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creek-ink · 5 months
practicing expressions while I wait 4 my tablet to wake tf up
Tumblr media
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creepypasta65 · 4 months
Hi can you do toby and ej having a breeding kink?
Thanks for the request :)
⚠️Warning NSFW content below⚠️
Toby and Eyeless Jack having a breeding kink:
Toby does wish to have kids in the future.
During sex, he would love to breed you. Whether you can or not get pregnant.
He will whisper filthy things in your ear, saying stuff like how beautiful you will look with his child growing inside of you or how much your womb wants his semen inside of you.
Toby gets so horny thinking about filling you up with his cum until you're overflowing.
He will also beg for you to give him a child when he's fucking you.
If he's fucking you in doggystyle, he will hold your tummy and think about you being pregnant.
Jack is a demon, and his sense of smell is good, so he can smell you when you're ovulating. He knows that's the best opportunity to breed you.
Jack will get so horny at the thought of getting you pregnant with his demon babies.
He will fill your pussy up with so much cum and get mad when he sees his cum spill out of your pussy.
Jack will tell you how much of a filthy slut you're squeezing his cock begging for his cum, and how you want to get knocked up by him.
After all the baby making sex, he will act sweet. He kisses you and prepares you for a warm bath.
Have a nice day :)
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j0eyj0rdis0n · 2 months
Can you make date head cannons for Toby and his S/O?
Of course love! Here you go!
Tumblr media
This man LOVES to go to the aquarium with you
Just like a little kid
Points at all the fishies and is practically glued to the glass. 100% leaves handprint smudges
Also loves the interactive exhibits too!
But on the more casual side, he loves going out into the country and stargazing with you
He first started doing it with Brian and Tim but he loves it so much that he begs those two to drive the both of you out there
He doesn’t want to make you drive so he makes them drive instead 😚
Absolutely not a restaurant person!
Don’t take him fancy places because he’ll get all nervous and irritated. He’ll start overthinking about how he doesn’t fit in and eventually storm out
So unless you want your date night consisting of reassuring him that he’s just perfect how he is and that you love him, probably best not to take him to a restaurant
Unless it’s fast food! Mans LOOOOVES fast food!!!
But also I feel like he loves swimming too! Take him to the beach, lake, pool, anything and he’ll be happy
He’d throw you in for sure
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seireitonin · 27 days
Can you make Toby headcanons
Tumblr media
I can’t believe I haven’t already done this?? He’s literally all I think about lately. Also sorry for the lack of posts life is busy. Anyway! (Some of this will be canon)
“Ticci” Toby Head Canons
Toby was in and out of the hospital all his life
CIPA will do that for you
He constantly had to lie about the bruises he got from his dad while he was in the hospital
He didn’t want to be separated from his sister in foster care
Toby got bullied and outcasted at school
But he also was a bully kinda
The violence he was experiencing at home made him violent at school
He would beat people who teased him bloody
He’s impulsive and cynical but also empathic
He would use his body as a shield against his father to protect his sister and mother
Purposely behaving bad so he would get it the worst, sparing his sister and mother
Slenderman was trying to get both Lyra and Toby to become proxies and Lyra had been experiencing the slender sickness and seeing Slenderman
So she purposely crashed the car so her and Toby would both die, but he was none the wiser
Only Lyra died and Toby has survivors guilt
Not only because he’s alive but because Lyra was a better person in his eyes
She took care of him, she was sweet, she was gentle
Toby was rough, standoff ish, and rude
Toby thinks he deserved to die, not her
Wishes he died instead of her
Slenderman only targeted Toby after that
The hallucinations getting stronger and worse
Him seeing his dead sister
Constantly feeling sick
Toby looked at all his neighbors with jealousy
Why did they get the perfect suburban life?
Why was he given a life of suffering?
