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࿐ ˚ . ✦ STAY THE NIGHT? jude bellingham
Tumblr media
summary. when you're just not ready for your bf to leave yet
cw. aggressive reader smh fluff
word count. 819
your dry eyes exclusively stared at the bright, white screen in the middle of your dim bedroom. you were bundled up in heaps of blankets alongside your boyfriend, jude, who’d also lent his arm around your neck and snuggled away. there was a spot on his chest left warm from the imprint of your cheek, marinating on it for an hour or so. the fluorescent blue light of the tv screen was slowly burning your eyes, but being preoccupied with the movie in front of you, you could truly care less.
along the movie, you felt your boyfriend fidgeting next to you, shuffling his legs, adjusting the hem of his t-shirt, and tapping his phone every now and again. you didn’t pay much mind to it when it first began, but now it was becoming a little repetitive. he hadn’t been giggling like he typically would, either, which drew worry within you. 
your head drifted from the movie in front of you as you stole a glance at the boy who’d once again quickly clicked the power button on his phone.
"you okay?" you asked out of concern. you trusted he wasn’t being sneaky—if anything, maybe he was uncomfortable.
he swiftly cleared his throat, "yeah, i’m good." your eyes peered upon his stoic appearance while he attempted to seem preoccupied, squinting at the tv screen with his arms crossed in a formal demeanor.
"i actually," he paused, taking a second to (once again) peep at his phone, "think it’s getting pretty late." he shifted himself onto the headboard of your bed. 
"what? we’re already so far into the movie—just stay for however long there is left," you protested, stationing your body upright as you watched his turned back begin to face you.
"listen, princess, i really have to get up early for training tomorrow. you can finish the rest without me, right?" he cooed in a sweet, drowsy tone while lowering himself to cup your cheek.
you frowned, gazing into his eyes. you took the opportunity to grasp the big hand fixed on your cheek, stroking it, as you two shared a few seconds of physical affection.
"do you really have to go?" you batted your eyelashes at him, anticipating that somehow your innocent gape would stir him back into bed.
he sighs. his head scans the ceiling of your room for a second before returning his gaze to you. you can sense that there was contemplation emanating from him, weighing the consequences of either spending the night or going home.
"last time i stayed the night, i was an hour late to practice," he says, pinching your cheek before grabbing the hoodie laying on the corner of your bed and flinging it over his head.
"i got into so much trouble too. i promise i’ll stay longer next time, but i really have to go." he continued, adjusting the collar of his hoodie, which draped so nicely on his broad frame.
as much as you hated to admit it, he was right. for whatever reason, every time he stayed the night, it just so happened that his alarm didn’t seem to go off. you two would be an hour into cuddling before he darts up and realizes that practice started 45 minutes ago.
you took the opportunity to sit on the edge of the bed as he fiddled with the hood of his sweater. you stood silent for a second, watching him before his departure.
"well, at least hug me before you go," you plead, tilting your head among the boy perched in front of you.
he let out a soft chuckle as he approached you with open arms. the fabric of his sweater etched across your cheek as you pulled him closer in your embrace, hugging him tighter.
wrapping your legs around him, you had the bright idea of keeping him home a little longer.
"you’re not going anywhere," you muffled into his clothed chest, sinking back into the bed with him still bound to your arms.
"y/n—" he cried, startled by the extent to which you went to keep him for the night.
"you’re so heavy," you mumbled under him. he chuckled in the crook of your neck before pulling himself from above you, though he didn’t fully plunk his weight on you. (😔)
"gosh, you really want me to stay the night that bad?" he teased, mounting himself between your legs. instinctively, you swathed your legs around his thighs once more.
"mhm," you nodded, dragging your bottom lip between your teeth. 
"and, if you try to leave again, you’re dead, okay?" you declared before your boyfriend chuckled, bending down to peck your cheek.
"got it, ma’am" he hummed in agreement.
"but, if i'm late again, i swear—" 
"shush, you're not going to be late, promise." you cut him off, knowing fully well it was destined to happen again, but that's for tomorrow to decipher.
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baby maybank being held by john b and he’s like “shit jj, didn’t realize how strong your genes are”
pairing; dad!jj x fem!mom!reader
warnings; fluff, baby is a girl in this blurb, i’ll alternate occasionally b/w boy & girl for dad!blurbs, baby also has no name to keep things neutral for the reader.
authors note; had to make a blurb out of this it’s so cute, hope u enjoy, this is really short. like i mean it not the length of my usual blurbs at all so i m not expecting much lol.
Tumblr media
“What’s wrong with this Goddamn car seat?”
JJ’s teeth are in a full on grit, trying to get this forsaken car seat out for the past ten minutes. Wriggling it every which way whilst the baby inside stuck her tongue out in a full giddy laugh at her father’s frustration— adorned in the attire JJ chose that day, mini denim overalls, with a ruffled white tee beneath as well as socks to match, nearing her three month old mark. The seatbelt is inevitably caught and despite how much he pulls, it won’t budge, with every pull the baby’s head rocks back and forth on the cushion.
You stood leaned against the car door, amused by JJ’s discontent. It’s such a task for him you swear you saw a bead of sweat coat his temple. You and the baby sharing mischievous glances, aware that you’ve let him struggle long enough.
“JJ-“ you interject, trying to weasel your way in between the door and JJ’s side. Still he proceeds to pull and maneuver it, no remembrance of your voice.
Placing a reassuring hand to his shoulder, one that says ‘stop while you’re ahead’. His breath heaves, backing up to allow you to do what he couldn’t. This wasn’t the first time the baby met the Pogues, though JJ gets just as stressed every time, protective of his little girl— ‘dad mode’ at best.
With one swift movement you latch onto the handle of the car seat, and she’s removed from the car with ease. Crystalline eyes alike with her dad, piercing blonde tresses, with that same undeniable tight lipped grin.
“Swear that fuckin’ car seat is cursed.”
You shushed him for the roaring profanity, as if your daughter could speak already. “No, you just never learned how to do it.”
He places a hand at the small of your back whilst closing the car door and writhing the car seat from your hold, as it weighs a ton and there will be no carrying things for you— JJ insists.
Before even taking another step, his lips align with yours. Plump with an anxious need for you. It’s brief yet slow and you taste every aspect of him. “I got it, baby.” He says so against your lips— as much as he wants to stand in the front yard of the Chateau and get lost with you for a lifetime, he pulls away, mainly because it’s fucking scorching right now and his little girl can’t stand the protruding sunlight in her eyes.
There’s always a still of quietness when the Pogues all share a room with the baby in. Fully due to the fact that it’s absurd that thee JJ Maybank is a father, to a living breathing child, and a damn good one at that.
“Shit JJ, didn’t realize how strong your genes are,” John b is peering down at the small child cradled in his arms, that is the absolute spitting image of her father. Kie, Pope, Sarah, and Cleo all surrounding like the baby was an unearthly creature.
“Least you know she’s mine.”
You elbow JJ’s side at his suggestive antics. Merely to grab his baby again, swatting at them for possibly breathing too much air on her. “Now back up, you’re crowding her.”
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Tumblr media
summary: you can never say no to wanda.
pairing: top!playgirl!wanda x fem!reader
warnings: sex tapes, squirting, wanda has penis, wanda being a little shit, soft!wanda, fluff, grinding, dirty talk, muscular wanda, hair pulling.
a/n: hiii! i love playgirl!wanda she is so fun to write, also got this idea while listening to video phone by beyoncé featuring lady gaga! it’s so good 🫦
word count: 2.2k
taglist: @fluffyblanketgecko @julirey06 @wansdeadd @tita001 @mqximxfff @wandanatlov3r @bxyerss @deticatedkatebishopfan
for context!
Tumblr media
“This is just a one time thing, okay?”
That’s what you had told her, multiple times. But it seems like you couldn’t get enough of her, like a moth to a flame, every tuition session you had with her, ended up with you getting your brains fucked out by her, it was like a reward for Wanda and yourself. Every time Wanda finished her paper, you’d spread your legs for her, it was extremely effective. Wanda had brought you her test papers where she had gotten extremely good grades, of course everything good had to come to end and your study sessions with her stopped, but did that stop you two?
“Ah fuck! fuck! Wanda harder!” you moaned as she fucked you mercilessly, the two of you were in a bathroom stall inside your school, the fear of getting caught made this whole thing even more exciting “princess, don’t make too much noise, we can’t be getting caught” she shushed you covering your mouth with her hand, Wanda groaned as she came into you, no worries though you had started taking birth control upon her request. She pulled out of you and slid your panties back on, giving your ass a nice smack “y/n, if you keep making me miss my classes, I’ll fail again okay?” she smiled as you wrapped your arms around her neck “If you fail I’ll start tutoring you again.” you stuck your tongue out at her and she laughed “yeah right.” the two of you shared a soft smile before you pressed your lips against hers.
“How about I come to your dorm, tonight?” she asked “why?” you asked, “I don’t know, I wanna spend some time with my girlfriend” she mumbled her smile never leaving her face. “Oh so, now I’m your girlfriend?” you giggled “Uh-huh, yknow I haven’t even texted any other girl back, after we had sex for the first time, right?” you always ignored, whenever she brought your relationship with her, the sex was good, but relationship? you didn’t know. “Yeah, well instead of coming to my dorm, how about I come to yours?” you asked “I don’t think that will be a good idea, if I brought a pretty girl like yourself there, who knows what’ll happen to you.” she smirked tucking your hair behind your ear. “Don’t you just live with natty and her sister?” Wanda’s eyes widened “Natty? do you two know each other?” you looked at her puzzled “Natty and I were childhood friends, you didn’t know that?” “No, i guess that makes sense, you two are from the same place” she murmured.
“Well anyways, I’ll be at your dorm by ten thirty?” “Why so late?” you asked her “well… I wanna stay the night” she mumbled and you smiled “sure, do want something to eat?” “You.” she grinned and you snorted “see ya, maximoff” you exited the stall and after a while Wanda followed out. “You guys are disgusting” Wanda looked at Natasha who was fondling some girl who was sitting on top the bathroom counter. “Bye sweetie, I’ll see you later” Natasha sent the girl away and looked at Wanda “As if you weren’t fucking y/n/n in there” Wanda rolled her eyes “how come you’ve never told me you knew her” “we just dated for a while it wasn’t anything, how is she though I can’t seem to get a hold of her at all” Natasha asked nonchalantly.
“YOU dated HER?” Wanda gasped, looking at her friend accusingly “relax, it wasn’t anything serious we were like fifteen” Wanda seemed to deflate, but the thought still remained in her head. “Anyways look, since you’re pursuing her, she really likes flowers” Natasha elbowed her “what kind of flowers?” “Well yknow, rose, daisies those type of flowers” Wanda thought for a minute before smiling “okay! I’ll surprise her with flowers, thanks Natty” Wanda practically shot out of the bathroom.
“Only y/n/n can call me that” Natasha mumbled embarrassed.
Tumblr media
Wanda was at your doorstep by exact ten, twenty five. She stood outside, practising what she would say to you, these feelings really confused her, she never acted like this for a girl, she really liked you.
“Hi, y/n! flowers for my beautiful? Nah that’s too corny” she sighed “Hey, babe heard you liked flowers, here! noo that’s too lame” “hi baby, roses are red— no I’m not even going to.” Wanda sighed, “Hey y/n, I brought you so—” “Wanda?” she gasped and turned around to face you looking at her with a playful smile “y/n! how long have you been there for?” she asked tried to hide the flowers behind her back. “Long enough to see you talking to yourself” you giggled “look, that was nothing, I was just…” she trailed off, you patted her back “it’s fine, come on in, thank you for the flowers by the way.”
Wanda flushed as she walked into your apartment “so what do you want to do?” you asked her “well, I was thinking—” “don’t even finish that, we did it once today, isn’t that enough” you looked at her, eyebrows raised, she walked closer to you, grabbing you by your waist “oh baby, it’s never enough when it comes to you” she pressed a kiss against your forehead. You chuckled “Well I was thinking of watching a movie tonight, care to join me?” “Yeah! i mean yeah sure.” she said making sure she didn’t appear overly excited, you smiled as you watched her try to put on a macho front.
“What type of movie are we going to watch?” she asked sitting on your couch, her eyes trialing you as you walked around the kitchen, grabbing popcorn for you two to eat. “I really haven’t decided yet, maybe a horror movie?” you smiled. Wanda paled at the mention of the word itself “y/n, can’t we watch something nice instead of.. of horror?” she chuckled “what? don’t tell me you’re scared” you laughed as you walked over to her “I’m not scared.” she looked at you with a soft pout, you smirked sitting on her lap grabbing her by the collar pulling you close to her “aw, baby don’t you know? I never intended on watching a movie.” you whispered. “Where did this y/n come from? I like her” she whispered trying to kiss you. “Baby, c’mon, don’t do this to me” she groaned when you started grinding on her lap, you tightened your hold around her collar, moaning as you felt her get hard under you.
“Baby, Baby please” Wanda groaned grabbing your hips, “c’mon wans you’ll get your reward, lemme have some fun with you” you giggled at her expression, Wanda whimpered as you took your shirt off, “fuck, baby please” she pressed her lips against your breasts, her hands kneading her your ass. You sat up, looking at the wet spot one her bulge. “Can I? Can I please baby?” she asked practically ready to pounce on you. “come here” you rasped out and she immediately grabbed you, mouths pressed against each other, she picked you up carrying you to her bedroom. You moaned into her kiss, your hands running down her biceps, Wanda practically threw you onto the bed, climbing on top of you.
