#think free willy meets the little mermaid
thestuffedalligator · 4 months
Out of a moment of aching sadness and fury and manic impulsivity, a wizard turns a killer whale trapped in a theme park aquarium into a human so she can smuggle it out of the park and back into the wild.
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ericsonclan · 2 years
The Mystery Snack
Summary: Renata and Sophie prepare to sneak up to the surface when suddenly another merperson appears wanting to see the land dwellers again.
Word Count: 2876
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Renata swam forward, her yellow tail cutting through the water with ease as she twirled amongst the seaweed. A large grin was on her face as she continued onward, not a care in the world. Her brown eyes glanced up at the waters above, noticing the small schools of fish and the warm sunlight that pierced through the surface of the ocean and highlighted the waters below. There really was no place to live like under the sea. Still, the surface was so mysterious with the land dwellers running around on things that looked like sticks and with their weird food. Renata still wasn’t over how disappointing that black block tasted.
“Stupid stale box,” Renata flicked her tail and did another small spin, instantly regaining her joy. Whatever, she was planning on meeting up with Allison today and after that she would finally go on that stealth mission that she and Sophie had been playing for ages. In fact, Renata was already forgetting sections of the three hour old plan. Her nose scrunched up in concentration as she continued forward before she shrugged it off. It couldn’t be that important if she forgot it.
With a happy, upbeat tune Renata made her way forward, dancing upon the small little pulls of the ocean below. Until her eyes caught sight of Allision; her blood red tail stuck out clearly in the water as it moved this way and that. The ends of her fins brushed against the sands of the ocean floor, moving at such an anxious pace that Renata grew curious at what could be getting her friend in such a mood. With a playful smile she swam forward and tackled Allison with a hug. “Surprise hug attack!” Renata declared loudly and spun the two of them around in the water for a few seconds.
“Renata!” Allison squirmed around in her friend’s arms for a moment. “You distracted me from the hunt!”
“Oops, sorry there. Whatcha hunting?” Renata’s eyes scanned the area and her smile faltered for a second when she saw a big shark. Without thinking twice she guided her and Allison into a hollowed out rock. “That was close! Mr. Grumpy Teeth almost saw us,”
“That's what I was hunting,” Allison mumbled, her tail flicking in anticipation of Renata’s disapproval.
“Allie, just because you got a badass shark tooth necklace doesn’t mean you won’t be this grump’s appetizer,”
Renata’s words made Allison glance down at the necklace that Renata had gifted her during their travels together before they found the place that they now called home.
“I know,”
“I mean, we snagged that off some shark that was totally dead. I’m pretty sure a whale sat on that shark or something but this one is bad news.” Renata’s tail curled around a little rock and began to whack it softly up and down.
“It could be a threat though,” Allison’s eyes watched the shark for a moment then looked over at Renata.
“It could or it could just be passing through. Best thing we can do is stay here for a little bit then head back home. If it decides to show its ugly mug in our home, then it's gonna learn what merpeople can really do!”
Allison was quiet for a moment, her hand playing with her necklace. She trusted Renata’s judgement here; she usually always listened to Renata’s decision when they revolved around things like this. Not when it came to dumbass matters though - that’s when Allison knew to not have a fin in those sort of things. Usually. “Okay, fine,”
“Wooo! Alright, I found some neato sticks so we’re playing tic-tac-toe!” Renata beamed over at Allison who nodded and took the stick.
It was an hour or so before the shark moved far away from them and off in a direction opposite to their home. Once the coast was clear Renata led the way before swimming around and around Allison. “Glad we made this a game day and not a hunting day!” Renata smiled over at her friend. The red-tailed mermaid gave a small smile in response.
“Yeah, I guess it wasn’t bad,”
“That’s the spirit! Now come on, let's get back home!” Renata grabbed Allison’s hand and pulled her forward as she swam. Soon the two friends were swimming side by side, happy and carefree. It wasn’t a long swim before they arrived back home to the giant sea stone that held dozens of caves that the merpeople had turned into a beautiful home with the help of rocks, shiny shells and the occasional hermit crab.
As Renata and Allison made their way through the entrance they spotted Oakley who was staring rather intently at a patch of seaweed. The merperson’s chestnut brown tail swayed slowly, moving with the ebb and flow of the thought process of their inner mind. After a moment or two of pondering Oakley opened their mouth with a pronounced ‘Ah’ sound and bit down on the seaweed. Chewing thoughtfully, Oakley went from a somewhat blank expression to one of disgust. With a ‘bleh’ sound, bits of seaweed swooshed away with a well-timed current. “Bad seaweed.”
Before Renata could go over and comfort her friend for their terrible loss of potentially good seaweed, a new merperson spiraled forward. His firetruck red tail stood out loudly against the softer colors of the creatures nearby him.
“Knox!” Duck moved forward, abruptly stopping and causing a small whirlwind of water with his tail nearby. “I found a new patch of seaweed that we haven’t explored yet! Wanna go?” Oakley gave a small nod which made a happy smile appear on Duck’s lips. Interlocking his pinky with Oakley’s, Duck swam forward, slowly guiding his love away. Renata and Allison watched them for a moment when suddenly a loud voice appeared nearby.
“Allie!” Willy swam forward, his hands cupped together. “I found a super cool stone!” Revealing the stone, Willy watched as awe danced around in Allison’s eyes as she studied the smooth blue rock that changed from lighter shades to darker ones. “Pretty cool, huh?”
“Yeah, really cool,” Allison carefully took the rock and examined it for a moment longer before pressing a kiss to Willy’s cheek. That romantic gesture made Willy beam with happiness and twirl in a circle a few times in a row.
“I found a whole area like this! Come on, we gotta check it out!” Willy grasped Allison’s hand. The positive smile on his face made a new smile appear on hers.
“Okay,” Allison began to swim away then looked back at Renata. “See you later,”
“Okay! See ya!” Renata gave a wave then was off like a shot after moving her tail with a strong flick.
Twirling about, Renata made her way through the merpeople’s land. As she swam by, she noticed Nurgul’s lavender tail and saw that she was making seashell necklaces with Gabe before stealing a quick kiss from him. Both of them were overwhelmed by that action and their faces only became redder when Gabe returned Nurgul’s affection with a kiss of his own. Nurgul smiled softly at that and swam around Gabe and his orange and yellow tail twice then took his hand in hers. Renata smiled at the happy couple then swayed her tail back and forth at a fast pace, propelling herself forward.