Slenderman was breaking him down day after day
On top of all that the abuse didn’t stop
Slenderman was able to take his mind over easily with all that Toby was going through
Toby’s grief, anger, sadness, pain and suffering making him unable to fight off Slendermans influence
The night he killed his father he was under Slendermans control completely
Only snapping out of his trance for a few seconds before being taken over again
He didn’t really want to kill his father but his body wasn’t his
Luckily he was able to snap out of the trance before he hurt his mom
But he still burned the neighborhood down, ready to accept death
Then Slenderman took him in
When he was 19 he acted a bit like the teen he never got to be
Not super upbeat but he was more playful and free
Masky and Hoodie do care about him, just in a rough love kind of way because they didn’t want to see him die
Also he was so young, they know what it’s like to loose your life and mind to Slenderman at a fairly young age
So they trained him hard and kept reminding him that he’s disposable so be careful and not so reckless with his body
Toby’s not only good with hatchets but knives as well
Also good at hand to hand combat and dodging
Has infinite stamina and is really strong and fast
Dated Clockwork from ages 19-24
He died at 25 but was resurrected by Slenderman and became possessed fully (which is another reason why he’s so sickly pale)
Slenderman attempted to make him kill Clockwork, but luckily some of Toby was still in there and he was able to hold back from killing her
She was able to fight him off easily after that but couldn’t bring herself to kill him
But she doesn’t want to see him ever again
The one man she trusted tried to kill her and it was too much for her to handle
Toby was heartbroken for months and killed a lot of people, letting himself become a puppet for Slenderman completely
Toby came to the realization that his body was never his to own
His body belonged to the doctors when he was a kid to experiment on, the shield to protect his family, a puppet for Slenderman to use, even his Tourette’s controlled him sometimes
Toby is bi but leans towards women because women were kind to him all his life
Total horndog
He can be manipulative but honestly it’s not on purpose he’s just scared to loose people
“You shouldn’t leave. You’re all I have. My family is gone. Please. You’re the only thing I love.”
Very clingy with people he cares about
Especially because he knows he’s a lot to handle
His emotions can change very quickly
Since his mind has gotten used to Slendermans influence, his memories come back in full force
He vividly remembers everything that happened to him and will sometimes have breakdowns
The memories come at random times too
He’s full of himself and not insecure at all
Blunt, rude, will say what he wants whenever he wants with no filter but is nice to people he likes
Constantly has bloody and bruised knuckles
Smells like the woods/ outdoors and campfires
Made a promise to his sister when they were young to never be like his dad. So he’ll never hit a woman he loves
Belive she’s not meant to be loved. Everyone who’s loved him has either died or left one way or another
Wears neutral colors to blend in with the forest
Touched starved, due to not getting much gentle touch and affection in his life
Wants a normal life so bad but knows that will never happen
Wants to have kids. He wants to be the man his father never was
Hides his face gash with bandages and gauze when he goes out in public
He’s handsome and he knows it. He uses that charm to lure in/ manipulate his victims
Dark brown eyes and hair and pale pink lips
29 years old
Started dating Nina at 27
Toby is 6’0 flat
Very lanky but his back and arms are toned because of constant axe throwing and swinging
Toby is much more mature now that he’s 29 but can still joke around and stuff
Has scars all over his body not only from his father, but fighting since he was 17
He’s so full of himself and cocky especially when he’s manic
He’s an extremely jealous person and can be very possessive especially over the person he’s dating
He’s just scared to loose anyone
Hes violent as hell when it comes to killing
Very very messy because he’s impulsive and reckless and doesn’t care about getting hurt because he doesn’t feel it
Sometimes will target abusive men and will beat them to death with his fists while looking them in the eyes, smiling
Just because he was manipulated into killing at first doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy it now
Because he really enjoys it
Especially when he’s angry or emotional
Still needs constant check ups and has to check for injuries on his body because he can’t feel them
Eats people on occasion. Since he chewed on his hands a lot he likes the taste of flesh
Likes fucking with his victims before he kills them sometimes. He learned that from Masky.
Has nightmares but doesn’t tell anyone about them
Doesn’t drink alcohol often because he really doesn’t wanna be like his dad
Midwestern emo
Looks like his mom. It makes him sad. He misses her.
