlene and Peter continued talking throughout the ride and rode the boats to the castle with two other girls.
Just the sight of the castle made Marlenes stomach grow butterfly's, it was everything she ever dreamed of and walking into the great hall for the first time was surly a moment she would never forget.
"When I call your name, come forward and I will place the hat on your head. When you've been sorted please join your house table," Professor McGonagall said, before pulling out a scroll and speaking the first name.
"Black, Sirius"
Black, Marlene had heard of that family before, all Slytherins, all purists, all arseholes. She narrowed her eyes as she watched the black haired boy take his seat up on the stool. This one would be obvious.
"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted and the hall went silent.
Marlene allowed herself to glance back at the Slytherin table, where Sirius' family were, ready to welcome him with open arms. Now all sat with their jaws open and eyebrows raised.
Looking back at Sirius almost broke her heart, he looked... scared.
Marlenes eyes didn't leave Sirius for the majority of the sorting. It wasn't until she hear "MacDonald, Mary" that her head shot back to the front. She should be called up soon.
Mary was a small girl, with beautiful brown skin and was wearing a black hijab. She walked up to the stall and sat down, it didn't take long for the hat to yell "GRYFFINDOR," causing the hall to applause while Mary joined her house.
"McKinnon, Marlene."
For whatever reason, Marlene decided to wait a total of three seconds before actually moving, as if she was scared that there were two Marlene McKinnons in her year or perhaps if she misheard the professor and went up before her name was called.
She sat at the stool and faced the great hall. Only then did she feel so incredible small. So many eyes all staring up at her, waiting to see where she'd be placed.
She found Stephanie easily, she was sat at the Slytherin table, close to the edge of the table, as if she was getting ready to welcome Marlene into the house.
"Oh god please not Slytherin" she whispered.
Not Slytherin? Pity, I reckon you'd do rather well there.
Marlene had to stop myself from jumping too much. Of course the hat talked, she had been told this. She had been told every little detail about the sorting ceremony but now that she was here she was terrified. Steph being a Slytherin had completely caught her off guard. She just wished the hat would hurry on and sort her already.
Getting impatient are we? So Hufflepuff will never do.
Well you've got that right, she thought. Just please say Gryffindor and leave me be.
Gryffindor? You have bravery yes but also creativity and wit and, if you use it correctly, intelligence. Perhaps Ravenclaw is more your style.
Ravenclaw? She hadn't thought of herself as a Ravenclaw before. Always Gryffindor. She had to be Gryffindor.
You don't have to be anything the hat spoke again. Here all you have to be is yourself and you are not a Gryffindor
Marlene could feel the hat move on her head, she knew what was coming.
Wait, I'm not-
Marlene didn't remover much of the feast from then on. Instead she sat at the Ravenclaw table sulking. She looked like a fool.
Of corse Peter had made it into Gryffindor, along with Sirius, Mary, three other boys and a girl with red hair. She had never envied strangers more.
She couldn't keep her eyes off the Gryffindor table, they all sat there talking and laughing with their prefects. The Ravenclaws around her tried to get through. Also sorted into her house were two other girls, Emmeline and Hestia. And two boys, Caradoc and Benjy. Their prefect, Frank was currently answering every question her four housemates could come up with.
"It's a small batch this year isn't it?" A girl said, taking a seat next to Frank. "Hi, my names Pandora. I'm head girl," she said, shaking each other their hands.
"Small as in number or height?" Frank joked.
Pandora laughed and shoved him "Oh shut it Longbottom, Merlín knows how you got prefect you can't go abusing your power by bullying first years," she laughed causing the others around them to laugh along.
"Anyways, we better go off to bed. Before everyone starts clearing out and we end up losing one of you. Follow me firsties," Frank said loudly, getting up from his seat.
The five first years followed him through the castle until they had reached Ravenclaw tower.
Marlene had to admit the Ravenclaw common room was beautiful. Frank lead them down the staircase and sat the five of them on the blue sofas by the fire.
"Right, well this is it! Umm just a few ground rules that Ravenclaw house has had for a while and a few insights of other houses and all that.
"Firstly, you're welcome to borrow any book only condition is that you give it back. A rule that I'm pretty sure all houses have are parties are allowed but Hufflepuff usually take care of Halloween because they're closest to the food, there's a ball every year right before the Christmas holidays, although only forth year and above are allowed, sorry guys and parties for such events such as birthdays we say third year and above are allowed to host those. Like no offence yall are cute but nobody knows who you are or care about the fact that you're turning twelve so-" he shrugged.
"Boys I warn you, don't go up to the girls dorm by your own will you will regret it. Ummmm what else is there...? Okay if I think of anything else I'll tell you but until then, follow me youngsters," he quickly jogged to a door under the balcony, down a corridor leading to two stair cases.
"Ladies, follow those stairs up to the first door and you will find your dorm room. You'll find that your things have already been sent up for you. Boys, follow me," and with that he, Caradoc and Benjy were gone.
It was Hestia that lead the way to the dorms and immediately jumped on the closest bed. Emmeline then took the middle one leaving Marlene to take the one furthest from the door.
The three girls unpacked in silence until Hestia spoke up, "You're quiet," she said, looking at Marlene.
Marlene just shrugged, "I guess."
Hestia didn't respond but Marlene caught her and Emmeline sharing a glance.
"Well, I was thinking about going down to the common room. Maybe we could get the boys, try to know each other a little better. You two up for it?" Emmeline then asked.
Hestia nodded smiling but Marlene shook her head, "I'm actually a bit tired. Might go to bed early after writing to my folks," she lied. Really she had no intention in writing to her parents until she could properly talk to Stephanie.