Her eyes caught sight of Ruby who was beside Aasim, her azure tail curled around his black tail that held red accents. Ruby watched Aasim with a warm smile as he tried to carve some sort of writing into stone. After a moment she caught sight of Renata and gave a small wave. Renata returned it in kind then continued forward, her gaze turning to the water above and picking up on the fact that night was fast approaching. She had to find Minnie for some quality snuggling time before she went on this top secret mission with Sophie.
Moving her fin at an alarming rate Renata cut through the water and made a beeline right towards her and Minnie’s home. There, already relaxing, was Minnie. The redhead’s eyes brightened immediately when she spotted Renata, her smokey grey tail happily swaying. “Hey there, Ren,”
“Minnow!” Renata swam forward and immediately wrapped her arms around Minnie. Peppering Minnie’s face with kisses, Renata pulled back with a warm smile. “Did you miss me?”
“Yeah, I did,” Minnie held onto the hug. “Did you have a nice time with Allison?”
“Yep! But now I want cuddles!” Renata nuzzled her face against Minnie’s. The action made MInnie’s face heat up.
“Oh, okay. Yeah, I’m down for that,”
Minnie’s answer made Renata’s smile grow and soon the two of them were cuddling up close to each other, their tails gently intertwined as Minnie gave Renata a kiss before falling asleep.
Renata’s eyes fluttered open and she gave a loud yawn, smacking her lips together for a moment. Glancing over, she saw that Minnie was fast asleep. It would be tough to sneak out now. Minnie wasn’t exactly a heavy sleeper. Giving a soft kiss to her girlfriend, Renata then got to work, wiggling and squishing her body together to slip out of Minnie’s arms. It took some awkward movements and a weird sound or two but soon Renata was free.
Giving a gentle goodbye kiss so as to not wake up Minnie, she started to swim off. Then she suddenly paused. Her eyes traveled over to Minnie and she resisted the urge to give her love another kiss. She quickly failed. Renata swam over and kissed Minnie one more time then used the end of her fin to tickle her face before leaving.
It didn’t take Renata long to spot her best friend. Sophie’s shimmery white tail swayed ecstatically with her anticipation for this secret mission. Her eyes soon found Renata and a smile appeared on her lips. “Heya, Ren! I see you succeeded in step one,” Sophie swam over to meet up with Renata.
“Yep! And I only gave Minnie two goodbye kisses so she won’t be waking up unlike last time.”
“Yeah, midnight swimming with dolphins would’ve been a blast,” Sophie’s tail stopped for a moment. “Oh well, that will be the next mission but this one first! I gotta see if this black block was really stale or if you’ve been hiding secret tasty land dweller food,” Sophie’s eyes narrowed at Renata playfully.
Renata gasped. “I would never do that to my best friend! That black block is gross but I guess we'll just have to go up to the surface to prove it to you,” She shared an excited smile with Sophie until suddenly the two mermaids heard the flick of a fin slicing through the water. Spinning around, the two of them spotted the familiar evergreen tail and the freckled chest of Louis.
“Hey, I’m here for the mission!” Louis grinned over at the two mermaids, his tail swaying excitedly.
“Hmm, I don’t know,” Sophie crossed her arms and shared a secret look with Renata. “Can we trust him?”
“Hmmm, nah,” Renata answered and swam away with Sophie for a second before turning around and grabbing Louis’ hand. “Kidding! Okay, let’s go lick some weird land dweller food and see that stick lady that Louis likes!”
Louis sputtered a response but neither of his friends heard him in their excitement.
“Okay!” Sophie smiled and led the way. The three of them tried to be stealthy as they snuck out. They were less than successful. Sophie ran into a rock structure, accidentally knocking it over, and Renata got distracted by a funny looking crab while Louis tried to grab a fish in his teeth as a gift for the land dweller he was sweet on. Luckily for them though none of the merpeople woke up and so the trio soon swam up to the surface and towards the spot where Renata, Louis and Violet had run into those two weird-speaking land dwellers. Once they arrived though it was clear that the two stick folks as Renata called them and the stale black block were nowhere to be seen.
“Are they hiding?” Sophie’s face was barely above the water as she scanned the area.
“No, they love to be out and about,” Renata looked around. Louis nodded and started to speak but the fish in his mouth muffled his words. Spitting it out, Louis tried to speak again.
“Renata is right. Maybe they have a sleeping spot though. These rocks don’t look comfortable,”
“Yeah they look like real jerkfaces,” Sophie nodded in agreement to Louis’ words.
“Well if they do have cool sleeping rocks, then I wanna find them. That’s gotta be where their stash of stale food is too,” Renata dove down underwater and soon Sophie and Louis followed suit. The three of them searched around the area for a little bit before Sophie spotted a weird-looking wooden log in the sea. It had sticks poking out of it draped with strange white long seaweed. Without hesitating Renata and Sophie dashed forward, jumping and splashing into the water as they made their way forward. Meanwhile Louis was studying his fish gift.
“This is stupid, I can’t give a fish twice!” Louis frowned and tossed the fish over his shoulder. The dead fish plopped into the water then traveled along the surface’s currents. Louis thought deeply about what he wanted to give the land dweller who made him feel all warm and fuzzy. After a moment his eyes shone with the answer. “A jellyfish!” Louis jumped up in the air and dove back down into the water, determined to find the new gift.
Sophie struggled to get onto the weird floating wooden log. Her fin floundered about as she tried to get her full body onto its flat top. Once she was on the log she leaned over and helped Renata who gave herself small encouragements as she struggled along with Sophie to get onto the floating log. It took a few more moments but soon both of them were on the log and rolling about to see what they could find.
Sophie’s light blue eyes looked around for the supposed snack Renata had licked. Looking back and forth and back and forth as she rolled around, Sophie finally found it - the black block. “Heheh, found ya!” Sophie grinned then licked the shiny black item. Her smile immediately faded though and a small pout pulled on her lips. Renata was right, it was stale. Sophie continued to pout, upset by this news when suddenly she found a white, tiny three-pronged item. “Ooo! Ren! I found something!” Sophie whisper hissed over to her best friend who was currently busy sniffing a bag full of what looked like pebbles and sand. Rolling over, Renata stopped by Sophie.