She pressed kisses on your body trailing them down to your chest, your stomach and slowly she looked up at you “gonna eat you out, okay baby?” you whimpered are how she smiled at you before diving between your thighs, nipping at the skin, you let out a soft cry “wans! be gentle” Wanda smiled “so sensitive huh?” you moaned as she gave a long lick to your pussy “so wet, so pretty, tastes so good, look at this pretty little cunt” she giggled and you whimpered trying to close your legs “nuh-uh, not so fast” she pushed them back open before kissing your clit “gonna do it now baby” she mumbled, her fingers reached out to massage your puffed up clit “mmph” you whined, Wanda’s tongue felt heavenly on your cunt “mmph, that’s it baby!” you moaned grabbing her hair pushing her face against your cunt.
Wanda moaned as she felt your grip on her hair, her tongue lapping up your juices up “mmh, wanda m’gonna cum” you moaned out loud, your back arched, your mouth left out mewls as she sucked your cunt “ahn! ahn! gonna cum, baby!” you cried, your legs wrapping around her face, but instead of coming Wanda was surprised when she felt her face being covered by a wet liquid, you groaned falling down on the bed “baby.. you squirted” her voice sounded like she was in awe, you raised your head to look at her, her chin was covered in your juice, mouth slightly agape, her eyes met yours “can you do it again?” she asked “baby I don’t know how did it in the first place” you whispered, Wanda’s eyes hardened “I’ll make you do it again” her voice laced with determination, she took of her shirt and your cunt throbbed, Wanda took extremely good care of her body, she grabbed you and flipped you onto your stomach “Baby, baby can I request something?” she asked you hummed as she started rubbing her cock between your thighs “can I record us having sex?” you froze for a moment “of course! I won’t show it to anyone, but yknow just a thing between us?” she asked shyly,
you thought about it for a moment if she said it was just a thing between the two of you, would it really be a bad idea? “I know you’re gonna jerk off to it” you giggled and Wanda giggled too “maybe.. so is that a yes?” “uh huh” you smiled as Wanda’s hand left your hips, you heard her shuffling behind you “okay baby, lemme just prop it here” she placed her phone against the headboard where the angle could capture the both of you “seems like this isn’t the first time you’ve done this?” you turned your face to look at her “oh there’s so much you don’t know about me princess” she smirked before pushing her dick inside you. You gasped at the sudden intrusion “baby baby so fucking tight as always” she groaned and you whimpered as she grabbed the back of your neck and pushed you down “ahn! fuck wans harder!” you groaned and Wanda pulled out of you before she slammed inside you “OH FUCK!” you screamed into your mattress as Wanda started slamming her hips against your ass.
“Fuck! Fuck! Princess, you feel so good” she whimpered at how good your pussy squeezed her “I love you princess, it feels so good!” your hands clenched the sheets as she fucked you faster. “Wanda! Wanda!” you moaned, you felt her reach forward, raising your head you watched as she grabbed her phone and positioned it right in front of you “baby why don’t you play with your clit, huh?” she rasped pressing her lips against your neck “ahn! fuck so good! Wanda you’re doing so good, please more!” you gasped as she found your sweet spot, the tears collected at your eyes, all you could feel was her, the sensation was overwhelming, you felt her lift you up and press your back against her.
“Come on baby, show the camera how you play with your clit” she groaned and your fingers reached to touch the puffed up clit, slowly you started rubbing it “oh fuck! Wanda!” you sobbed out, you threw your head against her shoulder. Wanda grabbed you and started ramming into you mercilessly “fuck! Fuck! You’re a good girl, baby that’s it! your pussy is squeezing me so good baby” she bit down onto your shoulder.
Your mouth left obscenities as you got treated like a flesh light by her “Wanda! Wanda! ‘m gonna cum baby fuck fuck!” you screamed loudly as you came undone on her. Wanda watched as you cunt sprayed like a faucet, wetting her and the sheets, she smiled “baby you squirted again!” you didn’t even register her words as you rode your high out “ahn! fuck y/n, gonna cum too” she held you even tighter as she moved faster and deeper into your hole “fuck!” she shoved herself inside and came into you “baby!” you groaned as she released her seed into you, Wanda’s moans were muffled against your neck.
The two of you panted “fuck, who knew you were a squirter” she laughed slightly out of breath and you snorted “get out of me” you mumbled and Wanda pulled out of you, hissing at how much cum was leaking out of your cunt, you grabbed her phone and stopped recording “wait gimme that I wanna see something” you gave her the phone and laid down and Wanda laid next to you “jeez look at you baby” she giggled as she showed you the clip of you squirting “oh god! don’t show this to me!” you blushed covering your face and Wanda laughed, she pulled you close to her, arms wrapping around your body.
“Baby, how about you and I make it official, huh?” she smiled looking at you and you couldn’t help but smile too “really? look at this you’re willing to settle down with me?” you poked her nose “yup! we can do all sorts of stuff together, like like… um yknow fun stuff!” she giggled and you giggled too you sat up and got on top of her.
“Make me squirt again and I’ll let you be my girlfriend.” you smiled, placing your hands flat on her chest.
“Oh.” Wanda smirked “I like where this is going.”
Tumblr media
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Hellooo, may i ask for Y/N taking care of Soobin and Yeonjun?, since you alredy did with the other members, and to make it a little different maybe you can do When Soobin's rhinitis it's really bad so he stays in home with you but he wakes you up in the middle of the night bc he can't sleep bc of his stuffy nose and you try some things to make him sleep, like you're so concentrated doing weird things trying to make him sleep but you didn't realize he is asleep again, and for Yeonjun like he hurted his knee or something and he stays home with you, but he's sad bc he can't really move his knee (example) and you try to make him smile doing anything he likes, then he realizes he loves you so much and starts crying and you calm him down until he's sleeping :(
Sorry for making this so long and especific i just thought i would me really cute, btw i love u so much, you're so underrated :(
⋆。°✩ taking care of soobin, yeonjun, and beomgyu
includes: i made a ver for beomgyu where reader gets sick so i made another one where beomgyu gets sick, yeonjun cries (out of happiness), these get progressively shorter oops
a/n: thank you so much for requesting !! i lowkey love when ideas are super specific like this lol don't worry about it being too long this idea is really cute, i hope you like it :))
gn reader (no pronouns used)
requests open !! read my rules first
Tumblr media
⋆。°✩ soobin
Tumblr media
blonde soobin >>> (word count 512)
“y/n?” you’re awoken when soobin gently shakes your shoulder. he moves a little closer to lean over you as he shakes you again. “y/n?” 
you sleepily blink up at him, squinting in hopes of your eyes adjusting to the darkness quicker. soobin sniffles as he moves to give you some space to sit up. you reach over to turn the lamp on your bedside table on. 
in the newfound light, you can see soobin better. his nose and eyes are slightly red from irritation and an empty box of tissues sits beside him. 
“what’s wrong?” 
“i can’t sleep,” soobin sniffles. “my nose is too stuffy. i can’t breathe.” 
“oh, i’m sorry, baby.” you gesture for him to move closer so he’s leaning against your chest. his hair feels soft against your fingers as you twist the strands in your hands. “what do you usually do when it gets bad?”
“i just try to deal with it,” he mumbles. his voice sounds a little scratchy as he whispers. “i have to record tomorrow. i can’t sound like this.” 
“why don’t i go make you some tea and then we can look up some ways to help?” after a moment of contemplation, soobin nods. 
you smile, leaning down to press a kiss against his forehead. “i’ll be right back.” 
“thank you,” he whispers. you nod, making your way through your apartment to turn on the kettle. the light from the clock on your stove catches your eye. 01:37. it hasn’t been long since you first went to bed. has soobin awake the whole time? 
the water boils quickly. you pull a mug from your cabinet and add some tea to it before pouring the water in. you’re careful as you make your way back to your shared room, setting the cup on the table beside soobin. 
“careful, it’s hot.”
“thank you,” he whispers again. soobin leans back against your chest as you open your computer and begin to scroll through articles with potential remedies for stuffy noses. the answers range from a variety of steam products to essential oils. finally, something catches your eye. 
“maybe we can try some apple cider vinegar,” you say, still scrolling through the various treatment suggestions. when soobin doesn’t immediately answer you look over at him. he’s moved from your shoulder to nuzzle his head against your thigh as he curls up next to you. his breathing has evened out and his snores quieted down. the irritation around his nose has nearly disappeared. he’s sleeping soundly in your lap.
you smile, reaching over to grab your phone and snapping a quick picture of soobin. he sighs a little in his sleep as he shifts closer to you. you’re careful not to move too much when you reach over to turn the light off again before setting your computer aside. 
“goodnight baby,” you whisper. you don’t notice the way soobin unconsciously smiles when you lean down to press a kiss against his forehead before leaning back against your headboard to get some sleep of your own. 
⋆。°✩ yeonjun
Tumblr media
the gender envy i get from him is so bad omg (word count 473)
usually, yeonjun calling you at odd hours of the day was a common occurrence. time zones and your busy schedules made it difficult to keep in constant contact with each other so he had made a habit of randomly calling you whenever he had time - even if it was only a few minutes - just to hear your voice. 
what was uncommon, however, was being called multiple times. your phone vibrates against the table as you finally walk over to answer the call. to your surprise, it isn’t yeonjun on the other end: it’s soobin. 
“is everything okay?” 
“don’t freak out,” he begins. you hope he can’t hear how you immediately tense at the words. “you need to drive to the hospital. yeonjun got hurt during practice. it’s nothing too serious but he’s asking for you.” 
“i’ll be right there,” you say, rushing to grab your shoes. you don’t bother with a jacket despite the cold weather outside as you run out to your car and quickly begin driving. 
Tumblr media
“here,” you whisper, kneeling down beside yeonjun. he winces a little when you press the ice pack against his injured knee. “i’m sorry.” 
“don’t be.” 
you press a kiss against his forehead as you stand up, disappearing into the kitchen for a few minutes. yeonjun lights up a little when you return with two bowls of mint chocolate ice cream and a bowl of noodles you prepared for him. “i made you some food,” you say as you set the bowl in front of him and draping a blanket over his lap. “we can watch the new episodes of the glory and cuddle together.” 
yeonjun stares up at you with wide eyes for a few seconds. you’re about to speak again when he reaches out to pull you down into a hug. you flinch a little, careful not to hurt his knee at all as you wrap your arms around him. 
“thank you,” he whispers. you can just barely feel wetness stinging against the skin of your neck. you pull yeonjun a little closer, rubbing his back. he sniffles a little when he pulls away to look into your eyes again. “i’m sorry, i just… i love you. i love you so much. i got hurt and you rushed to the hospital to be with me and now you’re here taking care of me and i just… i’m in love with you.” 
you tilt his face up to pull him into a kiss. yeonjun smiles into it, holding you in place as he presses another peck against you. “i love you too.” 
you can’t contain your excitement, wrapping him into a hug and pressing a million little kisses against his neck and face. yeonjun laughs when you pull away, tugging you down to sit next to him so you’re leaning against his chest. 
⋆。°✩ beomgyu
Tumblr media
he's so pretty i love him sm (word count 376)
the sound of your ringtone blaring wakes you up. you groan, shifting onto your side to grab it. it’s still vibrating in your hand as you sit up to answer. “hello?” your voice is groggy from sleep. 
“y/n?” beomgyu coughs on the other end of the line. his voice is scratchy when he tries to talk. “can you come over? please?” 
“yeah, of course,” you’re quick to get out of bed, throwing on a random pair of shoes as you rush out of your apartment to your car. “is everything okay?” 
“i think i’m sick,” he whines. you can hear the sheets rustling as he lays back down on his bed. “i’ve had a headache since yesterday and i woke up a little while ago when i threw up.” 
“i’m sorry baby,” you say, quickly slamming the door shut as you start the engine. “i’ll be right there, okay?” 
“okay. i love you.” 
“love you.” 
you ignore how cold it is outside as you begin driving. after being with beomgyu for months and having been friends even longer before making your way to the txt dorms is nearly second nature. the streets are empty due to the late hour as you drive through.
gentle rain has just begun to fall as you park the car. you run up the steps to their dorm, about to knock when the door swings open in front of you. a tired-looking beomgyu stands on the other side. he has a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and stands leaning against the door for support. he sniffles, opening his arms as a gesture for you to enter.
“hi baby,” you whisper, wrapping your arms around him. “how are you feeling?” beomgyu groans as he leans against your chest. “that bad, huh?” you chuckle.
“want cuddles,” he rasps. 
“okay,” you whisper. “come on. let’s go cuddle.” 
beomgyu refuses to let go of you as you guide him over to the couch. he continues to cling to you as you maneuver your body around him to lay next to him. he sleepily smiles at you as you run your fingers through his hair, leaning down to press a kiss against his forehead. “i love you.” 
“i love you too. now get some rest.” 
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lonelywhalien22 · 1 day
trust me
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: bang chan x reader
rating/genre: comfort, fluff, sprinkle of angst
summary: you're having a bad day and your boyfriend chan is there to try and make you feel better.
warnings: reader is low key hella sad in this (take care of yourselves yall <3) + a steamy kiss (very self indulgent ik i'm sorry)
word count: 2.7k
song(s) to listen to while reading: steamroller by phoebe bridgers (reader is hella sad so are we surprised lol), renee's song by bazzi, fall by chloe x halle
note: while i try to tame some bigger fic ideas into submission i'll occasionally polish up + share some of my more decent smaller pieces from years past. pretty sure i wrote this one in the throws of the p*ndemic while struggling with college and feeling hella touch starved...so yeah...enjoy lol <3
It was one of those days - one where that funny feeling had bubbled up inside of you, seemingly out of nowhere. You knew it all too well by now, knew its signs and its symptoms. One moment you’d be fine, and then it would happen - a dreaded phone call for an appointment that you could no longer put off, a tedious task at work, a much needed item that you’d misplaced and couldn’t find - sometimes it was all of these things in one day and more, and suddenly you weren’t ok. And as much as you’d try to not let all the frustrations of life get to you, as much as you’d try to hold on to the good, to the light, sometimes bit by bit it would still slip from your grasp until you were tired of trying and there was nothing left inside of you but a dull gray.
