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I love shipping something as a joke and watch it slowly develop into something I don't ship as a joke
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What the fuck is wrong with my brain
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I'm not a person I'm a problem, a problem that needs to be gone and disappear
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Ao3 is down for a few hours🧍‍♀️
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"Sleep isn't really sleep anymore, it's just an escape from reality "
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fuck a nap i want a coma
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when the trains a-rocking don’t come a-knocking (Tangerine x Reader)
Tumblr media
PARING: Tangerine x Fem!Reader (assassins)
WC: 2.9k
SUMMARY: taking a job in Japan collecting a briefcase from a train sounds easy, right? But not when you meet a pair of brother assassins from your past.
readers alias name is ‘Crimson’, but not crucial to the story and only mentioned once
TAGS/WARNINGS: 18+ only. tiny bit of fluff, lots of dirty smut, fingering, rough p in v, unrealistic public sex, praise and degradation kink, swearing, mentions of violence (mediocrely described) choking, hair pulling, climax denial (once) minors DNI. no mentions of ‘y/n’
A/N: idk if you noticed but I used a line Lemon said as the title. was in a writing slump for the week and randomly managed to bang the last half of this out today, hope you guys like it, bc I kinda do. I went for a different approach than my usual ones- i didn’t make him soft which was hard lmao
hope you like💌 feedback is always appreciated
Tumblr media
masterlist + rules
“Silver briefcase… silver briefcase. Okay, I can do this... Easy.” You reassure yourself standing at the edge of the train station platform.
You had been out of the game for a little bit, you got injured a while back on a previous mission; so badly that it made you want to quit the job entirely. You’ve been doing increasingly ‘harder’ jobs since then- trying to gently ease yourself back in.
Waiting nervously for the train to arrive, telling yourself “just gotta get in, find it and blend in until my stop.”
The overhead speaker announces the bullet train's arrival, walking towards the approaching vessel.
Getting on and immediately getting to work, Tokyo station is in two stops so you had to be quick- it would be too busy and far too difficult to look for it then after the stop.
Thinking to yourself “silver briefcase- train sticker- handle, silver briefcase- train sticker- handle” repeating several times over.
Discretely searching through the luggage area, thinking “this is gonna be impossible.” Getting your supplies ready so it was easier for when you finally find it. You had decided you wanted to hide the ransom money, so you brought a suitcase and some clothes to hide it- even bringing a few huge stickers to disguise it, in case in the off chance you get found out.
Walking into the next carriage, hoping you’d have better luck. “No fucking way” you whispered to yourself, feeling stunned. You were unsure of what end to start, so you just chose splat bang in the middle- luckily it paid off.
Grabbing the case, double checking it over with the corresponding image on your phone, looking around attentively before adding the stickers, and wrapping some clothing around it. Shoving it in your suitcase, covering it over with some underwear and tampons- in case someone looked in, they’d get too embarrassed and leave you alone.
Hiding in the bathroom until the train approaches the next stop at Tokyo. You thought that you’d wait until then, so no one would get suspicious when you walk through midway between stops.
“Holy shit, I can’t believe that worked.” You thought to yourself.
Train coming to a halt at Tokyo station, exiting the bathroom as if you’re just a normal passenger, not bringing any attention to yourself. Walking into the quiet car- thinking it’ll be the perfect hideout spot and taking a seat, hiding the suitcase under the table.
Quickly darting your eyes around to see three people sitting at the four-seater next to you. “Fuck” you shouted in your head. You couldn’t get up now as it’ll bring too much attention- putting on your headphones and slightly pulling up the hood of your jacket, hiding yourself.
The people that were sitting next to you sounded extremely familiar, so much so that you looked in your window to use it as a mirror, seeing two recognisable reflections. “No! It can’t be” you said to yourself- “fucking typical.”