“Look! Look! I think this is a tiny weapon!” Sophie held out the three pronged item.
“Ooo! Or a thing to help your hair be super smooth!”
Renata’s suggestion made Sophie’s eyes grow large and the redhead immediately began to run the three pronged item through her long red hair. She made a happy sound as she continued to brush her hair while Renata clapped along. Sophie was about to start up another round of brushing when her eyes caught sight of the bag again. “What's that?”
Renata followed her friend’s gaze and looked at the bag. “I don’t know but I hope it's tasty!” She pulled open the bag and dug around. Tossing a handful in her mouth, Renata let out a small gasp. “It’s good! It's tasty sand!”
Sophie immediately snatched some up and her tastebuds were bombarded with distinct sweet, salty and crunchy sensations. “It is tasty sand! This is amazing!” She smiled over at Renata who returned it and the two began to high five again and again and again. When suddenly they heard some sounds from inside the log and the strange dialect of the land dwellers.
“We’ve been compromised!” Renata yelled. She and Sophie began to roll over to the edge of the log. Both of them were in the middle of helping each other escape when Louis emerged from the water, a small pink jellyfish covering his eyes.
“Guys! Bad news! Jellyfish aren’t good gifts!”
“Not now, Louis! We have to get back home with the tasty sand!” Sophie jumped into the water, the food in the bag closed and secured.
“Okay! I just need help getting Mr. Jelly off my face!” Louis blindly swam forward, bonking his head on a rock a moment later. Sophie quickly pulled off the jellyfish then looked back to see that Renata had the three pronged item in her mouth. With a jump that Renata would describe as nothing short of godliness, although in actuality it was anything but that, Renata belly flopped into the sea.
“Ren!” Sophie called out to her best friend as she slowly sunk into the sea below.
“Haul ass, ladies! Back home we go!” Louis led the way back under the sea once Sophie had successfully grabbed Renata. The three of them successfully disappeared without being seen by the land dwellers. As they swam forward all three of them had one single hope: that they wouldn’t get caught sneaking back into the merpeople’s land.
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tmp-jatp · 2 years
Okay, so I have three that I really wanna know whatever you can tell me about them:
1) Ghosts at college - !!!!!! Tell me more, tell me more 🎶
2) juke the little mermaid au - YESSSS!! Gimme gimme gimme *grabby hands* 🧡
And 3) spy!alex au - HELLOOOO!!! I didn't know I needed this until now, but omgggggg 😍
I'll take whatever you can give me and I'll wait patiently for the fics 🥰 shskdhdjsksh
ahhhh ok so you picked some of them that will almost definitely never be finished (maybe i should move them out of my “wips” folder and into an “abandoned” folder of things i can recycle in the future...) but i’ll share some of what i have for each of them :D
ghosts at college - basically it’s a bunch of fluff where julie graduates high school and goes to college. there’s not a lot of plot, mostly it’s a few ideas tied together with fluff and one scene as well. anyway, julie lives in a dorm and her roommate, anna, slowly becomes aware that julie’s weird. weird things happen around her. sometimes anna overhears that she’s having conversations on her phone but when anna unlocks the door julie’s phone is on the table. reggie and alex are around sometimes but luke is there almost all the time. here’s an excerpt:
luke likes to spend all his time with julie even if they’re not interacting. he likes to be in the same room as her. he’ll be writing or humming or playing and she’ll be working on homework and only she can see and hear him but she’s got this little smile on her face
anna knows julie’s in love with *someone* but she doesn’t know who
sometimes anna heard talking through the dorm room door but as soon as she starts unlocking the door the talking goes quiet
one time julie and luke are having an argument about something. anna thinks it’s a phone call with the elusive boyfriend and she either walks away to give privacy or she opens the door and sees julie facing away, red in the face, yelling at air, her phone on the desk.
band cuddle nights on julie’s bed while anna stays out late or after anna is in bed/asleep. julie laughs at stuff they say. they watch movies on julie’s laptop without headphones and it kind of annoys anna but she puts up with it
julie will lay her hand on alex’s shoulder or curl into reggie or wrap her arms around luke when anna isn’t there or julie thinks anna can’t see her
julie is careful to not talk to air when anna is around
but she does take a lot of phone calls with her airpods in
that elusive boyfriend
and then julie gets sick (not angsty sick fic sick, it’s fluffy hurt comfort sick) and luke cares for her. that’s when he and anna “meet” for the first time. i have other more general stuff that i might recycle for some other fluffy canonverse post-canon stuff, who knows. 
juke the little mermaid au - julie is ariel and luke is eric. dirty candi and flynn are julie’s “sisters”, ray is triton. caleb is ursula. here’s literally everything i’ve written for it 😂
Julie wants to see the world, because anywhere is better than down here. Her mother was everything to her, and her dad is kind and loving, but he keeps pressuring her to sing again and it’s too much. Julie just wants to be free from that pressure. She knows he does it because he loves her, but she doesn’t know if she’ll ever sing again.
Luke doesn’t want to get married. He shouldn’t have to, yet, he’s only 17 for God’s sake! He just wants to play music and spend time with his friends. But his parents want him to get ready to rule. His coronation isn’t until he’s 20, he has time, but he has much to learn bc he’s avoided it until now and 3 years isn’t much time to learn all it takes to be a king. Luke also wants to run away. He goes sailing alone, to try and go somewhere away, he doesn’t care anymore. He plays music to himself with his guitar.
Julie sees him while he’s out there. A storm rises which he wasn’t prepared for. His boat capsizes. She saves him and brings him to shore. Julie is curious about him, and now that she’s seen the land, she wants to go there. The land is somewhere where people aren’t pressuring her to sing. She’ll be free there.
Julie visits Caleb who will let her be human in exchange for her voice. He wants to use it at his club, the place she’s been warned never to go and where only crooked people are. But it’s actually a pretty cool place. This one guy, Willie, is really nice to her, but so are other people too. Julie makes the trade with Caleb, she won���t need her voice anyway.