You hated when you got in these sorts of moods - used to think there'd be some stage in life, some milestone you could reach, thing you could achieve that would make them go away forever, but you’d survived enough of them by now to know that it was a lifelong battle. There were highs and lows, and today just happened to be one of the lows.
Today also just happened to be one where your boyfriend Bang Chan was supposed to be coming over. His presence was one that so often brought light into your life - fun and laughter and a smile to every situation, but despite having accepted that you were in a sour mood, the thought of him seeing you this way made you feel worse instead of better - like a recluse undeserving of such sweet affection. As if he could hear your thoughts from afar, your cellphone began ringing on the kitchen table, temporarily snapping you right out of your self pity.
“Am I still good to stop by in an hour?" You could practically hear the excitement in his voice, imagining his charming smile immediately, but the warmth in your chest only lasted for a second before you just felt even more upset with yourself. You didn’t wanna burden him with your feelings - tramp all over his joy with your frustration.
"Hey Chan. I'm sorry, but I'm kind of feeling like trash right now." You thought maybe that would be the end of it, hoped that he would read between the lines, but he was completely oblivious, a caring tone seeping into his words as he tried to help you instead.
"Are you sick? I can pick up something for you and bring it by if you want.”
"No, that's not exactly it," you began, struggling to find the words. There was a long pause on the line, and you could hear Chan shifting, as if he was sitting up. You cursed in your head. There was no way he was gonna let this go now - not when you were being so distant. 
“Babe, you know you can tell me anything right?” His use of the nickname made your heart flutter again, gently coaxing you to open up to him - to be honest.
“I know.” 
“Then talk to me.”
“I just…I don’t know, it’s stupid.”
“Nothing you say is stupid,” Chan said immediately. “Tell me what’s going on.”
You let out a sigh before nervously continuing. “It’s just…sometimes I’ll get in this really weird headspace and it makes me feel like crap and...I'm just annoyed with myself. I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense...I think maybe I just need to be alone right now," you tried to get the last words out but began to break down a little as you really thought about what you’d said. Something about hearing it out loud made it feel all the more real, your eyes beginning to water and throat beginning to dry up.
“It sounds like you're upset. You sure you don't want me to come over?” 
You took a big breath, trying to calm yourself before speaking again, but no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t find it in you to say anything else. It felt paralyzing - being stuck between the part of you that just wanted him to be with you and the part that was afraid you’d scare him away forever with your feelings. The more you thought about it the more emotional you got, and you felt a tear run down your cheek before you started to sob silently into the phone.
"Babe? Y/n?” Chan asked, voice becoming laced with concern. 
"Yeah?" It was all you could manage to sob out.
"I'm coming over right now," he said quickly, making the decision for you. You could already hear shuffling sounds in the background as he presumably scrambled to grab his things.
"Give me like twenty minutes ok? And just stay on the line with me please? Can you do that for me?" 
"Yeah. I'm sorry." 
“There's nothing to be sorry for," Chan said softly.
In less than twenty minutes you heard a hurried knock on your door. Hanging up on your phone, you pulled yourself off of the couch and shuffled over to the entrance of your apartment, unlocking and pulling open the door to reveal your boyfriend's slightly panicked face.
“Hey…” he whispered gently when he saw you. You moved out of the way and he quickly stepped inside, setting down a bunch of bags before he turned back around and immediately enveloped you in his arms. The warmth of his body pressed against yours easily disarmed you, walls falling down so that all you could think about was his sturdy embrace. 
"I'm sorry,” you mumbled into his chest, trying to look at him. “I didn't mean to worry y-" 
"Hmm. Shush. No apologizing. Just let me hold you for a minute, yeah?" 
You nodded your head against him, silent as you slowly relaxed all the muscles in your body and let yourself really feel his warmth, feel all of the love radiating from his body into yours. He smelled like his shower gel, a hint of spearmint seeping into your lungs as your breathing began to slow and your eyes closed, whizzing thoughts in your head beginning to dissipate one by one. Your fingers curled into the fabric of his black sweater, holding on as if you never wanted to let go, and he let you - staying wrapped around you for an entire minute, just like he said. One of his hands stayed firmly wrapped around your waist while the other went up to start rubbing all the way from your head to the middle of your back, repeating the motion leisurely. You released a sigh of content as he did this, feeling yourself start to calm down, heart rate beginning to slow. Eventually he loosened his arms just enough to pull back a little and look at your tear-stained face.
"Let's sit down and I'll get you some food to eat hmm?" he said quietly, thumb wiping across your wet cheeks. You nodded, feeling a bit like a child as he lead you to your couch and wrapped a blanket around you before getting you some food from one of the bags he brought. When he came back you noticed his hair was a bit wet, presumably still drying from a shower he must have taken right before calling you, strands curling from the dampness. And as you looked down at the container of food he’d placed in your hands you realized it was your favorite meal from your favorite place. He even remembered how you always asked for extra sauce. 
Chan stayed silent as you slowly picked up your fork and began to eat, still sniffling a little. He easily found the remote to your tv, switching it on in a practiced familiarity, and put on one of your favorite movies, letting it play softly in the background before digging in to his own food.
When you’d both finished eating, he silently patted his lap, and you knew without any explanation that he was asking you to lean yourself back into his embrace. You did so shyly, Chan grabbing the blanket and draping it around the two of you before he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you even closer. Finally you relaxed, leaning your head into the crook of his neck and turning slightly so that you could shamelessly wrap your arms around his middle, no longer even focusing on the tv at all. It felt so comforting to be in his arms that your eyes immediately began to close, his embrace luring you to sleep.
When you woke up it was dark outside. You blinked a couple times, shifting slightly before realizing that you were still completely wrapped up in Chan’s arms. To your embarrassment, you caught him peeking at you with the softest look on his face, your heart beating a little faster because you’d never been this close to him for so long before. 
“Better?” he asked you simply, thumb moving to rub against your elbow gently.
You opened your eyes a bit wider, immediately beginning to shift up on the couch.
“I’m sorry, I didn't realize how late it was," you said quickly instead of answering his question, feeling guilty as you shifted a little from his embrace. You’d essentially used him as your own personal pillow for who knows how many hours. “I didn’t mean to keep you here like that for so long,” you continued to ramble, but Chan only shook his head in response.
“Y/n. Hey - look at me,” Chan said with a soothing tone. You stopped your shuffling and did as he asked.
“Do you feel better?” he repeated his question from earlier, and you finally nodded a little before picking at the blanket on your lap.
“Yeah. I’m just sorry I wasted your time because of some dumb mood I was in," you responded, annoyed with yourself as you pushed your hair out of your face roughly.
“You know it’s not a crime to feel sad, right?” Chan started gently after a couple beats of silence, clearly trying to find the right words as his thumb continued to lightly rub against your skin. “Even if there isn’t a clear reason - that doesn’t make how you’re feeling any less real.”
“I guess.” You dismissed his words easily, clearly not taking them to heart.
"Why do you always do that?" he asked lightly.
"What do you mean?”
"Talk yourself down. Dismiss how you're feeling,” he elaborated, a little concern in his voice once again. “It makes me worry about you.” 
Your eyes widened in surprise before you looked off to the side. 
“I don’t know, I guess it’s just out of habit.”
Chan tapped your elbow, silently asking you to look at him again. 
"Can I tell you something?” he whispered into the quiet. You nodded curiously.
"I care about you - so much that it scares me sometimes,” he said earnestly, raking a hand through his hair. "You're so thoughtful, so kind, such an amazing listener - you make it so easy for me to be honest about how I'm feeling, and I've never felt more comfortable talking to anyone else,” he continued, looking down a little as he said that last part.
His words made you feel shy all over again, not expecting him to be so open with you. You willed yourself to keep looking at him.
"I guess what I'm trying to say is that…I wanna make you feel safe too - safe to share how you’re feeling with me, the good and the bad. Because that’s how you make me feel.” 
“Chan…” you said, lightly smacking his arm in jest as you looked away from him, tears flooding your eyes for a different reason. But he just leaned forward and kissed your temple, pulling you back into his arms gently before continuing.
“Trust me, ok?” Chan asked as you nodded into his chest. “I want you to know that you can always share how you’re feeling with me - even if it’s sad or you don’t think it makes any sense - even if I can’t fix it for you - I’ll always at least be here to listen, I promise. Just don’t hide from me, yeah?”
Tears were falling from your eyes now - not because you were sad, but because Chan’s care for you felt so unconditional, so devoid of judgement - and you’d never known care like that from a partner before. You didn’t have any words to respond in that moment - all you knew was that you wished the two of you could stay on your couch, just like this, forever. 
"I didn't mean to make you cry again," Chan said, a little worried as he saw your expression. "Let me get you some t -”
But you leaned up and kissed him gently, cutting off his words. This wasn't your first kiss, but it was definitely the first that you had initiated. Usually you would just stare at his lips longingly or give the tiniest of hints until he finally caught on to what you wanted, but this time you couldn't hold yourself back. You just felt this boost of confidence, an unrelenting need to express a feeling that words couldn't define. 
Chan was shocked at first, but he quickly fell into it, closing his eyes and immediately wrapping his hands around your waist oh so gently as his lips began to move against yours slowly, lightly, with the utmost care. You each tilted your heads instinctively to opposite sides, still not coming up for any air as you maneuvered yourself back into his lap and brought a hand up to caress the side of his face before combing your fingers through his hair instead, a tiny noise of contentment leaving you in that moment. 
“Y/n…” he groaned softly against your smiling lips. 
"Hmmm?" you responded, still in a feeling of utter bliss. Your other hand was rubbing across his upper chest and shoulder soothingly, and you leaned in and kissed him again before he could even muster enough sense to respond, unable to stop yourself. Chan’s lips began moving against yours again, and he started to lean forward until your back was against a pillow on the couch and he was hovering over you completely. It felt as if he was trying to reach your heart with just the movements his warm, pillowy lips made against yours.
His thumbs started rubbing soothing circles into your waist and you felt like you were floating on a cloud, mind becoming hazy as your head became filled with thoughts of him and only him. He left three final pecks on your lips, finally mustering enough self control to pull back before things got even more heated. His hands slid from your waist all the way up to your cheeks, caressing them softly. 
You were smiling softly but genuinely, in complete bliss as he leaned in and kissed your forehead sweetly before finally saying, “I love you, you know?"
“I love you too,” you whispered quietly, just enough for him to hear. 
He rubbed his thumb near the corner of your lips, eyes crawling all over your face before he said a little regretfully, "I hate for this to end but I don't wanna keep you up any later than it already is."
“Then just stay over for the night. Please?" you begged a little bit and put a pout on your face. He immediately kissed it off of you and you couldn’t help but laugh a little.
"Are you sure?"
Neither of you had ever spent the night at each other's place, so it was completely new territory and you could tell he didn’t want to seem like he was taking advantage of the entire situation. You shifted up a little to kiss his forehead back.
“Chan, I want you to. I promise. Please?”
You meant every word. You wanted nothing more than to hold him all night long.
"Ok," he said quietly, grin growing on his face until you saw that cheeky smile you loved so dearly.
That night was one of the most peaceful you’d ever had in recent memory. Buried deep under your sheets, nestled under the stars, you curled yourself into his arms - so close that you could feel his heartbeat against your cheek, slow and steady. And you fell asleep just like that - sweet dreams eventually melting away into the morning sun.
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leafsbabe · 23 hours
breeding kink headcanon - Quinn Hughes
- breeding kink Quinn who knows what he wants but finds it hard to make peace with it
- breeding kink Quinn who is just a little ashamed and doesn’t feel ready to share that part of him with you 
- breeding kink Quinn who is afraid of losing you and determined to keep his kinks to himself
- breeding kink Quinn who is surprised to find himself in a relationship that’s loving and open and adventurous with a beautiful girl that encourages him to find himself 
- breeding kink Quinn who slowly starts accepting that maybe he just wants to fuck you full until you’re getting round with his child 
- breeding kink Quinn who still doesn’t tell you though
- breeding kink Quinn who sits down with you when you talk about new sexual things to try, fearing you found out anyways
- breeding kink Quinn who shifts from side to side, anxiously waiting for you to bring it up
- breeding kink Quinn who is surprised when you don’t instead sharing other things that might be fun for you two to try
- breeding kink Quinn who finally breaks when you suggest skipping the condom
- breeding kink Quinn who wants to fuck you bare
- breeding kink Quinn who wants to fuck you bare so badly
- breeding kink Quinn who feels like he’d be lying to you if you take that step without him telling you that he might enjoy it just a little too much
- breeding kink Quinn who tries to avoid a confrontation as best as he can, forgetting to call when he’s on the road and being extremely tired at home
- breeding kink Quinn who can’t avoid the conversation forever
- breeding kink Quinn who confesses, fearful, that he can’t stop wishing to finish deep inside of you, to cum inside of you again and again and fill you up
- breeding kink Quinn who is a little surprised when all you say is “i’m not ready for a baby yet but you can come inside me if you want, i’ll just continue to take birth control”
- breeding kink Quinn who expected insults or worse not almost nonchalance and acceptance
- breeding kink Quinn who loves you so much
- breeding kink Quinn who loves fucking you full so much
- breeding kink Quinn who isn’t ready for a child either but fucks you and fucks you, filling you up and watching his cum drip out of you
- breeding kink Quinn who likes it when you moan in his ear and wrap your legs around his waist so he can’t pull out even after he’s come
- breeding kink Quinn who listens to you tell him how you can feel him inside you, so warm and filling you up
- breeding kink Quinn who worships you, letting you know just how much he adores you
- breeding kink Quinn who breeds you with protection for now, already looking forward to a future when he doesn’t have to
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emptyheadwriting · 2 days
I Leave This Letter to You, Beloved (Alternative Ending)
Be sure to read CMBIPP and ILTLTYB first for background
Word count:1.3k
Warnings:reader death,talks of suicide, hallucinations, and a funeral
Wednesday’s hands shook rapidly, the letter ruffling from her force. How could she ever live with herself, her brain was tearing itself apart as she cowered further into her seat, terrified to lift her eyes and have them fall upon your lifeless body.