Pretending to stretch so you could look over to confirm if it is the people you were thinking- unfortunately it was. You, Lemon and Tangerine go way back, more often than not doing the same missions at the same time, on the opposing team. You cost them a few jobs, the same way you have to them- whenever you fought them you couldn’t help but like them. You and Tan always had this crazy tension and every time you saw each other it just grew impossibly bigger. You quite liked Lemon, he was actually pretty funny and he’d make you laugh, even though you were supposed to hate him.
You were eavesdropping on them, listening to them talk about crap, like Thomas the tank engine and how many people they killed while collecting The Son. Then the word “briefcase” popped up and your body collapsed in on itself- not feeling too confident about the possibility of having to fight the brothers again.
Side-eyeing them, watching them both look around. Lemon gets up from his seat and walks out the carriage door, presumably to the luggage area. “Fuck fuck fuck” your brain raced. Discreetly turning around to face the window, not wanting to be noticed.
The angel and devil were hovering above your shoulders, and overhearing Tangerine tell the story about The White Death made you want to give them back the case- even though you were against them, you didn’t want them to die, especially in the horrific ways he’d previously explained. However, the other shoulder said, you got it fair and square and that being nice would cost your life. Shutting your mind up, not wanting to feel guilty.
Tan stood up to take a call, standing next to your table, so close you could hear the demanding voice on the receiver- he walks away to join Lemon by the luggage.
They return and discuss something in the middle of the walkway, taking off your headphones to eavesdrop once more. “I’ll go up, you go down.”
“Okay this could be good, I can escape.” You thought to yourself.
Tangerine strides past you muttering curses under his breath, before stopping and turning around.
“I beg your pardon, sorry I wasn’t aware there was a young lady present- Apologise… Yeah, you didn’t happen to see someone come by with a silver briefcase, did ya?” Tangerine questions.
“Sorry I don’t speak English” you stupidly replied. Of course, you do, your English accent obviously gives it away. You had no idea what possessed you to even say that, especially since he knows what your voice sounds like. Hoping that your clothing ‘disguise’ actually worked- so he wouldn’t need to question it.
“What’s that now?” He replied, sounding a tad irritated.
“Shit shit shit shit shit” you thought.
His eyes squint slightly, “you, I know you”
“No sorry.” You say blankly, diverting not meeting his eyes.
“Crimson?” He says shortly.
You could tell that he knew it was you but wasn’t ready to give in yet.
His fingers squeeze into your cheeks, holding your face and making your lips pout. “I know it’s you. You’re starting to get on my fucking tits.” His eyes momentarily drop to your lips.
Barging your elbow into the arm that was holding on to you, while simultaneously using your spare hand to punch into the side of his neck. Kicking your foot into his inner thigh, before running off- that was your head start. You weren’t able to get too far as he tripped you over, making you fall flat to the floor. Quickly crawling back up to run, but he does it again, making himself fall down too.
“Give me back my fucking case.” He grunts while holding onto your foot.
Lightly tapping him in the nose with your other foot, standing up as quick as possible. Rushing to the door, pounding on the ‘open button’, panicking as it took too long and Tan was right behind you.
“Ah fuck” you said aloud.
“‘Ah fuck’ indeed” he mocks, getting closer.
Striking him one more time, but he blocks it- holding your arm, trying again with your other hand but he blocked that too. His grip on your arm tightens and your face contorts.
“You can give but you can’t take.” He taunts.
“Oh, I can take.” You tease. Deciding that if you couldn’t physically beat him, you can manipulate and coerce him instead.
You could tell by his eyes that it worked perfectly, using this moment as leverage- freeing yourself from his hands.
Leaning forward he towers his body over you, housing you against the door. Stumbling back, abruptly stopping realising there’s no space left.
“Nowhere for you to go now.” He smirks.
This is the closest you and Tangerine have ever been, mere centimetres from each other's faces, you could feel one another’s breath.
Looking up at him through your eyelashes to see him staring down at you intensely, with a wicked grin on his stupid beautiful face.