She meets Luke’s friends on land. They introduce her to Luke. Julie’s never experienced her hair being so light and fluffy and bouncy before, it’s incredible. Julie sees Luke playing music with the boys. She at some point sees her “wake up’ song that Rose left for her and suddenly wants to sing again. But she can’t, because Caleb has her voice. Something something, jolts, something something 3 days to true love’s kiss?
lastly, spy!alex au - this was from a prompt that will sadly never be finished (sorry, tiger). the prompt was: spy au, childhood friends, “you had no idea, did you?” and i tried to combine those and make it willex but i had had nearly no experience writing jatp at that point and i also am more of a juke person than a willex person so the fic just wasn’t vibing. but here’s my back-of-the-napkin pitch for you, copy pasted directly from my doc, if you’re interested:
spy!alex finally cracks the case he's been working on for years: the hollywood ghost club. it's an elusive black market that deals in the worst of the worst but it always changes locations. the moment he thinks he's pinned it down, the whole operation disappears like a ghost. anyway, he finally catches the ringleader, the infamous caleb covington. willie, caleb's sort-of assistant and alex's something watches from the sidelines, having been tricked by caleb into thinking that they were just running a cool club.
thanks for the ask, vi! i appreciate it <3 these fics will probably never ever get written in full but they’re fun ideas and not every idea can turn into a masterpiece. sometimes an artist just needs to sketch and doodle instead, and that’s okay. but there’s value to recording and saving your sketches and doodles bc maybe one day you can recycle them into something greater, or you’ll come back to them and be inspired to continue them or to create something entirely new. 
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][Dae and Rhys for the ship meme][
who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter
Rhys is a werewolf that likes visiting Dae. He thinks that turning Dae might be able to be happier with his pack. Its taking a long time to convince Dae and Rhys isn't too sure just how much time the other man will have before it's not his choice.
who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman
Dae is the prettiest mermaid in captivity and Rhys wanna free this willy. He loves the chats the mermaid that has diamonds for scales and nothing seems nicer than to lay out and talk about his life rather than dealing with his family. It's just funny how Dae actually seems to enjoy being alone in captivity...
who’s the witch and who’s the familiar
Dae is a witch that specialises in crystals and minerals and Rhys is the cute familiar who has a collar made out of enchanted diamonds and is still waiting to get Dae to kiss him so he can be human again! But for some reason this witch does anything to avoid being touched...
who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict
Dae comes in at god knows hours when Rhys is on shift and always brings his own cup. Rhys is melting at the fact that Dae holds his own cup out like a little orphan expecting soup and weirdly seems interested in the making process of it??? Local pale man freaks out when Dae comes in and starts bringing his own coffee he made for Rhys and oh no he's in love with a stupidly sweet and weird gesture.
who’s the professor and who’s the TA
Rhys hates his fellow Professor Iris Porcse but her TA??? God he's so cute. Even better when Dae bakes cookies and chats about his gaming and siblings and duck, completely unaware that Rhys is making heart eyes at the sight of such curly hair...
who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)
Dae gets assigned to Rhys and you know, Rhys is against this bullshit until Dae rips off the skin of his arm in a big fight in order to protect Rhys and THAT'S what gets Rhys in love with his mkst dedicated knight who thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and after a few orders? Will tell Rhys this while squirming.
who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent
Dae teaches the balances of a dangerous mutation and Rhys is the simple man who is weak for a awkard loser who cares so deeply about children and only wants the best for a child of a man he's only seen a few times. Flustered messes that makes the kid/kids groan everytime they see each other? More likely than you think.
who’s the writer and who’s the editor
Come o N. Dae writes the steamiest and most monster fuckery shit there is and Rhys laps it up. Has even bought a few copies!! When he finally meets Dae and finds out the writer is actually some curly redhead who stutters and blushes far too easily??? I'm sorry Mr Fletcher, we need a direct consultation where you read your books out to me immediately-
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ninja-muse · 5 years
Science Fiction Recommendation Masterpost
$ for LGBT characters £ for characters of colour € for characters with disabilities * for problematic content ! for #ownvoices
(all based on my slightly spotty memory, so feel free to correct if I’ve missed something)
Does not include time travel, superheroes, or alternate history.
1984 - George Orwell
Winston is a patriot, until a chance encounter and his job altering history start him thinking. Big Brother, it turns out, isn’t acting in his best interests.
A Canticle for Leibowitz - Walter Miller
In the centuries after a nuclear war, a group of desert monks have devoted themselves to preserving scientific knowledge with the hope of someday rebuilding civilization.
The Chrysalids - John Wyndham *
In a Newfoundland rife with religious fundamentalism and genetic mutation, a boy, his cousin, and his sister must hide their telepathy or risk everything to live freely.
Dune - Frank Herbert $*£*
Even before fleeing to the open desert of Arakkis and its taciturn worm-riding nomads, Paul Atreides’ life was fraught with danger. Now he must use his understanding of people and politics to weather everything his world can throw at him, including sandstorms, a baron with a grudge, and those who want him to be a prophesied hero.
Foundation - Isaac Asimov
Hari Seldon has designed a program that predicts the paths of civilization. What better way to test it than to start a utopian colony at the furthest edge of known space?
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Victor Frankenstein is fascinated by anatomy and determined to prove resurrection possible. Once he succeeds, he’s equally determined to get as far from the sentient corpse as he can, when all the Creature wants is a hug and someone to talk to.
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
When Arthur Dent woke up, he thought the bulldozer levelling his house was the worst his day could get. By teatime, he’s halfway across the galaxy on a ship that runs on probability, with his alien best friend, the two-headed President of the Galaxy, and a depressed robot—and things are just getting started.
I, Robot - Isaac Asimov
A series of short stories that outlines the evolution of robotic technology and society around it.
The Planet of the Apes - Pierre Bowles
An astronaut crashes on an alien planet populated by sentient, speaking great apes. They put him in a zoo until he proves he’s not an animal. A brilliant examination of race and what it means to be human.
Space Opera
the Expanse series - James S.A. Corey $£€
Humanity has colonized the solar system, but hasn’t fixed its other problems. The Belters are disenfranchised and preparing a rebellion. Earth and Mars are in a paranoid arms race. Corporations can do just about anything they want. Throw in a terrifying virus, an alien threat, and a space crew who do the right thing and damn the consequences, and things are about to get very interesting.
