#tho i am late in posting it
cedarboots · 15 days
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Seen on campus March 15th
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I took one
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yangjeongin · 4 months
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welcometogrouchland · 2 months
ftf owl house drawing recs (only if you want to do them, ofc)!!! uhhh how about something angsty between raine and eda what with the whole puppet-ification, or something about boscha and amity?
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[ID: a digital sketch of Amity and Boscha from the owl house based on a scene from For the Future. They're in their designs from For the Future. Boscha is tackle-hugging Amity from behind, exclaiming "I won't let you leave again!" Amity is then depicted with a disturbed face and a thought bubble reading "oh! She is deranged!". The background is pale yellow and the sketch is coloured and shaded. End ID]
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starryaike · 4 months
The way you draw Chara is so scrunkly
I love when people tell me this cause they are the character ever fr!! I'm so glad I can draw them in a way others like :] I also think it's quite interesting to see how my design for them has changed over the years so I'm using this as an excuse to post some old Chara art teehee
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kenmaiii · 5 months
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-w- he is just so cute 🐚🐚🐚
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rosebowl · 1 year
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(t’s) boys over flowers for @sugaftrm ♡
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blart-og · 8 days
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pipipiplup (and friends)
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yardsards · 10 months
i like how amity used to be the one everyone wrote angst about but then hunter got introduced and the fandom collectively decided "oh shit! new punching bag!"
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vodid · 2 months
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struggling way too hard on ch3 of my fic so here we are.
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chase2452 · 2 years
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waterbending master katara
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ryllen · 7 months
I am currently just getting into sdv (I know I'm super late) and I'm romancing Alex and oh lord I am OBSESSED with your farmer x Alex art it is blessed 🙌 😇 🙏
Want another alex to pull ur heart string? These are the soft alex feat farmer starter pack from me:
- bowlersandtophats [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] this incredibly the sweetest alex ever drawn but it aged, that it's drown & harder to find
- まるお / onigiri_island_ (@twitter) [1] [2] [3] will grab u by the love not-only directed to alex, but to all villagers - ㄱㅋㄹ (@twitter) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7 lmao isn't this the truth] [8] [9] i wish this person has pixiv. gotta scroll, but this alex is simply pretty sweet as well.
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b4kuch1n · 1 year
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you must know what you want to see, dear heart, lest it’s decided for you
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buglaur · 9 months
hii! i was wondering what mod you used for your recent post with Theo and Cecilia when she says she is dating other people and argue over the relationship?? thankuu!
hi there, its the drama mod by shenanigans
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syilcawrites · 1 year
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anyone who sees this automatically gets their bad luck overwritten this year 8^)
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zirkkun · 1 year
have a random thought bc I've posted many today ig
I don't really get the whole... "you need to appreciate more chars than sans" thing. I dunno. You really don't. If sans makes somebody happy i dont really get how thats such a bad thing. I see it a lot with the AUs especially but. I dunno he's just a fun guy to work with since there's so many ways you can interpret his character. And a lot of people love him!
I get being tired of him, i hated the guy at first cause i kept seeing sans everywhere and for like years had a streak of hating sans for it LMAO but now im like. "Yea sans is a great character hes fun" ✨
I dont get being . Really upset about others enjoying like, making au sanses or fics or other sans content?? Just cause it's not other ut chars? I dunno. I really like Mettaton a lot, more than Sans sometimes, and he doesn't get a lot of rep in the fandom but im not gonna go busting down people's doors screaming that Mettaton should be in more AU's. I just take the Mettaton content i can find and enjoy it in the little hidey hole i call my room.
I dunno. I'm just dumping thoughts down into the void of the internet and seeing what happens LMAO
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dayzeart · 5 months
Why do grown people in 2022 actually fucking care when people have androids instead of iPhone? I had one once, didn't like, returned it & have been using androids since. Yall just like what other people & companies tell you to & then get exceedingly aggressive & weird abt it?? I know mostly it's just jokes but I've literally seen women say they refuse to date men who don't have iPhone and they mean it with their whole chest. I just need sometime to explain yalls weird brand dependency to me like I'm five. If *you* need them that's fine, why do i?
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