“Please” she whimpered, her hands shooting up to grip the sides of her face in agony. The letter floated down to the floor slowly, wavering sideways on its descent before it finally fell. The paper’s movements ceased, everything seemed to go quiet, until a constant beep filled the room.
It took Wednesday until doctors started to rush into the room to grasp what the noise was and what it meant. “no no no” she said, voice getting louder with each word, “save her, don’t just stand there, save my wife! I’ll kill you, I’ll kill all of you” rage was all she could manage to summon as she stood from her chair and berated the doctors.
No matter her fight, there was nothing she could do, you were no longer there laying on the hospital bed. Only a shell, a body no longer full of life and love remained, and she could do nothing more than collapse over your chest, sobs of how sorry she was pouring from her lips for the rest of the night.
Wednesday Addams the Widow, it was not a title the woman ever hoped to hold when she married you, but as she looked around the small group of people that were standing around the Addams Family graveyard she realized that it has been finalized.
“I am so sorry my storm cloud, I can not imagine how you are feeling” Gomez said honestly as he laid a hand on her shoulder in an attempt of comfort. There would be none from his words or his touch, he only received a dismissive hum.
“I can’t believe she’s gone Wednesday, I thought we would all end up in a retirement home together like we were back in school all over again” Enid said teary eyed, Ajax by her side nodded along silently, his eyes not leaving your casket.
“A ridiculous thought” Wednesday said softly with a shake of her head. She had always envisioned you and herself dying together in your sleep, fading off into nothingness together, intertwined one last time.
Uncle Fester did not bother to say anything on his approach. No he simply stood by her, and snuck his hand around her waist before pulling her into a side hug, the squeeze on his own side telling him all the words of appreciation she would not dare speak, even now after all that had come from not sharing her emotions or caring enough about others.
Wednesday gave one last kiss to your ring before you were lowered into the ground, she shoveled on all the dirt herself as everyone else watched too scared to offer a hand due to the determination on the widow’s brow.
Lurch added your tombstone, and the ceremony was complete, people started to filter out, many leaving a lingering hand across your tombstone on their pass.
Wednesday sat on the grass next to your grave, her sight being overtaken by a shadow as her mother stood over her. “What will you do now my dove?” She asked gently, frowning at the way the her normally stoic daughter’s lip quivered.
The two shared an embrace in front of you before parting, Wednesday had things to do as far as she was concerned.
She flew back to the cabin, packed all of her things. Installed more cameras than there already was and locked all the doors and windows for the last time, for she had quit her job and knew where she needed to go.
She flew to your hometown, she had bought the first house she could get her hands on the day after your death. It was so strange. The place she had never bothered to visit or even really pay attention to a story about your time there, was the place she had decided she would spend the rest of her days.
Wednesday was full of regret at each pleasant moment she had. She visited places she had heard you describe and would breathe them in, cursing herself for never getting to see them with you. She would wake up every morning to sounds that you endlessly compared to those that would fill the cabins walls. You were right when you said those of your hometown were more, gentle a harmony of soft chirps and people starting their days greeted her pale ears.
On one of her firsts nights she decided to order food from the one restaurant you had mentioned before, you had mentioned it once in your time together, how she could remember that from a random parents weekend and not remember to show her wife proper affection and care was a mystery to her.
She unpacked the bag and sat down with your go-to order, and when she looked up across the table she saw you, bloodied, cut up, but with a small smile on your face. She ate a small bite, as her eyes stayed trained on your glimmering image.
“How are you liking all of the things that made me, me?” You asked gently, placing your hands on the table, fingers interlocked with each other.
“I’ve missed your voice” she starts, and looks away at the look of disapproval written on your face, “I know that’s not what you asked, I wanted to express myself is all, I love them all” she says sadly, “I should have experienced them all with you” her eyes finally going back to you.
You shrugged with a laugh, the sound making your wife shudder and nearly moan, it was heavenly, and she wished she had worked harder to hear it while you were still alive, “well I’m dead now, atleast you’ve gotten around to it” a wide smile forms on your lips at the upturn of her lips.
“I could join you” she offers serious, she knows she’s talking to herself, much too smart to not realize that this image of you was only her mind’s doing, but the offer sounds favorable and reasonable to her.
“No my love, you still have so much to do” your voice floats into her ear as your image fades away.
That night after her meal she calls her mom for a favor.
Months have passed since she saw you at her dinner table, she had picked up a few new habits.
The plants by the windows and on the porch grew as best as they could due to her novice gardening skills.
A few drawings were hung around the house. All done in charcoal, her own style of commemorating you in art. Each one was inspired by a part of you, your smile, your eyes, the way you would pull her close, and everything in between.
The most important of all, nightly calls to a crystal ball that was positioned on your gravestone. She would talk about her day, new experiences, and reminisce on your life together.
“I miss you a lot today my love, I saw a little girl at the store, her laugh sounded so much like yours I almost cried, I settled on buying her a candy that her mother refused her”
The private conversation was muffled by the walls and distance between the graveyard and the house, but the Addams Family Manor was a quiet home these days and Morticia and Gomez heard it nonetheless.
“Do you think she will ever stop cara mia?” Gomez asks softly, fingers dancing on his wife’s arm.
“Would you ever stop darling?” She asked with a roll of her eyes, knowing the answer that was to come.
“Of course not” he said like it was the most ridiculous question he had ever been asked.
“then no, she will not stop, she did promise our daughter in law forever after all” Morticia says gently.
Tag List: @wandaszn @thedemoninme141 @oh-thats-cute @jinxscatbomb @glorioushamsterqueen
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bestworstcase · 7 hours
man jaune is not a reliable source of information is he
“you’re the one who gives afterans to the tree” “i help them return to the ever after, yes”—this is not new information the cat literally told them exactly this like an hour ago. “i’m not taking you there to ascend, i’m taking you there because you all have such delightful information for me!”—which is what their entire plan was, feed the cat information in exchange for being led to the tree, because they decided they needed to get to the tree. “you pretended like you’d never heard of the story”—the cat didn’t know that alyx wrote a book but does know why ascension isn’t in the story; it’s still entirely unclear whether they understand that these two things are the same thing as far as the girls are concerned
“what happened when you took alyx and lewis to the tree” “i… i don’t know. she told me she would take me with her, through the door to remnant, but… she tricked me”—the cat says they didn’t share any of this because they never asked, and when ruby asks directly they give an honest answer. “just like all of you… you only want to use me in the same way i’ve only seen others as sources for knowledge and entertainment; well, at least now i know what not to do”—the cat isn’t angry or even particularly upset with them, and their acknowledgment of how the girls hurt them goes hand in hand with acknowledgment of how they hurt the girls, and then they just—not only leave but they take the crossroads with them. (“i thought there was more to the story,” they thought this storm was an opportunity to clear the air and get the whole story out there, but these three have already made up their minds, and the cat recognizes that they messed up, so they’re not going to leave the girls just stuck here if that’s not where they want to be)
“thank you for this lesson, ruby. rose, huntress. i’ll be on my way now.” <- truly insatiable hunger for knowledge, huh. but also grabs them by the scruff why did you phrase it like that what are your secrets
meanwhile yang and blake don’t have this particular baggage so they get split off from the rest and, with no real reason not to, figure out and then commit to playing by the ever after’s rules—okay, we make progress when we say stuff about each other that we’ve never said before, let’s be brave and completely honest with each other so we can get where we want to go—with the result that they solve the riddle and make it out of the storm on their own.
it’s interesting too that Yet Again ruby has been interrupted before she can answer one of the ever after’s challenges—the herbalist’s trial, the blacksmith’s offer, now this. (the cat was the one who interrupted, each time.) (and now the cat has left them.) and jaune + weiss + ruby are all given the same crossroads because they all have the same problem, which is festering guilt about the things they couldn’t save (penny for jaune, atlas for weiss) or couldn’t be (summer for ruby)
ruby did NOT want crescent rose back holy shit
neither jaune nor the cat knows what actually happened to lewis (and i mean. his name is lewis. so. question mark. if these kids were real which one of them really made it home to tell the story, and if these kids were fictional—stares hard at “like this whole world was simply make-believe and the rules didn’t apply to her” don’t think i missed THAT—then alyx/lewis being split halves of the singular character who made it into the book is really. hmmm. one is kind and clever and the other thinks the world is her personal fairytale, huh.) also “she lost all trust in us, started accusing us of things, the more i tried to get the story back on track the more she distrusted me” well yeah. funny how that happens when you treat someone like a storybook character you need to railroad into a specific path? jaune’s belief that that’s what the cat does is exactly why he hates the cat!
i want to know why jaune is so sure that alyx returned to remnant but lewis never made it home
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felixicrinha · 23 hours
Hi <3 I was wondering if you can write something fluffy with Jisung where you visit him at the studio and you end up sitting on his lap kissing and hugging him while he’s making beats and he ends up leaving his work and returning the affection x
kisses and music
Tumblr media
a/n: aww I love this idea <3 ty for the ask! I love fluffy jisung works xx
0.8k words
content warnings: none this is all pure fluff <3
You’re lonely, that’s all you can really think about at the moment. And so, being alone in yours and Jisung’s shared apartment, you decide to go visit him at the studio.
After the hassle of finding your shoes, getting your keys, and getting out the door, you hop in your car and drive off to the JYPE building.
The drive doesn’t take too long, and you’re rushing out of your car to scramble into the building, jogging up the stairs to the studio where Jisung is. You assume Chan or Changbin is in there with him, but that’s fine. Just more company, right?
Finally, somewhat breathless, you reach the studio, softly knocking.
No answer.
Weird, you think, why wouldn’t he answer?
You knock again, a bit more firm. Still, no answer.
Giving up knocking, realizing they might not have heard you or they have their headphones on, you open the door and peak inside the studio.
You don’t see the familiar muscular frames of Chan or Changbin on the couch. You peak your head in more, looking around to the chair and desk, and there he is.
Han Jisung, in all his beautiful glory.
You smile, and walk into the room. Walking over to him, you gently put your hand on his shoulder, rubbing it.
He startles a bit, but relaxes, realizing that it’s you. He turns his head around, smiling at you, taking off his headphones and setting them down, before swiveling his chair and wrapping you in his arms.
“Hey, jagi-ya.” You smile at the petname, petting his hair back and kissing his forehead.
“Hi, baby.”
He looks up at you with those pretty brown eyes. “What brings you here, honey?”
You sigh. “I was lonely at home, Sungie. You weren’t there while I was watching my favorite movie.”
He giggles at your little pout. “Aw, well that’s alright jagi, I’m here now!”
You smile at his enthusiasm, poking his cheeks. “Can I sit with you?”
“Is that even a question?? Of course you can!”
You giggle, before maneuvering to sit on his lap. He blushes a little, before shaking his head. “Silly baby.” He gently rubs your waist before puckering his lips.
You laugh and make a big scene of kissing him, before pulling away with a little mwah.
He laughs. “Alright, jagi, papa’s gotta go to work.”
You cringe, grinning. “Never call yourself papa ever again.”
He smiles. “Love you jagi.”
You sigh, and rest your head on his shoulder, and he places his headphones back on to work on his beats.
After 10 minutes of comfortable silence, only filled by Jisung’s little hmphs and the tapping and clicking of his keyboard, you get bored. He hasn’t really been giving you much affection, and that’s the whole reason you wanted to come.
So, you wrap your arms around him and start peppering little kisses on his cheeks and jaw.
He whines playfully, moving a side of his headphones away from his ears, that way he can still hear the music but also you. “Jagi-yaaa what are you doing?”
“Miss you, Sungie.”
“But I’m right here?”
You whine, and lift your head up to pout at him, which he finds adorable. “I want kisses, Sungie. Can you take a break from your work, just for a bit?”
He sighs. “But jagi, I’m making a really cool track and-“ He’s cut off by you kissing him, then all over his face, wrapping your arms around him.
He whines, before signing and giving in. “Okay, okay, I’ll take a break.”
You giggle, clapping your hands in a little triumph, before cupping his face. He smiles and takes his headphones off all the way, setting them on the holder of his desk. He wraps his arms around you. “It’s a good thing you’re cute, jagi.”
You roll your eyes. “You love me anyways.” You press a kiss to his nose.
“That, indeed I do, baby.” He pulls you close, and presses little loving kisses on your cheeks and jaw, a couple on your neck that make you giggle.
“I think we should just stay like this, Sungie.”
He nods, humming softly. It’s a cute little tune you love, and you rest your head on his shoulder, your grip holding him as close as possible.