You didn’t want to fight anymore and you could tell that he wasn’t going to fight you back. The more time passed, the more the tension grew.
His hand goes to your throat, loosely gripping it “give me back my fucking case” he grits through his teeth next to your ear.
“It’s in the toilets” you choke out. His grip letting go immediately afterwards.
Rubbing over your throat, “Christ man, save it for the bedroom.” You joke.
“Har har” he fake laughs, disguising his real one.
“Come with me and I’ll get it.” You instruct.
Walking you both towards the toilets and pointing “ I give up, it’s in there.”
Lightly slapping the side of your face as he walked past “attagirl.”
Using this as another opportunity to get away, shutting the door on him before running back to the seats, grabbing the suitcase and running into the toilets in the next carriage.
He instantly follows, chancing you into them. His fists banged on the flimsy locked door. With you on the other side, holding onto the suitcase and catching your breath.
“Occupied.” You mock.
“Dirty fucking liar.” He shouts.
You hear jingling come behind the door and now your heart is in your throat. “Fuck” you say to yourself. He uses the edge of his necklace to jimmy the lock open.
Tutting to you as he smugly walks into the toilets- joining you. Closing and locking the door behind himself.
“That was fucking stupid.” He taunts, walking you into the wall, softly holding onto your face.
Both eyes darting to each other's lips, as if it was a signal of agreement. His mouth collides hard with yours, while his hands glide to the edge of your face clutching the soft skin- controlling the movements. Welcoming his tongue, breathing heavily into one another’s mouths.
He slams you higher up into the wall, wrapping your arms around his head, gently tugging at the roots of his hair. Through heavy kisses, stuttering out “you’re- you’re not getting that case.”
“We’ll see.” Smirking into your mouth. His right-hand lets go of your face separating the heavy make out, holding his two middle fingers in front of your mouth. “Suck.”
And so you do, you suck on his fingers looking up at him seductively. His ear muscles move back and displays a roughish grin while staring into your eyes. “Good girl.”
Popping his fingers out your mouth, he slides them down the front of your black jeans into your underwear. Feeling around playing with your folds between his fingers, he groans into your ear at the touch.
Quickly pulling down and shimming out of your jeans, you rest your foot on the handrail in front- allowing him more access. You weren’t going to stop now so might as well get a bit more comfortable.
His finger pad dips into your core before ramming both fingers inside of you, accidentally letting out a loud whine into his ear. He shushes you, scolding you with his eyes.
Holding back onto his roots reinitiating the messy makeup, his fingers massaging into your g-spot. Roughly rubbing the pillowy mound while his thumb circled your clit- mumbling profanities into your lips. “Such a dirty girl, hm?
Your climax built and built but it never came, your walls tightened around him but he snapped them out of you. Breaking the kiss once more to suck the juices from his fingers.
“Dick.” You frustratedly gritted, watching him in awe licking your essence from himself.
“So are you.” He teases. Hastily undoing his belt, unbuttoning his trousers and letting them fall to his ankles, he reaches into his boxers pulling out his cock, springing upright. Looking down between you, ogling at it- you knew it would be big, just didn’t realise it would be this big. He notices your eyes widen and he responds with a boyish grin.
He pulls up your top so it exposes your breasts sitting attentively, tucking the hem into the bra so it stays up allowing him access to gawk at them.
Picking you up from behind your thighs, jumping into his arms wrapping your legs around him. He holds behind your knees with his forearms, carrying and controlling all movements- your arms loosely draping over his shoulders and around his head.
Backing you into the wall again, dropping one hand to his aching cock that was centimetres away from your warmth. Stroking it a couple times, before guiding his tip to your entrance. His arm goes back to under your thighs, to support your weight.
He ever so slowly lowers you onto his cock, slamming your head back into the wall at the sensations, with your mouth agape. Arms becoming rigid around his shoulders. Lowering you down further until he bottoms out, practically piercing into your cervix. Both letting out a soft and genuine moan.
