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Love Song 1990
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English added by me :)
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Son sewed a shirt for his Dad.
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Senate Bill 686 of the 118th Congress (The Restrict Act)
I’m honestly a bit disappointed here at Tumblr for not talking about this bill more, so I’m going to share what I’ve learned about it with you all
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The link above goes to a pdf file going over the entire bill that has only been introduced atm as shown in the image just above from congress.gov.
Now, people only see this as a means to ban Tiktok, but that’s just the mask this truly cruel bill is hiding behind.
To boil it all down, this bill lets the Secretary of Commerce to have the power to ban…basically ANYTHING on the internet.
This includes hardware like video game consoles or Wifi networks as well as software and applications such as VPNs.
It also gives the government the power to monitor, basically everything you do online, private messages, posts on social media, streams, you name it, they can monitor it.
And the punishment for using, say, a VPN to access Tiktok, will result in 20 years in prison with a 1/4 million fine, a full million if you did it on purpose.
Now, I please ask you all to go to your representatives and tell them about how you don’t want this bill to be passed whatsoever. Heck, if you have to, (passively) threaten them with supporting their opponent in the next primary in any way they can. Just remember to be respectful and civil.
If you don’t want to do that, I respect that decision, and I understand that you wouldn’t want to deal with politics. But, I at least ask you to signal boost this post by reblogging it to your own followers and give any other thoughts about this that you might have in the tags or just normally.
I don’t want this lovable hellsite we all call home and made such good friends and memories on to be under the eyes of those pedophilic heathens who can’t seem to even know how to unlock a smartphone.
I thank you all for reading this, and I hope you all have a good day/night.
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... asdfsaa
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Im so addicted to this arg
This audio reminded me of what Clown's post of julie and wally and i just cant help it
ps. Im defo makin fanart for diz >xC
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Hello, hey, hi down here! This tiktok ban concerns you too because it’s not a “tiktok ban” congress is pushing, it’s CENSORSHIP! You know? That thing you guys post about here every day?
You don’t think your cute little fics are next or anything deemed “inappropriate?” Think again. They will have the right to control your access anytime for any reason.
“Oh but I’m not American, it’s not my problem.” Plenty of countries are already expressing interest in similar policies! If America gets this, you better believe you’re next and it’ll be an even easier fight! This matters! Banning of any material online will ALWAYS be your problem. Because if it’s tiktok, you think they’re gonna let Discord go? Twitch? Reddit? One by one they’ll remove any competition or threat to Facebook Meta.
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Actually incredibly concerning and scary how much I am NOT seeing people talk about the RESTRICT outside of TikTok because they're being successfully distracted by our politicians framing this as just a TikTok ban. If you have not read this bill yet I am begging you to do so and then contact your representatives about it. This is a gross overreach by our government and clearly violates the first amendment in this country. If this bill passes it will give our government free reign to censor or ban any internet service with over a million users -- including things like video games, not just apps like TikTok -- with NO OVERSIGHT AT ALL. Punishments for trying to get around these bans and censors can be up to a million dollars or UP TO 20 YEARS IN PRISON.
Seriously, read this bill, spread information to your circles, and HARASS YOUR REPS ABOUT THIS. Call them up and tell them if they support this bill you will actively campaign for their competition in the next election. If you don't like phone calls, email them. If you don't like typing emails then get ChatGPT to make one up for you and all you have to do is send it. This is TIME SENSITIVE. We need to make as much noise about this as possible ASAP. This bill is a direct attack on the first amendment and on FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act. This is SCARY.
This is a bipartisan issue that will affect all of us. It doesn't matter what political party you stand for, both Dems and Repubs are supporting this violation of our rights and censorship of the internet. Meta is hardcore lobbying for this bill and politicians on both sides are happily taking their bribes to fuck us over. Make noise about it, please.
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Returning to China
English added by me :)
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Harry with his friend Kiko Mizuhara in Japan. (26 March 2023)
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