#this man can WRITE
phaedraismyusername · 9 months
I'm halfway through Bear Town by Fredrik Backman and oof I'm having a *time* with this book. The people in it (yes I said people and not characters) are so shockingly well realised and written that it not only blows my mind but is absolutely breaking my heart lol.
One thing I will say if you're planning on reading it is don't read the description and assume the author will pull his punches like I did. I assumed the assault would be more ambiguously portrayed but its not it *is* violent and it happens on the page and it is very unpleasant to read BUT the whole story is handled and crafted so carefully that it doesn't feel exploitative or anything like that, it's just a thing that happens that everyone has to deal with the consequences of.
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kissmejuyeon · 3 years
i’m reading Demian by Hermann Hesse and his words .... Hesse’s mind ... wow
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kaijurl · 5 years
on the dead grass and leaves and assorted debris, i sit and i toss back some malt memories of you calling my name from the top of the city, telling me when i tried to believe that what still lives in me is selfless and sacred, not selfish and mean so i slink back into the dark district, meet up with friends, and drink myself sick from the things that i’ve said
it’s hard not to know when your time is up, but it’s harder admitting you’ve had enough and after everything we shared i still care so much about you but we’ve been watching something great bloat and stagnate, and our best years liquor up and limp away as hard as it is now scrapping hope for this house and this family, i’ll always have your ink under my skin i’ll always have your ink under my…
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