Your eyes were stiffened shut but you tell that he was observing your pleasure-filled face. He slowly starts to bob you up and down onto his cock- it filled you up completely.
Tucking your head into the crook of his neck, kissing it through struggled breaths. Whining into his ear.
“As much as I love that sound- you gotta shut up.” He stuttered with a heavy chest.
Only being able to nod your head in response.
He roughly kisses along your jaw as he fucks you down into him. The front of his cock rubbing against the spot you loved- he fits you like a glove like he was shaped and created just for you; like you were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Letting go of your legs, planting your feet back on the floor- still keeping himself buried deep within you. His hands instantly gripping on your throat, holding it tight while the other kneads into your tits.
Resting your foot on the toilet seat lid next to you, allowing you to take him more comfortably. He ruts into you, fucking you up into the wall.
“You’re such a filthy whore, letting me fuck you in public, mhm- doing so good for me princess.” He slurs into the prickled skin on your neck.
You could feel your orgasm approaching, whining a string of “oh my god”s into your ear, “I’m so close.”
“Hm, oh I know love- I know, I can feel it.” He huffs. “Just wait for me- yeah? Wouldn’t be so selfish and cum without me- mhmm? … Hold it or I’ll stop.”
“No-“ you whinged.
“Oh yeah” teasing back.
Squeezing into his shoulders while he rutted into you. You could feel his cock twitch inside of you, making your walls clamp around him. “Now” he commanded, immediately throwing his hand in front of your mouth- covering it tightly, while he continued to pump into you.
So you did, you undid around his perfectly moulded cock- triggering his own messy release; spurting his warm cum into you. Eyes screwing shut, muffling loud moans into his hand.
“Yeah that’s it, go on- take it.” He grits into your ear, holding onto your throat with the other trapping your whimpers.
Feeling both of your climaxes ease down, staring into each other's eyes- he softly kisses your lips in a genuine and meaningful way. Pecking them one last time before parting from you, wryly smiling at him.
“Not so bad.” You joke.
It took him by surprise so he accidentally let out a sincere laugh.
“Yeah? I’ve had better.” He jests back.
“Me too.” Gazing at him.
“Yeah...” His chest rises and falls heavily, gazing at you. Crashing himself back into you, making out with you, tangling his fingers into the hair at the back of your neck- holding you close.
Pulling back before he starts something he can’t finish, “you’re a pain in my arse.” Smirking at you.
Knocking comes from outside the door and you look at each other in panic. “Tan! It’s Lemon. I can see you’re here with the phone tracker. You taking a dump? Where you been?”
Screwing your nose up, mimicking a disgusted face. Lightly coughing to get in your best male voice, trying to copy Tan’s. “Yeah! One min.”
Covering your mouth to cackle and he slaps your shoulder, glaring daggers at you.
“Gross. I’ll be with the kid.” Lemon responds flatly behind the door.
“Fucking prick.” He chuckles.
Smiling to yourself as you cleaned yourself up and getting dressed- Tangerine doing the same.
“Ready?” He asks. You nod in reply, flattening over your clothes.
Walking out to your seats in the quiet car, you pull the suitcase behind you. Taking a seat with the twins.
“What you doing here?” Lemon questions you.
“Just in the area.” You jokingly lie. “Also hi.”
He nods his head to you, “good seeing you again- I hope.”
“Okay so, I don’t want you guys getting killed… so, I’ll give the case.” You admit, looking between them.
“Wait! You have the case?” Lemon loudly asks.
“No?” Joking back. “Yes. I’m gonna get off next stop, will probably be seeing you again soon.”
Tossing Tan a handkerchief, some cream and a note with your phone number “for your little bitch nose.” Smirking at each other.
Sliding them the case under the table.
“Open it if you don’t believe me.” You say, noticing their confused faces.
The speaker announces the upcoming stop. “So guess I’m off.”