Fortuna - Kristyn Merbeth - $ - *
Scorpia Kaiser is a screw-up, the family pilot, and out to prove she has what it takes to take over smuggling operations from Mama. Corvus Kaiser, exiled from his family to fight a war he doesn’t believe in, is finally coming home. Then a smuggling deal goes massively south and suddenly, what was going to be a difficult time becomes much, much worse.
the Saga series - Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples $£€
An inter-species family flees the military powers tearing the galaxy apart. Their luck goes up. Their luck goes down. They meet the best and worst the galaxy can offer—and through it all, a little girl grows up. A nuanced look at prejudice, hope, and love.
the Shieldrunner Pirates series - R.E. Stearns $£€
A lesbian couple arrives at the pirate base on Barbary Station expecting a welcome to the crew, but are assigned to take out the murderous station A.I. instead. As much about social skills and interpersonal dynamics as it is about guns and hacking.
the Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold $*£€
How do you solve a problem like Miles Vorkosigan? He’s too smart for his own good, too impulsive and progressive for his military culture, surely too disabled to amount to anything. And he (and his accidental mercenary fleet) are going to prove everyone wrong. Dryly witty and generally feminist.
Horror, Apocalypses, and Dystopias
The Rampart Trilogy - M.R. Carey $£€
Koli wants more than his future offers, starting with becoming a Rampart, with control of ancient technology. His attempts to change his cards send him on an unforgettable journey of discovery.
Devolution - Max Brooks $£€
An elite sustainable community outside Seattle finds itself stranded after Mount Rainier erupts—and there are creatures in the forest. Hairy ones, with big feet.
The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey £
Melanie gets up, goes to school, eats her food, and idolises her teacher just like any pre-teen. However, when her school’s attacked by Hungries and she, her teacher, a doctor, and the surviving soldiers have to flee, Melanie begins to realise she’s … not exactly normal after all.
The Giver - Lois Lowry
When Jonah turns twelve, his regimented community assigns him to apprentice to the Keeper of Memories. The memories Jonah receives throw everything he knows into question, and he must choose between the quiet life laid out for him and the emotion and independence he’s discovering.
The Handmaid’s Tale - Margaret Atwood
In a world where most women are sterile, Handmaids are stripped of their identity and given out as surrogate wombs. This is Offred’s story of oppression, resistance, and escape.
the Hunger Games trilogy - Susanne Collins £€
In an America where teens fight to the death for entertainment and the survival of their District, Katniss Everdeen volunteers—and finds herself the unwilling face of the rebellion.
Into the Drowning Deep - Mira Grant $£€ !
Was the terror on the Atargatis a hoax? Are there mermaids deep in the Pacific? A ship full of scientists has been sent to find out. They are not prepared.
the Newsflesh trilogy - Mira Grant $£€ *
A generation after the zombie apocalypse, humanity’s secure behind blood tests and heightened security and Georgia and Shaun Mason, and their Newflesh team, have been hired to blog the Presidential campaign, which is perfect until the first outbreak. Conspiracies, mad and sane science, and social critique ensue.
the Parasitology trilogy - Mira Grant $£€
Sal awoke from her coma to a family she didn’t remember, a body that wouldn’t respond, and restrictions on her autonomy that seriously chafe. Now she’s on her feet and resisting, but at the worst time. People are starting to die from their miracle-cure tapeworm implants and it’s looking like Sal’s implant might be … different.
the Passage trilogy - Justin Cronin £
A century ago, a virus turned most of humanity into bloodsucking monsters or food. Now the descendants of a group of survivors must strike out across a wasteland, looking for a safe new home. Better and darker than it sounds. Christian overtones.
The Space Between Worlds - Mikaiah Johnson $£ !
Cara’s climbed out of the toxic slums and into a job as a traverser, visiting parallel worlds and capturing data. She’s this close to having all her dreams—and then she uncovers a murder.
Blindsight - Peter Watts
An independent observer is sent on a first contact mission, but the aliens and the secrets on board push him into a completely different role. About perception and ethics more than anything else, and I nearly “shelved” it in the horror section.
Congo - Michael Crichton £*
A team of scientists push deep into the African jungle in search of a society of mythical sentient gorillas, but the jungle pushes back.
The Diamond Age, or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer - Neal Stephenson £€
An inventor misplaces a one-of-a-kind book. A girl from the slums finds it and it changes her life. A nearly Dickensian future full of hope, tenacity, vim, and nanotech.
Eifelheim - Michael Flynn
An alien ship crashes in the medieval Black Forest and the village priest, steeped in heretical philosophy and medieval science, must intercede between the survivors and the peasants who see only demons.
The Martian - Andy Weir £
Mark Watney wakes up to find he’s been left behind on Mars. Fortunately he’s a botanist, he’s smart, and he has potatoes. A thrilling survival story paired with hilariously explained science that will leave you believing it already happened.
Passage - Connie Willis €
Joanna Lander is a psychologist studying near-death experiences, which is hard when you never know who in the hospital will have one. When a new (and cute) neurologist finds a way to induce them, she turns to the closest subject she can find—herself. The most heart-wrenching of Willis’s novels.
Shine - Jetse de Vries, ed. £
An anthology of optimistic, uplifting science fiction, with stories ranging from space opera to solarpunk and everything in between.
Snowcrash - Neal Stephenson £
Hiro Protagonist is the hacker’s hacker. There’s a virus in the Metaverse that’s killing people and he’s on the case. At least when he’s not delivering pizza. Both glorious cyberpunk and a send-up of the same.
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roronoaxd · 5 years
For the ask about a fic, 2, 4, and 11 for in all this bitterness, you stay so sweet?
2. what scene did you first put down?for the most part, even if i visualize a certain part in a story, i try to write in order. only for certain stories have i written out of order. that being said, lol.... this entire story was based off a headcanon post i did a year prior, so it was all put down before i started writing, therefore this was definitely written in order from start to finish. :) however, if we’re talking the initial idea/headcanon... the first part i put down was kuroo rescuing daichi from the aquarium. 4. what’s your favorite line of dialogue?the writing of this fic was totally self indulgent and then i tried to use a kurodai week prompt to justify that lol. it’s all my favorite, but if i had to choose:
“…yeah, so have you ever heard of aquamarine? It was once said to be made from mermaid tears.”