He kisses your head, rubbing your back. “I love you, jagi.”
“I love.. you too, Sungie.” You yawn in between your words, snuggling your head into the base of his neck, inhaling is warm scent.
You sit like that for a while, happy, holding each other close.
You never want to leave it, and you don’t even realize you both have dozed off until you hear giggling from the door, stirring you awake, you swivel your head, and see Chan and Changbin, waving quickly, before turning on the leds (that Chan put in), and turning off the main lights, letting you too sleep peacefully. You tiredly wave as the two men leave, and you snuggle back into Jisung’s neck.
Dozing off again, you’re comfortable enveloped in the embrace of your lover.
hope you enjoyed! I love writing for the skz boys it brings me much joy
feel free to like/reblog, I appreciate it! stay safe y’all <3
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gaysindiatress · 2 days
Sad Girl - six
summary: James has an interesting new business’ proposal and one hell of a condition to deal with.
pairing: Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader
warnings: cursing, guns, violence (it is a mob au after all), Bucky’s smartass, John Walker being a dick, arguing
word count: 1.4K
part 5 | series masterlist
taglist:  @missvelvetsstuff @angelsincident @spencerreidisagorgman @  goldensunflowe-r   @i-have-no-life-charlie @esposadomd @reader-without-a-story @unaxv @iateall-yourcookies  littlelizardlizzie @alana4610
Tumblr media
disclaimer: credits to original creator/poster of image/gif. found on google/Pinterest
 Two weeks and not a single word from James about what had happened that night at the fundraiser and the suspense is starting to get to her. Did he regret it? Did he not mean the things he had said? Was it all just a show of power? 
The anguish of not knowing what it all meant and being too willful to bring it up is giving her a raging headache as she rubs her temples sitting in her office at Stark Tower. The edge of her tapered square nails digs a little too much into her soft skin, leaving red marks and causing her to rub at them even more. She’d gone back to work a week after moving into the Barnes’ house and having to drag around his security detail along with her fathers at work proved to be more work than she wanted. 
Her father, ever the gentleman, wouldn’t let her ditch Scott or the new young recruit Peter until she was officially married to James and he wouldn’t let her go anywhere without Natasha or Steve close by. Having armed guards as well as carrying herself didn’t exactly sit well with her clientele but then again they were going to her because of the Stark name and all that it offers. 
“Well, I can’t lie to your probation officer if they ask about this. I can claim client provider privilege however until you can get everything sorted out,” she explains to the large man awkwardly sitting on her couch. 
“I can’t go back to prison, ma’am. It was a mistake,” he pleads with her. 
“A mistake means you didn’t intend to do it. Punching a buddy at the bar after he’s been pissing you off all day is not a mistake but again I will keep it under wraps,” she says, closing her notebook and smiling at him. 
“Thank you, Miss. Stark. Really I appreciate it,” the last name that slips past his lips freezes her. 
“Please keep your hands to yourself from now on Frank. I’ll see you in two weeks,” she forces a fake smile and turns her attention to her phone which hasn’t stopped buzzing for nearly the whole hour. 
Frank leaves her office while she’s completely engrossed in the hundreds of messages that had flooded her phone. Apparently, John Walker didn’t appreciate how James treated him at the fundraiser and decided that she needed to hear all of it. Not even bothering to read all of them, she blocks his number again and tosses her phone away from her. It’s amazing how much of a weasel he can be when he feels he has been wronged. 
The phone rings again, this time a call. 
“Hello?” She answers, already knowing who it is. 
“Hello, sweetheart.” 
“Jesus Christ walker. We went on three dates, what the hell do you want?”
A dark chuckle comes through the other end, “You.”
“Well that’s not going to happen so kindly delete my number and leave me alone.”
“Does this have anything to do a certain mercenary?”
“Goodbye,” she hangs up as fast as she can before Walker can drag her further into whatever bullshit her father got involved in. 
She sends her father a quick text, “JW’s up my ass again. Call your dog off.” 
Her next appointment walks in before she gets the chance to read her father’s reply. 
“Sissy!” Morgan Stark screams as she runs down the steps of the Stark Estate. 
“Mo Mo!” Doll shares her younger sister’s sentiment as she throws her arms around her and spins her in a circle. 
At the top of the steps, Pepper stands with her arms across her chest, staring down at the older Stark daughter. Morgan giggles when she’s sat back on the ground and takes her sister’s hand, leading her up the staircase. 
“Good morning,” Doll nods to Pepper who reaches out a hand to stop her from going anything further. 
“Morgan honey why don’t do you go inside? I have some things to talk about with your sister,” she says to the young girl before turning her gaze back to Doll. 
“Anthony was quite upset with you for leaving the fundraiser earlier without a goodbye. You know he wouldn’t say anything to you because of how much he seems to adore you but it hurt him quite a lot. He really wanted you and John to work out but with the whole Talokan and Wakandan deal going wrong, it just made things worse, didn’t it?”
“Excuse me? What are you talking about?” she demands of Pepper who is slyly smiling at her ‘slip-up’. 
“Oh, James didn’t tell you? Stark Industries was using Wakanda as their vibranium supplier but Talokan offered it for cheaper so Anthony went with them. John, being ever the gentleman, was helping us with the transfer when something went wrong and we had to go to James and Steve for help. We’re still not sure what exactly happened but John is again helping us figure it all out.”
Doll scoffs at Pepper’s explanation, spotting holes all over it. 
“When exactly did John offer to help? Was it before or after he tried to blackmail me for breaking up with him?”
“That’s not important. He has apologized profusely for that whole situation,” she says, waving a hand around as if to clear the air for John. 
She goes to push past her stepmother but her hand grabs Doll’s bicep, stopping her, “You need to apologize to your father for the fundraiser and play nice with John until the whole thing blows over. He’s already spent your life cleaning up after you so make things a little easier on him for once.”
She rips her arm from her stepmother’s grip, “John can go fuck himself for all I care.”
Leveling her eyes with the blonde before her, “You were the one who suggested I get married off, aren’t you? I bet you saw the chance to marry me off and get rid of me for good and you took it. Doesn’t matter if it’s actually beneficial or not, as long as you get your fucking way, Pepper Potts.”
Pepper sighs, annoyed at her stepdaughter, “Apologize to your father and play nice. Now say goodbye to Morgan and leave.”
“Wow, you really are the evil stepmother from every goddamn story. Morgan!” shouted, her eyes never leaving Peppers. 
The impossibly happy four year comes bounding down the hallway, swinging her arms as she jumps in front of Pepper and Doll. She wraps her arms around her older sister, bouncing up and down in excitement.
Doll bends down to her eye level, “I’m sorry I can’t stay longer, Mo Mo. I promise I’ll come back and visit soon. Kisses and be good.”
“Awe but sissy!” 
“I promise okay? And you know I don’t break my promises,” she places one last kiss in Morgan’s hairline before standing back and flashing Pepper a death glare. 
The two disappear back into the Stark Estate she was no longer welcome in. It’s her turn to storm into her own SUV, Steve sitting in the driver’s seat. She slams the passenger door shut, buckling hastily before setting her eyes on the dashboard. Her phone starts to buzz in her pocket but she ignores it knowing exactly who it is and not wanting to deal with his bullshit at the moment. 
“You going to answer that?” Steve peeks over at her as he pulls out of the driveway. 
“Why not?”
“Because I don’t want to.”
Sticking his hand out, “Give it to me.”
“What? No.”
“Hand it over.”
She just pulls her coat tighter over her body, “I’m not a child and you’re not my dad so no.”
“If you’re not going to answer it, I might as well,” he drops his hand to dig into her coat pocket, fishing out the still-buzzing phone. He quickly flashes it up to her face to open it and begins scrolling through the unread messages from John. 
“Buck know about this?” He asks, gesturing with the phone. 
“No, and he’s not going to.”
“Why not?”
“It’s not important.”
The SUV rolls to a stop at the end of the too-long driveway, “There are well over a hundred messages here. I think he should know about this.”
She yanks the phone back from him, “No he doesn’t. We are not in a real relationship so he doesn’t need to know when someone is bothering me. If he threatens me, then I’ll say something but for me, this stays between us.” 
“Can’t make any promises, Doll.”
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accio-victuuri · 1 day
CPN : 3/24 LRLG Post
As if the excitement that we all have today, the eve of Weibo Night where they will be at the same event isn’t enough, LRLG had to go ahead and bless us with an update. A very recent one at that. Usually, the contributions shared to us are events that happened months ago. This is why we are able to match which is which fairly easily or notice something we haven’t before.
Tumblr media
It starts of saying “today”, meaning this happened 3/24, XZ’s arrival in Shanghai. I have thoughts on LRLG deciding to share this today and who allowed it. If we’re going by the assumption/speculation/clownery— whatever you wanna call it, that these contributions are sent out with xz/wyb’s “blessing” then there must be a reason why they are switching from the usual pattern. They could have easily shared this after the whole weibo night craziness. As what they did in previous events, but they didn’t. So what’s changed? I’m not looking at this as a negative in any way, I am just curious. Did they see how excited BXGs are so decided to give us something? Are they also just dying to be in one place again so they are sharing this happiness to us? No matter the answer, All I can say is : “Bless Shanghai!🙏🏼”
now onto the fake rumor itself. same disclaimer applies. this is all fan fiction. ‼️
It starts with a phone conversation ( i think ) between the boys and it’s mostly yibo. As you will notice in this entire scene/s, it’s all on WYB’s perspective ( literally only one red circle in the entire post ) so again, we have an additional “clue” that this lrlg person is from wyb’s team.
WYB: "Wear more when you come"
XZ: "Okay, I'll use it for you..."
WYB : "sock"
WYB: "I can't see your news anymore, you tell xx"
WYB: "good"
This exchange is so simple and sweet. Their love language is being attentive towards each other and what the other might need, even as “simple” as needing extra clothes to wear because of the weather. And so GG decides to wear a Tod’s biker jacket that makes him look so sexy instead ( as seen in photos / videos of him boarding the plane today and arriving ). 😂😂😂 I mean, WYB & I are not complaining with his choice of clothes but I hope it does keep him warm. and GG’s “ i’ll use it for you..” he really can’t say No to his puppy. He will do it if his puppy wants it. I just. I’m done with them.
The next part is his staff ( a woman based on the emoji ) is saying how unfortunate it is that he has work today and he is mildly pissed that has to because if he didn’t, then he can pick GG up at the airport. I mean. That’s interesting. I wonder if he did that before and i’m surprised at how brave he is to even consider “planning” to do that out of all days. It’s the day before WB night, paps are waiting for all the celebrities to arrive at the airport so if he goes — there is a higher chance for him to get spotted compared to just the normal day. Or maybe he knows the ins & outs already as he’s almost always filming in Shanghai over the past years so he might know how to make it happen.
Then you have a scene where people are playing cards, and I think there is drinks involved. but he ( wyb ) can’t come and join because he has works. The people are telling him to try and join because tomorrow ( WB night ) is busy and there will be lots of material to shoot. I just love WYB’s dedication to work and cackling at the emojis LRLG is using for him — I can totally picture his face like this and going “what are you all doing???”
Tumblr media
in the meantime when the subject is XZ, he all sweet smiles.
Tumblr media
and this exchange is just too much —
WYB: "Get me the power bank"
👧"Hurry up and play, you won't be interested in playing with your phone tomorrow.
WYB: What are you talking about?"
👧: Would you like to see how you smile now
WYB: XZ is coming why won’t i be smiling.
and he goes on to say 恋爱��� with that smiley face. I don’t know if he’s fuckin trolling himself at this point, because this is same/similar label said about him by that yangyang paparazzi. the same one he refuted was false because they were saying he single then the next sentence has ambiguous relationship with an older woman and so on.
Tumblr media
so i am looking at this like, he’s trolling and this only applies to GG. It’s not necessarily real for him, cause i highly doubt it— looking at how they live and thrive as individuals too. He’s using it and also making fun of that ridiculous rumor spread about him.
Tumblr media
he just smiles differently when it’s connected to ZZ. I think no one can deny that. It’s so radiant ✨✨✨
I AM ALSO CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT THIS EXCHANGE MIGHT MEAN: ( the people talking aside from wyb is his staff )
“Those who didn’t know thought that xx stole our boss”
"they're here"
"it's here"
WYB : "Finish xx this afternoon, we will record together tomorrow"
"I have sorted it out and sent it to xx for confirmation, no problem with me
WYB "Good job"
WYB "What time will the filming be, you can tell me when the time comes"
Shoot with who? I mean, I’m not really expecting XZS to share a bts of XZ’s photoshoot because they are together soooo ( based on this cpn ).
The next is his his ( wyb ) staff telling him they will prepare food for him and put it in the car cause it will be hard to eat tomo because of the show and how busy it would be. They said they will fix just small things he can carry and also provide him warmer. Awwww. They are so sweet and caring of Bobo 🥹
👩🏻‍🦰: “you are really so happy today”
🟢: “im happy every day”
👩🏻‍🦰: “nonono there is a difference”
🟢: “😊”
👩🏻‍🦰: “that’s great”
I’m thinking this girl who commented is probably part of the cast/crew. not sure why i get the feeling, cause the emoji is different form his staff. lol. I’m so giddy thinking about yibo being all radiant and happy knowing that he will be with ZZ very soon. ☺️
LRLG also has a message for us at the end:
Be Safe. Have a long and fun weekend!