They open the case, looking at it dumbfounded- pointing to the underwear. “You can keep them” you said to the brothers, but only looking at Tangerine.
“Okay, so I’ll love you and leave you, boys. See you soon.” You tease, getting up from your seat, and straightening your clothes.
“Ta-ra.” They say in almost unison.
Walking away, you hear Lemon say “you fucked, didn’t ya?”
Tangerine immediately replied “no.”
You turn around before leaving the carriage door, “yes- a little bit.”
Exiting the train walking along so you could see into their window. Watching Lemon whack Tan on the arm, bickering. Waving goodbye to them as the train left the platform, Tangerine's eyes glued to yours as the train travelled off.
Smiling to yourself while walking away with a slight spring in your step, “not a bad mission” you thought to yourself.
Tumblr media
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I’m possessed & obsessed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve literally never done anything like this. Cod’ll do that to ye.
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nerd | p. parker.
Tumblr media
note: OH MY FUCKING GOD IM SO IN LOVE W TOM HOLLAND RN WHY IS HE SO FINE?? LIKE?? like i’ve always found him attractive before but ZAMN. anyway yeah..🤨
warnings: praise, peter parker’s abs, fingering, marking, kissing, nerd kink😶…, dirty talk?, boring nerd facts
synopsis: peter finds out you’re secretly turned on by his intelligence and uses it against you.
Tumblr media
study nights like this weren’t unusual. peter sitting by your side while your sat with your legs crossed next to him. text books were scattered across your bed since he was helping you study for a chemistry quiz next friday.
you shut the book with a huff, turning to the boy next to you. “i’m bored.”
peter looks up from his book, “you wanna take a break?” he asks.
you nod in reply, jumping off the bed. you stretch, your shirt rising up in the process which makes the spider boys face turn pink. you smiled, “you hungry? i can make some food real quick.”
“maybe later. we should take a break for a few then get back to studying.” he suggested.
you let out an exasperated whine, falling back into your rolling chair. “whyyyy? i hate studying. it’s so boring.” you argued.
“you said it yourself. you cant fail this test.” he replied. you frowned. “well not everyone is as smart as you, pete.”
“i’m not that smart.”
“yes you are! you have so many awards! and you’re like…awesome at everything!” you told him, making him smile.
“you’re actually so smart…it’s kinda hot.” you grumbled like an old man. peters ears perked at your words.
“yes, it’s hot!” you yelled, spinning the chair away from him.
peter took a moment to think. you were obviously embarrassed about it. so there was more to the story. he smirked to himself as he thought of an idea.
he stood up from his spot, getting close to your ear, “did you know there’s enough dna in the average persons body to stretch to the sun to pluto and back—seventeen times.” peter whispered.
“seventeen?” you mumbled, turning your head to his.
“yeah. and, the earth has a mass of 5.97 x 10^24 kilograms.” he smiled.
you stared at him, eyes shifting to his lips every two seconds before you finally pulled the collar of his t-shirt. your lips connected. peters hands grabbed your hips, steadying himself above you. you stood from the chair, walking to the bed. lips disconnecting for a breath of air. your hands were pushing the text books onto the floor.
your knees met the mattress, your weight sinking it in as you sat. you wiggled your hips as you crawled across the bed. peter stared at you like you were the millennium falcon lego set you had gotten him for christmas. he was absolutely so in love.
he followed behind you, dragging your hips back to him. you squirmed in surprise, watching peter grin at you. his fingers played with the hem of your shorts and you were practically begging for him to take them off.
“is this okay?” he asked, tugging them to your thighs.
you nodded desperately, making him smile to himself. after taking your shorts off, all to be seen were the cute cotton flower panties you wore underneath them. a small damp patch was covering the middle, making all the blood in peter shoot down his body.
opened mouth kisses were placed along down your torso, “did you know a cloud can weigh about a million pounds.” he said between each kiss.
why the fuck were random facts that your boyfriend knew turning you on?