“No, I’ve never heard it. I’ve also never really seen a merperson cry…then again, why would you cry underwater?”
“True.” Kuroo laughed, glancing past Daichi and towards the open ocean.
I think this was my favorite because it foreshadowed the climax of the story? Like I’m pretty sure right after this, shit went down lol. I was also going to take this and have Daichi cry for the first time later, but I didn’t. 
11. what do you like best about this fic?
besides the fact that i finished it? i like how freeing it was to write? it was the little mermaid meets free willy lol, adding some but not much, adventure and i really wanted daichi to discover himself. with help from kuroo, daichi was able to explore his curiosity as well as discover and find love like what he’s seen in his fathers realtionship. all of that, paired with his relationship with gramps ukai, really helped daichi grow in this story. i like that. 
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Merman/maid AUs
Hi everyone. So, if anyone cares, this is the first time I have tried this. Thanks to my excitement about “The shape of water”, I found out that a friend of mine, @chocobro-hijinks , loves merman/maid AUs. And I felt encouraged by her posts to make my very own prompts.
They are all ship based AUs. To make this easier I will say A and B, as in Member A of the couple, who is a human, and member B, who is the mermaid/merman (in most of the prompts, not all of them). I will use they/them pronouns, since anyone should have the freedom of shipping whatever they like (be it f/m, m/m, f/f or whatever). Also, when I say merman/mermaid, it is not limited to the traditional kind (Half fish-half human). It could be any kind of marine life creature. It could be a fish person like Abe Sapien from Hellboy; shark-person, dolphin- person, and even octopus-person like Ursula. Seriously, there are so many options you can explore. Have fun with that and be creative.
If anyone feels inspired by these prompts and decides to make a fic out of it, no matter how short, please let me know! I would love to see these prompts fully fleshed out. I would do some of them but I´m too lazy XP
Ok, let´s start.
-A works at the research facility in which B is being experimented on and sometimes A sneaks after working hours to get to know B (The shape of water).
-You can also replace research facility in the last one with aquarium. And A helps B escape after a while (Free Willy XD).
-A is one of the scientists that is experimenting on B. At first B doesn´t cooperate but after they get to know A they start to relax, even though they would rather get out of that place. A starts to feel guilty.
-A and B are scientists who have been working together for years. B discovers a serum and tries it on themselves without letting A know. But it goes wrong and transforms them. B is ashamed and hides, but A later finds out and tries to find a cure for B.
-A goes on vacation to the beach and likes to -walk along the shore/snorkel-. A runs/swims into B and they become friends. They try to visit each other every day at a certain hour, before the summer ends.
-A moves to a cottage in the woods. They find a clear with a lake near the house, and they visit it when they are stressed to listen to music. Little did they know that B was hiding nearby. B liked A´s music, always getting near them to hear it better. That was until one day B gets caught by A. (this one is special to me :3 )
-The typical B saves A from drowning. But I recommend to not start the fic with that one or, at least, have something established beforehand. Like, “B visited every day to see A from afar until one day A falls”. Because if not it´s just too much like The Little Mermaid XD
-The Collector is a person who captures strange or peculiar people and keeps them at their mansion for their collection. A gets captured by this Collector because they are special somehow. While exploring the mansion, as they can´t find a way out, A meets B, who is also trapped inside.
-A accidentally ends up in a community of paranormal creatures (it could be a circus, a safe house, a secret agency, whatever you like), and befriends everyone in there. Especially a certain aquatic creature named B.  
-A is a photographer/recorder of marine life that works for the Discovery channel. One day when they got home they found something weird in the background of one of their photographs/recordings (B). A decides to visit that place again, alone, to find out what it was.
-Fisher-person A captures B in their net without intending to. A has to decide if they let them go or not.
-A is a castaway from a ship wreck. They survive and start living in an island. While looking for food and resources they find B.
-Pirate A and mer-person B. I mean…it´s pretty common, I don´t know if there is need for more here, lol.
- This one is a good one. This is in a fantasy AU where A needs something, and B is a mer-person that lives in the famous Wishing Lake. Anyone can request a wish from B (or something they have/know; you can choose the prize obviously) , but they will ask for something in return. Sometimes several things, like quests for you to make. The two of them get to know each other with each visit A makes for the next quest. You can even do the famous “I don´t want that anymore, I want you” line once they get their prize.
- B has been cursed and is now a mer-person (you can use the “true love breaks the curse” or some other spell breaker). They hide away from everyone else until one day A stumbles upon them.
- A has been cursed and now is a mer-person.  They hide away from everyone else until one day they swim into B, who is just like them.
- A is a professional surfer, and a very risky one at that. One day they try to surf a wave that has killed people in the past. They fail to surf it (obviously), and disappears. No one knows where they are. A wakes up in the bottom of the ocean, where they are being nurtured back to health by B. They found A almost drowning and the only way they could save their life was by turning them into a mer-person too.
- A has been dating B for a while now. But B is really secretive about their life. A has never been to B's house, and even though A loves to swim and is part of their high school's swim team, B always declines when A invites them to go swimming. It isn't until one day, when A goes to practice at their school's pool after hours that they find out why B is so secretive.
This are all that I could think of right now, but they are plenty. XD It doesn´t matter if it is for an AU, a near canon fic, or your own OCs; you can use them for anything. I hope you like them and that they inspire you! <3
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TWDG Final Season AU: Fortune Favours the Bold Ch1
Hey guys, I’m new to making and sharing fanfic content. The main character is my OC I have placed in Ericson’s School for Troubled Youth. This is leaning towards my OC being closer friends with minor characters and it is a Mitch x OC ship. Will probs continue this through so enjoy!
Word count: 1722
The late spring forests had a different atmosphere from all the bricks and concrete back home. Tristen looked out the car window thinking about what this new school is like and what the other kids are like. “Sweetie, I know I have told you this before,” Tristen’s mother says sternly but with some kindness, “the kids at this new school will probably be different from the ones back home. Be careful of who you make friends with for your own good. People judge you by how you look, what you’re good at and who your friends are. It’s for the good of your own wellbeing and future.”