When he’s by himself he wears grandpa sweaters and loose jeans
Nina is the only other person who can wear his clothes
Anyone else? No way.
Is close with EJ because of the constant medical checkups
Close with Jane too since Nina became friends with her
Actually can cook pretty well since he had to survive on his own a lot
His hair is mid neck and curly because he doesn’t bother to cut it
His beard is prickly and it started growing at 23
Has a bunch of piercings because he can’t feel pain (eyebrows, snakebites, tounge, septum, a bunch of ear ones) he also did it to match with Nina
His favorite food is ramen
His ADHD can make him upbeat and happy sometimes but it doesn’t last long
He likes to sit in the woods by himself sometimes and just enjoy his own company
He has quite the reputation working for Slenderman and all
Masky, Hoodie and Toby are called the triple threat
Hoodie handles ranged combat like guns. Masky is a hard hitting melee fighter, using crowbars, bats etc. Toby can do both by throwing hatches and using them in hand to hand combat. But he can also use his fists.
That’s all I got 4 now I’ll make a part 2 when I can remember more. Also this isn’t proof read sorry :3
Tumblr media
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devilsspaghetti · 11 months
word count: 635
Summary: Your life was just beginning to flourish, but past events and people you have met is coming to haunt you.
tw; Stalking, fighting
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HAZEL EYES STARED AT YOUR FORM FROM AFAR, admiring every aspect and curve that complimented your body. He watched you tend to the garden in your yard, yearning for your delicate hands to caress his pale skin. The killer cannot recall when he fell for you, but he can recall the moment he first laid eyes on you; a blissful moment, or so he says.
In that moment of time, it seemed to pause, because he was raising an axe over your bloody fucking head. He remembers your eyes glistening with tears, oh, he was so ready to swing down the axe and bash your head. He was ready to make your eyes pop out your skull and call his work beautiful, and to forever have the image engraved into his mind. Yet, he saw a flicker in your stare; a quick glance for a string of hope. Because within that minute, the millisecond of him swinging down his weapon, you reached for a piece of broken glass and punctured it into his leg. The axe ( SWUNG ! ) into the floor while he fell with it, leaving you an open window to roll to your side and crawl away.
He remembers the moment he looked up and towards the door, he saw you pause. He questions why until you gave him one last look; a look of deceit, victory, and pride. That was the dire moment he knew that you were going to be trouble.
But never again has he gotten to hold your case file again. Never again has he ever got to try out the new ideas and techniques he had in mind for you; instead, he is left with new victims and boring people that will never be you. Yes, he has met many that met your standards, but he would get them again until he eliminates them. Not once has he got you again. It made him think if one of his other colleagues got you. Yet, he cannot bring himself to ask Slender the aching question that keeps him awake at night; who has your case file?
It wasn’t until a month ago when he decided to look for you himself—curious if you had died or not—but to his surprise, you were fully alive; and flourishing. Graduating college with a nursing degree, paying off your vehicle, and moving forward on raising funds to get yourself a house. How did he find out about all of this? Breaking into your apartment while you were at work. My, oh my, you were such an interesting specimen.
How Toby wishes to see your beautiful face under his axe; in a grotesque fashion.
But your perfect life would come crumbling down soon, or so he thinks. The moment he found out who you’re under, the doctor you worked closely with, he was almost angry. Because why, out of all people his boss could have handed your case file to, had to be Eyeless Jack. Masking himself as a human doctor and by your side, you were his top assistant after all.
That was the eye opener he very much needed, because he had never noticed until then that Jack was never at home. Never available to tend to wounds, never around anymore. No one questioned it, well, until Toby found out why.
Now he sits on a tree, a cigarette resting between his teeth with another huff. He watches you intently and plays with his water bottle. Just fascinated—he adored the way you cared for your crops and flowers—and that’s all he can bring himself to do. Just watch you and he can do that all day long. Through your window and outside, through the crevices of your closet door to beside your bed.
One day, he will make sure you both meet again.