What a great treat to all turtles, setting all of us in a good mood before the day of the show. I have no expectations. I’m looking forward to seeing what they will wear and to see the photos. I’m proud of the awards/ recognition they will get — all well deserved. everything else is just a bonus. 💕
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gettin under abbys skin trying to make her mad teasing and saying shit "you're not able to spank me with all your force" and you know.. maybe reader should keep her mouth shut next time or maybe not
anon i see this so clearly … like i want her to be MEAN!! cause i know she can kiss it better <3 i def got a lil carried away with this blurb
you had been getting on abby’s nerves all morning, doing everything you possibly could to piss her off. you had made a mess while trying to pick out an outfit, tossing your clothes all over the floor and roaming around your shared room in nothing but your panties since you insisted there was nothing good to wear. abby wasn’t particularly strict with you but she also enjoyed order in her life and your sudden choice to act out was already irritating her.
“bunny, you can’t just leave your clothes all over the floor” she said, trying to keep her tone as calm as possible. “and you need to get dressed, we can’t go out with you looking like that” she continued, her eyes trailing down to your bare tits before her eyes snapped back up to meet your own. all you offered was a small frown in response, crossing your arms over your chest as you settled on the bed to sulk dramatically. “well i don’t want to. s’ not fun to clean up n’ all those stupid clothes are too uncomfy!” you insisted, complete disregarding her words purposefully. abby always did her best to be understanding with you but your tone was something she wasn’t going to put up with, her motions mirroring your own as she crossed her arms over her chest.
“i understand that its not fun to clean up, but you need to do it. if you want, i can get you dressed” she offered, looking down at you as she waited for a reply. all she was met with was you rolling your eyes at her, your nose scrunching up in the slightest. “no” you stated simply, your tone being rather rude. abby was already fed up, bringing her hand down to meet your arm so that she could pull you up from where you were sitting. “i wasn’t asking you, i was telling you” she said, her soft tone flying out the window within a moment. “if you keep up the attitude, i’ll make you sorry” she warned, pulling you over to where you had made a mess all over the floor.
you had to hold back from bouncing with excitement, loving how tingly your whole body felt when you knew abby was going to give you a rough punishment. even with her gripping your arm, you didn’t miss a beat, continuing the attitude she had mentioned would get you in trouble. “theres no way” you muttered, meeting her gaze with a challenging look set in your eyes. “you wouldn’t do it” you teased, practically mocking her for even warning you. before you could even let out another snarky remark, abby was dragging you back over to the bed and had you bent over her lap while she sat on the edge of the bed. “i told you to drop the attitude. you can still fix this — just say you’re sorry and that you’re going to clean up your mess” she insisted, despite the fact that she was already pulling down your panties so that your plush ass was on full display for her.
you didn’t even consider the option she gave you, trying to turn so that you could look back at her. “i said i don’t want to. s’ not like you’re gonna spank me as hard as you can, anyways” you said, a mocking smile appearing on your features as you did your best to keep your act up. abby didn’t even look back at you, her features automatically twisting into something that appeared to be a mix of arousal and anger. without letting you speak again, she brought her hand down to strike your ass at an impossibly quick pace. the force of the slap jolted you forwards, your head falling so that you were staring down out the floor. the smack had left your skin buzzing but you knew she could give you more and you were determined to find out just how rough she could be.
“still don’t want to apologize?” she questioned, her hand already hovering in the air to deliver another smack at a moments notice. you couldn’t help but giggle in the slightest bit, the excitement of her touch clouding your mine completely. “m’ not sorry for what i did. your little smacks don’t scare me” you spat back, your soft laughs filling the silence of the room. abby raised her hand higher, not hesitating to use her full force to deliver the next slap. the sound cracked through the room and you already knew your skin would be blossoming with bruises once she was done with you. abby was impossibly strong and the force of her hits were extremely unforgiving. she left no space for you to speak, delivering one slap after another and listening closely to the mewls you were letting out whenever her hand collided with your own soft flesh.
“say you’re sorry” she demanded, her voice dropping her usual gentle tone. you momentarily considered ignoring her but with every hit she was delivering, you were slowly being put back into your place. “m’ sorry!” you insisted, tears pricking the corners of your eyes from the pain of her slaps. “can’t believe you’re so fucking stupid” she muttered, never letting up with the unforgiving blows. “you just can’t keep your mouth shut. maybe i need to teach you some fucking manners since you want to act like a stupid little bitch all of the sudden” she continued on and you could feel your cunt clenching at her cruel words.
she only stopped her smacks when she could hear you letting out soft moans rather than cries of pain, her hand moving down to your cunt so that she could examine you completely. “are you fucking serious? you’re actually getting off to this? if i knew i was dealing with such a depraved whore, i would’ve treated you like one” she said with a laugh that made you squirm in the slightest bit. she paid you no mind, letting her thumb slide down against your cunt that was already completely soaked before she slapped it with the same force she had been using before. “i don’t think you’re really sorry, baby. but maybe a few slaps against your slutty cunny will teach you to watch your mouth. maybe i’ll even let you choke on my cock so that pathetic mouth of yours can finally be put to use”.
her harsh words only made you happier, praying to every force in the universe that she would do exactly what she promised to do.
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king-paimon · 23 hours
Houseki no Kuni Chapter 101 Thoughts: Paradise Broken
Well... This was an interesting way to celebrate my birthday early.
Tumblr media
I’m just going to jump right into this before I forget anything since...wow. I have some thoughts about this chapter. As always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and theories in the post! And sorry again if this ends up being long! This may turn out a bit messy, so when I get the chance, I’ll come back and make it pretty!
Paradise Shattered: Reality Setting In 
So it looks like one of my theories from the previous chapter was correct to a degree. The little rocks do in fact contain remnants of humanity, and it’s this revelation that caused Phos to react the way they did in the previous chapter. And despite telling the little rocks that their reaction was out of happiness, their thoughts clearly indicate otherwise.
Tumblr media
But what I didn’t expect was the revelation that a bit of the old Phos (as well as humanity) was still there inside of their new form and it may have influenced this new world in ways that Phos didn’t expect or want.
Tumblr media
This new revelation has once again put Phos in a emotional spiral. After finally extinguishing what was left of humanity for everyone’s sake, but mostly their own, and after finally finding happiness with these little rocks... there’s a new chance that they will come back. And that’s the last thing Phos wants. 
Phos doesn’t want any reminders of humanity to come back, whether they be in the rocks or themselves. They don’t want humanity or the suffering that goes along with it. Phos had finally found paradise, or what they convinced themselves was their “paradise,” and now there was a chance that it’d come back. Of course Phos isn’t going to be happy. It seems that once again, their goal for happiness was moved again, even though the pebble thinks otherwise.
With this in mind, I want to hear your thoughts on this. Isn’t it just me or doesn’t it feel that Phos’s interaction with the pebble after this feel... off? In the previous chapter, Phos seemed genuinely happy to be around with the pebble and was having fun but thoughtful talks with them. But now, after fully realizing that humanity is not fully gone and lives on inside them and the rock beings, Phos seems rather cold, giving small and delayed answers.
Tumblr media
Maybe I’m looking too into this observation, but I definitely think it’s deliberate. And why this might not be a good thing will be elaborated further down. The only exception was Phos’s comment to the pebble’s comment about Phos’s happiness “going on forever.” I will come back to that in moment.
Before that, I need to talk about... THAT.
Tumblr media
“THAT”: The Creature’s True Identity Theory
This was the first image I saw when raw leaks started popping up. At first, I thought the same as some of the other viewers asking myself “What the hell is that? Is that a new species?” But the more I thought about it, I came to this conclusion. No. That isn’t a new species. That’s Phos. Or another part of them that survived.
 I’ll do my best to explain my reasoning.
Recall many chapters ago, back when Phos was destroyed by the Earth gems and put away for many years to then result with Adamant putting most of them back together. Many parts of them were missing that he didn’t get to add before being confronted, including their remaining Lapis Lazuli eye. That part Adamant kept. The other eye was the synthetic pearl eye that Aechmea put in on the moon and the missing Lapis eye was replaced with Adamant’s eye.
Tumblr media
And recall after after being mostly put together, Phos transforms into an unrecognizable creature that is held together and driven by pure, unadulterated anger and despair. 
Tumblr media
Their transformation only intensifies after they return to the moon.Now I don’t know about you, but doesn’t their initial “berserk” form during these scenes seem very similar to the one eyed creature? And I find it interesting that the eye was not accounted for after Adamant disintegrated and after the descendants of humanity were (mostly) wiped out.
Tumblr media
There are a few things that could disprove this theory, with the main one being the fact that I don’t know what the tendrils coming off the creature is made of. They don’t look like the gold alloy that Phos used to use. They look fibrous and organic. The droplets dripping off them look like alloy but I’m certain it’s water. This could be enough to prove that this creature is just another thing that formed over time like the little rock beings. But for the sake of this post, I’ll stick with this theory because I have another revelation that revolves around it.
Now, if this eye creature is part of Phos, what exactly is it and why is it attacking the rocks? I hypothesize that this creature is somewhat of a manifestation of Phos’s newly reawaken negative feelings towards humanity. Like how Phos turned into a puddle in the last chapter, this creature is clearly something new that hasn’t been witnessed before in this new world. I think Phos’s newly ignited negative thoughts about humanity had re-awoken this side of themselves, maybe through their inclusions, and had subsequently “given birth” to this new creature through the eye Adamant kept. This could be a farfetched idea, but after Phos came to the realization that they may have unintentionally influenced their new world because of the remaining piece gem inside them, it could be possible. 
With this theory in mind, this leads me to another theory that I’m sad to say isn’t a good one.
Phos Wasn’t Fine After All... Time To Try Again?? 
Phos’s thought process through this chapter has sadly confirmed something I hoped wasn’t true. Before this and the previous chapter, I wanted to believe that Phos was finally moving on and that they had found peace with themselves. But after everything that happened up until this point, it’s more than clear that they didn’t. They hadn’t healed or moved on. The unfortunate truth is that Phos had just put on a metaphorical band-aid on their true feelings in the form of their little pebble friends and had instead tried to ignore those and hope for the best. Just like how the old gems used to deal with their issues. 
So even after everything Phos learned and experienced through their own and other’s suffering, it seems old habits die hard.
And speaking of old habit... Phos’s dialogue in the last few pages are concerning.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What Phos said here to the pebble was ominous especially considering their change in tone and demeanor.  And if my theory about the one eyed creature being a manifestation of Phos’s negative thoughts are correct...then I fear that the rocks aren’t going to exist for much longer. Because if Phos’s desire for humanity to stay gone becomes their new “wish,” I’m afraid this could mean that the rocks are going to be destroyed, and I think Phos is going to allow that to happen.
I’m sure that’s a fate fans don’t want to see happen to these little rocks. I mean, come on: they didn’t do anything to Phos. They are just little rocks who are enjoying their simple lives and Phos’ company. The only thing they are “guilty” of is containing remnants of humanity inside them, just like Phos.
But that reason might be enough for Phos. 
It would be kind of messed up for Phos to allow these rocks to be destroyed for that reason after everything that Phos went through and how desperate they seem to want to get away from any reminder of the descendants of humanity...it might not be that surprising. They are kind of an expert at this point after all.
EDIT: This is all just a theory though! After stepping back for a few hours, I see how REALLY farfetched it is. It was the first thing that popped in my head after re-reading the chapter, and I admit it was far more cynical than I originally thought. I read another poster’s view of these events as Phos fearing that they may harm the rocks and they don’t wish ill-will on them. I think that’s true. But I still believe that the eye creature is a manifestation of Phos’s remnant anger  towards the descendants of humanity and it may hurt the little pebbles.
Burn out
That’s all I have for now. This wasn’t a bad chapter, I overall liked it. Though I’ll say it again, I’m not as enthusiastic about waiting for these chapters as I once was. It’s mainly because I’m refocusing on important aspects of of my life and I’ve grown attached to new things; I haven’t posted about these new fixations of mine on this blog, but I might change it. Who knows. But despite this, I’m curious to see how the next couple of chapters will play out. I’m still hanging in there and I want to see how it’ll all end. But honestly... I’m more excited to see it end than continue on because... I’m getting tired.
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notebooknonbinary · 2 days
Byler Week, Day 4: Summer Love
I opted to write an AU where Byler got together some weeks before the events of season 3. And then rewrote Suzie Do You Copy with that in mind lol. I’ll post this to ao3 (bc it’s Finished for once) when I finish the other fics for Byler Week.
Being boyfriends is only a little bit different than being best friends, in Will’s opinion. This is partly because they can only really be boyfriends in the safety of Will’s room. There, they’re free to hold hands and sit far too close together—Mike writing poems (for Will’s eyes only), and Will filling page after page of his sketchbook with Mike’s face.
But even being best friends is now better than it used to be, with that last secret no longer weighing Will down. Mike feels like his safe harbor in the wild storm of life.
A safe harbor that he so desperately needs. He’s been having…moments occasionally, these past couple weeks. Moments that feel like last fall’s ‘episodes’—never quite so bad as then, he’s always aware of where he is—but times when he almost feels like the Upside Down’s presence is near.
It happened last night, at the movie theater—the double date. Max and Lucas hadn’t been aware it was a double date…but for the few seconds before the feeling hit, sitting with Mike in a crowded movie theater, knees touching and sharing an armrest…he’d felt like a normal kid on a date with his boyfriend.
Then that feeling, like an icy hand had run it’s way up his neck. Bad, awful. No no no no please not again. Like so many times last year.
Mike had noticed immediately. Of course he did. He’d immediately checked with Will.
And Will almost said something. He knew Mike would believe him. He’d drop everything to figure out if something More was going on again.