The two girls nodded and left the dorm, leaving Marlene on her own.
She sighed and got changed quickly before getting into bed.
"This isn't so bad," she told herself. So far Hogwarts was nothing like she expected but it wasn't all bad. Could've been worse definitely.
With that thought in mind, Marlene turned off the lamp and slowly but surly fell asleep.
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creatingwondorium · 4 years
Anxiety over climate change is real.
Being depressed over climate change is real.
It's valid and terrifying. Being overwhelmed is absolutely understandable and normal. So here's some help.
First, take a really deep breath. Now take another. Do it again. One more so I know you're with me. Meditate, if that's up your alley.
Tumblr media
Second, realize that complacency is not going to help here. You also don't need to add a crushing amount of pressure to yourself, so take Momma Earth's approach. Storms and explosions are great when you have the energy, but that's not what I mean.
Chip, chip, chip. Drip, drip, drip. Tiny, repetitive, consistent action. That is what will save us. Everyone doing small, manageable things. Sand dunes move with the wind, rivers carve valleys over time.
There are plenty of ideas online, but if you're not sure where to start, here are five to get you going.
1) Time your showers/baths. There's your baseline. Now, reduce your shower time by one minute. Get it down as low as you can.
2) Ask yourself if you really need that thing on or pluged in. Ok, yea. This sounds like the stereotype dad figure, but hear me out. How often do we leave things on the charge when they're 100%? It's sucking energy and I am willing to bet said energy is not from a renewable resource. Turn off or unplug something. Anything. Start with your phone.
3) Plastic bags. Don't throw a single one out for one month. How many do you have after four weeks? Can you even store that many? Find ways to reuse them (yarn for my crafters) and recycle them only when you've rung them lifeless. Put reuseable ones in your car, in your purse, whatever. Start with a single one. Find a lightweight, easily collapsible one a pack that sicker every freaking where. Get good at using one, then grow that action.
4) Grow something other than more anxiety. Cat grass is easy, nearly fail proof, and pet safe. Lettuces need very little space and will just work it till they can't. Cacti, flowers, if it's green and space appropriate, do it. Pro tip: plants like music and will listen when you tell them good things. Conveniently, do will you, wonderful, heartful, warrior friend!
5) Go here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/category/news/environment/
Don't give in to despair. It's not hopeless. There is time. Don't believe otherwise. Pandora kept hope in the box for a reason. Time to open it up and use that magic.
It's news about the good things happening around the world in relation to the environment. It helps to know there is an absolute army of scientists, activists, and people just like us making a real difference.
Tumblr media
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masterjedilenawrites · 10 months
I just got broken up with now I want others to suffer How would the clones (+bad batch) react to a unexpected breakup?
Aw I'm so sorry to hear that 😢 Hope you're doing okay. Here's some angst to cheer you up lol
Cody, Fox, and Kix are very upset, especially if it came out of nowhere. Why are they just learning that things aren't going well now, when it's too late to fix it? They'll demand some explanations and answers until they can wrap their head around what's happening. Only if they reach a point where they feel like there's closure will they be able to accept the breakup and move on. In the meantime, they'll continue to be confused, in denial, constantly over-analyzing anything they can remember. And they'll keep going back to their ex to "hash things out."
Wolffe, Dogma, and Crosshair are angered, but they bottle it up at first. There may have been an initial fight, or maybe their ex left without a fuss. But either way, they will keep their true feelings shoved deep, deep down. They'll throw themselves into their work, constantly moving from practices to fights to training to mission debriefs to whatever they can find to do, honestly. Anything to not have to think about it. When their emotions do burst out, it's mostly anger at being treated so poorly. At having their vulnerability taken advantage of and their heart broken.
Fives, Jesse, and Wrecker seem to go through the five stages of grief all at once. They're crying, they're begging at their ex's door for a second chance, they're numbly getting through their day, they're going out on a date with someone else.... It's unclear just how long it really takes them to get over it, because they'll seem like they're okay for a bit, like they've moved on, and then all of a sudden they're a blubbering mess at 79's again. Ultimately they do come out of it, more brazen in their attempts at finding true love.
For Rex, Tup, and Hunter, it may not have been unexpected but perhaps just dreaded. They're fairly sensitive to when things seem "off." Even if their ex had been a good actor, they still would've known deep down something wasn't right. They would've tried to have conversations or do whatever else they could to keep the relationship together, so when it ends in separation anyway, it really depresses them. They're withdrawn and forlorn, not finding joy in the things they used to for quite some time. Their recovery period is lengthy despite having seen it coming.
Hardcase, Tech, and Echo are mature, for the most part. Hopefully there was a good reason to end things, or one they understand even if they wished they could've had a chance to work through it. But regardless, they can still take the bad news in stride and allow their ex to leave if that's what they really want. It's only the little things that make them sad from time to time, little slips of the tongue, forgetting when they wake they'll be in an empty bed, seeing something that reminds them of their ex, etc.
Clone Tag List: @damerondala, @marvel-starwars-nerd, @dangerousstrawberrypie, @pandora-the-halfling, @misogirl828, @darkangel4121, @sobstea, @rintheemolion, @dionysuskid21, @jesseeka, @hanbedumbaf, @fallingforthem, @harleyevanstan, @imabeautifulbutterfly, @justanothersadperson93, @thatmultifandomdumbass, @sarahtanmarvel, @itsagrimm, @call-me-a-fool, @lackofhonor, @error6gendernotfound, @theclonesdeservebetter, @hannahhearttcw, @salaminus, @Techie-bear
(Join my tag list here)
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