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3amclothesmonster · 8 days
Toby likes winter, not because he enjoys snow it's cause he fits in, he can easily excuse the goggles for skiing. The mask could also past for extra warmth, the jacket and gloves are normal too. If he's spotted with his axe he could just say he was chopping wood and the slight red is rust.
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seggsychick · 4 months
Toby would be a Weezer fan, his favorite album would be Pinkerton, his favorite song would be Longtime Sunshine. I just know he plays guitar and sings it all the time; I can feel it in my bones
I said what I said, and I will not take criticism on this
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insomniac-shado · 5 months
Some more dating Ticci Toby headcanons bc art block is a bitch
idk im desperate to draw again but i have like no motivation SOOO take these bc ive been having toby brainrot for days
Bro has like 0 experience with romance so hes very awkward with a lot of things
like especially kisses, his first kiss was probably super awkward and he was sorta stiff bc he had no clue what he was doing
when he got the hang of it though hes much better, i feel like he’s still a little sloppy with em though
hes not usually one for a lot of kisses but he does like them from time to time
i see him as definitely touch starved but also hates being touched (stfu yes im projecting) so he’s very 50/50 when it comes to that kinda stuff
His inability to feel pain can cause quite a few issues though, like if he cant see an injury it doesn’t exist to him, so his s/o would need to keep an eye on him especially after missions/killings because he probably has a few cuts and scratches he didnt find
these are usually on his back, Toby doesn’t really take care of himself too much and hes gonna need someone who could keep an eye on him and his injuries. He has a hard time telling how bad injuries are too so if he’s seriously hurt he might just slap a damn bandaid on so its crucial for him to have someone who’d look out for him
he’s also sorta forgetful, he shows up late to a lotta stuff but it’s usually either him running late on a mission or he got distracted
he does try his best to show up on time tho!
He also gets jealous easily, he’s terrified of losing people for any reason so if someone was like flirting n shit with his s/o he’d get really upset
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Hello there!
I just stumbled across your blog and I love your posts! And when I saw that you also write for Creepypasta, I just had to send in a request, especially considering that there's barely anything there!
So may I ask for some general and romantic headcanons for Toby? I really love this guy!
I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to stay hydrated!
(Also, apologies if there are any mistakes, English isn't my native language ^^)
See ya! :D
Hi! Thank you, Vero, you stay hydrated and have a wonderful day as well! I'm so glad you love my stuff <3 I was just thinking about doing something for Toby, so you're in luck hehe
(Also, your English is amazing my friend. No worries <3)
• ───────────────── •
Content: Toby general and romantic headcanons with gender neutral reader
Warnings: Mentions of trauma, implied murder, implied violent bipolar episodes, obsessive behavior, toxic jealousy, toxic relationship, and implied familial trauma.
Notes: I come from the era of creepypasta where everybody believed Toby was very obsessed with waffles, and was horribly misinterpreted in fanfiction. That was about eight years ago now though, and from what I've seen the fandom has been getting better with representation of Toby.
I've put a lot of thought into this. Might use this as inspo to revamp my Jeff headcanon list.
• ───────────────── •
Tumblr media
(art by Lynnarty on Deviantart)
I want to start by saying: I know almost nothing about Tourette's syndrome and don't know anybody who has it. If I get anything wrong, please please please correct me. I wanna get this right for you lovelies. Thank you <3
Now, what I do know about Tourette's, is that there are two types of tics: motor and phonic. I believe Toby has more motor tics than phonic. I know he's portrayed as stuttering and twitching/moving rapidly at the same time, but I don't think he has as many phonic tics as we think
I do however, think he has a natural stutter. He was bullied in grade school, and as a fellow bullied child, I can confidently say that he developed the stutter then. I will die on this hill.
His personality is also not at all that of a child, who spends all his time screaming and laughing just for the hell of it. He's unhinged, yeah, but not in the oblivious child way. More of the sadistic way for very obvious reasons.
He's more so reserved, just kinda comes and goes. There will be points in time where he decides to be super obnoxious and fuck with other pastas in the mansion, but that's moreso purposely picking fights and intentionally being annoying than whatever the hell fanfic writers wrote in the early 2010's.