But they were on a date. He didn’t want to ruin that. So he shrugged and gave Mike a wry smile. “Air conditioning is chilly.” Which distracted Mike and gave them an excuse to huddle even closer together.
If it happens again, Will promised himself. I’ll tell Mike if it happens again.
Afterwards, they left Max and Lucas behind to finish their own date (aka walking around the mall and window shopping together) and went back to Will’s house. And had opted to sleep in the living room for obvious, sharing-a-wall-with-Jonathan reasons.
Reasons that are now making Jonathan go to work late with lipstick smudged on his face.
“Gross,” Will mutters to Mike, who nods in emphatic agreement. They’ve both agreed that though they are happy their siblings are happy, it’s still disgusting.
If Will walks in on them making out (ew) one more time, he’s breaking into Jonathan’s room while he’s at work and drawing dicks on his posters.
“You’re not gonna think it’s gross when you fall in love,” Joyce teases as she sits down with them.
Will blushes and focuses on putting syrup on his eggs, doing his best to not glance in Mike’s direction. Part of him thinks that his mom already knows—whether just the fact that his interests lies with boys, specifically with Mike, or that Mike reciprocates that feeling.
A beat too late, Will says. “I’d still be disgusted.”
“Okay,” Joyce chuckles.
After breakfast, Will and Mike go back to Will’s room to finish planning Dustin’s surprise welcome back, and cuddle a bit. The talk doesn’t last very long, the cuddling too comfortable and lulling them both in a drowsy state of relaxation.
But Will glances over at the clock eventually, and realizes the time. Dustin should be on his way back within an hour. Which means Hop is dropping El off here.
“El is coming over soon,” Will reminds him, beginning to pull away from Mike’s warm koala-like embrace.
“But cuddles,” Mike whines, inching closer again but only half serious.
“And Hop is coming too,” Will adds, and laughs when that immediately works to make Mike sit up.
“He’s just coming to flirt at your mom,” he mutters, which makes Will groan and shove him off the bed.
“Don’t make me think about that!”
“Well you’re the one who brought him up in the first place!” Mike whines, climbing to his feet and stretching.
Will is so busy staring at the line of Mike’s shoulders that it takes him a long moment to reply. “Uh.” He shakes his head. “I didn’t want to make El upset by us cuddling when she got here,” he admits.
Mike’s face softens from teasing rage to affection. “I told you, you don’t have to worry about El. She’s not jealous anymore. She’s already said that she thinks she wouldn’t have enjoyed dating me anyway.”
Will shrugs. “I guess. I just, if I’d been in her shoes—” Which he almost had been. “—it would have hurt, to see the person I lo—like cuddling with someone else.”
Will feels his face go hot at his almost slip. He hopes Mike hasn’t caught it. He jumps to his feet. “Anyway!! We gotta get ready to greet Dustin!”
They’ve put together a poster—well, Will’s done most of the drawing, but he’s not gonna brag.
Mike does most of the bragging for him.
“Will made you a poster and everything,” he says, grinning and leaning most of his weight on Will, like it’s not eighty degrees in Dustin’s room.
(Will can’t actually find it in him to mind.)
“And whose idea was it to sneak up on me?” Dustin asks dryly.
“Max,” Will and Mike say together. And Dustin sighs, glaring out his bedroom door. Out in the kitchen, they can hear Max and Lucas playfully squabbling while they clean out Lucas’s poor eyes. Dustin sighs again and turns back to the rest of them.
“The moving toys were a nice touch,” he compliments El, who beams.
“I’ve been practicing.”
“So you were gonna show us your inventions?” Mike asks. “I’m kind of jealous, honestly.”
He says that, but Will knows Mike had the opportunity a few years ago to go to a summer camp. But he’d thrown a fit at the idea of being separated from Will for a whole two months, so in the end he hadn’t gone. Mr. Wheeler had been mad about it for weeks—well, as mad as the man ever got, anyway.
But Dustin brightens at the question, a bounce in his step. “Oh man, yes! You guys are gonna be so impressed!”
And his inventions are impressive.
It blows Will’s mind if he thinks about it, how smart his entire friend group is—but especially Dustin. He’s like a mad scientist sometimes.
Mad scientists don’t generally come back from summer camp with girlfriends, however. In this, apparently, Dustin is the exception.
Which is how the entire Party finds themselves trekking their way up a hill in borderline 90 degree heat, ostensibly to use Dustin’s self-made Ham radio to talk to his Mormon girlfriend, Suzie.
After a brief moment where Mike has to point out and help Dustin untangle a wire that got crossed on the way up here, the radio tower is set up. It’s a feat of creation, but Will’s feeling too exhausted by the trip that he feels a little bit annoyed by it.
He’s so tired, he almost doesn’t notice another familiar chill go down his neck and spine. Oh god. No.
But, he promised himself if it happened again he’d tell Mike. It’s honestly probably better that everyone is here, though Will hates to take them out of their peaceful summer.
He sighs and opens his mouth, but before he can say anything, there’s a crackle on the radio.
“Dusty?” says a girl’s voice.
“Suzie-poo!!!” Dustin cheers. “I’ve brought my friends to meet you!”
“Suzie-poo?” Mike hisses into Will’s ear.
Momentarily distracted from his worry, Will bites back a giggle and shrugs.
He tries to imagine giving Mike a cutesy nickname like that—Mikey-Wikey?—and snorts. When Mike raises an eyebrow, he shakes his head. “Tell you later.”
“It’s nice to meet my Dusty-bun’s friends,” Suzie says. “Though I can’t stay on long, I have to help my siblings prepare dinner.”
They talk with her for a bit. Suzie seems fun and good for Dustin. Will’s happy for him, all earlier resentment gone.
The moment earlier is still sticking to the back of his mind like slime. He knows he has to bring it up once they’re done talking to Suzie.
And indeed, once she and Dustin have exchanged their last ‘I-miss-you-already’ and signed off, Will opens his mouth to speak. But, once again, he’s interrupted by the radio crackling again.
And this time, it’s not Suzie.
Bad, Upside Down feelings, and some random Russian translation? Is Will never going to get one break? Even just for one full year?
Once Dustin’s gotten the recording of the man, Will finally tells them what he felt earlier and yesterday.
Not entirely surprisingly, Mike is upset that Will didn’t mention it last night. “Why didn’t you say anything?”
Will obviously can’t say the truth in front of their friends, so he shrugs. “Didn’t want to ruin the night.” Our date, goes unsaid.
Mike sighs and nods. “Sleepover at my house?” he suggests. “Maybe we have a Russian translation book somewhere in the mess.”
Will’s doubtful of that—Ted Wheeler’s detestment of anything related to so-called communists springs to mind.
Later, once they’ve torn apart the basement looking for a nonexistent translation book, the Party collectively agree to put the planning off until tomorrow. Talk turns back to Dustin’s new girlfriend.
“So that’s everyone except Will,” Dustin says eventually, brightly, turning expectant eyes towards him.
Will raises his eyebrows. “Everyone but me, what?”
“Who’s gotten a kiss!”
Then Lucas and Dustin are off, chattering away at potentially trying to set Will up with the (apparently) numerous girls in their grade that have crushes on him. The concept is, frankly, horrifying. Next to him, he can feel Mike beginning to tense up, curling and uncurling his hands into the fabric of the couch.
(Will knows now, from whispered conversations during recent sleepovers, that Mike sometimes feels a little jealous toward the girls that have had crushes on Will. Mike’s not proud of it, and it’s something they’re both working on—Will has his own tiny silent beats of jealousy towards Mike’s past crush on El.)
“I’ve had my first kiss,” Will blurts, cutting into the argument.
Mike goes very, very still.
“You have?” Lucas blurts, eyes wide. Then, grinning proudly, he asks, “Tell us about her!”
“Was she a good kisser?” Max adds, nodding immediately. She’s grinning.
Will feels himself getting redder and redder, desperately wanting to hide his face in his hands. He turns to silently beg Mike for help, but neither he nor Mike are mind readers.
No, instead Mike’s seen that none of their friends have an inkling of the truth and he’s beginning to smile himself. Traitor.
“Yeah, Will,” he teases gently. “Was she a good kisser?”
Will tries to kill Mike with his eyes. But his boyfriend’s bright grin draws Will’s eyes to his mouth. Eyes caught there, Will finds himself speaking automatically. “I mean, I don’t have anyone to measure hi-her against, but I think she was a very good kisser.”
That mouth curls into a proud smirk.
“Was she pretty?” El’s smiling softly, knowingly. She’s the only one who knows the truth.
This one is an automatic, honest response. “The most beautiful person in the world.”
Mike blinks, grin falling and face turning pinker. Will watches the color travel from his cheeks to blotch at his neck. Now it’s his turn to look desperately like he wants to hide his face in his hands.
On the one hand, revenge (even unintended) is sweet. But on the other hand, Will hopes he hasn’t made Mike uncomfortable. Mike gets oddly shy about being perceived sometimes. Probably because of all the bullying they’ve faced.
(Will wants to go back in time and break Troy’s other arm.)
El, clearly the most of observant of their friends, sees the dilemma and turns to distraction. “I would like to watch a movie. That’s a sleepover activity, isn’t it?”
Max nods. “Heck yeah! And since it was your suggestion, that means you get to pick!”
Dustin groans. “No, she’s gonna pick Grease again!”
El smiles smugly. “I like Grease.” She leads them all away to search for the cassette, turning to look at Will and Mike. “Snacks please?”
“Thank you,” Will mouths at her. She giggles.
Will drags a somewhat unresponsive boyfriend upstairs and into the kitchen. He sets popcorn to cook, then sits at the dining table.
After the movie starts playing downstairs (the volume is up too loud, Will can hear the Paramount theme music from here), Mike sits down beside Will.
“Do you really…think I’m beautiful?” he asks.
Will nods immediately. “Mike, genuinely—even putting aside my feelings for you—you are so pretty and handsome.” He smiles at him shyly. “And with my feelings in the equation, I don’t think I’d ever find anyone more beautiful.”
Mike goes a deeper red and leans against him, hiding his face in Will’s shoulder. “Thank you. I think you’re really pretty too.”
They sit like this until the popcorn is almost done, then race around gathering the rest of the snacks. They’re near juggling by the time they’ve gotten everything.
Mike smiles at Will and jerks his head towards the basement door. “Ready?”
Will nods, beaming back. “After you, Mike.”
Downstairs, Summer Nights is playing. Will can hear Mike humming along. All the worries of tomorrow (Russian transmissions, the Upside Down) seem far away and unimportant in this moment.
“Summer days, drifting away, to oh, oh those Summer nights.”
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hyperfixat · 2 days
scumbledcrumblo hanscome bearing a req 🦚 (i am pee cock)
i will beg on my hands and knees for more of that succulent juicy thirst quenching toe curling mephisto fluff you wrote a couple dayz ago
or anything like that with ANY character
the demons possessed me when i wrote those words!! i need to formulate a recipe on how to get that perfect level of je ne sais qoi.. there are a couple drafts i have that seem to be just missing something idk brah!!
heres another day dream i had at a work meeting wishing i was hanging out with the gang ‼️bcs nothing makes me sleepier than office and professional environments
(540 words).
Obviously safety lies within the power of the prince, the duke, and the right hand. Falling asleep in a work environment is the best.
“MC, you need to wake up,” you hum noncommittally at the voice rousing you from your slumber. “Lucifer can assist you, but you need to stand up.”
Barbatos’ face is the first sight that greets your tired eyes. A kind smile graces him, and his gloves hover over your shoulder in case you need assistance.
Lucifer and Diavolo stand a couple feet away, both looking at you. Oh. You hope they aren’t annoyed.
Lucifer walks to you and Barbatos, “come on, MC. I’ll help you back to the House of Lamentation.”
You flop back onto the couch cushion and roll over, blatantly ignoring Lucifer. Diavolo does a poor job of muffling his snicker.
“MC, come on, we need to get home.” Lucifer’s gloved hand runs over your hair tenderly.
“Mghmm.” Sleep pulls your eyes down back into darkness and you bask in the cool hand on your forehead.
“Awh, Lucifer, let the human rest. They can stay here for the night, can’t they?” Diavolo takes pity on you, besides selfish intentions to keep you to himself for the night.
“I… I’d rather not break routine, and who knows what my insolent brothers will get up to in my prolonged absence.”
“You may return to the House of Lamentation,” Barbatos points out blandly.
The hand on your forehead disappears and Lucifer huffs.
“I’ll stay with them.”
“Very well,” Diavolo says funnily. “Barbatos, could you prepare a room for them to share?”
“Share?” Barbatos hesitates.
Lucifer gives Diavolo a skeptical look, and Barbatos takes leave.
Lucifer’s hand comes off your head and you groan, seeking the smoothness. He hushes you softly and then his hands are snaking under your knees and back, and you’re floating. The scent of Lucifer fills your lungs when you plant your face into the demon carrying you, a tired, pleased hum leaving you.
The footsteps sounding around you let you know Lucifer is not walking alone; Diavolo is close behind him. When they stop Lucifer hesitates at the door.
“Lord Diavolo, are you… intending on resting with us?”
“Well, if you’re offering!” He responds too quickly and eagerly.
“I was not, Lord Diavolo, but if you are set on it….”
You giggle into Lucifer’s coat and feel him sigh. The door opens and Barbatos ushers you three inside. Lucifer tosses you onto the bed with less grace than he intended (probably), and Diavolo launches himself next to you, pushing his face into your hair giddily, like a kid being told they can eat sweets all day. The bed dips on the opposite side of Diavolo and Lucifer lowers himself next to you, barely touching.
