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creepspastaarts · 3 days
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some scribbles , I’m still trying to get the hang of drawing the creep gang ,,
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walkedhomeal0ne · 2 days
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fan service for the tl ;3
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crushedsweets · 20 hours
tim/masky x brian/hoodie relationship where they treat toby like their adopted emo teen son….. hnrggrhh
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Brian, looking at Toby and Y/N: Love is in the air.
Tim: [Covering his nose and mouth and spraying disinfectant around the mansion]
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fanartandvents · 2 days
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artstetic-real · 2 days
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what is bro looking at
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korok-artz · 3 days
I really have to stop drawing random shit
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Just another weird wip 👍 (fuck perspective)
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j0eyj0rdis0n · 3 days
can we get some sub toby moments? like he’s on top and all that but he’s just so whiny
Gotcha covered! I hope this is good enough! Again unedited because I’m lazyyyy
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Fandom: Creepypasta
Plot: Toby loves fucking you so much that he becomes a whole new person when he does
Warnings: Soft sex, unprotected sex, that’s about it?
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You loved having Toby on top of you, honestly you liked having him wherever you could. Top, bottom, sideways, whatever ways, you didn’t mind. But what you loved more than that? When he actually starts fucking you.
That confident persona just melts away as soon as he bottoms out. Feeling your soft squishy walls around him just makes his mind fill with static. The good kind of course. You love watching the way he gets so damn pussy whipped for you. If you remember correctly he told you one time that “your pussy is magic”. And tonight you were working your magic.
Doing absolutely nothing.
You watched happily as Toby bottomed out, letting out a breathy moan. “S-shit babe- I’m not gonna last long at a-a-all…”
You could only chuckle as you stroked his hair softly, looking up at your pretty boy barely keeping it together and he hasn’t even moved yet.
He starts up a slow pace, rhythmic moans coming out ever so often when he hits that gummy spot in you. It’s almost as if your pleasure is his too. But as usual, it’s not long until he loses control of himself. Mind and body included. His pace has gone fast and heavy, hands planted on either side of your head as he fucks you relentlessly into the bed. His eyes flutter from the pleasure.
“Mm f-fuck, m’ gonna fill you s-so full… Buy y-you a bi-ig house… Fuuuuck- We’ll have b-babies together… Ahh, gonna ma-ake you s-so happy-“ He groaned out, watching through half lidded eyes as you nodded rapidly.
Oh how he loved it when you agreed so quickly.
“You’re so f-fuckin’ hot babe-“ Toby breathlessly moaned, leaning down to leave dark marks on your neck.
You found it so sweet how he saw you as the most beautiful thing in the world. And the best part was you didn’t have to even do anything. All you had to do was lay pretty underneath him and he did the rest. Just with some sweet praises.
He loved the way your back arched and your chest pressed against his. How warm you are and how your pretty nipples felt against his chest. Pulling one hand from its place beside your head, he tweaked your nipple softly, getting you to squirm just the way he likes.
“J-just like that babe- Sooo good for me. Come on, I know y-you’re close.” His thrusts continued to pick up pace, the wet sounds that came from between your legs only urging him on more.
You were seeing stars as you came. Your chest heaved with heavy breaths as he followed suit, filling you up until he couldn’t anymore.
He gave you a sloppy kiss before pulling out, leaving you whining from the empty feeling.
“Awww don’t whine b-babe! We got tomorrow t-too!” Toby said with that stupid smile, giving you one more kiss before laying down next to you.
The rest of the night was filled with soft kisses shared between the two of you, marking each other all over, and mumbled praises against flushed skin.
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meatypastasauce · 2 days
Toby,masky,And hoodies what do yall do after missions?
(I'm absolutely in love with Toby,Maksy and Hoodies style)
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grvyrd-drms · 2 days
Hii, so i have cipa and im very insecure about it and EJ is my fav character so could you pls write how ej treats toby when he gets hurt or something like that? It always makes me feel better about it
e. jack treating toby's CIPA
A/N: omg of course!!! i hope ur doing well!!! <3 <3
CW: injury, CIPA
-now, obviously jack knows and understands toby's condition, being an (almost) trained medical student. however it doesn't mean jack doesn't get annoyed at points (when toby comes in for the bazillionth broken bone because he's fucking insane [literally]).
-him and toby are very close. not in a hang out 24/7 best friend way, but more in a silent, deep mutual respect and connection type of way. toby's been in jacks 'infirmary' so many times over the years they've just bonded. over family, hobbies, interests, opinions on other people in the manor. toby is actually a very good person to talk to, you just need to break down some walls first. he has a pretty big vocabulary and a lot of knowledge on all different types of stuff.
- when toby comes barging in covered in blood and bruises, jack doesn't even glance at him. he just gets his gauze ready and tells toby to sit down lmaoo.
-toby's embarrassed by it. he really is. he thinks his CIPA makes him weak and practically gives him a huge target on his back for assholes to hit (jeff).
-but jack makes him feel normal. as normal as he can be, of course. he doesn't make a big deal out of it, doesn't comment on how many times toby's been in that week. just like his own issues, he knows toby can't control it. and thats ok.
-jack will casually and judgement free inspect toby for injury or sickness. at this point they are close friends, and jack has formed some sort of empathy for toby.
-jack tells toby what the weathers gonna be like that day and will write little reminders on sticky notes for him. like remember to ditch the blankets tonight, or drink cold water throughout the day, or to wear layers. very aware of how dangerous the temp ignorance can be.
-jack defends toby with his LIFEEEEEE. like i said earlier, they've got to be pretty good friends at this point, so jack takes no shit from people. he has a very sharp tongue and a quick mind, so arguing with him or defending themselves is practically useless. he'll fucking destroy them lmao.
-toby's too embarrassed/guilty to verbally thank jack, so he just does him favors instead. supply runs, cleaning up, buys him more gauze, stuff like that. acts of service.
-jack tries not to make toby feel guilty about coming to him constantly. he's learned over time to stop sighing or making small comments when toby comes in. jack doesn't mind it at this point. he likes having a good friend to talk to.
keep urself healthy and safe anon 🫡
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murkywaters808 · 3 days
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Hello this is my first ever post on tumbler! I’ve been overly obsessed with creepy pastas once more! & thought I share my most recent fan art. ^w^
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creepspastaarts · 3 days
more toby pluhleaseee please more im shakign like a rabid dog
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some toby scribbles to soothe your soul lol,, I need to practice so much more to get the hang of drawing the crps graaahh
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tobyislame · 1 day
tobys allergic to fucking everything . he is the weakest link
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fxdizz-y · 2 days
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My boyfriend :33
(Art by me<3)
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Y/N: Think Y/N, think! What would Brian and Tim do if they were in our situation??
Toby: Fight like an old married couple?
Y/N: …
Y/N: NO??
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greydrit · 9 hours
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still alive, thank you very much for 400 readers!!
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