He does have bipolar disorder, so he'll lose his shit when he decides to fuck with people and they fuck with him back. It turns ugly really fast.
With his CIPA (Cognitive Insensitivity to Pain), obviously he cannot feel when he gets injured on missions, or if his motor tics cause him any pain. He won't really give a shit if he finds an injury, and won't really take any steps to go to Eyeless Jack either to get patched up. Either someone else will have to bring him, or Jack will have to hunt him down himself.
Speaking of Jack, he was able to fix up the left side of Toby's mouth when he came to the mansion. Fixing Toby's injury and Jeff's face were the first two things he did.
Toby still chews on his hands and the insides of his mouth, just out of habit or if he's stressed/upset about something.
He doesn't have a reaction to fire, really. He doesn't like dwelling on the past + he's ready to just keel over and die at any moment, so it doesn't really matter to him.
Being called "Ticci Toby" angers him to no end. You will die if you call him that, no exceptions.
• ───────────────── •
Toby didn't really look for love after joining the mansion
Like I mentioned above, he's ready to die at any point, so he finds it kinda pointless to get a partner if he's just gonna die soon
He noticed when you joined the mansion, but he didn't actually say anything to you until you'd been there for some months. He doesn't particularly associate himself with people in the first place, let alone people he newly "meets."
He's not very friendly at first, but being nice to him even through his obnoxious moments and horrendous mood swings and even going so far as to try to help him (he won't let you in the moment but he'll reflect on it later), it'll get you in his good graces
Being blindingly nice won't just get you in romantic territory. If he sees you being an actual person around others while just being super nice with him, it's going to make him think you're not genuine.
Just be yourself around him. When he sees you treat him the same as the others (with genuine kindness and respect) and not like he's some freak, it'll get you brownie points.
Toby doesn't realize he's insecure and thinks it's normal to get super jealous super easily. His parents didn't have the best relationship and most internet media of relationships is toxic in itself, so you'll have to be the one to sit down with him and lay out your boundaries. Even then, he'll frequently cross them.
It's not because he doesn't respect you or love you. He does. Just sometimes he wants to move the relationship a little faster, or he's impatient and wants kisses when you're with the others, or he's just plain forgetful.
Again on the jealous point though, he's going to get very upset if you don't notice he's jealous. In his mind, it's very obvious. Eventually he'll get so upset that he yanks you away from the people, cusses them out, then storms off with you and slams every door he goes through for extra measure. He's then going to cry as he holds you, apologizing and saying he didn't mean it and he was just scared you were going to leave him.
He doesn't let you be with your other pasta friends without lurking in the background, watching yours and their every move. He loves you and just wants to make sure you're okay. Happily accepts you back into his arms when you're done.
The only time you'll be able to hang out with friends outside the mansion (without him watching you) is when Toby is away on missions. If you befriend the right pastas, they'll cover for you. If he's not away though, he's very likely going to be stalking you and your friends in the background.
Toby doesn't care if you give him PDA or not, he just wants to be near you and do what he wants in the moment. Once he realizes he has feelings for you, he's going to be clinging to your side.
Loves when you show him physical affection and attention without him asking.
He also loves when you involve him in things you like. He might not participate in it, but the fact that you thought of him makes him happy. His favorite thing is eating some snacks while cuddling on his bed and watching some show you love.
Toby by himself just kinda exists. Toby in a relationship with you just kinda exists, but he wants people to know that you only exist with him.
For obvious reasons, Toby is a fucked up individual, and a relationship with him will always be toxic in some aspect. Everyone in the pasta mansion is fucked up, and very few will have healthy relationships. Yes, we love the pastas anyway, but we cannot fix them, so just keep that in mind lovelies <3
• ───────────────── •
Here is my Masterlist in case you want to request, or look for more of your favorite character!
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bunnymaskkiller · 10 months
Omgomgomg what do you hc abt toby being possessive 🤔🤔🤔
Heheh… 😼 (slightly suggestive warning) Toby being possessive
I imagine part of it is that he doesn’t want to lose you– but he also is mostly just possessive over you in general. He doesn’t want you to be around too many people he doesn’t know. He also is insecure, and doesn’t want you to leave him for someone who doesn’t have as many issues.