Barbatos’ eyes are heavy on you and you crack them open to gaze back. You motion for him to come closer, join the warmth of the demons around you. And boy is it warm.
Diavolo is nearly uncomfortably hot, and Lucifer radiates heat, but it’s so nice right now. You groan into the mattress, pleased.
And as you slip into dreams once again, Barbatos sits on the edge of the bed, a hand coming onto your ankle to hold.
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unpopularbunny · 2 days
This lowkey been a long time coming if I’m being honest. I am also a massive fucking hypocrite because I will avoid Baku/kiri/reader fics but this??? This right here??? 🙇‍♀️ I’m on the floor baby. (Ngl this has like a pinch of body shaming in it, just wanna preface by saying I do not hate any specific group of people based on any physical trait they may have. I just want more love for big girlies.)
Pairing: chifuyu/reader/baji
You already know: reader is a fat girl!!!!! everyone’s an adult, no set timeline, fuck it we ball 🏀, paranormal slutivity, your fave mans is a whore, public shenanigans, reader lowkey under the influence but there’s no dub/noncon, no beta reader again so if u point out any flaws ur being mean to me and if ur mean to me I’ll die, reblogs make u SO big brained 🗿🗿
Minors: ur mama know what you doin? I’m telling 💥
A/n: I’ll add a readmore when i get home and can make sure tumblr wont eat my post when I do.
you just wanted to be different for once. To ignore years of mass media telling you how to dress, to feel wild and FREE. you wanted tight revealing clothes and makeup all over your face, you wanted men to jaw drop and double take at the sight of your hips swaying.
This fantasy never got far and you never predicted you’d end up between two friends who always shared in the name of brotherly camaraderie.
Leeeets take it back about a week.
You weren’t by any means conservative in your day by day fashion, you just didn’t dress how you truly wanted to. You were always worried about the stares you’d get, stares that dared to ask ‘does she know she’s embarrassing herself?’. As time went on the urge to free yourself from the confines of stretchy jeans and sweaters was too much to ignore any longer. All it took was one night of drinking at home for you to blow nearly half a paycheck on clothes that were one inch away from getting you in legal trouble. You felt justified in this, it was your turn damnit!!! You were tired of hours doom scrolling on your phone and watching all the pretty skinny girls be drowned in affection, you wanted to make people notice you. You wanted to make men think about you as you walked passed, you deserved attention and people to fawn over you.
Needless to say, the next day you realized how fucking delusional your thinking was the night before.
You nursed a headache all through the day and when you got home you were greeted by your roommate in the livingroom looking like the cat that caught the mouse. Next to her on the couch was a plastic package, she shook it at you wiggling her eyebrows and you snatched it from her before she could even ask and shuffled to your room. You could hear her cackling. It’s not like you had any kind of bad blood with your roommate, you two were actually childhood friends, you just didn’t want anyone to see your secrets.
You showered and stood in your room, staring at the package on your bed before deciding fuck it and ripping it open. You couldn’t even remember what all you ordered anyway. Most of the articles of clothing were black, save for some racy sets of underwear you thought looked cute. You refused to believe any of it could fit you, it seemed so….small. There was no way in hell you were going to give up now though, you spent all that fucking money so there was no reason not to try the clothes on.
A mistake really.
They fit you far too good.
Sure, it was tight, but not uncomfortably so, in fact the tightness felt comforting in a way? The tops hugged your curves and even though your tummy peaked out at the bottom, you thought it looked cute in a way. The skirts wouldn’t stay down, rolling up your ass when you paced your room, you’d definitely have to wear a jacket with those. The pants needed belts, your waist to hip ratio was too different for them to stay up. They felt tigh and constricting on your hips and thighs, but there was plenty of waist room. After posing a bit in your mirror you sort of lost yourself for a bit. Falling in love with your curves and admiring how your body had so many wonderful attributes.
You almost screamed when someone’s knocked on the door.
You failed to lock it and it was your downfall.
Your roommate was all gasps and awes’ at your state. She paced around you like a tiger and assaulted you with compliments, no matter how you tried to shush her and make excuses, she wouldn’t hear it. She made you re-try on all the clothes so she could see them all. It felt like you were back to school shopping with your mom, except this time she wasn’t forcing you into bullshit khakis and polos. It actually turned into a bunch of fun as she gave you tips for accessorizing and hair styling.
When all was calmed down and you two were on the couch she took your weakness and vulnerability as a chance to strike like the snake she is.
She insisted you two go out this weekend!
You couldn’t even shoot her down, she had just spent the last hour boosting your ego and self esteem that you mumbled out a small ‘I guess’. She clapped her hands in glee and started firing off names of bars and clubs and she got the same responses from you every time ‘you pick’ and ‘I’ve never been there before.’ The most you told her is that you wanted to go somewhere you wouldn’t be recognized by coworkers or other friends and colleagues.
She just threw her head back and laughed, saying that you wouldn’t be recognizable with those clothes on anyway.
You couldn’t help but feel a little paranoid about what she had in store for you.
🌹 🌷 🌹
The week went by too fast for your liking and every time you tried to back out of the plans you were strongarmed by your roommate. She wasn’t going to let you go that easy. When Saturday arrived you tried avoiding her, but she was more determined than you’ve ever seen her.
You gave in and let her do with you as she pleased.
She picked out your outfit from the new clothes you bought and dug around your closet for some platforms you’d bought years ago but never worn (amazingly they still fit regardless of your calves.). She styled your hair and even did your makeup (you still got to pick the colors (: ), you felt like a sacrifice being painted up before the ritual.
How close to this assumption you were.
The club she dragged you two was some hole in the wall in shibuya with low lights and loud music. You were sweating before you even went in and it was only hotter once you two were inside. You could feel the bass shoot through your entire body and you felt so nervous and couldn’t look anywhere but the floor. Your friend ordered you both a few drinks, or rather ‘liquid courage’ she dubbed it. You were thankful for it, seeing as after a few drinks you felt much more comfortable in your skin than before. Your friend excused herself to the bathroom and you smiled and waved her off as she went, taking a few more sips of whatever new fruit concoction was in front of you.
After a few moments you were occupied on both sides by two new people. You glanced to your right and had to look up to see the man, Jesus Christ, even with platforms on he still had a few inches on you. He had long silky black hair, brown eyes, and a smile so sinister you would normally feel scared. You smiled right back and when you glanced to your left you were a few inches taller than other man. This man had short cut black hair, the cutest green eyes you’d ever seen, and ear piercings. Speaking of ears, the tips of his seemed to be tinted a little….pink?
You weren’t sure what to do now that men approached you first so you went back to looking down at your drink and sipping at it. You were a little hunched over and caught bits and pieces of the men having a conversation over your head. ‘You like this one?’ ‘Baji don’t objectify women like that, its kinda gross.’ ‘I’m just trying to help is all’ His laugh caught you off guard and you jumped.
“Eh? What’s wrong girlie? Did we scare you?” You glanced to your right and..baji? Was leaning down into your personal space. When you leaned back you were leaning into his friend, who didn’t exactly seem to hate your body pressing into his.
“No- you’re just a little…close is all” you were surprised anyone could hear you over the music.
“C’mon baji let’s le-“ baji waved his hand and chifuyu stopped.
“Wanna dance with us?” He was pressing himself against your side, his hand gliding up your thigh towards your hips. He laughed at the confused face you responded with, “yeah girlie, both of us, unless that ain’t your type thing. I just assumed on account of how you dressin and all.” You couldn’t tell if your face was hot from being drunk or the embarrassment.
You should feel outraged at the fact that he assumed you were a loose woman but…..was that such a bad thing? You wanted to feel desired, you wanted to be lusted after, and it was happening. He wasn’t using force, in fact his hand was merely resting at the small of your back rubbing small circles. You were still in a public place so it’s not as if he could do anything to you, you didn’t dress up to weigh the pros and cons. You downed the rest of your fruity drink and nodded, relinquishing yourself to whatever ungodly fate awaited you.
“Atta girl,” He took one hand while his friend took your other and gently led you away from the bar, “we’re gonna have so much fun with you tonight sweetie.” It was like micro-dosing danger. Every smile and laugh having some sinister undertone.
But god was it fun.
🌹 🌷 🌹
You got the hang of dancing in clubs a few years ago, it wasn’t hard, it didn’t take any special skill. You just needed to know what to do with your hips and hands.
Which you were currently struggling to do.
You’d danced with other men before, but mostly one at a time, never quite….like this.
You had your back against baji, his hands were on your hips to guide you. He was guiding you to sway against him, every so often pressing his hardon against your ass. one of your arms were up and behind you, wrapped around his neck to keep him close. Your other arm was front of you, draped over the shoulder of his more reserved friend (who you still had to get a name from), whom was doing things that contradicted the cool demeanor he gave off. He was pressed as close as he could be, his pelvis pushed against yours so you got a good idea of the fun he was having. Even if he didn’t do the best job of showing it. He was so close his nose would brush yours every so often and you expected him to kiss, but he didn’t. His hands were at your waist, holding a little tighter than expected, as if he were giving your exposed flesh squeezes here and there.
Something about this felt so shamelessly erotic.
You were so wrapped up that you didn’t give a thought to your friend who had gone to the bathroom, she probably had seen you by now and didn’t want to interrupt. You felt so transfixed on the green eyes infront of you and the hands sliding down your waist to your thighs and pulling up the edges of your skirt-
“Shhh don’t make a scene-“ you had seized up but Baji’s guiding hands kept you moving, “you like this don’t you?” It was his friend, his voice was much firmer, “That’s why you’re here, like this, between us. You want it.” His hand was under your skirt and sliding up up up. So fucking slow that you shifted just to get his hand between your legs faster. Just as his fingers brushed the forming wet spot on your panties, you could hear baji laugh against your neck on the other side of you.
“How the fuck are you so good at spotting the good ones chifuyu” was that his name? A man had his fingers pressed against your clit and you’re just now learning his name?
“Eh? What do you mean so good?” He shot back, his hand was in your panties, rubbing and petting at your clit while having a normal conversation as if you weren’t between them.
“Look at her!” You moaned and grinded against chifuyus hand, doing your best to make them focus on you again, “Perfect size to split between us and such a cute cheeks!” One of baji’s hands came up and pinched your cheek for emphasis.
“Do you honestly believe that every decision i make is backed by some deep analysis?” He laughed, “I guessed!” You arched as two fingers slid inside of you and curled, any noise you made was cut off by chifuyu kissing you. His kiss was desperate. The fingers inside you moved, slowly and carefully- god his tongue was inside your mouth now and you were suffocating but your head was absolutely floating. It was just so hard to keep focus on your surroundings. So many sensations- you could feel slick beginning to coat your thighs as his hand moved faster and you got sloppier. When he pulled away your lipstick was smeared on his mouth and there was a hazy look in his eyes. He buried his face against your neck on one side and baji was on the other. Chifuyu hand was between your legs and one of bajis hands had found it’s way under your shirt and was giving your nipple an unforgiving pull and twist. You three were pressed so close together that no one could really figure out what was happening, not that anyone was going to stop it.
They owned the bar after all.
Chifuyu tilted his hand and when his thumb brushed your clit your legs wobbled and baji had to focus on keeping you upright against him. Chifuyu smiled and laughed, the first you’d seen tonight, and you felt embarassed all over again.
“Hey! Don’t go falling apart on us sweet heart, we aren’t even close to being done with you yet.” Baji was encouraging you and the whine you let out only encouraged him tenfold.
Rather than fight against the waves and risk drowning, you went with the flow and closed your eyes and relaxed into them. You’d never had such a lavish experience of having two pretty boys give you attention like this. It was way past overstimulating but not in a bad way, you’d worry about that in the morning. Right now you your moans were escalating with the music. When said music began to dip but your voice didn’t follow suit, one of bajis hands wrapped tightly around your mouth while chifuyu increased pace.
“Thaaats it,” chifuyu whispered into your neck, “Make a mess for me.”
“You might wanna hold on tight girlie,” Baji mocked, “He overachieves.” You moved your arms so both of them were wrapped around chifuyu.
You had never been more thankful for loud ass music more than now. Had it not been for whatever club mix was on, everyone would hear the sloppy wet lewd noises of the three fingers that were buried inside of you. Any words or pleas you voiced were muffled and baji took on the sole responsibility of holding you up while chifuyu gladly drove you to climax.
They were both so goddamn obscene in their own right. Not only did they casually whisper conversation to eachother about all the wonderful things you three could get up to together, but they each had individual plans for you. Baji wanted to try having you all to himself for a day to see what other kinds of clothes he could put you in and then rip off of you. Chifuyu mentioned something about ‘giving support’ under his desk while he had stressful days at work. Baji definitely agreed with that and had the fucking drive to ask what you felt like inside.
“Inside? Like heaven.” Chifuyu made it sound like a sin, “She’s so slippery and soft.” Stop stop stop! “What about her mouth?” As if on unspoken command, baji shoved two fingers right into your mouth and pet at your tongue. You drooled so easily and licked without hesitation.
“She’s already drooling,” He shoved his fingers deeper, he did it so fast you gaged and coughed, “Gag reflex? We can fix that sweetheart.” Danger alarms began to fire off in your head, unfortunately they went ignored in lieu of the heat in your lower stomach. You were so close and desperate you just let them carry on, anything to keep the fingers inside of you.
Your whole body seized up when you came and you were truly astonished you didn’t blackout completely. They laughed in amazement at the sight of your eyes rolling back and the way you arched. You were putty in their hands, laying limp back against baji but still holding onto chifuyu.
Maybe going out wasn’t such a bad idea after all.
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