“Uh-huh,” Tristen sighs, “when do I get to go back home?”
“When the teachers there make you all better.”
Tristen looks down at her feet feeling slightly despondent. The rest of the car ride is silent. They finally reach the gates of Ericson’s Boarding School for Troubled Youths. Her mother helps with getting her things to her assigned room. She is all alone, as her mother requested, in this colourless room. At least she gets a fair bit of light coming through when she draws the curtains open. She can see that her room catches the orange light from the sunset very well.
In the headmaster’s office, Tristen and her mother sat in front the man himself. Richard Ericson. His words were mostly reassurance that she’ll be ok. They walked around the school later after dinner. As they walked through, the other kids looked at Tristen as she walked on with the two adults. She ignored them. Then it was time. It was time to part with her mother. She was a busy woman and made her parting brief. Her mother left telling her to “be good.” She hears it all the time but won’t be hearing it for a while. She feels a little relief until she wonders if the adults here are like her mother.
The next day, Tristen had her first day at the school. She was mostly quiet during classes. During her free time for the day, she looked for a place to be alone to do her favourite things – baton twirling and gymnastics. It was nice to do it without her mother pushing her to be competitive and to aim to win. Some music would be nice, she thought, or maybe a proper baton rather than a stick. Her train of thought was interrupted as she spotted someone in the corner of her eye.
She turned to see who it was. It was just a small boy with light brown hair. His eyes are big and blueish-green. He stood and stared then walked closer, hands behind his back, to get a closer look. Tristen just stared back and blinked a few times. She smiled at him. “Hi…” the little boy said shyly before running away. Tristen looked a little confused then looks down a little sad. She tries to stay away from others so they wouldn’t ask her why she is here but she really does want friends. She shook the thought away and made way to her next class.
It was lunchtime now. Tristen didn’t eat much. She just wanted to walk around as she sat down so much during classes. “Ow! Don’t!” yelled a high pitched voice. She saw the small boy that was staring at her previously. He was being picked on by a much bigger boy. She was scared to interfere but couldn’t stand to ignore or walk away from the poor boy. She takes a big breath and marches to the boys. “Leave him alone you big, fat bully!” she cried shielding the small boy. He whimpered and hid behind her. The larger child just glared at her and reaches for her. Tristen is pulled away by the small boy behind her.
The larger child looks frustrated, lunges forward and quickly grabs one of Tristen pigtails. She yells in pain and falls to the ground. “Cut that out, asshole!” yelled a huskier voice. Tristen looks up at as a child the same size as herself leaps forward and punches the larger child. The bully fell back and the boy who threw the punch gritted his teeth angrily at him. He had side swept brown hair, freckles and light green eyes. The bully gets up, curses at the boy and continues the brawl. The freckled boy holds up well until the teachers came running to break the fight. The two rowdy boys were taken away. “Umm, thank you for saving me,” a small voice says. Tristen almost forgot about the small boy behind her. “Oh! You’re welcome,” she smiled, “Could you tell me your name?”
“Willy,” the small boy says shyly, “What about you?”
“I’m Tristen”
“Huh? I thought that’s a boy’s name,” Willy says confused. Tristen sighs and replies, “That’s what a lot of people say.”
When all of the classes for the day were done, Tristen headed for the library wanting to read something. Science? Nah too boring, she thought. Fairy tale? Yeah I love those, she thought. She liked reading the ones about the princesses falling in love. She read through Beauty and the Beast but thought it was a little too easy as she already read this story many times. “Too easy?” Tristen looked up to see a boy carrying books to the same desk she sat at. He is of Indian decent, had short black hair and looked a little older than the freckled boy from before. “Sorry, I don’t see others hanging around here often at this time,” he said, “You’re the new girl. I didn’t catch your name.”
“Ah, I knew it was something like that.”
“It is because it’s normally a boy’s name?” Tristen frowned.
“No,” Aasim replied, “It just reminded me of a book and now I can actually remember its name. Tristan and Iseult.”
“What kind of story is that?”
“It’s about a British knight who falls in love with an Irish princess.”
“Those are my favourite kinds of stories,” Tristen looks interested.
“Really? I thought so seeing that pile next to you. Cinderella. The Little Mermaid. Rapunzel. Hold on, let me go find it,” Aasim left briefly and returned with the book. Tristen has a bit of difficulty but Aasim helps her along as they enjoy the book. “Thank you for showing me that and helping me read better,” Tristen quietly exclaims.
“No problem. You should try reading the harder books. They are way more interesting.”
“Yeah, they are.”
“There you are!” exclaims a loud high pitched voice.
“Shush. It’s a library,” says another voice.
Tristen sees Willy running towards her. Behind him are two boys: the freckled one in the fight who now has a bruise on the side of his head and the other is a shorter, pudgier boy with frizzy hair and dark skin. Willy sits next to Tristen and tugs at her sleeve. “See! She’s the pretty one that saved me!” Willy says excitedly.
“Willy, don’t just grab people like that,” the pudgy boy tells Willy nicely. He stops and apologises whilst Tristen says it is okay and nervously smiles. “Thanks for helping Willy,” says the freckled boy who then turns to Aasim, “Back to business. Are you going to help us, nerd?” The pudgier boy shakes his head whilst Aasim rolls his eyes. “This is Mitch and I’m Omar,” he says to Tristen, “Nice to meet you and thanks for helping out Willy.”
They settled at the table and Aasim helps Mitch and Omar with their work. Tristen and Willy are reading Peter Pan together. When the boys finish up, Mitch finally looks directly at Tristen and say, “Hi, uh, can we all hang out together now?” he asks in a nervous manner. She nods happily.
The kids sit around the table and Mitch starts by asking, “How old are you? Where you from?”
“I’m going to be 9 tomorrow and I’m from Washington DC,” Tristen replies.
“Your birthday’s tomorrow?!” Willy chimes and looks at Mitch, “We gotta have a party for her, Mitch!”
“We’ll think of something, lil dude but not a party,” Mitch tells Willy kindly.
“You were left here just before your birthday? Your own mother would do that?” says Omar.
“It’s not a big deal. Just another day to my parents,” Tristen says with a sense of falsehood.
“What’s your family like?”