He’s always convincing you to stay with him a bit longer, always finding something else to do. He understand that you need to rest.. But you could just sleep with him right? ; ) DLKF;ALDJ 
For all intents and purposes, once you two are close and he likes you, in his mind you’re his.
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7vvch · 1 year
More Ticci Toby x reader headcanons cus I said so
Tumblr media
Toby hates fighting with you, and even when you are fighting he says stuff he doesnt mean and regrets it later
BUT dont get me wrong he isnt that soft, if you fucked up you fucked up and he can murder you anytime
He isn't very social so you better be happy staying with him in his apartment
Toby is really possesive over you, he doesn't want anyone else to touch you or someone to hurt you
If someone does that they wont hurt anything again
His moodswings are terrible, but if you love him you can handle them right?
I just dont see Toby wanting relationship with anyone but this is x reader headcanons so uh yea
He didnt have many partners through his life so youre a new "thing" to him
He doesnt want you to leave his apartment, I know it sounds shitty and yandere BUT when he needs to go on his secret little mission he wont be bothered to lock you in his apartment room
Just so yk wouldnt leave him
If you do tend to break up with him, good luck
You've fucked up darling, he'd either beat you till death or drive you and kill you somewhere in woods
Id just say be careful with this one and don't make him angry<3
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creek-ink · 5 months
*smooches Toby*
Tumblr media
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creepypasta65 · 3 months
Hi I saw your ej eating out fem reader and was wondering if you can do Toby eating out fem reader?? pls and thanks
Thanks for the request :)
⚠️Warning NSFW content⚠️
Toby eating out Fem Reader:
Toby loves eating pussy.
He is very sloppy when eating pussy and drools a lot because of his gash. Usually, he puts a towel underneath because of how messy it gets.
He loves gripping your hips and ass when he's eating you out.
Toby is obsessed with how you taste and the noises you make when he's eating your pussy. Please don't hold any noises cause all the noises are a reassurance of how good he's doing.
He loves sucking your clit and rolling his tongue over your clit.
Toby gets so horny when you squeeze his head with your thighs or pull his hair, he loves it.
Toby overstimulates you until your legs are shaking.
He loves making you squirt and tasting all your juices.
Toby loves giving praises every time you cum. He will say things like, "Good job love, you did so well", "Please suffocate me with your thighs", "Your pussy juice taste so good", and "Please clench on my tongue, love".
Toby also loves leaving bite marks and hickeys around your inner thighs.
Have a nice day :)
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j0eyj0rdis0n · 4 months
Any darker headcannons on Toby?
Oh how I’ve been dying to do dark headcannons!
[nsfw under the cut!]
Tumblr media
I know it’s said he has bipolar disorder but honestly I see him as more of a BPD kind of guy. His moods can switch on a dime and that seems to fit more with BPD than the long highs and lows of bipolar.
Continuing on that thought, when he flips to that wild anger of his it’s absolutely terrifying. He goes on rampages where he’ll scream and yell while running around the mansion punching holes in walls and swinging his hatchets into doors. Often when the person who set him off tried to lock themselves away
He definitely beats the fuck out of himself and others, and he’s most certainly slapped, punched, or slammed your head into the table once or twice (more about this further down)
Usually after his rampages it’ll be close to three days to a week of solitude. He can’t bare to show his face after such an event. He’ll lock himself away and rot away in bed.
He’ll use his sickly sweet niceness to get what he wants. So don’t play into it until you’re close. Like years of knowing each other close. He’s practically a master of manipulation, knowing exactly what to say and do to get what he wants. He’ll use his perceived dumbness in his favor.
Due to his past he has some… Trust issues… To say the very least. He needs to know where you are practically 24/7. So when you’re gone for too long or you don’t respond to a text he automatically assumes the worst. You don’t want him?? Did he not give you enough? Everything you could possibly need? And back to the manipulation thing, he’ll make sure you feel terrible about not checking in. You’ll question if you’re even enough for him.