“peter..”you sighed, wrapping a hand in his brown locs.
“baby?” he replied. his eyes stared up at you, watching as you looked as if you were about to faint.
“need you…now.” you whispered. you just want him to stop teasing you and start pleasing you. feeling his breath near your core was driving you insane.
hands trace against the inside of your thighs, sending shivers up your spine. peter pushes the fabric that covered your cunt to the side, putting two fingers inside of you and curling them as he does, making you moan.
“peter.” you barely say below your breath, holding onto his bicep.
“shhh..baby. let me take care of you.” he said against the skin of your collarbone. you whispered in reply.
his kisses were so light against your neck. if you hadn’t known it was him, you would’ve thought a butterfly had landed onto your throat, fluttering peacefully. his trail of kisses moved down to your chest, then eventually to your stomach again.
“pretty girl..my pretty girl.” he muttered.
you cupped your mouth with your hand, muffling the cries of your voice. you couldn’t let your roommate hear, or your other colleagues down in the other dorms.
peter noticed the hand covering your mouth. he took the hand occupying your insides, removing it and pulling yours away.
“don’t get shy on me now.” he pouted.
your legs closed from the loss of touch, hoping for some friction as you rubbed them. peter brought his lips close to your ear, pushing your hair away from your face.
“i know you think about this all the time. me, your little nerd boy, fucking you senselessly as you refuse to study because you’re just so turned on from it.” he says.
your eyes squeeze shut, “peter, please..”
“please what?”
you get quite at the next part, but thanks to peters enhanced senses he heard what you said clearly. 
“always.” he replied. you watched as he ripped his own shirt off, his abs coming into sight. god he was fine. he pulled back your underwear, watching as it tickled down your thighs.
peter entered you slowly, bottoming out. for several moments, the bedroom was silent, apart from your panting. your eyes couldn't leave his figure.
you reached a hand up to push several strands of hair out his eyes. he pulled almost all the way out before thrusting back in, making you throw your head back.
fuck you were gorgeous with your head thrown back against the pillow, back arched. it wasn't the first time peter had seen such a sight. hell, he’d even took pictures and videos of it for himself.
"gonna fill you up, pretty." you nodded, the corners of your vision beginning to blur from the intense pleasure. 
you could feel the spark of your insides begin to light, almost as if it was about to go off. you were so close. “peter.”
peter grabbed your hips, adjusting them to his. he picked his pace up, making your brain fuzzy. the circles he was tracing on your clit added to the pleasure he was submerging you in. your fists grabbed the sheets as if they were going to save you from this animal of a man.
You were incoherent as you came, only whines mixed with slurred chants of his name leaving your mouth. peter followed quickly behind you; a whimper leaving his lips.
peter relaxed against you, his head falling against your chest. you laughed softly as his curls tickled your skin. “fuck.” you breathed.
“yeah, fuck.” he grinned.
the two of you laughed, holding each other tightly. the room was soon filled with silence once more. it was comfortable. as always.
“yknow..the world record for the most female orgasms is one hundred and thirty four in one hour. i bet we can beat that.” peter winked.
the room was silent.
a loud cackle was heard from below him, which is where you were laying.
“why the fuck do you know that?”
Tumblr media
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the true tragedy of moon knight is that you watch the show and you go "oh what, six episodes? well at least there's the comics" and then you look into it and theres not even that many runs and of those runs maybe 1/3 are actually good so youre just stuck in this eternal loop of rereading the same runs and rewatching the episodes until you can quote them off by heart good morning gus my little one finned wonder hello mum its me just checkin in got your postcard putting it up on gus' tank now yeah its very nice he's fumin tho keeps asking why
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Something about being at the absolute bottom feels like home
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Uchiha Sai AU - This is following the original manga up until Sasuke kills Itachi.
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I need to stop checking my phone every minute no one loves me
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each cut is my escape, at-least my blood can be free
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