“They’re okay I guess. Mum is really concerned about when I grow up. She wants me to be competitive and be fussy with who I’m friends with. It isn’t fun. I have a step dad who doesn’t really talk to me much. My step brother is really nice to me though. When he isn’t helping my step dad with his food truck, he spends time with me. Sometimes he is with this other boy he is really close with, he’s lots of fun too. They are the only two that do fun stuff on birthdays,” Tristen recalls fondly.
“At least you’ve had SOME fun in your life,” says Mitch.
“Why are you here?” Willy asks excitedly. Tristen goes silent and looks sad again. “Come on you can tell us! I was sent here for chron-,” Willy was cut off by Aasim who told him to leave her alone and that she didn’t have to answer. Mitch got Willy to settle down. “I think I’ll go to my room now. I’m sleepy,” Tristen says as she get ups up and walks to the dorms.
At the dorms, Tristen was about to reach he room when she suddenly heard Mitch call out her name. “Hey, I’m sorry about Willy. He can say stupid things sometimes. Could we hang out more? You can have fun with us and not worry about the things that made you sad before,” he tells her in a friendly tone.
“Yeah, you guys are lots of fun! I’ve never really talked much to other kids because my mum wouldn’t let me,” Tristen says gleefully.
“She isn’t here so fuck being worried or being told what to do! We’re going to be partners in crime!”
“Hehe… I like how you’re really brave. Like the princes in the fairy tales but you’re kinda funnier,” Tristen giggles. Mitch blushes at her remark. “Well uh goodnight,’ he says with a little embarrassment.
“Good night, Mitch.”
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vsplusonline · 3 years
10 books for children to beat boredom during the Coronavirus lockdown | The Times of India
New Post has been published on https://apzweb.com/10-books-for-children-to-beat-boredom-during-the-coronavirus-lockdown-the-times-of-india/
10 books for children to beat boredom during the Coronavirus lockdown | The Times of India
ttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/”http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd” >
10 books for children to beat boredom during the Coronavirus lockdown | The Times of India
TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Last updated on – Apr 3, 2020, 08:30 ISTShare fbsharetwsharepinshare
01/11​10 books for children to beat boredom during the Coronavirus lockdown
Children are cute-little bundle of energy, vigor and liveliness who are constantly looking for some new adventures. Their minds are always brimming with various questions and enquiries. The “how” and “why” of each and everything; is what kids want to know 24X7. They are always curious as their minds are constantly developing and evolving. With each passing day, kids’ minds are absorbing knowledge and expanding its horizons.
In times of current Coronavirus lockdown, it has become difficult for children to restrict themselves in their homes. Instead of running around and jumping, they have been made to sit and pass their time in the boring concrete walls of their houses. In such times, books can serve as the perfect source of fun and entertainment for them. Books open up doors to various places and dreamlands for children which captivate them entirely. They also contribute to the overall and holistic development of a kid’s mind and senses.
Here are 10 books for children to beat boredom during the Coronavirus lockdown!
02/11​‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl
The book features the adventures of young Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka. The story was originally inspired by Roald Dahl’s experience of chocolate companies during his schooldays. Cadbury and Rowntree’s were England’s two largest chocolate makers and they each often tried to steal trade secrets. It was a combination of this secrecy and the huge machines in the factory that inspired Dahl to write the story.
Pic credit: Puffin
03/11​‘Hello Mr. Twiddle!’ by Enid Blyton
The book centers on Mr. Twiddle, a kind old man, who tries his best to be helpful, but only causes problems and trouble. He plants a boxful of onions, thinking they are daffodil bulbs, thinks he has lost his mackintosh when in fact he is wearing it, and puts a clock in the oven instead of the rice pudding. At the end, it is always poor Mrs. Twiddle who is left to undo all his muddles.
Pic credit: Pyramid
04/11​‘The Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum
The book revolves around Dorothy and her faithful dog, Toto, who get caught in a cyclone which takes them from their home to the mystical land of Oz. Dorothy learns that there is only one person who can help her get back home — the Wizard of Oz, the mysterious magician who rules over the fabled Emerald City. On her way to Emerald City, Dorothy meets new friends — the Scarecrow, the rusty Tinman, and the cowardly Lion, who was in search of courage.
Pic credit: Om Books International
05/11​‘The Cat in the Hat’ by Dr. Seuss
The story centers on a tall cat who wears a red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie. The Cat shows up at the house of Sally and her brother one rainy day when their mother is away. Despite the repeated objections of the children’s fish, the Cat shows the children a few of his tricks to entertain them. In the process, he and his companions wreck the house. The children and the fish become more and more alarmed until the Cat produces a machine that he uses to clean everything up and disappears just before the children’s mother comes home.
Pic credit: HarperCollins Children’s Books
06/11​‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R Tolkien
It is the story of Bilbo Baggins, a quiet and contented hobbit whose life is turned upside down when he joins the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves on their quest to reclaim their stolen treasure. It is a journey fraught with danger and in the end it is Bilbo alone who must face the guardian of this treasure- the most-dreaded dragon, Smaug.
Pic credit: HarperCollins
07/11​‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll
The novel is about a young girl named Alice who falls through a rabbit hole into a subterranean fantasy world populated by peculiar and weird creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children.
Pic credit: Wordsworth Editions Ltd
08/11​‘The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame
The novel focuses on four anthropomorphized animals: Mole, Rat, Toad, and Badger. They live in a pastoral version of Edwardian England. The novel is notable for its mixture of mysticism, adventure, morality, and camaraderie, and celebrated for its evocation of the nature of the Thames Valley. The beautifully written work, with its evocative descriptions of the countryside interspersed with exciting adventures, became a classic of English children’s literature.
Pic credit: Maple Press
09/11​‘Peter Pan’ by J.M. Barrie
The novel centers on a free-spirited and playful young boy who can fly and never grows up- Peter Pan. He spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the mythical island of ‘Neverland’ as the leader of the Lost Boys, interacting with fairies, pirates, mermaids, Native Americans, and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside Neverland.
Pic credit: Sterling
10/11​‘Harry Potter’ by J.K. Rowling
The series of fantasy novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story revolves around Harry’s struggle against Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal and subjugate all wizards and non-magical people.
Pic credit: Bloomsbury Press
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