He’d definitely lose it during those times you’re away for too long or won’t check in. So when you get home he’ll be clutching his head and crying. When he sees you walk through the door he’ll immediately be on you, yelling and screaming about how you don’t love him. Telling you that you’re in for a punishment as he grabs a hammer or raises his fist. He’d probably break your arm and make it seem like it was your fault for ending up here.
He just gives me Tate Langdon from AHS vibes
He’s clingy to the point it’s almost scary. You can’t hang out with anyone without him lurking in the background. And circling back around to previous statements, if you hang out with anyone without telling him, there’s trouble in store for you.
Also if anyone calls him “Ticci” Toby, consider that your last words. It irritates him to no end and he has no problem cutting heads off
He’s never fucked anyone, he just screams virgin. So he’s the type to jerk off wayyyyyyyy too much. Like it’s concerning how often you hear it happening. And he’s absolutely shameless about it too. If you walk in while he’s at it, he’ll give you a sly grin and try and get you to join
And when he finally gets his hands on you there’s no stopping him. He doesn’t give a fuck if he hurts you, he can’t feel pain so how on earth could you? He won’t stop until he’s satisfied, he doesn’t care if you bleed, cry, scream or beg him to stop.
That first time would probably be hell for you. It would probably get better after a few more times, but he’d definitely laugh at your pain
He’s rather impatient when it comes to PDA or sex. He wants it and he wants it now
I hope you enjoyed this and it seems accurate! I’d love to indulge in requests with this side of Toby, I think it would be quite interesting 😉
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seireitonin · 17 days
Tumblr media
Toby Talk :3
Some people think Toby would be intentionally hurtful and abusive but I strongly disagree. I think it makes no sense for his character. The reason he liked his dad was because he was being abused so bad. So I don’t think he would follow in his father’s footsteps and be like him. Especially because he hurt the only two caregivers in his life, his mom and sister. Not only that but when Lyra was dying, Toby’s dad didn’t even bother to go see her final moments. There’s no way Toby would ever want to be like him. I’m not saying Toby is a good person (he’s still a killer and still very dangerous I don’t want to seem like I’m infantilizing him. He’s a grown ass man lol) and yeah he might still be a bit unhealthy but I just don’t see him being abusive. If anything I see him being jealous, possessive and clingy to the max. Because everyone in his life who loved him either died or left. Ppl say bc he’s mentally ill and was abused he’d be an abuser but again I really disagree. Mentally ill or not, abusing someone is a choice and I just don’t see Toby willingly and knowingly making that choice. I don’t see him becoming the man he hates and everything he didn’t want to be. It makes no sense for Toby’s character and takes away depth. Also it kinda demonizes mental illness.(I can make a whole other post about this whole topic but w/e)
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devilsspaghetti · 11 months
Toby with an s/o who has bipolar disorder (comfort hc's?)
Note: This is all in Toby’s perspective. It would be different if it was in the readers POV *
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He understands
He understands fully. He knows why you slash, why you cry, why you apologize with a continuing cycle.
But he’s there. He’s right beside you and he holds your hand—or gives the space needed.
Toby finds himself kissing the tips of your fingers when you’re null. Lips pressed against your shoulder and a soft hold. He would never hurt you.
He tries his best to be emotionally ready for you. To be stable enough to love you as you deserve it.
The manic episodes you go through, he waits until you find yourself exhausted before tending to your side.
Arms wrapped around your form; he brings you to bed. He allows you to rest.
“You’re not welcomed in here.” He heard you the first time. He was quiet when approaching you, a gloved hand brushing your shoulder; he frowned when you flinched. “You slimy motherfucker.”
“I’m here to help you.” He says that often, but strange enough, he’s always true to his word. Whispers of comfort to hold you a little longer—after a day of whiplash—you find yourself in his arms again.
Because he understands you. He’s the only one who understands you. For that, he loves you and you love him. Reluctantly, you wrap your arms around him and he holds you a little tighter.
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